Interview 1154 - Michael Krieger on Erik Prince's Insane Post-Blackwater Career

04/01/201611 Comments

Michael Krieger of joins us to discuss his recent article, "America’s Top Rogue Mercenary – Blackwater’s Erik Prince is Under Federal Investigation." We outline Prince's Blackwater history and his more recent shenangians in Abu Dhabi, China and elsewhere for Frontier Services Group and detail the federal investigation that is apparently ongoing into his latest dealings.


America’s Top Rogue Mercenary – Blackwater’s Erik Prince is Under Federal Investigation

Blackwater Threatened to Kill a State Dept. Official and the U.S. Government Did Nothing

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  1. candideschmyles says:

    Apparently Princes lawyer is also the one biting Hilary Clinton’s ass over this cablegate saga. All this only adds credence to the notion that the very top echelons are composed of small groups that are anything but friendly to each other. The NWO is not a cohesive machine but disparate and easily turned upon one another. Which is both hopeful and dangerous in equal measure.

    • Apollo Slater says:

      Good point. So much rhetoric in the alt media is around the “New World Order”, but that’s more of an idea or ideology, rather than a group. There are fights and fundamental disagreements, like in any society, even families.

      We should figure out how to turn around “divide-and-conquer” onto them, to exploit their internal divisions. And at the same time, how to protect ourselves from being collateral damage in their wars.

  2. Recalcitrant says:

    Mister Krieger said a mouthful. INDIVIDUALS need to learn to act ethically.
    Somehow the question of ethics and honor became lost in the USA. George Carlin did a great bit on politicians and where our “leadership” comes from.

    American parents, American family’s, American schools, American churches, American businesses and American universities. “garbage in, garbage out”

    How do we teach people lessons that they should have learned from their parents?

    • shiranaihito says:

      >>> How do we teach people lessons that they should have learned from their parents?

      Politicians all psychopaths, and they see nothing wrong with themselves or what they’re doing. They’re never going to “learn to act ethically”, because they simply don’t give a fuck about other people. They see us as human livestock to be milked, exploited and abused.

      On a related note, nobody spends 10 years working on Wall Street without being a psychopath.

      For example, someone with a conscience just couldn’t handle the stress of investing millions (upon millions) of dollars of other people’s money, because he’d actually care about what happens to them.

      A psychopath, on the other hand, is *physically incapable* of caring about other people, so he’s just fine even if all of his clients lose everything.

      So yeah, Michael is doing good work with Liberty Blitzkrieg, but he’s a psychopath (just like all the other writers published on ZeroHedge – they’re all financial industry veterans). He even brought up he knows the way they operate, the way they think, etc.. and it’s all something that someone with a conscience would find just way too distasteful to be a part of.

      • Apollo Slater says:

        People come with varied psychologies and motivations. So, I don’t think it’s fair to call him a psychopath without knowing much about him. Many people get in a career and stay, even if they don’t like it, due to need for money or supporting a family. Obviously he had an epiphany and made a change, something most people don’t do, in any field. So that counts for something.

  3. candideschmyles says:

    A good question.

    “Everything is Propaganda” Julian Assange.

    Reality is so multidimensional. Our birth as individuals within the genesis of the tech revolution has no historical nor philosophical precedent in which we can seek guidance. For all we complain in forums such as this the scientific revolution is feeding over double the number of people who were alive when I was born in the mid 1960s. For us malcontents this is a world of supermarkets, fashion, mass social media and a cosmopolitanism built upon all of them. My grandfather was born in a time of weather dependent food security and oil lamps. When the only way to travel was to be shipped to the killing fields of Imperial conquest.

    Neurologically our brains are hardwired certain mental corridors in our thinking by the inescapable delivery of controlled input. From the programs aimed at infants onwards the collective bias of the corporate fascist hegemony is delivered with the subtelty of totality. The censorship algorithms let the system police itself for the most part. The vast majority are duly compliant and dismissive of anything outwith the prescriptive narrative given to their socioeconomic niche. Mostly this can be boiled down to a single one size fits all zeitgeist. The age of Me. Selfish and self interested in our social media paradise there is little except narcissism and fear. The facing mirrors of our reality is this infinite introspection foisted on us by people selling shit. And there is so much shit for sale. You need it and you fear not having it. Whether it be alternative media or a Gucci handbag.

    We need a new fit for purpose zeitgeist. Unfortunately that is the only thing not for sale.

  4. info5 says:

    Great guest, I hope to see more of him.

  5. erichard says:

    I recently saw Frontline’s video: Putin’s Way. I knew it would be propaganda, but I hoped to understand Russia and Putin more. I left so disillusioned. I know James has spoken of the RT propaganda, and I am sure he has a point. But the West’s propaganda like Putin’s Way makes me feel sick. I definitely would rather listen to Peter Lavelle than such brass efforts at deception as I saw in Putin’s Way.

  6. Apollo Slater says:

    I wonder what Erik Prince’s goals are. As simple as money? From the Economist in 2009:

    “In an affidavit lodged with a court in Virginia, one of the witnesses said that Mr Prince “views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe.” ”

    Doesn’t exactly square with moving to Abu Dhabi and working for the crown prince. Or securing Chinese interests in Africa.

    Is he really stepping on Washington’s toes, or part of a bigger plan? I’d think he’d get “droned” the minute he became a real nuisance.

  7. nosoapradio says:

    Indeed, more interesting than Prince’s own motivations are those of the entities instrumentalizing him.

    How will this Prince personality be used to convey a weighty message to anyone paying attention?

    For the moment he would appear to be eloquent evidence that obscure elite powers know no national boundries.

    But now that this Prince has become geo-political People perhaps he’ll be taken out in a marketplace execution evoking troubling government connections and bad book-keeping. The real insiders will whisper about his Chinese allegiance against Western interests…

    So just ignore the subtleties of a multi-dimensional chessboard – there is no covert Sino-Western cooperation…

    He’s not only mercenary ammo. He’s a media WMD to be used in a judicious and timely manner.

    Yes, he could be as dead as Timothy McVeigh any time soon, or maybe he’ll have as many lives as an Al Qaeda operative…

    At any rate he’ll be serving the sultans of spin…

  8. VoltaicDude says:

    Krieger is an interesting fellow coming from where he is coming from – too many from those ranks are unwilling to give up their status in the bullying-rat-race.

    His reaction to Prince’s choices – “$billionheir”-to-mercenary – is also funny – sane people (or just anybody with any personal integrity) couldn’t stomach such a life-choice as Prince’s.

    But it all falls into place when you look at more than just the “economic” profile of the family:

    “Prince’s family (including his late father Edgar, mother Elsa, and sister Betsy) has been deeply involved in conservative politics. Edgar, who founded the family automotive business, was a major backer of right-wing political and Christian groups, and was eulogized by Gary Bauer, who referred to him as his “mentor.” Betsy married into a powerful Michigan Republican Party family, the DeVoses, and Elsa (now Elsa Prince Broekhuizen after remarrying) has served on the boards of right-wing groups including the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family.”

    It’s also noteworthy that Prince converted to Roman Catholicism.

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