Limited Hangout: Why The Osama Story is Being Resurrected Now

05/17/201516 Comments

This week in the subscriber newsletter James breaks down Sy Hersh's new Osama raid limited hangout article and explains the geopolitical ramifications of it. Also this week in recommended reading/listening/viewing: listening to the enemy: Jade Helm edition; bad arguments against freedom; and discover the master of the short story.

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  1. liam9512 says:

    Hey James,

    Thanks for the newsletter. Just wondering what you meant by “Listening to the Enemy” regarding your recommended listening for Jade Helm.


  2. RobinHood77 says:

    I love seeing the news channels get their info from “the Canadian guy in the flannel shirt in Japan.”

  3. bladtheimpailer says:

    My take on the whole saga as well. Why pay any attention to the White House and Hersh’s two big sack o’ lies when even the MSM has been reporting on Bin Laden’s passing, dating his death from organ failure to Deceember 2001 or there about.

    Steven Lendman has gathered many of those main stream reports and other main stream “reliable” sources that have chronicled Bin Laden’s passing in this recent article:

    Another reason perhaps for Hersh’s hangout is to lend credence to the original White House story with its growing public failure now semi supported with Hersh’s fantasy. which while different in details supports the original in substance.

    While many nations are now straddling the western and eastern camps, most nations favouring the new eastern brand of supposed let live and trade philosophy, as opposed to the western economic and military colonization under a false call to democracy; all or both as presented by the wizards behind the curtain, Arabia is no exception to this situation. The petro dollar system has already half collapsed, with Iran soon being able to sell her oil for whatever in exchange as the coming new axiom under monetary reset. This must have the House of Saud worried as to who will be providing their protection as they pivot to the new “silk road” eastern new world order. In the meanwhile the old world order is still flexing its muscle under that old world Pax-Americana, with Arabia being a major piece of the old framework and not yet released to its new position under the new-(old)-management that runs the human situation on this planet. This change over must be accomplished in a seamless fashion to prevent unwanted chaos for spoiling the delicate transition. Just my two cents worth.

  4. jfox2726 says:

    My take is that the intent of the limited hangout is to divert attention away from Israeli involvement.

  5. wasif9 says:

    Btw the crash investigation done by Pakistan aviation has concluded that the chopper which crashed at the site was not operational and it was deliberately dropped there. There are no scratches at the tips of the rotor and its intact which can not happen if they were running.

  6. Knarf says:

    I think the House of Saud is toast before long, one way or another. When they take the fall for 9/11, they’ll get fed to ISIS. Which has probably been the plan all along.

    When ISIS takes over the Saudi oil fields and otherwise plunders the vaults and well-equipped military of the Saudis, it will be like Popeye eating his spinach. The fear of bigger, badder ISIS will cause countries in the region to start pounding down the doors of the State Department, pleading for the US to establish military bases on their soil, and train and equip their militaries. In exchange for commitments and LOTS of money, of course.

    “Well, OK, Mr Ambassador from Whogivesacrapitstan, you talked us into it…”

    The Russians will get some of the pie too, from a frightened Iran and possibly others.

    As they digest their meal of hapless Saudis, the super-charged and even more brutal ISIS will haunt the nightmares of the (mostly) clueless public on the domestic front. There are no doubt big plans for using the ISIS stalking horse, and maybe even a bloody false flag, to stampede the US and European populations into an ever more constricted police state box canyon.

    Now that I have this pessimistic scenario out of my mind and into print, here’s hoping I’m utterly wrong.

  7. BennyB says:

    Not one word of it is true! Bin Laden wasn’t buried at sea as the Obama Administration previously claimed, he was fed to a lion!

    Seymour lies (with a hint of truth)

    In regards to Bob Graham’s “fight” to declassify the 28 page Saudi memo, it’s a bit like “fighting” to release the receipt for Bin Laden’s suite at the Hilton on 9/11 to show that he charged porn movies on pay-per-view to the room.

  8. Lucas Jornada says:

    Oh well, look at that, Bin Laden was a crazy conspiracy theorist, according to CNN/CIA.

    “Bin Laden was interested in books with a conspiratorial bent, and he had tomes about the Illuminati and the Freemasons and even, somewhat ironically, a book that asserted 9/11 was an “inside job.”
    A little gimmick from our dear friends from CIA, I suppose.

    If you are missing your fiction reading for today, just go to CNN and have a laugh.

  9. BuddhaForce says:

    A Saudi Prince in Putin’s Court

    On that Saudi/American split…

  10. BuddhaForce says:

    Three Bin Laden family members killed in plane crash in Hampshire.


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