Interview 1248 - Douglas Valentine on the Resurrection of the Phoenix Program

01/30/201724 Comments

As The Corbett Report reported last year, Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, has slithered out from his hiding place and re-emerged as a figure on the political stage. He is now advocating for a rebirth of the US' infamous "Phoenix Program" to target the ISIS terrorists the US created, and he is advising Trump from the shadows. Today Douglas Valentine, author of The Phoenix Program and The CIA As Organized Crime joins us to discuss what The Phoenix Program is and why its resurrection is so ominous.


Erik Prince tells Stephen Bannon that the Phoenix Program needs to be brought back

Notorious Mercenary Erik Prince Is Advising Trump From the Shadows

Nelson Brickham interviews at Cryptocomb

British Special Forces “Dressing Up” As ISIS…What Could Go Wrong?

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Great interview with Douglas Valentine! Well communicated concepts.
    It underscores the value of accurate, non-secret information. The inverse is a method of domination.

    I couldn’t help but think of this “Vietnam era” fiction book by a Dallas 9/11 Truth researcher and building architect.
    (1 minute – good music, clever ad)

  2. tgmolitor says:

    Erik Prince’s sister, Betsy DeVos, is Trump’s Secretary of Education nominee. Comments?

  3. Greg Bacon says:

    Go$h, Prince mu$t be a real $upporter of humanity, why el$e would he bring up thi$ program?

    The Phoenix Program doesn’t need to be raised from the ashes, just given another jolt of electricity to rise up and do its terrible deeds.

  4. peace.froggs says:

    Did any of you know that none of the countries from which the nineteen 9/11 hijackers came from are on Trump’s Muslim ban list? Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lebanon and Egypt are all exempt!

    What do you guys think Trump and Co. are up to now?

    • ralphodavis says:

      In order to anticipate Trump one needs the context diligently being compiled by open source journalist George Webb. Here’s a recent submission of his daily dot-connecting co-operative: His story-board exposé goes back to #52 since YouTube/Google killed the first batch.

      He recently was interviewed by Marty Leeds and left no guesswork that there’s complicity to unspecified corruption that will likely have a compromised Trump soon completely controllable by his would-be masters.

      I’d like to see George Webb interviewed here. He’s a very bright guy with balls, a lot of friends and even more enemies in powerful places. The more this work finds natural allies and consolidates information the sooner we may have actionable context politically and socially. If we don’t synthesize it soon, were screwed. We think that we have forever. We don’t.

      He details some extremely troubling ‘contractor’ intelligence and affiliations of operatives poised to disrupt the nation on short order and reduce our existence to something akin to post-Soros Ukraine. Maybe Libya. Between Dyncorp ops and the Family’s thousands of cells distributed nationally, the Soros libtard army of hysterical robots is ready to commit to chaos, or so they think.

      But we’re in much deeper shit that we think here in the US, and there’s little hope that we’ll get a grip on what’s being orchestrated before it reduces us covertly to violence and police-state just as methodologically described in Valentine’s book.

      Erik Prince is but one small tentacle CIA affiliate in a mega-puss ‘security’ monster spanning all officialdom and about to consume us. He may be more a handler as far as Trump goes. Normal people just can’t fathom the degree of depravity and the breadth of deception.

      Anyone wanting a glimpse into Gladio USA, Clinton Foundation, and Dyncorp don’t miss George Webb’s work. This is his interview with Leeds:

    • BuddhaForce says:

      That was the first thing I noticed, but then again…who was really expecting that the ban would be against the actual terrorist exporting countries?

  5. marvinsannes says:

    This guy thinks the Phoenix program was “very effective”. Perhaps he does not know any of the history of the Vietnam War. 58,000 US troop killed, 35,000 lost in helicopter incidents. 3 million SE Asians murdered. The US lost that war. I wonder in what sense he refers to “Phoenix” as effective? He mentions the Vietcong as no longer a military force because of Phoenix. Obviously the guy does not read.

    • RAW says:

      wow… you need to pay closer attention…If you watch this again, you’ll notice that he clearly states Vietnam was a disaster, the US lost the war, and that the failure of the Phoenix program there was due to the unique cultural perseverance of the Vietnamese people. BUT, the phoenix program has proven to be effective (and refined) elsewhere like South America, Ukraine, and now the US.

  6. Mohawk Man says:

    The 1948/stein Neutron Bomb was very effective. It’s done, done us in. (I suggest we correct that) My darling VIETNAMESE future wife who was the one you may have seen leaving from our embassy on a helicopter in 1975 (on film), yeah, thats her.–Mimi was her name–was not Catholic (although I was) and was a Buddhist–period. I call him a liar on that point. Born and raised in Saigon—-BUDDHIST—-I didn’t try to convert her, me, a Catholic (until recently).

    Correct the record James. There has been an awful lot of anti-Catholic rhetoric spreading around—-pedophilia (if it’s true-WE’LL KILL THEM) and Satanism. If thats true–only our Love for Our Father can correct that. You touch children? Throats are slashed..period. MEN are among us. If this is happening–I know some Men you would not want to mess with. You would not like them on first introduction. If they knew this?..these people are so done there are no words to save them. They would beg to be crucified.

    I want names and addresses. You have them, give them to me. I know people who can “fix” this issue. Southern boys who will not like this shit.

    LOVE one another–harmful beings must be eliminated. 1948 brings me to tears.

    THE Mohawk

    • peace.froggs says:

      I wouldn’t recommend “Vigilante Justice” Mohawk…what happens if someone gives you the wrong info, whether on purpose or by mistake, thereby innocent people get hurt or killed, and then their families/friends take law into their own hands as well? It could be a never ending cycle of violence. Not Good.

  7. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Thank you James for making this interview possible.

    Thank you Douglas for sharing all that valuable knowledge with us.

    I love American people. Majority are warm, kind, and very honest people.

    That said, this interview confirms my believe that the USA Gov have not changed policies since the Vietnam massacre (for both Vietnamese and American people) – which by the way the excuse i always hear from dumbed down people (ohh… you are thinking of old America.. it has changed now.. that’s a lot of BS).

    But the Vietnam war confirms one major fact. Vietnamese people (we the People) are stronger than any weapon the USA Gov has, including Nuclear.

    We the People need to organize – We need community organizers to get us together. we need to stand against this evil that will kill all of us, including USA Citizens.

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Erik Prince is the brother of Trump’s nominee, Betsy DeVos, for education secretary. Betsy DeVos married into the multi-billionaire Amway dynasty. Erik and Betsy’s father started Prince Corporation (a manufacturing company) which was worth 1.35 billion in 1996.
    Currently, there is contention about Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary.
    Congressional Hearings –

  9. rltmlt says:

    Another great piece James ! But Mr. Valentine isn’t telling any of us over forty five years old anything that we didn’t already know. With the entrance of the Trump administration, the relationship between the so-called free media in this country and the CIA is no longer a secret for those of us who haven’t swallowed copious quantities of the Gullible Pill ! I’m old enough to have seen a similar situation develop back in the early 1960s when Kennedy was elected president. The Dulles led CIA of that period used the press to discredit the new president before and after the election using an array of justifications that included his adherence to the Catholic religion. We all know the outcome for Kennedy when he pursued the elimination of Dulles’s CIA and an end to the military buildup in Vietnam. The actions of the current so-called free media have verified their continued relationship with the CIA and have made it quite clear that Trump will likely suffer Kennedy’s fate if he continues on his current path ! We will be left with another bought and paid for mouthpiece owned by the oligarchs that created the CIA and a Left Wing Press that increasingly resembles a state run ministry of propaganda !

    • peace.froggs says:

      “The actions of the current so-called free media have verified their continued relationship with the CIA and have made it quite clear that Trump will likely suffer Kennedy’s fate if he continues on his current path !”

      — You sure about that? Seems to me that the people that helped get Trump elected are the same people that were groomed under Dulles led CIA. (bait and switch)

      If anything, I think Trump will be impeached, or the mass protests in the streets will force him to step down like Nixon.

  10. mik says:

    Douglas didn’t mention extremely important and insidious aspect of phoenix-style operations that can be best understood by applying networking theory.

    In networking theory, society is presented as a graph where individuals are nodes and relations between them are links between nodes. Such a structure is very resilient, but if enough of well connected nodes (village chiefs, leaders,…) are eliminated, the structure (society) can be badly damaged. It takes time (even a lot of time) to repair.

    More about networking theory in documentary ‘Six Degrees of Separation’, where you can hear from Hayden (ex NSA) that they are using networking theory in war on terror (signature strikes).

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    NEWS April 3, 2017 – Erik Prince & Trump & Russia
    Days before President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Blackwater founder Erik Prince met with a Russian close to President Vladimir Putin in the Seychelles islands to create a communication back-channel between Trump and Russia, according to The Washington Post…

    RUSSIA – See Corbett Report links, data and comments

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