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06/02/201531 Comments

Need to get pumped to fight the New World Order? Well here are some suggestions for your soundtrack. Join James today as he goes through some of his faves and some tracks that some listeners sent in.

“What Would You Do?” by Paris

“To join the fight” by Ditch Your Box

The Thing With Five Eyes

“Keep Yourself Free” by Antony Rotunno

“Public Relations” by Scatter

“Police State” by Steve McCall

“Overcast (Helicopter)” by Fionn O Lochlainn

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  1. maxwell says:

    B. Dolan – “The Devil is Alive” – The Story of Freeway Rick Ross

  2. maxwell says:

    Eyedea & Abilities – This Story (w/lyrics)

  3. maxwell says:

    Nahko – Build a Bridge (Live at the Independent, San Francisco, CA 8/23/13)

  4. maxwell says:

    Shuko – Change Gonna Come (ft. Saigon, Vinnie Paz, R.A. The Rugged Man & Carolyn D’Elia

  5. EYEisBloke says:

    Yaye! Truth Music is back!

  6. mresc2 says:

    Bruce Cockburn – Call it Democracy

    Zach Hemsey – Slave

    Zager & Evans – In the year 2525

    The Refusers – Gestapo

    Tiller Wills – 11:11 (Coarse Language)

    Also check out Mark Devlin’s music mixes and podcasts regarding truth & the mainstream music industry:

  7. RvTheory6 says:

    How about some THEORY 6, the theme music for The Ripple Effect Podcast

    THEORY 6: War For Peace

  8. Bart Houkes says:

    Radiohead is the best band on this planet. Their lyrics are very cryptic and philosophical, but almost always anti-establishment in one way or the other. The album ‘Hail to the thief’ was dedicated to George Bush and the rise of fascism. The album ‘Kid A’ is about the Atomic bomb and the start of World War III. They shocked the music industry by releasing their music for free on the internet.

    Some examples:

    How everyone is caught up in the rat race and there is no time to think things through.

    Knives out
    About Social Darwinism, eat or be eaten.

    Dollars and Cents
    How our economic system is crushing human psychology.

    About lying politicians.

    2 + 2 = 5
    Orwellian reference, how people can be made to believe anything, even if it’s obviously false.

    The Gloaming
    “The next song we’re gonna do is a song about the rise of fascism and the right wing. The only way to stop them is to do something. If you do nothing, they’ll win. And these people are fucking crazy.” – Thom Yorke before performing this song.

  9. Broc West says:

    Here are some of my suggestions:

    Cog – Are You Interested –

    Cog – Swamp –

    Cog – Problem, Reaction, Solution –

    (yes I’m a huge fan)

    Karnivool – Set Fire To The Hive –

    Dead Letter Circus – Wake up –

    Enter Shikari – Stalemate –

  10. tim.norman says:

    I humbly offer my own composition, the Third Tower Dub

  11. Bart Houkes says:

    Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us
    Look at the futuristic military uniforms, the marching, the US flag and the torch, the funny arm movements. Obvious references to fascism.

  12. EYEisBloke says:

    Great to see another truth music and lots of other suggestions from subscribers – Here’s a few more to add to the list:

    One that always get’s me motivated is Alabama 3 – Rise Like Lions
    which riffs on Shelly’s famous poem

    Scottish band Primal Scream deserve some kudos for getting some strong messages to a relatively mainstream audience. This is the brilliant 2013:

    And this is Swastika Eyes from their infamous Glastonbury set in 2005 when they replaced Kylie as headliners at short notice and lead singer Bobby’s best effort to build rapport with the audience was to keep chanting: ‘the war on terror is a pretext to establish an international police set’ at them – not your usual BBC 2 Sunday viewing:

    Not sure if you’ll all agree this counts as truth music but I think it does and it had me in stitches the other night: Ursula Burns – Dry your Eyes Jesus

    Finally here’s the first part of a little video I’m currently putting together based on a sort of truth/music mash-up I made a while ago, (I guess you could call it a Truth Musical!)…music by Nas / vocals by Barry Soetoro

  13. Eli says:

    Interested to hear peoples take on Korn’s album “A Path to Totality” It’s a great album. It seems anti-establishment to me but I tend to twist music to what I want it to mean, and abandon the artists meaning, which I am not sure is a good habit or not. Also interesting that it’s on the Road Runner label which has an interesting history of its own, but now is solely owned by warner brothers 🙁

  14. Octium says:

    Call the Cops – Rob Hustle (2014)

    New World Order – Painters & Dockers (1991)
    (Poor recording)

    The Formula – Thinkman (1985)

    I’m The Slime – Frank Zappa (1973)

    Compared To What? – Les McCann (1969)

  15. mresc2 says:

    Great stuff guys, discovering lots of new truth tunes here! Thought I’d add a few more.

    “Scavenger” by School of Seven Bells. As Eli mentioned a few posts above, this one could be more or less left to the listeners’ interpretation and not what the artist specifically had in mind. For me, the lyrics represent how we might feel toward the kind of people in power (their sociopathic/power-hungry behaviour, how they use & abuse the public), especially if we ever felt confident in trusting them. –

    “Revolution Movement” by Southpaw Swagger –

    “True Lies/End of Days” by Vinnie Paz & Block McCloud –

    “Not Ready to Make Nice” by The Dixie Chicks. This song is a response to the attacks on them and their remarks about President Bush in 2003 (check the second link for more on that).

    “Lives In the Balance” by Jackson Browne –

    “Chant Down Babylon” by Bob Marley –

    “Revolutionary Vol. 2” album by Immortal Technique (This might have been mentioned before but I’m not sure). –

    “Ronin” album by Zack Hemsey. I mentioned Zack in my previous comment, but the whole album deserves looking at IMO (Ronin = Samurai without a master). –

    Same with The Refusers. –

    Also it’s important to keep in mind that as motivating and fired-up as some truth music may be, it’s important not to make hatred, violence, etc the main goal. James explains this better than I can –

  16. evanr1 says:

    These are all hip hop:

    Immortal technique-cause of death
    (This song woke me up), bin laden, bin laden remix, open your eyes, 4th branch
    ill bill- society is brainwashed
    Talib Kweli-learn truth, beautiful struggle, the proud
    Vinnie Paz-you can’t be neutral on a moving train
    k rino- grand deception, hidden agenda
    genocide- wake the f*ck up, free Palestine
    Lupe fiasco-words I never said
    Krs one-higher level
    Lowkey-terrorist?,voices of the voiceless
    Public enemy- son of a bush
    Diabolical-truth pt2
    Payday Monsanto-9/11 truth
    Az- we can’t win
    Homeboy sandman-illuminati
    Beast 1333- mouth of madness
    Non Phixon- the c.i.a is trying to kill me

  17. mresc2 says:

    Hollywood (and politicians) in a nutshell;

    “American Psycho” by Treble Charger –

    Lyrics –

  18. Giffy says:

    I’m looking for a link to “Public Relations” by Scatter
    I can’t find the artist or the song anywhere.

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