MIT: Covid Skeptics Champion Science

05/23/2021113 Comments

So you know how anyone who points out any problems with the rush to inject everyone on the planet with an experimental form of gene therapy is portrayed as a stupid, scientifically illiterate, COVID-denying, grandma-killing anti-vaxxer by the dinosaur media?

And you know how any of your attempts to articulate these problems to your (former) friends will get you labeled as an anti-science loony and castigated from society?

Well, imagine if a team of researchers from a prestigious scientific institution infiltrated the COVID skeptic community to expose their scientific ignorance . . . and instead ended up discovering that the skeptics by and large care more about science—and are more knowledgeable about the scientific process—than their critics?

Guess what? You can stop imagining, because that's exactly what just happened. 

MIT released a study earlier this year that admits that COVID skeptics are not only scientifically literate, but are more realistic about how science actually works and care more about data and integrity than their detractors . . . but I bet you haven't read about that study yet, have you? Join James in this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber as he dissects this revealing MIT paper and explains what it tells us about the nature of the scamdemic debate.

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  1. spider says:

    I retract most of what I’ve said this past year. It has been shown that none of it is true. Thanks to the main-stream and social media a New Truth has emerged. We will no longer be confused by having to choose between messy alternative narratives. One consistent fluid truth will be accessed by all. Its changes will be shadowed by the media so all paradoxes will be obfuscated. Anti-truthers will be marginalized and made irrelevant. One Truth, One World, One Order!

    When Morpheus offers you two pills, take the Blue one like me. You will then not be in conflict with the zombie hordes.

  2. flammable says:

    Most people became skeptical when decades of scientific research and established policies of dealing with disease outbreak were thrown in the trash. I hate that our questioning and criticism were blamed for disrupting the collective effort needed to save lives. Governments around the world suddenly introduced a brand new lockdown policy which contradicted the current strategy we were equipped for. How do you expect to successfully execute a health policy by changing everything two weeks later? What sense does it make to spend more resources on locking away healthy people and deny or delay sick people from medical treatment?

    • Lonepine says:

      This is how it begins. By now, most of us should be able to predict or at the least, not be surprised by every next move they make. Like Bill Gates’ divorce. Nobody really believes it so it’s obviously a cover for something else. My wake up process really began by reading Revelation in the bible. My next big slap was a short film called Future Shock based on a book by Alvin Toffler. I didn’t necessarily know what to do with that information but it poked at my mind until the time was right.

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    In Corbett’s article, I thought that the segment about the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO)(Ontario’s physician licensing body) spoke volumes about the current situation.

    In TEXAS, we have a situation about mandatory vaccines.
    …Houston Methodist Hospital has told its 26,000 employees to get vaccinated by June 7th or get fired. Atria Senior Living, which has 16 facilities in Texas, is requiring all employees to receive 2 COVID-19 vaccines by May 1, 2021 as a condition of employment or face termination.

    The city of Farmer’s Branch, Texas is requiring COVID-19 vaccination to access the city run facility called The Branch Connection. Forget taking a cruise with Royal Caribbean from Texas unless you’ve been COVID-19 vaccinated. St. Edwards University in Austin became one of the first colleges to mandate COVID-19 vaccines….

    May 8, 2021 – Health Impact News
    (46 minute video of Texas Senate Testimony included in article)
    No Vaccine Passports in Texas! Medical Doctors Testify Before State Senate to Oppose Mandatory COVID Shots

    Senator Bob Hall (who represents a huge portion of Texas on the east side of Dallas) is sponsoring SB 1669: Stop Forced Vaccination and Vaccine Passports in Texas. He has been mentioned previous times in the Corbett Report comments.
    …Governor Abbott’s executive order also falls short when compared to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s executive order banning vaccines passports which additionally prohibits all business from requiring COVID-19 vaccination status or post infection recovery status to gain access to or service from the business, and it applies to all COVID-19 vaccines instead of expiring after full FDA approval is achieved.
    It also protects personal privacy rights by prohibiting the government from publishing or sharing a person’s COVID-19 vaccination status to third parties….

    Dr. Richard Bartlett, Dr. Ben Edwards, Dr. Amy Offutt, and Dr. Angelina Farella testified.
    Previously, Dallas area Dr. Peter McCullough testified before a Texas Senate Hearing. Dr. McCullough is sometimes on the national news.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Are there lawsuits against these employers? I’m pretty sure that is illegal especially because they are emergency use.

      Even in California which is extremely totalitarian employers aren’t forcing people to take it. Maybe they are afraid of law suits.

      The mRNA injection isn’t even a vaccine as it’s traditionally defined. Why aren’t more people filing lawsuits? I know that’s what I would do.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        OSHA & Vaccine Mandates

        On May 21, 2021 at Interview 1640 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato, is Story #3 : OSHA Tells Employers They May Be Liable For Adverse Reactions’ Over Vax Mandate.

        From one of the provided links…
        QUOTE from OSHA
        “If you require your employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment (i.e., for work-related reasons), then any adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine is work-related.
        The adverse reaction is recordable if it is a new case under 29 CFR 1904.6 and meets one or more of the general recording criteria in 29 CFR 1904.7.”

        In Texas, there is the (TWC)Texas Workforce Commission and a Workers’ Compensation insurance program. It provides pay and medical benefits to employees who have a work-related injury or illness.
        All businesses ‘must’ donate to the insurance fund for their employees. If something happens, the insurance rates go up.

        OSHA is Federal, so it covers all the states. Often each state will model some of the Federal guidelines for different similar agencies.

        Personally, I think an employee could insist upon a liability contract with any company that mandated medical interventions. A good attorney could scare the beejeezus out of a company, and ensure that no repercussions resulted.
        An additional avenue is to demand that the company provide unimpeachable evidence that vaccinated people do not get Covid nor spread the virus.

        I have seen several past comments regarding lawsuits against mandated vaccines. The Highwire legal team handles these. I believe that legal resources are also available at “America’s Frontline Doctors”.
        Here is one…
        New Mexico Freedoms Alliance
        A Coalition of Citizen Groups in Common-Interest Collaboration
        posted by Chris.h

  4. Ethan Hunter says:

    Excellent article!

    I have been deeply concerned about the lack of critical thinking and reasoning powers of the general public. While it’s true that fear tends to put reason in suspended animation – it seems lately that the “oligarchical collectivism” that George Orwell prophesied is becoming more and more a reality with each successive year.

    The democratization of data that the internet has afforded us has enabled some of us to peruse a variety of narratives that have enabled us escape the control matrix of the mainstream media.

    But it still baffles me how many people are so easily influenced by the mainstream media channels – even some of my friends and family whom I thought questioned establishment narratives have unfortunately “drunk the Kool-aid” of the mainstream narrative of the pandemic-mongers.

    Perhaps the answer to escaping establishment programming is to become an Autodidact versus relying on the educational institutions – like some of the founding fathers of America were – like Ben Franklin.

  5. This is not surprising to those of us who have followed the unfolding of COVID-911 and who know that—far from a seat-of-the-pants response to an out-of-the-blue and ultra-deadly pandemic—the events of the past year have been a long-planned series of actions designed to lead us through a biosecurity state into a Great Reset, and, ultimately, the end of humanity. Unfortunately, there are still relatively few of us who understand what is happening and many, many people whose ignorance about science, medicine, politics and economics has been effectively weaponized against us. These zombies will be the ones to lead us into the coming nightmare by clamouring for vaccine passports and forced “vaccinations” and all the other pre-planned “solutions” to this pre-planned crisis.

    Speaking about COVID-911…

    Perhaps this might be an appropriate time to release a “Covid-19: A Conspiracy Theory” video in much the same style as your “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory”?

    As with the 9/11 video, the script would virtually write itself,
    so absurd are the ‘facts’ we are being told.

  6. scpat says:

    James, the general psychology of people, which you pointed to on the Reddit thread is one of the things that amazes me about the scamdemic. For example, from that same Reddit thread:

    “I have a Japanese friend who’s a midwife. She reluctantly took the first Pfizer shot end of last month. Worried that it wasn’t tested on enough Asians. Three hours after, she felt like her arm was swollen with water, heavy, immovable, painful. She spent a sleepless night and recovered the next day. She’s getting a hotel room for the hours before the second shot this Friday, so she doesn’t have to rush around. She’s very nervous and I have to check in with her to “make sure she’s not dead”.”

    Even after this woman just went through immense pain, had an immovable arm and didn’t sleep an entire night, she still wants to get the second dose of the shot. She even acknowledges that she is going to get crushed by the second shot. Yet none of that is enough to deter her. As the MSM says, that’s how you know it’s working!” People are simply ignoring what their body naturally tells them, to their own detriment. The psychological element of the Covidian Cult is powerful indeed.

    • cu.h.j says:

      One of the ER doctors told a patient that same thing. The elderly woman came in with fever vomiting and extreme lethargy. This is NOT a normal reaction to a vaccine and she was concerned. He told her “this is normal in fact this means it’s working you want the inflammatory response “ I was stunned.

      There’s no way I would take a drug that does this because that’s abnormal. I have taken plenty of vaccines and this kind of reaction is not normal. I have been very disappointed with people who have convinced themselves that this kind of thing is acceptable. And these “experts “ are saying they want a annual injection. They have lost their mind.

      The people who can see through the bs will survive and the zombies will perish once the long term consequences of this injection manifest themselves. If this injection is being used to harm the public that is. Maybe it’s to test out the technology or maybe it does have an effect on fertility.

      • scpat says:

        That’s quite unfortunate. I have lost faith in the health care system after what I’ve witnessed over the last year. Doctors are supposed to be the ones we can trust, but they are no less susceptible to the mass psychosis than the rest of the population.

        Eventually we may be the only human beings left. The others may be sterile or genetically modified. We will see how this plays out with this vaccine, whether it’s just a stepping stone toward that end or if this is it.

        • darby_m says:

          I agree. It seems that the people who cannot or will not “see”, will no longer be in play due to death or severe disability.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Many doctors just go along with what the health “experts “ say. Some of them actually think with their own brain but this is a minority of them.

          I think people have to start learning about health and how their own bodies work. I think that is kind of basic information. Western medicine wants people ignorant but people should really try to learn basic biological concepts.

          I have talked to patients who don’t even know what a liver is or what it does. People will need to know a lot more and care a lot more about themselves in the near future.

          • scpat says:

            Western medicine wants people ignorant but people should really try to learn basic biological concepts.

            Good point.

      • Lonepine says:

        Here is something to ponder. At this point it is informed speculation as to what will happen to the people taking the injections. It is my view that they will begin to have problems before the end of this year. The problems will vary in severity and they will surface in multiple ways. That said, if these people do start dying, it will leave our crowd just a little more exposed and harder to hide if the need arises. For me, there is what I read in Revelation which says that 1/3 of the Earth will die at some point. Some of us are Christians and some are not but we were all fortunate to have started listening to things unsaid at some point.

      • royb says:

        There has always been a lot of hopeless, dangerous doctors. Remember those who persecuted Semmelweis for pointing out that they had to wash their hands between an autopsy and delivering babies.

  7. slurry says:

    Yesterday one of the guys I work with, who’s not a zombie and I have had many conversations with and he seemed to understand the scamdemic, came up to me with the guiltiest look on his face and told me he got his first dose of Pfizer. I think he thought I was going to tear into him (which was funny and surprising cause he should know I’m not that type of person by now) and give him shit, but all I did was ask why he chose to get it. He’s 25 and still lives with his parents and they apparently pressured him into the shot, but I could tell that wasn’t the full reason, so I continued to talk with him only to find out that he got it because he’s chasing that freedom carrot. He wanted to be able to play gigs with his band in the future and have his old “normal” life. I just told him that that’s his choice, but I also made sure to give him the friendly reminder that he’ll most likely never get a single bite of that freedom carrot, nothing will ever go back to the “normal” he’s envisioning, and he’ll now never be able to get what was injected into him out….. he started talking about his new favourite video game, so I politely told him I had to go back to teach my next student and have now fully given up on him. Psychological warfare is a hell of a thing.

  8. Jesse says:

    So who is ignoring the Law, Code of ethics & professional conduct again? The CPSO or the physicians speaking out because they see violations of ethics, the law & professional conduct? Going to need some seriously corrupt judges & government lawyers to make this stuff stick in court? Probably a big reason why they keep things shut down & dragging their feet in the legal system over the last year. Hoping to run out the clock & get enough sheeple vaccinated before they have to prove any of this crap in a law suit? They are using the administrative state & police to bully & slow any legal recourse to a crawl. Evil people man.

  9. Fact Checker says:

    Reading between the Lines

    The appropriate way to read the paper is to simply insert the sentence, “We must crush them,” after every sentence actually written in the article. To wit:

    The prestige of both individual anti-maskers and the larger Facebook groups to which they belong is tied to displays of skill in accessing, interpreting, critiquing, and visualizing data, as well as the pro-social willingness to share those skills with other interested parties.

    We must crush them.

    This is a community of practice focused on acquiring and transmitting expertise, and on translating that ex- pertise into concrete political action.

    We must crush them.

    Moreover, this is a subculture shaped by mistrust of established authorities and orthodox scientific viewpoints. Its members value individual initiative and ingenuity, trusting scientific analysis only insofar as they can replicate it themselves by accessing and manipulating the data firsthand.

    We must crush them.

    They are highly reflexive about the inherently biased nature of any analysis, and resent what they view as the arrogant self-righteousness of scientific elites.

    We must crush them.

    Reading it reminds one of David Ray Griffin’s book Cognitive Inflitration where he dissects the hypocrisy of Cass Sunstein–hypocrisy so great and transparent that Griffin cheekily argues Sunstein must be on OUR side!

  10. mkey says:

    Disturbing Evidence of How the Media and Governments Lie to Us

    This is a very nice rundown of, some of which previously unknown to me, examples where media lies through their teeth. Obviously there are a lot more. Maybe we could start a nice collection of examples where media sells high tales. Not sure what’s the technical limit on this site for comments on a single article, but it would probably be tested to the limits.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Excellent Video!

      From the tag at the end…
      (Flyers and Posters for Download)

    • vadoum says:

      super shareable site, thanks mkey

    • Control Savvy says:

      Just shared it. Thanks.

    • slurry says:

      I actually have a personal story…. I’ve looked for the actual news coverage but can’t find it online as it happened back in the 90’s.

      My mom worked as a dispatcher for the Regina police for many years (my stepdad was a cop with RPS too). Back then my mom was all about feminism as it was those many years ago and at the shooting range in their basement there was a lack of female targets. My ma was pretty close with her colleagues and thought that it would be horrible if one of her coworkers was ever in a situation where they hesitated and were killed because the criminal was a woman. She volunteered to have her picture taken to put on a target, so they dressed her up like a biker and made the targets (we still have a few). Hooray for feminism lol. About a year had gone by with the targets in use and a “journalist” had gone down to the firing range…. the targets were all black and white and the “journalist” noticed that one of the women on the targets looked like an indigenous person and ran a massive smear campaign against all Saskatchewan police that used the target and claimed police were being intentionally trained to kill native people…. all of the major news outlets ran with it. Of course that was the target with my mom on it. She is absolutely a white person and she wrote into all of those news outlets to say that it was her on the target and she’s not native, but there was never ever a correction made and even the chief of police at the time, who absolutely knew it was her on the target and that she’s white, made a public apology. To this day people still think the police were being trained to kill native people.

      The craziest thing is that this happened directly to my mom, she knows the media lied to push the racism agenda and didn’t correct the story when she told them the truth, yet her and my stepdad fully believe everything they hear from the same mainstream media. The brainwashing is strong.

  11. Fact Checker says:

    “Convincing anti-maskers to support public health measures in the age of COVID-19 will require more than “better” visualizations, data literacy campaigns, or increased public access to data. Rather, it requires a sustained engagement with the social world of visualizations and the people who make or interpret them.”

    Translation: They are not falling for it, and as long as we give them any data at all, they will always parse through our distortions and obfuscations. We need a dedicated agency of real-time data-adjusters, so that we can actively change the data as needed to thwart the dissenters’ debunking efforts.

    “What, then, are visualization researchers and social scientists to do? One step might be to grapple with the social and political dimensions of visualizations at the beginning, rather than the end, of projects [31]. This involves in part a shift from positivist to interpretivist frameworks in visualization research, where we recognize that knowledge we produce in visualization systems is fundamentally “multiple, subjective, and socially constructed””

    Translation: since it’s all going to be bullshit in the final equation anyway, we might as well just fake the data itself, rather than just the interpretation of it on the back-end. Why even bother with the “positivist” data in the first place?

    “A secondary issue is one of uncertainty: …Instead of championing absolute certitude or objectivity…scientists and visualization researchers alike might express uncertainty in the data so as to recognize its socially and historically situated nature.”

    Translation: MOAR WEAZLE WURDS!!! We always need to say the data is uncertain, so that we can just change it as needed to thwart the debunkers! Or better yet, stop giving data altogether. Just say “the data is inconclusive” and mandate what you gonna mandate! God, people, this is propaganda, not fucking rocket science!”

    [Then, the most chilling part.]

    “These skeptical narratives are powerful because they resonate with these these people’s lived experience and—crucially— because they are posted by influential accounts across influential platforms.

    Translation: If you just kill the top ten effective complainers, the network will pretty much scatter to the wind. C’mon, do we have to do everything ourselves? We’re the eggheads! Let’s see some action from the assassination squads! Let’s get a move on people! These brainy little monkeys aren’t going to kill themselves!

  12. butch says:

    Like most readers here, having followed the work of Neil Ferguson and his computer generated scamdemic numbers and that the WHO changed their requirements to declare a “pandemic” from having evidence to basically you don’t need any proof, just make a declaration, I immediately set about trying to inform my large family that convid was a hoax. I had recently purchased the VAX II dvd and wanted to educate them as to the nefarious activity of the CDC. I wanted to invite all for pizza and fun to watch it because of the critical information inherent in the presentation but was met, astonishingly, with social distancing and flatten the curve bs. These are people who love camping, dirt biking and quading, boating, etc.. So I managed to convince them to see me, alone, in the smaller circles of their immediate family in an attempt to tell them the hoax is about coming mandatory vaccines. They were surprised by what they saw and as you may well know, it was not easy and without battle scars to convince them even with the evidence presented in that dvd, the “safe and effective “ brainwashing unbeknownst to me, had taken effect. Honestly I had thought I broke through but last week I asked one sister if any had taken the jab. To my dismay she told me all of them had, except her and my mother, a 90 yr old who says keep all shots away from me. Basically 28 of the 30 in my closest tribe took the jab. Apparently all of the excellent articles from a wide range of evidence based science, are still echoing endlessly in the chamber.

    • cu.h.j says:

      They are going along because they think everyone else is doing it. At least that’s my thought on why people are taking it.

      • Correct.

        I watched the entire Event 201 and the biggest take-away for me by far was the recommendation of the ‘flood the zone’ media strategy.

        Remove that one variable from the equation and we would not have a pandemic, plain and simple.

        It makes me sick to my stomach when I drive in my car listening to the radio, only to hear an ad paid for by the provincial government urging all citizens (especially the 12+ year olds who were recently added to the list) to get their ‘vaccine’.
        They say where to get it, how easy it is and that help is available in more than 300 different languages if required.

        I wouldn’t trust any ‘vaccination’ numbers pushed by the MSM as they try to convince you to join the team.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That is an important anecdote. Thanks so much!

      What really strikes me, repeatedly, is that logic, reason, and facts don’t matter anymore (and maybe they never did.)

      James Corbett excerpt (28:20) regarding a (“kind of”) Red Pill moment from 2020
      “…and it’s not even necessarily a new revelation, but just the power of that revelation has really been hammered home that this is NOT about facts and figures. You’re not going to rationally argue with someone who has not been rationally argued into this position.…”

      Readers of this comment should also go lower at the link for another Corbett QUOTE regarding…
      “… What is the most powerful weapon ever invented?”

    • mkey says:

      Not sure how many sisters you have, but your mother surely did something right if you were, to some extent, imparted with the ability to apply common sense. I like her stance, get that garbage away from me. And she’s the one everyone ought to be protecting.

      Anyhow, I just want to make an obvious point spit shine obvious and bring it to the center:

      While your effort to try and talk some sense into the people in your circle was nothing short of extraordinary, compared to the 24/7, 100% online time signal that is pummeling the spectators and turning their brains into chewing gum; it’s absolutely meaningless.

      To have any chance to succeed, the signal needs to be cut (for example, by defenestrating the TV) and people need to be harrassed with common sense on every oportunity.

      But to have that many “vaccinated” people in your area is really staggering. I’d say that we can expect the people who bit the bullet to stand their ground even firmer, because the vast majority will flat out refuse to entertain the notion that they didn’t make a good call taking some crap into their body.

      That’s probably why they call them booster shots, as they boost resolve to allow staying in the abysmal state of ignorance.

  13. vadoum says:

    Does anyone know of someone who changed from blue to red “piller” over the past year?

    Are people really so dumb? That MIT article was a classic intellectual wank, condensing abstractions to the absurd, syntax that leaves the reader trying to hold some huge load (like the dog pulling the Grinch’s sled). Is the spelling and imagery-abuse so effective as to achieve the same complicity as one under hypnosis? or, are people showing their hands as far as ones ability to resist the psychic current of mass ungnosis? Is one’s capacity to face unknowns and think critically actually a level of maturity that can be won or lost? or does self reliance come from life experience that tempers pride into humility that then permits an open mind?

    and is it really the majority that is so broken, or is it the one dickhead standing on the corner with a megaphone?

    I wonder James, if the stats are yet in for the global death rate of 2020?
    (you had pointed out that there is a reporting delay of 1/2 year? whole year?) We’re living in a psychological pandemic for sure.

    The wise indigenous elders where I’m living say “people are idiots”. They also say that “almost noone can see how “its” really working, and when you finally do, you’ll be mad”. They are sitting way back in the bleachers, not saying much and/but watching the concrescence of a storm they’ve survived (just) for a couple centuries.

    or is there a literal broken circuit for many whereby they simply cant work with a certain level of anti-establishment.. ah f&*ck-it lets go down to the old bread & circus.

    Butch, I sympathize with your story. It is common, but how-why? I have the same problem: my own son, my parents, my brothers & partners & their kids & most of my life long friends have been receiving a years worth of concerted correspondence/efforts from me (I’m living half way around the globe) to share info, to protect them, I’ve been light, humorous, diplomatic sometimes, Ive written to both parnets daily, hundreds of letters, often thoroughly refferenced, sometimes intellectually surgical/ruthless, but nothing sticks,, some have fled all contact, yet some still want to be close, but must do so in a state of denial. This has shattered our sense of mutual trust and so ended real connection, which is exactly the same as pulling the plug.

    • bob387 says:

      The Asch Conformity Experiment. ie. Which line is shortest? Answer: the majority knows the answer. (ie. don’t look at the lines, look at the majority of people and fit in)

      “Most people are getting vaccinated.” Is persuasive to vaccinate.
      “Most people will get severe reactions.” Is persuasive to take the risk.
      “The smartest people are not getting vaccinated.” Is not persuasive, because this group is not the majority.

      Robert Cialdini has written a couple of books about persuasion that are entirely fascinating. Appealing to the majority is a very powerful technique. One story he tells is the case of preventing forest fires. The traditional method used signs that said something like, “80,000 fires were caused by careless campers.” Problem was, fires were increasing (because people subconsciously tend to follow what they perceive as the main group). They changed the message to something like this: “Most campers extinguish their campfires thoroughly.” This approached worked.

  14. vadoum says:

    on a more current strategic note:
    I think if a false flag is called out enough ahead of time (before its foisted), that may be a way of diminishing or even stopping it.

    The local theater here is bringing back movies for the public and opening with “Aliens” (1986) “this time its war”

    considering theres big speculation about UFO disclosure being pegged to be the ground for the next false flag (“in the next few weeks”, “bigger than covid”), for me thats a “lock-step” false flag primer move for the “community center” (cant make this shit up dept).

    Liars have gotten lotsa miles out of preempting the narrative. Beating back the position of guilty until proven innocent can be a huge waste of time/energy, so I say preempt the liars or they’ll keep pretending to take that higher ground.

    we may save some friends lives and but theres still the “biggest gun” factor (based on direct experience this would be the physics that turned 200,000tons of concrete and steel into a nothing-burger rubble pile and a whole lotta dust in approximately 10 seconds.

    • vadoum says:

      like James said “the most powerful weapon,,” (he was saying “the pen”, but I bet thats just some pen’s idea). Its always been that the biggest gun gets to be the boss. except maybe back in the day,,, the “golden age” when demi gods lived long played hard. enlightenment was common as a glass of water..

      The Hindu historical record calls this time now “Kalijuga” & not suprisingly some of the descriptions fit like a glove, space ships and all. heres a place to start with that info:

  15. candlelight says:

    James says “…—far from a seat-of-the-pants response to an out-of-the-blue and ultra-deadly pandemic—…”

    I’m not quite sure how James is framing “ultra-deadly pandemic”. Is he being literal, or facetious?

    Based upon his work during the past year, one might conclude that “ultra-deadly pandemic” is being used facetiously. But, nowhere in this report is there direct support for the idea of James being facetious about the deadliness of the pandemic, or specifically, the disease, itself. Obviously, he believes the pandemic is not out-of-the-blue, but was planned, and in that sense, a scam, and he expresses that thought, repeatedly. And although he’s never believed in the necessity of masks or social distancing, and early on was mocking Covid-19 as a non-issue, thinking it not particularly deadly and/or dangerous, is he now somehow skirting the issue of the disease’s deadliness by adding that little descriptive kicker – “ultra” – in front of the word “deadly”, in order to circumvent the discussion that it is, if not ultra-deadly, deadly. Which is to say, in the context of his work, here he is stating that the pandemic is very deadly, yet, only as parody, joking at the same time.

    Forgetting for a moment about Klaus Schwab, the Great Reset, Gates, Fauci, et al, and all that that malfeasance disgustingly represents, the fact is, for over a year, we’ve seen that the disease, Covid-19, is not entirely just about granny’s well being. You don’t have to be old and frail to get your ass kicked real good with this disease…. I like to go back to what Jason Burmas very candidly said in the linked podcast a year ago – “…this is an infectious carrier disease, however, if it gets you, you know, it can rapidly take your life. And, I’ve seen that…you know, again, when a mother loses her son, her brother, and, you know, a father, within a week’s time to this, yeah, were they all diabetic? Probably. You know, but would that happen with the flu?”

    The answer to Burmas’ rhetorical question is obvious. It would not have happened if it were the flu. Without pandering, Bermas was being candidly forthright and up front, siting one cause and effect of Covid-19 that is all too real.

    My one and only critique, truly, of James’ work regarding Covid-19, aspects of which, by the way, have been uncannily prescient, is that the potential for significant, and possibly permanent harm from getting a good case of Covid-19 – way more so than influenza – should not be poo-pooed, overlooked and/or unnecessarily dismissed for the sake of an argument.

    For a seeker of truth to be so tactical, not only does it set up a cognizant dissonance, it’s simply wrong.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I’ve seen worse flu seasons. Influenza b can be very deadly. I liken Covid to that. For most people who aren’t obese or diabetic or elderly, Covid isn’t much worse than a cold or flu, from my observation in Northern California. I know New York had it worse and other polluted areas though. I know there are some healthy people who got sick and died from Covid, but this is NOT the norm. I have been heavily exposed throughout the entire pandemic and haven’t caught anything at all. I probably had a mild case in 2019 in Novemeber with a sore throat and cough for a week.

      I have two coworkers who got very ill, one of them with pulmonary embolisms and the other one ended up on a ventilator (they were putting everyone on ventilators with severe disease at that time). Both recovered completely, though the one who was in ICU was out for months. She was morbidly obese, the other one was in his 60s but relatively healthy.

      I think Covid can be severe for sure and that’s why it’s important to know about treatments for it and use them in the beginning. Society did not come to a standstill for the plague as far as I know. I’ve seen kids die from the flu, and plenty of elderly and frail people, but never a peep from the media.

      There are plenty of other deadly diseases out that there that can kill you, not just Covid. It’s good to be as healthy as possible and take care of our bodies and not make them more susceptible to disease by eating crappy food and being sedentary. Some of it is just bad luck, like being in a car wreck on the freeway.

      I would like to see some actual data comparing influenza b during a bad season and Covid. I would bet $50 bucks, flu b had more deaths, because it affects kids. I might be wrong, but I strongly suspect they are very similar in lethality, especially now since we know how to treat Covid.

      • candlelight says:

        Those with diabetes and obesity – not to mention the percentage of elderly – constitute tens and tens of millions of people in the United States, alone. So, that seems like an absurd argument to use age and comorbidity to down play the serious ramifications of Covid-19. As is your painfully flippant implication that if you get hit hard with Covid-19, even though you might be young and healthy, it could just be a bit of bad luck, like so much road kill….

        You’ve seen worse flu seasons? In what way? The number of people coming down with the flu as opposed to those coming down with Covid-19? Or the comparable number of severe symptoms and/or deaths from each? I suppose time will tell concerning such statistics, or maybe it won’t, given the degree of governmental manipulation of reporting standards. But, meanwhile, what is taking place in India? Whatever is going on there seems to be extremely rampant.

        But, in any event, look at the severity of your co-workers. One on a respirator, the other with pulmonary embolisms? Happily they recovered, but was their experience comparable to having a typical bout with the flu? Being out for months? Since when do people take months to recover from the flu? Since when do people develop blood clots throughout their internal organs? I know someone who got it a month ago who had a headache for seven days straight and their face swelled up. Finally it subsided, but the individual has felt brain fog for weeks now. This is not normal. Covid-19 really cannot and should not be compared to the flu in terms of what it does to the body. It’s a different disease, and has different effects, but, just like the flu, it is similar in that you can get a touch of it, or it can kill you. As a novel disease, it is likelier it will prove the more deadly. You may lose your 50 bucks. And, yes, there are plenty of other deadly diseases, but most are not airborne.

        • candlelight says:

          But, that wasn’t my point, at all. Or rather, that was my point, precisely. That Covid-19 is potentially an extremely dangerous and deadly disease, and that aspect of it should be better acknowledged here and I don’t think it is. That was my whole point. I was not arguing for shutting society with lock downs, mandatory masks, social distancing, vaccines, or any other new normal you can think of. I believe these measures should be strictly voluntary, with the notable exception of wearing a mask in hospitals, nursing facilities, pharmacies and supermarkets. Even at this point, I believe the elderly and infirmed should feel secure in their environment, and I believe they have the right to feel the same security going to buy food and medicine, regardless of the purported lack of efficacy masks provide. I believe the elderly deserve that right until this thing has more fully subsided.

          But, that’s it. That’s the extent of my social conditioning.

          In sum total, there is very little else of James’ narrative that I disagree with. Although, connected with the acknowledgement of the seriousness of the disease, or the lack, thereof, I think referencing the “pandemic” as “scamdemic” is contradictory to the term “plandemic” by definition. Scamdemic implies to me that a pandemic doesn’t exist, whereas plandemic signifies a pandemic exists that just happened to be planned. So, the two terms don’t gel.

          I’ve always felt that using the term “scamdemic” is basically idiotic and counterproductive. While “plandemic” is most likely the sorry truth.

          • cu.h.j says:

            But they changed the definition of pandemic. Flu is also a pandemic. People die every year even cute little babies and dear loving grandmas. Disease has been with us for thousands of years.

            It can be deadly but extremely rare in healthy people. And by locking down to “flatten the curve “ they extended it and caused much more deaths.

            There’s a series I watched called perspectives on the pandemic and they had Dr. Witkowski who’s and epidemiologist discuss this. I highly recommend it.

            We’ve had deadlier seasonal pandemics with the new definition of a infectious disease that CAN cause deaths. I think pandemic used to mean WILL cause deaths in healthy people and not a small number but large numbers of deaths like the plague that killed millions.

            I think JC mentioned this that they changed the definition. I don’t recall him saying people didn’t die from Covid. People did die including small numbers of healthy people compared to larger numbers of people with significant health problems.

            People that are immune compromised can die of a cold and do die every year. Plenty of young people die of strokes, heart attacks, cancer or other diseases just because they had a genetic predisposition. We never hear about this in the MSM.

            According to the new definition of pandemic Covid is a pandemic just like other pandemics like flu and other corona viruses. We have never locked down for those or we’re told to be super concerned that they might kill us. I might die of flu b this year even if I was wearing a mask at work. It’s a non zero possibility but I am not going to live in fear nor am I going to live in fear about Covid. Statistically it’s unlikely these diseases will get me. I’m more worried about going broke or starving when the economy tanks.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Worse flu seasons include hospitals being inundated with patients and people lining up in the parking lot to be seen. Hallway beds filled with patients who have to board in the ER. Sick babies being transferred to pediatric units.

          They would not have put my colleague on a ventilator now and were routinely doing this in the beginning. They also weren’t using HCQ or Ivermectin as mainstream therapy either so who knows what might have happened if they had tried those things.

          Flu can be and is also very deadly for people with comorbidities but the MSM didn’t bombard us with that in 2017. Health young people die every year from the flu in case you didn’t know. I would like an accurate comparison of both with no statistical manipulation.

          The clotting disorder Covid can cause is very troubling and they need to target this phenomenon for further treatment.

          The media treated this like SARS or MERS and it’s not as bad as those.

          • cu.h.j says:

            My comment was not meant to be flippant but rather to compare risks statistically. Hospital staff take substantial risks to care for the sick. It is part of our job and where I live we are highly paid. I remember the Ebola scare years ago and was initially very worried about Covid being like that. But facts on the ground at my hospital didn’t bear that out.

            My colleague is back at work again and I am very happy she recovered. I’m sure there are doctors and nurses who died because of Covid and there may have been some that died of “typical flu” in past severe seasons.

    • flammable says:

      Flu seasons do have cases with unusual symptoms but not nearly as frequently now. People point out these uncommon symptoms and claim it is not the flu but it also seems like it is not a viral respiratory illness either. The only example I can think of with thousands suffering unusual symptoms like long term lung damage in “long haul” covid cases is environmental poisoning. We usually only hear about cancer in lawsuits like the Roundup case but most of the harm is blood clots, neurological issues, and organ damage. I don’t think it is simply one cause, one disease. Multiple different diseases could have occurred at one time. Some people had flu or pneumonia. Others might have suffered some form of poisoning.

      • MagicBullet says:

        Candlelight brings up a very interesting semantic issue that has deep consequences.

        I’ll take the liberty to make some definitions:
        1. A “Plandemic” is a consciously planned pandemic of an actual pathogen made or released purposely, or naturally occurring, and then labeled as a pandemic (I’m not sure it needs to be a living object or made of biological material, but let’s skip this for now). The pathogen needs to grow or replicate in a way that it affects persons it encounters.

        We need a test that identifies the pathogen and anchors its findings either directly or indirectly (but definitively) to some physical object to prove the identity of the pathogen or the “plandemic” moniker would be provisional.

        2. A “Scamdemic” is a falsely claimed pandemic where there is no actual pathogen. Candlelight may be correct that scamdemic isn’t a great name, but it illiterates so that’s why it’s used I guess. The scam needs to play out in faked stats, health authority interventions, media, and politics.

        For this, the diagnostic test does not actually identify a real pathogen, i.e., it does not map to an actual physical object (similar to the Theranos scam-illness-demic).

        So what is Covid-19? The Plandemic supporters note the proximity of Wuhan Virology lab as being close to the epicenter, and the gain of function research there. Even the NIH is moving to the leak possibility in the last week. Do they want to be honest or do they want to give an alternative conspiracy for us to latch on and keep us away from the no-virus scenario because that is the only one that leads to no-vaccine?

        The fact is that the PCR has so many technical problems, can lead to more or less cases on demand by changing the cycle no, and it maps only to a yes or no for Covid via a genome of only one-patient produced from a country that produces fake IP all the time-in this case a metagenome of a lung was of mixed biota sequenced by Illumina Inc. that references most all of the metagenome from a computer data base that is only supposed to be used for well-characterized bugs (a novel virus is obviously not well-characterized-see the Zhang et. al. paper), or Illumina could have easily just have this bug and all the variants ready to be pulled out of a loose-leaf book from way before (a “planned-scamdemic”). This on top of the inability to find a purified-isolate (not just a cell culture called isolate).

        Candlelight brings up a crucial issue because it leads to whether society maybe needs or definitely doesn’t need a vaccine regardless of vaccine theories.

        Without prejudice I also add, it is curious whether the blood clots or the long haulers (actually should be called residual symptom cases) are flu or not, but as someone in this field I would say yes they can all be the flu. These symptoms have not been promoted on media channels in past flu seasons but they are in the medical literature. Still, it isn’t really possible to prove or disprove Covid vs flu based on these alone. To be fair to Candlelight, they are scary.

        • zyxzevn says:

          There is also a
          The disease exists,
          but the cases and deaths are a whole other thing.

          The disease exists, as many whistleblower doctors reported
          a disease that is similar to high-altitude sickness.

          The spreading was faked via false positives.
          And the spreading via asymptomatic was just a myth.
          The PCR is 95% false positive at 35 cycles, and also needs
          a counter tests, to exclude other corona viruses for example.
          The cycle counts went up to 45.
          This means that in many areas the virus might not even exist anymore,
          and none of the tests were relevant.
          Some report that 100% of the cases are influenza instead.

          The severity was faked via exaggeration,
          as mainly people that were already sick and weak were affected.
          The disease increased the average age of death, because it
          mainly affected the very old with a weak immune system.

          The severity was also increased by denying cheap treatments
          that actually worked well.
          Starting with vitamin-D or sunshine.
 shows many of them.
          These cheap medicine are a reason why the cases in
          Ghana and India were 100 lower than in the west.
          Instead they were treated with ventilators that had 50% kill rate.
          Additionally they were killed with overdoses (whistleblower).
          The people could easily have been saved with oxygen (whistleblower)
          or with standard anti-viral or standard anti-pneumonia medicines.
          But these working treatments were all censored or even forbidden.

          The deadliness was exaggerated via false diagnoses
          and false reporting of the deaths.
          According to Fuelmich, the latter was around 95% in the US and Italy.
          And 85% in Sweden.
          In the UK every death within 2 months after a positive or false-positive
          test was counted as covid death. So it is probably close to 95% as well.

          All measures taken increased the severity of the disease,
          or even created other problems.
          (the measures were against all science and real experts)
          Masks cause pneumonia and other infections
          Staying indoors kept people in unhealthy environments.
          No sports and no sun and no fresh air made the immune system weaker.
          Social distancing caused immune systems not to pick up some
          viruses to train themselves on. And it caused severe depression
          which caused many elderly to die of loneliness.
          We can see these results in the statistics.

          • zyxzevn says:

            Now we see vaccines having a worse effect than covid ever did.
            The reported “side-effects” are around 1% of what they really are.
            And we have not even seen the long term effects, which are deadly
            according to animal studies.
            So I think this vaxedemic could be devastating.

            This is double masking in Florida:

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              I’m the guy that makes sure the masks fit well.
              What a great job.

            • MagicBullet says:

              I can appreciate DeSantis wants the masks covering the right places.

              Your points are very good.

              About the “illness exists”, I’m not against that, but please show what test is anchored to what biological attribute. The PCR is not anchored well, aside from the ct and other problems (annealing temp, primer concentrations, overlap with flus, adeno, and rsv in the usage manual itself), the genome it maps to in a gene bank as a SURROGATE MARKER is not based on a purified/isolated virus with full base-pair sequencing, only a metagenomic computer data base.

              Antibody tests, are reused Sars-1 tests.

              If you don’t have actual data thats ok, and its ok if you say “its seems to exist”, but its empirical and clinical, not a basic-science proof.

              Its like schizophrenia, adhd, or bipolar disorder, mental illness exists but what’s the validity of the label? These can overlap and change over time. Same as respiratory illnesses can change based on age, other illnesses, environment, drugs, and as you rightly say, now vaxes.

              Without a test anchoring to a measurable physical entity we are lost at sea searching for land and radioing to Dr. Fauchi who says “stay the course brave sailor”.

              • zyxzevn says:

                I don’t think that the scientists involved
                want to isolate the virus.
                It will reveal the scam.
                And probably will reveal how it was leaked.

                The confusion is what gives the casedemic power.
                Now they can claim the flu is a “variant”.

                In the beginning South Korea used old SARS1 anti-body tests
                to discover the virus.
                That seemed to work ok, because they
                were supposed to be similar.
                Based on the early tests the virus seemed to spread
                rapidly among the population with extreme low consequences.
                This is with tests of Homeless in California, and
                tests done by the navy.
                Was this the SarsCov2? Or the Sars1?
                Or were there lots of false positives already?

                The tests were quickly forbidden in the US,
                and months later replaced with more PCR tests.
                Which was more expansive, and had >95% false positives.
                And about 50% of the population had already antibodies
                against the “new virus”.
                In New York the natural herd-immunity seemed reached
                already in april/may. And the measures that were taken
                certainly prevented a full herd-immunity.
                And when people stayed home scared, they started getting
                health problems from all kinds of combinations.
                Especially those with low vitamin-D and diabetes.

                They could be helped easily, if doctors actually cared.
                Instead, the real killing happened in the hospitals.

              • MagicBullet says:

                Thanks for the Good info!

                The MOST important point, the solution is the vax. So, the problem and the reaction have to lead to that. Either the natural virus, the lab leak, or the bioweapon all lead to the vax, but the no-virus means the whole narrative all breaks down yes you are correct. Only, if there was a virus any researcher could make a purified isolate. There is no virus so they only make cell-culture pcr tested non-purified “isolates”.

                Right now, there is no purified-isolated virus, there is only a genome from ONE PATIENT that was made mostly-or completely- in silico. I’ve documented how the metagenomics and the company illumina have made a Theranos 2.0 out of Covid. And the PCR was made to map to the genome made in silico to begin with. It’s circular logic medical fraud.

                Why they are moving to admit lab leak now? People aren’t buying the natural origin, so time to “give the conspiracy dogs another bone to bite at”. They’ve been preparing for this with all the GOF studies anyway.

                See the propaganda explanation from 36:15 here goes on for about 5 min:

                Unless you have proof of sars-cov-2 (not a “cell-culture isolate”, a genome that if you read closely was only primered and data-base referenced), then the virus on paper is the only and best explanation. Neither deaths in India or Italy due to lockdowns or pollution, or blood clots, long haulers, or loss of smell or taste, are proof of Covid, they all happen in the flu (on research and other pre-and even post-Covid health sites), they are just not popular so many people believe them.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Bermas had a distorted perspective at the time, and was doing his best to report the anecdotes he was getting from his network at the time, which included local nurses and med-techs. Those nurses and med-techs were at the time being subjected to a massive campaign of synthetic trauma. Cuomo’s deliberate decisions to force infected patients into mixed populations, and to force every “suspected case” (that is, everyone deliberately forced to mix with “infected patients”) to get put on ventilators created an artificial cluster of illnesses. This, combined with the hysterical pronouncements of every level of “health authorities” as to the unique threat posed by this “novel virus” grossly distorted the on-the-ground perceptions of health-care workers.

      In retrospect, it was all stage-managed hysteria. All the terror about a runaway contagion never materialized. The statistics do not bear out any out-of-the-ordinary phenomenon having occurred. There was merely a cluster of slightly-advanced deaths, in keeping with predictable life expectancy.

      I don’t know if Bermas has since revised his view–bear in mind everyone is trying to deal with the onslaught of misinformation and propaganda as best they can–but what he was saying a year ago does nothing to contradict James’s very reasonable current take that there is no “ultra-deadly pandemic.” It’s fake, and it always was fake.

      • cu.h.j says:

        You’re right that the way the “health authorities” were managing this had an effect on perception and also the MSM with constant bombardment of propaganda.

        I remember one of the ER doctors saying to me “have you seen Italy!” when I was talking him about the actual risk posed to healthy people.

        Before the media hype, we weren’t too worried about Covid. We set up a tent outside to isolate possible Covid infected patients and our tent was never overwhelmed. We did get some very sick people come in but the vast majority of them had multiple co morbidities like diabetes, cancer, COPD, obesity, etc. Most of the sickest people were over 70 and even with this “surge” our ER was not overwhelmed. In fact they had to downsize our staffing because our volume went down with the lockdowns. Then when there was less staff we had staffing shortages because people had taken jobs elsewhere.

        Our patient volume is down like it is in many other California hospitals.

    • Denis says:

      What I see here is only a lot of assumption. You are assuming that Burma’s observations are correct, and he’s probably just assuming that official reason for death is correct. You both assume that you know something about the virus and viral diseases which you probably do not. Even if covid was the reason you both still assume these people wouldn’t have died from flu, bacterial pneumonia or something entirely else.

      OTOH I am aware of few cases of which I am very suspicious. Eg one man in his 30s, semi celebrity (Was best mechanic for certain type of vehicles in the city) had looked healthy but 7 days latter ended up dead because of Covid. Lol. Same city they have been putting people on ventilators and all these people end up dead. Including my former neighbor who was at least in his late 70. They put him immediately on ventilator. Official explanation in media is that doctors don’t know how to use these machines and adjust Oxygen pressure. Lol, of course it has to be something lile ‘our politicians our dumb, they accidentally mess up things.’

      Many similar stories from different parts of the world.

      (To make this clear I don’t promote Joe Rogan. Watch him only if you have reason to think his guest is interesting/informative person.)

      That being said, this clip is IMO definitely worth watching and is in the context of the ‘issue’ I have just mentioned:

      Edit: Thing I forgot to mention, in that city they have also prohibited/made almost impossible (Some did manage to enter with force) patient visits and don’t perform autopsies.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      You bring up some very important points. Glad you did. It keeps the echoes down in an echo chamber. 😉

      My take:
      We know that kids have a 99.997% chance of surviving Covid, and that they aren’t spreaders and rarely have any kind of symptoms. They have a very large Thymus.
      (Reference: Dr. Farella 25 years as a pediatrician – Last part of video )

      I believe that the term “ultra-deadly pandemic” by James was referring to the hyper-accentuated push on FEAR by the “Powers That Should Not Be”. They did (and are doing) everything they could to inject fear into the populace. This sold their narrative, their story.

      People are getting vaccines for reasons of fear…fearful they will kill grandma or fearful they will get sick or fearful that they won’t fit in with their peers or fearful they can’t go to a concert.

      The Authorities did everything they could to be sure that people died, to be sure that people did not get valid information, to be sure that everyone was locked down like never before in history, because this Covid thing was scarier than Freddy Krueger.

      I think it all rolls back to the story, the narrative.
      I believe that was the implication in Corbett’s phrase.

      After all,
      “… What is the most powerful weapon ever invented?”

      I have a confession of the future to make. My pre-crime.
      I plan to use this FEAR tactic that they use. If some pro-Covid-vaccine person rubs me the wrong way, I will scare the shit out them…they won’t be able to sleep at night for fear of getting spastic auto-immune diseases and having two-headed babies.
      The story (narrative) works well with the fuel of FEAR. And it works both ways.

      My above confession said…this type of communication really is not in my nature. I probably won’t use it too often, but I sure will if I run into an asshole.

      • candlelight says:

        Hey HRS,

        …keeping the echoes down in the echo chamber.

        Hmm, that’s a new one on me. But, listen, if that’s what I did, and you’re glad about it, then it’s good to hear that once in awhile, I did something right! Though, I know not what you’re talking about.

        Anyway, there are so many issues here, together with so many varying points of view. Many diverse opinions equally valid in their own ways, while others seemingly holding little water; yet, such observations constitute nothing other than additional opinions.

        Like endless loops.

        So, James’ “ultra-deadly pandemic” is parody.

        Fine. He’s right. It’s not an ultra (whatever “ultra” means. Though, I suppose it means something on the order of the Black Plague, being that that’s how Covid-19 has been hyped as being)-deadly pandemic.

        But, if it’s not ultra-deadly, what is it?

        Whatever it is, I do think by every recent metric, and/or prior metric, it fits the definition of “pandemic”, and even though it’s not the deadliest pandemic the world has ever known, it’s still a pandemic by definition.

        I’ve come to the conclusion that there are only two explanations to refer to it as a scamdemic, and neither of these two reasons – if they are to make any sense, at all – have anything to do with perceiving the pandemic as being nonexistent.

        1. The pandemic was planned. If it’s a plan, it’s a scam.

        2. The pandemic was hyped. That which is hyped, is by nature, a

        Though, I still don’t agree with using “scamdemic” as part of the narrative, for the simple reason that for the “normie” world out there, it sounds too much like someone making a blanket, conspiratorial denial. And that’s a fracture that’s completely unnecessary…IMHO, of course.

        • candlelight says:

          In the meantime, HRS, I fully understand how this pandemic has been played up in the media. I fully understand how and why every valid treatment that wasn’t accompanied by a huge profit margin was, and is, denied legitimacy. I understand the drive to normalize a global vaccination regimen and it’s long range deleterious consequences, and it is quite a mind fuck.

          But, the fact remains, if Covid-19 was planned – which truly seems to have been the case – then this infectious pathogen, as a weapon, was designed and engineered with specific characteristics, notably with a very nastily engineered spike. And, simply put, for those individuals who can’t fight it off, it can do some major damage.

          And, in the exact way we don’t know and can’t know at present, the possible long term effects of the vaccine, we don’t know the possible long term effects of a Covid-19 infection.

          And, in either case, I think anyone who claims otherwise, that they know otherwise, is a lair and an asshole.

          A bit of irony, as this is James’ terrior:

          “Fourth Covid wave hits (Western) Japan”

          Is this for real, or is it just more MSM propaganda? Let’s ask James.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            I’m tracking with you the whole way through, buddy.

            I think you expressed this aspect very well:
            “…was designed and engineered with specific characteristics, notably with a very nastily engineered spike. And, simply put, for those individuals who can’t fight it off, it can do some major damage.”
            I’ve noticed that too, from people I’ve met and also from stories about others.

            These new Covid “waves”…and this may correlate with “shedding” or the spike protein…
            GRAPHS were presented on The Highwire at the 34 minute mark which show vaccination dates and then 3 weeks later a huge massive climb in Covid deaths in a host of countries.

            Anyway, your statements got my mental juices flowing. But I’m just speculating at this point.

          • cu.h.j says:

            It can do damage to people who can’t fight it off. I wonder though if the people who got very sick were given Ivermectin would have improved.

            The spike protein does seem nasty and this is also why I think the mRNA injection is a bad idea. Maybe some people will produce a large amount of it or if it gets into the blood stream can travel and cause blood clots.

            I did notice that along with the respiratory symptoms in severe disease there were significant irregularities in blood work indicating a propensity for blood clots.

            That seemed to be a feature of this. It would be interesting to compare these cases to flu b and see if those features were similar to Covid.

            I think MagicBullet said flu had caused lasting damage noted in medical literature. Maybe I misunderstood. I’m going to do some research and see if I can find anything.

            I have seen patients end up on ventilators who got very sick from the flu. Flu can cause very severe disease as well.

            I’m think Covid might cause more blood clotting issues though based on my observations but my memory is fallible. I looked at charts of patients more carefully this year.

            I do have Ivermectin on hand though to treat myself if I did get sick with Covid. I don’t think I will need it but would definitely use it. I have been very sick from flu twice in my life once for 2 weeks. Had I been that sick now I might have gone to the hospital since I am older now. Flu can be very nasty too.

            • MagicBullet says:

              Yes, long haulers and persistent fever can be due to flu, see for example persistent fever due to the flu here near top

              If you use google, even others, set your search dates to be before Jan 2020.

              • flammable says:

                I was a long hauler back during the 2017-2018 flu epidemic. It was unlike any other flu illness I ever had. My stamina and lung capacity is still not as good as it was before. Doctors says it is rare, unfortunate, but not unprecedented in flu cases. I suspected me working around a lot of gas fumes played a bigger part than the flu.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Regarding some of your statements, this Highwire Episode reinforces some important points that you made.
            THE DEFINITION OF A BIO-WEAPON – Episode 215

            It is the first half of the video with Dr. Fleming.
            I’m still gathering more information about all this information.
            In Dallas, on June 5th, there will be an event.
            I may go.

  16. Duck says:

    On the factory production and maintenance of fake ID’s I was surprised to see that they are telling people not to send in DNA because its possible that in the future it will make them vulnerable. I was always kinda suspcious of it myself , glad to see I’m not just paranoid.

    “… Cover Acquisition Management System, a super-secret register of false identities where the “mechanisms” used by clandestine operators are logged…”
    Did I read that right and they have a database of their fake ID’s???? That online in some way for authorized people to look stuff up in?? So one day it will get hacked…

    “… but also working with banks and credit card security departments to look the other way as they search for identity fraud or money laundering…”
    Hahahaha… I’m sure that this is never used for anything dodgy…

  17. Duck says:

    On Gates using poor foreigners as test subjects

    at about 12-13 min you see the subjects of the congo being used as test subjects… this doc is pretty interesting by itself, if the AIDS thing actually go going thru vaccinations made from chimp bits or not the point is that using poor people and giving them no choice in the matter to “see what happens” is the way its been for a long time

    • Duck says:

      Watching it again I see that they had an actual vaccine mandate there…captive populations cant say no.
      1 Million people forced to test a vaccine… 40:10 onward…..
      The amount of documentable lies told to cover up chimp organs use is amazing.

    • Alchemist says:

      Origin of AIDS <— good documentary! Thanks for posting, Duck.

      Well done, but hard to watch. Those poor monkeys. I wonder how many thousands of them have been harvested alive over the years in the name of science. It’s amazing that anyone lined up for the Covid vax expirament after the polio vax disaster. They know nothing about it, of course, but only because they’ve chosen ignorance. When friends find out I’m anti-vax, they always respond with, “but what about polio?!” To which I reply, “What about AIDS, SV40, DDT poisoning, and the fact that “polio” (paralytic illness) still exists, but has since been renamed? Then they cover their ears and say la la la la la

  18. Duck says:

    Watching the macroagressions interview I thought of THIS scean when they were talking about vaccine updates..
    The Mentat gets fitted with a heart plug and slow poison

  19. arbuck says:

    A scientific argument, a legal argument, or an ethical argument stands or falls purely on its own merits, and not on the “critique” or opinion expressed by either “prestigious institutions” like MIT, the arbitrary application / abuse of powers by government agencies or popular consent of the media or the masses.

    Searching for truth is simply a question of weighing the relevance of facts.

  20. mkey says:

    The Mysterious Death of Dr. Fauci’s Most Notable Critic

    The title is a bit clickbaity, but this is still a good and brief rundown of the relation between god Fauci and dr. Mullis.

  21. Denis says:

    Regarding issue with editing comments, I guess it’s possible that javascript timer isn’t well/always synced with database/backened timer. If save is pressed short before time is out, edit will appear but only locally I guess because it disappears after page is refreshed.

  22. brent.e.r says:

    Here is my open letter to this MIT research team from last week. As you might guess, they haven’t bothered to answer my honest questions.

  23. Steve Smith says:

    I am hoping that someone could explain what facts or information is being used or cited by the PTSB and their mouthpieces to explain what they are referring to as “breakthrough cases”.

    “ According to the CDC, there have been 1,949 so-called “breakthrough” cases involving patients who were hospitalized or who died.

    In all, 18% were fatal and 79% of the cases occurred in people 65 years old or older.

    The CDC notes such breakthrough cases are rare.

    More than 125 million people in the U.S. are now fully vaccinated.”

    I distinctly remember not only James Corbett reporting in his great vaccine video but in many other places as well that the so-called vaccines, which are not traditional vaccines, do not provide protection from contracting the virus or even being infectious. But merely provide some relief from the symptoms if you should get sick.
    Now I am hearing all this talk about “breakthrough cases” and how rare and unusual they are. WTF are they talking about if the crap doesn’t keep people from getting it?

    What am I missing? I could possibly understand how someone not coughing or sneezing as much might help them to not spread something. But that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with what they are talking about. They must be counting on the artificially produced antibodies to protect people from getting the disease right?
    Arrg. This stuff confuses me.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      CDC changes PCR tests for vaccinated persons,
      and also changes metric in counting cases for the Vaccinated Population
      vs the Un-vaccinated Population.

      A “breakthrough case”, is where a vaccinated individual gets Covid.

      Steve, essentially,
      ~~ the CDC now counts Covid Cases in those who have been vaccinated, only if they have died or if they were hospitalized.
      ~~ The PCR testing for vaccinated people also has been recently changed in order to make it less likely for a vaccinated person (who died or is hospitalized ) to test positive.
      (Nothing to see here. Move along.)

      LINK to both LINKS

      • Steve Smith says:

        Thanks HRS. But are they now categorically claiming that their concoctions actually are expected to protect one from infection? Or have they done so from the beginning? Why did I hear so often that the “vaccines only helped with symptoms?
        Why do I feel like I am missing something?

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Steve Smith says:
          “Why do I feel like I am missing something?”

          Coincidentally, I also had the same thought when I first ran across these stories, because like you said “vaccines only helped with symptoms” per the design of the vaccine trials way back at the get go.
          It has always been known that a vaccinated person could get Covid and also could spread Covid.

          I finally realized that “I wasn’t missing anything”, but that the CDC suddenly changed the rules and is just plain, bold-faced being deceptive in order to rig the number count in order to keep good PR about vaccinations, and mainstream media doesn’t squawk a word.

          We aren’t missing anything.
          The CDC says 2 + 2 = 5.
          That kind of math never worked for me.

        • MagicBullet says:

          It’s because the PCR at lower cT is less likely to be positive, but positive just means the test lights up, there is no proof that it is reliable to test for a specific viral infection (see the Yeadon EU petition), and I have already proven there is no Sars-Cov-2 besides a computer generated genome on one patient from Wuhan concocted by a company called Illumina doing metagenomics on a lung wash from the paper by Zhang.

          Do you guys look up science journals and basic science on line and read what they say, look at the methods they used and the companies involved and read, look-up, read, wash-rinse-repeat.

          I can emphasize this point enough. What is the most important point to look at when you heard there was a pandemic? “WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE AND LET ME SEE THE DATA!” We are all bogged down with the 2ndary BS causing us to loose track that COVID is Theranos on steroids: DNA telling you that you have cancer on paper! Get it guys, it’s on paper! People get cancer and people get sick, but nature doesnt scam sickness in addition, only a crime syndicate does.

          There is no virus (an e-m photo does not mean it’s sarscov2 any more than a photo of a snake means it’s poisonous), there is no purified isolate, and no full base pair sequence. The PCR leads only to Covid by the Use Manual (even though is says it cross-reacts). So the vax is can not protect from a virus that doesn’t exist. So you can’t have break-thru of an infection that a vax (actually a mixed bag of bad shit) isn’t meant to prevent in the first place. Did you guys read the Pfizer EUA document with the table on efficacy. There is no endpoint for infection, “they” telling you that are lying.

          The Joe Rogan link above by Dennis on the nocebo effect is pertinent.

          The reason the existence of Covid is so important is because it’s a YES or NO that cant really be argued. Numbers, value of the vax, etc can be argued forever and that’s exactly what the planners want us to do.

        • cu.h.j says:

          I think the recall them saying the concoction protects people from “severe disease “ and they say “it’s 95% effective “ which according to them means that 5% might get sick even if they got Covid.

          Even traditional vaccines )not mRNA or adenovirus vector injections), aren’t 100% effective. For example I have seen a lot of people hospitalized with the flu who got a vaccine. This might be because these people didn’t develop antibodies or the vaccine was based on a strain that didn’t exist.

          I listed to another interview with Knutt Witkowski the epidemiologist who came out against the lockdowns in the beginning of this scam who says that the mRNA injection are based on a virus that doesn’t exist anymore because viruses mutate rapidly.

          He talks about escape strains caused by lockdowns that might cause some serious problems because by not allowing natural immunity to develop by exposure you allow for increasing virulent strains of the virus. And the injection they are giving people won’t provide protection for the new strains. I liked hearing his perspective even though he’s pretty traditional in his views.

    • mkey says:

      You are trying to find sense somewhere none exists.

      PCR, which is abused to create the “pandemic” is also used to find “breakout cases”.

      The fact that they created the “vaccine” to counter symptoms (gauged in a relative risk reduction based on a sliver of nowhere near complete trials) in a pandemic driven by asymptomatic people… soo many words need to be quoted here that I’m wearing out the keys on my virtual keyboard… just keeps adding layers of bullshit to the affair.

      Your confussion is understandable, it’s designed to be that way. Go back to the principles, first things first.

      How do we know there is a “pandemic” going on and what does that word mean? What is the metric used to declare it and what are the conditions that need to be met for it to be declared over?

      Assumptions made about these basic issues and definitions will incur confusion later on.

      • Steve Smith says:

        They make it virtually impossible to explain to normies any of the deceitful tricks that they are employing because there are simply too many layers of lies.

        • mkey says:

          That is exactly why we need to cut right through the layers of bullshit and strike at the root.

          … discussing which “vaccine” is better presupposes any of the “vaccines” is good
          … discussing breakout/shedding presupposes PCR is properly used
          … discussing the source of the “virus”, whether it’s man made or whatever, presupposes the “virus”, contrary to all evidence, is proven to exist

          Discussing anything “pandemics” related needs to be prefaced by a definition of that term. What is it, how is it declared, what’s the metric under which it is invoked. Without knowing what we are talking about, any discussion is utterly pointless. Any words used in any conversation, need to be understood fully by all who take part in the conversation. “Pandemic” is a weaponized word that has its meaning changed once in a while, and nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care. It has a legal, medical, political and economical/finanical meaning. And not one individual in a hundred will know to even start defining it.

          I have posed this very quandary to various of my acquaintances: people will cite a definition from a dictionary (which, of course, does not even broach the topic of the metric involved) and then when I press them for the criteria under which the pandemic is declared, they simply tune out. I have had basically 0 traction among people who weren’t previously introduced to the predicament of the skeptical thought. Or thought in general, it’s safe to say many of these people we try to interface with are not thinking people to any extent of the word.

          Usually, it just boils down to life is tough, we should not be worried about the coming generations as we have woes of our own so saddling those who are coming with indentured servitude is simply how this is going to go down. Life it tough, after all, can’t be helped. Some compared the pandemic with war, it’s basically a call from above, can’t be helped, we gotta do what we gotta do.

          In the end it all boils down to lacking understanding of morality and not realizing the importance of knowing the truth and the process of discovering the truth. People want to be spoon fed data and opinions and they have a tendency to believe well dressed people with 10/10 smiles, screaming at them from their TV sets. Cutting through that signal is one hard task.

          • Steve Smith says:

            This past weekend my wife and I attended a cookout at a friends house because my wife’s sisters were there. One from California with her boyfriend. All in all there were 12 to 15 people at various times.
            Jen and I were the only ones who hadn’t taken the shot.
            Without being too obnoxious, (especially since almost everyone there has already made it clear that they think that I am a paranoid, batshit crazy, tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist who they only associate with on very rare occasions and only because of my sweet spouse), I tried tactfully to inquire of about half of them exactly why they took the shot. I would say that about 30% indicated that they weren’t really concerned with the virus but just wanted to “get back to normal”. For the most part, the rest cited health reasons. Some of them felt their immune systems were not up to par and pretty much all of them were ignorant of the difference between a traditional vaccine and what this stuff is.
            The rabbit holes were everywhere and it was pointless to attempt to lead any of those tipsy folks into any one of them. And not because they were half lit.
            Pretty much everyone I ever speak with about this has been informed solely by what they see on the tube. I am afraid that the battle may be unwinnable. I’ve been noticing more and more people coming to the conclusion that they might just have to give up on trying to convince some people of the truth. I am starting to agree. Especially since they have been cutting me out of their lives anyway. I think I might just make a resolution to only speak about this stuff with those who seek me out. I usually try to talk to everyone I care about but I have been having about the same amount of success reaching people as I did around 40 years ago when I was going about beating everyone I met over the head with my newly discovered Gospel.
            Maybe it was my approach.

            • cu.h.j says:

              I’m sorry they have treated you that way. They don’t deserve to have you in their life.

              I don’t really impose my point of view on others, but rather if they ask me how I feel and they are close will tell them.

              I suspect that there will be some health consequences of taking the mRNA or adenovirus injection and people will have to live with their choices.

              I think the best thing for people to do is focus on building communities for people who know what’s going on and just let the others find their own way. It’s not worth your time to bend over backwards for someone if they refuse to listen.

              I think we need to focus on strengthening agorist economies and communities. People might not see eye to eye all the time, but a common goal of living as a free human being, to make choices without government intervention and to build wealth and prosperity is a good place to start.

              I tend to keep things simple with the “vaccine”, like “it was developed in 6 months, most are developed in 2-4 years and the technology is new and there are people having significant side effects…” I don’t really give people a lecture because if they want to inject themselves with a research chemical who am I to stop them. Life is a good teacher. I’ve learned my own lessons, including that I learn by experience and life has slapped me in the face several times. After that, I pay attention. You can lead a horse to water but can’t make them drink. Save your energy for you and those closest to you.

              • Steve Smith says:

                The isolation is something that I understand that a great many people who have been rudely awakened to the truth about statism have learned to deal with to some extent. The scamdemic has been the final straw for some it seems. And I make it worse because I have a habit of being passionate in my speech which people often interpret as anger. I show exasperation when people refuse to consider evidence and push people to the point of making them uncomfortable.
                And what really ticks me off is that I attended one of Larken Rose’s Candles in the Dark presentations and got a lot out of it. I just don’t seem to have the patience to wait for seeds to germinate and hope for future opportunities for discussion.

                You can’t make horses drink
                You can’t make people think
                But you sure can make em blink
                If you poke em in the eye

            • mkey says:

              You need to take their condition for what it is. It’s mental disease due to brain damage. It takes a tremendous effort to get out of that hole, especially with those who have been heavilly condition for decades.

              It’s probably easier for people who are not following trends and don’t mind taking it easy. Many will refuse to do or say anything others could find distasteful.

              Forget about looking in the mirror and pointing the finger at themselves.

              Generally, I would say that we need to concentrate on planting the seeds, anything more than that is unattainable on a large scale.

  24. cook says:

    [SNIP – Please do not post urls without titles and/or explanations of why people should be clicking on them. Please repost this link with such explanatory text. -JC]

  25. Mishelle says:

    So many great comments, I learn much just reading through them! I looked up a few of the authors of this supposed study and they are listed as current students, not researchers and with no valid credentials that would make me think this is considered legit or taken seriously by anyone at these institutions who would matter. I’d be curious if anyone was able to see or connect with these students on social media b/c I’m not on any platforms in order to check on that, but can’t find any details or pics of them with just a general search.

  26. monkey says:

    I only read the first page and got side tracked in the introduction when I read…

    ” However, despite a preponderance
    of evidence that masks are crucial to reducing viral transmission
    [25, 29, 105],”

    Since Ive read a lot, really, a lot of scientific literature and I was curious if the references had something interesting. So i looked em up and read them. once again I was disappointed. Ive had others(pro maskers) who shared “evidence” with me before and it has been usually non scientific and weak. BUT, here we have a team from MIT. this it a paper with their names on it, these links had to be something!! NOPE

    I dont know if I am being pedantic, or just naive as to the definition of preponderance of evidence

    Preponderance of evidence? hmmm, I mostly hear that term in connection with civi law cases, it is a lower standard of proof and is “Under the preponderance standard, the burden of proof is met when the party with the burden convinces the fact finder that there is a greater than 50% chance that the claim is true.”

    so 50% plus 1, kind seems weak

    Then there is the basic dictionary definition, “1 : a superiority in weight, power, importance, or strength.”

    Superiority now that is strong.

    Sadly the authors of this article fail to buttress the claim of preponderance of evidence by any definition with the citations provided.

    • mkey says:

      Thanks for the information. Just to provide a tidbit for weary readers, in newspeak preponderance means 0%+1. Funny how that works out.

  27. Arby says:

    “These COVID skeptics’ critiques of the mainstream consensus are completely wrong and we need to figure out how to get them to accept our pronouncements with less resistance in the future” say the pro covid 1984 experts.

    I spoke with my cousin on the phone yesterday. He lives on the St Lawrence River just inside of Ontario. I’m in Toronto. He sometimes reads on my blog. No one else in my family does. He was quite disgusted with something I reported about Robert Kennedy remarking that it’s hard to understand how medical researchers can find that animal activists have more sway over them than human rights activists, to the point where they use human foetuses instead of animals. Apparently, the baby’s heart has to be beating when they cut it from the body or it isn’t useful. That’s their made-up science. And, yes, it’s hard to believe that animal activists are responsible for that. My view of the matter is that that is an example of demonic influence, which seems to be what the professional scam artists, who James looks at here, who looked at what caring people came to learn and just wanted to find a way to force them to ignore what they’ve learned.

    • mkey says:

      I would like to assure you that we have the same right to conduct experiments on animals as we do on live or dead fetuses. Zero right. No such right can be had now or at any point in time in the past or the future. It is absolutely morally unjustifiable, no excuse can be grand enough.

  28. Arby says:

    “Physicians who put the public at risk may face an investigation by the CPSO and disciplinary action, when warranted.”

    That’s one of many examples of terrorism coming from the pro covid 1984 camp. Doctors are human and possess free moral agency like all human beings. And they can choose to be evil. And there’s not much that is more evil than a professional healer, who takes the hippocratic oath, setting out to harm others and joining forces with others who are causing great harm to their fellow man.

  29. zyxzevn says:

    Covid “vaccine” efficacy not 95, but around only 1%
    They did some p-hacking by removing a huge part of the data.
    And got the completely wrong number.

    Not in the paper:
    They also manipulated the outcome by having different test-groups.
    The medicine use and medical history were different, and these are
    essential to get a different outcome.

    They also used the PCR test to determine the presence and severity of a disease.
    With different cycles the outcomes may be very different, and is a way
    to pretend that a “vaccine” works.
    When Peter Doshi (British Medical Journal) only looked at the symptoms, there
    were almost no differences in covid cases.

    It is not really a vaccine, but an mRNA treatment.
    In a normal vaccine the spike-proteins are injected.
    The immune system creates anti-bodies against the spike-protein,
    first marker-antibodies, then killer-antibodies.
    (Source the highwire)
    And for this there must be a balance between the immune system
    and the spike-proteins. (my own conclusion)

    The mRNA lets the cells that they infiltrate make spike-proteins.
    The immune system needs to fight this.
    So the immune system attacks the cells that are producing
    the spike-proteins. Could this lead to further auto-immunity?

    The mRNA has no stopping code (usually regulated via RNA).
    So (based on my biological knowledge) there is not a good
    balance between the spike-proteins and the immune system.
    Is the immune system stressed or weak?
    Is the mRNA in the cells not stopped fast enough?
    A sever fever is already very common.
    (NHS: 50% report severe fever after vaccine)
    Too much spike-proteins cause an inflammation, which is like
    a severe fever with damaging side-effects. (2% mild side-effects?)
    What cells are producing the spike-proteins?
    Those in the heart? (VAERS: 300x more cardiac deaths with covid vaccine)
    Or in the brain? (Many nerve-system problems)
    Spike-proteins can also cause blood-cloths. (safety study 2007?)

    It is like playing Russian Roulette with your body.

  30. bob387 says:

    Interesting interview of Dr. Peter McCollough over the failure to treat covid (found it on Meryl Nass’ blog)

    You’d almost think there was a conspiracy.

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