Truth Music Playlist - Summer 2016

08/04/20166 Comments

The news doesn't take a summer vacation, but you should. And when you head out to the beach, why not take some truth tunes with you? Here's your fix of truth music for summer 2016.


"The Strategy Of Tension" by Hex Madroom

Hex Madroom on Soundcloud

"Deceive Confuse Disrupt (psyops)" by Resodance/Raindance

Fionn O'Lochlainn website

"Statism" by Backwordz

"Vote None Of The Above"

"Democracy: Remote Control & The Bedroom Junkie"

Music of James Perloff

"Want That" by Stevie McCall

"The Common Core Song" by ZaveMusic

Immortal Technique - Rich Man's World (1%)

"Price Tag" by Keller Williams & The Travelin' McCourys

Cull of the Useless Eaters

Kenken50's Truther Karaoke

"Cheerful Hypocrisy" by Snog

Bidoche Musique


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  1. william_york says:

    The recent album by Porest, Modern Journal of Popular Savagery, fits into this category.

    This video is a teaser/trailer from the record label, which is based in Egypt. Porest (Mark Gergis) used to live in the SF Bay Area but is now somewhere in SE Asia. His album Tourrorists! (also under the Porest name) is another one that I would recommend. Here is a song from that one:

    He has a vicious sense of humor.


  2. stellar_consortium says:

    Awesome! Also see this brand new hiphop sketch here (unmastered, tracked this Tuesday). we recommend the second track down added on August 2nd. there’s a minute of talking at the first so feel free to skip ahead

    Lots of good music at Radio Confluence as well!

  3. Mohawk Man says:

    Thanks James. Appreciate the sentiment of their lyrics although I am primarily a classical music fan and of course, George Harrison from another perspective and East Indian music (I always have to preface that with the East). I even have classical music playing as I write this (had season tickets to the San Francisco Symphony for many years at one time).

    On vacations, James, some of us, not many here, I would guess, may be dirt poor. There will be no “vacation” for myself. I shall continue to monitor these bastards and expose as much as I can and eke out my living as best I can. I am proud to announce that today I was banned from (my brother was Andrews best friend) for commenting on an article proclaiming “The Rise of Anti-Semitism in Europe”. I simply pointed out that while sad 12 Jews were killed, the 200,000 mostly Christians, Catholics and Coptic Christians have been slaughtered and countless Muslim innocents bombed since last August and they had they damn nerve to speak of the rise of anti-
    semitism and (as Mark Levin—-Zionist radio host said this week ” The slaughter of the Jews must be stopped!!!!–huh–what?). 200,000 is just a number to him but Charlie Hebdo! Horrific. Goy to him. And the French Priest beheaded and refused to kneel. “Be gone, Satan” his last words. God Bless this man.

    Thank you for your work. Not all the poor are statists. Some fight with a vengeance with causes us trouble. For Others. My work is for others. Believe me, it does. There is a price I pay to speak out and so I do. Whats the saying? I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. I am Mohawk, sir. We know.

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

  4. tim.b says:

    Hey James
    Great list! Might I also recommend a punk rock band from Winnipeg called Propagandhi, lots of great political/historical lyrics, and great guitar riffs to boot…

  5. richardadler says:

    Here is a good one from Hayes Carll –

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