Interview 1644 - Antiganda in Action on Declare Your Independence

05/31/202134 Comments

James Corbett joins Ernest Hancock and guest co-host "PJ" on this week's appearance on Declare Your Independence. This week they discuss how The Corbett Report and other independent news and media is helping to unlock the minds of others; Ernie's sign activism and how antiganda can be one of our most effective tools for communicating important info in an uncensorable way; and how The Greater Reset activation is taking place.


James Corbett on Declare Your Independence

COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity

9/11 Trillions

Century of Enslavement


MIT: COVID skeptics champion science

MIT study

CPSO statement

Canadian physicians’ declaration

Same Facts, Opposite Conclusions - #PropagandaWatch

Antiganda - #SolutionsWatch

Christian Westbrook talk at The Greater Reset

Red Pill Expo

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  1. Justin Valentine says:

    Breaking News. William Shakespeare is dead. Remember the first guy in UK to receive the “vaccine”? Apparently he died of a stroke “unrelated to the shot”. BBC presenter Lisa Shaw (44) dead of a blood clot in the brain following the shot. British model Stephanie Dubois dead at 39 following the jab. It’s a shame how many healthy ppl in their 20s 30s & 40s are risking death & lifelong disability to protect themselves from a virus that poses little to no danger to people of their age group. We need to study the 1918 Spanish Flu & the immune overreaction to it that killed YOUNG people.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Justin, Thanks for the update on William Shakespeare.

      May 22nd, 2021
      European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines”:
      12,184 DEAD — 1,196,190 Injuries

      The CDC released the latest death figures last week at VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).
      4,863 people have died from the Covid shots and there were 262,521 injuries.
      The VAERS Covid vaccine related death toll is more than the VAERS vaccine related death toll from 1/1/1998 through 11/30/2020, which totaled 4,758 for that 23 year period.
      (More than half of the deaths in that 23 year period were toddlers under the age of 3.)
      Albert Benavides has a Bitchute channel called WelcomeTheEagle88. Each week he does a deep dive into the data released by the CDC into VAERS. He records and stores everything, and has even found that the CDC removes records of deaths some weeks that were there in previous weeks.

    • mkey says:

      Many covid related strokes during the past year. “Respiratory illness” ~ strokes, not a stretch, not at all. But a blood clot causing medical product ~ stroke… naaah, no connection.

  2. Nelson says:

    Speaking of mask-wearing, I love the new t-shirt I just got, like the guy in this picture:

    “MY MASK is on the INSIDE, it’s called an IMMUNE SYSTEM.”

    • I love it.
      Unfortunately I can already see someone saying:
      “Yeah but your immune system doesn’t protect me from your asymptomatic droplets.”

      I think what we really need to do is return to the root of this problem:
      The idea that a democratically elected non-communist government is somehow allowed to behave like a communist dictatorship as soon as someone screams “pandemic”.

      I don’t care if people are dropping dead in the streets from ebola.
      If you’re afraid of getting sick, it is up to you to take whatever precautions you want to take to keep from getting sick.
      It is not my responsibility to keep you from getting sick and it never will be.

      If you don’t agree, China has a tiny filthy apartment & a bag of dog meat waiting for you.


      • mkey says:

        Yeah but your immune system doesn’t protect me from your asymptomatic droplets.

        For this reason one should wear a backup shirt beneath the mask one. It should read:

        Your immune system protects you more from my droplets than air protects me from your stupidity.

      • Shaman O'Sanity 2020 says:

        Democratically elected – I thought Americans were world-savy by now and also aware of a world filled with different continents all outside the US borders with all kinds of governments.

        Besides, communism doesn’t exist anywhere in todays world; there are only criminals elected by those who serve another than themselves.

        Just imagine you being an cheer-leading anarchist and un-swallow the black-pill your so full of – you could then become human again instead of role-playing the egotistical prepper-prick.

        • cu.h.j says:

          I have never met someone from China here in the US that had much positive things to say about it. I was told that most places are polluted and when you look outside you can rarely see a blue sky.

          And many of them do eat dogs and other animals that Americans might not enjoy.

          I would hate to live there with their government. They also don’t like immigrants like many people in the West do. It seems that Western culture does have some positives like tolerance for people different from us.

          As an experiment try to get citizenship in China and see how it goes.

          • Shaman O'Sanity 2020 says:

            CU.H.J. – with 1 billion more inhabitants than the US, and twice as many inhabitants living in China than America & Europe combined, I think that this isn’t a case which you can easily derive from the (hahaha) few Chinese you have spoken. As a free-thinking European, I’ve always wondered how dog-meat would taste – but I’m vegetarian so I will not get off killing my neighbors bulldog soon.

            China is big and absolutely not completely covered with smog – which is a problem for certain areas and a few big cities and rivers – but what’s the difference with the US where complete counties are covered with worn-out soil that grows nothing anymore.

            The only tolerance in the world comes from outside the US and stems from all people who still let Americans have a voice out here. Most Americans couldn’t even point out China on a world map.

            There are more than 50 different written languages and as many different ethnic groups of people of which there’s the Han-people who are 97% of the population. The remaining 7% combined still account for almost 100 million people living in a country and don’t eat dog as favorite dish.

            What keeps amazing me is that despite the Chinese diversity, the citizens of America still profile this country by using government instituted propaganda.

            Your comment CU.H.J. is filled with the info you’ve read on a government-flyer that was handed to you via US-media (internet excluded) while the real stories about China would fill a library with 753 pages thick books.

            I suggest, as an experiment, you never speak your mind out on the internet again until you have read at least 15 books about people living on every continent in our world, the Americas included! Agreed?!

            My tolerance is the level of restrain I show as courtesy to Mr. Corbett’s ‘house-rules’.

            Have an enjoyable day.

            “Snake-eyed looking at you for any sudden move you’re goanna wanne make…”

          • Shaman O'Sanity 2020 says:

            I’m sorry if my anger scared you dear madame, mister.
            I’ve got very much respect for American citizens which isn’t apparent reading my rant.
            I <3 Americans and probably you too.

            btw. the Han-people are comprised of 93% and not the 97% as I wrote.

            (btw2. America technically still constitutes a Republic and not a Democracy)

            ***With both hands I present you a parting gift which is a most beautiful Chinese poem/riddle: “a flower grows” and I hope you can forgive me and yourself.***

  3. Fact Checker says:

    Sorry to break it to ya, Ern:

    “They” won’t “have to count the paper write-ins,” and “They” will not bother counting the paper write-ins.

    People still wasting their time and energy on electoral politics? The whole idea is so alien to me at this point, that when Ern lapses into it, and is all, like, excited about it, I just can’t perceive it in any way other than madman raving.

  4. marvinsannes says:

    Saturday’s Farmers Market in Salem, Oregon, we manned two large signs questioning covid/vaccine.

    Many people had feedback for us. Those opposed seemed emotional and angry. Those supporting question seemed thoughtful and reasonable.

    • bakedinbend says:

      More power to you! I run taco cart at our market in Bend, OR and our staff pretty much stopped wearing mask there. Lucky for us at private parties it has always been more rare. How is it our local farm market boards and managers are all Karens now? We get a fearful message each week via email about continuing mask wearing just a little while longer. Just a few more weeks. The vaxs push is slowing hard here. According to National Petroleum Radio our county is %65 jabbed above the age of 16. I have no idea how to tell if its true, but god do people love to tell you when they got vaxxed. I wonder if they can see my disappointment in my face. Being in food service my standard reply is “Yeah I don’t really care about that. What kind of taco would you like?” Or ” Oh that’s great you should invite 150 people to your party instead of 100, if you all are so safe.”

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        That’s an interesting “virtue” to have… to be Covid vaccinated.

        In a few years, we will be hearing a different tune from these virtuous folks.
        They’ll start telling us that it was Climate Change that caused their autoimmune diseases…

        …Or perhaps, the BIG MAINSTREAM STORY will be that Aliens from outerspace brought us a pandemic of autoimmune type diseases.
        REFERENCE: See the recent New World Next Week mention of Aliens (and see “X-Files – 2016”.
        (The link goes to videos of a pandemic / aliens from the X-Files.)

      • cu.h.j says:

        I have noticed that phenomenon too random people telling me they got the “vaccine.” I want to tell them what do you expect from me a prize? Next time I am tempted to tell them that they took part in a risky experiment with no benefit to their health or anyone else and that they might have some unwanted diseases years down the line.

        I really don’t understand how someone would feel comfortable taking the injection after reading the consent form that it’s experimental and unapproved. What good are societal perks if you get sick and die or develop a chronic disease?

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Thanks for the info.
          I am getting more interested in this “Vaccinated Virtuous Signalling” societal phenomena.
          This kind of behavior could be some type of future indicator.
          But for now…I just don’t have it pegged.

          The three vaccine injured people Del Bigtree had interviewed all said that they felt betrayed and forsaken. They are all on their own; expenses, medical care, mortgage, the whole shebang.

          With the Vaccinated Crowd, I’ve been noticing on comment boards and with people I run into or know, that they TRUST the Authorities. It is a common underlying theme. They don’t need to research nor critically think. If their political party backs it, they do too. Trust.

          I’m reminded of Corbett’s “A Letter to The Future” in April 2020.

          “…Never did the sheeple suspect that someday the shepherds would lead them to the slaughter.

          It is a term of derision, of course. “Sheeple.” But I like to think that it doesn’t just speak to our stupidity. It speaks to a naivety, an innocence. We are trusting and gentle creatures by nature. Peaceable. Cooperative. That is nothing to be scorned. If it weren’t for the predators in our midst, our failings would be counted as virtues…

          …I can’t blame you, after all. You’re trusting and naive and peaceful. Like a sheep….”

          ha!!…cu.h.j , Sorry for waxing away like this.
          Thanks again. Like I’ve said before, I often follow your comments and anecdotal stories, because you observe aspects which I would never see unless I end up in the hospital.

          • cu.h.j says:

            It seems like people want to be on the side of the perceived in crowd. It reminds me of when I was a kid and people would do things they thought the cool kids were doing. They want acceptance and to be liked and accepted. I recall wanting that as well and I was not in with the in crowd. I was bullied and harassed because I was different. I was a poor kid who went to a fancy school and I had old clothes that my mom bough at a thrift store and I wanted so much to fit in. This is why people are taking the vaccine. People want to be accepted, to fit in, to not be shunned.

            I learned to be okay being the person who doesn’t fit in. I learned to stick up for myself and got respect because I took no shit from other kids. People will have to learn this skill as an adult because I think we will be pressured to conform and if we do it could literally kill us.

            People must overcome their innate desire to be accepted and fit in. It’s an evolutionary challenge and I think that nature will win. These creepy “elites” think they are smarter than the force of nature and I believe they are wrong and they will fail.

            • Fact Checker says:

              “People must overcome their innate desire to be accepted and fit in. It’s an evolutionary challenge and I think that nature will win.

              So… do realize you directly contradict yourself here, right?

              • cu.h.j says:

                What I mean is that I think that the people who will survive are those that have learned to overcome this. In the past acceptance was a trait that facilitated survival. Now it is a trait that will lead to demise. I think the people who take the gene therapy might get sick and die off.

                If there are enough people left to reproduce our species will survive.

                Animals can adapt to their surroundings in order to survive and continue their species. Human can adapt.

                Going along has been a strong tendency many people have but even those who are wired this way can change. I would rather live as an outsider than conform and get some nasty disease by taking a drug with long term side effects that aren’t known. I’m not the only one who feels this way.

              • Fact Checker says:


                “In the past acceptance was a trait that facilitated survival. Now it is a trait that will lead to demise.”

                I think perhaps you mean “adaptation.” But right now, the Planners have everything locked up so tight, that both adaptation and refusal to adapt will both lead to demise (for grown-ups, anyway). Those who acquiesce to the Injection Program will be killed or life-shorted by the shots. Those who refuse to acquiesce will be starved out, and eventually tagged as “biohazards” and hunted down by the weaponized mob of the Vaxx Cult. Demise will come to both groups in three waves: 1.) the Compliant most vulnerable to the toxic payload of the Shot; 2.) the Refuseniks who will be actively destroyed; and finally 3.) the Compliant tough enough to survive the Shot, but who will eventually succumb to the long-term effects. In other words, the Refuseniks will be exterminated before the Shot can take its full lethal course through the Herd.

                The CHILDREN, on the other hand, will not be wiped out by the Shot. There will be a bottleneck, of course, as it culls the kids that cannot tolerate the repeated Hydrogel Injections in the mandated amounts. However, the ones who can tolerate the Hydrogel will be enslaved as perfect Cyb-Org puppets. The survivors will be the children with the “Best of Both Worlds” from the perspective of the Machine: perfectly compliant by disposition, and physically hardy enough for augmentation with Hydrogels, and eventually cybernetic implants and augmentations.

              • Fact Checker says:

                Speak of the Devil (literally). A blockbuster new article from a new writer on Whitney Webb’s Unlimited Hangout site, “Professor Taoist” carefully describes the Glob’s plans for the Children of Earth:



                “UNESCO Study 11 aimed not just to “upgrade” schools with hi-tech computers, but to dialectically integrate communist and socialist systems of educational statecraft with capitalist ed-tech markets. This communo-fascist synthesis would radically alter student privacy and educational freedom through global transformations of school governance and finance managed by computerized IT.
                * * *
                “UNESCO 2050 initiative takes Study 11 to the next level as it charts a “more-than-human,” or transhuman, future in which homo sapiens will “evolve” with a global IT economy integrated with biotech and neurotech systems of Big Data managed by an international “commons” of “stakeholder” corporations. Looking to this 2050 future envisioned by UNESCO, global “stakeholder” companies, through communitarian public-private partnerships, are on a trajectory to blanket the planet with posthuman AI ed-tech in order to “Reframe Humanism” by data-mining students’ biopsychosocial algorithms for the purposes of “unleash[ing] an engineering of human beings previously inconceivable,” according to UNESCO.
                * * *
                In 2014…UNESCO…published a whitepaper that explicitly capitulates to the inevitability of humankind’s transhumanist merger with computerized technologies:
                “…[B]y the middle of the twenty-first century [i.e., 2050] Artificial intelligence will attain the level of natural intellect and in a number of cases will surpass it. Machine-human hybrids, cyborgs and humanoid robot-androids created on a biological basis, will become more and more widespread. Also becoming ever more widespread are the ideas that technological intervention in the human organism, fundamental changes to the nature of man, are desirable and beneficial in that they enable a biological evolution which is truly controlled. Some call this world view transhumanism and some technological fascism. Either way, our future lies more and more in the hands of new engineers, genetic scientists and programmers.”
                * * *
                Of course, this transhumanist agenda can be traced all the way back to the eugenic roots of UNESCO’s first Director General, Julian Huxley, who was the President of the British Eugenics Society before calling for a global eugenics program in his 1946 UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy. Later, in a 1957 book titled New Bottles for New Wine, Huxley coined the term “transhumanism” as the next phase in eugenic evolution.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Cool…so cool Marvin. Excellent activism.

  5. TruthSeeker says:

    I think that the Mass Voter Fraud of 2020 has to be exposed. It is not that Trump should be Declared the Winner but that the System needs to be Declared a Failure.
    The Oligarchs that rule over the UN and the Western World through the creation of Debt as Money, and Corporations that they control, literally own most Western Governments.
    People should be able to see that the game is rigged without question and demand a new system which works from the bottom up. Each County needs to declare it’s independence from the Central Government, and build from within.
    The Money (Debt Notes) being used by the Oligarchs to control everything is not going to last much longer. This is why the Oligarchs are pushing the Experimental Injection System as a new Means of Control.
    Indeed, time is running out for the Oligarchs to implement a new control system, and it does appear that they are running scared (as Erie seems to sense).

  6. Jesse says:

    Cyber attack will probably come before Alien invasion. Or it might be a 1-2 punch blame the Aliens instead of Russia, Iran, China, white supremacists ect…

    • bakedinbend says:

      It will be a cyber attack by non state Russian hackers using alien technology that can only be fought by everyone becoming digital. During the struggle white supremacist ultra right wing Muslim terrorist who love fentynal will destroy the existing internet infrastructure requiring a new structure to be Built Back Better. Those who survive the onslaught of Iranian bio-weapons and North Korean nuclear warheads that follows will have only one choice, to submit to the new completely controlled world wide web so they can get their weekly vaxxine delivered by drone via their Amazon account that is wired into their brain chip. That and their ration of cricket powder for being a good digital citizen by plugging into the pacification harness at least 8 hours a day. Those who use it for under 8 hours a day may have there rations reduced, or be issued meal worms instead. Don’t worry you will still have two choices for flavor, although they both taste pretty much the same.

  7. TimmyTaes says:

    James: I can only report my own family and friend situation with the vaccines. I live in Healdsburg, California just north of San Francisco. My son lives in Phoenix. My daughter in Seattle (both in their forties). My parents (89)live in senior living center in St. Louis. My younger brother lives nearby in StL with his wife who is a nurse.
    My younger sister lives in Maryland with her husband. They just returned from a trip to New Zealand and Australia and went through all the Covid tests and quarantines in hotels.
    I have sent the links to your videos on the vaccine/covid scam to all of them.
    So who did what with the vaccines in my family?
    My son in Phoenix: No vaccines! No way! Knows it is all a dangerous scam.
    My daughter in Seattle: Caught Covid, still got the J & J jab.
    My parents both got the Moderna vaccine as did all the people at their facility. My Dad came down with pneumonia again after getting the second jab.
    My sister and her husband just got their second jabs after returning home from Australia.
    My brother and his wife caught Covid, but still got both jabs and got very sick from them, but have recovered.
    My wife and I refuse to get the jabs. We had the Covid in Feb. 2020 and are immune. We hate the masks. We hate Gov. Newsom. We have lost friends over this scam.
    With our friends…. two are like us. Hate the masks, vaccines, lies. The rest follow the propaganda.
    So I’d say the Corbett Cadets in my family and circle of friends is about 30% max.
    Cheers and thanks for all of your videos and hard work. TJM

    • False testing/diagnosing is the foundation of this fake pandemic.
      What has led you to believe you guys had ‘covid’ as opposed to having some other illness that was falsely diagnosed/tested as ‘covid’?

    • mkey says:

      I’d take 30% any day of the week.

      And yes, covid diagnosis is a con job, anyone who’s calling an illness covid is either an idiot or a coward, I don’t think there aren any other options. For me personally, I won’t be taking the “vaccine” because I don’t care to test out an experimental medical product that is aimed to reduce symptoms from an unknown (and probably, even worse, unknowable) disease vector.

      And also because they can shove it up their ass.

      Even if there is something new killing people all over the world, it certainly isn’t being investigated, with everything being shoved under the same umbrella of an imaginary disease playing on people’s irrational reactions fueled by immense idiocy.

      I absolutely do not expect people will be dropping dead en masse due to the “vaccine” as that would be counter productive. It would be very unfortunate to kill of a group you have so meticulously built up to create a schism in the society at large. These people will lie themselves to their graves about how they are good little soldiers, doing the right thing just as they are selling their children for the right to go sit in the first row once the reset starts rushing through.

  8. wellzy says:

    Hey for the guys putting themselves out for covid related signage check out

    ‘Seyar bips lutie wholecars’

    on newpipe or if you must, ewetube.
    Graffiti artists (the last bastion of information) doing their bit.

    Really, check it out.

  9. wellzy says:

    And while we are on a roll…err…Occupied Palestine panels running in London.

  10. Manasarovar says:

    Hi James.
    Great job as always.
    At the beginning of the podcast you are talking about the fact that not everyone who is going to take the jab is completely asleep and that at least they have a tiny doubt that something is wrong.
    I agree on that, but I am not sure about the fact that, even if we have actual information that we can back up, they are willing to listen and change their mind.
    Even if they suspect something, most of them are not going to accept what you are presenting them and are not going to react.
    At least here in Italy.
    Look what happened here in Bologna recently in this short mainstream video.
    It’s in italian but you can clearly understand what’s going on.

    The city announced that on a certain day, from early morning, there would have been 2400 doses of the Johnson&Johnson “vaccine” available for those who wanted to have their shot. No need to book an appointment, just show up and you get your jab.
    People started to show up at night, to be sure to have their shot. Most of them were young people.
    More than 5000 thousands people showed up by morning.
    And then it was chaos. Unreal.
    The images in the video can explain better than my english.

    In the first part of the video most of the guys are telling that they are very happy because after the jab they can go back to normal…
    At 2:48 a young man is explaining why he is going to take the “vaccine”:

    “I wanna get vaccinated because I want to be able to go to all the places that will be open only to vaccinated people”

    What can you tell to someone like him? What margin of discussion do we have with those who think like that? And they are the vast majority here.
    Personally I gave up on people like them, not wasting my time anymore.
    I’d rather save my energy and spend my time with those around me who has not swallowed the lie, trying to build an alternative to the techno-fascist neofeudalism that is falling upon us.

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