The Government Will Not Protect You From Tractor Trailers

07/16/201640 Comments

As the Problem-Reaction-Solution (Nice edition) plays out as expected, it is time to remind ourselves: The government is not your daddy and it will not protect you from the boogeyman. The government creates the boogeyman to scare you. Giving more power to the government in the wake of every tragedy only incentivizes them to terrorize you further.

France: Hollande declares state of emergency in light of Paris attacks

French state of emergency to be lifted July 26, Hollande confirms

President Hollande Extends France’s State of Emergency After Nice Attack

When False Flags Don't Fly

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  1. n4x5 says:

    Well done, James. Direct, succinct, effective.

  2. nosoapradio says:

    I’m in the process of making a T-shirt with the words “STOP SUCKLING” on it.


    Unfortunately we’re ranting to the choir…

    Government Sponsored Terrorism are three words that just can’t go together in most people’s minds.

    But keep at it! And so will we!

  3. Mohawk Man says:

    You’re being quite harsh on those who are trying to protect us James. Look, they even found his passport mere blocks from the Twin Towers!!!!!! I mean Triple Towers (building 7 and all). What are the odds? 11,000 to one are the odds. Oh, never mind, that was Hollande’s haircut bill for a month. Hey, balding, statist totalitarianists need haircuts too!! And to the magic hat trick:
    (Matt lost the link somehow but back page is forever–I just Drudged for it)

    For your listening pleasure El Rushycontin has our favorite CFR-See Eye Aye fill in host today–‘Buck’ Sexton from Glenn’s Beck ‘Blasé’ site. Emergency golf tournament today for the The Big Pill. (planned Day of Rage always a good day to be away from the microphone–Fore!)

    War to protect our woman!!!-

    and our Patriots will address this scourge (Was not Sacha Noam Baron Cohen also born on London?-ah–yeah–seeing some uncomfortable links here) ( Baron Cohen first acted in theatrical productions featuring the Socialist-Zionist youth movement Habonim Dror).://

    hmmmmmm—‘Another alter ego Sacha Baron Cohen performed as is ‘Brüno’, a flamboyantly gay, Austrian fashion show presenter who often lures his unwitting subjects into making provocative statements and engaging in embarrassing behaviour, as well as leading them to contradict themselves’ (I recommend you watch the film for insight into where we are today–2009–almost a blueprint I’d swear–I’d advise a strong anti-emetic beforehand–or some good Saki—nice and hot–or both depending on much you intend to drink)

    Sour-Ass continues his civil rights fight

    All here be well, blessed and safe.

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

  4. whateverittakes2 says:

    As a general rule, I have no problem receiving the Corbett Report but the reception for this one is horrific. I shut down the Safari browser and went to Firefox, and had the same problem. Is this intentional? Is any one else being harassed as they try to listen to this?

    It makes me angry and more determined. I’m not very computer literate but would like to know if anyone out there can suggest an alternate browser.


    • NES says:

      Yes, but not with this particular video. I’ve had the WORST time attempting to listen to various alt-media information over the last two weeks. Sometimes I have to restart my computer 2 or 3 times in a day to clear out whatever is corrupting reception. It doesn’t always work. This video came in very well. Many other sites’ videos do not. The problem seems to be originating in the internet reception and transfer–likely satellite transmission. I am computer savvy and I agree this sucks.

    • Octium says:

      I have a terrible Internet connection where I live, so I always download the videos first and then watch them off-line later.

      To play back videos after downloading you could use a program such as VideoLAN. It Supports most video and audio formats and is available for many different types of devices.

      There are add ons and plugins available for you web browser that allow you to download videos from sites such as Youtube.

      The one I happen to be using at the moment on Firefox is called “1 Click Youtube Downloader”

      There are lots of ones available, so it might be best to have a look around for one that you like.

      Also James puts a direct link for downloading the videos under each video – however I usually use the downloader plugin to download it from Google’s servers, may as well make the NSA pay for the download if you can!

      The added bonus is that you can share the downloaded videos with other people as well.

  5. NES says:

    Well said, James! OMG, I’ve said this exact thing so many times during these so-called terrorist attacks. What is returned? Blank stares and open mouths.

  6. VoiceOfArabi says:

    I hear in some parts of Thailand, you can have a man killed for $500.

    I have also heard that in some parts of Africa, you can have few men killed for $500. (for a $1000 the police will do it for you!)

    I wonder how much will a down on his luck petty thief of Tunisian origin charge to mow few people down, and in return get evens with the people who he thinks stole his country??

    Questions.. Did whoever commission this job expected this kind of kill numbers?… did they get really lucky or did they get TOOOOOOO lucky that might drive them to do things that were not expected.

    Hats off to Siebel Edmonds who saw this coming a mile away. I would be interested to find out What Siebel thinks is coming round the corner…

    I suspect either carving up Syria by force or WW 3… What do you guys think??

  7. peace.froggs says:

    I understand the concept of Problem:Reaction:Solution in order for so called “Free” societies to introduce and thereby implement certain legislation that would have been otherwise impossible, however Hollande never said the government can protect its civilians 100% of the time.

    In fact a few French politicians have said the opposite, basically saying that we (France) unfortunately must live with terrorism in order to be an open and free society, we must not become an enclosed isolationist xenophobic society, because that’s want the terrorists want us to become.

    –Sen Goulet remarked “The question is: are we able to prevent it. And my answer would be, unfortunately no.”

    –Prime Minister Manuel Valls, said that France must “learn to live with terrorism”.

    There are some real bad guys out there, these ISIS people are real, they actually do really exist, they aren’t figments of our collective imaginations, and no matter how much some of you might hate governments and everything they stand for, part of their mandate is to protect their citizens best they can. Can they stop every single terrorist attack? Of course not, but that doesn’t mean we should just capitulate and let ISIS win, whether or not these brainwashed ISIS morons are controlled by Saudi Arabia or the right wing lunatics that currently run Israel.

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hi @peace.froggs,

      I understand your concerns, as not so long ago, i used to be in your position… It did not make sense… but one day, all the dots got connected by themselves, and just remember, i most likely know all the players in this weird story (“the play” in the grandest of theatre).

      so consider the following:

      1) ISIS thought process does not make any sense and it goes against all our human instincts. That’s why they ply ISIS fighters with “cabtogan” tablets to alter their minds and get them to accept things like (you have to kill your mother and father to show loyalty to the current “Khalifa”) I know this information first hand.

      2)Governments and all their departments either does not do any planning or working together and that’s why they perform so badly and get “surprised” all the time or they have agenda that we don’t understand that allows them to pick and chose what to see and do… History suggests that people in power get up to evil things constantly…

      3)In the grand pictures, things never happen just for one reason.. they happen almost always for multiple reasons and benefits. A bit like 9/11 can never be just Alqaada, or the trojan horse can never be just a random gift…

      So, if you put all those things together and apply them to Nice, france.. you will get the full picture.

      If you walk around Nice, France you will most likely get mugged by under privileged north African youngsters. if you speak to those young ones, you will see how they hate “France and the French” for what they did to their country and how they treat them now, and you will also understand that they will even work with the devil to get revenge. (so, do you think I am the only one with this knowledge after spending a few days in Nice), or the government knows this also..

      I also know that over 95% of muslims reject ISIS ideology (hence the drugs mentioned above), yet there is only one country that is allowed to market this hate globally (actually three countries), with many strong financed mosque in Europe, especially in France and Belgium to target young community mentioned just above, these facts are listed publicly as the money have to travel through banks, both European and american.. do you think i am the only person with this knowledge?

      The only questions i have is… Were did ISIS come up with seasoned warriors to establish this solid fighting machine?? it takes “exceptional” teams to have this kind of presence… at the same time… I wonder what ever happened to Blackwater… I mean they decided to leave the USA and re-establish their HQ in Middle East, and then they went black.. they disappeared of the map… now let us connect all the dots.

      But to answer the immediate question.. Nice France will have an impact on
      1) French people will be forced to accept whatever lie the government comes up with.
      2) Syria and Mid East politics will be influenced by “French” anger.
      3) Those evil north Africans “french” citizens will shape up…
      4) Financially many people will get to make lots of money 🙂 … kitching!

      5 – 100) this list goes on i am sure, but these are the only items i can see. (oh.. and hopefully, some Jews will decided to immigrate to the mother land!)

      • peace.froggs says:

        Just to be clear VoiceOfArabi, although I’m new here, I’m no spring chicken, and most of all of this ISIS stuff does make sense if you know who is doing what, and why they are doing it, and my comments aren’t so much “concerns”, as they are more about pointing out the obvious by simply using mainstream news and common sense to piece things together, but I do appreciate your feedback.

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    – Method to fight back –

    One of a variety of ways to EFFECTIVELY fight back against this fear inciting, covert government-control and induced terrorism, is to GET THE WORD OUT ABOUT THE 9/11 COVER-UP.

    As a movement, we have lost sight of that… …that ACTION.
    That action to inform others about 9/11.
    After all, 9/11 is foundational. Expose this lie, and the other frauds start to collapse.

    The esprit and activity by activists to expose the 9/11 lies was prolific between the years 2006-2009. Then it started to wane.

    Where are all the “truthers”?
    Where are all the activists who are trying to wake up others about 9/11?
    Where are the alternative media reports about 9/11 activists and their accomplishments?

    Is it a coincidence that we see more and more “terrorist attacks” while we see fewer and fewer 9/11 Truth Activists?

    Read that last sentence again.

    We see many people typing and chatting hidden by their virtual reality keyboards about all the corrupt, covert World Order agendas and terroristic activities.
    But where are the real world interactions?
    Where are real people in the real world holding 9/11 signs or giving out 9/11 information? …or putting up street signs? …or writing Letters to the Editor? …or mailing Ae911truth brochures/DVDs to officials, business leaders, etc? …or putting flyers on doors? …or writing “Letters to the Editor”? …or leaving flyer stacks in colleges and libraries? …or placing ads in the newspaper?

    …and only a fool would try to “wake up” a new person to “The Powers That Shouldn’t Be” without first talking about the 9/11 lie.

    I advocate being VISIBLE on the streets and wherever we can with 9/11 Truth. I advocate giving out DVDs and Ae911truth brochures. I advocate Letters to the Editor or newspaper ads. I advocate signs by the road.

    This is the way to fight against the insanity and covert government agendas.

    The 9/11 Lie is foundational.
    When people wake up to that, the other lies start to fall like a house of cards.

    Please be visible about 9/11. Please get the word out to NEW people (not the choir).

    • peace.froggs says:

      So, if I understand your statement correctly, you’re basically saying that the Nice terrorist attack was a false flag, fabricated by Hollande, in order for him and “The Powers That Shouldn’t Be” to be able to extend the state of emergency in France for another 3 months?

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        What I am saying is that what really counts is what we as individuals do.
        “Solutions” as Corbett often mentions.
        And part of that “do” includes the action of helping to wake up others about 9/11.

        And that solution of getting the word out about 9/11 is not being done by 95% of the people who are aware.
        A person can just be an erudite chatter about the World’s mess while doing no action to help wake up others, doing no action to wake up the unaware.

        That last statement just accelerates the objectives of “The Powers That Shouldn’t Be”.

        As someone who is involved in doing ACTIONS to wake up others…
        For every one hundred people I run into who are aware of the New World Order, I might see 4 or 5 of them who have the balls to actually do something, to visibly help inform new people about the frauds. In exposing the frauds for a new person, 9/11 is the first foundational step.

        And so “the fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves….”

        Across the globe are millions of people who are aware of the New World Order deceptions.
        But the biggest failing, the one that sinks the ship, is that only a small percentage of the aware are willing to get out there and wake up the unaware.

        Talking the talk is fine.
        But few walk the walk.

        There are those who will actively do something, and those who don’t.

        Ultimately, it is our inaction to wake up others which will lead us down the dark road which is happening now.

        Read my first post again.

        • peace.froggs says:

          HomeRemedySupply, no doubt a big piece of the puzzle is 9/11 truth, however, this can easily be co-opted, and I believe James and Sibel Edmunds kicked started NewsBud precisely for this reason.

          Now, lets play connect the dots.

          .Trump .Brexit .Nigel Farage .RNC .Bibi Nethanhyu .9/11 .Hillary Clinton .Bill Clinton .Oslo Accords .Yitzhak Rabin .Yasser Arafat .P5+1 .Iran

          I don’t think it was a coincidence that Trump was in the UK on the day of Brexit. Here’s what he said about the UK leaving the EU ‘Brexit a great thing’.

          Now I’ve recently learned that Nigel Farage will be in attendance at the Republican Convention to support Trump.

          Since you know all about 9/11 and who was behind it, this may surprise you to know, but Trump endorsement Netanyahu for Prime Minister in 2013.

          If Alex Jones is right about the left vs right paradigm, then why is Netanyahu so afraid of Hillary Clinton becoming the next US President?

          Could it be because her husband Bill tried to negotiate a peace deal between the Palestinians and Israel, known as the Oslo Accords, and doesn’t want another knowledgeable Clinton pushing peace?

          After signing the Oslo Accords, left leaning Yitzhak Rabin wasn’t assassinated by some Palestinian terrorist, no, he was gunned down by a right wing Israeli extremist.

          What else scares right wing Israelis like Netanyahu if Hillary gets elected President? She will uphold the P5+1 Iran agreement, something Trump promised to rip to shreds.

          Now, after reading some of my comments, some of you may think I’m anti-Israel, and nothing could be further from the truth. I am, in all definition of the word, a Zionist. Meaning, I believe the state of Israel should exist, but what sets me apart from other Zionists its that I also believe in a Palestinian state (a two state solution).

          See how 9/11 can be manipulated to herd “truthers” to support people that more than likely orchestrated it?

          • peace.froggs says:

            Let me expand on my thoughts in regards to Israel.

            There are about 2 million Arab Israelis living inside Israel, and there are about 6 million Jewish Israelis living inside Israel, with the Arabs Israelis populating at a faster rate, the Jewish population will loose its majority within 60 years or so.

            Unless Jews all over the world (only about 6 million reside outside of Israel) start immigrating to Israel soon, there will no longer a Jewish state in 100 years or so.

            Jews around the world won’t immigrate to Israel in mass unless peace is achieved between Israel and Palestine. This is the only possible solution for Israel.

            Whereas right wing extremists like Netanyahu only want wars. War with Gaza, war with Lebanon, war with Iraq, war with Syria, war with Iran…how is this making Israel safer?

        • VoiceOfArabi says:

          Hi TomT @HomeRemedySupply,

          I have enjoyed reading your post, and i feel your pain. It must be very frustrating..

          But you know what… We can learn a lot from the topic “Slavery” to address the mess we are in…

          I agree with you, 95% of people know or have an idea, but they choose not to speak, and sometimes, they even chose to pretend to be blind. “There’s none so blind as those who will not see.” Jewish proverb.

          The best way i can explain this, is the following….

          There is the field slave (he or she knows they are slaves and hate it).

          and There is the house slave (he or she knows they are slaves, and might hate it, but they would rather whole mankind suffers than sleep and live outside the house..

          So, I would love if someone can direct me to some good books on “Slavery through the ages”. My nation was known to be slave drivers(which is appalling), but we have no books or documents on this topic.

      • barry2 says:

        I would not be surprised if evidence showed the the perpetrator of the Nice event was indeed a terrorist ie someone who deliberately performed the act with a clear political motive.

        But consider this: If you told a psychiatrist that someone had run a truck into a crowd of strangers and asked him/her to speculate about the state of the driver, suggestions would likely include : Excess alcohol, Schizo affective state ie delusional and either manic or depressive, deep depression, under the influence of drugs, either recreational or prescription…there could be more.

        What James is right in pointing out, is that the premier of France was declaring this to be an act of terrorism and extending the state of emergency literally while the bodies were still warm and before any inquiry into the event by qualified personnel had taken place.

        This is irregular and irresponsible yet it is accepted by most of the population at large, and the MSM do not call Hollande to account.

        James’ commentary is very much on target. Thanks James.

        • peace.froggs says:

          barry2, I fully agree, James is right in pointing out that the premier of France was declaring this to be an act of terrorism and extending the state of emergency before any inquiry into the event had taken place.

          However, if we are to play devils advocate, we are told the perpetrator had a gun and shot first prior to getting into the truck. Also, keep in mind, there is no 2nd amendment in France.

          Secondly, France had been attacked twice before just months ago…and this happened on Bastille Day.

          Given that knowledge, I would argue that we have 3 possible scenarios at play here.

          1- This could have all been faked, just like Sandy Hook or the Boston bombing seemed to have been faked…maybe, but I doubt it, however, you just never know.

          2- Or maybe, it really did happened, just like 9/11, and Hollande was behind it all, all along…I believe this is a less plausible scenario than the first, however, again, you just never know.

          3- So we are left with, this was a deranged individual, that may or may not have ties to ISIS…I believe this is probably closer to what really happened than the other 2 scenarios, but if I was to choose, it be between scenario 1 or 3.

          Regardless if it was scenario 1, 2 or 3, what else was Hollande supposed to do? Wait weeks of months, until the investigation is complete, then press charges, only to wait months more for the wheels of justice to deliver its verdict?

          Honestly, I don’t think people would go for that.

          I’ll say this thought, the timing of it all is very suspect, with the state of emergency set to expire on July 26, seems kinda fishy, however he didn’t have much choice did he?

          Hollande was caught in choosing between damned if you do, or damned if you don’t. So, might as well do.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      – Problem, Reaction, Solution –
      One method of combatting this government ploy is to wake up others.
      9/11 is the entrance point.

      And if we are not waking up others, then we only aid the government in its “Problem, Reaction, Solution” ploy.

  9. kwignall says:

    I left these comments on youtube, but I’ll leave them here as well… cuz I am really interested in the answer.

    “stop suckling” OK… but how? Hollande has extended the state of emergency. what would your practical advice to the people of France be in response to this. Stop suckling is too vague…I understand the problem reaction solution… but right now the suspension of the freedom of the French people has been extended. so now what? What can French citizens do to get their freedom back?

  10. erichard says:

    The French, who cut the head off of their final self-aggrandizing king, need to now throw the socialist but self-aggrandizing Francois Hollande, with his $11K a month hair stylist, under the bus. Well, even under a lorry will do. Can they have elections during a state of emergency?

    • VoltaicDude says:

      Ahhh, “the French”…they can be wise, can’t they!

      I said it to myself smugly, with a smile inwardly, as I read your intoxicating words (just what I had been thinking!) as though indulging in some sort of luxury.

      Good ole Louis, indeed! – and don’t forget poor Marie.

      But to sober-up a bit, they didn’t call it the “reign of terror” (coincidently!) because their monarchs were decapitated.

      It’s hard not to want to get drunk and to try to forget about the stupid and traitorous little shit that goes by the name François Hollande.

      But what could we do that would be more than simply falling into their little trap?

      Of course I’m taking the opportunity to exaggerate your intent – you were actually speaking of elections – but I think that’s what they’re up to: provocation.

      I think they’re looking for a fight because they are sure they will win on their terms, and maybe they’re looking for something soon.

      We really need to get the word out in a bigger way about the total hypocrisy of media coverage of the “war on terror” and on how the banksters and the generals and the corporate media are the real criminals.

      Maybe it sounds trite, or inappropriately prosaic and mundane, even flat and empty, but I don’t know what else to say.

      If the majority could see what we have allowed ourselves to see, it would be a lot harder for these criminals to get away with what they get away with.

      • peace.froggs says:

        “I think they’re looking for a fight because they are sure they will win on their terms, and maybe they’re looking for something soon.”

        — Assuming you’re right, then why not extend the state of emergency indefinitely until the war on terror is won…why only extend it 3 months?

        — And assuming you’re right, assuming the populace is on the verge of a violent uprising, a la revolution francaise, because the populace is getting sick and tired of being attacked, then why don’t these “evil” socialists like Hollande and Merkel follow Trumps rhetoric and declare war on radical Islam if all they really want is … “looking for something soon”?

  11. mdj says:

    It’s like they are attempting to co-opt the true meaning of Bastille Day. Sort of like what happened to the confederate flag.

  12. pcwise555 says:

    Ya mean they couldn’t of protected us from the freedom fighters that hated our former freedoms…

  13. nosoapradio says:

    Some good questions:

    -How can French citizens get their freedoms back?

    -Where have all the Truthers gone?

    -Time for another French revolution?

    -Are we being baited?

    My overly quick and humble reactions to these, for what they’re worth:

    How can French citizens get their freedoms back is a question that assumes the French had freedoms in the first place. Whereas, in the pre and post-war eras (particularly the latter) I’d say that France was granted socialist advantages by TPTSB and put back on her feet (by such benevolent and altruistic cough gag programs as the Marshall plan) because at that time the elites needed populations with buying power partly to solidify the petrol dependency paradigm and for a variety of other techno-socio-economic reasons. That’s my layman’s impression in a nutshell.

    As for the French Revolution ideal, personally I’ve been rather sold on the idea that it was indeed instigated,powered and profitably exploited by a Rothschilds/Masonic project for heralding in an even greater debt-based, “Enlightened” and godless economy. However, I’d say much of that type of program is opportunistic usurpation and harnessing of naturally occurring social phenomena and “ras le bol”.

    Where have all the truthers gone? Good question but I wouldn’t say that 9/11, though it was indeed my own portal to Truth, is the only way of getting through to people. I’ve found that on the one hand, brutally exposing 9/11 truth can be extremely counter-productive as people’s survival instincts take over and they cannot really look at what you’re showing them. On the other, I’ve, after much painful trial and error, learned to try and find a person’s secret back door – their own passions, interests, concerns etc. In other words, when I’m speaking to a financial advisor I’ll just start by asking them if they’ve ever heard of the BIS. A startling 99,9% of the time the answer’s “no” so I’ll show them the wikipedia page and point out to them who’s not on the members list. When speaking to folks with an environmental bent I may go straight to Carbon Eugenics, or Henrik Svensmark’s The Cloud Mystery. People from various African countries are extremely receptive to False Flag theories as they’ve experienced them time and again. As for travellers I warn them about the history of Haiti which brings us to the atrocities of the so-called peace-keeping UN, medical people are interested in the Rockefellers role in the history of allopathic medecin etc etc etc etc In conspiracy theory there’s something for absolutely everybody. A gently sly approach is often infinitely more effective than a head-on 9/11 seminar.

    Finally, Are we being baited? (maybe it wasn’t a question but an assertion) I believe the clear answer is Yes We Are! From the Indignados to the venerated Stephen Hessel’s timely Indignez-vous! to the Occupy movement, to all the in-your-face liberty-cide corruption and institutionalized theft we’re being goaded into furious rebellion. Why? Well I get shivers when I start to imagine the answer to that question: the obvious “”they” want generalized martial law” is a plausible one and also perhaps to make it seem as if the people with their hate and their guns are responsible for the apocalyptic destruction of society that they may’ve planned for us. Maybe their lives would be easier if we’d just “vote in” such characters as Marine Le Pen so they have to create a climate of generalized aggressive angst that would be plausible for such an event.

    Anyhow, all this generalized terror, be it AlCIAda or Carbon, it’s all perfectly fortuitous for those who want to place cameras, controls, censors and detectors everywhere

    to usher the frightened population straight into the confines of the Smart world, the new connected Global civilisation.

    We must run towards the next anesthetizing Iphonesque fun technology as we run away from the nightmare of fabricated terror.

    (did I go over 500 words???)

    [Over 600, actually, but you were in the ballpark. I’ll let it slide this time. 🙂 – JC]

  14. Moxa4 says:

    It is really to early to know what happened. But I had some thoughts, that I want to share.
    For me – as a person who is interested in Art – the whashed out black-and-white photography of the 31 years old French-Tunesiean Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel has already become iconic.
    Weird: A female neighbour of him has been cited in the Mass-Media that Mohamed used to gaze at her doughters!
    His father denies, that he had connections to ISIS, but he recently seems to have had a nervous breakdown, became a little depressive and then aggressive, too. And he started to destroy some things in the apartment of his parents.
    Just let me speculate a little: Could the truck have been remotely driven into the crowd? Like the airplain that crashed headon into the French Alps.
    Or the Tezla Car that crashed… you get the idea.

    • peace.froggs says:

      “Could the truck have been remotely driven into the crowd?”

      — You know what, I think you’re probably closer to the truth than you might realize. Reports are now coming out that this guy had no links to ISIS and that fake guns and grenades where found in the truck.

      Seems like he was just some low level petty criminal, and the Mossad or whoever framed him for this.

      Bibi seems to have it in for the French.

      Speculation? Sure, however it is probable.

  15. Ragnar says:

    I don’t usually watch the Lamestream media’s performance shows, so I haven’t heard. Have they announced that the terrorist (or agent) was a Muslim yet? Im sure it’s coming. They have to stick to the script. You know, lone wolf Muslim freedom hating fundamentalist /sigh.

    • peace.froggs says:

      Matter of fact, is full name is Mohamed Bouhlel, goes without saying he was Muslim, however not religious. He was known to the police as a petty criminal, but was “totally unknown to intelligence services… and was never flagged for signs of radicalization.

      I’ll tell you what you need to look out for in the next few days, its the Republican convention in Cleveland that runs from July 18th-21st.

      Why? Cleveland is an open carry state, and thousands of armed protesters will clash in the streets.

      Tensions are already high on both sides, from recent controversial police shootings and racial tension, and Trump threatening that his supporters will riot if he comes with the most delegates but leaves without the nomination.

      If the “Donald” is really anti-establishment *cough* and if the globalists are really anti-gun, you think they’re gonna let loud mouths like Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones go on air after the convention is over and let them spew 2nd amendment nonsense, like 10’s of thousands of armed protesters were in the streets of Cleveland and not one shot was fired, not one fatality. PROOF! that guns save lives!!!

      If people actually believe the globalist are evil scumbags, hellbent on destroying the 2nd amendment, experts at conducting false flags and framing unwitting patsies, but somehow aren’t gonna pounce at this golden opportunity to go after gun rights and further demonize Trump?

      Guess we’ll have to wait and see if the “globalists” are really as bad as Alex Jones makes them out to be.

      • peace.froggs says:

        Man, those evil “globalists” had the perfect opportunity to initiate a race war in America, declare martial law, put millions in concentration camps, and break up the country, deport all those brown people, and blah blah blah…well just listen to Alex Jones for the rest of this fear mongering diatribe of …its the end of the world if Hillary wins in November.

        Cleveland is an open carry state, and thousands of armed protesters and bikers protested in the streets for 4 days during Trumps convention, and not one shot was fired. Not one cop was ambushed, not one Black Lives Matters was handcuffed and shot by a cop.

        Seriously, these “globalists” that Alex Jones refers to are Eee-vil aren’t they? I mean, they can carry out Maidan in Ukraine, shoot a few protesters and blame it on Russia, but they just can’t seem to get things done in America, man that George Soros really is Emperor Palpatine isn’t he?

  16. totemynote says:

    Hi James,
    Why does it seem more “terrorist” labeled events seem to occur outside the US?
    Is the US’s “security” “better”?
    Do the globalist limit false flags in the US for some reason?
    I live in the US so maybe my worldview is skewed?

  17. tgmolitor says:

    The United States declared a national emergency in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks that remains in effect. This emergency suspends certain provisions of law that limit the size of the military and the duration of military service.

  18. Ragnar says:

    So, last night as I was looking around for information on the latest fearful terrorist attack (Munich), I came across this video tying this “journalist” to both the Nice and Munich events..

    Quite a coincidence wouldn’t you say?

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