Interview 1692 - James Corbett on Truth-seeking and Anarchy

01/31/202223 Comments

via The Independent Riot: On today's show Jim welcomes the man, the myth, the legend himself, James Corbett, to give a quick overview of his basic worldview, and clarify his beliefs on if there are any nefarious people out in the world actually conspiring to harm you.... (spoiler alert, the answer is "yes!")


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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    – Voluntaryism –

    Around the 26 minute mark, Corbett discusses the Voluntaryist perspective.
    Especially at these early 2022 crossroads, I feel like this concept has immense importance.
    “Democracy” and voting is not going to rid society of this Authoritarian mess.
    I am apprehensive that many people will continue to think that the system’s political and justice machines will be a solution.

    Corbett’s end of January newsletter Do NOT Go Back to Sleep! This is NOT the End!
    drives home the point.
    The system is still there just waiting to pounce.

    The Canadian Freedom Convoy STORY was invigorating and filled with public momentum. I loved it and what it represented…an organic grassroots decentralized movement towards individual liberty.

    However, on Sunday during the rally in Ottawa, I stopped watching as some of the speakers were just lame and plain. Some were calling for new Canadian government sponsored programs. I cut the feed as my barf bag filled up.

    • Howler Monkey says:

      Agreed. I have said for many years our version of “democracy” is one day every four years that doesn’t make a difference. We need to change the system and not the players. Self governance is the solution, freedom of individual choice.

      As for the freedom rally, baby steps. People new to the process of waking up still believe the government is the solution. Sad but still relevant. The spirit of the rally and the fact so many people are paying attention moves that notch of awakened people just a nudge higher.

  2. Voluntaryist says:

    The voluntarist is called a traitor, an anarchist (violent bomb thrower), the anti-Christ, or an anti-social nihilist who wants chaos. But, in the late 18th century America, when the traitors were people who read “Common Sense”, disrespected the King, taxation, govt. custom’s agents, oppressive laws, and rejected their role as “subject” of the king, they were the beginning of the end of tyranny, the politically independent, the self-governors who rejected authorities and authoritarianism.
    The world was inspired when they seceded from Great Britain to form a less controlled group of colonists into 13 sovereign countries. But, still, they had to obey authorities, in principle, if not in practice. Their “freedom” was by default, by lack of the state’s ability to force compliance. Their attitude, their politics, was not spelled out in a document. This lack of a specific justification for “The Yankee Spirit”, i.e., “all men are equal” politics, needed to be expounded upon, to be made explicit by written composition, to endure future attacks. It wasn’t. And the attacks came with the anti-American stealth coup ending with the constitution. This was followed with a grass roots systematic youth indoctrination to cripple cognition and replace it with laws. Conscience, self-reliance, individual initiative slowly, over decades, was replaced with democracy, i.e., group think, socialism, collectivism.
    This was done to each person in a group setting, over time, when they were most vulnerable. This is what must be undone.

    • Howler Monkey says:

      Had to read your comment twice. Well said, I am in agreement. It must be undone to the point that people actually feel and embrace their inherent right to self liberty.
      Liberty is not granted upon asking from the state. It is given at birth as a human.

      Again, well said.

  3. ejdoyle says:

    James, it seems you don’t believe it is possible to control people from the top down into almost daily behavior. I disagree. This is just the basic framework of Skull&Bones but not addressing the Sabatian Frankists and others. Nor the propaganda/mind control of running the entertainment, MSM, music, social media, etc.


    This German secret society, The Order, has been positioning themselves into the framework of the United States for almost two hundred years.

    Of all the millions of American college and university graduates, only fifteen men a year (about 2500 since 1833, with 500-600 alive at one time) have been able to out -position all other graduates and take the reins of our government.

    This is a sampling of where and what they affect after nearly 2 hundred years of insinuating themselves into the machination of our nation:

    HISTORY What people believe has occurred in our past (the winners write the history books)
    RELIGION Controlling and legitimizing peoples spiritual beliefs
    ECONOMY The creation of wealth for use by The Order
    PSYCHOLOGY Controlling how people think about things
    PHILANTHROPY Creating a false “do-gooder” image
    POLITICS The direction of the State MONEY Means of holding wealth and exchanging goods
    MEDIA What people know and learn about current world events.
    LAW The authority to enforce the will of the State (a world law and a world court is needed for a world state) CONTINUITY The power to appoint who follows in their footsteps

    It is important to know that to achieve their goals, The Order is neither left nor right, Democrat nor Republican, liberal nor conservative. Polarities are artificial devices or conditions used to create change. Political extremes of left or right are vital elements in a process of controlled change.

    Conflict management is one of their powerful weapons for creating the foundation or direction for society. Polarizing positions or arguments are used to neutralize all unwelcome facts and ideas. It’s also used to condition peoples thinking along certain lines.

    • Howler Monkey says:

      I agree with what you state to a point. Ask yourself, would these people agree to or go along with these notions if they where not laid out for them. Could they formulate these thoughts on their own. Yes maybe, some could. Even excel at it. If left alone, would they have pursued these endeavors?

      No answer to this. Human condition is extremely bizarre. Our collective history seems to propel actors into positions of influence over others.

      We are a young race.

      • ZhouXiden says:

        James, isn’t it inconsistent to believe in anarchy and natural law at the same time? How can their be no ruler when nature demands hierarchy? Does voluntarism proclaim that a child must not be obedient to their parents? The child didn’t choose their situation. Should voluntarist parents allow their children to eat whatever they want, stay up as late as they like, and shop for a foster home that’s more to their liking? And would you call that behavior from the parents moral? If not, then you must draw a line at some level of organization. How do you determine where that line is and how would you get the whole world to agree on it?

        I share your utopian vision of a future world where everyone is free to unlock their own destiny and safe from oppressors, but I know how we get there.

        Given that hierarchy is a natural law, there are only two ways to end war: Everyone bows to a god of the system or everyone bows to the God above the system. You could easily do a dozen #SolutionsWatch episodes on spreading the Gospel.

        • Fact Checker says:

          Hey Zhou,

          “[I]sn’t it inconsistent to believe in anarchy and natural law at the same time?”

          Not necessarily. It depends on how you define “natural law”. You seem to define it as something like “The Law of the Jungle,” but that is not how legal or moral scholars define it. Those of a libertarian bent like James define it as something along the lines of the “Non-Aggression Principle”. The Law of the Jungle is akin to material determinism, suggesting that the forces of nature, including instinctual animal behavior, are immutable, and that therefore whatever there is now is what there must be. So if humans are innately hierarchical, the Law of the Jungle would hold that this is an inescapable condition for mankind. That very well may be right, but no almost no scholar would call that “natural law”.

          “Voluntarists” seem to believe that mankind’s hierarchical legacy is merely a historical artifact that can be set aside under the right conditions. I’ve always found this to be uneasily similar to Marx’s notion of the “New Man” that would develop under a “true” socialist utopia. In reality, advanced neuroendocrinology shows that hierarchical orientation is indeed a biologically-programmed aspect of human cognition. (Robert Sapolsky’s Behave, for instance.) So I agree with you that “nature demands hierarchy” and that a “voluntarist” vision is incompatible with humanity’s essential phylogenetic heritage. (But again that’s not how the phrase “natural law” is ever used by scholars. They use the phrase as flexibly as religious types use the concept of “God”.)

          “Does voluntarism proclaim that a child must not be obedient to their parents? The child didn’t choose their situation.”

          Now I really think you’re on to something here. Procreation is fundamentally incompatible with “voluntarism” precisely for the reason you state: a child can never consent to embodiment. Just as James finds it “insane” to impose an unasked-for political system on someone based on their fortuitous birth in some geographical region, so too should James realize that it is insane to impose the inescapable and unasked-for burdens of hunger, thirst, physical pain, lifetime labor, chronically frustrated preferences, general existential horror, and eventual death, on an innocent new person that never had the option to decline.

          “[T]here are only two ways to end war: Everyone bows to a god of the system or everyone bows to the God above the system.”

          Wrong. You’re neglecting the third and most obvious way to end all hardship and strife. As Rust Cohle says in Season One of True Detective, our suffering can all end if we “deny our programming, stop reproducing, and walk hand in hand into extinction.” That’s the only feasible way.

          (Indeed, your “solutions” might not work at all! What if the “God” or the “System” that people bow to only demands that they continue warring for Its amusement?)

          “You could easily do a dozen #SolutionsWatch episodes on spreading the Gospel.”

          Good Christ no! The series is boring enough as it is!

          • n4x5 says:

            For anyone interested in these kinds of ideas, see the interview with Bruce Levine on the concept of legitimate versus illegitimate authority for more on this. There seems to be a contradiction here, and I don’t think that the terms are well-defined (or necessarily even well-definable), but see what you think.

            More generally, this is part of why I’ve stopped taking this stuff so seriously: the looseness of the ideas, the inconsistency with which they’re applied, the specious lines of reasoning. All of this might be more forgivable if it was delivered with more humility, with an acknowledgement of the inherent limitations involved in making such statements, with a willingness to accept criticism and recognize errors.

            My recommendation to anyone with any sort of critique is to make comments for the benefit of others if you think it’s worthwhile, but don’t expect to influence him much at this point. About a year ago prior to the launch of the SolutionsWatch series, he said something to the effect that he’s chosen to proceed undeterred, choosing to essentially ignore critical commentary as being the product of shills or incorrigible pessimists. He’s done good research and produced good insights, and I don’t mean to diminish that body of work, but the dogma and sloppiness are part of why I’ve chosen to spend less time here. The internet is a big place, and the world is a big place with plenty of other constructive ways to spend time.

      • ejdoyle says:

        Not sure to what you refer as “these people?” My quote or ??

        My intention to James is to reflect that all of us who have been in the counter culture evolution for decades have amassed a wealth of understanding about negative population/mind manipulation from the use of Bernays, Freud, Skinner, Pavlov, and god knows what DARPA has come up with work on operand and stimulus/response conditioning on people.

        IE: This past weekend during the football playoff’s, the ad’s and presentations of the NFL/Fox, etc. was an exercise, IMO, of Saturday morning cartoon characters. This sort of infantile-izing of young men along with all the ridiculous sword/hero iconization that is so prevalent in the 15-30 group and seen on blogs like The Donald, etc. is sad.

        And that represents only a very small part of the top down control. They have created an us/them competition with females/men, race, gender, vehicles, and on and on to narrow the parameters of actual evolutionary growth.

    • cu.h.j says:

      “James, it seems you don’t believe it is possible to control people from the top down into almost daily behavior.”

      What do you mean by this? On a daily basis there are many examples of people breaking the rules that have been established by “authority”

      As far as government goes, people go along with it because they have been conditioned to believe it is necessary. But people still break the law. This is why propaganda is required, because they don’t have top down control, not in the US anyway. Just look at inner city Chicago.

      People need to see that they don’t need government anymore. I used to think its necessary, but look at this mess. They are parasites, stealing our money and trying to poison us with injections of experimental drugs. It makes me sick. They are completely corrupt and should be in jail.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Hey, ej!

      When James says “They” can’t control all of humanity from the top-down, what James means is that They can’t accomplish outcomes that James would find desirable, or in a way that meets James’s consequentialist standard for “good management”.

      But the fact is, They are perfectly capable of managing the world the Their liking just fine. They don’t care about “doing the most good for the most people,” or “maximizing happiness,” or any such nice-sounding goal. They just want humanity to live in a High-Density Feedlot of abject misery and desperate servitude, poked, prodded, corralled, mangled and processed by an electromechanical labyrinth of nasty sticks and ever-retreating carrots, forever.

      It is quite clear that They will get what They want. James just won’t like it. But They don’t concern themselves too much with what James wants…or anyone else not in Their Club, for that matter.

      • ejdoyle says:

        Good summation FC. I have been an outlaw to their agenda most of my adult life. Other then a recent torn rotator cuff injury trying to start my Honda generator, at 79 and 11 months 🙂 I am in great health because of that life style.

        The cliche’ “old man” seen pushed in commercials, movies, TV, etc. is part of the attack as they want to break down humanity and keep young working class slaves, old people use up too much and give too little :-/

        Indeed, I have been a big fan of James’ since he got on the web. He used a song of mine as a “bumper” song for awhile. But in the true dance of a warrior I don’t expect nor trust that any web “guru” or anyone else has all or has to have all the answers and opinions that match mine. The basic def of critical thinking hey?

        “Anybody who is any good is different from anybody else.”
        SCJ Felix Frankfurter

  4. microsurfer says:

    I agree with Jame’s philosophy. For instance just because I live in a certain country (a particular landmass) I should have the freedom to not participate in their wars or if I want to fight in a foreign war even if it is “considered” against the rulers/people of the place I live that should be my right as a sovereign citizen. Or of I want to live in the woods alone from society by myself and pay no taxes ever that should be my right.
    In one sense I don’t believe in countries. For example I would rename the US, the people of the North American continent.
    It shouldn’t be like a club. I shouldn’t automatically be assumed to be affiliated with the local club of the land I was born in just because I happen to be born in that particular place on the planet. I believe in total sovereignty, individual sovereignty.

  5. Gagumba says:

    Saw this on one of the fake news sites.

    Also Dr Robert Malone on JR podcast mentioned it.

    What are your thoughts on this Jimbo?

    Keep smiling brother from another Mother! 😉

    • VieuxOrdinaire says:

      Well, considering Joe Rogan is controlled opposition spewing half-truths and Malone is promoting his own jab for a non existent virus – I think that says it all. Nothing is what it seems.

  6. littlebird says:

    Website error needs fixing: the home page says this is a livestream with Jason Bermas —

    Interview 1692 – James Corbett on Truth-seeking and Anarchy
    January 31st, 2022

    James joins Jason Bermas for a livestream on how the COVID-1984 scamdemic is leading us through the bio/nano revolution into a world of genomic manipulation, metaverse creation and, ultimately, the en[…]

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