Interview 1527 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to the 401st episode of New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: US Ramps Up Sanctions Devastating Venezuela’s Health Sector As Coronavirus Spreads

US Imposes New Iran Sanctions, Complicating Coronavirus

Quarantine the US Military Machine?

China Locked in Hybrid War with US

Story #2: IMF Prepares $1 Trillion Bazooka

How Big is That Fed Liquidity Pump? $1.5 Trillion or $5 Trillion?

Global Economic Coordination Not Happening In Virus Crisis

NYSE to Temporarily Close Its Trading Floor

‘Die Hard with a Vengeance’

In the Pandemic, It’s Every Nation for Itself

‘Americans Need Cash Now:’ Coronavirus Has Lawmakers Calling For UBI

Story #3: FAANGsters Issue Joint Statement On Misinformation

YouTube Creator Blog: Protecting Our Extended Workforce And The Community

Facebook Hits C****vir*s Articles With Sledgehammer

U.S. Government, Tech Industry Discussing Ways to Harness Location Data to Combat Coronavirus

Facebook Censoring Ron Paul Based on Bogus Politifact 'Fact-Check'

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  1. Control Savvy says:

    We need an open and transparent internet so that we can share information and then make our own decisions based on all the available facts. We do not need “fact-checkers” to hide facts from us and then feed us pablum-info as if we were little babies. If Ron Paul thinks this is a hoax, that’s his opinion. Is his opinion based on evidence, or is he simply challenging the news media because they are not providing sufficient evidence? I think that the go-to community are the health professionals who are on the front lines dealing with the situation. Talking heads are fine, but what do the doctors say? They are saying that they are scared sh*t**es. They are scared BECAUSE there are not enough hospital beds and equipment to deal with those who get sick. How do they know? BECAUSE that’s what happened/ /is happening in China, Italy, and Iran. Will it be different in the US? The evidence lies not in the number of people testing positive for coronavirus, but in the number of available hospital beds–both normal and ICU. In the cacophony of information coming from official and alternative outlets, I can’t find these numbers. I don’t care how many people are testing positive. I care if there is a hospital bed available if I get really sick. If the hospital beds are full of people with “respiratory distress” that tells me that I should probably self-isolate. But I do not have those numbers for my area. Therefore, I am self-isolating just in case. Sigh.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      You are correct.
      The conventional medical establishment and workers are scared.
      They have never had ammunition to combat a virus, only methods to attenuate the symptoms.
      If a person has viral pneumonia…good luck with the conventional side.
      They will need it.

      Many of the Professional Integrative Medicine Doctors and other alternative health professionals are not scared at all.
      There are many tools to defend against and also to whoop a virus.

      I’ve beat up the boards with talking about Ozone and Ultraviolet Light Therapy to effectively address COVID-19.
      Follow the Thread scrolling down and hitting links…

      Many Corbett Members have offered all kinds of suggestions for preparing one’s health against the coronavirus.
      China was even using the Vitamin C IV therapy.

      There is a tremendous amount of information on these comment boards after each Corbett Report episode or article.

    • alexandre says:

      Humble person regrets to disagree.
      (Not that you asked my opinion, but if I may respectfully suggest some conceptual corrections).

      Opening sentence has many problems when applied to reality. “Transparent internet” is like saying “truthful government”. There is no such thing. Or maybe the opposite, the internet is already so transparent that you can clearly see the petacosmic torrent of endless everythings that overwhelms your mind in a second. The whole thing about having information to make your decisions should be deeply revised, maybe changed to “I’ll have more or less a clue to more or less where to shoot based on the tons of stuff I gathered and analyzed to separate what makes sense more or less from what is crap, more or less from what I can feel the direction more or less is”. Something like that, much more complicated than “have info — make decision”. If that ever worked, for anything that’s not strictly technical, we’d be in heaven by now.

      As for doctors, I would suggest doctors are the last people you want to talk to regarding this situation. It’s like asking soldiers about the truth about war. They are there, yes, in the front lines, yes, but they have no clue about the truth of this, and they are most certainly oblivious to the institutional corruption of their profession, the CDC, the WHO etc. But they surely can tell you what’s the bed situation, so if that’s what you want to know, then ok.

      People with respiratory distress, categorized as “coronavirus case” following standards like “if you had contact with a case, you become a case” etc. (See Jon Rappoport for those details). Not exactly something to draw conclusions from. The old lady dies of pneumonia and she becomes a coronavirus death, just like the guy that died from cirrosis becomes an AIDS death because he was HIV positive. Lots of little tricks here and there that, when looked closely, change the whole thing – from the point of view of the WHAT. The consequences of the whole mess are, as Corbett already said a lot, a big problem, yes, but don’t ask the doc about it.

      What you say sounds perfect, but becomes problematic when you consider how things really are – stuff we learn at places like here. That’s all I wanted to point out / suggest / question/ propose…?

    • kempus says:

      In context the following introduced to US Senate. S.3398 – EARN IT Act of 2020. This Act may be cited as the “Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act of 2020” or the “EARN IT Act of 2020”. All about protecting Child exploitation but as always the devil is in the detail and what else they might be able to apply the fundamentals of the act to. As James mentions often, the control of the Internet as we know it.

      Also Bill Gates was on Reddit yesterday on an AMA. He mentioned digital certificates. The following link outlined the intentions but for some reason it’s blocking me now. Some may have better luck.

  2. KungFuFil says:

    How many death will it take for you to take this pandemic seriously James? I see that nearly 500 dead in a single day in Italy on Wednesday the 18th is not enough for you, so how many?

    I do see the medical martial law coming in, but your claims of this being a hoax is baffling, and frankly disgusting.

    • cu.h.j says:

      But how old are they and what comorbidities did they have? Here in the US as a healthcare provider, I have not seen it killing mass numbers of people. I know people who have had it, older than 50, completely recover. How can we know what the actual statistics are if the tests are inaccurate?

      How old are these people who are dying? How much pollution does Italy have comparted to the US? How many of these people were smokers? How many immune-compromised?

      What other mechanisms exist to protect people besides medical martial law and the stripping of rights? Even as a health care worker, I am not convinced this disease is much worse than the flu, given the fact that we don’t have real numbers, not ones that I trust anyway, no rigorous analysis.

    • Nick Weech says:

      It’s worth looking at this Mr FuFil:If you’re real, that is

    • Libertydan says:

      Indeed, the Virus Pandemic is real, however it can be argued that the Cure is worse than the Disease. The closing of Schools and Businesses will have lasting effects that may actually cause more deaths than if they had not caused the economy to collapse with these actions.
      We knew back in 2008 that the elite international Bankers had built a house of cards which should have failed, yet it was bailed out, only to become even more unstable. The elite Bankers knew the economy was doomed to crash (just like they knew in 1929), and were likely planning how they were going to make it happen, so that they would come out on top.
      The Corbett Report WWI Series is a good place to discover how these psychopaths think, and what they likely have planned. Indeed, the latest Flu Virus engineered to be extremely contagious is just the event that gets their evil plan rolling. We must think in terms of the 9/11/01 Events (which killed less than 3000 people on 9/11/01), yet it was used to kill millions around the world. The Events were used to changed the Government and the way we live.

      • phreedomphile says:

        Libertydan, regarding “lasting effects”, you might be interested in a discussion of a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation report with a section on a theoretical pandemic. In that scenario an authoritarian global “Lock Step” lock down took place and most of those authoritarian tactics remained in place once the pandemic was over.

        “Police State Contagion: US Plan to Use Coronavirus to Impose Police State Type Surveillance.”

        youtube (dot) com/watch?v=P_RiO8yGZPA

        (Notice the first comment is a link to a PDF file of the Rockefeller report.)

    • phreedomphile says:

      KungFuFil, consider the duality of the presentation of this event. On the one hand, there’s a long history of fraud related to pandemics (Rappoport at nomorefakenews dot com) and there are medical statistics from some areas indicating covid 19 is only slightly more dangerous than the common cold. Also, there’s a realization by some of us that viruses are notoriously difficult if not impossible to control thus not practical to launch as an engineered bioweapon. There’s no way NWO elites would risk contagion among their police state thugs and managerial class. Yet we’ve seen cops dragging people off the streets of China, Spain, France, and Italy oftentimes wearing little to no protection. How does that make sense?

      On the other hand, we read reports of the overwhelming situation in Italy’s ICUs in a way that cannot be accounted for by mere hysteria. BTW, last year Italy was the only nation, AFAIK, with massive street protests against against mandatory vaccinations. Seems fishy, as though Italy was targeted.

      This confusion and controversy reminds me of intelligence operations that include a mix of “wet and dry ops” (real killings and fake ones with crisis actors) in one event. Then we get alt analysts fighting over whether it was a real false flag or a simulated one. As an analogy, it could be this is what’s happening with the virus.

      Reading the tea leaves, it looks to me like various closely related laboratory ‘tweaked’ (but not genetically engineered) viruses are being seeded around the world, some more dangerous than others, and they possess fail safe features such that to become highly lethal one or more variables must be involved or activated such as exposure to certain chemicals, experimental vaccines, electromagnetic fields, etc. This could be easily accomplished and there is already some strong evidence of this starting with Wuhan. Frankly, it’s exactly what I would expect evil genius psychopaths to plot for a major global event engendering maximum confusion and division.

      There are aspects to this event that tell us some kind of hoax is going on and the virus is not what we are told it is. Yet, as with 9/11, there are real people dying. However, it appears orders of magnitude more deaths will result from the draconian actions taken.

      • mik says:

        A contradiction maybe??

        “….viruses are notoriously difficult if not impossible to control thus not practical to launch as an engineered bioweapon.”

        “…laboratory ‘tweaked’ (but not genetically engineered) viruses are being seeded around the world, some more dangerous than others, and they possess fail safe features…”

        It’s easy, just repeat over and over again, doesn’t matter true or lie.
        Look what they accomplished, Goebbels would be delighted

        • phreedomphile says:

          No contradiction but it is difficult to express a complicated medical science issue in a comment.

          Compared to the animal kingdom, viruses have very shoddy inaccurate polymerases. Thus they constantly mutate and that’s why they are difficult to control and thus an unknown when releasing an engineered bioweapon upon a large population. I’ve read they’re not even quite the same in your own body by the time the battle is nearly over. That’s probably because our immune systems throws reactive oxygen species on them (free radicals) including what commonly known as bleach and hydrogen peroxide. Those are also mutagens. The range of reactions in a population and how fast that bioweapon will mutate will always be an unknown. Don’t want to knock out the cops or the military in a police state coup. If my explanation as a scientist doesn’t make sense, then maybe you should try reading Jon Rappoport’s explanations on his blog site.

          Organisms can be changed genetically through exposure to mutagens in the lab or via hybridization techniques that do not require genetic engineering. It’s now fairly easy to create desired characteristics this way, esp. if one has access to an unlimited black budget. If TPTB wanted to hide what they were up to (no traces of genetic engineering) then this would be a good option for them.

          China immediately released the genomic sequence of covid 19 and there has been a big international open source research investigation into the nature of the virus. Open source. It’s possible for large institutions to verify this work. I’ve been following this by essentially standing on the shoulders of giants in this field who are kindly sharing their analyses and the evidence they accumulate. I’m fortunate that I’m highly literate in medical science. Just the breaks, if it was legal documents or something else, I’d be completely lost.

          An example of a deadly combination. Covid 19 uses ACE receptors as portals. It so happens that in China 60% of the male population smokes, only 4% of females smoke. Smoking sharply up regulates production of ACE and ACE2 in lung cells. That’s likely the main reason twice as many men die from from covid 19 infection as women. In Wuhan there were also related triggers from 5G (triggering voltage gated calcium channels 30X standard EMF exposure) and horrendous pollution (similar effects as smoking). Plus who knows what’s in chemtrail cocktails?

          When I say seeding viruses, I mean already known common viruses that are made slightly more dangerous through exposure to various substances, electromagnetic frequencies / radiation, etc. Do you understand that genetic engineering involves specific scientific manipulations directed on the genome? Mixing two fruit species to create a Meyer’s lemon is not a GMO product, that’s hybridization. Maybe that’s what’s confusing, the terminology. Yet it’s important because when we make accusations with no evidence we are then dismissed as uninformed nuts.

          If you want a basic analysis of the dangers of EMFs as it relates to 5G, as an example of a potential trigger exacerbating a health outcome, here’s one article written for laypersons (it just scratches the surface but is thorough, imho). electricsense (dot) com/5g-coronavirus/

          • mik says:

            For me sounds like contradiction, still, but never mind.

            Are you talking about hybridization in a context of viruses?
            Isn’t hybridization conducted via sexual reproduction?

            • phreedomphile says:

              I was attempting to describe a mixing of characteristics, such as the different types of spike proteins on the virus and level of affinity for their target. I hoped using that term would be helpful since that’s a common concept.

              What’s a contradiction, mutations that can either occur in nature or in a lab vs. direct genetic engineering techniques?

              I even gave a clear example of how a virus could become more deadly to a specific subgroup (smokers) as part of the larger context I was providing but you ignored that point as though you’re simply scanning comments for something that you can stick a piece of chewing gum on.

              Seems like you missed the entire point I was making which is TPTB can make these big events convoluted to create confusion and division. They did it with the JFK assassination and that was before many of us were born. “But never mind.”

              • mik says:

                Man, I really had no intention to offend you.

                I’m aware it is not popular to say dis-agreement straightforward and another thing (looks unrelated), I hate yes-people.

                I agree it’s hard to explain difficult concepts that are far from common knowledge.

                Later I realized I’ve been hasty with my first reply and haven’t presented my point well.

                Virus was just an opportunity (planted or not) to unleash propaganda avalanche, unseen since 9/11, that brought them big advantage.

          • Libertydan says:

            Sounds like a good explanation to me. Indeed, I have been hearing of different mutations of the Corona Virus, some more deadly than others.
            Below is a link to an Ed. Griffin’s “Need to Know” article which claims that 99% of Italy’s deaths had other conditions.

            I would also make note that about 1.5% of any population dies each year from something, thus it is fear that controls the masses like nothing else can.


            • pearl says:

              Off-Guardian also has an article regarding Italy. Excerpt follows:

              “Anything up to 99.2% of all of Italy’s recent Covid19-associated deaths could have been caused by pre-existing chronic conditions, according to a report released by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Italian Institute of Health, ISS)

              “The report was translated and sent to us by Swiss Propaganda Research. Their team have been doing some great work collating and translating sources of information on the coronavirus pandemic. Their daily updated thread, here, is a valuable resource to anyone trying to keep up-to-date.

              “99.2% of Italian Covid19-related deaths were already sick with something else, and the ISS hasn’t actually determined they died of Covid19 at all.

              “That’s shocking. Especially when paired with the reports that the test kits can produce false positives.

              “It’s entirely possible that dozens, even hundreds, of deaths in Italy (and perhaps the rest of the world) are being mistakenly attributed to Covid19 rather than the heart disease, cancer, emphysema or whichever comorbidity actually caused the death.”


  3. Noahsark723 says:

    Something of interest to watch on the timeline surrounding the fort detrick shutdown and possible corona virus outbreak being covered up in the US prior to the china event in wuhan.

    At this point from what I have seen – this surely is a slow roll out 911 and I think that this ball has only started rolling down the hill. This is how they are going to put the new world order in place if the people continue to fall into fear and this very old mind trick. There are now conducting the economic fire sale that will end with them rolling out the microchip: otherwise called by some the mark of the beast—

    There was the event 201 that was ran back in october but just like 911 they in trump’s administration stated that they didn’t imagine such a pandemic happening, like on the day of 911 they are running drills of the exact same thing and then claim they had no idea!

    This is certainly a bio-release on their part and the fact that they are dragging their heels on getting things in order for testing and so forth as reported by Ryan Christian over at TLAV tells me that they are waiting for it to spread, that is if it is going to spread as they want it to. It could very well be a dud.

    This looks to me to be the beginning of the great culling and corralling of the populations of the earth.

    The demolishing of the wuhan market is very suspicous as well – which tells me if this is an american bio-release why then would china demolish the market if they were not in on it as well.

    The new word order has no national affiliation at all as we know- it only uses nations as it sees fit to build it global edifice – behind the sceans they are working together – while the shakspearian stage of politics I will bet that china is going to go further proving this an american bio-weapon that will justify war – world war III.

    The long planned destruction of america is now under way which may very well may end with a chinese invasion.

    Stay strong and take care of yourselves. For the race is not for the fittest but for those whole can endure until the “end” – I pray that there will be a judgement day and that all of the true researchers into this agenda will sit on a great council as true justice is finally administered to the wicked fools who were behind all of this bullshit.

    • Libertydan says:

      I recall the warnings of Aaron Russo as he was dying of cancer after making the documentary “America, Freedom to Fascism”. In a 69 min interview which was available on line by searching “Aaron Russo, historic interview” he claimed to have befriended one of the Rockefeller’s who told him that the end game was to implant micro chips in all of us (like the Humane Society does to dogs). The chip could used to identify each person and control them. They could be used to decide who gets to eat.
      As I see it, “Mandatory Vaccines” could be just the way to get people in line for their new Chip!
      No Vaccines for me, eh!

  4. phreedomphile says:

    In last year’s Wuhan global military games the blue helmeted Chinese UN troops put on a great performance making all types of interesting formations including an unmistakable pattern of a Masonic apron. I understand the US govt is the major financial supporter of the UN blue helmets even though it’s overwhelmingly composed of Chinese troops.

    When China hosted the last G20, their official logo for the event featured a big all seeing eye right in the center. They repeatedly verbalized a need for global governance.

    A few years ago skimming through either the CFR’s Foreign Affairs online magazine or through the Carnegie’s Foreign Policy publication, I came across an article about the need for the image of China to be greatly rehabilitated, to leapfrog over the still positive image of the US.

    So, even though Venezuela and Iran were captured long ago by the pyramid cap and have been adopting all the bells and whistles of the NWO project, the stories on sanctions shouldn’t be surprising as part of the plan to frame the narrative. China is the idealized iron fist model for Technocracy.

    Falsifiable test. If the US was in some kind of real competition with China, then there’s no way Obama would have transferred management duties of the internet to the UN via ICANN with the Wall Street Journal reporting China is poised to take over those duties said to be worth trillions in data collection fees alone. What about the “national security” problem of not controlling a major platform for communication and commerce? Years ago, dual US-Israel citizen and former DHS head Michael Chertoff sat on the international committee that decided on the fate of the internet including how to transfer control.

    Then there’s Brendon O’Connell’s research on Operation Talpiot and how the US transfers high tech know how to Israel which, in turn, transfers that to China and Russia.

    • chris.p says:


      Did you happen to notice the 11:33 on the clock the foreground of the link posted below? My understanding is that various news reports have also coincidentally posted the “33” in different parts of their articles when describing the virus. I’m not familiar with tactics used by secret societies but I’ve heard symbolism is rampant when you want to pre-emptively warn or remind members of plans that lay in wake.

      • phreedomphile says:

        That’s interesting, rather blatant. Thanks, Chris.

        I took my deep dive into the rabbit about a year after 9/11. Since then I’ve seen so many examples of their symbolism and verbal esoterica that I’m no longer surprised at anything. The numbers stuff is only the beginning, on the level of a zygote or embryo, imho. The level of mind control exerted on us is shocking and it permeates all aspects of our culture. For instance, Dr. Hans Utter has done a great job showing how this all fits into the music industry. Maybe you’ve seen some of his discussions on youtube.

        Strange times. Just when we think it can’t get more dysfunctional, here comes another wave!

        Take care and stay safe.

  5. Stronghorse says:

    **Attention to all people in the continental United States.**
    I have been informed from some of my contacts from my years in law Enforcement. (Before I wised up.)
    They tell me that Martial Law will be enacted nation wide by this weekend. Travel restrictions will go along with the lock down.
    The Canadian – United States border is being closed, and I’m told Mexico is closing the Southern border.
    This is real, doubt me if you choose to, it natters not to me. I’m prepared and ready, I hope you are too. If you need it, and it is available, get it before this weekend.

    This is all unconstitutional, the federal and state governments DO NOT have the authority to pass the edicts they have been writing since 9/11. In fact all of this is in violation of our natural rights and the Constitution.
    Many people understand that fact, and will resist this tyranny. Patriot groups all over the country are gearing up.
    I’ll let you consider what is about to happen, but please take my warning seriously. I have never been more sincere in my life.

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I’m tracking with James Corbett about the “long term agenda” and the gravity of the world economy.

    I believe are in World War 3.
    The game is being played differently than other wars.

    September 2017
    Episode 320 – Echoes of WWI: China, the US, and the Next “Great” War

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:


    COVID-19 Fatality Rate by AGE:
    Pre-existing medical conditions (comorbidities)
    COVID-19 Fatality Rate by COMORBIDITY:
    are two charts you don’t want to miss.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      In Italy, which has seen the highest rate of infection outside of China, the average age of death reported by the country’s national health institute was reported as age 81, the majority with underlying health problems….

      I strongly encourage folks to at least look through this article
      “COVID19 – Fearmongering Born out of Uncertainty”
      The STATISTICS mentioned above were found from this article.

      A point which I want to make…
      If a nation mandated that everyone stayed inside for 2 or 3 weeks, it likely would not do any good for the health of the populace either this year or next.
      No herd immunity.
      There are gradients of that approach, which Professor Ferguson points out.

      Check out
      Burn Rate

      A Government’s Outline for “Burn Rate” and Herd Immunity
      From ‘no quarantine’ to ‘strict quarantine’.

      which is down the thread at the link above.

  8. parzival says:

    Hey James, read this:

    Fukushima Fog Hanging Over The Tokyo Olympics
    Is Topped By Coronavirus 9 Years After 3/11

    By Yoichi Shimatsu
    Exclusive to Rense

    “Accidents happen. Or instead of mishap, let’s call the present cough-cough epidemic another blow-back for homicidal maniac Shinzo Abe’s NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) warfare operations. His Cabinet’s research funding for development of the HIV-Coronavirus-mTB chimera now grips a stunned Japanese public much like sarin fears did during the Tokyo Subway gassing, that earlier mass murder arising from Abe’s WMD team inside the Aum Shinrikyo front group of a quarter-century ago. Weapons of mass destruction have a way of slipping the leash to wreak massive harm on their demented creators, as we’ve seen in the weapons-grade plutonium bursts at underground sites in Haramachi and Hirono that triggered the reactor meltdowns at the TEPCO Fukushima No.1 nuclear station on March 11, 2011…”

  9. manbearpig says:

    In the “Free Money” department of Dangerous Precedents, I thought this article from yesterday the 19th of March,

    Le Monde offered an interesting peek into the future:

    Part 1:

    “Minimum living wage, “bringing relief in a time of crisis “…

    Denis Consigny

    Engineer, Director of the Association for the Establishment of an Existence Income (AIRE) and President of the Intergenerational Association for Universal Capital /AICU

    Denis Consigny, promoter of the universal basic income, explains in an op-ed to “Le Monde” that such a formula would eliminate the risk of losing one’s salary when a disaster blocks the circuits of the economy.

    Published yesterday at 08h00, updated yesterday at 10h11

    “In a system in which money and debt are in the majority, any slowdown in growth has deleterious consequences on the situations of both natural and legal persons.

    The economic effects of the health crisis that we are experiencing highlight an aspiration for collective security, a kind of demand for the robustness of our economic and social model in the face of the disasters, whether industrial, climatic or epidemic, that may befall us.

    Until now, the various projects for the universal and unconditional distribution of income or capital have been presented mainly in terms of their contribution to the fight against poverty: in a hostile society, where the slightest educational mishap, in a professional career or in family life can lead to precariousness and exclusion, the assurance for everyone to be able to count on a minimum of resources in all circumstances would indeed represent considerable progress.

    Stress then economic death

    But the security aspiration expressed by our fellow citizens and more or less skillfully exploited by politicians is no longer limited to the sum of each individual case. We are living in a time when those responsible are forced to choose between relatively few deaths for many jobs destroyed and relatively few jobs destroyed for many deaths.

    One of the reasons for this situation is that our sociofiscal organisation does not provide for a degraded mode of operation: the only vector for the circulation of money in the social body is instantaneous economic activity, the various deductions and redistributions only taking place a posteriori, after a long reaction time and with small margins for adaptation, governed by abstruse mechanisms…”

    continued below if interested:

    • manbearpig says:

      “Minimum living wage, “bringing relief in a time of crisis “… Part 2:

      “…Moreover, in a system where money/debt is in the majority, any slowdown in growth has deleterious consequences on the situations of both natural and legal persons who, unless they have substantial reserves, quickly find themselves in a situation of stress and then economic death.

      Minimum subsistence level

      In this context, a universal and unconditional living wage would have the advantage in a crisis situation of making it possible, for as long as necessary, to bring relief. It would be sufficient to raise its amount to the level of the subsistence minimum and it would then be possible to freeze market activity, with the exception of the health and agri-food sectors. This would be done without being too insulting to the economic future, i.e. without forcing anyone to “steal in order to survive”, nor without suffocating companies with predominant wage bills in their operating accounts: the payment of salaries and charges, but also rents and loan repayments, could thus be suspended for the duration of the confinement.”

      More sustainable goal boxes ticked on the NWO Agenda 21 list.

  10. jarmstrong says:

    While I acknowledge the harm done I cannot see any way that sanctions constitute a NAP breach against the sanctioned country.
    A direct corollary of property rights is the freedom to individually or collectively refuse to trade with anyone for any reason.
    Economic sanctions imposed by states are indisputably a NAP violation against the subjects/citizens of the state imposing the sanctions as they forcefully impede the natural right of the subjects/citizens to trade freely with whomever they wish. They are not a war crime or objectively any kind of aggression against the sanctioned parties.
    In practical terms the death and destruction caused by economic sanctions in a society where people enforced their property rights would be hugely mitigated by the fact that the reward for trading with the sanctioned party would be commensurate with their need. Only with a monopoly on force can mutually beneficial trade be prevented to such an extent as to e.g. cause the death of 500,000 Iraqi children.
    There is no moral duty to trade with another or not to trade with another against one’s own self-interest.

  11. manbearpig says:

    Let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories!

    “Why did Buzyn have chloroquine classified as a “poisonous substance” on January 13, 2020?

    We are asking the question of our health policies and health services, quite simply. Here is what is written on the Légifrance site:

    Order of January 13, 2020 classifying on the lists of poisonous substances…

    On the proposal of the Director General of the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products dated 13 December 2019, Arrests:

    Article 1

    Hydroxychloroquine in all its forms is included in List II of Poisonous Substances.

    Article 2

    The Director General for Health and the Director General of the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products shall each be responsible, in so far as he is concerned, for the implementation of this Order, which shall be published in the Official Journal of the French Republic.

    Done on 13 January 2020.

    For the Minister and by delegation :

    The Director-General for Health,

    J. Salomon

    For the LCI news channel, there is nothing to wonder about, it is according to the information site an umpteenth “conspiracy theory”.

    “The coronavirus epidemic is conducive to the proliferation of conspiracy theories. One of them indicates that chloroquine, presented as a promising treatment, is said to have been available by prescription only since the virus arrived on French soil. As is often the case, the reality is more complex.


    While hydroxychloroquine has long been available without a prescription, a January 13th order changed the law. It is now “in all its forms” classified “on list II of poisonous substances”. This means that, for about two months now, a doctor’s prescription has been indispensable for patients wishing to obtain it. This is in line with what was previously the case with chloroquine, which has been inaccessible without a prescription since its marketing authorisation.


    While it is true that the legislation concerning this chloroquine derivative evolved well in mid-January, we can therefore observe that this decision is in no way linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, and that it was motivated by the health authorities for only one purpose: to protect patients who might use it in a non-optimal and potentially dangerous way for their health. »

    Whew! Let’s trust Buzyn, who came very close to a conflict of interest with her husband, Yves Lévy, president of INSERM who was later appointed to the Conseil d’Etat (there is no report, it’s for services rendered to the nation) and LCI, the mainstream news channel that doesn’t contradict the real powers. And beware of conspiracy theories!”

    • manbearpig says:

      oops. meant to stick this on the Medical Martial Law page…

    • manbearpig says:

      From the article linked above:

      “…While hydroxychloroquine has long been available without a prescription, a January 13th order changed the law. It is now “in all its forms” classified “on list II of poisonous substances”. This means that, for about two months now, a doctor’s prescription has been indispensable for patients wishing to obtain it. This is in line with what was previously the case with chloroquine, which has been inaccessible without a prescription since its marketing authorisation…”

      I mean…In light of the link below, this new status of the substance was incredibly fortuitous timing for Sanofi…kind of as if they knew in advance…?


    • manbearpig says:

      The irony is stark, placing these two texts one after the other.
      So much has changed in 9 days…

      “…Order of January 13, 2020 classifying on the lists of poisonous substances…

      On the proposal of the Director General of the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products dated 13 December 2019, Arrests:

      Article 1

      Hydroxychloroquine in all its forms is included in List II of Poisonous Substances…”


      29 March 2020 / 12:42 / 18 hours ago

      “Hydroxychloroquine greatest hope against coronavirus, says Novartis CEO
      Reuters Staff
      Zurich Editorial Office, French version Jean-Stéphane Brosse

      Hydroxychloroquine is the greatest hope for treatment against coronavirus, says Novartis CEO Vas Narasimhan in an interview published Sunday by the Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung /Photo taken March 19, 2020/REUTERS/Craig Lassig

      ZURICH (Reuters) – Hydroxychloroquine is the greatest hope for treatment against coronavirus, Novartis CEO Vas Narasimhan said in an interview published Sunday by the Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung.

      Novartis, whose generic pharmaceuticals division Sandoz manufactures the medicine, which is now prescribed for malaria, lupus and arthritis, has pledged to give 130 million doses if multiple ongoing clinical trials confirm its effectiveness against Covid-19, the viral pneumonia caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that emerged in China last December.

      “Preclinical studies in animals as well as initial data from clinical trials show that hydroxychloroquine kills the coronavirus,” Vas Narasimhan told SonntagsZeitung. “We are working with Swiss hospitals on possible treatment protocols for the clinical use of this drug, but it is too early to say anything definitive.”

      Novartis, he adds, is in demand for active ingredients to make more doses in case clinical trials are successful.

      Three other drugs produced by the Swiss laboratory – Jakavi for cancer, Gilenya for multiple sclerosis and Ilaris for fever – are also being studied for effects against Covid-19, says the Novartis CEO.

      All pharmaceutical companies such as Sanofi, Bayer, Teva and Roche are currently testing some of their products against coronavirus.”

      Sandoz, sandoz,sandoz…where’ve I… Oh Yea! Wasn’t that the Warburg company that made Lysergic Acid!


  12. manbearpig says:

    Now Here’s a convivial new French precedent inspired by the Chinese! :

    “In Nice, drones call citizens to the order of the coronavirus

    March 19, 2020

    According to the newspaper Libération, the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture has decided to monitor the people of Nice by drones flying over the city with a loudspeaker to “call for the dispersion of observed gatherings”: “We don’t film, we don’t give tickets,” says Sabri Ben Hassen, head of Drone 06, the company commissioned for this mission. We are accompanied by a crew of police officers and we simply remind people of the directives”.

    The drone broadcasts a message at 100 decibels (an Airbus in flight is 120): “Reminder of the directives relating to the Covid-19 epidemic: all movements outside of the home are forbidden except by special dispensation,” shouts the drone in the streets of Nice. Please respect a safety distance of at least one metre between each person”.

    “We want to make sure that people understand the regulations. If we see that, despite calls for confinement, people continue to wander around, we give the instructions again thanks to new technology,” says Nice-Montagne sub-prefect Yoann Toubhans. We take people by surprise. »

    And this probably isn’t going away!

  13. wylie1 says:

    Why spew trillions of dollars to the hurting industries?
    So they can keep THEIR corporations which THEY use to CONTROL YOU, afloat while they stick your kids and grandkids with the bill, in one way or another; even though they created the dough by diluting the value of your dollars = lowering its value.

    How bloody generous of them! Gaining control of even more corps/corpse that they may have not already sunk their teeth into yet, through debt.

    Why do we just watch and let it happen?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Most of these corporations who are receiving big bailouts have in the past been doing a covert stock deception.
      They have been using their earnings or borrowed money to “BUY BACK” their own stock shares.

      This has artificially made their stock price higher, which snowballs into attracting more stock buyers.

      Apple had been doing it for years.
      Virtually, it’s profits (earnings) from 7 years ago were the same as they were in December 2019, but their stock price was about double.

  14. manbearpig says:

    “ECB unveils €750 billion stimulus against coronavirus

    By Jorge Valero | EURACTIV with AFP
    19 mars 2020

    …The so-called Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme will have an overall envelope of €750 billion and will buy government and corporate bonds.

    It came just six days after the ECB unveiled a big-bank stimulus package that failed to calm nervous markets, piling pressure on the bank to open the financial floodgates.

    The programme will come on top of the €120 billion of additional asset purchases announced by the ECB last week. It will only be concluded once the bank “judges that the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis phase is over, but in any case not before the end of the year,” the ECB said in a statement..”

    The 2 comments below the article seem interesting.

    • Libertydan says:

      I think all this stimulus money is a way of Nationalizing everything. George Galloway (former MOP) said today that the UK has essentially Nationalize the county to offset the economic effects of “the Virus”.
      Big government is using these events to get even bigger.

  15. manbearpig says:

    The baker refused to accept coins or bills for buying bread this morning.

    Had to use a credit card.

  16. manbearpig says:

    A while back, when I’d heard that Italy had been hit hard and then locked-down by the corona virus my mind kept flitting back to an article Mr Corbett had written last year… but couldn’t quite remember which one. Now it’s come back to me; it’s this one:

    Haven’t worked out yet if there’s any pertinence to this spontaneous association made in my mind. Maybe something about gold?

  17. manbearpig says:

    Anecdotes for HRS!

    Making the NWO convivial! Getting folks on board! A couple of “solidarity initiatives” being practiced in my neighborhood.

    Besides the list of names and phone numbers next to the elevator to exchange services among neighbors there’s:

    1 – “The First edition of the Friday Window(Balcony) Aperitif

    The call can be seen on the Lyon CityCrunch website and is making its way on the Internet.

    No more open bars or terraces to celebrate the end of the week? Don’t worry: even if you’re in a confined space, it’s possible to drink herbal tea, water or stronger drinks (but in extreme moderation) from your window or balcony. A call for a Window/Balcony aperitif has therefore been launched for this Friday, March 20 at 7 pm. It will also be the occasion to celebrate the arrival of spring!”

    “Coronavirus: everyone at our windows at 8 p.m. to applaud the medical staff!

    By Emmanuelle Hunzinger Published on 18/03/2020 at 09:38

    How can we show our solidarity to the doctors, nurses and care assistants who are fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic?

    All at your windows at 8pm, #On Applause, to salute the work of the medical staff. The idea is a great example of solidarity in times of containment. Inspired by the Italian and Spanish neighbours, it’s gaining momentum on the web and in real life!”

    For the first I’ll be there in body if not in spirit in a couple of hours.

    As for the second, my son has been an ardent fan for a couple of days now, along with many, many other people in my area. At 8 p.m. it’s exactly as it was when France won the soccer world cup a couple years back.

    The weather’s been unbelievably balmy and still no chemtrails or helicopters. (I was mistaken yesterday about the helicopters; it was an industrial lawn-mower…oops)

    In fact, I’m even wondering WHY there are no helicopters. And ain’t seen any drones in Lyon harassing the extremely sparse population in the streets…maybe ’cause there’re no beaches here… Wish I’d filmed when I went this morning…weird ambiance…

  18. el Gallinazo says:

    Actually these sanctions on Venezuela are a favor. The face masks don’t do crap. As to the “test kits,” that is also a favor. The PCR Test is totally fraudulent. I am a chemist and have studied the CDC releases regarding how the “TEST” was constructed. Remove the “test kits” and the pandemic disappears into normal statistics for fatalities from respiratory diseases, though the latest data from Italy indicates that they are throwing in coronary heart disease, and diabetes II into the mix. Poof – it’s gone. Only thing that is anomalous is what is going on in Iran. I know when I am being punked.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      I note the name Wolfgang Wodarg on the document.

      James Corbett has mentioned him previously, such as in April 13, 2010 with an article here…
      WHO Appoints H1N1 Cover-Up Committee

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        ManBearPig and others have mentioned him recently, such as on the comment board of Corbett’s revisit VIDEO from May 2009…
        Episode 086 – Medical Martial Law

        ManBearPig’s comment to Hotfoot.

        Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is in the video which Hotfoot posted.

      • manbearpig says:

        “…If it turns out that former PACE member Wolfgang Wodarg was right when he said the pandemic was decided to help the pharmaceutical industry make bigger profits, this might well turn out to be one of the biggest health scandals ever,..”

        Excellent connection HRS!! Brilliant!

        “Swine Flu: ‘the next time someone cries wolf on a pandemic, it will not be taken seriously’

        29/03/2010 17:48:37
        Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development

        Paris, 29.03.2010 – “The next time someone cries wolf over a pandemic, the overwhelming majority will not take it seriously,” participants were told today at a parliamentary hearing on the handling of the H1N1 pandemic, organised in Paris by PACE’s Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee.

        “A pandemic cannot be whatever the WHO declares it is.

        If it turns out that former PACE member Wolfgang Wodarg was right when he said the pandemic was decided to help the pharmaceutical industry make bigger profits, this might well turn out to be one of the biggest health scandals ever,” said Paul Flynn (United Kingdom, SOC), PACE rapporteur on this issue.

        Participants also expressed regret at the WHO’s failure to revise its position on the pandemic, and warned against a possible repetition of events if no lessons were learnt. “The world no longer trusts the WHO, but we need a body of this kind and it must therefore restore its own credibility,” Mr Flynn added.

        He paid tribute to the rare courage of the Polish Health Minister Ewa Kopacz, who had refused to be held hostage by the pharmaceutical industry and did not order vaccines. She said that drug company profit should not be more important than people…”

        Incidentally, brave Ewa Kopacz was lucky not to be on a plane to Russia with Lech Kaczyński, the fourth President of the Republic of Poland and 96 of his top government officials and his wife

        just a couple weeks after the article linked just above was published. Or she would have died in the same plane crash that historically and unbelievably killed the entire Polish government…

  19. foggygoggles says:

    Is it just me, or were both of you hyperventilating? It felt like I was on Info Wars. I was just reading that previously blocked searches were now being allowed. How does this square with your current pangs? Might I suggest meditation. It does wonders for body and mind. Staying in the moment also produces correct action, so it’s not about going to sleep.

  20. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Anyone in New York City
    (and perhaps someone has Jason Bermas’ contact info. He might have an interest.)

    West 57th Street near 7th Ave
    Dr. Harold Robbins – Ozone Blood Therapy & tips for the CORONAVIRUS

    Published March 16th Monday
    Michael Johnson receives Ozone blood therapy (by direct method, not bagged blood method) from Dr. Harold Robbins in New York City.
    Contact information for Dr. Robbins is given at the end of the video.
    Dr. Robbins and Michael discuss measures to help ensure good health in light of the coronavirus / COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2.

    Dr. Robert Rowen and Dr. Harold Robbins often corroborate and also collaborate regarding Ozone and health topics.

    (The verb collaborate means to cooperate or work jointly with others. The verb corroborate means to strengthen, support, or confirm with evidence.)

    This Johnson/Robbins video was promoted by YouTube User “The Healthy Plumber” in his video “Coronavirus and ozone therapy”.
    “The Healthy Plumber” reversed his Multiple Sclerosis and has a book describing how he did it.

  21. manbearpig says:

    Did somebody already stick this somewhere around here?

    Tony Heller Highwater just posted the following on his website:

    Apocalypse Meow!

    I’m definately in double trouble…

  22. alexandre says:

    Some more musical ruminations to serve as an analogy in a weird personal way.

    PART I
    A person is in front of an orchestra that is about to start, say, a Beethoven symphony. The conductor starts waving his hands and the orchestra starts playing that beautiful thing. The listener goes “aahh”. How does that work exactly? A piece of music was composed way back in the 1800s. The composition took a long time and it’s done, by someone very talented and knowledgeable, with lots of calculations, structures, rules, laws – in this case laws and rules of “beauty” (say counterpoint) etc. It’s not just a bunch of tunes thrown together, but a cohesive piece, a whole engineered thing that has one meaning, or direction, or theme. Once finished it goes to the copyist for the individual parts – the process varies a lot, if the composer already writes in the respective transpositions or if he writes all in concert key and then he, or the copyist, transposes for the parts, lots of details like that. Once the parts are done it goes to rehearsals. Back then most composers conducted themselves, so there’s a lot of talking during rehearsals about dynamics, tempos, ritardandos, diminuendos etc that, although written into the score, need clarifications, and the composer “explains” what he meant to the musicians, what’s the mood, how it should be played etc. So back to current times. The music has been clarified and well established long ago, so to play a Beethoven symphony all you should need would be a metronome or someone to stand and conduct the tempo variations (as the Orpheus Orchestra does – or used to do), but why then we have the conductor – which is by the way the guy that makes more money than anyone else in the group, even thought he doesn’t play anything? Well, enter the word “interpretation”. He’s not the conductor (like any normal cab driver), but a “maestro”, a sort of semi-divine incarnation that studied much more than all the players, is very learned and knows, some times by mediumistic means, exactly what the composer – long gone – meant, what his true intentions were and so on. Some maestros, like Bernstein, had so much identification with some composers, in his case Mahler, that he said he sometimes, while conducting, feels he wrote the piece himself. Even though the piece is known ad nauseam by the musicians, every time a new maestro comes, they have to go through the rehearsals again, this time with this particular maestro’s interpretation of the piece, which for the laymen in the audience wouldn’t mean anything palpable, but which for him makes the difference between right and wrong. Other maestros played it wrong, but I (big I) know how to do it right, that’s why I came here in my Porsche while you vassals came by bus.

    to be continued —

    • alexandre says:

      PART II
      The concert happens in a closed room, beautiful theaters. The light is dim and we are mostly in darkness. It has an acoustic, it has reverberations – if you ever heard an orchestra on the street, it wouldn’t sound so impressive. The reverb is an indispensable part of the sound, and maestros like Sergiu Celibidache paid a lot of attention to that, changing the positions of instruments etc. All the ambiance has the flavor of a ritual, like a mass, so we’re in the mythological department. We’re there to be enchanted, delighted. It will “take us” somewhere and bring us safely back. We’re going to leave the experience changed, transformed. Even though many of us “know” – with our minds – how all that works (see PART I), we nevertheless fall for the mythic effects and go “aahh”. For the psyche, spirit or someone inside, the illusion is that the maestro is manifesting the music on the spot. The magic is coming out of his hands and by some miracle those 80 or 90 people in the orchestra play something at the same time that sounds like a unit, a complete coherent message from God. The maestro is the seer, the shaman passing along the message. No one is thinking that the piece was already written long ago and then there were rehearsals, discussions etc. Everyone is enchanted and happily experiencing the illusion that the music is happening there for the first time by a miracle from God managed by a maestro with special gifts. Every phrase, every note sound to us like something new and exciting, even though those were written many years ago. We want to talk about it, “oh my god, did you see that? There’s a reference to Mozart in that phrase, how beautiful” etc. The music, specially with big orchestras, has an effect that even the most technical of musicians can’t avoid falling for. It is magical and from the first note you are thrown into the “aahh” complex. Even the composer, when he plays it on his piano, gets enchanted. It’s powerful and mystical.

      Now transpose all that to the coronavirus or any other orchestrated mystical event and voilà. Everything being discussed is like the notes Beethoven wrote in 1810 or so. Event 201 was the rehearsal and China was the Premiere. But the content, the theme, the symphony was written long ago and there’s nothing new about it, only it sounds new to us because we don’t know the symphony and think that it’s coming out of the maestro’s magic hands as he waves them, together with his carefully treated somewhat long hair. Who’s the maestro I’ll leave it open; presidents? CDC? UN and WHO? Illuminati? Ahriman? But I think the analogy is there and I just wanted to suggest that “hey, guys, it’s a concert”. Whatever we “find out” it’s already there, including our own reactions and actions. The symphony, in this case, includes the audience. And I’ll stop.

      • manbearpig says:

        So the real bio-weapon that risks wiping out Humanity is, in fact,
        the “aahh” complex.

        a sorta euphorically delusional mass-suicide…


        ok, lemme sleep on that, get back to ya…

        • alexandre says:

          I don’t know if I get your point exactly. I’d say…not a bio-weapon. It’s the impression of many things, including a bio-weapon. One listener will hear “bio-weapon”, another “the virus doesn’t exist” and so on. WHAT it really is, only the composer knows and, except if you have Beethoven’s number, there’s no way to find out, but the effects pushes all the audience in a certain direction, no matter what impression wins. But listen, if they wanted to to something more radical, all they have to do is cut the internet or electricity. Mass extinction doesn’t seem to be in the score, even if it’s written in the Georgia Guide Stones. We would be gone already.

          I think you deleted one comment before, cause it came to my email, but it’s not here anymore. There was a good question there. That I have faith (maybe too much) in the composer. Well, read the music and watch the audience and little by little it looks more and more like it.

          Get back to me when you wake up – literally, I mean.

      • pearl says:

        Excellent analogy, Alexandre! Bravo!

        • alexandre says:

          Thanks. A bit convoluted, now that I read it again, but the magician maestro was the point. We really think HE is producing the sound with his hands. He’s not. The whole thing needs that format to work; an orchestra with a maestro (a central point), just like we need … arhammm…a government! Now a WORLD Government. And the parallel between music (art, magic, illusion) with psy-ops, the ritualistic thing, is also important. Who knows if people are really addicted to the concert and want to be enchanted. I see my sister giving signs of that. Every time I tell her that, for instance, if you take out the test kit, the statistics are normal, as pointed out by someone here I can’t remember (a chemist), her reaction is “OH YEAH?? And what about the so and so’s grandmother that just died???” – very emotional, as if defending the ritual, standing by the psy-op against me, the heretic talking about technical stuff that takes out all the glamour, the numen…you know? The fun.

          I would say the audience has already gone completely insane. I just received this petition from a friend (for us, the audience, to sign) to cancel utility bills (!!) And it comes from…? AVAAZ. So there you go. UBI on the horizon.The audience included in the symphony through these fake communal institutions etc, ASKING for the next movement in the symphony.

          I remembered Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring when it was premiered in Paris in 1913. It was so new and unusual that it created pandemonium in the audience, and the details are quite funny – people punching each other, like a bar fight. That is maybe what the composers wanted to avoid, so they did it step by step, slowly, gradually, because pandemonium yields unpredictable results. Techno-composers don’t like that. Just another thought. And I’ll shut up.

          • Libertydan says:

            OK, so even if you were around in 1913, you wouldn’t have been old enough to remember Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring” when it premiered in Paris.
            None the less, I think I get the idea.
            It’s kind of like “We didn’t start the fire” by Billy Joel,eh!

          • pearl says:

            “Two categories of propaganda must be distinguished. The first strives to create a permanent disposition in its objects and constantly needs to be reinforced. Its goal is to make the masses ‘available,’ by working spells upon them and exercising a kind of fascination. The second category involves the creation of a sort of temporary impulsiveness in its objects. It operates by simple pressure and is often contradictory (since contradictory mass movement are sometimes necessary).” – Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society


      • emily1 says:

        Alexandre…just thought you should know someone out there (me) read carefully through your entire orchestra analogy and thought it was amazing. An analogy I’m going to keep with me as I watch all of this unfold.

        Also, I’ve noticed the same thing with friends and family members that seem to have some weird attachment to the story they are being told… when I question it, they get testy… I wondered if maybe it was just that many people really are glad to have everything canceled, because they don’t really like what they have to do every day anyway. Or maybe they just enjoy being part of a big drama unfolding? I don’t know. But it sure makes it hard to snap sense into anyone.

        • alexandre says:

          Yes indeedy. Thanks for reading it carefully. And in your honor I send you this:

          Now with the announcement of the wonder drug cloroquitinex or something, my sister is yelling “now what? That’s it? All that fuzz and now you take cloroquina and it’s all ok??? Where is this New World Order then???” I told her “You have to know the symphony, otherwise you get all lost like that” and I ran out quickly before she threw something at me. The attachment thing is very deep. Someone may be saying “yes, I understand, and I agree” and actually they don’t. When something happens they react like someone that didn’t understand and doesn’t agree. Psychology is as complex and deep as it is irritating.

        • holmesmd2 says:

          You know the other day when I was at the Super Walmart, and after searching online, I tried for 30 minutes, searching every row up and down before finally asking the nearest guy in a blue shirt (who just happened to be standing next to the empty TP shelves),

          “Can you tell me….on which aisle can I find some COMMON SENSE?”

      • manbearpig says:

        With time and additional posting I think you figured out your own analogy.

        We can’t stop the composer from composing or the conductor from gesticulating a semblance of black magic, feverishly, expertly conjuring up old spells.

        but we can cure ourselves of our own psycho-biological tendency (hence the insistance on the “bio-weapon” analogy) to crave the “aahh” complex.

        We don’t have to go to the concert.

        But most of us actively choose to collaborate in the show production, play a role, in reinforing our own victimized delusion, helping to enslave others,

        because we’re hooked on the “aahh” complex. The bio-weapon is the manipulation of the pleasure chemicals in our brain, our fascination for the shadows on the wall even if deep down we suspect there’s something else.

        Without our active “aahh!” the symphony can’t go on.

        • alexandre says:

          Pardon me, dear MBP, but some times I’m very slow. Since my point was the magician’s hands, your accent on the “aahh” is taking me some time. Your text is much thicker than it seems. (Thicker = lots of substance, layers etc) I’ll take a nap and read it again and I’ll get it eventually. That sister’s letter, to which you already replied (by the way ha ha ha), was a huge BUMP to the head. I really have to sleep now to recover…per chance to recover.
          Thank you.

          • manbearpig says:

            You’ll recover. You have to. We’re waiting for your posts.

            You’re a magician not a bewitched.

            • alexandre says:

              Currently I’m more of a bewildered.

              Hi, I’m recovered. Thanks for the beautiful words (or as Charlie Parker put it “the beautiful notes”). Went to have lunch with sister and it was as if it never happened, normal conversation etc. Like I saw somewhere, “my cognitive dissonance is killing me”. Now with Corbett’s latest video, things fell much more into perspective – you gotta love this bloke. Shall we move there? I’m sure people are attacking him for being “a fear monger” or something, let’s see.

              I think I get your pretty text above. Brazil was thrown into “aahh” heavily in 1964 and never recovered, and I’m about to post something about it in the latest Martial Law video. Maybe. Just a wee perspective from a country that already went through that (this), or at least a smaller cornier version, and brutal, something like that. Maybe this time the “aahh” complex is the thing that will make it less brutal? I don’t know. Let’s read what people are saying there. I’m sure I’ll find you! Beaming to the other post….Zzzzaaap!

          • holmesmd2 says:

            Another person I met randomly (a customer) in Walmart as well, told me that she actually got DIVORCED over the cognitive dissonance vs “enlightened” differences…or whatever you want to call that….she seemed reasonable to ME….of course, I already have a great girlfriend, LOL!

  23. HomeRemedySupply says:


    During the Adventures of Bill and Ted, we again meet Rufus…

    (And thank you YouTube Channel “Metal Matt”, as I strum the air guitar.)

    COVID-19 George Carlin – Germs and Immune System (Corona Virus)
    (6 EXCELLENT minutes)

    “Be Excellent to Each Other”

  24. zyxzevn says:

    Covid 19 problem solved
    70 year old medicine against Malaria works 100%.
    No need for rushed/untested vaccines anymore,
    even according to vaccine researchers.

    Early Nature article:

    Other study:

    Note: Things that don’t cure Covid-19 if ingested
    Examples of people that ended up in the hospital after
    drinking soap,alcoholics, bleach or eating excessive amounts of garlic.

  25. holmesmd2 says:

    Is Iran the real reason for the coronavirus distraction?

    I’ve been asking myself for awhile…so…what AREN’T we hearing about since the virus “broke out”?

    Does anybody remember…IRAN???

    We were at the edge of world war III just a little while ago, right? Maybe THATs why both China and Iran were the first, hardest hit countries with the virus….stupid or not? When was the last time you even HEARD ANYTHING about the “IRANIAN Crisis” of 2019-2020??

    This came out in Jan:
    By Alex Ward and Zack Beauchamp Jan 13, 2020, 12:40pm EST
    BTW…I can’t find that article AT ALL without looking on the wayback machine…big surprise…

    Just a small snippet from that article:

    “9) So what happens next?
    It’s hard to predict the future, but the safe bet is that the next few weeks could continue to be rocky.

    Iraq’s parliament — which is heavily influenced by Iran — passed a nonbinding resolution last week calling for America’s roughly 5,000 troops to leave Iraq as a result of the Soleimani strike. Trump brushed off an immediate exit and went as far as to say he would impose harsh sanctions on the country if it forced out US troops.

    Iranian lawmakers chant anti-American and anti-Israeli slogans to protest against the US killing of Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani in Tehran, Iran, on January 5, 2020. Mohammad Hassanzadeh/Tasnim News Agency via AP
    But then confusion reigned. On January 6, a letter from US Marine Brig. Gen. William Seely to Iraqi Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir became public, and it detailed plans for “repositioning forces over the course of the coming days and weeks to prepare for onward movement.”

    “We respect your sovereign decision to order our departure,” the letter continued.

    But Esper and Army Gen. Mark Milley, the Joint Chiefs chairman, both denied there was a change in US policy and claimed the letter was sent to the Iraqi government by “mistake.” However, it does appear that US forces will be relocating to safer areas in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East.

    Trump has long wanted US troops out of Iraq, saying that America has already spent enough money and lost enough lives since the 2003 invasion. But a precipitous force withdrawal could hurt the US strategically in the Middle East.”

    It’s been nothing but nothing about Iran since Corona…hmmmm…..

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Good points holmesmd2.

    • manbearpig says:

      Good morning Holmesmd2!

      “Is Iran the real reason for the coronavirus distraction?”

      Though Phreedomphile would (correctly) say Iran is already in the cooperative fold of the elite social engineers, as is China,

      I’d venture to say that as the Chernobyl crisis did with Russia via Glasnost (meaning “openness”) and perestroika, this contrived crisis will open up Iran thrusting it into the limelight of the world stage, bring it ostensibly and officially into the sphere of global government:

      “Trump will not offer Iran sanctions relief as coronavirus spreads rapidly in the country
      Published Fri, Mar 20 20202:51 PM EDT
      Amanda Macias

      “…Iran’s health ministry has said that one person dies from coronavirus every 10 minutes and 50 are becoming infected every hour.

      “The whole world should know that humanitarian assistance to Iran is wide open, it’s not sanctioned,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said during a Friday briefing with President Donald Trump at the White House.

      “We are doing everything we can to facilitate the humanitarian assistance moving in and to make sure that the financial transactions connected to that can take place as well. There is no sanction on medicines going to Iran, there is no sanctions on humanitarian assistance going into that country. They’ve got a terrible problem there and we want that humanitarian, medical assistance to get to the people of Iran,” the nation’s top diplomat added…”

      I’d say forcing Iran out of relative obscurity and onto the world stage is one of the boxes to be ticked by this king of all viruses.

  26. holmesmd2 says:

    I take it back…I did find this one article:

    Interesting, in the last two paragraphs or so the author examines the possibility that the REVERSE of my original question could have been the situation INSIDE Iran:

    by Joel Gehrke
    | March 18, 2020 07:00 AM

    “Some analysts believe that Iran has renewed attacks on U.S. forces in order to distract from the coronavirus outbreak. “Iranians are fiercely nationalistic,” American Enterprise Institute scholar Michael Rubin, who specializes in Iran and the Middle East, told the Washington Examiner. “And so, basically, it’s a no-brainer on the part of the Iranian regime to try to distract people from their own incompetence. And, even though — yeah, I’m a neocon, I’m a hawk, and so forth — I think the worst possible thing would be for Trump to hit Iran.””

    I’m not sure, but my hands are chapped.

  27. manbearpig says:

    A “tightening of controls” and measures for the long haul:

    “Coronavirus: 450 dead in France, where the epidemic is “rapidly worsening”.
    Reuters Staff

    PARIS (Reuters) – French health authorities on Friday did not rule out prolonging containment in France in the face of a “rapidly worsening” coronavirus outbreak, whose latest death toll stands at 450, up from 372 on Thursday, an increase of more than 20 percent in 24 hours…

    “…Drastic containment measures have been in force since noon on Tuesday throughout the country, for a period set so far at “at least 15 days”, and the government announced on Friday, the eve of the weekend, a tightening of controls…

    …”The peak of the epidemic is around the beginning of April but it is not precise and we are preparing to treat a very large influx of sick people this weekend and next week,” he said.

    …The government is finalizing contracts that will allow the importation of several hundred million more masks over the next three months, the health director general said…”

    Thanks deepl.

  28. cbsk says:

    it is very suspicious to me that the panic buying of toilet paper started before talk of quarantine, it should had started with food, if you compare how often you buy toilet paper to how often you buy food it is very suspicious, it is possible that they created the panic buying to add to the fear by getting some people in different parts of countries and parts of the world to buy excessive amounts and then everyone else followed along with what they were doing, also toilet paper is cheap to the size of the item so excessive amounts or what looks like excessive amounts would be cheaper of that item

  29. alexandre says:

    I’ll share here something I got from my sister. It’s very personal, but maybe an important illustration of the current psychology. Or maybe she’s right and I should just shut up.

    “Your problem is that you gather tons of information, but you stitch them together poorly. What academics do well is stitch together the info in a growing and coherent pattern and, more important, they never assume that the listener knows the info. So you express yourself badly, you assume that others think like you, that they have the same information in their heads and I don’t know how you didn’t get beaten on the streets already, because the probability that they will get you wrong is enormous. You are a sponge, you absorb everything, but in passing it along to anyone OUTSIDE YOUR GANG, I’m sorry to say, you are simply inefficient, not to say that it’s obvious you sound like an EVERYTHING DENIER.

    Ok, be yourself, but I’m tired of listening that everything has always something evil behind it and I’m tired of this preposition that you know how reality works, that it’s rotten and there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s just idiotic and it gets me nowhere.

    It’s getting beyond normal this rhetoric that borders paranoia, always after something behind something, fucking hell, there is NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE on the planet that can stand it. It goes far beyond any limit.

    This guy Corbett ends his videos and goes live his life well and good with the dollars that people give him. Eats Japanese food, drinks tea and walks down the square, like everybody else on the planet, BUT YOU. You are all the time in this mental swirl. It’s impossible to talk about anything because everything is the opposite, just everything on Earth is not what mere mortals believe and this can’t go on anymore, period. Either you learn how to link the infos when you talk, learn and ACCEPT that for everybody else what you say sounds INSANE, learn how to make yourself understood, or stop talking and stop trying to find people that will understand you. Because bottom line it’s: “I know the truth, you don’t, behind what you think everything is different and evil.” Anyone can see there’s a mix of megalomania and paranoia there. Again, I don’t know how you didn’t get beaten yet. And yes, you are a theorist, always analyzing theories like a maniac, but without the necessary skills not to lose your listener, so “coronavirus denier” doesn’t even come close to what people may think of you.

    I don’t give a shit about reason, origins etc because something is happening and people are dying. People that wouldn’t have died in a normal annual flu. And while you love to watch videos and talk and talk and watch theories and intelectual analysis, I LIKE P-E-O-P-L-E!! My thing is to try to help people, not change the world, which to me is IMPOSSIBLE. The end.”

    • alexandre says:

      I have to add that there’s a lot on that text that doesn’t sound like her. She loves me and knows me completely, AND understands much of what I say and what I read and talk about here. She’s a normie, but not a complete one. There’s a lot of fear of what people will think of me in the text, some great fear that I’ll be labeled something and shot in the paredón, as if I saw loads of people “on the street” every day. I don’t and I hardly talk to anyone about these things. The text some times sounds like her, some times it doesn’t. Maybe there’s a big crack being implanted in people’s heads and in society, separating A from B in a strict way, but I guess that would be too paranoid of me to say. I’d better put on my tie and go smile to some camera.
      Anyway, I can only imagine what other conspiracy nuts here may go through in their personal relationships.

    • manbearpig says:



      • alexandre says:

        Holly capslock, did you read it already??
        Yer husband, really? My sentiments, because this shit can really hurt.

        • manbearpig says:

          no not fun to be regularly and patronizingly sermonized that I am in a belief system, an ideology, a sect, whereas HE is in the facts-based world.

          Sometimes feels a little like the Stepford wives…

          I’ll just DIE if I don’t get this recipe!

          or, no, maybe more like the bodysnatchers…

          Whatever you do, DON’T FALL ASLEEP!

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