Truth Music Playlist – Summer 2018

08/18/201820 Comments

It’s summer time again! Relax, kick back and enjoy your vacation with a little truth music courtesy of these friends, subscribers and listeners of The Corbett Report.

Watch this video on BitChute / DTube / YouTube

Truth Music on The Corbett Report

The Corbett Report (Is Not On Facebook) – Scorpio Remix

The Corbett Report (Is Not On Facebook) – Lunartrax Remix

Dan Dicks – James Corbett Is Not on Twitter

Pricking The Filter Bubble



Dialectic by Walk-on Army

Truth Troubadour by Vic Sadot

9/11Truth & Justice Songs by Vic Sadot

No more war – by Kiss’n Mary Jane

Kim Cheshire

It Starts With You and Me by EJ Doyle


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  1. kiepi says:

    no free fallin?

    Tom Petty Cover – Free Fallin – 9/11 WTC Building 7

  2. pearl says:

    Loved that creation by DayJobOrchestra. Very clever!

    Never heard of Kim Cheshire. I liked that one a lot (and the video is a must see – heartbreaking).

    • manbearpig says:

      brought a little extra Zing to my morning coffee… Interesting character…

      “…To maximize public attention, a 60-minute documentary about Amin’s construction was given the green light. While the documentary was in production, Coronel set out for another overseas opportunity that would redefine his outlook on global initiatives. Following the harrowing 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the rapper joined a host of fellow rappers in ‘Rock the Bells’, an event which vowed to allow residuals to Haitian relief programs in partnership with ‘Hip Hop for Haiti’ and ‘Arms around Haiti’.

      The corruption of aid distribution that Coronel saw on this trip to the Caribbean culminated in his writing an open letter, expressing frustration with “the little of what’s left of Haiti’s government”. There had been instances where customs officers allegedly charged $8,000 for donated items to cross the Haitian border. Coronel argued that those in power expected to get paid for aiding disaster victims, even though much of their action was minimal or ineffective…”

      “…You know, there are always cynics who cannot see anything but their own inability to succeed in anything besides a ‘cleverly written’ denigration of anyone else’s hard work while being unable to produce any example of their own. But if you forget your own ego for a minute, this is the proof that ordinary people like us, who work through problems and fight through set backs can succeed. And not only that, we can succeed anywhere. I say again, WE can succeed…”

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    There are some wonderful additions to the Corbett Truth Music Playlist this year. It broadens my exposure.

    These additions are also a cool example of the Corbett Community. There are many like-minded folks out there who bring a lot to the table.

  4. AnimalsArentFood says:

    Wow, I loved Happy in Paraguay. I used to link people to it all the time.
    Never knew they were truth seekers; never even knew they made anything besides Happy in Paraguay. What a cool thing to discover all these years later and what a cool way to discover it.

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I got a grin out of the “Pull It” video from the links in the show notes.

    The video reminds me of the following Corbett video which was all the rage in the 9/11 Truth Community back when it first came out. That summer, NIST had come out with official statements about WTC 7.

  6. manbearpig says:

    Well, as I just had a sort of discussion about overpopulation with the youngest countries demographically speaking being African ones, one of my favorite “truth” music videos came to mind. A Senegalese student of mine had included it in his English oral presentation a few years back to help illustrate why he thought NGOs should just get the heck out of his country:

    Frostbite kills too!

    Now time for some hamstering…

    • manbearpig says:

      Makes me think someone could do a video like the PULL IT video linked here:

      “Have you got too many fertile Africans living on Your unexploited copper, gold, petroleum and gas deposits? Well we here at Eugenics United have the expertise to rid you of these pârasites! Our unique combination of engineered genocides and forced sterilization campaigns has proven particularly effective in opening up the lucrative resource opportunities you’re craving!!
      So just call 1-800-GMO-CHOLERA for Your FREE estimate today! Don’t wait!”

      DISCLAIMER: The above text is “Satire” (albeit mediocre). For a full discussion of Satire please refer th following video: )

      Naaaahh! Gotta run! I am soooooooo late!!!

  7. UKJC says:

    Might have to post on two threads here.

    Vic Sodot. Guns & Butter.

    Former a great musician, the latter a site/show mosts of us have no doubt found useful for alternative information.

    Vic let Churchdog42 know that G&B was shutdown on KPFA a week or so ago. The censorship has very much begun. download now as these publishers work out how to maintain their archives of work.

    If you can give Churchdog42 any support I’m sure he’d appreciate it. (See last 6 videos to understand the decimation of his 11 year on-line output). About the same as yours JC but without the “Dominance” 😉

    Thanks all.

  8. This show upsets me for a few reasons 🙂

    1) Why is “Truth Music” only once a year!?! Why not at least seasonal?

    2) Why is the Summer Playlist at the end of summer, when it’s almost over?

    3) You forgot to link to the previous TRUTH MUSIC shows (with comments of musical note).

    (2017-08-24) Truth Music Playlist – Summer 2017 :
    (2016-08-04) Truth Music Playlist – Summer 2016 :
    (2015-08-19) Truth Music Playlist – Summer 2015 :
    (2015-06-02) Truth Music :
    (2012-09-01) Corbett Report Radio 209 – Truth Music V :
    (2012-06-30) Corbett Report Radio 166 – Truth Music IV :
    (2012-01-14) Episode 214 – Truth Music III :
    (2010-08-22) Episode 143 – More Truth Music :
    (2009-02-01) Episode 072 – Truth Music :
    Plus more on truth and music :

    4) You ignored my suggestions from last year:
    I don’t know if I should bother adding the stuff I collected all year specifically to share here. (I’d share them now but I have to find that list – soon or next year.)

    5) So now I don’t know if I should share a quote that won’t likely be used, unverified but commonly attributed to famous anarchist Emma Goldman, ““If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.” Generally meaning folks must be well motivated for revolutions or they fail.

    6) YouTube search for “Truth Music” is abysmal :

    7) I’d start a YouTube “Truth Music” playlist but I’ve managed to recently kick my addiction to YouTube trutherism videos. I was determined to cut down my time-suck-Tube and started 2018 trying to but for new interesting channels and content. By April I sort of got my YouTube addiction down but not until 2018-06-06 I managed to actually cold-turkey YouTube. Until now. I had to come back for the summer Truth Music and scan over Corbett, Richard Wolff, Jimmy Dore, etc. I feel sooooo far behind on current events, yet when I actually hear any bit of it, I already agree, even if I don’t know the specific details. I am the anti-authoritarian trutherism choir to preach to. If no one else has, maybe I’ll start a “Truth Music” playlist if/when I return, starting by scouring the content and comments of the links above.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been working on a hard-science-fiction trutherist movie screenplay for years that I will storyboard and share, likely on Steemit Kickstarter Patreon, etc. Because it’s so complicated I felt compelled to develop a mocu-documentary to support and explain the factual “backstory” of the fictional near-future movie. That mocu-docu changed into an animated Trutherism 101 series of shorts (imagine Calvin & Hobbes mashed up with Corbett & Dore) that I intend to compile into a feature length mocu-documentary. The outline is done, the characters are established and almost finished designed, the script is well started – but I feel I need to work further on the character arcs and conflict dynamics and I’m missing something I can’t put my finger on. So “Trutherism 101” is on the back burner, and my trutherist HARD-science fiction screenplay is my top priority. Before I extensively start storyboarding and publishing it I’ll share my first draft here among antiestablishment trutherist conspirophile friends for constructive criticism and feedback. It’s much harder than I imagined but only because I’m making it so. I’m trying to 1) write a screenplay, 2) make it as deep as any Neal Stephenson novel, but better (unlikely), and 3) build a world as rich and interesting as Kubrick, MARVEL, or Lord Of The Rings – with drama, tension, action, etc. When I’m ready I’ll try to find an online place to share, discuss, and develop my trutherist screenplays. (Suggestions anyone?) Once it becomes a semi-final draft I’ll use my professional animation talents to storyboard the whole thing, posting it all as a series, likely on Steemit. Thereafter I hope to copy-left open-source the storyboarded screenplay in hopes that trutherists of the world might actually fund and/or develop it into a feature film. Will I finally save the world? Doubt it. But I can try.

    Feel free to me via MJasonCarswell but don’t expect a prompt reply. I haven’t checked my email since May. I suppose I’ll do that now.

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