Interview 1134 - Jon Rappoport Dissects the Zika Hype

02/06/201624 Comments

You may have heard of the wave of birth defects that is ravaging Latin America as the globe gears up for another pandemic panic. But do you know how many of those cases of microcephaly have been confirmed? Or how many of those confirmed cases are said to be "related to" the Zika virus? Today Jon Rappaport of joins us to separate the truth from the hype with the Zika virus panic and discuss whether the WHO and the CDC are merely crying wolf yet again.


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  1. JerseyCynic says:

    always can count on Jon.

    James you will find this interview very eye opening

    Is American Growth Over?
    Is the golden age of American growth and innovation over? Gone for good? Big economist Robert Gordon says so. We’ll listen, and challenge.

  2. World Peace Now says:

    Most government actions are designed to convince us that the government is relevant and necessary.

  3. Hans says:

    Jon Rappoport said AIDS is not due to HIV
    Is that (and he) credible??

  4. jl_mccumiskey says:

    Has my comment about pathogenic viruses not existing been deleted?

    Is this too much for you?

      • jl_mccumiskey says:

        That’s the one

        Sincere apologies — I am a little paranoid 🙂

        The work of Dr Stefan Lanka PhD proves that nobody has ever isolated any so-called pathogenic virus — mumps, measles, rubella, zika etc. He isolated the Marine Brown Algae Ectocarpus Siliculosus virus which is non-pathogenic and has a diameter of 120nm. Interestingly there are about a million of these non-pathogenic viruses in one litre of sea-water.

        The Achilles Heel of Modern Medicine is that pathogenic viruses do not exist. We await the court case in Stuttgart on Tuesday February 16.

        I have obtained freedom of information responses from the NVRL in Dublin Ireland (National Virus Reference Laboratory!), in which they state “no record exists” in relation to any scientific publication worldwide where any Scientist has managed to isolate a “pathogenic” virus and measure its diameter.

        • seriously says:

          Out of curiosity, how does one explain the common cold? What causes it, if it´s not a viral infection.

          • johnd.jasper says:

            Can’t speak for others but the common thing about the common cold is that there’s rarely any test done to see if a cold sufferer has the common cold virus if there even is such a thing.

            In any event, if you’re familiar with Koch’s Postulate, even Koch found that certain viruses did not cause disease in all who were infected with it and according to this article ( the poliovirus is harmful in only 1% of those infected. Other studies have shown cases of disease where the virus is not detected. As the article indicates, scientists responded to this by changing the Postulate.

            To natural health practitioners, this proves that the virus is not the cause of the disease which I agree with. Bacteria and fungi which are known to be living organisms opportunistically thrive when the body is weak and indeed that is the job of the former. They break down waste matter in the body as part of the healing process and when we die, they reduce the body to raw materials for recycling into other organisms. (My view of the superbug phenomena is that instead of the body being attacked by antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the weakened body is incorrectly identifying the tissues as waste to be destroyed.) Viruses, which to my understanding are just combinations of proteins and nucleic acids with no ability to move or reproduce, may be just waste matter left over from dead cells. Their non-living status is supported by this reference ( but it suits mainstream purposes to ascribe intent and intelligence to them. I could accept incidental effects sort of like the damage floodwaters cause which changes as banks wash away and debris builds up but no one would claim intent in water flow.

            So are viruses insidious seeds of destruction perpetuating themselves like malicious acorns, the pollution from dying organisms wreaking havoc wherever chance takes them, or possibly a mechanism used by the body for some benevolent purpose that we’ll never figure out because scientists have closed their minds on the subject?

            But back to the common cold or any other infectious disease. There’s no great reason to believe that they’re caused by an infectious agent unless all the affected people can be proven to be infected by the same agent and that the agent is not present in the unaffected people as well as ruling out any alternative causes such as exposure to unhealthy environmental conditions such as extremes of temperature, air, water or food borne pollutants, shared stress, poor diet, etc.

            Hope this answer helps!

  5. WenigerGottquatsch says:

    CDC, NIH, EPA, USDA, FDA… These governmental agencies were explicitly created to protect our health and the earth we live on. And if you look at the workers in each of these, you will find bright, competent men and women dedicated to fulfill that mission. The CDC for example, does a great deal of genuine, data-based work to monitor disease and promote health.

    As someone who worked in the corporate world for decades, I can attest to the good will and intentions of the vast majority at the lower levels of the corporatocracy.

    However, I believe that the above-named agencies were created to save corporations money and effort. Why run around cajoling and bribing hundreds of congress-critters, when you can have an agency led by your own people. For example, why not create the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and place your top lobbyist, Michael Taylor, as its head? Or, on the flip side, grab Dr. Julie Gerberding, CDC head, and make her the head of Merck & Co., Inc.’s vaccine division? So much cheaper and easier to determine policy that way. And more profitable.

    • tomas says:

      person’s at the lower levels most likely do have good intentions , yet many times turn away from truth that does not agree with what they have been taught or what those above them set as guidelines to follow . at the end of the day , very few would bite the hand that feeds them . ( and that is understandable to a large degree , key in those cases is being tough enough to find another source of the food to feed from )

      however , just like a doctor may intend well when prescribing certain treatments for people – and these being the only ones they can recommend , or lose their licence – when time and time again their patients do not improve and/or perish , and they know the statistics are manipulated , yet continue to push the same process , ( again turn a blind eye ) , then they are part of the problem , and are not as innocent as some may claim .

      those in these types of position have to gain the strength to stand up for truth , and cease the old thinking of “it’s just me , what can i really change ” and ” it’s my paycheque , what am I supposed to do ” . Until this happens , all involved are guilty .

      • ralphodavis says:

        So essentially, Thomas, one is either wholly dedicated to truth or one isn’t.

        At times, when push comes to shove, that dedication may truly become an existential issue.

        There are endless ways to corrupt that singular commitment by degree and the monsters who govern us know it.

        So, we’re all complicit, in effect, until we’re tested and until we die. Often it’s the test that proves fatal. A sickness, if you will, unto death.

        That becomes the true measure of commitment to truth as Socrates demonstrated some time ago.

        • tomas says:

          absolutely ! And some , though very very few , when tested and tempted find their way to stay strong and dedicated to the truth , and those , like Socrates , unfortunately are quickly dealt with , and the more influential they are the more drastic the measure .

          we need to stay committed and dedicated , the balance will eventually shift if we persevere.

  6. maxwell says:

    Did you invite jon for the next beard world order?

  7. oeo says:
    “Of the (1,113) cases examined so far (from 4,783 reported)
    404 have been confirmed as having microcephaly.”
    17 of those 404, tested positive with Zika.”
    “Another 709 babies have been ruled out as having microcephaly.”
    The remaining 3,670 cases are still being investigated.”[FEB.4]

    From 1113 evaluated, 404 are confirmed cases of microcephaly.
    17 of those 404 are confirmed with zika – a common virus not known beforehand to cause microcephaly.
    So, 387 cases have no forensic connection to Zika at time of evaluation.
    If we minus the 150 annual Brazilian microcephaly norm. from 404 total cases, there appears to be a 254 case spike in microcephaly so far this year.
    If we minus 17 ID’d with zika, there are 237 cases with no forensic link to zika,
    clearly ‘outside the norm.’

    what other factors are ‘co-incident’ to the women concerned during their pregnancy, would be the question my malpractice lawyers would be asking.

  8. seriously says:

    Just felt like clarifying that Guillain-Barré syndrome is an autoimmune disease in which your immune system inappropriately attacks the peripheral nervous system. It is usually triggered by infection in the body, but vaccines could just as well cause it as we see an immune response in both cases, which in turn can cause your body to mistakenly attack itself. The Zika virus is just as likely to cause Guillain Barré as any other viral disease out there. GBS is NOT specific to vaccines or to the Zika virus.

  9. ypyrkh says:

    Brasilaian medical service now say Zika is not related to Zeka cause the outbreak of Zika and outbreak of microcefaly happened in different parts of the country. There was also an article about Florida governer’s wife is a CEO of pesticide producing company, the same one that is used to combat Zika spreading mosquitoes. Can’t find the article about no birth defect relation on Flipboard anymore, all i see is a bunch of “be scared and wait till vaccine is finallt developed” kinda BS

  10. tul12 says:

    It is so cool to go back and re-watch this 4 year old video again, and then read the comments. This community was so prepared for this whole corona thing. This is awesome. Thank you guys.

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