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So, the much-ballyhooed JFK files have been released (mostly? sort of?), and exactly as predicted they point more fingers back at those dastardly Russkies and their lone wolf shooter Oswald. Well, no one was expecting to find Allen Dulles' signature on the hit contract, were they? Still, there are interesting nuggets to be found in the release, so let's get to work.

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The CIA Preps Their Next JFK Psyop

Lee Harvey Oswald called Russia's KGB department in charge of 'sabotage and assassination' before killing JFK

Oswald - Russia contact document

Episode 287 – Meet Lee Harvey Oswald, Sheep-Dipped Patsy

Helms' deposition from Rockefeller Commmission

Trump Blocks Full Release Of JFK Assassination Records After Last Minute CIA Push

Trump promises to release all JFK files

So You’ve Decided To Boycott Google…

I trust Bing more than Google. I searched “JFK files CIA employs journalist” and Bing results were about the topic, Google’s BS results were not.

Hitler 1954 photograph

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  1. rob32367 says:

    Trump has allowed the intelligence agencies to withhold documents for at least another 6 months. Here is an article from Ray McGovern that discusses this aspect: https://www.opednews.com/articles/2/The-Deep-State-s-JFK-Trium-by-Ray-McGovern-Assassination_CIA_JFK_President-171030-825.html

    Most of what I have read is not new information – Hoover again saying they have to convince public of Oswald’s guilt, the CIA employing journalist, etc.

    I did find the phone call to the Cambridge news 25 minutes before the assassination interesting: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/oct/27/jfk-files-british-paper-got-anonymous-call-just-before-assassination

    Sound familiar – the phone call before the OKC bombing.
    What is this about? Someone on the inside trying to expose it? Trying to give their friends in the press a heads up? I don’t know really … but I don’t believe in coincidences like this.

      • weilunion says:

        Roselli was definitely involved, as was Trafficante and Giancana, Roselli’s boss.

        But so was Carlos Marcello, the Mafia Kingfish of New Orleans and Texas.

        From the documents I have seen and the countless others I have read it seems that Texas oil men, the Mafia and elements of the CIA did the hit.

        The motive is simple: oil men did not like the oil depletion allowance at the time, being scrapped. And Cuba was the Mafia’s big concern as well as their holdings in Vegas.

        Meyer Lansky and Thomas Dewey started the Mary Carter Paint Company in the early 50’s. This got Lansky into the Bahamas for the company was a front for intelligence and the mob.

        The company changed its name in the 70’s or 80’s, not sure which, to Resort International. In 1987 Donald Trump bought Resorts Intl.

        Resorts Intl has sued many people for alleging they were mobbed up. There was a 1967 Playboy article on the Mary Carter Paint Company. I can’t find it, but it exists.

        A must read is Lansky by Hank Hank Messick

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Every November, typically there are a couple JFK Conferences in Dallas.
    These conferences are always very interesting. We will miss Jim Marrs this year. The quantity of information (books and photos for sale, speakers and films) is amazing.
    Both conferences – Nov 17, 18, 19 – 2017

    Judyth Vary Baker, Oswald’s girlfriend, (a very sweet lady) will be at
    The 5th annual JFK Assassination Conference Nov 17, 18, 19

    The 22nd JFK Lancer Conference

    Here are some PHOTOS and articles from the huge JFK 50th Anniversary
    These famous eyewitnesses live a few miles from me…
    More JFK Dallas related stuff during the 50th…
    Poll – http://911blogger.com/news/2013-11-05/belief-jfk-assassination-conspiracy-poll-associated-press

  3. bakedinbend says:

    I am guessing that things like the “Hitler” document are just there to distract folks from the important, and still redacted, JFK info. I am willing to bet some one finds some UFO stuff in there as well. Any time the government releases documents it is because they can’t be hurt by them. Or they are trying to influence a specific group, individual, or idea.

    Unfortunately I don’t have time to read all these JFK files, but I sincerely appreciate those who do and bring interesting pieces to light for the rest of us.

    • wingsuitfreak says:

      I remember reading about the Hitler report in the FBI vault in circa 2014. They described how he had gotten there by U-boat. It was a different report. As a side note, I had noticed they were investigating Howard Zinn. While investigating him, they had his work address as a Pres (or VP) of the local Communist Party. Yet, the agent requested more resources to determine if he was a communist. Just added that to further bolster my claim that the government isn’t staffed by the best and brightest, but by the worst and dumbest. Ryan Dawson has also made the link from these files to the Jewish mafia. I think this is old news though. To tell you the truth, I’ve never cared much about the JFK killing. I was convinced long ago that the CIA was heavily involved in it, if not the main driving force, and that we would never find out the truth by asking them to confess. To me; this is nothing but a big distraction. Besides, it was just another lying politician killed. Not enough of that going around if you ask me. Just my .02 worth. JimBob from fluorida

      • rob32367 says:

        JFK was not just another lying politician. He was a lying politician who:
        1. was pulling out of Vietnam
        2. working toward peace with Russia
        3. working to normalize relations with Cuba
        4. going to shred the CIA into 1000 pieces and spread it to the wind

        He was actually taking on the National Security State. If he had won the fight, the world would not be a perfect place, but I think it would have been a better place. Since the day he was killed, no president has pushed back against the Pentagon and Intelligence agencies. So now we live in perpetual war in a surveillance/police state. JFK would not have supported that. And that is why he was killed and why it still matters.

        Ray McGovern tells the story about an Obama insider who asked him why he didn’t push back against the establishment like he had promised to. And Obama’s reply was “You saw what they did to MLK, right?” And thus, since JFK, the puppets in charge just do the bidding of their masters and screw the rest of us.

        As for the newly released documents, one of the most interesting aspects I find is that the MSM has pushed that they end the debate over the Mexico City trip – such as this article after the early release this summer:

        But they do not reference any specific document that proves Oswald was there. There is a transcript of an alleged phone call by Oswald

        A transcript of course does not prove Oswald made the call.
        So, the lack of proof that Oswald was in Mexico City makes me believe the Sylvia Odio story is where the true Oswald was, and the Mexico City impersonater was the CIA trying to tie the assassination to Cuba and/or Russia.

        • Corbett says:

          You raise a good point, rob32367. The obsession with the Mexico City trip is a sure sign that there is some sort of psyop/honey trap in that info.

        • wingsuitfreak says:

          He was also a lying politician who gave the fed more power. Was going to continue to drain our economy to spread around the world. In other words, the few things he was going to do doesn’t remove the stuff he was going to end. He came from a crime family. He ruled a criminal organization (the gov). Sorry; I despise all politicians. Let’s not forget that he almost ended the world with Cuban Missile Crisis. Just because you like some of what a criminal does, doesn’t make him a King Arthur. My opinion, just as your’s is yours.

          • rob32367 says:

            I don’t trust politicians either and, no – he was no King Arthur. You do not need to apologize for hating politicians.

            But I believe his death – along with MLK & RFK and others – destroyed any opposition that what they call the political right in the US faced. And no politician even attempts to stand up to the Military Industrial/Intelligence Complex.

            And when it comes to the Cuban Missile Crisis – it was the JCS that pushed for invasion of Cuba (which would have resulted in WWIII b/c the Soviets had tactical nukes there). Curtis LeMay even pushed for nuking the Soviets since he thought we would never have a better advantage over them. It was JFK & RFK that pushed the quarantine and worked the back channels to avoid war with the USSR.

            I understand your hatred of politicians. But I do believe that the death of JFK is important – not b/c of who he was, but b/c of what it meant. No more opposition to the will of the National Security State. Just my opinion. Peace.

            • wingsuitfreak says:

              Whatever suit is in that office isn’t what is important. What will bring down the NSS is the people growing a spine and refusing to buy into their BS. People really do get the government they deserve. All of our woes are our fault, not some lunatic in that office, or any office. If we refuse to obey, there is nothing they can do about it. Their magical words on magic papers upon which they cast their spells and call them laws hold not the strength of a candle in a hurricane if the people just laugh at them. That is what is important. The will of the people. Our will. Your will. My will. Peace between us, but for liberty there is never peace.

        • john.o says:


          First, thank you for underscoring that the murder of JFK matters.

          I would add the murders of RFK and MLK, the wounding of George Wallace, the attempted assassinations of Carter and Reagan, the probable murder of JFK Jr., the almost innumerable assassinations in foreign countries of leaders of all types and stripes, and the silencing by murder and mayhem of literally thousands of lesser known lights, just a few of whom are documented on this site in the “Requiem for…” series.

          That the JFK assassination doesn’t matter, because he is just another “corrupt politician,” or “member of the ruling class,” or “a collectivist” or was a perv, or whatever, and that ipso-facto it should become of no interest to me what happened in history, I have heard this argument many times over the years.

          The “ruling class” argument has been the standard Chomsky meme for decades, and if JFK is mentioned to a large enough sample inside a certain “leftist” milieu, you will hear it repeated ad nauseam with probabilistic predictability.

          But it’s the same argument whatever descriptive one puts in. In the end, HISTORY, and who actually did and does what, should not matter to me.

          I don’t buy it.

          As to the Mexico City stuff, yes, this was a, “frame Oswald as a Soviet/Cuban something” maneuver.

          The assassination plot, like modern black ops, hijacked assets from other operations whose participants did not know the greater ends to which they were being used. Assets like Oswald, (he was unique, but also typical and not alone) were being used for different things, and what and whom this was intended to implicate is at least open to debate. I personally believe the evidence is there to strongly suggest it was done to implicate the Cubans and the Russians in the assassination and start a war.

          The immediate game is to give the major media some stories to keep the charade going without drawing conclusions obvious to everybody else. The less immediate possibility is that this will be used as the new official theory, as part of a larger media campaign in a war with Russia. More likely, it stays as noise in the background, but either way it depends on people not caring about HISTORY.

          • wingsuitfreak says:

            In case it’s not obvious, it’s the CIA and Israel. These politicians being killed bother me not in the least. The friends of mine they all lied to and got killed; that interests me. To be president, you have to be a murderer. Name one that wasn’t. The only president I respected was Andrew Jackson. He walked his talk. He ended the fed of his day. The rest were all just trash in my book. History is more than presidents. You can have your opinion all day long and I will have mine. But mine is that he was just more garbage. But don’t go telling me I don’t care about an entire field just because this tiny little segment of it that you like isn’t my cup of tea. That’s just rude.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              While I like a few aspects about Andrew Jackson and money, he ramped up the anti-Indian platform. Major Population Control of his era. …and the sterilization of Indians kept going on even into the 1970’s.

              Texican Sam Houston tried to curtail the anti-Indian attitude.
              I like ole Sam Houston. For his era, he tried his best.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                And Sam Houston was a President.
                …of the great Republic of Texas.

              • wingsuitfreak says:

                HRS, have you ever considered his Indian attitudes are part of a smear campaign? It’s true he was no friend of the tribes. But this was based on his personal experience with them. He lost all respect for them over a life-time of working closely with them. Also, his actions didn’t create a big stink (except with the Cherokees) until the 1960s. A really good way to distract from his closing the central bank. He did little that really differed from what all the others did. I’m not saying that made it right, but I am noting we’re being manipulated at all times. Washington despised them, Lincoln wanted them exterminated; the list goes on to this day. Yet, it’s only Jackson we despise for doing such.

    • Octium says:

      Not necessarily so…

      If you consider that the purpose of Operation Paperclip was more than just bringing Nazi brain power into the USA but rather an underground transplantation of Nazism in into the USA in general – Then you could say that the CIA and Nazis are one.

      If the CIA killed JFK, so did the Nazi’s.

      So the inclusion of a Hitler document in the JFK files is as not as left field as it may seem to people today.

      If it is a distraction or pysop, it is certainly not a recent one.

      Mae Brussel was writing about Nazi / JFK connections in this article back in 1984 and before.


      It seems that the Lee Harvey Oswalds got around a fair bit, the article mentions one of them being trained in “the CIA’s clandestine base at Atsugi, Japan, in 1957”

    • weilunion says:

      Yes, and James is right, the Trump release thing was done by Roger Stone as a deflection from Trump. Trump has no interest in JFK or the files.

      All smoke and mirrors. In fact, as James and I and others have pointed out, this ‘release news’was done to assure the documents would not be released

      Read The Legacy of Secrecy by Lamar Waldon

  4. john.o says:


    Hitler red herring.

    Some interesting things like, why would they need to redact all the interviews of cubans by FBI SA Charles Capeheart?


    Any relationship to the infamous Claude? http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/4472-claude-barnes-capehart/?p

    I see a lot getting released about LHO commmie connections, especially the Soviet Union. This was, in fact, one “right wing” pressure group of the military/spy plotters trying to start a war, but the threat was used by LBJ to squelch the inquiry altogether.

    With a tweak here and there, this could all be used someday on a feeble-minded, dis-educated public:

    Guess what? The Russkies fixed the election AND killed JFK after all!

  5. Libertydan says:

    I have done some research on the 1967 Israeli attack on the US Liberty. It was attacked by unmarked jets flown by Israeli pilots. This was likely a false flag operation intended to provide an excuse to invade Saudi Arabia and take over their oil. It failed because the crew was able to radio other American Ships for help even though their seven radio channels were jammed and the Israeli fighters took out the radio room during the first strike of many. This would be impossible without inside intelligence.
    Even though a good number of American Sailors were killed that day, about 250 survived, but were swore to keep it secret. Over the years a number of the survivors got together and began asking for Classified Documents to be released. One such document released in 2004 was a report made by JAG Caption Boston Ward in 1967. When the group of survivors took the released document to the retired Captain Ward because many of them did not believe what they were reading, the retired JAG officer read the report and was horrified to find that the report he had filed in 1967 had been changed, yet they left his signature on it.
    As a result he wrote a detailed account of what he could recall and posted it on the Internet. This man was Red, White and Blue, and now he remains Blue. His account is very damning of Israel and the American Deep State.
    Indeed, be very suspicious of so called “Information” that comes from the government.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      …When the group of survivors took the released document to the retired Captain Ward because many of them did not believe what they were reading, the retired JAG officer read the report and was horrified to find that the report he had filed in 1967 had been changed, yet they left his signature on it….

    • wingsuitfreak says:

      I remember the first time I heard about the Liberty. I was in the Navy and there was a copy of a newspaper clipping about it on a bulletin board. No one ever took it down. At the time, I was still a true believer and didn’t investigate any further. After all, I was kept pretty busy with my little mushroom duties. Later on I saw a video about it on the internet. By this time I had long since lost my faith. It is sad that every single thing I had learned growing up was a lie. The truth doesn’t need lies to support it, so this truism alone makes the state a lie. I’ve had enough of lies. But I do hunger for truth. To me though, Camelot was just another lie. JFK another false hero. Just another criminal faction which lost to another criminal faction. No more rulers for me. All they ever do is lie.

  6. herrqlys says:

    My personal belief is that the current release of JFK assassination documents is a limp-wristed attempt to convince the general public that there is now closure on that assassination.

    And you must ask your self: after 54 years, what could still be so sensitive to the ‘national security interests’ that it merits further review and redaction by security agencies before the final documents are released? Haven’t they already had enough time to destroy, re-write, or simply redact?

    The release of that current tranche of these documents, though, has inspired a re-awakening of people’s thoughts about the whole matter. And in our more cynical times, it has been far easier for the general public to ignore the mantle of governmental authority (and innocence) in the matter.

    For me, this has brought to my attention a book published in 2008 that is considered by many to be THE most comprehensive examination of the events, supported by the scholarly research and investigative journalism of Jim Douglass:

    JFK and the Unspeakable; Why He Died and Why It Matters (2008 Orbis Books) by James W. Douglass

    Today I have personally obtained a PDF file of this book from the Library Genesis site, a hugely useful resource which someone either here or at The Saker provided me with the link for:


    It isn’t a particularly user-friendly site and you may have to partake of a little trial and error to finally get the download you want. I have culled several titles from here that I’ve always wanted to have on my ‘bookshelf’.

    In addition to this find, today Global Research has also reprinted a book review of Douglass’ work. The review was first penned in 2009:


    And a few days ago, with the release of the current documentary issuance, Finian Cunningham wrote a very literate and comprehensive review of the JFK assassination obscurantism:


    Re-reading about some of the events and ‘evidence’ on the JFK assassination that we were expected to believe makes particularly painful reading. I am sick to my stomach over my own internalized question of “how many other things have I been told from the 60’s onward that is false”? Without even bothering to count, I know it’s a huge number.

    How do I ever expurgate this mass of lies? How do I redraw the myriad neural connections to so much accumulated and embedded ‘history’? Here’s hoping my mind is an exceptional librarian, and when glaring lies are exposed into consciousness, that my subconscious engine can cross-check for all bogus facts across the entire synaptic memory system.

    • herrqlys says:

      Please bear with me as I digress.

      Probably like many of you, I have gone to sleep with a vexing problem of ‘what was that name?’ or ‘where did I see that?’ and sometime after awakening, and having re-established some mental clarity, the answer pops up at an odd moment in my consciousness – even though I had consciously forgotten all about initiating the question.

      I give myself a wry smile, when I realize I have just been presented with the answer I was looking for, and am silently pleased that things can work this way.

      So I know the neural web crawler exists, but does it also do search and replace? And perhaps there’s a practical limit on how many interrogatives are placed in the queue at any one time.

      Having a fitful sleep is very necessary, so that you hit REM state and the brain’s long-term memory archival apparatus successfully integrates the day’s short-term memories.

      It’s my own belief that dreams are the ‘what if’ (survival) scenarios played out amongst the new and old information, utilizing our formidible extrapolation faculties. Emotive fixing by the midbrain gland secretions ensure we keep the deemed ‘important’ stuff in long-term memory.

  7. leo.h says:

    I’ve made a couple of threads at /r/conspiracy about finds in the JFK files. There’s one on a document I found that I think proves that Priscilla Johnson McMillan was a CIA operative. McMillan is often billed as the only person who knew Oswald and JFK, as well as being Oswald’s biographer and a longtime press hack for the North American Newspaper Association and other MSM who has been a long-time defender of the Warren Commission in documentaries and in the press.


    Also came across a document that alleged that Jack Ruby was at the Tropicana Hotel on 11/16/63 with his strippers and having use of the Tropicana’s Rolls Royce. The Tropicana is notable for being bankrolled by John Rosselli who had a love triangle with JFK and Judith Campbell Exner that was very odd.


    One other thing that is of note that came out a couple of months ago now in the NARA releases that I haven’t seen anyone in this thread mention yet is the revelation that Dallas Mayor on 11/22/63 Earle Cabell was CIA. Of course, Earle Cabell was Charles Cabell’s brother and Charles was the deputy head of CIA during the Bay of Pigs operation and was fired afterwards by Kennedy so an intelligence connection with his brother Earle has long been theorized.


    • Corbett says:

      Good catch with McMillan, leo.h. I see this as pretty important evidence of a CIA connection, in addition to the 1962 memo that was declassified in 1993:


      However, to play devil’s advocate, can we be sure this new info isn’t just holdover information from her 1952 application / “rejection” by the CIA?

      Also, I agree the Cabell/CIA confirmation from the earlier release is important and overlooked.

      • leo.h says:

        James, sorry I didn’t make it back until now but I agree the document is nowhere near definitive. To answer your devil’s advocate question, though, the document at the top details McMillan’s job history up until the 70s at various papers so it would seem to be unlikely that the document is from the 1950s when McMillan “unsuccessfully” applied to CIA.

        Really happy to contribute to your open source investigation and seeing some of my suggestions in your subscriber newsletter was awesome and made my Sunday. I will try and come and post in your open source threads here on your website more often so I can follow-up with other posters.

    • weilunion says:

      Roselli was definitely involved, as was Trafficante and Giancana, Roselli’s boss.

      But so was Carlos Marcello, the Mafia Kingfish of New Orleans and Texas.

      From the documents I have seen and the countless others I have read it seems that Texas oil men, the Mafia and elements of the CIA did the hit.

      The motive is simple: oil men did not like the oil depletion allowance at the time, being scrapped. And Cuba was the Mafia’s big concern as well as their holdings in Vegas.

      Meyer Lansky and Thomas Dewey started the Mary Carter Paint Company in the early 50’s. This got Lansky into the Bahamas for the company was a front for intelligence and the mob.

      The company changed its name in the 70’s or 80’s, not sure which, to Resort International. In 1987 Donald Trump bought Resorts Intl.

      Resorts Intl has sued many people for alleging they were mobbed up. There was a 1967 Playboy article on the Mary Carter Paint Company. I can’t find it, but it exists.

  8. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Wise Old Sayings…..

    from the western world…

    “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” otherwise called the duck test 🙂

    from my world….
    “you can’t call a prostitute “hey prostitute” to her/his face, even after you have just paid her/him”.

    The reason i bring these two saying and celebrate wise old sayings is because it is a distillation of the knowledge and wisdom of thousands of years, and should not be ignored.. in fact, it should be our “go to” step.

    Which means, that JFK, 9/11, etc are all “shades” of duck, which the “man in control” have admitted to doing in the past, so at this stage and in my mind, it is a verdict of guilty until proven innocent.

    But even if you prove them guilty, they will refuse to be called a prostitute (look up the wise old saying from my part of the world).

    so, i don’t really see any benefit from this, but it is entertaining none the less…

    I hear people ask.. so what should we be doing… I say… let us have an open investigation to identify the “man” behind the curtains… otherwise known as the enemy..

    Iranians call the USA “the great Satan”… I think they have got it only half right… There is a “great Satan” figure, but it is not USA… “great Satan” hops from one country to another based on who can be the best host.

    • wingsuitfreak says:

      I agree with you that we here in the US aren’t the Great Satan; but I do have to admit he has had a really good time here. This is the land where consumerism/materialism really took hold. For most of us, we have become our possessions. It’s really sad. I remember when this wasn’t so, but my generation is the last holders of those memories. The next? They will either be complete, and willing, slaves; or they will be fierce and free. I know which side I stand on. Thanks, JimBob from fluorida

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Voice of Arabia !!
      Man!…I was thinking about you the other day.

      Take a look at Corbett here… (about 4 minutes)

      or here

      I don’t know if you want to go “where no man has gone before” (Star Trek quote). I know that you are in a precarious position with your neck of the woods, and also time is a factor. But I wanted to mention it to you.

      I am very cool with whatever you do, whether it be leave the topic alone or pursue it. I always think highly of you.

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hi HomeRemedySupply,

        Thanks for the above links, and I enjoyed the wink wink, nudge nudge that James deployed during the Q&A session 🙂 , and i have already downloaded and listened to the OBL video few times. The volume is unintelligible in few spots, but the translation is more or less OK.

        What is really “strange” and spooky is the setting of the “meet”. It appears to be OBL visiting with a person (i don’t know who this person is) who has just survived a life threatening incident, (person covering his legs with blanket), yet, they hardly spoke about what happened to him, and instead, OBL (prompted by the other speaker who is not on the video) was busy showing off in no organized fashion.

        The whole thing was weird, and you would never see it in a real Arab community. It is just not how things are done in our community, and appears to be orchestrated or at least “put on”, and not genuine for whatever reason. (Could OBL be testing the person in question??)

        Anyway.. I will view the video few more times, and watch body language, and will wait for that open investigation to be opened up.

        I will maintain a low profile, and talking about JFK will not get me into trouble (at least i hope not!!)

        I enjoy reading your posts.. keep them coming.

    • john k says:

      The part of America that Iranians come in contact with is the Great Satan. The average American enables the Great Satin with his/her tax dollars, ignorance and apathy. (Yes, the GS seeks out the best host country).

  9. d-One says:

    Dark Journalist is also doing some digging on these documents. He has a series of interviews covering the JFK assassination, Oswald, etc.

    Dark Journalist has this interview with Douglas Caddy talking about what E. Howard Hunt told him … (Shorter version of story below)

    Linda Moulton Howe gives a shorter version here (1:00 – 3:00)

    She then talks about a memo that she believes to be very significant, purported to come from MJ12. At 4:00-10:20 in the same video.

    Then she talks about Jim Marrs research for his book Crossfire made him conclude that the “alien question” was a key reasonfor the CIA to pull the trigger… Jump to 13:00 in the same video.

    Happy digging!

  10. manbearpig says:

    Well, some very interesting comments…

    I tend to think that for new insights into this case one could examine the story of

    Mary Pinchot Meyer

    who was his lover whom he wanted to marry, his intellectual sparring partner, assassinated less than a year after JFK’s assassination


    Noam Chomsky

    whose universally acclaimed intellect ostensibly refuses to admit that there’s anything notable about JFK’s assassination.

    Maybe the culprits are waiting for the afore-mentioned to die before releasing any eventual info about JFK’s murder…

    But I’m kinda like others on this site who have trouble getting excited about this major historice event…

    but probably because I’ve been shock-doctrined into intellectual lethargy…

  11. NoMeatNoDairyNoProblem says:

    3P0, could I get the odds on Hitler keeping his trademark mustache while hiding out in South America?

  12. manbearpig says:

    So a quick look seems to indicate that the Mary Pinchot Meyer angle has been much considered and explored. Though considerable mystery still surrounds her life, loves and death. She figured in the Oliver Stone movie? I haven’t seen it.
    And whether this angle leads to the conclusion that the KGB did away with her or not seems fairly incidental. It’s as credible as the CIA did it. Or maybe they’re the same agency – the U.S. branch and the Russian branch…

    I wonder if the Institute for Policy Studies, (funded by James Warburg and founded the same year as JFK’s assassination) reportedly a marxist D.C.-based “think-tank” has any role to play in this affair…?

    wiki says:

    “…IPS has been described as one of the five major, independent think tanks in Washington.[6] Members of the IPS played key roles in the civil rights and anti-war movements of the 1960s, in the women’s and environmental movements of the 1970s, and in the peace, anti-apartheid, and anti-intervention movements of the 1980s…
    In his book The KGB and Soviet Disinformation: An Insider’s View Ladislav Bittman, a former Státní bezpečnost[26] agent who worked in misinformation operations, claimed that the IPS was part of the Soviet intelligence network.[27][28] Bittman argued that IPS was one of the several liberal think tanks that acted as pro-Soviet propaganda agencies…
    Start-up funding was secured from the Sears heir, Philip Stern, and banker, James Warburg. Most of the money came from a foundation of Samuel Rubin.[6]..”

    Anyhow, good luck to you all on this investigation! I look forward to reading your insights.

  13. john.o says:

    I do not believe Pinchot-Meyer’s death was credibly the KGB. It had James Jesus Angleton’s prints all over it, as does much of the Mexico City history. For a few Angleton researchers, your “maybe they’re the same agency – the U.S. branch and the Russian branch…” gets close…lot’s of “evidence;” it’s all circumstantial, but some believe the mole hunter was ultimately a mole.

    Recent Jeff Morley on Angleton and Oswald:

    Still solid basic research on Angleton and JFK from Lisa Pease:


    Why the JFK assassination? It’s a study in the way things really work…

    • manbearpig says:

      “…I do not believe Pinchot-Meyer’s death was credibly the KGB. It had James Jesus Angleton’s prints all over it…”

      So it would appear from this doc whose credibility I cannot vouch for (if you scroll down to nearly the bottom):


      • john.o says:

        Interesting though,that even though Angleton’s fingerprints are all over LHO, he actually gets the LHO file as an operation of the ONI – Office of Naval Intelligence. Oswald was dipped and used in Japan by a network associated with “Sir” Charles Wiloughby, who in fact was Tscheppe Weidenbach, a good friend of the Spain’s fascist Generalissimo Franco and “my own little fascist” according to General MacArthur, whom Willoughby served as Asian Pacific spymaster.

        The problem with “the CIA did it” or “Israel” or almost any simple theory of the assassination is that no such theory really accounts for the entire amazing (in the literal sense of the word) network that more or less signed off on the assassination and may have “participated.” Many assassination subplots are either intentional red-herrings or possible positioning of other potential suspects to blame.

        It could be that the many assassination ties to anti-Kennedy right-wing sentiment, e.g. Joseph Milteer https://www.maryferrell.org/pages/Predictions_of_Joseph_Milteer.html and other anti-semitic white supremacists, were covers for Israeli participation, or it could be that some of the participants thought they were framing the Jews…in any event, Israeli participation is a side show to my eyes, even if they too may have signed off on the deal…Permindex did not control the ONI, the CIA or the Pentagon. It was the other way around.

        Some in high the CIA like Desmond Fitzgerald were taken aback by the assassination. I am fairly certain the official CIA head, McCone knew nothing, nor did most of the official agency. A network of ex-Far East ex-ONI operatives with some CIA and Pentagon insiders were the core team. It was the ONI group, which probably sabotaged Gary Powers, that ran LHO in Russia, not the CIA. (It is interesting that Bush Sr., a naval officer with Asian spy networks in his family for generations, was almost certainly involved in both networks, CIA and ONI.)

        Many, many signed off on some part of the deal. Not everybody got what they wanted after JFK was killed, though.

      • weilunion says:

        No, the Soviets did not want to kill JFK, he was working with Krushchev behind the scenes. Castro was as well.

        No, the hit was by an international conglomeration of Nazis and oil men and the CIA and the Mafia.


        Yes, foreign policy but also Kennedy was for getting rid of the oil depletion allowance for billionaire oil men, 24% they would have lost had it gone through.

  14. Mark44 says:

    I just hope that 50 years hence we won’t still be spinning our wheels on 9/11 the way we are with JFK now.

    • rob32367 says:

      Sorry Mark – by 17 years out, pressure had caused several additional investigations/whitewashes. And the HSCA started out a real investigation … until Sprague made it obvious he would investigate the CIA & FBI … and then was forced out.

      With 9/11, there is no public pressure for a new investigation. AE911Truth proposed the Bobby McIlvaine Act – but neither the MSM nor the so called Alternate media is talking about it. I brought it up with friends … and got the usual look. Our politicians would rather investigate the Russia BS than even mention problems with the 9/11 Commission.

      I keep up the fight, but I have no hope.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      9/11 Truth – Years 2005 to 2011
      The 9/11 Truth movement was going gangbusters from around 2006-2009.
      Individuals and localized groups made up the bulk of the dissemination.

      There are thousands of examples. Here is 0.01 percent of the many actions…
      Santa Claus Brings 9/11 Truth to Japan (6 minutes)
      (3 minutes) The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in a kitsch kind of way with Richard Gage. Some great photos of the 9/11 Movement in Action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qESG8_oyECk
      9/11 Truth March in Brussels – 09-Sep-2007 (6 minutes)

      PHOTO – Huge Los Angeles March
      PHOTO – In the early days, there wasn’t much “brochure material” available for handouts. Our Texas group designed and printed a full pallet load (literally a ton) of these. https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/c/e/a/9/highres_449632905.jpeg

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        What Killed the 9/11 Truth Grassroots Movement?

        There are probably many factors which attenuated individual and localized group action to disseminate. We could probably list things like… in-fighting about 9/11 theories leading to a “divide & conquer”, people got busy taking care of their lives, more structured centralized control of 9/11 which ended up primarily as a fund raising operation, apathy, interest changes, etc.

        A contention which I have as a primary factor which led to the demise of grassroots action is the Alternative Media.
        Yes, the Alternative Media played a major role in destroying individual and local group 9/11 Truth action.
        Corbett Report is one of the few exceptions. Corbett Report highlights localized and individual actions which involves solutions.

        But as a whole, I believe that the vast majority of Alternative Media helped to fade the Grassroots 9/11 Truth Movement.

        Directing Attention
        Any media “directs attention”. They guide the attention and focus of the audience. They can help fire emotions and inspiration.

        However, if they don’t report on individual and localized actions, then it results in a diminutive importance of those individual and local group actions.
        We expect the MainStreamMedia to “not report” important issues and grassroots actions.
        But much of the Alternative Media did “not report” important 9/11 outreach and grassroots actions.

        Much of the Alternative Media helped to kill the 9/11 Truth Movement.
        That is my contention.

        This also highlights why the Corbett Report is such a pertinent arm in the Alternative Media. The Corbett Report emphasizes grassroots and localized solutions. By “directing attention” towards solutions, it can give those solutions “life”.

        • wingsuitfreak says:

          Since most Americans believe the official story on 9/11 is a lie, at least according to the polls during the chumpchange election, I don’t think it died out so much as people just realized our lying government would never come clean with the truth. I think a lot of what is called apathy is really just disillusionment with the powers that cower. There is a reason faith in government is at record lows and that polls show the people are more worried about the government than anything else in the world. It’s the venues that are changing. When people aren’t voicing dissent in the open, they are letting it boil inside them. This is far worse for the state than open questioning.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Someone, I think “mkey”, pointed out that many of the folks who are aware of the 9/11 Cover-up never followed through on that line of thought.
            For example, they joined the Trump train and “Keep Voting Harder”(Corbett quote). Or perhaps they know about 9/11, but become submerged in Facebook, socialmedia, and I-Phones.

            Where is North Korea?

            We’re doomed.

            • mkey says:

              Fluorine helps, probably.

              I went on to check fluoridation levels in locally commercially available water. Supposedly, the public water supply isn’t fluoridated in this general are, they say. However, a number of bottled water brands, practically all of the half dozen I checked, have fluorine in it. Most are at below 1 ppm, typically 0.04 to 0.1 ppm. One of the brands, a very popular one, packs over 1ppm. Another brand doesn’t state fluorine content on the label, but its an imported water and they are subjected to a bit different legislative ecosystem which may grant them the basis not to declare content which is below a certain threshold. Generally, dry matter contents in these waters varies greatly.

              These numbers are dwarfed by those 1450 ppm fluorine contents in the tootpaste, but are not pissing me off any lass in comparison. Next thing on my list is to get hold of some products to flush my body of this poison.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Interesting about the water. A lot of mineral water contains fluorine, but it is often from the calcium fluoride deposits. So, fortunately the calcium helps to buffer and bind the Fluorine ion so it can be expelled and not drawn to bones or organs or enzyme disruption.

                Because fluorine (about 50% +/- depending upon diet and genetics) accumulates in the body, often forming in the bone matrix, it is tough to detox. Overall, the best detox is a healthy diet, because bone will breakdown and rebuild continuously…and hopefully healthy diet nutrients will replace the old fluorhydroxyapatite.

                I have been VERY busy lately helping with the Dallas Fluoride campaign. We are starting a different “marketing approach” appealing to the Black community.

              • mkey says:

                I read about iodine being the natural enemy of highly reactive flourine, chrome and brom since they bind to same receptors. Also, that stuff curry is made with is also held in high regard, concerning its flushing capabilities.

                Local waters here have a rather high calcium content since much of underground waters go through rocky, calcium ritch deposits. Maybe this flourine isn’t added intentionally, who the hell knows. At least none of these products advertise as such.

              • wingsuitfreak says:

                Kelp is not only very high in iodine, but if it’s cell walls are cracked it is also very nutritious. A tea made from it will taste very similar to raw oysters. The cell walls will also absorb toxins in the body.

              • mkey says:

                I assume kelp can be purchased from amazon, I doubt I can purcgase it locally, it would probably be less demanding to just grow it.

              • wingsuitfreak says:

                Kelp is a seaweed, so good luck growing it. I get mine out of nuts.com. They have good prices and fast delivery (here in the states).

            • mkey says:

              From what I gather, growing seaweed is doable.

              I found some local webshops selling kelp tablets, but I don’t hold much stock in inorganic nutrients absorption.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              Fluoride and Cannabis and Aluminum
              I recently had an “ah ha!” moment. I was watching a documentary about Cannabis. It mentioned G-proteins and how Cannabis works with receptors. Dr. Paul Connett often mentions G-proteins, but doesn’t go into detail.

              In very layman terms, G-proteins are a cell signaling mechanism, turning “on” or “off” different functions. It is prolific in the body and is what can balance the body, unless the G-protein/receptors get messed up.

              Aluminum and Fluorine
              Aluminum and Fluorine have a strong affinity for each other. For example, the ore cryolite is heavy in Fluorine/aluminum and Fluorine has been used by Alcoa in the aluminum ore extraction process of Bauxite.
              Can you imagine boiling fluoridated water in an aluminum pot? Fluorine ions easily bind with aluminum.

              G-proteins get all messed up as a result of this aluminum/fluorine combination. All kinds of ailments result. Of course, many of us know about the increase of Alzheimer’s, but other functions are effected as well.

              Slide 10 of this pdf gives an overview.

              Other references
              (with many links)
              pdf http://www.surfs-up.net/Downloads/Interactions%20between%20flourine%20and%20aluminium.pdf
              History and linked sources

              No wonder Fluoride is considered more toxic than Lead.

              • wingsuitfreak says:

                I was just laughing when I read this comment. Not that the comment itself is funny, but I am stoned. Plus, I don’t have to imagine boiling water in aluminum. I’ve done it many times, not having a clue as to what I was doing to myself!

    • weilunion says:

      It is doubtful that humans will be here the way we are going

  15. manbearpig says:

    Philip Stern, co-founder of the Institute for Policy Studies operating in tandem with the Scaife-Mellons on the right, somehow implicated in JFK murder – having to do with nuclear proliferation to Israel?

    Don’t have time to look into at the moment: anything interesting in the following link:



    • john.o says:

      Wow. What a find. What isn’t interesting?

      I had no idea one could tie someone that close to Pinchot-Meyer when she died so directly to the Permindex Israeli network in New Orleans.

      After that it is a Who’s Who of “left liberal” corporate gatekeepers and their funders from way back right into the present.

      I was trying to find a short excerpt from the section on “The Institute for Policy Studies” but the whole thing just has to be read.


      • manbearpig says:

        The more things change…

      • manbearpig says:

        Having taken a quick look at a couple of the hyperlinks I see what you mean by the mole-catcher being the mole…

        and in this light the Philby incident makes much more sense…

        but moles aside…I have to jump blindly into the hamster wheel now…sigh…

        • wingsuitfreak says:

          Here’s my summary of the JFK files. The CIA, which is the agency every single independent investigation has implicated in various degrees, is in charge of deciding which documents will be released. Note: When you have the power to use a magic market to cross out what you don’t want revealed; then not only does this make a FOIA request a joke, it also makes the release a weapon.
          Now we have all the internet detectives poring over documents the CIA has held for over half a century, all of them thinking they are going to find something they over-looked. You won’t. Everything you find has been collated and cross-referenced against everything for a very long time. Those magic marker stripes were all carefully placed to tease you and make you think you are on the verge of finding out something they don’t want you to think. It is an academic theorist’s honeypot.
          What does this accomplish? A lot. For one, they were brilliant in holding back the other documents for the next six months. You will all be chasing that rabbit for a while now. Nothing new under the sun will be found here. Just hints. What you should really concern yourself with is what will happen in the next six months that will prevent this release.
          The whole internet is talking about the JFK files. Do you think this might be the object of the release? There are a lot of strange things going on now, and this release is keeping people distracted from them.
          The Ruso/Saudi weapons deal is odd. The Sauds capitulated in this. See Bombard’s body lang. for this. More to come in next comment section. Just something to consider. You’re still being played. Jim from fluorida

          • wingsuitfreak says:

            We also have a barely mentioned CME event with a nationwide drill for an EMP blast. I’m not saying this will happen, as it might actually be one. But, when it comes to governments, I put zero trust in the milk of human kindness or signs of intelligent life. But no one is really discussing it.
            All of the comments have revealed that nothing new is being revealed. And what if they were? I was 3 when he got killed. The passions of the nation have been dulled by a half century of speculation. Nothing would happen. Think about it. Did we do anything about the Gulf of Tonkin? MKUltra? Operation Mockingbird? Mena? The Clinton Foundation? Gary Webb? Obviously not. I find myself far more concerned with the Saudi Russian Arms deal with Russia. She did not know what the meeting was about, but it should be worrying, if you are the worrying type. What do THEY know? And what aren’t you looking at when you’re investigating this record?
            I am not saying any of this is going to result in something bad, but we already have dropped the Vegas Shooting (Worst mass shooting in American history!), the wildfires out west, the Liberty Act, and so on. Like I said, I’m not saying any of this will happen; but I am saying you’re being played. JimBob from fluorida

            • manbearpig says:

              Well JimBob,

              You make a number of good points about the WMD and red-herring nature of these “dumps” and it is indeed important to continue to keep your eyes peeled for what’s going down elsewhere in the heavens and on Earth,

              but don’t worry; As John O. pointed out, the JFK investigation is important for what it reveals about the way the deep state functions even if it only informs ostracized conspiracy theorists leaving the politically correct masses as indifferent as they are to a real investigation of 9/11, as they are to the ambiguous history of the environmental movement or of banking and money, of the politically immune governmental organizations and the so-called non-governmental organisations that dictate their reality and neutralize their cherished democracy etc. etc…

              and if it’s any comfort, I haven’t consulted a single so-called JFK doc that’s been released

              just open source info that’s been out there and analysed, cross-referenced, synthesized and examined by perspicacious people over the years.

              and I’m comparing it with current political webs of covert power, influence and terror.

              Seems to match up pretty well, incidentally.

              The Warburg and Stern-funded Institute for Policy Studies
              is a longstanding pet peeve I’ve mentioned repeatedly here over the years that the JFK assasination may actually act as a litmus strip for…

              and the Mossad certainly has an important role to play in this saga…

              hey…you think the CIA is merely the American division of the Mossad? Or is the Mossad the Israeli arm of British Intelligence? or Wait! Maybe the KGB and the Mossad are both…or …

              • wingsuitfreak says:

                Thanks manbearpig, creator of the interweb and global warming prophet! If you really want a good look at their tactics, go and look for the kidnapping trial of the CIA in Italy. CBS had two minutes coverage and the rest nil. nada. zilch. But, Italy did and so did Germany. I think the german one is dubbed in English, or maybe the other. There are also several articles outlining the cartoonish nature of these James Bond wannabes. That’s the real nature and tactics. This assassination was just one of their best ops. Their main strength is in controlling all the choke points. That way, the people won’t find out just how incompetent they really are. Of course, most people would then point to their motto….. That was smart as well. But, they seem to be so predictable. They have their SOPS, their own groupthink, and a lot more arrogance than brains. Remember, these are people so small they think they can control the world. Won’t hold up even with AI. There is more to us than our possessions. And yeah, I’ve read Brave New World. JimBob from fluorida. Where all of the zombies tested negative for drugs.

              • manbearpig says:

                Formidable competence camouflaged by incompetence?

                Since 9/11 the “incompetence” argument doesn’t fly…

              • wingsuitfreak says:

                I disagree vehemently on this one. After all, the Italian CIA “rendition” trial was long after 9/11 and they were operating in full-blown retard mode. Also, look at how all these psy-ops fall apart so quickly today. The Boston Bombing was dropped off the news the instant Graham Fuller’s name came up. Sandy Hook appears to have been a fouled-up masterpiece. The Aurora Shooting followed strict SOPS and was decimated immediately. Vegas fell apart so badly that it has already pretty much left the scene. The technology they have, and the control over choke points is still the only reason they are able to survive at all. Also, the diet and education of the masses helps as well. But, they are still morons in action.

              • manbearpig says:

                Morons in action, you might be right but…

                they nevertheless manage to achieve their objectives…

                At any rate, not one person in my entourage has ever said anything like “look at how those morons in the secret services totally botched that last terror psyop”…

                Not one person in my entourage, whether they’re French or of Anglo-American origin has ever pointed out that any of the events you mentioned were even vaguely suspicious…

                so maybe due to control over the technology and the choke points but whatever the reason, things are working out o.k. for them… so I don’t know if “incompetent” is applicable…

                “reckless” “sloppy” maybe “diabolical” and inhuman” might seem appropriate but…

                perhaps partially screwing up is intended as a veiled threat to anyone sort of paying attention: it’s scarier somehow to know your own government massacres your fellow “citizens” than some lone nut or so-called islamic terrorist…

                but just try to prove it to someone who doesn’t want to know…

                as for fluoride and bad diet…The French are slightly less affected… but they’re incorrigible conformists who preach moderation and are religious about their secularism with the possible exception of Saint Thomas whose “I’ll believe it when I see it” flatters their self-professed “Cartesian” minds… in short, the adjectives “original” and “special” are not compliments…

                but at least they’re rigorous and don’t indulge in sweeping and misplaced generalizations when they should be working on a huge translation that’s due the next day…

              • wingsuitfreak says:

                Well, when you consider the modern school system, which teaches people to submit to authority, to never question authority, to think emotionally rather than critically, etc.; it is hardly surprising that most people never question. They are taught that questioning is hard and useless. School is yet another choke point. Religion is another. What major religion doesn’t teach its’ followers to submit to authority? In the US, churches have their tax-exempt status for a price. Funny thing is that none of these choke points were created by the agencies that control them. This is a key to their incompetence. They can utilize the obvious, but they create nothing. Why? Is it psychopathy? I don’t think so. I think it is a combination of arrogance and mediocrity. That CIA case in Italy is a classic case of how they operate. Remember, just because they are smarter than the people they fool doesn’t make them smart. Only the sub-standard choose violence first in their general fix-all kit. The good news is that it doesn’t take too much to use this against them. Understanding your enemies and your allies (including potential ones like the masses) as well as yourself, doesn’t necessarily mean we elevate them to where we think they are. When you look beyond the hype, the evidence clearly shows they are bureaucrats in their methodology. They use their SOPs, they follow orders; they may follow them like cops but that doesn’t make them creative. It makes them predictable. This is a fatal flaw. But just one of many. I cannot recommend that Italian case enough. That is how they truly operate.

              • manbearpig says:

                Ok! 😎 I’ll take a look at the “Italian Case”. But these moronic secret services are certainly being instrumentalized to great effect. (along with the rest of it: education, ideological affiliation, media etc.) Wouldn’t you say?

              • wingsuitfreak says:

                It’s true they are well utilized, but note how rapidly anything they do falls apart with the faintest dash of critical thinking. Fooling an unquestioning, lazy mind is hardly the sign of a superior intelligence. Those that began this were smart enough to use these obvious choke points, but they were still a bunch of yahoos. When you check out the Italian case, you will learn just how arrogant and incompetent they are in reality. Their legendary status is the result of great marketing to a non-questioning citizenry.

              • manbearpig says:

                Speak of the devil,
                and of “lone wolf” terror psyops…
                Hope all our Texas Corbeteers are o.k….no baptists from Sutherland Springs?

    • weilunion says:

      [Peter Dale] Scott notes that, “both Oswald and Banister were working for what was in effect a third force: an intelligence-Mafia gray alliance, rooted in the deep political economy of New Orleans.”

      Yes, Marcello, Carlos. And it was an intelligence Mafia grey alliance.

      Again, Hank Messick is the best source on Lansky. His book goes into detail as to why Lansky was booted out of Israel. He landed in Florida where he used to walk his dog until he died peacefully. Ironically, it was Messick who was responsible for the boot out of Israel.

      Messick, if you google him, is one of the best or was, real crime writer in US history.

  16. M says:

    One of the main motives behind the Kennedy assassination is without any doubt the fact the he was trying to steer United States away from the course of imperialism and colonialism. That course had been set globally by the Dulles brothers during Eisenhower administration. Kennedy correctly saw leaders like Patrice Lumumba as nationalist (killed 3 days before Kennedys inaguration) and not as communist. The picture of Kennedy receiving the news of Lumumbas death tells more than 1000 words and this is a leader whose assassination was at least considered during Eisenhower administration. Good read:


    When it comes to Lee Harvey Oswalds ties to Cuba and/or Russia, I believe this was meant as layer of security. Anyone really trying to look into the assassination could start getting “information” about these ties with the warning to stop looking and that “truth” would cause WW3. While the media is now trumpeting about these “ties”, there is document about what Soviet thought about the assassination:

    “According to our source, officials of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union believed there some well organized conspiracy on the part of the “ultraright” in the United Sates effect a “coup”.

    And later:

    “Our source added that in instructions from Moscow, it was indicated that “now” the KGB was in possession of data purporting to indicate President Johnson was responsible for the assassination of the late President John F. Kennedy”


    Had to have been the Cubans and Russians? 🙂

    I personally believe that on operational level the people handling the operation were basically the same CIA-Mafia people involved in the assassination plots against Castro. I think the network of corruption inside the United States tied to the Mafia is being overlooked by many. Even if there was no Mafia gunmen in the assassination, it still would be beneficial to have the corruptive power of Mafia helping with the cover-up.

    Interesting document regarding the assassination plots of foreign leaders:


    I confess I have not fully read that…

    PS. Johnny Roselli testified to the HSCA that Castro had turned some exiles sent to murder him around and that they killed Kennedy. I think this again the protective layer (blaming Cuba). Roselli was supposed to testify again but…
    William Harvey was CIA guy involved setting up the Mafia plans against Castro. Interesting interview with his widow (CIA too) in which I think she slips whose assassination they eventually were planning with the Mafia:


    • rob32367 says:

      When you are talking about the CIA and Mafia, you are basically talking about the same thing – so when I read post and interpret these as interchangeable, it makes so much sense.

      Danny Sheehan of Watergate/Karen Silkwood/Iran Contra fame has done courses for the Romero Institute that you can watch online. It goes over the criminal activities from the Robber Barrens to the current day and has an entire course devoted to the JFK assassination. He connects it to Watergate and Nixon setting up the Cuban assassination squads though Howard Hughes and ultimately Trafficante using CIA associated Cubans for these squads. There are too many videos to link them all … but here is one to get started:


  17. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Everyone can stop researching now.
    HISTORY.COM has it all figured out.

    …There have been no shocking revelations in these documents; nothing to challenge the conclusions of the Warren Commission that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Moreover, there have been no convincing alternative explanation of what took place in Dallas on November 22, 1963… …Digital recreations of the Zapruder film prove conclusively that all three shots fired at the Kennedy motorcade came from the sixth floor of the Book Depository Building. There were no second shooters or magic bullets; just Oswald and a high-powered rifle….

    We know this is the final truth, because the author is from Oklahoma.

    • manbearpig says:

      Well you see, there you go: if intolerable conspiracy theories will continue to abound, as usual, it’s the fault of that one-size-fits-all universal boogey-man:

      Donald Trump.

      How convenient…

      The ultimate truth from Oklahoma? So why is there so much wind in Texas again…?

      No but seriously, shots fired from above ring so true today thanks to the horrifically bloody Vegas psyop.

      So, just like they taught me in school, nothing new to be learned from boring History. Guess I’ll just pack up, go home and watch television…

    • mkey says:

      To slam shut this issue once and for all in such an exaustive effort is nothing less of brilliant. Kudos to the author, it turns out we were wrong from the start.

      • john.o says:

        Yes, brilliant. The Warren Commission kept Oswald’s true motives hidden from the public to prevent them and us from finding out that he killed JFK to impress the Cubans. He did this so they would let him in. He went to Mexico to get into Cuba and was refused, so he killed JFK. Why didn’t I think of that?

        And the real brilliance: the fact that the Alphabets had been, uh, “following” this random lone nut for years, and kept that secret from the Commission, is actually evidence for why the Commission’s findings are true!

        “The Commission…lacked the proper context for evaluating Oswald’s motives because it was denied relevant intelligence information. These recently declassified documents reveal that American intelligence agencies had kept close tabs on Oswald in the months before the [sic] shot JFK. The CIA took pictures of Oswald outside the Soviet Embassy and even recorded his phone calls.”

        Now I get it!

        There are these little disturbing details, like the photo that the CIA supplied of Oswald in Mexico City was not Oswald, and the agency worked hard to keep the image of this non-Oswald secret, but I am sure that the author will explain it all soon.



    • Mark44 says:

      “These images were submitted as evidence in the Kennedy assassination case. The men were suspected of being a possible conspirators after being seen visiting the Soviet embassy in Mexico City, the same time Lee Harvey Oswald was in Mexico. (Credit: Corbis via Getty Images)

      “The men…” LOL

      It’s the same man in all the photos!

  18. macburns says:

    My apologies if this has been posted before, but this is a long thread. Oswald was working in a US govt/CIA lab in New Orleans and was a body guard for one of the scientists. He transported materials in and out of the lab. The scientists in that lab were aware that the polio vaccine had been contaminated with SV40, a cancer-causing virus. One of the women in the lab had been hired because she had been able to cause the death of a lab animal in less than a month using injections and radiation. She made a complaint when she learned that her work was to be used for an assassination plot against Castro. This is documented in the book, Dr. Mary’s Monkey.

    • herrqlys says:

      You make a very astute observation here.

      In my estimation, the project coordinators may have been able to subsequently refine her work enough to successfully target Hugo Chávez.

      • weilunion says:

        Yes, this makes sense and I wrote much about it but over 400 articles on line have been vaporized.

        The CIA was able to ‘give cancer’to people in the late 50’s. That Chavez, Kirchner of Argentina, Rouseff of Brazil, Lugo of Paraguay all got cancer at the same time seems very suspicious.

        Chavez died of cancer. Kirchner, Lugo and Rouseff did not.

        I would also recommend readers and listeners go to the site by Dave Emory, the best Nazi hunter in the world. Spitfire.com.

        You will find quite a bit on everything brought up at this site as well as more!

  19. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Recent Corbett Report JFK FLIES articles/videos which tie in to Oct 31, 2017 What’s In The JFK Files? – An Open Source Investigationhttps://www.corbettreport.com/whats-in-the-jfk-files-an-open-source-investigation/

    Nov 2 #NewWorldNextWeek YouTube clip queued at 4:27
    (Many, many pages ‘postponed’ 180 days)

    Nov 5 ARTICLE “The 5 Most Amazing Documents From The JFK Files” which refers to some of the findings on this “Open Source Investigation”.

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