Interview 948 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

10/02/20144 Comments
Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:
Story #1: Hong Kong Erupts As Pro-Democracy Protests Bring 100,000 Into the Streets
Flashback: First “Drone” Coverage On Media Monarchy (May 2007)
Hong Kong Protesters Turn to Mesh Networks to Evade China’s Censorship
Students Know the Difference Between Indoctrination & Free Expression In Colorado, As Student Counter-Protest to An Anti-Protest Curriculum
Story #2: Eric Holder Takes $77M Job with JPMorgan Chase; Bank Colluded with Nazi Germany, Conspired to Create Federal Reserve
Lee Harvey Oswald Quietly Added To CIA Memorial Wall
Obama's Enforcer Resigns: Attorney General Holder One of Worst AG’s In US History
Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's Sister on Timing of Holder Resignation: "Not a Coincidence"
Interview 314 – Jesse Trentadue
PDF: Jesse Trentadue Details Holder's Role In OKC Bombing Coverup
Secret Recordings Show Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve In Bed
Story #3: ‘Kill The Messenger’ Movie Tells Story of CIA, Drugs and Journalism
How ‘Kill the Messenger’ Will Vindicate Investigative Journalist Gary Webb
Internal Report Reveals CIA-MSM Propaganda Campaign to Quash Gary Webb Exposé
PDF: “Managing a Nightmare: CIA Public Affairs and the Drug Conspiracy Story”
#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Breaking: CDC Confirms First Case of Ebola in US
Geopolitikal Shocker! Afghanistan Signs Accord Keeping US Troops Past 2014
CIA-Backed Warlord Behind 2001 Taliban POW Massacre Sworn-In VP of Afghanistan
Flashback: 2001 Taliban POW Massacre
Globalist Celebs Convened in Venice for CFR Front Man’s Wedding to Former Dulles Bros. Lawyer
New Power Coupling Begs Question: Is Public Office In Clooney’s Future?
Hollywood Companies Win FAA Approval for First Commercial Use of Drones in U.S.
#SimpsonsSyncs: 'Tapped Out', Mapped Out and Making Media Monarchy
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  1. mammique says:

    I think this HK demonstrations has to be understood as the continuation of the Ukraine crisis escalation. First the Empire wants to take a bite on Ukraine with the EU partnership, Moscow reacts and takes back Crimea, the Empire starts sanctioning Russia, finally Russia partners up with China to put an end to the Empire domination of petro-dollar and credit card monopoly. I think the elite of the Empire flying around NYC, The City, Brussels, Tel Aviv, Singapore or HK would fight back at some point against Russia and China for this. Maybe Beijing anticipated this as the Empire is better than anyone for selecting their puppets leaders in “democratic” elections, then put one of their puppet at the head of HK that would be a pain in the ass of Beijing. Chinese see things on long term, they know history, they are patient, I’m sure they would prefer waiting 2027 instead of entering a fight. If they entered it now, I guess it’s because they were compelled to, in reaction of some sort of threat (or paranoia). There should not be any illusion about this “democratic” thing, “democracy” is a model in which the medias of the Empire pre-selects their puppets, then people “choose”, Beijing way to pre-select their puppets is just more frank, then people “choose”.

  2. Richard-Fitzwell says:

    I finally went to the movies and saw ‘Kill The Messenger’ and thought overall that it was pretty good.

    However, after the movie, when we walked out into the lobby the VERY FIRST thing I heard someone say was this “Well, that’s why you don’t rock the boat.”


    • Corbett says:

      A very revealing (if not all that surprising) reaction. In the end, perhaps that’s why these tell-alls are allowed to come out at all (long after the events in question, of course, and long after the CIA smear campaign has done its job).

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