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A nasty flu bug has made this week a write-off. So what did I miss from the news? Keep me updated with all the latest in the comments below!

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  1. rob32367 says:

    This is actually Friday the 19th, but what little reporting on it happened this week – Mad Dig Mattis makes US Military shift official – away from Terrorism and toward Russia/China

    And the paper of note has said China upstaged the Trumpster at Davos

    Oh, and as Turkey invades Syria, almost everyone of note is now getting involved in that area … what could possibly go wrong?

  2. spoonful says:

    Hi James – try Oregano oil, olive leaf oil and colloidal silver for the “flu” bug.

  3. normic says:

    Sorry to hear that James I have found curcumin as well to be a great helper with colds and flue just for functionality.

    • keith.gur says:

      Don’t forget ecinacea! and passionflower! both things i find readily along the bike trail where i live…eat your environment. Respectfully, of course.

  4. Oscar says:

    You missed the highly likely fake news story in the Washington Post dated January 26, 2018 in which they claim that the Dutch intelligence agency AIVD had access to the Russian hacking group Cozy Bear for at least a year starting in mid-2014. According to the reports, the Dutch goverment alerted the United States to Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election after Netherlands-based officials WATCHED THE HACKING OF THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE and other operations by the Russians, including a 2014 State Department hack.

    The link is:

    I also nominated this story for the real fake news awards because it claims to have the ‘smoking gun’ the Ruskies did it, and to much things don’t seem to add up (but what do I know?)

    Two articles that debunk (or at least seem to debunk) this story are:


    I hope you get well and feel better soon!

    • keith.gur says:

      Did you get that multi-page advertising supplement from China that appeared in the Washington Post? I’d like to get y’alls take on it…especially in light of Mattis’ speach.

  5. manbearpig says:

    As far as news is concerned, I’m afraid this is all I can propose:

    Not even sure it’s that new…

    • manbearpig says:

      Well, only two and half months old… 8-/

      In France we’re drowning in infotox about the overflowing Seine…

      and a car bomb in Afghanistan

      and the global warming generated by the outrage concerning the climate change skeptic who’s taken over the European Council on Environment…

  6. Briar Fox says:

    I highly recommend spoonful’s thoughts on moving forward in the healing process, oregano oil and colloidal silver are highly effective. Although with the oregano oil, some people’s digestive system has a negative reaction and subsequently after, it could be wise to rebuild your stomach flora with fermented foods or supplements that replant “good bacteria”. In addition, Elderberry decoction or syrup will help rebuild your body’s immunity and resilience. Cheers to happy healing. It is swirling pretty hard around these parts too.

    Sorry, no help on the news front. Making the news, not consuming it very much as of late ;).

  7. Kazmology says:

    Get well, James, quick! This year’s flu is supposed to be a mean one.

    Don’t know if you saw that had an article saying that humans ‘may’ have to spray the skies to control global warming, but stopping could be disastrous. Rediculous!! May be begin spraying?! They just take us for fools.

  8. Truth seeker says:

    It is to scare the sheeple to get their flu shots so they can make more money. It has been shown to be overblown.
    Elderberry extract shown to cure 10 different flu strains according to journal of international medical research.
    Licorice root and green tea also help.

  9. info4 says:

    Get better James. I also got the chem trail FLU for Christmas! The last time I got it was 10 years ago. I kicked it by drinking smacked water from the Water Smacker dot calm. I would like to send you one to try out, never get sick again! The WS is in the 5D. Five dynamic ways it makes the best healing water in the world, No joke and no bull shit, LOL. Check out it out on the link above, click the Water Smacker Video LIbrary. Help us distribute the healing water smacker device, invented by a kewl dude, a retired patriotic, Trump supporting scientist. He invented the WS 30 years ago and finally brought it out to the market 2 years ago. Sold by word of mouth, most sales. Hard to convince others, so I made many videos explaining the WS unit. Get better James.

    • infracaninophile says:

      Very interesting, info4. Went to the website; I will check out this Water Smacker. May have issues with international shipping.

  10. john.o says:

    Gesundheit, James.

    The cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts in the garden next door grew a couple of inches this week. Here in the relatively Winter-less East Bay NoCal USA, Winter means it rains, if it does rain. This year, not so much winter, which is worrisome.

    For those mystified by the NoCal fires last year, it rained hard ending long drought last Winter, and that set the stage for summer flash fires of tinder dry brush. I have no opinion yet on alleged evidence for the manipulation of the fires by the NWO, but I have in my life seen a small dry hot valley of 4 foot tall grass and chaparral go up in flames almost like a bomb. The choice between Water in the Winter + Huge Late Fires vs. Dry bleak Winters + Smaller Fires all Summer, has always been with us here, as I see it, but who knows?

    I helped prep the garden for cabbage and friends, so I have been promised a space to grow a little circular lettuce garden in the yard. I didn’t get the seeds or the wire I need to fix the fence tho, cuz a street dealer I am trying to interview for a story on economics and legalization, lost his engine. I rented him and his wife a car, so they could continue their 3.5-hour a day commute from the Central to sell cannabis and guard a hospital, which is how they raise 3 beautiful kids. I might never see the cash back. Lord I hope I see the car back, but I got some great info.

    Prices are up, quality is down. Oh, I am talking about East Bay Water now. “The average 8 CCF user will see an increase of $4.34 per month in FY18.”

    This wasn’t in the news this week, but it is taking effect. They covered it 6 months ago and that’s good enough for government work:

    Nothing about quality this week either:

    James, EBMUD tells me how to filter the contaminants they are trying to keep out AND the ones I pay them to put in! Those thoughtful bureaucrats!

    My Lama called the flu a major meditation opportunity. Of course, he thought a sickness unto death was the greatest opportunity of all, AND he took funding from the NWO. (Though I don’t think he knew it, his teacher did). Aside from his other opinions and connections, I have found the flu to be a powerful thought-provoking psychedelic. Maybe read this?

    And maybe try this? (We are all insufferably trying to help.) As health returns, take off your glasses, expose your eyes (shut and open), GENTLY to sunshine (direct and shaded) till the eyes tear up. Often a sneeze begins to arise. Breathe the feeling of that pre-sneeze into the upper feeling centers of the body and let them expand there. Move the eyes gently. Rest. It improves immune response and helps counteract eye strain.

    Solve et coagula, James! I look forward to you in a state of highly re-organized consciousness soon.

    Welcome back.

  11. tedmcdade says:

    Try Baking Soda James. Used to be on a box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda for colds and flu at the beginning of the last century till big pharma accused them of practicing medicine.

  12. Fuzzlong says:

    Thank you James, for all the news we get from you. You’ve moved to my top news source and hovered there… stable as a rock. Hope whoevers got you will let go.

    I say “whoever” because I’m seeing a lot of the same things happening to people. A pain in the right side of the neck is one of them.

    It wasn’t until I began reading “Chemtrails Exposed:A New Manhattan Project,” that I began to see correlations to people’s woes.

    Eat chicken soup already…

  13. dubrey says:

    Vitamin D3 and sunlight offer a greater resistance. I thought the sounded like bunk and that I could disprove the statement that the cold and flu season is due to the earth’s tilt and people getting less direct sunlight in winter, which in turn limits the immunity supposedly offered by vitamin D3,(skin activated by sunlight), during this time. So I thought AHHA! Then there would be no cold and flu season for those who live on or near the equator.
    It turns out that there really is no cold and flu season for those living near the equator. Upon further review I’ve heard ALT media healthcare professionals promote vitamin D3 and sun lamps or tanning beds as a preventative measure. This process seems to work for me in winter. I have two “sperti” 1950’s sunlamps that work very well.
    As with anything, one has to build a habit with such methods. I’m not there yet and I got snagged by a nasty cold last month, when I knew better… Get well soon James……

    • redrose says:

      I just watched a video that says chemtrails are reducing the amount of Vit D we get, that ties in with both of the posts directly above! Vit D increases immune function!

    • brian.s says:

      Denatured foods, toxic exposures and pharma/vax all operate the degrading and subjugation of those who sign up for the ‘convenience’ and conformity.
      Is there more politics in ‘medicine’ than in politics? The line to hold for sovereign will (a true humanity) is being erased by stealth under the trojan guise of protection against ‘germs’.
      The science is settled?
      Not only is it not settled, but it is under lock and key.
      Vit D (+K2) in what rigged rda suggests is large doses is an extremely helpful support against disease. Vit C also – as a rolling dose that may need to increase a lot during a toxic, stressful or disease condition. But don’t ‘believe anything’ go and find out – allowing that Pharma crushes rivals with smear and disinfo, and many will mainstream information without due diligence.
      Self responsibility for consciousness is paramount – and is one with self-responsibility for health.

  14. gardi says:

    Hi James. Really hope you will be fully recoverd soon.

    There have been a the World Economic forum this week, where ther is dark clouds coming. They spoke about if the coming economic crises will come in 2018?
    and they spoke about the fractured world of 2018.
    So it is not a uplifting discussion.

  15. 2rad4m says:

    Took me two weeks to recover, but I guess you are a lot younger.

    Get plenty of rest.

    • FlyingAxblade says:

      starve a fever, feed a cold.
      I caught “the bug” while helping out an old lady with pneumonia. That was on a Friday, on Tuesday, early morning my fever broke exceedingly violently, everything from my stomach up, including my ears & lungs, excited in one giant flush. Really gross. However, from that moment on…
      Extra blankets and sweat and drink more water, yup even more.
      I’ve seen the D3 comments and I concur.

  16. ddave says:

    The bug seems to be world wide even here in Australia mid summer. One wonders what the causes are. Anyway if it is like I and my daughters experienced once you feel better you will continue to find fatigue when you exert yourself physically for a period after. So take it easy mate.

  17. taoss says:

    James, in a book called “Food Pharmacy” by Jean Carper, published 1988, you see that there is a reason why grandma’s chicken soup works for relieving cold and flu symptoms.

    Science behind chicken soup

    Time to take grandmother’s advice. Get well soon.

  18. cush350 says:

    Received this in an email from Joe Plummer’s Tragedy and Hope 101 website. My old eyes appreciate not having to read.

    “Hey everyone,

    I’m happy to announce that the audiobook version of Tragedy and Hope 101 is done! Anyone interested can listen, for free, at the link below.

    This new format will make the information more accessible to those who struggle to find the time to read, so feel free to pass it around. The audiobook is also available at Amazon / Audible for any who want to purchase a copy.



    • john.o says:

      Joe’s generosity is amazing. I got it too. So grateful. I will buy the book and the audio eventually, but a nice Sunday listen for free is welcome at the moment.

  19. tessatulip says:

    It will come and go…..just let it be

  20. RegularGuyChris says:

    Hey there James! Crappy to hear that you’re sick, but I can hook you up with some solid info on vaccine truth while your down so you can know enough to protect your family. From what it looks like its free for a few more days (Its like a promotional I believe) then its quite a bunch of money to watch. So I’ll just throw it out there, if I help out a single person I’ll be happy. Anyone else go ahead as well I was told about it from G. E. Griffen email list and its got the most solid info I’ve seen so far.

    Also if you get bored I’d like to hear your opinion on the particle accelerators that are apparently set up everywhere and the justification for all of them. I’ve heard that it has to do with the mandala effect but who knows. Seems like more than the usual waste of resources anyway.

    Get well soon buddy!

  21. archives2001 says:

    Get well fast James: Remember to keep your body slightly alkaline. That means lots of veggies, (all colors), veggie juices/blends, no sugar except a sm amount of fruit, and no corn syrup (espec no hi fructose corn syrup)…
    I haven’t suffered from a cold or the flu for at least 30 yrs simply by following the above.
    The latest science research accentuates that sugar is the # one cause of inflation and inflation is the # one cause of strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, and maybe a dozen other diseases that they haven’t done the science on yet.
    I used to always wonder why, in growing up, I’d get a sore throat/cold etc every yr after halloween, Christmas, and Easter. I was probably in my 30s when I finally figured out it was all the candy, desserts, junk food, I was shoveling down my gullet that was causing all my trouble. GI-GO (garbage in – garbage out).
    I still overindulge now but then try to counter attack with eating alkaline ‘good guys’.
    Something else I do if I feel like a cold or flu is coming on is to take an hr long epsom salt bath, (that’s alkaline and consists of the 2 chemicals (magnes and sulfur) in hot springs that makes us feel so good)…..Ahhhh…and you sleep like a baby.

  22. rueckl1b says:

    Hi James,

    old German herbs: Take a tea of Camomille (Kamille) every hours and just stay in bed. That usually works, at least for me.

    As for the Russia/China narrative:
    Something seems to pile up here.

    And American troops spotted via Fitness-Trackers.
    Thats’s hilarious!

    All the Best for your recovery!


  23. philomen says:

    Hi James,

    Last year, my lab-results were all over the place and I was sent to various specialists who pressured me into taking medications. They related alarming stats on my condition, saying that I needed meds for life. They even reported me to my doctor with their ‘consultation reports’, asking him to force me onto meds, in their subtle, medical way. Even the insurance-company refused to approve sick-leave because I was not on meds, even though I had paid into the system for many years. I was disgusted at this medical-deception and took my health into my own hands through good food, plenty of good water and regular walks. I went on a vegetarian diet consisting of vegetable soups sprinkled with nutrients as fresh herbs, leafy-greens, some grains, nutritional yeast, spices, nuts, ground seeds etcetera and, in a few months, my blood-work normalized. Last week, I obtained the PCRM kit (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) from the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii and I will be reading it soon. They can be reached at or at the PCRM’s main website at /home/aureola1/Downloads/PCRM Vegetarian Starter Kit.pdf. If all else fails, they can be reached at The kit does not include flu-remedies, of which I know very little, but the info may be of help to others.

    All the best for a complete recovery. Get plenty of rest. Thanks again for all you do.

  24. Mishelle says:

    James, get well soon! I caught the flu too, first time in about 10 years. I know you’ve got your own good advice there with family and friends and I see lots of advice from listeners above, so I’ll just chime in with my fav remedies. Garlic soup! Lots of it, does wonders. Also, if you have ‘upper respiratory’ issues with it, mullein is good, grows around here in the ditches, maybe ya’ll have it there too.

    As for news, I follow the geoengineering psyops, and they are full steam ahead. No such thing as spray, gotta start spraying, can’t stop spraying–a complete shit-show. The weather is crazy–no rain, and no normal ‘winter’ anymore in east TX, it’s all over the place.

  25. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Flu and viruses
    One treatment ($300 cost) of UV Light Blood Therapy and Ozone Blood Therapy fixed my viral pneumonia within an hour or two earlier this month.
    It once saved a friend of mine’s foot from being amputated by an infection which Doctors had spent 7 years trying to eradicate.
    HIV (AIDS), Herpes, Polio, and other viruses are treated with amazing results.

    Read a brief on the history here…

    UV Light Therapy – Diseases Treated

    Basically, the Doctor or nurse extracts blood from a person. The blood passes through a UV Lamp which kills viruses, bacteria and parasites. (Now the body can recognized the pathogens and fight them.) Then with a bag of my blood, the nurse injects some Ozone and shakes the mix. The blood turns bright red. Then she puts the mix back into me.
    Then I dance to the car for the drive home.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      As someone who has worked in the Vitamin/Supplement department for 3 years talking to over 100 people a day, I was thrilled to see some of the supplement and food recommendations on this thread (e.g. Elderberry, lots of Vitamin D, chicken soup, garlic, alkaline system, Oregano oil, olive leaf (I am growing Olive trees just for the leaves), colloidal silver, curcuminoids – turmeric, good diet, etc.)
      These are all good virus fighters.

      Oscillococcinum by Boiron is excellent, almost miraculous, for flu symptoms. I once had a customer buy over $250 worth when it was on sale.
      This is a homeopathic remedy.
      So it is completely safe, even for children.
      Homeopathic Remedies actually ‘never’ expire. Ignore the expiration date. Throw it away when the package rots.
      Homeopathic Remedies will not adversely affect any other medication which a person is taking. So, it is okay to take it with other medications.
      Homeopathic Remedies are “specific”. If it is the correct remedy for the symptoms, then the symptoms will attenuate. If it doesn’t help, then it is probably not the correct remedy.

      Here is a layman style description of how Homeopathic Remedies are made…

    • john.o says:

      You learn sumthin every day, HRS. Y’ know what? I think I just got an idear for sumthin to outlaw.

      First, I’ll get me some studies, the kind of hard-headed science only them pharmaceutical companies can afford, to cast doubt on your theory, which has never been recognized by experts. Then, a few scare stories: “I fainted driving home from getting Ozoned.” Then, some interviews with very thin, intense strained-looking people, telling how it saved their lives, convinced them that Blood was the secret to everything, that 911 was an inside job, that the Royal Family are Reptilian ETs. Soon, the weird Hollywood Blood Ozone parties…

      How about you, folks? Do you feel safe knowing the grinning driver next to you just DANCED his way to his car after a BIG FAT INJECTION of BRIGHT RED OZONED BLOOD? These people all hang out on weird websites, too.

      I am running for office and this frighteningly non-pharmaceutical quackery must stop!

      (Where do I get some?)

  26. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Calgary News – January 28, 2018 (Corbett’s old stomping grounds)
    Fluoride is not only pointless, it’s a health risk

  27. asdelta says:

    Man I hope your feeling better.

    To put my 2 cents in on your health, stay hydrated with clean water, no refined sugar, stay warm and eat only when your hungry and eat veggies, fruits and good fat’s, vitamin C. If it gets into your chest I have seen some cool stuff lately, that’s around 10 years old or older, on inhalation H2O2 3% food grade from a spray bottle, I tried it and I’m still here. It worked extremely well for me. Lot’s of excellent free thinking advice in the other posts!

    To the news there is your normal everyday run of the mill the republic is collapsing because the US inspection services are watching the congress, the president, themselves and everything else that’s going on, writing it down, giving it to someone, loosing it when they are asked for it, finding it before they lost it and I am sure the next episode will be even more exciting than the last. You know a clown show..weeee.

    If it’s true people emulate what they see in their media, then we better watch out because there is going to be a lot more incompetence, malfeasance and insanity in the near future:)

    To the real news, it was a beautiful day here sunny and mild in North Texas, I hope it was where you are, and I hope you get to feeling better fast. Peace and love. Al Soto.

  28. Julia says:

    Ok,, there is sooo much going on in the world, but I won’t clog up your comments section with my posts. So I narrowed it down to this last one. The children/youth have been targeted for several decades now to bring about the ‘changes’ they need for globalization. Here is a prime example of that from today’s UN news.

    We really need to somehow reach our children. It is indeed tough to do when they’ve been sent to gov education camps and watch t.v. Hindsight is 20/20. I wish I would’ve been able to homeschool my son. However, I still try to teach him what I know even though he is a young man now and pray that the seeds of truth that were/are sewn will grow and come to fruition.

    • john.o says:

      What a thoughtful post. Oh the educational regrets! (For my son, and myself, but we nurture the seeds, as you say.)

      UN Decoded:

      “Don’t let adults [think], keep raising [the voices we tell you to raise]’

      [Well indoctrinated young goats]‘take over’ UN for World [Pleasure Island]”

    • manbearpig says:

      Yup. Generation gaps can be used to extraordinary effect in long-term social engineering…

      Thanks, Julia, for the link.

  29. HomeRemedySupply says:

    FLUORIDE (inside news from the Pro-Fluoride Camp) ~January 20, 2018
    Harvard Medical School

    It starts to get juicy around the 8 minute mark.
    Listen to “…communities that want to end water fluoridation… …our counter-efforts have not been as effective as….”

  30. WAYNED says:

    For years I flew with an airline, transcontinental every 10 days. I had bronchitis an average of 2-3 times a year. I took all the medications, did as the doctors told me and sure enough, within months was sick again.
    It was a doctor at Kaiser (who did as much harm as good) who finally took me into his confidence, told me it was advice I would never be given by another doctor, but that there was one thing I could do that would significantly improve my situation: Gargle with warm salt water. Fill a glass with water salty like the sea (table salt with iodine is not a bad thing in this case) and gargle from start to finish. Do this in the morning when you wake and 20-30 minutes before you go to bed. You have to allow a little time to continue decongesting and blowing your nose. It will help with your breathing, clearing nasal passages as well as help to loosen congestion clinging to your wind pipe…

    The other advice about spicy things and anything that makes your nose run normally is also good and should be in conjunction with gargling. Even taking medication, this helps.

    He said this to me in a whisper, admitting it was dying information, because there is no money in it for doctors.

    A Kaiser doctor told me this.

    Since taking the advice in the 20+ years since, I have had bronchitis a handful of times, all due to construction I was forced to endure as unscrupulous landlords used the construction to force me out.

    i hope you feel better and no one in your family gets sick!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Good post. Thanks.

      – Salt Therapy –
      I have one of these Himalayan Crystal Salt Inhalers.
      (one minute)

      The mechanics of salt are kind of interesting.
      It has anti-microbial properties (remember how folks in the Pioneer days would slat their beef to keep it from rotting).

      It tends to put out negative ions which in themselves are excellent to inhale.
      – Negative Ion Study in Japan – (4 minutes)

      • WAYNED says:

        I can believe it. It’s not the same without the salt. I mean, you get the decongesting aspect, but the salt seems to cut through it better, also seems to help with irritation.

        All I know is I hate being sick, and the MOMENT I feel any congestion, any inkling of something not right, I start gargling.

        Should have added, if you want to be REALLY on top of it, gargle after eating, because eating also loosens congestion. The more you do it, the more you are taking a burden off your body to produce muccous to expel these things.

        At times, when irritants are the cause, it has an immediate curative effect. Maybe a great idea for all allergy sufferers. The start of so many bad things…allergies.

  31. john.o says:

    Forget Ebola, Sars and Zika: ticks are the next global health THREAT

    Translation: Forget Ebola, Sars and Zika, and ESPECIALLY FORGET LYME DISEASE,

    because we are going to use ticks to spread bio weapons and depopulation eugenics operations and you can’t do jack about it.

    This is in fact a THREAT, and some know very well who is threatening and who is being threatened.

  32. Octium says:

    One for the Technocracy department…

    Artificial intelligence to enhance Australian judiciary system.

    “Sentences handed down by artificial intelligence would be fairer, more efficient, transparent and accurate than those of sitting judges, according to Swinburne researchers…”

  33. john.o says:

    From Bell Canada in my inbox:

    “Today’s the day we break the silence—and talk about mental health. For every Tweet using #BellLetsTalk, Bell Canada will donate 5¢ to mental health initiatives. So speak up, speak out, and end the stigma. Let’s talk”

    This is a movement by the pharmaceutical companies to completely take over the licensing and organization of psychotherapy in Canada. I have a good friend with inside knowledge of the MHCC, and specific efforts in Quebec, to stop people who understand people from helping people, and make sure all help is “evidence based.”

    The “evidence” all leads to more diagnosis, more prescription drugs and new “online cognitive and behavior based” therapy. Who would have guessed? In the meantime, people who work almost for nothing helping others who want their help (some for successful decades), are losing licenses to practice and being labeled kooks.

    Big Science and the High Church of Scientism march on. Glory hallelujah. I will post links soon.

  34. stephen says:

    Hey, James-hope you are feeling better by now! Looks like you got some good health advice in this thread already by knowledgeable, holistic peeps.

    I don’t have much time to add anything of vital interest, and probably don’t have much to share along those lines even if I did 😉 Oh, I did receive your Data DVD(s) you mailed sometime in December. Thank you very much for getting those out to me. Only a few more annual compendiums, and I may be the first kid on my block to have the entire Corbett archive collection!

    I don’t know if you or JEP (your Oregon friend) are discussing Q Anon phenom in NWNW yet, or if you all ever will (or if you may address it, or already have). That topic (and stateside MAGA train madness, generally) seems to take up a lot of interest and brain activity on CT forums I traffic in.

    Along those lines, do you think you might ever discuss or opine on forums, message boards and these particular communities that have developed to a large extent, post 9/11 false flag awakening in the earlier aughts? I always thought this would be a good topic to at least address, but perhaps that is my bias as a forum dude. What are the means folks utilizing the interwebz get their alternative viewpoints: alternative media sites, pod and webcasts like the Corbett Report? Are forums and other such communities an important part of the emerging consciousness of the NWO, globalism counter-coup faction?

    Anyhow, take care and I hope the whole family doesn’t get sick at once over there in the sunny climes!

  35. kluke says:

    Trump promised to make all of our dreams come true.

  36. herrqlys says:

    My contribution is a potpourri of things read/watched recently.

    The most significant one for me was the death of Robert Parry, at 68, founder and editor of because he was one of the few true champions of real news who spoke truth to power. His eldest son Sam was with him at the website from the beginning (1995) and younger son Nat joined them during his college years, so the sons’ philisophical and journalistic education should be well ingrained and fully capable of carrying on Bob’s spirit.

    Today I was subjected to an automatic Google Earth Pro update, which now slyly shows Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Wikipedia does this, too, but at least that gatekeeper site modifies it with a parenthetical “limited recognition”. They could have added “and apoplectic oppositon” but that’s not what gatekeepers do.

    Oliver Stone has outed Steven Spielberg’s hagiography of Kathleen Graham and the Washington Post’s remediated political bias in “The Post”. Stone just keeps on turning out thoughtful, worthwhile films and documentaries. They certainly resonate with me. The ‘Putin Interviews” (4 parts) are a wonderful insight into VVP as a person, and I don’t think there is a statesman anywhere in the world that could rival his frankness, his openness, and his successful approach to his own country’s national sovereignty.

    Perhaps the only documentary that rivals Stone’s insightful work on Putin is Russian Primetime televison’s 2017 production “The President” – 2½ hrs, English subtitles – because you see/hear Putin over his 18 years in the Kremlin, you are shown the many facets of the man and his philosophy, as the timeline follows how he was thrown into leading a country in very grave condition and then grew into the job and acheived a significant turnaround despite monumental foreign and domestic opposition amd spitefulness (which continues at this very moment):

    The hubris and arrogance in Washington, New York and Hollywood always leaves me stunned. These people are so out of touch with mainstream values and perceptions that they think they themselves are Teflon-coated and that their feces don’t smell. It’s not so much that they lie with a straight face as I think they often truly believe their nonesense. There are definitely abundant mental issues, specifically psychopathy involving pathetic full time lying. I’m not the least bit religious but I do wish that there was a real Hell at the end of the day for people like this. I can’t doucment my assertions as there’s a word/character limitation on Corbett Report posts.

  37. herrqlys says:

    I was remiss in not including the childish actions of the US and their illegal military presence in Syria. It remains to be seen how an actual military confrontation involving US forces will arise in Syria east of the Euphrates river.

    Turkey’s military offensive in Afrin has started the ball rolling, and Erdogan’s rhetoric is stirring the pot, but he’s a chameleon and keeps changing sides with the US, Russia and Israel. The one real thing is his vitriolic opposition to the Kurds. It’s also hard to forget that he’s been sponsoring Takfiris against Assad from the beginning, and condoned his son selling Daesh oil stolen from Iraqi and Syrian oil wells to Israel.

    Speaking of oil, expect Netanyahu to become more flagrant and militarily active in the Syrian border region abutting the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Israel wants the huge Golan Heights oil discovery to be theirs and will go about it in the same way they went after Lebanon’s water in the Bekaa valley.

    Israeli hatred of Hezbollah for stymying Israel’s two Lebanon invasions makes southwestern Syria a powderkeg, especially if Assad accepts Hezbollah and Iranian Republican Guard forces in to help defend the area. My guess is that Russia will stand aside but continue to maintain an aerial support campaign for the SAA in Idlib against the Takfiris.

  38. Cbob says:

    I happened upon a video of Frank Abagnale speaking at the Google. He speaks of something very interesting at the end. Have you ever heard of Trusona? (check out the leadership team)
    Watch from about 56 minutes in if you don’t have time for the whole thing.

  39. UKJC says:

    Seen most recent video JC and so assuming you’ve recovered.

    Good & loving community here though – see above – that’s great.

    Keep strong 🙂

  40. generalbottlewasher says:

    I came across an interesting article in the Hays Daily News the other day. I have not had time to submit it until today.Hope you will find it as interesting as I did, for all the comparisons to all current goings on in the sky and elsewhere.
    Wednesday January 24, 2018. By Maria Taylor, Kaiser Health News:
    University under fire for off-the-grid herpes vaccine experiments.
    Southern Illinois University’s medical school has convened a panel
    known as the Misconduct in Science Committee to investigate the unethical practices of professor William Halford. Apparently Halford was experimenting on Americans to developed a herpes vaccine. Sound familiar? The Department of Health and Human Services asked the University to determine if Halford’s activities violated the institutions pledge to HHS that SIU, a state university, would follow human-subject protocols for all research, even if privately funded.
    Another mad scientist gone off the reservation. The funny or not so funny part of the artical was this. The University is required to have such a committee to assure the federal government that it will examine allegations of research misconduct.To keep the federal funding clean and flowing. Any university that does research, especially with human subjects, wants to be trusted by the federal government and the public. Too bad it doesn’t apply to the feds and universities trust on behalf of the American people.

  41. redrose says:

    RT founder commits suicide by throwing himself on the floor and into things repeatedly until he dies.

    • john.o says:

      Thanks for posting.

      Anybody, any thoughts on exactly what might be going on here? Anyone know if RT has changed since this murder in any observable way? Or is this a hit that had more to do with something else? Is RT itself pushing this story?

  42. john.o says:

    “The Alliance aims to develop a secure, portable form of digital identity and implement it across governments and agencies by 2020.”

    Bill Gates and the Rockefeller foundation, in their limitless compassion, are concerned for the children in the world who have no birth certificates. They are developing “blockchain identities.”

    Why do I suspect a blockchain vaccination record will follow?

    Tech experts out there, please weigh in on this!

    “This prototype harnesses the secure, immutable and distributed nature of blockchain to empower individuals with direct ownership of their personal information. It allows people to consent to when their information is released and shared.”

    • mkey says:

      I don’t know how large an issue this is, but I’m sure MS with good ol’ Bill at the helm will act to secure freedom and rights for all of these people born out of bondage. We should be so lucky, how is one to know all of his papers, shots, licenses, certificates and the likes are in order without a dedicated blockchain?

      • john.o says:

        My suspicion is that, indeed, we will all be so lucky soon.
        Surely in this day and age, for everyone to carry a piece of PAPER throughout their lives is a barbarism. What an inconvenience!

        Blockchain ID will first be an opt-in program, like TSA Precheck, or getting your kid RFI’d for safety. Then it will be a requirement, like having a passport if you are flying with a non-compliant state ID in the US very soon:

        Speaking of which, does anyone know of any organized resistance to this very real move against US States’ rights and human dignity?

  43. Camille says:

    Great article on blockchain. The section on Blockchain Security & Scalability was most enlightening, especially the ‘Immutability Myth’ and ‘Malware’ parts.

    • john.o says:

      Thank you! From the article:

      ‘Immutability Myth – Being “immutable” (unchangable) is perhaps blockchain’s biggest selling point and yet this isn’t thought to be true by many people involved with the industry. As noted by Gideon Greenspan of MultiChain, a platform for private blockchains: “…the chain’s behavior depends on a network of corporeal computer systems, which will always be vulnerable to destruction or corruption….The purpose of the chain is to help honest nodes to stay in sync, but if enough of its participants choose to change the rules, no earthly power can stop them. That’s why we need to stop asking whether a particular blockchain is truly and absolutely immutable, because the answer will always be no.”‘

  44. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Since this is an Open Thread…

    I will refer to Corbett Report’s Episode 299 – Solutions: Guerrilla Gardening
    …and this queued video at the 4:36 mark…

    NEWS – Feb 6, 2018 Reuters
    Chiquita settles with families of U.S. victims of Colombia’s FARC

  45. john.o says:

    I love Open Thread! Where else can I fit in my outrage at an article that begins “Science says…”?

    I personally do not believe that incorporeal beings speak, but science writers are entitled to their own religions and obfuscating metaphors.

    If Science could talk, surely it would say, “Thou shalt not take My Name in vain!”

  46. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I agree john.o. I love “Open Thread”, because I can rant.

    Rant about Fabreze and dryer sheets
    I detest these synthetic chemical scents.
    Their toxicity is insidious.
    The scents are designed to “cling” and “stay active – not decompose easily” using such things as Phthalates and other chemicals.
    They are designed to be “volatile aromatic hydrocarbons” (VAH) or “volatile organic compaounds” (VOC) so they are easily airborne.
    Inhaling toxic chemicals is the rapid-fire method of directly putting a substance into the blood stream.
    (I remember making synthetic scents in Chemistry lab…Geez! Barium and other toxic stuff.)

    In the neighborhoods on a windstill day, the air is putrid with dryer sheets. Going for a walk becomes a gag exercise. And I often smell fabreze on objects and clothes.

    I can’t believe people buy this stuff. Fabreze even had a Super Bowl ad.

  47. Mark44 says:

    Surely James will want to rant about this story?

    The Japanese Armani primary school uniform debacle?

    That’s right $700 US a pop Armani uniforms for the young kids. 🙂

    • mkey says:

      I can’t load that site, but what you’re writing there is certainly interesting. Here we have the neverending saga with school books, which “change” each and every year and need to be “updated” all the time so parents have to buy a new set every year. It isn’t $700, but it is about 300€ per kid per year in a country where the jacked up average income is some 900€, but vast majority has to make due with below 600€. So people get in debt to get the books, it’s the same deal now for the past 20 something years, the total sums publishers made must be something.

      • Mark44 says:

        I heard the story yesterday on the radio while driving.
        The first thing I thought of was James and that life must be good in Japan.

        Real good!

        The story finished with the reason the school principal had decided to choose Armani uniforms. He said he chose them because there is a store close to the school!

        Makes perfect sense to me now. 🙂

  48. scpat says:

    My “Thought for the Day”:

    North and South Korean Athletes Unify on the Ice for Women’s Hockey Team

    The Korean hockey team (South and North) is playing together and getting along, laughing, and being friends. This is not surprising, because we are all just people at the end of the day. This story made me feel really good, and it reminded me of the WWI story where both sides came out and enjoyed Christmas Eve together.

    So my thought is, most of the drama and hatred that goes on in the world is a result of the political control freaks who just want to exploit us and divide us for their purposes. Without them, without government, we could truly have peace.

    • mkey says:

      People will be just people. What possible reason could have two neighbouring nations to kill each other en masse? Two nations separated by thousands of miles will have even less.

      I urge everyone to really think about it, what would one have to do to yourself or your own for you to be ready to open fire on them? Vast, vast majority would restrain themselves till the bitter end, a sizeable proportion would never do it. But, when the war is on, grazing fire and reactionary action work like a charm.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Beautiful story! Thanks scpat! This reignites my faith in the fundamental humanity of mankind.

      The story tells another story also…
      It tells a story of how stories (the Media) shape our outlook on the world.
      A story can help to build a better world or can work towards destroying it.

      We have folks like Olivia Salon and Twit Sulome Anderson who inject snake venom into people’s outlooks…inevitably bringing about destruction. They foment conflict.

  49. HomeRemedySupply says:

    FLUORIDE – Feb 14, 2018 Press Release –
    Study Reveals More Proof Fluoridation Can Damage Human Thyroid Gland
    – Scientific Study –
    Impact of Drinking Water Fluoride on Human Thyroid Hormones: A Case- Control Study
    “…It was found that fluoride has impacts on TSH, T3 hormones even in the standard concentration of less than 0.5 mg/L…”
    (*NOTE: 0.5 mg/L = 0.5 parts per million — In the United States, water fluoridated cities are now recommended to be at 0.7 mg/L. Prior to 2015, the levels were recommended to be higher in many northern cities and some still use the higher levels.)

    “…Some studies have discovered the relation between dental fluorosis and thyroid disease. The effect of thyroid hormones on learning memory was investigated in rats by Basha et al. They found that fluoride reduces the T4 and T3 levels, and has generational and cumulative effects on the development of the offspring….
    You wouldn’t think that one would have to hammer so hard on this Thyroid-Fluoride aspect.
    Read this LONG list of studies about Thyroid and Fluoride here…

    Send an email to the Dallas Mayor and City Council.
    Scroll down the webpage past the first video to the yellow arrow for the link. It is quick and simple to send them all an email.

  50. mkey says:

    Regarding the recent shooting in Texas, I stumbled upon this article on Antimedia

    Who else has a distinct feeling this woman is lying through her teeth? Hint: psycho smile.

  51. wall says:


    Here we have proof that Nikolas Cruz didn’t do the shooting FROM A MAINSTREAM SOURCE.

    Please spread this everywhere. I don’t know who did the shooting. But I do know Cruz is just the one easiest to convict instead of the actual shooter.

    He was talking with that blond girl while he was walking out of the school and she heard shooting AFTER she started talking to him. Therefore it had to be someone else that did the shooting.

    Is Nikolas Cruz innocent?

    Here is a video where a fellow student describes Nikolas as one of the nicest people he’s ever met.
    ‘He was probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life’

  52. wall says:

    Here is the video of the girl who was talking to Nik Cruz and who said shots were being fired even after she talked to him.

    Parkland School Shooting Was It Nikolas Cruz?

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