Interview 1474 - James Corbett on Echoes of WWI

09/03/201916 Comments

During the Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2017, the organizers recorded an interview with James Corbett about his presentation, Echoes of WWI: China, the US, and the Next “Great” War. This is that interview.

VIDEO COURTESY: OpenmindconferenceDK

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  1. hugo.c says:

    This has aged rather well, James. Combine it with the recent Lula interview by Pepe Escobar about BRICS and we can see the geopolitical struggle quite clearly.

    One thing I find rather strange is the sanction regime by USA. This is *forcing* other countries to establish trade mechanisms which avoid the US dollar. Maybe I’m thinking checkers while they’re thinking chess, but it does seems a little counter-intuitive.

    All the best!

    • Stronghorse says:

      It makes perfect sense once you realize that the real ones in charge are not necessarily interested in the well being of the UNITED STATES,or the inhabitants. They care nothing for any and all populations except themselves. They seek only power and profit.
      Decisions were made many years ago to plunder the wealth of the entire world’s population. The Federal Reserve is merely one branch of the system’s world wide institutions to facilitate this end. Take notice of which countries that do not have a central bank that is affiliated with the Rothschild family, and the fact that they are all under attack by the enforcement arm of the bankers. The UNITED STATES Military. Just look at the countries that did not have a central bank in the year 2000, who were bombed into submission after the start of the “War OF Terror”.
      These people created the current system, and it has nearly run it’s course and completed the assigned task of stealing the wealth of the American people. The dollar that was worth 100 pennies in 1913, is now estimated to be worth 3.6 pennies. So after procuring 96.4 of the wealth, they need a new system. A global system. And probably a new enforcement arm.
      This will be accomplished by removing the US Dollar as the World Reserve Currency, and replacing it with something else. Most likely the “Special Drawing Rights” basket we hear of at times. Eventually I believe the plan is to force the entire world into using a digital form of currency, controlled of course by these same international banksters.
      Notice also that the Chinese Yuan was included in the SDR basket a few years ago. It’s backed, (allegedly), by both gold and oil. So get ready to say “Howdy” to the new Petro-Yuan.
      Then look at the way society is controlled in China. The “Social Credit Scores”, the near slave labor market, and tight control by government of the internet access, to communications and the herding of large amounts of the population into cities. That is the system that these people think would be best for all of the “Commoners” of the world. That is of course, those who are left after the required numbers have been eliminated. {See the Georgia Guidestones for more detailed numbers of the desired reduction of world population.}
      I believe the plan is to shift power from West to East, along with tighter control of all finances world-wide. It’s already happening if you look close.
      The military might of the UNITED STATES has served them well, and once it is no longer needed, they care nothing about what happens to the people. These people use whatever country can serve their goals at the time, then when the resources are used up, then that country is cast aside just as one might toss an ink pen that has fulfilled it’s purpose into the waste bin of history.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Hugo and Stronghorse; viva Pepe Escobar. That was very informative and reveals the scichzophenic nature of global diplomacy especially the USA Clinton State Dept. and those who Clinton represented at that time. Lula better have some suicide protection cause he sounds so depressed. Nice piece of news here. Say a prayer for Pepe and Lula, and might as well throw in Alexandre and the whole Amazon
      basin orchestra.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks so much for that Pepe Escobar article/video regarding BRICS, Brazil and insights about what went on behind the scenes.

      It becomes very evident that the U.S. bullied its way to the table on the BRICS issue, and in my opinion/conjecture probably sabotaged BRICS enough to remove any threat to the U.S. Dollar.

      Also evident from this article is the Chinese vs U.S. hostility.

      EXAMPLE: …And then there was this Chinese, a negotiator, he was so angry at Obama, he was standing up, speaking in Mandarin, nobody understood anything, we asked for a translation, Jiabao did not allow it, but the impression, by his gesticulation, was that the Chinese was hurling all sorts of names at Obama, he talked aggressively, pointing his finger…

      EXAMPLE: (Trying to demonize China before the world)
      …(Lulu)I arrived at COP-15 and there was a list of people requesting audiences with me – Angela Markel, Sarkozy, Gordon Brown; Obama had already called twice – and I didn’t know why I was important.
      What did they all want?
      They all wanted us to agree, at COP-15, that China was the prime polluting evil on earth.
      Sarkozy came to talk to me with a cinematographic assembly line, there were 30 cameras, a real show: Lula accusing China.
      Then I had a series of meetings and I told them all, ‘Look, I know China is polluting. But who is going to pay for the historical pollution you perpetrated before China polluted?…

      Hugo, Again, thank you for this article.
      From its insights and by its extension, it reaffirms what all of us Corbett Report Members have always suspected about the “behind the scenes political landscape”.

  2. generalbottlewasher says:

    You all have set me to thinking. On the northern border of Brazil which countries are building deep water ports? How do you go about prying the lid off such things. I know Guyanas, French and English have been in dispute with Venezuela over much of the coast east of the Orinoco river. A new port has to be accommodating for you know who to have a beach head for access to the interior. That is of course if what Pepe says about Brazil being internationalized at the barrel of a gun in the future. May be a good Q4Corbett.

    It doesn’t seem a stretch if Venezuela falls so will Brazil.

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    World War 1 & the Stock Markets & Currency Exchanges

    The above topic kind of syncs with Corbett’s recent article of August 31, 2019 “Another Conspiracy Confirmed: How the Plunge Protection Team Rigs the Markets”.

    Here is one article. I don’t take it as Gospel, but it probably contains some basic information.
    “Desperate Traders Managed To Keep Trading During The World War I Stock Market Shutdown”
    …At the beginning of 1914, capital was free to flow from one country to another without hindrance. All the major countries of the world were on the Gold Standard, and differences in exchange rates were arbitraged through the buying and selling of international bonds listed on the world’s stock exchanges.
    A country such as Russia would issue a bond that was listed on the stock exchanges in London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and St. Petersburg. Differences in exchange rates between countries could be arbitraged by buying and selling bonds in different markets.
    In effect, this made European stock exchanges a single, integrated market…

    …Traders throughout the world could sell bonds and shares instantly, and it was the fear of massive selling, and the impact this would have on global markets that led to the shutdown of European exchanges (circa July 1914). There was a concern that investors would try to repatriate their money leading to massive selling, a sharp fall in prices, and large amounts of capital flowing out of one country and into another…
    (Other concerns are mentioned, such brokers covering funds with credit until settlement dates.)

    …World War I destroyed the global integration of capital markets. The Gold Standard never returned despite attempts after the war to revive it. The system of issuing bonds and shares internationally failed to recover from the war, and stock exchanges listed fewer international shares. The ownership of stocks and bonds from other countries shrank dramatically…

    …After the war was over, financial markets had to deal with the dislocations created by the war: inflation, increased government debt, reparation payments, the Russian Revolution, the creation of new countries, England’s failed attempt to return to the Gold Standard, the stock market crash of 1929, the Great Depression, debt defaults, competitive devaluations, the concentration of gold in France and the United States and a hundred other financial repercussions that resulted from World War I….

  4. Ukdavec says:

    This should be considered as somewhat important

    China and Iran flesh out strategic partnership

    Staggered 25-year deal could mark seismic shift in the global hydrocarbons sector

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    $5,000 GOLD!!
    Be careful what you wish for.

    …”Echoes of World War 1″

    Canada’s billionaire and peace activist, Frank Giustra does not own traditional “stocks” like many investors.
    He has many holdings in gold.
    In this rare recent Kitco interview, Giustra points out
    Be careful what you wish for, because if things play out the way I predict they are going to play out, this is going to be a very ugly world to live in…
    …what's ugly?…
    …and with those things comes…geopolitical conflict and social conflict…
    …a lot of people should dust off the history books…."

    QUEUED VIDEO (a few minutes)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      The Future of Conflict

      What Does China’s Rise Mean for the World? by Frank Giustra
      December 3, 2015

      It seems our world is as unstable as it has ever been. There are brewing conflicts everywhere, in many cases interconnected and with such a cacophony of players that even seasoned diplomats are confused…

      …Many of these conflicts have the potential to flare up into truly global problems…

      …Over the longer term, however, I am more concerned with the type of tectonic shift in world power that only happens every century or so. The contest between the U.S. and China is worth examining in this regard.

      Unfortunately, the passing of the baton from one global power to the next rarely happens without a major conflict…

      …History shows that when countries are busy trading with each other, there is little appetite for conflict…

      …If China stays on track to emerge as the leading global economic power, these questions will take on new urgency. The trends may evolve gradually, and recent signs of an economic slowdown in China may mean that things remain quiet for years. However, if my concern proves correct that one day China will decide to pursue a more muscular foreign policy, it will take the involvement of the entire global community and a lot of luck to prevent a catastrophic outcome.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Peter Grandich, author of “Confessions of a Former Wall Street Whiz Kid”, is also interviewed by Kitco following Frank Giustra. Peter, like Frank, also does not own many traditional “stocks”.

      Although Peter Grandich is on the other side of the political aisle as Frank Giustra, Peter re-emphasizes the points that Frank made during his Kitco interview.

    • Ukdavec says:

      “Canada’s billionaire and peace activist, Frank Giustra”

      That is one description for him.

      ” An ugly, Bre-X-style gold mining scandal caused by others was singeing his feathers and creating what he describes as “internal conflict” at Yorkton Securities Inc., the Vancouver-based brokerage he headed.”

      Clinton donor – uranium1 gate participant – panama papers, the list goes on.

      Personally, I would rather to listen to investment advice from Bernie Madoff.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I understand.
        And I am fine with your opinion.
        Prior to posting, I ran some research about Frank Giustra. I saw some of the stories, especially the Hillary related.
        However, I saw a lot of information about his concerted efforts to reduce conflict and to aid those affected by conflict and hardship along with his efforts to better conditions.

        I support peace.
        And I strongly support those who advocate peace over war.

        During the Bush era and then into Obama, our 9/11 Truth Group often participated in peace related events sponsored by the Left.
        Of course, now-a-days, the Left has forgotten about peace. They are more concerned with gender, climate change, and giving ‘regular people’ free money.

        Also, it has been my experience that when people have a substantial amount of money, they become a target. A target for dissing/gossip and a target to extract funds from. The more money, the larger the bullseye.

        I have no qualms supporting a very rich guy who sincerely desires peace.

        EXCERPT from the first mentioned article:
        “There’s a thing called Sole Food, which I funded, all of it,” Giustra says before leaving the boardroom. “It’s an urban farm business here in Vancouver. They’re creating urban farms in empty parking lots. I put up all the money for it. Half a million dollars.”

        He pauses. “Didn’t get much credit for it, but whatever.”

        • Ukdavec says:

          No worries – for me this is all about information exchange rather than forcing my opinion down someones throat.

          Frank is joining a long list of billionaires who are suddenly becoming benevolent with their economic and social insights – Ray Dalio being one of the more prominent.

          Perhaps we are very close to the reset?

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            I track with ya buddy.

            “…close to the reset?” Perhaps so. These are such interesting times…We are seeing so many things occur which are “not of the ordinary way”.

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