Do NOT Go Back to Sleep! This is NOT the End!

01/31/2022119 Comments

Remember the end of The Return of the Jedi? It's something I've referenced a few times because it's a handy cultural signifier for a certain idea.

For those who don't know, here's the gist: Darth Vader is dead. The Empire has fallen. The Rebels have won! Time to party! Cut to a montage of the Ewoks dancing around Darth Vader's funeral pyre and joyous festivities being held across the galaxy.

. . . But we viewers know that this isn't really the end of the story. The battle has been won, but the war between good and evil has not been decided forever. It would be far too naïve of us to believe that.

Indeed, it's hard not to be reminded of that Darth Vader funeral party when looking at the recent signs that the scamdemic narrative is falling apart:

If you're looking for it, the good news is everywhere right now. So, time for the Ewok dance party, right?

Well, hold on to your light saber, young paduwan. This battle is not over yet . . .

Learn about the One Step Forward Two Steps Back Rug Pull trick of the would-be social engineers in this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber. Also, join James for a very somber and serious reflection on life and death and the meaning of this work in this week's Subscriber Exclusive video. And as always, Corbett Report members can stick around for James' recommended reading, listening and viewing, plus a coupon code for 25% off Corbett Report DVDs at the New World Next Week shop.

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  1. zyxzevn says:

    We are never alone!

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    On Corbett’s I Choose Life – Subscriber Exclusive #106 video, he makes a reference to a Corbett Member.
    Here is a related Sub-Thread LINK

    • scpat says:

      Thank you for this, HRS.

    • Steve Smith says:

      “On Corbett’s I Choose Life – Subscriber Exclusive #106 video,“

      HRS, could you please post a link for the video. I don’t know how to find it. Doesn’t come up when I search.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        A member has to sign-in to view the video along with viewing the full article at the website.
        It is right below a banner “The Corbett Report Subsciber”, but above the full script of this week’s newsletter.

        • Steve Smith says:

          Thank you. I need new glasses.
          I am really glad to have watched that heartfelt video. As usual, I can’t agree more. I suppose I would only add that if there comes a time, and sadly in my experience there usually does, when you find yourself without human support. Its good to have a backup of the spiritual sort too.

  3. kinnaman says:

    I made a video for my small base with a similar analysis. I supported my understanding with several points including three documents. We are pessimistic after all (or realistic?) Anyhow ill drop the link if someone is curious.

  4. rene.r.b says:

    Unfortunately, the way I understand it, death is not the end, I feel the pain, but never chose “the easy way out”, because death is an illusion, we come back, and if you quit prematurely it’s only for you disadvantage, this is like a videogame if you quit you lose points, I know this sounds crazy and it’s too hard to believe, it took me quite a while to process it, but take this as a modest example of what I’m talking about
    Much love to you.

    • sgzon says:

      @rene,r.b, An alternative explanation to the examples in that video is remote viewing. I have a lot of knowledge about RV and even more experience doing remote viewing.

      Socrates said: An un-examined life is a life not worth living. I happily give kudos to Melissa and Arron Dykes (Truth Stream Media) for them validating with their personal first hand experience that the Rice Experiment does work.

      James Corbett, please read this: A tangential curiosity is, did James think of “Safe and Effective” before I voiced my choice that “Safe and Effective” would earn his Fake News Story of The Year award.

      P.S. A person could benefit by looking into Rupert Sheldrake’s research.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Remote viewing and other psychic phenomena are interesting. I did have a sense of being detached from my body when I was in a car accident as a kid, like I was above my body when unconscious. People have “dissociation” during other types of stresses. People who can induce this state voluntarily are pretty fascinating. My childhood’s friends mom said she could do this, and practiced often.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I understand what you are saying about having previous lifetimes.
      Subjectively, I have some memories which are of the same caliber as the memory of grabbing this morning’s coffee. And these memories go back. It is observational and I know what I have personally observed.

      However, I don’t know if there is a “natural law” associated with going from one lifetime to another. Karma or related ideas may not hold as a “natural law” for this realm.

  5. Jeff says:

    Augustin Carstens sure says the darndest things. Thanks for that link James.

    • MagicBullet says:

      Carstens: “At the core of this system are central banks. They do not aim for profits, but to serve society. They have no commercial interest in personal data.”

      We all know that he wouldn’t have have to say this if it was inherently true. At least he gives away what they are all about.

      • Jeff says:

        Even the sub header of that section is amazing. To describe central bank digital currencies as “An open and global system as a public good” is outrageously hilarious. There is some serious rich butter to be had when the word ‘open’ is thrown down in a speech to describe the central banks’ ‘public goods’. Really the entire thing is ablaze with in your face half truths buttressed by absolute nonsense. It is an incredible read no doubt.

      • Duck says:

        “…..They do not aim for profits, but to serve society.”…”

        Hahaha. So true.

    • cu.h.j says:

      And take a look at him. Imagine if someone wanted to limit his food choices and shut off his transactions. He is disgusting and when I look at him feel nauseated.

      • Jeff says:

        This fella nauseates me too, but not by his appearance.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Yeah, it’s whats inside of him. But the audacity of this man, to want to shut down other peoples transactions and monitor them, meanwhile he is probably eating for three people. I don’t mean to offend the obese. There are some really caring and beautiful souls who are obese, but it’s still very unhealthy and most of the time is caused by over eating. But evil can come in all sizes and looks. Some psychopaths are probably good looking, like Trudeau for example, not bad looking, but rotten on the inside, ugly and disgusting.

          I just thought it was odd that a man who obviously over eats has the nerve to want to put limitations on other people. I have equal disgust for all of these criminal psychopaths.

          • Duck says:

            Fat people lack self discipline and/or forward planning. That is why it is associated in the west with being low class, poor and stupid. Funny thing is that I have known people from Africa who considered it a status symbol to have a spare tire in the belly .

            I know that when I get disorganized I get fat very easily.

    • nosoapradio says:

      All I know is

      the wikipedia page on the BIS and its eloquent “members” list at the bottom is a gift that just keeps on giving with my students.

      I just love showing them that “Yes, Virginia, there really IS a group of private bankers making the rules for the banks of both East and West, thus controlling the world economy from the shadows of the impenetrable Tower of Basel in Switzerland

      and watching their eyes squint and their paralysed brain trying to integrate this info into their world view, desperately attempting to brush it all off as mere laughable conspiracy theory, clinging desperately to to the bland marketing language provided and designed for such self-obfuscation.

      What never ceases to amaze me is that not even my banker students have ever heard of this joint.

      In fact, I clearly recall only one woman since 2008 (when I discovered the dark tower’s existence myself), a top-level executive in charge of implementing the Basel 1, 2 and 3 rules for a prestigious French bank, knowing about it.

      Mostly, I never even get around to Jabba the Hutt before the conversation’s been forcibly oriented towards eminently more pertinent matters. Such as the weather.

      • nosoapradio says:

        reminds me that… I have two young cats – brothers – who just turned 1 on January 25th – and one of them is enchanted by his image in the mirror – he goes and stretches against the glass and meows and tries to play with the cat in the mirror – whereas the other WILL NOT look at his reflected image. I keep trying to show him how pretty he is but he inevitably turns his head and refuses to focus for even a fraction of a second on his reflected image. It’s as if his mind cannot process the phenomenon and so he instinctively avoids acknowledging the mirror’s existence. I assume he’s neither virtue signalling nor being obtuse.

    • At the beginning of his speech he thinks there was a problem with the connection so he said something like “let me rewind a little” and then start reading again his script but not before one sense some disappointment in his eyes. I bet he thought “Oh, god, I just want a sandwich” 😛

  6. mik says:

    We are being blessed and cursed for living in this transformative times. I’ve lost some friends, some relations became very estranged. I’ve heard even from some of the normiest of normies that their life changed to worse.

    James put in subscriber video the upper “boundary” to Life. I will put the lower “boundary”:

    Life ain’t worth much, but it is the only thing you have.(from someone)

  7. CRM114 says:

    QEPD Arby. I’m going to leave this here for whoever:

    How to Help the Suicidally Depressed Person–Dr. Peter Breggin’s ‘Simple Truths About Psychiatry’

    • MagicBullet says:

      Dr. Breggin, “The suicidal person is passionate…I welcome suicidal thoughts”

      It’s past midnight here in Japan, don’t have time to write much…only to say that people with interwoven complexities at the end of their rope require a flexible and adaptive approach. Many persons will not respond well to his rah-rah go get life mantra. He’s pegging people into his play-game that doesn’t allow certain strategies, rather than finding out what the person needs, even if not in his play-game. Psychiatric patients aren’t simple truths!

      • cu.h.j says:

        I’ll have to watch this whole thing. I know he’s focused on non-drug approaches, but as a person with severe major depression, I think meds can be helpful.

        What I have noticed is that when people are severely depressed and suicidal they are not capable of seeing solutions, and are narrowly focused. Some are so depressed and become almost delusional and cannot see from another perspective. This is where meds or certain types of drugs can help. Ketamine has been used for severe depression and also Psilocybin mushrooms have been studied, and some people have reported positive effects from use outside of the clinical setting. Using meds temporarily is always best, but not everyone will be able to eliminate them entirely.

        Having also worked in mental health as a crisis counselor, I can say with confidence that a person in crisis needs to be listened to and have their feelings heard and validated. Sometimes that alone is enough to shift things a bit. And not all psychiatrists are bad. I have found a person who is very caring. He may be a normie, but doesn’t push his views on me and respects the his patients and opinions. He asked me if I took the jab early on and I told him no and why and he said it made sense.

        In Arby’s case, he seemed very rigid in his views and this was probably present in his personal life too. At any rate, as you say, there is no one sized fits all approach.

        • Fact Checker says:

          “What I have noticed is that when people are severely depressed and suicidal they are not capable of
          seeing solutions, and are narrowly focused.”

          No. The fact is, the suicidal are willing to see things with perfect clarity and acknowledge the truth of the matter, rather than resorting to the tiresome host of “coping mechanisms” that define “normal” or “life-positive” thinking, or what Julio Cabrera calls “affirmative morality”. Those who are suicidal are merely so exhausted by existence that they have become impervious to the rationalizations and delusional fairy-stories that normies rely on to tolerate the moment. All so-called “solutions” are at best merely can-kicking temporizers that merely delay the inevitable and prolong the torture. At worst, “solutions” tend to be “escape-to-Mexico” fantasy or “eat-a-pine-tree” lunacy. Only a suicidal is lucid enough to not only recognize this, but to act on it. Take Arby for instance. He was in the best position to know he was cornered, facing either injection or frozen squalor. Yet internet randos come out of the workweek to insist that there was some “secret escape hatch” that he just needed to “work harder to find”. Nonsense. Fantasy—and pernicious, insensitive fantasy at that.

          “Some are so depressed and become almost delusional and cannot see from another perspective.”

          This is some toxic mirror-imaging right here. The fact of the matter is that they are simply unwilling to subscribe to the conventional delusions. It’s not they, but YOU who cannot see things from another perspective. “Affirmative thinkers” are so enamored with their comforting delusions that they see those who stray from orthodox positivism as “crazy”, just as Covidians see refuseniks as “right-wing conspiracists” and just as superstitious religious types see non-believers as “heretics” under the sway of “the devil”.

          In truth, though, the suicidal has only shed the delusions that keep most chained to the pan-generational prison called “life”.

          “This is where meds or certain types of drugs can help. Ketamine …and also Psilocybin mushrooms …but not everyone will be able to eliminate them entirely.”

          Hahahaha Awwwww, yeah, the ultimate escapism: DRUGS! Lose yourself down an endless K-Hole!

          Your lack of self-awareness here just exquisite. You’re basically just proving that to tolerate existence, you need to distort your own perception of reality with poisonous chemicals, so as to enter a consoling dream-state where the pain of existence, and the knowledge of fast-approaching even-worse realities, are pharmaceutically dulled and numbed enough to be tolerable.

          “Arby…seemed very rigid in his views….”

          Yep.. Just like all those “wild-eyed anti-vaxxers”! And those crazy “9/11 Truthers”! Probably best to put soma in the municipal water supply!

          • says:

            Friend you seem unhappy. Do you want to talk? Ready to lend an ear.

          • Hi Fact Checker,

            What you said encapsulates how I have been feeling many times:

            “In truth, though, the suicidal has only shed the delusions that keep most chained to the pan-generational prison called “life”.”

            I’ve been reading Schopenhauer he is a bastion of pesimism which consistently includes anti-natalism. I think that his recipe to cope with the suffering is to abstract from the pain of existence through contemplation (art for example)

            I don’t buy his solution really.
            My conclusion after ruminations over the years is that I’m too insecure of myself to quit life – What if I’m wrong?

            What about you? What makes you still choose life?

            Inertia? Insecurity like me?

            I’m honestly trying to resolve this puzzle to myself but it’s so hard to feel I can reach a solid position so I guess I keep procrastinating.

            • Fact Checker says:

              Hey Facundo: “What makes you still choose life?”

              First off, don’t get me wrong–I do not choose life, but instead reject it and all its wicked trappings. That being said, one can be a rejectionist and still not be suicidal.

              One way to put it is, there’s still too much I want to read about just how monstrous the world is! Schopenhauer included! (If you want to read the bleeding edge of Schopenhauerian pessimism, I can’t strongly enough recommend Thomas Ligotti’s 2008 masterwork, Conspiracy against the Human Race. It is positively the most deliciously, uncompromisingly bleak book I’ve discovered yet! While devouring it last year, I just kept thinking I had never loved hating life so much!)

              Another way to put it is, I wanna see the Monster!

              I’ve always loved horror movies and books, and in some sense my defining impulse is to seek out and take in the scariest, most hideous, most awful-and-awesome creatures imaginable. (Boobs, too, but that’s for a different thread. ‘^__^ )

              Those on this board, and any other “Truth community” people, who maintain their pollyanna pretensions of “hope” and “solutions” and such childish blankies-of-false comfort, look to me like those people who go to the theater to see a horror movie, and then cover their eyes during the best part! Ever since I was a kid sneaking into theaters, I would see people covering their eyes, and think, This is what we’re here for, you idiot! We’re here to see the Monster!

              The real-world Monster emerging to devour humanity is, indeed, more spectacular and dreadful than any big-screen latex puppet or CGI specter. A bona fide, honest-to-goodness carnivorous Meta-robot from Outer Space, commandeering the nervous systems of humans en masse, turning them into zombie-puppets, and absorbing them into Its revolting and awe-inspiring body. It’s shape is too subtle for most even to perceive…but once you make It out…It’s truly a thing of Dark Beauty. I’m just watching It manifest, and seeing what happens next. For now, I’m just too conspiratained to start planning the excruciating and lamentable exit-process.

              (Unfortunately, I really do know how the plot of this movie ends, and when I dwell on that level of things that’s when I start to get despondent. I’ve seen so many movies that I have managed to spoil the ending of this one for myself, based on the too-obvious formula, and the too-obvious clues and foreshadowing that were inserted into the script. But still, for now I’m seeing the spiny crown of the Creature’s head creeping from the deep, and It’s pretty damn impressive.)

              • FC, thanks for your reply. Food for thought.

                Let me state from the beginning that I’m a newbie here exploring the conspiracy world and in addition I’ve a hard time following all that you say as my english is that of an immigrant standard and the complexity of what you write coupled with the richness of your lexicon leaves me in need to ask you more questions in order to try to understand better what’s your take.

                So if I understand correctly what you say is indeed along the lines of Schopenhauer proposal.
                Like contemplating a piece of art, you can have some… entertainment? diversion? by focusing in what you called “Dark Beauty”? Am I following correctly?

              • “I’m just too conspiratained to start planning the excruciating and lamentable exit-process”

                This means that it’s a matter of time till you commit suicide like Arby?

                If yes, then it follows the question:

                What would be for you the line in the sand to make you shift direction from enjoying the contemplation of the “Dark Beauty” towards putting and end to your life and the possibility of keeping your rejoice of watching the monster grow?

              • Fact Checker says:

                Yeah, sorry, Fac, I do get carried away. Sometimes it’s best just to ignore me altogether!

                But: “what you say is indeed along the lines of Schopenhauer proposal[?]”

                Definitely yes.

                The pioneering anti-natalist philosopher Julio Cabrera, similarly, recommends that instead of condemning new sad souls to misery and death through childbirth, we should create works of dark art that act as acknowledgment and catharsis of our unfortunate, lamentable condition.

                Thomas Ligotti says something similar about the virtues of Sublimation:

                “The fourth remedy against panic, sublimation, is a matter of transformation rather than repression. Through stylistic or artistic gifts can the very pain of living at times be converted into valuable experiences. Positive impulses engage the evil and put it to their own ends, fastening onto its pictorial, dramatic, heroic, lyric or even comic aspects.”

                This is how I choose to cope with our worst-horror-movie-of-all-time reality: I get off on it. Then, I try to tell that story in a way that both horrifying and fascinating. Wallowing in the morbid mire of the English language is a means of putting our shared nightmare to our own psychic ends, and derive some gratification from our malignantly useless lives.

              • I think I’m understanding your approach…

                What about my other question in my second comment about your line in the sand?

                I ask you because it might help me reflect on my own line in the sand…

              • Fact Checker says:

                “This means that it’s a matter of time till you commit suicide [?]”

                No. It’s more likely some government agent will put a bullet in my head when I resist getting on a train or in a van. Or otherwise the biosecurity kill-grid will corner me in some situation where it’s quite literally Vaxx or instant death. That’s when I’ll die. For a while I thought the starve-out process would last a long time, but more and more it looks like the Machine is going to liquidate us pretty quick.

                Arby’s real problem was that he had already run out of money before the global turkey-shoot even got going, so even the first bits of the biosecurity kill-grid that got erected (no-jab-no-job rules) cornered him right away. I too was fired, but have managed to get some freelance work so that I can watch the “show” a little while longer, and see the Beast Machine’s emerging form somewhat more clearly before It claws my face off. I probably won’t see the fake nuclear war, and I definitely won’t get to see Holographic Mecha-Messiah taking His throne in Jerusalem…but I’ve already got to see a president who is a half-robot reanimated corpse, with cybernetic symbiotic sleeve-snakes festooning his decrepit torso, so I’ll probably see some more pretty freaky shit yet.

              • Sorry FC but it’s getting confusing. As recapitulation, you said:

                1) Suicide is OK.

                2) You will not commit suicide because you find entertainment or interest in contemplating the monster growing.

                What is the principle at the base of your approach? Nihilism? Moral Relativism? Ethical Subjectivism?

                Can you state clearly what is your philosophical position?

              • Fact Checker says:

                I’m not a nihilist, because I do believe in the real ethical imperatives of non-aggression and anti-natalism. (I actually think anti-natalism necessarily follows from non-aggression. It’s really the same thing.)

                I’m also not a “relativist”. To the contrary, I’m pretty rigid about those ethical precepts that I do have. At the same time, besides non-aggression and anti-natalism, I don’t hold myself to any philosophical or moral standard. As far as I’m concerned, I never asked to be born and I don’t owe the world anything, nor do I owe the idiot masses anything.

                Sorry–I can’t pigeonhole myself any more specifically than that…

                Btw I tried to look at your Minds profile but it’s hidden unless you’re logged in? Is it supposed to be hidden if you don’t have a Minds profile?

              • OK so…

                1) you’re not a relativist of any sort


                2) not a consequentialist of any sort including rule utilitarianism, etc

                What is it base your NAP on?

              • Fact Checker says:

                Non aggression is an a priori moral principle that is not derived form anything else, but all other ethical principles are derived from it (including anti-natalism).

                I would disagree when you say I’m not a consequentialist because I would say I am guided specifically by negative utilitarianism, which focuses on the inherent suffering in existence, which it is imperative to minimize, if possible:


                I would recommend exploring this site:

                The writer has done an admirable job in gathering and cross-linking a lot of materials that I think you would find relevant to your ethical reflections.

              • So you say you are an utilitarian, therefore a consequentialist.

                Bentham. The same guy of the Panopticon. Really?

                Smells… fishy.

                I won’t follow up into the problems of rule utilitarianism (negative or any other flavor you like) in this forum. I’ve don’t my homework elsewhere in the past and I recommend everyone to do that.

                Life is complex. Question yourself.
                Know thyself.

                And if you see someone encouraging suicide and death ask questions, interrogate, analyse and look for inconsistencies.

                It doesn’t make sense to love to hate life.
                Human suffering is not a Dark Beauty.
                The masses are not idiot.

                People are victims of brainwashing. Those of us who by various reasons could more or less escape the spell and tricks of the matrix have a moral duty to share in any capacity possible whether that being to “feed the hungry, cloth the naked, shelter the homeless, care for the sick, protect the defenseless, assist the weak, and enlighten the ignorant”.

                This difference of capacities should constitute an opportunity to support each other with brotherly love.

                I lament Arby’s death.

                Now let’s keep focusing in solutions and maintaining our light of hope. Let’s keep choosing life.

                And we’ll see if Sunstein will be the one who laughs last.

              • Fact Checker says:

                Didn’t follow that last bit, Fac.
                Not sure where Bentham and the Panopticon came in.
                Must be the language barrier!
                Be well!

        • Fact Checker says:

          Soma Holiday:

          “One gram for a holiday! Two grams for a week-end. Three grams for a trip, to the Gorgeous East! Four grams for a dark eternity on the Moon…”

          • cu.h.j says:

            It sounds like you believe that your view of reality is the only reality. Like the covidians, this is delusional thinking. Even a good normie shrink can see past this type of thinking.

            If you really believe these things and feel this way, I am sorry because I think you are missing out on the moment at hand, your moment in the here and now.

            To insist your view is the only one though is an error and being Fact Checker, turn the critical eye in on your own mind. Your view of reality is not The Truth.

            • mik says:

              He is just an excellent example what human mind is capable of, also. Paper withstands everything, htlm even more.

              I’m sure that examining his real life would show he is not practising what he preaches.
              Also, if one would took enough time he could corner him and show his nihilism is self-defeating. But why…let him enjoy in his mental masturbations.

        • mik says:


          Majority of today endemic depressions are caused by inhumane circumstances, fact not really recognized by psychiatrists. The moment you touch psychiatrist’s door handle you can be very sure you will get a prescription, for a drug literally. In a grand scheme, their purpose is to tweak a person in need to a functioning state. What exactly means functioning state is not of their concern.

          Yes, using drugs can give the impression things have become manageable. Most people just stay with drugs and not looking further for psychotherapy, many times also because they can’t afford it. Only psychotherapy can really help, but of course not always, there are just too many ifs to enumerate. Many people don’t know they have to find a psychotherapy that suits them. For example, Gestalt therapy is very good and profound, but not for everybody.

          Psychiatric drugs causes addiction, some, SSRI also, causes very hard addiction. My homeopath told me he had a lot of such cases. I also know cases from personal experience. I doubt psychiatrists give a thorough information about this.
          Mushrooms in micro-dose works (appr. one tenth of hallucinogen dose, maybe even less), for me no doubt. In fact, I tried it just ones, when in dionisious-sanctuary at friend during one of the worst crises in my life. I came to friend with black fog in my head and ended with clear head. My “experiment” is even more valuable, since at the time I haven’t been aware of this use at all. Long after this episode I heard about this use and connected dots.

          • cu.h.j says:


            I agree with you about circumstances being a major cause, and perhaps the primary cause of many cases of depression. And, it is true most psychiatrists that are covered by insurance tend to prescribe drugs, but many also recommend psychotherapy. I have had some really good therapists in the past who were very helpful, but the last one I had became difficult to trust. She also sort of went along with all of the lock downs and stuff and I felt that a psychotherapist that’s smart should know better. I have lower expectations for a psychiatrist.

            I’m still looking for a new therapist and would like to get off of all of the pharma meds I take, but it’s a process. I agree psychotherapy is much better, but do think some people are “stuck” and ketamine and mushrooms have been helpful for some.

            I think I’ll try microdosing again and try to wean off of my meds over time.

            And you are right some SSRIs do cause dependence and withdrawal. I have noticed less with prozac because of the long half life. But this is just based on my experience.

            I’ll look into Gestalt therapy, perhaps on the list agorist website another poster posted.

            Another thing that helped me was TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation), it’s non invasive and uses a magnet to stimulate the part of the brain associated with depression and can be used to shift things a bit. When people have a little bit more flexibility can often find other helpful ways to heal. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

            • Fact Checker says:

              “I think I’ll try microdosing…”

              Clean cup! Move down!”


            • mik says:


              All drugs, mind altering substances, psychiatric drugs included, have a very important characteristic in common. I’ve heard it pointed out by G. Carling in an interview, he was certainly more familiar with drugs than I’ll ever be.
              He said, drugs have diminishing returns, with time there is less goods and more bads. Still, psychiatrists prescribe you their stuff to take it every day for months. Who the fuck is stoned all the time?? Junkies. Don’t get offended, I just said it rough and rude way. The point: easy with drugs.

              About psychiatrists…recently I’ve been at a performance, a bit interactive one. I throw some words during the show, phrases, been a little active. After the show I met performer and one of the first things she said: “Are you psychiatrist?” My answer:”No!! I would rather kill myself!”

          • Fact Checker says:

            Kaczynski discussed this phenomenon insightfully in his famous manifesto: the upshot is that drugs permit the world to get only more dysfunctional and hellish, because they enable people to tolerate lifestyles and experiences that are actually intolerable to a non-altered biological human. Therefore, the availability of drugs continuously facilitates society in becoming more and more inhuman, leaving it up to the masses to simply self-medicate into acceptance of each incremental increase in existential torment. It ends up as a feed-forward loop pushing technological society into ever-more alienation and monstrous territory.

            When the mind sends a signal of discomfort and dissatisfaction, it is because the prevailing circumstances are sub-optimal for that mind’s natural makeup. By masking that unease with toxic drugs, it allows the society at large to take yet another step in the wrong direction. Muddle-headed and short-sighted thinking like cu hj’s—typical of course among those in the healthcare industry—is the proverbial “foot on the gas pedal” into the nightmarish techno-dystopia we have now fully entered. (The drugs are the gas.)

            • cu.h.j says:

              I think sometimes in certain cases meds can help people over the hump and am not a black and white thinker on this issue have had depression most of my adult life.

              If someone is in severe pain with a broken bone, morphine is a good idea. Similarly when people get into black and white/worse case scenerio types of thinking, some drugs like mushrooms (preferably) or even an SSRI can help for a short time for some people.

              In the context of Arby, who killed himself, had he lived and found a way to go on could have made a contribution to the world, or continued his contribution. Perhaps through a book, or activism, or in some other way, his blog, or maybe even helping another person, his life could have had more meaning. Or who knows, maybe he would have met a partner and enjoyed time with her. But now there is no more of his life. And you insist he made the right decision? That sounds insane to me.

              You view of reality is a very dark view and I actually find it hard to believe at times that there are people who actually see the world this way. But if that is your truth, fine. But to insist that other people’s view of reality is wrong, is delusional thinking.

              • mik says:

                “In the context of Arby, who killed himself, had he….”

                All I can say, it’s sad, very sad.

                What if…..and if….and…
                Anyone is at the end a mystery, to many times even for themselves.

              • Fact Checker says:

                No amount of “meaning” would have paid his bills, or protected him from the cold, or fed him.

            • mik says:

              Fact Checker,

              What a insidious creature you are….
              Kaczynski, unabomber,
              endorsed on CR…..not the first time from you

              bring some real thinkers
              try Schopenhauer, he is for you

              anyway, buzz off

            • Duck says:

              Fact checker

              “…No amount of “meaning” would have paid his bills, or protected him from the cold, or fed him….”

              Meaning allows people to find their ways thru such things… without meaning people die no matter how rich or comfortable.

              Like CS Lewis said an insipid song or poem that inspires a man is a million times more useful to drive a man to action then the most thoughtful intellectual beliefs…he should know with what he had to go thru.

              • Fact Checker says:

                “…without meaning people die no matter how rich or comfortable.”

                Everybody dies, chief.

            • Duck says:

              Fact checker

              Yes. Everyone dies.

              Why hurry along to the tragic part and act like your dead now?
              Because you have no sense of meaning in your life.

              without some meaning you really are just a bag of fizzy chemicals…you could choose to be human but wont

              You are worse than dead because you actively reject life

              • Fact Checker says:

                We’re all worse than dead, boss.

                Again I looked and saw all the oppression that was taking place under the sun: I saw the tears of the oppressed and they have no comforter; power was on the side of their oppressors – and … I declared that the dead, who had already died, are happier than the living, who are still alive. But better than both is he who has not been born, who has not seen the evil that is done under the sun.

                —Ecclesiastes 1:2–4

            • Duck says:

              FAct Checker

              Keep reading dude… keep reading

              “…I know that there is nothing better for them than to rejoice and do good while they live, and also that every man should eat and drink and find satisfaction in all his labor— this is the gift of God….”


              YOU are still in the “all is vanity” stage, where your vanity makes you unhappy.

              • Fact Checker says:

                Read further still, my fowl-mouthed friend:

                ‘I also said to myself, “As for humans, God tests them so that they may see that they are like the animals. Surely the fate of human beings is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both: As one dies, so dies the other. All have the same breath; humans have no advantage over animals. Everything is meaningless. All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to dust all return. Who knows if the human spirit rises upward and if the spirit of the animal goes down into the earth?”

                Ecc. 3:18–21

                Goes on to say “advancement is meaningless” (Chap. 4), “riches are meaningless” (Chap. 5), and finally, “No one can comprehend what goes on under the sun. Despite all their efforts to search it out, no one can discover its meaning. Even if the wise claim they know, they cannot really comprehend it.” 8:17.

                So your claims to find “meaning” in existence is contrary to the very Jewish book you claim imparts that “meaning” to you. Yours is the vanity.
                Congrats. You’re a panglossian paradox.

            • Duck says:

              Fact checker

              Dude… I don’t know why your talking bible when you don’t believe it BUT (I have a bit of time just now…)

              Your putting yourself in the role of jobs friends as they make Biblical YouTube comments about how God works….. did you forget the bit at the end where God shows up and they see that none of them understand the meaning because the thg are little cogs.
              Next time you make a world we can talk.. ? Was it not something like that?

              Now if you run over to Hebrews in the NT you will see that man is created to be co heir in Jesus. And as for man being an animal? Yes, the natural man is in that state but psalms 8 says that though not worthy man has been made a little lower than the angels…. now go back to Hebrews and read that for the better news

              Anyway, I doubt you will bother but I am comfortablely numb from a small tipple and typing upon a horrible touch screen so good night for now

        • MagicBullet says:

          I wanted to write exactly what you (cu.h.j) wrote but didn’t want to be rude to the OP. The confusion people have is they mostly want to push some blanket idea they have on all depressed people, and they are confusing reactive depression (due to stress) with endogenous depression (due to some genetic, chemical, toxin), and are also confusing dejection, boredom, loneliness, frustration, with clinical depression. Medicine must be used with great care, same as a car. With the right driver you can have a smooth (and lifesaving) ride, with the wrong driver you can have a serious accident.

          Let me add, any type of depression can be “improved” with some encouragement and relationship that gives hope and expectation. In a clinical trial that rates “response” with 50% improvement you can claim “efficacy”. The problem is that is not the same as “recovery”.

          Also note that since psychotherapy is open to the therapist and patient, a blind (single or patient blind) and also double blind (patient and therapist) is impossible. Treating by computer would still be unblinded to the patient, and blind raters just record what the patient reports. Since the endpoints of these studies are all subjective (not objective like stroke, MI, death, fracture, etc), a study not patient blinded with SUBJECTIVE endpoints it is impossible to conduct so that psychotherapy clinical trial outcome studies are no better than our friendly neighborhood PCR test. This doesn’t mean that medication trials in depression are perfect….dont have time to write about that now.

          Let me be clear, improvement in function from psychotherapy is great, but that is not “recovery”, and also you can see the incentive to have all these “randomized controlled” psychotherapy trials that are not blinded at all (a point that is basically hushed up) to get insurance companies that will reimburse for twice a week psychotherapy for years. A study where the non-blind treatment group gives a little extra hope and expectation vs the control group will always give better outcomes. A “Fraud”ian slip perhaps?

          • Duck says:

            The best cure for low grade depression is MOVE, lift weights, any kind of exercise but especially upper body work like push ups.
            If people went to bed tired I bet something like 1/3 of mental health issues would vanish… but its not gonna cure everyone.

            If you have been around a certain type of gym rat body builder you will see that they are self medicating the same way a schizophrenic tends to smoke like a chimney

  8. sobul says:

    “Their” power is based on decades of building social structures and installing compliant puppets into leading and promoting them. Until we dismantle the current system of power and institutions, as for example depicted in the link below

    we can’t let our guard down, otherwise things only get worse next time around.


  9. mik says:

    Oh, yeah…..what a man got to do, man got to do

    A critique of Acceptance of and Commitment To Freedom from recommended reading

    Iain made an excellent analysis how behavioural techniques were abused by mf elites and that is a reason I bookmarked the article.

    Then he proceeds by proposing the use of the very same techniques for a very very far reaching solution: ” How to Use ACT To Free The World”. I respect him for his attempt at a Grand Solution, not many people has the balls for this. We are in a dire need for something like this, big ideas might unite people.

    Proposed solution might do some good, but in its essence it is not far reaching. I’ll point out some mistakes he made.

    “Each of us perceive the world through our senses. This enables us to build a mental picture of reality. However, thoughts, emotions and physical sensations can impact upon our perception.”

    This is a huge epistemological mistake, that is being known from Kant onwards. Not just that thoughts, emotions and physical sensations can impact, they are integral and constitutive part of mental picture, it cannot exist without them. Author is probably concerned with occasional negative impact they have on mental picture, probably he would be content to say that they skew the picture. He is mostly concerned by those pesky emotions. By giving an example of substance abuse he will convince many people.
    What about a case when our mental picture is defined by some preconceived concepts that are nevertheless taken for granted as self-evident truth by majority and they produce supposedly positive behaviour. I can put forward as an example the concept of human rights. If you believe they are the holy grail check out the following video:

    The Problem With Human Rights

    Another concept people believe is beyond to be questioned and examined is the concept of private property, that is supposedly so inevitable so sacred that it found its place in Ten commandments.

    Afore mentioned concepts inevitably define a mental picture, individual who don’t recognizes or questions them will have a different mental picture. These are only examples, we could find more of them. The bottom line is, creation of mental picture is influenced by many factors, correspondence theory (to the real world) is limited to trivial things, but it fails in important things, like world view.

    “When CBDC is introduced we won’t have any money of our own. We won’t be able to own anything.”
    Premise, CBDC means you won’t own money, is false. You won’t posses money but possession is not necessary for ownership. But we know premise will be false just for good boys.
    Conclusion, own nothing, is false, it does not logically come up from premise. It would be necessary to revise property rights to get a possibility the conclusion to be true.

    • mik says:


      “Government serves the G3P(global public-private partnership), not us.”

      Agree. Well, how can a normie make this outstanding mental leap and become aware of this fact???
      ACT and mindfulness are insufficient. They by itself can only produce well adjusted individuals.
      Mindfulness and ACT are techniques targeting an individual. Although well rounded individuals are to some point necessary for a good society, these techniques won’t solve our societal ills, that also need to be rectified. They are just not designed for the purpose. Something that is allegedly dead, according to some meatheads, is more suited for the purpose, philosophy, the art of critical thinking.

      “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.” (quotation from Gandhi)

      Yeah, peace and love…sounds beautiful, nice belief.
      But this is not the belief we need. This is a belief of bringing our house in order and waiting and some magic (yeah, natural order) will do the rest.
      A belief that is oblivious of existence of powerful forces that are striving to do just the opposite. They are maybe guided by eugenics world view, they are certainly guided by the unnatural Maxim of Self-interest. Believe in the deranged Maxim and you will support bastards in the best way, Unconsciously.

      “In no time at all you will largely control your behaviour and will forge your path towards freedom. Not only can we build a society based upon the principles of freedom, if we each take personal responsibility for our behaviour, we will build it.”

      Iain has just outdone Peterson by few orders of magnitude.

      Freedom is essential value, but it’s not the ultimate value. There cannot be the ultimate value. Look at covid-cult, for them health is the ultimate value, everything has to be subordinated to it. Values are about complementarity. Another essential value is well presented here:

      Anarchism: Vignettes Against Hobbes

  10. shelley11 says:

    I am sad this happened.

    Thank You James,
    Your work has often kept me sane in a world which constantly tells me I am crazy.

  11. Howler Monkey says:

    Unfortunately I need to file this article in the sad but true file. It feels like we are living in a play, the “virus” being act one. It has served it’s purpose, almost like sticking your toe in the water to test the temperature.

    Act 2 is coming. It’s flavor still to be determined, but they have options they have laid in plain view. Climate hoax, Cyber security and the old favorite, global war.

    Good times for sure. Since we live in a “democracy” maybe we can convince them to let us vote on our next crisis!

    Or we vote with our feet and wallets. No longer will we play in this theater.

  12. J.P. Wheeler says:

    Let me get this straight, I’m not exactly an expert on Supreme Court rulings. OSHA plans to ram this mandate through with different verbiage despite the Supreme Court shooting it down. Now wouldn’t this “new” rewritten mandate have to get through the Supreme Court as well?

    Anyone who knows weigh in…

    • cu.h.j says:

      I’ve been following this as well. I’ve been watching Peggy Hall who is well versed in some of the legal issues around OSHA and CMS. Based on this video, it sounds like none of the rulings are final, but still being heard:

      A re-written mandate would have to go through these supreme court as well, as far as I understand.

      • J.P. Wheeler says:

        Peggy Hill! “God dang it Bobby! I sell propane and propane accessories.”?

        Thanks cu.h.j! I’ll give Peggy Hall a watch, she seems to know her stuff from the little bit that I just watched. Appreciate it! Like she said, “it’s not over till it’s over.”

    • Fact Checker says:

      The judicial standard of review of a “Emergency Temporary Standard” is different than for a permanent rule. The ETS can only be implemented based on a heightened justification of “grave, immediate risk of harm” or some such. Such a heightened risk allows an ETS to go into effect without a bunch of procedural steps like public comment-period and so forth. All the Court’s decision did to this point is say, “An ETS was not justified by Covid.” The Court did not say, “Covid cannot provide a basis for an ordinary ‘safety rule,’ provided all procedural due-process steps are satisfied.”

      So yes, the forthcoming permanent rule will have to go through the Supreme Court as well, but the Robewraiths will be applying a lesser, easier standard when they review it, so it’s more likely to be upheld.

      Technically, James is incorrect by calling the failed ETS “unconstitutional”. The Court did NOT say that such a mandate exceeds the powers of the federal government under the Constitution. To the contrary, they effectively deemed it procedurally defective, which is a separation-of-powers issue, not one of constitutionality. Basically, they said that only Congress has the power to enact such a mandate, and OSHA can’t do it on its own, unless expressly authorized to do so by Congress.

      So ultimately, even if the Court strikes down the forthcoming Permanent Standard, the last resort of the government will always be that Congress will just need to add a rider onto some bill about electric-car subsidies or something saying, “Oh yeah, and also everyone needs to be injected by Moderna” and then the Supreme Court will finally uphold it, and the Rain of Needles will pour down in earnest.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I’m so glad that Corbett cited the OSHA ETS and their website.
      The fix is in. These guys are just waiting to pounce.
      James Corbett nailed it.

      Back in early January 2022 when the Supreme Court was spewing out misinformation and making decisions, I looked again and again at the OSHA website.
      Sub-Thread – The Supreme Court sliding down to OSHA

      Take note that the “final decision” from the Supreme Court has not yet happened. This was about a “stay” on the injunctions.

      This is the
      November Sub-Thread about OSHA
      From that Sub-Thread is an important link to
      Nov 5th – EHS Daily Advisor
      13 Questions and Answers About OSHA’s New COVID-19 Vaccination Standard
      By Albert L. Vreeland, Attorney, Lehr Middlebrooks Vreeland & Thompson, P.C.
      October Sub-Thread on OSHA

      “What does ETS require?…” gives some insightful information.

      I doubt that most folks will review those Sub-Threads, but I will mention a recent article below…

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        NOTE: This is a professional publication, not a mainstream media outlet.

        January 28, 2022 – EHS Daily Advisor
        [EHS stands for Environment, Health & Safety.]

        OSHA’s Next Move: Agency at Work on Permanent COVID-19 Safety Standard
        By Tammy Binford, Contributing Editor

        The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is moving forward with plans to issue a permanent rule aimed at requiring employees of large employers to either be vaccinated against COVID-19 or face weekly testing.

        OSHA announced on January 25 it is withdrawing the emergency temporary standard (ETS) it issued on November 5 and that the U.S. Supreme Court rejected on January 13. But the agency isn’t giving up on efforts to increase vaccination of the nation’s workforce.

        Instead, OSHA’s announcement says it “is prioritizing its resources to focus on finalizing a permanent COVID-19 Healthcare Standard.”

        The ETS—had it been allowed to take effect—would have covered employers with at least 100 employees, estimated to be some 84 million workers across the nation. As a temporary standard, it would have been in effect for six months.

        OSHA is allowed to issue an emergency rule quickly without going through all the steps necessary to issue a permanent rule. The ETS’s six-month lifespan would have given the agency time to begin permanent rulemaking. The process requires time-consuming steps that include issuing a notice of proposed rulemaking and setting a period for interested parties to submit comments.

        After the comment period, OSHA would have to review and analyze the comments before issuing a final rule, meaning the process could take several months.

        The temporary rule would have required covered employees to be vaccinated or face weekly testing and wear a mask in the workplace. People with medical or religious reasons for not getting the shots would have been eligible for exemption from the vaccination requirement…

        …OSHA’s Next Steps
        It’s hard to know what any new rule from OSHA will look like, Fishman says…
        …Alternatively, OSHA could craft a rule along the lines defined by the Supreme Court, focusing on particular industries, or it could issue a universal mask mandate, Fishman says…

        …Advice for Employers
        Fishman reminds employers that the law hasn’t changed although the legal “climate” has. “Employers still have the right to impose any rules they wish—in keeping with state and local law. But they are losing the fight for public opinion and public compliance,” he says….

    • Duck says:

      IP wheeler

      The mandate did and did not exist…but was known to be unconstitutional even when issued.

      There was a ton a slight of hand and generally the Biden administration knew it would get thrown out (or it was not actually issued..) but that employers could blame forcing injections-for-work on the government…. most people will comply if they think it’s “a law” the same way mark dice used to walk up to people with a clip board and demand their personal details

  13. Torus says:

    Thank you James for the video. Life is indeed beautiful and abundant and well worth living. But still, the magnitude of what humanity is facing does often feel overwhelming and tragic. Maybe what we need is good cry; a soul-shaking, heart-wrenching, mind-numbing sob session. Let the tears flow and feel all the sorrow within and sadness without. Maybe humanity needs to grieve for itself, and weep for the earth.

    In her beautiful book Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer says, “If grief can be a doorway to love, then let us all weep for the world we are breaking apart so we can love it back to wholeness again.”

    Solutions Watch suggestion – a hearty cry

  14. Octium says:

    It will be the end when we see the criminal elite hanging from lamp posts as that is the only answer they will accept.

    Checking the lamp post around me, I see we are approximately 0% towards that goal now.

    • Duck says:

      “..approximately 0% towards that goal now…”

      Not gonna lie…when you wrote that I totally imagined lampposts having a progress bar like in the SIMs game. Coughed up my tea.

  15. scpat says:

    Could this narrative “collapse” be the part of the WEF’s plan to “rebuild trust” in government? Purposefully collapsing their narrative to gain trust back for their next push?

    What will it take to rebuild trust in 2022?
    World Economic Forum – January 27th, 2022

    Maybe genuinely attempting to regain a tactical trust is part of it, but I also observe that they are using cloaked language as usual, and that their definition of “rebuilding trust” is as psychopathic and demented as ever:

    The rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus was, in part, a direct consequence of our previously having been too trusting in the international system, as we allowed the barriers between us to be torn down without putting in place the detection mechanisms and other protections that could have stopped the melting pot of globalization from becoming a hyper-efficient system of deadly disease transmission.

    Aha! A global detection surveillance grid is what we need!

    […] Even the world’s most famous optimist, Bill Gates, fears that in 2022, “decreased trust in institutions might be the biggest obstacle standing in our way.” For this, he pins much of the blame on growing polarization, driven not least by social media, which “has played a huge role in spreading misinformation that makes people suspicious about their governments.”

    Yes, more censorship is what we need. Maybe even a digital ID to get online?

  16. Pnexus says:

    Thank you for all you do, James. I watched your video at the time about having more children and multiplying a couple of months back. I already am raising one beautiful young boy (also here in Japan), and your video also definitely spurred me on to work towards having a second, which if all goes well, is on the way. Your shows are a great addition to my daily life and I really appreciate you and the community you’ve built. I’m sorry to hear that some followers have fallen on hard times. We have to hold, and stay strong together. These are wild times and we are all going to be challenged in some way or another. God bless you all, and godspeed.

  17. Duck says:

    Took the bait and watched t the lebensborn video first off… got to say that it sounds mostly like a typical charity for unwed mothers. Such programs were generally not the nicest facility to be dependent on, so the suggestion that they were dirty and unhealthy should be compared to similar programs in other nations at that time.

    Not many people remember that the UK. Was shipping its orphan population off at this time , and post war. My um understanding is that it was an edwardian practice to ship “street arabs” to Canada for adoption and later on smarter kids were sent to Rhodesia and (I think) South Africa while lower IQ orphans and kids of “unfit mothers” were sent to Australia as cheap colonists and laborers on catholic farms….there was a big thing on it I the 90s as in recall…not sure why it was being focused on but they even did a tv drama on it that I saw.

    Not that I like nazis but I am not sure that the claims that they randomly kidnapped polish kids is quite true…. kinda like the tiergarten kill program for sick kids it may be somewhat exaggerated.

    Why thats done I don’t know, they certainly committed enough actual crimes against humanity.

    Edit: can’t find the book on street Arab orphan trains but I got it off project gutenberg some years back

  18. mecabunnyzilla says:

    Interesting timing on this article. off-guardian has an article about this same thing. It was released Jan. 30.

    It’s called -> “Deep Sea Fishing” by Todd Hayden.

    It should be noted that Mr. Hayden is a listener of “new world next week”.
    He quotes James from his podcast in the Fishing article.
    I infer from this that Mr. Hayden wrote his article as a result of listening to new world next week.

    The Deep Sea Fishing article is another metaphor explaining what might be happening right now.
    I find this example rather useful.

    The article link is here

    Here is the relevant text from the opening paragraphs

    “Every good fisherman knows that reeling in a big fish takes skill and conscious intention. One of the first things they learn is that you can’t just crank in the big guy with one effortless winding up of the line.

    It takes finesse, a dance of sorts. While always keeping a steady line, you bring them in slowly, with the primary focus on wearing them out, almost hypnotizing them into compliance.

    A popular fishing website HUK says this about the process:

    ‘Remember that too much tension can snap the line and when large fish decide to make a run for it, the worst thing you can do is try to keep them in place. By fighting their runs, all you are doing is increasing the chances that your line will break and your prize will get away. Instead, set the drag so the fish can take out line while still tiring itself. This will wear down the fish; eventually their runs will get shorter, less violent, and less frequent.’

    Hmmm. Sounds a bit too close for comfort, eh?”

    a little further down the article states

    “The powers that be see the sheep taking a run, albeit maybe a small one, but a run nonetheless, they are hearing the masses grumbling about the efficacy of the vaccines, the pointlessness of taking the booster — the weariness of lockdowns, masks, and social restrictions.

    They say, ‘maybe it is time to give them a little slack…to let them have a bit of a rest…before we reel them in for the final scoop into the net, the flop into the bucket… and the trip to the taxidermist’. So some of them started to flip (run) and the narrative shifts to give them slack.”

    he goes on to say

    “No, we are not even beginning to see this narrative “crumble” until quite a bit more evidence is brought to light that this just isn’t another tactic in this ongoing agenda.”

    Keep up the great work James. It’s having a ripple effect in places you may not expect.

    Thanks for a great article to keep everything in perspective.


    • nosoapradio says:

      Thanks for the article.

      Shephard’s pie beats humble pie amongst both shephard’s and sheep every time, it seems.

  19. Paul Cardin says:

    Yes! There is still ethylene oxide on the testing swabs! And absolutely no indication that those handing out potential cancers are ready to investigate…

  20. VieuxOrdinaire says:

    Unfortunately (but not to my surprise) the ‘Truckers for Freedom’ actions seem to be orchestrated by the governments themselves to achieve a number of goals;

    – Provide an alibi for the food chain disruptions and shortages, which will be manufactured in order to masquerade the coming hyper-inflation – as a result of printing billions of worthless green paper. “See? It’s the system that isn’t working! Not us!”
    – Accelerate the economic collapse.
    – Institute marshal law and the interference of the army. They have been seeking justification to bring in the army for a while now. The only hope is the humanity within the troops and their level of morality still being greater than any draconian measure they are forced to force upon us. I heard a lot of marines in my country are awake and injection-free.
    – The trucker movement will be blamed for the chaos that will follow, and therefor so will the entire anti-scamdemic movement.
    – Hopium. “We got this! Sit back and relax”
    – Who is the Convoy Fundraiser? The person responsible for the GoFundMe is Tamara Lich. Tamara Lich is a member of the Maverick Party and if we look into the team of this party, we find a very interesting pattern.
    – The trucks have to be associated with dirty fossil CO2 spewing fuels and demonized. This will all tie into the climate narrative to further the Amazon self-driving electric trucks etc;

    It all just seems a little too well orchestrated to be spontaneous and grass roots. Obviously there’s tons of sincere protesters joining in, just like the rallies – but they may be duped too.

    • Zzzap says:

      Thank you for bringing light to this.

      Has the same familiar aroma as Rocco Galatti.

    • cu.h.j says:

      But do you have any proof that its orchestrated?

      I get why you think that though.

      In the US I have a hard time believing that the military in its entirety would turn on the population. There are decenting military officers. We also have a millitia that may fight on behalf of freedom.

      I do have faith in the humanity of some of the military and I think they don’t have they could achieve compliance this way. But do think they have something up their sleeve.

      Thanks for sharing your perspective.

      • Duck says:


        “..In the US I have a hard time believing that the military in its entirety would turn on the population. There are decenting military officers. We also have a millitia that may fight on behalf of freedom. …”

        Without the Draft the military is self selecting for Patriot types, Ambitious Career types, and Societal Defectives who need a system to feed and clothe them.

        I listened to MythOfThe20thCentury podcast a while back on Afghanistan and they interviewed a guy purporting to be long time Army. One of the digressions was that
        a)Special Forces Officers must have a degree.
        b)About (2012 I think he said??) the old guys were getting replaced by university grads and diversity types, especially the Officers.

        If kids coming thru HighSchool think America was created by racism and socalism is a good idea why would you think the military immune? they swim in the same cultural sewage as the woke brigade- they may be poisoned more slowly but it frames their worldview in some sense.

        Also…. you should look at all the weird creepy crap the upper echelons of the Army have gotten up to, sex, cults and drug smuggling…. THIS lady got pretty much ruined when she accused an army base of being a hotbed of human trifficiking… kind a cool story as it goes

        Either way… while most of the Forces are probably great guys soldiers tend to follow orders and if their out of state and away from home they may not think of you as “their people”

        • cu.h.j says:

          I don’t think people should be drafted, considering the fact that many wars have been orchestrated by elites and don’t serve the interests of American people. But that’s another matter.

          Military is being replaced by woke and criminals in some cases (gang bangers and such). And it is a career of last resort in many cases. However, there are still some members of the military who are loyal to the constitution and still have their humanity intact.

          Many of these refused the injections or took them under duress and are questioning now. Some just want to finish their time and get out. And we have an unorganized militia in many states who are trained and also have people who are willing to fight for freedom.

          And as was evidenced by the experiments on social conformity, a few dissenters can shift things in the midst of something like this. A lot of people are against the mandates. I’m on my way out of the liberal city I live in but I speak with many people who are against it. I don’t think they have enough hearts and minds to pull off full on martial law in the US.

          I guess we’ll see how it goes.

          • Duck says:


            I was not necessarily suggesting a Draft just noting that Professional Armies have always ended up taking care of their OWN needs as an institution over the needs of the general people. Thats (mostly…mnn) avoided by citizen armies.

            That said… how can you expect to have a republic where people lack the civic virtue to govern themselves and export the pain and suffering to a paid minority?

            The pushback on Vietnam mostly evaporated when they stopped the draft… one wonders if we could have had a 20 year adventure in Afghanistan and Iraq if normal people could expect to be called up to fight.

            Just thinking aloud… not a great fan of the Draft either

            • cu.h.j says:

              Good point about the draft and how it generate more resistance to wars. People tend to act when their own butt is on the line. Self preservation is a strong motivator.

              I still think there is strong opposition to imposing martial law with Brandon as commander in chief by many members of the military. The ones who were discharged for refusing the injection are allies.

              Also a lot of the food producing and fuel producing parts of the US are conservative and hate Brandon. What if they stopped participating in the Union? There must still be something the “elites” would be social engineers need from the population. If we figure that out, we can withhold it from them.

              • Duck says:


                “..I still think there is strong opposition to imposing martial law with Brandon as commander in chief by many members of the military…”

                I heard it described like this… go to walmart and see the degenerated obese dumb people riding in scooters because their too sick to walk…. now realize that the Ruling Class has suffered the same fate because no one pushed back and pushed them off the midden for generations.
                THEIR mobility scooters have atomic warheads so we will see how it goes.

                “..lso a lot of the food producing and fuel producing parts of the US are conservative and hate Brandon. What if they stopped participating in the Union? ..”

                Something like what happened to the Kulaks, if they are able to make it happen

                The above was they needed to exaggerate the real horrors of the holocaust at Nuremberg, BTW. Just like

                “.. There must still be something the “elites” would be social engineers need from the population..”

                Its your soul.
                You have not noticed the number of empty people walking around now? The mental illness, the autism ( on spectrum related to schizophrenia and epilep[sy) ?

                They are depaterning lots and lots of people to make room for other things

    • Zzzap says:

      Who controls the money? Who controls the food?

      Here it is on a micro scale.

      ” CANADA, this on the orders of @JustinTrudeau
      who is warm and cozy and well fed in an undisclosed location while he threatens and insults Canadians ONLY wanting their Charter of Rights respected.
      Quote Tweet
      · 16h
      BREAKING: After promises from RCMP of allowing food and supplies to the blockage of truckers, the checkpoints still aren’t allowing them through. They are making them WALK in the freezing weather into Coutts from Milk River, Alberta.”

    • Jeff says:

      This is well placed suspicion for sure. However the truck rally, genuine or not, simply gathers like minds and make a large display out of it.

      To your first point, this has little to no great effect on the supply chain issues. 1000 out of 300,000 canadian truckers is something, but a very small something. If malicious maestros were/are involved, to use this event as an alibi for logistic failures, is a little too flimsy as these issues have been with us all of ‘covid’. The logistics issues/consequences are very real, and no alibi is needed.

      And to your second, this also has little to no effect on the economy. When the powers that shouldn’t flex wish to pump some iron economically, they jam an evergreen into someone’s suez. They hold actually economic value hostage and make a display out of it as a black hat hacker false flag. They tweek a percentage. They demolish 2 very tall towers on top of 3000 people. They take a bad cold and turn it into a pandemic. It’s almost always a multi-pronged event, lots of big birds with one stone. Not a lot big birds with the truck rally, just big empty trucks. It’s a great show though, at best, it buys some time. At worse, it turns violent, and that would be very very bad. It would certainly accelerate some military aspects of life in Canada.

      I really don’t think there’s too much to worry about with the truck rally. Maybe just give em a wave if they pass through your town, and then get back to it.

  21. madhu says:

    Re: Choose Life – Subscriber Exclusive #106

    I’ve never commented on any forum before ever, but I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful and heartfelt words. You are a beacon of light, hope and clarity in these strange times.

  22. slurry says:

    I’ve had a lot of friends send me the Boris video or the convoy stuff and then get mad at me for not joining in on their “ewok dance” as I point out that this is exactly how incrementalism works. Look at the idea of income tax…. In 1918 it was introduced as a voluntary war tax only applicable to people who made the equivalent of $300,000 a year in today’s money. Here we are 100 years later and it now must be paid under the threat of government force while you also have to mandatorily have to pay gst and pst on everything you buy. This scamdemic bs isn’t going anywhere.

    On a brighter note, I’m happy to see them back off a bit as I really didn’t think they would. Hopefully it lasts awhile, cause I plan to use this time to get out of debt and double down on becoming as self sufficient as possible while encouraging others in my immediate community to do the same.

    Sorry to hear about the death of a CR member. Truly sad.

  23. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Watch the 4 minute video…

    Tuesday Feb 1st
    Kid Rock Says He Won’t Perform At Venues With COVID-19 Vaccine Or Mask Mandates

    Authored by Jack Phillips via The Epoch Times,
    Kid Rock has announced that he will cancel tour dates in cities or venues that have mask or COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

    In a video posted on Jan. 29, the singer, born Bob Ritchie, confirmed that several U.S. cities have already been taken off the tour list due to mask mandates and vaccine requirements.

    Those who received tickets from venues with mandates will “be getting your money back because I won’t be showing up either.”
    “If you think I’m going to sit out there and say don’t tell me how to live, ‘We The People,’ while people are holding up their [expletive] vaccine cards and wearing masks, that [expletive] ain’t happening,” he said in the video.

    “We the People” features lyrics critical of President Joe Biden, Black Lives Matter, and White House COVID-19 adviser Anthony Fauci. Released on Monday, the single was at the top of various unofficial rankings of purchased iTunes singles, according to news reports.

    Kid Rock added in the video that he believes that when his tour kicks off, a number of cities will have already rescinded their mandates.
    “Trust me, we’ve done all our research on this and the consensus says that all this is going to be done, if there are any at these venues, I’m not aware of any, but if there are any, they’re going to be gone by the time we get to your city,” the “Bawitaba” singer added.
    “If they’re not, trust me, you don’t have to worry. You’ll be getting your money back because I won’t be showing up either.”

    The cities he will skip include Buffalo, New York, Toronto, Canada, as well as “several other cities,” Kid Rock said….

    [Per the video…Evidently, tonight Tucker Carlson will talk about Kid Rock.]

    • HEDGE110 says:

      HomeRemedySupply, hello there. Great Kid Rock video. Great to see people taking possession of their own life and making wise decisions. BTW, see my comment in the thread if you can.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Just prior to your comment here, I read your other “No Jab – No Job” comment.

        My heart sank.
        I am so, so saddened.
        It tears my guts out to hear about this.

        The whole scenario is so insidious and cruel. They are intentionally destroying your survival factors. Either choice inhibits one’s survivability.

        I grieve with you.
        It’s such a huge loss.
        Losing one’s wherewithal is a major loss.
        You should weep. Grief follows any deep loss.
        Tomorrow, after you wake (if you can sleep), be sure to take a walk outside.
        That is my only “home remedy” advice.
        Walk around and look at things in the environment.
        In my past, I have had many ships sink. Following those events, a walk-about always helped me somewhat.

        My thoughts are with you HEDGE110.

        • HEDGE110 says:

          Much appreciated HomeRemedySupply. Such sage advice that I will surely follow. I suppose when ones ‘ship sinks’, there is an opportunity to build another one – depending on the strength we can muster.

          Just want to take the opportunity to elaborate on what has transpired. Not to winge but rather to document.

          I have kept my wife, daughter and I away from the needles edge up until now. For context, in my State 94% of eligible people over 16 years have received two. Holding the line has involved regular arguments as my ‘captains call’ led to my family being isolated from shops, people, services and the list goes on. We have been self-isolating and not attending events as we don’t want to labelled ‘selfish unclean’.

          Once the mandate-talk started at work, I couldn’t bring myself to share the news at home. I kept it to myself, put on a brave face and hoped for a reprieve. Had I mentioned it, I was sure that it would be a catalyst for a sudden trip to the v-clinic. I did not want that outcome so stayed quiet and prayed.

          I had to call Mum / Dad and send apologies for Christmas (hard call). Had to opt out of engagement parties, birthdays and the like. Had to work out ways to hide my growing hair from discerning work colleagues (no barber for me yet).

          I don’t know what comes next but I do feel proud of what my family has achieved against odds. There may not be a shiny prize at the end but I hope our journey of respectful non-compliance will speak to someone.

  24. Gagumba says:

    Latest & greatest laugh yet from AU

    Still waiting for the uncanny X-men to appear… Damn mutants! 😀

    • vadoum says:

      thanks mate,
      the IGA here (northern rivers nsw) charges $35/rat and they’re always quickly sold out. I’ll be calling the manager out on that. greedy bastards.

  25. Tsipora says:

    Thank you James for this video and for explaining what drives you. The beauty of being alive is never more intensely felt than in simple age-old things. A new spring, a bird overjoyed by its own song, a baby with love expected. It’s being pressed into the rat race that makes people unbearably unhappy. There are too many of us who don’t seem to have a choice.

  26. Mac535 says:

    My comment is but one of many, so James, I hope that you see it and know that your work is very much valued and trusted by me and a source of light in dark times.

    Not only that, you now can count my wife and eldest son among your regular listeners/readers. Thankfully they didn’t cast me aside as a conspiracy theorist like some, but used their own minds when presented with well researched and thoughtful information such as yours.

  27. Thanks for the video, James.

    Many questions come to mind:

    What is friendship?
    What is the relationship between friendship, family and community?

    Could it be Friendship something for a Solutions Watch?
    I’d love to hear your take on this as I have a feeling that in Building Friendship people develop the skills employed also in Building Community.

    For around a year it’s sitting by my bedside table the book “On Friendship”, I’ll start reading it tonight. The author, Michel de Montaigne had a stark friendship with liberty hero E. de la Boetie.
    Another source I wanted to check is Epicurus as he’s known to focus on simple living and the importance of friendship.

    Does anyone have any other recommendation for material about friendship?

    Particularly what should I read from Epicurus?



    Allow me to do a segue towards getting in touch directly with each other.
    I’m feeling a little alone here in the dark, cold and loooong Swedish winter and I would appreciate to have a call and hear some human voice. Wouldn’t it feel less alienating to have an “old fashion” conversation with its tones and emotions rather than the ticking keyboard and the impersonal computer font? Come on! Let’s talk! 🙂

    When I decided to pay for a subscription here I was motivated by getting in contact with you. Then I realized that I needed a website so you can click the link in my username to reach me. For now I’ve started a profile in Minds and you can message me there so we can coordinate for a call.

    The first thing I posted is an invitation to celebrate James Corbett and in doing so to take the opportunity to build community and get to know each other.

    Funny coincidence that in the video above James makes reference to the same article that I decided to specifically close my first entry:
    ” I’ll leave this initial post with a nice passage. It comes from “Upon Meeting A Friend for the First Time”

    Getting to know another person requires an attitude of openness. After all, who doesn’t have a few Kit Kat mugs at home?

  28. HEDGE110 says:

    Hi James and Corbett community. Thank you for sharing your heart regarding RB and the value of life. It is has been hard for me in Sydney, Australia these past few weeks in particular. I have been subject to workplace medical mandate with deadline for 2 doses being 30 Jan. My employer emphatically stated that contracts would be severed on 31 Jan.

    The issue has been affecting my well-being and there were some dark days. What helped was talking to some of my colleagues and finding others who were also resisting the mandate. Most of us thought we were alone but we weren’t. Yes, we were being oppressed by our employer but it helped not having to feel the boot in isolation.

    We fought hard with a courageous war of words. I took on the Chief People Officer, Executive Director and general management. We highlighted potential legal exposure and that the employer’s actions were causing psychological injury.

    At 4:30pm on Friday 28 Jan we were informed that indeed the cord or contract would be severed come Monday. I cried. I wept. I sent one last voluminous email to the overpaid powers. At 5:00pm we received our reprieve. I cried and wept more. We have been allowed a stay of execution due to the anticipated arrival of another vaccine candidate in late Feb.

    I am looking for other work but double dose injection requirements are commonplace now. I hope that the pendulum swings back to a more favourable position. I made it through the dark days and am grateful for that. No dancing Ewoks yet though.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Wait, so if I understood that completely…you and some compatriots called your employer’s bluff, and they backed down for now and you still have your position? That sounds like a little victory on your part. Well done standing your ground.

      • HEDGE110 says:

        Thank you FactChecker. Yes, that is what happened. I (and others) still have our employment. We secured a reprieve. It was a victory but emotionally it pushed me hard.
        The employer requires us to ‘confirm intent’ by 5:00pm today to take the Novavax option once available in March. If not, they will sever our contracts and place us on a ‘do not employment’ list. The Chief People Officer is a piece of work indeed. I have stated in writing that the implementation of the mandate policy and email correspondence from the CPO Office is causing psychological injury. I am positive that I am no longer on the Christmas card list or a candidate for this year’s salary bonus pool.

  29. rob.h says:

    Just getting started …

  30. seasons says:

    We need to really be awake for the next step even if all this resistance becomes successful. In the event that the public successfully resists, the global elites will orchestrate the collapse of major countries and downfall of their expendable puppets. This will create chaos and create an excuse to establish a new global government to solve the problem.

  31. yvonne.m says:

    This is an exert from the bill of rights proposal by the UK government:

    however, that freedom
    of expression cannot be an absolute right
    when balanced against the need to
    protect national security, keep citizens
    safe and take steps to protect against
    harm to individuals. The criminal law
    therefore also sets out circumstances in
    which the freedom of expression is limited
    in order to protect people from harm.
    Likewise, when a court is applying the
    freedom of expression to the particular
    facts of any case, the government
    believes that, where Parliament has
    expressed its clear will on issues relating
    to the public interest and the exercise of
    public functions, this should be given
    great weight,. (tootnote 1321

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