Episode 223 - Revolution Impossible?

03/24/201210 Comments

As the economy collapses and the police state noose cinches tighter, revolution is on the tip of everyone's tongue. But what kind of revolution is necessary...or even possible? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we delve deeper into the revolutionary fervour of our times.



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The American Economic Recovery: No Jobs, No Money, Revolution
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Vilém Flusser -- Television Image and Political Space in the Light of the Romanian Revolution
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The Society of the Spectacle
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Douglas Lain on The Corbett Report
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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    This is great!

  2. normic says:

    Thanks James…..you always surprise me with where you go in your analysis. It certainly ties in with people walking around looking at their Ipads and running into posts. Thank God for the posts to remind them there is a reality out there.

  3. Mohawk Man says:

    I haven’t finished this video in it’s entirety yet but I do see we are being provoked into such measures by the even more naked corruption and hedonism exhibited by all of our congress and the careerist bureaucrats who are destroying everything they touch on purpose not to mention the open theft of trillions of $$$ by the Central Banksters. The best approach is to try to educate the Pension Patrols who are being set-up for a Blue Helmet Brigade replacement scheme and federalization of all law enforcement. Delegitimize the United Nations and throw their pampered asses clean out of here. Make it into condominiums and call it Liberty Place for only native peoples and no internationalists with dual citizenship and questionable allegiances. Well, not questionable what so ever. We know where their allegiance lies even dozens of congress critters and alphabet agencies of all stripes and the Supreme Court. They have delegitimized themselves and are simply not recognized as authority any longer. The treason is also bare naked and they don’t have fit bodies so it’s increasingly ugly. In just times, most would be hanged after a swift trial.

    They want the reaction and that is my greatest concern. They are provoking such in order to further crack down. Training by IDF in Ferguson BEFORE it happened and Baltimore as well I believe. This is one occupied nation that MUST be reigned in. Delegitimized, defunded and brought to heel. They are out of control and have congress and the agencies by the balls. All of them. It is totalitarian rule over there and it’s made great inroads here as a result of their undue influence, unearned respect and unearned place of honor in the hearts of too many damn ignorant Americans, especially the Christian zionists. (is that you Ted Cruz and little Marco Rubio?)

    Sickening. IDF brutalizes a little girl ON HER OWN LAND. A little girl. Steals her bicycle. A LITTLE GIRL.

    I watched Charlie Wilsons War last evening and that is a perfect example of what we are witnessing and his behavior is wide spread all through this gov. The hedonism, theft and crooked deals. I read somewhere where a congress critter financially collapsed The Soviet Union and he was allowed to keep I want to say $27 trillion during the Reagan era. Forgot the deal but the amount was enormous. I could be mistaken but it was along those lines. Don’t remember where I heard about it but James may know or I was just having a nightmare and made it up. Quite possible.

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

  4. Moxa4 says:

    Thanks, dear James,
    for the great philosophical and historical input from 2012 and for the show notes, too.
    It’s a good remedy after the unbelievable images we were bombareded and supposed to believe during the last view months.
    (Hope you enjoy the summer.)

  5. peace.froggs says:

    First, let me say this, when it comes to “Revolutions” they are almost always fomented by powerful people hidden in the shadows, and they manipulate the populace (or us peons) to carry out their dirty deeds.

    Just look at what is happening currently in the US right now with Trump, the hidden hand wants us to believe that Trump is a blue collar billionaire (oxymoron), who will make “America Great Again”…whatever the f.ck that means.

    This may seem corny, but YouTube “All We Got Is Cotton, Slaves, and ARROGANCE”. It’s one of the opening scenes of the 1939 film –Gone With The Wind–.

    It shows how the southern populace were swept up in a fervor by just a few ill guided idiots with “Dreams of Victory” that even when Rhett Butler tells them the truth, that the southerns are going to be sent to the meat grinder by the Yanks, they refuse to listen…and off to war they went, and we all know how that war played out for them.

    There is always a hidden hand. During the American Revolution, headquarters of the revolution was the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston, where Paul Revere and “the Mechanics” would secretly plot the Revolution.

    The French Revolution was an off shoot of the American Revolution. When the war ended and American victory was assured, French general, Marquis de Lafayette, (George Washington’s right hand man) returned to France to lead the French Revolution, however, unlike the American Revolution, in France, Marquis de Lafayette lost control, and the Jacobins took over.

    It wasn’t until Napoleon Bonaparte took back control, some years later, that the original goals of the French Revolution were finally implemented.

    Now it’s true that not all “Revolutions” are bloody, and as history shows, some can be extremely bloody, but let me ask you this…would you guys rather be living under a feudal Protestant King/Queen, or a Catholic Pope….or do you cherish your freedom?

    Sure, our secular system of government isn’t perfect, but to throw our hands in the air and quit isn’t the answer.

    Of course we should all strive to be self sufficient, but we need to continue to expose corruption whether it be Hillary or Trump, and hold them accountable.

    Thanks to the Internet the People have never been more informed/ and misinformed. It’s a double edged sword. However, we need to dissect the good from the bad, in order for us to not be manipulated and deceived.

  6. siamdave says:

    – there are those of us thinking of a truly ‘democratic revolution’ – of, by and for informed, engaged citizens – Democratic Revolution Handbook http://www.rudemacedon.ca/drh/000-home.html

    • peace.froggs says:

      No need to reinvent the wheel. The age of enlightenment and the American Forefathers gave us a pretty good blue print to follow in order to help man govern himself.

      First thing we need to do is replace the US dollar as the sole international reserve currency by SDR’s.

      Governments world wide should implement Glass Steagall.

      Figure out if we are going to renegotiate Bretton Woods using SDR’s, or stick with floating currencies.

      If they decide to stick with floating currencies, then I believe countries and states will need to make their minimum wage fluctuate according to their national currency. The rate could easily be adjusted when governments introduce their budgets every year, or at least every 3 to 4 years.

      Nations would also need to come together and agree to a corporate tax rate, doing this would stop industries from uprooting and outsourcing.

      I believe this would help curtail corruption and it would also protect against modern day slavery (or what we call today the working poor), you know the people that work 40hrs/week, make less than $10/hr, and need food-banks and/or second hand clothing shops just to make ends meet.

      • siamdave says:

        oh we’ve all got good ideas about what should be done – the problem is, we’re not living in a country where *our* good ideas have any influence on what the rulers get up to. Which is why we need some kind of ‘democratic revolution’. In my opinion, of course.

  7. vaniasas says:

    Very interesting, food for my thought, I specially enjoy the Aaron/Corbett mix.
    This video connects some dots for me:
    Revolution getting trendy, my own anarchist ideas and this rage moment that is already gone, but sometimes turns back and I constantly need do keep an eye on.
    I tend to think I would need more people to be free in order to feel free but I don’t feel prepared to tell them they are not free because sometimes I feel very arrogant when I do it. On this matter this new age fever getting it’s revival and the idea of where do I start and where do I end. For these questions new age ideas seems to have vague answers that nevertheless seem to ring some bells to some people. These symbols tend to get stronger and eventually people won’t remember the question anymore. Also this idea of light is very much a thing I see with new age ideas, sometimes people wish me light, maybe to see the path the way they do it, I don’t no.

    I think this video made a very clear idea of the importance of the representation, and the idea of the mirror is very important to understand this all ego dissolving sensation I have seen these last years.
    Sometimes it seems to me the mirror was the first and the last technology, does anyone has any idea of a good book on this matter? I know Tarkovsky has an amazing movie but I don’t know of anything else treating these subject the way I would like.

    It would be good for me to be able to get out of these sensation I am going down a funnel. These is one of the reasons I gave up on facebook. I saw myself has an acceptable projection of what I should be and that was really giving me the creeps. In other words, how much does general expectations does about our inner self?

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