The International Criminal Court Exposed

10/17/20159 Comments

With South Africa announcing plans to withdraw from the International Criminal Court, the ICC is being exposed for what it is: a tool of neo-colonial victors' justice for NATO and its allies. Join James in this week's subscriber newsletter as he explores the court, its philosophical underpinnings, and how appeals to justice are a fig leaf for imperial ambition.

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  1. robertstrind says:

    Dropbox killer: (Open Source). You need a server (virtual), but that is not hard to get now days, and does not cost a lot. Need to know how to set up ownCloud? Thats not a problem either. ownCloud comes with good documentation and is fairly esay to maintain. And, I’m sure, there are loads of people with the know-how if you prefer someone else helping you out 😉

  2. nosoapradio says:

    Incidentally and unsurprisingly:

    “…The Court cooperates with the UN in many different areas, including the exchange of information and logistical support.[178] The Court reports to the UN each year on its activities,[178][179] and some meetings of the Assembly of States Parties are held at UN facilities. The relationship between the Court and the UN is governed by a “Relationship Agreement between the International Criminal Court and the United Nations”.[180][181]…”

    Relevantly or irrelevantly this article reminded me of Allison des Forges (of Rwandan genocide fame as an expert witness I believe) killed in the same small commercial airplane as Beverly Eckert, whose husband was one of the airline pilots of the planes that were supposedly flown into the twin towers on 9/11…

  3. hankblackgraphics says:

    Good article. I like the supporting links. However, how are you going to compete with the media who gives us both the Pope and Miley Cyrus? Maybe you could mud-wrestle with Alex Jones… Al Sharpton could referee.

  4. garyegeberg says:

    James, in the second paragraph did you mean “mix” or “mince”?

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for that, Gary. I definitely meant “mince” so I’ve just made the change.

      Chalk up another one to writing this article well into the night (1 AM this time). Thanks to all of you for any copy edit help you can give!

  5. qainiratha says:

    James and Broc,

    If you ever need any help with premiere/aftereffects/resolve etc. let me know. I’m a filmstudent and know my ways around the software.

    Thanks for all the work.

  6. n2abstract says:

    I remember sitting in my history class in middle school watching the Nuremberg trial on film for a whole week, thinking to myself (back then as a kid) what a great way to set up a court system to punish those who started world conflicts which killed so many (especially Jews – as a side note the court did not tried the Nazi leadership on grounds of genocide). But I was most curious about why Rudolf Hess got off with a “light” sentence as opposed to “death”, and Karl Donitz also imprisoned but only for 20 years. Only years later that I found out through reading some alternative sources that one of the charges that was brought against Donitz was for his unrestricted submarine warfare against the Allies. Donitz’s lawyer(s),however, were able to ague on his behalf because the US was using the same strategic, unrestricted submarine warfare against Japan. That was a moment of epiphany for me that the US also, in definition, committed a war crime (that’s not the only instance). So the kettle couldn’t call the pot black and let Donitz off partially because of that reason. Most of my indoctrination/brain washing of history through schooling has turned 180 degrees since then.

    The war crime trials now just reeks of the smells of kangaroo courts and feels meaningless. Slobodan Milosevic’s war crime case was a recent example while the US war criminals who brought wars to Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, etc. still walk free.

    I hope more people of the world will start to wake up to the West’s agenda. A great article as always James, keep up your excellent work!

  7. MrMagneto says:

    Yes, big kudos to Broc and yourself for the 911 Trillions and the MacVei docs. They are both terrific and I look forward to every podcast and article. I agree about Premiere– the only thing worse is Adobe Flash and thankfully that seems headed for the junkyard. Crash, crash, crash, crash…. well , you know.

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