Truth Music Summer 2015

08/19/20155 Comments

James is back with another edition of Truth Music…but as always there are simply too many independent artists making anti-New World Order tunes to play them all. Here’s just a sampling of what has come in since the last edition of this series.

Truth Music (June 2015)

“Are You Interested?” by COG

“Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who

“They Don’t Care About Us” performed by 2CELLOS

“I’m The Slime” by Frank Zappa

“You got a Way of Finkin” by Herschel36 ft. The Queen of England

“Captain America” by Six Foot Joe

“Jekyll island part 1” by 0=1=infinity

“[r]Evolution” by The Ancient Order

“No more Uncle Sam” by Mr – yen

“Plump Little Fleshies” by The May Company

Waterstyle612 “Puppetmaster”

“Information Outlaw” by Iron Age Mystics

“The Project for the New American Century” by Stream of Consciousness


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