Is Erdogan Being Set Up For A NATO-backed Coup?

12/06/201521 Comments

What's happening in Turkey? Why did they sever their economic relationship with one of their most important trading partners by dramatically shooting down one of their jets? Why is there such momentum around the Erdogan-must-go meme when he was the CIA's golden boy just a few years ago?

Is Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan being undermined by elements in his own country (not to mention those without) bent on toppling his presidency? Is it crazy to even ask this question? Maybe. All I know is that I get a bit nervous when I see the alt media and the MSM in 100% lock-step agreement over a narrative that doesn't even make much sense.

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  1. Cu Chulainn says:

    thanks James, good to hear your thoughts on this. what do you make of the USA Today reports on the Gülen movement corrupting politicians in the USA?

  2. Trudy-Alan says:

    Thanks, James, for your considered points as regards Turkey and outcomes. I think the trucks of oil will pick up again, when Daesh is done. With a newly established Syria, post Daesh eradication, you may see a oil link (pipeline or trucks) from Iran, via Iraq, (?via a new Kurdistan?) via Syria, into oil ships, delivered throughout the world. That tends to piss off the Arabian Peninsulas royals, but with their Daesh hopes dashed, not much they are going to do about it. The influence of the US/Israeli/UK deep state conglomerate fades somewhat, and may be on the way to dissolution, if only in the Syrian region. Syria’s Russian/Hezbollah/Kurd/Iraqi/Iranian cooperation now a reality, seems to point in this direction.

  3. archives2001 says:

    Hi James,
    An audio or audio/video wud be greatly appreciated. Possibly quite a few of your audience is composed of seniors like myself who are somewhat
    (or greatly)challenged when it comes to reading now.

  4. bladtheimpailer says:

    Somewhere in the background I believe there has been some partial meeting of the minds as regards which group of oligarchs will get what share of the pie under the next phase of planetary rule, with more still to be worked out but a least a path forward coming into view. China has become a reserve currency as the petro dollar unwinds. As an economic partner of China the Russian oligarchs are looking to secure their security and share in the Pantheon under the backroom deals now being worked out and made. The masses will be easily herded-stampeded towards U.N. Agenda 21,or whatever name currently being used (COP21?) under the western economic collapse paradigm and the double threat of global warming due to anthropogenic causation, both a fiction to some extent in that both are readily addressed but not necessarily to the power elites benefit. It is also my belief that “TPTSB” may be about to jettison using “terrorists” for now and begin to declare a victory in the supposed “war of terror” as the deal with the Russians is finalized. This may mean the old satraps like the Erdogan regime and other family regimes of the Mid East, which supported the terrorists may also have to go if they look likely to pose any problem by either knowing too much or any slight unwillingness in make over to the new consensus.

  5. Cu Chulainn says:

    the premise that Erdogan and Israel are enemies is doubtful, and the way Corbett puts it here is certainly misleading; in supporting ISIS Erdogan has been serving Israeli interests more obviously than Turkish ones

    btw, credibility is one’s most valuable commodity, and the most recent Corbett video on the IPCC does not help–rather than featuring corporate media and often corporately-funded dissident scientists, it would be more illuminating to go through the first four IPCC reports (the fifth one is generally recognized to be of lower quality) and address the specific scientific work in a factual way.

    Alain Soral had a nice observation once, that Dreyfus was necessarily innocent, otherwise his case would not have been used for the nefarious purposes it was (in that case the destruction of the popular revolutionary tradition in France and its assimilation to bourgeois politics).

    It is quite possible to use good science for bad purposes.

    • Apollo Slater says:

      “Dissident scientists” … interesting how warmists always frame the issue as a political dogma rather than, you know, actual science.

      • Cu Chulainn says:

        glad you picked up on that, Apollo. i am neither a warmist nor a denier or whatever, really i have no opinion on the science except to defer to those whom i know personally to be serious and credible scientists, pending refutation of same. if there are refutations of the science in the first four reports, it would be interesting to see them, rather than all this political talk.

  6. Mandela says:

    Surprised that there wasn’t any mention of the huge Turkish stream pipeline deal with Russia. If the goal is a world in which there is no opposition to deep state policies and Russia, China, and their few allies are they whose regimes must be brought into the fold, then Erdogan’s deal making with Russia just when Putin was desperate after the south stream pipeline plan had to be scrapped, might very well have been seen as a traitorous act worthy of excommunication. He also occasionally has gotten some difficult to forgive bouts of truthfulness as when he spoke publicly of the Charlie Hebdo incident as a false flag attack. How better to destroy Erdogan, Turkey’s economic and political relationships with Russia, and ensuring that whoever follows Erdogan will be hostile to Russia, than by utilizing assets within the Turkish military to shoot down a Russian plane and then kill the pilot.

    With Turkey seemingly being set up for regime change, hopefully you can get Sibel on to see if any of her Turkish contacts have insight to illuminate these events further.

    Thanks James! I have been waiting for someone to bring this up. Erdogan has been walking the tightrope between Russia and America, which is no less dangerous than walking a tightrope between the Twin Towers during a storm. I have long wondered when he would take the fatal misstep.

  7. phreedomphile says:

    TPTB consistently operate as an exclusive club and I can’t think of an example where a loyal and compliant minion was thrown to the wolves. Hasn’t Erdogan been loyal and compliant? In contrast, Hussein and Gaddafi were bucking the system. Assad has been a team player and Syria an ideal model of secular multiculturalism swiftly integrating into the globalist neoliberalization paradigm for over a decade.

    A Power International Engineering paper from 2010 reported Syria’s efforts to transition to renewable energy with several countries participating in the Regional Center for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) organization. A major investor in the Master Plan is CHUM HOLDING founded by Rami Makhlouf, Syria’s wealthiest man estimated to have a net worth of $5 billion and who happens to be ASSAD’S maternal COUSIN.

    There is a detailed 2012 Syrian Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs report to the UN Rio Conference on its progress in the Sustainable Development model.

    Another indication of Syria’s transition to the UN model would be the Karam Foundation’s efforts to foster Smart Aid and Sustainability for Syrians. While skimpy, there are some links on the net to Syrian academics sources hinting at plans to make Damascus a Smart City.

    There are all in the same club, including Egypt and Syrian elites, right? As George Carlin, said “…and we ain’t in it”.

    Could this Egypt – Russia – Syria fracas be more multi-tiered chess? Lots of booming and buzzing going on behind the curtain.

    • phreedomphile says:

      oops, apologies for the typos. They are all in the same club…

      Another tangent to consider is the infamous New Middle East project map. If taken at face value, Free Kurdistan will take a small bite out of several surrounding nations, including Turkey. Instability, chaos, and rogue behavior in the area could provide cover for drawing new territorial lines. That could also explain the activity in Yemen – from the map, it’s territory would be expanded carving a piece out of Saudi Arabia.

  8. snidey says:

    Very perceptive analysis, James; looks good to me. Once again James proves he’s not just Another Pretty Face…. 😉

  9. Ursulariches10 says:

    What I want to know is what are the UK US Turkey bombing in Syria? Are they bombing ISIS and terrorists at all?
    The oil wells the UK has been bombing n the North EAST by Iraq, do ISIS have use of them?

  10. setatliberty says:

    I do concede that I am ignorant to how politics work in other countries, but with my limited knowledge, I would guess that Erdogan’s purpose has been fulfilled and it’s time to dispose of his “seat” so that this chapter of corruption will be “officially” closed. Such as I have seen with many people that the Obama administration has done with certain fall guys. This only diverts the blame of criminal activity to one individual, when we know that he was definitely not acting independently.

    However, on a different note, altogether; Since Google has evolved into the new ministry of truth, it seems that even Startpage (which is “enhanced by Google”) has just become another branch of the online monopoly. Doing searches on Google and Startpage today are identical in the way that results are generated and that is soberingly dismal. I wonder, James, If you (or any of your readers) could/would recommend a better alternative search engine that is not under the restrictive force of the internet giant.

  11. Vivian Lee says:

    I tend to think that Erdogan is not being set up for a fall just now, although admittedly he is walking a fine line in some respects, which the US is allowing him to do. He is still a useful and compliant puppet, BUT we give him a lot of street cred so he can function the way we want him to in the Middle East – supposedly as an independent entity. For instance, he is not on the outs with Israel – he is just seeming to be. Thus the Mavi Marmara protest, Davos, etc. Turkey under Erdogan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, et al., and the US are closely allied. We routinely and periodically make Erdogan look somewhat bad in the US press (NY Times et al.) to make it seem as though he is not our favored puppet; that way we can get him to do things for us, and we can have deniability.

    It seems plausible that Erdogan shot down the Russian jet as our useful puppet so that we could take a jab at Putin for his entry into Syria to actually fight ISIS. (Of course we don’t want anyone to fight ISIS since ISIS R US.) Erdogan then ran straight to NATO so Putin would be reminded not to retaliate in any way that would require the NATO troops to rush in to defend their member state. This was humiliating for Putin – which we of course enjoyed; we will see where this goes eventually.

    IMO just part of the game we are playing with Russia over ISIS in Syria. We keep Gulen in reserve, and also the generals, so Erdogan will continue to be compliant, unless/until he ceases to be so.

  12. Octium says:

    Does not surprise me. If it weren’t for the advertising of tiger penis pills, I don’t think I could tell the difference between Fox news and Infowars these days.

  13. SoniaG says:

    Erdogan is no friend of Israel, having been asked to return a peace award in 2014, described here as ‘arguably the most virulent anti-Israel leader in the world.’ I think you are on the right track James, he may well be getting framed.

  14. EUbrainwashing says:

    Between the three: Turkish military/deep-state coup, NATO or Israel when it all boils down (allowed national/specific motivations aside) I do not see real differences between them, in so much as: they all play in the great game, if they did not they would not be allowed to exist. If so, what does the geopolitical strategies of the ‘great game’ require at this conjuncture. Russia is to be contained. That means access between the Aegean Sea to the Black Sea to Sevastopol and Novorossiysk is fundamental to Russia’s Naval capacity. Turkey is the key. Turkey is also a key entry point into SE Europe and a block to Europe expanding into the Middle East. Turkey is ‘the pivot point’.

  15. Indeed, as you say: “there are far too many moving parts at play here and too many balls in the air for this to come down to a nice pat thesis”… This Erdogan character appears to (either) have some sick sense of justice, or/and to be stupidly saying some things he shouldn’t.

    (I mean, for example, if Erdogan really cared about the well-being of Arabs, why would he be financing/supporting a terrorist organization that kills them in large numbers?)

    Nevertheless, you do present some valid points. To the point of me not knowing what to think about all this… 🙂

    But, to possibly add to the “big picture” surrounding this events, here goes a translation of one of (former Russian intelligence officer, that still gets his informations from his “former” services) Estulin’s last tweets:

    “I warn you that the Turkish army is preparing a coup d’etat against Erdogan.”


  16. dwilko says:

    US, UK, France have stated on many occasions the fight against IS will be a long and protracted one. This shows the general strategy is to allow IS to continue to destabilise the region (Assad). Turkey we all agree is key, if we look at where the IS controlled areas are along the border of Turkey this is important (like the Taliban & Pakistan) and why they are thriving in the region. If Turkey shut down the main border into Syria this would have a massive impact on the supply routes. The fact they dont implicates. Erdogan must have had the final say or be complicit in the shooting of the SU-24 otherwise he would have handed Russia someones head on a plate. The fact he is willing to sacrifice such strong economic ties with Russia means he is neck deep in it. I would be surprised if NATO is complicit as this goes against the US & Allies strategy of maintaining IS in Syria to weaken Assad (as it forces a strong reaction from Russia, who was happy supressing the Syrian rebels). So if a coup is coming its because Erdogan is out on his own and not playing ball with NATO by self serving his own interests. Its in both Russia and the remaining NATO members to oust Erdogan. As any direct conflict with Russia & NATO doesnt make sense in the ‘slowly slowly catchy monkey’ strategy to control the region bit by bit.

  17. Olivier says:

    Summarizing your and Sibel’s article:

    1. Possible NATO reasons for Erdogan being ousted:
    [2009] He complains about Israel
    [?] He counters Gülen
    [2013] He talks of joining the SCO
    [2013] He wants to buy Chinese weapons
    [2015] He calls Charlie Hebdo a false flag

    2. Possible NATO reasons for Erdogan NOT being ousted:
    [2011] He’s in with the Syria project

    3. Possible indication of his NATO ousting being prepared:
    [2011] Increasingly negative portrayal in Western press

    4. Indication proposed here of his ousting being prepared:
    [2015] Russian plane downing makes him look irresponsible / hits economy (*)

    (*) But then again, Erdogan could just have distanced himself from it, and judging from the Russian sanctions, he didn’t. Which probably means Erdogan is some kind of satisfied that this happened, possibly because:
    a. He downed the plane on NATO/Pentagon’s orders/permission, or:
    b. He hates the Russian’s guts all by himself.

    Case (a) could indeed be a trap, analogous to the Kuwaiti trap for Saddam Hussein. But then again there’s better ways of smearing somebody in the eyes of the public, which is to have WMDs, throw babies on the cold floor, gas “your own people”, having terror bombs explode all over your country etc.

  18. Sonex says:

    Does anyone have comments about the media network “The Young Turks”?

    Are they considered a reputable, alternative media news source? Just curious.

    PS. With all this talk about Turkey, can someone recommend a good source for “Turkish Delights”? Thanks! I was just watching the movie, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. In one scene, the witch entices the young boy with Turkish Delights.

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