Interview 1548 - James Corbett Dissects the New Normal

05/29/2020192 Comments

In this conversation, streamed on May 26th, James Corbett joins RichieFromBoston to discuss the latest developments in the unfolding corona world order and to examine his new documentary, Who Is Bill Gates?


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  1. Alchemist says:

    Mass noncompliance will only happen if people understand that they have other more appealing options. They are afraid to leave the abusive relationship, because they simply can’t imagine a life outside of what they know.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—we need to “advertise” alternative lifestyles. Voluntarism, permaculture, homeschool, etc. crush the stereotypes and show people how beautiful life can be. Educate/ liberate.

    Sooo.. if anyone wants to work on this project, please reach out! My email address is in the channel description.

    • BorisaMan says:

      I completely agree. To be honest, I am bored with seeing how the world is run by a small group of criminal mafia. It does not matter if its bill gates, or the milkman, its just a puppet doing the evil of the Rich/Reich. What we need to do is remove their programming, they have installed the sickness in us with their at least 500 years of programming with endless lies. We must break the chain, remove their programming and create a world where people do not want to be criminal scum. Go and read reviews on youtube of films like The Wolf of Wall street, most of the morons wants to be that person. I want to see things about how to be better, how to remove their sick systems of control!

      • Alchemist says:

        Everyone is bored of the ugliness and feeling fearful. Based on how content they are on house arrest, I’d say they are tired of the rat race as well. They crave beauty, safety, and comfort—that’s only natural! The truth is, we are all vulnerable right now; and someone will be taking advantage of this vulnerability. Will it be the abuser using this opportunity to gain more control or the friend using this opportunity to liberate? The people need to be seduced by another ideology, fall in love with it, then feel safe enough to leave the abuser. We need to lift them up to a new level of conciousness to make them realize they have power! I know, I know.. this sounds like more of a pipe dream than becoming the Wolf of Wall Street, but this is the only opportunity we’ve ever had, and ever will have, to free the world (cliche, but true).

        • BorisaMan says:

          Now is the time, shut off WiFi, connect everything with cable. Dont use the cloud, wether it be iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google drive, shut it all down. They are trying very hard to keep as many people in the satanic loop. Turn off any indexing software on your operating system. Anything good you find, download it and store it

          • mrbarbecue says:

            Right on, fibre internet here, I had ethernet cables drilled into many rooms of my house back in 2002 for my DSL and the cable internet afterwards (which is still a good option with the small ISP’s, they can do gigabit cable easily for much cheaper than the big corps) and everything is plugged through ethernet cable. My only remote data storage is the dedicated server I rent and those, one has complete control of them, and it’s just 30 bucks a month. All my torrenting is done there automatically, I don’t even need to bring anything home, I do, but I could just use the server to stream directly to a tv with my media centre, which is an old PC good enough to do most stuff (Phenom II 4 core @ 4ghz).

            Also, unplug those ethernet cables when not using the internet, makes for a lot safer experience, even if you have the best router out there, flashed with openWRT or what-have-you.

        • FatalException says:

          Hey I didn’t see that email in the channel description. In fact, what saw was a channel with 5 subs and literally no content. That is. if that was the channel you were talking about. I was expecting you to have some content I could share on Minds, Gab and Flote. I mean, that’s kinda what it sounded like you were saying.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            The email address is there.

            Some Browsers will not show it.
            Internet Explorer shows it.
            Firefox does not.

            I’ve also noticed this even with different older articles on the internet.
            A 2003 Reuters article seemed to be void in Firefox and Microsoft Edge. The full article displayed with Internet Explorer.
            I am not Tech savvy. So, I don’t know why.

            Here is a link to Alchemist‘s WEBSITE

            If you do not have Internet Explorer, I will give you some clues.
            It is not electronmail nor neutronmail, but in the neighborhood.
            Alchemist likes numbers and letters.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Hi Alchemist,

      I really like this idea. I just wonder how this could work for people whose skills don’t provide for an income unless they work in a mainstream capacity. Myself for example, how would a regular ER nurse be able to contribute anything to a voluntary community that wasn’t using traditional fiat for exchange of goods and services.

      How would people get things that they relied on before like pharma drugs that help any medical issues they have? It seems like people who couldn’t completely live off the grid without any ties to “regular society” like medicines, for example, would be in a bind, ie they would still need currency they could use to get their medications.

      Bitcoin and even Monero are still tied to the dollar and most pharmacies wouldn’t accept crypto. I know there are black markets but I don’t know if they have regular medications.

      I think you are correct about the abusive relationship issue and leaping into the unknown. Some folks are afraid to take a risk. The problem for me is that I have tried living without medications and have had negative consequences, but maybe it’s time to try again.

      • Alchemist says:

        Nursing is a valuable and always in-demand service that you could easily trade for goods or other services.

        Regarding prescription meds, as we discussed before, this is where I’m stuck. I think part of the push to vaccinate is to make people reliant on prescription meds post-vaccine injury. When we are dependent on medications, it is more difficult to opt-out of the system.

        • vaniasas says:

          Hello Alchemist.
          I suppose it’s very important that people understand that the only thing that can change what is going on is that people take responsibility for their healthcare, I see lots of people everyday who are terribly lazy to just think about the treatments and what they are doing to them, if people agree that they have a responsability for their health everything takes a major shift. There’s a lot of Stockholm syndrome going on and I think that people can do best for themselves, and I suppose a lot of people is going for the vaccine without blinking because they don’t want to be blamed for the economic crisis.

          • Alchemist says:

            I absolutely agree with you. It all changes when people are proactive in their healthcare and take responsibility for their own lives. Maybe they’re too lazy or overwhelmed with information. Maybe they want someone else to blame when things go wrong. Who knows?

            The vaccine, in their heads, is the savior, because we’re being told time and again that its the only key that will open the door back to regular life; the magical potion that will cure everything from the virus to the economy and free us from our imprisonment.

        • traud says:

          There is no need to rely on prescription drugs, there is homeopathy with a proven and successful record of over 200 years, and diseases are not suppressed but cured. Epidemics have been successfully cured with better results than conventional medicine, and the largest homeopathic hospital of the world in Calcutta treats more than 1000 people every day on 6 days a week. They even treat cancer.
          Another essential health information is nutrition. In Europe, since the 1930s people have regained their health and prevented chronic and other disease with whole and raw foods. Unfortunatelly, the widespread information of this knowledge and experience has also been suppressed by the same kind of forces that we are experiencing now with Corona, and only few people really know about and apply it in their lifes. I am one of them.

      • Jed says:

        Big step, you ain’t gonna make anything near what you can make as an ER nurse, so be ready to give up all your material stuff, or most of it. When I walked away from my full time job I lost everything, house, stuff, more stuff, boat goes next. I will soon have just clothes, tools, guitar. Can’t wait either’cus it’s turning out that all this stuff owned me, along with the system that fuels it.

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        Maybe try hooking up with HomeRemedySupply one-on-one?
        He might be able to help you.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Herbalism. As an ER you already have a greater than average ability to understand how the body works. When (not if) the grid goes, so does big pharma. There are plenty of books on the subject available. And I can testify to their effectiveness. Arthritis gone. Bones healed. Cancer gone. And so on. Side effects generally include better overall health.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      On a somewhat positive note, a tremendous number of folks do not trust the media.

      The Editor-in-Chief at Yahoo Finance had a recent Op-Ed article.
      The comment section was telling.

      The top ranking comment by a high margin:
      ~~If I were to look for answers, the last place for factual correct and unbiased info would be Yahoo.

      Within the top ten rankings:
      ~~The common thread is the panic and controversy propagating mainstream media.

      Bill quotes the article:
      ~~“It is an obstruction of truth by those with a personal or political agenda. ”
      Well, Yahoo, that is your stock and trade.

      ~~The media provokes more inflammatory situations than anyone else. They have forgotten the true meaning of journalism – WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN WHY and HOW. To journalist everything seems to be about creating an agenda – with very little about the truth. The media only promotes selective stories.

      • Alchemist says:

        Yes, I think it’s clear to a lot of people that something doesn’t add up. Even in the deepest darkest blue depths of California, a lot of my friends and family are awakening. There’s hope!

    • fotin says:

      I agree, even if you know about the stuff that is going down, if you don’t have a plan it is hopeless. The advantage that the “BIG everything” has is not money, it’s not even power, it’s that they have a plan and know where they are going. Every time I share info like that of James Corbett, people say .. “so what do we do?” My answer still is very limited to educate yourself.

      • Alchemist says:

        I’ve been introducing people to the idea of freedom cells. The actual website seems to be used more as a chat than a place to come up with solutions, but I’m guessing the real work goes on offline at in-person meetings. Anyway, it’s a good idea.

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Discussions like this are highly Therapeutic for all of us.

    After all, this Plandemic Event is a ‘trauma world event’ which dynamically affects everyone on a personal, economic and cultural level.

    Around the 30 minute mark when Major General Smedley Butler is mentioned, James Corbett follows with the fact that…
    We, the people, are the enemy. We are the ones being attacked. We are being traumatized by fear, censorship, authoritarian mandates and economic suppression.
    Corbett’s 3/22/2020 article “THIS Is What World War III Looks Like”.

    EXCERPT from that article
    …This is the true nature of World War III. It is being waged right now. And, in the eyes of the authoritarians, we are the enemy….

    If China is the bogeyman, then we won’t wake up to the fact that we are the true target.

    Oh yes…
    Discussions which involve rehashing and venting and highlighting an extremely traumatic ongoing event are highly therapeutic.
    It makes us healthier. A mental vaccine.

    The final two points in the video which Corbett mentions are strong take-homes.
    Spread the information & find your line in the sand.

  3. generalbottlewasher says:

    The food supply is in real trouble. If I knew how I would check the shorts on wheat, corn, soybeans. The spraying today was heavy and very high in the sky. More moisture means no planting. Last month the winter wheat got harvested and shipped all below the Kansas border. Shipped where? Above the border Kansas was theatened by no migrant Harvester drivers and water, monsoon water.
    A sationary Low pressure spinning like a hurricane above Arkansas dumping a 6 month amount of water on Oklahoma to the panhandle all the way north to Des Moines Iowa. The low has moved to above Nashville, NC. This is an attack.

  4. Terraset says:

    Corbett postulated two reasons people aren’t waking up to this
    1: they’re too stupid
    2: they’re willfully lying to themselves.

    I think there’s also a third which I consider more likely
    3: They want to be treated as livestock

    After all, if people didn’t want this, they’d do something about it, they’re not doing anything about it (and actively resisting anyone who does), therefore they want it.

    Personally I don’t think such people really count as “people” and the world won’t miss a few hundred million of them. No point wasting much of any effort trying to wake such things up, better to focus on bettering your own life at their expense. After all, servitude is what they live for.

    • vrich says:

      Actually a Third reason people aren’t waking up is Mass Mind Control; as explained by a Former KGB man in a video made years ago. A May 26 2020 video by Dollar Vigilante called “Can You Breathe?” has excerpts from this KGB man’s interview. Here is one link:

      The KGB guy said once the person has been controlled to a certain level, you can REPEATEDLY show him/her the documentation in front of his/her face to disprove what they believe and repeatedly; even when showed multiple proofs they are consumed by a lie they will choose the lie. I try hard to remember this rather than get frustrated by so many around me.

      I believe that God gives the eyes to see and the ears to hear; so I pray and pray for the sleepwalkers to wake up.

      For what it is worth, I came across a new site that is fighting censorship and it is called, “”.

      There is a blockchain site called Pocketnet where some good posts are made; proceed with caution as obvious bots or whatever they are, seem to be lurking.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Watched most of that video, but my browser crashed after the woman talking about the micron dust. I think the key takeaway from the interview was that people have to educate themselves. For our entire existence, those people have represented a tiny minority. People generally will only learn the minimum they can get away with. And they need so little today. They hate thinking, because it makes them uncomfortable to question their own beliefs. They have always embraced as much ignorance as they could. This doesn’t require mind control. They have no mind to control, because they’ve always refused to develop one. The devil merely offers you temptation, it’s up to you to reject it. I have no respect for people who are tempted by ignorance. I wish them no harm, but I keep my distance. And since I’m on a biblical roll; Jesus said “heaven isn’t for fools.” Great video. I think the micron dust interview bothered me more, though thanks for the link as the interview you referred was excellent. That old KGB guy was quite the character. And already way too late.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Most people simply don’t care about truth. Truth is almost always uncomfortable. They prefer the comfort of a lie. Which makes them all three of those options. It’s also the reason I disagree with James that the most important thing we can do is to wake people up. It’s wasting your time to risk your life (and that is exactly what you’re doing as you will be targeted later on) doing the impossible. Does this make me a defeatist? Hell no!
      I say prepare. If nothing else garden. Chickens if you can as well. For eggs. Extra roosters you can eat. 4 months of life for those. Learn how to fish and hunt. They always claim game gets hunted out during those times, but modern people suck at woodsmanship. Study channels like prepsteaders on youboob. She teaches canning, pemmican,hardtack, etc. Sweet lady. I eat both every day out here. Excellent survival food. In fact, my pemmican, by using a vegetable powder for the berry portion, is a super food. Hardtack sucks, but it’s still healthy. I use almond flour and sorghum flour with psyllium husks (for fiber) in mine. There will be a great starving period. The garden you grow today, might very well be the only food you have to eat next year. At this time, saving yourself is paramount. You can’t help anyone if you die.

      • Jed says:

        I have a survival capsule, the world’s greatest, a sailboat. I’m going to loose her soon unless I can figure something out. I lived on her for a spell but now I’ve a girlfriend and dogs and a garden. Dogs and sailboats don’t mix. I can no longer afford yard dues and the local gov. has disallowed moorings for vessels over 26’. No one will purchase her as the boatyards are full of older sailboats on the hard,
        can’t give them away — the only folks who can still afford boatslips and yard dues own large powerboats. So the green, gracefull beautiful sailboats are on the hard and the bays and ocean are full of mindless polluting speeding, wake making powerboats (fishing boats not included). The Corbett member Steve gave me some ideas and educated me as to the laws — so maybe I can figure something out.
        If there’s a Corbett member who needs a place to live, wouldn’t mind seasonal migrating and loves sailboats…….
        She draws 4’ and is real purrrdy, would look great on say, a river, in Fl,. Her name is “Sea Badger”

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Sounds great, but the Suwannee is usually too shallow. I’m using a cheap inflatable raft. Which also is a questionable choice due to all the trees with sharp points all over them. I watched the sailboats go down in Daytona when I was there. They are beautiful, but are definitely not for everyone. Have you thought of taking her island hopping to take her to different markets. Just a thought off the top of my ignorant in this case head.

          • Jed says:

            One of my sisters lives in Maine, and has invited the Sea Badger to her yard. I still want to see her sailing so she’s still up for grabs to anyone who would love her, live on and sail ‘er. There’s people without homes and the economy/state are dragging sailboats to landfills, insanity.
            Maine is sounding real good though. New Suffolk to Orient Pt., to Cuttyhunk, through the canal to Wellfleet then overnight to the Bathe area of Maine. It’ll take me a couple weeks while I fixing everything that’ll break. Whatever can go wrong will but, that’s sailing and I miss it. The paperwork will be the toughest part, I’m sure I’ll have to register her in Maine and who knows what kind of covid bs will come into play.
            You’d do well with a nice wide flat bottomed low gunneled thing — stable and able to plane, like a bass boat or clam boat. I have an inflatable, they’re handy and easy but aside from punctures they blow around too much. Don’t they put those big-ass fans powered by 327s on plywood sheets, with a chair in front of it down there? You’d be the River Comanche on steroids with one of those.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              The best adventures always have everything go wrong with them. That’s what makes them adventures! Which is exactly why I’m using a very cheap inflatable raft. It’s my version of dialing up an adventure. I’ve discovered that inappropriate gear helps in that regard. I’ve seen those acrobats up here on the river, but not many as they apparently aren’t suited to rapids. The only class 2 rapids in the state. They look nice too. But I’ve even seen people float it on those cheap sorta tubes. We used tractor tubes, which are a lot tougher. Those airboats are fun to ride though. I’d like one, but I probably would do something crazy with one, like go slaloming the downed trees. Sounds like a fun trip. Hope she likes the boat.a shame to see it scrapped.

              • Jed says:

                There will be a better market for her up there in Maine. Those people don’t throw valuable things away. If not now, in a few years.
                I would definitely say that rafting over alligators qualifies for adventure. Waking up in the morning in Florida is an adventure, you got: copper heads, water moccasins, sink holes, wild fires (ex-in-laws lived in Flager County), ex-in -laws (kidding, they were nice) tropical twisters, micro-bursts that compare to nuke-blasts, mid-day sun that’ll melt your scalp off, bull sharks in the rivers, all other species of sharks feeding by the beaches, I-95, and that’s just for starters. I love it though, my Pop was gonna move to Venice Beach,
                he died too soon.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Yep, and that is just the start! But I worry mostly about mosquitoes and yellow flies! Though I did spend the night in a tent once, while listening to giant limbs fall all around me in a tropical storm. Note how I didn’t use the word sleep. Tent was trashed.

        • Steve Smith says:

          Hi again Jed,
          I really don’t mean to be a wet blanket but I gotta tell you. I hear people talk about their dreams of being able to avoid the madness of civilization by using their floating escape pods. Hell, I used to preach it myself. I used to believe it was possible to find freedom and live semi independently while seeking out adventure and beauty in nature.
          These days I don’t.
          There is no place left to escape afloat. It may in fact be one of the worst choices to make if you want to be left alone. As you mentioned, the coastal PTSB are constantly eroding the few freedoms we have left on the water. I fear soon that even the old adage “Any port in a storm” will be forgotten.
          We live in a world where they can read the date on a newspaper from orbit. We use a system for navigation that is completely controlled and can be disabled anytime they wish.
          I truly believe that if one wants to escape or to disappear then they would be better off choosing deep forests or jungles. And I doubt that would work for long.
          Truly these are not the days for escaping or hiding from the bastards. This is the time, perhaps the last chance, to fight. While there is still something left to fight for.

          • Jed says:

            Wet blanket? The info you gave me regarding yard owners and carting fees gained me back some sleep at night. I even stopped kicking the dogs! Speaking of whom, would be very unhappy on a sailboat.
            I hear what you’re saying about escaping, but most people don’t even need a jungle, they escape right there between the ears.
            Since ‘09 or ‘10 I’ve used a smart phone to navigate (gps apps), and come to think of it I’ve been using it to navigate through the land life as well. Your post regarding smart phones got me to thinking hard about that. No sir Capt. Steve, you are no wet blanket.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Rivers are great! Especially with that lush tropical growth on its banks. By the way, palmetto fields are hot enough to hide a person from thermal. And I am at it now. However, the yellow and horse flies have been hungry today. Never got bit, thanks to watching all those Bruce Lee movies, but horse flies are scary! First time I got bit by one, my thought was “I’ve been shot!”

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              Repelling flies
              The next time you bike into town, you may want to try picking up some MCT oil. Health Food stores carry it, but Kroger or Walmart might also. It’s pricey though.

              MCT oil – (Medium Chain Triglycerides) is derived from coconut oil. Most oils are long carbon chains which the body has to work at in order to break into smaller units. MCT is smaller units, and some folks take a little for energy. MCT oil contains these fatty acids: Lauric Acid, Capric Acid and Caprylic Acid. (If my memory from my veteran Vitamin days serves me.)

              Again, going by memory from reading a study years back. Lauric acid was very, very effective at repelling flies. Thus MCT oil may work. It’s pretty ‘oily’ oily though. Hard to wash off. I have some. Occasionally drink a little. Even used it to oil the garage door.

              About 8 days ago when I was riding around my son’s pasture and noticed the mob of flies on one of the cows, I told him about the study. I had brought a bottle of MCT oil and asked him to experiment when he got the chance and report back to me.
              I also dropped off a waterbased (not oil based) chigger / mosquito deterrent.

              Rambo Bug Repellent – cinnamon and cornstarch
              If you don’t mind looking like Rambo, pick up a large container of powdered cinnamon and some cornstarch.
              Go 50/50 with the two mixed together.
              Place the mix in an old sock. Swing the sock and pound the areas of your clothes and body which you want protected. The cornstarch helps carry the cinnamon and its soothing. The sock thing works well.

              Once I was digging out some bamboo in a dark, deep creek bed for transplant, I covered myself, including my hair, via the sock thing. Hot July, sweating and huffing out CO2 hard with the shovel and mattock. I look down near my chest, and I swear there were over hundred mosquitoes swarming around me. They love the ‘sound’ of CO2. Not one bite. I looked like a painted Rambo, but with wire frame glasses.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                I buy MCT oil in 2.5 gallon jugs out of nicotine river. I put it in my hot chocolate.

                For mosquitoes I ferment some fruit with sugar. No yeast. Then mix it with boric acid. Just put it into a bottle with a dime sized hole in the top. They love to get drunk and the boric acid kills them. Will clear out all skeeters completely within 2 days.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                I love hearing these “Home River Remedies”!
                Thanks Jim Bob.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              Tidbit on Mosquitoes

              Many of us know that mosquitoes are attracted to CO2, among other things like body heat, etc.

              When I was at my son’s place, he said they finally got rid of the mosquitoes hanging around the back porch.
              He took me further out to a barbed wire fence and showed me a hanging tube he had bought which kept mosquitoes from the porch. He says reluctantly, “It may have some harmful chemicals in it.”

              I read it. Effective ingredient: “sodium chloride” and inert ingredients were “sucrose” and “yeast”.
              I told him that all it had was sugar and yeast and salt.
              I explained that when yeast and sugar are mixed with water, the yeast poop out CO2 (carbon dioxide). This attracts the mosquitoes. I guess the salt dries em out or the larvae.

              I knew about mosquito deterrent devices that put off the CO2. There are some interesting things on the market, plus many home-made things a person can do.

              However, I learned something from my son.
              He said the key was to have these CO2 devices well away from and surrounding the perimeter of where folks congregated. That is the key to success.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                I always hang mine up as if they were making a square. But, even if it’s right beside you, it’ll work as they’re dead rather quickly. Skeeters love 3 things; co2, pheromones, and alcohol. Sex, alcohol, and the co2 for the blood it gives them. Obviously, they are nature’s perfect redneck! All they like to do is get drunk, have sex, and boy will their women draw some blood!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      In my mind, one of the most impactful articles which James Corbett has ever penned is…
      …the 4/11/2020 A Letter to the Future

      An EXCERPT
      (This does not capture the compassion and message of the article…but I will place it here…)

      “…Never did the sheeple suspect that someday the shepherds would lead them to the slaughter.

      It is a term of derision, of course. “Sheeple.”
      But I like to think that it doesn’t just speak to our stupidity.
      It speaks to a naivety, an innocence.
      We are trusting and gentle creatures by nature.
      That is nothing to be scorned.
      If it weren’t for the predators in our midst, our failings would be counted as virtues….”

    • Qno says:

      Terraset, I think we are being harsh on people. It takes time. I think TPTSB know it is a race to get things sealed before the whole world wakes up.

      So, my model for this is more like the Emperor’s New Clothes. Once the crowd starts muttering, the king can stamp his feet all he wants but it is only a matter of time before the people start throwing tomatoes.

      I am lucky, I get to spend time in close proximity to other people in my work, for extended periods, in private. No social distancing required. A miracle really, for which I am really grateful.

      And I see that what people think and the way they walk are not the same. Honestly, the tide is turning. Massively. I could self censor, but I don’t, since the stakes are so high and I sense a huge shift.

      Keep pushing, keep pushing, victory is possible.

      • Qno says:

        Meanwhile, Bill Gates’ big mistake is that being such a megalomaniac he believes everybody else is retarded. What ‘they’ didn’t factor in is 3 billion people of above average intelligence taking time out to figure things out.

        The fact that censorship is going crazy – what does that tell you? They’ve lost all the arguments that matter! I tell you, mankind has never been in a stronger position. The idea that most people are sheeple and only a handful of rugged individuals can see is just more divide and conquer. On our own, holed up in a cave with a rifle and cans of corned beef, is exactly how they want us to be.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        They don’t have time. And most prefer the lie.

        • Qno says:

          I dispute both those sentences.

          1) they have more time than ever. And this is a deeply personal issue for practically everyone.
          2) generalisation and speculation. Doesn’t fit my experience either. Some do, many don’t, and I believe the tide is turning.

          Once again, this crystal ball has a million moving parts, and if all the dials set to worst we may as well give up now. I don’t think that’s good enough, or even very realistic.

    • ad says:


      “I don’t think such people really count as “people” and the world won’t miss a few hundred million of them.”

      this is a very mean statement, i must say. you would rather expect such blabber from the dummest of eugenics propaganda. i’ve seen other signs of eugenics that seemed to come from naive sources. but how you casually mention a few hundred million dead, you seem to know what you’re talking about. and if this is sarcasm, you win, your the sickest.

      you think you know anything about what’s going on in other peoples mind? great for you, but i don’t think i know. i have been frustrated the way you perhaps have, but in the end, i am the one who tries to communicate something to people who apparently do not see what i see or the way i see it. anyway, if they already did, why would i even have to talk about things?!

      so if i really think my thoughts are important then i have to find better ways to communicate them, and i do think my thoughts are important, because they may stop a lot of the structural killing that has been going on for almost a century. my main subject in this timeframe of a perceived pandemic is the cover-up of the gulo mutation for the general public as well as medical science.

      gulo mutation? you may ask. ok, i admit i get tired sometimes saying the same thing over and over again, trying different angles and hoping somehow someone catches the full meaning of this. so just for speed and because you are probably not worth it, try or

      your attitude that translates into ‘they are just stupid animals, let them die’ is so totally counterproductive to my own motives. on the other hand, it strangely connects with james in the above clip, saying at 16:34 james: “if you do not see this is everything that i have been warning about for the past 12 years, its all coming together in this one package that’s being delivered right now, if you don’t see that, then either you’re too stupid to know what’s going on or you are wilfully lying”

      this binary thinking is not the james i know, this is his last defense against acute fatigue. you can easily see the man is exhausted. i hope he takes at least his vitamin-c to bowel tolerance. otherwise he may get c-depletion from extreme work-stress and even end up with covid19. or just like me, lose part of his mental abilities, in particular his short time memory. i just hope he knows what he is doing to himself.

      this complex of ideas about stupidity of other people, of other people being like animals, of “servitude is what they live for”, sounds very familiar from a certain supremacist culture’s point of view. if so, this website too, may have been infiltrated with controlled opposition. in that case you are blowing your cover on just a few rare words of despair from james. not real smart for a chosen one.


      • I Shot Santa says:

        People choose to be stupid. And they would gladly turn you into their masters if it increased their social credit score. We choose to remain ignorant because thinking for yourself is hard work and people are lazy. The same people you think would listen to you if you hammer away, actually never even listen to you. They tune you out from the beginning. Many are called, but few answer. We’re about to have troops deployed in our cities, which they’ll support, and ya think they’ll employ reason before it’s too late. They won’t. Their chains are loose, but they’ll kill you to keep them.

        • debra.b says:

          “The same people you think would listen to you if you hammer away, actually never even listen to you. They tune you out from the beginning.“

          This is true. My mom gets nervous when she goes into social gatherings that aren’t her immediate family. Doesn’t ever think she’s smart enough. My mom puts herself down and worries. It’s what she does. I always tell her, “Let them do all the talking because they don’t really want to hear about you. They want to talk about themselves.” And, these are perfectly nice people and I don’t mean to sound harsh, but it’s just true. Human beings all have this flaw. I got more aware of myself when I was in my late teens and I realized I wasn’t truly listening, but thinking about the next thing I wanted to say. I worked hard to make sure I stop myself from doing that, but it takes a real conscious effort.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Yes. Most people have too much internal “noise” to truly listen. Little conversations they have internally as a result of never training their minds. Meditation is great for curing this, but few make it through even five minutes before they give up forever. Congratulations for developing yours.

  5. el Gallinazo says:

    I think Bill Gates’ position in the ongoing global coup d’etat can best be described by a very appropriate mafia term, “the bagman.”

  6. karlharvie says:

    I think most people in the world know this story of cv 19 is fake news. Time off? free money? Ok I’ll play your silly game for awhile. Everyone in the world knows it is a jewtard attempt at control that always fails, like every other attempt by the shitstains. Just more fake news. Remember, we the hard workers are the machine of infrastructure. jews don’t do manual labor. just don’t pay attention to those losers. Do not comply to any shitstain jewtard idea.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Not down here in the wang! Fluorida, for you ferriners. These idiots are buying it faster than the toilet paper.

      • lizzie says:

        Yeehaa, funny. Out here in the schticks I’m finally able to talk about Gates’ background, although his master plan doesn’t go down well. I tried discussing quantum dots etc.. today with my sister and crew, I’m still cringing because I made a poor uneducated attempt at describing it.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Quantum dots? Is that anything like the electric grid people see while taking heroic doses of mushrooms? 🤔🍄 just noticed that the only mushroom emoji my phone has is fly agaric! Not the kind I was referring to, but still funny to me. I’ve noticed it embedded in many mediums. Mostly cartoons. I know the Santa story, the psychoactive effects, and it’s supposed to be a culinary delight. But I don’t know why it’s featured so prominently. Now I have to break out my book of symbols. That’s what I get for using emojis. Another rabbit hole!

          • lizzie says:

            Well thanks for lightening my mood, you only went and brought up my favourite topic 🥦vegetables. I wish all my quantum dot talks went that well.
            The mushroom looks fun, surely that’s all. As for me I have bigger puffballs to fry

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Never found the symbol, but the 2 books that I have (and just haven’t gotten to yet) aren’t exactly picture books, so it’s not surprising.

    • Qno says:

      I agree, and there is another model for why people don’t see the truth: it takes time. Honestly, ideas shift, in time. 80 year olds using smartphones? The brain and mind have plasticity. To an extent people go with the flow, like a flock of starlings, they don’t know any other way to go besides with the flock. But the flock can turn, and most will catch up pretty quick once that happens.

      • debra.b says:

        Hi Qno,
        The starlings is a brilliant analogy. Safety in numbers, fear of hawks, I think, is why they flow and flock as they do. Either way, it lines up with human behavior perfectly. I agree about time. It’s really cruel that something so precious as time is used as a weapon against us. But, yes very true what you’ve said here.

    • Steve Smith says:

      “shitstain jewtard“
      Somehow I didn’t think I would run across this sort of crap here in the Corbett Report comment section.
      Shows what I know.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I hear ya Steve. But some folks buy into that crap.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Yea. I ignored that one, but when they try to bring in the retard websites to make their point, I don’t bother much with restraint. Was born 5 years before the civil rights act was passed (not that I’m a fan of it, though there was a problem. Just the solutions always worried me more), and grew up in South Georgia, so I get a bit ticked at racists.

  7. jwha says:

    I’m in agreement with Corbett’s perspective here but this other guy saying that the streets are empty and the only thing happening is 5 g going up is certainly not what I am seeing in Denver. He mentioned Memorial Day so this is not that long ago. Today is may 29th by the way. In Denver there is no real rush hour, but people are driving all over, streets are full and have been pretty much full since I got back from Peru on April 1. The parks are full of people, all the in the mountain trails are full of hikers and bikers. restaurants are starting to open with social guide lines etc. Construction workers have been pretty busy through out this whole thing. many of my friends are contractors and have not stopped working. Many people in my small globe of influence that I talk to are not buying the main stream narrative. many of them are but many are not also. I’m very concerned about this too and have been trying to spreed info. like Corbett’s series on Bill Gates. However, representing things not accurately will result in turning people away from looking at the truth in my opinion. It’s sensationalizing just like the main steam does just in the other direction.

    • Qno says:

      Here in Aus you could be forgiven for thinking life was 75% back to normal

      • debra.b says:

        Where I am in Connecticut US, there’s nothing normal as far as I’m concerned. Nearly everyone seems too traumatized.

        • Qno says:

          Yeah I realise you’ve had it tough over there. My homeland of the UK also, what a mess. Weak government have essentially killed many people by bad decisions lacking any form of evidence base. I’d be scared to go back now, even if I could. Boris Johnson is surely finished. Spineless toff. People see. When a tin of tomato puree costs ten quid on the black market, people know something is wrong with the picture.

          Jacinda Ardern, likewise. New Zealand is now officially down to one single case, yet they continue to lockdown. Pathetic. Governments that show such contempt for their people are in big big trouble.

          And back here in Aus, there are two realities now. The reality of signage in shops and supermarkets, and the reality of the humans you meet and talk to in there, including the staff.

          One thing about Americans is they do push back. Some say the war will be fought and won in America. Probably true. On the other hand, the average is important. I’m aware that the picture looks very dark if you only take the worst examples. But much of the world is opening up, people are past being scared of little viruses and now realise the real problem is stupid people in authority.

          This whole event could yet turn into globalisation’s biggest ever own goal.

          Gates’ dream to vaccinate everybody on earth looks pretty forlorn at the moment if the pandemic goes away and countries open. Trump, for all his hubris and questionable loyalties does understand this is a war for the very existence of the nation state itself. Pretty much the highest stakes any president could face.

          And also that it is a really dirty fight. So, he’s now dumped the WHO, which sends a massive signal to the ‘allies’ if you ask me. Fauci is a lame duck who hedges and changes his story every five minutes. He probably has to get to bed at 530 and remember to take out his teeth.

          Back to the UK, the authorities are having to review many penalties imposed for lockdwon breaches because their own officials lacked the discipline to follow their own rules. In WW2 that sort of thing would have been covered up. Not now.

          And Gates’ vaccine is a frikkin disaster. The chances of it working are even slimmer than the chances of it being safe. He can spin the trial results while buying time, sure, but the second he brings it to market he’s screwed. It’s one thing brushing a disaster under the carpet that involves illiterate peasants in Africa and India, he won’t get away with in New York, when those at the front of the line – the doctors and nurses – start refusing, or else dropping like flies before they’ve even rolled down their sleeves.

          But the real strike is the executive order on internet censorship. The media try to spin it as retaliation against Twitter. So desperate.

          [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

          • Qno says:

            Sorry JC, I must admit a word count is not high in my mind, but I’ll try! Just been working on an article of my own. Struggling to keep it under 6000 words. Pah! That’s just how I roll. Will anyone read past the first line?

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Is Trump really fighting to save the nation? It was his executive order. And he’s wanted federal troops since the protests/riots began. False opposition is more like it. At best, just fighting for his faction to be the hammer which they use to bang those nails on freedom’s coffin. Freedom never comes from top-down leadership, but from our own individual actions. And yes, it must be done by force. That’s the only language government speaks, for that is all it is. When the new age movement came along, they invented wishful thinking without action in order to neuter us and it worked. Me? I never once wished a thing into being. All I do is focus and do.

            • Qno says:

              Well realism works both ways, if you get my drift. I mean, what are you looking for? Perfect conditions to come around so that we can fix things? All that focusing and doing is going to be a whole lot more effective if every single thing about the world is not the most dire possible scenario and every single person in the world of any standing isn’t totally 100% an irredeemable psychopath. And it isn’t like that. But if that’s what you see that’s what you’ll get. Hollywood action heroes get to overcome impossible odds in a superhuman way. The rest of us just have to work with the material available. So, you got to find the good in what is going on and lever it to the max wherever you find it. Sorry if that’s a little unfocused and impractical.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Not sure what your argument is. Are you defending inaction? That’s the new age method. Doesn’t sound like it. I never even implied the bulk of your argument. Have I ever said it was a simple affair? No. And when I speak of fighting, I would hope a reader would understand I speak from actual experience and not from watching some childish Hollywood movie. Nor have I said the whole world is psychopathic. But you seem intent on twisting my words into such nonsense. Go ahead. Just don’t expect me to not say anything. Not a new ager.

              • Qno says:

                Defending inaction? Certainly not. I’m saying we shouldn’t dismiss anybody or anything – or any means – as a possible opportunity to turn things around. Trust Trump or not, we’re stuck with him for now, and he still has the potential to do something that will make the right kind of difference. Doesn’t mean he will, but if it happens, for heaven’s sake do not throw it away because ‘Ah, it’s just an Israeli trick’ or something. It might not be. That’s all I’m saying.

        • Jed says:

          It’s still packed here on Eastern Long Island, Memorial Day weekend starts the summer season but this one felt more like Labor Day weekend. Our season opened in April.
          I’m not buying it that there’s more covid in NY. One thing there’s always been more of in NY is bullshit. When you cut loose nursing home patients, lay respa patients flat, disallow human contact (Think the pts who were not sent home and, home-isolated old folks) change ambulance protocols to protect providers (no bvms, no nebs, not wking up cardiac-arrests) you’re gonna increase mortality. So if there are more deaths in NY is ‘cus Gov. Come-o has caused them (you can tell when he lies, he gives it away every time — his lips move)
          I’m seeing some riots on tv, but they’re race based, not covid. They’re now saying the man who had his neck nelt on for ten minutes did not die from asphyxiation. Yeah, talk about re-direction, don’t fall for it. It’s an old contractor trick, when the customer starts complaining about some carpentry issue, show ‘em what those moron electricians did.

          • debra.b says:

            I hear ya, Jed. Gov Lamont tries to appear the more reserved, polished governor to Cuomo’s more mobster in your face. But, that just makes me trust him even less. He’s a Jekyl/Hyde type. He’s pulled similar stuff with nursing homes. But, when he gets caught he backtracks, does something stupid like send iPads to nursing homes because he “knows how important visits are.” Well, too late Ned! Most have already died. They seem quick to scrub the internet where his misdeeds are concerned. I no longer have the means to save anything, unfortunately. I know you’re an EMT. I always read your.posts and appreciate what you have to say.

            There likely were people out here over Memorial Day weekend, but I’m not out myself to see it. I can’t speak to much, other than what I see with my family. My daughter visited with my mom and I inside our glass porch on Sunday. We don’t wear masks nor force separate anymore. She says she will resume bringing me to her house for visits as she was doing before the lockdown as well. This is a big relief to not be force separated from my daughter and grandson. I hope it holds out.

            My sister and her husband opened their pool for their three children, My mom and I visited her house on Tuesday. Now, she doesn’t make us wear masks, but she does force us to be separate. My nephews were swimming, so went up on the deck to talk to them. This is where I get straight up truth. From a 9 and 7 year old. What they were telling me is why I say things are not normal here because my sister is more representative of what others are doing in my area than my daughter. My daughter listens to me, what I say stays with her and eventually she gives in for the most part. Plus, my
            son-in-law is very receptive to what I tell them. He just has to wait for my daughter to catch up. So, that’s all I got. I don’t know if it’s helpful to anyone, but I’m glad to share either way. 🙂

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Here in North Fluorida, we have everyone believing the news is real. Why would they lie? Would be a typical response if you said it was b.s.. When I go into a store, people get nervous if someone gets near them. They would all insist on taking the vaccine, and any other measure the tv told them to take. I’ve found less than a dozen people who are not buying it. Granted, I spend about 5 days a month there, but that’s my limit. I’m allergic to dumbasery, so I have to limit my contact.

              • Steve Smith says:

                Perhaps sanity increases as you go south. Here in the Tampa Bay Area I would estimate it is about fifty fifty.
                Yesterday during a visit to Sams club I figured only about half of the customers were wearing their co2 traps and I have yet to have anyone say anything to me or give me the evil eye for being bare faced.
                My immediate neighbors bear out the percentages.
                Sane to the left of me, bat shit crazy on the right.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                I live in Columbia County. Lake City is the town I’m referring to. About 12k heavily fluoridated tv zombies who practice partisan news bingeing. You know, FOX is bad, CNN is good. Or vice versa.

            • Jed says:

              Human contact is so important Debra, even if they’re under the spell. My family, with the exception of my 91 y/o Ma, her boyfriend, my little sister (40s) and a nephew, are all sound asleep — drinking and making the Flavor-Aid. I still love them, even though we make each other insane, I still want to hug them. Ma’s an hour away, I haven’t hugged her for months because of this hoax. My sisters are terrified, but I saw something today — the fear that I’d seen in my big sister’s eyes, saw it on tv this morning, in a cop’s eyes, a news clip of a riot somewhere. He looked terrified.

              • debra.b says:

                Jed, I cannot imagine if I couldn’t see my mom. I’m sorry you’re force separated from yours. Yes, I love my family too. They’re everything I’ve got. My brother lives in Vermont and I’m afraid I’ll never see him again because he’s so freaked out by all of this I don’t know if he’ll leave his state.

                I know the fear in the eyes you’re talking about. Same with my sister, the one with the three kids. She has a tough exterior, but inside she’s very caring and loving. And, she’s terrified. She’s my baby sister. I’m 10 years older than her and 5 years older than my other sister, so I have a semi-maternal instinct where they’re both concerned.

                But, yeah human contact is vital. I hope we can see our families through this somehow, Much tougher now though with the Martial Law in full openly official effect.

  8. terence.s says:

    Great video James, the truth.

  9. robert.t says:

    Thank you again, James. You may be chucking sand into wind, but a few grains fall forward. So keep chucking. It’s appreciated.

    Nobody in my circle will hear of conspiracy, drill-gone-live or wider agenda. Most don’t see any connection between the Grand Distraction of 2020 and the Great Can-Kick of ’08. In fact, most haven’t noticed the onset of an economic depression. Which is like overlooking a brontosaurus in your Volkswagen, but so it is.

    The one thing I can say to all is that I would no more turn on a TV and watch news/current affairs than I would stick a needle in my arm to inject heroin. For some reason, this passes. It doesn’t get respect, but it doesn’t get scorn. There’s at least a flicker of interest.

    So when you have one small tactic that works just a tiny bit, and you have no other tactics at all, you use that one small tactic. I continue to preach the power of the OFF button to all whom I encounter.

    I’ll say it again…

    The OFF button is our life, our sweetness and our hope.

  10. minnie says:

    “Patriots hiding behind toilet paper” – nice image! It’s the same here in Scotland – the “Bravehearts” are either cowering behind their front doors and face masks, or moralising about “covidiots” who dared to go to the beach.

    But I have seen a few signs of life. It was a lovely sunny day, and me and a friend went for a small hillwalk. We could have been fined for sharing a car! Crazy (and depressing) times. The hill was full of young people, and most of them were not social distancing.

    All the nearby car parks had been blocked off with ridiculous warning signs all over the place, but there was a good grass verge to park on about a mile away.

    There was a similar scene on a hill we visited a week ago. When we got back down there were about 15 people having a barbecue by the roadside, and not social distancing. The nearby car park was blocked off with tape and signposts, but someone had taken down the tape and it was full of cars.

    We also did some “dangerous” outdoor bouldering (dangerous not because you could fall off, but because apparently viruses can live on the rock for 3 days!) My friend posted the pics on Fakebook. I’m no longer on Fakebook, but I’m sure people were duly shocked. An old person might pass by and accidentally brush against the rock, and then die.

    Geoengineering. I have a conspiracy theory. The winter hillwalking season in Scotland was almost destroyed due to a succession of storms bringing high wind and precipitation, battering us from across the Atlantic, from December to March. Storms are common in Scotland in winter, but they’re not usually all Westerlies – the wind comes from all directions. It seemed weird.

    And then almost as soon as the lockdown was announced, the storms vanished, to be replaced by probably the sunniest, driest spell I’ve ever encountered in the west of Scotland. A nightmare for mountain fanatics like me. I’d been desperately waiting for the weather to ease up so I could get back on the hills, and then when it did, we were all locked up.

    Weather is never stable in the west of Scotland. It usually changes wildly on a daily or weekly basis. There’s a saying here that “if you can’t see the hills, it’s raining. If you can see the hills, it’s about to rain.”

    This long sunny spell seems too well-timed (badly timed for me). Relentlessly wet and windy weather in winter, with hardly any of the nice cold sunny winter days that I love, and then a long dry, sunny spell from the moment that lockdown was announced. The only other time I’ve seen the weather behave so perfectly is when there’s a Royal Wedding.

    • debra.b says:

      Minnie, these are crazy and depressing times. I enjoy reading your descriptions of the weather and the landscape in Scotland, And, yet I’m sorry that you were deprived of the nature that you love and need. It’s criminal that we are being made to feel wrong for living, for breathing. That’s what it comes down to. Yes, I agree, too well timed for sure.

      • minnie says:

        It is so wrong. I’m so glad that there were so many young people out though – gives me hope that some of the young generation are just refusing to give in to the fear.

  11. minnie says:

    This isn’t quite related, but Obama has made a lengthy tweet about the George Floyd murder, saying that “this shouldn’t be normal in 2020”. Etc.

    My jaw slightly dropped when I saw it (more than slightly really) because as I remember it, there were quite a few appalling police killings of African American men and women during Obama’s eight years in office, and I don’t remember him ever saying anything much on the subject. I was astonished that he never seemed to speak out or do anything much about it.

    Am I wrong here? Being Scottish, I don’t get all of the US news. I remember Black Lives Matter being founded during Obama’s second term and I thought “So much for having a Black president then”.

    • debra.b says:

      You’re not wrong. The office of the Presidency has nothing to do with the person who holds the position. That’s why the same things happen no matter who holds the position. Place holders who have no power or voice in what happens to the people. Lest they want their brains blown out like JFK. So, Obama saying something about George Floyd is surprising because he still does nothing to help the people. Lest he wants to be murdered like MLK. Either way, I don’t think he’d ever genuinely stand up for anyone. He’s fully compromised as far as I can see.

      You’re more up to speed than most Americans are and most Americans likely know far less, if anything at all about Scottish news.

      • minnie says:

        I always felt that Obama was all talk – wonderful speeches, but no action. I thought he must either be a psychopath who was happy to kill kids with drones, or a compromised puppet, and like you I suspect it’s the latter. Same as with most Presidents.

        I wonder if his puppet masters have wheeled him out to be the “voice of the progressives” in this situation, because they are building it up into a big conflict – black vs white, left vs right. It’s all divide and rule again, and they’ll ramp up the violence, and then clamp down with more controls and restrictions on people.

        • debra.b says:

          You’re right about him being rolled out. He’s an exceptional speaker. I’ll give him that. Not at using his own words surely, but still. And, I’d say he’s intelligent and charismatic with regard to public appearances anyway. And, they’ve got nobody. And, I do mean nobody in the whole, entire bunch of political puppets that can still draw and keep an audience as he does. Trump was already a famous for being famous celebrity, so he has that. Although, I never understood it. I don’t understand that type of celebrity no matter who it is.

          But, yes I agree about building up of this and using it to further divide. Trump will do what he does best. Be divisive. I’m quite certain that’s why they selected him. The Divider in Chief. He’ll have to be the one to bring in those controls which won’t be difficult with the National guard already dispersed throughout the country. He said like a week ago that the military was ready to be deployed to distribute vaccines. Well, I’m sure they’re ready to be deployed for this.

          I hope that robert.t is correct and this was totally fake, including the riots. Because if the murder was fake, but the riots are real, people will be hurt and killed. Many, many people. And, if so then this is part of their war where they will kill these people and the dead will be blamed.

          There are some solidarity protests in my town & the city it borders which as far as I know are peaceful and uneventful so far. My sisters are going, so I’ll see what they say. If this is part of their plan, there is a misstep, however and it could be a big one. This has just about everyone in my family and my sister’s friends questioning the virus narrative. I took my moment to say to them that this shows all the more that this was done to us, that they planned it. Maybe it won’t matter and they’ll get them back in their thrall. But, they’ve also all taken note of how none of the “news” is talking coronavirus now. It’s all about the riots and the murder.

          We’ll see.

        • Qno says:

          O-baaahhhhh-ma is the most dangerous president since, um, Dubya. Trump, on the other hand, is the best POTUS Israel ever had 😉

          Obama’s is the standard approach of the psychopath: say he isn’t doing what he is doing. Then keep doing it. Then tell you he’s doing it, in order to cover himself, but then say he isn’t. Then say he’s doing something else. Then ignore you altogether. By the time he’s done, you’re not sure if you want to kill him or kill yourself.

          Check out Rules for Radicals Defeated: A Practical Guide for defeating Obama / Alinsky Tactics, by Jeff Hedgpeth

    • robert.t says:

      Did Bomber Barry mention something else not normal in 2020? Namely, that the victim and murderer just happened to work security together at the same premises for seventeen years?

      Maybe this is just a bogus twist deliberately added (like multiple shooters at mass events, later reduced to one), or maybe it’s the fakers scrambling to tidy up a loose end.

      Here’s my take. Everything that goes big in the news is a lie. Real murders, like real diseases, lack the controls and scripting needed for media scares, so they are ignored or minimised. Nobody is going to the trouble of transporting a CNN crew or sobering up Diane Sawyer for a wild event. Too much can go wrong with real action.

      The controllers will never waste good advertising/conditioning space on telling us the truth. Everything that goes big in the news is fake. EVERYTHING. That’s including comma, full stop and semi-colon.

      Tell everyone. It’s all a fiddle, all of the time. We now know the answer to Pontius Pilate’s question. Truth is the OFF button.

      • minnie says:

        I usually call him “Obomber”. I haven’t watched TV for 8 years, but it seeps into social media. Whatever the real truth is, it will be used to impose more restrictions and controls.

      • debra.b says:

        Hi robert.t
        I was replying to minnie’s post above and I did also read your post, so I didn’t want you to feel I was talking around you, so I refer to your post in my reply to minnie above. Debra 🙂

        p.s. question, everything is fake. So, the riots are fake as well? Just wondering per reasons above. Thanks!

        • robert.t says:

          Debra, riots and fires can run wild just like people can be hurt in the crush of a fake shooting. But I’m in no doubt that the agents provocateurs are about their business. I can’t prove the stories of the ready-provided piles of bricks for chucking, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

          My question about the victim and killer being 17 year associates in the security business: How far does chance go? The owner of the business says they might not have known each other because they stood in different spots on the premises? How far does chance go?

          It’s the same with the outbreak of a “real” coronavirus almost immediately after a simulation of a coronavirus outbreak complete with CV soft toys and wet market origins. Not to mention the EU published comic of 2012 where the outbreak starts in a Chinese lab and spreads to a Chinese wet market. How far does chance go?

          Riots, plagues and wars occur and we don’t get to hear or read about them. There has been just enough drip-feed reportage of Yemen’s tragedy to keep up appearances.

          Yet this riot and this plague are so important they’ve pushed everything else out of the public mind. Unless Prince Harry runs off with Greta it’s all we’ll be allowed to hear about. Even then, they’d need for Meghan to give chase with a narwhal tusk…

          It also happens with history, which is supposed to “tell in the end”. Masonic and elite-controlled revolutions like 1789, 1917 and Garibaldi’s invasion of the south get huge space. Yet who’s heard of the truly popular Red March of 1750 when Parisians, backed by their local militia, rioted over the disappearances of their children (to populate Louisiana but maybe for even worse purposes of the free-thinker elites who already had their claws into Old Regime)?

          Do I think the riots have been engineered, enabled, provoked by the permanent state? Yes. Yes I do think that.

          • debra.b says:

            Excellent! Thank you Robert.t. You write so well. I can’t disagree with any of what you’ve said. And, I like your question “How far does chance go?”

            I do not know of the Red March of 1750. And, of the child disappearances. Oh gosh! I’ve just in the last year delved into the most difficult subject matter of the elite pedophile rings and the mind controlled. I skimmed the surface, but it took me a while to really go farther because it’s very disturbing. And, it stays with you. Not to long ago I read the book by Brice Taylor(Susan Ford), “Thanks for the Memories”. It was excruciatingly difficult to get through that book and I know there’s more, but being an abuse survivor myself I have to be careful. It took 30 years for PTSD to be triggered in me. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I didn’t understand because I thought I had put it behind me. But, it was there. Lying in wait. It’s scary. I have help with it now, but it took several years and the right physician to figure it out. My family doctor was the one who did. I’d seen nearly a dozen mental health professionals and they all missed it. Anyway, sorry I’ve gone off track here. Thank you again for your thoughtful and thought provoking reply. And, I will look into the Red March.

            • robert.t says:

              Debra, there’s nothing I can find in English on the Red March. Most of the digging has been done only recently by Marion Sigaut. In a connected matter, she makes a case that Damiens, the man who lightly wounded Louis XV and endured a hideous execution, was motivated by suspicions about the king’s abuse of underage girls (recruited by Mme De Pompadour to maintain her influence and that of her bankster cronies).

              When a swindling viper like Voltaire is still worshiped by intellectuals and academics across the board it’s not surprising that there are more fashionable uprisings than the Red March. Anyway, here’s a French link:

              • manbearpig says:

                hunh. yea. A couple years ago I sent my daughter-in-law (ma belle Bru) who’s doing some kind of doctorate thesis about the French Revolution or something, links to Marion Sigaut’s talks about Voltaire that I’d watched myself. Though I haven’t spent enough time on this historian to be absolutely sure she’s rigorously genuine, she sure seems to be. Though one of her bias filters might be catholicism, non? can’t quite remember…

              • debra.b says:

                Unfortunately, I can’t speak or read French. Even though I studied it for 3 years in junior high. I knew it well then. I was a good student and was actually only allowed to study French due to excelling in “language arts” or English class, whichever is the correct term of studying language in general I’m still not sure. manbearpig, maybe you know the answer there.

                For whatever reason, my brain does not always retain what I’m taught in a classroom or not for long enough and even much of what I try to study on my own. I often have to re-read what I just read or read it aloud for it to sink in. I learn far more effectively through experience. My Dad and brother on other hand retained everything they were taught in school. My Dad so much so that my daughter once said to me when she was a little girl, “Men know everything.” Of course, her reference was only my Dad. He did know quite a lot. He wasn’t an academic though. He was very handy or mechanical. He was a tradesman. He was a quiet man, so if people didn’t know him they had no idea how intelligent he was. He never referred to or thought of himself as highly intelligent.

                Anyway, thank you both for the info.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            O a lot of the so-called predictive programming, which I don’t deny exists, I think that people come up with things on their own and the powers that cower just hijack them. They aren’t big on imagination, instead preferring group think and other other ineffectual methods. If the masses didn’t insist on being led to the slaughterhouses, none of their plans would ever work. But if is a mighty big word.

            • debra.b says:

              “if is a mighty big word.”

              It sure is! It’s a word that can aid in getting people confused as well. Second guessing themselves and their own instincts. Combine the word “if” with “what” and a question mark. And, people run with that big question and their mind can become more unfocused. I’m probably not saying this the right way. My mind is a bit foggy. Foggy, though it may be, I get what you’re saying about group think and the thieving by the predator powers.

              There’s so much information to consider and grasp. And, sometimes I take breaks from it because it has a weakening physical effect on me. And, I take time to rebuild my strength. As does simply my ailing health weaken me, so I gotta watch out for that too.

              I think, sadly many people are disconnected from their own instincts or not confident in them. And, that’s a very big problem. I tell my family to look to nature and the animals to see how they trust their instincts. To see that we have ours too, but they’re dulled like a knife that can’t cut. I don’t know if they hear me, but I try. Hope I’m making sense.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                You make perfect sense. Living in the wild like I do, I am constantly surrounded by these so-called lesser beasts. Who are far less beastly than most people. They not only listen to their instincts, but many are quite intelligent. Far more than most people imagine. Of course, most people are terrified of both the woods and its residents. The animals make a lot more sense as their lives depend upon their decisions, while the humans insist their lives should depend on other peoples decisions. The decision to delegate our thinking to others has stifled our progress in every way. So, while animals adapt and prosper by moving to cities; humans devolve. Take care.

  12. cu.h.j says:

    I agree with I Shot Santa many people are unwilling to listen. I think it’s due to learned helplessness and Stockholm syndrome which are hard to overcome. Some people have a natural inclination to question “authority “ and be capable of accepting reality. Others do not and it’s a waste of time to try to convince them. But it’s hard to know who those are.

    I was new to this information in 2016 and it was a shock to learn. It was by accident that I came across one of JC videos on you tube. I knew 911 was very fishy so I was open to learn more about what was really going on with the government.

    The question is how to get to the people who are capable of waking up and doing something about this shit show that is going down.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      One clue is if they are wearing a mask or not.

    • debra.b says:

      “I agree with I Shot Santa many people are unwilling to listen. I think it’s due to learned helplessness and Stockholm syndrome which are hard to overcome. Some people have a natural inclination to question “authority “ and be capable of accepting reality. Others do not and it’s a waste of time to try to convince them.”

      I’m gonna echo c.u.h.j. here if I may. Very well said!

      I developed a skeptical nature after being a teen mom twice over. Even still, I was far too trusting and overwhelmed as a single mom to develop it further. if my health had not failed 16 years ago, I may likely have never discovered the truth as I have now. And, I didn’t really start learning until I landed here in 2015 with James Corbett’s ‘Rockefeller Medicine’.

      The hardships in my life are what ultimately lead me to this place. I try to remember that when I’m attempting to inform my family. It wasn’t easy for me to grasp everything and it took me years to learn. And, I’m still learning. We never stop learning. None of us do. Especially when we realize how much truth we’ve been deprived of. So, I think if some feel they are in a position to spread this information they should. We all have individual circumstances that will guide our choices. We all have different strengths and it’s good to know what your strengths are because you’ll need them.

      The discussions here have been really helpful in so many ways for me. I try to swim back through the comment streams as much as I can and engage in discussion where I can. There’s much to gain always. More information than I have time or energy to always see all of it. But, then I might catch it again on a different stream. And, I also do my best to try to contribute in return.

      What I’m trying to say I suppose is that what we’re doing here matters. And, whatever happens, everyone here should know just how much it matters. James Corbett and Broc West should know just how much this site and community matters.

      Well, rambling on as I have, I likely should have left this where I began, but I’ll leave it here.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Debra.B says:
        “James Corbett and Broc West should know just how much this site and community matters.”

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Added note: To all Corbett Report Members

          I really appreciate everyone’s updates as to how things are transpiring in their lives and regions. I read most of the comments when time allows, as many many folks do.

          Thanks for sharing.

          • Jed says:

            I think it’s much worse, a lot of patients left nursing homes before the quarantine lockdown, to be with their families. As per what a visiting nurse friend told me, many died as a result, many who would not have died this year had they remained where they were, with visits from loving family members.
            I’m seeing the county put out ad hoc medical protocol changes, to protect ems providers supposedly, for example emt-bz not to administer breaths with BVMs to apneic patients, no nebed meds, paramedics not working up cardiac arrests, all these things are going to increase mortality.
            One good thing is that hospitals are empty, people are staying away from any sort of elective procedures, so that’ll show a decrease in mortality. Hospitals are like the ocean, when less people swim, less people drown.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Thank you debra.b for the kind and encouraging words. I think you are correct about the community and that our efforts are important, especially the effort JC and BW have put into this site and all the information and research.

  13. vrich says:

    Since Richie mentioned it is may 1st.

  14. scpat says:

    Did that dude just hit a vape pen during an interview??

  15. scpat says:

    Whenever I see those propaganda messages on the billboards I feel like I’m in a totalitarian state that I learned about in history class. It’s just sickening.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I’ve always wanted to spray paint a swastika on one of those anonymous crime reporting billboards. Face your accuser ring a bell?

      • flammable says:

        You might have to also write “this message is supported by the Nazis”. Because the local media is gonna spin it in the other way. They will say we should be outrage that a racist Nazi is fighting AGAINST our propaganda message.

  16. Octium says:

    Share far and wide, but do we need “New Normal” in the title?

    I’d prefer to use the term the “New Abnormal” or the “New Nazi”

    Nazi – maybe not a direct grammatical substitution but it starts with N and can be dumped easily into a Zoom or Skype meeting.

  17. CreativeLife says:

    Let’s all take a brief moment to go out in nature, ask the questions that are stirring our emotions acknowledge the stirring in our spirits and in silence just breathe and listen. Go barefoot in the grass and stretch to the sky!

    Yes, turning off the TV is a huge first step. One I took near 30 years ago. The word diabolical keeps coming up describing the many ways in which this multi faceted psyop is unfolding, James and Richie included. We are being given a great opportunity to KNOW OUR ENEMY and see the vastness of the evil intended for us. It’s never ending. . .and grows more diabolical with every passing year. For myself, it has been an incredible journey for near 35 years.

    It is an awful thing to realize everything you thought you knew was for the most part dead wrong, even worse now you had to “unlearn” and start a whole new journey. It is a grieving process, we have in turn affected others with our unfortunate ignorance. People will perish due to a lack of knowledge so we must continue on.

    Socialists (fascists, technocrats ….)redefine most words dealing with their assaults on free society. Lenin redefined a moral act as one that furthered the socialist revolution. Thus, killing millions is moral because it promoted the communist revolution. Well they said it was Lenin. Just like they said Hitler wrote Mein Kempf.

    The world truly is a stage….and those playing the parts are dressed to kill and powerfully accessorized. Those playing the parts even own their theater. The scripted actors are sometimes who or what they say they are, but more often they are not. I guess those are the comedic parts we get to figure out. I hope you do know they are laughing at us, all the time. You see, even the comedy is reversed hmm inverted. That part can and does get to ya after awhile, it’s sick! It’s the, Shuzzamm! I’m going for a walk queue. A lot of the time it seems you are the only that sees it and hears it, and don’t know what to do with it.

    I do not believe people are stupid or that they would willfully lie to themselves; if they really knew how evil and diabolical the plan is for their future and the future of their children. Deep down inside everyone has an intuition and many are feel an unction they cannot describe.

    It will be interesting in the next while to see if the more diabolical operations of the ‘foundation trust empires’ will be exposed. Sometimes I wonder if certain chapters of biographies are left out as not politically correct or if they are just simply found not interesting. Seems that way with all kinds of characters we look into.
    Have a great walk and stretch. It does wonders.

  18. CreativeLife says:

    Home Education Unschooling

    Here’s some research fun! Look up the prefix PAN and see the crazy words. Don’t forget the new one PANSEXUAL. Your kids will have to learn that when they go back to internment camp. By the way, please DO NOT HOME SCHOOL. Ouch! I felt that. Rather, please do HOME EDUCATE. Leave the school where it belongs, it has never worked anyway. Make UNSCHOOLING a priority. Our job is to love one another and do unto others what we would have done to us. That’s our Golden Rule. Educate with wonder, dynamic two-way dialogue, and YES laughter. Throw out the grading system and actually learn a vocabulary and cursive writing. Pull out a ukulele and learn together…yippee! Paint a fun wall, what the heck you only live once. Bake a cake and learn some fractions! The sky is the limit.

  19. slight says:

    Listening to police scanner as LA is destroyed?! In riots protests right now ♥️♥️♥️🌈🌎🕊

  20. slight says:

    ♥️U all – thank you for eeeeeveerrrrrything James

  21. Qno says:
    If you ask me, this is pretty huge. It’s hard to keep reminding myself Trump is just another token president working for himself, or Israel, or the mob; when every time I think that he pulls out a rabbit like this one.

    This means, for example, that James can potentially take action against Goo-Tube and Fakebook for censorship and even shadowbanning. So can we as individuals for what is kept from us.

    Essentially, if a platform exercises any editorial control then it becomes a publisher, and that means it has certain duties to uphold; balance, fairness, truth and so on.

    • debra.b says:

      This won’t happen as it sounds. I think they’ll only do this to claim more power for themselves. Or, nothing will happen at all right now, except maybe some more political courtroom theater. Those are never Trump’s rabbits. He’s performing just like any good magician with slight of hand. He should know all about tricks, he’s a casino billionaire. And, Epstein was his bestie according to survivor Maria Farmer, which is all I need to know to barely be able to even look at Trump. I couldn’t take Trump before I knew all this stuff about him. He was just one of those famous for being famous celebrities. Now, he’s the most famous for being famous celebrity in US history. And, worse, far worse.

      I haven’t watched this and I’m not sure I will because I don’t think it will tell us anything new. Who knows? But, this cover picture is, as they say, worth a thousand words, IMHO

      • debra.b says:

        .p.s. This was helpful in explaining this for me. Link was from I Shot Santa on another thread.

        “Don’t Ger Excited About the White House’s Social Media Censorship Executive Order”

        • Qno says:

          Yeah, I have it coming thick and fast at the moment, so I only had time to skim but I did see a couple of easy holes in that argument. It could be I need to go into the detail, but my attention to my own content is suffering, so…

          All the same, everyone has a dark side, no exceptions. If you can find a saint in politics, entertainment etc then please tell me who it is!!! That doesn’t mean that people’s good side is incapable of fighting against what is wrong, or of doing some right in the world, in time of crisis.

          The problem I see with this comments page is all projections are based around a crystal ball of a million moving parts, and all the dials are set to ‘worst’. It could go that way, but if so then forget it all, let’s just party while we can!

          But life doesn’t actually work like that. Non-linearity is the key to our very existence. Is it a wonder that TPTSB have been working on this for maybe thousands of years? Things are bad, but I expect they’ll be working on this for thousands more, because the laws of the universe are not linear.

          In short, understand the problem, understand the pitfalls and stay out of them. But please more than anything now humanity needs to work with what we have got. We are never going to be given a direct path out of the darkness. It’s more likely going to be a trail of crumbs.

          If anybody has a better suggestion, then hit me.

          • debra.b says:

            That’s okay. I need things broken down for me because it’s so much I honestly cannot grasp it all on my own.

            True, we have dark sides or weaknesses. I‘d never expect anyone in the human race to be a saint. Human beings are imperfect. I can look past quite a bit. But, not pedophilia or rape, violent crimes. I realize that cancels out many if not all politicians, many entertainers and many others in various positions of power, influence, etc. I only started really researching this for the last year or so. It’s extremely difficult subject matter to delve into, to say the least. Trump as far as my research goes is an abusive predator. And, he’s a fame celebrity, billionaire, mobster, he re-invented Atlantic City, a slimy crime pit, ex Reality TV host, owned Miss America pageant and President .He checks all those boxes. It’s extremely messed up. And, once Trump checked the President box, he lost his power.

            So, “a crystal ball of a million moving parts”, I really love your analogies. Seriously, I don’t know if you saw my reply about the starlings, brilliant! I agree with this. There are a million moving parts. We’re in very uncharted waters. Knowing the sinister planning exists and experiencing it to this fuller extent is not the same. Not for me. This took me off guard. I am struggling with it. I do tend to brace myself for worst. Partly who I am and partly time and circumstance. There is nuance within bracing for the worst and it’s not to move to giving up, but to finding a safe space to think, to breathe, to prepare to survive. I’m speaking for myself, of course, but I’ve experienced this feeling enough to recognize the same in others. It may resonate from similar or different places in each of us, but the feeling is the same.

            I know what you’re saying is correct. I realize that life doesn’t work the way I think. I likely make my life more difficult than it needs to be. I know that in theory, but not in practice. My thought process is far too personal and emotional.

            Everyone has individual circumstances, so only they can know what course is best for them. But, as I’ve said before it helps to share and read others thoughts. It gives perspective. The discussion may get confusing at times and other times it may help sort out your thoughts. It also helps to feel understood and there is much of that here.

            • Qno says:

              Debra b yes, great comments. And look everyone’s freaking out a bit. If you can keep your head when all around are losing theirs, you haven’t understood the situation, ha ha.

              Trump? No saint, true.

              As I type I read that the USA is just erupting in chaos. Media? Social meejah? Reality? I hear the left are blaming the right, the right are saying it’s all staged by the left. Divide and rule? No doubt some will say the people are rising up while others say it’s being fueled as an excuse for martial law.

              One thing we must all be extremely careful of is certainty – ours and that of others. On the other hand, at some point we may all have to make decisions and live with the consequences.

              It almost doesn’t matter which spark lights the fire. Scared people, angry people, people who feel they have nothing left to lose – that is the result of some very bad decisions. And no doubt there are those out there who know how to exploit this. And, were civil war to erupt, no doubt the people who made it happen will step back and simply rake in the money – that is how they roll.

              My advice, for what it’s worth, is when the detail draws us in and gets more and more confusing, then it’s high time to step right back and look at the bigger picture.

              Maybe somebody can help me out here?

              My own feeling is that divide and rule is the game, and it is that which we must resist at all costs.

              • Qno says:

                Beyond that, when scared, overwhelmed and confused, as many of us are, it’s also a signal to take care of ourselves. It’s amazing how the blackest of situations can seem a whole lot more manageable with a few early nights.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Hard to break it down when they’ve had so much time to get all the pieces into place. Our whole system is one giant rabbit warren. But you are right. However, the worst case aspect is useful in that it is power’s goal. They won’t win, but the price will be very, very dear.

            • Qno says:

              Yeah I agree, aim for the best, prepare for the worst, they say. My only problem with that is that preparing for the worst can itself fulfill the self-fulfilling prophecy. As the Germans say, “schwierig”. (Tricky).

              Time to have another look at The Art of War. Appear close when far, far when close. Appear big when small, small when big etc. All that stuff.

              Beyond that, keep looking for signs of hope, signs of progress. Too often people quit just as they are getting somewhere. I believe this entire plandemic situation is a sign that the ‘other side’ are extremely worried. Theirs may be an old plan now, but there is a certain whiff of ‘now or never’ about it. For starters Gates has played many of his aces early and still lost a few key chess pieces. Excuse the mixed metaphores. It’s late. I still think that the USA defunding the WHO and then kicking them out altogether sends a massive signal.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                The self-fullfilling prophecy can be avoided with fearlessness. It is our fear that fulfills them. And while it seems Gates has overplayed his hand, is that really true? Always a danger believing your own observations are noted by the masses. They aren’t as a rule. And the whole WHO thing doesn’t really mean anything if we implement their policies. Which we are probably going to skip since it will be unnecessary. I don’t believe in hope. It’s usually just wishful thinking. I am confident freedom will win, but I don’t need hope. But we are still pretty much in agreement. Despite my not really understanding your last comment.

              • Qno says:

                Many years ago I learned about faith through experience of despair and hopelessness. Probably the most important lesson I ever learned. I couldn’t see how that situation could work out ok, there was no evidence that it would, but there was nothing to lose by holding onto the belief it would anyway.

                Not only did the faith get me through, I believe it changed the outcome materially; not through divine means, but through the chaotic grace of cause and effect.

                I am not a religious person. Faith to me simply means the certainty that things will work out for the best prior to the evidence, and acting accordingly. That’s all. Nothing complex.

                Through that I also learned that there are times to act and times to wait and ride things out. Your gut tells you which is which, but you have to learn to listen to it.

                Right now I’m hearing from people a lot of ‘we can’t do anything’ on the one hand and ‘we have to fix this’ on the other but very little in between. Faith sits in between.

  22. David says:

    I am an essential worker with a government job. I am going to see my doctor soon at some point if they ever open up my clinic because they have been closed for as long as this scamdemic has been going on. I get vaccinations by my doctor because of my contact with the public and i have to admit, i have been healthy and not been sick. Probly coincidence but it is true. I can see ourselves, especially government workers, being put on an ultimatum. “The only way you can work for us is if you get the vaccine.” It may cost everyone their livelihoods. That is going to force many to comply.

    There has been health screenings with health check providers within the government wanting to pay money for health screenings. They say it’s confidential but it is done through the employer. All licensed government drivers are going to have to be carrying a “federal medical condition” card which provides the government with personal medical information. I have been able to “opt out” but new hires will need to comply. Even the unions are allowing this to happen.

    In many cities across the country, there are larger condo buildings and apartments in the agenda of”Smart Cities” program which is designed to provide density and city dwellers are conforming to that way of living. These buildings i notice are loaded with signal booster towers on their roofs. While we are all down with this supposed lockdown safer at home agenda, these boosters and underground and above ground infrastructure is going on at a rapid pace.

    Taking a stand against this agenda is not going to be an easy decision by any means. But we may have to find ways to support each other because it will prevent us from doing anything normal and there will be no place to hide from it.

    • minnie says:

      The “federal medical condition” cards are terrifying. I think the way round this kind of thing is for like-minded people to set up alternative providers that do not require this kind of certification, but they could have alternative kinds of assurances, such as personal recommendations and public feedback systems to build up trust.

      I can see this kind of thing happening in every walk of life, and we need to fight back against it, while at the same time building up our own systems which do not require vaccination or medical certification. Given the number of doctors who have been speaking out against the Covid narrative, I think there would be a lot of support for this.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Hi David:

      I understand how you feel because working as a nurse I have had to have certain vaccines. I never had substantial side effects that I noticed except for when I got flu shots and persistent swelling in my glands that lasted for several months. I had it twice and stopped getting them. Those we could decline but had to wear a mask for flu season at work, so that’s what I do. I knew flu shots were very ineffective and it appeared to be a scam by pharma to make money. I didn’t know about the deeper implications until coming to this site in 2016.

      This vaccine they are planning sounds awful on so many levels, but particularly it’s rapid development, the experimental mechanism (mRNA activation-not sure of the particulars yet), and it being used by our overlords to ID people is very creepy.

      I’m going to work on getting an exemption and also speak to an attorney about this vaccine they are planning. I’m not getting it but I would like to keep my job since it provides enough money for me to care for my loved ones. I haven’t found a way to live “off the grid” yet and I have not found a job that pays as well that I could get.

      I’m still looking though. At any rate, I think this vaccine is dangerous and I don’t think anyone should take it.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Nurses and “self-employment”
        I definitely do not want to impinge upon the life pathways of others.
        I’ve been self-employed during a number of decades. It has pluses and minuses.

        For what it is worth, here is an example of what some nurses have done in Dallas.

        An aside:
        On Showtime’s “Billions” Season 2, Lara Axelrod sets up a business where she and nurses provide mobile IV drips to people working on Wall Street in the office buildings.

  23. cas says:

    hey all,
    i think obviously shining truth on the deceit and lies are of top importance right now. but i also think that people won’t walk away (in every sense) from this situation/agenda unless they are shown or given the alternative. walking away from what they’ve always known is free- falling to them. they don’t know any different.

    the alternatives could involve:

    organic farms supplying real food to every town
    natural medicines allowed appropriate research
    schools teaching children life skils including everything from nutrition and biology to how to run our own finances
    how to feed yourself, gardening etc
    supported family living, ie; raising children supported finacially and socially
    true environment understandings (seasons, locally and planitarily etc)
    physics and how electromagnetic energy actually works
    clean water
    uplifting and educational tv shows (if we want to keep tv’s after this!)

    it may also be of interest to see how all of these healthy options are not only essential to our health (again in all senses) but have intentionally been supressed and destroyed by tpt(s)b.

    thank you james and broc for all your hard work.

    peace all,
    cas 🙂

    • vaniasas says:

      Hello Cas. Unfortunately not only natural meds are not being permitted the proper research as also the good quality studies are being retracted on the middle of this situation. To give you an example, Plos One had published one of the best designed studies of individualized homeopathy vs placebo and fluoxetine to the treatment of depression on postmenopausal women.
      Five years after the article being published it got retracted on a pretty unprecedent way, that was denounced by the HRI, this is their website.
      You can find the Macías-Cortéz retraction statement. Futhermore HRI is waiting for the verdict of the ombudsman on which NHMRC is being investigated for repeating a meta-analysis style report that changed the inclusion criteria of the articles to arrive to the results that were expected and devastated homeopathy’s public image on different countries. This is what I know about homeopathy being a homeopath and a pharmacist I get a good perspective. But specifically about other therapies, I sent some months ago an open letter to a diary in Portugal because they basically published an article of opinion saying that “the time for magic is over”… Saying that people should not go to natural healers, that they are doing nothing and they didn’t stop this crisis, the same that were being persecuted before, keep that in mind.. and actually it is not true people have been offering consultations to people diagnosed of covid irrespective of what they had. I say offering because when they were getting paid the consumers collective started to complain from those quacks being paid from their work. Well the usual shit but multiplied by 10 in sensationalism. Also saying that people should vaccinate and stop with the problem of first world of worrying that “vaccines cause a bit of autism”. Other important statements on this opinion article, that I suppose is being spread by mainstream media on different languages by different puppets who themselves think they are freethinkers is that they were saying that ironically Chinese medicine couldn’t do nothing when one can just go to the medical searchers and see the article that are being published about this disciplines and covid or whatever there is… of course Artemisia annua os getting a lot of attention these days but I concern that it’s being approached from the wrong perspective. People also are feeding the covid hype publicising cures, even if alternative, for covid 19. I suppose it does the work for the deep state anyways because it ultimately feeds the idea that it is a virus that we should worrie about, and if one wants to get really to the roots of holistic medicine, we never treat a virus, we allow the body to be in it’s optimal state so it can cope with the circumstances but they are infinite and not only to be blamed on a virus. And this is what is not being spread, this is the real power of holistic treatment and philosophy and that is what scared the shit out of big pharma and that’s why healers are portrayed as quacks because they don’t want to treat diseases they want to treat people.

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

      • vaniasas says:

        Hello Cas. Unfortunately not only natural meds are not being permitted the proper research as also the good quality studies are being retracted on the middle of this situation. To give you an example, Plos One had published one of the best designed studies of individualized homeopathy vs placebo and fluoxetine to the treatment of depression on postmenopausal women.
        Five years after the article being published it got retracted on a pretty unprecedent way, that was denounced by the HRI, this is their website.
        You can find the Macías-Cortéz retraction statement. Futhermore HRI is still waiting for the verdict of the ombudsman on which NHMRC is being investigated for repeating a meta-analysis style report that changed the inclusion criteria of the articles to arrive to the results that were expected and devastated homeopathy’s public image on different countries. But specifically about other therapies, I sent some months ago an open letter to a diary in Portugal because they basically published an article of opinion saying that “the time for magic is over”… Saying that people should not go to natural healers, that they are doing nothing and they didn’t stop this crisis, the same that were being persecuted before, keep that in mind.. and actually it is not true people have been offering consultations to people diagnosed of covid irrespective of what they had. I say offering because when they were getting paid the consumers collective started to complain from those quacks being paid from their work. Well the usual shit but multiplied by 10 in sensationalism. Also saying that people should vaccinate and stop with the problem of first world of worrying that “vaccines cause a bit of autism”. Other important statements on this opinion article, that I suppose is being spread by mainstream media on different languages by different puppets who themselves think they are freethinkers is that they were saying that ironically Chinese medicine couldn’t do nothing when one can just go to the medical searchers and see the article that are being published about this disciplines and covid or whatever there is… of course Artemisia annua os getting a lot of attention these days but I am concerned that it’s being approached from the wrong perspective. People also are feeding the covid hype publicising cures, even if alternative, for covid 19. I suppose it does the work for the deep state anyways because it ultimately feeds the idea that it is a virus that we should worry about, and if one wants to get really to the roots of holistic medicine, we never treat a virus, we allow the body to be in it’s optimal state so it can cope with the circumstances but they are infinite and not only to be blamed on a virus. And this is what is not being spread, this is the real power of holistic treatment and philosophy and that is what scared the shit out of big pharma because it represents a paradigm shift that takes I to account also other factors and toxicity and that’s why healers are portrayed as quacks because they don’t want to treat diseases they want to treat people.

        [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

      • I Shot Santa says:

        True. In fact, one of the flaws in my own herbal self-care is that I had to work very hard to rid myself of the reactionary approach of treating a condition rather than strengthening my system. They both have their place, but it’s the emphasis that matters. Always good to remind ourselves. Thanks.

    • lizzie says:

      What a great world that would be and it’s what many people want. I hope we can help Alchemist with her videos she intends to make on living the good life.

  24. SuperMom Belle says:

    “Imagine if I, in NC (with the total state population being 10.5 million people), had a relative in NYC who died of ANYTHING at this point. Due to travel restrictions, there’s no way I could possibly make my own arrangements for burial for that relative within two weeks of their death, not with the legislation in place right now. So my relative would end up being burred there. The response by Hart to the Governor’s Edict [regarding making ‘in-case’ arrangements] is reasonable. The media coverage with NO context, of Hart Island is horrifically skewed. (*8)”

    (Thank You for pointing me toward veritably true information)

  25. I Shot Santa says:

    I may have messed up on this link as it looks a bit long, but my battery low, so I’ll chance it. Really good vaccine lockdown interviews. Not a truthers, but right on edge and very sharp. He’d make a great guest. Gives very rational intelligent reasons for all he says. 2% power so sorry bout grammar.

    • lizzie says:

      Good link but JH doesn’t buy the Bill Gates theories and didn’t elaborate very much on what theories and why. He may not buy it but he may still have to pay

      • I Shot Santa says:

        I thought he stated his case well. He thinks he’s a true believer. He is, just not the way he thinks. I felt he was at the edge of jumping down the rabbit hole however. He’s at that stage where nothing makes sense to him in his worldview. Just a little push and his worldview will collapse and then he’d make a powerful ally. That thermodynamic law the new age hijacked works for a lot. System fine. Stressed and overloaded until it collapses and then step back and see what comes out of it. He’s close to collapse. Would make a great guest on vaccine knowledge. Even if they never touched the eugenics aspects.

        • lizzie says:

          I see what you mean about JH. People on the cusp like that are a bridging the gap between the two sides of this coin. It’s an incremental journey.
          Bill’s passion is warped and it’s hardly surprising that it’s hard for some to imagine. Someone who has so much money and who’s family and friends exist in their own crazy bubble should not have their notions acted upon. We should view them as people with mental health problems.

          It’s been a real eye opener being home in England and talking to my family about it. They are totally slating the ‘conspiracy theorists’ but then go on to mention many of the items we discuss on here, the dots are there but they haven’t joined them yet.
          Poor mankind.

  26. HomeRemedySupply says:

    May 29, 2020

    Announcing #ExposeBillGates Global Day of Action on June 13, 2020

    A non-partisan coalition of alternative media organizations and activist groups are calling for a Global Day of Action to #ExposeBillGates and his control agenda.

    In the first few months of 2020, billionaire Bill Gates has been promoted as the savior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although he is lauded as a hero Gates has been a force of disruption and shaky science. The truth is Bill Gates hides a darker agenda.

    Gates has made numerous media appearances calling for extended lock downs, contact tracing surveillance, digital certificates to travel and work, and announced his intention to vaccinate 7 billion people. Gates’ family also has ties to discredited eugenics science and believes billionaires like him should help reduce the world’s population. (For those who might be new to this information we recommend watching The Bill Gates documentary series from The Corbett Report and/or reading The Bill Gates investigation from The Last American Vagabond.)

    It’s time to #ExposeBillGates and expose his agenda. Together we can shine the light on Gates’ true intentions and change the course of humanity.

    WHEN: Join us on Saturday June 13, 2020 as we spread the word about Bill Gates’ agenda. We encourage everyone interested to organize and host documentary screenings, share articles, pass out flyers, drop banners, and share on social media using the hashtag #ExposeBillGates. We encourage everyone to share accurate and credible information about Gates’ goals. This is a non-partisan event and activists from all sides of the political spectrum are welcome.

    To help spread the word about #ExposeBillGates Day please use this make this image your profile pic on all social media accounts.

    #ExposeBillGates Day is being organized by The Conscious Resistance Network, The Corbett Report, The Last American Vagabond, Activist Post, The Free Thought Project, The Anti Media, and We Are Change. If you represent an alternative/independent media channel or website and would like to be involved please get in touch.

    CONTACT: Derrick Broze / EMAIL ADDRESS at article

  27. vaniasas says:

    I am totally surprised by the reaction also. I’ve been trying to put some perspective to people around me about this and I don’t see the reaction of: Oh you mean for all these years we’ve been publicising antiflu meds while people also we’re going to work and transmitting virus that were also killing elderly and immunocompromised (not to talk of the shitty meds they are given and it’s probably what makes them sick and unable to have a flu process) and now we are on this virus scare and the world stops. I think this is working pretty well on dividing people because political parties are not so important and doing it in a greater level so the dicotomy of conspiracy theorist and sheep who believes everything the media tells us even if it changes everyday is working pretty well on the divide aspect (even though there are several shades of conspiracy theorist and sheep but I think there is a dicotomy). And that is also important, very important. Because it’s basicly impossible to communicate to someone right now even though what you say makes sense, specially if what you say makes sense, because their beliefs are so at stake that they protect their ego. People got used to scroll down when they are not interested and they are doing it also with people, it’s like we dont know how to communicate and reason anymore.
    The other thing I notice is that there is such a degree of superstition imbebed in everything. The mask shit, alcohol gel. People believing in the mathematical models like prophecies. It’s nuts, I always thought the deep state takes advantage of people’s superstition and abstraction (the same that was used by religion) and they are doing it exceptionally well these days and it almost seems that nothing is left unthought. Even though maybe something can start spontaneously, which I think the clapping didn’t, they take advantage of that, people cannot go to ball games or churches where they feel part of a mob, so to amplify this attitude of clapping not only gives power to the collectivism but also fills a gap of social cohesion I think people feel. I supposed this is being gamed right now also. I know people who suspect what is happening but are to afraid of social exclusion to speak it out.

  28. Steve Smith says:

    I haven’t had time to listen to this episode yet but I just finished listening to JC’s interview with Dan Dicks. They were discussing how they were perhaps being set up in light of what seems to be an arbitrary loosening of some of the rules on youtube.
    They mentioned that when the second wave of the plandemic hits, then the alternative media would lose credibility.
    I can see the logic in that up to a point but I just don’t think that another “wave” like we just went through would impress anyone with its deadliness or dangerousness.
    What I am envisioning is a second wave that must somehow be much worse than the first.
    I am not sure how they could accomplish that but I doubt that it would be too hard to get the public to believe that a new deadly virus is just good ol’ covid in a mutated form. I doubt that it would be very hard for the people that are running this operation to have people, or even machines in a multitude of places around the world release a new virus simultaneously. Boom! There’s your second wave. All of a sudden this almost benign virus that was only killing old and weak people is wiping millions in every demographic.
    That would go a long way toward causing anyone not fully convinced of the inherent evil of what we call government of to lose confidence in people like James Corbett. Anyone who knows what government is and what its capable of could not be fooled by even the most elaborately conducted false flags. Much less by another, (forgive my callousness, I do understand that every life is precious), nonevent.

    They must have something very devious up their sleeves. I just fear that it will be much worse than anything that they have done up till now.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      You make some good points. I agree that the alternative media is being set up.

      Pandemic 2 or the next big power push.
      Who knows when this might occur? or how?

      The “Pandemic 1 Event” caught me off guard. I think it caught everyone off guard, and I will challenge anyone who says they predicted the world lockdowns back in 2019.

      I well remember the last quarter of 2019 with stocks making new highs almost daily. There were no fundamentals to it. Corporate profits were stale. Even now, the insanity in the stock market is nutty.

      In late January, early/mid February 2020 (when I stocked up on toilet paper & canned food), I watched the videos and reports coming out of China almost daily while at work.
      (also links to previous dates & comments)

      For the life of me, even in mid-February, I never thought the world would mimic China.

      I’ve lost my confidence in the predictability of free men.
      I’ve regained assurances in the psychotic nature of Authorities.

      • flammable says:

        I remember at the time it was considered big news. China locks down over 50 million people. That number was a joke. Also I remember footage online showing Chinese citizens screaming that they are not sick but were then forcefully locked in their homes by soldiers. As well as footage of soldiers burning people’s belongings. People in the alternative and mainstream media criticized this. The Chinese government was even accused of using the virus as an excuse to install more totalitarian policies. I thought that was a sign that we were smart to the scam. I thought that definitely confirm that we would not not see any city locked down.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Glad I am not alone in these thoughts.

          And, as has been pointed out previously by many, China’s response set a precedent, a blueprint for the World Health Organization to advocate social distancing mandates.
          And W.H.O. praised China.
          The time track and unusual occurrences / reactions during this “New Nazi Cooties Era of Tyrants and Snitches” is beyond me.
          I have a hard time wrapping my head around the broad public response, especially when many had demonized China’s authoritarianism.

      • CreativeLife says:

        How about 2010? Rocky and Cute ol’Billy have been at it a long time.
        Time to really wake up! The agenda’s have been analyzed and exposed for years and years.

        SARS1 which did not exist came to Toronto some time ago and the actor Chief Health Officer Theresa Tam, who was listed as a man at birth, was there just as she is again this go around with what, good ol’ SARS2, Code named Covid19 which does not exist. There is a TVclip of Tam back in SARS 1, using the same words: mask, social distance, oh and flatten the curve! Geez, this stuff has been around a long time, ever since Jenner came up with his phony Innoculation, Immunization, Vaccination lies….just like ol’ Louis Pasteur and his nonsense. Remember cow pox, smallpox, Spanish Flu. All weaponized words, just for you. Billions have been made and the Democides pulled off without a hitch. Amazing isn’t it? We have been hoodwinked for years, buy the same bunch. Bill Cooper years ago was a pretty darn good source. Actually, had books and a library then….hmmm! Did you notice that’s gone too? There’s a few of us around yet, but we’re all more interested in our Bucket Lists and family, than pounding our heads against a wall. Right now it’s food, shelter and a lotta love.

        Many have died trying go get the truth out to you. The disappearance list of natural health practitioners, real scientists and doctors in various disciplines is unbelievable and excrutiating to behold. All to stop the billionaires, their disgusting foundations, trust and big pharma fed by the medical cartel and it’s public health cronies. True heroes, trying to save lives and avoid horrible tradjedy, for you and me.

        To me, they should be the ones that our time and energy is spent on. They are just a tiny portion of the COLLATERAL DAMAGE resulting from this war on God’s creation. They should be EXPOSED IN A DYNAMIC DISPLAY OF TRUTH AND LIGHT TO DISPEL THIS DARKNESS WE ARE UNDER, we say no to being locked into this growing confusion and insanity. This is NOT THE NEW NORMAL, that is another lie from HELL. This is one huge ceremony of EVIL on a huge PANORAMIC stage. The occult symbolism and oppression is everywhere and effecting everything. Pan is ALL and they are coming after it.

        You have entered through HELL’S GATE and all hell is breaking loose.
        The spell has been cast, the witchcraft is destroying lives and must be exposed and resisted…
        age-old occult rituals after ritual is being introduced as the initiation to the alchemical transformation occurs. The result: a serf in the New Order. The person does not need to know what they are doing for the initiation to be accomplished. Celebrities push occultism constantly.
        There are 4 distinct but interrelated rituals taking place in the New Order global ceremony: 1. Ritual Mask Wearing 2. Ritual Hand washing 3. Ritual ‘Social Distancing’ 4. Ritual Lockdowns

        [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • cu.h.j says:

      Steve Smith

      I am hopeful that exposure to SARS COV 2 would confer immunity to a mutated form that’s more deadly. A brand new virus would be suspicious I would think. Dr. Witkowski (a highly experienced epidemiologist) did an interview with Journeyman Pictures called perspectives on the pandemic and he said lockdowns guarantee a second wave. However if the virus is allowed to spread herd immunity develops preventing it and the epidemic goes away. This happened with other SARS viruses. I am hoping enough herd immunity develops to prevent a second wave and this scam is revealed and without a second wave there will be absolutely no support for a vaccine.

      • Steve Smith says:

        I certainly hope that your scenario plays out rather than some unlikely and hard to sell one that many people see through and try to warn others about only to be ignored.
        Kinda like the one we just witnessed.

        I don’t argue with what you say I just have no confidence in anyone in “authority” to tell the truth and every confidence in most people to believe their lies.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      All they really need for a second wave is some statistical sleight of hand. The masses bought it before, and given their mostly unquestioning swallowing of it, why not?

  29. fotin says:


    ….And how we burned in the camps later,thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city,people had not simply sat there in their lairs,paling with terror at every bang of the down-stairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly setup in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? After all, you knew ahead of time that those blue caps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure ahead of time that you’d be cracking the skull of a cut throat. Or what about the Black Maria sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur—what if it had been driven off or its tires spiked? The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, not with standing all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!

    If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more—we had no awareness of the real situation. We spent ourselves in one unrestrained outburst in1917,and then we hurried to submit. We submitted with pleasure!……………. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.

  30. generalbottlewasher says:

    I want to mention what occurred yesterday when I logged into TCR. The Warning; There is a Problem With the Security Certificate of this Site. Go Back!
    James you are a real threat to My security? You Rascal You!
    After all these years Who Would a Thunk It!

    Well its Saturn Night and it may be time for a little
    Un-security in the way of Music.

    Im so lucky to have such a threat.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Sundays child is full of ? Cannot remember. But I do remember a visit to the ER a while back. Someone very close did a heroic amount of ergot. If you over do ergot your fingers and toes and some parts of your organs can have a necrotic reaction. In less than 24hrs.
      Ergot is a perriferal vascular constrictor. Extremities die. You should keep 20 leeches in reserve so you don’t loose a toe or finger or two.
      This is For a friend in Houston where flying to the moon was the best high you could ever have.

  31. fotin says:

    If conspiracy theory is a thing, then one of the greatest thinkers in the 20th century NOAM CHOMSKY is a conspiracy theorist

  32. altittude says:

    why all at once? 2.8 quadrillion in derivitives market on fire and no stopping that. They need you on the id 2020 digital before the fiat completely crashes so they can rush in and save the day. Why New York. Has anyone been watching the Largest Gold stock up in New york? Follow the money James. When the Fiat is gone this is gonna make Lehman look like disney land.

  33. Jed says:

    I’m calling bullshit on the riots.
    It’s either a mis-direction, or a release of pressure, but it ain’t no grass-roots thing. Our military’s being deployed, maybe that’s it.
    It’s reminding me of the “Truman Show” movie, the dude who always shows up with a six pack when ever Truman starts to unravel.
    I hope I’m wrong. I’ll take my pick-up for a ride this morning, I’ll check out the Hampton’s estate sections, golf clubs, tennis clubs, you know, the areas where the powers that shouldn’t be exist and live and play, and I’m gonna guess I ain’t gonna see no f*n rioting. If I do, I’ll let you all know but don’t hold your breath.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      We are in for a rude awakening, that’s for sure. And soon. This is my third build up for a major offensive, albeit the first time on this side. It’s moving light years faster as well. And apparently on a global scale. Haven’t really kept up outside the US. But the U.S. will be the centerpiece. 60% of the world’s economy. Biggest military. And leader in its false claims of liberty. So once again I’ll get a front row seat. I’m thinking that I’ll include the regular troops on the ground as a cue for me to disappear. Once they are deployed, they won’t be recalled. May not even be time for me to get a good working knowledge of the whole river. But, we only need whatever we’ve got. Hope your family wakes up in time. We’re all going to know sorrow quite soon though. Hope your panties are well stocked with healthy foods. Starving us into submission is an age old tactic.

      • Jed says:

        Things are moving fast for sure, but I still think they’re just going to vax, poison, work and radiate us masses into sterility, to get to their stated goal of 500 million. They’re patient, been working this for multi-generations, no need to make a big mess.
        I’ve no links or vids to prove it but I still think the riots are a red herring. The world’s media has just pulled off the biggest hoax in human history and now they’ covering up their tracks. Wasn’t the last wave of anti-cop protests funding traced to political intrests? There’s a funded mechanism in place already, not that it’d take much to touch off race riots here in the USA, it’s designed into the main frame.
        This is the kind of mess that has to be delt with after 200+ years, when some moron writes a document declaring freedom for all whilst owning human beings who were pressed to a life of hard labor- said moron is also a celebrated 18th century scientist. Figures, another f*n expert’s mess we’re dealing with. Don’t mean to single TJ out, but his ferret nose comes to mind whenever there’s race riots.
        Finished that book, a lot to take in, so much history repeating. I’m always amazed at how tough and smart our ancestors were, and Quanah Parker, what an amazing life he had, and what vicious, nasty animals we humans can be.

        • Jed says:

          They ain’t gonna vax me.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            I don’t know if you remember, but a couple of years ago, some controversial site had the US population down to some scary low level. They projected the military being used to encircle cities here. I wish I could remember the site, but it’s been a few years. Also, remember the DHS drills talking about the 90% reduction in population if the grid went down? They are definitely going for all the marbles.

            Glad you enjoyed the book. The one on big foot Wallace is pretty riveting as well. We may have to be as tough as them. I think I’ll pass on the cannibalism though. And riding a horse for 50-60 miles at a stretch. My rear is hurting just thinking about that!

            Oh yeah, old TJ was a master at saying the right thing, while doing the opposite. Though I have always felt it was one of his cousins who impregnated his slave, Sally? But Adams did note how scared of him she seemed. I think he wasn’t into sex, but power instead. A very cold fish.

            • Jed says:

              That is a great book, I’m going for the BF Wallace next — some great si-if right here at this site, didn’t think I’d like it but wrong again, whole new world opened, turning me into a dickhead (Philip K).

  34. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Food Topic
    Personally, I have not seen a shortage of food in the grocery stores, except at the beginning of the “social distancing” shutdowns when supply chains were impeded.

    That said, I have seen a number of articles about it, or shortage problems with a variety of foods.

    My son, who has some cattle, says that a lot of folks in his area do not want to send their beef to market because the prices are too low.

    On a positive note: Local Organic Grass Fed Food
    In the Dallas / Ft Worth area, there are a number of natural food producers.
    A trend I have noticed is a rise in demand for local and organic.
    Rehoboth Ranch sent this email blast…
    …Many of you are aware that a silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic has been an increased awareness of the importance of regenerative agriculture and sustainable, local, and regional food systems.

    The primary impact on Rehoboth Ranch has been a dramatic increase in demand for our products, and we have been working overtime since the beginning of March to keep up. Its been a little crazy, but are very happy with opportunity to help more people obtain wonderful meat products!…

    …It means our focus will be on expanding our drop-points, direct-to-home delivery, and on-Ranch sales. Currently, we will continue with our current drop points to Frisco, McKinney, Rockwall/Heath, and the Ranch in Greenville and expanding to other drops and home delivery as well. Look for delivery to Ft. Worth and Denton areas very soon!….

    For this family, it has been no easy journey. Drought, tornadoes and storms, tough times, government, etc.
    I have friends and activists who live in this neck of the woods.
    I lived nearby around 2006-2008.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      That’s a pretty big route! Must be one of them thar Texas sized ranches. The only grass fed meat I can get is hamburger. Not that I can afford it. I could go hunting, but I’m going to wait until it’s obvious we’ve collapsed. It’s an unnecessary risk to go poaching right now. Though a crossbow is perfect for this neck of the woods.

  35. hempstock says:

    All the people that died with cov19 this year would have died anyway
    The were just too week to fight the Flu (official)

  36. Jed says:

    Vaccines as a cure for fertility:

    Not new info, but good none the less. The organization behind this has me titled “Bastard” so, they’re not always wrong.

  37. victoria says:

    Igor: “I’m almost sure that was the name.” Abby Normal

  38. debra.b says:

    NaturalBlaze via Activist Post

    School Reopenings In Denmark Did Not Worsen COVID-19 Spread, Data Show
    June 1,2020
    By Jon Miltimore

    A new Reuters report says data show the school reopenings in Denmark did not lead to an increase in the spread of COVID-19.

    Sending children back to schools and day care centers in Denmark, the first country in Europe to do so, did not lead to an increase in coronavirus infections, according to official data, confirming similar findings from Finland on Thursday.

    As nations around the world seek to end the restrictive lockdowns designed to curb the spread of COVID-19, many expressed worry that reopening schools could result in a surge of coronavirus cases. That did not happen in Denmark.

    Similar findings were reported out of Finland.

    The results would seem to support emerging evidence that suggests closing schools is an ineffective way to tame the spread of COVID-19, and may actually increase deaths.

    As was pointed out last week, the left-leaning magazine Mother Jones came to the defense of Sen. Rand Paul, who came under fire for questioning Dr. Anthony Fauci over the national policy of encouraging schools to close to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

    Writer Kevin Drum pointed out that an abundance of research supports Paul’s assertion position that closing schools is a poor way to contain the spread of COVID-19…..(article continues)

    “ The broader implication of the research is not that compulsory schooling is good, truancy laws are just, or even that public schools should reopen, but that children should be allowed to gather—whether in schools, homeschooling groups, summer camps, parks, libraries, or museums.”

  39. Fritzie's dad says:

    In this video (at 37:00), James gives his take on how Sweden handled the scam-pan-demic.

    Here’s a different perspective from Kim Iversen. In her view, Sweden’s more laissez-faire approach allowed domestic economic growth without exceeding their anticipated excess death rate (approximated at twice the average flu season). She also points to round two (Plandemic wave II), and predicts that Sweden will fare better than most in the fall. Norway and Denmark, she says, will likely adopt a Swedish approach if/when phase 2 hits them, and she advocates that the US should do the same.

    ‘Don’t Be Fooled, Sweden’s COVID-19 Response Was A Success’

    Obviously, it is difficult to accurately or fairly compare the efficacy of the alternative approaches until the whole ordeal is over (if it ever is!). Sweden may be closer to herd immunity, and thus little-affected by a second wave. Also, though, they may be barred from traveling to the rest of Scandinavia/Europe for some period, and thus suffer a delayed economic impact.

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