Interview 1306 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

10/12/201764 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Clooney Asked To Spy On Gaddafi, Jolie On Kony

The International Criminal Court Exposed

The Assassination of Gaddafi – GRTV Backgrounder

Angelina Jolie ‘Offered' To Help Snare Kony In Honeytrap Dinner

History Commons: Luis Moreno-Ocampo

Wikipedia: Satellite Sentinel Project

CFR: “Clooney”

CFR: “Jolie”

5 People You Won’t Believe Worked For the CIA

NWNW Flashback: CFR Clooney Raised $15 Million For Hillary & DNC, Denounced Money In Politics Day Later (Apr. 21, 2016)

NWNW Flashback: Full Disclosure and the Further Exposure of the So-Called Elite (Dec. 18, 2014)

Story #2: Blackwater Founder Prince Weighing U.S. Senate Run

Michael Krieger on Erik Prince’s Insane Post-Blackwater Career

Douglas Valentine on the Resurrection of the Phoenix Program

Story #3: After Massive Show Of Uprising, Catalonia Bails On Formal Independence Declaration

NWNW Flashback: The Radical Leftist, Anti-Bailout Syriza Party Won in Greece’s National Elections (Feb. 4, 2015)

President Trump Meets With Dr. Henry Kissinger… Again

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  1. Richard Ran says:

    13:10 – 13:12 James E P., “..there’s no political solution.”

    13:13 – 15:20 James C., “..[same]..”

    Okay, don’t vote. I get that.
    So then what? What should the people of Catalonia have done instead?

    Oh, we get Trump meets Kissinger..

    • Richard Ran says:

      Btw J&J, perhaps a little less disdain for the common (voting) folk in Catalonia might go some way to winning over a few of “the sheeple” still on the fence about voluntarism.

      Just sayin’

      • wingsuitfreak says:

        I agree that a nice little segue into a solution would have been nice, but I loved the rant against the futility of voting. Personally, I consider voters terrorists. After all, they are standing in lines to help choose a spokesperson who will represent their desire to force others to do something akin to what they want. Voters desire force upon others. If not disdain for that, then what?
        But the solution is already going on in a gazillion places. It is seed sourcing, off-grid power solutions, 3D printing, etc. The revolution is winning, it’s just that we don’t have a coherent front to publicize it.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          …we don’t have a coherent front to publicize it. – Jim Bob

          Well said Jim. …The entire comment.

          (“Jim Bob” …”Bob” gets added on occasion if you live in the south.)

          • wingsuitfreak says:

            Why thank you HRS. For our friends outside of the south (I’ll forgive them for that sin, grievous though it may be), the addition of Bob is very similar to the title of Don or Doña in the spanish speaking world. High praise indeed.

        • Richard Ran says:

          Hi wingsuitfreak,

          Rant against voting, okay. My point is that it should be possible to convey the message without the condescending attitude. I mean:

          “Everyone will get excited again, as if oh, this is the solution, wow.. yeah, they’re gonna let us vote”

          ..etcetera, until end of rant. Listen to the tone of voice, like it’s a portrayal of little children. That’s James mocking the Catalonian people, while also trying to get a valid message across. If J&J are at all interested in winning over some of the fence sitters instead of just preaching to the choir, I’d say, drop the attitude (e.g. calling people “swine at the trough” and that sort of thing).

          The solutions you bring up are great on a personal level and I’m all for it, and doing it myself in multiple ways. Look, it’s one (great) thing to “declare your own independence” as it were, but the fact remains that these evasive measures will do nothing whatsoever to roll back the welfare/warfare state that all of us still have to endure. You can mind your own business as much as you like, while at the same time the state is growing ever more powerful, unchallenged by the proposed peer-to-peer pipe dreams.

          At least the people in Catalonia expressed the desire to challenge the central government in Madrid. Yes, via ineffectual means, for sure, when it comes to referendums and my guess is that the majority of them know that simply filling in a form won’t do the trick. So I find it a bit rich when these people are mocked and portrayed as little children by virtue signalling voluntarists who are great at analysing and proposing evasive measures, but who have very little to show for when it comes to actually challenging the machine.

          Take care man,

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            You do bring up some important points.

            There is no doubt that sometimes when a person is mocked and ridiculed for a well-intentioned action, the person might get a little ruffled or offended.

            People might get offended at a statement or remark, but for the most part people move on.

            People get over things.

            Except a wife…
            In the “Husband Handbook”, it clearly states in Section 3, 1st Paragraph, “A wife has the privilege of bringing up any mistake, statement, or perceived error made by the husband no matter how far in the distant past. Husbands are not afforded this privilege”.

            RICE PAPER and communication
            In my opinion, ‘trying not to offend others’ stifles a person’s own free and open communication.
            It is like always walking on rice paper.
            Grasshopper knows… (40 seconds)

            • Richard Ran says:

              Hi HRS,

              Thank you for your opinion. Even though what you say is very accurate, it is also precisely beside the point.

              As for ‘trying not to offend others,’.. well, I wasn’t arguing any of the kind. Expressing a well reasoned opinion without resorting to condescending and rather self-congratulatory behaviour is quite different from your framing of the issue.

              Kind regs from Amsterdam,

            • Richard Ran says:

              Hi HRS,

              Thought I’d get back at you one last time in this thread. It’s about the critical remarks I’ve levelled at James & James about their “solutions” (while mocking the Catalonian people).


              “[X..]’ road to nowhere: somehow, after we talk about it for a while, seven people will spontaneously decide to secede – to break from their current, forced, political bonds and form new, voluntary bonds. They will all simultaneously grasp the idea that they do not have to live under the same governmental jurisdiction as their neighbor.

              Libertarians such as [X..] are perfectly acceptable to those who support the status quo. They are harmless; they are “safe” to the regime; they pose absolutely no danger.

              Libertarians such as these are on a road to nowhere.”

              From the article by Bionic Mosquito: Libertarian Road to Nowhere.


              Kind regs from Amsterdam,

          • wingsuitfreak says:

            I can see your point Richard, but how long has this message about voting been going out there? Sometimes you have to whack that mule about the head to get his attention. They’ll get upset, but that’s better than thrown down stairs like the cops were doing to their grandmothers. And also, I personally don’t care about people who wouldn’t step up when the cops threw their grandmothers down the stairs. There is a reason they don’t do that in my neck of the woods. Mocking and beating should convince them that political action isn’t as it appears.

            • Richard Ran says:

              And I can see yours, wingsuitfreak.

              And just to be crystal clear: It’s not about whether or not to “upset people,” it’s about J&J not riding their highfalutin hobby horse of non-voting righteousness, mocking the Catalonian people, while offering no real solutions. Well, Brexit was kinda celebrated as one on the Corbett Report, like PF pointed out in this thread, but that’s all changed now, or so it seems.

              Perhaps it’s just me becoming allergic to anarchosnobs, don’t know.

              Cheers man,

              • wingsuitfreak says:

                I don’t remember if they really celebrated that vote or not. But I do know that those who still somehow believe in voting anger me. There is a point at which any thinking human being has to realize the futility of such a belief. When will these idiots learn? Are they capable of learning anymore, or are they such slaves that they will always remain content with whatever crumbs their masters leave them? I admit, this may be snobbish on my behalf, but their stupidity affects me. Because of their stupidity, their truly superstitious belief in their precious sacrament; we all remain enslaved to some degree. I do not blame those predators who order the troops to war. I do not blame those predators like Saville, the rest of that ilk, for their crimes. I do not blame those who order the torture of people at Guantanamo Bay. I blame those who believe so blindly, so stupidly, in the sacred ritual of voting them into power every chance they get. These voters are the true criminals, for they are the ones who sanction these horrors by their casting of the holy vote of slavery. I can certainly see why someone might think I’m a bit harsh, but it’s their fault more than anyone else’s. This is the world the voters want. I don’t think it’s that anarchists are such snobs. I think it’s because we’re running out of patience with these stupid spoiled brats who still think their vote means they’re free.

              • mkey says:

                That vote was “celebrated” and the “UK vote” came in close to the “Trump vote” so it was kind of a logical blurb on James’ part; one was ridiculed the other was welcomed as if it meant something. None of them meant anything, UK hasn’t left EU and probably never will, James made a logical reasoning error on that one. To draw any further conclusions on that error would require special reasoning skills. I.e. those that make you draw conclusions which you want to see drawn. Ad nauseam.

                I won’t even mention that James had a number of articles featuring “solutions,” some of which I personally many not agree with at all, but still they are out there, posing as possible solutions. To imply that James simply mocks people and never offers any alternative ways of thinking is beyond ridiculous. As if there were a clear cut alternative “solution” to this Catalonia vote.

                As for being a “snob”: why would you feel like a snob only because you HAVE reasoning skills which are far above the median? Not because you’re an ancestor of Spock himself, but because the median is on the level of primordial soup. Such thinking belongs in the sphere of political correctness, to realize you’re better than the common ilk at something should not draw any inappropriate feelings. Just as realizing someone is better than you at something else shouldn’t draw jealousy on your part but the will to self improve. What matters is what you do with said knowledge and understanding.

                “in the sacred ritual of voting them into power every chance they get”
                They haven’t voted anyone into anything, I’m sure you’re aware of that, I just wanted to drive that point home.

              • wingsuitfreak says:

                Thanks mkey, Had I that mysterious substance known as “tact”, that’s a lot closer to the way I would have worded my response. Unfortunately, I don’t possess that substance. But I am descended from Spock. The more you know. JimBob

              • Richard Ran says:

                Hi wingsuitfreak (sorry, can’t comment directly to your post),

                “I don’t remember if they really celebrated that vote or not.”

                Of course you don’t, and I don’t expect you to. It isn’t even relevant if you remember these episodes or not. That’s why I provided a link, you know, so that you can check for yourself if you wish.


                So especially FIY, here’s the description underneath one of the mentioned Corbett Report episodes about the Brexit vote:

                “Britain has voted to leave the EU! [..] let’s pause for just one second to celebrate a bit of good news.”

                Sounds kinda festive doesn’t it? We’re even invited to celebrate the good news.

                There you go, it’s on the house 😉

              • Octium says:

                Nothing has changed. Brexit was an opinion poll on whether people want more or less government and if J&J where celebrating anything it would be the fact that results indicate that more people than less desire less government.

                What happened in Catalonia is a whole bunch people decided that electing a different coloured lizard would be the solution to their problems are they were wrong again as usual.

            • Pablo de Boer says:

              Hola aloha amigo Jim from the other side of the Ocean,

              I always enjoy to read your comments, because you are and behave as an Independent Soul Rebel just like:

              Elisée Reclus

              Why Anarchists don’t vote

              Everything that can be said about the suffrage may be summed up in a sentence.

              To vote is to give up your own power.

              To elect a master or many, for a long or short time, is to resign one’s liberty.

              Call it an absolute monarch, a constitutional king, or a simple M.P., the candidate that you raise to the throne, to the seat, or to the easy chair, he will always be your master. They are persons that you put “above” the law, since they have the power of making the laws, and because it is their mission to see that they are obeyed.

              To vote is befitting of idiots.

              It is as foolish as believing that men, of the same make as ourselves, will acquire in a moment, at the ringing of a bell, the knowledge and the understanding of everything. Of course it is so. Your elected person shall have to legislate on every subject under the moon; how a box of matches should or should not be made, or how to make war; how to improve the agriculture, or how best to kill a tribe of Arabs or a few Negroes. Probably you believe that their intelligence will grow in proportion to the variety of subjects they have to give their minds to; but history and experience teaches otherwise.

              The possession of power has a maddening influence; parliaments have always wrought unhappiness.

              In ruling assemblies, in a fatal manner, the will prevails of those below the average, both morally and intellectually.

              To vote is to prepare shameful treachery and traitors.

              Electors do certainly believe in the honesty of the candidates, and this is to a certain extent existing while the fervor and the heat of the contest remains.

              But every day has its to-morrow. As soon as the conditions alter, likewise do men change. To-day your candidate bows humbly before your presence; to-morrow he will say “pish” to you. From a cadger of votes he has turned to be a master of yours.

              How can a worker, enrolled by you amongst the ruling class, be the same as before, since now he can speak in terms of equality with the other oppressors? Look at the servility of any one of them, written all over his face, after paying a call to a “captain of industry,” or when the King invites him to the ante-chamber of his court!

              The atmosphere of the “House” is not for deep breathing; it is corrupt. If you send one of yourselves in a foul place, you must not be surprised afterwards if he comes back in a rotten condition.

              Therefore, do not part with your freedom.

              Don’t vote!

              Instead of entrusting the defense of your interests to Others, see to the matter by yourselves. Instead of trying to choose advisers that will guide you in future actions, do the thing yourselves, and do it now! Men of good will shall not have to look long in vain for the opportunity.

              To put on others’ shoulders the responsibility of one’s actions is cowardice.

              Don’t vote!

              Saludos y abrazos,

              Pablo de Boer

              Ps. I’ m also not anarchist, because I want to think and act totally free and independent

        • m.clare says:

          “Personally, I consider voters terrorists. After all, they are standing in lines to help choose a spokesperson who will represent their desire to force others to do something akin to what they want. Voters desire force upon others. If not disdain for that, then what?”

          I have taken the liberty of forwarding the above (verbatim) to my Artificially Unintelligent colleagues who persist in their patriotic peer pressure persuasion tactics. (election time here in Cowtown. Sigh.)

          Thanks, Wingsuitfreak… very well said.

          • wingsuitfreak says:

            Gosh, there are shoe tips shuffling the dirt, and now I blush.

          • manbearpig says:

            Oh wait, oh wait m.clare! How about “my Artificially Unintelligent colleagues who

            “persist in their patriotic peer pressure persuasion PLOYS!”

            Ah! such exquisite alliteration…

            or! or!

            perversely yet predictably persist in their pitiful patriotic peer pressure ploys…

            or no! painfully and perversely yet predictably persist in their pitifully passé patriotic peer pressure ploys…

            or uhh…

            I also enjoyed mkey’s condescending and probably paradoxically inaccurate “primordial soup” assessment of “median reasoning skills”… elicited evil exultation…

            and Anarchosnobs fatal flaw is they may just grossly underestimate the human need for pyramidal power structures…

            signed: a would-be anarchosnob and ardent admirer of alliteration of mediocre mental might suffering from an exacerbated ego and potent passive-aggressive inferiority issues…

            probably one of my more pertinent posts…

      • PeaceFroggs says:

        Totally agree with you Richard Ran. Catalonia is a great example, and don’t forget Brexit, I believe I remember James doing a celebration video for that one. Trying to have it both ways I guess.

        • Richard Ran says:

          Hey, instant understanding! That’s a first.
          Let’s savour the moment 😉

          Cheers PF,

        • Richard Ran says:

          Hi PF,

          About that Corbett Report Brexit celebration video, perhaps you were referring to this one?

          Why Brexit Is A Blow to the Oligarchs

          That was decided by voting, if I’m not mistaken?

          But now we hear that voting is only for those simpletons who “don’t get it” and probably never will.

          So you make an important point, because what is it then? The Brexit vote either was or wasn’t a blow to the oligarchs. Or perhaps it was both, akin to the “reasoning” of many Climatistas, that both global warming and cooling can’t prove anything other than their preconceived point.

          Stay cool,

          • PeaceFroggs says:

            I’m cool 😉

            Actually I was referrencing to this one

            “Brexit Wins! Cameron Resigns!! EUpocalypse Now!!!”

          • wingsuitfreak says:

            It is a blow because now the people will learn just how ineffective voting is. They will also become angry. There are a host of reasons why it is important, but none of them have anything to do with England leaving the EU. We are at a turning point in history. It’s a pretty good show if you ask me. I’m just sitting here watching it and wishing I had a joint. 🙂 Politics goes so much better with weed. Sort of like cartoons for big kids.

            • Richard Ran says:

              The point is that the Brexit vote was presented by James as a “Blow To The Oligarchs“. Not to the people as you make it out to be, but to the oligarchs. So apparently, at the time, James’ opinion about voting was somewhat more nuanced, I dare say, than in this particular show concerning the Catalonian situation.

            • PeaceFroggs says:


              You seem to be skipping a few steps, there are four boxes of liberty.

              First the vote, in order to get a consensus of the people, then comes the proposed solution. If neither of them are enligned with what the “vote”er’s want then come the judiciary, then as a last resort, the ammo.

              The four boxes of liberty

              “There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury and ammo. Please use in that order.”

              So voting, has it’s place, unlike what James says in this video.

              • herrqlys says:

                Ever more centralized government has chained us up as individuals with rules and more rules, and we are expected to submit to authority.

                The fact that the ballot box is the only part of the democratic process that individuals are still allowed to have should bring the real value of voting into question.

                Special interest groups (particularly party donors) come first.

              • PeaceFroggs says:


                You said: “The fact that the ballot box is the only part of the democratic process that individuals are still allowed to have…”

                That simply isn’t true.

                First, the populace has a voice, today more than ever. Today’s soap box is mostly the Internet, with sites like the Corbett Report and other more mainstream news sites like yahoo and msn, these sites offer a place, a comment sections, which allows people to manifest their thoughts about a wide array of subjects daily.

                Then its onto the ballot box, a time (usually every 4 years years or so) when we, the people, have a chance to vote a government that will either repeal or implement certain policies. Brexit and Catalonia are two recent examples of people actually voting, not just subtle changes in direction in their government, but seismic shift in the political landscape.

                Governing a country isn’t easy, in Rome they had to distract the masses with bread and circus. Today, Trump, who won the Presidency with about 2 million less votes than Hillary, is finding out just how difficult it is to implement what he had promised to those who helped him get elected, without losing seats in the upcoming mid term elections in 2018, which would make him a lame duck President.

                In other words, they can steer or steal elections, that is true, but the people still have the power, because when the first two options don’t work (soap box/ballot box), the next step in the democratic process is the judiciary. This is probably the most important step in the democratic process, because a country’s Constitution is the ultimate arbiter, not its government. Which is why the neocons were hellbent on passing the patriot act immediately after 9/11 (shock and awe).

                After 8 years of Bush and the Patriot Act, America was on the cusp of violent revolution. Therefore, to help defuse the situation, the people that influence congress (ie American Empire) and also the same people who decide when and where America’s next war(s) will be, selected Obama to be President. Eventually, as the wars came to a close, the Patriot Act was replaced by the Freedom Act, which repealed most of the Patriot Act, and restored much of the US Constitution.

                If this hadn’t been done, I’m pretty sure the US would have descended into civil war, ie the “Ammo box”, that’s how close it came.

                Sure, there is a hidden hand that seeks to usurp the US Empire’s military for it’s own benefit, but what these last 15 or 20 years have shown us, is that the people still have the power.

                Now, we wait and see, what happens during Trump’s reign, and where we go from here.

      • mkey says:

        Everyone has the right to express themselves the way they see fit. I’m not implying you don’t know that. Talking to those who refuse to listen is enervating to say the least and his rant, if anything, was mild. It was quite emotional to boot and that’s a side James doesn’t show that often. Your expectations of James seem to be too high.

        Voting cattle, sheeple people, those who choose to keep their eyes shut, those who choose to look the other way, those who are not mature enough to realize that change starts from within oneself, those who will fall for the same traps over and over again; whatever you wish to call these people, there is one all encompassing word to describe them all – statists.

        They refuse to question. They refuse to understand. They refuse to call out those who lie to them every single day. They refuse to take ownership. They want easy solutions, quick fixes and for someone else to pick up the tab. Statists. They are those who don’t act and are willing to back the bully to make you do what they want to be done.

        Calling them children is inappropriate, children are not that thick and can be reasoned with. I personally would much rather talk to a child than a crazed supporter of the state, be he far right, far left, deep center or whatever other orientation.

        Statist are our enemy. Those policemen beating down on you while in full armor; those military men rounding up people and sending them off to the frontline; those bureaucrats stealing food from your table, imposing barriers and unnatural demands on how you conduct your life, regulating your every breath; they all do it while chanting merrily “I’m just doing my job.”

        I do know some people who are on the fence and I often refrain from making them lose their balance, I don’t see myself as having the right the burst their bubble. Not often do I come across those who seek discussion. When I do, I like sharing an opinion or two.

        Vast majority of the others, however, I personally don’t want to have anything to do with.

    • mkey says:

      Civil disobedience, to name one. How large a percentage of citizens needs to defy the government for its agencies to crawl to a complete stop? 5%? 10%?

      In my country there is currently going on a fascist reform where private entities have merged with lawmakers to financially molest and harass citizens. Fines and legal fees 5 to 100 times larger than initial debts are being hoisted upon people by the millions. People keep their mouth shut and pony up, those whom can afford it. If 250.000 of them would file an appeal, the so called judicial system would implode.

      The Catalan question is one of the prime political issues in EU currently. Had that referendum passed, Europe would see a dozen more states inside a few years, springing all over the old continent like mushrooms. All of that consolidation effort would have been for naught. They say secession is “illegal” because of the “constitution,” is it? Well then, write a new constitution, this one appears to be broken.

      If push came to shove, I could be persuaded to see this as a solution as well

      People need to shed their slave mentality just like a snake would shed its old skin.

    • weilunion says:

      Well, lots to say.

      Let’s begin with Catalonia. James is absolutely right, if voting could change anything it would be illegal. Sold out again by the Greek style neo-liberalism, the appeasers to concentrated capital. Although the vote was not a legal referendum, James is right in saying it should have been pushed through by government legislation.

      Alas, the government is not interested in the useless bread gobblers, are they? By the way, useless bread gobblers” is a term that was coined by the Nazis.

      People should read The Guns of Catalonia by George Orwell for more. He was there.

      Speaking of which: Erik Prince’s expected bid for candidacy is all part of Steve Bannon and Gorka’s movement to build a fascist party which will then oppose the reactionary republicans; they know the corporate demos are dead.

      This is the game: the beginning of a proto-fascist party and of course, this is the populist theocratic feudalism Prince and his ilk are selling.

      But it goes further. I invite readers to become familiar with the Schmitz Family.

      This family is thoroughly fascist, through and through. You do not hear much about them. And they are billionaires. And they are connected to the Prince family (DeVos the whole bag of garbage) in many, many ways. The Schmitzes go back to actual Nazism.

      As noted anti-fascist, Dave Emory states:

      “The difference between the image of the GOP’s “family values” propaganda and the reality as lived by GOP operatives is illustrated in this discussion of the life, times, and offspring of former Representative John G. Schmitz. An ultra-right winger from Southern California, Schmitz was too far to the right for the John Birch Society. His own “family values” came to light when it turned out he had a second family by his German mistress and that a son by that union had been sexually mutilated. Schmitz’s daughter–Mary Kay Le Tourneau—bore two children by one of her thirteen-year-old male students. Much of the program focuses on the presence of “things German” in the life and times of Schmitz and his son John P. Schmitz, raising the question of the possible relationship of the Schmitzes to the Bormann group. Of more interest than the elder Schmitz is his son John P. Schmitz, a former counsel to the elder George Bush and partner in a German international law firm that represents many of the German core corporations that comprise the main element of the Bormann organization.
      Program Highlights Include: The elder Schmitz’s habit of giving a Nazi salute; the elder Schmitz’s curious association with Yasser Arafat (unusual for a Bircher); the younger Schmitz’s presence in investigations involving various aspects of 9/11; the younger Schmitz’s involvement with both the Iran-Contra machinations and the Iraqgate scandal; the younger Schmitz’s work for former CDU treasurer Matthias Wissman; the younger Schmitz’s presence on the board of directors of the American Council on Germany; the younger Schmitz’s work for Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering—one of D.C.’s most powerful law firms; the younger Schmitz’s work on behalf of Bayer AG, Bertelsmann, Deutsche Bank, Rober Bosch GmbH. Deutsche Welle (German TV).”

      There’s more:

      And their connections to 911 are worthy of thorough investigation.

      Finally, as to the Kiss of Death’s (Henry Kissinger) meeting with Trump, this is logical. Presidents have no power in the US; Trump’s stupidity included. They must meet with the Rockefeller appointed, scurrilous, coin operated politicians in the bordellos of power to get their talking notes. That Kissinger is alive is devastating enough but not in comparison with his international crimes on behalf of power.

      • Mielia says:

        Candidates for the CIA (or FSB or whatever) spies list ;-)?
        Wiki lists Joseph E Schmitz as a member of the Order of Malta. Find this an interesting detail.

        Interesting to know would also be, if the above mentioned family is related to IG Hermann Schmitz. Couldn’t find a connection ad hoc. Probability is relatively low, the name is too common as them to have to be related.

    • Mielia says:

      That’s only how I see it in this very moment, no offense meant.
      I sense a longing for an easy answer/solution to all problems (like 42) (which obviously there isn’t).
      Already how the question ‘the people should have done’ is conceptualized, makes me think it is like the old ‘Stammtisch’ question. There at the regular rounds people find the answer what the politicians should have done and everything would be good and do this over and over and over again.
      As if when J&J would have just addressed the Catalonian audience beforehand, providing the solution.
      Miraculously all alternative media outlets would have mirrored it and thus ‘the catalonian people’ – as a “unity” of all human beings in this area – would have employed this solution and would now be free (not just ‘independent’).
      (You get my mood here? A bit laughable, ironic.)

      (And, by the way, it’s also not about: Don’t vote!

      I will leave you empty here and provide no answer(s) yet, purposefully.

      • Mielia says:

        Besides: Equally funny was proposing James for an Oscar (some days ago in regards to the documentary). Or XYZ for President or Nobel Peace Price or demanding that something (video/topic/whatever) should be mandatory in school.

        Just playing the wrong game.

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    (James Corbett’s old stomping grounds)
    October 12, 2017 Good News Next Week!
    Edmonton has fluoride in its drinking water. Calgary does not. Take a wild guess which of the two cities’ children have more cavities?

    A little tidbit…
    Dr Paul Connett and coauthors published “The Case Against Fluoridation back in 2010 which has 80 pages of references.
    One of the coauthors was James Beck, MD, PhD, a retired Professor of Physics from Calgary. He was instrumental in getting Calgary to stop its Fluoridation program.
    VIDEO clip –
    (By the way, if someone wants to see a firecracker activist, rewind the video to see Regina who flew in experts and sponsored this TownHall. Regina is thermitic to the system. You can also see her here… )

    The article in The Calgary Herald “Corbella: The science is not settled on water fluoridation” by Licia Corbella is so good…
    …that I apologize in advance for placing the full text below.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      Edmonton has fluoride in its drinking water. Calgary does not. Take a wild guess which of the two cities’ children have more cavities?

      If you said Calgary, you’d be wrong! Chew on that for a while. Despite continuing to have fluoride in their water, kids in Edmonton have more tooth decay than Calgary kids — in their baby teeth and their permanent teeth, says a University of Calgary study.

      But, how can that be? Isn’t fluoride the wonder supplement that’s supposed to mean little kids will suffer less tooth decay? That’s what many proponents of adding fluoride to our drinking water would have you believe. They have also urged people to base their position on fluoridated water on scientific data. Finally, something we can agree on!

      A 2016 U of C study called: Measuring the short-term impact of fluoridation cessation on dental caries in Grade 2 children using tooth surface indices shows that fluoride isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

      You might have guessed by the above title, that this study isn’t exactly a page turner. You also might recall news coverage on this report. Pretty much the only thing mentioned in the past about this study was how there was an increase in primary tooth decay in both Edmonton and Calgary but “the magnitude of the increase was greater in Calgary” following the cessation of fluoride. What’s curious is why reporting on the study stopped there.

      What was not widely published is that according to the very same study, the number of cavities in permanent teeth actually decreased in Calgary since fluoridation ended. You read that correctly. “For all tooth surfaces among permanent teeth, there was a statistically significant decrease in Calgary . . . which was not observed in Edmonton.” Interesting, isn’t it, that this juicy morsel from the report was never quoted?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      ARTICLE continued…

      So, let’s recap that last paragraph. Since May 2011, when fluoride was removed from Calgary’s drinking water but has remained in Edmonton’s water since 1967, there has been a “statistically significant decrease in Calgary” for all tooth surfaces among permanent teeth but the same decrease did not occur in Edmonton. Drink that in slowly.

      Consider the following conclusion: “In permanent teeth, we elsewhere (in unpublished results) reported a decrease in caries over time in both Calgary (fluoride cessation) and Edmonton (fluoride continued), which was larger and more consistent in Calgary.” The rate of improvement was better in Calgary than Edmonton.

      Yet there are those who want Calgarians heading to the polls on Oct. 16 to elect only candidates who will put fluoridation back on tap in Calgary. The group Calgarians for Kids’ Health presented anecdotal evidence of kids with tooth decay on Sept. 25, that included presenting a mother who said: “I have a four-and-a-half-year-old here and her teeth are falling out because she didn’t get fluoride from the day she was born.”

      There is no reason why a young child’s teeth should be falling out unless poor diet, disease, or a lack of dental care exists.

      The reason why fluoride was removed from Calgary’s drinking water in 2011 was because council was being asked to upgrade the fluoride-adding equipment at Calgary’s Glenmore and Bearspaw water treatment facilities — something that was expected to cost between $3 million to $6 million. In addition, the city spent $750,000 annually in operational costs. The debate ensued and freedom of choice to not be medicated through our water supply was rightly chosen by most of council.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Final installment of the continued ARTICLE…

      Alberta Liberal MLA Dr. David Swann said recently that he’s “deeply disappointed by the level of misinformation and fear-mongering surrounding fluoridation. It flies in the face of 35 years of research that fluoride water treatment is a safe and effective way to protect our dental health.”

      Swann and other proponents of fluoridation are trying to claim that the science is settled. But if you actually read recent studies about fluoridation, you will see that’s not the case. A very recent University of Toronto study is linking fluoride exposure in pregnant women to lower intelligence in their children. Another meta analysis from 2012 shows 27 other reports pointing to the same potential results.

      If the science has been settled for 35 years, as Swann claims, why did medical experts recommend that fluoride in Calgary’s water and across North America be reduced from one part per million to 0.7 ppm in 1998? Why in 2006 did the American Dental Association recommend that parents not prepare baby formula with fluoridated water, something that the Centers for Disease Control still recommends? How can a scientist insist on medicating people when it’s impossible to regulate the dose?

      “Collectively, the literature (including our study) indicates that the impact of fluoridation cessation on dental caries is not uniformly positive or negative, but varies by time and place and sorting out the reasons for different patterns is important,” states the U of C study.

      Ingesting fluoride, rather than having it topically painted or swished around teeth, has been linked to other negative health effects including impacts to the thyroid, kidneys or bones. It’s not fear mongering.

      I used to be one of those dismissive proponents of fluoride until my position was ripped out by the root when I realized fluoridated water harmed my children. Many Calgarians, including my sons, have evidence of fluorosis on their teeth. It’s evident every time they smile and that makes me frown. Those chalky white blotches and streaks on their teeth are not just cosmetic. It means that their bones have been affected after fluoride was literally forced down our throats.
      ~~ Links to the studies cited in this column are embedded in Licia’s column available at

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      On the CALGARY Fluoride issue, it should be noted that one study was perverted and had important data missing in order to achieve a PRO-FLUORIDE agenda.
      Here you see an abstract (written in part by two folks seen in the VIDEO clip at my first comment).

  3. Pablo de Boer says:

    All borders are illegal, thus also the Spanish borders and the Catalonia borders. They are all imaginary and created by the evil minds of the kakistocracy to control and mislead the sheeple people and the present situation in Spain / Catalonia is a good example of these kakistocracy’s diabolic tricks.. That’s why every government is illegal and created:

    The Most Dangerous Superstition

    When someone looks out at the world and sees all manner of suffering and injustice, stretching back for thousands of years and continuing today, he invariably blames such problems on someone else’s hatred, greed, or stupidity. Rarely will someone consider the possibility that his own belief system is the cause of the pain and suffering he sees around him.

    But in most cases, it is.

    The root cause of most of society’s ills–the main source of man’s inhumanity to man–is neither malice nor negligence, but a mere superstition–an unquestioned assumption which has been accepted on faith by nearly everyone, of all ages, races, religions, education and income levels. If people were to recognize that one belief for what it is–an utterly irrational, self-contradictory, and horribly destructive myth–most of the violence, oppression and injustice in the world would cease. But that will happen only when people dare to honestly and objectively re-examine their belief systems.

    “The Most Dangerous Superstition” exposes the myth for what it is, showing how nearly everyone, as a result of one particular unquestioned assumption, is directly contributing to violence and oppression without even realizing it. If you imagine yourself to be a compassionate, peace-loving, civilized human being, you must read this book.

  4. wingsuitfreak says:

    I love it when James gets ticked. He makes even more sense then. 🙂

    • danmanultra says:

      James was indeed on fire this episode. Will make a week’s break more bearable perhaps.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Corbett excerpts:
        “…So, (Erik) Prince is like some sort of turd that refuses to flush down the bowl, that keeps popping back up….”
        (Around the 9 minute mark.)

        …Politicians are never, ever are going to give you freedom! That is not what they are doing. That is not the game they play. You are not going to get it at the ballot box. … And all they want is for you to legitimize their game….

    • Mielia says:

      Yeah, I loved that too. Someone commented “@13:13 hahahahaha love it.” under the video.
      I especially loved it because the selection lunacy in Germany recently was so huge. Larger than ever by the expected parts and sadly at least by half of the so called red-pilled, awakened or whatever. The stupidest imho though were those advocating not to vote. (Either you got it or just don’t care and thus the thought going ‘to vote’ won’t even cross your mind Or you are still in the who-should-rule?-mindset and then argue for or against ‘voting’).

    • Richard Ran says:

      Hi wingsuitfreak,

      I’ll post my last one about the Brexit/Catalonia discrepancy (for want of a better term) over here, so that you might get notified.

      First off, I must admit that depicting James as one who celebrated the Brexit vote to then apparently do a 180 on this type of voting in the case of Catalonia was a bit blunt (well, Dutchie eh?). So as always, things aren’t as clear cut as they might seem at first glance.

      James, it seems, has entertained an alternative opinion about the Brexit vote.

      He voiced it halfway between the “Brexit Celebration” episode and the episode about Brexit being a “Blow To The Oligarchs”.
      The point that he drives home in his more nuanced stance is simple yet effective and quite similar to the one he made in his apologia with regard to the Bitcoin scheme.

      Because you see, we all have missed one crucial insight about Brexit:

      Q: Brexit good or bad?
      A: Well, it depends on how it is utilized (for good or for bad)

      Brilliant, isn’t it?


      Bitcoin good or bad?
      Well, it can be used for good or bad purposes.

      Knife good or bad?
      Well, that depends on how it’s been utilized. One may use it to smear butter on a sandwich, or one can carve up some innocent woman for looking “too Western”.

      The great thing is, that this type of reasoning goes for almost anything under the sun. That the point that’s being argued becomes somewhat moot, is something to be overlooked by most of us because, obviously, we all tend to miss truisms like these.

      Don’t miss it next time 😉

      • wingsuitfreak says:

        Don’t miss something? With all that I miss on a daily basis, even without the internet, that will be hard for me to do. Shoot, this morning I noticed I had even missed trimming my mustache while trimming my beard (something I do on a somewhat regular weekly basis). Now I’m stressed…. Or maybe not. 🙂 Cheers, JimBob

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        From the “Southern Verbal Dictionary”

        “Jim Bob” defined (sort of)
        ”Bob” gets added on occasion if you live in the south. The addition of “Bob” is very similar to the title of Don or Doña in the Spanish speaking world. High praise indeed.

        Video of Dallas Councilman talking to T-Bob, a dentist. (10 seconds)
        (Note: “Doctor Davis” was not used. T-Bob was used.)

  5. Pablo de Boer says:

    Elite Sexual Predators Are Being Exposed! The Fall Of Harvey Weinstein Is Just The Beginning

    Harvey Weinstein: ILLUMINATi-Zionists Hollywood “CASTING COUCH” Exposed!!

    Documentary -‘An Open Secret:’ Hollywood Pedophile

  6. cmad says:

    I don’t expect to laugh when I visit Corbett Report but “A turd that just wont flush” just gave me a fit of the giggles.The driest of wit, brilliant!

  7. whaugen says:

    How about an open source investigation of the Las Vegas shootings on 10/1/2017 or whatever it was that actually happened there.

    • wingsuitfreak says:

      God that was a clusterf*ck. I’ve already heard so much about it that I’m sick of it. However, it does go to show that Americans aren’t as asleep as most think. The official story (or rather stories) got blown out of the water before the ink dried. I think this was important though, in that it marks a turning point in people just getting sick and tired of all this BS. Just my opinion, but I’m willing to share it.

      • Mielia says:

        One answer to that you’ll find in this (comedy?) movie, by this actor: Whiskey Tango Foxtrott
        He quits his job, warning about the addiction of ‘scandal journalism’ in a nice allegory. Something the main character becomes aware of in the end and thus quits the scene/addiction.
        I found it actually a decent message and a bit strange movie. A desastrous hartwrenching topic underlying everything, but than in a comic fashion illustrated (maybe you might say in a way a bit like the wolf of wallstreets but absolutely not in such a Porn/celebrating style), mixed in with an unexpected question about addiction.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I think in last week’s “New World Next Week”, Las Vegas was discussed along with how the news media directs everyone’s attention to target stories.
      So, I doubt if you’ll see an open source investigation here.
      I’m not saying a “Vegas open source investigation” was poo-pooed.
      There are probably other places like Steemit where that is going on.

      • wingsuitfreak says:

        I think it’s being ripped apart in so many venues that there is little left to investigate that isn’t already being pursued. Jon Rappaport has been devoting a lot of time to it; many other fine minds as well. It was open-sourced from the very beginning. You could still smell the smoke in the air when the story first began to fall apart. Hopefully, this will end one of the worst terror groups known to man; the FBI. I know, but I CAN dream, can’t I?

  8. Hans Verbeek says:

    14:29 – 15: 20 – Well spoken, James. Couldn’t have ranted better myself

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