Interview 1576 - James Corbett on Solutions for Resisting Technocracy

09/14/202028 Comments

James Corbett joins Vinny Eastwood of The Vinny Eastwood Show to discuss solutions for an increasingly technocratic world. From acts of resistance like culture jamming to building alternative currencies and self-sustaining communities in the peer-to-peer economy, don't miss this important discussion of what people can do to take their lives back into their own hands.

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  1. robert.t says:

    Many thanks again, James. Important work at a crucial time.

    “Trans” means one is lousy at the thing one is moving away from. In the case of transhumanists, they do make very poor humans.

    The perfect symbol of these aspiring masters is a spongy, lukewarm lab-grown cheeseburger to replace a spongy, lukewarm conventional cheeseburger. They are people who have never had taste, imagination or a truly interesting thought. Boundless energy, money and resources, sure…but nowhere to go with it all. They are “trans” because they are lousy at “here”, lousy at “now”, lousy at “me”.

    What say we give the globsters something they’ve never had from us before? Instead of our ridicule or our outrage, let’s give them…

    Our pity!

    • eat my cake says:

      the TRANSmuting of the globulist impotance,,,

      Impotant, they have lost capacity to feel (happy, well, satisfied, at peace, inspired,,) because of having exploited & bludgeoned others: another version of deep-end diving into a pool of insanity,, dominators attempt to cure their jealousy by aggression. bad idea/slippery slope

      Wanting to stop this nonsense might be facilitated with “pity”. Being saddened by the ultimately dead-end choices that the dominators have made, feeling sorry for them, is high ground, but perhaps from the perspective of “many lives”, in other words, one would pity ones torturer, and karmic law will sort out the teachings for both players over life times (so some models say), and if real compassion is there, the torturer will see a way out of or work through or let go of or pay for his/her demise. In some traditions they become allies (never stop thanking), for the one who shone that compassioned light (an obligation to serve). This saintly type of carry-on is accomplished by seeing the evil as divinity in disguise. over 57yrs, I might of met a small handful of people who could see like that.

      On the other hand “pitying” may confuse the dumb dominators, by prempting their righteousness, but also may doubly piss-off a smart one (smart meaning quick-intellect, not to be confused with clever-wise) who will see the pity as condescension.

      I think the point here is of at least taking back ones power, lotsa indignance can slip into the realms of self pity, and I think you’re right, better to offer pity and come from the angle of reaching towards someone who’s damaged.

  2. GoodFolkBrendan says:

    As far as the discussion about cryptocurrency goes, please consider very strongly backing a specific one that if widely adopted would best ensure freedom.

    I am talking about Monero of course.

    Bitcoin is a surveillance coin, and Ethereums presale ICO metrics strongly suggest a much more narrowly controlled supply than presumed.

    Monero Memetic Music Video

    Monero Means Money

    Tyvm James for everything you do, and I will step up duly.


    • scpat says:

      Yes, I concur. Monero > other crypto currencies

      However, it really needs to become more user friendly and more mobile and easily usable. If that can be done while preserving the anonymity and security of it, then I think it has a lot of potential.

  3. c9731 says:

    Hey James, what your thought on this thing: there are many professional warriors, green berets, snipers and so on… why then nobody tries to kill Bill Gates and Rothschild’s and others, it can’t be that hard.

    • Alchemist says:

      My thoughts are if there have been any attempts, we’d never hear about them in the news bc that might encourage copy cats. I think a lot of people are too focused on the faces though… let’s just say, when it comes to burning books, two can play that game;)

      Most of us won’t play dirty like that though. We all have our different approaches. At the very least, we should focus on raising our vibrations to strengthen the collective positive energy.

  4. catie says:

    To decompress from all the hard-core truth & reality, I will go to youtube and watch videos on cats or some other animal. They make me laugh which is what many of us ‘truthers’ don’t do enough of sometimes.

    Great interview.

  5. nirvana says:

    What beats the psychomatic control freaks is Loving from the Heart, Dancing, Singing, enjoying yourself and most importantly, Humor.

    Mos Eisley

    the Grinch

  6. dregeye says:

    The closing words of this interview brought to mind lyrics from my recent ‘favorite’ band’s song “Edge of the World”:

    (last verse)
    “As long as you’re still alive, remember
    – don’t fear standing up, don’t ever give it up
    Until the day you meet your end, it’s not over
    – let your soul shine inside of your heart
    As long as you’re still alive, remember
    – keep your dignity, stay true to who you are
    Until the day you meet your end, it’s not over
    – let your heart love and always be loved

    How you live will always live on
    As your way of life, forever”

    The band is LOVEBITES, lyrics by vocalist, asami

  7. James.L says:

    What do you people think about communal work? Meaning if we don’t want large corporations that we create a communally owned business where all of the participants have an equal share and say in what goes on.

  8. Jake Lemay says:

    Someone posted a link to Twitter for this recent Corbett video. I find James to be well spoken and interesting so I clicked on the link. Here is what I saw next:

    Warning: this link may be unsafe

    The link you are trying to access has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially spammy or unsafe, in accordance with Twitter’s URL Policy. This link could fall into any of the below categories:

    malicious links that could steal personal information or harm electronic devices
    spammy links that mislead people or disrupt their experience
    violent or misleading content that could lead to real-world harm
    certain categories of content that, if posted directly on Twitter, are a violation of the Twitter Rules
    Ignore this warning and continue

  9. Alchemist says:

    Let’s win this thing! Now you’re speaking my language. The way I see it, a NWO is unavoidable, but not necessarily bad. It could go one of two ways—complete enslavement or complete freedom in a voluntary world. This is the only opportunity we’ve ever had or ever will have to fix what was broken about the old way. It’ll be a long and bumpy road, but I have faith that we’ll get there.

    About the girl with the beautiful painting, I’m sure over time she’s gotten used to the angry scribblers, but that won’t stop her from painting;)

  10. Alchemist says:

    Just for fun

    Civilized Hell by Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real

  11. manbearpig says:

    This interview started out a little painful to watch and ended up being quite enjoyable.

    But I still don’t understand how we can “beat this thing” using their tech toys, even “open source” ones.

    If “we” do, then it’ll have been with “their” blessing. “They” control the on/off switch and even our most profound human values to a very large extent, via culture, education and the media we can obtain to forge them. This website withstanding. And it still is.

    It’ll be like the illusory Bernaysian democracy we’ve lived with over the past century. We’ll FEEL we have the power, “off the grid”, we’ll have to work harder for it, sacrifice more to obtain it, but it will still be illusory, granted to us if not destroyed. As a predicted and predictable part of the plan.

    At least we’ll feel better, if not physically, (being groped by anti-riot thugs) then … “spiritually”? ideologically? knowing we’re trying to live according to our own principles.
    Learning about who we are… always a good thing.

    But we’re not “beating” anything using their toys. Best not fool ourselves.

    Where do you want to go underground? Marching against masks on their village square?

    They’ve got the judo thing down; using our own momentum launched at them, against us as we’re prodded on like bulls chasing red flags.

    Nevertheless, individual awakening and testing our limits by surpassing them is very valuable.

    But “opposing” “them” or their “great reset”, their NWO, is locking ourselves into their game, throwing our energy and creativity behind the fake duality they’ve erected, only to have it flung back into our faces.

    Individual vs. Collective, Slavery vs. Freedom, Technocracy vs. Humanity
    Us vs. Them.

    Adversity is a powerful force but after a while, perhaps there’s another way to grow that has nothing to do with just staying home and “accepting this”?

    Not sure that’s “worth your attention or consideration”.

  12. Octium says:

    Just a couple of comments…

    Firstly, I do think ‘truthers’ have been really innovative when it comes to culture jamming. It’s just that they don’t enjoy the privilege granted to them by the mainstream media that Extinction Rebellion enjoys.

    Truthers have to fund their activities from their own wallet, Extinction Rebellion is well funded by the powers that be. The media will cover their stunts so you get to hear about them.

    Occasionally we get lucky, for example, once our group was handing out pamphlets outside parliament when one of the local politicians called a press conference. One the guys carries a voice recorder on him just in case he gets harassed by police – he sneaked into the press huddle with his recorder pointed towards the pollys face (one of them) and asked him “What’s your opinion on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement?”

    The stunned politician was so surprised that anyone in the media would ask such a question, what we didn’t realise at the time was that the broadcast was live across the entire country 🙂

    Of course the episode was not rebroadcast along with the other questions latter. However it was the first time ever that the TPP was mentioned on national TV despite it being 8 years in the making.

    On the subject of decompression, sadly I have seen too many ‘awake’ people burn out from exploring the depths of the rabbit hole too deeply. Often resorting to drugging themselves up with Hollywood movies and video game addiction to blot it all out.

    It’s a shame really. If there is such thing as a ‘soul tourists’ – souls that can visit any time or space to experience the most interesting parts of history. Right here and now would be be the prime tourist destination!

    People alive today will know more than anyone who lived in the past and most likely more than anyone in the future. If you are of a reasonable age you have experienced what life is like without being permanently bonded to a screen, something most children now will never ever know.

    Unlike people from the past however, you have also witness some of the most incredible things that people back then could only imagine.

    Of course this only applies to people who are awake, the sheeple/normies/zombies/NPC don’t experience anything at all, they may as well be dead.

    So if you are awake today you are lucky!!

    Or perhaps your soul planned it all?

  13. mas says:

    Appreciate all you do to promote the Agora. Unfortunately, I could find nothing functional on the non-dark web to enable counter-economy buyers and sellers to find each other online. So, I started https://Agorist.Market to fill this void for our community. Listings are free for Agorists accepting payment outside the banking system. All business inquiries and transactions are peer to peer, separate from the website. The opportunity to share more about this project would be welcome. Also, if there is something serving this purpose which I overlooked, it would be good to know about and it will be listed on the site as another resource for our community.

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    At the end of this interview,
    James Corbett says:
    “Let’s win this thing.”

    At the 34 minute mark,
    James Corbett says:
    “The Ring of Power is there to be used to eliminate anything you don’t like.
    That is what it is for…
    …to destroy anything they don’t like or control….”

  15. MagicBullet says:

    Let me introduce this great reference for when you want to see who funds and influences companies, markets, and our minds:
    put some stuff in the search blank like the BMGF and enjoy.

  16. lauri.r says: I really suggest you to watch this clip from the “funeral” Trump greets all of the so called deepstate.

  17. spider says:

    The interviewer made some incorrect comments concerning Tibet. This link will dispel these erroneous ideas.

  18. Steve Smith says:

    I really enjoyed this interview. Bit of optimism there at the end too.
    A little surprised that James didn’t mention his music as a means of decompression as I find that it is my most important distraction. But then I am old and don’t have kids. I hear that they can be quite distracting. I have my hands full with my agoraphobic, kleptomaniac Shepherd.

    • Steve Smith says:

      Another of my guilty distractions is the Electric Universe Theory. I was really missing the Thunderbolts Project videos that would be regularly uploaded to themtube and was again delighted to find that somebody who’s channel is called Mad Malloy is copying some of their work to Bitchute.

      I don’t understand all the science but the EU theory rings true to me. It ties lots of loose ends together.
      If you haven’t heard of it before, this might pique your interest.
      The presenter in this lecture called The Scars Of Plasma Dragons, Andrew Hall, is one of my favorites.

  19. Jesse.T.F. says:

    Always great work James!
    There’s probably a better place to leave this.. But it’s definitely on the topic;

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