Interview 1046 - Patrick Wood Exposes the Technocracy Agenda

05/28/201528 Comments

24/7 surveillance. Smart grid controls. Carbon rationing. Today we talk to "Technocracy Rising" author Patrick Wood about the hidden history of technocracy, the dark plan for a resource-based economy that is being pushed by the Trilateral Commission, the UN, and other globalist institutions in order to bring about a completely managed, controlled and regulated society.


Technocracy Rising

Technocracy Study Course Unabridged

Figueres: First time the world economy is transformed intentionally

Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth

Every adult in Britain should be forced to carry 'carbon ration cards', say MPs

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  1. phreedomphile says:

    Speaking of Brave New World, Huxley is a more complex character than I imagined. Reading the Wiki entry, I was surprised to learn he worked as a Hollywood screen writer.

    In a recent interview with James Tracy of Memory Hole Blog, Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media made a good case from his extensive research that Huxley was a key figure in MK Ultra, in particular in the selection of Leary for the CIA’s program to create the psychedelic culture, as was so fascinatingly explored in the documentary The Net; The Unabomber, LSD, and The Internet, which coincidentally dives right into the overall theme of technology worship (and thus Technocracy), the vision that drove young genius mathematician Kaczynski to desperate acts after having been an (unwitting) participant in an MK Ultra experiment. Comes around full circle, it seems.

    Here is an eyebrow raising quote from a letter Huxley wrote to Orwell/Blair (dated October 21, 1949) to congratulate him on his book 1984:

    “Within the next generation I believe that the world’s leaders will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging them and kicking them into obedience.”

    Jay Irvin’s paper Spies in Academic Clothing:

  2. mammique says:

    As the humorist Coluche said:

    – “Technocrats are people you ask a question to, and when they finished to answer you don’t even remember what you asked for in the first place.”

    – “Technocrats, if you give them the Sahara, five years later they’ll need to buy sand elsewhere.”

  3. mammique says:

    Fascinating topic, thanks!

    Can we say that petro-dollar is a prototype (or embryo) of resource-based economy?

    “Wall Street and the rise of China” is a must write! 🙂 BTW a chapter of a French book by Yann Moncomble written in 1981 entitled “The Globalist Plan and China” somehow covered the topic, I’ve translated it here:

  4. nosoapradio says:

    Holy connoli! What a mind-blowing interview! And thanks so much Corbett commenters for your valuable links. Hope to be spreading this info around!

  5. candideschmyles says:

    Why was my post that was “held for moderation” not posted?

    • Corbett says:

      Your post was posted, but you posted it to the video post, not the podcast post, you silly goose:

      Also, since you put “held for moderation” in sneer quotes I’m sure a charge of censorship won’t be far behind. Your post was not “held for moderation” it was held for moderation because it had more than one link in it, an anti-spam measure that applies to every comment by everyone. Thanks for posting.

      • candideschmyles says:


        • candideschmyles says:

          And here it is.. + additional thoughts…

          Professor Sutton, with whom Wood collaborated, wrote several seminal volumes that indisputably reveal American financiers and industrialists were responsible for the technological enablement of both Stalin and Hitler to build and deploy their respective war machines.

          Of course as Mr Wood is obligingly eager to highlight these same money men are also behind the European Union and the meteoric rise of China these past two decades. So really there is absolutely no credible argument that US hegemony is not only omnipresent but that it has defined and coordinated geopolitics for at least a century.

          Now for the but. This idea that he implicitly returns to again and again that there is somehow some sort of ethical capitalism that defines what it is to be an American is just sheer nonsense. This is nothing less than a narccissitic self delusion indistinguishable from every other notion of American exeptionalism. Free enterprise, the want of individuals to see and exploit a niche in a market is common to all humanity. There is an entrepreneurial drive in certain individuals regardless of where they were born and trying to define it as American is nothing less than a sycophantic homage to Obama and all his predecessors who have promoted this meme on the American psyche. The only thing exceptional about Americans is their ignorance of how murderous their complicity is in geopolitics.

          I am glad that Patrick did make more than a single effort to state there is nothing inherently wrong about science itself and scientists as a whole. However I would go further and say technocracy is an inevitability as mankind develops the machines to manage our wants and needs as megacity dwellers. Capitalism has deep flaws in its wealth distribution dynamics and is causing severe hardship globally in the race of a few billionaires to become the first publicly acknowledged trillionaire. The lack of balance is clearly open to science and its beating heart – mathematics to find a better system of resource allocation than a political ideology of any hue. Mankind’s real pressing issues would be better addressed by their adoption over ideological philosophies that are at their very best philosophical conjectures. A technocracy that rids the world of political fallacies, removes us from non consensual wage slavery and gives all equally right to all the benefits of mankind’s genius I am all for it.

  6. mbmurray4 says:

    Great interview James! Would absolutely enjoy seeing more interviews/collaboration between you guys, especially now that some of the groundwork has been laid. Thanks as always!

  7. stevekelly911 says:

    Great interview, I definitely wish Sutton could write a book on Wall Street and the rise of China too … his existing series of books are a must read for anyone who wants an Orwell size understanding of the 1984esque ‘Oceania’ vs. ‘Mongols’ vs. Asians trifecta that Orwell wrote about.

    I would like to add just one interesting piece of info on the Trilateral (Rockefeller) influence within China, specifically relating to Buddhism and how TPTB are trying to partner with Chinese business oligarchs, to take it over and use it as yet another control mechanism for the Asian part of the world, much like the Russian Orthodox church in Russia.

    I came across the disconcerting fact that Lumbini in Nepal, the ‘birthplace of Buddha’, is being developed as a World Heritage Site by a private development consortium, and the United Nations had this site registered as SITE#666 … 666 of course being the number of the Beast and anti-christ in the book of Revelation in the Christian Bible.

    When I was doing research into this, I stumbled upon the fact that Steven Clark Rockefeller Jr. (whose father became a Buddhist and spread some of the Chinese flavored cults into the US using Rockefeller money), was on the board of APECF (Asia Pacific Exchange and Cooperation Foundation), together with members of the American Jewish Council (ultra liberal Jews in my opinion), and shadowy figures from the Chinese Communist Party, and that they have put forward a $3billion plan to develop Lumbini (WH SITE#666) into a 5mile x 5mile area massive White Lotus Flower with satellite towns (Known as the 1000 petal white lotus, ie., ‘1000 Points of Light’ … the Crown Chakra).

    This particular involvement of Rockefeller money partnering with the Chinese Communists, should be no surprise for anyone who knows the history of Yale University and S&B322 members in setting up the Maoists. The APECF also seem to be backing Maoist parties in Nepal, so this Rockefeller interest in Lumbini and Buddhism, and a possible ‘elitist’ movement out of the US and Europe and into Asia and Oceania, leaving the western world as a carcass sucked dry through the ‘free trade deals’, looks to be true in my opinion.

    It would seem that the Rockefellers who control the Trilateral Commission, CFR, and their friends at Chatham, are using the visible tension between the US and China as a strategy of tension perhaps to help endorse a United Nations strengthening in the near future, and that the current South China Sea shenanigans are purely smoke and mirror action IMO.

    I wrote about this WH SITE#666 and its connection with the World Prayer For Peace in Assisi in 1986, and the Vatican connection at my blog on the following link, for people who want a more religious point of view of this globalist interest in Buddhism.

    Keep up the good work James … keep following the money, because the money trail always leads back to the Rockefeller hive.

    • Terraset says:

      Although focus on the money trail is important I’m finding it disconcerting that it seems to be one of the only things people focus on. They always blame the leaders, those at the very top of whatever thing they’re angry at. Rockefeller, Hitler, Obama, Kissenger, etc. However for the most part these people are all talk and have no real operational significance when you get down to it. For example the rockefellers may be paying for said white lotus thing but who are the engineers designing it, who are the construction crew building it? If there’s anyone to target in this it’s going ot be the people who /actually/ carry out the orders. Hitler is free of at least 99% of the blame for WW2 not because of all the other behind the scenes stuff but because, for one example… HE WASN’T EXACTLY THE GUY PULLING THE LEVERS AT AUSCHWITZ WAS HE?

      The blame, all of it, goes to the people who carry out orders. It doesn’t matter how much money the rockefellers pay someone to do something if they just don’t do it. The focus on the very tops of the pyramid are at this stage counterproductive in my opinion. Yes, we know the people at the top have this agenda and they throw money at it all the time, we get it. Who are these people who are directly, operationally involved on the ground?

      I don’t mean the Kissengers doing their chinese negotiations or that either. Who are the people running the slave camps that pump out the iPhones? What are their backgrounds, how do we reach them? For that matter who are the slaves themselves? What are their backgrounds and how do we reach them?

      These are the people who talk and are at most symbolic figurehead leaders with no real power or operational influence such as the rockefellers. Then there’s the pilots of the jets who /actually/ have control of the bombs they are /actually/ dropping on /actual/ civilians who /actually/ die as a result. I don’t care if that pilot or whoever was directly paid a quadrillion dollars by someone to do that. That other guys money isn’t what’s affecting those civilians and really doesn’t need to be focused on.

      I personally think the era of the alternative media focusing on teh elites needs to start phasing out and start focusing on people and operations slightly lower on the totem pole. Things like who runs certain police precicts in certain cities. Wal mart district managers or even store managers. Local Members of Legislative Assembly.

      People who seem to be really low level compared to the stuff that is normally dealt with in most of the alt media but also people that have direct, immediate, local influence.

      Talking to them, influencing them, getting them on our side or even removing them from their positions somehow are what will truly start to shift the world in a tangibly noticeable way. These are the people who actually do the things that the NWO merely talk about. Without them there can be no NWO.

      I know I’m not offering very much in the way of extra info if any at all but still it is something that I recognize needs to start happening. I find it ironic because I generally refuse to be politically involved because the system is a waste of time but at the same time with what I wrote here it practically requires me to now do things like try contacting my local MLA or Alderman with data like this and see what happens. Even though, to be honest, I won’t. I have other things more worth doing in my opinion.

      Well despite that rather hypocritical note I still hope this helps someone somehow. At least as much as a random internet comment can.

      • candideschmyles says:

        I find myself increasingly in agreement with the sentiments you randomly put out there. I think there is some element of addiction to the whole conspiracy (non pejorative) arena of alternative news. Sometimes I really doubt the usual suspects have any grand plan that spans generations. The one initiated on 9/11 is probably their most evolved conspiracy to date but does no more geostrategicly than maintain a grip on Arabian oil they had since ww2.

        The other thing is that with few exceptions living standards have improved for everybody since ww2. Child mortality rates continue to plummet, GDP increases as does the living standards of almost every nation. And that’s in spite of a near tripling in population. If there is an evil plan of slavery and death its not working very well.

        • stevekelly911 says:

          >>>If there is an evil plan of slavery and death its not working very well.

          Maybe that’s because you don’t live in Africa … or the MENA … or poorer parts of South America … or South East Asia. Also, there won’t be any 1st world countries soon, and these were what gave any existing aid (medical etc..) to the poorer ones anyway, so perhaps we’ll all get a taste of that death and destruction plan after all.

          Do you know what the death and suicide rates were in the Great Depression? It doesn’t really matter what has happened in the 70yrs since WWII, because all that progress can be washed away in just a few years … look at Greece right now! The Merchant of Venice comes to mind, and don’t think that this will stop with the Greeks, or that it won’t pick up speed exponentially and turn into a worldwide contagion, because this is in fact the plan, and a remake of the 1930’s (they’ve dome this all before, it is tried and tested). Club of Rome wrote about it decades ago, which is what all the ‘carbon footprint’ talk is about … our coming IBM tattoo … but it’s for planet Earth, so we can all sing Kumbaya around the plantation campfires (if fires are still allowed that is).

      • stevekelly911 says:

        I am going to have to disagree with your synopsis, as well as that of candideschmyles, because it would be like saying cancer could be cured by treating symptoms rather than attempting to target the main tumor.

        The Rockefellers are at the very top of the structure of the western version of the NWO, and like no other family (besides the Windsors and their City bankers the Rothschilds et al), they are also ingratiated the most with the rising Eastern side of the NWO hydra. My initial comment above is precise and gets to the actual crux of something, whereas criticisms that themselves don’t add anything in the way of information, are in the wheel-kicking category, and much more useless in my opinion that talking about the ultimate agenda; a subject which requires the head perpetrators to be highlighted and exposed.

        If you think 9/11 destruction of the 7-tower WTC in NYC was the only highly planned event the NWO were planning, then wait until the 7-towers of the Mecca Clock Tower and Kaaba complex are destroyed very soon (June 9th 2015? … which is the second high level planned event IMO). I fail to see how 9/11 could have been planned and pulled off at such a high level, and that future planning would be organic and made up as time went on. We are watching a complete theatrical production planned down to the finest detail, except perhaps the Russians aren’t playing ball and have not fallen into place … I really think the Russians have fallen on the wayside, which is bad news for Washington, London, and perhaps Rome.

        King David aimed for the temple, so I’m going to keep slinging that way, because it has more chance of proving to people who are just waking up, that there is in fact a real elitist conspiracy going on. Following money trails is one effective way crimelabs catch criminals, so I just go with what gives proven results … rather than doing nothing at all, and then kicking tires.

        • candideschmyles says:

          In my darker moods I might tend to agree with all that. Perhaps because of my currently sanguine perspective a fact that life for humanity has moved consistently toward improvement in almost all indexes over the last half century or so. Given that the population has near tripled over that time that fact is actually a stunning success. Of course there are massive challenges that remain to be tackled effectively, like malaria and slavery. That they still exist largely because of the actions or inactions of a few individuals is not in question however we progress in spite of them.

          It is rarely in my daily delves into alternative media that I come across the plight of those that are in the bottom few percent. And most of its contributors and readers are very likely ensconced in the top 2 or 3% of wealthy people who ever lived. I am. And though we might occasionally site drone casualties, or how many dead in an engineered war, you see little actual reporting of the poorest people and their struggle on altmed. All of the energy and interest is far more to do what we immerse ourselves in like some obscene game of cluedo than spending even a moments contemplation of actual suffering. So invoking the plight of the poorest can be seen as a rather dishonest logic.

          That said quantifying the quality of truth found on altmed is absolutely imperative if you want to understand history and politics. And I sincerely hope it does and will play a crucial role in solving humanities problems. Its just that sometimes you have to step out of the wood to remind yourself what trees look like.

        • stevekelly911 says:

          The poorest people are still poor in a world of technological innovation, because of the off-shore banking complex and corporate colonialism. The emperor has no clothes.

          I have great sympathy for the poorest people in the world, but understand that that the lions share of the charity donations that keep many of these ultimate victims alive, is collected from the dwindling middle-class, and not from bankers in the City of London, who complain if a L50million annual bonus is reduced to L48million because the derivatives market contracted.

          Constantly talking about the poorest people would actually be stating the obvious, and also feed into the mindset of ‘white guilt’ that the MSM is trained to promote; in order to destroy the middle-class. Everyone in the world should be middle-class or higher, because technology has solved many of the problems of poverty. Tt is in the realm of economics and the areas where the FINANCIAL system is GAMED, that the wealth is stolen and not redistributed honestly down the pyramid to real producers of wealth – which would flow on to the poorest. The bean counters are taking the profits, whilst workers are living at subsistence.

          It’s the 0.001% that need to be targeted for destruction, so that the bottom 40% can find relief, thus targeting this 0.001% is in fact productive for the bottom, whereas harping on their plight is not that productive in-and-of-itself … look at how many PR points Pope Francis gets for concentrating solely on their plight, whilst he sells Carbon Trading to elevate the City of London, and racks up usury in the Vatican’s Cayman Islands ‘investments’ protected by the Crown (whilst hypocritically criticizing tax havens from time to time, in token fits amongst the other 364days in the year when he constantly complains about world poverty as if he had a conscience).

          Concentrating on the poverty, and translating this as the western middle-class being the ‘rich overlords’, is in itself a form of Stockholm Syndrome, because you shouldn’t feel so much guilt for a crime that is actually of someone else’s engineering. Sure, we all contribute to greed, but the greed of the 0.001% in the offshore system is EPIC!

          Causes are more important for the sake of educating the materialist westerner, whilst symptoms are already talked about in the MSM repeatedly. I cannot go a day without seeing on the MSM the problem of world poverty … but what was the cause? This is why the AltMedia is focused on the conspirators, because it is the segment of news media which is totally lacking. In my opinion … from the perspective of someone with no white guilt of course.

        • Terraset says:

          If it were possible to kill or otherwise eliminate the top of the pyramid I have no doubt it would cause pretty dramatic short term improvement. But likely only short term. This is because smart people understand there’s no such thing as authority and would scramble to become one to stupid people as fast as possible. That’s the entire problem and why I decided it’s pointless to focus on the top.

          Even if it were successful you’d still lose. Stupid people who are dumb enough to believe others care about them as much as they care about themselves would remain the majority and would simply follow the next lemming that tells them to. As a result I figure it’s much better to start low because it has more long term viability.

          I pull no punches about it. These people are stupid, not by design but by choice. It takes next to no life experience to understand things like this but they choose not to possibly because it feels better. Example, have you ever had someone make a mistake that affected you in a way you didn’t like or vice versa? Boom, all the life experience you need to understand that no one’s obligated to save you because despite not liking it the thing happened anyways.

          The moment you try to attribute things like this to their childhood or the media or cognitive dissonance or whatever you give them a way out. A way to make it “okay” to keep going the way they are despite all the evidence. But in reality it’s all just their choice. Somewhere along the lines they weighed the pros and cons and whatever it is that they believe now came out on top. It’s what they want.

          A much more long term viable option to me is to abandon all the stupid people who desire self slavery. It’s them who are the reason things are this way to begin with. Maybe use them as an expendable meat shield (which is pretty much what they do to themselves already) and build a world only for the ones that desire self sovereignty.

          After all “waking people up” and desiring people to want more freedom is the common goal at the end and as the old saying goes… you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

          The enemy here isn’t the oligarchs, it’s the slaves. It’s always been the slaves. It always will be the slaves. Period.

  8. nosoapradio says:

    found this little wikipedia paragraph interesting:

    “…In 2015, the Japanese general trading company Itochu and its Thai cross-shareholding affiliate Charoen Pokphand announced an investment of over $8 billion in CITIC group companies, the largest investment ever made by a Japanese general trading company.[2]

    The transaction is also the largest acquisition in China by a Japanese company, and the largest investment by foreigners in a Chinese state-owned enterprise….[3]”

    Kobayashi is the Chairman of Itochu and is also a family name of an honorary member of Trilateral commission…?

  9. Duck says:

    “Missing” LINK…” Figueres: First time the world economy is transformed intentionally”
    I found the Wayback machine link via slapping the URL into the wayback machine and hitting the 2015 version of the page.

  10. Arby says:

    It’s not politicians vs scientists. It’s capitalists (who scientists work for) vs the people.

  11. Arby says:

    I have zero use for capitalism. The only capitalism happening is neoliberal capitalism. Neoliberal capitalism means totally freed capitalists and capital. It is irresponsible capitalism. I used to visit the Progressive Economics Forum regularly and I recall, if I’m not mistaken, that the idea that small businesses are the real generator of economic activity was looked at and identified as a myth. And, I wouldn’t glorify the small business owner who strives to be like the bigger business owners. How does he or she treat his workers?

  12. Aphix says:


    Where can I find a backup of this video to share?

    I have downloaded a copy from YT a few months before you were wiped if you don’t have one.

    If you’ve got one, please update the video link whenever you get the chance =)


    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for letting me know about the problem, Aphix. Unfortunately there are now several hundred such broken video embeds scattered throughout the site. I am fixing them as I come across them (as I have just fixed this one), but in the meantime, you can always use two methods to try to find the video file.

      1) You can type the episode title (in this case, Patrick Wood Exposes the Technocracy Agenda) into the search bar on the sidebar to find the video post of the podcast. In this case, it’s the third search result, under the title “The Technocratic Agenda: Sustainable Development and Climate Eugenics.”

      2) You can find every single one of the videos from my deleted main YouTube channel on my Odysee channel:

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