Interview 1569 - James Corbett on The Ochelli Effect

08/07/20209 Comments

via James Corbett spoke with Chuck in the second hour about topics ranging from Eugenics and the snitch society to Black and Gray Markets. Can you wake up your friends and family? Plus Chuck asked James what he thought about the nearly 3,000-ton ammonium nitrate explosion in Beirut.


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  1. MagicBullet says:

    This was a great interview for persons who know the basics. But for those that don’t, they will question, “so what is wrong with a vaccine?”, “How does Eugenics relate to vaccines and having a Covid pass, so what?” etc. My advice for JC and his co announcers is to get back to basics and take even 1 minute to explain who are “they” in control, why, and how.

    On Masks JC is correct that masks are a test of compliance, however, just or more importantly I think that masks are to keep fear in mind, and that leads to manufactured consent.

    As to the question “how will it go?” I suspect it will be a bait-and-switch: the first vaccine won’t hurt nor will it be very effective. The population will need vax 2.0, and more will trust the vaccinations and many who were hesitant will then get on board.

    On the Beiruit bomb I could swear that a news clip I saw on the day of the explosion from a position above ground zero from a neighboring high-rise showed multiple flash points looking like bombs going off that you couldn’t see from ground level. I havn’t seen that clip again on the news. For ammonium nitrate stored on separate containers I would expect a more sequential salvo of bombs and not one big mother of explosions. An expected blast zone should be easy for a bomb expert to calculate from the amount of ammonium nitrate said to be there (that’s what general Partin did for OKC:

  2. MagicBullet says:

    Japan already has herd immunity
    so why are the Japanese still up tight about opening up society? Well, that would ruin the banking and vaccine party now wouldn’t it?

    Japan’s low mortality rate is due to the influx of type K throughout the country in the week of 13 January 2020 and the establishment of herd immunity that confers resistance to type G [the virulent type]. Until 9 March 2020, the Japanese government did not restrict entry of tourists from areas of China outside Hubei Province, unintentionally permitting the selective influx of type S and K into Japan by 1.84 million Chinese tourists.

    The return of Japanese refugees on a charter aircraft from Wuhan resulted in the influx of the K virus, which led to wider herd immunity and readiness for the next type G outbreak. In the United States and most European countries, travel from China was restricted from the beginning of February, blocking type K influx from China. There is deep concern that the serious outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 in the United States and Europe may have been due to the spread of type G before adequate immunity to type K was established.

  3. Terraset says:

    I am starting to wonder if you guys might actually pull off some sort of win out of all this. I moistly still doubt it but maybe there really is some sort of trend of actual real world action finally happening.

  4. weilunion says:

    “This program focuses on the relationship between the international eugenics movement and the international euthanasia movement, as well as their seminal influence on the Nazi racial laws and extermination programs. The Third Reichâs racial laws were profoundly influenced by American eugenics philosophy and legislation. In turn, the eugenics movement in Germany gave rise to the “T-4” euthanasia program, which was the beginning of and the operational foundation of Nazi genocide. Among other issues, the broadcast discusses the seminal American influence on the “Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Ill Progeny” (the first of the Nazi racial laws) and discusses the Knauer case. The latter was the euthanizing of a deformed child (at the request of the parents). This killing opened the judicial door to official, state authorized killing in Nazi Germany. (There is a similar case working its way through the U.S. court system, as of early 1995.) (Recorded on 1/26/97.)”

    For The Record #32, Part I – Fascism, Eugenics and Euthanasia

  5. FlyingAxblade says:

    I finally went to an Allopath, after probably 27 years of not having an appointment.
    Since the office was obviously pro-vax, I broached the subject of my Trypanophobia & absolute rejection of Anesthetics. Got the doctor man to agree and suggest the words for engraving on a Medic Alert bracelet.
    Now I’m going to have that office put that dr.’s advice on their letterhead to take to my work. As if it were a vax exemption.
    I used the phrase, “I’ve been advised to submit this to you for my company record” three days before mandatory masks was implemented by the grocery, using the “I can’t wear a mask” card/paper. The company man rebutted with a face shield, I instantly acquiesced. I wear it askew.
    The point being, there’s many Twoofer’s I read saying they’ll shoot first, I’m trying to offer a peaceful way around that.
    The time to act is now, New Normalism is Red Communism.

  6. fer67 says:

    I’ve been in countries that have thriving black markets. Eastern European countries, Scandinavian countries. We will find ways around a digital control system. Humans are creative. We also have to realize that we support the globalist system by using their corporations and banks, and it might be an idea to boycott, for those of us who know this is all a conspiracy. And start the parallel system now. Farmers selling at the farm gate might start finding an upsurge in business…Along with people providing local services and goods.

  7. kevin62 says:

    Hi fellas. I just wanted to say that I burst out laughing when one of you mentioned that some things don’t work when they’re unplugged. I immediately thought of an image of an axe, and then a hammer… But, then again, I don’t thing my argument will swing with some of your younger audience!

  8. Stephen says:

    If all this has been planned then surely the vaccine is ready and waiting?
    It would make no sense to set us up for a compulsory vaccine without one being ready wouldn’t it?

  9. anna.f says:

    My new (ish) word for what’s creating today’s compliance –

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