The 5 Most Amazing Documents From The JFK Files

11/05/201719 Comments

OK, the dust has settled on the "release" of the JFK files last week, and here's what we know so far:

As expected, the release is not a full release by any stretch of the imagination, despite Trump's tweets to the contrary. As I pointed out in the most recent edition of New World Next Week, if Trump had done absolutely nothing this week, then the records would have been released as scheduled. But instead, he gave a green light for agencies to withhold documents that they suddenly realized (after 25 years of preparation) need further redaction. As a result, just 2% of the documents that were previously withheld-in-full were released, along with less than 10% of the redacted documents. (Is there really anyone left who doesn't realize that Trump is fighting to save the deep state?)

Also as expected (and as predicted by yours truly months ago), the release contains "revelations" about Oswald's contact with the Russkies that throw a new "How Much Did Those Dastardly Russians REALLY Know?" lifeline to the Oswald lone wolf fairy tale that has long been abandoned by the public. Accordingly, expect much more pontificating about the Mexico City trip and other elements of the Oswald fiction from the MSM talking-head class as we approach the assassination anniversary later this month.

In addition, we've seen other distractions and previously-released documents and hoaxes being revived along with the public's renewed interest in the assassination. Someone sent me the McCone-Rowley memo, portraying it as a "new document" from the recent release and not a decade-old long-discredited hoax. The "CIA photograph of Hitler in 1954" that's making the rounds right now has, as my New World Next Week co-host James Evan Pilato points out, been available for months now.

Indeed, JFK assassination research has become such an arcane and specialized field that even the most honest and well-meaning of researchers can get tripped up misinterpreting a key document or falling for an old hoax. That's why I set The Corbett Report community the task of trawling through the JFK Files archives in an open source investigation earlier this week. After all, thousands of heads are better than one.

There's still much more work to be done, but here are five of the most interesting documents that we've uncovered so far...

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  1. casual observer says:

    but surely when the remaining 98% of the yet unreleased documents are finally released we will know for sure as we always have that Lee acted alone.

  2. manbearpig says:

    Thanks people!

    I’m particularly thrilled to have the link “Patriots question 9/11” that I’m hoping will start to chip away at my older students’ convictions that the 9/11 assassinations, like the JFK assassination, are now crystal clear and “case closed”.

    Keep up the good work y’all!

  3. mkey says:

    No TSM this week? They hit gold with this one. Or, as this expression is bound to morph into, they hit bitcoin lol

    Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming

  4. PeaceFroggs says:

    Before JFK became President, Jack Ruby worked for Nixon. O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!

  5. weilunion says:

    And it is important to read about Richard Cain, the detective from Chicago who worked for Giancana. His brother wrote a book about Richard, but I think it is full of rubbish.

    Cain was definitely involved. Giancana threw the election for Kennedy in Chicago and expected Bobby to lie down and not pursue Hoffa and the mob. When he didn’t, the issue was, as stated by Giancana, to cut off the head of the snake and then Bobby would go away.

    Bobby would have opened an investigation on JFK had he been elected; another reason he was assassinated.

    By the way, the book by Giancana’s brother is all lies. It has been debunked.

    For anything on the Mafia, go to Hank Messick

  6. weilunion says:

    By the way, Jim Leavelle, the detective handcuffed to Oswald was still alive in 2008. Don’t hear much about him. He is 88.

  7. Sonex says:

    The document related to Hitler still being alive in South America as of 1955 adds more credibility to yet another “conspiracy theory”. See

  8. carsten.a says:

    I noticed this document, relating to message intercepted by US, sent from russia to Cuba, US official ordered it to be deleted after the assasination.

    It was about Dallas, Oswald and JFK.

    Have anyone more information rgd. this story?

  9. redrose says:

    I recently discovered a tv series aired in England called “The Men Who Killed Kennedy,” made over a period of several years, 1998 to 2003.
    Episode 6 said 3 French assassins were hired by Chicago Mafia. Watch at least this episode, as it had entirely new (to me) info on a study of bullet trajectory that led to these assassins and a totally different hiding place for the kill shot. If anyone watches, let me know what you think. I was blown away!

    • herrqlys says:

      Excellent find. I was really impressed with Episode 6. It was very professionally done, so I intend to watch the rest. The people interviewed were eminently believable, and there were several things I hadn’t come across before in just that single episode. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any interview footage of Marina Oswald before, for example, as well as I’d never heard of a storm sewer gunman location.

      The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 6 The Truth Shall Set You Free
      from a 9-part ITV documentary series (initially released with one episode per year in November)

      The usual coverup dance can be perceived when you research the broadcast history, including the transfer of rights and subsequent editing, for this documentary series. There were also the types of threatened legal actions you would expect when important people and/or their families get agitated.

  10. redrose says:

    So glad I finally have people to discuss things with. Turns out “The Men Who Killed Kennedy” was disinformation (with a lot of truth, of course.
    I just finished three and a half hours of watching “JFK TO 911. Everything is a rich man’s trick.” Thank you for directing me to that. Answers a lot of my questions and ties a lot together. The good do really die young.
    Thanks, mkey.

    • mkey says:

      You’re welcome. I’d care to add that I don’t see this documentary as nothing but an intriguing theory, it’s interesting to consider but I don’t put much stock into it. I’m fairly certain we’ll never know the truth.

  11. carsten.a says:

    It is my hope that the newly released files can give confidence/supporting evidence to the the James Files confession (Ex military, Laos, Bay of pigs Instructor) . From the information he is giving it is reasonable that it could be correlated to released information and interviews.

    If you have not seen it :

    James Files claims to have shoot JFK in the forehead from Grassy Knowle with a Fireball (short rifle) with a scope. This makes sense in relation to the zapruder film a the violent motion on JFK. (and the conflicting brain damage, and the missing brain after the autopsy)

    It fits the death bed confession of E.Howard Hunt (CIA)
    He was one of those convicted for the Watergate incident.

    Lets keep looking :o)

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