Who Is Behind The #StopZika Fear Campaign? - Questions For Corbett #032

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Do you wonder if the Chinese are secretly planning to stick it to the west? Question how a free society would work? If you should give your kids the red pill? Who's really behind the #StopZika campaign? Never fear! James answers these and all your other burning questions in this edition of Questions For Corbett.

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The Myth of Natural Monopolies (from QFC #028)

Government, the Market, and Environmental Protection

Nature Unbound: Bureaucracy vs. the Environment

Externalities, Public Goods, and the Role of Government | Peter G. Klein

Mises “Human Action”

Pareto Optimality, External Benefits and Public Goods: A Subjectivist Approach

What Anarchy is Not

Gary Chartier on The Corbett Report

Anarchy and Legal Order: Law and Politics for a Stateless Society

Limited Hangout: Why The Osama Story is Being Resurrected Now

Exposed: The Timing & Orchestration Of Seymour Hersh’s “Bin Laden Kill”

Newsbud Roundtable on Turkey and Multipolar Chess

Modern Money & Public Purpose 1: The Historical Evolution of Money and Debt

How Lend-Lease Helped the Soviets Defeat the Germans

Phoney Opposition: The Truth About The BRICS

SDR World Order

Know Your Terrorists: Ayman Al-Zawahiri

Illinois receives $500,000 federal grant to fight Zika virus

Birth of the Zika Industry

Florida Governor Has Financial Ties To Zika Mosquito Company

Raja Calls on Congress to Pass Anti-Zika Funding Now

Congress Ends Spat, Agrees To Fund $1.1 Billion To Combat Zika

Jon Rapport Dissects the Zika Hype

Planned Parenthood Exposed

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Wayback Machine

TV News Archive

September 11 TV Archive

What Is Planet 5250?

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Derrick Broze on Agorism and Counter-Economics

Episode 309 - Solutions: Agorism

Dear Government, Deliver Us From Freedom

Corbett Report Federal Reserve documentary and pamphlet

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  1. vaniasas says:

    I am quite interested in this Zika virus theme because I think it has lots of elements to be disturbing.
    People get nervous about a virus, how much more nervous can they get about the idea of once again “saving the children” as we are used to be taught. I can see some divide and conquer potential of highly sulfuric nature.
    Then again, I sent you an email, after the contagion FLNWO, I always think this is a great opportunity to go against everything that seems logic and common sense, that is glorify the act of giving vaccines to pregnant woman. It seems quite dangerous, because, even before being born children are already being showered with things they shouldn’t be showered with with all the consequences it can bring. Always remembering that this type of campaign is great to some speeding ups in the process of testing medicines, considering that a mass vaccination process always is a trial in of itself. A very expensive one, like the marketing of any medicine.
    I see Eugenics, i see socialism and the usual medical drama of fear, and maybe some opportunities to keep advertising WHO and CDC as global health authorities.

  2. vaniasas says:

    On the outsiders point of view I would like to give my experience and tell how did I came to think the world was not I was led to believe.

    I studied pharmaceutical sciences in Portugal, my country of origin, around the second year of my studies you’re supposed to study statistics and the application to pharmaceutical sciences. I think my political person was born around that time, because before that I wasn’t even interested in politics whatsoever.
    For me the idea of deciding something about the toxicity of anything based on numbers that represent people made me feel that something was really wrong about my studies and the way we saw health there. It was years before I came in contact with the history of Rockefeller and everything we now know about health. And the ramifications of it to social sciences, to everything, started to wake up a very different person.
    Also some music started to ring some bells with my senses, I was always interested in lyrics so Gil Scott Heron came like some help.
    I worked in Portugal and decided to go to live in England where I found out different realities and my adventure as an outsider started, it’s easy to understand your own prejudices, at least some of them, if you get to see them in different clothes. I saw some familiar things but with other cultural context, and I started to get interested in social control. But it was not until I found a book called “The role of women in the structure of society” that I started to see some more subtle nuances to what I thought I thought specially about philanthropy.
    Currently I live in Barcelona, I am still an outsider, and I can say it really helps me to get detached to some prejudices, maybe adopting others in the way but always trying to get loose.
    Also my important moment of getting to know the Corbett Report around the Ebola scare was very important, somehow I had it easy, anyone studying health with a bit of critical sense and not being nurtured by the academic or industry system, with the bias of those jobs and status will easily see the charade.
    I was happy to discover that are other ways to see health, some more individualizing ones, impossible to put into a protocol, less toxic too, and happy to know people start to give them some space.
    Even though the authority argument is still very heavy, Thomas Szasz has some very interesting ideas around the substitution of the figure of the priest for the figure of the doctor. And some interesting parallelisms between witches and mental health patients.

  3. childofeve says:

    To answer the question, how did people wake up? It started a few years ago when I noticed a large number of otherwise healthy friends and family being diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, autism, hypothyroidism and other autoimmune conditions, and more. Without exception I saw each person let the medical system kick them in the face. No one ever recovered, an observation that suddenly appeared to be absurd. The number of health casualties worldwide seemed to be unprecedented in human history. Ty Bollinger’s book, “Monumental Myths of the Modern Medical Mafia and the Multitude of Liars That Manufactured Them,” forever changed my view of “reality,” revealing the agenda behind the madness. There was no turning back.

    • dfx says:

      To answer the question, how did people wake up?

      In early 2003, I was handed one of those dollar-bill-style “funny money” info sheets at a public event, with all kinds of 911 conspiracy links on it. At that time, I thought “here’s another nutty conspiracy nutjob with some weird axe to grind”. I found it odd and humorous, and saved the thing in my desk drawer, just because I’m fascinated by weird stuff.

      After the US government invaded Iraq, nothing we were doing made sense to me anymore – after all, Iraq didn’t attack us on 911, and it was really obvious that the neocons were trying to make a connection between al Qaida and Saddam that just wasn’t there. The world was turning upside down, the “peace dividend” never arrived, and now we were invading countries for trumped-up reasons.

      I read in a local independent rag about a lecture on 911 coming up locally, and I sensed that it might contain something that might help me make sense of things. I asked my girlfriend if she would be interested in going with me, and she said yes, which kind of blew me away – I didn’t expect that.

      The meeting had about 30 people, in a rented bit of office space. The presentation dealt mostly with the physics of the collapse, introduced the concept of controlled demolition, and how this might have been achieved (means and opportunity). We walked out of that meeting with our heads spinning – the arguments seemed plausible, and the implications were profound.

      In the coming months I began doing my own research online, and we began to attend more gatherings of this sort. We saw Richard Gage speak at a local college, and his presentation was very good. Moreover, when I began to understand that a rogue element within our government had planned the event for multiple reasons benefiting the “powers that shouldn’t be”, everything that had been confusing about the government’s foreign exploits began to make sense again, from the perspective of these evil minds, anyway.

      I discovered the Corbett Report about 6 years ago through a blog a friend of mine was doing, and began eagerly catching up on all of James’ research, comparing it to stuff I had already learned and learning new things in the process.

      I no longer run around trying to “wake people up” – I didn’t have much luck, and lost some friends over it – but I do speak my truths when asked and do not shy away from confronting people’s beliefs in the proper settings.

      During this year’s election cycle, I have written across the back window of my car “If you vote for the lesser of two evils, you’re still voting for evil” (thanks for that, James!), and have gotten a lot of thumbs-ups from people – I take those as small wins, and confirmation that there are still some folks out there like me who refuse to buy into the bullshit. Another slogan I came up with is “Kill your TV and elect yourself”, although I haven’t put that one on my car yet.

      I went from being a tree-hugging liberal democrat to a libertarian to a voluntarianist anarchist in the space of nine years (although I still hug trees). I’m 54 and my girlfriend is 67, so I can tell you people can change at any age – remember that, kids.

      I’m grateful that this community exists.

  4. n4x5 says:

    I’d only like to add the Mary Ferrell Foundation as a suggested research tool. It focuses on the major events of the 1960s-1980s (JFK, RFK, MLK assassinations, Church Committee, Watergate, Iran-Contra).

  5. bas says:

    Hi James, hi everyone

    A couple of weeks ago Sibel Edmonds and you talked about the ties between Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini and Western (deep) states. Can you elaborate on the evolution of these ties after the “Islamic revolution.” Did the revolution eventually have the intended outcome for the CIA and other like-minded three letter-organisations, or was the Islamist movement their best option in something that was inevitable? Is this hidden hand something that still existed today or has existed anywhere during the post-revolution period?

    Source and literature recommendations also very much welcome!

  6. healthlaws says:

    Hi James: Doc Sutter here from Michigan. Love your shows. Interesting question: “When did you wake up”?
    War 1970. May 10th to be exact (Mothers day). 6 hour firefight on firebase Invasion in Cambodia. Leslie Sabo received his MOH for that firefight. He literally saved us from getting overrun. I haven’t been the same since. Once out of Cambodia truth started creeping in my soul. Going from Cambodia to our headquarters in An Khe I realized the whole war was a sham.
    Back here I went back to college, received my degree in Dec 1975, started my business in May 1976. By 1980 my life slowed down enough to start some serious research on why the world is such a mess.
    Iron Mountain I&II. Bill Cooper, The Protocols, Silent weapons for quiet wars. Ben Freedman, etc. Plus I am in Natural Healing and was subject to the suppression from TPTB on that level.
    What’s interesting back in the 1980’s when I started learning about all this and tried to tell others about it I was labeled the typical “Conspiracy whacko”. The last ten years the very same people have learned its NOT a conspiracy theory – its very real.
    You do an excellent job putting all this together. I’m getting a little too old and don’t have the energy of youth anymore. Thus, appreciate your work more than most.
    Doc Sutter, Michigan USA.

    • russ says:

      I dreamed one night I was walking along a deserted beach and a giant wave of propaganda and lies swept over me roaring we-had-to-shoot-randy-weaver’s-son-and-wife-while-she-was-holding-her-baby-and-execute timothy-mcveigh-for-blowing-up-the-murrah-building-with-a-rider-truck-while-shape-charges-were-still-attached-to-its beams-arabs-tried-to-blow-up-the-south-tower-with-a-rent-truck-feds-had-to-burn-the-branch-davidian-compound-down-with-women-and-children-in-it-terrorists-attacked-us-on-9/11-with-airplanes-iraq-has-wmd’s-a-swine-flu-pandemic-is-coming-your-flu-shot-will-protect-pegnant-women-children-first-co2-is-burning-up-the-earth-vaccines-are-safe-we-don’t-know-what-causes-autism-genetically-modified-food-is-equivalent-to-natural-food-gmo’s-won’t-sterilize-grow-tumors-affect-your-organs-domestic-terrorists-are-shooting-up-u.s.-schools-theatres-churches-malls-guns-endanger-the-economy-is-recovering-the-job-market-is-improving-gulf-war-syndrome-is-ptsd-is-mental-illness-no-weapon-sales-to-mentally-ill-those-are-contrails-you-see-in-the-sky-we-don’t-know-what’s-causing-droughts-low-sperm-counts-ebola-will bleed-you-out-rockefeller’s-zika-skeeters-will-shrink-your-head . . .

      Suddenly I awoke and had an epiphany. This was all pre-scripted and set in motion by those who ‘own’ the banks and the money. All orchestrated with financially controlled governments, paper money, media, history, knowledge, education. They seek to turn us into Goytechs with themselves controlling the servers. We’re their entertainment, the game they play with. “. . . bet my war guys can beat your war guys. Come on over and we’ll have drink and watch the game.”

      Then the ‘Net came along.

      Rockefeller summed it up: “We should never have given the public access to the Internet.”


  7. mik says:

    Another great QFC and interesting questions. Particularly first one, but Sam’s question (52:30) gave me drive to write this comment.

    Regarding the first QFC, as an anarchist and economist I have to disagree that Mises and Austrian economics can provide answers for future voluntarist/anarchist society. Solution they propose for common goods and state property is privatization and they would most probably find a way to privatize the air also.
    Privatization provides the answer who will manage the property and we can assume to some extent that owner will take care of property and this should provide best results for society. Well, not necessary, because owner can do with his property what ever he wants. The worst that can happened to him is bankruptcy, but society will be left with his mess. Overstretched?
    Austrian economics supposedly support voluntary interaction and freedom. Far from true. Dictatorship on workplace majority of people are experiencing is light years from freedom or voluntary. Austrian economics see no need to change anything here.
    Someone might argue that I went away from subject. Not really, things in economy are connected, one pulls the other.

    But maybe all of the above is hard to comprehend and Then comes Sam’s (52:30) question. I’m from ex-Yugoslavia, grow up in socialism (actually it was very soft-handed Party dictatorship) and start to work in capitalism. That gives me a bit different perspective. Frankly said, no one can bullshit me about socialism nor capitalism, I know both. Austrian economics tries to provide some patches for capitalism, but that cannot end up in free society.

    In my opinion, for managing resources, environment, for preventing monopoly, some mechanisms of control by people should be invented. It’s not ownership that matters. Who has control matters. Now, both is embodied in one person.
    Well designed organizational structures, well designed decision making procedures… something like member Parrhesiajoe proposed once, could be a solution. Excellent article.

    • mik says:

      I have to add an example where un-holistic approach of Austrian economics can lead.
      On Mises institute site there is an interview:
      Privatizing Rivers, Voluntary Slave Contracts, Environmentalism.

      Yes, at (10:20) you can hear that Voluntary Slave Contracts are just fine. Well, argumentation goes like this: Father sells himself for a slave to a wealthy man to pay for medical treatment of his seriously sick son. Father is “owner of himself” and transaction is “voluntary”, no problem whatsoever. Really?
      What is underlying reality? Father definitely tried Everything and out of his total desperation, he sells himself to slavery. How is it possible that someone preaches Freedom and Voluntarism and is at the same time just fine with fathers decision that will deprive him of both.

      If you still could support “voluntary slavery” then you might re-think what empathy, one of the basis for healthy human relations, means to you.

      “When goodness is lost, it is replaced with morality” (Lao Tse)

  8. robert.b says:

    James and Readers
    Thanks once again for another great episode of Questions. In response to James’ question “When did you wake up?” I realize that I have been half awake (or half asleep) since becoming aware, and subject to, the corruption, mendacity, and treasonous activities of the Nixon era. What really woke me all the way up was the work of all the dedicated 9/11 researchers I found, almost one by one, when I started to sense that there was something very wrong with the “official version” of that story, around 2012. I know I’m very late to the party, but having been forced awake by Graeme McQueen, Richard Gage, Sibel Edmonds, David Ray Griffin, Susan Lindauer, Abby Martin, Webster Tarpley, Chris Hedges, Kevin Ryan, and, of course, by James Corbett – I am simply not the same mind that I had been. Waking up to the massive fraud that has been passed off as “leadership” around the world has compelled me never to sleep again. My thanks to all of you for being a part of my new consciousness.

    • Aron says:

      The question is, being woken up to what? Another false reality? Dr. Judy Wood provides a lot of interesting evidence that shows the conclusions drawn by the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are incorrect (i.e., regarding the causes of the destruction of the WTC towers).

      I’m certain there are lots of things I take as true that not actually so, and so I try my best to keep an open mind to new ideas, coupled with evidence and logic, as one of those new ideas or bits of information may be a path closer to the truth.


  9. punchy1 says:

    Regarding “When did I wake up”, I’m a relative newbie. It was the MH370/MH17 incidents happening so close together in time and from the same airline which raised my suspicions. Subsequent internet search suggestions led to doubts on the official story of Sep 11. Then my world turned upside down….

  10. Aron says:

    Interesting discussion on various free energy technologies from a couple of curious researches (3 parts, 55 min):


  11. rob.w says:

    This note is for Elizabeth who asked “I’m Sick of my tax money funding wars. What do I do? How do I practice counter-economics?”
    Minimizing your tax exposure:
    1. For money coming in, or income tax, read “Cracking the Code” by Peter Eric Hendrickson, I have fact checked this book and am practicing it, this book will change your life.
    2. For money going out, or sales tax, buy used goods. There are no sales taxes for person to person purchases.
    Good Luck!

    • VolitionalJames says:

      @rob.w I am not saying you have not been successful thus far at avoiding an attack from the IRS using CTC strategy, but I do seriously question your claim “I have fact checked this book”. Would you like to elaborate?

      Whether or not Hendrikson’s arguments are correct, he has not been successful in court defending himself against attacks from the IRS, nor, more recently, appearing as a defense witness in a case where an individual using CTC was ultimately found guilty of filing fraudulent income taxes (see below). The IRS has specifically classified the legal arguments offered in CTC as a frivolous argument and has a designated place on its website found here https://www.irs.gov/tax-professionals/the-truth-about-frivolous-tax-arguments-section-i-a-to-c (Please see section C, #4) Filers using the CTC strategy are not always flagged as frivolous claims initially, and are processed with refund checks being issued where applicable. But there is ample evidence, including Hendrickson himself, where the IRS launches an attack to get the money back, and there is no evidence that I have seen to this date demonstrating a successful CTC argument defense thereafter. It’s simply an argument over the interpretation of the code, and the men and women calling themselves government and the IRS will not lose that argument.

      Here is an interview of Pete H. on the No State Project show, just prior to Hendrickson’s trial. http://marcstevens.net/radioarchive/nsp20090912.html It’s worth a listen if you are intending on filing a zero income return as instructed by Cracking the Code. Please consider other options before going all in with CTC.

      Personally, if I were to defend myself against an IRS attack, I would use the Marc Stevens Socratic method of asking questions of fact and holding the prosecution to its burden of proof regarding jurisdiction and applicability rather than arguing legal interpretations of the tax code. Here is a recent success story http://marcstevens.net/successes/another-success-irs.html The “Marcratic Method” is detailed in the book Government Indicted found here: http://marcstevens.net/articles/government-indicted-believing-governments-worship-psychopaths.html

      For your consideration:
      OCT 27, 2009, Peter Hendrickson, 54, of Commerce Township was found guilty today of making false statements to the IRS by a federal jury in Detroit, United States Attorney Terrence Berg announced today.

      [SNIP: Comment exceeds word limit. Here’s the link to the Hendrickson article for those interested in reading further: https://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/tax/legacy/2009/10/28/phendrickson.pdfJC]

  12. rob32367 says:

    My wake up call?
    I was bored one day and clicked on the link to loose change on you tube. When they talked about the collapse of the towers – which I remember on 9/11 thinking, as a physics teacher, that shouldn’t happen but then I just forgot about it – so I wanted to find out why they collapsed. So I saw the link to Popular Mechanics (which I respected at the time). I always find it ironic that watching the PM video woke me up to the fact that we were being lied to. When they talked about planes being vaporized I just shook my head an thought “what the heck are they talking about” but with more colorful language. Then I clicked on the link to AE911Truth Experts Speak Out and the rest is history.

    I had always thought that JFK assassination was a conspiracy, but I researched it as a detective story, trying to figure out who done it. But in the movie JFK, Donald Sutherland’s character (which we all know was based on Fletcher Prouty) says it best that I was asking the wrong question – the who and the how are a distraction keeping the public from asking why. So after realizing we were being lied to about 9/11, I started going back and rewatching JFK info and looking for patterns of deception and asking the why this happened.

    After watching the Corbett Report 9/11 in five minutes, I found my way to catching up on Corbett podcasts from 310 and worked my way backwards again looking for patterns of deception and asking the why. I realized that the questions of how the three towers fell and what hit the pentagon were distractions keeping people from asking why.

    And now I see the patterns of deception in the MSM all the time and I find myself asking why all the time. When the Hillary email leaks came out last Friday followed by Trumps “grabbing the pu$$y” video, before I looked at the details of what they said, I asked why are they being released now. And it made so much sense when viewed through that lens.

  13. rob32367 says:

    An addendum to my earlier post about waking up – the video Incontrovertible about Tony Rooke’s court case against the BBC is a great source for showing how the media has been involved in shaping how we see things and goes though the MLK shooting to 9/11 and the 7/7 bombings and much more. It really opened my eyes to how we are influenced by the MSM propaganda.

  14. bill_i says:

    When asked about the effect of moving to and living in Japan upon his work, James suggested there was no way to know how his work might be different had he stayed in Canada; he could not run a controlled experiment.

    Believe it or not, there is a technique that can be used to explore this. It’s neither difficult nor time consuming but may require some initial persistence (Warning! The first time I tried this technique I experienced a significant alteration in consciousness that lasted for several days and extended into the dream environment.)

    The concepts behind the techniques are probable selves and probable realities; these will be familiar to readers of science fiction (for example, Worlds of If or even the more literary tale The Garden of Forking Paths). These concepts are also somewhat similar to certain current ideas in physics.

    The Technique is excerpted from The “Unknown” Reality — Volume One of a Seth Book Copyright © 1977 by Jane Roberts as 2. Preliminary Probable Self Exercise found at the hopelessly-in-need-of-updating RealityTest website here.

  15. bjornnaslund says:

    I would actually say that I “woke up” when I was about 10 years old by an alcohol-enhanced domestic dispute gone bad. It totally shatter the idea that someone always had everything under control and with that gone, it wasn’t such a big leap when I got introduced to the idea of 9/11 being an inside job back in 2005. Thankfully it never happened again and I was eventually able to regain confidence in my parents who sorted things out and managed to save their marriage(and me, I firmly believe).

    However, from my experience living in Sweden(where the feeling of an all-loving government being in control is exceptionally pervasive) I recognize this as being the biggest hurdle to overcome when trying to introduce people to these topics. So it really takes love and compassion not to fire back with insults when someone calls you a cook just for uttering a conflicting viewpoint.

    On the topic of immigration, Sweden must be considered a go-to country when looking at the who-what-why’s of the policies being implemented. Here’s an excellent video that I recommend everyone interested in the topic to watch, just turn the captions on:

    Vem tjänar på invandringen? (Who benefits from the immigration) url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7MiX708YAo

    Also take into consideration two of the ruling families of Sweden, the Wallenbergs(who run the SEB Investor group that controls 1/3 of Swedens GDP, Jacob Wallenberg is part of the Bilderberg steering committe and so on) and the Bonniers(who owns and controls about 80% of Swedish mass media)are now welded together by marriage. It’s so obvious when looking at it but their media-apparatus doesn’t even give you a glimpse(big surprise!).


  16. Heiner says:

    Hi James and listeners,

    this is an answer to the question from Ben asking for websites similar to yours in German.

    Of course the German speaking population is so much smaller than the English speaking one, so that you cannot expect to find as many good sources, journalists and websites in German as in English. And there is really no journalist or website like James Corbett and the corbettreport, at least not that I know of.

    That said, here are some websites in German I regularly visit for getting less biased information:

    (very good website with lots of articles commenting on certain issues and on mainstream media articles and broadcasts uncovering the mechanisms of manipulation)

    (also available as printed magazine)

    (online newspaper “Telepolis”)

    (lots of great interviews with people usually ignored by mainstrem media, e. g. with Daniele Ganser)

    Of course I would be eager to see if other listeners have more interesting sites in German.

    Kind greetings from Germany


  17. dreadeutsch says:

    There are many ways to generate electrical power off the grid. My main conundrum to do with getting off the grid is property taxes. There doesn’t seem to be any way to avoid them in the US–other than by becoming a nomad, which would surely raise other problems.

    • genus says:

      You can live on the water. You may still pay a slip fee, electric and septic pump out fee, but there are no “property taxes.” Renting is another alternative. Another is to not pay taxes and see how long it is until they confiscate your property, then move on to the next location and do the same.

  18. Collin says:

    As a Dinkum Kiwi, there is a fairly recent bunch which seem to gaining good traction neighbourly.co.nz which allows one to contact locals. While i am in Napier have yet to try to set up a counter economic group, but it would seem feasible. Rob if u are in Hawkes Bay track me down on neighbourly.

  19. craig.j says:

    Question for Corbett. I am really confused by the climate debate.
    I understand the university types are only looking after their careers and so dissent is virtually non-existent, but it’s hard to believe so few have the balls to tell the truth. Is it because it’s so hard to find evidence to refute or what is it?
    Also it “troubles” me that the big losers in climate change is the fossil fuel industry which have gone out of their way to obfuscate and derail climate research.
    Why would they spend billions on counter-propaganda if it were all a hoax?

    • russ says:

      Because the funds collected from nations annually by the international banking cartel’s UN IAW the Paris Climate Treaty under the guise of “saving the planet from global warming/nee climate change/CO2/green house gases/cow farts, etc.” will be used to build the bureaucratic base for the predetermined (by the same bankers) world central socialist/Marxist government with themselves in charge. The ancestors of this same banking cartel also bankrolled the Bolshevik takeover of the 1917 Russian Revolution, the killing of the Czar and his family (for his fortune), and the subsequent killing of an estimated 60 million (minimum estimate)-100 million (+/-)mostly white Christian Russians–earth’s real holocaust. They also bankrolled both sides during WWI and WWI; war being one of their most lucrative resources. In addition to the UN, they also own/control 150 nations and their governments (including the U.S. through the Fed) with their 150 central banks they’ve positioned in those countries as the only entities ‘authorized’ to print paper money for those nations — which they lend them for its face value (or make data entries) — at perpetual interest rates that can never be paid off. To receive this money, the bankers require those nations’ corrupt government officials and politicians put their nations’ strategic resources–gold, silver, minerals, land, waters, industries (goverment-controlled), etc–up for collateral; their end game to own/control all of earth’s resources including the money, jobs, people, and hope.

      Who The Bankers Are

      How They Took Over America’s Financial Affairs

      How They Financed Communism

      • mik says:

        Russ, do you really believe the crap of “How They Financed Communism”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Soviet regime was not extremely horrible. But “history” presented in this “documentary” is full of exaggerations and omissions and this is not in the best interest of Truth.
        Can’t you see that there is deliberate intention to get emotional impact with all horrors presented. Propaganda works this way. What are they trying to achieve? Well, my guess is that they are trying to discourage people to actually go and look what are underlying source ideas of communism. Slaughtering definitely isn’t one.
        I don’t promote anything except, maybe, that the path of wisdom is somewhere in the middle in between (false) dichotomies.

  20. Collin says:

    Craig – might i suggest that before you consider Climate Change issues you research how long Geo Engineering etc has been in effect and even check out the HAARP array in Alaska, then ask why this tinkering with the weather has not been included in any of the IPCC prognostications.

  21. marvinsannes says:

    On the EU migration:

    In the early 50’s the CIA’s Air America and the US Navy moved 1 million Catholics from the North, to Buddhist South Vietnam. Immediately after the Japanese surrender, 1/2 the war materiel piled 20′ high on 4 sq mi. Okinawa to invade Japan, was shipped to Hanoi, the other 1/2 of those weapons and supplies went to Seoul.

    Somebody had a plan!

    I think I read this in the introduction of F. Prouty’s “JFK”, perhaps “Secret Team”.

    Incidentally, Prouty was my awakening.

  22. craig.j says:

    To the what woke me up question- 9/11, after no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq I smealt a rat and then engineers for 9/11, then the Toronto hearings, and once I knew the towers had been brought down with thermite and there was a supervised stand-down of the military, it was a feeling in my stomache I doubt I will ever have again.
    And yes, the red pill…changes you forever, but you are the owner of how it changes you, put it this way, I was depressed for two years and angry and then realized action is better than anger.

    • Aron says:

      Have a look at the evidence Dr. Judy Wood presents in her book “Where did the Towers Go?” Afterwards you might consider re-evaluating your certainty that thermite (or mini-nukes or bombs) caused the towers to dustify in mid-air and all the other anomalies that occurred on 9/11.

      Since more and more people were questioning the official story, the controllers had to invent the thermite story to squelch their curiosity and discourage further questioning of what really occurred.

      Our natural tendency is to demand certainty in our understanding of the world around us. Whether one’s basis for achieving cetainty is achieved through an understanding of the truth or some concocted fiction, is not necessarily a prime consideration in all people. One “beliefs” ought to be challenged by oneself occassionally to clean out the junk IMO.

      • russ says:

        Sooo. . . sum if up for us Aron. What did they use to bring down the twin towers?

        • Aron says:

          I don’t know what dustified the towers. However, evidence presented by Dr. Judy Woods is not explained by the thermite theory or other theories presented by various truthers. So, there has to be some other explanation. The only way to get to the truth is to look at the evidence and pursue an understanding from there. It is likely that anyone “out of the loop” will ever know what dustified the towers but that possibility will not prevent me to pursue where the evidence takes me. All the best.

            • Aron says:

              I followed your link which provided no information that disputes the evidence presented in Dr. Woods book, “Where Did the Towers Go?” If that is your best argument?

              I have no agenda other than seeking out the truth and encouraging others to do so as well. I have not come to any conclusions as to destructive force behind the annihilation of the WTC towers. However, there is much evidence that can not be accounted for by the thermite theory or other theories put forth and repeated by many truthers.

              I understand others do have their own agendas and interests, while others are simply comfortable in their own head space, whether its real or imagined. To each his own to live out their life the way they want to. We all have free will and our lives will reflect whatever energy and expression we put out there to others.

              Best to you.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                At the link, several great resources are named with links. Follow the links.

                Use the search function at 911blogger. You will see scientific papers and also the history.

                Search Jeremy Rys (alien scientist)along with the keyword “Judy Woods”.

              • Aron says:

                HomeRemedySupply — Ad hominem attacks towards Dr. Judy Woods on the 911Blooger.com site is not evidence that thermite or bombs dustified the WTC towers, toasted 1,400 cars up to 7 blocks away, produced no appreciable seismic impact from the so-called collapses, created no appreciable debris piles, etc. I hope you are at least getting well paid to misdirect people away from searching for the truth.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Look at the scientific papers on 911blogger.

                Steven Jones and others have some great stuff that show that Judy Woods was pushed into the limelight in order to discredit and divide.

                …or choose not to… whatever you want to do.
                The evidence is there.
                You don’t have to study it.

              • Aron says:

                HomeRemedySupply – You seem to assume that I’ve just fallen off a turnip truck. I’ve read some of the material on 911blogger.com and it’s openly stated the managers limit site content to what they “believe” is reliable information. There is no free-market of ideas on this website. They want strict information control. With so many questions surrounding 9/11, excluding real evidence that may have bearing on determining the actual truth on 9/11, limiting important evidence will most certainly result in incorrect conclusions.

                On the 911blogger.com website (http://911blogger.com/news/2007-02-02/nope), a list is presented that purports to document the “underminers” of 9/11 truth, also referring to them as a “coalition of government agents and the logically challenged”. I can’t say anything about any of the names and websites listed except for two: Judy Wood and Gerard Holmgren, both tireless researchers. I have already made note of the 500 pages of evidence Dr. Wood presents in her book, “Where Did the Towers Go?”. Regarding Gerard, I have one anecdotal story.

                I never met Gerard but I met his brother David and his mother and was invited to stay with David and his family for two weeks a number of years ago. David’s family are very down-to-earth people, very intelligent and creative people, very hard working and community-minded people. While staying there, they spoke of Gerard in kind but sad tones. He obsessed about 9/11, was well known in the 9/11 community, and was said to be a brilliant researcher (https://nomoregames.net/2010/06/04/the-real-deal-a-memorial-tribute-to-gerard-holmgren/). Unfortunately, rest his soul, he died much too young of cancer in 2010. However, on 911blogger.com, Gerard is categorized as a government agent or logically challenged. This is clearly a means to discredit him, who, from what I understand, had nothing but truth in his heart and a brialliant mind to back it up.

                I learned later that Gerard compiled much evidence that would support his no-planes theory. I had once thought that theory to be preposterous. But, having researched the topic, I now know this theory has supporting evidence contradicting the official story. This research takes some effort to absorb. Added to this, disinfo agents abound telling people not to look in this direction or that direction where the evidence exists, and they make spurious claims that attempt to discredit people who are simply searching for the actual truth on 9/11.

                A final word, as James Corbett has said himself, do your own research (and don’t let anyone else tell you what to think).

                – Aron

              • ShaQ says:

                We can debate on the more complex difficult to analyze issues all that we want. But, with WTC 7 glaring at our face (The third building that collapsed on 911, and it wasn’t even hit by an airplane), the lies begin to unravel.

                The official report by NIST which came out in 2008, claimed that it came down because of normal office fires. The fact that, the only time(s) in history, a steel framed skyscraper has ever collapsed completely, has been with controlled demolition. Never before or after has a skyscraper collapsed due to fires. There has been zero recorded instances (Yes, You read that right, ZERO!) from hundreds of instances of skyscrapers on fire.

                For an official investigation, controlled demolitions should have been their #1 hypothesis, followed by other “brilliant theories”. The *fact* that, they never even considering any alternative hypothesis, during this politically influenced investigation pretty much says it all.

                For normal sane people, to deny the obvious lies surrounding building #7, is either one of two issues, Ignorance/Misinformation or Ethics!!

          • russ says:

            Another resource that might interest you –

            Dr. David Ray Griffin, a retired American professor of philosophy of religion theology, and founder of the Center for Process Studies at Claremont in California, researched and wrote about 9/11 using logic, reasoning, and detailed footnotes (that often are as interesting as his writings); which he encourages you to use to cross-check his conclusions. His investigations, writings, and referenced facts have been/are available to both the MSM and legal communities, but neither will report nor indict.

            Griffin has written 11 books on the subject (34 in all counting other subjects) and is, IMO, the foremost, and most knowledgeable, investigative writer on 9/11. (reader reviews of his books have additional opinions)


            1. The New Pearl Harbor Revisited: 9/11, the Cover-Up, and the Exposé


            2. The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7: Why the Final Official Report about 9/11 is Unscientific and False


            3. 9/11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press.


            A BIG PICTURE DOCUMENTARY, directed by Dr. David Ray Griffin, gives an accurate overview of the event if you prefer video: SEPTEMBER 11—THE NEW PEARL HARBOR (broken into three segments)


            A SUMMARY of Dr. David Ray Griffin’s Investigative Work ON 9/11..


  23. genus says:

    How I woke up in reference to 911…..

    In 1985 at the age of 21, pre-internet of course; I was telling my college roommates that, “by the year 2000 half of Manhattan would be taken out by a hand held nuclear devise for political purposes…” 17 years ahead of the actual event; within 9 months of accuracy. I understood pre-911, the political advantage the turn of the century held for the oligarchs as a time to shift the world power mechanisms.

    My political awakening happened when I was 15 years of age, in 1979. I watched a DOD video of the navy dumping 55 gallon steel drums of nuclear waste off the coast of New Jersey. No other containment; just raw steel dropped off a smallish navy tender. At that moment I fully understood the basis of the political machine is mass murder.

    When the 911 event happened and I was called to be informed of it about 10:30 am…. I got rid of TV in 1991 after the propaganda of the first gulf war sickened me; I went back to my work of the day, knowing exactly what was taking place…. a false flag event. There was never any time lapse of awakening for me concerning this event. I was fully expecting it.

    I waited 4 days to venture out into public, never having seen the seminal brainwashing pictures of collapsing towers and talking heads linking the Osama myth. The public was zombified, like walking dead…. completely PTSD. All had changed psychologically and sociologically. I walked into a pizza place to grab a slice and the TV was blaring the propaganda. I kept my head turned away until I new the picture was flashed of the collapse sequence; watched for 2 seconds and turned away again. The visual confirmed in that brief moment the obvious controlled demolition.

    From that point on, any mention of the truth about these events or our world geo-strategic realities has been a cause to alienate me from the general public…. as it is for all of you here in this forum.

    The breaking of ones cognitive dissonance is a daily chore, strategically; one of the most influential and revolutionary acts of political dissidence. There are truths that exist in our world and our lives. To engage them is to carve a path of intellectual freedom and integrity no authoritarian can disrupt or confiscate.

  24. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Darryl – FLYERS or BROCHURES or Handouts –

    Something which is inexpensive and professional as a handout is found here. Click to see inside the brochure.
    I use “Did you know a 3rd Tower fell on 9/11?”
    Our Texas group has given out thousands.

    Actually, now-a-days flyers can get costly to make copies of.
    In fact, often these newspaper inserts which you get in the mail or with the paper often cost literally less (delivered) than what it costs to make copies of a flyer for. I know this because I use to buy lots of advertising.

    Sometimes a business card can be cost effective.
    You could print CorbettReport business cards “For news without the lies”.

    Targeting your audience or “the season of interest” is good.
    For example: January is a good time to print up flyers which tell about the 1999 trial which proved that the government conspired to assassinate Martin Luther King, Jr. The trial transcripts are on the King Family website.

    If you make a flyer, try to have a graphic or image. Black-n-white. Color is too expensive.
    People tend not to read. They might spend only a few seconds to glance…interest needs to be stoked in those brief moments.

  25. HomeRemedySupply says:

    — How I woke up —

    In 2005, I was a strong Bush Republican. A friend of my wife, a woman who I had known since 1977, lightly mentioned to my wife that “9/11 was an inside job”.
    I was “ears red” livid when I heard about this. I went to the internet to research and to prove this lady wrong.
    I was shocked by what I found!
    The lady was right.
    My world crumbled apart.
    (And remember, during this time there were not the research resources which are available today.)
    I literally could not sleep for months.
    I cried.
    I was incredibly disturbed.
    This is all I could think about.
    I could not even tell my wife what I had discovered until many months later. By then “9/11 Mysteries” had come out and so this was a great way to also wake her up.

    I burned thousands of DVDs and made flyers and distributed tens of thousands in the following years.

    In 2011, an Associated Press reporter called me from Florida. She wanted to fly to Texas to interview me. I told her to forget me…I am just a regular guy. She insisted. So, I insisted that she also interview some prominent people in the 9/11 Movement, along with members of our North Texas group.

    The article went around the world in literally thousands of publications from New Zealand to Europe to “you name it”.. My wife saw my picture on the computer’s front news story of AOL and said: “Now, you will never get a good job.”

    Here is the article. (Click the photo to see more photos)

    JAPAN – Here is the article in Japan.

  26. HomeRemedySupply says:

    — ENERGY — Make moonshine —
    …and feeding the world and cleaning the environment with the process.

    — Agorism —
    Here David Blume gives an agoristic approach to ending the petro-dollar.

    ~~ How Homemade Moonshine Could Conquer the World ~~

    Moonshine is mankind’s second oldest profession.
    Anyone can make moonshine (alcohol, ethanol, ethyl alcohol, C2H5OH ) at home, in the backyard or on the farm from inexpensive or free materials. People can scale the production and share the benefits by forming co-ops or alliances, …even “producing scrip” among themselves to exchange for alcohol or its by-products of production or the ingredients for its production.

    The cost per gallon can range from 40 cents to $1.50. By utilizing the many side products from alcohol production the net costs drop dramatically. Some examples of side products for alcohol production are wastewater cleanup, garbage cleanup, fish and animal feedstock, plant fertilizer, pest control applications, accelerating the growth of plants in a greenhouse, etc. By taking advantage of tax credits one can “get paid” to make alcohol fuel.

    Alcohol can run your car.
    The exhaust is cleaner than the air going in.

    This is a short list of substances which can used to make alcohol:
    A vast variety of plants adapted to your specific part of the world. Trashed donuts and baked goods. Trashed produce (weekly, many grocery stores throw away produce worth thousands of dollars). Cattails or Duckweed from sewage cleanup. Seaweed. Cactus. Different desert plants. Grass. Plantation or farm waste harvests (not viable for the food marketplace). Molasses. Fruits. Sugar beets. Sugar cane. Corn and other grains. Soft drink bottlers who must dispose of left-over syrup not used before the expiration date is also a source. The paper industry has a similar slurry, called black liquor.

    David Blume WEBSITES

    This is one of David Blume’s many video presentations.

    On the internet, there are abundant resources about alcohol production for fuel.
    This is a “Wiki-how” graphic – http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Ethanol-Fuel

    People can make their own still or very easily purchase one designed for making alcohol fuel.
    Here is an average guy who made a still which produces about 100 gallons a day.

  27. rob32367 says:

    Here is an election question:
    As the MSM media brings up the question of electrion fraud, they never mention even the possibility that Bush stole the 2000 or 2004 elections. I notice that after Gore challenged the Florida vote in 2000, he pretty much disappeared from politics. When Kerry didn’t challenge the 2004 Ohio results, he was allowed to continue playing the game. Is there anything to this? Did the powers that shouldn’t be reward Kerry for playing nice and punish Gore for publicly challenging the results?

  28. What_A_State says:


    To your knowledge, has anyone asked Artificial Intelligence whether government is the best way for human beings to organise themselves? Therefore has anyone asked AI if authority is ethical or moral?

  29. craig.j says:

    Aron I believe in absence of evidence (because it was so thoroughly and quickly destroyed by Giuliani) we can only go with Occam’s razor:
    The towers were built to withstand planes hitting them.
    Fuel is not enough to bring down the towers, and fire was not enough to bring down building 7.
    All three buildings exhibit classic demolition behaviour falling at free-fall speed into their own foot print.
    The method of the demolition is a moot point however lab studies have found evidence of thermite.
    A really good look at scientific studies can be found (and indeed this is my favourite study on 9/11 I can’t say enough about these people
    9/11 The Toronto Hearings – 2011 (Full Length)) here:

    My belief from everything I’ve seen and heard through the muck of disinformation and true research is that 9/11 was a false flag event involving various rogue elements of the government, intelligence, special operations and the military directed by deep state actors to achieve:
    A. Vast monetary gain (Silverstein, stock trading, the military industrial complex)
    B. War with Afghanistan (Heroin, pipelines, strategic geography) and Iraq (Oil, Saudi Arabian and Israeli interests and strategic geography and to kick the wasp nest that has always been the middle east toward a larger longer term divide and conquer outcome called a clash of civilizations)
    C. To usher in an age of perpetual war (why have a limited, outcome oriented war with a thing or nation when you can have a never ending war with a nebulous enemy simply called “terrorism”
    D. To erode personal liberties, freedoms and privacy by convincing the populous that a nebulous enemy simply called “terrorism” could strike at any moment (The Patriot Act, The NSA, universal data collection and retention)
    E. To justify the doctrine of pre-emptive war, extraordinary rendition and extra-judicial assassination (drones)
    F. To feed the military industrial complex and therefore the US economy (the top ten share-holders of military manufacturers are big US banks)

    And I’m sure the above is just the tip of the iceberg but it’s the best I can do on a Friday afternoon when all I want to do is finish work and have a beer.

    • Aron says:

      craig.j — If you choose to ignore 500 pages of well researched evidence* so you can feel comfortable with your own belief as to what destroyed the WTC complex, that’s your decision. However, believing in a theory that is not supported by the evidence only gives the perpetrators of this heinous crime the cover they need to hide behind.

      And the method of demolition is not a moot point. The potential implications of determining the source of energy that dustified the towers in mid-air could be highly significant, be it to benefit mankind or to wage further wars.

      *Evidence that was brought to the supreme court by Dr. Judy Wood, a feat that cannot be claimed by Richard Gage and his team. The question is then, who wants evidence to be in the public domain and who wants to supress it?

    • Aron says:

      craig.j — As you appear to be someone who’s done a lot of study on the topic of 9/11 and I assume has an open mind, here’s a documentary showing and describing the “dustification” of the towers and explantion by Dr. Judy Wood on how this was done.

      Video 1 of 5:

  30. Chris says:


    Not a question but I didn’t know where else to put this.

    I found the above article to be one of the most succinct and compelling arguments for voluntarism.

  31. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Question for Corbertt….

    I have just finished watching the “Being There – FLNWO #39”.. It was an excellent interview, and i enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Now, to the question. It appears to me that the golden age of movies like 2001, eyes wide shut, being there, etc etc was between 1960 – 1990.

    Has that type of creative people stopped being able to produce such movies, or are they out there, but we have not figured them out yet.??
    Or was it a generation of creative people that no longer exists???

  32. craig.j says:

    Re Dr Judy Wood – directed energy weapon?!! Are you serious!?
    Talk about throwing in CIA op to muddy the waters with laughable crap!
    Somewhere between sad and hilarious.
    Thankfully actual scientists and engineers are around to debunk such retarded garbage:


    Thermite remains the most logical explanation for what brought down the towers, not the Deathstar…

    • ShaQ says:

      To be more accurate, What we have is evidence for thermite. There are reasons to suggest that It wasn’t just thermite, but that other explosives were used in conjunction. Example, multi tonne steel beams being thrown laterally at 60mph. AFAIK, thermite can’t do that.

  33. angie21837 says:


    Who is backing the NODAPL protests? I’d like to think it’s an organic protest by concerned citizens but at times it seems to remind me of other protests that are said to have been planned and funded by people like Soros. Any leads on if they are being backed and if so, why?

  34. Markus O'hilleus says:

    How I woke up to the NWO, the short version:

    I used to believe the news and say things like, “Anyone who supports the republicans must be either poor and dumb, or rich and evil.” I spent all my time playing video games and getting high.

    Then one day around 2008, I stumbled across Aaron Russo’s “Freedom to Fascism”. From that day, I knew the NWO was real and the TV was full of shit. I became obsessed with finding out as much as I could about 911 and government conspiracies. I lost all interest in video games and fiction. I watched “The Money Masters” and so many other documentaries I can’t even remember. I found out about volunteerism and an-cap philosophies. I read Mises and Hayek. I started eating healthy and juicing, etc. I handed out thousands of flyers and 911 dvds on street corners. Everyone thought I was crazy for several years, but little by little, anyone who listened to what I had to share could no longer deny the truth.

    Eventually, (probably through activist post) I discovered James’s work and was thrilled to find someone out there who’s assessment of world events paralleled my own. Of course, he is much more well researched than I am. There is still an unlimited amount of information that I don’t know. But I try to observe the world with a skeptical eye and question everything, especially the unending lies from the pigs in government.

  35. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hi James,

    I have just realized that I am out of subscription, so i will update that today.

    But I have an important question that I hope you can answer or even just mention, as it deserves a mention.

    Over the last week or so, i have been listening and viewing videos on William Cooper (i have done 48 hours so far).

    When i first googled him, they claimed he was UFO nut job, White Supremacist, commi, etc etc..

    After listening to his broadcast, and seeing his lecture, i discovered he is the only person i have heard, who managed to connect all the dots.

    Worst still…. They could not even have him suicided.. They killed him in cold blood, only two months after 9/11 and after a month of him sending his family abroad (i mean, come on, this sounds like a horror movie).. yet, the information out there is totally the opposite.

    I think this man deserve to be brought in to the front of any fight, unless you have information about him that i don’t know..

    For anyone who is part of the Corbett community.. i urge you to go and listen to the late William Cooper..

  36. BuddhaForce says:


    James, wondering what your thoughts are on the Michael Riconosciuto 9/11 foreknowledge letter, if you have come across it before.


  37. mikee says:


    Iraq war lie.

    Why didn’t they just plant some WMD?

    I’ve never understood why they didn’t “find” any.

    • BuddhaForce says:

      There was some reporting out of the NY Times a few years ago that in fact, US troops did find WMD’s in Iraq. The Times gives a few possible reasons for the cover-up, namely that they were essentially made in the USA (so to speak) before 1991, and didn’t fit into the Bush/Cheney administration’s causus belli for the war.


      My personal thoughts are, when waging war for power and profits, if you have to set conditions for victory, no reason to be in a big hurry to fulfill them…

      • mikee says:

        Huh, wow.

        Sometimes I think they WANT us to know/think they can get away with anything nefarious and they see us as powerless to bring about a change in this.

        • mikee says:

          Okay, I’m going to ask one more a bit similar.

          Why do people in a position and have a motive to expose 9/11 not do so?

          An example: I saw Muammar Gaddafi addressing the UN, I’m not sure how close it was to when we took him out. But, lots of criticism about US foreign policy. One was that we illegally invaded Iraq which of course is true. But when he was saying that Iraq didn’t have anything to do with it he said it was Bin Laden, AQ, and other things to thr point where he just related the “official story”.

          Doesn’t it seem like he would have knowledge of the truth? And obviously he has motives to at least insinuate some 9/11 truth.

          I just don’t get why non-allies won’t bring it up. They have to be in a position to know, right? Even Russia says the the official story is the story without any hint of truth.


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