Episode 086 - Medical Martial Law

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Description:Top scientists are saying that the current swine flu outbreak came from a vaccine lab, but you won't hear that in the controlled corporate media. Nor will you hear about Bilderberg plans to use the pandemic hysteria to flex the muscles of their nascent global government. But you will hear all about it in this week's episode of The Corbett Report.

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Documentation - Bilderberg Wants Global Department Of Health, Global Treasury
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Documentation - 1976 'Swine Flu' Public Service Announcements
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Description: 'Swine Flu' Vaccine Public Service Announcements From 1976!
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Documentation - Swine Flu Roots Traced to Spanish Flu
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Description: New Canadian-led research suggests that we might have given pigs the flu in the first place, during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.
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Documentation - Experimental Infection of Pigs with the Human 1918 Pandemic Influenza Virus
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Description: The paper published in the May 2009 issue of the Journal of Virology detailing recent scientific studies about infecting pigs with the 1918 Spanish flu (apparently the pigs got sick).
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Documentation - Recreating the Spanish flu?
Time Reference: 18:39
Description: Why?...Why not!
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Documentation - Biosafety Irregularity in Spanish Flu Experiments
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Description: The University of Georgia claims that it was too troublesome to convene its Institutional Biosafety Committee to review research to genetically reconstruct the Spanish flu.
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Documentation - 1976: Fear of a great plague
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Description: Information about the 1976 swine flu outbreak at Fort Dix.
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Documentation - How to Deal with Swine Flu: Heeding the Mistakes of 1976
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Description: Information on the vaccine program that killed 30 times more people than the 1976 swine flu itself and resulted in hundreds of people being paralyzed.
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Documentation - Professor: Descendent Of H1N1 Virus “Accidentally” Released From Lab
Time Reference: 29:51
Description: Imagine my surprise.
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Documentation - ‘Accidental’ Contamination Of Vaccine With Live Avian Flu Virus Virtually Impossible
Time Reference: 31:29
Description: Please get this article out to everyone you know. We have to demand a formal investigation into this incident which could have (and may) potentially kill millions.
Link To: PrisonPlanet
Documentation - Baxter To Develop Swine Flu Vaccine Despite Bird Flu Scandal
Time Reference: 35:44
Description: So if you accidentally almost mix live bird flu virus in with the regular flu shot you get the contract to develop a vaccine for the latest killer disease...
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Documentation - Swine flu may be a lab error: Aussie researcher
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Description: Another key article to help you inform others about what is really happening.
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Documentation - Fewer than a third in US would get swine flu jab
Time Reference: 39:45
Description: Fewer than a third of U.S. adults would get a shot especially made to protect against the new H1N1 swine flu virus, according to a poll released on Thursday.
Link To: Reuters
Documentation - Swine Flu Martial Law Bill Clears Massachusetts Senate
Time Reference: 40:50
Description: The nightly news blandly announces the passage of a medical martial law act that has cleared the Massachusets state senate.
Link To: Swine Flu Martial Law Bill Clears Massachusetts Senate
Documentation - The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act
Time Reference: 43:58
Description: Draft legislation that has been adopted by over 40 states that allows for quarantine and mandated vaccinations in the event of a public health emergency.
Link To: Public Health Law
Documentation - Martial Law and the Avian Flu Pandemic
Time Reference: 47:00
Description: Details the Bush Administration's abrupt shift into the militarization of public health in 2005 when the bird flu media hype began in earnest.
Link To: Global Research
Documentation - Bush Greases Skids For UN Pandemic Power Grab
Time Reference: 48:35
Description: Discusses the 2007 move to put the U.S., Mexico and Canada on a single continental response to a flu outbreak...and we all saw how well that worked in the current swine flu outbreak, with the borders remaining wide open.
Link To: Infowars
Documentation - If flu threat rises, CDC wants 'pandemic coordinator' in workplace
Time Reference: 52:15
Description: The CDC's tentacles could reach into private businesses.
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Documentation - Mandatory detention laws for flu sufferers
Time Reference: 52:37
Description: Australians feel the grip of global governmental control.
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Documentation - Area flu centres planned if needed
Time Reference: 52:43
Description: A Canadian health district prepares for mass vaccinations.
Link To: Nugget.ca

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  1. scpat says:

    People are in full panic mode already, at least in California. Many stores in my area have no toilet paper, paper towels, water, etc. Public events are being canceled left and right, public statements by local government, businesses and organizations are being made. Plane tickets, cruise tickets, and other tickets to travel somewhere have much less cost.

    But if we step back and look at the numbers so far (roughly 5,000 dead worldwide), we are on pace for about 25-30 thousand deaths in a year. According to the CDC, 80,000 people died from the flu in the U.S. just last year.
    Yet, people are panicking over COVID-19. I think that when there is a new, exotic-sounding virus, people panic. The conditioning from movies, TV shows, media, authoritative-sounding government officials kicks in and we find ourselves in this type of situation. A situation that has the potential to get a lot worse as far as loss of freedom and a governmental clamp down on society.

  2. el Gallinazo says:

    Always bear in mind that the lynchpin of this global hoax is the bogus and fraudulent PCR “TEST.” Without the test, the whole PANDEMIC folds like a cheap suit into typical death rates and illness rates for seasonal flu and pneumonia. Crunch the numbers for yourself eliminating the “results” of the phony test referred to erroneously as “cases.”

    NWO Objectives and Agenda (not inclusive)

    1) Controlled demolition of the financial markets giving the excuse to print tens of trillions of dollars and euros from thin air leading to hyperinflation of all fiat after a short period of deflation. Transfer of the blame from the central banks to a non-existent virus.

    2) Transfer of paper wealth from what remains of the middle class to the 0.01%. Elimination of paper fiat as a “health hazard.”

    3) Debt slavery to the central banks of the global population. Hunger Games society.

    4) “Medical” martial law.

    5) Mandatory vaccination against the VIRUS. Who knows what shit they will force into your blood stream. The vaccine will prove to be a fabulous success as the super virus never existed in the first place. All they have to do is to reduce the rate of positives on the PCR bogus test.

    • Mintaka says:

      I’m with you on this one.
      This whole virus thing is a False Flag of massive, global proportions.
      A new nine11, a new Pearl Harbour.

      And it’s the same cabal that’s behind all of it, ever further spreading its tentacles into global society.

      With the severity of this PsyOp, we have truly entered The Twilight Zone.

      • alexandre says:

        I’m with you both on this. We must not lose sight of Corbett’s and mainly Patrick Wood’s Technocracy material. It’s all happening and we’re moving there, and I just can’t believe it. This thing is ridiculous and had everything to crumble down, but it’s working. I tried to call attention to the PCR test, but no one listens. I’m gonna gather stuff on that and throw at people. Thank’s for reminding me. Can’t believe we’re entering this Twilight Zone. Just can’t believe people let that happen.

    • Ian Davis says:

      Ain’t that the truth.

      I’ve noticed the French have decided they can’t be bothered research potential preventative treatments.


  3. weilunion says:

    Yes, indeed. We do not live in a reasonable world, but one void of reason.
    However, as they say in politics, nothing happens by accident.

    Weaponized health is surely here.

    The fact that the Center for Democracy Control (the CDC) is acting liked AIPAC should arouse any and all critical thinking and questioning.

    As to the references to culture, movies as a prime example, sure, the public is being juiced up to accept the medical martial law that could be imposed.
    Reading the Global Research Report today and for days, it seems that there is evidence that a reasonable mind could use to come to the conclusion that the virus, Corona that is, started in the US.


    The US has all five strains and if you read the report you can see the bolded assumptions made which then follow with evidence.

    That the world health organizations are working to take control of medical martial law, with their hands held of course, by the military and corporate media, is reasonably signaling that there is a ‘posseeing up’, the ropes are in the saddles and the sheriff and deputies, in this case the health organizations, are in charge.

    The failure of global, transnational capitalist economics, is one of the great notable ‘coincidences’ that is in play now. Of course the rush to assure no workers organize, neither in nation states or globally, is the first thing that enters a global capitalists mind. They understand history.

    There is clearly, shown by the overthrow of eight governments in twelve years in Latin America and the seizure of their economies, and lithium especially, by the US, and the rise of fascism in Germany, Brazil, Italy, Britain the Phillipines, US, Japan, Hungary, India and the list goes on, that a coordinated, organized fascist movement has been developed and nurtured by the likes of Steve Bannon, the Mercers and also the Hicks family and Bass families that are making a killing off betting against China. They are mere players but powerful ones.

    Only a better coordinated and well organized global worker and citizen movement can beat fascism, as history shows.

  4. cbot07 says:


    Convince or coincidence?

    Are they doing anything to distinguish these two? Or What I really mean is there a reliable test they use to tell them apart?

  5. s.jamieson says:

    Read and understand

    The new Coronavirus may not show sign of infection for many days. How can one know if he/she is infected? By the time they have fever and/or cough and go to the hospital, the lung is usually 50% Fibrosis and it’s too late. Taiwan experts provide a simple self-check that we can do every morning. Take a deep breath and hold your breath for more than 10 seconds. If you complete it successfully without coughing, without discomfort, stiffness or tightness, etc., it proves there is no Fibrosis in the lungs, basically indicates no infection. In critical time, please self-check every morning in an environment with clean air.

    Serious excellent advice by Japanese doctors treating COVID-19 cases: Everyone should ensure your mouth & throat are moist, never dry. Take a few sips of water every 15 minutes at least. Why? Even if the virus gets into your mouth, drinking water or other liquids will wash them down through your throat and into the stomach. Once there, your stomach acid will kill all the virus. If you don’t drink enough water more regularly, the virus can enter your windpipe and into the lungs. That’s very dangerous. Please send and share this with family and friends. Take care everyone and may the world recover from this Coronavirus soon.

    • s.jamieson says:

      OOOPS! My “STANFORD HOSPITAL BOARD” post above is fake news, I just found out. Too bad, I thought it was very down to earth, practical and positive. It is a judgement-testing world these days.

  6. scpat says:

    More anecdotes from my life:
    Went to Costco today. All shopping cart handles were being sanitized with wipes by an employee, another employee was handing out sanitary hand wipes at the door and loudly telling anyone within ear shot that there were no more paper towels, toilet paper, and canned beans. The person who checks your card at the entry door was wearing latex gloves. While inside, other employees were walking around sanitizing surfaces with disposable wipes. After shopping and on my way out, the same loud female employee was walking up and down the exit line ordering people (TSA style) to get into two single file lines, rather than letting them naturally form their own way of exiting the building. “Come on people! Two lines! Let’s form two lines! Keep moving!”

    All of this caused me to reflect on human behavior generally. It was interesting to me that the loud female employee took on a similar role to an authoritarian TSA agent. She had a look on her face like, “everyone is a potential suspect.” There is more to be said about the reaction of the hype about the virus. We are living through an interesting time. Maybe James could further flesh this out.

  7. alexandre says:

    Wow, James. I personally thank Corbett very much for this one. It may seem obvious, but this going back in the past files was just what I needed. Unfortunately not many people seem to care too much about boring laws and bureaucracy, such as the UN and WHO having now the necessary legal powers to become the de facto world government – if I got this right. Maybe I didn’t get this deep enough before and that’s why it was a “wow” episode for me at this moment, so thank you so much master Corbett for the temporal perspective. People are exclusively talking about the disease and nothing else over here. I’ll try to show them this, but I doubt anyone will even watch the thumbnail animation.

    Maybe the perfect time to read this interview I got from Candlelight.


    • candlelight says:


      Ha ha!…. I think I’m panicking afterall. Hmmm…

      Yeah, you don’t want to be the Panic King!

      Just messing around….But, anyway, that guns and butter link you re-posted, was something I found based on your turning me on in the first place, to Michael Hoffman. I wouldn’t have known about him if it weren’t for you.

      God, it’s barely a week and I’ve completely forgotten about it. But, quickly refreshing my mind, I have to say that my take-away from Hoffman is beware “The Method”, the concept of which seems to be encapsulated in these words that Hoffman claims to have originated inside British Intelligence- “…the more we are investigated, the more masses of people are psychologically processed by the very people who seek to expose us.” , and “Success can then be measured precisely to the extent that our work is exposed.’”

      Now, that’s some scary shit….psychologically processed !

      But, getting back to “Panic”. I recently criticized JC for characterizing the response to coronavirus as indicative of being a “panic”… [obviously, he’s sticking to it, maybe even doubling down on it, given that the word was punctuated with no uncertainty at the beginning of this podcast]… I pinned such criticism of his use of the term “panic” to the fact that he admittedly doesn’t have adequate data to form a judgement regarding Covid-19. My argument being, how can he characterize something as being a panic (an overreaction), when the source of said panic is poorly understood.

      Well, I very much need to make a clarification: I unfortunately conflated two issues here. Panic, by its very nature is almost never a good thing, save for when you’re about to be pounced upon by a hungry lion – your store of adrenaline better damn well kick in, and fast! Panic mode, in that case – if you can manage to keep your head, literally – might be a very good thing, but, most other times, most certainly not. Yet, that’s what we’re seeing this week in telltale signs; of store shelves once filled with toilet paper, towels, hand sanitizer, gloves, surgical masks and even fucking eggs, are completely bare.

      The hoarding is definitely a form of panic and definitely a sign of worry. It’s also a bit of herd mentality, as well. This act of hoarding is also an understandable reaction when the authorities are now telling people to be prepared to hunker down for two months….

      But, most people are not overly worried to the point of getting too bent out of shape; they’ve just become a little more cautious in avoiding things like mass transit if other alternatives are available, or simply working from home. Nobody I know is wearing masks – not that it’s a big deal – here and there I see people who do…..

      • candlelight says:

        …..However, just today, rather than shaking hands, I’ve done the elbow bump four times with people. And each time it’s been an action that was somehow mutually initiated and each time it elicited a good laugh!

        This is not to say that the whole thing doesn’t seem and feel bizarre and freaky – it does – but nobody I’ve met is totally freaked out over it. And, quite frankly, most think it’s over-kill (no pun intended). And I’m talking about normies, not conspiracy pundits.

        By the way, it’s also very obvious that these so-called laws evidenced in the podcast, that were set up to have the WHO or UN dictate and militarily control matters upon pandemics being declared, have no teeth, whatsoever. There’s not an iota, not a scintilla of any such discussion. And until I see blue helmeted UN police on the streets, I’m taking what Jerome Corsi had to say as a complete load of crap, and an example of gross fear mongering in its own right. “The Method”?

        Okay, so here’s the conflation: Sure, there is a panic reaction brought on by what the authorities are describing of this event – or non-event, same difference – and by what the authorities are telling the people to do,, e.g. stay home, keep your distance, don’t congregate, yadayadayada. It can be nerve-racking shit, no doubt…So, that’s the “panic” part. And in that sense, JC is totally justified in calling that out, if that, indeed, is what he is calling out But, that’s not really the “panic” he’s referring to; he’s calling out and criticizing the authorities as engaging in fear mongering and thus unjustifiably creating the panic, because his underlying belief is that they are nefariously overreacting and overstating their case. But, how can JC make this definitive judgement call and at the same time say he can’t form a definitive judgement of Covid-19 for lack of sufficient facts and data? On its face, it’s an utter contradiction on his part; one that maybe he can’t see, so strong is his idée fixe that this is all part and parcel of a decades long globalist agenda?

        And maybe it is! But, maybe it’s not (in this particular case).

        Who knows, maybe it’s a fuck-up. It may very well be some bio-weapon that leaked, or “leaked” out of Fort Detrick, and found it’s way to China. If that’s the case, it’s certainly nothing any sane person would dare sneeze at.

        The bottom line, as Corbett, himself, intimated, who knows what the hell it is? I don’t. You don’t. And Corbett don’t.

        You’re worried about Globalism? Well, Globalism is here. Globalism is now. I’m afraid Globalism is a done deal. We are already living a Global existence. We’re already bought in. The moment the anarcho-agorists bought their plane tickets to jet off to Acapulco, even prior to stepping onto the plane, even before settling down in their hotel rooms built and owned by multinational corporatist interests, they bought into the system.

        But, maybe I’ve ranted enough, no?

        Though, there’s plenty more, alexandre. Next I feel like starting in on your Patrick Wood….oooh, baby! Get prepared!

        Cheers, brother!

      • alexandre says:

        Oh yeah, it was a quotation from….? Shoot, can’t remember. Some video…Max Igan I think. Well, anyway, good stuff there. He mentions this guy Wilson Bryan Key, expert on subliminal stuff, and when I did a search, apart from a long bad hand-held-camera video with awful sound, google torrented me with billions of “Flat Earth” results. I was kind of suspicious about Hoffman, but he says things on that interview that are simply too interesting. Such as:
        “So it’s very much in their interest after they’ve gotten away with impunity in these horrible crimes, which sear the souls of America, then to be able to sort of advertise it through the very people who it is their goal to try and expose it.”


        “We become less human in the course of that and we’re relegated almost to the status of Frankenstein’s monster, where the only way we can feel alive is by getting more shocks to our system. And these shocks translate into these various forms of occult psychodrama,…”

        I have to be honest and confess a certain excitement in the current pandemia novela, really like a TV series or something, where you can’t wait to see the next chapter. Reprehensible. And yet, true.

        I don’t know how you can control panic. It’s not a rational decision, like the comic “now it’s the time to panic”. I understand not making it worse by projecting doomsday etc, but the real panic I think is that subliminal stress you don’t know about, that eats you silently, that’s the danger, and that’s hard to control. My survival reaction I think is getting mad, cursing and getting tired of this whole shit! You know? Anger. Better than panic, maybe.

        Your post’s end suggests a “to be continued”…?

        • candlelight says:

          Yes, indeedee! There’s another section awaiting approval by the man. Maybe I should have added “to be continued” but too afraid to take three away from the 500 allotment, and getting too tired to count words. lol

          But, listen, it’s 5:36am where I am and gonna hit the sack.

          Will discuss reptilians in the very near future!

          And, Mr. Wood, too. Gonna knock him off his golden pedestal, too.

          Sit tight! LMFAO. G’night!

        • candlelight says:


          Thanks for yet another lead – Wilson Bryan Key. It’s amazing how easily you can go from one person, to another, to another, to another with just a few “clicks”!….I was reading what I could of a very interesting introduction to Key’s book “Subliminal Ad-Ventures in Erotic Art”, written by Dr. Bruce R. Ledford. Dr. Ledford also wrote a forward to another book of Key’s – “The Age of Manipulation: The Con in Confidence, the Sin in Sincere”, which is equally interesting. Dr. Ledford starts the former introduction with a quote from Marshall McLuhan. McLuhan is famous for intoning a statement which is now in the general lexicon – “The medium is the message”. McLuhan more or less explains this concept in an interview linked below. He also has this to say @ 5:50 mins, which you might find interesting: “Any painter, any artist, any musician, sets out to create an effect. He sets a trap to catch somebody’s attention. Any painter, any poet, any musician sets a trap for your attention. That is the nature of art.” I’m not sure you would agree with this? But, I found his use of the word “trap” interesting, if not a bit odd.


          So, I, in turn, thank you for opening up to my attention the foregoing series of individuals. Perhaps it’s the perfect time to sit back and relax with a nice, interesting book on subliminal messages in erotic art, while soon forced to ride out the pandemic emergency sequestered at home…. I can’t think of a better topic to pass the time.

          What I don’t think I’ll be reading anytime soon, though, is Patrick Wood’s “Technocracy Rising”. I’m sorry, man, but his video giving five reasons to buy his book gives me the creeps:

          And, the thing is, I know how much you’re into this guy!

          It’s weird, alexandre, I’m listening to this guy, and I swear he’s got you hornswaggled! But, not just in the typical way any propagandist might pitch his sale. Based upon your earlier discussions regarding your having had the feeling of being second rate, or just a shadow, or even an imitation, musically, of the musical jazz greats who inhabit North America, it’s almost like I feel you have been victimized by Wood’s ideology, in a “Stockholm Syndrome” sort of way:

          You have know idea how his commentary @ 6:50 mins disgusts me – “The fact is, America is fighting for its very life, and we’re under siege from many sides…”

          Good grief.


          • candlelight says:


            Wood’s book buying appeal:


            Talk about anger, if I really expressed what I think of this guy, I’d probably get locked up….

            America under siege? What, is he fucking kidding? Think about how ludicrous Wood’s statement is? The reason I mentioned Stockholm Syndrome is because as a South American, you relate to your culture and society having been one way or another, subjugated by America, victimized by America, and it hasn’t been all that pretty. And here I feel as though you’re taking Wood’s flowery incantation of good and virtuous American style corporatism and free enterprise tripe, and embracing it like a Stockholm victim embraces their oppressor.

            I’m telling you, brother, I think this might be your diametrical dilemma. I think you suffer because half of you has been drinking the ideology of Wood’s Kool-Aid infused idolatry of American idealist fantasy, and the other half of who knows and feels the true reality of this beast’s iron heel.

            This is not about UN Agendas, or any other demonization and distraction of Wood’s pleasing. Definitely not. This is strictly about Wood’s whitewashing American imperialism. One need only ask, where’s the truth on the ground? Where’s the pain? Does it really lie in designating some park or antiquity as an international Heritage site? Oh, big fucking deal – oh, God, I’m gonna lose my sovereignty! Or is the real pain on the ground the upending of entire sovereign nations, an activity that the “free thinkers” of American empire are wont to do? The tearing down of inconvenient, uncooperative populist governments, and the propping up of dictatorial governments, whose corruption friendly political hacks line their pockets with bribes to pave the way for “free enterprise”. Oh, yes, indeedee.

            And clever Wood begins the blame game on some long forgotten group, Technocracy, Inc., whose founding members actually had some pretty damning and forthright critiques on the excesses of capitalism and the leisure class, coining the phrase “conspicuous consumption”. In other words, they were early critics of the one percent.

            But, guess what? It’s no surprise Wood’s condemnation of Technocracy, Inc. Because, in reality, Wood represents the other side. He is, in reality, a corporate shill for that one percent. He’s not offering any truth. He offers obfuscation. He’s stirring a big, complex pot of psychological stew not fit for consumption.

            I guess we all see what we want to see, ultimately, right? But, I see Wood as pulling out every trick in the lame ass book of propagandist techniques one could possibly imagine.

            Wood has a sweet, simple and clean little narrative consisting of two columns. A rather exhaustive list of badass plans to be perpetrated by enemies of America, foreign and domestic, in one column; and the pure fantasy of free thinking, free marketing, and free enterprising of unencumbered and glorious American capitalism in column number two.


            End of Rant

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              Candlelight, I had the same initial feeling of style, not content, form over substance problem. That bothered me to the point of distraction.
              I had to check that out. I got some outside observer to weigh in who had corresponded with him. The message didnt match up with the medium in my head. The visual delivery was the problem I had. It didn’t match up with my anticipated pattern. I was in a trap of my own making. You might be experiencing what I went through, cause I did have a similar reaction. I didn’t like what I was seeing for some unknown reason. Woods is an egghead for lack of a better term… I encourage cutting him some slack. I may have put too much faith in someone else’s opinion but this person says he is quite different in real life from his TV persona. You also may be correct in your own instincts. More data always helps. He is very approachable and from what I hear very open to questions.

              • candlelight says:


                I didn’t see this post.

                Well, yes, it is a first impressions thing, I suppose, although I think it’s a little more than that, though even still, Wood would look just right in a MAGA hat, as I mention below. Not my cup of Tea(Party).

                But, the thing is, I would only feel comfortable asking the man questions if I were to first read his book, Technocracy Rising, as well as checking out all of his 250 footnotes, etc.

                Who knows, by then I might be totally convinced of everything he has to say and all his timelines and all his dots.

                But, I don’t feel right contributing to him one red cent to purchase his book.

                Maybe it can be found at the public library?


          • manbearpig says:

            good luck “knocking Mr Wood off his pedestal”.

            He’s contributed more to understanding technocracy than anyone else save perhaps Mr Corbett. His interventions in “What is Sustainable Development” and “Why Big Oil Conquered the World” have done more for revealing the technocratic agenda being realized as we type here than anything else I’ve seen.

            Ad hominem won’t go very far. So let’s see what ya got.

            • candlelight says:

              Ad hominem?

              Who’s engaging in ad hominem?

              “…what ya got.”

              What ya got is what I explained…sans ad hominem.

              And what I got is something’s not right.

              I don’t, or didn’t, know Wood from Adam, except for his 11 minute “buy my book” video, but a subsequent cursory look at his website, Technocracy News & Trends, further fuels my suspicions of his corporate shilldom. By the way, he’s certainly not a “Technocracy” shill. Not at all. He’s more of a spokesman for technology than anything else…(predictive programing, anyone?)

              But, returning to his website, there’s an interesting article that I’ll link below – “BioWeapons Expert Says Coronavirus Is Biological Warfare Weapon”


              The Bio-weapons expert is Dr. Francis Boyle. It is very interesting to note that it’s made clear that Technocracy News (TN) states that it doesn’t endorse Dr. Boyle…. Hmm? I wonder why?

              Linked below is a very recent interview that Geopolitics & Empire conducted with Dr. Boyle and is included in the article linked above:


              At about 34.30 mins, Dr, Boyle explains that he’s been black-balled by the government ever since 2001, when he suggested that the anthrax used in the subsequent anthrax attacks following 9/11 was sourced from within the United States…. Hmm. Hmm? Black-balled by the government and not endorsed by Technology News…..

              But, besides that interesting tid-bit that I just discovered, there’s something else I see that doesn’t surprise me at all.

              Below is a link to a google search of Dr. Boyle’s books:


              Please notice the titles and subjects of his books. Most, if not all, center on U.S. foreign policy, power, plunder, and the wages of empire. He also explores the plight of the Palestinians.

              Now, juxtapose these books with Patrick Wood’s, below:


              Maybe you can help me out here, manbearpig, because I haven’t read any of Mr. Wood’s books. All I know is that he’s constantly returning to his most personally cherished cause célèbre – the threat to America’s liberty and Her blessed freedom giving system of free enterprise that he would have us believe all Americans so truly love and cherish. So, if you’ve read any of his books, can you tell me if he discusses to any enlightening degree, the empirical reality of America’s role in such wonted hegemonic destruction that the unendorsed Dr. Boyle writes prolifically about?

              I’d like to see what ya get.

              And we can discuss this further.


              • candlelight says:


                James Corbett has never fawned over, or fretted over threats to America’s liberty.

                That, my friend, would be some kind of a bizarre joke.

                Do you get the distinction?

              • alexandre says:

                Now now, kids. Calm down. Drink your milk and take yer valiums.

                Candle, don’t let MBP’s mildly histrionic style throw you. It was not a real call for combat. If it was, I’ll call a taxi.

                Regarding how much I’m into Wood, I’m not. I don’t have any of his books. What Wood did was make sense in a line that starts way back in the 17 or 18th century up to Agenda 2030 and all the madness we’re in, and his [main] work is not him alone, but together with Antony Sutton. So his explanation of his (their) work simply helped to clear the waters in that historic line of eugenic scientistic maniacs and fits perfectly with what Corbett says, what Rosa Koire says and so on. It’s just a good piece of the puzzle that fits well with the other pieces.

                I kind of understand what you mean because he focus primarily on this word “America” and his religious and political characteristics, with which I don’t exactly agree, do seep out into his discourse. But I take all that out and keep what’s important to understand the story. Patrick Wood doesn’t interest me a bit, nor his personal opinions, only what he found out, which was mainly that this new system being pounded down our throats comes from this, then from that, then you have the Trilateral Commission, and Brzezinski’s book “Between Two Ages” AND THEN he saw that what Brzezinski says there is almost identical to what is in the TechnocracyInc’s manual, and so forth. You cannot debunk (certainly in two minutes) that what the Technocracy manual specifies as requirements is exactly what’s going on now to the tee.

                So try to hold yer herd of wild horses and think if maybe Patrick’s personal inclinations didn’t poke something in you that made you so furious. That happens all the time, and I did think about that after my illumination with his 3 hours interview in Caravan to Midnight, not to get too excited about Patrick personally, and that goes for Corbett, Koire or any of them. What we want is the result of their research, which I cannot do, and tae fuck with their personalities – as much as we love master Corbett.

                Estamos? (Spanish version of “are we cool?”)

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                alexandre says:

                I take all that out and keep what’s important to understand the story.
                Patrick Wood doesn’t interest me a bit, nor his personal opinions, only what he found out, which was mainly that this new system being pounded down our throats….

              • candlelight says:

                We very cool, hombre!

                Anyway, the last thing I would want to do is get into any brawls with someone who at the very least is a spiritual god-daughter of one of my favorite, inspirational, anti-establishment radical leftist elders of my youth….

                So, no need to call a taxi, let alone an Uber. Please, no Uber. Medallion cabs, only!

                It’s not about Wood’s personality, per se. Though, I suppose yes if it includes his modus operandi of pandering to a specific group of people. To my mind, this would include, but perhaps not limited to (obviously), members and acolytes of the Tea Party. If you listen to Wood’s 11 minute “please buy my book, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor video” while imagining him wearing a red MAGA hat; the hat would not exactly seem out of place. I’ll even bet a buck that Wood owns one.

                But, maybe I’m the one who’s out of place – here.
                Next to some people, I feel like a damned normie, which I’ll sort of get to later.

                Meanwhile, even Rosa Koire, whom I hadn’t heard of before you mentioned her name, I find to have a bit of a skewed perception, or exaggerates things to fit her arguments. In her video, UN Agenda 2030 Exposed, linked below, at 1:45 mins she gets into her expertise in land valuation; and what she has to say sounds a little odd to me. She worked for the government evaluating land for eminent domain purposes, finding that in many cases, it was difficult to establish valuations because of owner’s restricted use of their property. From my experience, land is restricted by zoning regulations, but within any particular zoning, an owner is constitutionally entitled to the “best and highest use” of their property, which translated means getting the most monetary value from it. I’ve never heard of any case of land use running up against any designated UN Agenda 21 land jurisdiction, as she seems to be claiming. But, if that’s what she’s claiming, it has to be true, no?



              • candlelight says:

                One of the things I find hard to fathom is the continuity thing, wherein it’s postulated that under-the-radar secretive agendas perpetuate century after century, with their ultimate goals being virtually unchanged from their early beginnings.

                Take Technocracy, Inc., for instance. It is basically a bastardized form of it’s earlier underpinnings, circa 1919, known then as the “Technical Alliance”.
                Below is a little history of the movement that I find much more coherent, if not more accurate and truthful – that is, without any bones to pick – than what Wood’s thesis describes:


                I knew before reading the link above, that the Technocracy movement had to have been, at some point, totally hijacked from it’s founding members original philosophical standpoint. Notably, if it’s founding member’s belief was that leadership should be devoid of businessmen and politicians – (and you can well imagine the level of corruption in the early days of oil barons and other industrial tycoons – and yes, some things never change) – it’s easy to see why scientists and engineers may have thought society would be better off in their hands than in the hands of greedy tycoons and corrupted politicians. And would have thought so in this fashion very innocently, relatively speaking.

                But, you know, things aren’t always so static.

                Along comes back into the fore, full guns, Howard Scott, circa 1942, with pockets full of cash with unlimited reserves, and a sweeping agenda looking every bit the part of a politically charged, nationalistic, fascistic movement. What other than business interests could have bank-rolled such a movement?

                My point is, in terms of technology as a lineal progression, from the early age of the capitalist industrial revolution, to today’s titans of “high-tech”, the only “blip” in the system seems to have been that original call in 1919 from the “economists and technicians of the “Technical Alliance”, espousing the benefits to society of the skills of engineers and scientists holding sway over and above that of the political and business classes.

                Who knows what the outcome would have been if their theory had caught on. But, it didn’t. And, if anything, it was hijacked by corporate interests. Let’s face it, if the likes of a Rockefeller or a Zbigniew endorsed it, and were running with Technocracy, Inc., the movement’s been long ago compromised.

                Okay, okay, so let’s thank Mr. Wood after all, for turning us on to this fascistic movement of 1942.

                I’m still not sure if the Gates, Schmuckerbergs, Musk’s and Bezos’, et al, of the world are secret worshipers and practitioners of Technocracy, Inc. I mean, they sure as hell don’t need Technocracy Inc.’s Inc. They have their own very robust Inc. Or, are they simply Kurzweil worshiping junkies?

                Or, is it all about what it’s always been about, since the dawn of civilization?

                Money, baby.



                Next up: One idea on why the truth movement didn’t progress too far…. Sabotage from the inside!

              • alexandre says:

                “Next up” sounds intriguing. let me get my slice o’pizza.

                Good link there to Technocracy Inc, at least from somewhere other than Wood.

                Ok, got it. Just as a final comment…
                I think we must understand things from the point of the ideology, following Corbett’s suggestion in some video far away. What is the ideology, that’s what we need[ed] to focus. Technocracy Inc is gone, or it’s still alive but looks like old grandma Bambi with asma. (Mahatma Bambi? Grand Ma Hatma?..sorry). So the ideology behind all of these little clues is what is clear, and that must be Eugeny. Eugeny Kissin? Noooo! Eugenics. Remember my “main themes” theory? Eugenics, or the devine superiority of a certain … what type? … genre, lineage, kind…of people to OWN the cosmos and do as they please (which they do since there’s no one around to shove their obelisks up their jacksies). Since I was born I don’t like rulers. I think my first words were “fuck” and “off”. I know a few technical guys who are good people, but if I had them as rulers, I’d commit suicide. They’re fascistic, intolerant, strict etc. Reason and LOGIC is their God, period. So, good for when you have to mix a track or make a film, but not to rule society. And that’s the problem with any “cracy”; the application of whatever PROFESSION’s theory on social organizations. Say musicians ruling the world. Jazz musicians! Ha! Whoever doesn’t know how to solo on Giant Steps for at least 47 choruses shall be shot. My mother ruling the world would be hell. Ruling is itself a disease and as long as we have that disease, well, just look around where we are with the virus bullshit No 65. So I [used to] take Wood, Koire or whoever is presenting information (not only presenting but transcribing too, cause I can’t read legalese) with that in mind. I already have the picture – mainly a big gorilla slamming a hammer on a flee forever – so if we want to know the details, then there are those guys, and Corbetts etc. And if we want to go further and realize that we are not flees and there’s no gorilla with a hammer, then there are other people who have nothing to do with politics and sociology. But if we can’t even let go of “the president lied to the people”, forget about that one. And by the pace of the carriage, forget everything. Let’s eat!

                Waiting for te “next up” with great anticipation.

              • candlelight says:

                Undermining of the Truth Movement:….

                Wait a minute….Did you have the pizza in the fridge, or hopefully they’ve got Domino’s delivery where you are? Either way, stay put, man! Don’t go risking catching Covid-19 for a lousy slice of pizza out on the town, now, alex!…


                Okay, back to covert operations…..

                Do you remember Daniel Hopsicker? He was a very early proponent of the 9/11 Truth Movement. He was known for exposing the ties between Mohamed Atta, et al, and the CIA run flying schools in Florida, e.g. Huffman Aviation. How Hopsicker was able to dig up all his information was always impressive to me, and I always thought, wow, he’s a helluva investigative journalist!

                If you’re not familiar with Hopsicker, here he is at a 9/11 Truth Symposium back in 2008, in Keene, New Hampshire. It so happens, yours truly was there that weekend in attendance!:


                Reviewing this video explains to me why I couldn’t barely keep awake. I thought it was because I was partying all night. Now I realize that Hopsicker was so damned, fucking boring!

                Because you’re a tecky of sorts, check out this video of the same exact speech as the one above. It’s hard to believe the intense difference in quality! This one below is exactly how I remember it sitting in the audience, not so with the one above:


                So, that’s Dan the Man Hopsicker in action.

                Now then, here’s the heart of this post, and what you’ve been anxiously awaiting, chowing down that delicious pizza pie!….

                I found a very interesting blog discussing, or rather, accusing Hopsicker of being a government mole, with damage control being his prime objective. It’s weird, because this blog predates the Symposium by two years! The government mole insinuation states that the entire purpose of Hopsicker’s investigations was to make it look like he was exposing more government bungling of information prior to 9/11 (while legitimizing, at the same time, by default, the official story line).


              • candlelight says:


                And sure enough, man, looking back retrospectively, Hopsicker damn well was doing just that!

                First the accusatory blog:


                Now, please take a look at Hopsicker’s article, circa 2004, on his website. The article is titled “Ten More Things You Never Knew about Mohamed Atta”. It certainly sheds light on Citizen Spook’s accusations:


                Do you notice that every news item No.1 through No.10 reinforces the official narrative of 9/11, while each news item acts to denigrate and “expose” the incompetence of the intelligence agencies?

                There’s also some bullshit about Mossad being “reportedly hard on the heels of at least four members of the hijack gang, including its leader Mohammed Atta.”

                You can’t have made this shit up! But, apparently Hopsicker did. Damn!…. Well, he, himself, was not making these things up, he was simply busy compiling erroneous press reports from a number of sources from around the CIA infested global news corp. Unfortunately, some of these reports were re-broadcast from sources that should have thought things out a little more clearly, such as 9/11 Truth.org. In my opinion, just to use the word “alleged” doesn’t really cut very deep into the propaganda. “Alleged” doesn’t really stick. But, the propaganda does.

                Would you like to know which other government mole’s modus operandi precisely parallels Hopsicker’s? She is known for whistleblowing – “exposing” FBI ineptitude, whilst cementing the official story in place. This little lady is cited twice in news item No.5.

                Anyway, given the incredibly obvious and blatant use of official story lines above, gratuitously masticated and regurgitated, and spat out for a hungry crowd, I totally concur with the blogger from Citizen Spook, that Hopsicker was, indeed, a 9/11 government mole.

                It’s even hard to believe Hopsicker went as far as to criticize none other than David Ray Griffin, who in my opinion is one of the pillars of the Truth Movement!

                Hopsicker’s got balls, man. And, the sonuva is still publishing!

                In conclusion, you really can’t trust anybody. Nobody.

                Hey, listen, like Corbett has said repeatedly now, maybe in ten years we’ll find out he was working for the government, too.

                Right? 🙂

                J-u-s-t k-i-d-d-i-n-g!


                You know, when I pulled into the Keene high school parking lot, I felt the creepiest feeling the place was probably crawling with FBI posing as Truthers.

                Only, there was no way of telling who the hell was who. But, it was something I felt throughout my entire being.

                It was, plainly speaking, kinda messed up in that sense.

                Only, at the time, I never suspected anyone on the stage, speaking, was government.

                Fuck all!

                And to them, just as you might, I say Fuck off!

                ….How was the pizza?

              • alexandre says:

                Didn’t have pizza. I had a salad and a thick steak. Here it’s called “contra-filé” – the last “é” sounds like the “e” in “yeah”, which is an open E. So…contra-fileah (without the A). You cut a piece that has part of the fat with the meat and … heaven…..I’m in heaven…..

                SO…you went through all that trouble to destroy D. Hopsicker and S. Edmonds. Well well well well well well well well how very nice. You know, this reinforces my musical approach thesis because, if you had the main themes in your head, you wouldn’t have wasted time on them in the first place. That’s why I reduced my sources to Corbett, TSM and a bit of Icke. Icke sounds weird and there are lots of personal thingies that leak out in him too – as in Wood – but leaving those aside he’s on the spot with a few misses. Corbett “thinks right” for me, and my needles seldom move with him. So I reduced the whoooooole thing to these three. Through them – and some meditation, remembering dreams and observing reality – I can see the whole. Every time I hear “Mohamed” I turn it off before getting to “Atta”. Atta is bullshit, as is the money thing and the mossad. There’s a foggy smoky “thing” in the background and that is what I wanted to make clear and see. Once the main themes are established, everything that gets in the way I throw away. Hopsicker I didn’t even remember. Edmonds I had the same bullshit feeling, but Corbett was so into her that I went along. Didn’t get shit of the whole Gladio II thing, which makes Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen look like a fart, but hey, Corbett was into that so along I went. When she started that NewsBud thing I thought “shit” – my needles went berserk – and I was soooo glad Corbett didn’t join them. Later when THAT happened, when she stampeded into dementia, I thought “I fucking knew it”. (Felt bad for James). So you see, you need the main themes – or in more technical lingo “group of material” – so you can keep focus, throw away redundancies, crap etc and stay on track. Otherwise you get lost, walk in circles and get nowhere. Or eventually you do get there, but with too much aggravation. Now, that is what works for me – different people will be interested in different things, and that’s ok, but that’s how it works for me.

                So yeah, well done. Did I miss something you wanted to look more into…deeper….upon….erm…. ran out of English.

              • candlelight says:

                Hmm, there’s nothing like a little savory beef fat melting in the mouth. You got that right!

                Taking down Hopsicker and Edmonds: I guess you figured out who the little lady was I was referring to, eh? I went over to Newsbud, and oh, goodness, she has transformed into one strange cult of personality unto herself! I almost feel as if she may have dumped her husband and kids to become the head madam of Erdoğan’s palace harem….! I’m not even joking.

                Strange Brew.

                So, on the conspiracy spectrum, you’re down to Corbett, TSM and Icke. It is funny about Icke, isn’t it? The lizard thing? I hate the fact that he’s so spot on with just about most everything, because I get pulled down by the psychic weight required to give the lizards a few crumbs of credence. In other words, an unwanted consternation by virtue of their author’s more credible accounts of reality, It’s a balance. But, I’d rather not have to feed those suckers (Icke’s lizards) anything! No crumbs, no thought, no nothing! Also there’s the additional waste of energy – since you brought up that concept – of having to spend unnecessary thought in trying to fathom why? Why would Icke, with a perfectly straight face and composed demeanor, come out talking about ancient lizard blood lines like he was talking about the merits of his favorite cricket team – in the first fucking place ? WHY?


              • candlelight says:


                Yes, one more manifestation of bizarrity and contrivance…perfected. Another block on the road to nowhere….I mean, reality. I mean, nowhere. I mean, reality. I mean, nowhere, I mean…. It’s your walking in circles and getting nowhere. You’re comfortable in simply throwing out the crap you don’t like. With me, it’s irksome. The thing is, I’m not concerned about myself, as much as I am for other people who would throw the baby out with the bathwater, who would disregard as mere malarkey, (if I may borrow from J. Bidden) the prospect of 9/11 being a psyop, when they’re confronted with stories about lizards. And that conundrum actually goes for many dubious and questionable theories out there, be they specifically designed to be somewhat plausible red herrings, or totally whacked-out absurdities…..More on that later, because it’s important.

                I do like the Dykes. But ah, poor Aaron, though. What he must of had to deal with, when he dealt with A. Jones, I can only imagine. Do you remember when he was a mainstay at Infowars? Always being hovered over and ridiculed for being chubby? Plus, when he and Melissa left Infowars, they felt like they were being stalked, to the point of feeling a bit threatened by their old boss? I have a sneaking feeling the old boss knew how bright the Dykes were and felt both threatened by that, and jealous.

                Anyway, the Dykes put out some good stuff. They cover the usual topics proficiently. Not-that-everything-they-say-I-agree-with.


              • candlelight says:


                But, this gets into what I mentioned on another post. And, that is, I’m not a full fledged conspiracy theorist. Meaning I don’t buy into every theory that comes along, or connect every dot that’s been connected by others. Maybe you can say I have my own comfort level of plausibility, based as it is on my own level of understanding, or lack, thereof. Witness that I’m open-minded enough to concede such a thought, i.e., the thought of my own limitations, at least. I’m certainly no Stalwart when it comes to the playing fields of ideas. Latest fortune cookie: “There are no limitations in imagination.”

                As for Corbett, the first entrée on your very short go-to list of sources, I agree, he does, as you say “think right”. Plus, the specific Canadian intonation in his voice tells me he’s an honest man. He, like many Canadians, are lacking a certain gene that ordinarily permits a person to lie. In short order, this gene must have been bred out of the very small Canadian population at large. Because, when you grow up in an isolated, frigid geographic location as is much, or all, of Canada, I would suspect that those who spend their lives deceiving others, and in turn, are next to useless, if not detrimental to the community, are not going to be welcome, or for that matter, survive very long.

                Anyway, Honest Corbett. That’s my conspiracy theory for the day.

                A further critique of Corbett to be continued…later, not presently.

                End Post

                NB: I need a station break (but, no cigarettes!).

              • alexandre says:

                Wholly shit, I had to scroll for 10 minutes to find the “reply” button again. Why there isn’t a reply button after a certain amount of replies? A hint to “stop talking” maybe? I don’t care, I’ll talk more!

                Icke’s reptiles to me, first is very interesting because a)we will never know b) probably bullshit, but c)absolutely perfect regarding the PTSB behavior. It matches perfectly because where do you go after “psychopath” or “pedophiles”? What’s the disease, the insanity, the level of madness? After a certain point you have to resort to metaphors, poetry, art and mythology – which encompass all of the above. Once you reach your linguistic limit, what do you do? – when the facts alone can’t account for the depth of the insanity? Chomsky will say they do, everything happening is completely logical and within the political boundaries, but that would be a … shortsighted view(?) of someone that can’t let go of his intellectual structure. Even Corbett, when you really think (with the heart) about the ramifications of all the info, stuff goes well beyond puny words like greed, power, conspiracy or even elections (to say nothing of “the president lied to the people”. Jesus Christ). The political journalistic language starts to solvate (just found that one, had to use it), to dissolve. You need a better language, so…poetry, metaphors, another thinking, another level, a … poetic level – Bernstein would say. In that I find no trouble – the Bastards are blood sucking reptiles – and it’d better be a metaphor because I usually like reptiles and animals in general. Then there’s the other side, which is Icke believing this de facto and doing a lot of dancing to substantiate it scientifically, like saying that, regarding shape-shifting, it’s your perception that changes in your mind, not the physical being and bla bla bla, which only makes it even more ridiculous. Then again Icke isn’t the brightest member of the family, let’s put it gently, so you have to consider all these things (that’s your job) and extract what is basically correct. PTSB are insects, they work collectively to utilize everything that is not them for their hegemony. As for everything else he’s usually spot on since the 90s, so hurray there, even though he occasionally falls for tricks and goes into some misleading trends, like Brexit. As I said, the man is no Wittgenstein, but he’s honest enough.

                Let me count my words here. 406, we’re good. 408 now, oh shit.

                Canadians lacking genes for lying. I’m seeing James ROTFLHAO. I get your point, but I learned that generalizations don’t work. If something is truly globalized at this point is lying. When Edmonds started Newsbud, that’s when I watched Corbett like a hawk. He didn’t go, fucking hurray. So yes, he’s the first on the list.

                You went to Newsbud recently, is that what you mean? I’ll have a look. That was a truly weird event and I wish Corbett developed that a bit further, but that’s ok.

                500 words.

              • alexandre says:


                TSM, yes, the Dykes. I didn’t watch A.Jones much at their time there, no. I saw some bits and it’s so weird. They’re stiff and awkward. And the story of their poisoning also, yeah, very suspicious. I was sure at the time I saw (some interview they gave) that Jones is much more mafioso than one would suspect, so maybe something was going on there – and we never knew the full story, by the way.

                Wee anecdote. When I started a small audio studio back in 2000, we were 5 people that got out of another studio, and the owner of this place is one of these mafioso types. A month after we started we had a burglary in our studio and they took some 15.000 worth of equipment. It was a small rented house, no sings in front, so the investigator’s first question was “Do you have any enemies?” We told the story and for him it was case closed. The guy sent someone because, for the investigator, whoever did that knew what was inside. So there you go.

                I’m glad they “found each other” and did TSM. It’s a more personal view; the events watched through their prism, and I like that. Could be criticized as not strictly journalistic, maybe more to the chronicle side,I don’t know, but it’s similar to Corbett in a way. Their view, them as people, flesh and blood, is something always present, so it’s not an AI spewing out info only. Every teacher has that – MBP could confirm. The teacher is not only the transporter of information like a machine. A good teacher makes you see, or feel the point, not only “know”, something like that. Not that Corbett is a teacher…oh wait, he is! (MBP’s style right there).

              • candlelight says:

                I don’t know, man, I don’t like taking it to the limit anymore. I mean, what if I fuck up and type that one extra word too many? 501! I just count lines, multiply by 10, and split it up that way. Counting each word is like having to stick my eyeballs back in their sockets…..

                Giving reptiles a bad rap:

                You mention Wittgenstein. Good point. Maybe Icke can heed the philosopher’s words – “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.” Meaning whenever Icke gets that urge to rattle on about reptilian beings as real, phenomenological entities of form, he should button it up. But, you make another good point. Reptiles as metaphor for TPTSB. For beings with limitless wealth, there’s near limitless power. And perhaps limitless boredom! What do you do when you can do anything you want? Maybe you do that which you shouldn’t. You do that which is taboo. Verboden. You do that which is unacceptable to others who are powerless to stop you. Engaging in psychotic pedophilia might be just the answer to cure those rich man blues and while away idle time, when convention just doesn’t seem to cut it, when the ladies at their fingertips aren’t doing it for them anymore, why not do little girls and boys…. Icke does strap a bad rap onto reptiles, doesn’t he, linking them to Hollywood moguls, power brokers, sheiks, kings, and first and foremost, his native Royals.

                As much as I am a half-baked conspiracy theorist, I am totally convinced that the essence of Pizzagate is quite real, and except for perhaps subsequent damage control embellishments perped by the estblishment, the original exposé of emails,twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts of those caught up in it was completely genuine. Whether the Russians exposed it, or some other party, through Wikileaks, or whomever, is immaterial. What convinces me the most, however, was how the entire, and I mean the e-n-t-i-r-e! establishment went absolutely bonkers over the exposé! The MSM, with not a second to spare, circled the wagons, and fired back like the monolith they are, as one voice, and they screamed like folks who just had their collective big toe stamped on, and unison they proclaimed “FAKE NEWS!” “FAKE NEWS” FAKE NEWS”….


              • candlelight says:


                It was a gut punch reaction because it wasn’t fake at all. Podesta’s emails weren’t fake, his brother’s home decor depicting child abuse wasn’t fake, Alafantus’ Instagram wasn’t fake, etc. Pizzagate was the impetus and ground zero for the unified rush to censor and de-monetize and punish anti-establishment gadflies on social media. What happened? Corbett sort of promised not to let it go. And I quote “…Pizzagate must not be allowed to go quietly.”

                Unfortunately, Pizzagate did go quietly (into the night). Yet, that’s kind of odd that it has, given the fact that censorship, which was instigated on account of Pizzagate, is alive and well and going strong. And the MSM makes a point of reiterating when they deem it appropriate, to remind audiences of how dastardly awful Pizzagate was in terms of fake news….Why not fight back! Bring back the topic! Bring back Pizzagate! Or, is that even possible without getting totally fucked?

                Anyway, need another station break.

                By the way – solvate – you got me on that one.

              • alexandre says:

                “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”
                Many laughs with this one! Very good, BUT… if the one that cannot speak hast noble information, he shalt speak as most wondrous as that gent cant.

                Word count, please monsieur – https://wordcounter.net/

                By the looks of it you never met a truly mad person, in person. I have, and it’s pretty scary. Try not to understand or judge them by what you can think of, for thou shalt fail. I can easily understand the lizards that pass by once in while, but will never understand “them”. Nothing you can imagine would explain them, not money, power, greed, pedophilia, nothing. Whatever you can imagine falls short. Hence the metaphor. (Hence?) Thus?

                By the another looks of it you never met elite people. I have more or less, quite rich and powerful, but not at the level we’re talking about here, not even close, and yet they were already so fucked up in the head that you can’t believe. One horror story, recounted to me by an ex-girlfriend: A friend of hers that worked at the IML (Instituto Médico Legal, which is the morgue) told her that at least once a month someone very rich arrived late at night, gave the equivalent of 100 dollar bills around for the people to go away for half an hour so he could be alone with the corpses. Only very rich guys, he said.
                (Pause for vomit).
                If at that level it is already like that, we cannot imagine what goes on upwards. By the way, this failure of ours to imagine what they’re like upstairs, makes the awakening sooooo slow, and the development of those who already are proud corbeteers is somewhat limited as well, plus they’re totally immune to anything we can do. If the highest we can talk about is power and greed, man we’re done. The problem is that the further you go into the insanity, less and less you can analyze and understand what the heck that is. A cosmic pickle, aka “reptilian” – as a metaphor, of course. Once you get the picture and label is as “reptiles from outer space” from whom you must stay away, maybe you can then stop trying to analyze it and just focus on how the hell can I do not to be oppressed by that thing – is it even possible? etc.

                I’ll await your continuity of text…

              • alexandre says:

                “What the hell I can do”, not “how the hell I can do”.
                Many errors due to tiredsomnessdom.

              • candlelight says:

                Continuity of text: COT

                Finally , finally; what’s it been 24? 48 hrs?

                Okay, here it is, my continuity….

                So, what am I gonna say for myself…

                “Fuck me.”

                Yes, fuck me, while this war is waging. Fuck me while the new world odor declares martial law. Fuck me while the tanks come rolling in, and every last shred of decency, let alone sanity has been pulverized, vanquished into the sands of time, never to arise again.

                Yes, fuck me. And when this shit’s all over, wake me the fuck up. ‘Cause good sleep’s a long time coming. Listening to Jason Bermas and I swear they’re gonna seal me in my house, pump me full of bullets lest I walk down the street.

                I don’t mind the National Guard so much if they’d only repaint their fucking vehicles. What was wrong with Army green? What’s with this puke mustard yellow, like baby’s diarrhea? That’s what bothers me about that rollout. Get that garbage off our streets!

                But, really, don’t be mocking the dead, please. That was infantile, juvenile, thoughtless. Dumb. Not you. Heir _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

                Any questions?

                I don’t even know what to talk about?

                1. Necrophilia

                2. Alien reptilians

                4. Woody A

                5. End of Civilization

                Tell me, alex, whaddaya wanna tawk about?

                Pencil drawings! lol

              • alexandre says:

                Talk about….errr…….my last post. About military coups. I’m scared to see the replies, if there’s any. I almost regret posting it. Maybe I should ask James to take it out. Did you see that one?

                But why fuck me? Fuck them if anything. The yellow mustard child diarrhea color I thought was the color of the sands of the desert (as in “storm”). In New York they should be cool black. I am watching Bermas right now, his watch-a-long Event 201 thing. I already took my hat off to him for that.

                But all that brings dark memories – not that I went through hell in the 60s, just that I know what happened, that’s why I posted that. Military is a word that brings the chills and trembles, but maybe that’s just for old L. American guys. I don’t know. I don’t want you to fuck yourself, man.

                Every time I look the email it says “28 more messages” on the Corbett Report comments. It’s so fast I can’t keep up. I’m gonna see if people replied that or let it pass like “okeeeyyy, whateverrrr….”

              • candlelight says:

                Okay then, back to your penultimate post.

                I’m going to admit it’s not easy to decipher exactly your position with regard to reptilians. Do they remain simply metaphoric creatures with which to describe in somewhat graphic terms those who sit at the pinnacle? Or, is the reality so mind blowing, that you’re suggesting reptilian creatures, these “reptiles form outer space” are actually real? Or, are you saying – and I believe this is what you’re saying – that these f*ckers at the top are so goddamned evil as to be beyond imagination, and thus (hence) (either works), it’s better to think of them as if they were extremely malevolent creatures from outer space and to be as cautious with these super elites as if you were dealing with freaking alien lizards?

                I’m right, right?

                As far as familiarity with the mad and the elite, it depends on your definition. I’m very familiar with people slapped with the label of being paranoid schizophrenics, if that’s what you mean by “mad”. Though, I’ve never met a person suffering from necrophilia, like the sorry-assed derangement in your anecdote, shelling out 100 dollar bills for erotic necrotic solitude, which to me is far worse. Way far worse! I mean, thank goodness it’s mostly paranoid schizophrenics running around out there, rather than necrophiliacs….But, like you say, who can even imagine what’s going on at the top? Better to slap the label of reptilian creatures from the black lagoon, or outer space (pick your B movie), and concentrate on figuring out how not to be oppressed by these bastards, if at all possible.


              • candlelight says:


                As for the elite, I don’t know. It depends on your definition of elite. Like everything else, there are the elite, and there are the elite . There’s certainly no shortage of people believing themselves to be elite. I’ve met plenty in that category, which just thinking about it, makes for another good place to pause for a good vomit.

                But, rest assured, just because an individual might have hundreds of millions, or multi billions, doesn’t necessarily make the person evil. In the same way that all philanthropy is not all evil, Yet, as we can well surmise, some “philanthropists” or “philanthropic groups” use their “philanthropy” as cover for malign objectives. Those are members of the “Club”, the very same club which George Carlin described as part of his stand-up routine. I don’t believe I’ve ever met anyone belonging to the “Club”. I hope not.

                I think it’s well to remember, though, that unknowable, unimaginable reptilian types exist at all socioeconomic levels. Not just at the peek, not just from outer space, not just from the bowels of the earth….

                ….And I’ve probably just induced a good potential for a nice nightmare tonight.


                Off subject: In his bouts, the first real good jab Foreman threw generally marked the beginning of the end. You could just see it in the change of expression in his opponent’s faces. It was all sparkly lights and twinkles playing to the first few notes of the first stanza of Beethoven’s 5th. Foreman’s opponents no stanza too long after that! 🙂

              • alexandre says:

                I was just gonna ask “Where is Candlelight??” and here you are.
                Goo’evening, sir.

                Reptilians. Yes, you’re right right. I don’t see anyone but Icke saying that. It is ridiculous and certainly not the case. BUT…instead of throwing it right away, one could think that it is what a certain mythologist would call “a mistaken reading of the symbol” – which incidentally is the case in most religions, but that’s another issue. So no, I do not believe reptilians are a real thing, but as a metaphor, when you change from denotation to connotation, then it works perfectly. When a person, or a group, behave like monsters (reptiles, giant insects, aliens etc), which is how the eugenicists behave, one could say, then it doesn’t matter. If it was simply the case of greed, lust for power, money and influence, you wouldn’t need metaphors. But when you go into systematic pedophilia, institutional torture, whole departments of sociopathic cruelty, you need another language to describe it. That’s why art exists.

                And you’re right, better to have paranoid schizophrenics than “that”, which brings something up. Maybe it isn’t insanity. Maybe it’s some other thing that, without resorting to aliens from B movies, could be explained. Sociopathy seems to be one effort in that direction, maybe. A kind of mental disorder that doesn’t come from the same origins (internal) but from the environment (external)? Something like that, because usually these maniacs are perfectly logical, have jobs and positions of power etc. They’re not running around seeing monster or hearing voices. They’re perfectly normal, until they go to the morgue at night. Some good psychoanalyst from the past could shed a light maybe.

                Ha ha, yes, good nightmares. Fortunately dreams are much more focused and will only use our daily wonders if needed, always with incomprehensible reasons. Last night Keanu Reeves appeared in my dream. How un-creative can you get?

                You’re right again, I think, about elites. I never met one of the club either, and the highest I met, a close friend of my dad, was actually a very nice guy, nothing to do with what we’re talking here. (I think he actually had a thing with my mom once. When she told us we joked “Damn, ma, why didn’t you stay with him? We could all be millionaires now!”) I never had the chance to ask him about this, about the club, his relationship with government etc. I wasn’t a corbeteer at the time. I think the reptiliosity starts at a much higher level than guys like him. And maybe it’s really a small club, a small gang, albeit a very strong and powerful one. The Queen and all that.

                to be continued…

              • alexandre says:


                By the way MBP posted the news that Prince Charles has the bug and the continuation of the headline just broke me up. “Queen in good health”. As Billy Connolly would say “You bet yer arse she’s in good health”.

                Very funny about Foreman. His arm was like a tree. Imagine a tree falling in your face. That’s why the fight with Ali was so great. Ali WAS the greatest. The other day I watched a long compilation someone did of Ali’s fights. Incredible. It all changed then, no? Even in tennis, you had Navratilova, Borg etc. Then it all changed to 500.000 miles an hour serves, Tyson exploding the opponent in a second. And football, Pele, Rivelino, they smoked and didn’t give a shit about the coach, lots os swing and “malacagem”, but then … Maradona, Messi, Ronaldo etc, big clubs, big money, kind of a military style etc. Not very interesting, but I’m too sentimental.

              • candlelight says:

                Here’s a little odd coincidence for me….

                I had rented Roger Stone’s 1991 epic JFK, and decided I’d watch it last night, which I did – it’s over 3 hours long, and I don’t think I had ever watched all of it at once, only pieces of it. I came away feeling like Stone absolutely nailed it, save perhaps for the identities of the actual shooters, which Stone basically says is immaterial, next to the scope of the entire plot, which is incredibly laid bare by the character played by Donald Sutherland, Agent X. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a good movie. So, the odd coincidence is Bob Dylan released today a 17 minute song he recorded “a while back” on the Kennedy assassination called Murder Most Foul .

                The timing for me was kinda strange. Here it is:


                I also was checking out Icke regarding his theory on reptilians because I haven’t listened to him talk about it for years. Apparently, I wasn’t paying attention because he is fully and completely into this idea not as metaphor in the slightest, but as a full blown world view. Either he is consciously and fallaciously perpetuating this reality of his to garner attention, sell books, and hold talks with sizable audiences, aka commercial marketing, or he actually believes it. It’s a very extensive alternative reality he’s got going. Reminds me of the science fiction that was originally science fiction for science fiction’s sake, but morphed into Scientology.
                And perhaps this is a lead into your interesting quote -“a mistaken reading of the symbol”. For Icke, he relates a specific time and a specific place for when he first had a vision of “his” reality, and as Icke says “Where it all began.”


              • candlelight says:


                Out of curiosity, who is this certain mythologist who would take Icke’s rather vivid and vibrant realities as a “mistaken reading of the symbol”? What is the “symbol” and in what way does Icke’s interpretation of reality misread it? Also, might we dare now – this being as good a time as any – to dip our toes into the waters of religion?

                Mythological beings, symbology, language, art, unspeakable atrocities…. Religion seems to fit right in!

                Hmm, I don’t know, should we discuss religion on this here website? Maybe. If I like to think of myself as a conspiracy realist, how far away, then, could I possibly be from being a religion realist? The thing is, this isn’t a religious site. Unless, of course, we add religion to the primary list? 🙂

                Safer to talk about those tree trunks that George Foreman passed off as arms. Yours was the perfect description. Especially during his second run, after what, a ten year layoff? I loved watching him, bigger and heavier than before, lumber(pun alert!)after his opponents with the tree trunks kept crossed in front of him, jabbing his opponents backwards and then landing those thudding, axe chopping blows onto a now terrified victim, silly enough to have laced up and climb through those ropes. However, Ali remains my favorite of all time! I actually dreamed of an eighth round knock-out prior to their fight in Zaire. In my dream, I saw the victorious fighter walking back to the dressing room, but only from the back, so I didn’t know the winner’s identity. I should have, though, given the fighter’s physique in the dream, which was much closer to Ali’s than Foreman’s.

                Hopefully I’m not sounding like Icke, I’m sure as shit not in his league! But, had to laugh when you mentioned dreaming of post-matrix, post-glory, B-movie only, Keanu Reeves. Uncreative, indeed! Hahahaa!

                Also, I know what your saying about the evolution of sports figures, going from excelling in excellence, to performing near inhuman feats. But, I have to say, Mike Tyson, boy, when he burst upon the scene, in his 21 year old prime? He would have killed anybody, even Ali in his prime.

                Welp, that’s a wrap! Good day to you, sir, until the next correspondence!

              • Fawlty Towers says:

                candlelight said:

                “So, the odd coincidence is Bob Dylan released today a 17 minute song he recorded ‘a while back’ on the Kennedy assassination called Murder Most Foul.”

                Bob Dylan.
                What can you say, the guy’s a genius.

                Borrowing from Tom Waits’ piano-vocal delivery…
                Name-dropping galore…
                Song/lyric-dropping galore…
                Trance-like story-telling like no other…


              • alexandre says:

                Yes, he believes it. To be fair, he only received this info from many people, so he first thought that was too crazy but then, due to the amount of reports, just presented it. According to him. But that doesn’t cancel the good metaphor and to go into Icke’s story would be a waste of time. But yes, to him it’s no metaphor.

                Religion? Are you mad? There isn’t a herd of super computers where Corbett could host his site that could deal with the mere definition of terms of the subject. The guy who shall remain nameless for many reasons wrote a whole book on the subject of metaphor because he discovered that not many people know what it is. I checked this myself asking my sister, a good writer, very cult etc. She didn’t know either. She thought (as many people do) that analogies and similes were the same thing. For instance the simile “She is as cute as a kitten” transforms into a metaphor by taking out the words “as cute as”, so it becomes “She’s a kitten” – which could be understood as “a lie”. You see where this goes? L.Bernstein based his whole Norton lectures on this thing, but in musical terms – musical linguistics, transformations etc. SO…this simple fact changes the whole religion issue to such a point that it becomes simply impossible to talk about it. At the end of the day it’s a personal thing.

                I had a second mother, a lady from Minas Gerais who took care of me (along with mom) since my birth – that was very religious, taught me to pray etc. She was the first conspiracy theorist I ever met, because she was convinced that man never went to the Moon, for….they didn’t see Saint Something (can’t remember what saint) there. How funny to discover, years later, the whole Moon conspiracy, and I thought “Hm, maybe she was right after all”. For her, religion – her religion – was hers, it was like the nameless man says “a kind of software” and when it works, it works. Debunking it only destroys the person, so let it work. Religiosity is a very personal thing and I have my own. The last thing I want is to talk about it, unless it’s a private conversation, preferably with drinks and smokes in a cafe in Paris in 1912, or something like that. No debate, just conversation.

                I did watch JFK numerous times – I like the editing and the whole mood. The info, well there we go again. Some good, some lacking, some misleading, many opinions etc. Far from anything really deep. Corbett’s “China and The New World Order” alone is already miles beyond.

                So you had a premonition dream? Very cool. It’s mostly useless, but so is art.

                I remember when Tyson went down for the first time, watching the Douglas fight with my girlfriend. When he went down, my mouth opened and when I looked at girlfriend, she was asleep. What a moment.

              • candlelight says:

                Yeah, I know this not the right thread, but thanks for the guacamole recipe. No teaspoons, tablespoons, no cups, no measures – that’s my style of cookin’!

                Tasted great, I made it earlier tonight, around midnight. Three cloves of garlic are enough to do two things – ward off Dracula, and kill some Covid. With that amount of garlic on my breath I feel very protected and secure. To the recipe I added onion, and instead of parsley (don’t get me wrong, I love parsley, lots of parsley!) I used cilantro. It’s funny about cilantro, I really like it in Mexican or Tex/Mex, but not really anywhere else. Some people are said to think it smells like soap. When I smell it by itself, it smells like stink bugs. I don’t know if you’ve ever smelled a stink bug, but the little buggers can really earn their given name, if you piss them off.

                Just a quick note about Stone’s “JFK” vs. Corbett’s “China and the New World Order” which I watched again after you made the comparison…. Well, one thing to remember is JFK was produced for the silver screen, like all proper Hollywood movies; it’s not a documentary, or for that matter, a docudrama. It’s also a period piece, basically beginning the day Kennedy was assassinated through Jim Garrison’s unsuccessful prosecution trial of Clay Shaw in 1969. So, in the context of the movie, it would be unrealistic to think Agent X was appraised of the contents of Anthony Suttons’s treatises delving into the back story of US-China political relations beginning with Kissinger’s trip to China in the early 1970’s, which treatises were only published in the 1970’s. Agent X, whether he was an actual historical character, or just a vehicle created to expound Stone’s point of view, as much as his character may have been in the “know” as far as certain Pentagon/CIA funny business, there’s still the idea of compartmentalization. So, even though the movie doesn’t go as deep as say, Corbett’s “China and the New World Order”, it’s not really within its scope to do so, nor would it be at all realistic if it did, given the time period the movie covers. So, 5 critical stars for Stone’s JFK! And, it goes without saying, naturally, accolades for Corbett’s work, as well. Everything’s got its time and place, no?


              • candlelight says:

                I was following your back and forth with Noahsark723 on one of the threads and I gotta say Noahsark linked some pretty good stuff and some pretty interesting people. First, the guy with the primitive construction going on in the woods using only primitive tools he produced by hand? – oh, man, that’s what I call one very serious dude! The best I ever did in high school for an anthropology course was go into the woods and attempt to gather stuff to weave my own basket. What a pathetic piece of shit anyone’s ever seen! I think I even handed it in for a grade, which is even more pathetic come to think of it.

                Now, the other fellow Ben Falk, what he achieved with his gardening is pretty amazing, and he is like the young version of Wendell Berry, they really have the same mind set. I never heard of Berry, but, he’s really something. I realize you had this knee jerk reaction the micro second after hearing something about “green”, but, I heard nothing about global warming, CO2, Greta Thunberg, etc., etc. No, Berry’s agenda is simply stop polluting the bejesus out of our mother earth, plus stop all the monocultural farming and industrially raising livestock, which completely parallels the creed of Ben Falk, and others, like Sepp and Josef Holzer and their permaculture farm that Noahsark also linked to….Good stuff…. Berry, Berry good stuff!


              • candlelight says:

                I also followed the exhaustive link to the linex forum. This guy jonestu, holy shit, he makes a 500 word post look like just the period at the end of a sentence. Did you see how he skewered poor CrocoDuck? And it was excellent reading…. We really have to petition Corbett to dump the 500 rule. Imagine if jonestu had to keep thinking about getting snipped ? It really screws up your train of thought constantly having to be bothered, as well as worrying about having too many links, and waiting on a queue to be moderated, etc. Can we protest??

                But, I diverge. Now, in Noahsark’s linex post, he linked a 2010 video of Bill Ryan of Project Avalon. Did you see it? I’ll re-post it in case you didn’t. It outlines a real meat and potatoes conspiracy, served up just the way you kind of like it:


                One thing I really liked was a lovely acoustic guitar rendition of Lennon’s “Imagine” that sets a certain tone. And, also, the video ends with Lennon’s own recording of “Imagine”, and very respectfully continues the song to its conclusion to end the video.

                As far as the video goes, if you’ll allow me to use my old vernacular, by rights, no matter how you slice it, the video is far fucking out. Period, man. I’m not saying for better or for worse. But, it postulates some far fucking out stuff. But, what pricked up my ears was when Bill Ryan quickly mentions Dolores Cannon. Have you heard of her? Check her out. About ten years ago, I had one of the most bizarre, other worldly, marathon, impromptu meetings with an acolyte of hers.

                I’m going to save that for another time. I might even save it for the Paris cafe, yes, this time with smokes, too. Fuck it. But, the contents of the video could use some discussion.

                Anyway, it’s past my bedtime, or is there any fucking bedtime when quarantined?

                To be continued…. later.

              • alexandre says:

                Hi there, buddy! (in a high pitch voice)

                After ten minutes scrolling I finally found the reply button!

                When I’m in someone else’s house, I try to respect the rules of the person. I understand your frustration with the 500, me being the antidote to the word “concision”, but I try to think why Corbett does it like that. Comments, not chronicles or treatises, and in the context of an investigation about a subject proposed on the video or article. That’s what I think for myself, and try to go with it (failing every time), since I trust this home’s owner. Maybe it’s a technical issue as well, I don’t know, but I actually like when you have some limitations and you have to say it within those limitations, just like composition. As Stravinsky said, if I had total freedom, I wouldn’t be able to write a note. Now, that’s an artistic comment, about forms and structures. It’s not a political suggestion. Or is it? I sent that quote to Chomsky once and he liked it a lot, so it could serve as, I don’t know, a justification for government? Political systems? In any case, that’s a good way to use blogs. For instance we could transfer this conversation to a blog, where we would have no limits, and whoever is interested goes there, who isn’t don’t and we don’t clog the comment section. Just as I did recently with my theory of malediction.

                For example: https://tcrlivingroom.blogspot.com/2020/04/nb-james-corbett-has-never-fawned-over.html

              • candlelight says:

                I was being humorous, and perhaps not especially successful, apparently, getting off a few snipes over the 500 limitation. Nothing too serious, as I thought a few of us at this here Corbett Report were having some fun, now and again. I’m perplexed your being more serious than a heart attack over it?

                But, oddly enough, looking at the blog you set up, I can understand Stravinsky’s quote. This blog stares back at me and I have total writer’s block!

                So, you’re saying you also set up a blog having to do with dialogue concerning malediction? Link that one so I can take a look at it. I’m curious!

                Did you get a chance to watch Noahsark’s video that he posted at the linux blog – Bill Ryan of Project Avalon? It’s a doozy. Though, I do have to point out one bit of high irony – for me, anyway – that the video is sandwiched between Lennon’s “Imagine” song. I can’t help feeling that bit of irony “surrounding” the video! Especially so, given how “woke” Bill Ryan is supposed to be and given the video’s content’s dire and fearful warning that Masonic plans had been discussed to ring in the New World Order. Contrarily, “Imagine” dials up thoughts of an idyllic utopia of a stateless world with no borders, and no religion. With nothing to kill or die for…. Which is, more or less, a New World Order of sorts, writ large and idealistically. Oh, my! Oh, how ghastly! And, oh, how funnily ironic!


                Imagine there’s no heaven
                It’s easy if you try
                No hell below us
                Above us, only sky

                Imagine all the people
                Livin’ for today


                Imagine there’s no countries
                It isn’t hard to do
                Nothing to kill or die for
                And no religion, too

                Imagine all the people
                Livin’ life in peace

                You may say I’m a dreamer
                But I’m not the only one
                I hope someday you’ll join us
                And the world will be as one

                Imagine no possessions
                I wonder if you can
                No need for greed or hunger
                A brotherhood of man

                Imagine all the people
                Sharing all the world

                You may say I’m a dreamer
                But I’m not the only one
                I hope someday you’ll join us
                And the world will live as one

              • alexandre says:

                I didn’t get serious, it’s just a simple idea. It’s not that I had to buy something. It’s so simple. I don’t know what Corbett or the others think of these conversations when they get too long and out of the main subject. AND the bloody reply button, that stays way up there. If it’s no problem, we stay here.

                The malediction text is here:

                Maybe also a place I can use when I want to post something longer for my corbeteers friends.

                I started the Bill Ryan video, but haven’ts finished. Saved for later, which is after the bath (today is bath day!) then I’ll make me a milkofee, a fag and watch it. Looks really good. Imagine song, yeah, meah…I don’t like it. Hey, I’m a jazz musician, which means The Beatles are my arch-enemies! 🙂 There use to be a joke among us bastards ages ago: What do you need to put the Beatles together again? Three bullets. (George was alive then)

                But seriously, I had to do some versions when I used to work, including having Yoko reprove one because the singer sounded too much like Lennon (not allowed), so I got tired of it. It’s way overused. (I guess the fee for using that was around 50, or was it 100, thousand dalas – paid by the client, of course. Not bad eh? For Yoko, I mean). We got about 2000 for the job. Interesting how everything works – or USED to work. Now nothing will work anymore.

                Anway, off to bath and then Bill Ryan.

              • candlelight says:

                Bastardos, indeed! Geesh! Three bullets…. A joke like that is enough to raise the dead! But, interesting how Yoko could reprove what you were doing. How would she even know? You know? A relatively obscure band in Brazil putting together a Lennon song? Does Yoko have eyes and ears all over the world? I was once at Heathrow, circa 1983, standing on line to go through Customs, and I look around and there was Yoko on the Customs line for British Citizens. I was so excited. My girlfriend told me stop staring, look forward and shut up….though once in a while I couldn’t help taking a peak.

                Malediction had its place, I suppose…like in the 14th Century. ha ha ha.

                But, no worries, I’m not one of those cool city slickers from NY who’s gonna poo poo the idea, and just fit it neatly inside a chapter on psychology. Or, am I?


                [By the way, perhaps the middle of America is “fly-over” country; but LA and NY are the country’s armpits.” :-)]


                To me, malediction falls under the provenance of suggestion. Like the guy in Michael Crichton’s little story about “Pointing the Bone”. It really makes the case that there is no magic involved in the supernatural sense of the word magic. Why? Because this poor guy’s “curse” was broken when he was told it was going to be broken by yet a stronger “curse”. And, apparently it was broken by a stronger curse that was nothing but a bunch of random bullshit. Like Crichton says, the incantations the doctors used as they danced around was some long forgotten lines of Hebrew from their Bar Mitvahs, having nothing to do with undoing a “curse”. So, malediction is nothing but employing the power of suggestion. And you bear this premise out when you say that Malediction works only if the curse is known . Therefore, it must be placed in the person’s mind by suggestion, or other means, whereby the recipient is conscious of it, or otherwise receives it subliminally or perhaps hypnotically.


              • candlelight says:

                But, here I am putting it neatly into a package with a nice little bow…. What doesn’t fit so neatly is mental telepathy, the ability to send and receive projected thoughts. I am somewhat of a half-ass practitioner of a practitioner of a practitioner of someone who was purported to have been able to project his thoughts at a distance, into another person’s mind.

                Once, I was sitting with my practitioner at a dinner table, and I wanted to have a private meeting, so there I was straining to put such a thought in his head while I was just calmly eating – there was no talking allowed at this gathering. The next thing I know, he gets up and goes over to his wife and whispers something in her ear, she then goes over to me and whispers in my ear if I’d like to have a private meeting with her husband….Indeed, I thought that was pretty cool! It was like….magic!

                Okay, so?

                How was the Friday night bath salts, incense, candles, and Stravinsky playing low? Set you up good after for a nice cup of coffee, cigarettes and a video?

                What did you make of Bill Ryan? So, the aliens are really ourselves come back from the future. Hmm. Oh, man, do I have issues with that case scenario!

                Leaving that aside, there is something I’d like to say about believing in the existence of viruses, or the SARS-CoV-2 virus in particular. No matter what it actually is, whether it’s a “virus” or a piece of a virus, or a strand of DNA or RNA or whatever you want to delineate, one thing should be recognized, that whatever this thing is, it is a thing, it is something. It’s not a figment of imagination conjured by a malediction. It needs to be understood as a real, physical pathogen, whether there’s eight variations, or a hundred variations. In whatever particular and exact form it takes, it is a real, physical particle, and it effects people differently, depending on how a person’s body and mind are able to handle it, or not. Further, getting bogged down in argumentation over whether or not viruses exist, and a myriad of other argumentative offshoots on the subject reminds me completely of the jumble of arguments about what brought down the twin towers. After a while it becomes completely superfluous against the backdrop of the larger picture.

                Amen, I’m done for now. Maybe a bath does sound good. First, one must finish ones soothing glass of Port and the last bit of Stilton.


              • alexandre says:

                Alright. Found the reply button.

                Imagine – it was not a band. I worked in a studio doing music for advertising. Some TV spot came that we had to do Imagine – the client bought the rights. We just executed the job. We called a male singer and Yoko thought it was too close to Lennon. The requirement, apart from the 50-100K, is that it doesn’t sound like Lennon, so we redid it with a female singer. Then it was ok.

                Maledicó – Of course it is suggestion, so what? Suggestion kills, so who gives a damn what it is or isn’t in the scientific mind? You see, this scientific mentality is f’d up. At best you can describe a process or phenomenon, but describing it doesn’t make it stop functioning. Just because we changed from “demons” to “archetypes” doesn’t mean the thing stopped existing. We think we’re past that, so we’re immune to those little credos from the past. Wrong. Just because we are used to this insanity we call our lives, it’s still insanity. The whole planet closed down and went to shite because of a story told to us by some maniacal malacos on TV about a virus! “Pointing the bone” is actually high tech compared to that. Now we’re going into the worst nightmare in history because no one will throw away the very magic device that will keep us in hell. Is that coherent, logical and rational? Tell me the aborigine are the retarded ones. Compared to us, the amazon indian is Wittgenstein times 1000. You had a practical experience with that, but you think “so what” because you don’t know what to do with it, that’s all. TPTSB do know what to do, and we fall for it every time exactly because we think we’re geniuses, in total command of our minds. Yeah, right.

                Bill Ryan – Well, it’s at least curious that the video is from 2010, so things don’t match up, but the China / virus is in there. The rest is a bit over the top for me, but who knows. Solar flare coming, and the powers know about it, so after the cataclysm they come up and start over without China? I don’t know. James would have a big laugh. Me, I almost would like it to be true. At least it’s more creative than the corona…yawn.

                Viruses – Yes, they sure are real, like bacteria etc. But to say it’s contagious and deadly etc, that’s another story. A good idea would be to look into all that Dawn talks about, probably best would be to read her book, watch some Stefan Lanka etc to see how much trickery is involved in the whole virology thing. It has been a political weapon far more than anything related to health, and from long long ago. It’s the perfect “bone pointing” trick since the middle ages up to now, and continues to work like a charm. (Was that a pun?)

                500 words!

              • alexandre says:

                What’s Stilton?

              • candlelight says:


                It’s British blue.

                As in cheese.

                How’s life in Brazil these days? Saw in the news the other day that your fearless leader, pontificating to the masses, seemed to have had a bit of a dry cough?

                And today’s news – the city of Manaus has bodies piling up? A real “horror show”?

                Real or BS?


                Within the last week I’ve spoken to a couple of people I know who know people in the NY Metro area who’ve kicked the bucket from a sudden onslaught of covid, who’d been just fine prior to. Someone else I know very well came down with it in March. He said he went through hell for two weeks but came out of it.

                It’s very interesting that there would be two people in the last week that I’ve spoken to, who are prominent in their fields of business, who were both convinced that Sars-CoV-2 was manufactured – by the Chinese. It was if I was speaking to a couple of “conspiracy theorists”! Yet, for all intents and purposes, you could say that in all other regards, the two people who expressed this idea – with one going as far as to say that the virus was “seeded” around the world by the Chinese – would ordinarily be considered “normies”.

                More fun facts: The Lombardy region of Italy that was hit real hard with covid-19 has like 100,000 imported Chinese workers who are employed in the region’s renowned leather goods industry. It’s been conjectured that China would like to basically take this industry over.

                Expanding upon the Chinese angle, it is interesting how a disproportionate number of hospitalized covid victims suffer from obesity, hypertension and diabetes, which just so happens to be rather prevalent in the West, as opposed to being much less prevalent in the East. Making matters worse, the prevalent medications taken for the latter two diseases greatly exacerbates the problem, making the virus that much more deadly.

                One more fun fact, that actually you, alexandre, might be gratified to hear: And that is that smokers may be less effected by the virus! It’s starting to be thought that nicotine may interfere with the virus’ progression. There’s solid statistics to back up this recent claim…. Ha ha! I’ll smoke to that!

                And yet, again, it’s also interesting, given the above, that the Chinese to date, are culturally, relatively, heavy smokers….

                I’m tempted any day now to go out and buy myself a pack of humps! Besides the health benefit, befitting of the new normal, why not simply sit back, relax and light up, too, as we watch the world economy go up in smoke, right?

                Be well.

              • alexandre says:

                Life in Brazil is the same as everywhere else; in-existent. But I, myself, am ok and today I cooked some “patatas bravas” I just learned from amenetusien (I think I wrote that right) ex-haro. Don’t know if I did it right, but it was delicious. I’m burping as we speak. (Speak?) I would die for a Stilton now! Now that I know what it is. I found three blue cheese here, see if it’s more or less the same:

                Manaus: I have no idea, and I don’t want to. This whole thing is too idiotic for me, so if Susana Giménez becomes queen of Saturn, I won’t even notice. It’s just too dumb, man. This is actually quite embarrassing. I sure hope there isn’t life after death, cause if they’re all watching now, my god, the shame.

                So there is something killing people around? Jason Bermas thinks so, and he is two feet from becoming CNN, have you watched him lately? So I don’t know what poison they’re spreading, but sure not enough to produce some high numbers. Crank it up, boys!

                I wonder what’s going on in Madagascar, in Ostrov Bonevi, in Mageroya, or Bodo. You know? Other places, the other gazillion places we don’t even know exist, because we use words like “global” and “world” quite a lot, in my opinion without any conception of what the word actually refers to. We see three pictures and think “the world” this or that. Maybe in Nutelpelmen folks don’t even know what a virus is. It’s all just too dumb, and/or I’m too old and grumpy. Grampa – grumpy…? I ain’t no grampa, but I sure is grumpy.

                My sister sent me the tobacco article yesterday, it was quite funny, specially because some weeks ago I told her, jokingly, that tobacco was good because it smears everything with tar and the idiot virus can’t attach to anything. What the fuck, it turns out to be more or less true! Fantastiche. OR….they’re saying that so people start smoking and die more quickly to pump up da volume. Aha…so many possibilities in this dumb teen novela of an ex-world. Can you hear God yawning?

                I will smoke until the last second, like a friend of Willie Nelson said once, he wanted to to “tara-tara-ta-ta” and bang. Dead. I even told my sister that at my funeral I want a lit fag in my mouth and someone on my side with a lighter keeping it lit. She said “who says you’re going before me?”

              • manbearpig says:

                Generally I try not to butt into other people’s conversations so I generally don’t read them.

                I this case I’m glad I read your reply here:

                “I even told my sister that at my funeral I want a lit fag in my mouth and someone on my side with a lighter keeping it lit.”

                Extraordinary. I’ll be able to forego my Xanax today. Might even be good for most of a week.

                Furthermore, the trip to the reply button was the longest elevator ride I’d ever taken! And my Dad used to work on the 44th floor.

              • alexandre says:

                You’re always welcome, MBP, you know that. I’m here at the 45th floor now. Oh, no,now I’m back in the lounge.

                Now off to bed with my lit fag in mi boca. That would be a laugh, eh? You gotta have that fun, otherwise what’s the point?

                Billy Connolly said he would have a phrase written in his tombstone, very small so people have to get really near, and it reads: “You’re standing in my chest”. Something like that. And people would jump away.

                Glad about the Xanax. Just one key question: what’s Xanax?

              • candlelight says:

                Okay, this is weird – earlier this evening I signed off on a short email with someone with “ta-ta”. Not sure I’d ever done that before, and now I read the “tara-tara-ta-ta” quote from your bud Willie Nelson (Is he seriously? You know Willie Nelson?). The coincidence was funny.

                Also coincidentally odd was the reference to your cooking the potatoes, and something about just learning it from amenetusien? Huh? Ex-haro Huh? So I googled “amenetusien” to find out what amenetusien is. LOL I found out. In fact, I spent a good hour probably reading your collaborative novela with ex-haros! But, the strange part is about the patatas brava. Yesterday morning I asked my daughter to make some for my son for his breakfast because he really likes how she makes them, and this evening at the supermarket I picked up more potatoes for her to make more patatas brava. She uses the very small young potatoes, and doesn’t spare the cayenne. Even I’ve tried my hand at it a few times in the last couple of months.

                So, what gives with this Jungian consciousness?

                But, getting back to your discussion on the far reaches of the globe. Besides Madagascar, I’ve never heard of these other places. How did you hear of these rather exotic realms? Kidding.

                But, ha ha, how’s Brazil? Like everywhere else – inexsistent. Man, you’re tough! What is in those cigarettes??? You like to insist on conflating non reality with concrete. I think your sister doesn’t worry about you because you speak more rationally with her than you do here on the Corbett channel….Ha ha, forgive me – no offense (er, while I lmfao). No, but, really. Brass tacks, eh? You came up with a hypothesis (however jokingly) that maybe all the tar caked on smoker’s lungs was preventing the virus from penetrating the surface of the cells. You know, actually, come to think of it, who knows, maybe you’re right? But, my point is you jested about something – and we all know there’s truth behind every jest – and that something was the reality of an actual viral pathogen effecting deadly pneumonia. So, in that little joke, you admitted to the reality of the situation…. Yet, conversely, much of your discourse on these Corbett posts regarding covid takes on the feel of Magical Realism that one might find in Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years Of Solitude.

                But, hey, listen, no offense. None whatsoever. I kind of dig it. Because I never say no, and I like all the layers. It’s intriguing. You’re thought provoking.

                And, yes, maybe we are tripping. 🙂

                Anyway, gotta go to bed. It’s 5 in the fucking morning.

                I wanna be awake for them patatas brava, man.

              • alexandre says:

                Nah, I only took advantage of the tobacco thing to justify my smoking. If there is no virus, there’s nothing to attach or not to whatever. I don’t believe in virus, so there you go.

                This issue is not very decided here though. Overall it appears the majority thinks there is a virus. Otherwise, why suggest treatments and prevention if there is no virus, or at least nothing new or worse than the normal flu?

                My smoking is nostalgic and keeps me centered. (I smoke those roll-it-yourself ones, not the normal packs you buy at the padaria). It’s the last thing left from the not so ugly and idiotic times in the last century – not that those were great times, only that compared to now, anything looks cool. (If I’m honest, nothing is making any sense whatsoever for me now). Of course “it’s bad for ya”, but so is watching TV and cell phones.

                Apparently there are much synchronicity going on, but one could argue it’s because everybody is thinking more or less the same due to the tons of mind control we’re all under since 1945 or so. Hive mind and all that. Who knows.

                Why are you saying “no offense” so much? Let me read it again…
                What’s “brass tacks”?
                Are you suggesting I’m … incongruous?

                Going to bed too. 7AM here. Jesus, I gotta stop staying up so late. Then again, why?

  8. Libertydan says:

    This “must” be serious because they cancelled “March Madness” for the first time. (If I’ve got to sit home, it would have been nice to watch the Games)
    Colleges have canceled all physical classes and are going to On-line only classes.
    When I went out for breakfast this morning, the normally popular restaurant was nearly empty.
    This Pandemic, real or not, has changed our world. Like the false flag events of 9/11/01, our freedoms are being totally eroded away. To know it, and see it, is one thing, but to know what to do about it, is another.
    I guess it’s best to just keep doing what we would be doing, and hope it all goes away soon, eh.
    On that note , I just donated to AE911Truth to help spread the News about the Final Conclusion of the University of Alaska Study on the collapse of World Trade Building #7, which is due to be released at the end of March.
    Do you think that this Pandemic Hype will prevent it from getting any coverage?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks for the real life anecdote.

      Libertydan says:
      Do you think that this Pandemic Hype will prevent it from getting any coverage?

      The stock market and the coronavirus and all the frenzy.
      It is too much noise.
      Too much bad news, and more ‘bad’ news will meet numbed ears.

      Our local Fluoride Group has a campaign planned and signs made.
      But I don’t think this is a good time to waste bullets of truth.
      I think we should wait.
      The public is getting hit from all directions, so now is not a good time to introduce something new.

      • alexandre says:

        Good advice there, HRS. My “ganas” (will) is actually to punch people (the public) in the face and say “Thanks much, ya bastard! If it wasn’t for you telling me to ‘go away you conspiracy theorist’ all the time I tried to call your attention, we wouldn’t be in this mess!” How in the hell did we let this thing get to this point?

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Episode 086 – Medical Martial Law (revisit to 2009)
    I took comfort in the tranquil setting with James calmly sitting outside giving us an overview.
    It provides stability in contrast to all the media hype and frantic grocery shoppers.

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    March 13, 2020
    Derrick Broze breaks down what to expect from the global response to the spread of COVID-19.
    COVID-19: Social Distancing, Quarantines, and The End Game

    • alexandre says:

      As much as I respect Derrick, I can’t avoid feeling he just don’t have the story right in his head. TPTSB are not “taking advantage” of the crisis because they never “let a good crisis go to waste”. Problem – reaction – solution is not waiting for a problem and then seeing if you can take advantage. It’s creating the problem. This can’t be more obvious at this point. If it was the first “pandemic”, ok, but come on. Did false-flags go out of fashion all of a sudden? The UN and the WHO have now the legal powers to take over IF a pandemic is declared. Waddyaknow a pandemic was declared. (I’d love to have those powers: “IF I play a blues in F on a Saturday, then you pay me 300 billion. Hey, what a coincidence, I just played a blues in F and it’s Saturday!”). Bill Gates and the whole gang pitching for the virus Armageddon for years and so on, and on. It’s strong, it’s hard and big, but it’s still a psy-op, an ad campaign to take us where Patrick Wood has been screaming for years – Technocracy, the “new economic system”. “The first time in history we’re changing the economic model that’s been in place since the industrial revolution” (Christiana Figueres), and the stock markets are going down… and so on. The line is very visible, from A to B to C. Let’s not forget the grand design and get lost in this particular campaign’s details just because it’s so big and scary. The PCR test itself is questionable, so what do the words “case” and “diagnose” really mean? Didn’t AIDS teach us anything with their “growing cases”? They kept adding diseases that, when combined with HIV, meant AIDS, so automatically you have more “cases” etc etc. I’m just saying. And panicking. Sorry.

    • minnie says:

      I have so much respect and admiration for Derrick Broze, but I found this particular video you mention quite confusing. He railed at the “truth media” for passing on information without scrutinising it for accuracy, which is something I also find intensely annoying.

      But then he also mentioned the coincidence of the Military World Games having taken place in Wuhan in October, and Event 201, which at least deserves pause for thought.

      When you think about the “demographic time bomb” that the UN has been warning about since 2001, with growing elderly populations in developed and developing countries, and declining youth (especially in Japan, Italy and China, due to its “one child policy”), it does seem that this virus, which has been killing the old and the sick while leaving healthy people of working age virtually unscathed, could provide interesting answers to the question “who benefits?”

      • minnie says:

        I thought this Derrick Broze video was brilliant, and chilling.


        The Global Governance Ghouls are already ruling us, the plans are advanced, and “the fourth industrial revolution” is underway. Children will be indoctrinated en masse via computers – teachers will be just figures on the screen. Trump plays no part in this – they have clearly learned from the fiasco of George Bush being the “face” of the 911 crisis. Instead the faceless corporates and world institutions are already dictating to the sheeple masses.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Minnie, I agree on both comments.
          I think that Derrick had a rough Friday, and there were probably other factors which we are aware of.

          But like you mentioned and posted the link to, Saturday March 14th’s video Event 201 Unfolds: COVID-19 Action Platform = Global Government is top grade.
          I watched/listened as I was driving home from work. Mkey posted it on another thread, along the full 60 Minutes on Swine Flu and Vaccinations 1976.

          • minnie says:

            Thanks for the link to this (depressing) gem.

            I agree, Derrick probably had a rough Friday. He sounded a bit emotional; he knows people who are ill, he may have been under a lot of stress. I am in awe at all the wonderful things he does.

  11. Mintaka says:

    My Personal Confirmation Request (PCR) test came up with this result:

    “World has gone insane”, with margin of error of 1.7353536532 percent.
    Somehow, the buying of toilet paper was included in the end result with a margin of error of 98.2646463468 percent.

    What is going on? Perhaps it’s just that this larger number catches the attention/imagination, no matter what it represents. While the smaller number is ignored.
    Not sure if we’re in The Twilight Zone or Alice in (Science) Wonderland.
    Perhaps both.

  12. Stefan Andrew says:

    Is it just me or is the Event 201 (http://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/about) a slight indication of what was going to come? Interesting for me was especially that this hypothetical event had its start in South America, but we find on the panel officials from China, Singapore, Australia…. none from South America.
    One of the first things the lady from the UN said, was that the narrative has to be controlled and rumours have to be stopped right in its tracks.
    Oh, and of course we need a world organisation (of some kind) to coordinate everything.
    It is worth watching/hearing what our overlords planned for some hypothetical corona virus pandemic.

    • alexandre says:

      Oh yes, that’s a good one. I had a look earlier, but didn’t see the Brazil scenario. I’ll read more the links provided there. I only heard Derrick Broze mentioning it.

    • Stefan Andrew says:

      Oh, and not to forget: We need more data!! Only when we have data about everything, then we can counter the pandemic.
      And another piece of wisdom: People do not believe the governments anymore, therefore we need to use the companies to bring “the truth” to the people.
      Living and working in Beijing, I can tell you, this has been implemented here.

      • alexandre says:

        Incredible. And I have to off my hats to Jason Bermas in his series on Event201. People should watch all that, look at their page and all, so we can have a real solid idea of what kind of people is running this show. The low level vermin seated and talking that legalese shite, to think that something like THAT can change the world is just unimaginable. How and when did we become so weak that a rat like Bill Gates can have any kind of power? What an embarrassment for the Aborigines we must be.

        Link to Bermas – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dutdzkeVOc4&list=UUI44Zcw52UErsFokiKMHlSg

  13. kropotkin says:

    I presume there is a relation with the NATO Defender-2020 exercise and the total lockdown.
    However, reports in the media about the status of the very exercise itself are contradictive.
    Has anyone more information on this subject?

    • manbearpig says:

      Yes. This is the most interesting level-headed appraisal I’ve heard so far. But I’m no reference.
      Thanks Hotfoot!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      This really adds insight, especially in context with Corbett’s March 3rd Lies, Damned Lies, and Coronavirus Infection Numbers – #PropagandaWatch.

      There is a string to be pulled here…to follow the trail of the implications.

    • manbearpig says:

      Hey Hotfoot! Here’s more about Wofgang Wodarg: https://www.wodarg.com/

      who says: “Assume in previous years, we had tested all critically ill patents for Corona virus, then we would have 2,000 to 3,000 patients in Germany who die of flu and respiratory illness, who would also test positive for Corona virus, every year.”

      and: “…The corona hype is not based on any extraordinary public health danger. However, it causes considerable damage to our freedom and personal rights through frivolous and unjustified quarantine measures and restrictions. The images in the media are frightening and the traffic in China’s cities seems to be regulated by the clinical thermometer. Evidence based epidemiological assessment is drowning in the mainstream of fear mongers in labs, media and ministries…”


    • manbearpig says:

      Except for one single use of the word “virus”

      from 8:40 to 10:50 I’d a sworn he was talking about the so-called “Man-Made Climate Change Crisis”


  14. Strandy says:

    Here are some links I found helpful to give the issue a greater background and to contextualise corona…

    Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D. hypothesizes that Coronavirus may be history repeating itself and caused by 5G. Shot at the Health And Human Rights Summit in Tucson, Arizona on March 12, 2020.


  15. minnie says:

    James says that under Medical Martial Law the penalty for “breaking quarantine” would be 30 days, but in Italy they’re saying “suspected virus spreaders” could be charged with murder and sentenced to 21 years!


    “Suspected virus patients have been ordered to stay indoors with a penalty of 206 euros (£182) over their heads – but they could face far graver charges if they infect someone on their travels.

    “The most severe charge of ‘malicious murder’ could lead to a prison sentence as long as 21 years, according to Italian media, while virus spreaders could still be charged with misconduct even if no-one is killed.”

    How will they police that? Will people be arrested for sneezing in public?

    Also, if James is reading this, there are 3 broken links on his list: the two Sunshine Project ones and the Time one further down (Documentation – How to Deal with Swine Flu: Heeding the Mistakes of 1976). Or maybe they are not available in my country or something.

  16. Truth seeker says:

    Here is excellent video by Thomas Cowan MD showing the 5G & vax (due to heavy metals) are causing these deaths. China had mandatory vax a few months before this outbreak. Also, Wuhan is center of 5G. https://youtu.be/zFN5LUaqxOA
    He disputes current understanding of viruses.

  17. minnie says:

    I’ve now found four broken links in the list above.

    Along with the two Sunshine Project ones and the Time one further down (Documentation – How to Deal with Swine Flu: Heeding the Mistakes of 1976), the YouTube associated with the “Documentation – 1976 ‘Swine Flu’ Public Service Announcements” link seems to have been removed.

  18. Ian Davis says:

    Very late here in the UK but this COVID 19 thing has me up at nights. Not because I’m ill but because I am becoming increasingly dismayed by what’s going on here.

    It appears the UK government have basically said.

    “Yep it’s going to be terrible, quite a few people will die, there’s not much you can do about it, so just sit tight and take your chances. Trangression will not be tolerated. Obey!”

    I can accept the “there’s nothing you can do” bit it’s the interminable lecturing and finger wagging that’s doing my nut in.

    Anyhoo! I feel better for that and here are a couple of reads if you’re interested.



    • alexandre says:

      Quite disturbing.
      The active line is “The World Health Organisation (WHO) have declared the COVID 19 pandemic”. If the story of legal powers acquired by the UN and the WHO in past pandemics is true, then it means they are in charge now. A good thing would be to see HOW they are exercising these powers on the globe. Maybe in these cabinet COBRA meetings…?

      Funny how they never declared cancer a pandemic.

  19. alexandre says:

    Well, after watching this great (and better) video by Derrick Broze posted by HomeRemedySupply some floors above…


    …I think Event 201 should be now at the center of this whole issue. Kind of like Building 7 or the firefighters exercise on 7/7 etc. Less focus on the disease, and the panic, and more on what Broze is showing in this video. Good one, Derrick.

  20. Arby says:

    I’m trying to find the articles James mentions in his presentation. Global Research is easy and so is Prison Planet but the politics at Prison Planet has me completely uninterested in anything that they may offer.

  21. morizok says:

    Well James, very insightful piece and prophetic, and it makes me (I guess you too) feel mad for being right.
    Now, some feed from this part of the world
    Denmark was one of those more liberal countries regarding the vaccination policy and so far it has been up to the parents to decide whether their kids should take the standard vaccination program or not. No surprise, this has changed virtually overnight.

    After staying calm for weeks and merely watching the spread of the Covid19, the government on the late evening of the 12th March panicked and declared a mild version of national emergency, shutting down the schools, universities, kindergartens and all non-vital services for two weeks, albeit only provisionally, but no one knows at this point what other measures will be taken when the 14 days have passed.
    A few days later the borders were closed, allowing only legal residents to return home.

    However, that may not even be important, since the new legislation was rushed through the parliament on Friday, https://www.ft.dk/ripdf/samling/20191/lovforslag/l133/20191_l133_som_vedtaget.pdf
    doing away with the liberal policy and granting the government powers (the ministry of health in particular) to do compulsory vaccination (See section 7. I § 8 indsættes som stk. 2) , committal to a hospital and isolation. It includes other measures, all of them basically boiling down to restriction of movement, scrapping personal freedoms in general, and clearing the space for the more severe phase.

    The sad thing is that no one reacted against it, although you can still hear some sober voices among the senior medical stuff saying that the reaction is out of proportion and cannot at present time and with the present knowledge of the virus be a ground for enacting medical martial law, or something that resembles it. Note that it is still the position held by our neighbors, Sweden.

    Funny thing is that now that the legislation is enacted and in force, they ordered the hospitals and the Danish equivalent of CDC to stop counting the cases, and to test only the patients with severe symptoms.

    Needles to say, although the government seemed calm, for the past four weeks the state radio and television (yes, Denmark has state radio and television funded through taxes) facilitated a well orchestrated fear campaign to scare the populace, and judging by the reaction of the people I know, they succeeded.
    The only good thing is that the legislation has a “sunset clause” saying that it will remain in force for one year. We’ll see about that. At this point it looks like a time frame for the medical industry to come up with the vaccine.
    Keep up the good work, and now, that I am out of work for at least two weeks, I’ll finish the translation of The Century of Enslavement”

  22. manbearpig says:

    “…It should be noted that the leaders of teleconsultation start-ups are very aware of the importance of their mission at the present time. All these startups are working on a just-in-time basis, setting up dedicated cells and accelerating the registration of new doctors…”

    Another candidate for the “dangerous precedent department” on the medical front: Medical Teleconsultations:

    “Telemedicine: Start-ups in France mobilize to fight coronaviruses
    By Denise Silber, for FrenchWeb

    Although France was a pioneer with the creation of the European Institute of Telemedicine in 1989, it took twenty years for a first regulatory framework to be established, with the “Hospital, Patients, Health, Territories” law of 2009 (the HPST law defines five telemedicine acts: teleconsultation, teleconsulting, tele-expertise, telemonitoring, tele-assistance).

    Then, it was not until September 15, 2018 that the reimbursement of the teleconsultation took place….

    …The arrival of the coronavirus changes the regulatory situation

    A radical change in the status of teleconsultation comes with the two imperatives of the coronavirus: the absolute need to protect professionals and patients from contagion and the need to use medical time more efficiently. The Minister of Health, Dr Olivier Véran, appointed on 17 February 2020, is working to extend reimbursement to all patients potentially affected by the coronavirus. The decree is published on March 9 and the authorization is valid until April 30, 2020 .

    …And to encourage doctors to get involved during this period of crisis, the subscription formulas of practitioners are usually free for the duration of the epidemic. It should be noted that the leaders of teleconsultation start-ups are very aware of the importance of their mission at the present time. All these startups are working on a just-in-time basis, setting up dedicated cells and accelerating the registration of new doctors. They are participating in a unique, even historic, mission to increase the useful medical time and “social distancing” for both patient and doctor, during this health crisis…”


    Now open your mouth and say “thirty-three”…

    • manbearpig says:

      “Why say “33” in the doctor’s office?

      In Anglo-Saxon countries we say “ninety nine”, 99, but in France, until recently, doctors used to ask their patients to say “33” when they examined them with their stethoscope. This number and not another one because when it’s pronounced it produces low pitched sounds.

      It causes a vibration that propagates through the ribcage and allows us to know more about the state of the lungs. For example, if the vibration is reduced or prevented, this may be a sign of fluid effusion or the presence of a mass…”


    • manbearpig says:

      Of course telehealth’s already happening in the States as key research groups lament the digital divide:


      “Coronavirus Scare Gives Telehealth an Opening to Redefine Healthcare

      With the coronavirus threatening to become a pandemic, health systems and telehealth vendors see this as an opportunity to bring connected health to the forefront – and reshape the future of healthcare…”


      the Brookings Institution is concerned about the “digital divide” in underprivilaged communities:

      What the coronavirus reveals about the digital divide between schools and communities
      Nicol Turner Lee
      Tuesday, March 17, 2020


      and whether or not the “overload” is real and the net is or is not in danger of “breaking”, Netflix is setting the precedent of “Rationing its network”:

      Netflix is slowing down in Europe to keep the internet from breaking

      By Hadas Gold, CNN Business

      March 19, 2020

      “London (CNN Business) Netflix will reduce streaming quality in Europe for at least the next month to prevent the internet collapsing under the strain of unprecedented usage due to the coronavirus pandemic…”


      Yup. When this flare up simmers down the world will have moved irrevocably into Virtual Insanity:


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