Interview 1563 - Keith Knight and James Corbett Dissect Voluntary Servitude

07/13/2020126 Comments

Keith Knight of Don't Tread on Anyone interviews James Corbett about The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude, the 16th century treatise on tyranny and obedience by Étienne de La Boétie. James and Keith highlight some of the book's key insights and detail how they apply every much to our situation today as they did when they were written.

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Keith Knight Don't Tread on Anyone

Who Is Bill Gates?

The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh

The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude

Stephan Kinsella "Legislation and the Discovery of Law in a Free Society"

Solutions: Laughing At Tyrants

Solutions: Agorism

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  1. Jed says:

    Great interview! I will get and read that book.

      • minnie says:

        Fab! Thanks

      • ClintTorrez says:

        Thanks! RNN the Rona News Network has but one intended message “comply or die, while being ridiculed”. Time to enrich ourselves and study in new directions away from feeding the beast.

        • Steve Smith says:

          I have been getting mixed messages like that from the universe for a little while now. One dear young friend has told me a couple times now that he had to leave my presence because of too much negativity. Referring to my problem of talking too much about the tyrannical vise that is slowly closing on our lives. He has a new girlfriend that I suspect he is afraid to introduce to me out of fear that I would embarrass him by expressing myself. That kinda hurts.
          My business partner of many years asked me how much joy it brings me to think about such things. My wife told me a few days ago how sick she is of hearing my antigovernment rhetoric.
          But then this weekend Dr Peterson told me that a happy life might not be considered as admirable or even as fulfilling as a life lived with convictions.
          Even here in the CR message boards I get the feeling that some of us have come to a point where we just want to hide from the horrible news that we are inundated with and surround ourselves with the things that bring us peace and comfort.
          All I have been able to do is to shut up and try my best not to show how isolated, angry and frustrated I feel.
          I have been drinking and vaping the old devil weed more than is usual for me and I’m finding that I feel like playing guitar less often.
          Perhaps it is time to take a sabbatical. I seem to be impotent to do anything about the situation anyway. It would be nice to experience a bit of joy again.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Comfort gets you fat. This is only beginning.

          • why not involve yourself in creating a new political party!? (:

          • Jed says:

            Steve, I’m reading you last thing saying, check, yup, uh ha, you sound perfectly normal to me (you’re f*ked).

            • Jed says:

              With what you’re seeing you’d be a sociopath if you weren’t experiencing such. Now the game’s to not go bat-shit-crazy and you’ll nail that. Next time you see those normies, don’t tell them anything, wait till they ask, and they will.

          • katiyi says:

            Hi Steve,

            I am very sorry you are having a hard time.

            Many people are afraid to face reality; that is why they do not want you to talk to them about what is coming.

            You probably have two choices: either you stop discussing matters that do not appeal to people around you, drinking and doing drugs when you are too frustrated, or you try to find friends with whom you can be yourself, so that you do not need to discuss it with your wife, your business partner, and your friends.

            I think that being true to oneself is what matters and what makes us happy. I hope this will help.


            • Steve Smith says:

              Thanks for the encouragement you guys. Sorry to dump on you all but outlets are limited and being someone who has always been open with my feelings to a fault. I just have got to vent sometimes.
              I hope that we all pull through this. It would be nice to be able to look forward to the remote possibility of actually meeting and associating someday with people with whom I could be myself.

              • Jed says:

                Check this kid out, “Crash Course on the Fundamentals of Self-Defence against Manipulation”


                I’d like to know what you think about it, this young man changed my thinking regarding communications and conversation. I’d been around logical fallacies, trivium, quadrivium, years ago at “Gnostic Media” — I had linked to the above through “Unity Process” through “Logos Media”, the new name of gnostic media, anyway, I recommend this.

              • Oscar says:

                Hello Jed and Steve Smith,

                Thanks Jed for recommending the video! I think it will be very useful in communicating with people.

                I certainly can relate to how Steve Smith feels.
                But I probably have a little head start (at least theoretically) in dealing with people due to the fact that I have a study in Psychology under my belt.

                The video Jed recommended is about “The Line of Reason” as the speaker calls it, which is the line that separates a ‘dominate and submit’ (or win/lose) interaction from a ‘reasonable’ (or win/win) interaction.

                I can appreciate and relate to the fact that you have (or think you have) vastly superior knowledge compared to the person you with whom you are discussing a subject. I myself have been ‘awake’ since 2010 and have been reading up ferociously in the alternative media ever since.

                However, you CANNOT pose beforehand that your knowledge is superior (certainly not in an irritated/frustrated manner). If you do so, you will enter a dominate and submit (win/lose) type of interaction and you will be perceived as a bully or manipulator.
                It is much better to enter a discussion on equal footing, using the rules of logic, entering a reasonable (win/win) discussion.

                Logically discussing (without negative emotions) the information that your friend/colleague presents to you and not outright or subtly dismissing it, goes a long way I think. Apart – of course – from presenting your own information to him (without negative emotions) in a logical manner.

                I will even go so far as to say this:
                If you feel a certain way, people WILL perceive this. Positive and negative emotions.
                People WILL perceive what your conscious or subconscious feelings or intentions are.
                You are both equal in a discussion, and you have to feel this. If you feel otherwise, your discussion partner will sense this. You will leave a ‘reasonable’ (win/win) interaction and you will enter ‘dominate and submit’ (or win/lose) interaction. People will sense this and you will not get anywhere when discussing a subject.

          • pearl says:

            Take heart, Steve! We’ve all been there! Where’s manbearpig when we need her? She always has the right song for the right moment. My pick will have to do, and since you play the guitar, perhaps plug in to Vin Cognito’s “Love is Contagious” playlist for inspiration!

            “The Basic Blues”


            • Steve Smith says:

              Thanks for that.
              Hey what the heck is it going to take to get Vin to join Bitchute? Been bugging him for a couple years now I think.

              Speaking of songs and guitar. I have a really nice chord progression that would make a nice song if it had some good words. I kinda suck at writing lyrics. Too preachy and my poems all remind me of Hallmark cards. I have written a few songs and then quickly forgot them so no one would ask me to play them.
              I bet Jed and or MBP could write some killer lyrics to reflect the madness of the day.
              A collaboration of sorts. Heck I bet that there are some among us who can sing too. James certainly can.

              sorry again. it’s going on 2100 hours here. refer to earlier post regarding intoxicants.

              • Jed says:

                So what are the chords?

              • Steve Smith says:

                Jed, I found the video on his Bitchute channel but it is too late for a hour plus video for me tonight. I will definitely check it out and get back to you. It sounds very interesting. I know that I have been susceptible to being manipulated more often than I like to admit.





                I usually start with the Barre Dm in the fifth fret

              • Jed says:

                Breaks down communication to being either just that or domination. Provides tools to discern such at which point one can decide how best to proceed or not. Can then question why. Cuts through mega piles of bs and sophistry.
                That progression sounds nice, been screwing with dm lately with those spaghetti western progressions

              • lizzie says:

                Hey Jed. I’d like to hear some of your lyrics, if you can remember them. It’s a good therapy.
                I was singing some lyrics today with no particular coherent story but it might inspire.
                Here goes ahem!!

                Am I flesh and Bone
                Am I a soul
                Or just a set of rules
                Made up by fools

                How do I get that glow
                That fresh clean glow

                Principal secret
                Don’t you tell keep it

                Am I a homosapien
                Am I a global alien
                Or just an animal chasing my tail.

                Sorry it wasn’t very cheery in the end.

          • cu.h.j says:

            I don’t understand how you could have a significant other with a different political take on current events given that it goes beyond “right” “left” but rather freedom versus slavery. That’s how I see it and people that can’t even understand that concern don’t need to be close to me. I have put them at a distance.

            In fact if my husband and I weren’t on the same page with this COVID bs, I would pack my bags. I couldn’t be with someone that “loved big brother” and that’s kinda what it is, putting their head in the sand and just going along.

            I am not advising you in any regard, just saying I don’t know how you do it. I deal with ignorance in my workplace and with acquaintances but not real friends (those are few these days). If my real friends can’t listen and understand (there are facts to support legitimate concern these days) then they can get out of my life.

            I have had to cut ties with a few people, have no interest in educating them since they are morons. They are the kind of people who would turn me over to the government if that’s what’s down the line. I don’t need people like that.

            That’s why I think it’s important to form a community of like-minded or open-minded people. People that support free speech, bodily autonomy, and question authority.

            I think a forum would be nice if JC could find people who would help out with it. Community building is critical these days to stop what is coming.

            • Steve Smith says:

              “ I don’t know how you do it.”

              This July 18th I will have done it for 39 years.

              Its kinda funny. My wife’s family insisted that we have premarital counseling. The minister said that he had never seen two people more opposite.
              He was right.
              I don’t have many things to be proud of but I confess that I am kinda proud of staying married. Probably just my stubbornness. But having lost my mother at two and growing up in a variety of disfunction foster homes and with a sexually abusive father. I just hate divorce and broken homes.
              I told her when I asked her to marry me that I would never divorce her until she told me that she didn’t love me any more. I am not really sure that she still does, but she has never said those words. Yet.

              Believe me, our political differences might be one of our lesser issues of dispute.
              Most of the crucial ones I have given up discussing.
              In many ways we are just two people sharing a home. But even though she hasn’t sought intimacy from me in a very long time I still can easily get misty eyed when I think of her being alone at this stage of the game.
              I will always love her because I promised her I would.

              • cu.h.j says:

                I hear ya. Just stay true to yourself. We don’t know exactly how the future will unfold. Humans have great potential to find solutions. I think community building is critical during these insane times and this struggle might make us stronger and new possibilities may emerge.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Additionally trying to convince people requires energy and effort. If people show they are incapable at the time of grasping what’s going on I wouldn’t waste my time. I would focus on becoming strong and training the mind to prevent getting trapped in this social experiment.

                I think this is a grand experiment being conducted to enslave the population on multiple levels including psychologically, financially and chemically to achieve the ultimate dictatorship.

                I am re reading the book 1984 and see that what this social engineering is doing is like “Newspeak” where people will be unable to even be able to think of a world outside of the dictatorship. People won’t have the capacity to think and decide and will “need” the technocrats to do all the thinking and make all the choices.

                Anyway some people are beyond help and it’s a waste to try to help them because they can’t change. What can be done at this time is ensuring your health and strength of mind body and spirit to survive in order to salvage the capacity for freedom.

              • lizzie says:

                That’s beautiful. You seem to know what it means to care about somebody.
                So the big 39 on Sunday, as a fellow Cancer that is hitting the big 38 tomorrow I would like to send you my best wishes.
                I hope these messages are showing you that you are acting in a sane way in this insane world.
                100% know what you feel like.

          • rob.h says:

            As the prayer goes… Let me worry about what I can change and not worry about what I can’t, and give me the wisdom to know the difference. That always gets me through the next day and helps me focus on me.. not easy, but simple.

          • lesk says:

            Get on Twitter to vent! It helps me. I know my surroundings only want this information in a small dosis.

        • weilunion says:

          Part one

          “The overwhelming preponderance of people haven’t freely decided what to believe or think, but rather have been socially conditioned (indoctrinated) into their belief systems by a culture devoid of reasoning, where ideas and thought are commodified and thinking itself is subversive. They are un-reflective thinkers; their minds are products of social and personal forces they neither understand nor control, nor concern themselves with. Their personal beliefs are often based on prejudices they have no idea they harbor, beliefs of which they have no idea of their origins. Their thinking is largely composed of conscious or unconscious fallacies, stereotypes, caricatures, over-simplifications, over-generalizations, necessary illusions, delusions, rationalizations, false dilemmas, and begged questions.

          “There will be in the next generation or so a method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears so to speak. Producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.”

          – Aldous Huxley, From a speech for the Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961

          • weilunion says:

            Part two

            “Their motivations are often traceable to irrational fear, discontent with their material and psychological conditions and attachments, personal vanity and envy, intellectual arrogance, indoctrination and feeble-mindedness and indifference. These mental constructs then become debauched mental habits, part of their identity, and they circle the wagons around this uncritical individuality, protecting it at any cost. Their arrogance has cost them their humility and they are unable to purchase or learn or profit from any other points of view.

            Such persons are focused on what immediately affects them; they are short-term thinkers whose idea of short term is promulgated by a culture of morbidity and a historically amnesiac cycle of despair. They see the world through ethnocentric and nationalistic eyes. They stereotype people from other cultures, races, gender and then believe themselves superior.

            When their beliefs are questioned — however unjustified those beliefs may be — they feel personally attacked, they feel fear and often lash out at others with hostile rhetoric or worse, with violence and intimidation. When they feel threatened, they typically revert to infantile thinking and emotional counterattacks made up of personal attacks, but rarely or reasonably do they challenge alternative claims or assumptions.

            When ‘their’ prejudices are questioned, they often feel offended and stereotype their questioners as ‘intolerant’ and ‘prejudiced’ or ‘unfair and unbalanced’. They rely on sweeping over-generalizations to support their beliefs, such as ‘those people’, ‘all people’ and other such over-simplifications. They resent being ‘corrected’, disagreed with or criticized. Instead they want to be reinforced, flattered and made to feel important and they want their beliefs to be coddled, accepted and condoned without critical questioning.

            In short, they want to be presented with a simple-minded, black-white, good-evil world where the perpetrator is ‘the other’, and they are the victims. They have little or no understanding of nuances, fine distinctions, or subtle points nor do they care.”

      • Jed says:

        Could‘ve been written yesterday as far as applicability.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Thought I’d mention this. In Chaos, I just read a very interesting passage. As part of his MKULTRA research, Dr. west worked with people suffering from Latah. A neurotic condition that causes automatic obedience. Since he was also successful in substituting memories, I wonder how much success he had with this group. Could explain covid deception success. Especially when you consider all the brain wave entrainment patents for television. Could nearly everyone be a product of MKULTRA? Certainly in line with their purported goal of having everything we think is true is actually false.

      • Jed says:

        That was the seemingly normal man who went out and murdered a young girl — a military man. Sounds a lot like RFKs supposed slayer.
        He did some nice work writing that book, nicely sourced as well, that’s a great book for normies too. It’s worth a read in how it exposes the compartmentalized justice system alone. I tore into it for my hatred of that prick who prosecuted Manson and as that goes I wasn’t disappointed. But there is a lot in that book, folks like most everyone around this board will recognize patterns and familiar modes of operation, and normies will follow right along with the normie-ass author. That book destroyed his normie life, there’s that good Joe Rogain interview with him, Tom O’Neill, easy to find.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Just finished it. It’s the most fascinating book I’ve ever read. I can see how it would have taken super human powers to stop researching and just write it. And then HOW to write it. Will have to watch that interview tomorrow. In the end, Manson really was just a minor part of it all. That book deserves a new world order book review for sure.

          • Jed says:

            It’s changed how I feel about a lot of the bands that came out of that Haight Ashbury area. How about the Hollywood crowd and what a tight lipped group they are. And Tate’s father, how’s that for a “thanks for your service Coronel.” And that Folgers heiress, she was just a kid — this shit’s real. I have to druggle-up the death statistics for Vietnam over the time period of those murders, it’s huge how those lives are lost to history in comparison. This shit was happening over fifty years ago, look what they’re doing now — the masks you mentioned?, fuckin’ “A”!

            • I Shot Santa says:

              I know. I’m two hours into the interview now. He just mentioned that the free clinic was just shut down. How many others did they screw over? The evil is so pervasive that I can’t wrap my mind around it. I look at my own life and wonder how different it would have been had government been anything like it claims. Mask beasts, Nazi cops, all of it. The McVeigh interview reminded me how I could have been just thrown to the wolves. And for what? And this fake pandemic?and still, no one questions it. MKULTRA was a success. And most don’t even believe it existed. Or even care. I’m so done with it all. At least it all comes to a head this year. That’s all I can ask for.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              I’m going to look into Manson a lot more. As in his words. One comment claimed he said a lot that only seemed crazy. I’ll have to check it out. I still have no interest in him. Just where does the rabbit hole go?

              • Jed says:

                I’ve stopped for now on that si-if book he carried around, I’ll start back tonight as it’s log jamming up the works, and it’s worth finishing. He sure had a hell of an ice-breaking stick with his girls, pied-pipered more than a few jollybucks off to hell. Taxpayers dollars at work.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Actually a great book. I read it as he first wrote it. They had to cut a lot out. A very subversive book. But a lot of truth in it as well. I’m saving the last hour of the interview for tomorrow. I look at all these deceptions and think that old Willy was the king of British understatement when he wrote “what tangled webs we weave, when we first begin to deceive.”

            • I Shot Santa says:


              Diane Sawyer Manson interview. A lot of the girls as well as the Smith’s and bugliosi. After reading the book, and watching the Rogan interview; I think I was more creeped out by Roger Smith than the cons. His eyes never accessed memory. Just RAM. At least the women were honest. The “good” guys were just lying sacks of crap.

              • Jed says:

                Cool, I’ll watch it — I think Charlie Rose interviewed him as well, I’m gonna look for that one to see who’s crazier, my money’s on Rose.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              I’ve watched several more that, considering the book, have me believing that Manson was a MKULTRA victim. I don’t even think he was insane. With his life experiences, he had a very rational outlook. I’m going to bed now, but I’ll post 2 more interviews with him exclusively. I think you’ll spot the MKULTRA references easily. As well as the broader implications. This is a rabbit hole hidden in plain sight. Though completely unprovable.

  2. I Shot Santa says:

    I’ve got this in my nook app now. I’ve only read the rothbart introduction though. I do have a few points to make on the interview.

    James mentioned that we are not taught these things. But most of my education is self taught. Like many here, I hold a graduate degree, but that’s just five years of education. Almost all education is that which we teach ourselves. Except that most study debauchery. I’ve taken a few courses in that, but I’m also a compulsive reader across a wide variety of subjects.

    Most never have any interest in educating themselves. Or even thinking for themselves. They could be sitting at a computer and if they have a question, they won’t use a search engine. They’ll ask the person next to them. A person equally ignorant.

    Also, I’d like to point out something that Brian, at high impact flix, likes to mention. Government literally means mind control. Governo- to rule or control. Mento- the mind. I’m taking his word on it.

    And that’s the problem. People are too lazy to educate themselves. They want others to think for them. And so they beg to be told what to think. How can that end well?

    • Octium says:

      Reminds me of my ex climotolgist boss who would regularly ask me questions on programming. I’d type his question into Google (a long time ago, back when it still worked) and just read out the answer to him and he was happy. Mind you he was still smarter than the average climatologist as he didn’t buy into the climate change bullshit.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        There’s actually a term for those people, but I don’t remember it. I also used to have the same people who would ask me to explain something, but request the answer to take less than a minute. I say used to because I don’t associate with that sort. Of course, they don’t care if something is right. They just want an answer that makes them feel good. Wonder why I live by a river. It seems there’s not much of a sense of curiosity or imagination among so many people. I feel so incredibly lonely around such people. Squirrels are much better company. At least they can figure stuff out.

  3. upuaut says:

    Here’s a free italian translation / pdf in italiano:

  4. minnie says:

    Laughing at tyrants. So important. A good example is Vernon Coleman’s 2-part discussion of Bill Gates (by “an old man in a chair”) entitled: “Just a Little Prick”.

  5. Alchemist says:

    My neighborhood pool, which was famously fun in the good old pre-corona days, is a microcosm of the post-corona world.

    The new rules are a sharp contrast to the carefree daily get togethers, BBQs, parties, and live music we had last summer. We can no longer come and go as we please. Of course not. We have to pre-schedule swim sessions online. Each family is allowed 2 hours of swimming per week. We must arrive 15 min early and stand in line 6 ft apart in the heat wearing masks while we wait for the “guard” (as the lifeguards call themselves now). The guard then opens the gate, reads the social distancing rules, and grant us entry; one family at a time. If we’re a minute late to our scheduled swim session, they will NOT let us in. We are assigned a single lane and cannot touch the lane dividers. The jumping board has been removed and is covered in caution tape. The shallow and deeps ends are strictly off limits. We may not enter or exit the pool without permission. If we break any of these rules, they will blow the whistle on us and shame us over the loudspeaker.

    When the pool first re-opened post-Covid, there was definitely some eye rolling. A few expressed displeasure, but mostly they went along with it; happy that the pool finally open. Then they started looking on the bright side “at least the pool is open. Other neighborhood pools are still closed” and “this private swim experience is actually pretty nice. It’s usually too packed in here” and other bullshit like that. They’ve convinced themselves that we are incredibly lucky. Slowly but surely, not only have they accepted the insane new rules, but they have fully embraced and are grateful for the new rules. Today I watched a grown man profusely thanking a teenaged “guard” for allowing him out of the pool early. It was boarderline absurd. He seemed genuinely that grateful for his ounce of freedom.

    Within a few short months, I’ve witnessed neighbors habituated into new behaviors. All it took was a little repitition and watching others accept the changes for nearly everyone to fully embrace the new rules. The transition into “new normal” is complete.

    • minnie says:

      All part of preparation for the vaccine. Once that’s ready, the vaccinated will be allowed to return to full normality. For the unvaxxed, the restrictions will remain in place indefinitely, and new restrictions will be introduced.

      • xochicasa says:

        Minnie, in your opinion, what will be the outcome for people who choose to be vaccinated? I do think it will definitely be the mRNA vaccine that is chosen. Do you think that there will be illness from the vaccine? This is the biggest mystery to me about the whole thing. I’ve had visions of vast numbers of people falling extremely ill but I’m not sure if that’s not just some sort of paranoid reaction. I am not going to get vaccinated no matter what even if it means losing my job. I know it will be an enormous struggle to be counted among the unvaccinated. But what will be the fate of the majority who choose to go along?

        • wylie1 says:

          Some will likely get sick and some may die, as with other vaccines. The “authorities” will claim that is normal.

          From my understanding that for most? it will be the vaccine caused or enhanced internal cytokine storm Reaction to the NEXT flu, that will cause them to become seriously ill or drop. And if that doesn’t get them the other included disease causing elements may eventually. “Nice” way to avoid people seeing a direct cause and effect of vaccine… although they could not so long ago with all those getting sick from vaccines.

          Not certain as to whether it matters or not what that flu is; a mutated version or unrelated. One can imagine both and more will be out there anyway.

          Which is the absurdity of the whole vaccine theory. They don’t prevent from the things you are not vaccinated against. They cannot predict what nature will bring, so the whole thing is a scam. The disease is typically on the way out by the time a vaccine for it has been developed and so the elimination of that disease via vaccine can be false news to benefit those peddling vaccine. Years ago, Australian researchers claimed exactly that regarding Polio.

          It would seem better to have something that can neutralize or kill the invader if your immune system cannot handle it on its own. Such as had been demonstrated with various substances or via electromedicine.

          It would seem one will have to be separated from the 5G telecom attack frequencies in order to regain health and which could be the actual or part of the cause of illness for a number of those who get ill.

          You have chemtrails, 5G, and designer virus all attacking the respiratory system. There are ways to deal with each. Metal eliminators, shielding if you cannot remove yourself from 5G, anti viral anti bacterials like Colloidal Silver, Black Seed Oil, natural turpentine, MMS, Rife frequency genrerators, and others.

          • Alchemist says:

            If recipients do get sick and die, then it would be another one of those weird vaccine-related coincidences and they were probably already exposed to Covid.

        • cu.h.j says:


          I know you were speaking to Minnie, but I thought I would give my opinion anyway because you pose good questions.

          The mRNA “vaccine” is experimental and as far as I know, has never been implemented outside of a research setting and side effects would be unknown particularly long term side effects.

          I think there needs to be more push back from the general population because this is very dangerous and unprecedented. I am not saying other vaccines are necessarily safer since many people do have severe side effects from those but an mRNA vaccine that is essentially a type of genetic manipulation is more dangerous.

          My guess would be that side effects might not manifest immediately for everyone, but some people may develop unforeseen side effects in the future, perhaps cancer or some type of prion disease or damage to the immune system.

          This is just a guess and I will try to find more information from the scientists who dissent. There are many scientists who have come out against the lockdowns and the vaccine.

          I think a collective resistance on all fronts needs to take place to try to stop this. I do not think people should be prevented from public interactions if they chose not to take any vaccine, particularly something as dangerous as what is being proposed.

      • katiyi says:

        I am afraid you are probably right!

      • cu.h.j says:

        yes, I think this is likely, “comply or be shunned financially and socially” but this is an opportunity to form a counter economy. A solid plan to create an economy outside of the system will be necessary.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      The slave mind is easy to program. Just a matter of tweaking. But it was their choice to be a slave. You have to relinquish your ability to think for yourself first. And nearly everyone is only too happy to allow others to think for them.

  6. Alchemist says:

    Side note: if we call it the “green market” more people will participate. Gray/black sounds shady and should be used only to describe dishonest/ immoral dealings.

    • mik says:

      Can we allow ourselves to use marketing?
      I’m inclined to no. If people can’t handle expression black market, they probably can’t violate the law and enjoy in the charm of black market.

      Green, grey, black, it’s not about colors and choose your favourite. It’s about can we use small deception or not. Where is the threshold? Where will be next time and after few years?

      Your pool story above is a product of years of deception. Some people genuinely believe they are doing what is necessary, many just go along…and if we take this sleepwalkers to black market they will be fine there to. Just be ware of their naivity.

      Had long discussion with a friend and we came to HCQ. His first word was trump. I told him I can send links to doctors articles talking about HCQ efficacy. His reply: It’s not my field of expertise, I don’t understand medicine. No way to show him, otherwise very smart, he should first read and try to understand and then make final decision. No way….yeah, he is guardian reader.

      • Alchemist says:

        Well, of course I don’t support marketing when it’s used in a deceptive way. IMHO there should be a name for honest & moral dealings in the alternative marketplace to separate those types of transactions from the others, so giving it a name and calling it “green” is not deception. Same with the dark net. Can we call the good side of it the “light net”? Using terms that are widely associated with immorality is not a good way to start the conversation with anyone that shows interest in alternative lifestyles.

        Regarding HCQ, yeah it’s no surprise. If Trump said everyone needs a mandatory vaccine, there might actually be some push back;)

        • mik says:

          I think marketing is deception by definition, in the best case is walking on the edge.

          Considering all options, marketing and naming also, is ok.

          I also have reservations about how much shall we be likeable to normies. Maybe we can get stronger in numbers this way, but quality, level of commitment…

          I think quality and commitment is more important than numbers. Of course, not Bolsheviks’ way.

        • cu.h.j says:

          “immorality” is slightly relative depending on who you ask. Some people think all drugs are immoral while others do not, rather they think people of consenting age have the right to decide what they put in their bodies. Most marketplaces that exist outside of the law, from what I can tell do already have an ethical code ie not harming others, particularly when dealing with individuals.

          For example, someone who wanted to buy HCQ may be able to obtain it via the “darknet” once they knew how to do this safely, ie know how the TOR network works, encryption, and such.

          My point is that these marketplaces already exist and people can use this as an opportunity to expand on what is already there.

          If people are not doing things that harm people, I do not believe it is immoral even if it violates the law. Many laws are corrupt, hence in my opinion, I do not believe it is wrong to violate them.

          This includes the “social distancing” and assembly.

          You mentioned the public pool you go to. Someone will a pool could allow individuals to swim without “social distancing” and masks. This could be available as an old fashioned speakeasy. I think there should be more of that type of assembly, people who know this is all a pile of excrement coming together and doing the social things they normally did.

          • Alchemist says:

            People are already renting their pools out, but they charge an arm and a leg. I haven’t looked into it, because I have friends with pools, but I know someone who paid ~$100 for an afternoon rental just for her immediate family.

    • AustrianBuddha says:

      Just reread it a few days ago. A true privilege! Appreciate so much the passion for truth coming from the remnant.

      Thank you James & Kieth,


  7. pearl says:

    Indifference rather than cowardice – that’s really hard for me to believe. Fear is a tremendously powerful emotion, which I see being the root of just about all the action and inaction all around. Fear of rejection, fear of shaming, fear of hunger and poverty, fear of the unknown. I see indifference (willful ignorance) as a side-effect of numbing the fear by immersing oneself in propaganda and bread and circuses. Regardless, I’m buying the book today. Great interview, too. I always enjoy Corbett’s conversations with Keith Knight.

    • matteo says:

      Thanks for this, so I do not have to comment much myself. I was not really enlightened by this interview. It certainly is well meant. But now show us the next step, Corbett… Nobody likes to live under tyranny, but they are forced by powers developed over thousands of years including mind control, social engineering, cultural norms and pressure as well as the complete system of justice. As soon as you raise your head too far…. Good luck with the wisdom stated in the interview…

  8. phil_m says:

    Downloaded the book. Thanks for the heads up. Good discussion.

  9. CRM114 says:

    Unrelated but I wanted to leave this here for people who probably won’t come across it. It’s a conversation between rappers but I feel the best example I’ve seen that shows how Chicagoans talk about politics:

  10. xochicasa says:

    I don’t know if anybody has seen this but to me it epitomizes laughing at tyrants. At first I thought the repetitive pie face thing was annoying but over time I started laughing so hard there’s something about the way that they composed this video that just really works.

  11. xochicasa says:

    And this, from the same creators, is very cogent to the concept of voluntary servitude

  12. Fact Checker says:

    Well, the good news is humans can be quickly habituated to anything…
    wait, no, that’s the bad news. Humans are adaptable to a fault, as is shown by their quick adoption of the dehumanizing neuroticism of CovidWorld.
    The REALLY bad news is that what is essential (that is, not habituatable) is Social Dominance Orientation (SDO). That whole mental realm is mediated by the opposing forces of testosterone (for the dominant) and glucocorticoids (for the subordinate). This built-in neurochemical processing trait is an ingrained biological constant. In other words, humans are designed to follow authority figures PRECISELY BECAUSE THEY ARE AUTHORITY FIGURES. So basically, people can be endlessly reprogrammed and retrained, as long as that reprogramming is performed by, say the White Lab Coats in the Milgram Experiment. Or, General Muckumuck with the nine rows of gleaming medals. Or Newsome, on the TeeVee! Or Cuomo on the TeeVee! Or Fauci on the TeeVee!
    Never, never, never…the libertarian scholars reading old books on…

  13. katiyi says:

    I share your opinion Pearl. I do not believe that indifference is the prime reason why people do not revolt against government. Fear lurks behind indifference. It is a biological process that enhances our chances of survival. When an individual strays from the group, his immunity is lowered (1).
    In addition, those who defy government, if they are not killed, are vilified, ruined through costly court processes, imprisoned, and more. People who dare to support them will meet the same fate. Look at Snowdon, Manning, and Assange.
    With regard to building an alternate society, I doubt it will be successful. It might have been possible 20 or 30 years ago, now with the available technology, governments will be able to track down each one of us. And like the Soviet Union, they will not be tender with dissidents who will be a menace for the totalitarian order by their very existence.
    There is one solution, though.
    (1) Psychology Today, The Silence of Shunning, Janice Harper, PhD.

    • matteo says:

      Thanks for this, so I do not have to comment much myself. I was not really enlightened by this interview. It certainly is well meant. But now show us the next step, Corbett… Nobody likes to live under tyranny, but they are forced by powers developed over thousands of years including mind control, social engineering, cultural norms and pressure as well as the complete system of justice. As soon as you raise your head too far…. Good luck with the wisdom stated in the interview…

    • matteo says:

      One question to your solution: So you are speaking about bottom-up ostracizing? This does not really seem to be known in psychology in a context with society. Contrary to shunning/ostracizing between individuals (mostly in context to work environments, employees/management). Do you mean something like civil disobedience through non-action, non-participation? Or did I misunderstand?

      • katiyi says:

        No, Matteo. My solution is to fight the enemy with its own weapon: technology. Technology is what is going to enslave us, hence we need to get rid of it. There is one huge drawback: the number of people who would die, especially in cities.

        Maybe, there are other solutions that I do not see… Hopefully!

        • cu.h.j says:

          I disagree that we get rid of technology. We need to understand it, to master it and use it against them. People need to be fierce and strong and highly informed and knowledgeable and this is possible.

          People who have mastery of technology can be very dangerous. I think technology can be used for good just like violence can in the right circumstances.

          • cu.h.j says:

            If you mean to take down enemy technology grids I am all for that but once that’s accomplished technology and computing is very helpful.

            • katiyi says:

              Sorry to reply so late. I have been caught up in life.
              I agree that technology is useful, but in this instance, the deep state, or whatever you want to call it, has tools that are so advanced that I do not know how we could build an alternate society without their permission.
              If I hide in a rainforest somewhere with a few others in the hope of escaping this dystopia, it will not take long before I am eliminated if “they” want it. They will see me from one of their wonderful satellites, even if it is dark. They have infrared cameras. One soldier behind a computer desk will receive the order to aim. And pouf! I will be gone.
              I am not saying that we have to renounce technology forever, but for the moment, I do not see any other solution. We do not have time anymore. I just hope that I will be proven wrong.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                That infrared and thermal technology isn’t as powerful as you think. The afghans were hiding in pot fields because the vegetation was hotter than body temperature. Palmetto fields and those thick tall grass fields in fluorida are the same. There’s a lot of hype about what the state’s capabilities are. But hiding in a rainforest requires a lot of experience to do it for long. Food and water. And infection.

        • Alchemist says:

          Lots and lots of people know who is pushing these technologies and where the technologies are being made, so it doesn’t really make sense that not one person in the whole world has tried to stop it from happening. Could there be a bunch of Kazynskis running around and we just don’t hear about it because MSM doesn’t want to encourage potential copycats?

          • Alchemist says:

            Come to think of it, I did read something about 5G towers on fire… UK, I think? Can’t recall.

          • katiyi says:

            Sorry to have taken so long to reply.

            Some individuals have tried to stop the powers that be. Assange, and Manning are among them. Their stories are in the media because they are famous. But look at what happened with the wikileaks documents.
            The Intercept was bought and we have not seen any more information about the content of the rest of the trove.

            You will rarely hear about those who do not have any clout. Or, if you read some article, somewhere, you will not realize what is really going on. The truth will not transpire. In addition, you can imagine what happens to them, simply by witnessing what happens to the popular ones.

            In fact, you point out a very interesting fact. A few years back, we were regularly hearing about young hackers who had gotten into various government computers. That does not happen much anymore. Why?

  14. rob.h says:

    Ok..I will read this book. Only just started, but I likey.

    FYI – for long term solutions, I think nature is our best example. How did the birds and deer and lions survive this long without any governmental guidance? If they can do it, I don’t see why we can’t. (just as a general, simple directional solution).

  15. Octium says:

    I’m inclined to give the book a read if for no reason other than it takes into account the Pyramid Scheme structure of society (I think James referred to it as circles within circles)

    It’s a factor not often taken into account.

    For examples, Larken Rose’s video “The Tiny Dot”

    quite accurately describes the physical relationship between people and their enforcers with 100% accuracy, but fails to take into account their mental relationship. Which is why the enforcers do not get driven out of town in an instant.

  16. mik says:

    I would be nice to get an episode dedicated to Kropotkin.

    ‘Are We Good Enough?’ by Peter Kropotkin

    This article from Freedom (June 1888) refutes the notion that people are simply unable to live in freedom. It shows the fallacy of assuming that people cannot be trusted to co-operate while thinking that giving the same flawed individuals power is a good idea.

  17. Fact Checker says:

    Gary Burnett picked this up on, with a link back to CR:

    Barnett puts it in a bleak nutshell with this summary:
    “in this time of the lie of the existence of a ‘deadly pandemic,’ this current life of servitude, of emptiness and despair, of the purposeful elimination of pleasure and joy, of divisiveness, and of the constant fear of fellow human contact, brings about a feeling among conscientious men that life is not worth living and death is salvation. This is a human tragedy. Why would any accept this misery when the cure for tyranny is so simple to achieve due to the obvious fact that there are so many millions of us and only a few tyrants?”
    Unfortunately, I can answer his rhetorical question: because the Human Animal is biologically designed to defer to his hierarchical superiors, and this scam (like many before it, but to a monstrously greater degree) simply exploits that essential, inherent propensity.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Are we biologically designed? Or socially engineered?

      • Fact Checker says:

        Both, of course.
        But hierarchical deference came first.
        Humans’ Social Dominance Orientation is shared with our animal cousins, baboons, chimps etc. Hierarchical social organization was an adaptive trait for our ancestors. Neurotransmitter levels of members of a troop of primates respond in predictable, immutable ways to social dynamics. Those responses are a function of unchangeable genetic heritage.
        Those biological traits and behavioral propensities are exactly what make humans susceptible to social engineering, from the primitive and brutal Roman Empire, to the scientific, technopolistic precision of today’s dystopia. Social engineers merely “hack” the flawed biological constitution of the human animal, to their own advantage.

        But no social engineering was necessary to instill in human his deference to hierarchical dominance structures. That’s an innate constant, which makes all manner of social engineering possible. And that innate bio-mechanical reality ain’t ever going away.

        (Do understand I meant “designed” in the sense of “configured” rather than in the sense of “intentionally devised.”)

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Thanks. By the way, I am not that literate in genetics, but that was pretty easy to digest. One of the reasons I asked that is because I’ve never felt obliged to defer automatically. Since I spent 10 years in the military, you can get an idea of how that may have been a problem. Not sure if it means my own coding is irregular, or if earlier life experiences had a hand.

          • Fact Checker says:

            If your time in the military left your skepticism intact, then you are one of the lucky ones!
            (I won’t even ask what your discharge rating was ~_^ )

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Not only honorable, but I had all my good conduct medals. Was even supposed to go to Special Forces. Even several attempts by the army to have me in Merc jobs. I could get away with my attitude because I had powerful people who knew I knew my shit. But I’m a warrior; not a soldier. And warriors don’t stay in the military. Because a warrior thinks for himself. Plus, the emotional damage was destroying me. Took me six years of homelessness to fix the PTSD. I still laugh about that. All my college professors, and everyone before I walked out of corporate America, always felt I was the person to do great things. And here I lay, living by a river in the woods. And loving it.

              • sicdd says:

                I was in the military for 5 years (I am a female) in the 80’s and this is when I realized I was a non-conformist and did not like being told what to do, I never believed the BS about is about freedom and defending our country. I could never be a lifer, no way. But it did give me some discipline and so I do not regret the experience but…I know first hand how they can completely train a person to kill another because I feel that most people don’t want to kill, we have to be trained to over come that by mind control 24/7.
                I am still a non-conformist can understand why some things I was programmed for rubbed me the wrong way.

  18. Noahsark723 says:

    Thank you James and Keith!

    This is the answer – to withdrawal consent is it, yield to overcome.

    It is not in protesting or in changing the government from within, but to withdrawal and yield from the system instead of fighting it and trying to change it.

    Give it no energy and watch it deflate into the nothing that it is.

  19. firehorse says:

    “Within a system which denies the existence of basic human rights, fear tends to be the order of the day. Fear of imprisonment, fear of torture, fear of death, fear of losing friends, family, property or means of livelihood, fear of poverty, fear of isolation, fear of failure. A most insidious form of fear is that which masquerades as common sense or even wisdom, condemning as foolish, reckless, insignificant or futile the small, daily acts of courage which help to preserve man’s self-respect and inherent human dignity. It is not easy for a people conditioned by fear under the iron rule of the principle that might is right to free themselves from the enervating miasma of fear. Yet even under the most crushing state machinery courage rises up again and again, for fear is not the natural state of civilized man.”
    ― Aung San Suu Kyi, Freedom from Fear

  20. Tayo says:

    Hi folks,
    please take a moment to read related to this Caitlin Johnstone: “Be Outwardly Collectivist And Inwardly Individualist”

    I find that fascinating, but would really like to hear Corbetteers’ opinions. Any thoughts?

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I’m calling BS. I’m an individualist, and I practice charity. And have volunteered at charities. Being an individualist doesn’t mean you don’t help others. That’s swinging the pendulum to the extreme. She’s drawing imaginary lines because she is stuck in that dualistic either/or world. That way of thinking makes everything much harder than it has to be. But once you give an inch to the collective mindset, you lose. It may sound as if I’m doing that here as well; but the collective is antihuman, while the individual is what defines a true human. Even the Bible had no problem with this. We are all personally responsible for our actions and thoughts. But the tenets of Christianity are charity, compassion, and tolerance. Not that its adherents pay that much attention to them.

      • pearl says:

        Perfectly stated. I was also annoyed by the “settled-science” tone being the premise for why we all need to just shut-up and get onboard the collective bus. Add to that, history doesn’t support her hollow assurance that “you can keep your self-identity” when collectivists get their itty-bitty inch. She’d make a great Disney executive.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          That was so creepy! How can anyone be so dead inside? I used to be “chosen” to ride the roller coasters with the kids. I’m not really fond of them, but I used to try and play nice. Besides, kids are the only humans around. And even they are changing. Just not as badly. I loved screaming with them. It was a bonding experience. I guess they want us to go into the night quietly. I can’t comprehend how people can accept any of this programming. The hive mind is beyond my ability to understand.

    • victoria says:

      the quote/image in the article, a reminder of days gone by… with some of ’em ive dug up quite a bit of dirt online, in this case only MKULTRA: Terence Mckenna admits he was a “deep background” and “PR” agent (CIA or FBI) & when asked directly if he worked for the cia, mckenna replied “not so far as i can tell”

      • I Shot Santa says:

        I not only read that article, but also the one they linked to about sparking the psychedelic revolution. Probably unsurprising, I have used both LSD and psylicybin mushrooms. The former was recreational, but one experience was deeply important to me in uncovering deep seated psychological scars. It would have been better had I approached it differently, but it still helped. The mushrooms were used to help me answer questions I had about things. About four heaping handfuls of dried mushrooms. A heroic dose. This was six years ago and remains one of the most important events of my life. Having said that, I doubt their intentions were honorable.
        Both are extremely easy to abuse. Almost no one uses them in a sacred manner. And they’re far too powerful to just take without consequence. Not to mention their ease in destroying the mind, if used incorrectly.
        I won’t take LSD again. And I’ve taken extremely good LSD. Made by a chemistry student at Indiana State in the early 80s. Mushrooms are a different story. They’re superior in many ways. But I don’t need to use them now.
        Either one could have been presented to the world in a manner which could have had profound and positive societal implications. But they weren’t. And that says a lot about the people involved.

        • victoria says:

          most definitely lsd & psylicybin highly effective counterculture social engineering tool… & no doubt both easily recreationally misused. as well as used in abuse with children, when i was 4yo, jolly west dosed me with acid & took me to a halloween party… i was dressed as tinkerbelle, it was a nightmare to say the least, at one point tried to escape but was caught while running away outdoors. several other lsd forced druggings when still fairly young. in college i used recreationally twice, first time brought out superman/Übermensch alter. tho i only did shrooms a few times, i agree ~ superior, & whoa… you did take heroic dose. whilst i dont hv memory of ’em being used with me as a young girl, in 5th grade drew/colored a big mushroom with a little martian man next to, & wrote story to go with. to this day i go blank on what happened after one of my handlers reviewed my work & sternly repeated verböten. then there’s all the cannabis (methinks often laced) that i had to smoke in conjunction w/ the tantric yoga child rape. smoked weed quite frequently as a teen on into my late 20’s, always had sensitivity, at times seizures. in the last 15 yrs, hv only partaken a few times.
          of course far more than just psychedelics in the revolution, other drugs part of TPTsB wicked game… heroin, morphine, quaaludes, coke, speed, ketamine, scopolamine, etc.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Definitely not good times for you. I still use weed a lot. Though its been over a month since I last smoked. I tend to cycle it. I’ll smoke heavy for a month,then I’ll go without for the same.
            I “went” to Valhalla during that shroom trip. Nearly everything has come to pass that I foresaw during it. What is to come is the last of it. Amazing experience.

          • Jed says:

            Holy biscuits, wtf?!
            I never did any psychedelics, acid or shrooms, plenty of weed though— only got high 2Xs in high school, first time was from 9th grade to 11th and that was four years, stopped for a month for some reason at the end of 11th.
            I want to try shrooms — people have told me that I would never return if I did, idk, this place does kink of suck.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              If you try shrooms, I would recommend fasting the day you intend to take them. Also, wait until you have a situation in your life where you feel unsure about the direction you should take. Think about the problem the whole day, but don’t fear the mushrooms. I also recommend you secure a large quantity of beer. I used cider. You will thirst for it. Dried shrooms are the most potent. I just take them one handful at a time. You will find that you will imbide as you need. During the trip, just enjoy the experience. If you have access to someone who can act as a spirit guide, that’s great. If not,then they’re unnecessary. You won’t overdose, but if you fear the trip,you’ll have a bad one. Hope that helps.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Some of my experiences were watching people turn into statues, noting the electric grid of this reality. Watching events unfold on several levels. I was at a dropzone, among friends, when I last tripped. On one level everything was sort of normal. But on another level, prophecy unfolded. Colors are also very vivid!

            • victoria says:

              hey man, if you need help scoring shrooms maybe try the lava lamp experiment again. when i did it my psychedelically-painted phone rang & rang, it was my old singing partner grace. as always one of the things she goes on about …some kinda mushroom, so when gracie says go ask alice i think she means alice is experienced & she’ll know a dealer, like jerry garCIA in the eagle-winged palace of the MIT Queen Chinee

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Cool. And don’t forget to laugh. A lot.

  21. debra.b says:

    Hospitals here are a war zone. Guard your health and avoid them at all costs. I’m leaving it at that. And, a song that’s relevant now as much as when it came out. May not be your type of music. And, maybe it’s a mainstream bs thing that I’m not supposed to be using for comfort. But, I don’t give a fuck at the moment. I’m sorry to sound harsh. Good luck all.

    “And the wounded skies above say it’s much too, much too late. Well, maybe we should all be praying for time.”

    • pearl says:

      Bad day, huh? I’m sorry you went through the wringer again. If you’re up for it, I’d be very interested to learn what you witnessed. If not, no worries.

      As for the song being off limits because it’s mainstream, I never did get that memo and so will keep posting those which also speak to me:

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        LYRICS – “For What It’s Worth”
        There’s something happening here
        What it is ain’t exactly clear
        There’s a man with a gun over there
        Telling me I got to beware

        I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down

        There’s battle lines being drawn
        Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong
        Young people speaking their minds
        Getting so much resistance from behind

        It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down

        What a field-day for the heat
        A thousand people in the street
        Singing songs and carrying signs
        Mostly say, hooray for our side

        It’s s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down

        Paranoia strikes deep
        Into your life it will creep
        It starts when you’re always afraid
        You step out of line, the man come and take you away

        We better stop, hey, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down
        Stop, hey, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down
        Stop, now, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down
        Stop, children, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down

        • Steve Smith says:

          Funny but my statist, normie guitar player friend brought over the sheet music for that song last night. I told him that oddly enough, I had just seen the lyrics for it on this message board.
          I am not allowed to talk to him about anything important but playing that song was fun and therapeutic.

    • victoria says:

      hope your ok, if ya wanna talk im all ears.

      didnt get the memo either… Breathe (Pink Floyd Cover) …beautiful, stunning, the girl kicks ass!!

      take good care

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Hang in there girl! While it always gets darker before all hell breaks loose, the peace to come is worth all the pain. Excellent song choices. The words in your choice Debra are haunting, and true, but only from certain perspectives. The mouse at my camp still appreciates the empty peanut butter jars I leave for him to clean, the squirrels are still… Squirrelly. And so on. Since everyone else had a song to offer, I found one as well that matches me and my heritage. Enjoy.

    • Jed says:

      Hi Debra, I gave that song a listen, cast a spell, said a prayer, made a wish — flipped-off evil in all four directions (no animal sacrifices), and all toward your health and well being. Should kick in soon.

    • debra.b says:

      pearl, that song speaks volumes. I sure am glad you didn’t get that memo! Lol ❤️

      HRS, how’d ya know I love to read the lyrics?! ? Seriously, I do.

      Steve, I’m glad to hear you had a fun and therapeutic experience. I read your comments above. Hang in.

      Victoria, she so does! I’ve watched lots more of her videos. Wow! Good to see there’s still talent out there. ?❤️

      ISS, love that song. The beginning instrumental is stunning. I envy the mouse. Wish humans would take a cue from the squirrels. And, I wish everyone would hold dear their heritage and natural instincts. Those are strengths we’ll need.

      Jed, I did some flipping off myself! Wishes, prayers, spells….whatever ya threw my way, my heart’s open to it.

      mkey, awesome audiobook link. That’ll work well for me.

      Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the replies, kind words and songs. Music is healing, food for the soul when it resonates. Helps me when it helps others as well.

      I’m doing okay. Been home for a few days. Still in pain and weak. Too much to get into. Also, the day I was discharged, my niece went in by ambulance. She’d had a seizure. She got through it, but she’s depressed and traumatized. We all are. Here’s take aways from the experience.

      -There’s no choice to being tested if you’re unable to walk out. I couldn’t nor my niece.

      -My niece and I both tested negative. They tested us when we were both out of it. I consider that non-consensual, but their guidelines don’t.

      -If you don’t have an advanced directive, please get one! For now, it seems these still hold up.

      -They will not allow one person in with you unless you’ve been hospitalized for 20 days.

      -Cell phone communication was allowed. Once your cell phone dies, you’re cut off.

      -My sister kept calling to speak to the “charge nurse” to ask to be with her daughter. After a couple hours and another seizure, they allowed her in, but she wasn’t allowed out. She had to fully gear up (mask, gloves, gown, etc..)

      -The floor above mine was a Covid floor. All end of life care. All dying alone.

      So, if that’s not a war zone medical facility, I don’t know what else to call it. I’m supposed to go back for tests. I don’t see any other way for me to go except straight through. There’s a huge target on my back. I’ve no doubt of that. I will go carefully, but not quietly.

      Here’s another song. This came out when my health first started to take a turn years ago. It helped because it reminded me of what I’d fought through in the past. You all know my story, so you’ll get it. Thank you again! I appreciate the support more than I can say. ❤️

      • debra.b says:

        P.S. Forgot to mention the group of frantic, scared, crying mothers being kept from their sick children in the emergency room waiting area. Not being given much detail regarding treatment or tests. My sister couldn’t take it, so she waited in her car and made the calls to her daughter and the nurses from there.

      • victoria says:

        alright, i admit it debra, i binge watched her, amazing talent. shania twain also amazing, first heard her when living in a large luxury trailer mansion. this couple had advertised almost free room for someone to help take care of their two chihuahuas (female looked just like the taco bell dog:)) which they bred & wanted someone who would be home a lot b/c they werent, so i was also security guard alongside harley, a well-built rottweiler, so sweet. tho midnight, the cat who often brought home food from the wilderness for me to eat back then didnt think so, said i was a traitor, but thats another story (he finally adjusted, sort of, poor harley…) anyhoo one day the woman brought home a cd by a new artist she loved, shania twain & i was like wow… absolutely awesome!! the song you shared, powerful, deeply moving, brought tears to my eyes. my heart goes out to you, im so very sorry about the war zone hospital trauma, & grrr… the non-consensual testing pisses me off, but thank you so much for the advice on getting an advance directive.

        keeping you in my thoughts, stay strong…

        phenomenal freddie

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        ANECDOTE – inside a hospital as a patient

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Couldn’t think of an underdog song. Except maybe for”A Boy Named Sue”. So I put the closest I knew my favorite country artist, Miranda Lambert.
        With all we know about the importance of having support, stress, companionship,etc. in healing; what they are doing is criminal. Hospitals create this endless loop,where you have to keep going back to fix what they messed up the time before. One of the most evil institutions I know. Far worse than the war machine.
        Love your body. Send it emotional support. Have faith in your innate ability to heal. Desire that which heals you. Those were the core thoughts during my meditations while healing myself during several potentially fatal illnesses, situations. Hope it helps.

  22. mkey says:

    The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude (Audiobook)

    Here’s a fresh new audiobook.

  23. I Shot Santa says:

    Academy of ideas. How to dethrone tyrants. Interesting, and even uses politics of disobedience. But leans into the meaning of power.
    Having said that, I believe we’ve passed this time. Blood is inevitable.

    We simply weren’t vigilant or passionate enough about our liberties.

  24. Unmani says:

    James, thank you so much for your humor and passion about this book! I bought it and can’t wait to read it. I’m so grateful for your hard work and just being you in interviews like this one. Haha!

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