Episode 373 - Medical Martial Law 2020

03/21/2020275 Comments

As the lockdowns go into place and the military takes to the streets in country after country, the decades of preparation for medical martial law are finally paying off for the pandemic planners. Today on this emergency edition of The Corbett Report podcast, James lays out the steps that have led us to the brink of martial law and the steps that are being taken to implement it now. Please help to spread this important information and to raise awareness of the crisis that we are facing.

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  1. emeraldcitydreamz says:

    James what do you think of Luke Rudowski parroting the main stream media, and saying people aren’t listening there continuing to follow their religious beliefs. Maybe because my belief in GOD is something worth dying for. It’s what keeps me owning my own body and not trusting man. Something the PEOPLE could use right now. I’ll be honored to die for what I believe can people say that about dying for the truth? Have you ever looked into the strange untimely death of Luke’s “friend” James Wallace. I’d really like to know. Thank you.

    • Libertydan says:

      “Conspiracy Realist” is a great term that needs to be shared. Indeed it is time, (past time, actually) for Conspiracy Realists to unite. Yep,elites have Conspired against the masses on such a scale that few people can believe it, yet here it is, the undeniable evidence on “The Corbett Report”.

      I haven’t been following Luke lately, but I have met him and he appears to be a very sincere guy who is trying to expose the planners behind the evil.
      That said, he is much more vulnerable to deception than the likes of James Corbett, who has a innate journalistic talent for getting to the bottom of things and then presenting his findings in layman terms.

      Because “Fear” is the tool that is being used to control the masses (and has been for millennium), the belief in an Afterlife is perhaps the best tool to squash it. Jesus Christ spoke of an Afterlife for those that lived by the “Golden Rule” and gave up their lives for the Truth. If you do not fear death, then they (the evil powers that be) have no power over you.
      If you believe you were put here for a reason perhaps, this is it, eh!

      • I would not refer to the psychopaths that govern as “elites.” They are the powers that shouldn’t be, the predator class, the oligarchs, the psychopaths, the kakistocracy; they are anything but elite (perhaps only elite in their ability to know human psychology enough to deceive the duped masses). Elite is reserved for the souls of folk who, like every member here and James, is interested in spreading the light in an often dark world.

        • Libertydan says:

          Good point, by failing to put it in quotation marks my deliberate sarcasm is lost. Yes, you are correct, these bastards are anything but elite, yet that is exactly how they perceive themselves..

    • Ethan Hunter says:

      I have to admit…I’ve been a little annoyed with Luke lately, especially when he had that doctor on recently touting a vaccine as a way to prepare for this pandemic.

      A vaccine?? Really?! I felt a little upset because of all the dangers of vaccines and for Bertrand Russel’s comment about them being “chemical lobotomies” to dumb us down and make us sheep.

      I admire Luke and still respect him, but he has been going a little off the rails lately.

      • ZiiNon says:

        Promotion of a vaccine is equally dismal as promoting a pharmaceutical drug. Whether over the counter or only available by prescription, check out the side effects. And dont worry, that list is not all encompassing; you’re supposed to report any non listed side effects to your doctor. And I can tell you from experience that the doctor will most likely respond to you that it can’t be from the medication. Huh, just read the whole pamphlet that is handed out with the medication. At least medication offers such pamphlet, vaccines don’t offer anything of the sort. Gee wonder why?
        Time to get back to nature. God has given us plenty of anti viral and anti microbial plants growing at our feet. Work with the body and not against, as nature intended.

    • mkey says:

      Everyone will have their resonance and there’s going to be frequency on which the brain shuts down. This is full spectrum warfare, after all.

    • emeraldcitydreamz says:

      Hi James, first I want to give a big thank you for the work you do. I’ve been a subscriber for some time and I’ve watched and listen to the information you’ve researched and compiled for years before that. I have a important question to ask about a individual I believe was murdered to take over a movement. That movement is the 9/11 truth movement namely We are change. Please watch this video https://youtu.be/d7G1GutCIoA

      Thank you so much.


    • ccuthbert2001 says:

      I consider Rudkowski to be a mole in the “independent media community.” (What a pukey phrase.) His idiotic vid of crashing a ptsb event and walking up to Heinz Kissenger to ask embarrassing questions followed by being escorted out, however roughly (not much) is a dead give away. Does anyone really think a little weasel of a nobody such as Rudkowski could actually enter such an event? COME ON. I have been repeatedly amazed that James has fallen for such a stupid charade.

      Rudkowski also stole $2.5k from the GGC investors. He was supposed to produce some marketing videos with that money. Instead, I’ve been told he pocketed the money and promptly went to Santiago a-whoring. Well, not surprising that he has to pay for sex.

      In my book, anyone who associates with this creepy mole is suspect.

  2. emeraldcitydreamz says:

    We are 1984n ourselves over some H.G. wells war of the worlds b.s. I knew there was a lot of ignorance out there but this brings a new meaning to sheeple. America has been sold to the banks. Are we as a people going to be free or ruled by technocrats. This is the crisis The NEW WORLD ORDER has been waiting for to subvert the USA into neo feudalism. Delete your Fedbooks if you have them delete your amazon primes and google accounts. Time to put are money where are mouths are and pull out of their centralized control NOW. It already could be to late.

  3. joe.h says:

    James Corbett is the GOAT

  4. emeraldcitydreamz says:

    I’ve been running around telling people that we need a global leave your phone at home day. Go into nature and meditate or pray or whatever you want to call it.??

  5. hugh.m says:

    Looking at Italy I’ve voluntarily self isolated to help protect the crumbling health services of the United Kingdom. It seems the way to deal with any future outbreak is to have emergency preparedness as in more ventilators and hospital capacity rather than overpaid useless talking shops like the WHO and the UN. It would be a lot cheaper and less dangerous to your civil liberties.
    I think this was engineered to hide what was quite clearly the death of capitalism, rather than incompetence they can now blame a global virus just like the last time it was global banking crisis (not our fault).
    It seems the Italian deaths are around 70% male and medics baffled. Also a much higher death rate for some reason. Any thoughts.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      hugh.m says:
      It seems the Italian deaths are around 70% male and medics baffled. Also a much higher death rate for some reason. Any thoughts.

      This link and the link below it’s comment will give some data & STATISTICS about ITALY.

      Also, for me personally, a couple writers pointed out some aspects:

      ~~~ It is very easy to test a dead body.
      Live ambient bodies are more difficult to test broadly, so ratios get skewed.
      Plus, these tests are not really what they are made out to be by the media. I question the accuracy of a “definitive SARS-CoV-2 strain” on a virus test. I am sure that other viruses or antigens could trigger a positive, which they tag as SARS-CoV-2.

      ~~~ It benefits certain agenda groups to have a high death rate count ratio. It makes things into a CRISIS!…aggh!…we are all gonna die.

      ~~~ One writer pointed out an interesting characteristic of the Italian Culture. There can be a lot of drama! Or inflated emotional exaggeration of something. He said, “Get worried when they stop screaming.”

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~
      Personally, I can’t speak to the Italian culture, but I can speak to my observations of how some cultures generally respond and react.

      A loud New York Jewish guy and a West Texas Rancher would probably have completely different ways of reacting. God forbid that they be in the same bar.

      In a small town in Texas, back in High School during the late 60’s, Jimmy Joe and some other High School folks were over at the Coach’s house late at night toilet-papering his house.
      The Coach walks out onto the front porch with a pistol, and with only a few calm words, tells everyone to leave now.
      Jimmy Joe, a bit smart alecky, says: “Ahhh Coach…it is only toilet paper….” as he tosses a roll over the house.
      Calmly, the Coach shoots him in the foot.

      That ended the toilet paper brigade.

      Anyway, that’s how I heard it at school the next day.

      • mkey says:

        Oh, Italians are terrible drama queens. I do not mean any disrespect, but Italian’s ability to overblow any situation can’t be overstated.

        BTW, that Coach fellow is all right in my book.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Good to know these cultural things.
          So, then, in the powder room, what the ladies all whisper about Croatian males is true?

          Say mkey,

          Where is that post which you made in response to ManBearPig’s comment?
          It was an incredible piece of English writing, especially coming from a Croatian.

          The whole piece was great. It talked about guys with high IQ’s, but, ironically, who had no depth to important aspects in life.

          A particular line /phrase which really gave me the vivid concept was something like…
          “…brushing it off like a bug on the windshield…”

          Anyway, the comment had a professional writer’s ink on it.

          • mkey says:

            It’s back on the Bermas interview.


            I already mentioned somewhere my attempt to pique the interest of one of my colleague regarding this ordeal, one that failed miserably. When I wanted to make a point how the economy (especially in this failed state) is going to sink with this incentive he brushed it off by saying that he doesn’t think we go hungry. As if there is nothing between being hungry and well set. Hunger is, after all, usually a matter of not having the money to buy food, instead of food not being available.

            People are really not thinking even one move ahead. Typically everyone closes shop waiting for the summer and the tourists to start pouring in. There won’t be many of those this year, maybe not even the next. There is basically no industry and almost no food production, monetary policy supported imports and living on credit for a few decades now.

            It’s not that these long term effects are being downplayed, they are simply being ignored altogether. The fact there is an election coming up (if indeed there will be an election) is not helping one iota. The fear porn has put everything on the back-burner.

            Also, we’re nearing the end of the news cycle, when you train people to have a really short attention spans you will have issues sustaining a long term propaganda campaign.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:


            “… awareness.
            And intelligence, but the two should not be collated.

            I know some really intelligent folk who are completely oblivious and who will stick to what they know is true regardless of all and any outside stimulus.
            They will simply not ask the question or entertain the thought.
            A fragment of information, with unlimited potential to replicate, sent their way will simply bounce off their stream of consciousness.
            It will be brushed off like a bug used to be brushed off from the windshield, back then when that still was an event….”

          • cindy.n says:

            Glad you mentioned the comment worth reading. It certainly was.

        • alexandre says:

          Imagine when you have Italian, Spanish and Portuguese in your culture. No conversation happens below 100db.

    • mkey says:

      Jon Rappaport has quite a few.


      In short: statistics at this point mean practically nothing. The death rate is completely missatributed. Possibility that they are signing death warrants for older patients by administering ribavirin which may be lethal for patients with coronary diseases and hypertension.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      More about ITALY and STATISTICS.

      Corbett Report Member d.meg has a wonderful LINK.

      d.meg says:
      “Here a good inside view provided by the, in Europe well respected, Swiss Propaganda Research Project.
      A Swiss medical doctor provided the following information on the current situation in order to enable our readers to make a realistic risk assessment.”

      Be sure to scroll down the link which d.meg gives us.
      Great Timeline of info.

  6. Simon says:

    [SNIP – No links without explanatory text, please. – JC]

  7. doublek321 says:

    I haven’t watched the video yet but some VERY big concerns here:

    -Asymptomatic people can be a threat (“invisible enemy”) which creates an excuse for a radical increase in government power

    -Overwhelm people in a short amount of time before they can even think about what’s happening to them. All of a sudden the military is in the streets?!

    -Scare and separate people.

    -Blame economic crash on exogenous event (“it wasn’t the bankers’ fault!”)

    -Forced vaccines (“your actions affect my health!”)

    -Get rid of paper money (“it can spread disease!”)

    -Sea change of daily life. Get used to martial law (“for your own good!”) and central planning (“politicians will protect you!”)

    -During shelter-in-place, who knows what will happen. What if they shut the power down and say there’s a blackout? That would also cause the Internet to be turned off, further isolating people. Also, the restrictions could get progressively tighter over time. Initially we’re being told you can still go outside. Maybe eventually (probably in short order) you’ll need to fill out a form. And after that, maybe you won’t be allowed outside except in very limited circumstances.

    Eventually when people are resigned to this new, depressing way of life, they’ll probably start to turn on each other. At that point, the police state will be looked to to keep the peace (learning to love your captors). Also, the idea of going back to a way of life without a police state will seem “dangerous”, “anarchy” and “not realistic in this day an age” (sort of how, over time, people adopted the idea that they need to rely on government to bail everyone out during downturns)

  8. Autonomous says:

    Interestingly, here in the Netherlands the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak can be clearly seen on the the RIVM Dutch CDC’s website.

    Not crowded cities like Amsterdam, it’s not Rotterdam, not Utrecht, no, it’s outside of the main city in small municipalities of Uden, Landerd and Boekel, surrounding exactly the Volkel Airforce Base located in the municipality of Uden in which the first hospital in the Netherlands on 17th of March to basically collapse under the load of COVID-19 cases, just 5-7 km from the base. The outbreak in the Netherlands appears to have been spreading in the earliest from these municipalities.

    The base has a controversial past as it has been suspected but also admitted by wikileaks and a former prime minister to be the home of US nuclear weapons. It’s basically a US air force base as security and everything there is handled by US army personel.

  9. LenZoo says:

    Oh boy, we are deep in it. And every day more. People are applauding the governments‘ decisions, lockdowns and theft of our liberties for the ‘good’. Alone the suspicions and anxious glares when you sneeze. It‘s shocking to see how sneakily this crept up upon us, from “Don’t worry about it pleb” to “You will land in jail if you are out on the streets without a ‘good’ reason”.

    The virus (should it even exist in this deadly form we are being drowned with) is not the problem. It seems ‘they’ like to chose invisible threats nowadays – deadly gasses that we produce which will boil the planet, or a ‘mutant’ virus, which in its natural form spreads around the world anyway ‘like a virus’ every year repeatedly.

    I’m worried about (us) anti-vaxxers or vax-skeptics. This will make the Frankenstein story look like a pink unicorn fairytale. I see the hay forks and burning torches approach anybody who even breaths a doubt on the vaccination issue. “How dare you!”, comes to mind.

    Full control is knocking at the front door (and back) and I wonder how I personally will react when the doorbell rings in real. Let’s face it: our rfid chips or Neuralinks are prepared.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Same here.

    • under says:

      Maybe we can encourage Boenig, and the many to follow, that a financial vaccine is necessary. Maybe the government should mandate a financial vaccine for companies that are “to big to fail”. If I can’t be trusted with my own physical health, why are corporations entrusted with the financial health of the entire populace. Sorry to stick on the Boeing example but….isn’t this the essence of capitalism? If Boeing fucked themselves they deserve to go under and 5 new highly competitive airplane manufacturers will pop up. Capitalism is not the problem the problem is that it died long ago. That was apparent in 2008.

    • haros says:

      On the egoistic side of all this coronavirus crisis, one of the things that has been worrying me more than anything is what you have just said about vaccines. What could we do if Government decide to set up mandatory vaccines? Because this is not only a thing about believing or not in vaccines. This is about freedom. Our freedom to decide about our bodies and our lives.

      I don’t know how I would react either, but it is sure that we have to start thinking about it, because even if they don’t make vaccination compulsory directly, they will make laws to forbid non-vaccinated people to access to certain services, like traveling, probably integrated in the Social Credit system, in the ID2020 or something similar.

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Mr. West or Mr. Corbett,

    We need about a 3 to 10 minute video of this Episode 373 – Medical Martial Law 2020, especially the last part of “Do not Normalize this” where James emphasizes that point.
    Or perhaps a fresh, shorter video with highlighted points.

    It is already being so normalized.
    Mandatory business closures, banning meetings, et al.

    Banning home-based poker games of more than 10 people in parts of Texas is the last straw. Puts a new spin on Texas Hold’em.

    This current “authoritarianism is okay” meme is so, so not normal.

    Anyway, it could be helpful for dissemination purposes to have a shorter video highlighting this aspect of the insanity.

  11. manbearpig says:

    Hey kids. I know the hour is grim and I’m not trying to normalize or anything but

    It’s Saturday Night! (didn’t know this group “Black Rebel Motorcycle Club”)


    “Spread your love like a fever
    And don’t you ever come down
    Spread your love like a fever
    And don’t you ever come down
    I spread my love like a fever
    I ain’t ever coming down…”

    • manbearpig says:

      Oh, talk about a virus:


      “…He bad production
      He got walrus gumboot
      He got Ono sideboard
      He one spinal cracker
      He got feet down below his knee
      Hold you in his armchair
      You can feel his disease
      Come together, right now
      Over me
      He roller coaster
      He got early warning
      He got muddy water
      He one Mojo filter
      He say one and one and one is three
      Got to be good looking
      ‘Cause he’s so hard to see
      Come together right now
      Over me…”

      Come Together

      • manbearpig says:

        I’m too young to die:

        Don’t want no war no
        No, no, no
        We’re all too young to die
        Too young to die
        So many people
        All around the world, yeah
        All around the world
        Seen their brothers fry
        (I seen your brother fry)
        What’s the motive?
        In that madness
        Oh, I wish I knew, you made my people cry
        (You made my people cry)
        So politicians
        This time
        I think you’d better keep your distance
        Say, sing it loud
        We’re too young to…”


    • mkey says:

      I’m not sure whether this is what you’re looking for, probably not. But then again, nobody knows they are looking for this until the find it.

      Heilung | LIFA – Krigsgaldr LIVE

      I recommend headphones. There’s another track where when the singing starts it really gets to you.

    • alexandre says:

      Oh, goody. I’ll participate with someone who could be seen as a metaphor for freedom: freedom from consonance, tonality, form and the whole “dictatorship” of tonal music. El Señor Arnold Schoenberg, the founder of dodecaphony (or “twelve-tione-system” etc), a system that suggested a sort of absolute democracy among the notes, with indications like no note should gain too much attention, so if a note is too high or too low, it should be of short duration etc. These aren’t rules, but only suggestions. Schoenberg said “learn my method and then just compose”. This could be seen as freedom or…communism? At least his music was designated as “degenerate music” by the Nazis, which is a good sign.


      And Pierrot Lunaire

      How’s that for a party spoiler?

      • manbearpig says:

        A full moon lamented to me one night as I was swimming fully clothed in the Mediterranean… she lamented that she wasn’t alone… unspeakable things going on, on her dark side…

        I particularly enjoyed the piece about Chopin and the last one…

        the poetry is a major part of the experience, and its interpretation by that profoundly unsettling soprano

        all incredible performers…

        but it’s true… there’s something proudly and constructively degenerative about these meticulously sophisticated compositions… expressionism is terrifying

        especially these days…

        thank-you for making me a little less musically illiterate, an intriguing epiphany…

        • alexandre says:

          Yeah, it makes the word “like” seem stupid. Pierrot Lunaire is such a fresh air for me, but I know nothing of the twelve-tone system. Never studied it, haven’t the slightest idea how it works. Although, unless I’m mistaken, this piece isn’t twelve-tone, Schoenberg had not develop the system yet, so it’s a kind of in-between stage. That’s an “aahh” I like, even though after half an hour I want to kill something, or cry a lot. Intriguing epiphany. But it’s good honest art. The voice is in-between singing and speaking, something Schoenberg called “Sprechstimme”.


          Useless curiosities for a Sunday morning.

  12. manbearpig says:

    Hey! The helicopters have finally shown up! I was wondering where they’d gone these last few days!

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett’s Echoes of World War One…

    Order of the White Feather… …a woman gives a non-military man a white feather (an emblem of cowardice).
    (See Corbett Report’s documentary on the Home Page box to the top right “The WWI Conspiracy (2018)”.)

    All kinds of coronavirus related articles are out now regarding SHAMING.
    Search it, you will see.

    March 19, 2020
    Associated Press
    ‘Quarantine shaming’ sweeps U.S. social media: ‘The time matrix seems to be shifting’

    The chairman of Arizona’s Asian Chamber of Commerce (Ryan Winkle) didn’t see much downside to attending a small dinner at a local restaurant to bolster the business and bring together other leaders to discuss how to help Asian-American eateries devastated by the coronavirus…

    …“I started getting some messages saying, ‘Hey, why are you trying to spread the virus?’ I was like, ‘It’s a small event, and everyone had washed their hands, and they had sanitizer on the tables,’ ” Winkle said of the dinner held Saturday in Mesa, Arizona.
    “My thinking is always about the economics. Imagine when all these businesses shut down. That’s a whole different problem.”

    “Quarantine shaming” — calling out those not abiding by social distancing rules — is part of a new and startling reality for Americans who must navigate a world of rapidly evolving social norms in the age of COVID-19…

    … the divide
    between those who are stringently practicing self-isolation
    those who are still trying to go about some semblance of a normal life has never been more clear….

  14. Offskooring says:

    [SNIP – No links without text explaining in your own words what it is and/or why people should click on it, please. -JC]

  15. manbearpig says:

    Where’s Generalbottlewasher?

  16. Fawlty Towers says:

    Excellent video James as usual!
    I second (third) the motion to put out a punchy 5 or 10 minute version of it.

    Folks I highly recommend you read the following article if you haven’t already.
    It covers a lot of territory and gives plausible explanations for what is happening and why, in particular in Iran, Italy and France.


    • manbearpig says:

      speaking of hydroxychloroquine the article states:

      “…In fact, for an unknown reason, last October, the French minister of health suddenly decided to put this long used over-the-counter drug on the list of “controlled substances” and make it a prescription drug…”

      which was acted on January 13th 2020…

      yea, so… just another cow-incidence…

      • mkey says:

        Europe will wait for a vaccine, thank you very much. People are being absolutely gutted (not as much as the economy, though) and yaddayaddayadda but if this medicine is good for those easterners, it don’t mean it ain’t no good for European master idiot race.

      • alexandre says:

        Hey, you used my joke! Fun!

  17. manbearpig says:

    “…I tried to understand this
    I thought that they were out of their minds
    How could I be so foolish (How could I)
    To not see I was the one behind
    So still I kept on fighting
    Well, loosing every step of the way
    I said, I must go back there (I got to go back)
    And check to see if things still the same
    Yeah they was dancin’ and singin’ and movin’ to the groovin’
    And just when it hit me somebody turned around and shouted
    Play that funky music white boy
    Play that funky music right
    Play that funky music white boy
    Lay down the boogie and play that funky music till you die
    Till you die, ya
    Till you die…”


    Now it’s so much better…

    • manbearpig says:

      Well, when I hear things are getting worse I listen to this song and generally feel better:


      Aleikum Salaam hey!

      • alexandre says:

        No fear. Did you watch the Larken Rose video someone posted I think yesterday?

        This one:

        It’s a contrast to what Corbett did in this one. Or is it? Not that James is fear mongering (one word? “fearmongering”?) but watching Corbett you get kind of worried, and watching Larken it’s the opposite. He says Martial Law will never ever happen because “they don’t have the resources to do it even if they wanted to”. I really love Larken, but … is he wrong this time? dot dot dot Or are they talking about different things? My mind is not working properly.

        What, gone to bed already? So early? Damn…

  18. Noman says:


    I live in Telengana a state in India. Here things are going crazy, Hyderabad(capital of state) is a first survillence city of India. Every inch of the city is covered with cameras and now in wake of Coronovirus Telengana state is sharing it’s survillence system with centre(national government).

    During last parliamentary session a bill was passed which gives governement unrestricted power of survillence.

  19. JonQ says:

    I mainly follow three people I feel will give an unbiased, “alternate media” perspective on COVID-19, Corbett, Rappoport, and Martensen. Secondarily, C.A. Fitts.

    Rappoport, IMO, wants us to believe this is another Big Pharma nothing burger, psyop for putting more money in their pockets but doesn’t write about if there’s an economic meltdown, how is Big Pharma going to get blood from a stone?

    Martensen seems genuinely afraid this is a pandemic on the scale of the Spanish flu if precautions are not taken and doesn’t seem to care about individual rights being temporarly trampled on.

    Corbett seems to lean that this event is a tune up for a return to feudalism and freedoms being taken away, step by step. COVID-19 being another brick in the wall.

    I don’t know what to believe? Are the elite really that smart that they can put forth an agenda that they all believe in with a minimum of infighting? I don’t think so. Yet the laws and executive orders are there for all to see. I think it may be a happy coincidence that enables the govt’s of the world to work on whatever plan they have for, what’s the lyric in that Leonard Cohen song, “The Future”: “Give me absolute control over every living soul,” or just a cover for blaming an economic crisis on a pandemic instead of their own malfeasance.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      Scroll to the top of this THREAD to see Corbett Member hugh.m ‘s comment.
      Under it, is a link which links to another link regarding STATISTICS & TESTING.
      There is a SUB-THREAD starting at replies to a comment with the label
      The Math ain’t right!
      SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus COVID-19

      Even Chris Martenson is mentioned on that thread line.

      While sometimes Chris Martenson relays important information, I do not cotton to
      his alarmist perspective
      nor his views of how “technocratic authoritarian controls of society” are a solution.
      Chris also displays a pro-vaccine stance as a solution and seems an advocate towards conventional medicine (which is a failure to American health).

      I want to also point out that Google / YouTube has been feeding Chris Martenson videos to folks as a “recommended”.
      There is a reason.
      It is not because Chris is promoting a cure for the Coronavirus.

      What if there was a cure?
      A simple solution to the Coronavirus?
      Would YouTube promote it?

      Well, in my eyes, there is a simple solution for the virus.
      That can easily be whipped.

      Unfortunately, there is not a simple solution for government and corporate authoritarian control.

      Here is one anecdote of how I reached out to Chris Martenson.

      See Corbett Member mkey‘s comment under hugh.m.
      “… awareness.
      And intelligence, but the two should not be collated.”

    • mkey says:

      Why choose to believe anything? Look at presented facts and ask yourself, what’s missing. What do they expect to believe and why?

      Maybe we have to choose to believe things that are beyond our ability to comprehended (what is mass, how large is the universe, where do we come from, etc etc) but there is no requirement for belief here.

      There’s a bunch of lying psychopaths out there and they are ready to do things you or I would never do. If you need to believe something, start from there.

    • mik says:

      Rappoport is wrong if he really thinks this is nothing burger. This virus can be really really nasty, first hand experience, I’m not surprised people are dying.

      Martensen according to what you are saying is propaganda believer or pusher. Number of deceased doesn’t support comparison with Spanish flu.

      What to believe?
      Mkey’s last paragraph provides good advice. My experience last times is people can’t get the essence of this advice.
      You said coincidence…way to much coincidences last times, in this inflation the word itself lost its meaning.
      All this shit might well be a perfect storm, James’ did excellent job, but the topic could expanded…. it is just Big.

  20. manbearpig says:

    I’ll just leave you with this soothing ballad as I head off into the arms of Morpheus:


    Tomorrow’s another day.

    • mkey says:

      Very appropriate.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      And something even calmer…

      Listen people, become a hermit, self-isolate, but love someone!


    • pearl says:

      Well, I missed your Saturday night tunes, mbp! Great picks!! And I’m going to miss GBW as he takes a break.

      The Beatles’ “Come Together”: LOVE that one!! But I’d never seen the lyrics until you posted them! I feel so much better that my own mondegreens, while hilariously non-nonsensical, make about as much sense.

      Great pick, Fawlty! I do so love the 60s, and that live performance was great!

      As cabin fever intensifies, we mustn’t let them turn us against one another! So in keeping with that sentiment, here’s my musical contribution:


      Love is but a song to sing
      Fear’s the way we die
      You can make the mountains ring
      Or make the angels cry
      Though the bird is on the wing
      And you may not know why
      Come on people now
      Smile on your brother
      Everybody get together
      Try to love one another
      Right now
      Some may come and some may go
      We shall surely pass
      When the one that left us here
      Returns for us at last
      We are but a moment’s sunlight
      Fading in the grass
      Come on people now
      Smile on your brother
      Everybody get together
      Try to love one another
      Right now
      Come on people now
      Smile on your brother
      Everybody get together
      Try to love one another
      Right now
      Come on people now
      Smile on your brother
      Everybody get together
      Try to love one another
      Right now
      If you hear the song I sing
      You will understand (listen!)
      You hold the key to love and fear
      All in your trembling hand
      Just one key unlocks them both
      It’s there at your command
      Come on people now
      Smile on your brother
      Everybody get together
      Try to love one another
      Right now
      Come on people now
      Smile on your brother
      Everybody get together
      Try to love one another
      Right now
      Come on people now
      Smile on your brother
      Everybody get together
      Try to love one another
      Right now

      • manbearpig says:

        Beautiful song Pearl and crucial message. That is, I have to stop being annoyed now when I evoke my thoughts and readings to people who roll their eyes and ask “what’s Corbett put in your head now!?”. I gotta just smile and let it roll off me like an insect on a windscreen… I know it’s reckless and even totally pointless to try to express my opinions on the historical current events we are living through with the other prisoners in my cell but… sometimes it just slips out…

        Did GBW actually mention he was taking a break and I missed it or?

        ya know what I just did? I just somehow switched my keyboard into a qwerty from an azerty! How the heck did I do that??

        • pearl says:

          Yeah, I had a taste of that last week (“I don’t know everything like CORBETT apparently does…”). If I got an eye roll that would piss me off royally; unable to take a long walk, guess I’ll just have to scream into my pillow. I learned a few years ago when debating religion that learning the way things really are is a solitary journey. It’s got to come from within; no amount of arguing will prompt a desire to learn more. Only if something specific happens to them personally will a dying ember of curiosity stand a chance. I’m a loner at heart so I pretty much keep things to myself unless I’m specifically asked about something (which is hardly ever).

          Here’s a portion of CQ’s comment regarding GBW:

          “MBP and HRS, generalbottle washer will be touched to learn that you miss him–especially on a Saturday night, huh? I’ll let him know. A week or so ago, GBW told me he needed to take a break from reading comments and commenting.”

          So, what on earth did you say to drive him away?! 😉


          About that keyboard, ya gotta mind those home keys!!

      • candlelight says:


        One of my most favorites! The entire Youngblood’s album is great. When I hear this song, it tends to well me up a bit.

        I always thought it odd that they were never a very popular band, you know? Not all that much, really. And yet, this song ought to have become a national anthem for peace!

        Thanks for posting it.

  21. Ian Davis says:

    James is spot on about the global nature of this martial law response. Here in the UK we have the fantastic Coronavirus Bill. Let’s look at that little gem.


    1. Enforced Home Detention

    2. Arrest if “suspected” of being ill

    3. Courts to use “video testimonies from custody.”

    4. Enforced medical procedures.

    5. Powers to detain without a warrant.

    6. Powers to make entry into private property without a warrant.

    7. 1 not 2 coroners

    8. Potential Curfew

    The list goes on but I’m sure you get the gist. Then we have the Prime Minister saying it will all be over in 12 weeks but get this, ‘cos here’s the kicker, the sunset clause on this legislation is 2 years.

    That’s right, even when the media induced panic of this fake pandemic dies down (yes it’s fake – see below) the State will retain these powers for two years. It gets better. Most of the clauses stay anyway “pending government review”.

    As for this being fake I think the fact that there appears to be a preventative treatment (chloroquine) that government have known about for more than a month but have done nothing about tells us how much they are focused upon harm minimisation.

    More like excuse maximisation to roll out their fascist state.


    • mkey says:

      Excellent summary and a nice timeline. Gary Busey… erm, Boris Johnson appears to be buying time for a vaccine deployment. Along all the tyrannical agenda.

      “Self insulate” for 18 months and maybe best to stay off the internets for duration, you don’t want any unverified information to mess up your blind belief system.

      • Ian Davis says:

        “Garey Busey”…lol….I’d never noticed before but he does indeed look like him.

        It’s all about the vaccine so they don’t give a damn about actually treating people and I am glad you saw the same as I did from the timeline.

        What really stood out for me was the French decision to “refuse” to trial chloroquine. Given the clinical trials in both China and France, the lab results in Japan, South Korea and elsewhere, the analysis from Stanford an others, their decision not to even trial it seems to be driven by nothing but commercial reasons, as chloroquine is a generic medicine.

        There’s more on that here if your interesrted:


        • mkey says:

          Please be careful with that joke among your friends, I’m sure Gary is stand up guy, he just looks insane. While, on the other hand, Boris’ wits fits his looks.

          I have checked that other link as well, thanks. Later today I’ll prepare a write up and email some of the people in the alternative media scene, maybe they can manage to get some traction through their platforms. These talking points are very convincing in their own right. There is no mention of any of this information in the local media.

          As far as motivation goes, I’d like to exhort you to always look from several angles when looking for motivation. Vaccine is a part of the deal here for sure, but there are certainly may other things at play. The martial law is one great sandbox in itself, they have tried many times to stir up the frenzy during the past decade and this time there’s finally some fruits for them to collect. They know this virus is nothing special, they don’t care about the cures.

          The want to disenfranchise people, to weaken them as much as possible, to make them as tractable as possible and, finally, they want the people to beg for help. To beg these lying psychopathic chronic liars, thieves and mass murderers for help should be below any decent human being.

          • Ian Davis says:

            Yes I think the clear reluctance to trial (repurpose) chloroquine demonstrates a lack of care. There seems little reason to delay trials from a health perspective. Something else is behind that decision. Especially in France where they have point blank refused even to consider trials. However, the situation is similar in the UK with the government remaining tight lipped on the issue.

            I hear what you are saying about the motivation and I think there are many possible drivers behind what we are seeing. Obviously there’s direct control of the population itself. Certainly in France it coincidentally brings an end to the mass, year long Gilet Jaune protests.

            As James has stated, this totalitarian lock down delivers on many levels. Cashless society, universal income, restricted freedom of movement, inability to protest, breakdown in social communication and cohesion, and the reams of economic and monetary changes it will undoubtedly usher in are all strong motivations in and of themselves.

            Yet you hit the nail on the head when you spoke of the demoralisation of the population and the weakening of their resistance to authoritarian change. That appears to be the overarching principle upon which all the other changes will be built.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks Ian!

      • Ian Davis says:

        You’re most welcome.

        It’s all very concerning. I think James is spot on and it is reasonable to suspect there is at least some elements of this alleged pandemic that are deliberately engineered.

        I can see no other rationale for the hesitancy to trial chloroquine. It seems they don’t want to treat it or reduce it’s impact.

    • Ethan Hunter says:

      Man! That is draconian…and the fact that it sunsets after 2 years is alarming!

      Of course, the UK is closer to the “IngSoc” ideal that 1984 talked about.

      That doesn’t mean here in the US it couldn’t get worse.

      I am shocked that my religion has suspended meetings and are complying with the authorities to an extent that I never saw before in my life.

      I am hoping that it is temporary…but as James skillfully put it, this is but a PR campaign to accept even more draconian measures in the future.

      • Ian Davis says:

        Sorry to hear about your church. It seems even observing your faith is verboten.

        I agree with James, there’s nothing temporary about these measures. Once the totalitarian cat is out of the bag there’s no putting it back in.

        In the UK the 2 year sunset clause doesn’t even cover all the powers. I’m still looking at it to figure out which are exempt but detention if they don’t like the look of you is one of them.

        So I suspect once this alleged pandemic has dideddown there will be others meaning the martial law powers stay in force with increasing regularity until everyone accepts them and they have their global dictatorship.

    • manbearpig says:

      ah! I hadnt seen your comment.

      The Off Guardian also wrote an interesting piece about this new legislation.



      “It’s not hard to envision a world where a person can be “detained” on “suspicion of having the virus” when they are perfectly healthy, and their family has all their social media posts about it taken down for spreading “misinformation”…

      …Israel, having suspended Netanyahu’s corruption trial, is now busying itself eradicating some civil liberties. Their proposed use of harvested mobile phone data to track and surveil those possibly infected is the most heartwarming use of illegally gathered private information I can recall…

      …Well-known medical expert Bill Gates did an AMA on Reddit (transcribed here), in which he casually drops some chilling ideas into the conversation:

      “Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.”
      …Perhaps a quick history lesson in “special powers” and “temporary measures”?

      Well, let’s look at the Patriot Act – sweeping, authoritarian changes to the US legal system which were enacted after 9/11 on a “temporary” basis and have been extended and expanded by every President since. It is still very much in place today.

      Or France’s “state of emergency”, granting “special powers” to the police after 2015 shootings in Paris. Those were extended by Hollande for years, until Macron “ended” the State of Emergency by essentially signing those powers into law permanently. They became the “new normal” too…

      …The Guardian alone has had three opinion pieces discussing the “new normal” in less than a week, two of them on the same day. The technocrats and eugenicists are all over it too, barely containing their glee that the “world will never be the same”.

      …the police state they want to birth is a disease with a much higher death-rate than 2%, and it won’t be cured with two-weeks bed-rest. “

    • minnie says:

      I’m really glad that you’ve highlighted the Emergency Coronavirus bill Ian. I’m late to this discussion, as I’ve been out all day (controversial, I know!).

      But one thing that the Guardian missed out of its report (can’t think why!!) is the section on vaccines. This is tucked away near the end of the outline of the bill. The wording is vague, but it seems clear that they are aiming to remove restrictions on mandatory vaccines.


      Search under “vaccination” or “vaccine”.

      The bill also inflates the powers of the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (“snooper’s charter”) while cutting back on other things, such as the number of doctors needed to get someone sectioned under the Mental Health Act, or as you mention, the number of coroners required for establishing the cause of death.

      In fact, the number of measures designed to loosen up controls over death, cremation and burial make me wonder if the aim is to inflate the numbers of deaths attributed to coronavirus.

      No parliamentary vote on this bill. No review of it before 2 years. It’s a sham pretence of government and democracy.

      Oh, and I wrote to my MP four days ago about this, and got the usual standard email back saying that he was too busy to respond.

      • Ian Davis says:

        Yep that Bill is truly dictatorial, full of little gems like opening the door for compulsory vaccination. Personally I strongly suspect the coronavirus vaccine will be compulsory in the UK. Who but crazy conspiracy theorist “antivaxxers” would oppose it?

        The Mental Health gulag system should be useful when it comes to dealing with lunatics who just won’t see things from the State’s persepctive. I too find the loosening of regulations over death procedures highly suspicious.

        As for no vote, the sunset clause and the fact that your MP is just to busy I believe they call it representative democracy. Representing what is the question because it certainly isn’t us.

        All the best Minnie

        • minnie says:

          I think the opposition to mandatory vaccination could be stronger than they think… but we’ll see. I’m fully expecting to be a “social leper” soon. But there are worse situations.

  22. taoss says:

    The following from Suspicious 0bservers today’s broadcast

    DoD Says Flu Vaccine Makes You Susceptible to Coronavirus:

    This article says that vaccinations work on the flu and RSV, but it does that interference thing for a certain one its cousins that’s in all the papers these days. That is the flu vaccine makes you more susceptible to the coronavirus. Thanks for that little gem, DoD, and Thanks, big pharma, “you are the gift that keeps on giving”.

    Receiving influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as virus interference. Test-negative study designs are often utilized to calculate influenza vaccine effectiveness. The virus interference phenomenon goes against the basic assumption of the test-negative vaccine effectiveness study that vaccination does not change the risk of infection with other respiratory illness, thus potentially biasing vaccine effectiveness results in the positive direction. This study aimed to investigate virus interference by comparing respiratory virus status among Department of Defense personnel based on their influenza vaccination status. Furthermore, individual respiratory viruses and their association with influenza vaccination were examined.

    We compared vaccination status of 2880 people with non-influenza respiratory viruses to 3240 people with pan-negative results. Comparing vaccinated to non-vaccinated patients, the adjusted odds ratio for non-flu viruses was 0.97 (95% confidence interval (CI): 0.86, 1.09; p = 0.60). Additionally, the vaccination status of 3349 cases of influenza were compared to three different control groups: all controls (N = 6120), non-influenza positive controls (N = 2880), and pan-negative controls (N = 3240). The adjusted ORs for the comparisons among the three control groups did not vary much (range: 0.46-0.51).

    Receipt of influenza vaccination was not associated with virus interference among our population. Examining virus interference by specific respiratory viruses showed mixed results. Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus; however, significant protection with vaccination was associated not only with most influenza viruses, but also parainfluenza, RSV, and non-influenza virus coinfections.

    Continue reading…

  23. cbmpfi says:


    The original Episode #86 does not seem to be available on your site. When I search or it and play that old episode, what comes up is the updated version with the excerpt that you put out last week.

    • CQ says:


      Yeah, I encountered the same problem when I watched the #086 video, so I tried listening to the audio instead. Sure enough, you can catch the entire episode there. For the first 11 1/2 minutes, James gives a rundown of “real news.” Then he launches into the medical martial law material. After we finish listening, we’ll be prepped for the latest MML episode, which sure is jam-packed with show notes, isn’t it?!

      MBP and HRS, generalbottle washer will be touched to learn that you miss him–especially on a Saturday night, huh? I’ll let him know. A week or so ago, GBW told me he needed to take a break from reading comments and commenting.

      Of course, the other possible reason he’s been absent of late is that the chem trails in Tulsa and the resulting gray streaks (feigning natural cloud formations) and rain have been utterly depressing.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        CQ of the Houston area says:
        “A week or so ago, GeneralBottleWasher told me he needed to take a break from reading comments and commenting.

        Of course, the other possible reason he’s been absent of late is that the chem trails in Tulsa and the resulting gray streaks (feigning natural cloud formations) and rain have been utterly depressing.”

  24. EmmyA says:

    Wow James… Excellent comprehensive report! I unfortunately think you nailed this one. I know you don’t like to put those theories out there (1:01) but I couldn’t help but think the exactly same thing when my mom started dancing for joy because Trump’s going to save us with his new repurposed anti-malaria drug that will mitigate and even “block the virus”. It reminded me of the V for Vendetta scene where “Lockwood” breaks it down “But not long after the election, lo and behold, a miracle. Some believed it was the work of God Himself, but it was a pharmaceutical company controlled by certain party members…” Army reserves will come make sure everyone has the “cure”, food and water and the people will accept their enslavement with open arms. SEE!!!! marshal law wasn’t so bad! it would have been a lot worse without it ?God help us cause we have a very big problem. At times like this I am so grateful for you and the rest of the alternative media sounding the alarm and laying it out rationally. Also I feel so lucky to scroll threw the comment section and read all the excellent commentary from some of the smartest people out there ❤️God Love the Corbett Report and all the Corbetteers! Thank you for a wonderful community ❤️


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      White House YouTube Channel
      Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing
      of Friday March 20th, 2020

      Hydroxychloroquine sulfate (HCQ)
      and/or/or not
      chloroquine (CQ) phosphate

      – HCQ –
      Trump and Fauci lightly ‘spar’ in a sideways fashion under the kitchen table.
      The FDA is praised. Bayer is praised.
      Authoritarianism ranks as king over personal anecdotal observations.

      (Video starts right after Trump poo-poos Share BuyBacks with Corporate Bailouts…which was part of the corporate bubble for years.)

      • manbearpig says:

        Hey HRS, I know I’m an incorrigible attention seeker but I confess I really am wondering what folks think about this little factoid I’d posted about hydroxychloroquine the other day on the most recent NWNW page:

        “While hydroxychloroquine has long been available without a prescription, a January 13th order changed the law. It is now “in all its forms” classified “on list II of poisonous substances”. This means that, for about two months now, a doctor’s prescription has been indispensable for patients wishing to obtain it…”

        this new status of the substance was incredibly fortuitous timing for Sanofi…kind of as if they knew in advance it would be used to treat this corona con…?


        “…Article 1

        Hydroxychloroquine in all its forms is included in List II of Poisonous Substances.

        “Article 2

        The Director General for Health and the Director General of the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products shall each be responsible, in so far as he is concerned, for the implementation of this Order, which shall be published in the Official Journal of the French Republic.

        Done on 13 January 2020…”

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Thanks for highlighting that!

          ManBearPig’s post
          “Why did Buzyn have chloroquine classified as a “poisonous substance” on January 13, 2020?

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            An interesting, but long article…

            Published: 08:32 EDT, 20 March 2020 | Updated: 08:53 EDT, 20 March 2020
            Only US company that makes anti-malaria drug touted by Donald Trump as a possible coronavirus treatment DOUBLED the price as the disease was ravaging China (but insists it was just ‘coincidence’)

            ~~ Chloroquine is being fast-tracked as a coronavirus treatment after studies including in France showed positive outcomes in patients
            ~~ Only one US company, New Jersey’s Rising Pharmaceuticals, makes the drug
            ~~ In January, as virus was crippling China, it almost doubled the price overnight
            ~~ Firm insisted that the rise was ‘coincidental’ and it has since reversed it…
            … …
            … But its side effects are still not to be dismissed…

            … If it’s used long-term, the treatment can irreversibly damage the retina, as signalled by trouble focusing, streaks of flashes of light in patients’ vision and eye swelling or color changes…

            …Its side effects can even be deadly.

            The drug can cause strange, bad and vivid dreams and difficulty sleeping.

            Taking hydrochloronoquine can also cause your heart to race, trigger headache, fainting, severe dizziness, nausea, a slow heart rate or weak pulse, muscle weakness, numbness and tingly, anxiety and irritability and low blood counts…

            …Because it is already on the market and FDA approved for other uses, hydroxychloroquine can be more easily used off-label, so long as patients qualify to receive it under the Compassionate Use Act.

            That may mean prescriptions of the drug will only be approved for use in the most severely ill patients, although Hahn did not specify the criteria for prescribing hydroxoychloroquine to coronavirus patients….

  25. Steve Smith says:

    I wonder what I am going to do when they come to the door. I tell myself that I won’t comply unless I have a gun to my head but I still wonder. I asked my wife if she would accept the vaccine if she were threatened and she couldn’t be sure either.
    I want to believe that I have the courage of my convictions but my convictions have never been tested in the way I believe they might be soon.
    Not a real upside either way. Put up a pitiful fight standing up for our rights and likely die leaving a widow in her sixties. Or submit like a coward and live a life of shame.
    I don’t have any desire to be a martyr and I have no urge to be an example but I have been thinking that this time might be the now-or-never event.
    I don’t think that there is any going back to normal after this.
    I wonder what I am going to do when they come for my gun.

  26. Noahsark723 says:

    This message is passing around to people in my area – it may be something to take seriously or could be some joker behind it. Given the nature of what we already know to be the case I thought I share it here. Has anyone else come across this or have any info as to its origin?

    The message is as follows…


    My son just got this from his contact at FEMA. He works for the City of LA Records Management

    Please take heed…
    Homeland security is preparing to mobilize the national guard.

    Preparing to dispatch them across the US along with military.
    they will also call in 1st responders.

    they are preparing to announce a nationwide
    2 week quarantine for all citizens,
    All businesses closed.

    Everyone at home.

    They will announce this as soon as they have troops in place to help prevent looters and rioters…

    they will announce before the end of the weekend,

    within 48 to 72 Hours the president will evoke what is called the “Stafford Act”

    The president will order a two week mandatory quarantine for the nation.

    Stock up on whatever you need to make sure you have a two week supply of everything.

    Please forward to your family/friends.


    • Herbert Pamminger says:

      i’m sure it’s gonna come like this in the us as well, i dont think though that you have to fear to not get food or medication, i feel like they want you to have a nice experience with this whole thing. in austria everybody went shoping like crazy the last week, but we get ensured from all sides that shops will be open and supplied, and since now thats true, and i dont see it happening, in fact there are actions taken to stabilize those deliverychains, pumping up warehouses etc.

    • Noahsark723 says:

      To answer my own question – the “trusty” fools over at fox news had this article posted:


      Now it may be true and they want to catch the people off guard and are saying that it is a rumor – or it could be bullshit. It is still up in the air for me at this point…

    • Noahsark723 says:

      No one else has anything to say about this?

      Any ideas with supporting links?

  27. Herbert Pamminger says:

    First of all, great work as always James, thanks so much.

    I’m just gonna tell my personal experience so far with this whole thing here:

    I’m living in Wels, Austria. Things got serious around here about a week ago, meaning that many companies (including mine) stopped working, people went to supermarkets and stole toiletpaper out of eachothers carts since they feared soon they might have to wash their butt with water. some areas in tirol (close to italian border) are under complete lockdown, meaning people can go shopping and to doctors etc if they need to, but they have to do so in there own towns and not go somewhere else. military and police are controling the streets, if you cant show via official paperwork that yout trip is totaly neccessary you get sent home right now, we’ll see where that goes… meeting friends and having parties is forbidden all over austria, they blew up some student parties the last week, looks like many of them are getting in real trouble.

    But since the fear of the virus beeing close to italy, with many austrians going there regularly etc. is really big, everybody here thinks its great that our goverment is acting quick and swift. i actually feel like it unifies “our country” again, since “we” have been totaly split up into two parties by refugeecrisis, climatestuff and whathaveyou. and thats where the real danger comes in: that worstcase scenario you dont even want to talk about, its going to come like this in austria 100%, people are feeling great about the goverments actions right now, stay at home semi-voluntarely, and after this emergency state or whatever the official terminology is people will for sure remember it as something positive and bonding

    • manbearpig says:

      Do you guys enthousiastically applaud your nation’s medical personnel at 8 pm sharp every evening?
      And there’s the evening Window/Balcony Cocktails!
      Sure makes the whole thing seem “positive and bonding”.

      As I was heading out with my son yesterday to do some grocery shopping my rather elderly and dignified neighbor asked us solemnly if we had our authorization certificates. There was nothing sarcastic in his tone.
      It was truly creepy.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks Herbert!

  28. Octium says:

    Yes, this is serious.

    No, I don’t think this a good time try and wake the masses to martial law. I have experienced how difficult that is to do on a normal day, now that they are panicked you are wasting your resources and only putting yourself in danger.

    We are out gunned in the infowar.

    A much better strategy would be to try and “flatten out the curve” of martial law with targeted assassinations of the ring leaders behind the NWO. We know their names and who they are (back episodes of the Corbet report lists them). The list could be shorted to about 100 key people.

    We know that revolutions as such are counter productive, but organastions such the CIA have show us that selective, surgical style assassinations do work at achieving their goals.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I don’t like the ass word on the boards…it is probably not a good idea, especially considering the cost of insurance against other factors…,
      …but until recent months I did not know what a Thunderbox was.
      Great descriptive…the word Thunderbox.
      Down Under, Australian, has a whole new English language.

    • Noahsark723 says:

      I agree with you Octium the people have had almost 19 years to wake up and they have choose ignorance now we are heading into the end game. Here they are trying to make the people into the diseased, but in reality the true disease is the minds and psychology of the elite – they are the source of all of the problems on this earth either directly or indirectly.

      On the subject of surgical strikes. This is something that I have had in mind for some years now; but if conducted the individual must know that it would most likely be a kommakazi mission, unless it was well planned through and through; and still it could turn out kommakazi none the less. Then the other thing to consider is also that they could turn it around on the whole research community and use it as an excuse to crack down on the truth tellers. They have the upper hand in so many ways.

      The list of culprits none the less should be made in all its detail because at the end of this night that is setting upon us will be a new day; not as these shithead elites have planned, but towards the day that we as a people of this earth can set up a great council of sentinels and researchers, and set forth the great judgement on these wicked bastards with all of the evidence.

      Also it would be better to take these people prisoner and interrogate them to find out everything we can so as to route out the hidden vampires.

      But for now – I would say patience – when the time comes there are so many guns in America that when they drop the hammer they better be ready for a bloodbath. Sure many areas will be taken but there is going to be an uprising!

      I was hoping to avoid this with knowledge but the people have failed themselves and the rest of us in their ignorance – so it goes – bigger judgement!!!

      Babylon Judgement!!!


  29. alexandre says:

    Fantastic episode. Things fall into place in my head easier thanks to James’ synthesis, even if an ongoing incomplete one. That’s why we support and love this bastard.

    I’m often propelled to say something about the military dictatorship in Brazil (and Argentina, Chile and the whole of L.America) like saying “we’ve been there, so here’s what you do”, but somehow it doesn’t work. It would, at most, come out as arrogant. One thing that I can say is that I get surprised by things that seem obvious, but not to non-Latins (as Bush would say). Since I was born in 64, the year of the coup, we could say I never lived in real freedom, or at least the illusion of it. I mean, I thought that was it, what freedom? I go to the store and back, isn’t that freedom? Some times you get pulled over and asked for papers, then you give them, they look at it, look at you, give them back and that’s it. What’s the big deal? I carry my “papers” with me since I got them when I was 18 – mainly the ID card – and when the police asks, I never met anyone in my life who ever dreamed of saying anything like “for what reason, officer?” The idea that you are not required to have your ID with you or give it to the police never existed. I only heard such concepts from the US – don’t know how it is in Europe.
    Maybe I’m feeling like the guy in prison, locked up for 50 years, watching the new people coming in, just observing as they talk weird, like “my rights” or “the constitution”. From that perspective, Corbett’s advice to not normalize this thing is a big one, because when it gets normalized, it means it’s out of your brain completely. In a sense it’s that philosophical problem; if a tree falls and there’s no one around, how do we know it made a sound? Maybe that’s not good. Erm…how can you know what you don’t know? How can you miss what you don’t know exists? One thing that hit me like lightning was my first trip to France. The way I was treated there, mainly like a human being – an adult individual – took me to tears, because I never felt that before in the flesh. But I didn’t know, so I didn’t suffer. Only when I felt it I could realize we’re treated like adolescent vermin all the time, and that’s not normal. But I didn’t know, so vermin was my normal. Maybe it doesn’t look like it, but normalization is a big big thing. Maybe the biggest.

  30. alexandre says:

    I don’t know about reptilians and David Icke sure sounds mad there, but on the other hand….


  31. zyxzevn says:

    and carry a towel..

    There is an extensive fear reaction on this virus,
    AND to the measures that are taken to contain the virus and us.

    Just stay calm, and understand that the countries like the US
    and the EU have been under martial law for a long time.
    We just had build a society around it.
    Now it gets more visible.

    See this as an opportunity to change things by making people aware.

    Solutions for the virus is simple:
    1. Prevent infections.
    2. Use Chloroquine for serious infections.
    3. Use masks etc. for treating people.

    Link for Chloroquine
    (70 years old anti-malaria medicine / probably no patents)

    You can make your own mask, using salt to disinfect the droplets..
    Indeed it is like a fine threaded towel that was in salted water.


    1. Help people to move away from panic.

    Most people who are in fear, want to know about Chloroquine.
    That takes away the deep fear for death.
    Suggest people to stop smoking, eat healthy etc.
    Don’t overdo it.

    2. Make people aware of draconian and permanent measures.

    Most people understand that the measures dont need to be permanent.
    It may be harder to understand why the measures are draconian,
    but you can talk about censorship and spying.
    And the limitless use of military in other countries.

    3. Make people aware that they can still do work and do a business.

    Working at home can be fun.
    Grow your own food in your garden.
    Teach your children.

    4. Help people so you can build a community
    Make it clear that you want to have a small support
    group in the community.
    A small community does not get infected, as long
    there is no outside physical contact.
    Get local food.

    Help old people that need assistance.
    Maybe they are afraid to go to the shop.

    Any other suggestions?

  32. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Published on Mar 21, 2020 – Saturday
    The White House
    Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing


  33. spoonful says:

    I was in Boston 2013 marathon time during the martial law crackdown when the dangerous stoner kid and his brother were at large. Although there was supposedly a policeman murdered and a shootout right across the river from where I live, I didn’t hear a thing that night. One police car with its siren would shriek right through me, let alone a hundred cop cars. Then after the kid got away and they sent the army and tanks in to get him and shoot him while he was in the boat, the tanks and army trucks all rolled down the city streets to cheers. That was the day my once great city died

  34. alexandre says:

    After downloading the video I was renaming it to “Marshall Law”.

  35. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Hours ago, I came here just to make one comment of an ANECDOTE.
    Now, I finally will, so I can go to bed. 😉

    Friday – March 20th – I got fired from my job

    Even though I was relatively slow at my job site, a donation drop-off point, the grocery store in the parking lot was packed with cars again.
    Shoppers and Clerks seemed more stressed, worn and almost irritable than in previous days.

    All the schools are out, so I would occasionally see Mom or Dad pull up with kids in the car. The McDonalds 200 feet away had the sitting area blocked off – no dine-in. When I cashed a personal check at the bank Friday morning so I would have more cash on hand, the teller and I exchanged stories about people wanting cash and how sometimes the banks run short of bills when it is out-of-the-norm withdrawals.

    Before work, I had texted by boss and her boss that I would be in late to my location. I waited for the Opening Bell on Wall Street, so I could make some judgment calls on buying/selling/maneuvering gold/silver mining stock funds in my small Brokerage account via my home computer.
    Then I headed to work.

    Mid-day, while I was boxing up some donated items and stacking the pod, I see by Boss’s Boss pull up. He comes over.
    I am cheery and give him a happy greeting while I am working.
    He enters the pod.
    Which lets me know, something is up…I could be in trouble, perhaps for chiding a donor who mixed steak knives with urine soaked clothing…or whatever else this ole curmudgeon will sometimes say to donors who don’t respect the safety of others.
    I’ve been known to say to a donor: “What’s that smirk on your face for?” in response to a look I am given after explaining safety and contamination guidelines on how to bring donated goods.

    The Boss’s Boss finally said:
    “I have some bad news. Effective today you are no longer employed.”
    He goes on with details and that all of us grunts at different locations around the Dallas area are being let go. He wanted to come by personally for a face-to-face, not by phone.

    I knew the layoff would be coming. The economics, because of the authoritarian mandates, will kill the revenue stream of this private billion dollar a year company which stretches across North America, from both coasts, and from Texas to Alberta, Canada.
    (Money can be made from used goods across the re-sale and recycle streams.)

    Later, my Boss calls me at home. She did not know about the layoffs, until a fellow worker called her complaining “Why didn’t you warn me?”

    I am fine with it. I expected it eventually.
    I have been pretty busy lately. More busy now in many ways.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Unemployment Benefits

      I should say something about these. Different States have different rules on obtaining unemployment benefits. Having been an employer who once had to let employees go, I know a few things.

      In Texas, and likely most other states, employers are required to purchase insurance via the state. The insurance is the fund from which the state makes these unemployment payments.
      Basically business are required to put money into a big pot.
      From that pot, the state pays out unemployment.
      Texas has a formula on how to derive how much money a person gets, and for how long.
      Unemployment payments from the State eventually dry up…they don’t last forever, and in fact, don’t last all that long.

      Fired, Furloughed, or Hours cut down – even Part-Time Workers
      More often than not, even a person who finds their hours are cut can possibly qualify for some type of unemployment.
      I know…When as an employer, I once cut the hours of a very part-time employee.
      I spent a few hours on the phone with the Texas Workforce Commission about the whole ordeal after finding out about the unemployment claim.

    • manbearpig says:

      Gosh. What a fabulous gift for the first day of Spring…

    • mkey says:

      I somewhat appreciate the face to face approach. Not many people would do that today, especially without heavy use of euphemisms and PC bullshit. I have never been “let go” but I can certainly envision companies shutting down. My previous company shut down, I resigned preemptively so that experience is under my belt.

      The current company I’m currently working for seems to be in a decent shape, but these IT companies can flop rather quickly. When economy really starts to contract, everything will contract with it. As value stored in everything goes down everyone will feel that. But that’s just a perk that comes with globalism, isn’t it?

      Oh yes, unemployment benefits over here. Firstly, it’s not like the employer pays the insurgence, you pay for it 🙂 Anyway, the average pay here is something like 850€. You have a right for 9 months benefits (I think it was 9). First three months you get max 70% of the average (or your pay if yours was lower, capped at 70% of the average) and for the remainder of the duration you get a max of 35%.

      The monthly insurance is something above 20€.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Globalism Benefits

        mkey says:
        “When economy really starts to contract, everything will contract with it.
        As value stored in everything goes down everyone will feel that.
        But that’s just a perk that comes with globalism, isn’t it?”

    • pearl says:

      Knowing you, your absence will be sadly felt at the organization but I have a feeling you are destined for greater things these days ahead. Your neighbors are lucky to have you.

  36. Noman says:

    [SNIP – Please do not post links without titles or explanatory texts to let people know why they should be clicking on them. -JC]

  37. manbearpig says:

    Oh is that what Jupiter meant by the tightening of controls!? Let’s here it for the Curfew precedent!:

    21 mars 2020 / 15:23 / il y a 17 heures

    “…TOULOUSE (Reuters) – The cities of Perpignan in the Pyrénées-Orientales and Béziers in the Hérault region announced Saturday that, in view of the health situation, a curfew would be introduced in their communes with immediate effect.

    In Perpignan, the curfew is in place between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. until 1 April (to mark the April Fools joke effect).

    “This decision implies the imperative obligation for everyone to remain at home at these times. It is therefore forbidden to circulate, by any means whatsoever, on the territory of the town between 8pm and 6am”, said the prefecture of this department where 25 patients are currently hospitalized, 15 of whom are in intensive care.

    Friday evening, the Pyrénées-Orientales deplored five deaths.

    In Béziers, the same bans will be imposed on the population between 10pm and 5am…”


    but Airbus is back to work tomorrow! “aahh!”

    Partial resumption of activity on Monday at Airbus in France and Spain
    Reuters Staff

    21 mars 2020 / 18:43 / il y a 13 heures

    “TOULOUSE (Reuters) – Airbus, which decided Tuesday to suspend production and assembly activities at its French and Spanish plants for four days, hopes to resume partial activity on Monday at all its sites in France and Spain, the European aircraft manufacturer said Saturday…”

    thanks Reuters and Deepl!

  38. Ethan Hunter says:

    Question: Here in the U.S…what can we do if the government – either federal, state, county, or municipal – decides to do mandatory vaccinations?

    Is there any report or documentation on how we can push back on that?

    I know under normal habeas corpus “rights” we can push back…but if habeas corpus is suspended under martial law…what can we do?

    Also, just wanted to share James Jaeger’s new documentary on Agenda 21 that is in two parts…and features some good ole greats that are familiar in the alternative media such as G. Edward Griffin, Rosa Koire, Mark Passio, et. al.

    The links are as follows…check them out! The editing is not bad and the presentation is fascinating…the only down points I would say are some of the cornball music moments and sligthly right-leaning (from a U.S. standpoint) political flavoring…other than that a good doc!

    Part I: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hX0Kv_ndftc

    Part II: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=104NuFnnaEk

    • Noahsark723 says:

      “Question: Here in the U.S…what can we do if the government – either federal, state, county, or municipal – decides to do mandatory vaccinations?”

      You have to decide what you are going to do for yourself but consider the vaccine may very well be the new nazi gas chamber designed to kill. When bill “hells” gates made the comment that they have a solution for “overpopulation” and that one of those solutions are vaccines. You better realize that with this vaccine they have coming that the culling of the population is what they are planning on doing.

      Think about it – there is all of this climate change bullshit retoric going on while they are spaying the sky all over the planet, which is why the weather has gotten crazy, it is just another planetary problem-reaction-solution senario; none the less — they are talking — we have to do something and they have a plan in place: see spiros report here:

      Then you see the controlled created exstinction rebellion which is nothing more than the creation of a modern death cult, see truth streams report on this:

      This is it my brother and you and everyone else has to make the decision for yourself – you better know that they are coming to kill us. Are you going to lay down because there is no so-called legal route to take here, no judge or police to call to help you.

      In the end we all pass away and as far as I am concerned there is no death life is eternal — who we are at the core – our spirit — lives on.

      None the less – when one realizes that we all die and that those in power are coming to kill us – then one comes to realization that in this situation we really have nothing to lose. Stand up I would say and never bow to tyrants or the fools that follow their orders, but again that is your decision to make and yours entirely.

      This isn’t some movie we are watching – this is the agenda that has been reported for all these years now – unfolding before our very eyes. Agenda 21, the geogia guidestones and so on…

      Cursed are those who push a peaceful man towards violence…

      Steel Pulse – Tyrant:

      Babylon the Bandit:

      Mass Manipulation:

  39. manbearpig says:

    “During the night??!” (Maybe that’s why I’m having trouble sleeping!)

    “COVID-19 – France is experiencing its 6th day of containment this Sunday, March 22. During the night, the deputies gave their green light to the state of health emergency bill, a text that authorizes the government to take a series of measures by ordinance to support businesses.
    22 March 07:20 – LCI editorial staff


    Non-compliance with confinement: towards a prison sentence for repeat offenders

    In its version amended by the Assembly, the bill provides for tougher penalties for French citizens who do not comply with the confinement with a fine of 135 euros in case of violation of the rules, 1,500 euros in case of a repeat offence “within 15 days” and in the case of “four violations within 30 days” an offence “punishable by a fine of 3,700 euros and a maximum of six months in prison”.


    Annoyed by the presence in the streets of too many people while confinement is decreed in an attempt to contain the covid-19 epidemic, nephrologist Anne-Sophie Verhoeven, who works at the Bichat hospital in Paris, insisted on calling the French to order.

    “Respect our work!” the alarm call of a doctor tired of seeing her fellow citizens in the streets.”


    According to an Ifop poll for the JDD released Sunday, 84% of respondents said they were worried about the coronavirus outbreak, ten points higher than last week. Among them, 35% say they are “very worried”.

    64 % of them believe that “the government has hidden some information”…


    In an interview with the JDD, to be published on Sunday 22 March, the head of state called on the French to remain “united” while the health crisis remains uncertain.

    Worried, he assured that France “will face an unprecedented financial crisis, a crisis of the real economy”. In front of him, an emergency: “Protecting the weakest, our seniors, and then our health system itself. But also to take care of the whole society, its stress and its ability to live through this pandemic as a nation.”


  40. manbearpig says:

    Just for the record:

    Medical martial law moves forward in France with friendly face of savior:

    “Coronavirus: the army in reinforcement, in France and elsewhere

    Published on : 21/03/2020 – 14:21Modified on : 22/03/2020 – 08:04

    This Saturday morning, a new military plane took off from the base of Istres, in the south of France. Its destination: Mulhouse. It is the second flight of this type this week, the second flight of an A330 Phénix MRTT for a medical evacuation. Last Wednesday, for the first time in France, the aircraft, in its so-called “Morphée” configuration, evacuated six patients from the intensive care unit of the Mulhouse hospital to Marseille and Toulon.

    During this second air medical evacuation this Saturday, six new patients were taken care of by the Brittany squadron. This time, the patients were flown to Bordeaux, freeing up valuable beds in the overflowing intensive care units of the Grand Est hospital services.

    A military field hospital in Mulhouse

    The Army Health Service will open this Sunday in Mulhouse a military field hospital, a modular structure under tent, which can accommodate thirty resuscitation beds, supervised by a hundred or so army medical staff.

    For its part, the French Navy is also deploying major resources. The amphibious helicopter carrier Tonnerre, a multi-role ship equipped with a hospital, will set sail this Sunday from Toulon to the port of Ajaccio, in Corsica.

    The helicopter carrier will transfer a dozen patients to the mainland, where some 117 beds, including 40 resuscitation beds, have been made available to patients in five military hospitals.”


  41. manbearpig says:

    in honor of the last fading traces of Saturday night on this planet and dedicated to the coronavirus:


    …there is superstition,
    the devil’s on his way…

  42. ronor says:

    Great video. So much good information in one place.
    If this disease is so contagious why aren’t the slums in India and the camps of refugees and such places filled with dying and dead?

  43. d.meg says:

    Dear conspiracy realists

    It ist always a good idea to check additional voices from directly affected people.
    Here a good inside view provided by the, in Europe well respected, Swiss Propaganda Research Project.
    A Swiss medical doctor provided the following information on the current situation in order to enable our readers to make a realistic risk assessment

    According to the latest data of the Italian National Health Institute ISS, the average age of the positively-tested deceased in Italy is currently about 81 years. 10% of the deceased are over 90 years old. 90% of the deceased are over 70 years old.
    read more at:


  44. toj says:


    “…In times of emergency, of course the gov’t must protect the people from themselves…”
    “The Enabling Act (German: Ermächtigungsgesetz) of 1933, formally titled Gesetz zur Behebung der Not von Volk und Reich (“Law to Remedy the Distress of People and Reich”),[1] was an amendment to the Weimar Constitution[citation needed] that gave the German Cabinet—in effect, the Chancellor—the power to enact laws without the involvement of the Reichstag. The Enabling Act gave Hitler plenary powers and followed on the heels of the Reichstag Fire Decree, which had abolished most civil liberties and transferred state powers to the Reich government. The combined effect of the two laws was to transform Hitler’s government into a legal dictatorship. The act passed in both the Reichstag and Reichsrat on 23 March 1933.”

    “An enabling act is a piece of legislation by which a legislative body grants an entity which depends on it (for authorization or legitimacy) the power to take certain actions. For example, enabling acts often establish government agencies to carry out specific government policies in a modern nation. The effects of enabling acts from different times and places vary widely.”
    Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enabling_Act_of_1933

  45. rc_s says:

    I saw the X-rays of the lungs, in the TLAV stream, of covid 19 and pneumonia from the electronic cigarette. There is a stain. It could be some kind of chemical warfare agent. Virulence can be increased by this chemical agent. It may be the use by direct marketing of a substance that previously was only used in productive activities. So it’s a chemical biological war.

  46. donnaj says:

    Pompeo said, this is an exercise?


  47. asavetmd says:

    As of yesterday China had zero internal new cases for 3 days.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I hold that statistic as suspect.

      It is almost as if China is WHO’s poster child for pandemics.
      A model to follow.

      Time and again on the comment boards, I have mentioned that this China “draconian quarantine measures” set a precedent, a model for the world.
      And, of course, China’s actions rippled into a global economic scenario.

      Something smells. I don’t think it is the Wuhan fish market.

  48. HomeRemedySupply says:

    With an IQ over 80,
    ANYONE can figure this out…
    Anyone can project the restrictive government quarantine consequences.

    Think about it…

    One authoritarian extreme is to have EVERYONE completely self-isolate for 2 or 3 weeks to stop the spread of the coronavirus.
    So what happens after 3 weeks of quarantine?
    The Authorities give the “All Clear” and folks return to their life routines of being in contact with others.

    Did the coronavirus completely disappear?
    It is silly thinking to believe that the virus is now suddenly ‘gone’ from the planet.

    The whole contagion will start up again once the gates open.
    It could be this year or next.

    It is very evident that “quarantines” are not going to stop people from getting sick. Quarantines may slow the momentum of contagion, but the “virus contagion potential” will linger.

    I encourage folks to view
    “Burn Rate
    A Government’s Outline for “Burn Rate” and Herd Immunity
    From ‘no quarantine’ to ‘strict quarantine’”


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Failure of Conventional Medicine has helped create this ‘CRISIS PANIC’

      I contend that if there were effective, well known health methods to combat COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 / Coronavirus, then all the hoopla and panic would not be occurring.

      The problem is that Conventional Medicine has never had any great tools with which to combat a virus.
      In the past, if you had a viral cold or the viral flu, Doc would tell the patient to stay at home and get over it.
      At times, the Doc might prescribe antibiotics in order to prevent any type of bacterial infection. Doc might prescribe drugs to help make the patient “feel more comfortable”.
      But Doc doesn’t have an anti-viral weapon. Not conventionally.

      I contend that Conventional Medicine has failed for decades when it comes to viruses.
      Yet, still, during this CRISIS, the vast majority of the public are relying upon conventional medicine and the government to solve COVID-19.

      Conventional Medicine. Look at the health stats of Americans…ugly.
      And so now, “Conventional Medicine” is going to “bail out” Americans from the juju coronavirus?

      In the alternative health arena, and with Grandma’s common sense, there are all types of methods which an individual can do which authentically address viruses.
      A no-brainer is for a person just to keep the immune system in good shape. But you don’t hear this from Trump’s Health Task Force.

      Anyway, the alternative medical camp has long been addressing viruses and with great success.

  49. haros says:

    First post on CorbetReport.com, so nice to meet you all. I have been reading for a long time your comments and I am happy to see, in general, a little space of sanity in the internet world.

    James has said in at least a couple of videos that people would be delighted to see confinements in their country to solve this crisis and he ABSOLUTELY nailed it. I am Spanish and we have been in a quarantine for a week, and today the president has prolonged this mesure for two more weeks (added to the remaining week, so 3 weeks more in total). I am not lying: I don’t know a single person who don’t see this measure like an attack against our freedom. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Also Corbett was right on saying that people would shamelessly point with their finger (or their cameras) to anybody who is against the narrative: many people upload pictures to internet of this people begging the Police/Government to fine them as hard as they can.

    I find this situation very difficult, and I am sure that many of you too. It is like a direct war between “We” and “I”. There are three books which come to my mind right now, which explains quite well some of the problems we are facing, apart of the most obvious dystopias: “We” by Yevgeny Zamyatin, “This perfect day” by Ira Levin and “Anthem” by Ayn Rand.

    The problem is that we are not fighting (at least in our minds) against the Government: we are fighting against friends, family and even against ourselves. Just think about it: what will happend when they set up mandatory vaccionations and we don’t want to be abused in that way? In the eyes of these people we will be the crazy ones which will put everybody in danger.

    To finish this post, I would like to put the link of a video I found months or years ago in this website, because it has great points, and maybe you haven’t watched it or you had forgotten about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuf9d3sci-w


    PS: confiments are much worst when you have a neighbour playing 24/7 the same song Pirates of the Caribbean!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I chuckled at that last line (PS).

      Which country are you in?

      • haros says:

        Hola, HRS!

        I almost feel that I know you a little after reading so many of your comments :).

        I am glad that you chuckled at my comment. Two days ago I was feeling happy because he started to play Bohemian Rhapsody but it was a false alarm: he came back to the song I mentioned.

        I’m from Spain and I live here. We can only get out to supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals and places like that. There are people complaining (and this is not a joke) about others going to buy bread everyday. Maybe they prefer to stay home forever and just die of starvation…

        And where are you from? I think you are from USA, but I might be wrong.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:


          Yep, I am down here in Texas, currently living in the Dallas area.

          Well I never been to Spain
          But I kinda like the music
          Say the ladies are insane there
          And they sure know how to use it
          They don’t abuse it
          Never gonna lose it
          I can’t refuse it

          Well I never been to England
          But I kinda like the Beatles…

          …Well I never been to heaven
          But I been to Oklahoma
          Well they tell me I was born there
          But I really
          do remember…

          My era.
          And I still like the hair style.

    • minnie says:

      You are so right about the “divide and conquer” strategies Haros. I usually use Facebook for light relief – only for my hobbies, but recently it’s become unbearable, with people using vitriolic language against the “idiots” they see “daring to walk the streets” etc.

      Either that or they’re describing all the wonderful virtuous things they have done to help the suffering, or that they’ve seen others doing, but in such a way that implies everyone else is just selfishly lolling around ENJOYING themselves!

      People on social media have become smug, patronising and neurotic. Yes, I should have got away from it years ago! Though I think part of what’s happening is that the smug and patronising ones are making the most comments, while there are many more who are just distancing themselves from the whole thing. Like a friend I met today, who James might usually describe as a “normie”, but who was suddenly saying the whole virus was probably produced in a lab, and why should we have to change our whole lifestyles anyway?

      And the friend I met last week, another “normie” type, who was saying similar things.

      I think this could be the great hope. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a really big panic attack. I once did – I got into such a state of panic, that I kind of went through the fear barrier. All the panic suddenly evaporated and I felt really calm!

      I think this will eventually happen to many people. They’ll get to a point where they kind of panic themselves out, and hopefully they’ll suddenly think, “What the hell are we doing?” like my friend today. If this could reach a “critical mass”, we might be able to save this situation.

      It’s really hopeful that you don’t know a single person who doesn’t see the extended quarantine as an attack on their freedoms.

      • haros says:

        Oh, I absolutely understand you about Facebook. In fact I completely deleted it a week ago because I was astonished of what I was seeing (the same that you have described). It is a pitty that you can’t even enjoy your hobbies without reading “coronavirus” everywhere.

        I totally agree with you on the second point: it seems that we do everything to be thanked, liked or praised. And also as you have stated, if others don’t behave as we think they should, then it is like a witch hunt. The “funny” thing is that there is competition even in this: if someone “helps” more than us, we don’t feel good or we feel even jealousy (I use “we” as humans in general).

        Before continuing, just let me say that I expressed myself in a wrong way (my English writing skills are rusty!), and what I wanted to say is that all the people I know, believe in the MSM narrative… even if they can have doubts about some aspects of the story.

        There is something that you have said which I hadn’t realized, and is how patronising people has become. For some reason, everybody wants to be in the frontline of the war against the “virus”… On this side, I have to say that Pedro Sánchez, the President of Spain, clearly and deliberately spoke about the virus as if it were a terrorist, a killer machine or, using his words, and enemy that we must all fight UNITED (this word is being promoted even more that “conspiracy”).

        About these “normies” that you know, let me ask you something: how do they behave?. I ask you this because I have seen at least two cases of what Orwell named doublethink. They believe that there is something strange about all this story, but then they act as if the virus was worst than an atomic bomb. There is this dangerous thought in the air: “if everybody does/says the same, it must be true”.

        Oh, it sounds that your “True self”, as some psychologist/philosophers name it, handled your panic situation :).

        But I am not so positive like you about others. Take into account that you have already chosen the path for the truth (your words and the fact that you are here are proves of that), but most of the people don’t even have a clue that other paths exists than those in which we have been adoctrinated. In fact, when I try to search for solutions for these situations that we are facing, I realize how hijacked my mind have been.

        The clear example is 9/11: no matter how many researchers like Corbett are in the world showing the facts, most of the people still believe in the narrative and almost everybody nowadays finds normal to be treated like criminals in the airport (for example).

        • minnie says:

          Regarding your comment:

          “if someone “helps” more than us, we don’t feel good or we feel even jealousy…”

          I call it “virtue competition”. There’s a lot of it going on!

          The two “normie” friends are actually not panicking too much now. One of them was panicking a lot until recently, but since she started talking about biowarfare theories, she’s become much calmer about the virus.

          Many of my friends have just disappeared from social media recently, which is a good sign, as I think they are doing a bit of “indoctrination distancing”.

          There are different levels of indoctrination. I think we just have to be welcoming and not too forceful with people who are just starting to question things. Gently encourage them!

          • haros says:

            “virtue competition”… I like that name. Let me improve my English by introducing it in my vocabulary!

            I am glad that you are having a good experience at least with two friends. It is good to find a little bit of light in the darkness. In my case I can’t say that I have had such a good experiences, since even my family is panicking, but I keep trying.

            The worst part of this (I mean, explaining this kind of “”conspiracies””), is that when we make some people believe that there are things in our world that are not as we have been told, then another event happens which make us start again with them.

  50. donnaj says:

    James you had a video a while back about “experts” can you repost? I think we’re in need of some truth on these “experts” 🙂

  51. asavetmd says:

    James, fresh air is both protective and curative. The National Guard in every State must be called up to build open air Field Hospitals to treat the overwhelming #s of patients. The Pentagon has a stockpile of 20,000 Ventilators and gave us Plebes 2,000 of them.

  52. robert.t says:

    Been a viewer of Corbett on bit*hute lately, haven’t been here much.

    I’ve just renewed because the number of skeptical/alt sites which have suddenly gone full-consensus on this scare is overwhelming. It’s not like they’ve just been affected by the mainstream saturation (‘flooding the zone’ to quote Event 201), these skeptics and freedom-boosters just can’t be militaristic enough. They’re not far off surrendering their germy cash along with their dangerous freedoms.

    I’ll go out on a limb and call total hoax on this. Corona viruses exist in abundance and people die “with” them because so many people host them. Easy to say that an elderly Italian has died “with” corona virus. As to real causation and strain of corona virus…nobody cares when the stats need feeding.

    What the globsters (green in prep, red when ready) want is control, which is why they would not unleash a real pandemic even if they could. A beat-up is easier to start and stop than a real emergency. That’s why they stopped killing people in their fake shooting and terror events. Just invent a few characters, cook up a back story for them, make some noises, form a crowd, maybe interview a few Serco-employed ex-cons as witnesses or victims…

    As well as encouraging others to come to Corbett Report I’m going to talk to people on the hoof, but only if I sense some receptiveness. The good news is that those people on the hoof aren’t as convinced as the people whose views make it through on the net. Of course, with lots of media saturation during home isolation that may change. So better hurry up.

    • Noahsark723 says:

      @ robert.t

      “I’ve just renewed because the number of skeptical/alt sites which have suddenly gone full-consensus on this scare is overwhelming.”

      I am interested in who is going full-consensus?

      Could you give us names?

      I myself am certain that Alex Jones is an agent and has been one from the beginning, controlled opposition for sure.

      So if this is the end game which is what it seems like to me – then the mask are going to start coming off of all of the wolves in sheeps clothing to galvanize everyone into the current psy-op narrative. But then again the first poster here in this thread is reporting Luke Rudowski of doing this as well which is most likely because the fear is getting to him. Fear is certainly a mind virus that can become highly contagious especially in city areas where these lock downs are setting up first.

      I think fear of what was/is coming is what caused alot of people to fall for the trump psy-op that he was some kind of savior who was going to advert this global agenda, but surely trump is nothing but a bullshit artist casino man and has been selected long ago to do just what he has done to weaker minds of those who were aware of the conspiracy. I call it the savior complex – that some savior is coming to rescue us. When in reality our only savior is ourselves freeing out own minds – it is the individual who is the savior of humanity.

      Anyway – glad you made it here to Corbett’s site because James is one of the real news men of our times, along with Ryan Christian, Whitney Webb, Spiro Skouras, Dan Dicks, James Pilato, Aaron and Melissa Dykes and so forth… I am extremely grateful for the work of these upstanding intelligent men and women of our time; and all of the true researchers who dedicate their time and effort for the benefit of themselves and upliftment, towards true freedom for all of humanity. They are the true sentinals of our time manning the watchtower of the human psyche!!!

      • robert.t says:

        I’ll name the only site where I’ve gone to comment over the last few years and made quite a few friends: Jo Nova.

        The climate beat-up being the pointy end of globalism, I’ve tended to confine myself to that subject. It took me a while to realise that Judith Curry’s Climate Etc was a spook operation, flattering and indulging skeptics while keeping those doubters close to the IPCC corral.

        But at Jo Nova there was straight-out skepticism, starting with Jo, though the consensus people were free to come round and not be censored. Sure, many Aussies who are climate doubters get the rest of their politics from Murdoch’s Australian and Sky News, but you learn to live with that when you see what the luvvie left press is like in Oz (eg Murdoch’s own giveaway rag, news.com.au, a sort of Labor/Green wet dream pushing war and debt to the luvvies).

        That same site, Jo Nova, has been taken over by a statist frenzy that has left me dumb. I’ll leave my criticism at that, since these folk are friends. The gap between those who have cut the media cord and those who have stayed hooked-up is only going to get greater as people isolate at home, so there’s no point trying to convert the unwilling. I’m talking to the willing. It’s not a matter of who is smart. It’s a matter of OFF button and ON button.

        During the recent fires in Oz I was often in trouble with friends and neighbours for not showing enough emotion and interest. Being in a vulnerable spot, I monitored, but, thanks to the might of the OFF button, I was not exposed to the saturation coverage which was revving even those who have been pretty calm in past fire and flood emergencies.

        Here’s the funny thing: the media coverage stopped…but right at the end of the panic we actually got a fire, in state forest right along my boundary, threatening other properties as much as mine! What did the neighbours do? They went calmly to bed, their homes threatened by real fire, because the TV had changed the subject. Really!

        That’s what we’re up against. But there is one thing the statists haven’t been able to take, a precious and magical weapon which is still mine…

        The OFF button.

        • Noahsark723 says:

          “Here’s the funny thing: the media coverage stopped…but right at the end of the panic we actually got a fire, in state forest right along my boundary, threatening other properties as much as mine! What did the neighbours do? They went calmly to bed, their homes threatened by real fire, because the TV had changed the subject. Really!”

          This just goes to show that television is a mind control device for the weak minded.

          If there was a fire around my property I wouldn’t be sleeping. I’d be out cutting fire breaks until there weren’t any more fire breaks to cut… Utter Madness!

          Thanks for the reply I appreciate it!

  53. Jake Lemay says:

    Canadian Prime Minister JT proposes Universal Basic Income amongst virus threat –
    from the Canadian Bullshit Corp:


    • Arby says:

      Justin is a tool. He does what liberals, and Liberals, do – fakes the Left out while acting the Right way so as to keep the self-identified rightwingers who support him happy.

      I can guess which form of universal basic income he, and his millionaire finance minister proposed. See “Looking the Basic Income Gift Horse in the Mouth” by John Clarke here: https://socialistproject.ca/2016/04/b1241/

  54. mkey says:

    Ontario residents who are well but worried putting pressure on emergency rooms

    “This is a volume of patients that do not otherwise need to be in the emergency department. They are not sick. Some of them have runny noses, slight coughs, mild fevers, that are concerned about the virus, many without any risk factors,” O’Connor said.

    “They have not travelled and they have not been in contact with a positive case.”

    According to Toronto Public Health, people will be tested for COVID-19 only if they are showing symptoms, they have travelled outside of the country within the last 14 days, and they have had contact with a person who has a confirmed case of the virus.

  55. Buck Wild says:

    Wanted to let everybody know that our family in Baguio Philippines already has to have permission for only one person for every household to go to the store.

  56. asavetmd says:

    James, someone told us about our personal tracking devices about a decade ago. You said at the time he was a Deep State fraudster. Hint, currently he is in a Maximum Security prison in the UK and is slowly dying awaiting extradition to another Super-Max Security Prison in the US where he WILL DIE after a Show Trial like Stalin’s Show Trials.

    • Arby says:

      Interesting. Lets see what happens. This is the worst timing for Julian. Just when those who had abandoned him were coming around to again supporting him, in his hours of most critical need, it’s “Look! Over there!”

  57. Hans Verbeek says:

    The biggest consequence of this “pandemic” is the popping of a huge asset-bubble on the worlds markets. I think the important people were tipped of in advance (in Davos in january 2020) that this stockmarket-imploson was planned. Some people managed to sell off their stocks and bonds just before the indexes plummeted.

    I guess the COVID-19 virus is real, but the hype and the globalist powerplay are a psy-op, just like the ISIS-beheading videos and the Viagra-dispended-by-Gadafi-myth.
    Lets see in three months what the actual fallout of this psy-op will be.

  58. asavetmd says:

    This just came from my friend in the Crimea:

    Absolutely no panic here, no masks , no kits.
    People are eating out, strolling along the seafront and relax on the beach.

    Many Moscovites came to Yalta, hotels are full , restaurants are busy.

    Do you share the opinion from California about the recent events?


    Stay well, healthy and happy,


    Is this another MML 2020 Whoopsie?

  59. Arby says:

    This site is so confusing. I get an email notice for Corbett’s “This Is Not Normal,” which I watch a minute of when he reminds viewers that they can leave comments and so I visit the dot com website. I find the video under “Videos” and a notice (as usual) to click here where the conversation is happening. I click and see no “This Is Not Normal Anywhere.” I go through this all the time here. And commenting isn’t fun. You have to restart the video from scratch and then find where you left off. Who has the time? I don’t.

  60. minnie says:

    A nice little post that my phone highlighted today: French police are using Strava to catch and fine cylists breaking the “2km rule”.


  61. Arby says:

    Ha! The Propaganda Report website doesn’t want to load for some strange reason. It loaded – eventually. (Another good source of info reportedly: Swiss Propaganda Research website (https://swprs.org/)

  62. Arby says:

    Citizen against citizen. James is right cheers from the public for attacks on the non conformists, are the norm. I’ve already experienced it. Randolph Bourne, again:

    “The gregarious impulse keeps its hold all the more virulently because when the group is in motion or is taking any positive action, tihs [sic] feeling of being with and supported by the collective herd very greatly feeds that will to power, the nourishment of which the individual organism so constantly demands. You feel powerful by conforming, and you feel forlorn and hopeless if you are out of the crowd. While even if you do not get any access to power by thinking and feeling just as everybody else in your group does, you get at least the warm feeling of obedience, the soothing irresponsibility of protection.”

  63. HomeRemedySupply says:

    UPDATE by James Corbett – NEW VIDEO

    “Short version” of Episode 373 – Medical Martial Law 2020

    March 22, 2020
    This is NOT Normal
    (4 1/2 minutes)

  64. Arby says:

    Just replace “covid” with “flu” to get an idea how absurd, frightening and very, very wrong all of this manufactured crisis is.

  65. As requested, another NorCal anecdote:

    Even with the governor’s self-quarantine order not much has changed thus far.
    More people at home barbecuing and more kids playing outside in front of their houses than I’ve ever seen.
    Stores have per-household limits on various things that were being scalped/overbought such as toilet paper, top ramen, ground beef and canned pet food, so they don’t run out any more.
    Ammo sales are higher than usual but the stores have been able to keep it in stock.

    Traffic on the road is still high (music bumping as usual) and I haven’t yet seen any police stop anyone to ask them about their destination.
    Most of the non-essential businesses did indeed close in compliance with the governor’s order though.

    There is absolutely no increase in the number or severity of illnesses whatsoever.
    Almost no one is wearing masks. Almost no one is expressing fear about the virus. Nearly all of my colleagues are still coming to work.

    Personally, if the shit hits the fan, I have no escape plan yet and little means of physically fighting back. I’m anchored here at the moment. Coincidentally, I was in the middle of putting all that together when this sham started. Just needed one more year. 🙁
    I did manage to get more than 18 months worth of essential non-perishable supplies and a generator though.

  66. Arby says:

    I have no idea what sort of shopping I can do tomorrow (my day off), but at the top of my list is replacing my smart phone with an old-fashioned flip, or slide-out, phone.

  67. Arby says:

    I have been scouring the progressive/alt websites for decent info on covid 19. I have focussed on providing lots of links and vids, in order to be maximally useful to those looking for info on this. I just wish I could get my family to take a look, but, as much as they say ‘sure, sure’, they won’t. I’ve got four posts (which include a number of Corbett Report shows) and, for now, get out about one each two or three days, between working full time as a grunt security guard. My first post, which those who are not averse to reading are more likely to bother with, is more essay-like, although I tossed in a number of links to articles and videos. I’ve read/watched everything I’ve posted, although if some document is mentioned in a show or article, I may or may not have examined it.

    I can tell you, I’ve learned a lot. I even learned, from an excellent site that looks in detail at vitamin C, that I need magnesium taurate for my atherosclerosis (to go with my kidney stone, benign brain tumor and high blood pressure). Now, Will I be able to find a store to buy that in tomorrow here in Toronto?

    Del Bigtree’s website, The Highwire, is excellent. Our Christianity is not at all the same (and one of is wrong therefore), but, setting that aside, Del is great with numbers. He’s also pro safe vaccinations and pro informed consent, big plusses for me.

    The most interesting thing I’ve learned so far has to do with the strong evidence that the virus was released (by accident or not; remember Sea-Spray) from the now closed Fort Detrick biomedical (biowarfare, as Ryan Cristian notes) site in Maryland. A fellow named Nathan Rich really breaks it down for us, amazingly, on YouTube. That contradicts, at least on the surface, the idea that all of this was planned. Possibly some huge coincidences have gone down that have brought all of this about. That would yield a picture whereby the Americans were playing with fire and when they were supposed to get burned, instead of that happening, they covered up covid’s outbreak in the US and took it to China. Why let the accident go to waste?, not to mention all of those plans for medial martial law which assorted agendas depend on for their implementation.

    “A Yappy Trade Barrier” / https://arrby.wordpress.com/

  68. asavetmd says:

    If you look closely at Eric Zuesse’s statistics, what you find is that Iran, who is under the ‘Crippling Sanctions’ of Trump and Pompus Minimus, is doing far better than the US. Iran’s cases increased by 3500 in the 4 days and the US’s TRIPLED.

  69. Noahsark723 says:

    Here is something everyone must go see and listen to.

    This is a project avalon report from 2010 in regards to a secret meeting that took place in london in 2005 that was a planning meeting. Where the plans for what we are seeing happen right now were reported on — “a race specific bio-weapon would be released in china.”


    The part about china starts at 14:57

  70. Octium says:

    and get ready for cyber martial law too…

    “The (Australian) Federal Government has confirmed the MyGov website, which is used to access Centrelink (Social Security) services online, was hit by a denial of service cyber attack this morning.”


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      What a mess!

      Do you have yourself fairly squared away amidst all of this?

      You guys just got through putting out one big fire there in Australia.
      Now ya got more fires going.
      What a mess!

      • Octium says:

        Safe at the moment, but like James says it’s hard to protect yourself against the whole world going insane.

        Will probably start self isolating soon, not from the virus, but from sheeple and their attitudes, I don’t find them good for may wellbeing to be around.

  71. asavetmd says:

    Trump’s ratings have increased across the board despite the fact that our Corona Virus parameters are third worst in the World. Was that in the MML 2020 plan? In 2016 he Out-Righted the Republicans now he is Out-Lefting the Democrats. This means Trump really is playing 3-D, if not 4-D Chess.


  72. Cheryl says:

    Here, In the UK there is a strange mix of people baying for everyone to be locked up in their homes and getting very agro (online) if theyre not doing it to themselves, begging for stricker measures vs huge amounts of people out in parks, seasides and nation beauty spots doing their thing enjoying the beautiful weather (no chemtrails in sight).

    1.5m of the ‘most vulnerable’ will this week be notified by the NHS that they need to self isolate, even if theyre not sick, for 12 weeks. The Army will be helping to deliver provisions to them. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/coronavirus-latest-news-italy-uk-nhs-boris-johnson/

    Meanwhile the BBC has been airing some Chinese propaganda videos fron ‘inside Wuhan’s quarantine zones’ they were laughable in how blatantly stage managed they were (to us) There have also been some incredible thinly vailed public health videos that are so dumbed down, i mean really dumbed down, they had us crying with laughter (black humour here) ‘What is a persistent cough? Its a cough that you have persistently… followed by video clips of puppies snuggling as a surprise ‘reward’ for watching to the end. On the BBC. I kid you not…

    Also, to begin to temper expectations this story appeared so that when the overall death figues for the year suddenly dont look so shocking we understand why https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51979654

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I wish the U.S. had comedy shows like that.

      • Cheryl says:

        What’s less funny is the new discussion about the ‘exit strategy’ of mandatory vaccination https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51963486

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          You have brought links to several good articles which underscore some points I have been harping about on the comment boards.
          These are also “common sense” points, easily observable aspects to this whole scenario which mainstream is ignoring.

          Modelling by Imperial College London (Professor Neil Ferguson) is something I have linked and talked before (“Burn Rate”).
          I don’t care if his models are correct with their figures, it is the fundamentals of common sense outcomes which are important.

          Article QUOTES : The world is shutting down…from lockdowns and school closures to…
          …It is an unparalleled global response to a disease.
          But when will it end and when will we be able to get on with our lives?…

          …Boris Johnson has said…12 weeks and the country can “send coronavirus packing”.
          But even if the number of cases starts to fall in the next three months, then we will still be far from the end.

          It can take a long time for the tide to go out – possibly years…

          the coronavirus is not going to disappear….

          My take on things below.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          An ANARCHIST bent, common sense, and good long-term health of society

          I am completely opposed to authoritarian mandatory quarantines or any mandatory restrictions upon the individual.

          Conventional Medicine has failed. This is ignored by the mainstream. They never have had effective tools to combat viruses. Never. They could have, but chose to throw the effective tools away in favor of Big Pharma and the Corporate Complex.
          (EXAMPLE: One totally effective tool for viruses was used in the 1930’s and 40’s… “Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy” (UBI or BioPhotonic))

          So…Is Conventional Medicine going to bail-out the health of the world with this virus? No. They never have and never will.

          What is wrong with being sick? !
          What human has never been sick? This is part of the human condition. Most of us have experienced, at one time or another, a pretty tough illness, a real doozy.

          I would like to see the virus move along through society.
          Let’s face it.
          It will.
          Now or later.
          Let’s bite the bullet and move on.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          James Corbett talks about “Being Sick”
          James Corbett talks about “Being Sick”
          VIDEO (5 minutes)

          HRS says:
          When James was ill, Corbett Members, including me, were giving out all this advice on how to handle his illness. The threads were full of good remedies and advice, but…

          On Being Sick – Subscriber Exclusive #073

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            James Corbett’s “On Being Sick” came after the
            OPEN THREAD of January 28, 2018.

            Corbett writes at the top:
            “A nasty flu bug has made this week a write-off.
            So what did I miss from the news?
            Keep me updated with all the latest in the comments below!”

            This OPEN THREAD is full of natural remedies and health advice by Corbett Members.
            It contains some wonderful information.

            After all…
            The Corbett Report is “Open Source Intelligence News”.
            James has always said that the comment section is what you make it.
            James just “let’s us loose” on the playground.

            I gotta pat ourselves on the back…all these Corbett Report Members from all over the globe bring a real community here.
            I learn so much.
            I keep evolving.

  73. LenZoo says:


    I went to the bank today here in Germany, to inform myself about gold sales. The customer service checked his computer, made some calls and told me “The state banks froze all sales of precious metals. Due to the Coronavirus, the supply chain has been stopped.” No more gold, silver, platinum, palladium!

    The price dropped in the last days quite a bit, now I’m sure it will skyrocket.

    I hope you are prepared.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Physical Gold & Silver shortages
      Thanks Len Zoo!
      I appreciate hearing these anecdotes.

      Also, I have noticed that the premiums often are much higher over the spot price compared to what they charged in the past.

      I have been hearing these type of anecdotes on gold/silver YouTube Channels. Here are some channels which I often listen to when I have time…

      MiningStockEducation.com (one of my favorites)

      Kitco News

      Cambridge House International Inc.

      Silver Bullion TV

      The Morgan Report

      GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Fascinating interview with the CEO of First Majestic Silver Mining Company, Keith Neumeyer in relation to current events
        Kitco News – March 23, 2020
        Interviewer: Daniela Cambone is the Editor-in-Chief for Kitco News.
        She is pregnant with twins coming soon.

        First Majestic Silver has some silver mines in Mexico.
        Keith Neumeyer was voted mining company CEO of the year by the broad public.

        In this interview, Keith gives us insight not only about the current weirdly low price of silver, but also how his company is coping with the entire situation of the coronavirus and the economy.
        He points out how some countries have mandated halting all mining activity.

        It is interesting to note the methods that his company is taking to ensure that operations continue without risking the spread of the virus into the working community.

        He tells the story of one Mexican village which turned away a tour bus, because they did not want to risk the virus spreading into their village.

        One previous YouTube interview of Keith Neumeyer impressed me.
        He was telling the story of how his company will hire recent college graduates of engineering. One day, the company was having a staff briefing, but some of these recent college graduates were focused on their personal phone activity. Well, they no longer work for First Majestic Silver Mining Company.
        I’m saying to myself: “Yea! I want that guy to run my company.”

  74. pearl says:

    Derrick Broze: “It’s Time to Reject The New Normal


    Wow!! He didn’t waste time – he left the states and headed to Mexico! Brave man!

  75. phaedrus42 says:

    The President of South Africa has just announced national lock-down from Thursday for at least 21 days.


    Confirmed cases rose from 61 to 402 in the last 8 days, in a population of about 50 million. Testing has been scant so many undiagnosed cases are likely.
    People will be allowed to to leave home only for groceries, medicine and banking.
    The army will assist the police in enforcing the lock-down.

    • charliebond says:

      NZ about to go into total medical martial law. Citizens begged for it…petitions asking the PM Jacinda Ardern to “raise the alert level”. It’s unfathomable what this will do to many small businesses and we are a nation of many small businesses. Can’t help but feel the next thing everyone will beg for is UBI and it will be a complete obliteration of the middle class. I am so fed up of seeing “Stay safe” drift across the top of my phone everytime I use it…courtesy of Vodafone. We have to queue to go into the supermarket…one in one out. Crazy times folks but at least the sky was clear today and a gorgeous shade of blue.

  76. Corbett says:

    Quick note: The complete conversation between myself and Charlie Robinson (featured towards the end of this episode) is now posted for the public:


  77. LenZoo says:

    I just wanted to add, in this Bloomberg radio piece from November 4, 2019 on Event201 they openly state:
    Bill Gates calls it “Germ Games”
    And it was called ‘Event201’ because it simulates the 201st pandemic.

    Starts @ 00:21:33


  78. harold says:

    ” In fiscal year 2016, Johns Hopkins spent nearly $2.5 billion on research.[9] The university has additional graduate campuses in Italy, China, and Washington, D.C., in addition to its main campus in Baltimore, Maryland” – Wikipedia.
    Has anyone found deeper connections between the University and the Covid-19 virus aside from Event 201 from last October(http://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/videos.html)?

  79. james.s says:

    In late February the Taiwanese government passed the Special Act on Covid-19 Prevention, Relief and Restoration. This Act primarily sets itself up as a measure to ensure the income of workers. However, it’s little more than a list powers the government has granted itself and the punishments they are allowing themselves to deal out to those who disagree with them. Most of these far reaching “temporary” powers extend (at least for now) until June 2021.

    An article from the Taipei Times gives a rundown on the Act:

    The government has given themselves the following rights:

    For anyone who breaks quarantine or is confirmed to have Covid-19, the government can
    -film, photograph and publish personal information or take any other means necessary to contain the spread of the virus

    If anyone spreads what the government considers “rumours” or “disinformation” about the virus:
    -They can face up to 3 years in prison
    -They can face a fine up to NT$3 million (around 92,000 euros)

    The CECC has the right to demand the government confiscate the following:
    -private land, buildings, medicine, equipment, transport, waste processing facilities
    If people refuse to comply, they can face a fine of up to NT$1 million (around 30,000 euros)

    People who have supplies in a quantity the government considers “hoarding” can face:
    -up to five years in prison
    -a fine of up to NT$5 million (around 150,000 euros)

    The government has already put some of this into practice. People have been taken to court over spreading “disinformation” when they shared a post and opened a digital dialogue with friends and neighbours discussing the accuracy of the information in the post. The message is clear – don’t even discuss the narrative.

    • manbearpig says:

      “…People have been taken to court over spreading “disinformation” when they shared a post and opened a digital dialogue with friends and neighbours discussing the accuracy of the information in the post. The message is clear – don’t even discuss the narrative…”


      In the land of “Free Speech” they might just come up with some technical pretext like suppression of unnecessary sites in order to save energy…?

      Or if we look at ostensibly why there’s been a “hardening of confinement rules” in France: ‘because people aren’t respecting the magnanimously lenient ones initially set by the government” so they could say, in this age of imminent rationing including bandwidth:

      “people aren’t respecting the self-limiting reasonable use of the internet so they have to “harden the internet use rules” with fines etc…?”

      Reminds me that I was thinking we should make another list, as we already did here on these Corbett boards once, of all the words that have “evolved” in meaning such as:

      “voluntary” now means “compulsory”

      “self-imposed” means “government imposed”

      “misinformation” means “criticizing government measures”

      “pneumonia, diabetes, heart disease, common cold, flu” all mean CORONAVIRUS

      “less than 1 percent mortality rate” means unprecedented plague justifying the total destruction of the economy and people’s long fought-for livlihoods

      …damn… I actually had some better ideas…maybe they’ll come back to me after some coffee…

      • alexandre says:

        Eek, eek.
        Is it time to shut up, then? I can’t go to prison. As Woody Allen said: “I can’t bathe with other men”.

        • manbearpig says:

          is the word “other” in the phrase “other men” appropriate here?
          is the man who married his adoptive daughter “a man”?
          could anyone else get away with such a thing?
          or maybe this is the new normal as the empire crumbles…then again I guess I’m sort of an uptight puritan who just needs to get with the program…

          but I suppose it’s a testimony to the effects of long-term psychotherapy

          but this is all utterly impertinent to the dire subject at hand!

          • alexandre says:

            As Humphrey Bogart would say…”would you relax?”
            The only reason W. Allen is a subject is that he’s famous. Are you a total puritan? There’s absolutely nothing I could use, if I dig deep enough, to ruin your reputation? Come on, now. Confess! Go to the comfy chair and confess. People do shit we can’t imagine, we just don’t know because they aren’t famous. Not that I think it’s ok to marry your own daughter, I just think it’s not my business. But that’s a huge philosophical problem that we’re not gonna go into here. Not here…

            • manbearpig says:

              So I’ll just let you have the last word then… except to say, Sure! I’m profoundly embarassed by most of what I do, or more critically, what I Don’t do (such as translations for Mr Corbett) but not to the point of normalizing incest in the minds of the world and especially that of my adoptive daughter who I allegedly love.

              time for a “knock knock” joke now to clear the air… a favourite among temporally and spacially displaced and misunderstood chimerae is the following:

              Knock! Knock!

              Who’s there?

              Oink oink.

              Oink oink who?

              Make up your mind—are you a pig, or an owl?!


              • manbearpig says:

                ps: my reputation’s been shot for at least half a century now…

                can’t lose what I don’t have!

                (ooops! a “who” “whom” issue above…”WHOM I allegedly love!” for an English teacher this is … Holy Canolli!! and my Reputation!?


              • alexandre says:

                Good joke! And your reputation is fine with me, do not worry, and please don’t hold back, say what you want freely. I ain’t gonna defend Mr Allen. I just can’t deny his jokes.
                What a conundrum. What if we find out Van Gogh was a pedophile? What do we do with his paintings?
                I had this issue with Herbie Hancock a few years ago. He was a big big influence on me, and many others, but then he started working for UNESCO, the dumb ass. It irritated me so much I stopped listening to him. Then I hear his old stuff, but there’s the pickles. What do I do with him in my head, and how can someone who plays like that be such an arse as to work for UNESCO? Life isn’t logical.

                I mean, take a look:

                I got a joke that will blow your socks off. It’s a bit dirty, but you know, jazz musicians aren’t very clean individuals in the head.

                How do you learn to dance the rumba?
                With a pencil up your ass you try to draw an 8 on the wall.

                Come on, we’re friends already!

              • manbearpig says:

                Oh, yea, that video’s heart-warming.

                I’ll bet Herbie played in Haiti for free to cheer up poor Fredi Romulus after those humanitarian blue helmets shot his infant sons and his wife at close range, with a separate headshot for the four-year old. Now that’s what I call being thorough! Don’t let no sneaky four-year olds interfere with your peace keeping mission!


                Or maybe Herbie played for free to delight the Haitian parents whose children had been sold into their blue helmet sex-trafficking ring!

                “…Even so, MINUSTAH has a bad record. In Haiti, 134 Sri Lankan soldiers set up a child sex ring, exploiting boys and girls as young as 12 years of age. There is little accountability for such violations. The Sri Lankan troops were sent home, but none have been jailed; the U.N. was criticized for its inadequate response. It also took five years for the U.N. leadership to take responsibility for the cholera epidemic…”

                Oh yea, and then there was the engineered cholera epidemic. But that was explained away by stipulating that the implicated soldiers were (wait for it!)…Brazilian. Can never over-estimate the efficaciousness of bio-warfare on the poor dark-skinned masses. Let’s see how things pan out on the African continent in the wake of this corona “crisis”…


                As for Van Gogh, in the course of translation duties I’ve contemplated many, many of his paintings and I’ve never come across the ones where he normalized pedophelia…?

                On a more academic note, in my personal experience, well-implemented pencils can be exceedingly instructive. I was looking for some kind of new edifying activities involving writing instruments that I could do at home! (plus we’ve been wanting to redecorate for a while now!)

                Thanks friend!

              • alexandre says:

                Well, thank you, that’s precisely the kind of thing I wanted Hancock to know in a desperate attempt to wake him up, but after I saw a photo of him with his red Ferrari, I just gave up.


                The Van Gogh example was an example. What Hancock plays, I swear to you, is NOT what the UN does and is, it’s the opposite. Or so I thought. After finding out about Barry Harris, an old piano jazz master that taught many greats, and how he destroyed the Miles Davis cult (of which I was a member) I started having to deal with a pretty heavy situation, mainly that maybe what I thought jazz was, wasn’t.

                Interview with the old man:

                He destroys Hancock – and Coltrane – and says it’s not jazz. Since I’m for the truth no matter how much it hurts, I accepted the pickle and started thinking about my jazzistic indoctrination with the Miles Davis cult. Painful. I made progress and cured myself of much of that, but still what Miles did in 64 (curious coincidental year) is undeniable to anyone, so that’s why I talk so much about advertising and the devil, how he hides and uses what you have that is dearest to your heart. I detest what jazz has become, and here I have an old master saying the same thing about MY gods. What a pickle. But he’s probably right and then you have Hancock hand in hand with the devil to corroborate it. Hancock doesn’t play “for free”, since he probably get millions from the coffers of the UN, however that works. I just still wonder; is he aware of all that you said there, or is he just a manipulated idiot. (It is a possibility, knowing many jazz musicians. Not Wittgensteins at all).

                I can see all the family dancing the rumba. Walls full of 8s. “Well implemented pencils”. You’re a master of language – and manners.

              • alexandre says:

                By the way, without forcing anything, that Barry Harris interview, if you transpose what he says to the rest of society, politics, culture etc, you maybe get a good picture of what happened in general, not only with jazz. Maybe jazz was only going along with the rest, part of something bigger than just music. Just something to think about if you watch that.

  80. Dawn says:

    The actions being implemented under ‘medical martial law’ in the name of this so-called ‘pandemic’ are bad enough, but they are being instigated on the basis of something that is fundamentally false; namely, the idea that a virus is the cause of a disease.
    In the research we have conducted over the course of more than 10 years, we have discovered that there is no evidence that any virus is the cause of any disease. This discovery has been confirmed by a number of doctors and scientists over the years. As with all theories, the burden of proof lies with those who propose a theory; in the case of the ‘germ theory’, the evidence to support it simply does not exist.
    This means that people are being made to take actions, such as social distancing, wearing masks, taking ‘medicine’, closing their businesses and more, on the basis of something that is entirely unproven and demonstrably false.
    We explain all of this in our recently published book, What Really Makes You Ill? Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong.
    In our book, we suggest that people challenge the authorities that claim viruses are the causes of diseases and ask them 3 questions, which are:

    Is there an electron micrograph of the pure and fully characterised virus?
    What is the name of the primary specialist peer reviewed paper in which the virus is illustrated and its full genetic information described?
    What is the name of the primary publication that provides proof that a particular virus is the sole cause of a particular disease?

    Once people realise that the current hysteria has nothing to do with the spread of any viral disease, they will not blindly submit to the preposterous infringements of their freedoms and human rights.

  81. Redneard says:

    What gets me out of the house? I know it’s burning and yet I refuse to act. It’s as if some massive electric shock is required to blast me out the window.

  82. doublek321 says:

    Since this crisis hit, I’ve been trying to keep a record of articles (in Microsoft Excel but you can use a similar program, of course) that I’ve been seeing that relate to potential power grabs by “The Powers That Be”. See my post above “doublek321 says: 03/22/2020 at 12:26 am” for some things I’m looking out for (e.g. “Get rid of paper money”, “Forced vaccines”, etc). I mention this because I suggest others do the same and we all compare notes.

    To give one example of how I’m using this, see below. Currently, I have an Excel file with 5 columns: URL, Article Title, Date, Tags, Notes. Note that the date is important because it will reveal a timeline of events (and how the propaganda gets rolled out) The “tags” are there to make searching easier for when the list grows larger (I add multiple articles every day). Note that in Excel, you can filter by column and use the “Contains” option to choose a tag.


    Opinion: A Big Problem for the Coronavirus Economy: The Internet Doesn’t Take Cash


    Economy, Financial, Cashless society

    Is a public digital wallet really the only solution here? And wouldn’t it cost money for the government to create and maintain a public digital wallet for everyone as well? Plus what if you’re poor and don’t have a device or reliable internet access?

  83. John Blaid says:

    I just wrote this article which highlights some inconvenient facts about the “coronavirus pandemic”. Hope it benefits someone in their research.

    • alexandre says:

      Good one, sir. Thank you. I may have to translate this one for the people over here in old Brazil.

      • mkey says:

        I doubt that will make any difference, Alexandre. Peolople won’t read regardless of language.

        Good work, John. That two person reference is a bit dated now, however. The latest figure was about 12% of the total death toll related to covid-19. They increased the estimate 10x and it’s still 10 times smaller than the offical stats.

        • alexandre says:

          I guess you’re right.

          And I guess you’re right.

          • mkey says:

            But please don’t let me stop you from trying to reach out to your compatriots. I’m just a bit vitriolic from trying to talk some sense into mine.

            • alexandre says:

              No no, I understand. I just agree that the resistance is so big that it might be pointless. I’m weighting the work it’s gonna take to translate that, versus the possibility of it being really useful. I could translate instead something else from Corbett. In fact I was thinking about something more basic, something more to the side of “101 of conspiracy thinking”. That’s more useful perhaps, because we all here have already a good understanding of a lot of basics, but these are like Aramaic to asleep friends. So I’m thinking about it.

  84. anoush.n says:

    I’m writing from home quarantine in California. Yes, people are getting too comfortable! House arrest has been enjoyable in a lot of ways and being in the comfort of our own homes during lockdown gives us a false sense of safety.

    People are also becoming used to the new “fear everyone” phenomenon. I’m saddened to see how the masses are almost enjoying this feeling fear – as if they’ve been so desensitized that they’re relieved to finally feel something again.

    A big concern of mine is how this is affecting people psychologically. When we are released from quarantine, will we be afraid to shake hands with each other, dine at a crowded restaurant, breathe in the same room as a friend? Will our kids be afraid to play with their classmates?

    This is the ultimate Divide & Conquer trick.

    James, you called this the Age of Social Distancing and I’m afraid you’re right on the money.

    Clearly, there will be no uprising.
    God is our only hope.

  85. steve_b says:

    Given that this whole smokescreen is built off the germ theory, maybe a good way to challenge the mainstream (or scientism) dialogue would be to look deeper into terrain or host theory. I’m a few days into research and there are plenty of Drs out there who are sticking their necks out given the current climate.

    Dr Andrew Kauffman is a good starting point, not sure if you are aware of any of this JC or covered previously, I havent had a chance to get through all your work.

    Germ vs terrain theory brief here-


    Dr Kauffmans channel here (medicamentum authentica)


    Then Dr Stefan Lanka (related but based off virus is a germ hoax)



    Peace out brother, with thanks for all your work!

  86. SW says:

    Solution: Epidemic or Endemic? (Part 1)

    What if Covid19 is proven to be endemic? If the majority of people who ‘catch’ it have no clinical manifestation, then would this rule out the ‘need’ (fictional or otherwise) for: 1. continued lockdown (travel/work/etc restrictions) and 2. mass vaccination?
    Disclaimer: Prof. Sucharit Bhakti, whom I quote at length, does not mention vaccination. My post simply poses questions about the implications of Bhakti’s points.

    Definitions (extracts from link below):
    Epidemic: An outbreak of a disease… when a disease is spreading through one or more populations.
    Endemic: The endemic disease is one that is constantly present in a group or geographic area. Under certain circumstances, and epidemic can lead to a disease becoming endemic.

    From Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi’s open letter to Angela Merkel (all quotes below):

    1. Statistics
    In infectiology – founded by Robert Koch himself – a traditional distinction is made between infection and disease. An illness requires a clinical manifestation. [1] Therefore, only patients with symptoms such as fever or cough should be included in the statistics as new cases.
    2. Dangerousness
    According to a report in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, not even the much-cited Robert Koch Institute knows exactly how much is tested for COVID-19. It is a fact, however, that a rapid increase in the number of cases has recently been observed in Germany as the volume of tests increases. [4]
    It is therefore reasonable to suspect that the virus has already spread unnoticed in the healthy population.
    [Emphasis my own]
    Part 2 below

    • SW says:

      Solution: Epidemic or Endemic? (Part 2)
      Herein lies the question: are we dealing with an epidemic or something that has always been, or will soon become endemic?
      In his open letter, Prof. Bhakti asks:
      My question: Has there already been a random sample of the healthy general population to validate the real spread of the virus, or is this planned in the near future?

      Bhakti questions the need to grind the entire nation’s economy to a halt. When, as with any yearly pandemic (aka ‘the ‘flu season’), resources could simply be focussed protecting vulnerable populations.

      What about vaccinations? Bhakti makes the following point (though I hasten to add, it is a general statement and not specifically about vaccination):
      …it would mean that it would hardly be possible to prevent the virus from spreading in the healthy population.

      My inference – therefore, surely vaccinating the general populace would be a waste of time and money? And, more importantly, such measures would unnecessarily drain resources that could otherwise be used to better protect vulnerable populations.

      Brainstorming ideas here:
      Make it a meme, let it go viral 🙂 Epidemic or Endemic?
      Demand/support/initiate independent scientific research into the prevalence of Covid19 in healthy populations? Open source science? Crowdfunding?
      If said research indicates it’s endemic, uses as basis for questioning the need for emergency powers etc. Also, demand multiple independent scientific inquiries into the efficacy of mass vaccination for this specific situation?

      I’ve not addressed the ‘herd immunity’ counter-argument, but maybe TCR members could help with suggestions?

  87. marcin says:

    Happening in Ireland as we speak… (Gardai is police btw)

    “The law allows that a person who refuses to comply with an instruction by a garda who is seeking to impose the social distancing rules, is guilty of an offence that can lead to a prison sentence of up to six months.

    The new law also allows for the shutting down of gatherings or events, including religious gatherings, and for ordering groups in certain areas to stay in their homes, or other places, if necessary.

    A person who refuses to self-isolate after a medical recommendation that they should do so can be convicted of an offence that will have a maximum penalty of three months in prison.

    Gardaí may also, working at the request of health or other officials, take a person to a particular place, or break and enter a particular property.”


  88. mrbarbecue says:

    Sent this through my email contact chain. How old school. I mean, how every business and government really communicates for important stuff. Like the Hillary emails (33k indicates a lie) that can be easily found through copies of every recipient and backup servers all over the internet, but it won’t happen, no no no, you can’t do that. See Mark Kulacz’s great channel / website housatonicits.com, he’s been doing great work on the current situation too, his current 28th series being the longest to date and he’s someone who knows how to analyze, he abandoned 100k+ jobs as analyst and even, whatever it is, competition analyst for big corps but he woke up someday.

    Great job as usual, now waiting for that “Who is Bill Gates?” Well, according to an old gif I found online back in 1999 on linux enthusiast sites, a gif of Gates’ face turning into Hitler. So ideology? Definitely fascist or maybe the real national socialism (nothing to do against jews), it’s corps taking control of government, while fascism is the government taking control of corps, as Mussolini mused, so the former definitely.

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