Interview 1185 - Peter Kirby Explains the New Manhattan Project

07/06/201649 Comments

Peter Kirby is the author of the new book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project. Today we tackle the two questions most frequently asked by chemtrail skeptics: Would the government do something like this, and could they do something like this? We also talk about John Brennan's recent call for stratospheric aerosol injection and a 2016 study on the health effects of stratospheric aerosols.


Website of Peter Kirby

Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project

Peter Kirby on The Corbett Report

John Brennan touts the wonders of chemtrails at the CFR

Restoring the Quality of Our Environment (PDF)

Weather As A Weapon

Final report of the Advisory Committee on Weather Control (1958)

Assessing the direct occupational and public health impacts of solar radiation management with stratospheric aerosols

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Great topic. The CIA Director clip is icing on the cake.

    Although an old fart, in 2008 I got my degree in the Environmental Sciences at Texas A & M (Commerce).
    Commerce, TX is west of Shreveport, Louisiana by about 2-3 hours drive.

    In 2007, Reporter Jeff Ferrell of Shreveport’s KSLA News 12(CBS) did a story on Chemtrails.
    YouTube (less than 4 minutes) –
    More research by Jeff –

    Seeing the video prompted me…
    — My test for aluminum —
    In 2008 at Texas A & M for a class, I took air samples before and then also again after these patterned, expanding chemtrails in the sky.
    I was testing for aluminum.
    Absolutely NO aluminum was found in the samples prior to the chemtrail activity.
    After the jet chemtrail activity, all my samples tested emphatically, strongly positive for ALUMINUM.
    (I had pictures from my tests for my paper. There also was another unidentified substance showing up in my tests because of radical color activities in the tests. I suspect that it might had been Barium, but our lab was not equipped to easily test for Barium.)

    Reporter Jeff Farrell also did a story about the FBI poisoning the eyewitness to two of the hijackers when they were in Shreveport.
    (less than 2 minutes YouTube) –
    Article about the incident…
    “The 28 Pages” Revisits… “Man who met 9/11 Hijackers poisoned in Texas”

    In the early 1970’s, I well remember all the talk and scare of the coming Ice Age. Articles were hitting all over the place that the earth is cooling and within decades Texas would feel like Canada.

  2. Mohawk Man says:

    2 birds one stone.

    Weaponized weather and eugenics. (Russia, China and the population–brilliant–whoops, 3 birds–Nuttyahoo is smiling-Ukraine calling?)

    Cass Sunstein knows about those pretty things…and forced sterilization but who am I to judge. Say Hi to Sam for me who’d yah Cass. Nudge her for me. (elbow–face)

    BTW-who knew James Comey can make law on the fly at a “press conference”. He’s a lot smarter and powerful than I if he can do that. FBI is now the 4th branch..who knew? Intent is now somehow weighed in the statute and “gross negligence” becomes “bad behavior”. Own the language and you can write the rules on the fly. I should have tried that on my father in high school. Naw, it’d never fly. He read a book once.

    Be Kind to Others–You don’t know what they’ve faced

    The Mohawk

  3. doublek321 says:

    Fascinating topic. You mentioned there were too many topics to cover in one interview. Would love for you have him on as a guest again.

    Question though – Peter Kirby broached the idea of this potentially being a mass murder. I know this is a touchy subject but does he (or you James) have an opinion as to whether there really is a motivation to combat climate change or is it far more nefarious than that and the goal of this is to actually kill (or potentially at least threaten) large #’s of people?

    I guess it’s probably a threat to mankind even if the true motivation IS to combat climate change.

    • Peter Kirby says:

      This is a mass murder. It is reasonable to assume that the recent spike in Alzheimer’s deaths are due to the population’s exposure to the aluminum found in chemtrails. Rainwater sample test results from all around the world confirm that aluminum has been found to be the number one chemtrail ingredient. Aluminum exposure is known to cause Alzheimer’s. Please refer to the work of Dr. Russell Blaylock.

      As far as the depopulation angle goes, it is reasonable to assume that depopulation is part of the plan. Both of the world’s most prominent geoengineering advocates are also population reduction advocates; those two being Bill Gates and John P. Holdren.

  4. hwest says:

    James, I was pleased when I saw the title of the interview and very intrigued. I’m sure most have seen the wild, speculative YouTube video compilations, poorly narrated, equally sountracked, attesting to the sinister effects of the NWO master plan of chemtrails… With absolutely zero documented hard evidence. Sadly this interview declined into much the same league. I can’t blame you for this Alex Jones-esque rambling but it would have done more for your continued, mature-alt-media preesence to have segments edited out. My opinion is critical but stems from paramount regard for your work thus far.

    Continue the good fight brother..


    • Peter Kirby says:

      So the voice of authority has spoken. I’m sure you have never speculated. Everything that comes from your lips and your pen must be absolute veritas or nothing at all.

      Facetiousness aside, it is illogical for you to criticize my work because some of it is speculative. If you don’t know how things work, let me spell it out for you. This is a DEVELOPING INVESTIGATION. Speculation GENERATES LEADS. Some leads pan out. Others don’t. Time will tell. When I am speculating I NOTE IT AS SUCH; that is what is important. The mere fact that I engage in speculation does nothing to impugn the veracity of my work.

      Anyway, most of the video is me citing evidence, not speculation. You must not know what you are writing about when you write that I present, “zero documented hard evidence.” Aside from the mountains of circumstantial evidence presented in this video and and in my book, there is hard evidence available. Rainwater samples showing anomalously high levels of aluminum, barium, and strontium IS HARD EVIDENCE. The ambient air samples taken by the California Air Resources Board showing greatly elevated levels of aluminum and barium IS HARD EVIDENCE. The soil samples taken by Frances Mangels and USDA scientists showing astoundingly basic test results ARE HARD EVIDENCE. There’s more in the book. If you had done your homework before attacking me, you would know this to be true. It looks like your flawless intellectual acumen has somehow failed you this time. How could that be?

      • hwest says:

        Mr Kirby my comment addresses the interview. I cannot comment on all of your work because I have not read everything you have put forward. Your research is important and you clearly work hard. I compare the interview to the speculative videos by other people on YouTube because you didn’t answer the questions posed to you in a very direct manner. An example of this is when asked about the term New Manhattan Project. I can’t seem to find any information aside from yours on the reasoning behind the title, if the title exists outside your work.

        I’m not disagreeing with you or your research, there is clearly something to be said. I am just speaking out, more so to JC that he keep his show to the same calibre -across all subjects- as a contributing member and fan boy.

        As for speculation, I do not believe speculation draws out leads if anything, it can generate expectational bias.

        My 2 cents.


  5. grahamaskey says:

    I am sorry to say that this was the most woefully unconvincing thing I have ever seen you do. No so wonder few people take chemtrails seriously. Weather manipulation in itself could be perfectly benign in intent, so beyond potential negligence in assessing the risks of chemicals already in use, which is hardly a conspiracy, I fail to see what the evidence shows. Maybe there is some truth in Kirby’s claims but a load of wild speculation is hardly worthy of the in depth investigations for which you are rightly credited.

    • Mohawk Man says:

      To humbly assert here grahamaskey, speculation is a crucial tool in verifying or debunking a suspected danger or threat. Scientists must speculate. Otherwise known as “theories”. Detectives must speculate to solve crimes and if we had real MSM journalists they too would enable a certain amount of speculation to get to the basis in fact of a story. Those are facts. Indeed if is it that few (I’d update that term if i were you..”few”) take chem-trails seriously or is it really a matter of too few people are even aware of such nefarious technology? Thats really the honest assessment in all actuality and not merely whole cloth astroturf hoards of people pointing and laughing at “conspiracy theorists” (interesting term if you know it’s origin and reason behind it).

      Mr. Kirby was being somewhat careful and I’d say guarded in any speculation on the matter in question especially specifics. I’d opine maybe a little too guarded and he may be a bit concerned for his own safety. I’d recommend you do some research on the Eugenics Society later magically transformed to Planned Parenthood–a benign seeming term that is for happy and wholesome “families”. Certainly not murderous psychopathic megalomaniacs with a God complex but thats for another day.

      Ifs you really are curious or maybe have just have another agenda entirely, here is a site which might help you do some of your own research, if you indeed seek truth.

      As Captain James T. Kirk was quoted frequently to his Science Officer, Mr. Spock when he was faced with an unknown and usually a dangerous or nefarious situation and Spock declined a definitive answer, Captain Kirk was heard to say (on many occasions) “Mr. Spock, speculate”. His speculation was a frequent savior to their future as being alive. Maybe Captain Kirk should have said “Mr. Spock, develop a theory based on your observations and the health affects we are witnessing with our own crew and the general population and have that white paper on my desk in 3 years and I’ll grant you an honorary Doctorate and a huge grant”. They’d be stranded on a distant planet with the approaching Klingons for 3 years if they made it out at all.

      Love One Another

      Speculate Often (It’ll save your ass someday)
      “Why is that huge man with the reddened face who’s wife I once dated running at me with a baseball bat”
      I’d recommend you speculate his intent and very quickly.

      The Mohawk

      • grahamaskey says:

        Hi Mohawk, pls see my response to Peter Kirby below for clarification of my position

        • Mohawk Man says:

          Thanks grahamaskey for engaging me but with all due respect, I find your below clarification a merely longer response contains the original premise that indeed clarifies nothing but uses more words to relay the same message. Before I continue maybe you’d like to hear what John Brennan head of the CIA has to say about the confirming the use of “stratospheric aerosol injection” to alter weather patterns globally and “may affect other nations weather not aware off this disruption”. I give you Mr. Brennan speaking at the entirely virtuous CFR:

          While you may believe your response was a clarification, I am puzzled by the contradictory statements contained in your response “As I said there may well be negligence with respect to the use of chemicals, which is a potentially serious issue and needs to be addressed but industry the world over acts in this way without any conspiracy.” Well, we are not discussing industry, are we. Your statement may be true but hardly addresses the concern–not “industry” but central planners (read .gov) is the focus of Mr. Kirby’s and my self’s comments. Does this negligence also imply gross negligence? Well, given the nature of the topic and what has been revealed to date……of course. Now we are taking about criminal activity and probably crimes against humanity.

          gross negligence
          : negligence that is marked by conduct that presents an unreasonably high degree of risk to others and by a failure to exercise even the slightest care in protecting them from it and that is sometimes associated with conscious and willful indifference to their rights — see also recklessness — compare criminal negligence in this entry

          “If you were campaigning about the use of these hazardous chemicals, for which you can make a convincing case, rather than speculating on possible govt conspiracies a lot more people would be prepared to read your book.” Well, Mr Brennan freely acknowledged that the actions Mr. Kirby alleges is indeed occurring. That is by definition is a conspiracy. Lets clarify a conspiracy by defining it, shall we?
          conspiracy (kənˈspɪrəsɪ)
          n, pl -cies
          1. a secret plan or agreement to carry out an illegal or harmful act, esp with political motivation; plot
          2. the act of making such plans in secret

          The many in number self described “intelligentsia” of this nation and the world “leaders” who I am pleased to correctly relabel as Pathologically Narcissistic Cerebral Pseudo Intellectual Psychopaths are now making these life altering (or ending) decisions. The pathological psychopath is drawn to positions of authority, generally in governance or corporatism of some sort and thus, a danger to us all.

          Love One Another…and be well yourself.

          The Mohawk

          • grahamaskey says:

            apologies for my poorly worded piece I was trying to differentiate between operations whose intent was to alter the weather for benign reasons such as helping agriculture or water shortages and those with malicious intent ( eg military or creating negative climate effects) I assume the former has been tried and it would seem that those responsible have been negligent concerning the effects of chemicals used. The interview lacked evidence of specific examples of where planes have been used to disperse chemicals and someone has collected samples to demonstrate what was used – can you give me such examples? I watched the video and i dont doubt that the govt has considered such things, that is no surprise but where is the evidence that they have carried out tests in populated areas and actually used chemicals that are dangerous? If you have that, fine but an interview with what i take to be with a top specialist in the field needs to start with that rather than speculation about what persons unknown may be doing for reasons unknown in places unknown. Lots of pictures of what could simply be vapour trails dont prove anything.
            I watched the interview in the first place because I wont dismiss stuff without seeing the evidence and I wouldnt be engaging with you now if I wasnt prepared to assess it properly. Frankly I found Peter Kirby’s response insulting and hardly inspired me to dig deeper given the evident failings in providing evidence.

    • Peter Kirby says:

      So you are not convinced. For some people, there will never be enough evidence. I understand. Maybe if you deign to read my book, another mind will be changed; then again, maybe not. Whatever you do, I commend you on your sacred journeys of discovery. Maybe someday you will see that the sky is actually blue and water is really wet. Run along now! Don’t be late for school!

      You write that weather modification, “could be perfectly benign in intent.” Anything anybody does could be perfectly benign in intent. Maybe Jeffery Dhamer thought he was doing the people he tortured and killed a favor. The fact of the matter is that both the conventional cloud seeding industry’s silver iodide and the spray known to be in use as part of the New Manhattan Project have serious problems. Where’s the long-term silver iodide environmental impact report? It either does not exist or has not been made public. Among other issues, silver iodide has been shown to have seriously negative impacts for small organisms. The crap they’re spraying us with as part of the New Manhattan Project is an absolute nightmare. If you finally get around to doing your homework, you will find that aluminum, barium, and strontium are causing a mass murder of Humans and concurrently wrecking our environment. But you apparently would rather speculate about some benign weather modification programs off in a perfect world somewhere. Well I say that we deal with the real world here and in the real world we are being MASSACRED.

      Please see my response to your friend hwest for more about the HARD REALITIES of what is going on here.

      • grahamaskey says:

        My point is that, at least in terms of this interview you have failed to demonstrate any malign intent. As I said there may well be negligence with respect to the use of chemicals, which is a potentially serious issue and needs to be addressed but industry the world over acts in this way without any conspiracy. If you were campaigning about the use of these hazardous chemicals, for which you can make a convincing case, rather than speculating on possible govt conspiracies a lot more people would be prepared to read your book. Governments do all kinds of nasty things so it’s great that people such as yourself are investigating them as I am not for one moment dismissing all that you claim. However if you expect the broader population to take you seriously you need hard facts, rather than speculation over what mysterious powers in the govt may be up to.

  6. nosoapradio says:

    What a whiff of Weisbach! Patent Conspiracy!

    Sorry for the broken record but

    once you’ve seen the towers fall. In their own footprint. All three of them in two different ways…

    When you scrutinize separate people’s reactions… or absence thereof I should say…

    Well you realize that

    Not only WOULD they use such technology for globalized “soft kill” to borrow one of Mr. Corbett’s expressions,

    But they COULD as well…

    Yes Gracie, secrets can be kept on a massive scale,

    and “official investigations” generally reveal nothing… if they ever take place at all…

    But most people aren’t interested anyway, people I love and others I barely know

    see nothing extraordinary about buildings dropping into their own footprint or planes selectively spraying checkerboards into the sky

    (or are those 3-D chessboards??) so

    I’ll stop haarping on chemtrails and 9/11 now… (canned chuckling)

    But thank-you Mr Kirby for trying very hard to figure all this out and helping others to try and understand!

    BTW, Tunisia is an extraordinary country, Tunisians are literally adorable, give you the shirt off their own back, be back there as soon as possible, Inshallah!

  7. mik says:

    Geoengineering is important topic, but very often ends up in chemtrails debate and wild speculation. Unfortunately this interview is not much better. Kirby’s speculation is too unsubstantiated too often.

    “Wirelessly powered aircraft” (24:40)???? Really? Why would they need such a plane?

    “underground facilities for airplanes” Why?? It’s very hard to make big underground facility for transport airplanes that are needed for spraying chemicals. My speculation is that is very easy to prepare any transport airplane for spraying. It can be hidden in airplane mass.

    Regarding questions ‘Would and Could they?’ I do agree that the only answer is yes.
    There is an important question in my opinion you didn’t ask:

    How often they spray chemicals?
    My speculation is rarely, but there are a lot of people thinking that almost every trail on the sky is chemtrail. Of course that would imply really big operation that would not be so easy to disguise.
    Theories that chemicals are added to jet fuel are then coming out. How would chemicals react in high-pressure and temperature environment of jet engine is of no concern for proponents of this theory. Engine could be damaged and also chemicals could decompose/oxidize. There could also be problem with chemicals settling in jetfuel tanks.
    Regarding toxicity of chemtrails aluminum is often mentioned. As far as I know aluminum oxide is used for geoengineering and it is not toxic in small amounts therefore it is at least exaggeration to say otherwise. I am not saying that chemtrails are harmless, just that we should be careful with information as always.

    Yesterday I found out that army doesn’t need Haarp anymore.
    Looks to me that Haarp is useless but maybe they just want that I think so.
    Is anybody having more information?

    • Peter Kirby says:

      Yes, really wirelessly powered aircraft. Do your homework. Read the book. Until then, put your head down. The patents and other evidence are legion. You obviously don’t know what you’re writing about. A wirelessly powered airplane would leave the fuel tanks available for chemtrail spray.

      You imply that an underground airport is not happening because it is hard to do. As my grandma used to say, nothing worth while is easy. Although the evidence is available, you would apparently rather shoot your mouth off first. That doesn’t speak too well to your credibility. North Korea is building underground runways for aircraft:

      Here is a Wikipedia listing for an underground airport and military base in the former Yugoslavia:

      London’s Heathrow Airport has announced plans to go underground:

      How often they spray chemtrails is easily obtained information. Do you homework. Look up.

      Yes, this is a really big operation. In fact, it is the biggest scientific operation in history.

      Yes, it is difficult to disguise. The theory of man-made global warming is the cover story.

      Yes people are theorizing that jet fuels have been adulterated. There is some evidence for this. Read the book. Do your homework. My speculation is that if anything is added, it is added into the exhaust, not necessarily into the fuel.

      Aluminum IS toxic. The California Air Resources Board classifies it as a toxin which has no acceptable safe level. Aluminum oxide from the chemtrail spray is probably causing the recent Alzheimer’s epidemic. Read the book.

      Thank you for not trusting the army. Yes, I speculate that HAARP is actually still in use as well.

      • mik says:

        First. I’m really glad that you research this things but obviously not how you research.

        Second. You’re are pretty harsh. Cool down.

        I won’t read your book because you are not credible source for me. There are too many flaws in you reasoning. How can I trust you when sometimes your claims are more then strange.

        You provide underground airport evidence for small airplanes with wingspan up to 15m. In fact, it’s more appropriate to say hangar, storage facilities….
        But for chemtrail delivery you need transport size airplane like C-130 with wingspan of 40m. Building +40m wide tunnel is more then complicated, maybe even close to impossible. And still there is a question why? To hide. It’s easier to disguise as an aerial refueling airplane or something else. In army with compartmentalization you have plenty of cheaper options.

        Why you need big airplane? Because it has better fuel (energy) efficiency. It has proportionally (payload) less drag then small airplane.

        Regarding wirelessly powered airplane. Yes, probably is possible for 100gram model plane on a distance of 100m. But not for something like C-130.Installed power on C-130 is more then 10MW. Lets assume that for regular flying 3MW are needed. How could be 3MW wirelessly transferred over 500 miles? Electromagnetic waves that have a loss proportional to square of distance? Are you maybe talking about unbelievable probabilistic propulsion?

        “My speculation is that if anything is added, it is added into the exhaust, not necessarily into the fuel.” That means you need separate reservoir and truck for pumping onto airplane. Wouldn’t this be a bit suspicious? Does regular airplane have enough extra volume and weight capacity? Can regular plane with its limitations deliver enough chemicals to have adequate concentration of chemicals in the air? Again, some logic is missing for me.

        Aluminum could be toxic, but what about its oxide. Aluminum oxide is extremely stable and doesn’t react with almost anything. There is a lot of aluminum oxide on the Earth, everywhere. And we survived.

        Provide some third party evidence .

        • jay.z says:

          Hey mik : )

          Have ya checked out this movement in Shasta County at all in regards to “chemtrails”? Thought you’d find this video interesting:

          Here’s an article and website that explores that movement more:

          • mik says:

            Thanks man

            I looked at links, not thoroughly although.I’m not very interested in this things.

            Again, there are views of supposedly knowledgeable people presented that are bullshit.
            For example. Video 17:00 to 19:00.
            The guy is making analogy between breath on a cold day and contrail. Utterly bullshit. Two phenomena have very little in common, water vapor, co2.
            And a lot of differences: physical conditions, atmospheric temperature and pressure, relative humidity, exhaust pressure, volume concentration of water or co2 in exhaust.
            All in all, completely different situation.

            I think the guy’s main idea was that long standing contrails are not possible. Not true. Under adequate atmospheric conditions in upper layers contrails can stay for hour(s).

            If you “prove” that long standing contrails are not possible than almost every trail is chemtrail. What a logic.

            I’m not saying that California is not chemtrailed. Here on Balkans majority of trails can be explained with contrails.
            But you should take into account heavy air traffic in California, probably one of the heaviest on planet.

            Here is maybe one rabbit hole interesting for exploring. Once I had a conversation with a guy familiar with air traffic. He told me that jet fuel and diesel fuel are very similar. There are two major differences: jet fuel must be free of water, while diesel fuel should have very little impurities like sulfur.
            So jet fuel can be in fact full of impurities like sulfur, because there is no demand that it must be clean. This might explain also some other toxins present in the air.
            But hardly aluminum, because in nature it is present just in oxide form.

            • mik says:

              Forget to say

              Also if you put aluminum into jet fuel it will burn, oxidize.

            • jay.z says:

              Tho (I’m assuming) neither of us are chemists or biologists, I think it’s imperitive that if there has been a dramatic increase in nano aluminum (even in remote areas) that that should be documented and made known. And the effects of such nano aluminium oxide on organisms should be researched/proven.

              Some brief research online and there are technical articles that argue that nano aluminium oxide is toxic to the cells of both to plants and animals.

              My hat’s off to this community/movement that are willing to take their environment/ecosystem into their own hands rather than assuming that their government would never do (or let) something nefarious like spraying toxins into the air. Much like the 9/11 movement/activists, it’s exciting to see people being involved and doing something about issues that are very important in our world. If toxins and/are heavy metals are being pumped into our environment, that definitely is an issue that people should be actively addressing.

              • mik says:

                I agree with your last paragraph completely.

                I have quite good knowledge about many things, including chemistry.
                Unfortunately many people researching geoengineering/chemtrails seems to have really poor knowledge of physics, chemistry,….Although they are doing good work (mostly) they should not be spared of criticism, particularly when they are using bad arguments and bullshiting.

                I pointed out some inconsistencies and nebulous constructions in my commentaries above and provide arguments.

  8. Octium says:

    Pilots for 9/11 Truth have been running a fund-raiser to conduct their own research it this area.

    The idea is to hire a jet aircraft and take samples of the atmosphere to be analysed.

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    LINK to recent Corbett Chemtrail interview…

    “Interview 1189 – Spiro Skouras and James Corbett on CIA Geoengineering”

  10. kay.o says:

    I was reading a recommendation for Dane Wigington for this very topic (maybe somewhere on your YT channel). I am watching another interview with him right now -> – he has done a lot of good work with his website and activism .. if there is the opportunity, it would be great to see him on your show. (

  11. jay.z says:

    Has anyone seen this (or other) video(s) of expert testimony on chemtrails?!

    We’re living in an important time where lots of things are being exposed!

    • jay.z says:

      It’d be really interesting to get an update on what’s going on with this push to expose chemtrails and their effects in Shasta County…

      JC, if possible, could you do an interview episode in the future with one of the leading activists of this movement in this Califomia county? That would be awesome!

  12. HomeRemedySupply says:

    February 2016 – TV News Detroit
    Air dropped Coal Ash Gunk on residents (visual)

    Article about independent tests of the substance and referenced scientific studies.
    …the plausible mission of accelerating ice melt on the lake as a climate engineering objective.

  13. Pablo de Boer says:

    UK Government Proposed Chemtrails/Geoengineering as Early as 1970–With U.N. Approval

    Parliamentary records confirm that the British government considered using cirrus clouds as a means of climate modification as early as 1970. In those days, climatologists thought that the climate was cooling and sought ways to warm it. Geoffrey Johnson Smith MP said:

    ‘to counteract the cooling effect of atmospheric dust the more jets there are in the atmosphere emitting heat-producing carbon dioxide the better, but some scientists, not all, hold the view that jet contrails—vapour trails as we usually call them—because they can lead to the extensive formation of cirrus clouds, could increase the cloud cover and thus effectively cut off the sun’s rays and reduce the earth’s temperature’.1

    The military already had secret devices for creating contrails as early as the 1950s, as the National Archives at Kew reveal. One document is called ‘Artificial Contrail Generator’. It includes information on ‘Artificial vapour trails: contrail suppression equipment; vapour trails from Hunter aircraft at 50,000ft as seen from the ground, and from another aircraft flying at 8,000ft’.2

  14. Pablo de Boer says:

    Dane Wigington has a background in solar energy. He is a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp. and was a licensed contractor in California and Arizona.

    His personal residence was featured in a cover article on the world’s largest renewable energy magazine, Home Power. He owns a large wildlife preserve next to Lake Shasta in Northern California.

    Dane focused his efforts and energy on the geoengineering issue when he began to lose very significant amounts of solar uptake due to ever-increasing “solar obscuration” caused from the aircraft spraying as he also noted significant decline in forest health and began testing and research into the geoengineering issue about a decade ago.

  15. Pablo de Boer says:

    What in the World Are They Spraying?

  16. HomeRemedySupply says:


    YouTube “controlling Fake News”.

    Today, I clicked on a 2007 video by Reporter Jeff Ferrell of Shreveport’s KSLA News 12(CBS) where he did a story on Chemtrails.
    YouTube (less than 4 minutes) –

    YouTube had a box under the video.
    It said:
    Contrail, also called condensation trail or vapour trail, streamer of cloud sometimes observed behind an airplane flying in clear cold humid air. It forms upon condensation of water vapour produced by the combustion of fuel in airplane engines. When the ambient relative humidity is high, the resulting ice-crystal plume may last several hours. The trail may be distorted by the winds, and sometimes it spreads outward to
    and linked to Encyclopedia Britannica.

    Funny, because the tests in the video show aluminum and barium.
    Reporter Jeff Ferrell has done some good work, even covering the 9/11 related murder in east Texas and Shreveport.

  17. manbearpig says:

    This kinda made my hamster head spin:

    Donno if Mr. Heller-highwater admits some sort of particulate spraying has already long been occurring…?

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      ???, thank you for posting this. There are some questions raised here about how much is not being said. I will trust Tony Heller’s subtle approach in relaying facts that can be confirmed. You said it.
      Dane Wiggington provides a great deal on the spraying information and reaches the forgone conclusion of global warming is occurring. Heller provided so little information and pushes the opposite conclusion on global warming but ignores all the other agendas and as you say the time line of how long its been in practice. Seems two sides of the same coin. Will he provide more later on? Danes not steering away from pushing the heating. Strange goings on the tight rope wire.

  18. alexb says:

    I watched this video when it was first released by James. I just wanted to point out something that I find quite sinister. I started watching a recent film, and at the begining of the intro there is the goddess holding her torch aloft, but what’s that behind her? There appears to be an addition of two chemtrails behind the usual clouds. Love to find out if others have noticed this too, perhaps it’s been like that for some time and I’m only noticing this now. One for propaganda watch perhaps?

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