Episode 231 – The Revolution of the Mind


We live in an era of upheaval with the word “revolution” on the tip of many a tongue. But what kind of revolution is it to be? Join us this week on the podcast as we scour the secret text of Emmanuel Goldstein and the scientific philosophy of Thomas Kuhn in search of the only revolution that matters: the revolution of the mind.


Smells Like Podcast
Time Reference: 01:49


Time Reference: 05:16


The Technocratization of Public Education
Time Reference: 05:31


The Revolution of the Mind: Clare Swinney interviews James Corbett
Time Reference: 15:59


Quotations from Russell’s “The Impact of Science on Society”
Time Reference: 17:57


1984 – Audio Book
Time Reference: 18:37


1984 (text of chapter 9)
Time Reference: 31:27


Bread and Circuses (a special glimpse at this month’s subscriber-only video)
Time Reference: 33:40


Commentary on Kuhn’s “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”
Time Reference: 42:12


“Revolve” by Djali Zwan
Time Reference: 1:05:41

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