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01/22/2022164 Comments

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You've been waiting for it all year and now it's finally here! The Dinos are back as The Corbett Report prepares the 5th Annual Fake News Awards for January 28th, 2022. Do you have a fake news story, a fake video, a fake photo, a fake fact check or a fake anything else that you want to nominate for this year's awards? Corbett Report members are invited to log in and leave their nominations in the comments below.

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  1. Eric says:

    The title says it all:

    “Up to 300,000 people facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder, warn physicians”

  2. nosoapradio says:

    Ok, beginning with the low-hanging fruit: Rochelle Walensky’s July 16th, 2021 accusation:


    “…The seven-day average of hospital admissions is about 2,790 per day — an increase of about 36 percent from the previous seven-day period. And, after weeks of declines, seven-day average daily deaths have increased by 26 percent to 211 per day.

    Today, Dr. Fauci and I want to provide some perspective about these numbers and how we should be thinking about where we are at this critical moment in the pandemic.

    There is a clear message that is coming through: This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. We are seeing outbreaks of cases in parts of the country that have low vaccination coverage because unvaccinated people are at risk. And communities that are fully vaccinated are generally faring well…”

    …”picked up”, of course, by every single MSM outlet across the world! or at least as far as France, for example:

  3. nosoapradio says:

    more low-hanging fruit:

    Biden: “You’re not going to get covid if you have these vaccinations.”

  4. Arby says:

    HOW could James Corbett do a show with a segment that examines the unrest in Kazakhstan and NOT mention the citizens hatred of the jab mandates and the QR code crap and all of the covid-related abuse? How, how, how?!!

    • nosoapradio says:

      oh well that’s interesting! can you repost the link please? thanks in advance!

      • Arby says:

        I believe it must be this video:

        Watch it for yourself. A BIG alarm bell went off for me. Maybe James shouldn’t hang with fakers like Robert Kennedy Jr. Maybe James needs to examine his own biases. Even if you’re biased for germ theory and against terrain theory (and can’t allow facts and science to interfere with your bias), you should be able to report, factually, about the unrest that is just as motivated by covid lockdown repression as it is motivated by anything else. Why would you OMIT that?

        • nosoapradio says:

          No, I’m interested in the news coverage of all the Kazakhi protests against vaccines and QR codes. Could you please post that?

          “…the unrest that is just as motivated by covid lockdown repression as it is motivated by anything else. Why would you OMIT that?…”

          You tell me? Why would you omit that? And while you’re at it, why do you think Mr Corbett has to say everything YOU want him to say? You have your own site. People could go on to your site and start accusing you of omitting info too! If we were to compare everything you’ve covered with what Mr Corbett has covered, one might come to the conclusion that you’re OMITTING a LOT of important info.

          • Arby says:

            All you did was get angry at me for stating a fact. Nice.

            • nosoapradio says:

              No, I asked you to provide information about the massive protests against vaccination mandates and QR codes in Kazakhstan that you intimated existed which you didn’t do but instead went on to make unsubstantiated statements about Mr Corbett’s views on germ or terrain theory, questioned his capacity to do accurate reporting and enrobed it all with insinuations such as “A BIG alarm bell went off for me” and “Why would you OMIT that?”

              And I don’t know what any of this has to do with the 5th Annual Fake News Awards or why you would post those insinuations on this page.

              • Arby says:

                Yes. You are angry with me for making a factual statement and daring to say something negative about your hero James Corbett.

                You weren’t clear, by the way. I have no problem with backing up my assertions.

                Visit Edward Slavsquat’s substack blog (which I’m sure I’ve mentioned here). There’s more information there about Russia and Kazakhstan than you can shake a stick at.

                Edward Slavsquat (run by Riley Waggaman):

                “Kazakhstan: Will Putin ignore the obvious?” by Riley Waggaman /

                An excerpt from the above linked-to substack post follows:

                ))) ))
                Let’s begin with what probably everyone can agree on: yes, undoubtedly there are various disreputable three-letter agencies sticking their dirty little fingers in Kazakhstan right now. This is what they do.

                But guys: even the most blatant textbook color revolution requires certain criteria in order to get off the ground. One important criteria is that there needs to be a lot of genuinely angry people who are willing—maybe even eager—to come out into the streets when things get wild…

                But if you read The Incredulous Geopolitical Blogs, it was a top-down Western op that deserves to be violently suppressed.

                Maybe there’s some middle ground here?

                Our friends at have a very thought-provoking article which points out that Kazakhstan is ruled by a greedy, incompetent elite who were more than happy to impose forced injections and cattle tags on their people in order to maintain financially expedient relations with the IMF and other altruistic organizations…

                Another republic of the former USSR and Russia’s strategic ally, Kazakhstan, found itself embroiled in the classic color revolution. And although it is obvious that the conductors of current events are located in Paris, London and Washington… the local authorities cared exclusively about their own pockets and followed the COVID instructions of the globalists… That is, they were doing the same thing as the Russian “elite”.

                Gas prices shouted about by the Russian state media have become nothing more than a pretext for massive protests. The “technocrats” in power in Kazakhstan (hello to “ours” Mishustin and Kiriyenko) have brought the people to a white heat with a drop in living standards and mandatory vaccination with QR codes…
                (( (((

                See also: “”My QR code is more anti-NATO than yours” by Riley Waggaman /

                An excerpt from the above linked-to substack post follows:

                :- :- :-
                What is “actually” happening in Kazakhstan? Nobody seems to know.

                But we have a very uneasy feeling about things. We are worried people are falling back into their antiquated horse race way of viewing the world. “Muh NATO”; “Muh multi-polar world order.”

                People are actually cheering for various governments and military alliances while being cattle-tagged by these same governments and military alliances. It’s astounding. We are astounded.

                You don’t have a horse in this race. Your horse died from hospital-transmitted sepsis after being diagnosed with a positive PCR test. He’s mega-dead. You should probably stop cheering and leave the racetrack immediately. Run…

                [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

            • cu.h.j says:

              I think that perhaps the terrain only theory supporters lack understanding of the interplay between germs and their environment and this dynamic process and fail to realize that greater understanding is achieved as science evolves and new phenomena are discovered. This is the same with physics. We are out of the Newtonian era and similarly we are beyond Pastuer and Bechamp this or that argument.

              Look up some studies on cells and cell components and tell me that it is black and white and virologists are studying nothing. Molecular biology is very complex and there is still a lot that is not known, stuff that Kaufman doesn’t know and he is not a research scientist, nor is Cowan. The are physicians, and a MD is not a scientist.

              This doesn’t mean they can’t understand scientific papers, or can’t critically analyze data, but they all seem to get stuck at the purification of viruses using other techniques.

              But I don’t want to change the subject and will post on the Holiday thread.

              And ad-homenim name calling such as “frauster, hoaxter, etc.” does not add any validity to ones point. Neither does straw man arguments about what people who believe that germ theory has some merit are actually saying.

              • Arby says:

                You misrepresent both Tom and Andrew. Andrews background is more extensive than your smear suggests. From Andrew’s (awful) website:

                “Andy Kaufman, M.D. is a natural healing consultant, inventor, public speaker, forensic psychiatrist, and expert witness. He completed his psychiatric training at Duke University Medical Center after graduating from the Medical University of South Carolina, and has a B.S. from M.I.T. in Molecular Biology. He has conducted and published original research and lectured, supervised, and mentored medical students, residents, and fellows in all psychiatric specialties. He has been qualified as an expert witness in local, state, and federal courts. He has held leadership positions in academic medicine and professional organizations. He ran a start-up company to develop a medical device he invented and patented.”

                You’re ridiculous by the way. I’ll be ignoring you in the future. If people like Tony Fauci aren’t hoaxsters in your view, we just can’t communicate.

        • jrgjrg says:

          RFK Jr. Is God. GFY.

          • nosoapradio says:

            Seems that through a combined effort this page is being transformed into an empty Ad Hominem festival. Curious.

            Perhaps it would be more constructive to attack arguments rather than people and provide some concrete proof for bald assertions.

            • jrgjrg says:

              Sorry, conciseness rules here. No space for mental masturbation. Get the conclusion quickly and get out. Can’t write dissertations about arguments. Do your own research. I do. Completely unrealistic.

              • nosoapradio says:

                Well, if you’re genuinely interested in research, Mr Corbett offers countless links to all his assertions to aid in that endeavour. Should you actually take an interest in them, you might even learn something. But it is more time consuming than typing Ad Hominem attacks.

          • Arby says:

            Jon Rapport’s recent blog post is pertinent here. It’s about, basically, Americans’ complete identification with the dominant medical establishment. Although he criticizes it, Robert Kennedy Jr no doubt is, rightly, also identified with it. I left a comment. You were mentioned. You’re welcome:

            === =
            On James Corbett’s website, I left a comment under a video he did with his partner James Evan Pilato. The show included a segment on Kazakhstan. Neither James said boo about one of the major causes of the unrest there, namely the hatred for the covid-related repression (and QR code proposals). (I’ve been following a good Russian source recently and so I know this. Riley Waggaman’s substack is called “Slavsquat.”) Not a peep. This was after James did a show with faker (and I will call him that no matter how informed or famous he is) Robert F. Kennedy (who ‘believes’ that there’s an Omicron variant).

            James is biased. We all are. But the problem isn’t necessarily with bias. There’s a problem when we refuse to examine our biases and when they are so strong, and we are so determined to defend them, that we pervert truth, which James did here via omission.

            Although it’s a scripture, I won’t quote it (because I have problems with the author), but bad associations spoil useful habits. There’s self justification and then there’s what I call self/world justification. We are rationalizing beings. Too few of us possess honesty, and, crucially, humility. If you say or do something that you know is wrong, there’s two responses that are possible. You can rationalize, or make appear good, your wrong words or deeds, or else you can show humility and acknowledge your error and not go down a wrong path. If you give the former response, and stand by that decision, then you’ll find yourself on a course that others, who have made similar decisions, are on. They will become your brothers and sisters. They will pat you on the back. They’ll give you moral support. They will justify, or agree with, your new course, just as you agree with your new course, hence self/world justification. Are you paying attention James?

            When I expressed my alarm on James’s website, another commenter (who I know nothing about) got angry with me. And yet another commenter responded to my suggestion that hanging with faker Robert Kennedy was not a good idea called Robert Kennedy Jr “God.”

            He’s not of course. He’s just as flesh and blood as I am. He’s entitled to his ideas (and propaganda about covid) just as I’m supposed to be entitled to mine. But there’s another way to look at this brouhaha. For all of his words and efforts against ‘the failures of’ the medical establishment, ‘some’ which I would agree with, they are coming from someone who I think people would identify ‘with’ the medical establishment. I would argue that he is, in fact, a part of it.

            Jon’s point is well taken.
            = ===

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      In light of this Sub-Thread, I want to mention:
      Corbett’s Rules for Commenting
      “…rule is no ad hominem attacks, no trolling, no starting fights, no picking fights with other people in the comment section…”.

      Good manners go a long way in a civil discourse.

      Episode 385 – A Message to New “Conspiracy Theorists”
      It behooves people to refresh themselves with this video, but the points which Corbett makes just following 13:30 are very relevant.

  5. nosoapradio says:

    still more low-hanging fruit from last summer:


    Fauci: If You’re Vaccinated, You’re Safe. If You’re Not, You’re At Risk

    “if you look at the people, the states, the cities, the counties that are highly vaccinated, they’re safe, their risk is extremely low…”

    if you’re vaccinated, you don’t have a risk! And that’s the reason why we say that it’s as simple as black and white: if you’re vaccinated, you’re safe. If you’re unvaccinated you’re at risk.”

  6. nosoapradio says:

    The vaccine has been approved! YAY! So you can now SHUT UP CONSPIRACY THEORISTS!:

    However, as stipulated on somebody’s ‘Wake Up Sheeple’ website, among others:

    “There’s Definitely Something Very Wrong with Pfizer-BioNTech’s ‘Full Authorization’ Docs

    “There is no *available* FDA approved licensed vaccine,” Barnes said. “Here’s what is happening. If FDA approved & licensed COVID19 vaccine, it would have to revoke the EUA vaccines & subject the vaccine maker to more liability risk. So it only approved a future vaccine that isn’t ‘available’.”…

    See new Tweets
    Robert Barnes
    Aug 26, 2021
    There is no *available* FDA approved licensed vaccine. Here’s what is happening. If FDA approved & licensed COVID19 vaccine, it would have to revoke the EUA vaccines & subject the vaccine maker to more liability risk. So it only approved a future vaccine that isn’t “available”.
    Cody Cofero
    Aug 26, 2021
    Nonsense. You’re making stuff up. The Pfizer vaccine has full FDA approval. Full stop.
    Robert Barnes
    Replying to
    Did you fail to read the part of the FDA letter where it said the licensed vaccine isn’t “available” yet? How is there ANY EUA vaccines when the law does not allow them if there is a licensed vaccine available?
    12:54 AM · Aug 26, 2021

    • nosoapradio says:

      missed the key element from above link:

      “…Buried deep within the footnotes of the Pfizer-BioNTech documents is one footnote that puts into rather jolting perspective that the currently labeled vaccines are still under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

      Which is that (from Pfizer doc):

      “Although COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) is approved to prevent COVID-19 in individuals 16 years of age and older, there is not sufficient approved vaccine available for distribution to this population in its entirety at the time of reissuance of this EUA. Additionally, there are no products that are approved to prevent COVID-19 in individuals age 12 through 15, or that are approved to provide an additional dose to the immunocompromised population described in this EUA.”

  7. FreedomDefender says:

    So many fake news this year around the plandemic and the vaccine.
    I think Rachel Maddow on MSNBC has to be mentioned for her lies on the vaccine regarding transmission back in 29/03/21:
    She said “No we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person… The virus does not infect them…It cannot use a vaccinated person as a host to get more people.”
    Also Fauci and Bill Gates backtracking over time on the effect on transmissions:
    This is just few examples of millions of lies spread during 2021 by the fakestream medias, politicians and billionaires.

    I am really looking forward to the 5th Annual Fake News Awards 🙂

    • nosoapradio says:

      ME TOO!! 😎

    • jrgjrg says:

      The biggest fake is just going along with the “vaccine” meme in the first place. It’s not a vaccine. It’s a genetic modification injection that has several poisons added to it earmarked for special groups. Whenever you say, “vaccine,” or talk about a “vaccine passport,” you’re giving in to the Newspeak that adds to the coverup on 24/7/365 ten times an hour wall-to-wall propaganda, constricting the Overton window to a narrow slit.

      “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that can ever be needed will be expressed by exactly one word, with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten.”

  8. Davewave says:

    For me it was the arrogant hubris with which the “High Priests of Supreme Medical Authority” (Fauci, Gates, Wallensky etc.) proclaimed the following: “You can ‘vaccinate’ your way out of a virus pandemic!”. They proved again, the following Truth “Fools rush in, where Angles fear to tread.”

  9. jrgjrg says:

    How about the fake story of hospitals in Oklahoma backed up with cases of Ivermectin overdoses, which never happened but was reported in every mainstream media source? Ambulances stuck in long lines with serious emergencies such as heart attacks and strokes, exposed as lies by simply going and looking doing jouralism the way it is supposed to be done. All done to protect the lie that there are no alternative treatments to COVID so it has to be approved on an Emergency Use Authorization. And Ivermectin is a horse dewormer.

  10. jrgjrg says:

    How about your fake story that anthropogenic climate change is a hoax, James? It isn’t. One of the few times you got it disastrously wrong. This is full of beans.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Your remark would be more compelling if you included some sort of concrete rebuttal rather than simplistically asserting “this is full of beans” which is very weak, to say the least.

      Mr. Corbett substantiates his climate change positions with scientific data. You haven’t yet. A good place to do that would be on one of the numerous climate change pages.

      • jrgjrg says:

        I study it all day long in grad law school with experts in Environmental Law. I’m a sort of expert on it, not a jackass. I’ve written research guides and papers on the topic. Thousands of committted scientists have worked hard on this problem for decades on the science of greenhouse gas and warming to the same conclusions. Saying otherwise makes you a flack for Big Oil, who knew climate change was real way back in the ’70s and the execs decided to suppress it to save a buck. Way too much data available to rebut including ice cores and intensive global measurements.

        If you want any better proof that the overlords know its real look up in the sky. They are trying to increase the earth’s albedo by laying a cloud layer in the form of chemtrails, as a last desperate measure to cool down the planet that they know is warming. Because the petrochemical boys won’t help them. The Montreal Protocols are a partial attempt to do this thzt has been successful in removing Ozone Depleting Substances that are also climate warming.

        • jrgjrg says:

          Compared to James’ other brilliant works, it makes me wonder what he’s up to on this one. Thank you for everything else you do, James. But this is a bad one to get wrong. Too bad you can’t walk this back. There is no lack of scientific certainty here.

        • nosoapradio says:

          You’re still focusing on the messenger and not the message. Let’s see some of that abundant data available you’re referring to.

          “…Saying otherwise makes you a flack for Big Oil, who knew climate change was real way back in the ’70s and the execs decided to suppress it to save a buck…”

          Interesting you should mention that because Mr Corbett addressed that very topic some 3 years ago in his “Questions for Corbett” section:

          What Did #ExxonKnew and When Did They Knew It? – Question For Corbett #048

          You’ll have to listen to the recording as the YouTube video is no longer available, surprise, surprise!

        • nosoapradio says:

          They are trying to increase the earth’s albedo by laying a cloud layer in the form of chemtrails, as a last desperate measure to cool down the planet that they know is warming.

          Mr Corbett also interviewed “chemtrails” investigators as exemplified by this 2016 recording:

          As to the exact “why” or “whyfores” of these chemtrails, this is still up in the air, if you will.

          More questionable motives may well be at play.

          New views on that point would be quite interesting for debate on those dedicated Corbett pages.

          • jrgjrg says:

            Big deal.

            One or two chosen easily retained experts against tens of thousands of highly trained, sincere and dedicated climate scientists from the best academies working for decades on the problem with great intensity and concern. There are literally hundreds of thousands of peer reviewed papers on this subject and there have been at least 36 Conferences of the Parties trying to fix this. The Greenhouse effect was discovered in early 1900s by Swedish physicist Arhennius. It’s in the quantum vibrational diagram. It’s not anything new, nothing ad hominem. If anything is ad hominem it’s the insinuation that 99% of climate scientists are corrupt or something.

            I’m not impressed.

          • jrgjrg says:

            The keyword is “geoengineering.” If you say “chemtrails” they will ban you and might even send you to the dementia treatment center. But if you say “geoengineering” of “solar radiation management,” you might be invited to give the keynote address at the next scientific conference. You have to know the magic words,

            Imagine the security details and logistics that have to be worked out in almost every country in order to do this and keep it under airtight wraps. Even though it’s easy to find the photographic evidence of the trails starting and stopping in mid air, and the tankers inside the planes.

            The best researched resource I know is the book by Elana Freeland, “Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth.”


            • jrgjrg says:

              cu.h.j there’s a doctrine in international and environmental law known as the “Precautionary Principle,” which says that the lack of complete scientific certainty should never be a bar to actions to protect. I think that works perfectly here in this context where we are so close to certainty already. Read:


              “In order to protect the environment, the precautionary approach shall be widely applied by States according to their capabilities. Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost-effective measures to prevent environmental degradation.”

            • jrgjrg says:

              One hint: According to Freeland’s work, HAARP microwave atmospheric heating is a major cause of global warming, in conjunction with chemtrails. Get the book.

            • seasons says:

              The criticism against climate change is directed at anthropogenic climate change that ordinary people are being accused of causing through greenhouse gas emissions. Criticizing this is not the same as saying human cannot manipulate the weather or climate. Geoengineering has been proven to change the weather but it uses absolutely zero carbon or any other gases associated with man made climate change. Geoengineering is proposed as the solution to climate change but it is the only direct prove of climate change caused by human beings.

        • Winston Smith says:

          Law school studies law not hard science. I’ve been to law school and took environmental law. If you were studying a hard science I might place more credence in what you are saying.

          Having worked in lab in undergraduate I witnessed first hand a full tenured professor playing fast and loose with data to confirm his hypothesis. And at a internationally recognized elite university no less. In fact that totally turned me off to pursuing a masters or doctorate.

          One of the important things to consider is where the funding for the peer reviewed research and university endowments are coming from. In academia it’s publish or die, in other words it’s all about grant money. If professors and universities want to keep the grant money flowing the agenda of the funders has to be backed up. Also we’ve reached such a point of groupthink that expressing an alternative viewpoint will get you cancelled. Most people do not stick their neck out and speak up even when they see blatant lies or know things are untrue.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Let’s stick to the topic of Do you have a fake news story, a fake video, a fake photo, a fake fact check or a fake anything else that you want to nominate for this year’s awards? (i.e. 5th Annual Fake News Awards for January 28th)

      For your investigation of facts, here is
      — A Corbett CLIMATE CHANGE List of Videos —

      James Corbett has repeatedly covered Chemtrails. You can use his Search Bar.

      jrgjrg says:
      “I study it [anthropogenic climate change] all day long in grad law school with experts in Environmental Law….”
      Not that it makes me smart, but I graduated at the top of my class in 2008 with a degree in the Environmental Sciences and did take classes in Env Law.
      The manmade Climate Change deception was easily being exposed during that 2008 era, and even more so today in this Covid era.
      If you want to promote or discuss Manmade Climate Change, I suggest taking it to an “Open Thread”, or to a related CorbettReport episode.

      As an aside, during that 2008 era, I conducted Chemtrail contamination tests…

      • jrgjrg says:

        The crime isn’t about climate change evidence being a hoax. This is not an expansive enough forum to go into all that data. The crime is about the oligarchy hijacking and politically weaponizing the issue as a supposed hoax using the Merchants of Doubt strategy to justify their Business As Usual (BAU) model. And I also have earned three LL.Ms in Environmental Law and Internatinal Law, equivalent to PhDs. Talk about how they have weaponized this issue in their favor through “conservative” media like this one. You’ll get a lot further. Regarding James, my god has feet of clay. Thanks especially for your 911 documentaries and the eugenics hoax exposes, James. It’s been a great educatipn so keep up the good work.

  11. jrgjrg says:

    Probably the biggest fake news is the constant repetition that chemtrails are a conspiracy theory, move along and don’t look at the sky, nothing to see there, folks, you’d have to be crazy to believe it. While climate scientists meet and talk about “geoengineering” mitigation, which is the same thing. This is being seriously “debunked.” Like, STFU! Don’t believe your lying eyes! This is a very big thing to try to cover up. Was invented in a LRL paper by none other than Dr. Edward Teller, Dr. Strangelove himself.

  12. dregeye says:

    I nominate “Alphabet Inc.” (Google/YouTube/etc) for, regardless of original ‘source’, removing/censoring/discrediting/slandering/memory-holing TRUTH & legitimate speculation & discussion, while actively promoting FAKE NEWS at every opportunity, personally and algorithmically, not only ‘current events’, but historical reference, (including censoring/removing Corbett Report, and many other legitimate sources) while also putting all those ‘references’ below videos that lead viewers to FAKE NEWS/lies like Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica and more specific so-called “authoritative sources” that perpetuate “the corporate narrative” resulting in massive FAKE NEWS in billions of instances with sickening (of mind & body) and possible fatal consequences for potentially many millions of individuals, while financially profiting from their FAKE NEWS distribution and censorship of TRUTH.
    btw, Thank you James Corbett for your works and introductions to other valuable ‘sources’.
    (I still want to encourage you and all who read this to listen to all women Japanese Metal band that sings in English, “LOVEBITES”, with lyrics of honest ‘truths’ with supportive encouragement aligned with my own ‘principles of interaction’: Mutual-respect through empathic-personal-empowerment with voluntary-inclusive-cooperation, refusing coercion while embracing personal-responsibility.)

  13. Sprumford says:

    For me, the biggest and broadest fake story….two years running now, is that there was/is a deadly novel viral pandemic sweeping the globe. The entire fraud was built on the gross misuse/misinterpretation of the PCR method.

  14. SuperMom Belle says:

    Gotta be among the top: FDA says “You are not a horse” (of course) so [by that rationale] don’t eat apples & stop eating carrots and don’t wear shoes, & don’t wash your hair…
    And whatever ya do, DON’T mention how that “horse-dewormer” has been registered for human use since 1987 and is on (& has been on) “The WHO’s list of essential medicines” (
    AND don’t pay attention to how the CDC has been making any & all African & Middle-Eastern immigrants weighing over 33 lbs to take it before being allowed to enter the USA since at least 2011, (, and please do
    Forget about those GLOBAL awards in both 2014 (Gairdner Global Health Award) and 2015 (Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine) regarding “Ivermectin: enigmatic multifaceted ‘wonder’ drug continues to surprise and exceed expectations” (as described in scientific literature in the “Journal of Antibiotics,” BMJ in 2017: which says in part, “few, if any, other drugs can rival ivermectin for its beneficial impact on human health and welfare… health workers are increasingly utilizing it in an unsanctioned manner to treat a diverse range of other diseases…”

    • jrgjrg says:

      Yeah, I caught that one, too. Couldn’t be more outrageous. Hospitals were not full and ambulances were sitting in the parking lot idle. It only takes someone to go and look to confirm the story but that was apparently too much.

      How about the chattering heads all repeating the same script on Sinclair News channels. Very dangerous to our democracy, this fake news stuff going around. Hilarious and scary.

      This is democracy?

    • seasons says:

      Ivermectin was buried within the original NIH Covid protocols for hospitals and it is still one of the most prescribed drugs for Covid-19 patients in both 2020 and 2021. Why didn’t the media say anything before while so much Ivermectin was being given out? Why didn’t they express outrage over the many years of anti-parasitic drugs being given to flu and SARS patients?

  15. zyxzevn says:

    Fake science

    Just adding a huge category, because it is the fake news produced
    by people in white coats.
    It is interesting how much of this fake science has been produced by
    Bill Gates, Fauci and other fake scientists or corrupt scientists.

    What is fake science?
    Fake science is often the foundation for very bad political decisions.
    They are produced by corporations like Big Pharma, to push a certain
    political decision or to create a certain market.
    The fake science studies are often ghost-written by high-level scientists
    that get money for just adding their name to the study. In the last 30
    years this has become a way for scientists to grow in funds and reputation.
    Scientists that protest do not get any funds and get pushed out of the system.

    Can other people add more links and topics? (and claim the rewards)

    Fake science: The covid “vaccines” are safe and effective
    (and not experimental)

    Summary and huge list of problems.

    British Medical Journal Demands Immediate Release of All COVID-19 Vaccine, Treatment Data

    Fake science: Asymptomatic spreading of the disease
    A positive test means that you are making other people sick
    (Fake: the tests are accurate or even meaningful)

    Fake science: Masks work against the spreading of a virus
    (nor did washing surfaces)
    Only P100 seems to work, and has limited use.
    Note that all these masks increase CO2 to dangerous levels.

    Fake science: HCQ and Ivermectin (or flovoxamine or Vitamin A, C, D) are not effective
    or even dangerous.
    Note that these results are including the fraudulent Big Pharma studies.
    These studies are often using the wrong doses at the wrong time. Too low dose or too late, to make the drug ineffective. Or too much to make the drug dangerous.
    The media only promoted the expensive drugs.
    And drugs like Remdisivir are very dangerous and have even increased the deathrates.

    Fake science: Placebo effect causes side-effects
    Victim blaming, standard procedure by Big Pharma.
    In this case the amount of victims is so enormous,
    it feels like a last attempt.

    Other variants:
    Fake science: Climate change / lockdown-stress / covid, causes heart problems
    They can never look at the injected heart-spiking toxic, can they?

    Fake science: Natural immunity does not matter
    Natural immunity is actually the only thing that does work.
    And the experimental injections are causing damage to the immune system,
    actually reducing the natural immunity.

    Fake science: The virus came from nature
    We all know that the gain-of-function research was producing the
    exact virus that is being reported.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That’s a nice long list of “Fake Science”. Thanks.

      We all should keep in mind…
      “…some of the most effective medicines in HUMAN HISTORY:
      the mRNA vaccines developed against the coronavirus by Pfizer, with German partner BioNTech, and Moderna”
      — Washington Post

    • nosoapradio says:

      Good idea zyxzevneight, to group it all into “fake science” relayed by fake fourth estate!

      And that tweet with the Croatian MEP was the first thing I saw this morning; Wow! I confess… I… clapped… I have no idea who he is but I imagine he must be like France’s Le Pen or Britain’s Nigel Farage or Trump or Bolsonaro in order to cement into people’s minds the stigmatizing association between criticizing the injections and extremist, reactionary affiliations. But I’ll check.

      • nosoapradio says:

        Well I just looked at Mislav Kolakušić’s profile and there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly stigmatizing about it! Quite the contrary! Maybe Mkey or Mik would have some perspective on this question?

  16. sgzon says:

    Fake news touted by every lame-stream dinosaur-media outlet: The Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective.

    Safe? Absolutely not safe. Horrendous side effects. Perhaps, according to behind closed doors of the Agenda 2030 cabal, they’re intended effects, not side effects.

    Effective? Not effective for immunity against Covid-19.

    Are effective for Claus Schwab et el Agenda 2030.

  17. nosoapradio says:

    I wanted to vote for the French Media and OMacron with his statement that the vaccines would not be mandatory but the announcement was made late November 2020… which contrasts with the “I wanna piss the unvaccinated off” rhetoric of late.

    “…”We must do it for all our compatriots”.
    “We are obliged to do it to encourage everyone to do it,” he believes, assuming his “strategy that is simple: vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate.” “I say it with a lot of will and strength: we must do it for all our compatriots who make the effort to be vaccinated and who, by the irresponsibility of some others who, sometimes by assumed choices, are contaminated, “he argued…”

    But the insinuation that “my vaccine doesn’t work if you don’t take yours” and the jump from “herd immunity” to “everyone must be vaccinated” and the idea that the uninjected are causing the hospitals to be overcrowded and prolonging the pandemic as suggested in this Bloomberg article:

    Unvaccinated Covid Patients Push Hospital Systems Past the Brink
    Story by Drew Armstrong
    Data analysis and visualization by David Ingold and Paul Murray
    Photography by Jon Cherry for Bloomberg
    15 décembre 2021

    are as phenomenally fake and manipulative… and effective…

    • westerncivic says:

      “Piss them off” is quite the euphemistic translation. He said he wants to drown us in shit. ✌?✌

      How about all the stories that suggest electoral politics matter? (Fake news)

  18. Jeff says:

    Wrongest thing of the year: “You’re helpless, and/or you’re an idiot.”

  19. buz says:

    I nominate the CBC article by Rhianna Schmunk “Most homes destroyed in Lytton B.C., by catastrophic fire” published July 1,2021. It intimates that a wildfire pounced on Lytton and devoured it in 15 minutes. I can’t imagine how anybody could read this and not wonder what really caused the fire. It’s true that everything except trees and shrubs was destroyed in record time, but it looked like Hiroshima. I could take a wild stab and say it was a directed energy weapon, but that’s too conspiratorial, isn’t it? Respectfully submitted Buz Eldredge

  20. Fact Checker says:

    Well, Broc is pretty much begging for this one with the Zarathustra theme: the “MOON MONOLITH” publicized in December 2021:

    After the world waited with bated breath for China’s lunar rover to approach and reveal the celestial secrets of the mighty tome…

    it was confirmed to be a “just a rock.”

    Of course, the DEEP fakery is that all western press continues to use greyscale photos of the Chinese rover’s images in order to keep concealing the fact that the Chinese rover immediately revealed that the surface of the Moon is brown-and-tan…NOT the silty silver of the fake-ass American “moon-landing” photographs.

    This “The_Byte” piece proffers the laughable excuse that the Moon’s surface “changes color”! (This was actually hinted by Armstrong’s equivocating and dissembling testimony during the post-“landing” press interviews, in order to hedge NASA’s bets. At the time, they had no way of knowing the color of the Moon, so Armstrong babbled incoherently about “changing” colors (among other vague nonsense).

    Let’s see how long NASA can keep kicking that can down the road…

    • zyxzevn says:

      A problem with these “discoveries”
      is that a lot of the digital pictures get digital artifacts.
      Like small or large digital disturbances, corrections by filters,
      combination of different resolutions, combination of different moments,
      errors by cosmic radiation, transmission errors, lossy image-compression, etc.

      All this together can create weird stuff.
      Well known are the weird stripes that you get from a propellor.

      For example the mars face can be seen in combination with pyramid structures.
      This latter is a clear indication of usage of the median filter
      applied on a height-map.
      With the median filter the digital values in the image are flattened out
      in a way that resembles triangles. So they can look like pyramids.
      But with the flattening and stretching you also get other structures that
      do not really exist. And this way the mars-face is likely also
      a digital misformed figure.

      To check this, always look at the raw data.
      And see what processing steps they have done.

  21. Ronny Freedom says:

    One story that really sticks out for me was when the Denver Zoo announced the lions there had tested positive. I don’t believe for a second they removed the lions from the zoo and did nasal swab tests, which all came back positive. Yes, they would have had to knock each one out to do a nasal swab, right? I have no way to prove this is fake news, but I find it seriously suspect.

  22. mieszko says:

    It may not be some particularly bizarre or surprising fake news, but I think it deserves a mention as it was cited in a peer-reviewed scientific article. The article was published in the supposedly respected peer-reviewed journal Social Science & Medicine with an impact factor of 4.634 in November 2021 (preprint) and finally published in January 2022.

    In the introduction it contains shocking manipulation that make 5G opponents crazy. Namely, they write there: “For example, the 2020 Christmas morning suicide bomber of the Nashville AT&T building was possibly motivated by 5G” radiophobia “conspiracy theories, but not necessarily their correlation to COVID-19 (Burgess, 2003; Luscombe, 2020).”

    They cite an article in which there is a journalistic presumption that the guest had radiophobia.

    The problem is that the research article itself appeared AFTER the FBI had investigated the case in detail and concluded that the bomber HAD NOTHING TO DO 5G. On March 15 2021, when the FBI investigation into the attack came out, it was revealed that the perpetrator was not ideological or political at all, but was paranoid, and there is not a single mention of 5G in the entire report.

    A scientific journal, respected, reputable, peer-reviewed, etc. etc., as the main argument in favor of the thesis about the danger posed by “anti-5G conspiracy theorists” gave as a source the journalistic presumption from January, while for months there was a FBI report refuting their narratives!

  23. MagicBullet says:

    The biggest fake news of 2021 was, ALL THE NEWS

    Because, it was the biggest cover-up in human history, hushing-up mass genocide and maiming of the human biomass, the start of transhumanism, and the takeover of the entire planet by a secret-group of elites.

    • zyxzevn says:


      And what did the fake news NOT talk about?

      To name a few:

      – The success in states that had no covid restrictions? Or almost no vax?

      – The low death rate of Covid and certainly Omicron?

      – The stealing of properties by big capitalists.

      – The protests all over the world.

      – The huge problems with the safety of the experimental “vaccines”

      – The experts that were actually experts and caring about our health

      – The murder by medical protocols in the hospitals

      – The masks and all restrictions make it all worse

      – The corruption of the politicians (duh) and the media

      – Epstein and all his “friends”

      Julian Assange

      – Mc Afee

      – Fake votes in the US (and probably in many other western countries)

      – Immigration and problems caused by immigrants

      – The steal of the world by the World Economic Forum

      – The big deals behind the curtains (trillions of dollars)

      “Lives don’t matter”

  24. ticop says:

    Justin Trudeau for this quote about the unvaccinated protestors.

    ““They are extremists who don’t believe in science, they’re often misogynists, also often racists,” said Trudeau.”

    • zyxzevn says:

      Ah, mister black-face speaking about racism.

      He was drinking in a bar in the Netherlands, just before he started doing
      restrictions again.

      He is also oblivious of science, like most politicians.
      With science you can see right through the data manipulation and
      the fake statements by Big Pharma.

      Even the data from Pfizer’s study shows that the experimental “vaccine” is much worse than the disease.

      They just presented the statics in such a way that the experiment seemed to do well. This just shows that most in the governments understands science.
      And those that do, are complicit in mass murder.

      Or like the Croatian MEP tells France:
      “the vaccinations represent death penalties”

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I really want to thank you for posting that one minute video:
        Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić’ directly and publicly confronts French President Emmanuel Macron who is sitting a few meters away from the podium.

        I have the transcipt written and posted along with a full collection…
        SUB-THREAD – Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) fighting for freedom in the EU.

        This is what it is going to take…”in your face type public statements” which are repeated often.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Holy Cannoli! Thanks for this link ticop! What becomes clear when watching the first embedded video is that no one is born a free and natural human being anymore: You are born and then must be tested and approved before participating in human existence! This is what the kids are growing up with. The message that to be human, see friends, go to school, to their soccer matches, their cousin’s wedding, they are not good enough, they are subpar until they’ve been tested and approved… it’s truly sickening… hard to stay emotionally detached from the horror that results in watching this assault on children and the rest of humanity…

      Thanks for the great commentary by Warmington…

      and come to think of it… it is highly suspicious the opposition is not making an opportunistic stink about it…

    • yellowie says:

      hahaha Trudeau went on to say, “do we as a people tolerate them?”

      I guess not… today he clarified his position,
      “The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa who are holding unacceptable views that they are expressing do not represent the views of Canadians who have been there for each other, who know of that following the science and stepping up to protect each other is the best way to continue to ensure our freedoms, our rights, our values, as a country.” This is in response to the truck convoy that left BC and is picking up truckers along the way to go to Ottawa to protest the mandates. After two years, now Trudeau thinks it’s a good time for truckers who cross the boarder to have a jab(s). The convoy has picked up a lot of support and they will be coming through our town tomorrow.

  25. gairaigo says:

    Perhaps a side-award for a promising fake news newcomer? On the day of anti-lockdown protests around the world — including multiple locations in Japan — The Japan Times leads with the headline “Japan’s COVID-19 foreign entry ban spurs demonstrations in several countries.”


    • MagicBullet says:

      Thanks. The comments in the Japan Today (not Japan Times) article didn’t make much sense. For years the Japanese authorities were happy to have all the zillion tourists and students because they made a fortune. Regardless of how much they like or don’t like the mass of foreigners, that has nothing to do with the lock-out.

      The comments assume that the the Japanese people or the Japanese govt made this decision. Yes the govt handed-down this decision, but the govt here is in the pocket of the global elites just like everyplace else. In fact, the coalition govt here is made up of 2 parties and one is run by a Global cult (the So ka), which has all the signs that it is a tentacle of the elites (like Scientology in the US).

      The commenters are also confused thinking keeping these foreigners out is a rational way to prevent covid. First, Omicron is just mathematical chicanary of the already held PCR test requiring 2 gene matches instead of the 3 already in the test, no shit the positives went “around the globe” in just a few weeks. None of those genes actually relate to any found corona virus anyway.

      Next, since Japanese nationals are allowed back, even after they spent time mixing with non-Japanese wherever they were traveling, if a non-Japanese has a negative PCR before flight and on arrival to Japan, then quarantines and is still negative, why in the world would we need to keep them out besides fear mongering of Japanese society to get shots, and to crash part of the Japanese economy?

      Fortunately there are no vax mandates in Japan, but still most all Japanese just acquiesce when their work says to do so due to the social pressure.

  26. gavin.s says:

    If we suspend belief that there actually is a pandemic. Pfizer et al trumpeted that their “vaccines” were ~95% effective. Turns out they arrived at this number using relative risk when, in fact, the absolute risk reduction is 1-2%. Also, these jabs were only given emergency use authorisation in the absence of any other treatment e.g ivermectin, hydroxycq. Now the G7 are pushing the 100 days mission to respond to future plandemics.

  27. Sabex says:

    Please let this at least get an honourable mention!

    Global warming is causing heart defects in babies:

    Yeah, ‘cos it’s absolutely not the poorly tested experimental vaccine their parents took. Oooh no.

    • nosoapradio says:

      yea… the collapsing athletes of all ages… heartbreaking…

      If I type “myocarditis in athletes…”,

      Google completes my demand with the suggestion “…after covid”

      and numerous others such as “from a clinical perspective” “with covid” “is a challenge”

      but definitely NOT “…following vaccination”

  28. Steve Smith says:

    I’m sure it’s already been mentioned above. If so, I second the nomination. But the claim reported that the gene therapy was 100 percent effective must surely be one of the biggest whoppers.
    All based on a study, the details of which were conveniently not mentioned, of 44 thousand participants in which 2 people supposedly perished of Covid in the placebo group compared to one in the drugged group. While simultaneously neglecting to inform the people that 4 times as many people died of heart related problems in the drugged group compared to the placebo group.
    This from RFKs book. I don’t have a link handy.
    But this is just one of the many deceptions perpetrated by corporate media under the Covid umbrella that could be counted.

  29. WAYNED says:

    I think Covid coverage has to take the cake. The creator of the test used to tell the world it needs a mandatory test shot said it can never be used to diagnose. End of…

    And we have the Robert Malones and Peter McCulloughs touting vaccines, just not this one. A sophisticated subterfuge, since their arguments have always included the possibility that a mandatory vaccine of ANY kind is possible.

    I bet a lot of people know the names Malone and McCullough, because their marginal views are useful in the long-term. What you don’t hear are the doctors who say this should never happen under any circumstances.

    A comet heading to earth, would we be locked up if we refuse to go underground “for our own safety?” What “end of the world” scenario could ever make any intrusion into your body “mandatory”?

    I do travel. Vaccine passports are about control. You can’t fly internationally without producing a negative pcr test. But the test is so flawed… what if I’m the top selling individual agent on the planet and the Industry is trying to get all travel handled by a very few major agencies? What if they want my VERY LOW fee structure to disappear? What if they want control of my multi-million-dollar, best travel clients? Could they just say this is test came back negative and that one came back positive and let all their clients travel, but not mine?

    When you have so few owners colluding with airlines to make this all happen, then is it beyond conceivable that the destinations my clients planned to go suddenly had “surges” in cases and travel was canceled. Not to a country, but to the TWO SPECIFIC CITIES my clients were going to.

    When control is top down, you do not know all of the controls. This is the power that is sought.

    Airlines cannot raise fares on the general public, they are the same or lower than they were in the 1980s. But they can make it a luxury available to business and those who CAN pay and WILL submit. That could put us in the situation where the airlines can set whatever pricing they want.

    As of now, if you want a refundable first class ticket to LA from MIA during Super Bowl, then the cost is over 10K. One way.

    Signs of things to come.

    • cu.h.j says:


      Interesting take on Malone. I’m not sure he said a vaccine should be compulsory though, at least I did not hear or read where he said this.

      Your point about the failures of other vaccines and attempts to make vaccines compulsory is documented in the following book by Suzanne Humphries, MD (a nephrologist-kidney specialist). I have posted this on another comment section but will post again.

      It documents how diseases like small pox and polio were often found in places that had poor living conditions, poor nutrition and stressful work:

      I did not know there were a lot of problems with other vaccines prior to the scamdemic, at least not with the polio vax and small pox vax. And because I never had problems with childhood vaccines myself, no apparent side effects, did not realize that so many other people did have side effects and adverse reactions. Good points about how other vaccines can be toxic and harmful as well. They should be revisited by scientists and MDs who oppose the current gene therapy shot.

      • MagicBullet says:

        Malone has said he had his covid shots. I heard he made a tweet promoting tracking and tracing. Both of these M&M drs always talk about Covid as an illness and SC-2 as actually existing and being the cause, this is a bit shocking. I suspect controlled opposition.

        Polio was evidently due to insecticides like Paris Green and DDT. Measles due to vit A deficiency. HIV, is a story unto its own…found in the virtual lala land holding hands with SC-2, and besides the story of screwing a monkey, eating its brains, or being bit by a monkey (and this kind of guy in Africa has the money to go to NY and infect the gay community?).

        From this site: you can enjoy various graphs and references about illnesses and vaccines showing drastic decrease in illness deaths in the many decades before vaxes were introduced, except small pox which showed no correlation to vaccines which caused just as much death as small pox itself.

        I strongly recommend anyone who wants to talk about viral illness and vaccines to read the book Virus Mania and go over the covid vids on Dr. Sam Bailey’s Odysee channel, someone James should have on the show. Spacebusters on bitchute is also great.

        • mkey says:

          Did you notice J B Handley practically purged his blog? He had quite a collection of articles on detrimental end fake effecta of vaccines and so calles vaccines on his site.

        • cu.h.j says:

          The book was a good read and had some very important information well documented, primarily how pharma tries to promote “one cause, one drug” and enrich itself and how this is a false assumption. They certainly do profit from a simple cure or touting one, even if it’s a lie.

          However, there are certain conclusions in the book that I believe are false, that terrain alone accounts for AIDS and that heterosexual contact isn’t associated with AIDS. This is just not accurate. And because this isn’t accurate, people might assume that anyone who questions the narrative are not to be trusted and this can be problematic in a population that by and large does not think on it’s own.

          • cu.h.j says:

            Having said that, I do think terrain has more influence on the development of a disease than germs in many individuals and the interaction is still not fully understood.

            The problem with terrain only is that it does not validate the phenomenon that people observe of catching or developing similar or identical symptoms at times when exposed to people who had similar symptoms. I don’t think this is coincidental and there are other people who also intuitively discern there is something they can pick up from other people.

            Regarding the Spanish flu, in the book Virus Mania, it was noted that some people didn’t catch the flu when being exposed. This doesn’t prove it’s not ever contagious. There are lots of people who don’t get the flu. I’ve only had it twice and am completely immune now. Same with Covid. I just don’t think I’m susceptible and probably have life long t cell immunity.

            I also never had chicken pox. My sisters did but I never caught it despite exposure. My mother on the other hand had mumps and measles and chicken pox as a kid. She recalls both she and her sister having it at the same time.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            My brother (#1 of 4) was about 3 and I was four as we shared the bathtube. We both had chickenpox. We were whining and semi-crying about the itching to our Mother. We were covered in red spots.
            I feel for young mothers on their first go around with kids.
            Moms are “supposed to” fix childhood discomforts.
            She told us not to scratch. It was hard not to.
            She poured baking soda into the bathtub water hoping it would help relieve the itching.
            It didn’t.
            In fact, looking back, it may have aggravated the symptoms by drying out the skin.

            There are various discomforts which children experience as they grow. I think that adults sometimes overlook these.
            For example: Leg aches.
            During certain growth sprouts in childhood, the bones are growing rapidly. There’s some discomfort to this.

            • cu.h.j says:

              Baking soda is a home remedy for itching and skin irritation for chicken pox and measles, according to a internet search. It’s even listen on mainstream websites, baking soda to sooth itching and irritation. Aloe Vera and oatmeal are also listed as soothing as well.

              I recall bone pain, “growing pains” as a kid. Children have a hard time with discomfort especially if it is unfamiliar to them. I think adults have a hard time empathizing sometimes, and forget how they experienced the world when they were kids.

              On a side note, I have noticed that many parents don’t treat pediatric fever properly. Fever is helpful initially but prolonged fevers can be dangerous and lead to seizures in children. Keeping children cool rather than applying heavy blankets is what should be done. Anti fever medicines are also helpful, there may be natural fever reducers if people are opposed to acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Fever is also uncomfortable and prolonging it won’t make a person feel better.

              At any rate, the phenomenon of contagion often experienced in childhood diseases among many children and parents leads me to believe there is validity to germ theory as a component of disease.

  30. mecabunnyzilla says:

    Officially, this story is from 2022, but it is so note worthy (I mean hilarious) that I thought I would share. I first became aware of this story from the good people at off-guardian.

    If I were to title this story, it would be

    “Gentle please! Save your sphincters!”

    As off-guardian puts it

    “An anonymous US man has come forward to claim his bout with Covid made his penis smaller…and the mainstream media are apparently reporting this with a seemingly straight face.”

    “The anonymous American claims his penis was “above average” before he got Covid, but is now “decidedly below average”.”

    Apparently, it’s a thing. 😉 See what I did there.
    So many easy jokes here.

    • mecabunnyzilla says:

      From WebMD officially dated 2021.

      “THURSDAY, May 13, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Men now have one more compelling reason to get a COVID-19 vaccine — doctors suspect the new coronavirus could make it hard to perform in the bedroom.”

      You see, if you get the vaccine, you won’t get covid and therefore your manhood stays in tact.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        On Tuesday January 18, 2022 – Zero Hedge
        Man Suffers “Agonizing” Penile Blood Clot Caused By COVID

        As it turns out, one man’s bodily reaction to COVID has proven that the virus truly isn’t confined to the throat and upper respiratory tract.
        According to a foreign medical journal, an Iranian man has drawn the interest of doctors after reporting “agonizing” pain in his penis that turned out to have been caused by blood clots that seriously threatened the man’s sexual health.

        The man, who wasn’t named in the news reports about the incident, had suffered penile pain for three days before being seen by a urologist in Iran, who referred him for tests. Keep in mind: one of the side effects of mRNA COVID jabs is they cause blood clots in the heart.

        The patient’s discomfort began following an erection while having sex, according to the 41-year-old married man, who had not experienced any trauma to his pelvic area that might explain his behavior.

        Scientists have learned over the course of the pandemic that COVID doesn’t just cause respiratory symptoms: One of its other features is to increase the tendency of blood to clot. In fact, this is often the cause of death.
        “Roughly, 20% to 50% of hospitalized patients with COVID infection have abnormal coagulation tests,” Morteza Bagheri wrote.
        “Searching the literature showed no previously published similar case of deep dorsal penile vein thrombosis following COVID infection and our patient is the first reported case,” Bagheri continued.

        Penile complications have occurred in the US, too. A 69-year-old man in Ohio suffered a three-hour erection – a condition called priapism – due to blood clotting problems in his penis.

        Writing in the American Journal of American Medicine, a team of medics said that they believed COVID had caused clots to form in his penis, trapping blood in the erection chambers. Doctors had to drain blood from the penis using a needle because ice packs didn’t work to bring the stiffness down.

        Over in France, another man in his 60s had to go through the same procedure after COVID left him with an erection that lasted for four hours.

        However, the damage caused to the man’s blood vessels during this episode could make it more difficult for him to get future erections.
        None of this is news, of course: As we reported last year, one study established a link between erectile dysfunction and COVID….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      A BIG controversial story in September 2021 was about…

      Rapper Nicki Minaj not getting vaccinated and her “Testicle Story”
      My cousin in Trinidad won’t get the vaccine cuz his friend got it & became impotent. His testicles became swollen. His friend was weeks away from getting married, now the girl called off the wedding. So just pray on it & make sure you’re comfortable with ur decision, not bullied.
      –> 3 links here…

      Currently on OpenVaers it shows…
      Erectile Dysfunction — 537
      Testicular Pain/Swelling — 1,486


      A person can search for stories via VAERS or with an internet search engine. “OpenVaers” is a keyword.
      AGE: 30| SEX: M |State: AK
      Testicles swelled up to about three times their normal size; Extremely sensitive testicles…


  31. zyxzevn says:

    What fake news did the conspiracy crowd fall for?

    Can people add to this list?
    I think some (friendly) self-criticism is valid.

    1. A lot of Qanon stuff. Some were hopium (Fauci and Gates arrested) and some were really crazy (Trump was wearing a mask playing Biden?).
    Note that a lot crazy stories were planted to make either side look foolish.

    2. Some international protests that were posted, but were from different occasions.
    I saw clips from a football-support and cultural festival sent around as a protest.

    3. While the C19 experiment is very damaging, some blood-clots and side-effects were from other occasions. I saw some gruesome heart operations and people with skin-damage,
    but they appeared to be from other times / causes.
    It is like the people in India dying on the streets, that were not from covid but from some accident years before. If we want to wake the people up, we should not post the same crap.

    • zyxzevn says:

      More scientific:
      There should be far better evidence for these claims.

      4. There is no clear evidence for graphene oxide. While people claim that they found it,
      I have not seen clear evidence. There only seems to be one study, that found indirect evidence for possible contamination with this substance.
      But via Stew Peters this became: 99% of the vaccine is grapheneoxide.
      Please look for better evidence instead of making more out of it.
      A doctor talking about graphene-oxide died. Was maybe murdered. But that does not
      mean that his information was correct.
      There is a lot of weird garbage in the injections, and that certainly indicates that they should be stopped. No further discussion necessary.

      5. Alien organisms in the experimental “vaccines”
      I also think that some biological organisms are in the injections. Normal micro-biology is already very alien-like. They can be natural (fungi, bacteria, virus, cancer-cells). Should also be a reason to stop the injections.
      Some chemical processes can also look like living creatures at first glance. And the heat of the microscope can create movements in chemical substances.
      t needs to be researched further, but it does not justify yet the claim that they are injecting artificial organisms in the bodies.

      6. 5G Borg take-over
      Nor is it possible to program someone’s brain with graphene oxide that way.
      Or make a radio-receiver for 5G (a 5G chip has like 1 million transistors). Nor do we hear of magnetic substances anymore. Can I make the assumption that it was not magnetic after all?
      I already had pointed out that the skin can also become very adhesive. (Like that of “magnetic boy” Ivan)

      7. Self-organizing circuits
      Cubic crystals forming in a drying liquid are quite normal. It is a normal chemical process. And it can be used to identify what materials are in a liquid. But they do not indicate nano-technology. In the chip industry we use big million-dollar machines to finely control these chemical processes in a vacuum, with dangerous ultraviolet lasers.

      I saw a lot of movies going around of normal electro-chemical processes. Or iron-dust in oil attracted by a magnet. With electric or magnetic forces, material tends to align itself to the fields. And with some sounds, you can make it seem a horror-movie (the graphene monster)
      10 ways to see the electrical field:

      8. There is still grouping (bad batches), but 5% of the batches do not account
      for all of the deaths.
      There is a real problem with the data quality.
      Jessica Rose also makes it clear that this experimental vax is very deadly and should be stopped immediately.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        This is a very important post.


      • cu.h.j says:

        Excellent points you make and I think some of these outrageous claims made may be (no proof of this) an attempt to discredit valid concerns about the dangers of the injections. Focus on the things you mention takes attention away from things that can be proven, such as increased risk of blood clots, allergic reactions, and unknown long term side effects from an experimental substance that has never been used on such a large scale.

        Dr. Yeadon had a video on how the dose of the spike protein is dependent on an individuals ability to make the spike protein inside their cells. If people make more of the spike protein their risks of harm might be increased compared to people who make very little of the spike protein. And the spike protein is dangerous in and of itself and it is not a benign antigen. I think the antigen that is produced is likely the most dangerous component of the injection.

        And the contamination of many vials with metallic substances is concerning as well, but the notion that these metallic substances will cause a person to be remote controlled or tracked, I believe has not been proven. The substance would have to travel through the blood stream to a part of the brain that controls behavior and I suspect they don’t know how our brain works on a molecular level. I also don’t think a nano-particle, could be programmed to travel in our blood stream, at least I have not read anything that indicates this tech exists. However, they wouldn’t disclose this to us, if they did.

        Also, the idea that the metallic substance could be picked up by a 5G antenna array seems a little far fetched too, simply because it would be such a tiny amount that might even be metabolized or be deposited in deeper layers of the body. I don’t know a lot about 5G or wireless detection of metallic objects though, but would assume metallic objects worn on our body might make this more difficult if this is even possible.

        • seasons says:

          I think many people are just too stimulated and looking for more interesting truth rather than boring truth. Many of the injuries from the injections can be connected to the excessive amounts of lipid nanoparticles. We have plenty of past examples and research on the harm caused by nanoparticles in failed mRNA products. Maybe there could be future injuries caused by the other ingredients but the immediate harm witnessed now can be explained by the general use of nanoparticles within the injections.

  32. seasons says:

    The unvaccinated putting everyone else at risk should be the fake news story of the year. This fake news story has been devastating to families and people’s livelhoods. Worst of all it completely contradicts the entire scientific history of viruses, vaccines, mutation and has absolutely no data to back it up other than models already assuming it to be true.

  33. cu.h.j says:

    As a side note and not really related to fake news, I have observed that cigarette smokers don’t frequently test positive for Covid in my ER.

    I did a random cursory search and found this article on the topic of nicotine and Covid:

    Sorry for the .gov link but this is what I found quickly.

    I’m not saying people should take up smoking but thought it was an interesting finding.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      *cough* *cough* Thanks for the personal observation cu.h.j.
      These days, I don’t discount personal observations. Not at all.

      A month after the March lockdowns in the U.S. during the start of the Pandemic…
      April 25, 2020
      Business Insider
      France has banned online sales of nicotine substitutes after a study showed smokers are less likely to be admitted for COVID-19

      I wrote a
      SUB-THREAD – Smoking Tobacco Nicotine – nicotinic choline type receptors in smokers – acetylcholine – (a “brain” chemical) -COVID-19 & receptors & cytokine storm

      Eew! Gad! My clothes reek!

      • cu.h.j says:

        I missed your post about this nicotine/Covid phenomenon early on! On a side note, a lot of people like vaping nicotine as an alternative. My husband who was a smoker, likes to vape instead now. They have all kinds of flavors even tobacco.

        I work with an old ER doctor who smokes a lot, he’s like 65 yrs and has never had Covid. He’s rarely sick, which is also an interesting observation. My husbands grandma smoked for over 65 years and lived to be 93.

  34. vjdeen says:

    Let’s see, so many to choose from.
    – the Jan 6th coverage of the capitol storm, in particular, AOC’s horrible lies of being threatened.
    – “Safe and effective” narrative
    – Ivermectin the horse dewormer
    – The non-coverage of Ghislaine Maxwell trial
    – wtf that was in Afghanistan….people tyring to jump on moving planes? lol
    – the major sports networks absolute blanking of stories relating to atheletes death…in any ordinary year, the death of so many players would be a front page story. These do not make espn, or many other sports sites. In fact anchors are cut-off if they even ask if it may be vax related.

    So the fake news this year should also have an award for ignored story of the year…and to me it would be collapsing athletes.

    • nosoapradio says:

      yes indeed, that’s what they’ve been claiming, insinuating, suggesting all around… Ex: the Gabonese soccer players: three on the same team with myocarditis and who are decrying the rumors going around about them saying they must focus on their health and that’s why they can’t play…

  35. hellofriend says:

    Here are some nominees:

    (category) Fake hospital claims

    (category) Politicians, celebs, public officials faking jabs

    Belgian prime minister caught faking the jab

    Brazilian health secretary fakes the covid injection

    There are many others but I don’t have time to hunt them down at the moment.


  36. Shaman O'Sanity 2020 says:

    I would like ‘fact-checked’ the following subjects:

    Telepathy a inner-sense (like smell, hearing, touch, taste, feel, premonition, premeditation) most people use. I know it is a inner sense because I see, hear, feel, observe people using this awareness every day – no matter the obstacles others put in place.

    Question I have : Are we aware of an existing organisation that is solely working on ways to get control over important aspects of our spiritual communications?


  37. mkey says:

    The “journalist” asking Dana White “are you a doctor” because the guy dharrrred to talk about his personal medical experience.

  38. TruthSeeker says:

    I would like to nominate Rachael Maddog from MSNBC for her declaration that Ivermectin was causing hospitals to fill up,thus stealing beds away from innocent COVID patients. did a piece on it (see link below)

  39. prymo says:

    One person in Nelson, BC, Canada apparently is the first to be the victem of climatechange, this person contracted climatechange disease, not a joke, it was so reported, can’t remember where

  40. Torus says:

    Total number of COVID deaths greatly exaggerated by governments, and of course thrown in our faces by mainstream media to propagate the fear narrative.

    How many people died FROM COVID with no other conditions/causes listed on the death certificate?

    This clip from Jimmy Dore 1/20/2022 regarding the UK and a recent FOI request.

    Referenced FOI request.
    Shows deaths (per quarter) “recorded without any pre-existing conditions, England and Wales.”
    Total 17,321

    As opposed to the ‘offical’ numbers from
    “Deaths with COVID-19 on the death certificate”
    Total 176,813

    So ONLY covid 17,391
    Vs with covid 176,813

    I’m sure the difference of 90% could be extrapolated to other countries.

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