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Politics is downstream of culture. This is precisely why propaganda is so important to the societal engineers. They have to control the culture and win broad public acceptance of their main agenda items before they try to implement them so that the public believes that the agenda is in fact their own. And this is why culture jamming—hijacking the machinery of propaganda for alterior purposes—is so important. So how can we use this unique cultural moment to our own advantage? I have one idea, but I'm sure you have many many more. Corbett Report members are invited to log in to the site and leave your own ideas in the comments below.

How To Protest (Extinction Rebellion Style!)

UN Warning: Just 3 YEARS Left to Save the Earth!

Extinction Rebellion demands

Extinction Rebellion Accused of Faking a Miners Protest

BBC "coverage" of (fake) protest

Episode 134 – Lessons in Resistance: Culture Jamming

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  1. Jesse says:

    Thanks for doing this James, as usual you come with the reasoned thought out approach. One of the challenges I have found in trying to help people see and digest the truth lately, in the shadow of this Covid-19 Operation, is that they are very clearly operating out of flight or fight mode now, due to the fear being installed by the MSM. When someone is in flight or fight response mode they are incapable of accepting new ideas that contradict or challenge the narrative they have accepted and are reacting too. I’m sure you’ve covered all this more than once over the years, lol.. But being solution oriented what are some strategies people have found to get people out of flight or fight mode so they can actually apply logic? I am trying to meet needs, to show them that they can still make reasoned decisions and take control of their own lives, but even that tact is challenging when really what’s driving them is fear, and I can’t remove or displace the fear without getting them to think critically first.. It’s a difficult cycle to break – the enemy knows this no doubt. If anyone has any insights on this I think it would be beneficial for all..

    • taoss says:

      Jesse, I don’t have any insights at the moment. A friend of mine told me yesterday that the people in her house have gone crazy with fear. She has tried every angle to get them to calm down enough to listen to reason, and has failed. I even suggested getting them to sit down to watch a funny movie or a nature movie, or some sort, to help them settle down but they won’t have it. They think she is just trying to distract them from the imminent threat they so fear. Getting them to watch a truthful video doesn’t work either. They think she is lying. Boy, I would welcome any meaningful suggestions too. Cheers.

      • weilunion says:

        She might wish to take a look at The Monsters are Due on Maple Street, a 1960 Twilight Zone episode.

        As to what to suggest for social activism: Occupy Wall St. but with better organization and more well-reasoned positions. It must be broad and can be an ‘against movement’.

        As I stated in other posts, the Age of Enlightenment is being repealed. A span from about late 1500’s until say, end of WWII?

        Reason is being abdicated for myth and fear.

        And fear really, is the ultimate enemy.

        See the Yippies of the 1960’s and 70’s for ideas as to guerilla theater, etc.

        Problem is that most of what we did back then is now illegal and rigorously prosecutable.

        Appealing one to one is fine, but it must eventually coalesce into a movement to overthrow transnational capitalism and its counterpart, political fascism.

    • Nick Weech says:

      Fight/flight/freeze most people have been locked in very successfully in the UK. They’re in quivering rabbit mode …

      We in the UK were trained to get into lockstep since 2016 with the various referenda then the Brexit mess,the ongoing daily drip of negotiations going nowhere very slowly; but it did successfully get Genpop tuned into slavishly following the media. Then everyone was sucked into this Plandemic; the world changed and we’re all at home. It’s quick and exciting and a BIG THREAT because anyone you meet can kill you by just sneezing on you or even getting into your space.

      Tt’s been so well organised and it’s insanely clever. How did all the necessary different agencies coordinate their responses, get the orders delivered to the appropriate places?
      Most people don’t care- they just want it to end because they’re terrified.
      And meanwhile, while they’re all distracted by threats of Invisible, Imminent Death, the stage scenery is being radically altered by the stagehands … Act 2!

      I’d be hard pushed to find anyone who’s in a state of being atall interested in cogent rational discussion. I’m sorry to be saying that!!

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    BUMP to Corbett’s above link of Episode 134 – Lessons in Resistance: Culture Jamming

    This is the “Happy Carriage” on the New York Subway…
    via Charlie Veitch
    Everything is OK on the New York Subway
    (11 minutes or less depending upon your smiley face)

    Surprisingly, this Corbett Report Video “Culture Jamming with Extinction Rebellion – #PropagandaWatch” showed up on my “YouTube Recommended” as the first video this morning.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      As was noted in one of the comments at the top of the Veitch video, this was made BEFORE Veitch sold out to the 9/11 truth movement.
      I’m sure Luke regrets having made this video with him.

  3. Alex says:

    I was thinking about this the other day. I’m looking for a food delivery job. I had an idea to make business cards with the the Corbett Report logo as seen on your screen saver with the URL for your best of Corbett
    Report page.

    Recommended top 10 for me are

    1. How & Why Big Oil
    2. WW1 Conspiracy
    3. Century Of Enslavement
    4. Crisis of Science
    5. MLK: Truth at last.
    6. Rockefeller Medicine
    7. The Unauthorized Biography of David Rockefeller
    8. Power Corporation Exposed (particularly for us Canadians)
    9. The Bitcoin Psyop. (Not one of my favorite subjects, but highly relevant.)
    10. History is Written by the Winners.

  4. Jay Henehan says:

    I think the episode that expanded my scope of what was really going on was the episode on Danny Casolaro. It connected Iran Contra with the dark money generated by the sale of drugs in America to the Bushes and Clinton’s and all that comes with the family history of those families. Mena, North, Barry Seal, JFK, Sullivan and Cromwell, CIA, etc. The Octopus is a great way to introduce people to the Conspiracy.

  5. Alex says:

    Another idea, though not as likely, would be to get drive-in theaters to play CorbettReport documentaries. There’s a few in the outskirt towns here in Eastern Ontario. They could advertise it on the local news. Being in a car is social/physical distancing.

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    For one “Culture Jamming” idea… Dissing Nutritional Health

    I would like to see a play on the MainStreamMedia’s Propaganda about how Vitamins and Supplements won’t help your health in this Coronavirus Pandemic.
    There are lots of news stories which downplay the role of supplemental nutrition, especially Vitamin C.

    Moreover, stocking up on junk food is important during this death-threatening COVID-19 Pandemic which could devastate a compromised immune system.

    In this Yahoo Finance report and video interview…
    Coronavirus outbreak may have unleashed panic buying of Hostess Twinkies and Ding Dongs

    Alongside those coronavirus prep bags being filled by shoppers with bleach and hand sanitizer may be boxes of long shelf life Twinkies and Ding Dongs.

    “We are seeing that,” Hostess Brands CEO Andy Callahan said on Yahoo Finance’s On the Move, when asked if he is seeing a bump in business as people stock up, should they be trapped at home due to the coronavirus outbreak.

    Added Callahan, “We are benefiting likely in the short-term due to traffic. That’s the great thing about Hostess, we are there to celebrate things. We are there to comfort things. So we are seeing a slight uptick in traffic. It’s too early to tell, a lot of our point of sale data lags.”

    Even without the bump in business, Hostess has been doing just fine….

  7. anoush.n says:

    I love it! So good!! These are probably the most relevant:

    1. Mind Control in American Politics
    2. The Crisis or Science
    3. Rockefeller Medicine
    4. Medical Martial Law
    5. Solutions

  8. mik says:

    How to herd your tax cattle

  9. cas says:

    hey all, i couldn’t agree more with jesse. people are clearly in fight or flight mode and unfortunately not very responsive to new information, to the point of often angrily defending the mainstream narrative. nevertheless, try i will. sidewalk chalk maybe another idea? there are however, many people i wasn’t aware of who are ‘awake’ for want of a better word.

    it seems clear to me that our psyche is understood by people using it against us, a lot better than the general public do. maybe its something we need to understand better?….ourselves?

    i’ve watched over and over again the mainstream take information the independant media is putting out and twisting the information to their own agenda.

    probably the ugliest tactics i’ve seen through this are:

    1) pitching age against age; over 70’s have groceries delivered, while younger people have to endure the freak show that is the supermarket lately. hopes to cause resentments against the older generation.

    2) shaming people for going out and wanting to meet friends. its a natural human response to see/feel the sun and want to go out. hope to cause anger towards those isolating and those not.

    3) trying to make people fearful of their own bodies by not knowing they may have ‘the virus’ and may accidentally harm others with it (also guilt).

    4) constant mainstream threats. ie if we don’t do as they say, more human rights will be taken away. today on the mainstream its been stated that if those going to public parks don’t go home, exercise rights will be taken away from all. causing resentments between those who do go out and won’t.

    people are being pitched against each other. maybe a solution is all those not wanting to isolate (its supposedly a respiratory illness so the worst thing to do is a lack of exercise and or fresh air) should wear a wrist band. so all those who don’t want to be ill stay away from them? and vice versus. cue…mainstream hijack of that idea!
    peace all, x

    • nexangelus says:

      cas, glad it is not just me who has analysed the many “us against them” scenarios that could (but hopefully not) very well ignite some looting, violent and other such unnecessary behaviour.

      James, I suppose thinking up some awesome stunt would take a brave and creative person (to get the media attention called in the first place)…but at ground level, posting leaflets through doors with your website and taster snippets might hopefully snap some out of their bored stupors? Although it might also call unwanted attention if someone decides to snitch on someone they deem to be trying to infect them via info leaflets (our postal system is now, not only on a go slow, it seems that deliveries have stopped altogether in my corner of the map) Everything has me second guessing myself these days!

      You have me thinking as ever, I did remind people on my health and fitness online hangout, that love is contagious (a lovely chap out on my long evening walk, some evenings ago, actually spoke to me), which got some surprising replies, a lot of them quite negative because of however the people in their areas are reacting to this…and some good ol’ British moaning for moaning’s sake of course. My ‘leccy guitar is dusted off, as are some shelves and other things. I have two weeks’ off work now and very itchy fingers, thumbs, toes and limbs.

      You peeps inspire me every day.

  10. ShutR says:

    1. Solutions: Spontaneous Order
    2. This is NOT Normal
    3. Solutions: Turn Off Your TV
    4. Derrick Broze on Opting Out of Technocracy
    5. Solutions: Building Communities
    6. Solutions: The Peer-to-Peer Economy

    As a prank:

    We told you to stay home!

  11. dnspedersen says:

    Laughing at tyrants.
    Fredom music
    Bursting the bubble
    Solutions: Building Communities
    Solutions: The Peer-to-Peer Economy

    • Aphix says:

      Chiming to echo anything from “Laughing at Tyrants” simply because I believe it was already constructed to fulfill exactly this goal.

      Also, Rockefeller Medicine feels particularly apt.

  12. doublek321 says:

    I would say to write stuff on your paper money (while we still have paper money!) like maybe “” but I’m not sure if that’s legal (so do your own research on that). A couple of sites I found discussing the topic (again, though, do your own research):

  13. generalbottlewasher says:

    A lot of these ideas leek out or spontaneously manifest themselves in the world. My world preference is nationalism over globalism. Bottom up responses instead of authoritarian forced top down. Smart is not clever but its helpful in planning action. This link by smart persons is almost too condensed and offers ideas on how to counter culture jamming.
    Contained within you will find ;
    Neo-Missionary Methods
    Big Pharma PR
    Group Think
    Cook the Books
    Who Shot Kennedy ( thinking of I Shot Santa )
    Enforcement Model
    The Dialectic
    China 2.0
    This interview covers what James is asking. All seems to have been put forth by TCR but from an American perspective.
    X22 interview with Dr V.A.Shiva.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      I would like to clarify the thought above. Pardon the small mind.
      Counter-Culture Jamming is like Counter-Intellegance. Work to “JAM” the opposition’s culture. This site champions ideas that are disapproved by the system now in power. Every Category, So JAM their culture. Ok. A most ridiculous idea popped out to wake-up the panic stricken’s sub-conscious.
      A KKK Cone hat is a perfect Virus Shield. We put a little copy on the cone …saying. “Racist Virus”. Stand in a corner and hand out White Canes with CCP flag on the tip. Just enough there to jolt the eyes and hook’em with charged copy. Hand out
      ” emferia” send them on their way .
      Momentarily Overloading the conscious and affectingly “JAM” the systems beam! Ha Ha saved humanity. Imagery.

  14. Libertydan says:

    Acknowledging that “The price of Freedom is eternal Vigilance”, and that Cultural Jamming may be employed as a Means of Vigilance, I think I can say that music has played a major part in preserving Freedom. For some reason Alice Copper’s “No more Mister Nice Guy” comes to mind (see link below). “Hey, Stoopid” is the next song that comes up in the link, which may be even more relevant.

    That said, I think that Rock and Roll was a rebellious movement with some roots, that took the Baby Boomers away from the War Glory films and Propaganda that we were inundated with after WWII. John Lennon once said that The Beatles were bigger than Jesus Christ (and he took a lot of bad Press for it), but when you consider the crowds they were able to play to, and the extent of their popularity around the world, they were able to reach more people in a shorter time frame. Should it be any wonder how The Beatles got on a “Shit List” for the War Profiteers and the CIA? That’s what I call Culture Jamming, and it worked, for awhile.

    As time went on, Rock and Roll rebellious music got replaced with Disco, then, Rap Crap, then Heavy Metal (with devil worship, or did that follow it). In any case, what was once a median for Freedom, and Love for your fellow man, has gradually been eroded.

    The Internet had become a place for Freedom of Speech and instant communication around the world, but it too is becoming cooped by the Profiteers. So, where do we go from here?

    We know that the world financial system is falling apart, and is being covered-up by this world Plandemic (likely because the profiteers are very vulnerable at this time). Yes, I think the “Powers that should not be” have much to fear from people getting together in mass gatherings at this time. The message from the Profiteers is;”Stay at Home” and “Use your Phone” for all communications, so that they can monitor the situation, eh!
    To that, I say, we are going to get a new monetary system out of this, so we should focus on making it a good one.
    Cardano (ADA) is among the best decentralized Crypo currencies that I have seen. Perhaps there are others, but the time to replace the Federal Reserve System is now!

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Llbertydan; If we were to meet on the debris, sorting through odds and ends, would you be offended if I asked if you were an American?
      What will their plan be to keep us apart after the Emergency is over? Don’t you think we will over kill gatherings when that day comes?
      Just wondering.

  15. BbobKS says:

    I have 3 suggestions ,although not from your works .
    This is about The Marxist End Game in interview with Soviet Defector detailing continuing war that America is losing .
    The second suggestion would be Alex Jones documentary Endgame Blueprint to Global Enslavement. Not sure about address perhaps at
    The third is more of a suggestion since I couldn’t find in your archive I would like to see someone put together a documentary about how the Tax exempt Foundations took over medicine destroyed Homeopathic medicine and have brought about the downfall of America with Medical Marxism . The Dodd report to the Reece Committee exposed the foundation of the plan and the American AHCA set up coding and computerized tracking and collating systems , and now with this phase they are going to tie income to this registry is my guess giving us a medical social score based on compliance with medical tyrants .

  16. mkey says:

    While reading the “Sedition field manual” one suggestion hit me like a bomb: glitter bomb. I’m not sure how to build one, but it would have to involve glitter and some awesome super strength glue.

  17. mkey says:

    A suggestion for viewing suggestion:


    This is a very good primer, but I think it could use some editing. Not many a “normie” will find it 2 hours worth of his sober time to listen to this, regardless of how interesting it was.

  18. LenZoo says:

    Whatever topic you choose, keep it under 2:20, it will spread like a ‘virus’ on Twitter.

    Personally, Bio-warfare would fit the lid.

    • mkey says:

      Hopefully, it will be more infectious than Covid-19. Which is kind of ironic, really.

    • Have to be careful with the bio-warfare angle or you might inadvertently fuel the “China-did-this-to-us!” propaganda that the shills, bots & warmongers have begun pushing.

    • Fritzie's dad says:

      Given the limited attention span ‘out there’, I vote for your seminal opus, namely: “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory”.

      Perhaps you could also consider interviewing Jon Rappoport about his recent 3-piece series: “The Creation of a False Epidemic”, which has been referenced in the comments here and elsewhere on your site. He makes several valuable and well-reasoned points, but the series is too long, especially the second part. His conclusions in part 3 are vital – regarding the transition of our current malaise into a technocratic future of an Internet-of-Things world, created and curated by the powers-that-shouldn’t-be specifically to ‘protect us’ from impending harm (like covid-20, -21, etc.) I suggest an interview so that you could encapsulate his theories and emphasize his key points in a shorter, bite-sized video/audio.

  19. manbearpig says:

    -The 3rd Annual Fake News Awards

    -What is Sustainable Development?

    -Carbon Eugenics

    -Orwell’s Nightmare

    -How and Why Big Oil Conquered the World

    You’re clearly trying to ruin my social, professional and conjugal life.

    But hell! Let’s get those videos out! I vow to send them to as many people as I can.

    talk about a reset…

  20. flammable says:

    I have an unoriginal idea that people may not like because the individual who popularized it ended up being controlled opposition.

    But why don’t we try what Stephen Colbert did on his original show except not just for Republican politicians? He would sarcastically take the side of the corrupt elite and expose how terrible it is for the common person and still say it’s a good idea in the end.

    Basically we would argue in favor of the globalists agenda but do such a terrible job at it that everyone would see how bad what they’re supporting is.

    • CQ says:

      Judging by his “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory,” Corbett would do a brilliant Colbert-like spoof of the globalists’ larger-than-covid-19-agenda, wouldn’t he? I like your (semi-) original idea, flammable.

      James? OK, I know, I know. You want *us* to do the heavy lifting. I just sent your above video to an American friend who was in Japan for the past year but had to leave in a hurry with her engineer spouse. She misses the cherry blossoms something fierce. Now I’ll draw up my short list of the Corbett wonders for her to watch during her 24/7(not /365, please!) confinement.

      And then there’s this retired Army special forces friend a’ mine who is waking up fast. Today he asked me for some links. They’re on the way . . .

  21. denise.m says:

    The top three videos I would suggest for the “Corbett Report Challenge” would be:

    1) 5G Dragnet (so people understand the digital dystopia agenda underlying the plandemic)
    2) Medical Martial Law 2020
    3) Lies, Damn Lies, and Coronavirus Infection Numbers

    My next two are a wish list of videos I hope you will make soon:

    4) Mandatory Vaccines
    To really understand the dangerous times we are in, I believe that people need to understand about the push for mandatory vaccines and why that is a very, very bad idea. A search on this site does not show anything comprehensive about vaccines that is up to date (especially about the WHO’s Immunization Agenda 2030 and all the billions being put towards that right now.) But if you cannot make an up to date one, “Know Your Vaccines,” even though it’s a podcast, would be my second choice.

    5) Exposing CDC and WHO Corruption
    This is critical for getting through to normies right now, who are blithely assuming that the World Hell Organization and the Centers for Disease Creation & Propaganda are trustworthy experts! Help us out with this, James! I’m happy to help with the research.

  22. catie says:

    For Corbett Reports to share with people I would suggest any in the Best of Corbett link on the front page of

    Other than that, I would like to see another Documentary!! This time, one that spans the years from 9/11/01 to the current Covid-19 scare that is being perpetrated. In that documentary it would follow a progression of the loss of freedoms, rights, along with the incremental installation of Technological systems that they either quietly enforce or install due to “security” purposes. And of course all the Key events (9/11, the invasions into M.E., Financial Crisis 2008, & Trump election/years). When people see things laid out in chronological order along with the Who, why, and what, and where it is all going, they may then see and understand it better.

    A lot of people can’t see the big picture. That’s why they get stressed and dismissive when you try to explain it. They need to see how the past 20 years of “terror” and government response ties into what is happening now and where it is going. Ultimately, the Technological totalitarian system that has been coveted by the “elite” started long before 9/11, but people “get it” more when time frames are taken into consideration.

  23. trishcomicmom says:

    What about t-shirts that read “Ask Me About the Plandemic”? “Stop the Tyranny” “Stop the Propaganda”?

  24. trishcomicmom says:

    mkey: I also liked Jon Rappoport’s three-part series. It was a good length for me to clean the kitchen while listening.

    I’d also suggest “Propaganda Watch: Social Distancing”; I think that might be short enough to share with some friends, especially those who have a sense that something isn’t right. More and more people seem to be feeling that way, it seems.

    Thank you, James Corbett, for building this awesome community. I am learning so much.

  25. Ethan Hunter says:

    My Big 5 for newbies that are relevant to what we are going through are as follows:

    1. How to Become a Billionaire (and what to do with it)
    Why? Introduces Bill Gates as the person whom he really is affiliated with…the post-carbon eugenics program that is rolling out right now.

    2. China and the New World Order
    Why? The public is becoming increasingly aware of China and their influence on many aspects of our lives…and pointing people to the blueprint of the technocracy agenda that is being promoted here in the U.S.

    3. Social Engineering 101
    Why? Introduces awareness of DEFINITELY what is going on right now…we are being socially engineered by various media outlets toward accepting a whittling away of our civil liberties.

    4. Meet Edward Bernays, Master of Propaganda
    Why? People in general…really, really need to understand what propaganda is and how it is still being used as a tool of social engineering today.

    5. How and Why Big Oil Conquered The World
    Why? Gives, in my opinion, the most detailed outline of globalist power players and their continued influence on our society…especially the continuing eugenics agenda under the guise of front organizations.

    Thanks for you great work as always James!

    P.S. I have a couple of titles for some possible podcasts in the future, here goes:

    1. Meet Bill Gates, 21st Century Eugenicist

    2. The 21st Century Think Tanks – talking about the globalist think tanks that are increasingly influential…such as the World Economic Forum.


    • manbearpig says:

      good choices, good reasons.

    • justine.k says:

      Ditto – Social engineering 101 – YES,
      Definitely WHY Big Oil Conquered the World (both better, I just worry that folks don’t have interest or claim no time)
      Good idea regarding “Bernays, Master of Propaganda”
      and I also think the Big Gates Billionaire vid is good idea as my sister is questioning what’s going on yet asks me “how come Bill Gates is so concerned then?”

    • Jed says:

      Don’t forget to wrap it all up with some Carroll Quigley. The Breneys and Gates of the world are playing on the game board built by the likes of Cecil Rhodes and friends. Quigley’ s work Is huge, gives a holistic understanding to all the private-parts — if you haven’t time to read telephone-book sized works, check out “Tragedy and Hope 101” by Joe Plumber. His distillation of Quigley’s work is bad-ass — takes the English-American establishment, turns it around, bends it over, pulls down its pants and exposes the ‘narleys and giblets’.

    • CQ says:

      I like all the ideas for NEW videos, including the two in your “P.S.,” Ethan.

      So, for James and his three (or more) clones, here’s a compilation of the suggested upcoming episodes (or documentaries):

      (1) Mandatory vaccines

      (2) CDC/WHO corruption

      (3) Timeline from 9/11 to Covid-19 (it could include all the epidemic simulation exercises that have been conducted, starting with Dark Winter in June 2001: see Whitney Webb’s

      (4) Meet Bill Gates, 21st C. Eugenicist

      (5) 21st C. Think Tanks (i.e., WEF)

      (6) WWII (that’s still in the works, huh?)

      Also, I ditto the call for Jon Rappoport to be interviewed here.

  26. karlharvie says:

    What we are experiencing now is the result of letting jewtards into our stolen lands. they ruin everything.

  27. irimias says:

    I went down a couple blocks to the downtown medical hospital in my city and saw 3 tents outside prepared for coronavirus victims. They were all completely empty. I asked the guard how many patients had he seen coming to the hospital since all this started, and he replied “not many”. The entire place was deserted. Sorry I couldn’t think of any pranks. Just wanted to say what I saw with my own eyes and ears at the downtown hospital.

    • It appears virtually nobody anywhere knows anybody who has gotten anything worse than a nasty cold or mild-moderate flu.
      Nothing outside the norm in terms of numbers or severity.
      My worry is that, if people don’t play along with this charade, they’ll release an actual deadly pathogen.

      • Jed says:

        Incredible the number of people who die everyday – – normally — I’ve read the causes of death are being put down as CORVID-19 irregardless. As funeral homes are closed all those corpses have to be stored somewhere. So there’s plenty of opportunity to Berneys viewers into believing there’s a crisis. The year’s tally will tell the tale and I’m betting there’s going to be a statistical decline in causes of death other than CORVID-19.
        I don’t know that they’d release any sort of deadly pathogen other than the usual array of pathos they normally spray, mix, inject and hit us with.
        My solution to all this, and my advise to everyone is adopt an old dog, it’s working wonders for all of us here.

        • I think falsely attributing deaths & illnesses to ‘coronavirus’ is a major part of the foundation of this sham.

          My thoughts exactly on the convenient excess of bodies.
          There’s even plenty of homeless/transient bodies for which cremation can be conveniently delayed.

          Then of course, on top of that, they can simply lie/exaggerate numbers thanks to their nearly complete control of media and major government organizations.

          I’d imagine they’ll find a way to fudge annual cause-of-death reports but probably not all of them, especially at the county level. I be sure to check those reports.

  28. marcie.c says:

    Let’s start a “Shitizen Movement”, and list all of the ways one can become a shitizen…..some of which could be:
    1. Be skeptical
    2. Watch/listen to Corbett Report broadcasts

  29. Culture Jamming Suggestions:

    • Pick up some sidewalk chalk and, in the early morning hours, when the streets are dead (just before people start heading to work), write an important message on a wall or a busy sidewalk, such as “THERE IS NO DEADLY CORONAVIRUS” or “GIVE BACK OUR RIGHTS!! SELF-QUARANTINE MOST VULNERABLE ONLY

    • Attach a neon flyer to a helium balloon with a pin prick near the knot then release it. The helium will remain in the balloon just long enough to get the balloon to some other location in your town/city. Repeat til you run out of balloons & flyers. Don’t use more helium per balloon than you need to. Release them at night.

    • Change the public name for your Wi-Fi network to an important message such as “THERE IS NO VIRUS” (character limit is probably 31 or 32)

    Introductory Video Suggestion:
    I would go with any videos which prove, using mainstream sources, that your government is willing to hurt innocent people in your country.
    The government experimenting on its own citizens for example.
    If the video is long, I would click the Share button below the video (on YouTube) so that you can create a url with a starting time.

    • trishcomicmom says:

      I love this idea. Our Los Angeles neighborhood was pretty quiet tonight and I took some sidewalk chalk and wrote “Freedom” and “Stop the Tyranny” on the sidewalk. I thought of this idea last night, when we went walking and found some people were writing “We’re all in this together,” and other collectivist slogan propaganda on the sidewalks. Freedom lovers can counter the 1984-like propaganda of those who wish to take freedom from us.

    • Jed says:

      Please reconsider the balloons, we pick up dozens of them on the beaches here every day. Nothing shouts “There is no virus” louder than going shopping in one of those hats that cover the whole head, with the three round holes for eyes and mouth. I’m getting one and I can’t wait to try it, one of those “Worst of times, best of times” things to do.

      • Considering that I’ve purchased nearly zero balloons in my entire life and an enormous chunk of the population has stopped buying balloons for the past couple of months, I think we can afford to litter some latex to help save our lives.
        This is one of those cases where you weigh the strategy’s positives against its negatives rather than disregarding the strategy because it might have negatives.
        I do appreciate your concern for the environment and those living in it though, and I will start trying to think of an alternative means of anonymously spreading the flyers. Suggestions appreciated.

  30. Octium says:

    I don’t think the Sheeple are going to be receptive to conspiracy stuff at the moment, even one of my 9/11 truther friends is boarding himself up in his house out of fear of the Boomer Remover.

    One thing that may work is to drive a wedge between the sheeple and the government.

    Ask them to think about why the government was so slow to shutdown international borders, yet was quick to shut down small business and the whole economy instead?

    Perhaps a thank-you from the airlines, by shutting down the whole economy for 9 months and keeping the airlines going – you saved us two weeks profit, and out thanks we have fired our staff so they can have a nice long holiday at home!

    Or maybe a game of Simon says where people are made to do completely stupid and arbitrary things to save themselves from the plague while the words “don’t panic!” flash on the screen.

  31. Fawlty Towers says:

    My idea for culture jamming is to call and raise the paranoia that is starting to surface in my small town, Ontario.

    More and more people are leaving the home in face masks.

    So if I have the opportunity, I would like to buy a full hazmat suit complete with Russian-style gas mask and go shopping with these fearful citizens.

    The looks alone on their faces when they glance my way would be worth the price of admission!

    Also a t-shirt with a biohazard label shown below would be so cool. 🙂

    Hazmat suit
    Gas mask
    Biohazard sign

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      Of course, all the while I would have my trusty battery-powered boombox strapped inside my backpack playing The Police’s “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” in a never-ending loop. 🙂

    • justine.k says:


      I’m in Montreal and I noticed on Saturday afternoon many cop cars in circulation (my 18 yo daughter “it’s creepy”) and one cop car was stopped outside a liquor store and the one of the police officers who got out was wearing literal GAS MASK while his buddy had a regular mask. They got out of their vehicle presumably, as I could see from my car, to tell folks waiting in line to keep appropriate distance.

      I think Canadians are going to feel socially pressured to wear a mask this week! The newspapers went from hyperventilating about ventilators to this Saturday featuring on the front page a nurse making her own mask from her vacuum cleaner filter to go to work…while crying out of fear while driving to work as hospital apparently don’t have masks for nurses! I work in an out-patient clinic and we have masks, just the regular ones.


  32. wendyalisonnora says:

    I suggest “A Century of Enslavement” because the Plandemic is being used for a financial reset.
    Keep up the great work!

  33. LeifNZ says:

    Thing is, the mainstream media is complicit in the “culture jamming” in the Miner example. They are owned by the same powerful entities.

  34. justine.k says:

    I would include 1 or 2 #PropagandaWatch as shortish (17-20 min) and recent 2020 such as

    Just Don’t Call it Global Warming #PropagandaWatch
    Coronavirus and Climate #PropagandaWatch
    How to practice social distancing #PropagandaWatch

    I also voted to others above – will do my part to share the challenge with family & friends!

    • manbearpig says:

      True that both the shorter format of the Propaganda Watch series and its vocation of debunking manipulation makes it a good choice. I like the “Lies, Damned Lies” ones.

  35. Noahsark723 says:

    “Culture jamming” is a dishonest tactic. It would end up turning people off to the message that they most desperately need to hear.

    We need to operate from a place of honesty and without fear. Getting on the news by pretending to be someone else or to be something else is stooping to their level. In turn those in the mainstream media could take those tactics and turn it against us as truth seekers and tellers by galvanizing the uneducated out there still stuck in the superstition of authority and expert worship.

    There are so many solutions that can be implemented but the problem is – is that there are still too many caught in the web of deceit that the controllers weave.

    The collective mind field is still operating under the direction of the hidden hand and at this point we are still at step one in getting people educated. The sad thing is – in my experience is that so many that I talk to do not see the importance of this knowledge and shrink from their responsibility in being educated on the subject. Once enough people wake up, the collective mind field can be taken back into the hands of the individuals acting in concert in regards to our collective reality to address this new world order disease.

    Our collective fate at this point is really in the hands of the ignorant masses – the sleeping giant.

    The song that I wrote – “It Is Now” is about this very subject
    See the lyrics in the video description:

    to be continued in next comment…

  36. Noahsark723 says:

    Continuing on…

    One thing that I have been doing is I have been making post at The Linux Musicians Forum.

    I joined the forum last year because I got into learning how to record my music using linux. When the corona virus thing started I knew that this was the end game unfolding so I started to post there on the subject. Another educated individual at the forum took the post and moved it to its own place in the forum.

    We were going back and forth and then some other members started to chime in who do not know what is really going on so I started to write in such a way to try and explain to them what is going on… There is resistance but if you write in such a way I think their shortcomings and fallacy of thought could be reveled to them. The linux community are full of intelligent people.

    The first post starts here where I begin to try and explain from the foundation:

    …and I have made two post so far addressing them.

    I would suggest that if anyone here has other interest and belong to a forum like this one – to just start posting there and see what comes of it.

    I myself think that if the linux community would become awakened to this subject of the grand conspiracy we would have a bunch of great allies who are well informed when it comes to keeping the internet open and free.

    I also think that everyone who is aware of this conspiracy should move to a linux
    OS to avoid the back doors that are inherent in the windows and apple systems.

    So, join other forums on the net and try to get the message across there – if you meet a psychological brick wall, try to get around it without resorting to attacking them – if you can’t, move on and don’t waste your time…

    The internet is full of forums where educated, intelligent people commune. Join them if you are interested and see what kind of response you get.

    I have some other ideas and I will continue with them in the next post…

    • CQ says:

      I think you wrote a brilliant post on the linux forum, Noahsark723. Your language and tone are measured and sane.

      The responses of these “intelligent people” leave something to be desired, however. First of all, I can’t understand what they’re saying (I guess they’re using intellectual-speak), and secondly, they’re not truly listening to what you have to say. Seems like they’re just knee-jerk repeating what they think they already know.

      Maybe there are folks on that forum who aren’t commenting but who are absorbing everything you’re saying and quietly doing their own research now.

      I’ve copied the Ryan link and will listen to him in the next few hours. Thanks again.

      • Noahsark723 says:

        CQ, Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it!

        Well, Jonetsu I believe is from France from reading his post. And CrocoDuck is from Italy and they do pretty well with english for it not being their first language? I am not sure if that is 100% true (meaning that French and Italian is their first language respectively) but it may be why you were having a hard time understanding what they are writing.

        I do think that there are others reading what is there. There are 1269 views so far and it was started on March 19. If it only reaches one person it is worth it, but hopefully more will come to their senses and snap out of the trance.

        Jonetsu knows what is going on from his own perspective, because he has been on target with what he has to say most of the time. The other folks are blind to what is going on and CrocoDuck is the most vocal out of them all. Maybe he will come around after following the links – I don’t see how one can deny what is presented at the links unless they like practicing willful ignorance, which I have seen plenty of times. People love defending their illusions…

        Thanks again, take care and till next time…

  37. Sunny says:

    I actually strongly oppose the message in this video, but maybe I am missing out on something.

    To my mind, while trying to spread truth is wonderful it is important to do so with standards. Some degree of propaganda, wanting to convince people and catch their attention, perhaps is inevitable. But pranks and deceit is something else…And I think should be avoided.

    I think faking a protest is terrible. And should not be done. Same goes for adults doing teenage pranks, unless in the context of friendly humour.

    I have not seen the culture jamming podcast, but this video by it self does seem to me to convey a clear message that I wish to stand against.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      You make some very good points Sunny.
      Any prank would need to be a responsible, good taste ploy with friendly humor.

      A recent example of poor taste…
      Hackers have been going into ZOOM conferences and doing all kinds of weird things…even playing porn.
      The other day, I watched a Twitter feed of a college class on ZOOM, and students were rudely interrupting with farts, noises and just junky trash talk.

  38. Noahsark723 says:

    Going on… First a minor correction from last post, ultimately doesn’t matter but I didn’t join the linux musicians forum last year, it was in January of this year. Sure seems like last year since all of this bullshit started with this virus.


    Continuing on….

    Ultimately we need to wake the sleeping giant and maybe this will backfire on them. The elite are running a gambit right now on the grand chess board. The have always underestimated the people, they think we are stupid and so forth. Meanwhile they have done everything in their power to poison us mentally, physically and emotionally.

    To take a birds of view of what they are doing – we need to understand that there whole program is about resource control. Resource control = people control and people are the last resource that they want to tap. The matrix movie was a literal analogy of what they want to achieve. Hence the technocracy they are building and everything that goes along with it.

    Ultimately we need to decentralize the power down to the individual and establish our sovereignty at the individual level. This is why I say that it is the individual who is the savior of mankind. And it is only the individual who can establish this for themselves, by freeing themselves – by knowing themselves. This to me is what the Ja’dahgweh is all about and it is why I call my music project Noah’s Ark and The New Ja’dahgweh. Noah’s Ark because it is the end of an age astrologically and the end of another false civilization. Atlantis was real and this modern world is the same thing; it is it’s contemporary equivalent and history repeats itself in great and small cycles because we are still at the mercy of what I call the luciferic mentality.

    Anyway on the macro level – economies need to be based on the real GNP of its respective nations and down to local communities, and any nations economy needs to be base on its agricultural capacity that is why the work of Wendel Berry and other like him are extremely important. Trade should be dealings between nations as nations agreeing to trade with one another see fit with out a global body to regulate it. It is a waste and an unnecessary element – the UN and all of its factions are of this unnecessary nature. But none of this can be dealt with unless the sleeping giant awakens.

    So on the micro level – all of this starts with the individual and it comes down to – that what we don’t do is and may be even more important than what we do, do.

    Since I am coming close to the snip capacity – I will continue on in one more post…

    • CQ says:

      Speaking of technocracy as you do, Noahsark723, have you thought about introducing the forum followers to Patrick Woods’ two books on that essential-to-understand subject?

      • Noahsark723 says:

        CQ, I am not that familiar with Patrick Wood, in fact I have just come across his website a few days ago from some other source, i am not sure from where.

        I didn’t even know it was his site until looking him up because of your suggestion.

        I will have to listen, watch, and read what he has to say before I recommend his work to others.

        It looks like he has his finger to the pulse of what is going on from scanning over his site.

        Thanks for the recommendation!

        • alexandre says:

          Noah, if I can recommend further, listen to Patrick’s interview with John B. Wells’ Caravan to Midnight. It was the first time I saw P.Wood and heard about Technocracy. I remember how it affected me. I downloaded it (to mp3) and listened to it many times in my (then) trips to the city. Since English is not my language, I wanted to get it right. It blew me away, and after that I saw him in TCR also. Obviously that the books are the best thing, but maybe it’s a good start for someone unfamiliar with P. wood – as John B. Wells seemed to be in that interview.

          The link:
          The meet starts around 12 minutes.

    • Jed says:

      Canadian bacon and poached eggs on an English muffin, with a fat wad of that Edward Berneys sauce over the top of it,?!!?, good shit! He should have stopped there the prick, before brainwashing those sufferjets into smokfiends. What the hell, he came from a bad family, his uncle was a real weirdo — downright pervert.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Why Do You Eat Bacon and Eggs?

      You got my vote.

  39. Noahsark723 says:

    Last post, I hope – it is getting late here and I need to get some sleep.

    The idea of giving up cell phones I think is a good one. They need the people to have cell phones as a stepping stone to their full blown technocratic control grid. Get rid of the fucking thing – if you know what is going on – then you know they already have been using it to spy and track you. For that alone is a reason to not have the damn thing.

    Another thing is not to support companies that are part of this conspiracy where and when you can by what you buy. Like amazon – don’t buy shit from that place. amazon is part of this wicked system. Get you books and what ever from other places. Amazon bought whole foods, so don’t shop there. I never liked whole foods to begin with. Go out of your way to join a local CSA – they have popped up all over the place in the last so many years. Support your local farmers! And this idea can apply to any thing and every thing. Sometimes it is better to go without things.

    Other ideas are to no comply with all of these new ideas and laws they are pushing – they say stay indoors, go out if you feel it is ok to do so in your area. When the papers shit comes along to travel – tell them to go to hell – we all have a right to travel, it is not a privilege granted by the state. When they want to vaccinate you/me/us – and they are going house to house to do so – stand your ground and fight them to the death if need be – because that is what the vaccine will be anyway – the new gas chamber.

    Ultimately we need to withdrawal from their system in every way possible and imaginable. To do so takes responsibility, willpower and work. We must yield to overcome them like an aikido master would to an attacker… but we must never surrender to them and their dictates. For it is more than just our own lives that are at stake here – it is our very souls and the whole soul of humanity and what it means to be human. We can’t lay that down at their feet no matter what their demands or threats may be!!!

    The is no savior coming to save us – we are the ones we have been waiting for!!!
    Thank you all for seeking the truth in these times – I appreciate every one you!

    So May It “Secretly” Begin!

  40. karlharvie says:

    Did anyone see the White House press conference today? Trump grabbed the pussies by the balls today. Fauci sitting in a corner like a spitball student. what a great piece of theatre. Light at the end of a tunnel. Fauci’s face mask comment revealed what an absolute jewtard he really is. Trump says we gotta get this company back to work. awesome.

  41. Blameitontheboogie says:

    I’ve been an environmental campaigner since I was 15 and they were saying 50 years ago that we only had a few years left and that everything would be underwater. I was young and naive and I believed it then but I don’t believe it now. It didn’t happen then and it won’t happen now. Actually I personally believe that far from the planet heating up we are actually heading for a cooling. It’s to do with the sun but I know it’s a silly idea for me to think that the sun has anything to do with climate as the computer climate modellers don’t bother to take it into account.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      ha! Good line Blameitontheboogie,
      …I know it’s a silly idea for me to think that the sun has anything to do with climate as the computer climate modellers don’t bother to take it into account.

  42. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Regarding Corbett’s 83 second Video
    Stuck in Quarantine? Take The Corbett Report Challenge!

    I love the backdrop and the attire, along with Corbett’s relaxed, “real” communication. Excellent positioning.

    NOTE to Mr. Corbett
    In the YouTube show notes, the phrase:
    “For more information about The Corbett Report, please go to”

    it does not automatically link like other YouTube videos.

  43. doublek321 says:

    How about finding famous people (actors, athletes, etc) who are known to question stuff and try to get them aware of CorbettReport. Maybe we can reach out via their social media? (e.g. some celebs are active on Twitter). Ideally they’ll check it out and tell their wealthy friends to check it out too.




  44. doublek321 says:

    How about we go to YouTube videos and search the comments section for people who “question stuff” and try to inform them of CorbettReport? There are certain videos that we’re probably more likely to find open-minded people (e.g. videos about Bill Gates and/or Mark Zuckerberg talking about vaccines). The CorbettReport community can probably come up with other types of videos as well.

    Zuckerberg to team up with Bill Gates on coronavirus treatment research

    Bill Gates on the next great epidemic

    • brian.s says:

      Yesterday I found I could no longer comment on YT – first on a ‘captured opposition’ that questioned the narrative – but actually did not. Then on any YT with ant comment.

      Did I do something right?

      I add that while I am critical of many narrative assumptions I don’t incite hatred or seek revenge. I seek to open the mind to restore its true alignment in the heart. I can only do this by being moved and learning by doing.

      I suggest the one that needs to receive the message is the one who thinks they have to wake someone else up.
      So learn by teaching and teach only what you truly want to learn.
      The pathways of connection and communication are far vaster than the limited and limiting thing we currenty identify.
      I didn’t say we are not being deeply challenged. I am saying this needs open depth.

  45. alexandre says:

    Probably not culture jamming, but just ideas that could actually mean something.
    1 – throw away the cell phones, probably in some big demonstration. Some official building, everyone goes there at a certain time and throw the phones over the fence.

    2 – Arrange big open air banquets. #let’s eat. About 30 banquets on a big square with every one eating, drinking, smoking and talking. No phones, no cameras. Reminiscent of Nosferatu, perhaps, and quite apropos.

    3 – or, try to convince the owner of a restaurant to open, maybe at 3AM. People go there and eat…and drink, and smoke, and talk. When the police comes, offer them plates and drinks.

    Number 3 I’m gonna try myself – obviously it won’t work. But I’ll try. I know a guy that has many restaurants and I’ll just throw the idea. You see, it doesn’t matter that “It won’t work”. The thing is to try it anyway because there’s a big difference between theory and practice. You THINK A, but when you do it, many times it’s B and you didn’t know. One thing is absolutely certain. The social-credit score bullshit cannot work without cell phones – unless they chip everybody.

    Now, people laughed at David Icke when he talked about chips, DIDN’T THEY? Now look the conversation going around everywhere. Normal talk today is crazier than Icke ever was, including reptilians.

    • lovetodust says:

      I just watched Icke’s 2 hour interview on London Real. No reptilians. No aliens.

      Very cogent informative all-encompassing talk about what’s going on, how the current plandemic started, and what is possibly/probably about to unfold.

      And in all fairness, he has been predicting a lot of this for years.

      I would recommend watching. I think he calls it exactly like it is.

      Which is actually quite frightening, but I guess you have to walk through the fear/anxiety to get to the inner peace and fortitude.

      And God knows I need enormous inner peace and fortitude just to withstand a visit to the supermarket these days.

  46. Noahsark723 says:

    I just wanted to chime in to post a link to Spiro Skouras’ new video:

    Henry Kissinger and Bill Gates Calls for Mass Vaccination and Global Governance

    This is one to pass around to everyone you know…

    • doublek321 says:

      Isn’t Spiro tied in with Sibel Edmonds? They’re not really trustworthy (see video below).

      • Noahsark723 says:

        I am not really sure. I think he might have mentioned that he worked with newsbud at one point but doesn’t anymore to my understanding.

        The work that he has been doing on his own that is posted on youtube is good from what I have seen so far.

        Thanks for the link on the report on newsbud – I will give it a watch.

        • lovetodust says:

          I had forgotten that Spiro was with Newsbud. I knew I had heard the name but couldn’t place it.

          That being said, I have watched his info the past couple of days. It is the first time in all these years that I actually have watched videos of Bill Gates speaking about population, vaccination, and this particular virus. Scairy.

          He has some clips of Henry Kissinger, too. Wow. Having not seen him in quite sometime it was a shocker.

          I found Spiro well-spoken and informative.

          One never knows these days who is genuine, disinfo, gatekeeper, controlled opposition.

          I go by my gut. If it turns out I’m wrong, so be it.

          I still believe there is an agenda. And it’s not good.

      • alexandre says:

        Yes, it’s him, but the info he’s giving there can be found elsewhere. And not really surprising. Just don’t listen if he goes into his “opinions”.

        Did he do botox as well??

        • alexandre says:

          What I meant to say is that, I understand the suspicion, but there’s lot of information there and not because Sibel went “I’ll just die if I don’t get this recipe” that everything there is rubbish. If he’s on his own, even better. I didn’t know that, Noah.

          • Noahsark723 says:

            Yeah – I like his work and he seems to be good at what he does and how he presents things.

            But I am open – years ago I listened to alex jones everyday until someone started to put certain info in front of me about him and over time it started to become clear.

            I took me some time but I kept digging into to him and then one day it became crystal clear that alex jones is really working for those who he professes to expose — over time it because even more evident when the trump psy-op started.

            So I am open but I have to see it – some people say that Dane Wiggington is an agent and I don’t buy it – I think he is just wrong about some things but he is doing good work where it comes to exposing the geoengineering operations.

            They have had agents operating from at least the Kennedy assassination with people like mark lane, I think that is his name…
            he ended up being discovered as working for the cia.

            • alexandre says:

              Dane Wiggington, yeah, I also like his stuff. He only seems to put geoengineering a the center of the universe, but…I trust what he says. Like you, I’m also open, most of the time, and I also fell for Jones, as did Corbett himself. Some of the info has to be true, but it’s like James says – look at the info, not the guy. Like the Ecuador thing I recently posted. Is it happening elsewhere, in other countries etc, we have to look and think to get to the info itself. I’m not good at thinking in journalistic terms, that’s why I found I could trust Corbett for that. It’s not like he “thinks” for me, but I always go “yes, exactly, that’s what I mean!” you know. These guys think in way I can’t. A doctor once said that Billy Connolly thinks “sideways”. Yeah, exactly. Not good for objective critical thinking.

              After all, did Spiro quit NewsBud?

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                I think that he did “quit”, or rather distance himself quietly.

                Also, I suspect that on occasion, he reads the comments at Corbett Report and watches The Corbett Report in order to pick up on trends or news items.

                The comment section here at Corbett Report has a lot of well sourced information.
                Most of us can’t keep up with all the comments and links and stories.

                The “OPEN SOURCE” Corbett Report is a great tool for any independent media person.
                It is beyond me that many independent media folks don’t use it.
                Oh well, their loss.

              • alexandre says:

                Indeed. As I said once more or less, TCR alone is a library, but when you add the comment sections, it’s like twelve Alexandrias. Just amazing. I can’t keep up with 1% of it.

                Hey, maybe Spiro is already among us, with another name. Come on, man! Reveal yourself! We’re all friends.

      • Noahsark723 says:

        Thanks for the link DoubleK321 – I sort of watched it last night, I fell asleep so I might have missed some points.

        But from what I saw it seemed like it was all sibel’s show and that Spiro was most likely dragged into what ever she got herself and news site into.

        I know that Sibel was one of the 911 whistle blowers and it is quite possible that she had some mind control weapons used on her to knock her off kilter – which could be why she got into to doing what she was doing. Whistle blowers are targets for that kind of shit because they lend “credibility” to what they are doing and saying because of their prior inside positions.

        I recently became aware of Spiro from Ryan Cristian at the Last American Vegabond, and have watched alot of his video reports since then and he is on the level from everything I have watched.

        What ever happened at newsbud is most likely why he is off doing what he is doing on his own.

  47. brian.s says:

    Awakened compassion and discernment is always called for – but increasingly nothing else will do.

    If you are still thinking in fight and flight terms – even as ‘superior understandings to give to others’ – then you have a narrative identity that runs or frames your creative being to a polarising problem-centric perception.

    When fear rises from beneath what we thought were foundations we are undone of our sense of self and world. Ramping up control isn’t more than shouting over our own doubts or being fear-drive – and so the first and urgent need is to stop,

    And tune out of the mind to be tuned to the heart of Silence.
    Inspiration is nothing without willingness to receive it.
    the Spirit of compassionate and unconditional acceptance of your life exactly as it is – has no way to reach a self isolating exclusion zone.

    I am not suggest to calm as a tranquiliser for merely coping (except if thats what is needed to release fear one breath at a time) – but to hold some active ongoing willingness for the peace through which a greater perspective moves and reveals us in presence – for which no description or instructions are needed – because it contains all you need to know – when you need to know it.
    Without presence is impossible, but to be without awareness of presence is conflicted mind and that is our current expertise.

    Keeping our ‘channel of communication and connection open’ is our heart’s awareness. Listening there is the willingness by which the mind becomes the servant instead of the master (which is backwards).

    For every outer reality there is an inner pattern of beliefs and accepted definitions. To bring the inner forward in awareness is to release fixation on the outer as Cause. You are giving meanings to what is going on from your own sense of self and world but with perhaps no awareness this is so. Manipulative intent (that goes around to come around) targets your underlying and often invisible fear-beliefs and wishful diversions or cover stories to give you what you think you want or feel reinforced or threatened by, as a way into using your auto-reactions for their agenda. The only freedom is a self-transparency that goes beyond honesty as usually meant.

    So if you are not on a crash course of inner honesty amidst all kinds of triggers to emotional disturbance, then you are just crashing with the disturbed.

    Spiritual communication cannot really be owned, claimed, weaponised, marketised or denied and withheld pending compliance – but all such attempts give false witness that can degrade, adulterate, dilute and obfuscate the quality and power of alignment in our true being – rather than being baited into aligning in opposition to a perceived threat to who we think we are.

    Many posting here note that others are too fearful to listen. But are you /we being to fearful to listen to them exactly where they are at – and find any moment of shared willingness?
    The answer is not in the problem as framed – but in re-evaluating what is seemed to be from a fresh perspective that is remembered in the movement of our being as simple presence.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  48. Alchemist says:

    Here is a great idea! We need to reach the middle men – law enforcement. Let’s get to work!

    Video intro:

    Letters to law enforcement:

  49. onion says:

    I’ve often wanted to offer a “Corbett Report Challenge” of sorts (my words, too.)

    Take a person who is reticent to engage scepticism, and ask them to instead of watching a Corbett video, to simply visit all of the links below it.

    Ask them to read the stories, piece together what is going on, and then watch the video – to see how far off they are. It might be a successful method of confronting the cognitive dissonance people experience when presented with a disturbing narrative.

  50. HomeRemedySupply says:

    One of my all time favorite Corbett Report videos…
    and one which is extremely important during these times…

    “Economics in One Image”
    (5 minutes)

  51. Octium says:

    Also really important to get the word out to people who are armed.

    Otherwise solutions such as agorism are just hypertheticals when people are banned from assembling in groups of more than two and have no physical means to defend themselves.

  52. Alchemist says:

    If anyone wants to copy/paste the vids I picked for the challenge, here they are! Share with your personal network and in comment sections of popular pages, news channel pages, etc.

    Corbett Report challenge

    VIDEO 1 – Spontaneous Order

    VIDEO 2 – Crisis of Science

    VIDEO 3 – Rockefeller Medicine

    VIDEO 4 – Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve

    VIDEO 5 – This is NOT normal (clip from Medical Martial Law 2020)

  53. Viv Aldistaw says:

    The reason a 911 protest wouldn’t be on the MSM is self evident. In fact if anything that proves it’s being suppressed. How about advertisments on local community TV stations about JFK, 911, or people who have been suicided? You could include links to The Corbett Report, amongst others? The “911 – The truth in 5 minutes” type videos would be ideal.

  54. Vince says:

    Example of Culture Jamming: Free Staters in New Hampshire shined a giant green laser on the building where Trump was having a giant rally. The message? Free Ross Ulbricht!

    Video was taken at the Trump Rally in Manchester, NH on 2/10/2020.

    For more info about the case:
    Sign Ross’s clemency petition:

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That’s cool!
      Thanks Vince.

    • mkey says:

      Those guys like to play around with industrial strenght lasers. They also use it to warn drivers about traffic checkpoints and whatnot. I toyed with the idea of building something similar, but the tempation to blind some nefarious sorry looking buttholes would be just too great to resist. They are not worth breakin the NAP.

  55. generalbottlewasher says:

    It took a while to sink in but from a few others I’ve been inspired

    I must credit Octium for suggesting handing out White Canes.
    This lead me to the idea of handing out blindmans’ canes like the public shaming White Feathers from WW1 era.
    Tripods camera , interview on the street of the everyday man, hospital worker, Bo-hazmat wearer in the supermarket parking lot ect.ect. If they are normie, clueless give me a cane and send them on their way.

    Make blinders with TCR, TSM, Technocracy Now, Rappaports alt media address on the outsides of the blinders.
    TV commercial, good idea Viv Aldistraw sky’s the limit but the plug may get pulled if it could even pass editorial.

  56. manbearpig says:

    speaking of culture jamming;

    this guy, Chris Mann, whom someone had posted a while back, is nothing short of Dangerously talented, WMD calibre; watch and weep:

    • manbearpig says:

      For a moment I blushed, thinking I’d posted something profoundly trite (if that’s not an oxymoron)

      but then I realized it’s precisely this sort of feel-good manipulation that makes the horror (exemplified on the link AAF posted on another page) of forced vaccination acceptable and even heroic in the eyes of “the normie masses”…

      • alexandre says:

        I’m speechless.
        And I had to look up “trite”.

        • manbearpig says:

          Wait ’til you open AAF’s link on the Titus page…

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            And Diogenes walked the streets looking for an honest man. The original cynic.
            You are so damn smart MBP. This is the source of such realization that this country cheered for the 500,000 deaths of Iraqi children. Then pinned metals on the chest of the returning heroes. No wonder there are so many suicides in the ranks.
            For those who don’t know Diogenes, he believed men and women lived a life dictated by rules and taboos. Therefore no one was considered truthful or honest . The cynic is the messenger that always gets killed.
            Your prose are to kind MBP. We are under attack. Guess your just being French and I a cynic. Ah bruto. Could also be the aerial assault today? Jimminy

  57. alexandre says:

    I was going to write something, but it got so big that I did it on a separate blog. It’s an idea that this pandemic is actually a curse, something that came up with a chat with sister while we’re trying to explain why some deaths are occurring that are a bit out of the ordinary, at least over here.

    Here’s the link.

    Egg throwing much welcome, although I believe it will be more of a truckload of chickens. But…it’s just an idea.

    • manbearpig says:

      Yes, interesting; Micheal Crichton described this phenomenon as “Pointing the Bone”. I have to hamsterize just now but when I can I’ll try to post a link I’d posted sometime back with Crichton commenting on Catastrophes, Chernobyl, Climate Change and “Pointing the Bone”.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        manbearpig says:
        Micheal Crichton described this phenomenon as “Pointing the Bone”.

      • alexandre says:

        Was Michael Crichton who told the doctor with the cursed patient story?

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Alex yep!

          As it came into view, from the aether, this is a bone pointing malediction. Chan Zuckerberg Institute

          • alexandre says:

            Didn’t get it – about the Chan Zuckerberg Institute. Zuckerberg is not THE Zuckerberg, is it?

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              Alex. I enjoyed the blog . I visited Venezuela several times in my youth. On the byway from the airport on the coast to the heart of Caracas there was a massive sculpture in the center medium. You come out of a long tunnel and BAM, there it looms. Scary is an understatement. I find a picture but I cant remember the religion it represented. Santa Maria? Or something like that. Blood sucking voodoo. It was a huge work of art.
              Change-Zuckeberg Initiative has to be of that religion.

              • alexandre says:

                Holly cows, it IS that Zuckerberg. These guys are like cancer. I think he’s much more advanced than that. Voodoo are for sissies.

                Very funny that one of the guys there is called Marc MALANDRO. Malandro is what I always say people have to learn about. The “malaco”, the con man. O malandro.

                Would it be Maria de Lionza statue?

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Just has to be. Alex. I couldn’t find it . thanks. What is that Sorcie`re riding?
                Horses-Ass-Dog. a HAD, definitely not in the family of a MBP type,…typer..writer. Or you for that matter. Just say’in Board To Death.
                Ok, I’ll go mow the lawn.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Alex, Lionza, Lionza, Lionza yeah! Horses-Ass-Cat a HAC. here kitty kitty kitty.

                Im so broad, broad to death. Im rethinkirethinking-rethinking putting Linda back out on the frontlawn. In a KKK cone mask. At the least, people will stop circling the block and honking in front of my house. Worked last time. Oops I mean my “Comafornia” friends house.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Alex, ..HAC…HAC.. Haachoo! Good God he’s hacked up a hairball. Wait a minute that’s a Corona Virus. I assumes, ah..exsomes so too!

              • alexandre says:

                No, silly, that’s artistic license. Don’t you know? It’s probably a Luzardo – a mythological beast with 500 eyes, 250 for reading – as some comedian whose name shall remain occult said once. Now, the pointy titties represent the KKK hats. See?

              • manbearpig says:

                Now THAT is one surrealistic monument! Fascinating!

    • alexandre says:

      If that is true, I’ve just become an optimist.

      • Alchemist says:

        It’s a good idea! We need one for citizens of the world.

        Any graphic designers in here?

        • alexandre says:

          At your service, sir.
          I’m not super pro, but I do some stuff. CGI, After Effects etc.

          • Alchemist says:

            Wonderful, I’m glad I asked! If you have time and decide you want to take on this project, please share and I will happily distribute!

            Oh and I’m not a sir 😉

            • alexandre says:

              Yes, I’ve make that mistake before. Then I called her “ma’am” and got fried again. Miss? Milady?

              What’s the idea then? What is “citizens of the world”? I need a briefing! 🙂

              • Alchemist says:

                Ha! I was thinking something more general would be good, so people from any country could use it.

              • alexandre says:

                Ok, I can more or less copy that one, but I would need a picture I could use. Someone with a mask etc. Ideas?

              • mkey says:

                What about Guy Fawkes?

                Remember, remember the fifth of November
                The gunpowder treason and plot.
                I see no reason why gunpowder treason
                Should ever be forgot.

                Guy Fawkes, twas his intent
                To blow up king and parliament.
                Three score barrels were laid below
                To prove old England’s overthrow.

                By God’s mercy he was catched
                With a dark lantern and lighted match.
                Holler boys, holler boys, let the bells ring
                Holler boys, holler boys, God save the King.

                Btw, I’d remove 5G stuff from that leaflet, people are very much primed for 5G. It’s almost as discussing flat earth in that respect. Stuff like that should be kept single issue. Maybe some easy to read URLs or QR codes to official sources to back up the claim an possibly incite someone to actually chdck the content.

                I could help with that, if there’s interest.

              • alexandre says:

                mkey it would help a lot. If you can write the text – and I agree about 5G – that would be great.

                That’s why in advertising you have an art diretor and a “redator” (writer). I was going to copy the text without the UK stuff, but if you can do one, great. I don’t even know how to mess with QR codes.

              • mkey says:

                I’m going to put it on my todo list. Hopefully it will be done in a few days.

              • Alchemist says:

                I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I bet there are some good stock photos you could use

                Also, I’d add a call to action at the end.. a constructive response to the question “What can you do?” The obvious answer is “do not comply!” but it’s also a good chance to direct them to websites that offer more information and solutions (eg. Corbett Report, Freedom Cells).

              • alexandre says:

                Yes, but those aren’t free. You gotta pay. Or steal!:-)

                I had not read the “Letter to the Future”, so maybe that would be one to do? Too long? Not he right time? And if now it seems like it’s game over, what’s the point? – just to throw a pessimistic viewpoint.

              • Alchemist says:

                Ok so I’m not the most computer savvy person, but I was able to get the UK part out with good old Paint! I haven’t gone to the printers yet, so I don’t know how good the quality will be, but I think it’ll be fine. I am happy to email it to you or anyone else interested 🙂

              • alexandre says:

                I’m waiting on mkey to do the text. Isn’t that better than just taking parts out? As for the pic, I think we can use one from the web, no? It’s not like we’re gonna make money from it. Maybe the same picture from the UK thing.

                I think here you can see my email. Send me what you’ve got.

                By the way, Alchemist, just now I got what you meant by “citizens of the world”. Ha ha, holly sh…sorry about that. I’m not english speaker. I thought it was some sort of organization.

              • alexandre says:

                Alchemist. Sorry. By “here” I meant here:

                I already have a base for the pamphlet.

              • manbearpig says:

                very impressed by your collaborative constructive action project all!

              • Alchemist says:

                Ha no worries! Like I said, I don’t know about quality, so maybe it will be better to create from scratch, but I’ll send you what I have and you can tell me what you think. And yes, I think any picture would be fine.

              • mkey says:

                Are we aimig for a new leaflet design or just text or what? I could somewhat copy this design in html for example, so when printed out you could get a really nice resolution out of it. I have some ideas for three leaflets, but better to stick to the basics for the first one.

              • Alchemist says:

                Just checked your channel, Alexandre. I’m feeling you on the Normies Blues!! Wow, one man band over there. Tearing it up on the guitar. So cool!

                Email sent.
                Thank you, Mkey!

              • alexandre says:

                Mkey, I did a base for it copying basically the original. It works pretty well (calls attention etc) so why change it – unless we’re sued for copyrights! I think we can basically do the same text, unless you have a better idea of what info to put there.

                I’ll send Alchemist what I have so far, but if you go to my YT channel and get my email there, send me a hello and I’ll send it to you, so we’re connected on email. (Don’t forget to say “this is Mkey” so I know.

              • alexandre says:

                Thanks, Alchemist, I didn’t mean to promote my channel, it was just so ou could get the email. But glad you liked the Normies Blues. I’m waiting for MPB to answer me because I was gonna post on a thread we had about her experience with her family etc, which was my inspiration for it. But I lost the thread, don’t know where it is.

              • alexandre says:

                Another possibility here (from Rich Planet)

                They’re doing something similar and there are links to Andrew Johnson work.

                Maybe something useful? I’ll wait your emails.

              • mkey says:

                Progress is slow :/ I have made the template and did some of the writing. My intent is to slash at the root of this evil, by exposing the test fallacy. Texts on the left, references and the QR code on the right.


                I think toppling the testing bullshit is critically important. Whenever I try to introduce the testing in the discussion, people simply look the other way or shutdown. Their reaction is staggering.

                I’m checking the sources you provided above.

              • manbearpig says:

                YOu’re as funny as hell!! Humor in everything you do! Whaddya mean “So what??” The Normie Blues and a funny Valentine, I mean a Virus and Thiago too! Of course I don’t blame you, it was transcendental, like a Stormy MOnday and a touch of Ipanema and all the rest. No thumbs down! Stop that!
                Thanks for those indescribable blues…


                and now I want more! Encore maestro!

              • alexandre says:

                See this template.

                It’s big cause it’s 300dpi for print.
                Never mind the text. I can upload just the base without the texts, or you can send me your text and I’ll put it there.

              • mkey says:

                Looks good.

              • mkey says:

                Now I only need to revise this to death.


              • mkey says:

                Just a few seconds shy of an edit. Here’s the source folder.


              • alexandre says:

                Is the anonymous mask negotiable? I feel it makes it too “conspiracy” stuff, for a normie. I’m downloading the package.

              • mkey says:

                What kind of negotiation do you see going on in an open source project?

                My personal preference is that these masked fools shouldn’t be put on my version of the flier. Maybe if it said “bullshit” on the mask? Or “not this fool”? Or “yeah, right”? Or “please don’t arrest me, I’m wearing the damn thing”?

              • alexandre says:

                Now that you explained like that, ok then. Anonymous it is. It’s done then. Once you revise it, is that it?

              • mkey says:

                Well, I’m hoping to see some forks so that I may steal other people’s ideas.

                If you have any suggestions for the image or whatever else bring them right on.

              • alexandre says:

                I already did. After revising it, send it to the liteshot site so Alchemist can download it.

              • Alchemist says:

                Hi Mkey, just wanted to hop on here and thank you for your time invested and the work you did!

  58. Alchemist says:

    This is a great time to teach people about sustainable living, permaculture, self-sufficiency, alternative communities, libertarianism, voluntarism, holistic living, homeschool, etc. Here’s a cool video about permaculture-
    Finance to Farmer:

    I say we give everyone a break from all the heaviness and negativity and offer them refuge with positive images and videos that highlight a better way of life.

  59. Alchemist says:

    A couple questions:
    1. Is this the right thread to share solution ideas?
    2. Is there a thread where everyone states skills they would like to contribute?

    Some solution ideas:
    1. Make hard copies of the constitution, addresses, maps, how-to directions, books, articles, photos, music, etc.
    2. Reach out to sheriffs in your state, thank them for their service and ask them to uphold the constitution
    3. Find ways to stay connected if/when communication is lost

    Urgently needed education for the public:
    1. how to spot propoganda
    2. genocide (seems the masses are only aware of the Holocaust). How does genocide happen so often, what are the signs, and how to stop it?
    3. vaccines
    4. alternative lifestyles

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