Rejoice! The Agora is Growing!

08/02/2020112 Comments

Have you entered a store without the mandated mask affixed to your face?

Visited a friend in violation of a lockdown order?

Frequented a New York bar that didn't offer "substantive" food to go with your beer?

Congratulations! You're a thought criminal!

And here's the best part: There are more thought criminals being born every day!

What am I talking about? The counter-economy, that's what!

Do you know what counter-economics is? And do you know how we can use it to avoid sleepwalking into the coming COVID-1984 nightmare? Well, you will after reading this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber!

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  1. cu.h.j says:

    I think it is growing and I am supporting the business that are operating outside of state control. Other people are too…supporting hair stylists and restaurants that aren’t “obeying “ the guidelines. I think that there would be no way for them to accomplish their plans without substantial compliance meaning complete compliance. Even one though criminal is a seed of resistance and that grows exponentially.

    The psychopaths that are orchestrating this I believe will fail.

  2. generalbottlewasher says:

    I had an interesting conversation with an German immigrant yesterday. He fled east Germany for west Germany with his Mom and Dad as the borders were closing. The rest of the family were left in east Germany. 2 sets of grand parents, Uncles, Aunts, cousins. His comments on socialism, authoritarianism were tactial to him. He learned all about the take over, subsequent abuse to his family first hand. He came to the USA at the age of 27 so he had matured under the two Germanys.
    He claims he can Smell the socialist agenda here in Tulsa . It reminded him of his youth as the clear headed thinkers could only flee the zombiefied masses. He claims he has seen this before. He stated the lost generations of Germans were Snowflakes, and his observations of the 2 lost generations of Snowflakes here in this city reminded him of his youth. He claims these Snowflakes were running to the socialist Masters in complete submission in avoidance of facing any decisions.
    They have no idea of what they are loosing.

    Where have i heard that before. May have been on one of the few independent News outlets? You know you are in trouble when the herd turns for the cliff at warp speed. Thanks James. Agorism is looking better every day, maybe the last border available to cross into a place of hope.
    I can also smell it too my immigrant friend. Tulsa Stinks to high heaven.

    I have seen one business running in the counter economic way. The

    • debra.b says:

      Hi GBW! Wow, that’s one heck of an amazing conversation. Thanks so much for sharing it!
      I agree. There is something rotten in Connecticut as well.

    • Steve Smith says:

      This morning, for the first time since this all started, I had to go shopping. My trusty semi statist spouse has been willing to take that responsibility in order to make sure that her husband doesn’t end up in a confrontation or worse.
      Well, she is gone off to visit family this weekend and I needed some stuff.
      I read on yesterday that Lowe’s, a Home Depot competitor was being reasonable about the mandate so I called the local store to confirm. I asked about their policy and was told that masks are required. I then asked the nice young lady if anyone would put their hands on me or call the police. She immediately said “Oh no, of course not”.
      So I said, “Then I can come get a few things without wearing a mask and I won’t be hassled?” She said, “yes of course”.
      I thanked her and told her that assuming what she told me is true, then Lowe’s was now my favorite hardware store. She laughed and we said goodbye.
      I then called the local Home Depot and went through it again. This time I was told that while they would not put hands on me or call the police, nor would they allow me to check out. Even though they have self check out machines.
      They, like some other cowardly local establishments have lost my business indefinitely.

      Anyway, I set off for my water filters in a good mood so I thought that I would push my luck a bit. I stopped a a Winn Dixie grocery store that was on my way. Didn’t really need anything but I figured I could use some fresh fruit if I got lucky.
      I walked right in, making a point to smile at any of the masked people who seemed to look at me. I grabbed a cart and went about shopping. Not a single person spoke to me except when I asked where the wheat germ was. Nobody knew but they all answered me pleasantly and I eventually found it myself. The cashier was extremely friendly and helpful and never even indicted that she was concerned about my unmasked mug in the slightest.

      At Lowe’s it was just about the same. Not a single negative comment from anyone and a very nice cashier.

      In neither store did I see even one other person without a mask but no one seemed to care much about me. If I got dirty looks I would never know it. I don’t make eye contact with the muzzled ones unless I need to speak with them and its really hard to tell what their expressions are under those face nappies anyhow.

      I am encouraged by this experience.

      • Jed says:

        Very cool Steve. Here on Long Island (NY) places like Trader Joe’s, HD & Lowes have door personal who won’t let you in the store until people exit, and if you’ve no mask they don’t let you in — distance cones set up on the lines, stickers on the floors, so I limit my trips to total necessity— with a little planning just about everything can be delivered. No more impulse buys, less useless arguments.
        It still blows my mind to see people driving alone wearing a mask, or walking outside.with one.

        • Steve Smith says:

          Well, like I said. I’m encouraged. I admit that this was the first time I can remember every feeling anxious about shopping. But I can honestly say that I look forward to doing it again.
          I am an optimist and believe that people are in large part just going along to get along. I think that many people who are still wearing masks are resenting the hell out of it. I think that you can only push people so far and for so long.
          I think that there is a good chance that some people will be tempted to rip the mask off their face if they see enough smiling, engaged people who are just going about their own business in a completely normal way.
          I don’t want to have discussions with strangers in some store even if I think that they would listen. Hardly anyone ever does. I just want to be normal and sane.
          The fact that I am the only one acting sane in a giant store isn’t my fault. But perhaps it is an advantage.

          I really like what they are doing in Utah. Strength in numbers. A little extra bravado too.
          I just have to do what I can as a Luddite loner.

        • Steve Smith says:

          Oh yeah, I meant to say that what you describe is what they were doing here before they “opened” back up. I am certain that those tactics will be rolled back out when it serves their purpose.
          Got to try to do what we can while we have the chance. I guess.

          • lovetodust says:

            Congrats, Steve. I’ve more or less had the same experience overall, but have run into a few upsetting situations. As I’ve said here before, no one said it was going to be easy.

            I know a big supermarket where I can show un-bothered so although not as convenient as I’d like, worth the extra mile.

            I have stopped shopping at local supermarkets, and will not go to my local post office anymore. They have been the worst when it comes to the mask. Even when you hold up the flyer from the town saying medical exempt people SHOULD NOT WEAR A MASK. Oh well.

            However, like you, I am the ONLY person in a store not wearing a mask and one of the only people outdoors.

            I was told last night of some young people in my sphere who spent last weekend at a cottage for summer holiday – apparently one (or more?) didn’t feel well and they all were tested for covid. ALL POSITIVE and they are now quarantining.

            Will it ever end?

            • mik says:

              I can’t get it, this focus on masks.
              So many worse things I’m concerned about in the corona fascism.

              Where I live masks are obligatory for closed spaces, but rarely enforced. So I don’t wear it. Rarely I see some non-masker. I didn’t experience any bothering.
              Just few times security at the entrance demanded to put mask. I play the game with them, I don’t hear/understand them at first. Once a guy was very bossy …oh…he got his lecture about politeness, about proper temper. At the end I put the mask on. I didn’t come to store to scratch my balls, I need something, I have to accomplish something.
              What I think is more important, never miss an opportunity to talk with people about ‘rona insanity, this or that, small or big, burning of books aka deleting gootube channels….

              • lovetodust says:

                I am very upset about many other things, too, mik.

                I guess the mask exemplifies so much, and is about the only thing I have control over where I can show my opposition to everything that is going on.

                Believe me, my heart aches for people that have died alone – really alone in nursing homes and hospitals because family weren’t allowed to visit – or could only visit one person at a time. I thank god my dad died 2 years ago – with all of his children at his bedside. He never would have survived the solitary confinement.

                The schools closing. I can’t even speak I am so angry. And now reopening with staggered classes and masks and no closeness, eating together, sports, etc. I would not send my child. And imagine having to teach in such conditions.

                The shenanigans you have to go through to see a doctor??? I only go under duress.

                So, it’s not just about the mask but I suppose I focus on that because it is the symbol I can do something about. jurisdiction over my own life.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                ha!…I enjoy some of your expressions.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              I am really enjoying reading all these anecdotes.
              Thanks ya’ll.

            • mik says:

              Reply chain was exhausted so I’ll continue here.

              “….not just about the mask but I suppose I focus on that because it is the symbol….”

              Now when virus is spread all around mandatory mask regime makes no sense, sooner or later you will get it, unless you go to total quarantine, but even then… Not to mention closing borders insanity. Masks now are more about training obedience.

              Still, by focusing on masks we might forget about more important fact that represent a paradigm change and was excellently addressed by James a while ago, but not repeated it enough(!!).
              In new paradigm people should be seen as virus carriers, potential grandma killers. This has to be totally and completely rejected. By eliminating this potentiality we would be left with just a mirage of life.
              Rulers never present it this way but that is the substance. Suddenly they became so interested, so devoted to well being of the last member in society…., except those pesky pesticides, gmo, opiates, wars, microwave-oven planet …..

              Masks are such a low hanging fruit, we should aim at more important targets. In my conversations with normies I try to come to these most important topics:
              – potential grandma killers
              – this virus was made in lab
              – they will try to implement total control
              – experimental vaccine

              Of course you cannot discuss everything from above with construction worker whose maths ends with number 5 (4 shovels sand, 1 cement), but is worth trying, life is full of surprises.

      • dagstorm says:

        Thanks for your post Steve. When this first started in March, I thot there was a real virus and was wearing a mask, washing my hands, etc, esp as my wife is a nursing asst and was twisting my arm to do so. I quickly started to understand what was going on, as in addn to Corbett report, I did a lot of my own research. I started watching other channels like Dollar vigilante, Del Bigtree, Richie from Boston, Peggy Hall. Ron Paul and others. I think Agenda21 and 2030 are pushing forward remorselessly and although I alternate between depression, rage, hope, frustration I do see signs of hope. I watch a lot of financial channels and recently watched George Gammon do a great overview of Agenda21/WEC. The episode just prior, was an interview with Ron Paul. George has had controversial ideas all along about financial issues, but I was surprised to hear his breakdown of Agenda21. It encourages me, as he has interviewed a lot of well known voices on his show. I am hopeful that some of them mite also speak up. As to zombieland, I stopped wearing a mask in April. I would say 80-90% of people locally wear a mask. I get looks but no confrontations so far. I also get the feeling that many people are really tired of this s..t, and maybe ready to join the non maskers. My focus for now, is to keep preparing myself and my family, for the big depression and try to maintain hope in the face of this insanity. I am sure most Corbett watchers are better prepared than most, but I would like to suggest that you check into buying some silver, gold and get started in Bitcoin/Crypto. I have also started a garden and trying to stock some food. I also keep discovering people on YT, Bitchute, etc, that understand what is going on, and constantly learn new details. I am going to add some channels below that you might wanna check out. Please add any you think are important.
        Anna Brees
        The Healthy American
        Ron Paul Liberty Report
        Rosa Koire
        Ice Age Farmer
        Vernon Coleman
        London Real
        David Icke
        Peter Schiff
        Adapt 2030
        Really Graceful
        Technocracy News and Trends
        Cory Morningstar Wrong Kind of Green
        Grace Van Berkum We are being played
        Dr Andrew Kaufman
        Lew Rockwell

      • wylie1 says:

        That similar experience has been mine since day one. Have had store employees come up almost as close as a girl friend to answer questions. Some remove their masks to talk. From observations pre governors’ all must mask in businesses edicts, some employees were very lax themselves about company mask policies. Leaving them below their nose or chin or without.

        People generally try to avoid conflict, so many don a mask only to do so. Not for any other reason. A couple of out of town mask in store wearers thanked me for telling them the aisle the goods they were wanting was on. Same as encounters prior to maskatosis, maskorama, maskology, massPsychology.

        If I wasn’t busy doing other things, I’d find a source for halloween type thin plastic masks, all white and print on them:
        (do your own homework)
        –and distribute far and wide.

    • Valhalla Awaits says:

      At a family gathering about a month ago I brought up the riots and statues being torn down and compared it to a Communist revolution.

      Everyone got super uncomfortable and said nothing except my Grandpa.

      I talked with him later about it and he told me his family escaped Belarus when the Bolshevik revolution was kicking off and fled to Canada…their own family tried to stop them when they were leaving in the night.

      Crabs in the bucket will try to pull you back in when you speak up/act out/go against authority because they are too cowardly to do the same…people that you love and have known forever.

      Maybe these “peaceful protestors” should go visit Cambodia, see the killing fields, and the generational devastation that this ideology brings.

  3. debra.b says:

    This might sound cheesy. But, this was an extremely empowering article. You keep coming out swinging. I love that! And, I truly feel lighter after having read this article. Thank you James!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      No kidding.
      It was almost like a pat on the back.
      I felt great after reading this article.

  4. debra.b says:

    Tweet from Charlotte Gracias: short video from a march in the U.K.

    “Just brilliant! Raising everyone’s spirits at Hyde Park.

  5. lovetodust says:

    Thanks for the link debra.b

    Attention all Corbetter’s – we spoke about this interview series over the past few days but I am plugging it again. A must see.

    “Alison McDowell and Jason Bosch – The Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

    There are 3 parts. I have watched two. (Just finished watching 2)

    Must see’s!! I need to send James an email and suggest her as a guest. But then I am thinking it is going to have to be an extra long special interview because she backs up and adds to everything James (and others) have talked about over the past few years and you would just not want it to end.

    She is very well spoken is obviously exceptionally gifted in her research and “connecting the dots”.

    I’m looking forward to the third.

    I don’t know about anyone else but I feel like I’ve earned at least a BA in world affairs in the past 5 months. By the time this is over – and by God, it WILL BE OVER – I wager I’ll have a PhD at the end of my moniker.

    • debra.b says:

      I loved the music. She has a great voice. ?

      I just finished the 3rd part of the Alison McDowell series this morning. Really excellent! Explained some things I wasn’t aware of in the context in which she describes. If that makes sense. Thanks for the plug!

  6. mik says:

    “…..Samuel Edward Konkin III, everyone’s second favourite Canadian emigre anarchist.”

    🙂 oh, yeah, coooool

  7. Fawlty Towers says:

    “So, you walk into a store without a mask in defiance of your city’s ordinances? Congratulations! You’re a practicing counter-economist.”

    Actually I am no longer practicing.
    I did all my practicing months ago when they hadn’t yet mandated masks.

    I don’t need to practice anymore. They say practice makes perfect, so I guess I’m perfect now. 🙂

    In my neck of the woods I haven’t worn a facemask yet and never will.
    So I guess you could call me simply a counter-economist.

    I was thinking the past day or so about society in general and society
    today under the plandemic.

    Practically everything we do in life is based upon rules or laws.
    They’ve simply tightened those rules/laws up a notch or two (or three) now. 🙁

    It takes a certain personality type to go against the grain.

    • lovetodust says:

      Yes, it does Faulty Towers.

      I started in the second grade. I’ve been practicing ever since.

      I haven’t perfected it yet but I’ve caused a good deal of trouble.

      On the positive side, I’ve become a good advocate.

  8. sheoke says:

    Here’s what people in Melbourne, Australia are in for . . . . .

    From the statement . . . .

    “From 6pm tonight, Melbourne will also move to Stage 4 restrictions with stronger rules to limit the movement of people – and limit the spread of this virus across our city.

    That includes a curfew – from 8pm to 5am – beginning tonight. The only reasons to leave home during these hours will be work, medical care and caregiving.

    Where you slept last night is where you’ll need to stay for the next six weeks. There’ll be exemptions for partners who live apart and for work, if required.”

    • lovetodust says:

      I’ve been reading about the restrictions in Australia every day on offguardian.

      It’s insane. Australia? Who knew.

    • Ahmed Al Zamily says:

      Yeah, the situation is really bad right now. They’re restricting more and more of our freedoms and increasing the fines.

    • mkey says:

      Aussies are seriously running out of time.

    • jad says:

      thank you for your comments. I have only a few friends in Melbourne who think like me and I feel so alone. People are dobbing on people :..( this is not the Melbourne I grew up in.

  9. robert.t says:

    A neighbour’s car drew into a paddock where I was walking yesterday. As we chatted I mentioned I’d had a visit from members of my Sydney family. My mate’s wife immediately began to roll up the car window, reminding us that my family was from an “outbreak” suburb. She then asked over the top of the glass if my family had visited a particular “outbreak” restaurant in their suburb.

    Was she serious? Half-serious? I really think she was trying to educate me. So I said that I lived in a different world to people who live with media, and copped the usual response about “reality”. My final comment was TURN THEM OFF. Hope I haven’t lost more friends, but I’ll be buggered if I’ll let this slide.

    As a trad-conservative and non-libertarian I have not the slightest interest in defying the state. If the pandemic were real, I would mask up and do all sorts of things just in case. I would give the state some slack if it exaggerated or understated. One way or another, you will have a state. Follow some anarcho-libertarians to Mexico and you will find yourself in a state within a state.

    What matters is my willingness and ability to cry foul on the state or anyone else. COVID is a blatant hoax. I don’t want to be a member of some “Greatest Generation” who can be marched hither and thither in the name of decency or fellowship. However, the status of rebel is of no interest to me. Rebellion is just alternative conformity, easily manipulated.

    Stay critical, stay skeptical, stay open. Get unpopular, have no “side”. Things like 9/11, the fake shootings like Christchurch, the plandemic…these are done so shabbily they would not stand for five minutes without massive collusion by a global media so centralised we should call it simply The Medium. Other things are more complex. For example, is the anti-vax movement a way of pushing me to a polar position on immunotherapy rather allowing me a critical position? Express doubts about certain medical regimens and the conditioned response can be: “So you’re one of them!”

    I’m only sure of one thing. The media now form The Medium. The Medium is the main weapon of the common enemy of mankind. Attack and ridicule The Medium every chance you get. Attack and ridicule the right-wing slop, the left-wing slop, the centralist slop, the mainstream slop, the alt slop.

    The Medium is slop. Call it out. Hurt it.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      “the fake shootings like Christchurch,”

      Christchurch was real.
      But it wasn’t a lone white supremacist who pulled it off.

    • Geonopoly says:

      I’ve always thought that the best way to get back at the globalists and the systems in place, is to fight back using the same tools. Don’t like the stuff youtube throws up on its algorithms? Use your own algorithms. Hate all the programming and thought control of the mainstream media? Create your own media and make it go mainstream. Remember ‘They Live’ where the resistance hacked the TV broadcasts? That, for me, would be the most effective way to open people’s eyes, a real way to level the playing field.
      Failing that, we have alternative platforms (which depending on the service you run the risk of having your views co-opted or compartmentalized into echo chambers so it can difficult to reach those with differing viewpoints) and daily face-to-face interactions. (Which they are doing they level best to make less and less meaningful.)
      I agree with James and Max Igan that peaceful non-complience is the way to go and I’m hoping that the protests in Berlin and London will help spur more protests, just as there were before the plandemic. It isn’t just a matter of countering the pervading narrative. The growing number of people against all this need a way to know that they are not alone.

      • Valhalla Awaits says:

        I believe that there won’t be mass disobedience and pushback until things get really bad…but with the economic outlook, possible food shortages, and drastic changes to lifestyle we may be seeing that soon.

  10. Octium says:

    Great James. Over the last week I had been thinking of putting in a question for Corbett over whether there was a difference between someone who breaks a law out of principle and someone who does it just because they want to get away with something.

    From a anarchist perspective there’s no difference however in a practice the prinicpled person is going to stick with it. The crim is going to stop when the cameras go up.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Have a lot of folks died from Covid down under in recent weeks?

      I heard about…
      ~~ “Where you slept last night is where you’ll need to stay for the next six weeks.”
      ~~ Curfew between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m.
      ~~ Only one person per household will be allowed to leave their homes once a day — outside of curfew hours — to pick up essential goods, and they must stay within a 5 kilometer radius of their home unless nearest shop is over 5 KM away.
      ~~ Exercise can be taken for up to an hour a day, with one other person, but still within five kilometers of a person’s home.

      • Octium says:

        Well you know some of those old folks are just too agile to be taken out with a hit and run attack from a bus, so they have to be euthanised by taking them to a hospital and hooking them up to the Dyson.

        So far the restrictions you have listed, only apply to a different shaft of the salt mine. Not the one I’m in. But no doubt there will be some “selfish” person who wants to visit a dying relative in a different shaft of the mine and it we will all be on again.

        The mask wearing ritual has not caught on in this shaft either, however I have plans for when it does. Build one of those fake Geiger Counters like I made when I was kid. Just need to hold near someone wearing a muzzle and press on the hidden pressure censor under the case to send it off the scale, “Oh, I guess that must be one of those made in China masks”…then walk off leaving them to form their own conspiracy theories.

        Nothing like a bit of psychological warfare if you feel the odds are against you!

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Oh! The image of that ploy! I love practical jokes like that.

          Some YouTuber who wanted to chalk up views could do a bunch of Covid skits like that. Showing the silliness of all the drama would be a riot.

      • lovetodust says:

        HR – I read offguardian everyday and there are a few people from Australia and New Zealand who comment daily and yup, it’s bad. I’m shocked.

        Melbourne and Victoria seem the worst.

        Unless they are just throwing out all these restrictions to instill more fear with the thinking that people will just ignore?

        Words can’t explain….

        • jad says:

          I’m from Melbourne and people have taken the bait hook, line and sinker. They are scared and you can’t talk to them. They are not interested in doing research. They believe anything that comes out of the government’s mouth.

  11. Noahsark723 says:

    “The choice of whether or not we grow the agora is quickly becoming an existential one.
    In the end that choice is ours to make, but we better make it quickly. Are we counter-economists committed to growing the agora and ending the state? Or are we merely tax cattle to be slaughtered when the state deems us to be sufficiently fattened?”

    That is for sure! To grow the agora at this point means the difference between surviving outside the system, being irreversibly enslaved by it or killed by it through any one of its high tech weapon capabilities or famine and so forth…

    The agora is defined etymologically as, “open assembly place, chief public square and marketplace of a town; popular political assembly held in such a place,” from Greek agora “an assembly of the People” (as opposed to a council of Chiefs);”

    We certainly need to assemble ourselves, through communication and organization, in some way, and we need to head back to the earth, to a more rural agricultural setting. Without tangible resources we have nothing to build our own truly free voluntarist market place from.

    As Joseph Hill states in his song Satan Company,”me na go inna babylon kingdom to beg no bread” and that ultimately is the literal carrot on the stick of the new world order.

    Now they are training the people for it – can’t buy nor sell with out the mask, and then it will be the vaccine you can’t buy or sell without and then will come the bichip and so forth – if you can’t buy or sell in their market place then you don’t eat – there needs to be a resource base to work from.

    Maybe something will spring up naturally when enough people realize the necessity for a resistance or sorts, the right kind where those involved know the real enemy rather than some fake twisted “enemy” that the true enemy, the “elite” has sold them like we see with all of the blm, anitfa and now the NFAC who has a leader that is most likely the cia’s grand master Jay.

    “The system owns them, babylon control them”

    We need to come together somehow, someway and use what resources, talents and skills we have as a people in this awakened community to breath life into the agora

    Our knowledge and education about this agenda must be the foundation that we move forward from – because to know the enemy and know it well is step one in this endeavor. The next step is to act from that place of knowledge to move forward…

    Carl Jung and Eric Fromm called the dangers of the mob conscious out years ago – so the healing of mans psyche and the process of individuation is of utmost importance as well.

    Isn’t it interesting that the word psyche means “animating spirit?” Well we need that too

    Animated – inspired

  12. Lynny says:

    Wow James, very interesting article. My mind is blown. I just learned this from you and I will be speaking about it when I get into conversations. I am very concerned for not only what is taking place in our current state of society, but what is ahead. We have to resist this , and I’m glad to see more people are standing up for what is right and protesting these draconian lockdowns.

  13. puder says:

    Once again: F I W

  14. victoria says:

    wish i could move to The land with no face masksThe nation’s top scientists, having examined key data and research, have declared there is no firm evidence to back the use of face coverings. Indeed, they argue that wearing the wretched things may actually hamper the fight against disease.

    unfortunately, moving is out of the question due to health issues. im so fed up, hate living in f’kin face masked new mexico, & im with her ☞

    I WILL NOT be Masked,
    Tested, Tracked, Chipped
    or Poisoned to Support this
    Orchestrated Lie!!

    This is NOT my
    “New Normal”

    • San*A says:

      > wish i could move to The land with no face masks

      i live in that country.
      and yes, this is a positive detail, but you’d be surprised how big a percentage of the population believes in the Scamdemic, how many say: “let’s hope the vaccine will be here soon”
      this is not different from other countries.
      like everywhere we have to be carefull what we say or we get into endless and useless arguments, loose friends and get alienated from family etc.

      it is so useless to discuss masks when you can’t make the bigger picture clear.
      zooming in on details is a swamp of drifting away from what is **really** happening…

      • debra.b says:

        Thanks San*A for sharing. I think they do want us weighed down by the minutiae of it all. Most don’t know anything of the bigger picture, so I think if we want to engage them the mask issue, for lack of a better word is a small way to do that.

        Or, for some of us we’ve no other action to take due to circumstances that limit us. So, we work with what we have.

        But, I understand your point. ?

        • San*A says:

          yeah, i sort of gave up trying to talk about what i learned with people who don’t want to hear it.
          what James writes in this article is so much more usefull.
          i’d rather be with people who i can talk to, who want to hug and touch me.
          but it’s a big thing to swallow we are being cut off from who used to be friends.
          also i love to travel, and it’s as hard to swallow that that might not be possible anymore in the future.

          the world will never be like it was before 2020.
          we better take a deep breath and get to work on creating a new world.
          being angry is negative energy and stands in the way of creating.

          another thing i did is start my own chatserver, of course not in any cloud but on a secure line, and invite friends who are on the same page, to discuss what we can do.
          it’s a bit of a pain to set up but with a little resaerch it can be done.

          • debra.b says:

            I hear ya, San*A. Well said. I agree. It is a lot to swallow. I’ve had to learn over many years of dealing with health issues to practice what I call re-acceptance that my body physically will never be 100%. I began falling ill when I was 32. Now, I’m 50 and I still have times where I have to remind myself of what I can do rather than what I cannot. I do allow for my feelings whether they be sadness, anger, nervous, etc. because I’ve learned that emotions come up and then go down. And, then other emotions will rise such as joy, humor, etc.. Life is a mixed bag. Sometimes it gets shaken up. This time it was shook up big time. And, we can’t know exactly where the pieces will all land. Ironically, it feels as though my health trials have prepared me for this shake up in many ways. Go figure! That’s in a way my creative thinking in all of this.

            I think that sounds wonderful that you’ve found a creative action to take. And, it’s a great idea. I’d be interested in hearing updates of how it’s coming along.

            Yes, I found this article to be so useful as well. Very encouraging.

          • lovetodust says:

            I think that’s a great idea, San*a. It gets a bit lonely, other than being on like-minded sites, to be the only non-masker and narrative non-believer. Good for you.

      • victoria says:

        albeit i dont believe what i shared was “useless” w/out your caveat San*A, of course you hv a right to your opinion, narrow as it felt ~ at the same time i give credence to widening commentary…

        living where masks are mandated & folks believe it means actual law, many blindly comply with wearing, then there are those who know whats happening & hv to wear to work… totally unimportant, has nothing to do with global governance. and so what if masks are making ppl sick, makes TPTsB quite happy & we should all be happy about it!! testing ~ what a dream, who wouldnt want a swab rammed deep up their nose, the more times the merrier. tracking ~ with a dumb phone, big bonus, get radiated too. everybody must get chipped & poisoned for the greater good, ppl need to become ill, or disabled for life or die b/c thats the price of depopulation war!! do as your told, obey & your health will also steadily degenerate from lock down, quarantine, social distancing — woo hoo, party alone! just get with the 2020 social engineering program, itsa 1984 brave new world, keep drinking the kool-aid, live in fear, & by all means snitch on each other.

        back to the masks, during yrs of extreme abuse i wore masks cuz i had no choice, & many others wore. which is another reason why seeing ppl wearing masks in public can bother me, i need to just f’kin let it go, it doesnt matter… oh wait a sec
        The Characteristics of an Initiation Ritual

        anyhoo, moving was wishful thinking, as i stated out of the question due to health issues.

        • San*A says:

          i’m sorry to hear about your physical condition, it must be hard and frustrating…

          let me try to explain what i mean by useless.
          it’s almost 15 years ago that i first questioned 9/11. it was a revelation, in the course of a few years more and more pieces of the technocracy-puzzle started to fall in place, up to where we are today.
          it has been a “waiting for the big-one” and voilà, in January there was corona.

          i have been talking about what i learned with everybody who wanted and didn’t want to hear, and often felt so much resistance. out of fear mostly. when people start understanding for ex. that your government is not there to serve you, but you are a commodity to thém and all implications that come with that, for most people that breaks the foundation of their existance and therefore they will not accept it.
          i ran into so much resistance when talking about these things that i had to slow down.

          i don’t believe anymore you can beat the system by playing by it’s rules.
          we tried in the 70’s and 80’s with anti-war protests, anti-nuclear-energy protests, free-marijuana protests and whatnot. it all ended in frustration.
          the sane thing to do is to step out of that system.
          our German neighbours had a bumpersticker in the 80’s:
          “Stell dir vor, es gibt ein Krieg und keiner geht hin”
          (Imagine, there is a war and nobody goes there).

          stop playing by their rules, make your own rules.
          how you realise that is up to you, there is no general denominator under Corbetteers, what works for I Shot Santa might not work for somebody else, but i don’t believe anymore you can educate the masses.
          find like-minded people and save yourself…

          • victoria says:

            now i understand what you meant by useless. the heavy resistance to your speaking out musta been rough, ive experienced some, not nearly as much as you, it wasnt fun.

            great german quote. no doubt the system is rigged, getting out the best way to go. finding like-minded ppl yes, recognizing whats good for one person may or may not be for another, absolutely!!

            since 1973, part of me dreaded this year ~ 2020 mind control programme, memory recovered in 2002.

    • debra.b says:

      Hi Victoria! It does feel like awakening into a nightmare more often than not for me. I try hard to not get depressed, but I still do. But, I think it’s okay to allow for whatever we are naturally feeling. I know if I don’t, I’ll suppress it. And, then who knows how it will manifest once it’s released. Because as I’m sure you know it will rear it’s ugly head at some point.

      I listened to this song earlier because I was feeling anxious and music usually helps calm me. So, I’m gonna share. ?

      • victoria says:

        hey debra, ive also learnt that feelings need to be felt, allowed. expression can be powerful, creative… much of my fav artwork & writing stemmed from anger, as well as underlying pain.

        nice acoustic, way cool song 🙂 takes me back to college days when the bangles were a new group, i remember seeing billboard advertisement, they were playing at the same place as the dead kennedys — what a crazy blast!!

  15. debra.b says:

    Young man shouts “All Lives Matter” to a crowd of BLM “protestors” in Seattle as he kicks down the barricades they’ve seem to built. I’m gonna say he’s quite fed up. And, he’s on to the bs of the BLM movement. ? (0:45 sec video)

  16. southamerica says:

    I feel kinda broken today. Here in Mexico,(which Im starting to think is a trial run for the next stage of medical martial law) they have erected fences around every street leading to the plaza with an archway entrance blasting – something – over you as you pass through. They don’t say on all the propaganda signs along the fence what the spritz is but it made my skin stingy.
    Then I went to the bank and was informed that my bandana scarf was not a mask (or mouth covering as it is called in Spanish). He shook his head on exemptions. Apparently anxiety and panic attacks are no longer a medical condition.

  17. redrose says:

    This Corbett article is perfect timing. I found this video this morning, and hand wrote out a bunch of cards to carry with me with the name of the video. I will hand one to anyone who says anything to me about masks.
    The Science and History of Masks in Medicine. The 54 minute video has good info on immune system maintenance in the last part.

  18. FlyingAxblade says:

    The first time in 27 years I went to the doctor today, like an appointment. I was heavily hinting at a physician vaccine exemption, best he could do was agree with me about getting a medical bracelet stating to not put I.V. or any substance in my body via injection.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Make Medical Bracelets or official “Medical Alert Bracelets” which have a statement of the sort which you mentioned.

      One could also sell official looking “MASK Medical Exemption Certificates”.

  19. debra.b says:

    I don’t know if this has been posted. I know there are other pieces posted about masks. I thought this was a good in-depth analysis by a doctor. I’ll only include the intro text below and the conclusion as it is lengthy.

    Masks are neither effective nor safe: A summary of the science

    Colleen Huber, NMD
    July 6, 2020

    At this writing, there is a recent surge in widespread use by the public of facemasks when in public places, including for extended periods of time, in the United States as well as in other countries. The public has been instructed by media and their governments that one’s use of masks, even if not sick, may prevent others from being infected with SARS-CoV-2, the infectious agent of COVID-19.

    A review of the peer-reviewed medical literature examines impacts on human health, both immunological, as well as physiological. The purpose of this paper is to examine data regarding the effectiveness of facemasks, as well as safety data. The reason that both are examined in one paper is that for the general public as a whole, as well as for every individual, a risk-benefit analysis is necessary to guide decisions on if and when to wear a mask.


    Weighing risks versus benefits of mask use

    In the summer of 2020 the United States is experiencing a surge of popular mask use, which is frequently promoted by the media, political leaders and celebrities. Homemade and store-bought cloth masks and surgical masks or N95 masks are being used by the public especially when entering stores and other publicly accessible buildings. Sometimes bandanas or scarves are used. The use of face masks, whether cloth, surgical or N95, creates a poor obstacle to aerosolized pathogens as we can see from the meta-analyses and other studies in this paper, allowing both transmission of aerosolized pathogens to others in various directions, as well as self-contamination.

    It must also be considered that masks impede the necessary volume of air intake required for adequate oxygen exchange, which results in observed physiological effects that may be undesirable. Even 6- minute walks, let alone more strenuous activity, resulted in dyspnea. The volume of unobstructed oxygen in a typical breath is about 100 ml, used for normal physiological processes. 100 ml O2 greatly exceeds the volume of a pathogen required for transmission.

    The foregoing data show that masks serve more as instruments of obstruction of normal breathing, rather than as effective barriers to pathogens. Therefore, masks should not be used by the general public, either by adults or children, and their limitations as prophylaxis against pathogens should also be considered in medical settings.

  20. debra.b says:

    By Rosa Koire on her website….


    I’ve always been interested in China since I read Pearl Buck’s books when I was a child. I spent some time in Hong Kong in 1984 and went in to China just as it was opening to regulated tourism. At that time much of the countryside was just getting electricity, roads were being constructed day and night, and there were very few private cars. The contrast to modern Hong Kong was startling. Factories consisted of workers sitting at low desks using hand tools and carving knives. I saw farm animals on the streets and piles of construction materials balanced on the backs of bikes. One evening we visited a collective farm and danced to a child’s record player under a string of bare light bulbs. China Tour Company, a state-owned enterprise, only allowed travel via it’s own tours, and we were required to travel in a group of 8 that had been assembled by the Chinese government. Our guide only allowed us to see what she was instructed to show us, and we even had the same meal every night regardless of where we were.

    I saw the tourist version of China in 1984. But I knew that a nation with China’s centuries-long history of obedience to authority, exploitation of the poor, corruption in governance, and, after 1949, iron-fisted control of every aspect of human life, there was far more to learn.

    I think it’s very important to take a look at China’s strategy and tactics now because I see, here and around the world, tactics being used that were extremely effective in taking total control of one of the most populous countries in the world. When Kay and I were attacked viciously in Santa Rosa, CA from about 2005 to around 2015 when we stopped being as active in town politics, I recognized the tactics used on us as those used by Mao from 1950 onward. What were those tactics?

    Struggle meetings: humiliating and attacking a person in a public meeting until they broke down and admitted to whatever it was that was a ‘crime’ even if it wasn’t true. What does this look like today? Schoolchildren demanding that you ‘check your privilege,’ and ‘take a knee.’ The press smearing anyone who suggests that America is a country that can be unified in correcting past errors while remembering that past. University administrators bowing to demands that professors be fired for teaching that slaves were sold by other Africans and that black slavery was not the foundation for the colonies. A Supreme Court nominee subjected to accusations based on what he may have done in high school.

    Article continues…..

  21. Steve Smith says:

    Does anyone know of a downloadable browser/search engine for an iPad that gives results other than the approved main stream ones?
    I have been using DDG after abandoning Firefox which I used after giving up google and chrome.
    When I search for something like “Sweden Uruguay covid response” I get dozens of crap articles that I could read on msnbc.
    When I search for a video, say an old song by a famous artist. I get pages and pages of youtube videos but not a single Bitchute video.
    Are there any neutral, fair search engines out there?

  22. HomeRemedySupply says:

    ANECDOTE regarding Agorism and the Counter-Economy.
    Buying Gold and Alternative Currencies – Glintpay – Gold Backed Debit Card

    Last summer, my granddaughter graduated from college. A month after graduation, she packed the car, the dog and drove from Texas to work in New York City. She turned 21 late that summer. Almost a year later, in April 2020 with all the Covid insanity, she moved back to Texas from New York City. In short order, she got her own Dallas apartment and a job.

    In mid-May, I went over to see her at her new Dallas apartment. I gave her some physical gold and silver and some “Goldback CURRENCY (which is spendable ‘legal’ gold-infused paper currency) in advance for her birthday in a couple months.
    Let me tell ya… a 1/10th of a troy ounce gold bar is pretty dang small. It don’t look like much. I also gave her a bunch of handmade ‘blown-sculpted’ glass roses which I had torch/kiln made when her Dad was a young teenager. They are not ‘modern art’, but look like a florist rose that is frozen as glass.

    Previous gifts to both her and her now 19 year old brother, included Bitcoin about 3 years ago. He is more savvy at computers, so I sent both crypto-gifts to his wallet. My grandson quit working at the fast-food chicken place after graduating High School this May 2020. Now, he makes underground money by helping to debug other internet users with their video games. His computer smarts outweighs my vocabulary, but it sure looks impressive. And he makes pretty good money independently on his own.

    — Birthday Card —
    With my granddaughter’s birthday fast approaching, I made a handmade birthday card, complete with stick-figure drawings and various, corny Grandpa jokes.
    (By the way, just like the book “To Kill A Mockingbird”, I ask that my grandkids, son and other relatives call me by my first name, not a relative-moniker such as “Grandpa”. I also sign my letters/emails/texts that way, with my first name. Ignoring me, often relatives use the relative-label anyway, but whatever they want to call me, I’ll go by.)
    The birthday card’s back-side makes note of the source manufacturer: “El Cheapo Printing” and “Crusty Codger Company”.
    I included a $5 bill, with a sticky note that says “I saved 5 bucks on this card. Here is the 5.”
    There is also a tiny red dot on the bill, and a small sticky note with a red arrow pointing to it. The sticky includes the red ink words: “Warning! Covid Virus! Do not eat.”


    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      In the envelope with the birthday card, I also included a check, a 4 page hand written letter and a flyer printout for “Glint” / “Glintpay”.
      My original plan was to surprise her with a “Glint Gold Backed Debit Card”, but after calling the Colorado based U.S. office for Glint and speaking to a very helpful representative, Sam, I decided that it would be best for her to do it. But only if she wanted. I told her in the letter that she could spend the check money anyway she wanted.

      Glint has been around in Europe since 2017. About a year ago, Glint came to the U.S. For folks who are not in the loop, Sprott is a well-known precious metals company. They invested in Glint. For me, this aspect helped to win my trust.

      For the 1st time you can save, exchange and spend gold in any amount with the Glint Mastercard.
      Save, exchange, spend and switch between various currencies in your Glint account anywhere at the real exchange rate (multiple currencies are coming soon to the US, for now you can exchange between USD and gold).

      We are laser focused on security. Your money is held in a segregated and safeguarded account at a Tier-1 bank.
      Your allocated physical gold is held in a secure, insured and independent Brinks vault in Switzerland. Your gold is held in your name and is insured by Lloyds of London.

      Glint YouTube VIDEO

      Now, for me, I’ll be honest and tell you that personally, I have not signed up to Glint. I like the Glint concept, but right now I just can’t bring myself to download the “Google Play” App.
      It does take a “Google Play” or “App Store” App to open an account with Glint.
      Maybe, in the future I will. I dunno.
      I know that most folks do download different Apps. My grandkids already have a phone filled with Apps. I try to avoid it, if I can.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Regarding all the previous comments, I should put forth the disclaimer that one should not put much stock in my advice. I am a poor handler of money. Over the decades, I have seen well over a million dollars of my personal money evaporate by different means.

        ~~ I am also a criminal of the State, a breaker of laws, and often my activities move into the gray-zone of unorthodox morality…
        ~~ I have been in jail twice for soliciting without a permit.
        ~~ I have been through two IRS audits and have had IRS agents repeatedly come out trying to find me at my past business warehouse.
        ~~ The Internal Revenue Service for the State of California chased me for years with tons of letters demanding payment for $3.24. The postage and printing costs must have surpassed several hundred dollars.
        ~~ I have had a Federal Agent with the “U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission” come to the street corner where I was street selling a mountain of “bean bag chairs”. I had temporarily rented part of the parking lot of a Chinese Restaurant to sell my bean bags and had the colorful bags stacked 20 feet high. The agent wanted to check the zippers to my bean bags. New rules demanded a two zipper opening, thus deterring boys from putting their little brother into the bean bag.
        ~~ While in Paris, TX, an Agent with the “Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife” came over to my cube-van to issue me a $250 dollar fine for selling “Asian Sourced Frozen Shrimp” on the side of the road without the mandatory TX Parks and Wildlife sticker on my vehicle. It did not matter that the shrimp did not come from the Texas Gulf.
        ~~ With co-conspirators, and with experiences on both sides of the equation, I have been involved in countless schemes which involved kickbacks, monetary ‘tips’ or ‘bribes’ and a host of likely spurious trading transactions. Once, on the IRS form, I even filled out the line which was slated for “kickbacks”.

        I still raise my glass to it all, toasting Flippant Insouciance

        flippant – DEFINITION – not showing a serious or respectful attitude; somewhat ‘playful’ lack of seriousness
        insouciance – DEFINITION – lighthearted unconcern, disregard (with a grin), nonchalance

        • mkey says:

          You aren’t a poor handler of money, you’re just an agorist who caught a few times. Hopefully, some of that rubbed of onto your grandchildren.

          Regarding glintpay, that looks interesting, but one should never trust any seller that “holds your gold for you”. You have two good hands, you can hold your gold yourself. That’s they only way to hold gold – in your hands. Burying it on several locations on your estate is also a good way to go.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Thanks mkey.
            I agree completely – holding physical gold in your own two hands – is the way to keep it. When some banker offers to “hold” it for me, I mentally picture a gun-belted bandito’s pleasantly-stated offer to hold it for me.

            Of course, a cubic foot box of gold would weigh 1206 pounds.
            I won’t complain none about the weight. The box would have 17558 troy ounces of gold, which at today’s gold prices would be north of $30 million dollars.

            Here is a main benefit which I see with “Glint Gold Backed Debit Card”
            It well benefits the user and receiver in making transactions.
            There are very few minor fees involved. The receiver of the transaction, the seller of goods, gets the money in their preferred ‘legal’ currency.
            The owner of the “Glint Gold Backed Debit Card” likely has a hedge against the debasement of the normal currency, such as the U.S. dollar. The wealth value is stored in gold.

            In May 2019, Gold was priced about $1250 per troy ounce.
            This past May 2020 it was $1700. Today, August 4th, it was at $2,000.
            Thus, if a “Glint Card holder” put $1250 on account in May 2019, today they could go out shopping and get $2,000 worth of goods or services.

            When buying physical gold from a dealer with dollars, the buyer always pays extra (a premium) to purchase the metal. In times of high demand, this can end up being a hefty percentage. Kind of like a tax.
            When selling the physical gold to a dealer for dollars, often again the seller takes a percentage hit.

            I think for long term protection of monetary wealth, having physical gold and silver are an excellent way to go. Just remember where you hide it, and tell someone you trust. I’ve had 2 gold-bug friends who died in recent years, but their stash locations weren’t really all known.

            If a person wanted a short term method to hedge their purchasing power against the U.S. dollar, I think the “Glint Gold Backed Debit MasterCard” is not a bad way to go.

        • Chapati says:

          Thanks for this anecdote HRS! I raise my coffee cup to your playful nonchalance way. Your resumé is very impressive. One on my little humble list is
          -waiting for “them” to knock on my door and collect the mandatory local tv&radio MSM-fee which i neither wish to consume nor want to help finance their brainwash- fake news and therefore i do not pay.
          Not sure if you were aware (and not sure if you are going to see this comment), you have answered here a question i had posed on last weeks article about how you personally deal/have dealt with the IRS.

          Regarding Glint; i have heard of a similar idea here. Yet as you yourself and mkey stated; i am hesitant too. Even if you trust your seller, if something happens to the person you never know what will happen to your gold nuggets.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Thanks for the comment!…sometime while both online we’ll have a beer or coffee together.

            Personally, I think that Glint is probably wonderful for short term holding of “pending spendable income”. I trust the company. In fact, it may be safer and certainly much more rewarding than a bank.
            If a person was looking at saving money on a long-term basis, then Glint is likely not the best avenue.

            There are risks in any currency, whether crypto or cash or dollars or lost physical gold (I once had a drug addict stepson steal my gold). I’ve lost money, because I hid it so well that I forgot where I hid it. In a way, money is like a tool. You can use them or lose them.

            Sorry, I missed your tax question previously. (I don’t have the “reply” notification setup.)

            On your tax stuff/question & Sherry Jackson sub-thread, I’ll go over there and answer a quick tidbit when I am through typing here.

            But here is…
            ANECDOTE – Federal Grand Jury & Prosecutor & IRS & TAX Audits

            • Chapati says:

              Lovely, it has been a while since i last shared a friendly conversation over some beverages.

              absolutely no offence taken. Your mailbox would be overflowing if you`d had that notification installed. I merely keep forgetting to hit that button.

              I have read your replies and your above link to the anecdote-thread. As it is late and i take ages to formulate sentences with minimal grammar-violations and maximum comprehensibility let me just thank you for now. There were some wise words to be found in them which i much appreciate.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Kitco News is a huge resource for precious metals news.
        On their video channel, this July 30, 2020 episode is very interesting…

        $15,000 gold price? Jim Rickards and Peter Schiff give forecasts (Part 1/3)

        I want to mention that people can hedge some of their savings money in Mining Company Stocks or in the related “Precious Metals Royalty And Streaming Companies”, such as Franco-Nevada Corp. (FNV), Sandstorm Gold (SAND), Metalla Royalty & Streaming Ltd. (MTA). Sometimes, mining stocks give a nice percentage return when gold or silver goes up. After all, the metals are ‘stored’ underground. Of course, it is wise to do some homework on the mining company and also be aware of this world of fickle geopolitics.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          August 15, 2020
          David Morgan – 1980 $50 Silver Equals $600 Today

          (36 minute interview)

          I have often previously mentioned David Morgan in the comment section. He is pretty savvy when it comes to precious metals, especially silver. Dan Dicks once interviewed David Morgan.
          What I most like is that Morgan doesn’t try to spin a hyperbole pitch to silver, but a balanced view.

          I bought a bunch of physical silver American dollars (American Eagles) back in very late 2019.
          Silver spot price was about $18 more or less.
          I paid a “premium” of about $1.50 – $2.00 per coin over spot.
          (A “premium” is the extra fee which the seller charges.)

          In recent weeks, silver spot prices are hovering around $27 or $28 per ounce.
          However, if you go to actually buy American Eagles, the premiums range at $7 to $10 per coin. Thus, a silver coin which I paid a total of $20 for, would now cost me close to $35 or $37.

          The reason I like physical silver coins is that it makes small trade transactions with like-minded folks easy.
          In the near future, I may purchase some more coins, especially if the premiums start to lower.

          I also own some silver (and gold) related mining stocks.
          Some have more than doubled in share price or close to it.
          (By the way, I am not wealthy. I’m poor. I just have some of my savings delegated that way.)

  23. I stopped shopping at Wal-Mart.
    Telling customers that they have to wear FaCe CoVeRiNgS inside the store was the final straw.
    Wish I had stopped sooner.

    By chance I happened to know the person who was tasked with standing in front of the store to tell people to wear FaCe CoVeRiNgS.
    I shared information about the ineffectiveness of the FaCe CoVeRiNgS, their potential threat to health and their likely true purpose.
    Turns out he was already heavily bothered by the position and said he’s going to ask to be returned to his cashier position.

    • Steve Smith says:

      “FaCe CoVeRiNgS”

      I love puzzles. Let’s see. F C C V R N S … an acronym perhaps?

      Federal Communication Commission Very Regularly Nixes Speech?

      Fu@#ing Covid Calamity Virtually Ruins Normal Society?

      Hmm. How bout a hint?

  24. jmu says:

    I live in the U.S. state of Michigan, where the governor has issued an executive order that stores can be fined $500 for not enforcing the mask mandate. I’m not sure how enforceable that is as law, but all the stores are obeying, either because they believe or because they fear reprisal. So I wear the !@#$% mask to avoid causing trouble for myself or others. I saw a man get forcibly ejected from a big-box store for refusing to wear a mask, and who’s going to defend him? Not the police, and I didn’t see a flash mob form over it. What I’m doing to make myself feel better is I’m making buttons that say “Coronaphobia: Teaching You To Love Big Brother.” I might make a mask with that on it, too–if and when I ever get around to it.

  25. wylie1 says:

    The counter-economic path is NOT the [only] way to freedom. Unless one defines EVERYTHING as economic, nor would it makes sense to.

    There are MUCH more effective ways than the one off, here and there, defying of govt edicts, hoping that more people will follow suit. Such is typically met with not enough doing so, much of the time; unless you are willing to suffer many decades until that time where the majority that remain have little to lose.

    It would seem wise to [do your own homework] consult with those who have actually directly fought the powerful govt, winners and losers both. What to do and what not to do. It seems those who have not been there and done that are full of nonsense. Just like those I have had to deal with in prior fights.

    The govt actually enjoys all these little counter-economic defiances. It gives them self justification, which their courts, lawyer cronies, and jailer cronies can extract additional monies. yeehaw! If money is power, you lost. Better to spend it more wisely as follows.

    Wouldn’t it have been smarter for the hair and nail salons, workout gyms, and various other independent biz immediately meet to file a Fraud and/or Constitutional lawsuit and stay order(allowing them to remain open while the suit is being decided)? They could have included a number of legal firms which would dearly love to keep the courts open.

    I’m not saying never defy, but why if don’t have to?

  26. wylie1 says:

    Lets look a bit closer at a definition of insanity. Doing the same thing and expecting different results.
    — Continuing to allow the weasel powers to use the nominating and voting system against us, which has had a devastating effect, is insane. [Not voting] is STILL allowing the weasel powers to use that system against us. Therefore still insane.
    — Even more insane, the fewer the voters, the easier it is for the weasel powers.
    — Doubly more insane, failing to counter and dominate the weasel powers political activities GUARANTEES things will get worse for a long long long time. Just ask those behind the iron curtain all those years involved with [counter-economics].

    Therefore, and again, what most of us desire would happen MUCH faster with people using the nominating and voting system to their advantage, rather than allowing certain groups to use it against us as they have. By Not making that change, ensures that they, the weasel powers, will be using it against us. THAT would be the definition of Insanity, when you actually have the ability to end their use of that tool. Just because some find every excuse to not, does not change that fact.

    –Contracting with voluntaryist screened candidates to dismantle govt power along with converting the welfare state to private crowd sourcing rather than forced tax. (That last bit regarding tax you may include with your counter-economic thing if you wish)
    IS the DECADES FASTER and much less PAINful way to gain freedom.

    • wylie1 says:

      (out of sequence)
      What actually works in order of least to best:
      Non violent Protests on legislative steps large enough to garner media attention, coupled with many individuals meeting the legislators one on one in sequence; (leaders of various chapters or groups final comment: you know, a lot of people ask me what I think, what I tell them now is to plug their ears and examine their voting record, especially on this issue, it tells them all they need to know.) …unless there comes a time when the weasel powers decide it is best for them to quit reporting protests, so others may not be influenced, when they lose the [wacko protester] narrative. Usually they figure that too late.
      Those in govt, prefer govt as ruler, therefore, listen to their courts. So legal challenges to their Fraud and abuse of power are even better. Obviously the weasel powers try to find ways around …but it is good to not have the police and courts barking up your tree constantly. If done properly it can be a decisive victory, putting the weasels on their heels for years, keeping the would-be and/or former govt defiers from having to defy.
      I am not saying never defy. Just saying you may not have to if small biz pulled their head out and worked as a group. There are a LOT of small biz, enough to rule. Get on it.
      If the people dominate the nominating and voting process, it is checkmate. I’ve seen first hand, paid for politicians recalled and replaced with those who voted as the people desired, short circuiting the weasel powers plans. I’ve seen governors stop signing away the peoples’ rights, when they stood up. I’ve also seen people get run over like a train, when they did nothing but say do-nothing-excuses like “can’t fight them, they are gonna do what they are gonna do…”

      Gather to do something most effective, rather than individually pissing into the wind, thinking you are heroic. Rubbish.

  27. CreativeLife says:

    More Bread and Circus for the cattle! JC that was some sorry debate-chery!
    Funny how all these guys get along so well, the only heat in that public service announcement was probably felt on the lights at the wonderful set of Valuetainment. I can here ’em, bedee bedee bedee, That’ all folks! Until next time. Better a millstone be hung around all their necks, than to harm one of His little ones! At least Gates is easy to abhor, little Bobby though?

    Inside the Vatican they are very proud of their main man to break down the vaccine hesitancy of Americans and others from other countries who are celebritized by the Kennedy name. God they are good at their subversive manipulation! Easy to spot though. Thanks James for Breschnev, great study.

    The Kennedy name invokes the subconcious door to open wide and the combined message of the two actors was clear. This was yet another public service announcement to make more inroads in the agenda to break down, vaccine hesitancy. They are all pretty good buddies and getting richer in that group.
    Geez, they even said there was going to be no debate, we are in agreement…really?!*
    By the way, can any one tell me what were the issues that were being debated? Looked to me like the majority ruled. It’s entertaining and educational to hear the inserts being broadcast into the unsuspecting subconscious of people who actually think they are awake. The sad part is they will consciously not even be aware. Why has Harvard Dershowitz had the big name cases he has? He just got back from Israel, tired ‘ol boy. I see Del never wore him out. Inside the Vatican they are very pleased with the show! See below:

    It is a religion. Vaccinology is a religion, worship with blind faith your cult of death. Medical Economics and eugenics for a virus that doesn’t exist and a league of deceivers. They have been trying to abolish it for 100′ of years. The Vatican and Jesuits took over this church from day 1, when Jenner was set up by the society. It’s another sad day for the Kennedy family. The Church of Vaccinology
    The very sad part of it is neither of them know a damn thing about poison injections or infectious disease.

    • CreativeLife says:

      Now, Kennedy is a self-proclaimed pro vaccine man as is Wakefield ( who also has a patent for single Measles vaccine waiting in the wings) as is Big Tree self proclaimed pro vaccine. The court cases they speak of like Dirty Derzty are frauds. and I guess you all believe the George Floyd story too. This is disgusting and I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks, I care about the children. So if the MC of this comment line wants to curse me and my family, then call me names and insult my humanity, have at it. It’s isn’t about you and it never was. It’s about truth. When you decide not to have children maimed and murdered, and stop supporting Big Pharma selling their fake virus concoctions then maybe I’ll listen to you. How’s that? You will likely never see this anyway, as you seem to have to take over every single stream of discussion. Have a nice day everyone, there are four voices I cannot stomach and after listening part way into this clip I got pretty heated, I wanted to puke a few times but hung in as best I could to see the depravity unfold as another warning at just how diabolical this agenda is to bring harm not only to us but the children who trust their parents and the parents who trust people LIKE KENNEDY. VACCINES ARE INJECTIBLE HELL ON EARTH The native people only got sick when they came with their garbage poison…..What is SAFE? Ask Bill
      GATES, he’s their boss…….one way or another HE IS THEIR BOSS…..

      • mkey says:

        While these two guys are pro vaccine, that is they find that some vaccines do work, they are against mandatory vaccination or the 70 vaccine schedule. I’m just pointing out what’s obvious to anyone who has listened these guys talk for an ordinate amount of time.

  28. CreativeLife says:

    News from the Natural News, Health Impact etc.

    The coronavirus vaccine is the “final solution” depopulation weapon against humanity; globalists hope to convince BILLIONS of people to commit “suicide-via-vaccine”
    Little Bobby says, so it must be true that maybe just maybe 1 in 40 have a reaction, maybe a little red irritation where you get the shot he says. He vaccinates all his kids he says from birth one time he said he had 6 kids next time 7

    Welcome to the Pro Vaccine, directors, producers and lawyers making millions

    They’re making Millions and loving the celebrity status ya’ll give them to lead you to believe in the Virus Mania and Safe and Effective sacrifice of you and your children. The Death Cult and Do Harm Medicine know no boundaries. Even the wee ones the murder after they are born and have been assaulted with their deadly poison injections, oops! guess that one wasn’t so safe after all! GOD HELP US ALL TO BE FREE FROM THIS SATANIC MIND SEIGE.

    Treat your sniffle with Malaria Drugs and Antibiotics, are they giving your Malaria parasites, that live off the iron in your red blood cells? It’ all about the blood……and the breathe…..that is of the Creator!

    Spiro Skorus

    Andrew Kaufman asked to go on and watch it, Big Tree treated him with dismissive insincere interest, they play it every which way but loose. sinister, deceitful actors

  29. alexandre says:

    Yeah, lovely. Not for Brazil though. If I step in the supermarket without a mask, a big bald fellow, who used to be a fireman, throws me flying across the street. And if someone normal defies the police, they get teased and beaten.
    (By normal I mean NOT an ambassador, politician, member of the military, banker, the son of the mayor – or the president, a millionaire – or billionaire, foreigner – preferably American, a CIA agent, a celebrity, a famous footballer, a policeman or sheriff, a member of the mainstream media – unless it’s a photo-op, the president of the United States – the most powerful man in the whole world, a gang member, a consiglieri for some Mafia Don, a Don, a doctor, an adman, an old lady who used to have a famous talk show on Globo TV, any member of Globo TV and Bolsonaro). But it’s a lovely idea.

    • Octium says:

      Well not just Brazil, I’d say most countries sooner of latter.

      Yes Agorism is the solution, but after the bloodbath has commenced and most of the worlds population has been killed off, Agorism will be the solution adopted by the survivors.

  30. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Broc West had this on his Twitter…

    “I love my mask”

  31. deltammon says:

    Even for those that are afraid of breaking “laws”, realize that there ARE ways to be counter economic while being protected from the state, by the law. The state (the most corrupt part of it) runs on “statutes” and “codes”. The state hates it when people use the law against them. Because we were given them from god (or if you don’t believe in god, they are inherent to all living consciousnesses) and they want to be the grantors of all dominion, so they hate it when you understand how to go above them.

    First thing businesses can do in this case is to ditch the “business license”, as all that is is basically the state giving you permission to operate THEIR business in return for following all directives, codes, and paying taxes. Maybe your business is more suited as an UNincorporated business association or sole proprietorship or trust. There are ways to limit liability, while using the law (the state hates the real law because it restricts them and protects the people’s god given rights, which include trading). Then they have absolutely zero say how you conduct your PRIVATE business (if you’re incorporated, you are not a private business).

    These are the age old institutions that continue to live on, trusts, contracts, public vs private, ect, that preceded ‘the state’ and would continue to exist long after its gone. They are the customs/understandings that private men and women, after many centuries perfecting them, use to operate and responsibly manage their affairs. We just forgot how to operate in them. Paying taxes is voluntary. Somewhere along the line you contracted with the state and agreed to voluntarily pay taxes. Find the invisible contracts to which you never agreed (which makes them fraud), and cancel them. Live as a free, private, living man or woman!

    Not legal advice, simply information sharing to responsible adults.

    • mkey says:

      I’d say, none of those “fines” will manage to hold up in court. However, I would also posit that the argument for disobedience is always the same and at sufficiently high number, the usual tune of 10% would be a good starting point, the courts would simply have no chance to keep up with the influx of fine related appeals.

  32. otjo says:

    We can go into more practical steps to head towards the counter-economics. Especially by using PR, methods to gain popularity and when it comes to acting to MSM journalists: remaining rethoric towards the television.

    Aside from all bureaucratic and psychological options present in both the comments and James Corbett’s article, we also have to find physical methods to also introduce stealth black markets. Which basically means markets that cannot be revealed on satelite images. Specifically underground buildings with nothing on top visible. Some might think that it’s impractical, but think about the long term effects this could have on society and the free market as a whole.

    To make a building underground, simply dig for enough space. Then do your work on the floor and walls. For which you can use containers, some steel beams, a steel framework, and concrete for an underground market. Also make sure you have enough dirt and grass to cover the underground structure and make sure the hatch is also insulated, your underground structure is sound proof. Plus have a ventilation system with hidden exhaust pipe to keep the air fresh.

    Watch the videos from Colinfurze about building a bunker for some inspiration. I think it’s time to realize an underground market.

    • Noahsark723 says:

      This sounds like a root cellar, a very important structure to carry certain vegetables through the winter months!

      Which then could be used to trade on an “underground” market. I am not sure how feasible it is to build literal underground structures and trading routes.

  33. albus says:

    “All (non-coercive) human action committed in defiance of the State constitutes the Counter-Economy.”

    This definiton is rubbish. There is already a word for it–civil disobedience. Let’s call it as it is; refusing to wear a mask and other such defiance is nothing other than contempt for the law.

    It is more productive (and accurate) to define agora as activity rather than action, unless you can see action in the correct sense as a positive, doing, and not as a refusing to do (defiance was a poor wording choice). While action is more encompassing, I prefer activity because it clearly indicates the backbone of an economy: human labor, interaction, transaction, and creation.

    But why go to such lengths to recreate the moral wheel at all? These ideals are frivolous.

    • albus says:

      The definiton should be: All (non-coercive) human activity committed in defiance of the State constitutes the Counter-Economy.

  34. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Black Lives Matter & “The Bill and Melinda Gates EUGENICS Foundation”

    If someone ever becomes skeptical about Gates and their Eugenic operations targeting blacks, this video needs to be seen.

    Obianuju Ekeocha – VIDEO
    Exposing the Gates Agenda in Africa

    (12 minutes)

  35. Roe_Jogan_On_DMT says:

    Guys please guys and gals tells your friends to support James please!!!!!

  36. Roe_Jogan_On_DMT says:

    The Violent protest in Portland, are stupid and I’m glad fed cops came the local police didn’t do crap

  37. SharineWonders says:

    Refusing to acquiesce and committed to growing the agora! My husband and I just came back from a quick shopping trip at Traitor Joe’s. We were two of only three in the entire, very busy store not wearing Satanic ritual humiliation face mask human voice muzzles. And we didn’t stand on the stupid hibiscus square.

  38. Mal says:

    Good Habits:

    This stuff is going to get a whole lot worse, so I urge all to get into “good habits” asap – by “good habits” I mean favouring those daily mundane activities that enhance personal protection and personal freedom and avoiding those that don’t. Arrange daily routines to suit, so they become second nature and you can do them without thinking.

    daily needs
    potential threats

    Here’s an example: I regularly pass several, often more expensive petrol stations (owned by globalist/monopolistic corporations) just to fill up at a mom and pop store. I do this because – even if I am the only person crazy enough to drive past three service stations selling cheaper petrol, at least I know that I am doing something in my tiny way to push back against centralisation and therefore tyranny by supporting an independent small business. Call me nuts if you like. I do not give a “brass razoo” 🙂 ….. as it happens they are often cheaper.

    Another way that I have been at pains to push back against tyranny is to become part of the Windex community (ex Windows users – to quote a previous poster – thx). I have ditched Windows and gone Linux. Yay! Operating Linux desktop is a piece of cake, but the installation might be a bit confusing so I have put a step-by-step guide in the comments section of James’s 2020 thread of how I did it. You might like to give it a try(?).

    OK. Go well and remember that well-worn saying “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”


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