You Are Being Programmed to Hate

11/03/20169 Comments

With the world spinning into hatred and violence as the two most hated (s)election candidates of all time tell us to hate one another, one might almost think there is a coordinated effort to drum up outrage. And one would be right!


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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:


    Force vs Force = unresolved ridge (corrugation or blockage)

    Example of more effectively handling force rather than opposing it:
    Jujutsu expresses the philosophy of manipulating the opponent’s force against himself rather than confronting it with one’s own force.

    And example of not effectively handling force:
    Argue with a pissed off wife. (In the end, you will never ‘win’.)

    Historically, often we see resolutions via repeating the truth.

    Example: Lead is unhealthy. Lead in gasoline is unhealthy. Eventually, no more lead in gasoline.

  2. n4x5 says:

    I’m glad to see you addressing this, James. We all really should take seriously the psychological pressures of living in such a toxic environment.

  3. whateverittakes2 says:

    Is it hate, hatred of some other, or hatred of ourselves? If we are being programmed to hate, who is doing the programming?

    Here’s a short segment from a You Tube documentary I watched this week on 9/11 and its aftermath: GWB telling the world (at about 1 hour 33 minutes into the documentary) about “those evil people who did this” when most of us watching are fairly certain now of who those “people” are… and then panning in on an Iraqi hospital and a wounded toddler hooked up to machines… If there’s a place for genuine outrage, it’s here. I’ve been unable to get these two juxtaposed images out of my head.…

    But rage, hatred, outrage? Of what benefit are they?

    When I think of the upcoming elections, I parse it this way: If you’re happy with what we as a country have been doing in the world, with what we’ve become, then vote for more of the same — and if you’re utterly ashamed of US, then there’s really little choice, and either way you’ll be defeated. I’ve heard it put this way: If Hillary loses, she will nevertheless win.

    The country that was here pre-9/11 no longer exists. How determined must we become to see that justice is meted out to “those evil people who did this?” Remember MLK’s reference to the arc of justice… There are many good, capable people in this country. Will we be brought low, made to disappear? before a handful of miscreants whose greed is beyond measure, but whose number is infinitely small compared to the rest of us/US?

  4. peace.froggs says:

    If we are being thought to hate, then I believe the easiest way to counter this programing is to simply expose it.

  5. nosoapradio says:

    I despise others most when I despise myself. And I despise myself when I despise others.

    I struggle to disassociate myself from the mediocrity that is Humanity that is myself.

    and I become a slick and efficient cog in an arrogant machine of mass destruction and perversity.

    But what if my self-esteem and love for life remained strong and intact against any wicked wind and weather?

    And Homeremedysupply offers sound instruction. Aggravating your pissed off wife is unconstructive behavior doomed to fail. So we must all be more clever and loyal to life than our anger,

    thus Exalting and taming our own Ego.

  6. dwayner says:

    Hello, James.

    There are plenty of good ideas out there. Meditation. Yoga. Martial Arts. Music. Dance. I Ching. Many wise ones have shown ways to navigate this world, to aid in going within to find that place of balance, the Tao, Christ Consciousness, or whatever words one choses (“the way that can be named is not the Way”–Lao Tzu). When one engages in the Work of self realization, it becomes obvious that the dramas of ego are just working against the practice. There is no winning such a game called Hate, so don’t play.

    There are no political solutions to relieve political angst. It always comes back to anarchy with integrity, responsible individuals taking voluntary action. But there is no way in hell that the general population is ready for that, obviously. One day, maybe. In the meantime, we do our best to make our way through these troubled times, and learn when to duck and cover.

    Love your work, James. Always a pleasure to take part in the conversation.


  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    dwayner (Theresa)
    I like your QUOTE…
    “There is no winning such a game called Hate, so don’t play.”

  8. Octium says:

    While I think the divide and conquer hate game is part of their strategy for control, I also think there is a deeper psychological and religious point to it as well.

    By getting you to turn up and cast a vote for candidates that you know are evil (Because even the mainstream media has shown them to be) they are getting you to submit to evil. Selling your soul to the devil so to speak.

    They are making you wilfully accept evil just like them, only you are subservient to them.

    My solution to is show that you are a non-believer and avoid turning up to their Satanic voting ceremony.

  9. Obliv says:

    i see divide and conquer everywhere these days, especially in the USA.

    black vs white
    female Vs male (SJW’s and 3rd wave feminists are the worst)

    I’ve felt for some time that the USA is being setup for a race war.

    SJW’s being offended on other peoples behalf, people going on about patriarchy and the (non existent) female wage gap.

    they are turning everyone against each other which distracts from the lies, manipulation and deceit coming from the top and prevents people banding together to bring about something better.

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