Interview 1535 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

04/09/202091 Comments

Welcome to the 404th episode of New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Massive “Live Fire" Exercise April 8 With Starlink Satellites

Air Force Just Conducted the First Test Of Its Advanced Battle Management System

Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellites Light Up Skies Over The UK

Kissinger Calls For a New World Order (Again)

Trump’s Narcoterror Indictment of Maduro Already Backfires

NYT Parrots US Propaganda on Hezbollah in Venezuela

Story #2: Journalists Threatened, Detained As Multiple Countries Restrict Pandemic Coverage

Censorship of David Icke Is Waking People Up

YouTube Tightens Rules After David Icke 5G Interview

Social Media Crack Down On “Crazed” Conspiracies After 5G Masts Torched In Liverpool

New York Bans Zoom For Online Teaching, Advises Microsoft Teams

Story #3: Coronavirus Fuels P2P Connectivity - Crypto-Driven Meshnet Gives Rural Towns Internet

Althea: “Faster, Cheaper, Decentralized Internet”

NWNW Flashback: Hong Kong Protesters Turn to Mesh Networks to Evade China’s Censorship (#October2, 2014)

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  1. I Shot Santa says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t believe we’re going to see a massive “awakening” of the population. The majority are simply far too dumbed down to even make it to a light sleep phase.

    However, it has always been the few that have created great change. Which is one of the main reasons why history is often relayed in terms of individuals. Which means that what you do as an individual matters. Becoming a great converter of the masses of asses is far more likely to be accomplished by your individual success in your actions, rather than boring cretins with the facts of their enslavement. The burning down of 5G masts being an excellent example. As well as the mesh networks.
    This is not to imply that putting out stories, such as both James’s have been doing for years, is worthless; for it is invaluable they do so. Informing the choir is vital. But converting the masses isn’t worth the effort. Personally, I don’t want some sub-70 IQ slave on my side. I want them on the side of my enemy. I had thought that YouTube had turned me into a eugenics believer, but really this plandemic has. I literally had to leave my town to live by the river 20 March because my stupid meter was pegged out so badly.
    I still believe that growing your own food is one of the most important things you can do. But it doesn’t need, nor should it, to stop there. This is a crisitunity (to steal from King James) to have freedom win out. The state is far weaker than you think. It’s power is much like the Emporer’s (sp?) clothes. Resistance across countless fronts is undefeatable.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I would like to point out that trying to convert the asses is not only not worth the effort, it is a dangerous course of action. Do you think these cretins won’t turn you in for wrongspeak when given the opportunity? After all, you made them angry with logic. A great resource for how to resist can be found in Claire Wolfe’s 101 things to do until the revolution. Will give you great ideas and a way of thinking about how to resist.
      This system is dying. The powers that cower are telling us what system they want to replace it with, but there’s a lot of whiskey spilt between the bar and the lips. Freedom will win for me as I choose to live and die on my feet, but I’d rather it win for all.

      Jimbob; who is glad he’s done a lot of long stays in the woods by hisself cuz being by oneself is the hardest part. Yet, infinitely preferable to being surrounded by stupid.

    • Jed says:

      “The state is far weaker than you think”
      I agree. Despotic tyrants have lost throughout history, every time in fact. The problem is most everyone else looses too. A eugenicist would see this as a silver lining. I’d hate to think of myself a eugenicist, but I do think it’d been worth a ticket on the HMS Titanic to watch Astor and Guggenheim drown.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Those losses were short term losses. I think the American Revolution (and I’m not a fan of it in many ways) is one of the best examples. Or perhaps the barbarian defeat of Rome in germania. The geography of Europe was even permanently influenced by that defeat. Think Black Forest.
        Make no mistake; we are at war now. It doesn’t have to be a war as most think of war to be one. On that note, I highly recommend Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Samuel Griffith’s copy by the Oxford Press. Though when you read of numerical superiority. 3-1 advantage in attacking can be achieved by one person against an army with the proper training and intelligence. Example? 1 Special Forces against an army of cub Scouts. Silly example, but so is the idea that some asshole in a suit is my master. And though I speak in the language of violence, this doesn’t mean it is necessary. There are plenty of non-violent strategies to employ for now.

        Jimbob; who’d be more than happy to discuss this master issue with any of those damn suits face to face. Texas knife fight comes to mind.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          My knife is bigger, JimBob.

          All I gotta say:
          “Don’t kill the grandmas!”
          ‘cuz I’ll lose my dating pool.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Mine too! Be 60 in June. Though still tougher than these weaklings whose sole source of exercise is moving their thumbs playing video games.

            Jimbob: who carries more knives than Mel Gibson did guns in beyond thunderdome. Excellent scene! And Tina Turner is still smoking hot in her 70s.

        • Jed says:

          We are at war? Yeah we are! I’ve been at war with the establishment since the second grade of catho-lick school. I just didn’t know it yet.
          I don’t know who won the American Revolution. I know who lost; farmers, carpenters, fisherman and everyone else who fought and suffered and died. When I have doubts about this “American experiment” I think of the words of the great Thomas Jefferson…..
          “She’s 11? So what, I own her.”
          I’m at war alright but it’s with my own limited human consciousness. I hate murders and I want to kill them, that sort of thing.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Thou shall not kill is a mistranslation. Thou shall not murder is the correct phrase. But it is just as effective to kill your opponent’s will as it is to take their life.

            I was part of the other side until Waco. But our society was already dumbed down at that point. Though nothing like this retard is the new genius we see today. I can’t even hold a conversation with most people around me. Fluorida is lost already.

            • Steve Smith says:

              Not entirely sir. My strict adherence to Berkey purified sub tropical rain and large doses of Corbett style truthiness has hopefully kept me from becoming dumbed down.
              Though my ability to hold a conversation without making others uncomfortable is certainly in question.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                The exception proving the rule. As in testing. However, you are a rarity. Though I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you so. And this comment actually came through my email! Dagnab technology and it’s slithering ways!

                Jimbob; who is now shaking an angry fist at those technology gods.

          • Jed says:

            Very disheartening to hear that so many Rebs are drinking the Flavorade. I was hoping (and still do) that the S’ would push back hard on this corvid. Stay strong. At least you have the Bijou to survive in.

            • Jed says:

              Fluorida? Oh, you mean South New York, God’s waiting room. We don’t drink the Flavorade, we make it.

              • Jed says:

                My apologies if I’ve insulted any Floridian truthers. I’m a Yankee. That name comes from18th century British soldiers. Some 21st century synonyms are, Jerkoff, Wanker, and Rockett-washer.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Yes. Though I’ve always called it Greater New York. All those smart New Yorkers who can’t figure out why small towns aren’t run like megacities amaze me. I’m also always caught off guard by how many of them upon learning I was raised in South Georgia believe I was born with a KKK cone. Then they try to tell me just how great it is to be as racist as possible. While I am the first to deride public indoctrination in the south, I’ve yet to see the superiority of New York schools. They flattened the curve in terms of education there a long time ago.

                And I doubt you insulted any Fluorida truthers, rare as they are. It is a state of drunken idiots.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                You two guys could get rich by writing a book entitled:

                “How To Survive The Apocalypse with Slang and Insults –
                in both the North and South

              • Jed says:

                Just like a Texan, throws in a slick title, gets a third of the slag.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                HRS, the problem is that the few people who would/could read it don’t need to. The stupid is so severe where I’m at that if I were to give examples, I would understand if you called me a liar.

                While it’s true that throughout history most people have been absolutely insane (think of the mass burning of black cats in France or any number of insanities), but I really started noticing a steepening of the curve in the 80s. I’m sure the proliferation of fast food and all the other degradations of our society had nothing to do with this.

                Jimbob; who could go on an old man rant for days about what’s wrong with all these young whippersnappers.

              • alexandre says:

                As a Brazilian I’m reading this feeling like a small Japanese old man with an instamatic camera around my neck. “Uat di ri sei?”

  2. beni says:

    I’m really curious why the work of Dr Judy Wood is almost completely ignored in the alt media scene. Even James kind of ridiculed her work. And now they are sitting here and talking about „star wars“…. Fact is, that Dr Judy Wood never talked about space beams, yet she is always connected to this kind of theories. As much as I admire and respect James work, as much can I not understand how someone can just not take the time to check what Judy Wood dug out. Even if some evidence might need some finetuning or questioning, but „Where did the towers go“ can‘t just be dismissed as space laser beams stars wars nonesense!

    Then it’s very interesting to note the connection to the HIV/AIDS controversy. Fauci and Peter Duesberg and the BillMellinda Gates Foundation and the current WHO president Adhanom; Kerry Mullis on the PCR Tests he invented and got the nobel price for.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Corbett mentions Judy Wood just past the 33 minute mark on his first Questions for Corbett.
      but Corbett also again mentions it on another “Questions For Corbett” (QFC) sometime in mid or early 2019.

      I followed what was going on when she first came on the scene…
      …the history itself is telling.
      In fact, the history gives a person great insight on how PsyOps work.

      911blogger gives a timeline, links and comments of the Judy Wood/Fetzer/Morgan Reynolds stuff, along with links to Dr. Steven Jones’ papers about her work.

      Do some serious, non-bias research. It does take a deep dive and countless hours if you are unfamiliar with the history.
      Personally, I think that there are better, more constructive things to do right now.

      The Corbett Report Comment Threads have many, many conversations about Wood.
      You can DuckDuckGo search “Corbett Report” plus keywords.
      And keywords can include a Corbett Member name, such as “HomeRemedySupply”.

      • beni says:

        Thanks for the link. Long time ago I already dug out James comments on Judy Wood. Just couldn’t help but remember his „laser beam“ comment on her work when they talked about cyber space war in this interview. How can one possibly ridicule her work and doing such great work on other stuff at the same time??? Just puzzles me.

        Have you ever followed the medial campaign against Prof. Peter Duesberg? Through Fauci it comes full circle now with the Corona Plandemic. Kerry Mullis, the inventor of PCR Tests and nobel price winner for it is more actual than ever.
        Than Duesberg on Fauci, starting from 7:45

        A good summary on Fauci and Adhanom

        And just a thought on Bill Gates. He developed Software and brought a computer in almost every home in the world; he most probably designed the viruses for that system and than the antivirus software.
        Noe it seems like he is doing the same with viruses and vaccines. There is probably no harmfull virus except genetically modified viruses coming out of a lab. Then you design the vaccine for it, make the hell of money out of it and at the same get people under control and diminish population if maybe added some more ingredients to the vaccine.
        That’s like GMO: you control the seeds, the herbicide and probably the health of everybody to consume the GMO food.

        Hoe crazy is this!!

        • alexandre says:

          Thanks for the links. Didn’t know that Duesberg one.

          I would agree, but since viruses aren’t living things, how can they spread even if GMV? They would have to be sprayed or something. I think it’s more like magic “malandro” tricks where you “think” there’s a virus (aka ghost) and your fear does the rest. If you go “where’s the beef?!” they run away. Certainly Gates / computer virus / vaccines is really weird.

      • alexandre says:

        I remember I asked Corbett about Wood in one of the QFC and he did reply just pointing to this other QFC HRS mentions here. Wood does seem to have good stuff, but on the other hand I saw some things that reminded me of Amy Goodman when confronted by someone once. Something strange, and all the fighting with the other truthers etc made me not follow that anymore. What can turn those towers into talcum is still a good question though.

        HRS I don’t know if I got that right. You mean studying the history of J. Wood is an insight on how PsyOps work?

        • beni says:

          I guess you refer to the Dr Greg Jenkins „interview“?
          I don’t think this was a honest interview. It’s quite obvious to me that they went there with a purpose to somehow put her in an awkward position, and as he said in the end, he got his „answers“.

          I mean if someone is really interested in her research you should first go and get a copy of her book, study it and try to get a comprehensive understanding. Than look at her presentations and official interviews. If your intention is honest, ask for an interview appointment in advance and don’t just ambush someone unprepared and try to entangle her in awkward argumentations.

          I know the kind if feeling you’re hinting at. But if one cares about facts and truth, one should go to the sources and get a thorough picture of her work. I mean one should take in account that, as far as I know, she is the only person so far to file a case against the 9/11 commission report. And you better get your arguments clear before doing that. I bought her book and read it after watching her presentations and interviews and I can’t see how one can possibly dismiss her work as „laser beam“ theories!?
          I can’t see her fighting with the other „truthers“. As far as I can tell they are fighting her and she is in the defence. It’s like the Green Revolution. „They“ captured the „truther“ scene, or maybe even established it from the beginning to cover up and use it fir their purpose.
          What they did to Judy in my eyes is a bit like what they did to Pons and Fleischmann to silence the research on cold fusion. Who did it? Stephen Jones! Who is one of the major founders of the truth movement on 9/11? Stephen Jones! How can one possibly overlook such strange coincodence?

          Like Duesberg, who started questioning the HIV/AIDS hypothesis, Judy Wood has also been more or less completely silenced. In the HIV/AIDS discussion now its Fauci playing the main role up to today; with Judy Wood it’s Stephen Jones dominating the framing of the alt. scene on 9/11.

          Imagine it would be Duesberg today advising the government and calling specialist into the WHO presidency?!
          Or Judy Wood would have been given a fair platform to discuss her views in the 9/11 truther scene, or the highest court wouldn’t have dismissed her case?
          I’m sure we would live in a different world now!

          That’s why I’m sure these things didn’t happen by accident. They happened on purpose. That’s psyop, they take a bone, point it you say a spell, and everybody is spell bound.

          • alexandre says:

            No, I was not referring to that interview, but someone else (can’t remember) who approached her after one of her talks, something like that. But that was just a feeling, and I was in doubt, so it’s far from relevant. Basically I agree with you. I didn’t want to look like I dismiss her completely – I even asked James about it. I’m just confused. I have a talk by Jerry Leaphart (her lawyer?) about the Qui Tam case and that’s impossible to simply disregard.

            here it is for anyone interested.

            My reaction to her work was always positive and I found strange to see, first the truthers fighting her, as you said, and then even Corbett dismissing her completely. She’s not the most likable person, and what she says does sound far out, but that should be irrelevant. I followed a lot Andrew Johnson as well. What threw me a bit off (just a bit) was something by the time an ad for her book came out, with many people saying “Where did the towers go” and some Carmina Burana music, but that is also irrelevant. I don’t know, maybe I got influenced when James dismissed her. I’m not very firm in some of my convictions. The only thing I’m not too sure about is the John Hutchinson effect. I mean, I love that, but that is so fantastic that when you only have those old VHS videos (what looks like) it leaves you with a bad impression, and a lot of room for anyone to call “bullshit”. And only he can do it? Maybe others are replicating his experiments that I don’t know about. But overall I have no problems with her work, and is by far what most makes sense. Now Corbett, I think, just doesn’t think it’s worth it to spend time on that, knowing the mechanics, the hows etc about 9/11. That’s endless discussion, which is also true, but what she says and sees one cannot dismiss. It’s just there.

            Still curious about why HomeRemedySupply is so very much convinced it’s a PsyOp – IF we can talk about it without this turning into a bar fight in Dublin.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              I am “done” with the Judy Wood thing.
              I have wasted too many keystrokes over the past 12 or 13 years on this topic.

              I know what I saw as things evolved in the 9/11 Truth movement, because I followed it religiously, daily for hours each day, starting 2005.

              We are embarrassed by it…
              Our “North Texans for 9/11 Truth Group” sponsored a presentation by Morgan Reynolds at a local movie theatre.

              If you want to know about Judy Wood and PsyOps, first do some thorough research on Morgan Reynolds.
              If one does the research with prejudicial fixed ideas, they will miss why the Judy Wood scenario has stayed around all these years.

              Anyway, I’m done on Judy Wood typing.
              Folks can believe what they want anyways. It is not for me to choose.

              I am gonna stick with “The Law of 7/11”
              Flat Earth Theory and…
              “The Law of 7 Eleven”


            • beni says:

              Nice talking to you. As I sad, I just couldn’t but remember Judy Wood and the “laser beams” when James&James talked about cyber space war in this episode.

              And I really admire the work they are doing here and contribute to it. 9/11 Trillions by Corbett Report is outstanding. For me it goes perfectly together with Woods analysis. Just the thing about cold fusion and Stephen Jones is so awkward! And “silencing” somebody by just let the world forget about you, in my opinion, this is actually giving the most credit to their works. This goes for Pons and Fleischmann, for Judy Wood, also for Peter Duesberg and probably many others we never heard of.

  3. rueckl1b says:

    Many people I meet feel that there is something wrong, but cannot pinpoint it.
    So I am helping with some useful links to alternative media.
    For people not so fluent in English, I am linking to This outlet is comparable to this one here, but with more focus on Germany.

    So I think more and more people are ready to look up alternative media.
    The mainstream is so full of government propaganda, that now more and more people feel it.

    Here is a chapter from a government document (internal) leaked to a German news outlet.
    This is really chilling.

    The Ministerium of the Interior (Bundesministerium des Inneren BMI) advises to panic the populace

    The internal secret document was leaked to TICHY (Conservative News Outlet)

    and here the paper that was leaked (also attached)

    Chapter 4a reads as follows (translation):
    In order to achieve the desired shock effect, the concrete effects of an epidemic on human society must be clarified:
    1) Many seriously ill patients are brought to the hospital by their relatives, but are rejected, and die painfully at home struggling for air. Choking or not getting enough air is a primal fear for everyone. The situation in which there is nothing you can do to help relatives who are in danger of life is also the case. The pictures from Italy are disturbing.
    2) “Children will hardly suffer from the epidemic”: Wrong. Children will get infected easily, even with exit restrictions, e.g. with the neighboring children. Then when they infect their parents and one of them dies painfully at home and they feel guilty because, e.g. forgot to wash your hands after playing, it’s the most terrible thing a child can ever experience.
    3) Consequential damage: Even if we only have reports on individual cases so far, they paint an alarming picture. Even those who seem to have healed after a mild course can apparently experience relapses at any time, which then suddenly lead to death, due to heart attack or lung failure, because the virus has found its way into the lungs or heart unnoticed. These may be isolated cases, but will always hover over those who have been infected like a sword of Damocles. A much more common consequence is tiredness and reduced lung capacity that lasts for months and probably years, as has been reported many times by SARS survivors and is now the case with COVID-19, although the duration cannot, of course, be estimated.

    • Jed says:

      All the best to you in Germany from NY USA. Good luck with the links, I think they work the best.
      I get so worked up and push so hard that folks close off or push back. I’m learning that a good link works wonders, humor opens doors and questions work better than answers.
      I wish I were in Germany right now, sitting in a beer garden, washing down delicious food with pitchers of cold excellent German beer.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James Corbett has been busting ass
    I have really noticed it.
    The production of material is full on pedal to the metal.
    Ever since he came back from Anarchapulco, his routines and hours stretch long.
    I admire that.

    There have been many times in my life where I was working 7 days a week, non-stop, for months and even years.
    Sometimes 5 or 10 years between a vacation.

    There is nothing wrong with being industrious.
    In fact, that is who I wanna be around in these times.

  5. Mr.Mike7704 says:

    A mesh network our family has used around the neighborhood is Bridgefy. Check it out with this link.

    Join me at Bridgefy to chat with friends without using an Internet connection or SMS!

    Sorry about the long add, it’s part of the link. lol

    Also, grow food now.

  6. ruudvan says:

    Dear James and James,
    I have a lot of respect for your content and watch it with a lot of pleasure. I believe many of your viewers are people who are good in critical thinking. You mention that ‘space doesn’t exist, don’t worry what we are doing up there’. But I think many people who watch your video’s think differently, and are critical about space being real (in the youtube comments). Some points I have found during years of research into the original geocentric cosmology, now called Flat Earth (disclaimer: I am not saying I know them to be true):

    Gravity (Newton: mass attracting mass, or Einstein: gravity waves) is unproven and purely theoretical (at least cannot be proven by common man, only in a superlab) and only Buoyancy is proven;
    There are no photographs of earth (only CGI, confirmed by NASA themselves);
    Did the moonlanding happen?;
    Are all scientist who promote a globe not from ‘a certain club, or clubs’?;
    How far can we actually see over water (theory vs practice);
    And more points like how planes navigation work etc.

    I personally do not know if space is real and am aware that I cannot know. Only big corporations and governments are able, with military technology, to confirm space is real (and prove the earth is a globe for that matter). Well, as I said, your viewers are critical thinkers and are not taking everything we are being thought by government at face value. So is there proof space is real? In addition: also FE-people are wondering what government is doing up there, with the firmament. So believing space is fake does not make them stupid sheep that are not asking those questions.

    Personally I do not know about globe or FE. But I know I cannot know. But I found it necessary to post the other side of the story here: I know this community is not super-programmed by propaganda and will be able to do their own research. If you want to get more info in a funny way, check conspiracy music guru. For more serious info, waykiwayki, allegedly dave or Eric Dubay (history of the Flat earth)

    Warm regards and keep up the good content!

    • Octium says:

      I don’t know about the moon ladings as I was not there. I do know they had sufficient technology to do real moon landings and Fake landings would have been more difficult and expensive at the time.

      The fake moon landing theories seem to emanate from NASA (unofficially of course) years after when their budget was cut back.

      I think a better question is what were the Apollo missions meant to be cover for? and why wasn’t NASA called the NSA (National Space Administration)?

      I disagree however with the idea that only big corporations can verify the existence of space or a round earth. There are many technical hobbies like amateur astronomy and radio where individual people can determine things for themselves with a little bit of equipment.

      Unless you want to go down the matrix path and argue everything is a simulation, in that case nothing would exist, not even yourself.

      However I would say the simulation is that of a round earth in space.

      • ruudvan says:

        Hi Octiom,

        Thank you for your response!
        I also cannot say the moonlanding is true/false. But at the very least I cant say that there is convincing evidence that it happened. Even NASA lost the original telemetry data. Moonrocks are proven to be fake. Only footage is filmed from another TV screen. Etc. But its all indirect so inconclusive. But for me the most disturbing is the lack of pictures (have you seen a picture of a satellite in space? I mean not the CGI, while there should be thousands of satellites, right?)

        I am curious to your disagreement. Do you know somebody who can directly verify space is real? The only footage I have seen is from a high altitude balloon (and what do you know: I cant find it anymore on youtube due to censorship). In addition there are ‘curvehunters’ who measure that we can see further than we mathematically should. But that is now also censored… bah gootube

        The matrix story is in metaphor quite ok. But it shows a trans-humanistic mindset (machine-like thinking). I personally believe the ancient hermetic wisdom, or vedic wisdom (that is very similar). Which roughly is this way: it is a spiritual reality under this reality (4 worlds, Atziluth (fire), Briah (air), Yetzirah (water) and Assiyah (Earth)). According to the Sanatana Dharma all life is build as a taurus. ‘Brahman’ is all levels of reality, its creative potency is ‘Brahma’ and its destroyer is ‘Shiva’. This is an analogy for neutral force (absolute being / Satva Guna), positive force (Centrifugal force / Rajas Guna / male) and negative force (Centripetal force / Tamas Guna / Female). In other words a taurus. From this taurus one can derive the 5 elements (ether, fire, water,air, earth), from the five elements one can create the 3 alchemical essences body, spirit and soul (salt, sulfer and mercury). This is just some basics, there are entire books about this (and stuff like sacret geometry). This is the stuff that is being thought in secret clubs, the same ones who gives us our scientism and famous scientists with theoretical sciences, the knowledge for the ‘proles’ (Orwellian name for common people).

        I cannot know the truth about his world. The world is a mysterious and magical place. Our knowledge about the past is wrong. Or as orwell put it: “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”


      • Jed says:

        Can a telescope (from our sweet Earth girl) see the remnants of the Luna, Surveyor and Apollo vehicles?

        The Moon looks round through binoculars, the shading and such. He shows his roundness more during a lunar eclipse.

        What’s our moon’s name? Seems we’ve given all the other planet’s moons names but call ours, “The Moon.”

        • 9tH says:

          Moon has had many names during human history, male and female. Sin is one, Phoebe another, Soma, Selene, Kuu, Igaluk, .. Maybe it has a total different status, since monotheism?
          Moon ultimately lost a divine (or magical if you will) status once man set foot on its surface.

        • 9tH says:

          And no, i personally have no problem accepting they eventually went over there. There are reasons to believe there actually were space-programs that may have been nothing but $grabs. Challenger?
          Furthermore, i like to believe that the russians would have found out and snitched on nassa for a hoax. At least back then they might have, since space-race.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I am gonna stick with “The Law of 7/11”

      Flat Earth Theory and…
      “The Law of 7 Eleven”

      • ruudvan says:

        Hi HomeRemedySupply,

        thank you for your reply. I am not sure.. 7 Eleven is it a pizza store?

        In any case, in the ancient FE models there is no pizza flying in space. So to clarify why the models is not total bs and quite plausible: There is not even space. There is the firmament, like a spinning ceiling. The universe is then more like this:
        So in this perspective the universe is a taurus (or round) which is a important sacred geometry shape (shape that you will find abundantly in nature). The flat plane simply is the middle. And planetos (planets) are luminaries (like the sun and moon) that are the manifestation of a certain psychospehere (different energies), which is why astrology was important to the people of stature in old days (and in secret loges).

        Not saying this is the truth, because the truth is that I do not know. Like people who believe in Einsteins special relativity should also admit that it is broken (i mean cannot explain everything): which is why we need dark matter and dark energy. In a similar matter I cannot explain everything by FE models either. But this seems to be the original cosmology, made by people with spiritual knowledge (that has been purged of this world), so i will not dismiss it.

        Warm regards

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          ruudvan, Glad you are here as a Corbett Report Member.
          I appreciate your curiosity.

          You know… at this time, I think that it is a good idea to stay very well tuned to current events and focused on potential plans for the future.

          ruudvan asks:
          ” 7 Eleven is it a pizza store?”

          By the way, once James Corbett had the following VIDEO in his “Recommended Viewing” under one of his articles.
          (I sure do remember the era…it was really like that…very open, friendly communication.)
          2:30am at a 7-11 near Disney World – 1987

  7. exo says:

    Minor note: Though I love the nicknames and way you guys talk freely but maybe give newbies a little subtitling: “Never a Straight Answer” without the “that’s NSA for short” might lose fragile newbies. Thx for your works guys.

  8. I Shot Santa says:

    I don’t watch tv or Trump press conferences, but a number of people have directed my attention to the fact that the podium no longer has the seal on it, but that it just says The white house. A quick glance seems to verify this, but a quick glance is not a verification. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    Also, no matter what I do, my subscription will only allow suspend. I’m calling Illuminati! Now where’s my tinfoil emoji?

  9. macburns says:

    You should be on this James. An international inquiry on weaponization of the biosphere:

  10. Libertydan says:

    Below is a link to what I found to be a very information Documentary as to the source of SARS-Cov-2 (COVID19).

    The evidence seems clear that a Bat Virus was modified in a Laboratory (likely the P4 Lab in Wuhan) to infect humans, and the Communist Party created the “Wet Market” story as the source to cover-up the real source.

    To say that this modified Bat Virus is not a real threat, is like saying the Earth is Flat, and Space-X is fake, and satellites don’t exit.

    Indeed, this COVID19 Virus is likely no more deadly than most Influenza Viruses, however it is many, many, times more contagious, and can thus spread very rapidly (perhaps even more rapidly than The Spanish Flu of 1918-1919). According to the CDC, between 9 and 45 million people in the U.S. get Flu symptoms each year (over several months). Now imagine a Bat Virus engineered to be 3 to 10 times more contagious released into the western world. Indeed, it may only kill less than one in 100 people who get it, but if 10 times as many people get it over a very short time frame, it can take down western capitalism.

    How the Gate’s funded “Event 201” plays into all this is yet unclear. The Exercise assumed a Virus that was clearly deadlier than COVID19, yet had very near the same contagiousness. The results of the Excise claiming that 65 million people would die, were/are being used as a Means to get politicians to enact draconian measures across the western world. Is Gates being used by the Communist Government to help take down western Capitalism, or is he working with the Technocrats for a New world order of their own. Note that Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple are in nearly every country in the world, indeed they may think it time to bring it under one governance. If they could eliminate the War Profiteers, the Bio-weapon Labs and the Merchants of death, I might welcome it.

    As James has exposed in his WWI Series, there were devious people working behind the scene to manipulate the world prior to The Great War. Today we see a similar situation where world dominance is being pursued by many different factions, War Profiteers have have played one nation against another and sold arms to both sides throughout history. Merchants of Death (Defensive Contractors) wouldn’t hesitate to create a conflict that they could Capitalize on by selling weapons. I think we have clear evidence that they have gone out of their way to antagonize China, and thus China has responded. If we look at who has benefited from the COVID19 Pandemic thus far, I would say that it is clearly the Communist Party of China.
    Where do we go from here?

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Have you ever found a techie who could use logic? Seriously, the most ate up websites are tech sites. They can’t even run a website and yet they are going to run the world.
      However, it does seem like the tech retards favor a communist form of government. After all, they’re the ones calling for UBI, universal toxic health care, cctv, etc. All in line with the global government they can never govern. I just label all of them as totalitarian. After all, the only difference is how they polish the turd of their dreams.

      Jimbob; who had enough of totalitarian rule in the army.

  11. Steve Smith says:

    Of all the characteristics that I despise the most, the tendency to generalize about others and hypocrisy surely top the list.
    Probably because these traits are so deeply rooted. In myself.
    I can’t find a box that I fit in or a label that sums me up. Yet I attach labels to others while while grouping them into convenient mental corrals way more often than I wish I did.

    Yet when I am in control of my mind I know that the only time that it makes sense to generalize about individuals is when the group you are considering has become a mob.

    That happens sometimes.

  12. ben.r says:

    Thanks to you both for this broadcast.
    Is your own health not one of your most precious belongings?
    If so, do you really want to give it up so cavalierly for your readers and viewers via a burnout?
    I admire your spirit, looking for the truth and valuing your freedom.
    Indeed, it is worrisome that they are continuing to restrict freedom of speech.
    If this is a slow process, such as 911 to being forced to take off your shoes, then your readers and viewers would like you to stay as healthy as you can for the long haul, even if you limit your broadcasts. At least, I would.
    Reporting practical local or individual solutions, such as mesh networks, is also much appreciated.
    You are worth much more to your readers HEALTHY, including mentally healthy, so I urge you to consider not overworking yourselves, valuing your own health as much as you value the search for truth and freedom. Take a week off, if you are tired. Why not? Your insights, reflections, and analysis are much more valuable to your readers than day-to-day reporting of the nonsense.
    Hope this is less than 500 words.

  13. mik says:

    Few days ago I’ve seen musk’s satellite train in the sky. Horrible, disgusting.
    And that is just the beginning of beautiful “private companies destroy state monopoly in space exploration”, wonderful, yeaaa, make Kessler syndrome as soon as possible.

    Mesh networks

    On home page of Althea:

    “This allows people to set up decentralized ISPs in their communities.”

    This might be deceiving, first you must have internet connection to the nasty-ISP’s-worldwide-network to be able to have internet through mesh network.

    Majority of proposals for mesh networks I’ve seen are based on wireless transmission technology. That means EMR pollution and this is bad, not so bad as 5G but still very bad.

    About 5G antenna we’ve seen in video.
    Parabolic 5G antenna is less harmful than wifi stick antenna.

    Parabolic antenna has focused radiation (check:parabolic antenna radiation–>>images) and provides better range with higher bandwidth. They cannot provide good area coverage, it’s more for point to point communication.

    • Forgive my tech-ignorance. This is definitely not my arena. I’m not sure if this explains it a bit better…

      It appears as though Althea is using 5GHz, not 5G. I wonder if the reference to “5G” in James’s video was simply a typo by a tech-ignorant person like me who happens to have access to designing their site.

      Just a thought.

      • mik says:

        It’s not so important 5G or 5GHz to evaluate danger of EM radiation.
        Foremost, no EM radiation is harmless.
        I’m not expert but know quite a lot, so, important is, from most to least: shape of antenna, employed protocol for transmission, distance, transmitter power, data volume,

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Ron Paul Liberty Report

    Resistance Building To Coronavirus ‘House Arrest’ Orders…It’s About Time!

    “Flattening the curve does not save one life.”

    Across the country, from political leaders, to small business owners, to parents who just want to take their children to the park, resistance is growing to the authoritarians who have effectively suspended the Constitution and placed most of the country under house arrest. Lawsuits are also challenging unlawful “stay at home” orders.
    What if all the hysteria-driven orders have actually made the virus outbreak even worse?
    More scientists are coming forward to argue for the “Sweden model” of moderation rather than lockdown.

  15. I’m not sure where to post this, so I’ll put it here…

    “Domain verification for publishers

    Domain verification is a free but essential process that will allow you to register your news Page. By registering your news Page, you can gain access to products and programmes that benefit news publishers.”

    In other words, it seems as if Facebook has officially started to create a list of approved/unapproved pages & websites that will be allowed to share news.

    Could this extend to blogs, as well? Where would be the limit?

  16. Margot says:

    If you believe, like me, that there is subconscious power in having millions of people envision the same thing, has anyone noticed the similarity between the images of Starlink and the Coronoa virus? One “globe” surrounded by many invading bodies of towers/beams… As above, so below? Perhaps by having so many millions focused on COVID, Starlink is harnessing this psychic energy toward reaching its own goal. Is that too far out for anyone?

  17. mik says:

    What a beautiful picture at 15:25

    5G mast on fire

    how beautiful purification ritual
    mmmmmm, and smell of napalm or some useful substitute

    wonderful idea!!!

    easy and extremely efficient solution for many unpleasant objects in our cities

  18. I’ve copied and organized some more CDC data. <3

    As more experts expect pandemic “peaks” soon, I was curious about how this flu season compared to recent others in terms of deaths, since the mortality data is likely the most accurate out of all of the COVID-19 data. From the weeks ending in 2/1/2020 to 4/4/20, the CDC reports weekly averages of 3,523 pneumonia deaths, 447 influenza deaths, 407 COVID-19 deaths, and 50,144 total deaths from all causes. So the CDC estimates for pneumonia and influenza and COVID-19 combined is an average of 4,377 deaths per week (over these 10 weeks).

    The CDC also provides historical data on Deaths from Pneumonia and Influenza (P&I) and all deaths via the National Center For Health Statistics (NCHS) Mortality Surveillance System. I filtered for weeks 4 through 13 of all the years fully available, 2010–2018, a similar 10-week period to the COVID-19 data. That data set shows a weekly averages of 4,334 pneumonia deaths, 262 influenza deaths, and 53,885 total deaths from all causes. So the CDC estimates for pneumonia and influenza combined is an average of 4,596 deaths per week, over these 10 weeks from 2010 through 2018.

    Therefore, thus far, total deaths from pneumonia, influenza, and COVID-19 are still 5% below the recent average during The Great Pandemic of 2020.

    • W.Smith says:

      Thank you. I’ve been looking for this exact number. If COVID-19 is killing so many extra people, we should see an increase in total deaths, as well as seeing pneumonia and flu staying roughly the same, with the Coronavirus deaths added in addition. Instead we see a decrease in total deaths, a small increase in flu deaths, and a drastic decrease in pneumonia deaths. Could some, or many, deaths that would, in years past, have been considered pneumonia deaths now be classified as COVID-19? I’ve also been monitoring emergency room wait times in cities like New York and Detroit. Right after it was declared that the Detroit emergency rooms were being overwhelmed, I checked emergency room wait times: Record lows. These are generally 3+ hours. I realize they have many more people staffed than normal, and that everyday accidents will be down due to less travel, but if the rooms were “overwhelmed” they wouldn’t have enough resources to see everyone virtually right away.

  19. Mungjam says:

    Yes, but of course, this solely due to the fact that everyone is so obediently self isolating. See? It works.

  20. JadeEyes says:

    ongoing gratitude to you, JC (AND JEP). I hear ya — I will do whatever I can, for as long as I can. What I (personally) CAN do is becoming increasingly restricted and lessened. But that doesn’t change my motivation as long as I am in this life. After that…it is up to others….

  21. alexandre says:

    I heard the Heather Wilson sentences with the word “adversary” meaning us, the population.

    “Demonstrate our capabilities … that need to be understood by our adversaries. They need to know there are certain things we can do … the final level of deterrence is uncertainty. How confident are they that they know everything we can do? … there’s a risk calculation in the mind of an adversary.”

    Doesn’t it sound … more like it?

    Are you now, or have you ever been…

  22. manbearpig says:

    “a parliamentary committee on Monday called on the British government to do more to “stamp out” coronavirus conspiracy theories”

    “5G virus conspiracy theory fuelled by coordinated effort involving bot accounts, researchers say

    A conspiracy theory linking 5G technology to the coronavirus is getting a boost from what some researchers say is a coordinated disinformation campaign

    Researchers found a large number of social media accounts showing ‘inauthentic’ or suspicious activity on Twitter and Reddit

    Published: 10:18am, 10 Apr, 2020

    “…In recent days, at least 20 mobile phone masts have been attacked in the UK, some set on fire, and British telecommunications companies have issued statements saying the 5G conspiracy theory has led to abuse of their employees. Some users of 4chan celebrated the news that 5G mobile phone masts had been targeted by arsonists and encouraged copycat actions.

    There is no scientific basis for the concerns, according to Simon Clarke, associate professor in cellular microbiology at the University of Reading. “The idea that Covid-19 is caused by 5G mobile phone signals is complete rubbish,” said Clarke. “5G radio signals are electromagnetic waves, very similar to those already used by mobile phones. Electromagnetic waves are one thing, viruses are another, and you can’t get a virus off a phone mast.”

    Some social media companies have taken action to limit the spread of coronavirus conspiracy theories on their platforms. On Tuesday, Google’s YouTube said that it would ban all videos linking 5G technology to coronavirus, saying that “any content that disputes the existence or transmission of Covid-19” would now be in violation of YouTube policies.

    China says it built 130,000 5G base stations as of the end of 2019
    In the UK, a parliamentary committee on Monday called on the British government to do more to “stamp out” coronavirus conspiracy theories, and said it was planning to hold a hearing later this year at which representatives from US technology giants will be asked about how they have handled the spread of disinformation on their platforms.

    “If they don’t sort situations like this quickly, they are going to end up with a worldwide regulatory regime,” Julian Knight, a conservative member of parliament who heads the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, said in an interview. “They have a duty of care to wider society, they have skin in the game – particularly during a viral outbreak, which can affect anyone at any time.”

    • flammable says:

      One targets of the crackdown on 5G conspiracy theories should be Simon Clarke himself. I have never heard ANY theory suggesting 5G signals are directly transferring viruses to people. I cannot find that theory discussed by David Icke or any notable conspiracy theorists. The only source I can find is the accusers themselves.

  23. alexandre says:

    That’s my kind of guy.
    Translation very poor – “decease” instead of “disease” etc, but with a little effort, if I can understand, anyone can.

    Dr Stefan Lanka: Pandemic Theater – History of the Infection Theory

  24. robert.t says:

    Did you know that Sweden is swamped with corpses? So many, that they’re having to use skating rinks to chill the stiffs. Yep. In all Sweden, 792 people have died of – or was that “with”? – Covid-19…or something like Covid-19…something starting with a C, in any case. 792 corpses! So of course you’d need lots ice.

    I read about the Swedish skating rinks in SERCO’s regular newsletter, Zero Hedge.

    My theory is that they make the stories absurd on purpose. Absurdly low death toll matched by absurdly over-the-top reactions and absurd measures against the absurdly low death toll. Why not? They need to know our threshold of absurdity.

    Chuckle away, globalists and agenda-benders! But we will always know and you will always know that you are racked by self-loathing and boredom. That’s right. You are full of self-loathing and boredom…and I am not.

    Laugh at that.

  25. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Off Topic Side Bar…eerh..uh
    Coffee Bar

    Recently, when I make my morning coffee, I first have been adding about two teaspoons of powdered Sunflower LECITHIN to the paper basket, then I put in my teaspoons of ground coffee.

    Man! This is great! I like it.

    Lecithin contains lots of Phospholipids.
    Phospholipids are a class of lipids that are a major component of all cell membranes.
    Phospholipids such as Phosphatidylcholine and Phosphatidylserine can facilitate a more acute mental function and, in general, the nervous system.

    What prompted me to again put more focus on my Lecithin intake, was the fact that membrane integrity is vital as a defense against pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria.

    This becomes quite evident in the Vitamin C Intravenous Therapy and the other EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES which treat COVID-19, the coronavirus.
    Here is a SUB-THREAD of alternative therapies which discusses Lecithin. Above the following linked comment it is also mentioned (Lipids or liposomal).

  26. I Shot Santa says:

    On the local radio station, the only news subject for weeks has been the corona cold. Nothing else. Of course it’s all about how death is coming for us all. Something I figured out as a kid. And the most dominant ad has been the census. Something I’ve never complied with.

    Looks like rain today, so no trip to the country store 7 miles away. Maybe tomorrow.

    Apparently a lot of people are noticing tanks being railed into cities across the country. My advice on battling tanks? Always attack where the enemy ain’t. And never be where they attack. These are martial terms, but strategy and tactics work for everything.

    Jimbob; who secretly wishes a Hannibal lector would go on a Census taker binge.

  27. 9tH says:

    What do people think about the ‘david icke’ debacle, i wonder? I have been doing some readign on this person a year or 2 back, have a geneal idea what he has been doing publically, although i avoid listening or watching his performances, be it on alt or regular media. I am aware of the exchange of sometimes valuable info among people on the forum, but that is not Icke’s work, that is from the people. A very good information source or barometer i assume. I don’t use it, but i have seen fora enough where one can derive info from to write a bestseller or 2, 3.. Since he is so often represented as the mouthpiece of, let’s say, a certain fringe that needs to be ridiculed, and as expected now to be censored, i grew a suspicion towards him.

    I am suspicious of all mouthpieces, at least as soon as they seem to appear on mainstream as representatives.. Sort of in the same way as Assange nowadays has been bombarded as the only political prisoner worth the mention. If you get what i am saying..
    Any thoughts to share?

    • De Clarke says:

      Icke have some decent content mixed with some bizarre or questionable claims, such as reptilians species, fake moon, amongst other things. I have never got into him due to his reptilian obsession which makes him easy target for ridicule. Saying that, I have more in common with his followers than with usual Joe.

      His (now banned) interview with London Real was decent, however, he did insinuated that 5G is/might be responsible for coronavirus. On the other side he was spot on with the NWO and global elite take over. I respect him for standing for what he believes !

      • 9tH says:

        Fair enough, but the 5G claim is an old one and vey popular among the fringe. Use that and you’ll have a ton of support, it is a good starting position for inserting othe claims.
        There are a number of people who tried to warn the people fo the use of devices causing cancer, etc.. 5G adds to several other factors that make ur immunesystem go in overdrive.
        I also meant earlier, that many members of forums post decent information on them, allowing others, Icke in this case, to be on top of the newest.Basically running with it. Or wording it out, dependign on how one looks at it, i suppose.

        My point is though, that negative advertizement works just as much as positive one. For most of the critical thinkers, it becomes a reason for trusting that individual too easily. How to push controlled opposition? Make sure the world knows you are banned for speaking against whatever mainstream accepted conviction. And by all means, keep on pushing that position you are in.
        When banning started about 1, 2 yeas ago on YT, i saw that tactic used by many, ‘they ae banning the tuth!’ while it mainly was about copyright infingements. These people heralded being banned for their own content, being the ‘truth’ and i saw clearly what the effect was: gained popularity in no time.

        I suspect that is the role Icke is playing. His prominent appearances on pro-palestine demonstrations in the UK few years back affirmed that suspicion. If he were genuine, and smart, would he not avoid those protests to risk that idicule with his reptilians? Is it just narcisism or is there a distinct role for him?

      • 9tH says:

        The global take over is nothing new, even the NWO is not real. Those talking on 5G have been talking about it for a few years, it being pat or tool for the NWO. Icke jumps any bandwagon he sees fit.

  28. Alchemist says:

    Puppies and sunshine 🙂 enjoy the break, JEP, and I hope you take at least a few hours to recharge, JC. Let this Easter weekend be a reminder than nothing can hurt us.
    We will rise above it all!

  29. “I need a break, but I’m not going to take one. I’m going to keep going until I burn out because this is the most important time in our lifetime and I’m going to keep doing it until I cannot do it anymore”.

    If you’re reading this and you’re not a Corbett Report subscriber yet, please give James your support and contribute as little as $1/month. Do it today, please.

  30. onion says:

    “Conquering Space” = Conquering Earth. Nobody lives in space.

  31. wisper says:

    Story #2: Journalists Threatened, Detained As Multiple Countries Restrict Pandemic Coverage is broke.

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