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July 16, 2016

I thought I'd use the slow news days of the mid-summer doldrums to take a weekend off writing the newsletter. "What could possibly happen on a weekend in July?" I thought. Boy did I time that one wrong.

First we had the Nice attack on Thursday night. The body count continues to climb, with 84 now confirmed dead and others still in critical condition. Meanwhile, France has entered three days of mourning (or is that Hollande's three days of celebration for the extension of the state of emergency?) even as the official story has yet to settle on whether this was the work of an ISIS operative or a non-religious petty thug who liked to drink alcohol, eat pork and take drugs.

But then just when it seemed this weekend's headlines were going to be dominated by the events in Nice, elements of the Turkish military had to go and attempt a coup to oust Erdogan. Now this won't be a surprise to Corbett Reporteers; I wrote a newsletter editorial about the possibility of a Turkish coup last December and interviewed Sibel Edmonds about it shortly thereafter. But still, the dramatic events in Ankara are going to have repercussions throughout the entire region in the days and weeks ahead.

And in case you missed it (which you probably did), guess what was quietly released while all of this commotion was happening? The 28 pages! Yes, after much ballyhoo in the corporate media by the likes of 9/11 suspect Bob Graham and others, that limited hangout distraction was finally released to the public. Now we can all say: "Look, there was a 9/11 conspiracy, and the Saudis were behind it!" But I allow my cynicism to get ahead of me. Read the 28 pages for yourself and tell me what you think: Is this a limited hangout with no real new info? Or is this like the Chilcot report, a situation where we should be happy for what we have rather than angry about what we don't?

Yes, there is an awful lot to parse through this weekend. So, dear subscribers, let me know your own thoughts in the comments below. What's on your mind today?

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  1. dwayner says:

    Amazing (?) how Clinton’s crimes are not even in the news now. Lynch, Comey, and the broken system. This was the top story until Nice. Well, we knew that would happen…
    There is simply too much to harp on. It’s nice and quiet here in the interior of BC, the morning after the rains. Much appreciated. You really wouldn’t know that the rest of the world is in turmoil. Or is it? Anyone else feeling peaceful out there? Feel like checking in on this thread with a “Peace Report?” I am really curious about that side of the story. I have a feeling that a large majority of us are not feeling the whole world is descending into hell, and that life is still worth living and people are still worth loving.
    I’ve been studying the I Ching and doing yoga and harvesting the garden. Your reminder that we are all going to die was so right on. The only thing we have to do is live life as excellently as we can in light of that fact. And there is always this one: living well is the best revenge.


    • Joe says:

      Yes! It is the only way. Turn off our tv’s and ignore them, because by giving them our attention, we’re helping them destroy us. I’m in Colorado, and the peace is palpable. Very little drama, and absolutely no mess. If we do this right, and watch them destroy themselves by staying out of the way, we’ll all be better off for it!

    • Mohawk Man says:

      You don’t say—-Don’t Pokey Man and drive freeway message. (whatever—tweetle dee it).
      Just get off message so the people forget—–Look!!!! a Pokey Man on F-Book–go find it. S valley has become an ad whore with no there, there.

      I have a theory, Bill looks like death warmed over at about 83 lbs and if he were to kick it–big state funeral and all. The weeping widow gonna tough it out. Gotta vote for her then. Look how strong she was through that whole thing. Vlad would never mess with her now. Any missing polonium?

    • Mark K. P. says:

      Good one Teresa ; I’ve been cycling, weather permitting, and studying the beginnings of the Silk Road in two fascinating texts — John E. Hill’s fabuluous commentary on the Western Regions chapter of the Hou Hanshu, and Joseph Yap’s translations from the amazing, encyclopaedic, Zizhi tongjian such as pertained to the Han wars with the Xiongnu. Yap is a businessman rather than an academic and his English is awful by academic standards ; however not so awful that you can’t understand exactly what he means. For this reason his work is exceedingly charming, and I wouldn’t want to see a single word changed now, so I hope he doesn’t do a revised edition(!). He also chooses texts which have never been rendered in English before. A good man in a pretty good world, give or take a handful of political & financier psychos. Hollande should be exiled to Holland, or better still the Dogger Bank.

      • dwayner says:

        I will check out Zizhi tongjian, thank you. I have been writing my own version of I Ching with images, one by one. I am very interested in the early roots before the Chinese military rulers got to it, although I respect so much what Wilhem and Baynes did to bring it from Chinese to us. The pure Taoist source, downloaded perhaps directly from the genetic code (have you heard about that?). Of course, those Taoist guys didn’t write much, and even Lao Tzu is somewhat fictional they say, so I am just sinking into the primal aspect of the trigrams with an eye to where do we go from here without government, except self.

        Also using Shakuhachi as a meditation tool when I start to lose it with all the craziness. This, too, has a very ornate history, in Japan.

        I figure we do have lots of ways to help us find peace in our lives, and get through to the other side–just not religion. It is time we started finding our own path, as empowered beings. We are strong and knowledgable enough now that we can look in the mirror and see god, surely.


        • Mark K. P. says:

          Hi Teresa,

          my god these days is electric, or the EU (Electric Universe) cosmology which has rapidly supplanted the old gravitational model in the last decade or so. The main organized group pushing all this is here, at least for starters ;
          You only need to recall the profoundly electric characteristics of the structure of atoms to realize that they must be on to the real thing.

          Joseph Yap’s excerpts from Zizhi tongjian are grindingly political and military, though interesting enough to me for present purposes. A much better rounded and really profound resource in terms of transmitting Chinese historical culture to English speaking audiences is Victor Mair’s Sino-Platonic Papers series. Now nearly 300 volumes, ranging from 10 page articles to full blown theses of 300-500 pages.
          These used to be pricey(!) but Victor is now digitizing the whole corpus, most of which is now free to download ;

          As for John Hill on the Hou Hanshu excerpt, I’m not sure really how to summarize the most amazing wholistic record of the Silk Road in every political cultural physical and geographic aspect imaginable. Its a peerless reconstruction of human experience and ancient trade by a guy with a background in virology and nursing . . .

          pax equidem

  2. Mohawk Man says:

    FIRST phone call from O to anyone from WH was to Erdogan on first day in office 2009. Works together and wondering if this was a set up and manufactured “failure” to warn troops here? Commentators spoke today about how they differ on how he’s been fighting ISIS/ISIL/Daesh whatever. Neither has been “fighting” anyone if fighting includes support and on more than one occasion dropping hundreds of tons of heavy weaponry and “whoops, I guess we miscalculated the drop zone and ISIS kinda got all of it”….including food/water in addition to the the 50 ton incremental drops (more than one–many) than was delivered to them. These more than one account were reported. Which support has not been reported? Zucker would never deceive his audience nor would O’Reilly or Hannity. Erdogan was also caught buying their oil and unnamed “allies” (I can guess who) were purchasing said oil from Turkey. The Obama order not to bomb their convoy of tankers because of “environmental damage” may be believed by a 5 year old child…..maybe. Appalling behavior and we know that both SA and Turkey are on the PNAC map for expansion for greater isahell.

    In the summer of 2014 hundreds if not thousands of ISIS were marching (and actually marching and driving brand new tanks and many, many new toyota trucks) across open desert in Iraq (130 km..or about 75 miles) from I believe Tikrit towards Baghdad. I thought, why don’t you blow them away? Where are the fighter jets? The strafing? That has sadly becoming a rhetorical question. In the meantime the “aid drops” to our “allies” went right to them. Where was Netanyahu if he’s so concerned? They have attacked every nation in the area on the PNAC list EXCEPT “The Only Democracy in the Middle East”. I was enraged.

    Nearly every single day I hear reports how “ISIS has been targeting Jews and some others too”. Breitbart and similar Neo Trotskyite sites frequent headlines the likes of ‘The slaughter of the Jews must be stopped by ISIS’ (changed to ISIL now). We know that a couple dozen Jews were killed at Charlie Hebdo which was horrific and an attack in Paris at a nightclub and a few other places but not nearly the upwards to date of 200,000 Christians across the area have been slaughtered in the region in the most unspeakable ways including in North Africa. Little if anything is said of this genocide of Christians but we hear regularly about “The continued attacks on the Jews”. Again, I was and am enraged.

    I have not discussed the hospitalization and treatment of known members in “The Only Democracy in the Middle East. Do we have a major problem with attacks by Islam? This cannot be denied but the incitement and proven importation of said to Sweden and Germany among others is not even denied by these same people–again–enraged. I give you Barbara Lerner Spectre admitting who is behind this–enraged is not even the word.

    Very odd and unrelated headlines seemingly linking the Palestinans to ISIS–appalling:

    In a somewhat unrelated example but very relevant statement made by “The Great One” the “Constitutional Scholar” Mark Levin on or about October 14, 2015–I heard it myself and noted the date.

    “I’m so damn tired about hearing about attacks on indigenous people. First of all, there is not ONE indigenous peoples on planet earth..no where, not one, except, of course, the Jews.” Given my own circumstances, family and tribal affiliation enraged doesn’t even come close to describing my own feelings about such a ignorant and supremacist statement. That for me encapsulated the problems this world is and has been facing. This is all about supremacism..nothing less. As a proud faithful Christian,”Goyim” and Mohawk “Indigenous Peoples” this was a very revealing statement. Again, enraged did not come close to describing my thoughts when I heard such a statement.

    Turning to the presidential race, Mr. Cruz made this statement as his FIRST ACT on the first day in office as president. Given a 25% unemployment rate, 96,000,0000 out of the labor force and 50 million on food stamps, veterans living under freeway underpasses and the ongoing invasion funded by our own “leadership” this was most revealing about who and where another nation controls us. Mr. Cruz said this:
    “My first act as President of the United States I will immediately move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem” His first act? Nothing else came as more urgent and needed immediate attention? Apparently not. Appalling and enraging. This is in addition to his promise to “blow Russian jets out of the sky” if seen flying over Syria, a nation they were INVITED TO for aid by Assad himself. Not owned. Oh, no. The other GOP candidates made similar statements except Rand Paul. Trump also made no such statements, I will say that. All others did. Appalling.

    BTW-B-Bart was “unavailable” and “error 404” when I went to copy and paste an article from there. First time ever.

    Sorry for length James but it’s important. I’m still shaking with rage. (please add word count..I have no idea). I’m no writer obviously but I write as I speak. I am not always succinct when my passion is engaged. Life matters. All life. I weep for my fellow man who is under the thumb of these overpaid and foolish tyrants.

    Love to All–Evil is Here–It Exists–Be Careful

    The Indigenous Mohawk–I need a drink. (no cracks please)

  3. whateverittakes2 says:

    Hi James,

    I saw this video of the Bushies and the Obamas at the funeral for the policemen in Dallas and couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing… Do you have any insights into what this might mean?


    They were celebrating Bernie’s cave-in? That was all I could come up with…

    Thanks for all you do (think and say),

    Aloha from Honolulu

    • nosoapradio says:

      Isn’t this the guy that’s been caught in comprimising situations involving a turkey, a pet goat, a pretzel, an iraki shoe, a golf course and the Texas Air National Guard?

      He’s clearly got nothing left to lose.

      Mishelle Obama’s reactions are priceless. Laura Bush seems to be trying very hard not to exist at all and succeeds admirably. Years of practice.

      Laugh or cry?

      What is it about Dallas?

    • Mohawk Man says:

      That is truly appalling. The gal who did the commentary in your link couldn’t have said it better. These are spoiled rotten children. All of them. Actors. When I first saw it on the news somewhere I was in awe of his lack of humility or humanity. I guessed he must have been gassed to act in such a manner. I then remembered who his father is and I wonder what life must have been like to be raised by a fellow psychopath. It’s obviously catching in the gene pool. All tools. All fools. Every damn one of them.

      Justice will be done.

  4. ddplmr says:

    Big questions are swirling around in my mind about the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions in the U.S. With the events of the last five weeks both here and in France, it seems these conventions are too tasty an opportunity to be ignored by the Powers That Shouldn’t Be.

    I’m greatly heartened by the Libertarian surge and coverage in this election, however. Now even Fox and CNN are chiming in and giving Johnson and Weld attention. And they’re moving closer to the magic 15% in the polls that would get them into the presidential debates. There’s also a growing sense that more people in the U.S. are beginning to get wise to these endless false flag events. These are good things to see, hear and contemplate. I hope that two weeks from now the conventions have ended with nothing major or catastrophic.

  5. whateverittakes2 says:

    Here’s another internet photo that jars one’s sensibilities. This is from Democracy Now’s report yesterday — with a picture (supposedly) of the aftermath of the tragedy in Nice.


    Again, it beggars the imagination what they are trying to convey…

    How stupid they think we are?

    BTW: What Yasser Louati (commentator on this tragedy) has to say about these events — whatever they are — is definitely worth hearing.

  6. I should have checked in before sending you an email, James. It looks like you already saw the Erdogan and 28-pages news.

    The 28-pages still have a number of redacted sections. How the hell can they claim to be releasing documents if all the juicy bits are removed? I don’t believe for a second that the unworthy ruling powers would ever really give us anything bombshell when it comes to 9-11. Don’t be distracted by the shiny surfaces or bright colors. Criminals gonna Crim’. And the worst of the worst will likely become president. kakistos 2016!
    Lets keep our wits about us. We need to tend the soil for the time when these powers-that-shouldn’t-be can see their day in court. I don’t see that happening any time soon.

    If we live in fear, we are playing their game.

    Take care everybody. Love yourself. Love your family. Love your neighbors. Start building something.


  7. VoiceOfArabi says:

    When Turkey news first exploded last night… I thought… who is plotting against Erdoğan, and i quickly assumed it must be either the Americans (NATO) or the Russians…

    Then things escalated, and the whole coup came to a failure and Erdoğan came back and had enough balls to give a speech in mid Istanbul out of a back of a van, and at the end of his speech, he made the R4bia sign, and it all hit home… He knew who plotted for the coup….

    I should have known that Egypt was behind this coup, as i know Egypt have never succeed at anything since their late leader AbdulNasser passed away. (possibly killed by fellow Arab leader!).

    Then the dots got connected once again automatically.. you see, for over a year now, the Muslim brotherhood supported from Turkey been creating havoc in Sinai Egypt, and i think the event last night in turkey was Egypt’s answer.

    I am basing this analysis on the speech i watch today, and knowing the local politics, plus how Erdoğan now using the event to get back at his enemies in Turkey….

    What do you people think??

  8. barry2 says:

    Am new to Corbett Report and have not had time to go through the archives.

    Have a question about 9/11.

    Can anybody direct me to any plausible/ credible eye witness accounts of seeing an aircraft impact either of the twin towers?

    I have not encountered one. Seems to me this is the sort of thing that would have generated articles in, say, the New Yorker, along the lines of ” I will never forget…. ”

    Any thoughts on this?

  9. bladtheimpailer says:

    On the 28 pages: if one is awake to the implausibility of the official 9/11/2001 account the release will most likely been seen as a limited hangout but with the possibility that others somehow still asleep may begin questioning this and what else is redacted from public discourse. For those who cling, for whatever personal reason, to the official story this will be seen as the final word on the matter; which is the intent of the authorities. Why the American authorities have not pushed for reparations or even war with Arabia will either be asked by those just awakening or ignored by those afraid to awaken. The rest of us know why not.

    On the Erdogan coup attempt my immediate thoughts were that if the Americans had not given the instruction or permission for this attempt, or had given a “Kuwaiti go ahead” to flush out all the conspirators, then this coup would fail. Erdogan and the Empire have very sensitive dealings, mostly centered around the Incirlik air base, for such a rash rush to replace the Turk regime without tell tales fluttering in the wind in the lead up. This made me discount that the coup attempt was other than that of amateurs.

    On the tragic attack in Nice France the bogeyman has raised his hand again and as always strikes at the ‘cannon fodder’ rather than the policy makers who have created all the chaos, death and destruction. Need we say more? Other than that the demented souls that commit these atrocities are in league with the Devil who orchestrates such events to further the Devils agenda on many fronts and levels simultaneously. If Islamist nations were running this world hegemony operation then it would be Christian radical fundamentalists committing these acts of murder. The time worn phrase of “know your enemy” comes to mind. Hopefully someday soon the table can be turned on these Devils that plague human kind. Speaking of which I haven’t heard how the “Day of Rage” played out for the on going division of the American people, again along this time worn fault line in that society that proves ever so useful.

  10. dwayner says:

    Near midnight here (PDT)Just checked Drudge for headlines, talking about Erdogan conducting his own false flag coup against himself. Anything is possible with these powermongers. Don’t see anything glaring about the BLM “protests”. Maybe they are self-destructing and Soros has kicked them out of the nice digs he has paid for. Maybe they have other things to deal with, like all the other blacks who are pissed off at them for being so violent and racist. Maybe they have zika or chronic fatigue. We can only hope.

    Hexagram 14 Possession in Great Measure. Inner worth through virtuous conduct is the greatest treasure.

    Just another Peace Report. All is well. Signing off for Saturday. Crickets.


  11. turley2u says:

    Trump seems too timid to say the name Vince Foster again.
    Hillary has the balls to ignore the murder of her friend.

    Chattanooga author Dean Arnold has just published the most complete story of the cover-up of Foster’s murder. It is easy reading with 174 pages of hard to find information about official Washington.

    This is a timely topic for Mr. Corbett.
    A Kindle copy is only $5.88 reading time: 2 hours

  12. jaime says:

    What do you make of this? (Article in French)


    A guy claiming to be the one reported by French authorities as the driver of the lorry says he’s alive and didn’t do anything.
    Which one is fake?

    • nosoapradio says:

      Weird article with all kinds of potentially weird implications that no other media organ seems to have picked up on… perhaps for good reason… Is this just more manipulation, distraction and confusion designed simply to cement the “Tunisia” image in people’s minds (associating it with terror)?

      The supposed brother, Jaber, is getting much more attention saying Mohamed sent the equivalent of 84,000 pounds (before killing 84 people), Surprise money he said. Sent him a video hours before massacre of himself laughing in the crowd… Does the guy in this Librepenseur video know the man passing himself off as Jaber Bouhlel?

      At any rate, I’d be shaking in my boots if I were the real Nice citizen Mohamed Bouhlel vacationing in Sousse… Not sure I’d have this video of myself circulating on the net…

  13. Moxa4 says:

    Well, he may have the same identity, but it’s certainly not the same face.

  14. What’s on my mind today, is that:

    – during the current State of Emergency in France, a relative of mine was stopped two or three times by the police, while driving through that country, for the simple reason of having a foreign license plate, had his car searched, and was asked several questions, including indiscretions like why had he decided to make his trip – while, on the other hand, the terrorist in Nice, who had a police record, was let pass through a police checkpoint, with the simple excuse of going to deliver ice-creams, and didn’t have his truck searched.

    – and, all of this, after al-Qaeda/ISIS had called for this specific type of attacks: http://www.businessinsider.com/isis-al-qaeda-car-attacks-nice-france-2016-7 (Wasn’t the police aware of this? And, especially during the supposed State of Emergency, declared after a series of terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda/ISIS?)

    – also, this recurrent situation of attacks being committed by people who had psychiatric/psychological treatments, reminds me of what Daniel Estulin (whose credibility can be proven for having, among other things, warned of the recent coup d’etat attempt in Turkey months before it happened – https://twitter.com/estulindaniel/status/673775613367439360) talks about, concerning the Tavistock Institute, of people who can be literally brainwashed, by specialists in “mental control” belonging to secret societies, under the disguise of receiving psychiatric/psychological treatment.

  15. dwayner says:

    As the weekend closes in, I am pleased to report it is still peaceful here. I have been keeping a lookout for pokeyzombies but none of them, so far. I think it is too dangerous here for them, anyway. Big river. Rattlesnakes. Black widow spiders. Danger danger everywhere, zombies!!! Stay away!

    Another beautiful thunderstorm today, and then all sunny and sparkling. We are having a very cool summer so far, considering it is usually above 40ºC (100º+ for you Americans) by now. It has made for happy gardens and fruit trees, and a lot less wildfires, so we are loving it. More like Hawaii temps instead of Arizona. Anybody out there still believe in Global Warming? I am under the opinion that we are seeing the Ice Age ( the Big One, not mini) returning. It is about the right timing (12000 years since the ice receded). They say it will be gradual, and I’m glad I won’t be seeing glaciers in my backyard in my lifetime, but everybody all over the world is talking about the noticeably cooler summers and record-breaking cold winters. Major ice build-up at both poles. How about you?

    Peace Report, Sunday evening, BC interior, Canada: Little wind, rain’s done, birds chirping, crickets. Can hear weekend traffic heading back to work up on the highway. The big news is the salmon are back, and everybody’s catching and canning. No riots, shootings, or suicides. No coups, just chicken, not turkey. Oh, sorry, that is coops, not coups… Pretty quiet. Have to go online to get some good fear mongering around here!

    Love you, James and family and all you Corbett Report subscribers! Feeling connected with y’all means a lot to us out here in the boonies.
    Peace Report, over and out.


    • black sheep says:

      Canada and BC in particular is stupid expensive to live in but yes it is peaceful and beautiful. I wish more of the world was like this.
      The world is warming.
      And it should, look at the rocks, the vast majority of the planets history has been much warmer. We are still,coming out of the ice age.

  16. Corbett says:

    Important article from Pepe Escobar with key details and analysis of the Turkish coup attempt:


    • Thanks for this James. I think this is probably the closest to the truth of what transpired. Erdogan was increasingly become more unreliable to the NATO overloads and the Atlanticist establishment. It appears Erdogan outplayed them for now. It remains to be seen what the NATO powers do in response, since now US nukes are essentially in the hands of Turkey. Was this one of the most incompetent miscalculations by the Atlanticist establishment?

      And as much as I hate to admit it, it appears there is a global jockeying for position going on between the various factions of the “New World Order” and the “New New World Order,” trying to position themselves within certain “camps,” portending some great conflict ahead.

    • nellemaxey says:

      Echoing Pepe’s article with more detail and Sibel’s assessment is FW Engdahl at NEO in this article:

  17. nosoapradio says:

    Sorry I’m lost (a chronic condition in my case). I’m always trying to read and understand stuff too quickly as I should be working (at least according to my employer) so some fine analysis and clarification please from all you perspicacious posters here:

    Erdogan, according to Pepe Escobar, Let It Happen On Purpose knowing it would fail?

    “…So the number one eyebrow-raising possibility is a go; Erdogan’s intel services knew a coup was brewing; and the wily Sultan let it happen knowing it would fail as the plotters had very limited support…”

    Yet a major question (that might suggest a MIHOP) as framed by Zerohedge is:

    “…A senior Turkish official confirmed to Reuters that Erdogan’s business jet had been harassed while flying from the airport that serves Marmaris by two F-16s commandeered by the coup plotters but that he had managed to reach Istanbul safely.

    “At least two F-16s harassed Erdogan’s plane while it was in the air and en route to Istanbul. They locked their radars on his plane and on two other F-16s protecting him,” a former military officer with knowledge of the events told Reuters.

    “Why they didn’t fire is a mystery,” he said.

    A controlled and exacerbated LIHOP?

    Be grateful for any comments from savvy “Corbetteers” (I believe is the new term?)

    Now back to the hamster wheel with me…

    • nosoapradio says:

      So, of course, Pepe points this out too (I’m always reading too fast):

      “…The coup plotters’ F-16s could have easily tracked and/or incinerated it. Instead they sent military choppers to bomb the presidential abode in Bodrum a long time after he had left the building.

      The head of the snake must have been 100% sure that to board his plane and stay on Turkish airspace was as safe as eating a baklava. What’s even more startling is that the Gulfstream managed to land in Istanbul in absolute safety in the early hours of Saturday morning – despite the prevailing notion that the airport was occupied by the “rebels”…”

      So Erdogan Let the coup happen, blamed CIA Gulen whereas it appears to have been perpetrated by some less competent faction… and capitalized on the event in a seemingly pre-planned way to… crack down on liberties and minimize the chances of any real coup occurring??

      Fake coup (as commenters seem to be saying on Zerohedge?)?? Incompetent LIHOP coup? Not exactly the same thing.

      (end of lunch break)

  18. michaelmcdonald3 says:

    Regarding the 28 pages pretty much a dud. We have been given spotty evidence as to the actual identities of the hijackers, only one video provided without airport ID,a hijacker still alive and conveniently left behind passports and wills, yet the report talks of them as the actual hijackers. Veils upon veils. The report is presented as inconclusive despite a preponderance of connections. Most interesting is the mention of ongoing investigations after 2002 to resolve this. What happened to them?

  19. rob5280 says:

    Well, it’s Day 2 of the Republican National Convention, and even Madonna could not have made a more Grand Entrance!!!

    “Oh what a Circus, oh what a show”

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_v1FwosV_U – Video Tube for YouTube – iPhone/iPad

  20. BuddhaForce says:

    DNI Executive Summary of FBI-CIA Report on Saudi Terror Connections

    28 pages just ain’t enough, here’s another two that were declassified at the same time from the DNI.

  21. mammique says:

    Richard Gutjahr the journalist and actor who filmed the truck is married to the Israeli Einat Wilf, pro-Netanyahu ex-deputy of Israel parliament and member of military secret services: http://www.panamza.com/170716-nice-gutjahr-wilf/

  22. nosoapradio says:

    Stuff that flits through my mind when the doldrums set in (though not for lack of distractions) is:

    …What happened to Lech Kaczynski’s entire government and wife on April 10th, 2010…


    …I wonder what Mr. Corbett thinks about the Institute for Policy Studies…?

    And when will we have Part 2 of the Oiligarchs doc????????

    I’ll consider all of the above as QFC questions.

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