A Letter to the Future

04/11/2020271 Comments

The lamps are going out all across the globe. We shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.

In this week's unorthodox subscriber newsletter, James pens an epistle to the inhabitants of the post-coronavirus future . . . whoever they may be.

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Comments (271)

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  1. Duck says:

    Dennis wheatly (the occult author who made a living fictionalizing current events and the nasty stuff rich people got up to back then) wrote a letter a bit like this… whatever happens is usually not what we imagine- better or worse but never quite the same.
    In many ways the world is just returning to its natural state, where 98% are happy to get the leavings of the 2% and the masses are mostly helpless before the expensive superior armament of their social betters. The real shame is not the loss of wealth, nor even the political power that allowed its generation- the real shame is the loss of the spiritual veneer of human value and rights that Christianity painted upon the barbarous European cultures and brutal Roman civilization.
    The people behind this transformation have a spiritual , religious drive and all the scratching at their actions and motives in the physical world will only ever show us where they have been, what they stole and who they killed.
    Constance Cumbey and the new age, Houdini and the Spiritualists, and Mr.Corbett and the criminal class all dig up part of the truth but its all so much bigger then anyone person can see.
    Everyone better plant a garden and read up on microgreen sprouting and have a group of people they trust because its going to get ugly this time or maybe the next.

    • Winxel says:

      “The people behind this transformation have a spiritual , religious drive and all the scratching at their actions and motives in the physical world will only ever show us where they have been, what they stole and who they killed.”

  2. Noahsark723 says:

    I have a solution if it comes to it…

    Do not let the words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn go unheeded:

    And what we all need to do if they come to our doors to take us or test us or vaccinated us:

    Is spoken clear as day is this Iron Maiden song:

    Lyrics to The Mercenary:

    Lets turn the table on these psychopaths!!!

    • wylie1 says:

      I’m all for turning and/or flipping tables.

      Until someone says meet here, online or in real world, then nothing is going to happen.

      Might I suggest those who can, do so.

      • Duck says:

        It is unlikely that anyone who is not already a member of some kind of community is going to do anything – including survive the next depression.
        It takes months or years to really get to know who is trustworthy- your average nut can hide it for a maximum of 3 months… knowing who wont back stab you can take longer.

        • wylie1 says:

          Nice excuse for doing nothing, just like all the do-nothings I’ve encountered over the years.

          People wouldn’t have to “survive a depression” if they acted now to take back their country.


          There is no way to exclude all infiltrators from any group large enough to matter. Unless the method used is a Coalition of hundreds or thousands of small groups, wherein each group is small enough for everyone in it to know each other very well. Even then some Judas could sell you out for money.

          Therefore you have to conduct your organization in a manner that understands back stabbers could be present or listening. You just go forward. Boot them when you find them. Worrying about all the weasels is not how to win.

          We had infiltrators from govt and the corporations we were fighting along with union weasels who were lapdogs for the corporations, as many usually are whether they know it or not.

          Do-nothings have endless excuses. Don’t bother with any others. I’ve heard all, if not, nearly all of them.

          Go ahead turn the tables on those psychopaths! Defy your fear.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            wylie1 says:
            You just go forward.
            Boot them when you find them.
            Worrying about all the weasels is not how to win.

            And I have had to boot some in my day.
            On time, it was a bad mistake on my part by listening to scuttlebutt and not my direct observation, but the other boots were a keynote to surviving as a group or business.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          An end run around all those organizational infiltrators is to operate solo. Acts of resistance is not going to be some tv battle anyway. It will be things like shooting out transformers, hacking govt computers, flattening tires, misfiling paperwork, etc. For worst case scenario, I have a plan in mind to encourage others to do same with arms.

          • paul823 says:

            Arms? Here in ‘straya they took all ours ways back in the 90’s. It’s almost like they had a plan and knew what was coming?

    • manbearpig says:

      At 9:08 of Noahsark723’s video with Spiro;

      “…there will be the ability, particularly in rich countries, to open up if things are done well in the next few months BUT for the world at large, normalcy only returns when we’ve largely vaccinated the entire global population…” -Bill Gates

      rich countries will open up in the next few months (so, before a vaccine is available) attaining a semblance of “normalcy”

      but NOT THE WORLD AT LARGE? The world at large will have to be vaccinated to return to normalcy?

      Normalcy happens when LARGELY everyone in the entire world is vaccinated? LARGELY everyone?

      What exactly does all that gibberish mean?

      That they’re going to roll out the vaccines in poor countries first? (and for anyone who’s stupid or desperate enough to volunteer to be poisoned?)

      Rich countries vs. the world at large…?

      “probably one of these numbers is gonna have to get pretty near to zero”

      • mkey says:

        Not first, only. Mouthbreathers have to be normalized.

      • mik says:

        In the same video there is dr. mf ryan (house nigga at who) talking about family members abduction.
        WTF (what is on my mind now is not safe nor dignified)

        Here is source (at 50:00).
        WHO Headquarters – COVID-19 daily press briefing 30 March 2020

        Most of authority figures are full of inconsistent gibberish.
        At 22:00 he drivels about masks.

        • manbearpig says:

          Hey Mik! I meant to thank you for this link: I’ve sent it with timestamp to some students.

      • Not This Little Frog says:

        I’m sure that at least some of the people in the developed world who have swallowed the PC/ leftist propaganda, and who believe that vaccination is the way to go, will get the vaccination to demonstate solidarity with the rest of the world who get given the same.

    • Mungjam says:

      Thanks for these, Noahsark, and other doers,
      I have a proposal: If you heard someone beat a drum (empty metal barrel) slowly in your neighbourhood every day for 5 min to celebrate (!) earth freedom with a low earthbeat, would you join? Would you and your friends respond to a timed callout to sound this out together over as large a spread as possible? To remind everyone around you every day of your noble celebration? Would you upload this phenomenon to social media and share it on the web with other Sound-outs to create an earth movement in other places?
      They have given us the blueprint how to tantalize sheeple. We should use it for a better cause. A simple, solemn low drone drum beat in resonance is a psychologic core shaker. With the international representation here and minor organization/coordination we can create an instant movement that even fearful minds can join and is instantly replicable in any location that wants to join. That is ALL that is needed (plus a bit of media outreach)(plus coordination with other truth media sites). Trust me, it’s nerve wracking watching the clock move towards the hour and sitting through a daily Sound-out.
      It’s been a weekend from hell. But I am far from giving up.

      • Noahsark723 says:

        You are welcome Mungjam!

        You can try the drum idea and see if it works, what the response is – maybe do a chant of some sort as well.

  3. Tony says:

    It’s always darkest before the dawn… have periodically shared your frustration and resignation… but it never lasts. An age of Light is dawning… hang in there James.

      • Duck says:

        The Aquarian Conspiracy…. ushering in the age of the light bringer???
        Uhh…. I think I will pass on Lucifer worship thanks.
        Constance Cumbey was the first modern person I know of to start digging that stuff up

        • Fuzzlong says:

          It’s good to see this kind of stuff. Doesn’t matter the way we connect with the Gand Wazoo, that we can DO it is enough. It goes back to what we were saying in the sixties, “We Are all ONE.” That is, each of us is a Sovereign with self determination, connected with God. God is the Beach, We are the grains of sand that make up the Beach…all ONE, all Beach…

          • Duck says:

            You should try Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon by Mcgowan… the 60’s were a total creep fest
            His site has a REALLY cool article on the Lincoln assassination… he was great at pointing out odd things more then building a cohesive counter argument

            • weilunion says:

              McGowan was a fraud. I grew up in the Canyon and knew quite a few people he spoke of in his ‘works’.

              He has absolutely no evidence for any of the assumptions he made, any of the claims he hurdled around. Simply circumstantial crap, generally by association..

              It is easy for those who have not lived history to make such sad assumptions.

              And it is even easier for those who repeat their lies.

              As to Jame’s letter, it is a sad statement but unfortunately true.

              • Duck says:

                I dont claim to be an expert in the subject and do think of Mcgowan as more of a finder of weird things then a builder of narrative but what do you think he was lying about?

              • weilunion says:

                What McGowan cleverly did, and I think it was purposeful, though he might have begun to believe his own irrational thinking, was to take facts, such as:

                Jim Morrison’s dad was Captain of the ship used in the Gulf of Tonkin incident;

                Frank Zappa’s parents were connected with intelligence;

                Curt Cobain was murdered;

                The CIA photo lab that was connected to Laurel Canyon was known by rock stars;

                Cosby, of Cosby Stills and Nash’s parents were and are some of the oldest money in the US, and on and on.

                Facts. Then the facts are woven into a conspiracy regarding the use of agents of youth who were connected to the deep state.

                As Mark Twain once said: get your facts first and then you can distort them anyway you like.

                This is what McGowan did. Twisted facts.

                And examination of any claim insidious is never backed by evidence.

                And it is up to the trier of fact to provide the evidence. He doesn’t. He traffics in stories, or did.

                But in an age when there is no transparency and the mind is left to conjure up conspiracy theories under every rock, this stuff sells.

                The Canyon was spooky, weird, full of FBI and the deep state,and on and on.

                Fact was, rents were cheap due to the mob having lost the Strip. Talent was everywhere due to Hollywood and the record business. Work was plentiful. That was the attraction.

                If you ever read his work, ask yourself:

                What claims is he stating?

                What evidence for his claims does he provide or, what evidence would he need to substantiate his claims?

                You’ll find the answers barren.

                Again, Twain: A lie can travel around the world quicker than the truth can even put on it’s shoes.

              • Duck says:


                Thanks for replying- and I totally agree that he more dug up weird stories and put them together then created a real coherent explanation…. way more ‘tabloid’ then Mr Corbett without doubt. Lol

                “.. was to take facts, such as:

                Jim Morrison’s dad was Captain of the ship used in the Gulf of Tonkin incident;

                Frank Zappa’s parents were connected with intelligence;

                Curt Cobain was murdered;

                The CIA photo lab that was connected to Laurel Canyon was known by rock stars;

                Cosby, of Cosby Stills and Nash’s parents were and are some of the oldest money in the US, and on and on….’

                He DID dig up a ton of odd coincidence and stories that do kinda make the whole think new music and hippy movement look spooky as hell.
                The personally sexually perverted Kinsey had a huge role in re-shaping (based on deliberate lies and deception) our society in ways that suited some powerful people who bankrolled him.

                ‘…Facts. Then the facts are woven into a conspiracy regarding the use of agents of youth who were connected to the deep state….’

                Well… if the facts show that there was on some level a “deepstate” push to do those things then why would it be hard to believe that on some level he was right??

                I dont think that its probably true that the WHOLE thing was controlled, but there is zero doubt in my mind that the new movements was steered to shape society in a way that suited certain powers.

                “.This is what McGowan did. Twisted facts…..”

                I dont see that he TWISTED them as much as just threw them out there… I mean- its known that the drug revolution was secret government, the crack epidemic was secret government, the single parent household was open government, the sexual revolution was created and steered and cultural marxism is not at all a secret so…. he makes no great LEAP that I can see.
                Again, thanks for replying

                ‘…And examination of any claim insidious is never backed by evidence….’
                Well, it KINDA is in that he finds the weird links and happenstances..

                ‘… He traffics in stories, or did…’
                THAT is very true, but I dont think he claimed otherwise

              • weilunion says:

                “Well… if the facts show that there was on some level a “deepstate” push to do those things then why would it be hard to believe that on some level he was right??”

                And this is inevitably the point, right? “If” there was a deep state”, “if there was a push do do ‘those’ things (not sure what they were), then I would ask you as I did McGowan, what evidence do you have to substantiate the ifs.

                If the answer and is I do not know, or that you don’t have evidence for it takes time to really look at the work and write about it, I understand.

                For this is the real role of McGowan and those who pushed his books and theories: demonizing the hippy era, the sixties and turning it into some deviant and deep state connected image in the minds of people too young to know better. Then lead them down false rabbit holes when their minds should be elsewhere.

                This sounds like something, precisely, that the CIA would be very interested in doing. In fact, they did it with Manson for his ties to the deep state are all too clear. And of course, 69 was pretty much the last year of the ‘hippy’.

                But Woodstock happened after Manson. This is always left out.

                Or was that too a deep state conspiracy?

                Deflect and confuse, with irrationality and unwarranted conclusions based on false or non-proven assumptions, or premises.

                It works, for we are doing it now when the article was about the new world order.

                Again, “if and when” you get any evidence for those “ifs”, do let me know.

              • Duck says:


                “If” there was a deep state”, EVERY state has a ‘deep state- the Romans had one, its just the people who keep their jobs a long time or in some other way gain power larger then their official role.

                “if there was a push do do ‘those’ things…”
                Well- we DO know that there was the CIA guided introduction of LSD, and other drugs though crack was likely more about ‘da money’ for covert opp’s and we also interest in a drug agenda going back in ruling circles before it happened in the real world.

                We know that hippies were utterly unable to affect any real positive change, and and (as far as I can see…) tarred anti war movement as a bunch of smelly hippies and then mostly grew up to be narcissistic materialists.

                ‘…If the answer and is I do not know..’
                I really dont know enough about it to be sure… just that its weird and looks a lot like the occultist push that I’ve seen in movies and music and pop culture- and which was laughed off because some absolutely ridiculous
                people started talking about it and no one wants to be associated with a guy who thinks furbies are the devil.

                ‘….demonizing the hippy era, the sixties and turning it into some deviant..’
                It WAS an era of deviance, (not saying everything was wonderful or anything before) but the era shattered a huge chunk of social cohesion and set the USA up for the fragmentation we see today.
                THAT fragmentation leave people alone and helpless.

                ‘..Then lead them down false rabbit holes when their minds should be elsewhere…’
                You have a good point here, but I would argue that this was a pivotal era and all the social changes, good and bad ones, that were pushed thru then are of huge interest because they created the world we live in today

                ‘..This sounds like something, precisely, that the CIA would be very interested in doing….’

                ‘.. In fact, they did it with Manson for his ties to the deep state are all too clear….’
                And he was personally known to many of those musicians and folks mentioned in ‘weird scenes’ so there is no dount that in some way there was weird, ‘powers that should not’ actions going on there- we just cant know how much or how much the movement was created or steered

                “.. And of course, 69 was pretty much the last year of the ‘hipp

                “..But Woodstock..after Manson…. Or was that too a deep state conspiracy?…” There are plenty of people who think so- I really dont know enough to say yes or no but it does make you wonder how the hell people could transport drugs around with out the authorities allowing it to happen.

                ‘..Deflect and confuse, with irrationality and unwarranted conclusions based on false or non-proven assumptions, or premises….’
                Yes, that is a danger, and Mcgowan is – like I said- a ‘tabloid’ writer rather then a deep researcher…thats why I like Mr Corbett or Dr Richard B Spence who have a far more solid way of citing and checking their sources

                [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

              • weilunion says:

                This is my last post on this matter. Maybe someone else cn be deflected.

                You say:

                looks a lot like the occultist push that I’ve seen in movies and music and pop culture-

                I think that says it all.

              • Duck says:

                ‘..looks a lot like the occultist push that I’ve seen in pop culture…’

                Why would you find that an odd idea?
                Denis wheatly made big bucks off the occult, and if you actually read a little about the history its not at all hard to see… hell, for a VERY light test you can even just ask yourself how often YOU do weird ass eye or triange signs and then compare a sample of pop stars.
                If you have no background in reading that stuff it only became REALLLY obvious in the last 10 or 20 years

                You did see the blood and body fluid goat head artist Amramovic who Lady Gaga in on film GUSHING over…. is now doing adverts for MICROSOFT???
                Go look for yourself
                Then image search her name and I bet a smile you will find her holding a skinned goat head in a Baphomet style

                If you dont believe ME then read Dr Richard B Spence “secret agent 666” and he talks often about how the establishment was deep in masonry for political reasons… and for a laugh if your a net flixer watch The CHILLING adventures of SAbrina, it is not your parents teenage witch

        • mik says:


          Stay with Constance Cumbey that’s in your range.

          • Duck says:

            how do you mean?
            MCgowan is pretty interesting though he does tend to find holes in the narrative rather then build a new one, Cumbey on th eother hand is I think more methodical since she is working from a pre supposed point of reference.
            Neither is exclusive of the other

    • mik says:


      My first reaction was allergy on anything reminding of spiritualistic talk.
      On the other hand I’m well aware voluntarism, agorism, anarchism…. won’t be enough for a better society.
      I don’t believe we are doomed, but I really see no light on horizon, not now.
      First we have to go down, deep down …….because: (thanks James)

      “It is a term of derision, of course. “Sheeple.” But I like to think that it doesn’t just speak to our stupidity. It speaks to a naivety, an innocence. We are trusting and gentle creatures by nature. Peaceable. Cooperative. That is nothing to be scorned. If it weren’t for the predators in our midst, our failings would be counted as virtues.”

      Mayhem first, people have to get stick up in their ass otherwise they won’t get they are raped.

      Path out of hell will be made by voluntarists, anarchists… I’m afraid that spiritualists will be preoccupied with inner-harmony.

      • Duck says:

        ‘…Path out of hell will be made by voluntarists, anarchists… I’m afraid that spiritualists will be preoccupied with inner-harmony…’

        Anarchists are foiled by their individuality… as disgusting as the actions of collectivists often are there is (almost) no way that the less organized can beat them.

        The ability of some religious types to organize around an idea is often the reason that such people are able to gain an outsized amount power- Islam took over a huge chunk of the world by binding arabs into a single group where as they had been dwellers of the backside of the world before.

        • mik says:

          What are you meatheading now?

          You want to say Christianity will build a better society?

          Actually, smart man, what’s your vision, or you have none and just shit around?

          • Duck says:

            I said what I said- that people who do not act collectively are (generally) NOT able to effectively beat groups that act collectively.
            I did not say anything about Christianity- I spoke of how Islam welded a bunch of feuding tribesmen into a powerful force that beat the major empires of its day.
            ‘…You want to say Christianity will build a better society?..’
            I did not say that- the fact that you THINK i said that says more about you then me, however I will say that even a boomer church member has more chance of surviving the next great depression then a singleton super healthy type with no close friends in his 20’s- because (as Tom Paine pointed out….) humans live in groups because single humans dont do well when even minor injuries or mishaps happen.
            ‘….Actually, smart man, what’s your vision, or you have none and just shit around?…’
            Why so rude?
            If you have examples of individualists beating collectivists then give them and show me how I am wrong…. sorry if challenging your erroneous ideas upset you- how do you think you will feel when they fail in the real world?
            MY vision…? I am pretty sure that this is all going to end badly at some point BUT until it does people WILL ONLY SURVIVE BY BEING IN A COMMUNITY because you will not be able to provide all your own needs and you certainly wont be able to stop any oligarchical power grab by yourself or with somedudes who may or may not work with you.
            The Afrikaner farmers got their ass handed them by the British in the Boer war for that very reason- organization wins almost every time

            • I Shot Santa says:

              The boers broke the British Empire with their anarchist armies. They lost because the Empire had to bring so many troops to SA. Any other army in the world would have fallen much faster.

              • Noahsark723 says:

                Yeah – they can’t handle guerrilla warfare, they never could.

                The same thing happened in Jamaica with the maroon communities out in the hills. The british army would come in to try to defeat them and they got their ass kicked every time.

                We have to wait – when the pressure really starts coming down on the people, pockets of resistance are going to form.

                They are taking off their mask doing what they are doing and stepping out on to the stage, alot of people who don’t know about the conspiracy are going to see them for what they are.

                Give it time – they have underestimated us – they always have because they are short sighted and suffer from tunnel vision.

                The blind fools have got another thing coming…

              • Duck says:

                @I Shot Santa
                IF that were true then why did the new ENGLISH ruling class pop up and rule there?
                Because the Boers LOST the war and their self determination after putting up a good fight that forced the British to take extreme measures- such as making it impossible to live outside the system which is the aim of social credit.
                Their anarchist armies did not carry the war, though they did do very well thanks to smokeless artillery and Mauser rifles -the tec ‘edge’ that I spoke of earlier in this thread

        • mkey says:

          Why confuse terms such as anrchist, voluntarist, individual, collective?

          One can easily be an anarchist individual with strong ties to a community in which everyone is doing their part in a voluntarist fashion while collectivism and groupthink can be nowhere in sight.

          Community != Collectivism
          Anarchy != Individualism

          • Duck says:

            ‘…One can easily be an anarchist individual with strong ties to a community in which everyone is doing their part in a voluntarist fashion while…’

            I am not calling you wrong in the sense that it COULD not work, because in a small group it most certainly can- but They MUST have a ‘Group-Think’ of wanting to protect their individuality to the point of self-sacrifice.
            They MUST know each other AND share the same values otherwise it falls apart as soon as any pressure come on it

            I dont want to sound like some kind of racialist but communities are either built on ideas/values/religion OR they are built on shared genetics because almost no one is gonna die to protect some one they have nothing in common with.

            ONLY when a small group is VERY motivated OR has a serious technological or economic edge can they stand against bigger groups.
            The American Indian and the Australian Aborigine were crushed piecemeal and their ability to feed themselves and exist outside the invading system was systematically attacked just as is happening to people now via banking controls and future social credit scores

            • mkey says:

              I’d say you are massively over-complicating. When it comes to a community, I could see myself banding with a Trump supporter, an ex Soros NGO director, two kids from down the streets who may or may not be shooting up drugs and a Canadian otherwise living in Japan if we had a common goal, like securing a source of food. Be it in the form of maintaining a large garden or each having their own grading and trading the fruits of our labor.

              If we are talking about preventing/defending against raids, is hiring a security firm off the table?

              • Duck says:

                ‘…If we are talking about preventing/defending against raids, is hiring a security firm off the table?…’

                Hmn… so you wish to be a feudal serf?? JK but not really. Without outside powers why would anyone you paid not just take over?
                People who pay others to do their fighting usually end up worse off for it (lol…ask the Carthaginians…)

                As to you gathering all those people and working with them LONG TERM where you must depend on them doing as they are expected- Good luck.
                You thin some criminal who refuses to get the vaccine or wants to trade garden veg without a licence is going to last a year without getting caught when a bunch of people who dont care about him can profit or escape prosecution by handing him over???
                Maybe they are nuts, or maybe they just hate you because they are bad people… wait until people get scared and hungry and THEN you will see who you can trust

                If you plan to trust you life and freedom from arrest on a couple of drug smoking teens and normie conservatives u barely know or some people you meet on the internet then I wish you luck but you WILL be getting your vaccine shot in jail

              • mkey says:

                Why would they wait for me to pay them to take over when they could just take over and take my money and everything else?

              • Duck says:

                ‘…Why would they wait for me to pay them to take over when they could just take over and take my money and everything else?…’

                THAT is the reason hiring people to do your fighting and defending always ends badly- even the Romans made the mistake of ending up with a standing army that did not alwys have the same interests and needs as the civil population- if you REALLY need a security firm you should FEAR having one near you, lol

              • Noahsark723 says:

                Because – they would want your confidence, so later they can catch you off guard leaving you completely at a loss when they chose to strike.

                Evil men will never play fair – you would do well to study their ways in how they deceive.

                When things start getting tough, which they will – you are going to see what people are really made of. The mask are going to come off…

              • Duck says:


                “..Because – they would want your confidence, so later they can catch you off guard leaving you completely at a loss when they chose to strike…”

                Thats true too… I didnt think of it before but it does give them a chance to size up how much you have and how easy it is to take….. Also its a lot easier for them to rule you when they are ganing legitimacy of some sort by providing a service you actually WANT (like stopping OTHER bandits killing you)

              • mkey says:

                I think you people watched WAY to many Mad Max reruns. I will not engage anymore.

              • Noahsark723 says:

                It is not Mad Max – just try history or if you rather, Game of Thrones…

              • Duck says:

                “…I think you people watched WAY to many Mad Max reruns. I will not engage anymore….’

                Dude, read some HISTORY, or watch some documentary about what its like in failed states.

                The fact that you dont want to engage with me is fine, but if you dont think about it you are setting yourself up to fail hard when the reality gap closes with a snap

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                mkey says:
                “When it comes to a community, I could see myself banding with a Trump supporter, an ex Soros NGO director, two kids from down the streets who may or may not be shooting up drugs and a Canadian otherwise living in Japan if we had a common goal, like securing a source of food.
                Be it in the form of maintaining a large garden or each having their own grading and trading the fruits of our labor.”

                Ditto here.

              • mkey says:

                grading = garden

                I caught the manbearpig virus (as long as it doesn’t have any bat in there I ought to be just fine.).

            • I Shot Santa says:

              The Comanche also wiped out many Indian tribes along with kicking the Spanish out of North America. They stopped development in their lands despite their extremely low numbers (just a few thousand in the mid 1800s) against millions of settlers. And they had no leader outside their own personage. Yes, only able to be destroyed after the deliberate destruction of the buffalo and mustang. Name me a statist army that could have held off successive numbers of world powers as they did.

              • Duck says:

                @I SHot Santa
                First on a state army that held off more powerful foes?
                Easy, Finland- true it did have to kiss both German and Soviet ass but at all times it was able to maintain its independence and a good chunk of its territory

                Yes, the Comanche were able to put up a good fight, mainly due (if I recall right) to the reintroduction of horses and possession of repeating rifles) but they LOST because they were unable to prevent the destruction of their way of feeding themselves and its replacement by a new one that made them bow down and become welfare slaves. They ALSO, like the boers, put up a good fight, but they did not win.

  4. The Book of Revelation in the Bible mentions “Four and Twenty Elders”. What if these Elders are the 24 Jain Tirthankaras and coronavirus is a cunning plan to get everyone to wear masks like Jains?!

  5. Alchemist says:

    The comments on this IG post by Gates should make you feel a little better 😉 https://www.instagram.com/p/B-moNMAAK49/

    Our movement is driven by love and armed with truth. The most powerful forces are on our side!

    • FIW says:

      Haha! Hell yeah, seems that the cat’s out of the bag for many people.

      Personally I’ve always dreamt of kicking that sicko so hard in the crotch that his n… pop out of his ears…..don’t know why, it’s only with him that I get that urge..

      • Duck says:

        I recall seeing John Macafee (‘the REAL most interesting man in the world’) talking about how everyone thought he was a paranoid nut for being armed all thetime and having his girl bodyguards/bodyservants but that Bill Gates had way more guns watching over him and lived in a fortress and no one called HIM paranoid.

    • endthefed says:

      Thanks for sharing that, made my day.

    • Aphix says:

      My personal favorite:

      “No one wants your vaccine u fucking nerd.”

    • Fuzzlong says:

      Giant egos are like that, power and wealth gets them hot, of course it’s a hard on…!

  6. Noahsark723 says:

    Look at this picture – doesn’t it look like Gates has a hard-on:


    If so – it tells you a little more about this sick fucker.

  7. I’ve printed it out, I will translate it and read out loud to my friends.

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    April 11th, 2020
    James Corbett’s A Letter to the Future

    I am lost for words.
    This “Letter to the Future” is so extremely well written, capturing the emotional impact of the Truth which is bearing down, that I just don’t know how to describe it.
    It is Corbett’s best!

    My eyes are watery.
    I am going for a walk.

    • glennis says:

      I have just read it and am in tears. I am grateful I had the life I had. I am 53 years old and I had everything. But now I can’t figure out what the point is of living into this nightmare. I know I need to find spiritual solace. But can a person do that alone? I want to protest, but I can’t even find a true friend much less a protestor (in London, UK)

  9. irazi says:

    Beautifully said James. The time is NOW to scream back at the “authorities,” and most importantly, your fellow sheeple citizens. Don’t talk nicely to them when they ignorantly, indignantly scream at you for walking outside. Scream back at them that they are fascists. Shock them out of complacency.

  10. Noahsark723 says:

    “To my children, or my children’s children, or whatever remnant of once-free humanity happens to unearth these words in that God-forsaken future we are goose-stepping into: I’m sorry. I failed you. We all failed you.”

    James, it wasn’t you or anyone who knows about what is going on who has failed.

    It is all of the ignorant people out there who remained willfully ignorant of this most important subject; they are the ones who failed themselves and everyone else.

    You on the other hand are one of the brightest sentinels of our time shinning the light of truth for all to see, keep up the great work.

    Because as far as I am concerned the real battle is just beginning and it isn’t over yet…


  11. The generation that permitted a government controlled education system is the one that most heinously failed the future generations.

    • endthefed says:

      So true.

    • haros says:

      Although it is true that this is a pivotal moment, we must bear in mind that they probably saw education as a good thing (like people today see vaccination, for example). It is very difficult to know what happened in these times and how Government sold this idea to their citizens.

      • Duck says:

        When schools were run locally by small communities that knew each other and shared values there was little to fear since any weirdness would not be tolerated in the education of kids… anonymity and loosely bonded community are the playground of the psychopath

        • haros says:

          I agree with you. Of course education is necessary to make society work. I am not talking about the kind of education that we have now, which is based on the memorization of useless (and invented) information, but the education that expands own abilities and creativity.

          But those who allowed controlled education system problably thought that it would be good for children. I don’t know about the history of education system in the world, to be honest, so I can’t say about how and why it became the slave-factory that we have had for a long time and which is only getting worse.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            My parents whined about the “new math” of the 70s, along with many others. But they all caved like sheep when the state said tough.

  12. jimfeb14 says:

    James, I have much appreciated your work and tried to recommend it to many others for quite some time now. I just have read your “Letter To the Future” on the day before Easter, here in America, the day when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ from the dead. Just as I was reading your letter, I was reminded of the chapter in 1 Corinthians where St Paul talks about the topic of the resurrection of the dead, and the verse that came to mind says “If IN THIS LIFE ONLY we have hope in Christ, WE ARE OF ALL MEN MOST MISERABLE. Paul, in my opinion, basically said that if there is no validity to the hope of the resurrection, life is hopeless, “let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.” Jesus himself reportedly wept over the “sheeple”, and described humanity as akin to sheep, as well.
    Anyway, long story short, I believe that because “He is risen indeed”, that this is in no way the end of the story, as miserable as it appears today. Despite the dumbness of the sheep, despite the wickedness of the wicked, despite the failures and hypocrisies perpetrated among many who sing His praises the loudest, there is still that one Man who holds the keys. His Dad said “Son, sit thou at my right hand, until I make thy foes thy footstool.” Acts 2:34,35 HisStory aint over! Nobody loves suffering, but sometimes we need it. Thanks again, James. – Yaakov of the Yaak

  13. hardworkingwoman says:

    Dear James, We – my husband Leaf and I, were really moved by your letter and very, very sad.
    We feel so many of our generation – sorry I should say we’re in our seventies – have lived through a golden age with our eyes shut. And, what is most tragic, is that we’ve led younger generations to the slaughter without realising it until (almost) too late. Shame on us.
    Just like our parents who went on and on about ‘the old days’, we now find ourselves doing the same. But just how genuine are we? Whilst panicking at the arrival of 5G (God help us and the planet), many of us have embraced the techno age and have now found we can’t do without it. Society has become dependent across the board. At our age, Leaf and I consider we can afford to be Luddites, for the moment. Yes, I have a computer, connected by Ethernet and we don’t have a cordless or Smart phone, let alone a microwave. Having said that, I know that the Internet is now our greatest weapon against the likes of Bill Gates and his cronies – the Deep State, the Illuminati whatever we want to call them. They’re monsters of the first order.
    So what can we do to reach out a hand to future generations? You say RESIST, STRUGGLE, FIGHT – yes! |And we must also do everything in our power to come together again, to cooperate in every possible way, to spread love and good energy, to bring out the best in each other. Where are today’s hippies? Love and Peace needs to be the watchword again and this time, it mustn’t be overcome.
    We feel we have to fight to our dying breath, if that’s what it takes, and to make a lot of noise in the attempt! As someone in the final quarter of my life, I’m prepared to do whatever’s necessary regardless of the consequences and so is Leaf even though he has Alzheimer’s and knows his brain is crumbling. We owe it to future generations and to our wonderful planet which has been our home..
    We want to die being true to what we believe and we believe what is going on is utterly evil.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks for writing this, hardworkingwoman.
      There are a lot of older folks who are Corbett Report Members.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      And they say there are no more good women!

  14. roseten says:

    Dear James
    I liked Ducks reply. My reply is Great! You did your work in trying to enlighten people. We all know how hard that is.
    You’ve done the ground work , now is the time to let go. Who can see the fruit of their actions? No one can predict the future with certainty not old Bill. Gates who funds the WHO and who is addicted to vaccines. I do read David Ike who I think is very good on facts but wouldn’t agree with a few people governing everything. Can you imagine having a mind to successfully Spot the details.? Many parts have to come together for an action to produce a result. As the Dalai Lama says some known and some unknown . I have no scientific background but I read this talk on you tube it’s called lightening talk -What makes you optimistic? 6 members from The National Museum of Natural History and I learnt how important it was for them to acquire masses amount of data for all sorts of reasons which you no doubt know.
    ( my Buddhism talking) – Please enjoy your life no matter what – you could die today .
    Last note- I think your talks and analyses are very interesting and joined Another Europe for a meeting on zoom – as a result of your advice. Thank you so much . I hope positive change comes in your lifetime ! Thank you

  15. mkey says:

    I didn’t understand what was all that about 1988?

  16. De Clarke says:

    This is fantastic but also extremely sad article.

    James maybe you should take some time off. I know this THE TIME to be involve on all levels, but I am worried that you might be hijacked by ‘dark and dystopian demon’, who steal all the hope. We need hope and strength to resist in any way we can.

    ‘Never did the sheeple suspect that some day the shepherds would lead them to the slaughter.’ is one of the most moving phrase I have heard for a long time.

    • glennis says:

      Please don’t talk about time off for James. He is a person with purpose and light in this time of true darkness.

  17. karlharvie says:

    I said it years ago, If we alloy our own babies to be raped and mutilated (so called “circumcision”) with no accountability to the rapist, then these rapists know they can get away with anything. It all starts at the start. And they will continue to know they can get away with anything until we put a stop to alloying them to mutilate our own helpless offspring. We must kill the rapists. Period.

  18. haros says:

    Thank you very much, James. This letter is simply beautiful. I hope that someday you write a novel (or another kind of book) because I love the way you express youself.

    Tomorrow I will translate this letter to Spanish, if you are okay with that, and I will send it to my relatives to see if it can be spreaded.

  19. gerald.s says:

    Keep the faith. Its not over until its over. Pick your battles. Avoid being tracked. Resist authority.

  20. Aphix says:


    This hit hard.

    Know that you did not fail anyone.

    You’ve worked far harder than anyone could be expected.

    Instead, it is us who have failed.

    “Us,” the semi-washed masses who yearn for freedom with our text and voice — seemingly loud when amplified over the few digital channels where it can still exist — we have failed to yearn with the same volume in public, with others unlike ourselves, with the sheep.

    We have tried so hard to separate ourselves, to make ourselves distinct from the sheep that we have failed to recognize the reality you seem to have known for years:

    We need the sheep.

    We are the sheep.

    We could not besmirch their actions without hypocrisy falling from our tongues, and yet we did.

    While the future is uncertain, the past cannot be changed. In no small part due to you, James, and others like you: The fire has been lit.

    With that, I’d like to share the final stanza from “Outsider Intro” by DJ Shadow:

    But in the darkest hour

    Whispers begin to tell of a figure emerging from the darkness

    A being without a name, faceless and obscure

    Part presence, part idea they say

    As if the very force they describe has existed for eons

    A dormant seed awaiting nourishment, word of radical acts…

    Disobedience, non-compliance spread among the people

    At first fearful, then defiant, as the legend grows

    Whispers turned to cries and the cries into screams

    And tend to cower no more the fury of the people

    Whose talent behold as they exact revenge on their captors

    Spare neither the repentant nor the bold

    Now the fire is lit, smouldering in the belly of humanity

    It cannot be extinguished, for the stories The Outsider endure

    Even as evidence of its presence is debated with the passing years

    Messages, dictations, warnings, stories, such as these…


  21. mkey says:

    Sounds familiar?

    It sure feels like war, doesn’t it?

  22. Octium says:

    Yes, I have continued to use the term “sheeple”, it’s not just derogatory but it encapsulates the idea that they are destined for slaughter in the end if nothing extraordinary happens to intervene.

    It is also true for the non-sheeples who don’t manage to escape the stampede of panic.

  23. Steve Smith says:

    Mitigated or unmitigated, no good news in this newsletter. But I cannot find a reason to disagree.

  24. catmad says:

    I am the eternal optimist and know that knowledge is power.
    Tell your friends, family, and strangers.
    Talk to your local representatives.
    Make close friends with your post office, local grocery, butcher, and neighbours.
    Never make threats or be angry and violent.
    Do not give them overt reasons to fine you, arrest you, or take you into custody.
    Trust no one but love everyone.

    Those people that are poor and have survived on little at some point in their lives will be your biggest allies.

    Look after yourself first so you can look after others.

    Maybe I approach this in a calm manner because I am nearly 50 and grew up with this New World Order from birth. This is of no surprise to me and I can now say to all those at school that called me crazy “I told you so”….
    My parents are Danish and were born 1934 and 1940 and experienced a start to life that impacted them deeply. They knew more, saw more, and shared more than other friends parent did in a suburban town in Melbourne in the 1970’s.
    I have faith that I will be ok and survive in this new dystopian world that I never thought would come so quickly… I really thought we had another 10 to 15 years…. maybe we still do?

    • Duck says:

      ‘…I have faith that I will be ok and survive in this new dystopian world that I never thought would come so quickly… I really thought we had another 10 to 15 years…. maybe we still do?…’

      Dont take this as an insult or attack but an observation- that attitude of inevitability is one of the reasons that we are sliding into whatever we are sliding into.
      Its been a slow gradual change with TV and News and movies predicatively programing people that THIS is where the end of the road while will be all the while sucking more and more of peoples ability to live comfortably outside the system until people are like cattle being run down a slaughter house built by Temple Grandin…moving calmly into the grinder without much fear or worry

  25. I Shot Santa says:

    This comment section, showing the birth of defiance and will, made my day.

    Jimbob; who is still hankering for some reindeer meet, and plans to eat ham tomorrow at that country store tomorrow. Cold this morning.

  26. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Ozone and IV Therapies, Nutrition and Supplements, Natural Therapies,

    Center For Holistic Medicine (CHM) in Michigan
    Dr. David Brownstein, M.D – Blog

    85 COVID Patients at “The Center for Holistic Medicine”:
    Zero Hospitalizations and No Deaths

    Take Tylenol, and especially Ibuprofen, to become much sicker…
    Christopher says: “4 days ago, I was staring at inevitable death.”
    YouTube – (17 minutes)

    Dr. Brownstein has been mentioned repeatedly in my many SUB-THREADS surrounding
    Ozone, Ultraviolet Light, Vitamin C Intravenous Therapies.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Now it is 95 COVID patients…

      COVID-19 Talk with Dr. Brownstein, Dr Ng, Dr Nusbaum, Taylor Eason NP, & Jennie Drummond PA
      (10 minutes)

      • tillerman says:

        Thank you Home Remedy Supply! I appreciate your sharing all this.

        Speaking of Dr. Brownstein’s excellent work, he figures prominently in this piece published by Natural Blaze on April 24, 2020:

        Can We Combat COVID-19 With Nutrients?

        And speaking of responses to “COVID-19” and its attendant problem-reaction-vaccine solution, this 3 day summit

        Health Freedom Summit April 27th-29th

        beginning tomorrow and brought to us by the community associated with the film Vaxxed and its new sequel ‘Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth’ looks quite timely and important. Click on the link above and have a look at what issues the Summit will address. For those curious about Vaxxed II–

        Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth director Brian Burrowes, who served as the lead editor and coproducer on Vaxxed, explains, “This film is The People’s Truth. It’s the result of 50,000 miles in a bus across the country, thousands of interviews with doctors, scientists, nurses, and parents who will no longer be silenced about the vaccine injuries they have witnessed.”

        The many Summit participants include Suzanne Humphries MD, Sherri Tenpenny, Jon Rappoport, Del Bigtree, Robert Kennedy Jr. and Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, a figure not unfamiliar to those familiar with the Corbett Report.

    • Libertydan says:

      I can relate to Christopher’s story, because I also live in Michigan and caught something that felt like a Flu, at nearly the same time. I even took Bayer-Migraine because I had a nasty headache, only to find out the next day after reading Dr. Mercola’s News Letter, that Bayer Aspirin likely killed more people in the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu Pandemic than anything else. One holistic doctor of that time claimed to have 30 times the survival rate of the hospitals that gave everybody Aspirin. I have had fairly good luck with Vitamins C, D, K2, and Magnesium. I was supposed to get my Zinc in the mail 2 days ago, and I ordered A Nebulizer along with Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Odds are I won’t need it by the time it gets here, but there may be a second and third wave, and they are saying that people in China who have recovered from the first wave are getting reinfected (or perhaps they never really got over the first wave).
      One needs to know how to take care of their own health these days!
      see http://www.mercola.com for good health info

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Spain – Ozone Therapy success against COVID-19

      The article is in Spanish, but is linked in the shownotes of this video.
      The video is an English translation.
      April 10, 2020
      (7 minutes)

  27. Libertydan says:

    I just watched a Bill Gates Interview and he said that he didn’t know if the people would ever be able to assemble again in large numbers like they had done at Sport Games. However, he was offering a solution in the form of a Vaccination. Yep, I think I get it now!
    Corporations run the World, and Corporate Banks finance most Corporations. However, Apple and Microsoft no longer need the Banker’s old dirty money because they have hundreds of Billions saved-up for something special.
    Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook are bigger than the Bankers now, and thus are likely to replace them, while we sit home and wait for 5th Generation Wide Band Internet to be completed.
    Indeed, freedom of thought may soon be a thing of the past.
    And don’t forget about that ID chip!

  28. Ukdavec says:

    To follow on from the Escobar link on the New Economy


    1 – Covid-19 is a generational crisis: the disease kills the old and the economic cost of the cure is borne by the young
    2 – The great political divide of the 2020s will be generational: the old fear inflation, and the young need it
    3 – The market expects a deflationary recession à la 2008, but the policy response is very inflationary
    4 – Oil supply destruction and geopolitical tensions set the stage for a commodity supercycle in the 2020s
    5 – A decade of stagflation would be disastrous but investors, but salutary for societies on a demographic suicide


  29. robert.t says:

    Our opponents have great weaknesses proceeding from their strengths.

    What are their strengths? A firm belief in control and a furious energy in getting that control. A conviction that the world should fit the simple and mechanistic ideas in their heads as to how a world should work. A compulsive need for deceit based on a compulsive fear of reality.

    Now think how inadequate, bored and unhappy they must feel every moment. They can never accept life as flux. They resort to false art, false science and false morality to give life an imposed shape and solidity. It never works, and they know it. They are chekists, killing to kill their failures. All their lives are a struggle with self-loathing.

    They hate themselves far more than they hate us. That’s quite a weakness. So they use their putrid media (ie all of the mainstream and nearly all of the alternative) to make us hate each other even more: boomers versus millennials, left versus right, Fox viewers versus CNN viewers, Trump voters versus Dems…and so on forever.

    Their purest and highest form of conditioning, however, is the zombie movie, of which they produce so many. In the zombie movie they get us to hate and fear each other for the mere fact that we exist in human form. And how good and necessary it is to kill us. If we’re not zombies we might be aliens. We live! Good one, Hollywood! Good one, globsters, chekists, Davos-bergers or whatever you are!

    So give them ridicule, above all. The Truthstream pair were right to keep replaying that pie to the face of Bill Gates. To us it’s just a pie in the face. To the invented character of Bill Gates, it’s all Bill Gates is. And the schauspieler, the pathetic actor, knows it.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Weakness of powers that cower:

      1- need to control everything while unable to control self.

      2- drowning in information which causes an inability to take decisive action due to always taking too much time to analyze everything.

      3- inability to understand free people psychology. Slaves yes, but not free people.

      4- lack of imagination. Note how the fangsters ALWAYS buy up companies and don’t create themselves.

      5- cowardice- always willing to have people killed, but never risk themselves for any reason.

      6- unintelligent- yes, Gates is unintelligent. I’m talking useful, pragmatic intelligence which is needed to get the job of taming my ass done.

      Many more; but these are highlights.

  30. Antonio says:

    Very poignant and moving, James. May we all heed the warnings, and fight.

  31. generalbottlewasher says:

    Well since its Saturday, I will throw-in some funeral parlor
    organ music and our soloist for this corpse of a era tonight will be Haley Rinehart. Cheer up . Lay it down James. Lay it down.


    • manbearpig says:


      exquisitely crystal bitter. .. sweet to softly sour. a hymn to hurt. these troubled times don’t permit such poignant precarity

      Easter sunday… at least Jesus resurrects, doesn’t he?

    • manbearpig says:


      A Sunday Easter hymn.


      • generalbottlewasher says:

        MBP, I beg your Pagan,… Pardon, Amen! In an attempt to resurrect some facts that the sun must set before it can arise anew, in all its glory. Wrestle your angels during the darkest of hours before daybreak. Then shine a light on the obvious co-inky-dinks .
        Vitamin D is accentual for immune health. Vitamin D comes from the sun.
        What components of Solar dimming are related to Covid19. Reduction of Vitamin D. Nano to micro particulate pneumo- irritation. Aluminum being used, geophysical down to cellular scale electrical functions disrupted by external frequencies. COPD cases soar over the last 7 years. Un heard of before in time going back to small pockets of population during the dust bowl years or coal mining towns.. Today Inhalers, oxygen machines are in higher demand then the needs of the pasts 4 pack a day coal mining smokers. The sudden introduction to low earth orbit of a constellation of 5g millimeter wave satellites. A radio frequency we have not been exposed to before.
        Need I say more ? The list is long. We the collective need to resurrect the Precautionary Principle and stop chasing our tails (tales). Identifying the seemingly unidentifiable. Comparing the previously incomparitable. Make a bully stop. Now that may take temporary centralization. But beware the maddening crowd. Example…

        Who needs a good kick in the nuts? Us or them?

        Joyful Easter to you and the Corbett community

        • manbearpig says:

          Ah! The incongruity of your words bears a terrible lochness to this humiliating kick in the crotch:


          “…taken inspiration from the poem “The Second Coming” by William Butler Yeats…”

          “—a civilisation beginning to collapse, and the rise of something new, something perhaps savage, to take its place.

          coinkydinks?…didn’t you say it’s a certain synchronicity too…

  32. Jed says:

    Westchester man shows his appreciation of medical workers:



  33. magga says:

    Thanks for your letter. I agree with what you are saying. We are all sheep by nature and will always follow a shepherd. Even you are acting as a Shepard but in a loving and caring way unlike those like Bill Gates. I want to say that you forget one thing. It is the word BUT. You see you forget but God who is a true and good Shepherd will still win in the end. All we see happening is the desperation’s of Satan to rule the world when his kingdoms like the Roman Empire the Roman church, the mahomet religion and all other heathen religions where he is ruling over keep crumbling before his eyes. Jesus Christ is defeating the swords and guns and missiles by His Gospel and He will prevail. What we are seeing is now a very desperate enemy of Jesus Christ trying very cunningly to take control of all people. As you said in your letter we are entering a very dark time and I can’t even imagine it but it would be worse than the dark ages. But Jesus will still prevail. He doesn’t do it by sword or guns or viruses but by His Gospel for as the Scriptures teach us it is the power of God unto salvation. We are by design meant to be gentle and loving beings but that is exactly how God created us to be and not how we have been acting since the fall of Adam and Eve. Even the best of us hated God because we want to be the bosses of our own lives.
    It is when the scales on our eyes fall off and our hearts of stone are once again turned to hearts of flesh that we can know God.
    I am a Christian but don’t celebrate Easter the way the world does. But it is a reminder to me that Jesus Christ is risen , He is risen indeed and He will return as He promised. I have no doubt about that. I would not be surprised if as a Christian I too may be put to death or at least an attempt to re-educate me so as to deny Christ. Who would have thought. Even as Christians all over the world meet together over the net they know they can easily work out who needs to be weeded out. I will rest in the Lord and trust Him and not lean on my understanding but in all my ways acknowledge Him and Hd will make my paths straight.
    Please keep up your good work. May the Lord protect you and your family.
    Love in Jesus Christ

  34. mik says:

    The Federal Reserve – Kicking People When They’re Down (recommended viewing)

    At 16:20 John claims, paraphrase: Central bank liquidity swaps are used to save foreign banks and US tax payers will get the bill.

    This is wrong I guess on all levels.

    Swap means FED gets foreign money as collateral, therefore even in worst case scenario tax payers won’t have to pay everything, most probably swap will be cleared, so no cost at all.

    FED is receiving interest on dollars while foreign central banks receive nothing!!

    Liquidity swaps are short term arrangements, to save bank you need long term assets.

    Liquidity swaps are foremost needed to defend dollar and that is to some extent in the interest of Us tax payers too.

    Also notion, US taxpayers will pay…not really. Is it necessary to be reminded that US debt is un-payable. There won’t be many people on the world who won’t pay for it one way or another.

    • Hotfoot says:

      Link might be nice

    • mkey says:

      He didn’t say that the taxpayer will pay, but that he will absorb the losses. A pretty big difference, between paying up and being on the hook. The former implies you are setting yourself free, the latter means more indentured servitude.

      The true reason for existance of these debts is not to be payed up, but to enslave the people.

      • mik says:

        My main remark on John is his wrong interpretation of central bank liquidity swaps.

        Your are right about absorb and pay.

        • mkey says:

          Central bank liquidity swaps

          The foreign currency that the Federal Reserve acquires is an asset on the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet. Because the swap is unwound at the same exchange rate that is used in the initial draw, the dollar value of the asset is not affected by changes in the market exchange rate. The dollar funds deposited in the accounts that foreign central banks maintains at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York are a Federal Reserve liability.

          I’m no expert in this matter, but wouldn’t this imply that the taxpayer is on the hook for the liability?

          • mik says:

            You are thinking right.

            But you have to include what is collateral.
            Foreign currency is, some others central bank liability
            and not some crap CDO.
            Huge difference regarding risk, don’t you think.

            • mkey says:

              So the taxpayer on the other side of the swap is on the hook?

              • mik says:

                mkey, you have some experience with me, don’t you?
                You should know that funneling doesn’t work with me.

                Look at the whole picture, not just the hook, but risk/hook.
                low risk—>>> almost certainly no hook
                high risk—->>> almost certainly hook

                Understand now?

              • mkey says:

                Yes, you are funneling genius around these parts.

                Low risk != no risk. QED.

              • mik says:

                black != white
                QED, hahahaha

                grey doesn’t exist for mkey, he is digital

                My main remark on John is his wrong interpretation of central bank liquidity swaps.

                I have no intention to play your stupid games.

                On the link below anybody can check what kind of “thinker” you are.

              • mkey says:

                To check your work no links need to be clicked.

                “low risk—>>> almost certainly no hook”

                “Swap means FED gets foreign money as collateral, therefore even in worst case scenario tax payers won’t have to pay everything, most probably swap will be cleared, so no cost at all.”

                But you are right in one thing, there are many, MANY shades of your bullshit.

              • mik says:

                “To check your work no links need to be clicked.”

                I bet you should be afraid someone will follow the link I posted. That “conversation” was special indeed.

                Have no doubt this conversation is already bookmarked.

                Smart guy, can you show any instance when FED booked loses on Central Bank Liquidity Swap??

              • mkey says:

                For a random asshole on the internet (just so that you don’t throw a fit, I’m referring to myself here, OK?), I kind of feel sorry for you, man. I’d urge you to post all of your bookmarked URLs as often as you need to quench this … thirst or need or whatever it is. If it will help you move on, I’ll gladly take all the “I should be afraid” nonsense. If need be, I’ll even be afraid to make the thing as real as possible.

                You see, real life voluntarism at work. I’m committing my “should be afraid”s for your mental health. Go forth and prosper.

                Now, regarding the FED. You yourself said this thing could happen, albeit in your opinion, not very probable to happen. I don’t have an opinion on how probable it is, since I don’t have enough knowledge for such an assessment. You seem to think very highly of yourself so I’m willing to accept your assessment, but still it obviously can happen.

                It’s a possible eventuality that could occur when the conditions are right, right? Considering possible sums in these swaps, this could be a substantial liability.

                Besides, even if something like this hasn’t happened yet, does that mean it wont happen in the future? What kind of logic is that? You seem to be bent on that not have happened, so OK, I’m fine with that. It hasn’t happened yet as far as I’m concerned. That sure doesn’t mean it won’t happen, though.

              • mik says:

                Now you want to convince, you have some shrink, psychology knowledge…good luck

                I’m annoyed with your “intellectual” bullying, you are pushing one aspect very far out of context where it initially appeared and in doing so you try disprove me.
                I have no problem being disproved, look above.

                “Besides, even if something like this hasn’t happened yet, does that mean it wont happen in the future? What kind of logic is that?”

                I’ve not said nor meant that.

                “I don’t have an opinion on how probable it is, since I don’t have enough knowledge for such an assessment.”

                So, we are talking about central bank liquidity swap default, not in general, but in the context of what John was saying.
                He mentioned swaps as means of saving European and Swiss banks (lets leave aside that’s dubious in itself). Counter-party in the swaps is ECB and SNB. Do you know what would default of ECB or SNB towards FED mean for world financial system?
                That’s game over, out of domain.

  35. Fawlty Towers says:

    A very touching letter James thanks!

    Folks these are the words that came from the leader of my country (Canada)

    “The path we take is up to us,” Trudeau says outside of Rideau Cottage in Ottawa. “It will take months of continued, determined effort.”

    “We will not be coming back to our former normal situation; we can’t do that until we have developed a vaccine and that could take 12 to 18 months,” Trudeau said. “We don’t exactly know how long — we hope it’s earlier rather than later.”

    Is the man sick or what?

    What encouraging words do you hear from the leaders of your countries in this regard?

    • kempus says:

      Same from down under Australia. None. This tells me it’s an orchestrated and co-ordinated response. Maybe (see below) they need 4 to 6 months for economies to really implode and banks exposed to derivative speculation to fail. This really will be the end and the perfect opportunity to offer the new social economic model. Our Australian PM is reposted to have said “The Prime Minister has also made it clear taxpayers can’t sustain the extraordinary economic lifeline indefinitely. The $200 billion worth of measures including the JobSeeker and JobKeeper payments “have a finite life”, he says.“
      So what happens after that then is the obvious question. https://asiatimes.com/2020/04/total-system-failure-will-give-rise-to-new-economy/

  36. Noahsark723 says:

    For any one who is interested, I just finished the 3rd episode of The Living Room Sessions called – The Corona “Virus” is The Technocratic World Order

    In this episode I talk about the possible symbolic meanings of the corona virus and covid-19 terms. I talk a bit about our immune system being the cure for all disease, reading from Super Immunity a book by Joel Furhman. I also read from a few other books addressing the history of exploitation around the world, bringing it to the present time and a solution regarding us returning to the earth and a more realistic lifestyle, based on a stable, settled, agrarian culture rather than the present one which is based on war, destruction and conquest.

    I hope that you enjoy it and find it worthwhile, if so please pass it along…



  37. generalbottlewasher says:

    Joshua at Health Harmonics has done a lot in Eugene Or. to expose the dangers of 5g. Here he outlines Dr. Martin Pall Phd. Another Washington State professor emeritus, on how 5g and coronaVirus go hand in hand. Nice talk. Good links to medical info. 13mins.


  38. rueckl1b says:

    Here is my comment:
    Duel of the Fates

    May the Force be with us!

  39. Nusuth says:

    QFC – Hi James little bit of a personal question. How do you explain the current world stage to your children? I gather that your children are pretty young, if they were older what would you inform them about?would you sugar coat the “Corona world order” unfolding before our eyes? Or do you hide the beautiful innocence of children away from the world as long as possible?

    Ps: Propagandhi lyrics: Boys, I’ve bowed to the keeper’s whip for so damn long
    I think the sad truth is this enclosure is where your old man belongs
    But you, your hearts are pure
    When the operant conditioners come to break you in
    I’ll sink my squandered teeth
    You grab your little brother’s hand, run like the wind
    And if I’m not there, don’t look back
    Just go

    I don’t give a fuck about the enrichment programs
    Implemented to extend our captive lifespans

  40. m.clare says:

    The Reset Event had to happen in 2020. If you don’t read the whole paper, wrap your head around the implications of figures 3 and 6…


    We will be told that it cooled off because we cut back our emission of trace atmospheric plant food… rather than correctly attributing it to the natural oscillation of our heat source. Regrettably, most of humanity will believe the myth.

  41. stuart_f says:

    James, brother.
    Take a fucking break. You’re gonna burn out.
    You have earned it. More than most.
    Have some time away from all this. De-frag.
    Come back clearer, stronger.
    Much love and respect.


  42. Viv Aldistaw says:

    Godspeed James Corbett, humanity needs more like you sir

  43. Steve Smith says:

    This is a link to a letter from Charlie Christ, the former republican, democrat, independent parasite who is currently a Congress critter of one stripe or another to the residents of Pinellas county that was in my email this morning. In case anyone is interested.


    And James, I agree with those encouraging you to take care of yourself. Recharge, renew. And poor Pilato. You guilted him good. 🙂

    • mkey says:

      How does the county have your email?

      • Steve Smith says:

        No idea. Same way all those supposed women wanting to have sex with me got it I guess. Honestly, I was getting ten or more emails like that every day For a couple years until about a month ago when they stopped suddenly and entirely. Haven’t seen one since. Weird.
        Anyway, I find it kinda funny because back when Charlie was between freeloading gigs he was spending more time around home. I think he was working for the law firm that got pot legalized.
        He kept his runabout at the high-and-dry across the creek from my shop and I would take every opportunity to voice my opinion about his character at the top of my lungs when he would take it out on occasion.
        He stands out like a sore, very tanned thumb. His wife was quite pleasant to look at in a bathing suit though.
        I have had many dealings with the city and county having lived here for so long however. So I am not surprised that they have my email. Both my wife and I have been called for jury duty. She was selected and served. I was asked a question by one of the attorneys and answered honestly when I said that unless there were an actual victim, then no. I would not follow the judge’s instructions.
        Plus, up to about a decade ago I was still voting.
        I remember being shocked when I heard JC refer to himself or someone else refer to him as an anarchist. It was shortly after the Boston Marathon hoax got me seeing the world differently. I had discovered Corbett and found him to be by far the most credible source of information in my experience. But I had never learned what an anarchist actually was.
        Anyway, I haven’t looked back.

        Sorry, I do tend to ramble on sometimes..

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I enjoy your ole codger typing hands.
          You help to put humanity in print with these anecdotal tidbits.

          There’s a lot of us old farts on here.
          And I’ll tell ya… when there’s a bar fight, that young fellow “mkey” can whoop the snot out of anyone who messes with the elderly.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          You reminded me of the one time I got jury duty. I was in college and came home to a message on my answering machine that there was a bench warrant out for me. I called the sherrif, an incredibly corrupt organization though nice on my call, and they said it was for failure to appear for jury duty. Even told me who to contact. So I called. Turns out they had sent it to the address I had when I had made my second (and last vote). She was not nice though, so that conversation headed south quickly. When I got to the court, they paused after my name and all the court jesters stared at me. I gave no effs though. It had to do with a divorce case, and even though they asked who had been a plaintiff in a divorce case, and I was the only one to raise their hand, I was not excused. Since I wound up telling that incredibly obnoxious clerk on the phone that I would never convict anyone, regardless of the crime and evidence (among many other things) it was obvious I was going to be in trouble. Luckily, as it was a divorce drama case, they resolved their differences and it was all cancelled.
          Called for it again, last year, called them 2 months after my show date with a super hick southern accent and said I’d been living on the river. This time they just told me not to worry. I’m guessing they won’t be calling again.

          Jimbob; who is fluent in many southern accents and has fun with all of them.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Loved how you handled that last one.
            I’m gonna use the “old inept handicapped, hard of hearing man trick” if I get in a bind.

            Back in the mid 1980’s, my wife at the time, a school teacher, asked me to impersonate a Principle of a school to see what kind of recommendation her previous employer, a Principle of her last school, would give her.
            Lowering my voice a bit, I called and pretended to be a Principle in Round Rock, TX. It startled me when her past employer said: “Oh! Round Rock! How are things going down there?!”
            I did some BSing, but was sure glad to end the call. He did give my wife a great verbal review.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              That’s hilarious! It amazes me to no end whenever something like that happens with me and it still works.

              Jimbob; who finally made the 7 mile trip to the store and ate his fill of grits, eggs and sausage! Yummy!

        • mkey says:

          Once I got some text messages from someone involved with the local election process on my unlisted personal phone number. I had an idea how my number ended on the pile so I made some offhand remarks to some people and it hasn’t happened again.

          I guess most people today wouldn’t even notice something like that, especially since privacy concerns have rolled off the radar.

  44. arnieus says:

    Dear Future,

    Send more money.


    • Jed says:

      That’s a nice letter JC, very dark. Maybe a little too dark I thought when I first read it last night, but after an hour on “Zoom”, with my family — coast to coast — hearing how (most) are believing this nonsense, maybe you’re tone is spot on. All your other stuff has checked out. All the best, Jed

      Request: more guitar. Maybe not the time, but there’s nothing like playing music for raising and powering up spirits.

  45. Fawlty Towers says:


    I’m probably not the only one who has noticed a sense of urgency in James’ last few videos and writings at the Corebett Report…..

    He has mentioned several solutions that individuals can implement right now to help steer us on a sane path, to cushion us from the tyranny that is unfolding right now all over the world.

    These offered solutions are helpful to some and appreciated, however
    there is a much more meaningful and helpful service that James can provide right now to us all.

    James has the capability (perhaps for only a limited time now) to reach millions of people. This is a great power that few of us possess.

    Almost a decade ago he released his now famous ‘9/11 A Conspiracy Theory’ video that went viral. It is perhaps his best known piece that he has produced. It reached an audience of more than a million people in a very short amount of time.

    James made known his current position on ‘overnight popularity’ in his Jan 19, 2020 ‘Going Viral’ video, preferring to ‘go embryonic’ rather than ‘viral’.

    But a lot has changed in a mere three months and I believe a re-think is required in his philosophy now. We don’t have time to wait for an embryonic seed to grow. Immediate action is required that will provide immediate results.

    James may have a window of opportunity right now to once again reach an audience in the millions, using his Youtube channel.

    I can think of no better way for him to make a really meaningful impact on the world today during the current crisis than to release another ‘killer video’ that went viral.

    I foresee this video becoming more popular than any of his previous videos, including ‘How Big Oil Conquered the World.’, ‘Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve’, ‘The WWI Conspiracy’ etc. and even ‘9/11 A Conspiracy Theory’.

    I see it as potentially being his MOST IMPORTANT contribution to date if done with the talent only he possesses.

    -A short 4-5 minute video in format similar to ‘9/11 A Conspiracy Theory’ with compelling backdrops from Broc
    -Punchy, fast-moving and chock-full of all the important messages needed to be delivered.
    -A much more serious tone would be required this time, but NOT coming across as desperate.

    These are urgent times and an urgent message is needed to reach the masses as quickly as possible. I honestly can’t think of a better suited individual to accomplish this than James Corbett.

    He could play a vital role in shaping the world as we move forward.

    Corbett members would do their part in making sure all their friends, relatives and acquaintances received a copy of the video with instructions to pass it on to as many other people as possible.

    I believe the sooner this video could be produced (coming days) the better chance we will have at making a difference in stopping the insanity we see in the world now.

    • mkey says:

      I don’t know, man. Of all the people I tried to reach (closer circle of family and friends) I only managed to get some traction with one friend who has been asking some questions on his own, already. Others just shut this thing down and don’t even want to consider nor comment on it. Whatever point is raised, people revert to “but people are dying, this is not a good time to blah”.

      It takes an open mind to come to terms with being hoodwinked which is kind of a prerequisite for not being hoodwinked in the first place.

      Have you seen the latest Rose’s video? It’s quite touchy and you can really see sadness in his eyes, but I guess most won’t watch that video through even though it’s only around 150 seconds long. And what do they care that some guy whom they have never seen or heard before is sad and disappointed.

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        I hear ya mkey.

        I take it you were referring to Larken Rose.
        Because Brian Rose also released a very touching video in the past 24 hrs., notifying all his followers that he was just banned from LinkedIn.

        Anyway, yes many of us have been in the uncomfortable situation of trying to open the eyes of loved ones and friends to what’s really going on out there, only to be shunned.

        But we must persevere. And I truly believe that this is a golden opportunity that James can take while it is still available.

        The truth must reach as many people as possible right now or we will be truly doomed.

      • nsher says:

        London Real/London Live is owned by Russian Bilionaire Evgeny Lebedev, who also owns mainstream news outlets Evening Standard and The Independent.
        I like David Icke and believe he is sincere, but I don’t believe he needs a mainstream platform to be conned to push an agenda. The interviewer led Icke to 5G/Covid-19 connection several times. Icke got a lot of information out there which was very quickly taken down.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      9/11 pales in comparison to what is going on now. People are far too subservient for the powers that cower to stop this time.

      Jimbob; who hopes it doesn’t come to blood, but really knows it will come in oceans of it.

      • alexandre says:

        I was thinking the same. This was the mother of all false-flags, was it not?

        ZéMané; who often contradicts himself while shaving.

  46. Camille says:

    It’s not over yet!

    We can’t give up!

    Is this the Future of Our Species??

    • mkey says:

      That segment you provided was quite obnoxious. The closing point about how “antiwaxxers” have finally (have they really?) been put down did make me think. Do they really believe that bullshit or is just more of their insane propaganda?

      When she said something along the lines of “I wouldn’t want anyone else to have these tools at their disposal, but I’m glad you have”, that reminded me of super friends (the seven billionaire philanthropists extraordinaire).

      • Camille says:

        I apologize, mkey. I had to do it!

        The whole conversation is packed with more crazy. I see they have another chat coming up in a couple days…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      An Elitist Technocratic Scum says:
      “It gives me great hope for the future to know that
      you guys are the ones with the most powerful tools in the world in your hands.
      I wouldn’t want them in anybody else’s hands.”


      (I’m trying to wash the scum off my hands.)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Another BUMP
      and BUMP

      to Corbett’s “Recommended Viewing” in this article for
      Camille’s video Please Stop the Ride to a Biotech Food Takeover .

      • Camille says:

        Thanks for the BUMPs, HomeRemedySupply!

        I hope you finally got your hands clean.

        One thing that really got me going was when the one guy said what I’ve been saying as I go around town and see all of the cleaning frenzy.

        “We have now disinfected on a scale humans have never disinfected before. And, when we’ve done that in the hospital operating rooms you get antibiotic resistance and you get some really nasty stuff coming out. All this hand sanitizing, all this spraying, all this Lysol, all this Clorox. We may be facing a similar crisis in a year that looks like antibiotic resistant.”

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I agree.
          This “sanitization frenzy” is a sickness of the culture’s mindset.
          It is such an unhealthy practice.

    • manbearpig says:

      but BUT CAMILLE! They LOVE us! Yes they do! That’s what that creepy lady says at the end!

      This whole bio-printing thing… are they referring to a form of Bio 3-D-printers??!

      Did you hear the same thing I did at 2:20: the guy says ” we have to be cautious about natural infection

      and VACCINES AS WELL”…?? Nahh, I gotta buy some Q-tips…

      Did she say “in addition to bio-engineering we need social engineering as well”??

      did he say “while we are artificially turning memories on or off and trying to create false memories” as well??

      I know I’ve been seriously deranged by TV series but Juan Enriquez (who want to make war on the universe as I recall) reminds me Strongly of the character of Forest in the TV series “DEVS”:


      and ditto mkey’s remarks above.

      • Camille says:

        That creepy lady, my dear manbearpig, is the co-creator of Wired magazine.

        But, okay, maybe the love wasn’t meant so much for us…

        They say they can make anything by just scrambling up and enslaving kajillions of tiny life forms! And it’s “sustainable”!

        The guy at 2:20, that’s George Church.

        I cued up the original to where Georgie is talking about the vaccines.

        “Antibody-dependent enhancement”

        She did say social engineering… She also said they like to take ideas from science fiction and hellywood, which I found really unsettling.

        He did say they’re laying the ground work, the infrastructure, for that on/off memory action. That it’s still a little ways out, for humans anyway. So he says. Poor little critters.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      ManBearPig’s comment (“Bill Gates”) correlates with this Camille video & channel.

  47. michael.t says:

    I have not lost hope. I still cling to the idea (perhaps illusory) that at some point people on a large enough scale will say enough is enough. But if push came to shove, I would try to bring together like minded individuals and purchase a big plot of land in some remote forgotten corner of the earth and start a voluntary community. I just don’t know how to find these people. I refuse to live in the world that is running towards us like a 10 ton truck. Otherwise I’ll flee and find someplace relatively free to live (if any exist), or die trying. I never really understood the saying “give me liberty or give me death” until now.

  48. Noahsark723 says:

    This here is a fitting video about our times…

    I got a feeling to post it here.

    Thoth’s Prophecy:

  49. michael.t says:

    Although I must say your words have left me with a sinking feeling in my stomach. I have followed your message for many years and am quite aware of what is going on, but every few days reality hits me harder and forces me to contemplate potential solutions going forward for myself. I’m not a believer, but god help us.

  50. michael.t says:

    Sound familiar?…
    “What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could not understand it, it could not be released because of national security.
    They say, “It’s not so bad” or “You’re seeing things” or “You’re an alarmist”. And you are an alarmist. You are saying that this must lead to this, and you can’t prove it. These are the beginnings, yes; but how do you know for sure when you don’t know the end, and how do you know, or even surmise, the end? On the one hand, your enemies, the law, the regime, the Party, intimidate you. On the other, your colleagues pooh-pooh you as pessimistic or even neurotic. You are left with your close friends, who are, naturally, people who have always thought as you have. But your friends are fewer now…
    What then? You must shoot yourself. A few did. Or “adjust” your principles. Many tried, and some, I suppose, succeeded; not I, however. Or learn to live the rest of your life with your shame. This is the nearest there is, under the circumstances, to heroism: shame.” (Milton Mayer, They Thought They Were Free, The Germans 1933-45)

  51. fire says:

    Here is a less-than-sanguine report in the April 12, 2020 Japan Times: {source: Kyodo, “62% slam COVID-19 pesponse”) …”According to the poll, 32% of resondents in Japan were prepared to temporarily sacrifice some of their human rights if it would help curb spread of the virus, while 48% were not. That compares to 45% in the US, 68 % in Malaysia and 84% in France.”

  52. catie says:

    It feels like they are just testing the systems and humans, with more to come later.

    I’m sure these people, especially the Globalists in the West, will make some serious mistakes in their calculations. One of those being their trust in “Asia as the future”. Sure, China could be the future but does anyone really think the Chinese are all in for “Inclusion” and “Diversity”? I don’t see that. They will serve Chinese interests first.

    The Chinese still do Not have the upper hand. They are still quietly waiting for their turn at the helm. They’re a smart people. They’re playing it cool right now. Playing the game.

    But when they turn on the West we’ll see their true colors. They will wait until they can win…which looks sooner than later these days.

  53. rob.h says:

    Stick to your guns and pace yourself. We got this far. In the bad times I went through, I always thought several things:
    – There will always be some hope if you have some.
    – You know the outcome if you quit, you don’t know the outcome if you don’t.
    – Plan for the worst, hope for the best.
    – Never under-estimate the power of ingenuity.
    – Governments (or large corporations) are slow and inefficient – they have weaknesses and those can be exploited.

    I think over the last 10 years, lots of people have become awakened.. and in a much better spot than 2001 to deal with this. I think a list of to-dos should be understood by all, prioritized and implemented. And I think that is happening. One of the first ones is financial and cryptos listed at the end of one of your FED videos.. learn how they work and use them.. BCH is the best one.. and Amazon excepts it..so right there, you can take a big chuck out of what you are doing..

  54. HomeRemedySupply says:

    In the future, kids or grandkids will ask:
    What did you do in the War, Daddy?”

    • alexandre says:

      I think in the future kids or grandkids will tell on their fathers or grandfathers. “You’re a thought criminal!”

  55. irimias says:

    Off-topic James, but I just wanted to tell you that your documentary “9/11 War Games” was the single best film on 9/11 that I have ever seen. I think you should be very proud of yourself and I believe that it will be shown in high-schools in the future. You do such an amazing job on your citations and “show notes” as well.

  56. moth says:

    Hello from New Zealand, thank you James for having this space to come to for real news. This is my first day here. I found your letter to the future sincere and timely. For a long time I have been living two lives- the cosy consensus reality called ‘normal’ I had to operate in, and the truth.

    I’ve been quietly buying extra boxes of matches, candles, rice, each grocery shop for years, short wave radio, heritage seeds, air gun (for rabbits AND zombies) etc, as well as paying for my children’s ordinary lives (stake in ordinary future) and living the cosy lie.

    Frankly it’s a relief to cast off the illusion.

    The future may well be grim. Last night I watched Celeste Solum’s (ex FEMA) solemn description of what she believes the FEMA camp commandants in the US have planned. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqTRRm_ffog&fbclid=IwAR0s6GjCPApZSNJMatMiLInisNSnW6KgtJB1qztXG-TvIyNB3jB6nksXnLY

    Yet, despite this, despite the horrible likelihood my wild children may be forced into a cage devised by the scum at the top, I will plant this year’s garlic and rant and rail on my FB page to the bitter end and if Gates came up my drive I’d tear his throat out with my teeth. I will not give up because I have an inner rage about all this and that, I believe, is one of the proper and correct responses to have to what’s going on. Please don’t you give up either.
    Wyrd blesssings

    • mkey says:

      To the bitter end. That’s a good plan. A substantial difference in that scenario would be that you would know exactly what for you have put your life on the line.

  57. HomeRemedySupply says:

    April 20th, 2020 – Monday morning Texas time

    I just finished listening / watching James Corbett’s 9 minute
    A Letter to the Future -VIDEO

    Again, I teared up.
    The concepts penetrate deeply as one understands the words behind them.

    Above on this thread, I made a comment which still holds true…
    “April 11th, 2020
    James Corbett’s A Letter to the Future
    www corbettreport.com/a-letter-to-the-future/

    I am lost for words.
    This “Letter to the Future” is so extremely well written, capturing the emotional impact of the Truth which is bearing down, that I just don’t know how to describe it.
    It is Corbett’s best!

    My eyes are watery.
    I am going for a walk.”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      James Corbett, the writer.

      A characteristic which stands out with James Corbett is that he is a Master with the Pen.
      If we were in a different era, there would be no doubt that he would stand out as an accomplished famous writer in the broad public’s mind.
      For Corbett Report Members, he is.

      I gotta say…
      People don’t read like they used to.
      They don’t grasp the real worth of the words on the page, and the ideas which are conveyed.
      I feel like it is part of the failing of our current society.
      We find many journalists who are glib-tongued. They have lost the soul of the words which they write.

      And I gotta say…
      Corbett’s literacy is one of the characteristics which makes him stand out as a researcher.
      By golly, the guy actually reads!
      He grasps what he reads.

      I believe that Corbett Report Members recognize these traits.
      And admire them. And respect their value.
      And that is why we Corbett Members gather on these boards, actually reading, and putting our keyboards to the test.

      • cedomir says:

        I second your sentiment wholeheartedly.

        Well sourced and insightful reporting aside, it’s a pleasure to read and listen to the man.

        • Steve Smith says:

          I kind of feel like JC has sacrificed himself for us. Or perhaps for all the subjugated and yet to be subjugated.
          I can only imagine what marvelous things that JC could or would have written and the rewards he might have garnered were he not so devoted to his noble endeavor.
          I will be eternally grateful.

  58. Vanschiele says:

    Thank you, James for this post, which must be painful to write after all your years of hard work. I gave up long ago. I still post on the blog occasionally but it was obvious to me that people either didn’t want to hear, or found it entertaining to have their beliefs validated through meetings or presentations. I tried to find those who were prepared to take action but that didn’t really happen either. Busy writing memoirs, avoiding backlash etc., people didn’t really want to get involved.

    Gutted. That’s how we all feel. It’s especially grim for those with young children. Can’t bear to think about this. Friends write and tell me how difficult it is to deal with paranoids in their close circle of friends. It must be very trying.

    It brought tears to my eyes to listen to the video you made, James. Hope it’s OK just to vent frustration, sadness and anger. At the moment that is all I can do.

    • wylie1 says:

      You were probably too early for the nature of humans:
      1. People rarely act until it is nearly too late, if then.
      2. Then the enemy has to be clearly defined.
      3. Then a clear plan of action on how to defeat.
      4. Then it has to seem doable.
      5. Then only a small handful will act if they feel they have no other choice.
      6. The rest will make up all manner of excuses, which don’t even fool themselves, pretending that spending a couple hours a month, in an effort to make their lives and those of their children and those around them, better, is just too much. They are not even fooling themselves. They should just say, “I’m too selfish and self centered to spend any time on anything other than myself.”
      7. If we lived in a culture where there was no such thing as “trying” only doing or not doing, then we would not have people claiming they tried and then giving up way too soon. It is said Henry Ford tried at business 9 times before he succeeded. We have that ability.
      8. Some people check the water before diving in. While adding warm water to cold, some keep checking the temperature before they get in.
      9. Rather than giving up and deciding all is lost before there really was a chance to begin, it costs nothing to check the water to see if it has warmed.
      10. It is almost unheard of when a problem is solved overnight. Be it the problem of getting people to lift a finger –OR– the problem to lift a finger against.
      11. Most people will not want to raise weaponry against the problem. They figure rightly that they will be shot, killed in some painful way, or imprisoned.
      12. Yet, what if only 50 people from each state in the usa decided on a clear plan to enter the political system to displace the nefarious weasels and their corrupt minions? To dismantle the system which allowed… provided the means for all the bad things to happen.
      13. (2500/330,000,000)*100 = 0.0007576 percent
      That small handful of 2500 could do wonders without raising one gun.
      14. Allowing the corrupt political parties to screw us every time is the definition of insanity. Allowing the corrupt to count the vote is also insanity. Allowing electronic voting machines with no paper ballot record, also insanity. Etc.

    • wylie1 says:

      15. Knowing how people have been divided, it would be wise for half of those 2500 to carry a message of freedom and govt is the problem. The other half would carry a message of govt is the solution and just elect us, the good folks, to fix it, which is correct in a limited sense of using “good govt” to get rid of almost all of it.
      16. Tapping into the former Tea Party folks and the various messages that resonate with the lefties, leaving out their insanity, seems a way to get started.
      17. Just have to find those who are known to want to drastically reduce govt, will speak out, and sign contracts of action, before any support given.
      18. That is what the job of most of the people will be, to do the screening of candidates themselves. No more voting for the unknown back stabbers. Someone knows what they are really about. Time to tap into that. Not a hard nor difficult job. Just a little time is all.
      19. The contract is a safety precaution to make it easy to yank them if they turn bad. None should be elected without such a contract, especially judges.
      20. Contracts would be a big selling point. This candidate refused to sign the contract which affirms that he will do xyz. Apparently he cares not what the people want.

      There it all is. Doable, non violent plan to solve a gaggle of problems by permanently removing that which allows them to exist.

      All that is needed is to find those good at rallying the people to the cause.

      It doesn’t seem to be you and I know it isn’t me, but we need to find them.

      • Noahsark723 says:

        “12. Yet, what if only 50 people from each state in the usa decided on a clear plan to enter the political system to displace the nefarious weasels and their corrupt minions? To dismantle the system which allowed… provided the means for all the bad things to happen.”

        I understand you want to fix this problem, but this is indicative of the kind of thinking that is part of the problem, and creates the problem.

        It is as if you want to address the symptoms of the problem in government rather than the roots of the problem.

        Very similar to way the medical mafia deals with disease. Lets attack the symptoms – it is the evil politician – when in fact they are just the puppets of the puppeteers.

        The problem is bigger than government and government is not going to be the solution. Ultimately the problem begins and ends in the minds of the people – the solution rest with knowledge and dispelling of illusions.

        It really lies with the individual standing their ground and not being infringed upon by refusing to allow anyone to infringe upon them; and sometimes the only language that bullies and petty tyrants understand is getting their ass kicked. So if they want to keep on coming…

        I myself am for peace at all times except in particular situations where those who use force on whoever, for whatever purpose and can not be reasoned with to simply leave the individual be.

        Other than that it is Ghandi who had the plan – and the power lies in the boycott – so the solution is for people to boycott the government. Boycott the taxes, the regulations, the big box store companies, the chineese products, ect. What if they held an election and no one voted? I wonder how that one would turn out for them? What would they do then?

  59. themacleans says:

    Even though you were loath to make a video of this, we think you did it very well and appreciate that you
    did and very much appreciate you.

  60. Ahmed Al Zamily says:

    I would like to believe that we can overcome this battle ahead. More people are becoming aware of the evil agenda now, especially after the Event 201 video. The problem is that there are also a lot of sheeple who are consumed by fear; they want to believe that the state is their saviour. Sadly, this causes them to filter out different viewpoints. Hopefully, this can be countered sooner rather than later.

    May we prosper.

  61. spartan says:


    A Message to the Future:


    • alexandre says:

      Yeah. Good one. James was still just worried about “the writing on the wall”. Now…?

  62. alexandre says:

    Letter to the Future – translated to Portuguese.

    • Chapati says:

      muito bom!
      Will share this with my colegas in portugal

      • alexandre says:

        Hurray. OR …Hurra!
        It was the best I could do, and my sister gave a hand revising it.

    • manbearpig says:


      Yea! GOOD JOB!!

      • alexandre says:

        Come on now. Where are your translations? You sit there in your comfy chair typing profound intellectual stuff away while you could be doing something useful!

        (Do I really need to say I’m joking?)

        You didn’t answer about the other thread so I can send you my Normies Blues. After all, YOU started it. You invaded Poland.

        • manbearpig says:

          What!? OMG!?! Where didn’t I answer?? What Normies Blues?? How many Polish casualties???

          more than in the April 10th, 2010 airplane murder of the entire Polish government in Smolensk???

          I’ll need quick replies as soon as you wake up or I may suffer a dangerously severe and prolonged case of tachycardia!!



  63. Sumday says:

    Probably because I’m so emotional today for some reason, maybe the culmination of finally coming to grips with what is going on, but this made me bust out in tears. I’m going to share this as much as I can. We so appreciate your work in this home and share it as often as we are given permission.

  64. cu.h.j says:

    We can do something and people are doing something. Additional experts are speaking out. People are protesting, people are going out. We need some leaders in different US states and countries to organize. I’m not a leader by nature. Remember how Dr. Martin Luther King and the movement of the 1960s had a huge impact on our collective culture. People can and are doing things. Don’t despair. Part of the portrayal by the MSM is to indicate that they are winning, but they are not. They cannot get away with this, at least I don’t think so. There are plenty of armed US citizens that won’t let this go down the way they want it to. I think it’s psychological manipulation, to see how far they can get. We have to keep doing things to oppose it, no matter how small, but DO NOT DESPAIR. DO NOT GIVE UP. They will not win. They are trying to beat us mentally, don’t let them.

    While continuing to oppose it and speak out, we have to maintain a positive attitude and highlight the ways we are winning. Fear is a poor motivator as is despair. We can and we will win.

    • alexandre says:

      I think I agree. That’s pretty vague, but I mean it could go either way, and full blown dictatorships are plenty throughout history, so it could well happen now in a bigger global way. For Palestinians, as one example, the end of the world already happened, and is happening still as an ongoing hell. If anything, it’s much easier now to be a dictatorship than before. On the other hand I also thought that the perception of “the end” could be also false. In some optimistic afternoon I could even say that it’s a chance for this thing to go down completely in some way, not due to some fighting or resistance, but by their own stupidity. Maybe they did go too far this time. On yet another hand, seeing people clapping and using masks convince me that it’s done, no way out. In a more spiritual sense, some friends tell me that “evil” thinks it’s winning, but it’s not and cannot win. “Good” doesn’t fight, it just occupies the space when evil kills itself. Something like that. So you have all kinds of “hands”, but in any case it’s good to have some saying not to despair. It could well be something completely different (pardon Monty Python) this time.

      I guess I’m undecided, to say the least.

      • cu.h.j says:

        I see what you mean about the Palestinians, what a terrible injustice that has been done to them. These kids of dictatorships do exist indeed and that is what is being pushed on a global scale. But I believe that it is a test for individuals to speak up and say something, ie, you and I. People must do something no matter how small. There are demonstrations, try to attend one, write to a local “official”, speak to people about it, show them other experts who challenge this narrative.

        In the US, I think when enough people are out of a job and they see with their own eyes that many hospitals remain empty, they will be motivated enough to make significant noise.

        But if most people just go along, you may be right. Sweeden and Iceland didn’t lockdown, the data from those places will be available as proof that these lockdowns are ineffective and are politically motivated. This is what I think anyway.

        There have been many social movements in the past that have been very successful to make social changes, there would still be segregated bathrooms in the united states if people just sat around and allowed people to push them around.

        • alexandre says:

          Agreed. Apparently protests are starting, so maybe there’s that group thing shown in that video of the guy dancing weird, then another joins in and then everybody joins in. These movements, when they’re not produced by the Open Society and the like, are totally unpredictable and is one of the true salvations that we don’t see until they happen. That’s why we should always be open to “miracles”, however damned the situation seems. (And that’s a pessimist speaking!) Cochabamba also comes to mind, where even the leader of the movement didn’t have any hope, and suddenly they won, and Bechtel got a black eye.

          My curiosity would be to know truly how many of us exist, because the feeling is that we’re a minority, but if something like that happened, suddenly we would see that THEY are the minority, something like that. That would be a nice surprise.

          There’s a good image I got from somewhere, I think it’s well known in the US, of some Indian before going to battle with Custer (?), who said: “It’ a good day to die”. In Brazil there’s a saying that goes “Vou, mas levo um comigo” – “I’ll go (die), but I’ll take one with me”.

          Now, we shouldn’t understand Corbett’s letter as him giving up the fight, otherwise he would just shut down the channel, or stop and leave this as a library. But he’s going on, right? even if disappointed. So we go, but we go kicking and yelling.

  65. Noahsark723 says:

    For anyone interested, I loaded up Episode 4 of The Living Room Sessions:
    Off The Cuff and Otherwise… About Mind Control.

    In episode 4 of The Living Room Sessions I play a handful of songs;
    some off the cuff and talk on mind control techs among other things…


    For some reason it went up on youtube – but at bitchute for some reason it has been sitting for just about 24 hours and hasn’t published yet and I reloaded to see if something went wrong with the first upload.

    It could just be some glitch or maybe bitchute is starting to filter through the videos in some way? Not sure? Anyway, here is the link for if and when it publishes:


    If you enjoy it – please share it around…

  66. capt zilch says:

    3d chess:
    the “blacks” are conscientious hard working family-raising/oriented folks, of every description, who live all over the planet as small stands of trees and large forests, but modest pawns of myriad style by style; yet inside, all carry the same question.

    The “whites” (because they moved first) are a tiny minority of dominators, Queen-stabbers & king-rapers (reapers), lying to buggery bishops, vid game drone rider knights in air-con trophy mansion sand castles; they are tiny mini-beasts holding remote controls with a big bite, like parasitic stinging/sucking insects, ticks and fleas mozzies and wasps, the worst of these dabble in macabre dark magic.

    This small group is protected by a mob of about half of the first group, black pawns who wear white veils, clasped by ignorance and denial, spun and wove of hypnotic fear orchestrated by the danger bugs. the competition is way tipped in whites favour. The Black pawns have no power players, however, the hypnosis can be dropped by the turn-coat pawns in a skinny second, all it takes is the right phase of frequencies (best example: live music), suddenly it could become 7billion pawns against a few thousand fake giants, then it will be simply a matter of toto pulling back the curtain to expose the mini mites pulling the levers. (that move seems to be what the best alt journalists are, and long have been, honing)

    offering a hypnotized friend a veil dropping, cold belief-system shower, can usually be done with artful questioning, aka “friendly competition”. when I am trying to share facts that lead towards obliterating/lifting the fog bank narrative, I find the most effective way to get past the moat of crocodiles and mega’mythical ramparts is to humble my knowingness (for real), and put the apparent oxymoronic-maniacal nonsense into a non-charged, simple question. (Columbo, the 70’s tv detective, was a master of that style). often handing someone the right question in the right way, can cause the drawbridge operator to want to talk.

    sorry this point is offered without conclusion, I’m working on a kit of mental tools, that may help with mass-transmutation, all suggestions are welcome/thanks in advance. TBC

  67. MagicBullet says:


    This research paper isolating the virus should be up on the CR: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7045880/

    While it looks solid and there will be naysayers & questions, I suggest that it should be taken by us as one of the dots to connect, and yes studies by different groups should be repeated.

    Even if it is true, it doesn’t mean the infection is only carried out by Covid-19, it doesn’t mean death reports aren’t distorted, nor that the Covid-19 pandemic wasn’t planned.

    9.11 was an inside job, parts of the official story were faked, and there was a bad continuation to come. But, falling buildings were not faked and people did get injured and died. The way I would look at this plandemic is the same as 9.11: there is a real virus and many people will get sick and die. There is also propaganda, motives behind the scenes, fakery, and a bad continuation to come.

    • alexandre says:

      It was NOT isolated. It’s just more fraud. Andy Kaufman just did a study of these studies and debunked the whole “isolation” thing. Sure many people know it already, but here it is – it’s a new presentation about isolation etc:

      • MagicBullet says:

        Kaufman is trying to hold these authors to an absolutely filling Koch’s or River’s criteria then debunking the findings as proving nothing which is a logical fallacy. Kim (the link in my post above) states they want to “isolate” the virus, not to fulfill Koch or Rivers. Kaufman is setting criteria that Kim et al. are not aiming at to begin with, and he will then come in for the debunking kill later.

        Kim et al. did show:
        1. MORE THAN 99.9% homology with SARS-CoV-2 (Renamed as COVID-19) (Kaufman only criticized other papers finding only 75% homology, see 28:55), and
        2. Coronavirus-specific morphology was observed by electron microscopy in virus-infected Vero cells.

        Did you notice that Kaufman completely ignored these CRUCIAL points in debunking Kim?!!!??

        It could be argued that Kim did not do every test in the book to isolate COVID-19, but what they did do is an impressive start.

        Now, Kim et al. do not say anywhere that they fulfilled Koch or Rivers, nor do they say that THEY have proven COVID-19 is the causative agent. In his Conclusions slide at 35:38 Kaufman states “rumors and lies placed COVID-19 is the cause of the pandemic”, but Kim et al. never said this about THEIR study, and I have only linked to Kim et al. in my comment above.

        Now, I agree that Kim at al. did make a mistake in their Introduction and Discussion in stating that SARS-CoV-2 was identified by OTHERS (their reference 7) as the “causative agent”, and I agree that this should be changed to “SARS-CoV-2 was found to be associated with severe infection in Wuhan”. Kaufman is right but he’s distracting from Kim’s findings with this point. Kim et al. is about an identifying process as part of isolation, not a causality finding.

        While this could be taken as “rumors or lies”, this wording is shocking from a medical doctor. It’s a mistake in how they quoted their reference. It should be corrected, but they are not claiming this is what their own paper found. Kim et al. state this at the end of their paper, “With the isolation of the causative agent, development of serological tests and rapid diagnostic tests in addition to virus detection will be required.” It is not a flat conclusion that their paper is the be all and end all of isolation, and suggests other studies need to be done, but the 99.9% homology and electron microscopic morphology data are much closer to suggestive of COVID-19 being isolated in patients with fever and respiratory symptoms than of being “rumors and lies” so that Dr. Kaufman should have focused on what Kim et al. found instead cleverly and completely ignoring their findings and distracting the viewer with their not fulfilling Koch or Rivers and their “causality” mistake about what others said.

        Kaufman’s videos are very cunning in leading the uninformed viewer into a corner. It takes some understanding of biology and an enormous amount of time to corroborate exactly what he and others are saying to see his misleading logic.

        • alexandre says:

          Well, after all the details – that only a professional microbiologist would understand – bottom line, for the normal guy is:

          a) the paper said in the intro “causative agent” – which could be called “fraud” (because it isn’t what the studies say).

          b) it has not been proven (following the proper procedures) that COVID is the cause of this, which kind of matters when you are going to destroy a whole planet because of that.

          Even if it had been isolated, proven and re-proven to be real and the cause, with pictures – in color! – and even if a lot of people died from it, STILL not nearly enough to push the “Armageddon” button and turn Earth into the modern global version of a mix between Palestine and Iraq, forever, would you agree with that? To me that makes Kaufan’s – and others – presentation sort of irrelevant and more like amusing details of the barbaric astronomic insanity that brilliant scientists and Technocrats can eventually bring about when they’re left out of their rubber bedrooms. That’s one step short from exploding the center of the galaxy to cure asthma. That’s just my [very irritated] point of view, obviously.

          • MagicBullet says:

            Your ideas are ok. Just to fill you in,
            -I do have professional qualification related to microbiology but I’m not a microbiologist. Kaufman is selling debunkery, beware of him, stay with Corbett.

            -I do agree they should change the causation wording, but they didn’t claim they found causation so there’s no fraud, its a reference error, yes not a good one.

            -I agree COVID is not proven, but there are infectious and transmissible microbes causing these pneumonia.

            -I agree there is infection and there is induced panic for terrible ulterior motive, both. Stick with Corbett but don’t panic!

            Take it easy

            • alexandre says:

              Thanks for that. A plane crash survivor once, recounting her experience, said that a voice came on the speakers and said “Please, remain calm”, and the woman said: “It’s kind of difficult to remain calm when you’re considering your own death, you know.”

              But I get your point. I’m taking it as easily as I can.

              This scientific ping-pong is very irritating and counterproductive, though. It reminds me of the endless discussions after 9/11. When you think someone is revealing something, someone else comes and debunks it, so these layers start to pile up and you’re in the Russian doll with a hundred scientifically proven documents, one contradicting the other. That leads to the apathy reaction, when non-scientists simply stop paying attention to anyone and just turn off.

  68. shayne.d says:

    It’s not over until it’s over, being aware doesn’t mean to be pessimistic, we create reality – we’ll create the reality they have imagined if we become cynical and fearful. Great letter James ( sounds like you’ve given up though) we’re only here at this point because we’ve come so far with our consciousness , both sides are on the precipice – why must we admit to losing , when we’re not – fuck that. These are exciting times…. We are the lucky ones to be living them. Life’s beautiful if you appreciate the simple things…. I feel we’re in front – we were the so called sheep – it doesn’t take long to open your eye … Come on!!

    • cu.h.j says:

      I like your attitude! Giving up is not an option, as long as we are still alive, there is hope. That does not mean we sit and watch but act to change things in ways we can, all acts of disobedience are helpful. No wearing a mask or social distancing for example and if someone asks why, show them to an expert opinion that disagrees with this false narrative.

  69. cbsk says:

    the people that have fallen for the media scare are the ones who have failed humanity

  70. shayne.d says:

    And the ones that haven’t are the ones that haven’t!

  71. macro says:

    There is really no need for all these people on this planet. People who can’t even feed themselves produce an average of 5 children. We are destroying everything around us with lightning speed. I say, let the sheep get slaughtered who follow the shepherds.
    Resistance is futile.

    • Noahsark723 says:

      macro, you sound like one of the elites. Are you?

      If not, you have taken on their mind.

      The psychopathic “elite” are the ones that we don’t need on the planet. The “elite” are the ones who are responsible for destroying “everything” and for misleading the people with some of the most sophisticated forms of mind control ever known.

      Resistance is futile? Fuck you and the borg binary mind!

      How do you like them fucking apples?

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        Yeah really!
        Are you Bill ‘macro’ Gates III?

        • alexandre says:

          Wow. Macro has mental problems, for writing such a thing HERE. Or macro maybe bot. “Resistance is futile” – isn’t there from some novel or film?

          • Noahsark723 says:

            It is from Star Trek. It is the Borgs one message – to assimilate and that resistance is futile. The technocratic bianary hive mind.

            • alexandre says:

              Ah, right. I heard it only second hand. Not a Trekie. (Is that right? – Trekie?)

              • Noahsark723 says:

                Yeah – that is it. There are people in the us who are so into it that they have big get togethers and what not and dress up as one of the characters from the show.

                Not my kind of thing…

              • alexandre says:

                I heard that, trekies getting together etc. A bit weird, but…could be fun. Imagine a big get together of Corbeteers. That would be fun. We could watch Mkey kicking Duck’s arse in person! Or vice-versa. MBP on a corner with a glass of wine saying “prrfft, that is so jejune”. Corbett would say “CLASS!!” etc. It would be a kinda trekie thing.

              • Noahsark723 says:

                Yeah a Corbett members get together would be a great event!

  72. richard.mo says:

    Ah James,

    There are many with ears that hear and eyes that see. You are going to have to revise that letter to the future.

    This is a coercion of the will. Like all other evil acts in history. This will not be won by the gun, or even the pen. It will be won by our will. The will to say ‘no’ when it matters.

    Look around you. The seeds of dissent are many. Some blow in the wind and have not settled. Some having fallen on rocky ground and will not grow. Many are landing in the fertile soil. Some of the seeds are germinating some are already growing healthy plants. Too many have taken root already to be pulled up.

    These people will not succeed. They cannot. Theirs is a world of hate and pain and fear. Our weaknesses – our care, our love, our peace – are also our greatest assets. The answer to this comes from within, not externally.

    No guns, or arguments, or text books, or economics, or commerce, or websites, or man made laws will bring about victory. It is the things that we are, our belief in ourselves and that power inside every single one of us that will change this. It all begins and ends with will. This is the thing we all have and can do.

    When the time comes we Must believe in ourselves to do the right thing, not the easy thing. The more that say ‘no’ the easier We make it for the next.


  73. Fawlty Towers says:

    I get inspiration from others here at from other sites.

    Two thoughts…

    1. There is a new normal that will soon come up head to head with a conflicting technocracy thrust.

    Face masks vs. Facial recognition.

    I don’t wear a face mask now, but I just might start wearing one in the future if I come into a situation where facial recognition is unavoidable.
    I’d also add some dark sunglasses just for fun!
    Now wouldn’t that piss off TPTB?

    If harassed by the cops, I would simply say what would you prefer, to track me or risk my possibly infecting others with a dormant disease I may have? Oh and the shades are to protect my eyes. I have an eye condition.

    2. An idea to be pro-active with this virus scare.

    Launch preemptive strikes on stores (smaller the better)
    and local governments…
    First educating them to how similar Covid-19 is to the seasonal flu.
    Then strongly recommending there is no need for ‘extra measures’ to be implemented after the ‘all-green signal’ is given by the WHO and your local government.

    The ‘strong’ part comes with a notice saying you wouldn’t continue to patronize local businesses that didn’t return to ‘business as usual’ in the full sense of that meaning. ie. no extra ‘precautionary’ measures implemented for so-called ‘health safety’ reasons.

  74. Alchemist says:

    [Comment removed at commenter’s request. -JC]

  75. Alchemist says:

    [Comment removed at commenter’s request. -JC]

    • alexandre says:

      Well, and wow. Now, that could be read ih many ways. One question would be: what evidence do you have for your version? Corbett wrote what he wrote based on the evidence he is observing. Wouldn’t this be just naive wishful thinking? Anxiously waiting other comments, but I must confess I like it.

      • Alchemist says:

        Oh gosh, I hope it’s not taken in any wrong way. James snapped us out of our comas with the original and it really stuck with me. I thought it was brilliant. This was just to make you all smile, but if it’s not received well, please remove!

        • richard.mo says:

          It’s great. Keep it up. We are the evidence. We exist. We see what is happening. We know what needs to change. We can make that change. We just need to stop acting as though we are powerless and the answer is going to appear from outside. No man has more authority over my life than me.

        • alexandre says:

          Oh no. I was smiling. What happened? It wasn’t up long enough to be received either way.

  76. bocegueda says:

    Hi James,
    Thanks for a good newsletter. Bloody pessimistic but perhaps correct.
    In any case, I’m writing with a small complaint because I had to eat crow. I sent a friend a link to this article placing you as a paragon of investigative reporting and paladin for truth, then he came back saying “Some things are just misleading. CNN does that; Corbet does that.”

    I was shocked! I tell you, shocked! For which I demanded a specific example of such a thing.

    To which he responded “Comment about police shooting a protester”.

    Dang! He’s right. The protester did not get shot for not wearing a mask. He got shot for being an unruly bastard, which makes your comment not quite correct and actually misleading.

    I searched around to see if any such a thing has been reported but found none. Lots of other outrageous miscarriages of justice and abuse of power, but no shooting.

    I could come back with “Well, he doesn’t do it as much as CNN.” but that’s not good. The monicker I gave you of “paladin for truth” just got a bit tarnished.

    Please be careful with that.

    Other that this, I have to thank you for the innumerable insights you have provided me and I can say with high confidence that “you are nowhere near like CNN.”



    • mkey says:

      Had this man not been accosted for “not wearing a mask” would he have been shot dead? Or, allow me to rephrase the question, would this man have been killed in exactly the same situation 30 days earlier?

      • bocegueda says:

        That’s stretching it a bit, me thinks. I don’t know if he would have been killed in the same manner. I suspect that if he had been triggered by something else (it sounds like he was a very high strung, tightly wound, kind of person) and started making an ass of himself, enough to have the police called, he would have. Under Duterte the law enforcement members have had a very liberal policy about killing people, I hear.

        In any case, it’s no big deal. Just a small word of caution to James. All else he has done is invaluable and appreciated.

        (Maybe I was just triggered myself, ’cause I “had to eat crow”, gave my friend “bragging rights”, ego shtuff you know?)

        • mkey says:

          Something else? As in, someone breaching his other basic human rights?

          1: (it sounds like he was a very high strung, tightly wound, kind of person)

          2: That’s stretching it a bit

          Maybe you can put 1 and 2 together. And hopefully not get 4.

  77. mybeatenheart says:

    GERMAN (use in part or in it’s entirety, but don’t make changes without my permission)

    Ein Brief an die Zukunft
    von James Corbett, 11. April 2020
    Original inklusive Hyperlinks: https://www.corbettreport.com/a-letter-to-the-future/

    „Jetzt gehen die Lichter aus über Europa und niemand von den Lebenden wird sie mehr leuchten sehen.“ – Edward Grey

    Ich verfasse diese Zeilen nicht für meine Zeitgenossen. Wir haben ein schweres Schicksal zu ertragen. Wir müssen mitansehen, wie das Licht der Freiheit ein letztes mal für uns aufflackert, bevor es auf immer zum erlöschen gebracht wird.

    Nein, diese Worte richten sich nicht an meinesgleichen, sondern an jene, die erst noch kommen werden. An die Menschen, die in jener dystopischen Zukunft leben werden, deren Geburtswehen wir gerade miterleben dürfen. Die Überbleibsel einer einst freien Menschheit, die vielleicht durch irgendeinen verrückten Zufall diese digitale Flaschenpost finden und lesen werden.

    Ich bin mir im Klaren darüber, dass dies quasi hoffnungslos ist. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass diese Botschaft die bevorstehende Säuberung des Internets übersteht, ist allenfalls überschaubar. Und ich weiß auch, dass, selbst WENN sie an Euer digitales Ufer geschwemmt werden sollte, die Chancen, dass Ihr diese Worte hier versteht noch geringer ausfallen. Nicht, weil Ihr des Englischen nicht mächtig wärt, sondern weil die Wörter, die ich hier verwende, einfach nicht mehr in Gebrauch sind – “Freiheit”, “Menschlichkeit”, “Individualität”.

    Sei es drum. Ich möchte hier das Ende eines Zeitalters festhalten. Darum möchte ich mich nicht von der Hoffnung abbringen lassen, dass irgendwer irgendwo im finsteren Mitelalter der Informationstechnologie Augen haben wird, um zu sehen, und Ohren, um zu hören.

    Die Dunkelheit bricht über uns herein.
    Und wir wissen das ganz genau. Jeder einzelne von uns.

    Wir wissen was das bedeutet, wenn 17 Millionen Amerikaner – 10% der arbeitenden Bevölkerung – innerhalb von nur 3 Wochen in der Arbeitslosenstatistik landen. Wenn ihnen Millionen frisch aus der Erwerbstätigkeit Ausgeschiedene auf der ganzen Welt Gesellschaft leisten. Wenn die Herzen ehemals stolzer amerikanischer Städte von Warteschlangen durchzogen sind; von Menschen, die bei Hilfsorganisationen anstehen, weil sie sich das Essen nicht mehr leisten können. Wenn die per Mausklick aus dem Nichts erzeugte Staatsverschuldung 24 Billionen überschreitet, und die Fed (die amerikanische Zentralbank) Junkbonds aufkauft und ihren Betrieb nun voll und ganz auf ehemalige Sovjetunion umstellt.  

    Wir wissen was das bedeutet, wenn die Polizei jemanden kontrolliert, nur weil er keinen Mundschutz trägt, und die Situation so eskaliert, dass er totgeschossen wird. Wenn in Indien Flugdrohnen eingesetzt werden, um die Einhaltung der Quarantänemaßnahmen aus der Luft zu überwachen, oder in Tunis ein Polizeiroboter die Leute ermahnt die Straßen zu verlassen und ihren Ausweis sehen will. Wenn manche Regierungen schon zugeben, dass sie auf Schritt und Tritt die Bewegungen ihrer Bürger mitverfolgen und erste Kontrollpunkte im Inneren (sogennante Checkpoints) einrichten, wo digitale Immunitätsausweise darüber entscheiden sollen, wer passieren darf, und wer zuhause bleiben muss.

    Wir wissen was das bedeutet, wenn Milliardäre anfangen uns zu erzählen, sie wollen uns mit ihren neuen experimentellen Boten-RNA-Impfungen beglücken, um uns aus diesem Albtraum zu befreien. Und wenn sie unsere Kinder mit unsichtbarer Tinte tätowieren wollen, um die geimpften Kinder identifizierbar zu machen. Wenn es heißt, man wird nur am wirtschaftlichen Leben teilhaben, kaufen oder verkaufen können, wenn man die eigene Immunität nachweisen kann.

    Es bedeutet, dass uns eine weltweite Coronadiktatur ins Haus steht.

    Sicher, einige leugnen es noch. Denn sie wollen es nicht wahrhaben. Sie sind noch daruf abgerichtet “Verschwörungstheorie!” zu blöken, sobald jemand die Obrigkeit infrage stellt. 

    Für diese Leute haben wir einen Terminus. wir nennen sie “Schafe”, oder auch “Schlafschafe”. In unsereren Zeiten werden die Massen von Uniform tragenden Schäferhunden des Polizeistaats bewacht, und von Polit-Darstellern, die einen auf guter Hirte machen, an der Nase herumgeführt. Ab und zu kommt es vor, dass ein etwas älteres, weiseres Schaf in der Herde erkennt, was gespielt wird, und mit dem bestehenden System in die Wolle gerät. Aber meistens beruhigt es sich schnell wieder, da ja der Schäfer auch bislang immer nur Wolle wollte. Warum sich wehren? Tut ja fast gar nicht weh.

    Es ist den Schlafschafen niemals in den Sinn gekommen, dass der Schäfer sie eines Tages auch mal zur Schlachtbank führen könnte.

    Natürlich ist dieses Wort eine Beleidigung – “Schlafschaf”. Ich sehe es aber so, dass das Wort nicht auf unsere reine “Blödheit” bezogen ist. Es enthält auch eine gewisse Naivität, eine Unschuld. Wir sind zame, treuherzige Kreaturen. Friedliebend. Kollegial. Das ist nichts Verachtenswertes. Wäre es nicht um die Raubtiere mitten unter uns, könnte man diese Unzulänglichkeiten getrost als Tugenden zählen. 

    Doch das ist nicht meine Botschaft an Euch. Meine Botschaft ist: “WEHRT EUCH! STELLT EUCH QUER! KÄMPFT!”

    Ihr seid KEINE Zahnrädchen im Getriebe, ganz gleich, was die Schäfer Eurer  Zeit Euch glauben machen wollen. Ihr seid wundervolle, freie menschliche Wesen. Ihr seid NICHT in eine Knechtschaft hineingeboren worden. IHR SELBST bestimmt über Euer Leben, NICHT irgendein Bürokrat, oder ein Polizeiroboter, oder der Algorythmus irgendeines Immunity-Checkpoints, der einen QR-Code bei Euch scannen will. 

    Ihr braucht KEINE Erlaubnis um Handel zu treiben, Euch zu versammeln, zu sagen, was Ihr denkt, oder Euer Haus zu verlassen. Ihr seid KEINE “asympotomatischen Superspreader” irgendeines Virus vor dem Euch die Maskenmedien gerade mal wieder Angst machen wollen. Ihr braucht Euch NICHT auf den Boden legen und die Fötalhaltung einnehmen, nur weil ein Mensch mit weißem Kittel gesagt hat, Ihr sollt das tun.

    Ich möchte, dass Ihr versteht, dass mal eine Zeit gab, in der die Regierung kein Recht dazu hatte, zu wissen, wo man sich aufhielt, mit wem man sich traf, was man einkaufte, und was man den lieben langen Tag so machte. Ja, es gab sogar mal eine Zeit, da hatte sie nichtmal die technischen Möglichkeiten dazu!

    Ich will, dass Ihr wisst, dass es eine Zeit gab, wo man einfach so, ohne Grund, das Haus verlassen durfte; reisen konnte, wohin man wollte; nach eigenem Gutdünken kaufen und verkaufen konnte; die Nachbarn besuchen; demonstrieren; protestieren; feiern; 

    LEBEN konnte; wo man sich als freier Mensch entfalten konnte.

    Aber ach, was sag ich da?  Diese Worte, diese Sprache – Sie ergibt für Euch keinen Sinn, oder? Das sind alles Konzepte, die in Eurer Zeit nicht mehr existieren, nicht wahr?

    Ihr geht dorthin, wo Ihr hingehen sollt. Ihr bleibt zuhause, wenn Ihr zuhause bleiben sollt. Ihr haltet den Mund, wenn Ihr den Mund halten sollt. Ihr denkt, was Ihr denken sollt… Ihr denkt nicht, was Ihr nicht denken sollt.

    Ich kann Euch ja keinen Vorwurf machen. Schließlich seid Ihr treuherzig und naiv und zahm. Wie Schafe.

    Doch oh wie ich beweine, was aus Euch geworden ist. Ich habe versucht es zu verhindern. Bitte glaubt mir. Ich habe es wirklich versucht.
    Doch das Licht der Freiheit wird zum Erlischen gebracht. Und Ich kann nur Zeugnis davon ablegen. 

    Ich weiß nicht, ob man bei Euch noch so etwas wie Geschichte lernt, aber für den Fall dass nicht: Der Britische Außenminister “Sir” Edward Grey traf seine Äußerung über die Lichter, die “über Europa ausgehen” am Ende der sogennanten “12 Tage”, während der dem ersten Weltkrieg vorausgehenden Julikrise. Laut den Mainstream-Geschichtsbüchern unserer Zeit versuchte die Britische Regierung im Sommer 1914 zwölf Tage lang verzweifelt, einen Welkrieg zu verhindern. Man möchte uns glauben machen, Greys hellsichtige Bemerkung sei ein Beweis, der Diplomat sei ein Friedensengel gewesen, der vor Trauer über das Leid, das die Welt nun ereilen mochte, regelrecht dahindarbte. 

    Doch dabei handelt es sich um Sieger-Geschichtsschreibung der übelsten Art. In Wahrheit war Grey Teil eben jener Verschwörung, die den ersten Weltkrieg mitanzettelte. Und tatsächlich ist die Quelle für das Zitat Grey selbst: Es geht auf seine eigenen Nachkriegsmemoiren zurück. Falls er über die “ausgehenden Lichter” tatsächlich Tränen vergossen haben sollte, so waren diese mit aller Wahrscheinlichkeit krokodilischer Natur.

    Ich könnte mir übrigens gut vorstellen, dass in den Geschichtsbüchern Eurer Ära festgehalten ist, dass Bill Gates beim Einsetzen der Coronakrise eine ähnlich unheilvolle Prophezeiung verkündete. Aus dem Fenster seines 127,5-Millionen-Dollar-66.000m²-Xanadu 2.0-Anwesens im Bundesstaat Washington (zu dem Zeitpunkt das Epizentrum des Coronaausbruchs) schauend, wandte er sich an einen Bediensteten, so wird es zweifelsohne in seinen Nach-Kriesen-Memoiren zu lesen sein, und sprach: “Jetzt gehen die Lichter aus, über der ganzen Welt, und niemand von den Lebenden wird sie mehr leuchten sehen”.

    Allerdings wird in seinen Memoiren wohl kaum stehen, dass er währenddessen grinste.

    An meine Kinder, oder die Kinder meiner Kinder, oder welche Hinterbliebenen einer einst freihen Menschheit auch immer in der gottverlassenen Zukunft, in die wir gerade im Gänsemarsch hineintingeln, über diese Zeilen stolpern mag: Es tut mir Leid. Ich habe vor Euch versagt. Wir alle haben vor Euch versagt.

    Aber denkt daran: Solange das Blut unserer Vorfahren noch durch eure Adern fließt, ist das Licht der Freiheit für die Menschen noch nicht endgültig erloschen.

    Lasst es aufleuchten, meine Schäfchen. Lasst es aufleuchten.
    Und träumt was Schönes.

  78. manbearpig says:

    Yay!! MyBeatenHeart inspired me! Thank-you MyBeatenHeart!! Thank-you!!

    I did it!! I just translated my first Corbett piece!! Yahoo! 😎

    It feels great!!


    Now what do I do with it??

    (only polite suggestions will be considered)

    • manbearpig says:

      however I translated into a language that I couldn’t speak at all before the age of 24, which I very very rarely do so…

      maybe some French person here would like to proofread it and propose corrections, suggestions??

      I can break it into several comments and post it here to avoid any need for email exchanges maybe?

      • alexandre says:

        Humpf! You’re so annoying!
        Yeah, way to go, yuhuu and all that!

        Now where is it?

        • manbearpig says:

          where? well, on my computer. Pearl says I have to start a blog… but a blog implies you have something to say. All I have to say is this translation of Mr.Corbett’s work…

          What should I do with this? (no potshots please)

          • alexandre says:

            I did a blog with nothing to say but Corbett’s translations, and another for other translations. You set it up, post the translation, the end. World thing or blogger, whichever one (free), get a template you like and voilà.

    • pearl says:

      Way to go! I salute both you and MyBeatenHeart!

      My suggestion: Go to wordpress.com and start a blog! It’s too easy and it’s fun to do! I’ll help you any way I can!

      • manbearpig says:

        In a gesture of total surrender to peer pressure I post this:


        Shoot. I just realized I forgot to link this page. Now I’ll have to go figure out how to edit the page (Mr. Corbett’s credited though). At least I now know exactly what I’ll be doing during my coffee breaks… I’m such a tech whiz…

        • mybeatenheart says:

          hey, good idea to have someone proofread this. it’s always WAY harder to translate into a language that is not your absolute native one.

          since i dont speak french, how did you translate the very last paragraph? i see you did something there? 🙂

          btw, i already spottet 1 misspelling in my german text, and there will be more mistakes. just so people know.

          • manbearpig says:

            Uh, thanks for the feedback my beatenheart.

            Yea, I took the artistic liberty of saying:

            “So go ahead! Make it shine, dear sheep! Let it shine!”

            Because it was what seemed to me to be the spirit of Mr. Corbett’s ending:

            “But remember this: As long as the blood of your forebears flow through your veins, the lamp of human freedom shall not be extinguished forever.

            So, go ahead! Make it shine, dear sheep. Let it shine.”

            (and I just realized Mr. Corbett’s text lacks an “s” on “flow”)

            But in truth, I would’ve appreciated a proofread and I definately have to figure out how to re-edit the text(s) I may post including and especially this one!

            I did the translation the other day and didn’t even reread myself today before posting on my new public blog, which is pretty reckless, but I was afraid if I started thinking I had to rework the translation I’d never post it.

            but that’s just making excuses, which I’m exceedingly good at.

        • pearl says:

          I love it!! Oh, the places you can go! I hope you include your own commentary as well. The sky’s the limit!

          It’s so good to actually see manbearpig again, this time in the wild! Such a dignified portrait, and you cleaned up very nicely – no peanut shells!


          • manbearpig says:

            nah! no peanut shells!! (a little squooshed banana but y’can hardly see it)

            Yes, my stratospheric career has been launched! (but no autographs today)

            and if I can come up with a single original idea on my own I’ll be sure to post it somewhere on those digital pages.

            thanks for your kind attention and advice dear Pearl.

        • alexandre says:

          Aloha, MBP. You’ve done it! See? Didn’t hurt. I would just suggest putting a link to the original (somewhere below James Corbett), but other than that nothing. Looks great. Simple and to the point. And I agree with your artistic liberty at the end. Congratulations.

          I would gladly proofread it, but unfortunately, and thanks to your refusal to teach me, I can’t speak French!

          • manbearpig says:

            huh. Actually thought I’d gone back and put the link… must’ve forgot to click on save or something…

            Mais franchement!! Comment veux-tu que je t’apprenne le français??

            Ah wait! Like this:


            • alexandre says:

              Ha ha ha ha….I mean, really. Francamente!!

              You know, Aznavour, that’s kind of a sprechstimme.

              I’m sure Schoenberg meant something else, but still … it is a mix between speaking and singing. And the metrics of the French music are so funny! Reminds me of Mariachi in a strange way. But that’s the mind of a musician, never mind. Good way to learn though. Marche = market? I thought it meant “work” or “function” or even “walk”. See?

              Trying to do a site on WordPress, but I get so confused. What’s a site, what’s a blog, what’s a post, where goes what? I’m trying because it’s a bit cleaner than blogger.

              NEWS: On my blogger (with Corbett’s stuff) there was a comment by a woman (Brazilian) offering to help me with the Corbett translations, isn’t that nice? She says she follows the site, but maybe she doesn’t write comments. Anyway, maybe we’re gonna have more translations now. That’s “collaborative” for ya.

              • manbearpig says:

                ummm… could you repost your blog-ger please? thanks!

                now I’m hamstrung with hamstering…

              • manbearpig says:

                Out of purely voyeuristic curiosity. And so you can have something to tell your analyst.

                (I never noticed so much the anal in analyst…)

                Je suis en train de vous josher…

                end of coffee break and I didn’t even call Le Cnn…

              • alexandre says:

                I don’t see my ANALyst anymore, since I was discharged. I’m cured! I was an asshole before, almost a normie, but now I’m cured.

                Josher master you.

              • manbearpig says:

                Ok, I’m an a%*/hole and almost a normie and should probably see an analyst but at least I’m NOT SARCASTIC!! …josher master indeed…

                Spiders the size of your hand around Rio? Maybe it’s just as well my trip was cancelled after all. …Even if I do have this profound conviction of having been an Amazonian indian in my last life…

              • alexandre says:

                No, not around Rio, around small towns in the interior. Well, Rio must have some as well, but it’s much more “civilized”, depending on the definition of the word.

                You almost a normie? Not a way, Sebastian. You wouldn’t be here.

              • manbearpig says:

                “You almost a normie? Not a way, Sebastian. You wouldn’t be here.”

                wait! WAIT!!… are you confirming that I AM, in fact, AN a%*/HOLE and should probably see an ANALyst??!!

                😯 ??!!

                naaaah, just joshin’ ya again.

                So. Sleep well? Remember any dreams?

                Gosh… almost all my nightmares after the age of 6 have involved hand-sized flying spiders… the ones before that were all about the winged-monkey flying army of the wicked witch of the west in The Wizard of Oz… the latter I tamed and made my own army… spiders still get the better of me…

              • alexandre says:

                Thanks for the thematic joshing. Cool.

                Spiders are a big mythic image. I once dreamed with a giant hermaphrodite spider, whose body was made up by two people, kind of joint in the middle like siamese. That’s mythic, meaning not from your own personal historic arsenal, but from the human, deeper part of the unconscious we share with everybody else. Flying spiders too, since I myself had dreams with flying spiders. Extremely eerie.

                I don’t remember tonight’s dream, but it was intense, I remember that. And ah, yes, there’s a woman I embraced with full love and explained that she was not a projection etc. She looked like a painting by Vermeer.

                It’s so much fun, I don’t know why people don’t take more advantage of this gratis human feature, which is endlessly more creative, interesting, deep, honest, truthful and meaningful than any hollywood production. People don’t remember dreams (and call them bullshit) while watching bullshit. Talk about inversion.

                Please, talk about inversion.

                (That’s a corruptela of the wife joke.
                “-For instance, take my wife. Please, take her”). See? I can josh as well.

              • manbearpig says:

                oh. ok, well time for me to dream perchance to sleep so speaking of inversion, predictably I’d say


              • manbearpig says:

                OK so… it’s a week later. Better late than never as they say.

                What does “prrfft, that is so jejune” mean?

                the “jejune” part particularly?

              • alexandre says:

                prrfft is the sound of scorn or mockery.

                Jejune is this:

  79. mybeatenheart says:

    i’m sure there will be a way to edit your blog. it’s only on here, where edit’s cant be done (only during the first 5 minutes).

    yeah, i did something similar at the end of the letter. the verb i used for “shine” pretty much means “suddenly lighten up / shine brighter” translated back. i also wished the sheep to “dream a little dream” at the end, because there are no “sheeple” in german, but there are “schlafschafe” (sleep sheep), so i felt i had to go somewhere with that 🙂

    • manbearpig says:

      “…i also wished the sheep to “dream a little dream” at the end, because there are no “sheeple” in german, but there are “schlafschafe” (sleep sheep), so i felt i had to go somewhere with that…”


      Yea, it’s always a delicate question: between the words and the intention so of course sticking to the words is the primary policy … but… sometimes… a little poetic cultural adaptation here and there…

      as for:
      “it’s only on here, where edit’s cant be done (only during the first 5 minutes).”

      Comments in comments sections aren’t quite the same thing as personal posts so that would seem utterly appropriate and even impossible to do otherwise.

  80. lbj says:

    Hello from Spain. I’m Ludwig V. Burkes. Because of its importance, I dared to translate this letter into Spanisn and published in my humble blog “El mundo de Freeliberto.” My readers are counted by tens, at most, by hundreds so perhaps through this channel could reach more Spanish-speakers who do not read English.


    • mkey says:

      Hello Ludwig. If you go to your wordpress profile (on the top right, where you changed your username) you can put in your blog URL to increase its visibility as your username in the comments section will become a clickable link to the blog.

  81. Fawlty Towers says:

    Well the future has arrived here in Canada.
    That didn’t take very long at all.

    Canada’s largest aircraft carrier, Air Canada, who will be needing a government bailout to survive, announced today it would be implementing temperature scans and face masks for passengers before they board their flights.

    I never was a frequent flyer, but this will likely usher in the end of my foreign travels.

    I won’t be playing this new normal game.

  82. Gavinm says:

    This somehow seems appropriate to share here.. It is a video message addressed to the compliers (aka sheeple) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaleX4K6a-o

  83. Gavinm says:

    I found another message I felt moved to share here as it is also a message addressed to future generations.. though it addresses future generations living in a different ‘future timeline’ (if you will)


    and here is a video where the poem (“Future Generations If There Are Future Generations”) is narrated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MA1C_VPFAFE

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