Interview 1531 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to the 403rd episode of New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Pakistan, China and Russia Decide to Conduct Trade in Local Currencies Skip Dollars

Russia, China Plot Against US Dollar And Pound

Story #2: Trump Warns “Heavy Price’ If Iran Attacks U.S. In Iraq

Trump Threatens Heavy Price If Iran Conducts ‘Sneak Attack' on US Troops

Story #3: COP26 Postponed

Bilderberg 2020 CANCELLED Due To Coronavirus?


The YouTube Corona Virus Task Force Roundtable Discussion

#MorningMonarchy: April 1, 2020

Doctors Hoarding Unproven Coronavirus Meds (Chloroquine), Writing Prescriptions for Themselves and Their Families

Tabletop Drill of Virus Response Aided South Korea When The Real Thing Hit

'Immunity Passports' For ‘Key Workers’ Could Speed Up UK’s Return to Work

2001 “Dark Winter” Bioterror Simulation Videos

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  1. manbearpig says:

    Just wanted to point out that the Climate Psychosis has helped pave the way for folks (in France at any rate) to take the Confinement for Corona more or less good-naturedly:

    Multiple people have said and written to me (including an email I posted here on these boards) that

    “At least this crisis has made the world cleaner and will help us to embrace the changes we have long needed to make!”

    So the COPs 1 to 25 with Climate Change paved the way for a successful Corona Crisis which is paving the way for a

    WILDLY TRIUMPHANT COP 26 next year.

    Good mind massages and brain washing require deftly good timing and I’ve already got vivid visual flashes of the Weeping, Gushing Gaia Love-Fest awaiting the world next year in Glasgow with Greta, abundant flowers in her hair, reigning as May Queen, that will help weld people’s acceptance, even galvanizing enthousiasm for the libertycide apps and measures being lined up in the wings for more Triumphant Inauguration and implementation and clapping at the Balcony.

    • manbearpig says:

      Indeed, everyone’s noticing and enjoying the unusually clean air, the calm, the birds, the blue skies… and though exacerbated cabin fever is weighing on families

      when we’re finally let out of our cages, people will remember the cleanliness of the environment during corona

      and this will be unconditional proof positive for people that we need a “Green New Deal” (in addition to all the surveillance apps spawned by the virus).

      So, it’s not climate crisis OR corona crisis: It’s climate crisis AND corona crisis

      preparing minds for the solution to the next contrived crisis

      and every other falsely flagged and false flag that’s birthing the beast…

      • manbearpig says:

        Corona consequences will be the QED = quod erat demonstrandum of Climate Alarmism campaigns.

        Indeed, in the minds of many, this virus came along as nature’s way of resolving the human overpopulation crisis.

        Human overpopulation, for many, is the root cause of “too much CO2” and the climate crisis.

        The first 25 COPs have been extremely effective!

        Wait ’til your branded with a Scarlet “D” for dastardly Denier on your carbon credit/corona contact tracking app!

        and Extinction Rebellion devolutionists become heroes.

        Ok, I’ll stop ranting now. I’ll try.

        • Hotfoot says:

          Can’t stop thinking about that dorky computer guy who wrote the DOS system wringing his hands and telling us that with successful vaccine programmes we can reduce population. His psychopathic wet dream seems to be being realised

          • Libertydan says:

            Question for Corbett!
            If you had $100 Billion, what would you do with it? Perhaps by speculating what we would do if we had Bill Gate’s resources we can somehow change the narrative. Let’s just assume that he needs some positive direction, eh!

          • calibrator says:

            Gates didn’t write DOS – he bought it for cheap and sold it to IBM. If anything he can be credited with having a good nose for business – and being available to IBM which Gary Kildall apparently was not (the stories about that vary quite a bit).

            What the programmer Bill Gates actually wrote is one of the first BASIC interpreters for micro computers. This wasn’t a totally trivial task but an order of magnitude smaller one.

            After that his true “accomplishment” was fighting for commercializing software (no free copies etc.).

            Gates was probably the major disruptor in this area (like Bezos is for retail) and investors in Microsoft (especially after their criminal deals with PC manufacturers) made heaps of money because of it.

            I also remember Gates father being an eugenicist or something.
            Maybe psychopathy can be inherited?

            • Hotfoot says:

              But hang on, Bill ‘Gollum’ Gates; Surely if you WANT to reduce population, the super-easy and effective way to bring it about would be to NOT vaccinate anyone? Is it just me that sees this? Ohhhhh hold on… what’s that, the vaccine programme will make you even MORE sickeningly rich than you are already? I gettit now. Jeez, I can be so slow at times. I’m sorry Uncle Bill. I love you and promise NEVER to question your shrewdness ever again. Sleep well tonight, won’t you?

              PS I think you’re so hot in this video


              Hotfoot April 2020 x x x x x

        • alexandre says:

          And to think that none of that would exist if the people didn’t blindly accept the insanity that was offered to them as “technological development” and didn’t become mildly (but growingly) insane, believing in slogans like “imagine what the future will bring” and didn’t make that techno insanity the foundation of their lives, and didn’t make the term “mass psychosis” such a crystalline and palpable reality, which now is the new foundation for a new life of horrors. Of course they “didn’t know”, but I remember someone who said something about “the crime of unconsciousness” a long time ago. It’s not that people didn’t know where things were going; it’s that they didn’t give a shit. And they – that big blob of puss called “majority”, the big advertising target – will continue not giving a shit, forever – like the boot on the (our) face(s).

          Sorry for the mini-rant. I’m just a little bit pissed off.

          • alexandre says:

            On the other hand, we ARE in Kaliyuga, so what did we expect? A cycle must end for another to come. It’s how nature works, and we can kiss her ass if we think it’s “unjust”. A spider wraps the fly with web and paralyzes it. Is that cool or just?

            Wow, is that my positive side? Oghh…

    • brian.s says:

      Everyone is free to give the meaning to their experience that they then draw from it.
      But giving meanings at odds with our true being, opposes and usurps our heart connection to all that is.

      To gain a world and lose Soul Awareness is a ‘devil’s pact’ or self-deceit by which guilt of a false witness sets the mind of the protection of the lie. Justifications that become normalised ways of perceiving and responding.

      False flagged meanings operate masking diversions by which to limit awareness by setting up polarised identities that serve a surface narrative which effectively denies depth.

      When there is a collective agreement to join in lies and WANT them to be true – or take the fruit they offer, it will have a common ‘threat’ against which they align and to any identity in masking self-illusion, fear of exposure is fear of loss of self or loss of control by which feared and hated chaos is kept at bay.

      Everyone is expert in seeing Other people’s errors and limitations as the basis for a sense of rightness in judgement. Everything in the human mind and its reality is set up and developed from a split allegiance – between our core being or nature and the demands of the mask that has become not only our surviving adaptation to our world, but literally operates as a virtual modelling of a world of narrative social agreements – most of which are preverbal and have never been given held in conscious evaluation or responsibility.

      Possession and control is limiting, distorting, corrupting and denying the true freedom and movement of our being. But for many it is a set of brakes – even a heavy lid – by which to escape responsibility for their own consciousness – as expression of life as love in action. Whatever terror symbols serve to guard against waking or revealing love, protect against fear of total sacrifice – and so any other sacrifice becomes a lesser evil.
      This is not because there is any fear in love, but because there is dread and terror in the fear of what we have made of love. The mind that demands justice in vengeance knows nothing of mercy – unless by pity to seem the greater. But compassion is innate to an innocence of being that a mind under guilt has abolished – excepting as the symbolic victim representing the heart kept seperate.

      I was initially just going to say that pollution and toxic exposure or ingress is causal in worldly terms for the activation of viral immune response and that while this view is not a currently accepted fact, it is known that the spikes in symptoms of adverse reaction are noted after a spell of clear weather or trip away and then re-encountering the smog or whatever other toxic environment.

      It is true that many will fill their time with fear-driven preoccupation – regardless its narrative structures – and others find the way to connect with being, and the heart of connection with Existence.

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple parts. -JC]

  2. harris says:

    From Russian news agency: Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s May 2020 preliminary summit in Chelyabinsk (Russia) was suspended.
    Not much info, but auto translate fairly accurate.
    Nothing else from quick search

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Story #1: Pakistan, China and Russia Decide to Conduct Trade in Local Currencies Skip Dollars

    In my opinion, this is a big deal, because it foretells a future trend…
    April 1, 2020
    Zero Hedge
    Fed Panics As Foreigners Dump A Record $109 Billion In US Treasuries

    …Another indicator of central banks’ positioning in Treasuries is primary dealer holdings, which tend to rise when official accounts are selling, according to Bloomberg. And, indeed, according to lagged Fed data, Dealer holdings of Treasuries had surged to $272 billion as of March 18, from $193 billion at the start of February, as foreigners sold their positions to Dealers.

    “The fall in custody holdings is a clear signal that foreign central banks – which have a lot of Treasury holdings – have been selling them to source dollars,” Subadra Rajappa, head of rates at Societe Generale told Bloomberg. “They need access to dollars as a lot of their payments are in dollars and that has driven them to sell Treasuries.”

    The ongoing liquidation in foreign Treasury holdings – largely the result of the continued collapse in the price of oil as oil-exporters are forced to liquidate assets to obtain much needed dollars – led to the Fed’s panicked scramble to announce a foreign central bank repo facility, which it did on Tuesday morning, when it stopped short of saying it wanted to prevent a cascading domino effect from the Treasury liquidation, but made it very clear that the program will provide “an alternative temporary source of U.S. dollars other than sales of securities in the open market.”

    Translation: stop selling Treasurys as the world’s (formerly?) most liquid market is now suddenly extremely illiquid, and ongoing sales will only further destabilize it….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      April 2, Thursday
      Bloomberg at MSN
      Fed’s New Repo Measures Followed a $100 Billion Treasury Exodus

      Bloomberg) — The Federal Reserve is trying to call time on a fire sale of Treasuries by foreign governments and central banks.

      Foreign official holders of Treasuries dumped more than $100 billion in the three weeks to March 25, on course for the biggest monthly drop on record, according to weekly Fed custody data that captures much of the pandemic-fueled turmoil.

      Countries reliant on oil exports and smaller Asian economies have been selling U.S. debt, and central banks have been primarily offloading older, less-liquid Treasuries, according to traders and market makers familiar with the transactions.

      The Fed on Tuesday rolled out its latest effort to restore functioning in markets, on top of moves to ramp up debt purchases and backstop several sectors. It introduced a temporary repurchase agreement facility that let other central banks swap Treasuries for dollars.

      “The fall in custody holdings is a clear signal that foreign central banks — which have a lot of Treasury holdings — have been selling them to source dollars,” said Subadra Rajappa, head of U.S. rates strategy at Societe Generale. “They need access to dollars as a lot of their payments are in dollars and that has driven them to sell Treasuries.”

      The Fed stopped short of saying it wanted to prevent a snowball effect from the selling, but said the new program will provide “an alternative temporary source of U.S. dollars other than sales of securities in the open market.”….

  4. manbearpig says:

    I think the Taarifa reporter saw this comment in the comments section of the Business Recorder article linked in the above-linked tweet and took that John Roberts for the the US Chief Justice:

    “John Roberts says:
    March 21, 2020 at 2:10 am

    Until the major players go over to a gold or silver backed, non-fiat currency and displace the United States dollar as the world’s reserve currency and preferred primary currency for international trade, and their international financial institutions have carry the same clout as the IMF, World Bank, BIS, etc., all these things will do little to decisively end the domination of the West and the hegemony of the United States in particular.

    These slow, incremental steps no doubt are necessary but they cannot come fast enough.”

    “Pakistan, China and Russia decide to conduct trade in local currencies skip dollars
    By Ali Ahmed on March 17, 2020

    A road map will be finalized and signed at SCO’s Finance Ministers’ meeting in Moscow on March 18th.

    Representatives from the finance ministries and central banks of China, India, Russia, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan will attend the SCO conference in Moscow…”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Good “track down” manbearpig.

      Some of these online “African” News Outlets can be questionable…

      January 20th 2020, Corbett had Announcing the 3rd Annual REAL Fake News Awards!.

      I posted a “nominee”, but the thread contains ADULT ONLY CONTENT.
      Especially when one follows the Thread underneath to the other stories.
      – First Story –
      Man whose deadly farts ‘can kill mosquitoes hired to create Mosquito Repellent made from his intestinal gas’”

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        The above mentioned “News Website” currently has “Coronavirus Stories”.
        n p a s
        nuusparodie waarvan jy hou

        (say it out loud)

        Some headlines read…

        COVID-19: Man throws girlfriend out of a moving car for coughing…


        No charge for man who shot stranger for invading his social distance

        and a story about
        A new labor law in Japan will have employers allocate leave days for heartbroken employees….
        I guess that last story could be a “Questions For Corbett”.

        Oh gosh!…I got grin cramps.

        An aside:
        I often use the phrase “out the ying yang” out the ying yang.

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Story #2: Trump Warns “Heavy Price’ If Iran Attacks U.S. In Iraq

    This Iran story might go deeper.
    That is to say, it may be a pretext, a ‘soft’ ploy, to further military might into the region.
    But not because of Iran.
    Rather because of China. …and perhaps Russia.
    Oil prices could play a role in all of this, but that is not the totality.

    I am seeing more and more antagonism between the U.S. and China.
    A lot of words and accusations thrown back and forth.

    Example: Accusations by media and Congressmen that China is responsible for the coronavirus.
    (Tucker Carlson – lab derived?)
    (Washington Times – “…Chinese government researchers isolated more than 2,000 new viruses, including deadly bat coronaviruses….”)

    Not long ago, the U.S. Navy deliberately sailed a ship between Taiwan and China which caused a big stir.

    Calls Mount For Investigation Into WHO For Participating In China’s Coronavirus Coverup

    Occasionally, recently, one will see articles which pose that “World War 3” concept.
    While I think we are already in the middle of WW3, we are only at the beginning of it.

  6. generalbottlewasher says:

    A funny thing happen on the way to the first tee…

    1. 25+chemtrails saturate the sky , horizon to horizon. The sun is blotted out in 3 hrs. At one time the crossings and broken chemtrailing lines formed a broken cross.

    2. The Doc comes up to my cart and sprays what he says is a strong hydrogen peroxide solution all over the steering wheel and seat. His finger tips were no longer flesh colored. I ask him how is he going to work if his fingertips fall off. I’d rather risk corona than put cracked oozing open sores in my mouth.

    3. I ask him if he sees the energetic wave forms uniformly appearing in the chemical reaction. The tiger strips , they all present themselves in the same directional configuration then disappear periodically. His answer ” Yeah, No”
    Com’mon Doc see how the lines spread out then the wave disappears? ” Yeah ah No”

    Doc I says ” spray some of that crap in your ears. Maybe it will wash you mind”

    Thanks to Melissa DYkes for the new mantra.

    Now off to find more card board for my disabled friends gardens.
    Great tip Santa!
    I predict somewhere N.E. a here the weather hammer will fall.

  7. Better link for the

    #STWT 131 – The YouTube Corona Virus Task Force Roundtable Discussion

  8. idablank says:

    Can anyone provide suggestions for how I might get in touch with local groups that could provide resources and community, etc. for “engaged” people. I am stuck at my parents home in the midwest (was passing through when the lockdown emerged and I am still here trying to get them more prepared). I know no one here and they don’t know anyone who is “engaged”.
    Thank you

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Well idablank; not at this time. Do not go to the gun range and say you are looking for engaged people. Here in Oklahoma which may or may not be in the midwest, there is an executive order to shelter in place until April 30th. No assembly, no freedom of movement , restricted. The Meet-ups groups don’t cater here to any truthers far as I have seen. 10 people will attract the revenuers in tactical gear faster than you can open a beer can. A bar here had a private party and was raided, owner fined for threatening public safety under the Order of the Health Dept…

      Oh I should say you have found it , its here. Congratulations to you and your future bride on your ” engagement “. Also hats off to you for helping your parents.

      • idablank says:

        Thanks for your reply.
        I do a lot more reading than posting here but I deeply value this community–and a few others I’ve discovered online over the years. They’ve been my lifeline. But I need some local connections and support, especially if I’m stuck here for an extended period. And I understand your points and how difficult it will be to find something right now.

        I am one ‘block’ north of you. We have a “Stay at Home” order but it does not restrict outdoor activity or essential business and no groups larger than 50. And we’re encouraged to tattle on others including businesses for not falling in line.

        I am happy to help my parents. It’s not been fun, though. In fact, I’m really struggling. And I keep having this nightmare that the internet isn’t shut down but all URLs get rerouted to CNN…

  9. Flatspokes says:

    I noticed the MSM reporters sitting at home reporting the news. It immediately occurred to me that it was this setup that the normies used to discredit alt-news sources. Now it’s exactly what they’re doing? I guess by their own admission they are no longer credible because they’re just some guy sitting in his living room.

  10. thomas.j says:

    [SNIP – Please do not post links without titles and explanations of why people should be clicking. -JC]

    • calibrator says:

      Can you guys please post at LEAST the video title?

      I’m sick and tired of clicking on “funny videos” and wasting time seeing stuff I’ve already seen.


    • Jeff says:

      thomas.j – if you get a chance, please repost the link (with a title), I found the video interesting and wanted to show a friend, but can’t find it otherwise – don’t remember the name of the youtube channel. The video shows video footage of empty lines and waiting rooms at the hospitals of which were used in msm news talking about long lines and packed waiting rooms, only expecting them to get worse.

      Many thanks!

  11. bladtheimpaler says:

    Well done gents. There is little need for the pyramid cap for having get togethers that simply inform the participants on what has already be decided as the way forward in achieving specific goals.

    The World Economic Forum has laid out its master plan for the public’s perusal for the present time. The plan actually takes on the form of a spiked virus but runs many many multiple levels deep in its goals across a spectrum so broad as to encompass every part of the human life experience on this planet. Everything that Covert 19 effects has a plan associated with it outlined in a synopsis with all media and data in aid of linked. The scope of the planning is absolutely mind boggling!! This is the beginning of the swapping out of the old capitalistic eco-socio system for a Technocratic one.

    One person who has attempted to make some sense of these massive WEF plannings is a former FEMA administrator, Celeste Solum which I will link here. She is religious so if this bothers you skip ahead to the 5 minute mark. Otherwise view the entire broadcast as her introduction speaks to her bona fides. And a big thank you to my internet friend who dropped this in my lap!

    the WEF covid action platform:

  12. robert.t says:

    Something I noted with the climate stunt was the special techniques for keeping skeptics close to the corral. It would often go something like: “Regardless of the actual causes of climate change and the poor handling of it by authorities and even some scientists, we can all agree etc”.

    Now it’s “Regardless of encroaching statism and growth of big gov, Covid-19 is a very real threat which affects all of us and we can all agree…”

    See how they do it? They tell you they’re on your side then invite you right into that statist corral prepared for you all along. Sure, you’ve been allowed to graze outside, but it’s time for all good cattle to assemble and go moo together.

    No. This is a planned, staged crashing of the world’s economies combined with bankster plunder and an expansion of the pervasive state. A strain of virus is completely incidental to all this except it is being used as a curtain or distraction. And they even told you as much.

    No, “we” are not all together on this. “We” are far apart if you are promoting the stunt in any way. I don’t care if you are “actually in Italy” or “actually know a guy” or were “recently in China”. This is a stunt, particularly large and malevolent, but a stunt.

    As Tonto said to the Lone Ranger when the two were surrounded by the Indians…Who’s “we”, paleface?

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Published on Mar 20, 2020
    Live webinar with
    300 Integrative doctors on Covid-19 – Coronavirus – and how to be prepared and prevent this virus.
    (One hour)

    The webinar discusses STATISTICS of the COVID-19.
    It also discusses the Vitamin C Intravenous Therapy which has lightly been explored in the MainStreamMedia, and that the MainStreamMedia has been denigrating taking Vitamin C and other Vitamins.

    Here are the three therapies for ANY VIRUS, among many other ailments.
    Each on their own can address ALL VIRUSES. In combination, they can be a true winner.
    ~ Vitamin C Intravenous Therapy (IV)
    ~ Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy (Biophotonic Blood Therapy) (UBI)
    ~ Ozone Blood Therapy

    There are thousands of “Integrative Medicine” “Functional Medicine” “Holistic” Doctors around the world which practice these three Therapies.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Dr. Robert Rowen and Dr. Harold Robbins practice all three Therapies.
      Rowen and Robbins are extremely well known for their work with “Ozone Blood Therapy and Ultraviolet Blood Therapy (UBI) (BioPhotonic Therapy)”, even having handled (‘cured’) Ebola cases with Ozone.
      They have performed well over 300,000 Ozone Treatments.

      Regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus, Dr. Robert Rowen and Dr. Harold Robbins point out how this therapy can incapacitate the “viral fingers” (cysteine amino acid) and essentially make the coronavirus completely ineffective.
      At the ClinMed International Library you can see their published paper
      “A Plausible “Penny” Costing Effective Treatment for Corona Virus – Ozone Therapy”

      Find out more about “Ozone Blood Therapy and Ultraviolet Blood Therapy (UBI) (BioPhotonic Therapy)” by going to this LINK, then following the SUB-THREADS and their links.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        The LINK above leads to many other links about Ozone and Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy. Typically, those Doctors also offer Vitamin C IV Therapy.

        A great YouTube Channel and also website is the Beverly Hills / Los Angeles based AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare .
        Not only do they offer
        ~ Vitamin C Intravenous Therapy (IV)
        ~ Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy (Biophotonic Blood Therapy) (UBI)
        ~ Ozone Blood Therapy

        but they also offer so very much more.

        Take a look at their WEBSITE with Videos in this April 1st, 2020 article entitled:
        Best Defense Against Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Ozone Therapy

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Texans are opening a can of whoop-ass against MainStreamMedia and Big Pharma.

          April 2, 2020
          PR Newswire
          via 69 WFMZ-TV (business district in Pennsylvania)
          Texas Right to Know Calls on US to Consider COVID-19 Ozone Therapy After It Shows Promise in Italy

          BRADY, Texas, April 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With a coalition of state, national and international physicians and researchers, Sheila Hemphill, CEO of Texas Right to Know, is calling to action US state and federal agencies to consider the use of medical ozone as a safe adjuvant therapy option for the treatment of COVID-19.

          “While physicians in other countries are using medical ozone for treatment of COVID-19, few physicians in the United States are using this safe, inexpensive, adjuvant therapy,” states Hemphill. On April 1, Hemphill conducted an on-line meeting featuring Italian physician, Marianno Franzini, President of the Scientific Society of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy (SIOOT) International, Robert Rowen, MD, RowenSu Clinic, Santa Rosa, California, several US physicians and researchers, and a university participant from Greece.

          Professor Marianno Franzini stated, “On 24 March 2020, I received a letter from the ISS – Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Higher Institute of Health), stating, ‘since the proposal seems to be shared and supported by clinical centers experienced in the treatment of viral pneumonia, it was considered appropriate that the treatment could be carried out under the responsibility of the physician after obtaining the patient’s consent.'” He continued, “Medical ozone helps improve oxygenation and proved effective for SARS in 2002. Currently there are 17 hospitals using SIOOT oxygen ozone therapy to treat people affected by COVID-19. From preliminary reports from autopsies of those who died from COVID-19, it appears that the virus immediately attacks the microcirculation system causing widespread thrombosis. Several hospitals are using Major AutoHemo Therapy (MAHT), a protocol that extracts the patient’s blood, bubbles oxygen ozone through the blood in a saline or heparin bag, and is infused back into the patient. Patients showed clinical improvement in 1-2 days of receiving one infusion, one time a day. The earlier you treat the person the better the results you have.”

          On the April 1, 2020, the SIOOT reports, “After practicing Oxygen Ozone Therapy, the doctors found the following evidence: a general improvement in clinical conditions, normalization of body temperature, a reduction in C Reactive Protein (PRC), normalization of heart rate, an improvement in saturation and reduction in oxygen support, normalization of renal function (creatinine).”…

          (…continuing below…)

          • HomeRemedySupply says:


            …Professor Luigi Valdenassi, toxicologist, University of Pavia, explains, “I want to specify almost all these patients experience improvement in hypoxemia in a short period that stabilizes their breathing and the creatinine becomes normalized, which is important for function of the kidneys. Oxygen Ozone therapy could contribute to the prevention of intubation and acute renal failure, both complications of COVID-19, resulting in the need for ventilator support via a breathing tube and dialysis requiring Intensive care unit support.”

            According to Tommy Swate, SM.hg, MD. JD, a graduate from Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, “Based on the Italian reports, it is reasonable to believe that medical ozone may be an effective adjuvant to use in treating COVID-19. Medical ozone’s known and potential benefits when used as an adjuvant to standard COVID-19 treatment out weights the very small, if any potential risk of its use.”

            “Ozone has been used to treat other viral infections with minimal complications and is being reported to be effective for COVID-19 treatment,” said Dr. Robert Rowen. On March 6, Dr. Rowen’s article, “A Plausible ‘Penny’ Costing Effective Treatment for Corona Virus – Ozone Therapy”, was published in the Journal of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology.

            Peter Jovanovic, Executive Director, Ozone Without Borders Society for the Advancement of Bio-Oxidative Therapy British Columbia Member Society reports, “We now know of one Sierra Leone physician, COVID positive whose symptoms abated about 4 hours after ozone treatment and one American COVID positive patient who was essentially normal one day after a single direct intravenous gas treatment. A Spanish physician with high exposure risk and all the symptoms of COVID cleared his symptoms within a day or two of treatment.”

            Dr. Lamberto Re, MD Chairman of the Scientific Committee Board of World Federation of Oxygen-Oxygen Therapy since 2015 emailed to Hemphill, “Following the approval of some Italian hospitals ( ), use of medical ozone certainly should be considered as an adjuvant therapy for the treatment of COVID-19.”

        • HomeRemedySupply says:


          The “Ozone Therapy Evidence Map” was the first map produced by BIREME in collaboration with the Brazilian Society of Medical Ozone Therapy (SOBOM) and institutional support from the World Federation of Ozone Therapy (WFOT). This model is being applied for new maps.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        April 4, 2020
        Health Impact News
        (VIDEO in article)
        Dr. Rowen:
        Ozone REVERSES Critically Ill COVID Patients in China, and VERY RAPIDLY

        (Rowen gives statistics of “recovered” in the article)

        …If I were given a chance, I strongly believe we could end this nightmare in a few weeks and restore the economy…

        1. Ozone inactivates virus and bacteria.
        2. Improve the body hypoxia
        3. Stimulation and regulation of the immune system

        All patients with Ozone Autohemotherapy treatment:

        1 critical patient, received 10 pass Ozone Autohemotherapy treatment. He felt very good, the index improved and recovered.

        1 critical patient, received 2 pass Ozone Autohemotherapy treatment, and improved to normal patient. Fully recovered.

        1 normal patient, received 1 pass Ozone Autohemotherapy treatment. Fully recovered.

        1 normal patient, received 1 pass Ozone Autohemotherapy treatment. Fully recovered.

        The above information was provided by Dr. Shi Kemei from the second hospital of Tianjin medical university, Tianjin, China…

        …Dr. Rowen note:
        In my opinion it is beyond malevolent that our system, the disease maintenance system, and the mass media, has totally blacked out the most incredible therapy in the world. Our Rulers are bought out…
        …To me we are dealing with a pack of ruthless thugs who have hijacked American medicine generating blood money at YOUR risk and expense or your lives and wallets, and now, livelihoods.

        Please stuff this information to your local media, the mass media, talk show hosts, and more. Please try…

        …There is a cure out there for COVID. Fast, simple, Essentially 100% safe.
        And depending on method used, can be quite cheap. So far, every patient I have heard about who has received ozone therapy for this disease has recovered, including the two critically ill patients here….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      VITAMIN C Intravenous ( IV ) THERAPY

      ICU nurses discuss vitamin C therapy for Sepsis
      (2 minutes)

      Sepsis definition a serious condition resulting from the presence of harmful microorganisms in the blood or other tissues and the body’s response to their presence, potentially leading to the malfunctioning of various organs, shock, and death.

      Dr. Paul Marik’s argument to the skeptical medical community: “It is so safe, you’ve got nothing to lose”.

      NOTE: Dr. Merick adds Thiamine (Vitamin B1) to the Vitamin C IV drip.
      Vitamin B1 can easily be burned up by the body, especially with coffee, sugar or alcohol.
      Sometimes, Vitamin B1 can remedy a child’s nightmares or bad dreams. And like other B Vitamins, such as Niacin and/ or Niacinamide, Vitamin B1 at times can remedy emotional distress or depression. (Niacin can cause a “flush” until a person acclimates to the dosage.)
      Generally speaking; Vitamin C and Magnesium and Vitamin B1 / B Complex ‘are best to be in balance’ when taking supplements. For example: Too much B1 without Vit. C and Magnesium might trigger a nose bleed (Vit C) or leg cramps (Magnesium).

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        April 1, 2020 PRESS RELEASE representing 8,000 Doctors
        The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Urges Physicians and Hospitals to Utilize IV Vitamin C to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        March 25, 2020
        Dr. Richard Cheng is working in China with the high dose Vitamin C IV hospital program.
        In this update of the Chinese program, he tells the anecdote of a family and Vitamin C.
        Don’t miss hearing this…
        Daughter‘s story: family saved from Covid-19 by taking Vitamin C supplements
        (14 minutes)

        Most of the family members were taking fairly large amounts of Vitamin C supplements throughout the day.
        The Grandmother was not. She was hospitalized with the coronavirus and is pulling through with Vitamin C IV Therapy.
        Her family members would visit her in the hospital and were often exposed to the coronavirus. No one got it.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        March 25, 2020
        Arizona – CBS 5 TV3 NEWS
        Scottsdale Dr. Steven Katz discusses High Dosage Vitamin C IV Therapy
        Dr. Katz also offers Ozone Blood Therapy)

        (90 seconds)

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        New Zealand – “60 Minutes” – Alan Smith’s dramatic recovery from a coma with mega-dose vitamin C
        And how the family had to fight the hospitals in order to accomplish it.

        (18 minutes)

        Be sure to read the footnotes under the video.
        Note that Alan Smith was receiving 50 grams per day in the Vitamin C IV.
        50 grams = 50,000 milligrams. Most Vitamin C capsules are 500 milligrams. The large pills are one gram.

        Also, the footnotes mention:
        “The mechanics of liposomal encapsulated vitamin C”
        Liposomal = very tiny, fat-like particles… (like Lecithin)

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Is the mainstream Medical Industrial Complex deliberately trying to sabotage Vitamin C IV Therapy?

        NOTE: 1500 milligrams of Vitamin C is the equivalent of ONLY 2 or 3 small capsules of a Vitamin C supplement.
        Notice the dosage mentioned in the Alan Smith story or in the WEBINAR of 300 Integrative Doctors (around the 10 minute mark) where the Doctors are discussing 25 to 50 grams.

        March 24, 2020 Tuesday
        New York Post
        New York hospitals treating coronavirus patients with vitamin C

        Seriously sick coronavirus patients in New York state’s largest hospital system are being given massive doses of vitamin C — based on promising reports that it’s helped people in hard-hit China, The Post has learned.

        Dr. Andrew G. Weber, a pulmonologist and critical-care specialist affiliated with two Northwell Health facilities on Long Island, said his intensive-care patients with the coronavirus immediately receive 1,500 milligrams of intravenous vitamin C.

        Identical amounts of the powerful antioxidant are then re-administered three or four times a day, he said.

        Each dose is more than 16 times the National Institutes of Health’s daily recommended dietary allowance of vitamin C, which is just 90 milligrams for adult men and 75 milligrams for adult women.

        The regimen is based on experimental treatments administered to people with the coronavirus in Shanghai, China, Weber said.

        “The patients who received vitamin C did significantly better than those who did not get vitamin C,” he said.

        “It helps a tremendous amount, but it is not highlighted because it’s not a sexy drug.”

        A spokesman for Northwell — which operates 23 hospitals, including Lenox Hill Hospital on Manhattan’s Upper East Side — said vitamin C was being “widely used” as a coronavirus treatment throughout the system, but noted that medication protocols varied from patient to patient.

        “As the clinician decides,” spokesman Jason Molinet said….

      • Stronghorse says:


        “(Niacin can cause a “flush” until a person acclimates to the dosage.)”

        I take a large dose of Niacin daily, it helps keep bad cholesterol levels lower for those of us who are allergic to Statin Drugs, and I discovered that the flushing does not occur if I take an aspirin about 10 minutes before taking the the Niacin.
        Never take large doses of Niacin while consuming alcohol. Severe damage to your liver can result.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        April 4, 2020
        Vitamin C IV Therapy Success in U.S. Hospitals which use it correctly

        …When COVID-19 came to Virginia, Dr. Marik used his protocol. He reported saving four COVID-19 patients including an 86-year-old man admitted to the hospital with 100% oxygen. Elderly people on oxygen usually do not survive COVID-19…
        ~~~ See the 2 minute video further up this Thread, entitled:
        ICU nurses discuss Vitamin C therapy for Sepsis

        4/4/2020 Article at
        Health Impact News
        authored by Dr. David Brownstein, M.D.
        Coronavirus XIV:
        The Good News is Still There But Not Reported By MSM

        …The 100,000-200,000 number is awful.

        But, it needs to be put in proper perspective. Let’s say that 200,000 Americans die of COVID-19. That means that COVID-19 will kill o.o6% of our population (200,000/329,500,000). In other words, 99.94% of us will survive. If it kills 100,000, 0.03% of us will die and 99.97% of us will live…

        …Another important point about these numbers is that COVID-19 primarily kills the elderly and those with co-morbid conditions. Those who do not fall into those categories have a lower risk of death from it.

        This should be wakeup call for all Americans to get healthy…
        …For comparison, 630,000 Americans die from heart disease each year…

        …“If you can administer Vitamin C intravenously starting in the Emergency Room and every 6 hours thereafter, while in the hospital, the mortality rate of this disease and the need for mechanical ventilators will likely be greatly reduced,” says Dr. Pierre Kory, the Medical Director of the Trauma and Life Support Center and Chief of the Critical Care Service at the University of Wisconsin in Madison…

        …Dr. J. Varon at United General Hospital in Houston reported saving 16 lives with this protocol. He reports that his patients are getting off the ventilator at 48 hours instead of 10-21 days!….

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Why Does Vitamin C Work? HYDROGEN PEROXIDE
        The reason vitamin C kills viruses so effectively is that it produces hydrogen peroxide in the body.
        To get a little more scientific, vitamin C kills viruses by activating something called “Fenton’s reaction.”
        This is a complex chemical reaction that scientists use in various applications to destroy organic compounds. Think of hydrogen peroxide’s bubble action when you pour it on a cut. With vitamin C, the Fenton’s reaction creates the most reactive oxidizing agents science has ever identified. As a result, they’re able to radically upregulate oxidative stress, which destroys the virus.

        White blood cells produce hydrogen peroxide. It is also produced by the skin, lung, gut, and thyroid gland.

        March 13, 2020
        Real Health Medical
        Article includes information about Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy
        “3 More Ways to Beat Coronavirus”

        • manbearpig says:

          Super Interesting! I’m taking daily mega-doses at the moment. (well, 3 or 4000 mg acerola cherry)

          Forcing my teenager (big guy) to do the same!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      This is ironically interesting…

      Scientists at Colorado State University are working to develop a safe topical disinfectant against the coronavirus for surfaces which utilizes the technology of Vitamin B2 Riboflavin and Ultraviolet Light (acknowledging that ultraviolet light kills the coronavirus in blood). This disinfectant would be much less caustic and safer than other chemicals like bleach.
      NOTE: The bright yellow color of your urine is almost certainly attributable to excess vitamin B2.

      March 30, 2020
      Vitamin B2, UV Light Could Stop COVID-19
      (3 minutes)

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        It should be pointed out, that when doing Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy at the Doctor, he only takes out a small amount of blood to expose to the UV Light. Then, he puts it back into you.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Kill the fear…and the Controllers lose control.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Dr. Steve Kroening gives a succinct roadmap on how to address the Coronavirus
      Steve Kroening, ND is a consulting physician at ‘Real Health Medical Clinic’ in Roswell, Georgia and is the Editor of .

      Scared of the Coronavirus? Don’t Be. Here’s Why….
      Kroening gives an overview followed by protocols for prevention and for treatment.

      …If you’re taking these treatments and your symptoms worsen, you should begin to take the following IV therapies:

      • IV Vitamin C
      • IV Dilute peroxide
      • IV Silver
      • IV Ultraviolet light therapy
      • IV Ozone

      It’s likely the IV vitamin C and the ozone will be plenty to take out any viral infection you may encounter. But the others can be added as needed.

      Because the Coronavirus is similar to other upper respiratory infections, such as the H1N1 virus, the biggest problem comes when the infection turns into pneumonia…
      …They become dangerous when your immune system is compromised. So make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your immunity up.

      In the next few months, the number of cases around the world is going to climb. It’s impossible to completely contain the virus, especially given the pace and complexity of international travel.
      But with this protocol in hand, there’s no reason to panic. More than likely the worst you ever experience is the mild symptoms of cold.
      Yes, this is a serious and novel pathogen. But it isn’t impossible to beat.
      In fact, given the right treatments, you really have nothing to worry about.
      Let the news display their hysteria — you’re protected.

      • candlelight says:



        Doc, er, I mean HRS, I think you made your point. lol (actually)

        However denigrating the MSM, I walked into a vitamin shop yesterday and asked for lipid based vitamin C – I had forgotten the term “liposomal”. Anyway, the guy smiled and said they’ve been out of it for a while. And, in fact, he said there’s people who keep an eye out for their deliveries. In other words, as he inferred, gesturing with his arm and hand in a circling motion, there are people who are hovering about waiting to swoop down the minute they get some in.

        There was an earlier discussion on the board about how excessively worrying about getting Covid-19 can get you sick. There is , of course, I certain truth to that viewpoint, absolutely.

        We’ve known for quite some time the correlation of stress (worry) and the activation of certain hormones, which are dubbed “stress hormones”. The activation of these hormones can trigger unwarranted autoimmune responses, which in turn exacerbates the problem.

        How many times have we’ve all heard or said this:

        “You’re going to worry yourself to death.”

        “I felt frightened to death.”

        Etc, etc….

        Just google “Catch a death of worry”

        Another anecdote from yesterday’s excursion:

        Had to FedEx a package: Girl with mask on holding her package outside by the entrance to FedEx. Sign on the door says “No more than ten people allowed inside at a time.”. Inside everyone! was wearing a mask, and standing at least 6 feet apart. An Asian couple leaving the FedEx store were sooo bundled up, looking like they turned their pedestrian clothes into hazmat suites. Each quickly rubbed their hands with some gratis hand sanitizer on their way out. Everyone looked fearful. Worry was on everyone’s faces. Someone was wearing a jacket with the words – The Anti-Social Social Club . The obnoxious message was lovely gratuitous reinforcement of an already bizarre, dystopian scene, down at the ‘ole FedEx office.

        And! Driving home from there, I felt like I was experiencing what definitely felt like psychosomatic respiratory symptoms characteristic of Covid-19! And, I was thinking to myself, Jesus Christ, man, this over-the-top fearfulness really is incredible, as I knew I was just having a reaction to the fear-filled scene at the FedEx office minutes earlier!

        Yes: Fear’s a killer!

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Thank you so much Candlelight!

          That ANECDOTE about the
          lipid based Vitamin C… a vitamin shop yesterday… he said there’s people who keep an eye out for their deliveries.
          is interesting and, somewhat reassuring, because not too many folks are aware of liposomal Vitamin C.
          There are some YouTube videos which show how to make it with Lecithin, which contains high amounts of phospholipids.

          I often take Lecithin. It can help with many things, including mental function.
          In fact, when I helped to “cure” my dying dog from meningitis / encephalitis, I used large quantities of Lecithin.
          ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
          Your comment…
          How many times have we’ve all heard or said this:
          “You’re going to worry yourself to death.”
          “I felt frightened to death.”
          Etc, etc….
          Just google “Catch a death of worry”

          …brought to mind something which ManBearPig recently brought up about the famous author, Michael Crichton where he also talks about “Catching a death of worry”

          A must watch!
          Lack of valid information and “Authoritatively telling people….”

          “Pointing the bone”
          Michael Crichton | States of Fear: Science or Politics?
          QUEUED VIDEO
          (2 1/2 minutes)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      from another SUB-THREAD
      week-ending April 12th Easter

      SUB-THREAD under Corbett’s 4/6/2020 article “This IS The Global Reset. Prepare Accordingly.”

  14. altittude says:

    Came across this video of a doctor explaining how this virus deception is nothing more than an overly stimulated process of toxcity that naturally occurs in cell biology. Found it rather well sourced and enlightning. Would like to know your thoughts

    • MagicBullet says:

      This Dr. starts off with some medically correct information then he veers off into the murky waters of a toxin causing exosomes to make corona virus the “result” of the toxin not the cause of the patient’s symptoms (most persons don’t get hit with many pneumonia-causing toxins). He gets into lots of detail about tests, sizes of particles, membrane envelopes, etc. that do have something to do with microbiology, but he really doesn’t explain clusters of transmissible illness, nor deadly pneumonia. Is he purporting that exosomes are the real danger, or it’s the flu-which does have a test?

      Ends up he doesn’t know, so what is he saying? Not much, and leaves the non bio-science listener with a sense that the spate of pneumonia and deaths are due to something normal and that the testing is poor (which may be true but is a distractor from the real issue). His video is pushing the topic that the medical community “just doesn’t know what’s going on” in order to dilute info on the actual conspiracy between big money and big pharma, redistribution of wealth, and probably plans for digital money and IDs, and population control, just as James and others have opined.

      Note that he is a forensic psychiatrist -a “were you psychotic when you killed someone?” guy, not an infectious disease specialist. He’s not a stupid guy, he’s cleverly led the listener away from the real conspiracy and was probably commissioned to do so, like the Judy Wood “Directed free energy” 9.11 scientist of distraction. Buildings were really taken down, people did really die, and it was an inside job. The virus is real, people do die, and also likely to be an inside job:

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        MagicBullet, you present a valid argument for the hidden catalysts that prime the pumps of TPTSB deceptions.
        We live in a vacuum. If you introduce something new to the vacuum it will be a catalyst that will ripple through the entire system in that vacuum. The predictably of the reaction on the system is known to the entity that introduced it but not known to the afflicted. The catalyst disappears and the remnants of change are left to anyone willing to risk deciphering those remains. The clever investigator will suffer if they ever figure it out. The Requiem of the Suicided.
        James has explored this. Patterns developed over time. This is the way its done. Collecting evidence for a consensus on how the crime was committed. Where is Hercule Perot when you need one? In theory of the body electric and technocracy, Elana Freeland’s new book explores Transhumanism. Its unfortunate the book release didn’t come out before this present situation and will probably be delayed further. She lays out how it is being done. It will be a small contribution as that of hacking a vehicle to cause a mortal crash. Its rocket science but not beyond our grasp. What seems beyond our grasp is the will for prosecution . Eliott Ness, Tom White comes to mind. Certainly not those piece a turds Hoover or Fouci.

        We see Georgia Techs 1000page indictment of the wireless industry as a crime against humanity.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Not to forget. A private Entity has placed in orbit some worrying technology with no Oversight. This kind of Freedom creates a mighty threat to my kind a freedom. You know, ol’Muskrat has a board of directors. They just do their duty, too Much MUSK is bad for honest community. Civilians will have to Order them to be removed.
          Am I delusional?

      • alexandre says:

        Sorry to interfere, but, even from a layman perspective, it’s not too difficult to see the similarity between the exosomes and the COVID-19 in the microscope photos. That’s what he’s saying, and showing, that what is being called COVID is actually exosomes. What would be wrong there?

        Just as a comment, I can’t say anything, being a musician, but after watching stuff like HIV/AIDS – Fact or Fraud or The Emperor’s New Virus, the feeling is that you can’t get “scientists” to agree on something. Doctor A always says something that invalidates doctor B and doctor C then invalidates the previous ones (not to mention that when you get at the top you find things like Antony Faucci, Gallo etc), so I would love to see some documentary by James one day like the Rockefeller Medicine video, looking at virology from way back. Something funny about this whole virus thing. Just my feeling as a complete ignorant person.

        • MagicBullet says:

          Hello. He noted that exosomes look just like viruses. It’s been known for many years that viruses exit the cell in an exosome, so what? Exosomes healthy function is to get toxins out of the cell, that’s great. Unfortunately it doesn’t have anything to do with transmission of an infection, an exosome with an “insult” (toxin) isn’t coughed upon having pneumonia and infecting those around you-in fact he even says at 38:00 that the “exosomes will eat-up these toxins up so they can be SAFELY removed from your body”, nor can all the cases of pneumonia in every corner of the globe be even remotely likely to have the same toxin just happening to give the same pathology at the same time, so this doesn’t make sense.

          At around 34:50 he states that there is “some kind of insult that causes the damage that causes the production of exosomes”. Then he goes into causes of pneumonia: stress and fear [causing deaths??], the flu, a bad cold, e-m radiation, and many different causes, causing the same constellation of symptoms. He sees “no evidence of a virus”, but didn’t he just say the “flu [virus]” could cause this?, and he doesn’t say it could not be COVID either, didn’t he just spend 10 minutes purporting they looked the same? At near 45:50 is says the test could “just as well be something else in the cell”. I.e., it could also be COVID.

          So, he’s making the audience focus on something like exosomes and toxins and doesn’t bridge exosomes to transmission and pneumonia. At 50:20 he’s asked about transmission and he says they may have a “symbiotic function” helping others prepare for the toxin. But he admits he doesn’t know about transmission and doesn’t answer the question he’s just gotten on disease transmission even in the least, then goes into mask size. He’s dodged the transmission and pneumonia bullets, makes multiple mistakes in logic, and at the end of the day his “MagicBullet” logic of exosomes causing this pandemic has just as much logic as the magic bullet that hit the JFK limo. I hope that answers things.

          • alexandre says:

            Thank you for the reply.
            Er….Yes and no. I just watched an interview on a link from Dawn – Kaufman talking to Dawn and David, who have written a big book called “WHAT REALLY MAKES YOU ILL?
            why everything you thought you knew about disease is wrong”.

            The link Dawn sent me of the interview:

            Dawn says on a reply to my comment:
            “There is no scientific evidence that any virus or bacterium is the cause of a disease. Viruses are nonliving particles. This means that diseases are not infectious.”

            This from someone who researched for years, so I think, to really be on the same page as Kaufman, that the discussion should go a bit further back. The germ / virus / bacterium theory and medicine itself, otherwise we’re gonna get lost. One can agree or disagree with Dawn and David’s findings, or Kaufman’s, but at least argue on the same basis. What’s being questioned, at the end of the day, is not an aspect of medicine, but the whole of western medicine – or the “Rockefeller Medicine” – itself. I do detest that “medicine”, so I am indeed biased (for good personal reasons) and what these people say gives me some basis for my strong detestation. I couldn’t argue properly. Your counterpoints should be answered by someone else, I’m afraid. Maybe Dawn herself.

      • phreedomphile says:

        MagicBullet, you’re right about the oversimplification of the exosomes explanation on transmissible illnesses and, seemingly, a lack of understanding of ‘deep state’ machinations to create virus strains for a big global agenda. On the latter point, Kaufman might simply avoiding the kind of controversy generated by bringing up conspiracies.

        I became a reader and supporter of Global Research a year or two after it was founded (in 2001). Lots of great nuggets but one must still sort the wheat from the chaff and keep in mind Chossudovsky supports socialism and, I’m told, he and his father have been involved with the UN.

        In the interview Chossudovsky spoke of “the deliberate intent by the Trump administration to undermine the Chinese economy.” If that were true, as soon as Trump took office he would have immediately rescinded Obama’s action effectively transferring control over internet to the UN via ICANN with the MSM reporting China is poised to take over management duties of the internet for the UN said to worth Trillions in data collection fees alone, to say nothing of the national security disaster of losing control of a major platform for communication and commerce. Former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff, a member of the very powerful Trilateral Commission, was on the international committee that decided the fate of the internet. Chertoff is a dual US-Israel citizen and Israel has had a very busy hand in the creation of the belt and road project (BRI) which is formally a United Nations UNCTAD project to promote regionalism at the expense of nation state sovereignty. That’s why wherever BRI goes privatization of public assets is a priority shift matching the global privatization of public assets in EVERY nation including supposed outliers such as Venezuela and Iran. Australian activist Brendon O’Connell has been showing how Israel steals US high tech and transfers it to Russia and China. US elites aid this process. This has been going on for a very long time. All of these nations are moving fast towards the creation of the NWO Technocracy under the same UN umbrella and central banking tentacles (IMF, WB, BIS, etc.).

        Also keep in mind the 2010 Rockefeller report James brought up in his Medical Martial Law podcast. The pandemic scenario in that report highlighted the draconian response by China as the best and most effective response in a new atmosphere of authoritarian rule in the wake of a pandemic. In the scenario, this authoritarianism not only persisted after the pandemic faded away, it progressed to even greater global authoritarian control. This also matches the COVID 19 response plan on a World Economic Forum website involving extreme control over every person on the planet. Brzezinski chose China as the model large scale Technocracy for the world. That’s why the UN has been praising China’s use of concentration camps (“re-education centers”) for the Uighurs as their culture is destroyed.

    • phreedomphile says:

      With all due respect, I believe Magic Bullet is being overly critical of the information presented and the intent. Kaufman gives credit for his examination into another view on the nature of viruses to Dr. Thomas Cowan who is quite the scholar and author of several books as well as one of the founders of the Weston Price institute. Cowan is great at using different lenses to understand disease pathogenesis. His recent presentation on coronavirus simply points out interesting clues such as the coinciding of the emergence of this new pandemic with the roll out of 5G and how that dovetails with the emergence of other influenza pandemics that exactly coincided with the roll outs of major new electromagnetic frequencies such as power lines, radio, and satellites. As well, the exosome concordance with viruses is widely accepted as truth by respected infection disease experts and, in truth, it’s almost an identical biological process. Finally, Cowan points to several studies where people and animals were repeatedly exposed to infectious body fluids and yet the test subjects did not contract the illness/virus.

      Bottom line is we’re talking about scientific models that have nuance and seem to have different properties depending on the ways we analyze them. “Light acts as both a particle and a wave.” Akin to the parable of the blind men touching an elephant. Cowan is correct to question if the emergence of illnesses correlate with new stresses on the body. What makes us susceptible? “It’s the terrain, not the microbe.” (Pasteur on his death bed.) The head of the NIH has said viruses are much more complex than we used to believe. There are many medical science models that have been grossly oversimplified and countless others that were dead wrong. In fact, often the reality turned out to be the exact opposite of what was taught and used as the basis of a major part of research and healthcare. For instance, “cholesterol and saturated fat consumption leads to heart disease”. The exact opposite is true. “Beta amyloid accumulation causes Alzheimer’s disease.” Wrong! Nearly the opposite in that case too. Strong evidence contrary to the establishment view ignored in both examples as highly educated medical scientists push on blindly. I was an neurology researcher studying Alzheimer’s, brainwashed like the rest, trying to escape those vortices of blind groupthink. I saw a staggering amount of institutional blindness that was incredibly frustrating. It’s in every major field of study, science and non science. We should be open to questioning establishment paradigms and our biases, imho.

      • MagicBullet says:

        Not sure which comment to reply to, it’s not specifically, to this immediate thread.

        Look how far we are getting from today’s Corbett-Pilato show. The whole point of info like Dr. Kaufman’s video is to divide and conquer opinion on the internet with another theory that leads us off the discussion of the real conspiracy of big money, big pharma, and population control, and gets us to have discussions and arguments about distracting topics that decrease our (and by extension Corbett’s) credibility.

        We, as Corbeteers need to see these “divide and conquer disinfomercials” for what they really are, and stay the course of exposing the obvious cabals of power that are upon us.

  15. robert.t says:

    Above I sprayed about buying the “all in this together” strategy. It’s been tried with climate change, where you don’t have to agree about causes to get with the worry over barely perceptible sea level rises post LIA etc. Because we are all in this together. To which I say, there is no “we” and there is no “this”.

    The same strategy has become part of the virus stunt. You are encouraged to be skeptical of the state and banksters but in the next breath you are told to take the stunt as real. No thanks.

    To show how effective “flooding the zone” has been, I have caught myself these last weeks giving opinions on how best to boost immunity etc. In other words, without agreeing to any aspect of the stunt I am nonetheless helping to flood the zone. Good one, Edward Bernays!

    The manipulators want us to buy into the details even if we don’t agree with the broad outline. We can reject the virus panic as a giant hoax on humanity but, in our frustration, we start wanting to be part of the solution to the non-problem. So I start telling you how I’ve been alkalising for decades and so on out of a need to be “positive”. By all means, let’s be positive with live music and cold beer…but not with any talk of disease. About that, I’m staying dead negative.

    Think of the climate imposture, where they have actually succeeded in getting a spook-associated IPCC promoter, Judith Curry, to lead the opposition to the extreme IPCC positions. Many climate skeptics actually see her as their Joan of Arc! There are some clever, if twisted, cookies in those alphabet agencies.

    So no. I won’t talk about what I do to stay healthy, unless it’s in defiance of the globster script. And I won’t be boosting my hygiene, especially by pouring chemicals on myself till I get an actual dangerous condition know as open skin (watch that one!).

    Now is not a time to come together, especially when “together” means via censored electronic media.

    Now is a time to defy. No, not in some creepy elite-guided revolution like 1789 or 1917. I mean now is a time to to be negative as individuals, to ridicule and undermine as individuals. Then we need to find other individuals who want to get negative and ridicule and undermine.

    The creatures running this dogfight are better at controlling than faking. They want me want me to feel my doubts and skepticism can be accommodated. If I can’t get with their Program A, the most comfortable, I can get with Program B or even C, provided I don’t mind a bit of exclusion or discomfort.

    Nope. They can take every program from A to Z and shove it.


    • alexandre says:

      Welcome the club – of two, I guess. Or clubs of one.
      Open skin, I’ll check that out. Never heard.

      When the time comes that we throw the cell phones away, then I’ll raise the old eyebrows. At the very least go out without them, so the stupid AI thinks you’re home.

      But yes. I agree.

    • Hotfoot says:

      From what I have seen of Judith Curry’s work, I wouldn’t have said she was controlled opposition. She is critical of the whole idea of anthropogenic global warming, in my view. What is it she says that makes you say otherwise, Robert.t?

      • robert.t says:

        My first encounter was by a forum when she was still a hardline and very patronising (matronising?) advocate for the whole climate scam. She next moved to a position where the only problem was “communication” of the climate message. (“What we have here is a failure to commoonicate, Luke.”)

        Soon she had a website where all kinds of skeptics had free rein and where she herself was often critical of some consensus positions. Yet all the time there were these sharp little pills of consensus mixed in with the skeptical candy. It wasn’t just a matter of free speech and openness, it was a methodical adjustment of skeptics to a “better” consensus. We just need better models, we just need lower extrapolations, less dogmatic assumptions and more modest crisis points…but you just knew the models, extrapolations, assumptions and crisis points would roll on. To this was added long, navel-gazy word salads about “uncertainty”, “wicked problems”, “black swans” and other fashionable notions.

        The IPCC had gone too far and it needed a more respectable position. Opposition to the IPCC could only be trusted to…the IPCC! Other solution-oriented “lukewarmers” were there in loyal opposition to plead for slower and smaller white elephants and less drastic climate measures.

        I’m concerned that any well-deserved backlash to the pandemic scam will also be by “loyal opposition”. Aren’t doubters already coming up with “solutions” which show an acceptance of the problem, reacting with better remedies and hygiene measures as if the fault was only exaggeration on the part of the globo cabal? So the cabal gets to set the topic and the agenda, we hand them our rebellious essays for correction and marks. All colours are welcome in the rainbow of opinions!

        If I start talking about my own technique for handwashing or boosting immunity…the bad guys start to win.

        • manbearpig says:


          • manbearpig says:

            Reminds me of this:

            “ Judith Curry remarks:
            …He concludes the greenhouse effect from anthropogenic emissions is impossible. Sounded bizarre to me, but then I noticed how he defines the greenhouse effect: The planetary greenhouse effect (GE) may be defined or quantified in different ways. In astrophysics the all sky GE is defined via the total available solar radiation interacting with the system. He states: In steady state, the planetary surface (as seen from space) shows no greenhouse effect: the all-sky surface upward radiation is equal to the available solar radiation. His ‘greenhouse effect’ is ‘all sky’, including clouds and is directly related to the top of atmosphere radiation balance (including solar radiation). This is not the definition of ‘greenhouse effect’ that is commonly used in climate science, whereby it relates to the atmospheric emission and absorption of infrared radiation.

            To define the greenhouse effect out of existence because it balances the TOA solar radiation is not very useful, to say the least…”


            I’m surprised by Judith Curry’s off-hand dismissal of Miskolczi’s work and findings.

            Though, unfortunately, the discussion thread that she nonetheless opened mostly did Not treat Miskolczi’s work, David in TX pointed out:

            “…Curry’s understanding is incorrect. Miskolczi’s hypothesis is that the greenhouse effect is saturated. It is such that any potential warming by increasing CO2 is negated by changes in water vapor…”

            and as Miskolczi supporter, Arno Arak explains:

            “…In [1] he [Miskolczi] introduces the important concept of the quasi-all-sky protocol which considers the fact that the global average vertical atmospheric temperature and humidity structures are implicitly affected by the actual global average cloud cover…”


            which has me conclude that Miskolczi, like Svensmark and his work on the importance of cosmic rays in the creation of cloud cover, is another misunderstood and unsung hero of climate science.


            2/3 of the way down.

            • alexandre says:

              MBP, let me ask you. Remember the documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle”? I found it – on my own at the time (hurray) – after watching Gore’s Inconvenient Truth thing. After my needles going off the charts I looked and found it. But now, after so many years, what are your thoughts on that? Is that ok? I mean, the info there, is it all ok with what you know etc? It was a BBC film, wasn’t it? So maybe I was swindled myself.

        • alexandre says:

          Agreed from A to Z, robert.

          As I started to see this apparent possible (kind of surprising) backlash, you already said what I was probably going to start thinking. In Brazil they say “They don’t do stitching without a not”, meaning they don’t leave anything out, cover all their bases etc.

          • robert.t says:

            When you think about it, controlled opposition is the cheap part of an operation. People will blog for food.

            The other form of opposition is the ad absurdum, which is not controlled but purposely out of control. Get people to talk about high freemasons being lizard people and NASA hiding the truth about secret cities on the moon…who’s going to feel comfortable criticising freemasons or NASA?

            What disturbs me most is the patient corralling of people skeptical of the mainstream so that they can be turned about on one big issue where their skepticism might be an obstacle. Maybe we’re seeing it now with the plandemic, though it’s hard to know motives in individual cases. I don’t know whether it’s by long term calculation or just the need to feel accepted by the mainstream for a change, but most alternative sites have gone full-statist overnight with this latest stunt.

            I rather thought skeptical people would notice the stupendous levels of debt and money printing in the lead up to all this and make connections. Instead they’re calling for better face masks, fast-tracking of some anti-malarial gunk they read about…and stronger leadership, of course. Oh yeah, they really want strong. (“He made the freezer trucks run on time!”)

            • alexandre says:

              Sorry, I didn’t get the last part. I must be not too well informed.

              “Oh yeah, they really want strong. (“He made the freezer trucks run on time!”)”

              But yes, I think we’ll end up with Corbett alone. I myself already rely almost solely on TCR (James + comments), and watch other medias with “caution”.

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              Robert.t ; that’s a great visualization. Stopped the beam on me, transported me to a another level. Clever.

              KKK cone hat-masks, puts on a demonstration to properly fit your gas-mask to your white cone hat-mask. A two for one Phythonesq energy field to Jam proles go to sleep beam.

  16. Jed says:

    They don’t need a Bilderberg meeting this year, they’re in action, what’s going on now is what they’ve been meeting about all these years. They went all in with this one — too bad their plan is going to fail — too many moving parts, the machine is going to fly apart in a big way. As the comfort level drops, the savage beast that is humanity starts to stir. I’m seeing it , folks who’ve never doubted the mainstream are starting to doubt. People are starting to feel it. Hang in there ladies and gents, keep digging, talking (shouting), pushing — the power tower is going down — it always does, history shows, the current masters of the world are no different, THEY ALWAYS LOOSE.

  17. MagicBullet says:

    Corbett Subscribers MUST SEE:
    Michel Chossudovsky, “So We’re starting with a lie”…and that’s not all of the story:

    “The WHO Director-General, who had been in Davos just a few days earlier, determined that the so-called outbreak constituted a Public Health Emergency of International Concern…that decision was taken on the basis of 150 confirmed cases outside China. Now, anybody who takes cognizance of that should not trust anything else that they say because at the beginning is a big lie, and it’s a big lie which is instrumented by very powerful people. It’s the combination of what I call Big Money and Big Pharma.”

  18. david.f says:

    The beast seems to come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s still only a beast that will starve itself eventually.

    The Kraken’s Attack’en

    The Kraken
    Is back, and
    Needs to fill
    It’s huge
    So it creeps
    And leaps
    Over us peeps
    Straight to
    The Glo-

    This foodie
    Is moody
    With such
    An evil
    It learned from
    The Bush’s
    So it pushes
    And squooshes
    In line

    It orders
    About one
    And is
    For a hyped virus
    To break
    All past

    It demands
    Some panic
    Hot and
    And not to
    Slice it to thin
    Because the
    Loves attack’en
    And panic
    Such a din

    Yes sir
    Say the workers
    Who go
    ‘Cept one
    Who thinks
    Something’s smelly
    And says this
    Kraken’s fake
    It’s just one more snake
    But is ignored
    And kicked out
    Of the deli

    Now the Kraken
    Is loose
    The noose
    Around the sheeples’
    And will never stop
    Until they all drop
    From starving
    Stay safe

  19. LeifNZ says:

    “…the climate change push… will be of less importance…”
    I doubt it. Extinction Rebellion brought the idea of a new-way-of-living to public attention via its willing MSM accomplice, thanks to both being funded by the same entity.
    This message, seeded in the minds of the public, has now become an, albeit temporary, reality.
    The push will now be on to establish this new-way-of-living as a permanent social construct.
    The carrot (a clean green earth) and the stick (or you die).
    Dang; it’s all making a sort of painful sense now.

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