Interview 1645 - James Corbett on The Delingpod

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In today's edition of The Redpill Series, James talks to James Delingpole, an ex-MSM journalist who has taken the red pill in the past year and a half and is now engaged in a series of conversations he never expected to be having on his Delingpod podcast. This is one of them.


The Delingpod

MacArthur’s Children

The Lone Gunmen Pilot

Dean Haglund on 9/11 / Chris Carter / CIA

How and Why Big Oil Conquered the World

My First False Flag Theory (Canadian political ad)

The First Global Revolution (Club of Rome)

Who Is Bill Gates?

Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda

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  1. As a fellow non-TV-watcher I have to point something out:

    On multiple occasions now, I’ve overheard a family member watching Netflix/Amazon programs in which the lines spoken were so bizarre that I had to get up out of my chair, walk over and start watching the program.

    The propaganda deliver methods have changed.
    TPTB are injecting their beliefs & agendas into some of these programs so overtly that it’s almost like easy-mode truth research.

    Not only that, but if you’re not watching some of these programs, there’s a very real possibility you’ll have holes in your understanding of their beliefs & agendas.

    One of the best examples I’ve seen is the Amazon animated series called Invincible.
    You can find it for free online if you look hard enough.
    I advise you to force yourself to watch it.

  2. Ethan Hunter says:

    Just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and I’m glad that more “normies” that are thoughtful and becoming more awake and aware are reaching out to your lucid commentaries James.

    I had a feeling that Delingpole would talk to you soon after I saw his interview with Patrick Wood some weeks back.

  3. bagwort says:

    A nation of little children? You didn’t mention 甘えの構造

  4. bleak says:

    “You just keep me hanging on…..”

    Good of you to broach the SAI aka “chemtrails” subject even if at the very end (of this interview). That operation is real. Is it one of the blackest operations in history? Yes.

    I recently watched/rewatched most of Kubrick’s movies including Spartacus. The scene with Dabra and Spartaphile (Douglas was a scumbag. They are all scumbags) was key.

    Lesson: Don’t be like Dabra. Don’t miss the target.

    There is no single aspect or facet of the insurrection on humanity that isn’t portrayed in one movie or tv show but sorcery and occult themes are the underlying, common thread. They are spells, rituals, incantations, psychological manipulations, tricks, all subconsciously instilled. “Holly wood” was named after the holly tree with Druidic symbolism so woohoo big surprise.

    Watch the last season, last episode, last scene of True Blood. There isn’t a thing they won’t do for a seat at the table.

    Prediction: sigil-creating apps will soon be available for download. Does everyone know what a sigil is? They are psychological memes used for manifesting the will of it’s creator. Logo’s (lit logos or word) like Nike, McDonald’s are sigils and/or talismans.

    Lack of knowledge of the occult, it’s tools and they way they are used against the “innocent” are why their tricks are successful. Or seemingly successful; “it ain’t ovah until it’s ovah” bastards.

    Good for James Delingpole who saw the Truth of Christ. No need for a middleman to tell anyone what Jesus aka Yeshua came here for, although not all clergy are the same.

    “Jesus’ Line In The Sand – A Sermon On Matthew 10:24-39”

    Yeshua said,
    If your leaders tell you, “Look, the kingdom is in heaven,”
    then the birds of heaven will precede you.
    If they say to you, “It’s in the sea,”
    then the fish will precede you.
    But the kingdom is inside you and it is outside you.
    When you know yourselves, then you will be known,
    and you will understand that you are children of the living father.
    But if you do not know yourselves,
    then you dwell in poverty and you are poverty.
    ~ The Gospel of Thomas, #3, Nag Hammadi Scriptures


  5. Fact Checker says:

    An irresistibly collegial exchange between two distinguished Anglophone gentlemen.

    “Dark Grey Pill.” Hmmmmmmmmm.

    James makes an interesting point about predictive programming that I think deserves deeper exploration. He points out that certain futuristic dystopian tales may be ostensibly cautionary in nature, but they actually end up serving the opposite function. Rather than giving the audience a roadmap by which to avoid the projected nightmare scenario, dystopian soothsaying might actually prime the public consciousness to expect and therefore accept a planned outcome.

    Sometimes I think about this in terms of how the Machine might actually be using the “Alternative Media” or “Conspiracy Community” as willing, freelance predictive programmers. As with the Policy Horizons publication of “Exploring Biodigital Convergence,” I think the Planners might not just know but intend that the way these concepts will trickle into the public consciousness is through would-be “whistleblowers,” dissident critics, and “conspiracy” commentators. Showing them on the news would be too much, but titrating the ideas through people trying to “sound the alarm” (but easy to dismiss under orthodox thinking) might occur at just the right rate to gently prime the masses to accept the inevitable official rollouts. In real life, I sometimes even have pangs of misgivings that I myself, your humble and sincere Fact Checker, am actually functioning as a “useful idiot” by acting as a conduit for ideas that will only be laughed off when coming from me…but will then be accepted smoothly when the TerrorVision brings them into full view, in part because I have planted the seed of expectation. Especially nowadays, when my dark tidings are less often met with derisive laughter, and more often with a glazed look and a sort of resigned shrug.

    In short, the mission of “Spreading the Message While There Is Still Time,” to which James and James both vow in this interview, might actually only serve the Planners by introducing the Plan at a manageable pace.

    The Machine might be using all of the would-be Jeremiahs of the conspiracist community as volunteer Revelators of the Method.

  6. westerncivic says:

    Major League Baseball is in for the business…

  7. Fupi says:

    I used to follow James Delingpole’s column in the Spectator until I cancelled my subscription to that and all other mainstream magazines and newspapers.

    Glad to see that Delingpole, a former pupil at my father’s old school, has become critically aware. From the interview he did with Patrick Wood on Technocracy, it was plain that he still had a lot of background to catch up on, but he would be the first to admit in his charming way that he, like us all, is on the road to perpetual discovery. It is certainly an exciting journey, like reading a good thriller, for which I have to thank James Corbett whose output I have followed now for a decade.


  8. MagicBullet says:

    JC is comparing the, “SarsCov-2 is not isolated, were is the virus?” people with the “9.11 hologram nobody died!” people. This is not a rational comparison and I hope he reviews this.

    There was no physical logic to the 9.11 hologram, nor that deaths were fake. However, the virus has only been registered in a gene bank as a genome that could easily been fraudulent, just like the gene readings on Theranos were fraudulent. There is no purified then genome sequenced isolate of SarsCov-2. This doesn’t prove that there was no virus that infected the community, but if so what was it? We want to know.

    • I have seen no persuasive evidence that there is any new virus of any significance.

      What I am seeing is more evidence indicating that a population will eventually believe essentially anything if you repeat it frequently enough over a long enough period of time.

      • MagicBullet says:

        Right, Sars-Cov-2 is only a construct on paper in a gene library (and we know James loves libraries). He needs to qualify his logic why he thinks the never-Coviders who have lots of logic are in the same category as the 9.11 Holigraphers who have no logic.

        • flammable says:

          I think James is referring to both groups dying on a hill for their viewpoints and not cooperating with others who think differently but share the same beliefs of stopping tyranny.

          • MagicBullet says:

            Ok maybe that’s what he means thanks.

            However, I think many never-coviders, are very happy to see a purified version of SarsC2 and see it fully sequenced, AND have that repeated on different patient samples by independent labs. The problem is that hasn’t been done. All sequencing has been done with primers referencing to a data base, not a biological particle.

            For the 9.11 holographers, there was John Lear (son of the Lear Jet guy) who put out some vids claiming planes as holograms (and laughing the whole time). He was friends with the UFO claimer and brothel owner Bob Lazar who said he worked with UFOs in Nevada as part of the govt in some very strange ways. These guys seem part of a “poison the well” group needless to say, but they are ADDING something strange that isn’t there.

            The never-seen-Coviders I am referring to, are only saying, we don’t see it, please show it to us. This is very different. The former adding strangeness, the latter asking for logic for evidence of existence.

            These 2 groups do not deserve to be mixed in a logic sense, unless the never-covider is making a strange and unproven theory. SarsCov-2 is indeed a genome in a gene bank (library), there is no denying that the genome represents a virus in its code. The question is where is the virus purified-isolated from sick people? Maybe someone wants to stubbornly assert it is an exosome or something strange with no data, that’s not who I’m referring to. I hope this makes sense.

      • “What I am seeing is more evidence indicating that a population will eventually believe essentially anything if you repeat it frequently enough over a long enough period of time.”

        Yes Event 201’s “flood the zone” strategy has worked like a charm indeed. Easy enough when the MSM has been bought and paid for and Big Tech has a monopoly in suppressing/censoring free speech.

    • truthseeker9 says:

      I have to agree with James; this “no isolation” business is a red herring.

      Just a bit of logic: If no one on Earth has isolated any virus, using the methods designed for much larger living things, which can be cultured in a dish, this tells me that this kind of isolation can not be done with virus particles. Someone would have done this kind of isolation if possible.

      Viruses may be very different than what official science claims.
      Personally I feel that both Germ and Terrain theories apply to colds and flu, regardless of what virus particles are. “The terrain is everything”, IMO, means that it is the most important, not the only aspect.

      I know that when I have caught a cold or flu, it has been after being around someone sick. Rarely have I ever developed a cold or flu when not around someone sick, but it has happened. I think there are two things occurring here. On my own, getting worn down and tired, my system was weakened enough for a pathogen to take hold of me. A pathogen that may have been present all along.
      I also think that when another person is very sick, they can give you enough of a dose, that one can develop a cold or flu, even when they are not so run down.

      • MagicBullet says:

        The reason is because if fraud can be shown with the no-purified isolate, that it is only a genome on paper registered in a gene bank, using primers that refer to a data base in-silico, or was just a print-out of original and variants by a company called Illumina, then that is GOOD REASON to stop the vaccine program. That is no small red-herring to fry Kimosabe.

        –If you are not familiar with the gene bank registration of SarsCov-2 by Zhang et al in Jan 2020, metagenomics, illumina sequencing and data base referencing, and purification of viruses for isolation and sequencing, and why that is important before deciding to make a vaccine in 2 months and vaccinate 8 billion people with an experimental solution, then please catch up with these before replying. This is a discussion about the end of humanity isn’t it?

        • cu.h.j says:

          And this isn’t a vaccine program. These aren’t even vaccines in the traditional sense. They are injecting people with mRNA and modified adenoviruses.

          Also these drugs were developed in six months or so according to them. This has never been done. Those are good reasons as well to stop this “vaccine” program. And people have a right to decide NOT to take any vaccine and to live life normally in the pursuit of freedom and happiness. These are natural rights and those are good reasons to challenge this whole nightmare.

          For example, flu shots are offered on a yearly basis, but people aren’t forced to take them. And even as pointless as they are, they aren’t gene therapy or mRNA injections and aren’t as dangerous.

          People have experienced contagion and viruses or infections that aren’t bacterial that they catch from other people. It happens all the time in families with their children. People believe this natural phenomenon and aren’t going to believe there aren’t viruses unless someone proves the mechanism of illness with scientific experiments that are reproducible.

          I have definitely caught things from my patients working in hospitals, both bacterial and non bacterial infections. And my cute little niece has given me colds!

          • MagicBullet says:

            Thanks for all those points.

            About the mechanism of illness here, maybe you refer to the usual cases of flu and Colds being relabeled as Covid. They are still viruses of course, so its the mechanism of name changing that becomes medical fraud here, not the mechanism of illness.

            Relabeling Fraud is indeed another home-run in the cancel culture of the injection program. YES, that’s what we should give them, their own cancel-culture medicine.

            • cu.h.j says:

              I agree that they have done that. For example we stopped counting flu this season and most providers only ordered Covid testing.

              I did observe a unique syndrome in some patients, the usual respiratory pneumonia but was a little worse because the oxygen saturation was worse on presentation to our emergency room. Some of them also had clotting disorders as well.

              I have not observed this in past seasons, but maybe this has been present in severe flu and I just wasn’t looking for it.

              I do think that people with actual Covid or the disease called Covid was significantly exaggerated and it appeared that only a small number of people actually had this syndrome which I consider to be the severe pneumonia coupled with clotting disorder. The other cases were regular colds and flu that probably got thrown into the mix with the PCR fraud.

            • ccuthbert2001 says:

              “They are still viruses of course…” You’ll have to show proof on that, too, Magic. Good luck.

              The take-over of science by large corps and govt is an important part of the destruction of our civilization. Knowing where to look to find the corruption and lies is necessary. Clearly, a crucial fount of corruption and lies has been and still is the black magic of virology. The virology psyop went into overdrive through the fauci/gallo con man team and their hiv/aids baloney and plagues us (pun intended) to this very day.

              Show me a purified human virus. I’ll be satisfied with just one…

      • brianb says:

        It is absolutely important since the DNA sequences in the virus come from the discovery and sequencing methods. If those are suspect, the entire PCR testing and vaccines regimes crumble. It is not a red herring. Please consider that this info might be vital!

    • mkey says:

      While I understand the importance of the underlying issues, I think it would be easier, in a pinch, to explain to people the fraud that is everything that’s adjacent to the genome.

    • Alchemist says:

      I, too, would like to know what is causing the unusual symptoms, but it’s a moot point in regards to lockdowns. The most pressing thing we need to focus on is that lockdowns of innocent people are never ok under any circumstance.

      The first time I ever heard of Kaufman and his theory happened to be at the beginning of the scamdemic & I’ve been researching vaccines / alt medicine as a layman for years. IMO his theory was brought forward at this time to create distraction from the most pressing issue.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Indeed this is the fundamental issue, in my opinion is the lockdown. The virus no virus issue doesn’t matter because there should never be lockdowns. There have never been lockdowns even during the plague that killed millions.

        If a government lockdowns the population you realize you aren’t free and are a slave. It’s been a big wake up call for me to realize how bad government really is. That the purpose isn’t to maintain order or to serve people but to enslave them and exploit their labor. It’s really sick and people don’t want to look at that fundamental issue.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Some people have said that if you prove there is no virus then you never need a vaccine, and this may be true. But even if there is a virus you should never be forced to take a vaccine.

          And this is why we have an immune system. Humans and other living things aren’t meant to isolate. It’s unnatural and not beneficial to our survival.

    • brianb says:

      Everyone here needs to learn about Stefan Lanka’s recent experiments. This could bring down the entire CV-19 house of cards if this makes it into a courtroom. Since these findings overturn the isolation/discovery and sequencing processes in one shot, the implications are staggering and must be talked about.

      Here is a 20 minute summary of his ongoing experiments carried out by Heather Bruno. She shows his control experiments using healthy tissues that produce the same result as any claimed virus. He was even able to pull out sequence this and recreate any desired virus (ebola, CV-19, etc) using in-silico sequencing.

      Here is a ~7 minute video where Lanka describes the control experiment he conducted. I posted two links in case the YouTube version disappears (the original version is gone off of YouTube and these are mirrored links).

      Here is an article written by Lanka on why the main method of studying viruses since the 1950s is based on fraud. This is the most comprehensive description and you will have the most solid understanding with this.

      • brian.s says:

        I am heartened to see that not everyone following James has diverted to a ditch of virology in which to maintain a psycho pathogenic view of Life Itself.
        Lanka may be the most pivotal scientist of the era in my opinion – though I simply extend gratitude to all who are willing to love truth and embody the truth of love. The mindset in war will always deny and sacrifice truth to the dictates of war or a conflicted mind and world.
        It doesn’t seem conflicted because it can assign or flag the cause of it conflict externally to viruses against which it can mask in virtue.

        Cowan’s recent take on ‘spike’ toxin and gain of function’s actual remit mirrors my own, and is key to a sense of how the magicians can craft the proteins that will be the fit for the tests that are crafted to fit the recombined virus ‘definition’ that will be ‘discovered’ from a convenient cluster assigned appropriate Media attention.
        What we give reality to we give power to.
        This is our most fundamental responsibility.

        James resort reminds me of the groupthink to questioning anthropomorphic climate virology (humans as virus); Cant allow the diversion or give platform to such a dead end in a time of crisis.
        Quoting expert testimony brings – “they are paid by Big Oil – just like Big Tobacco”. The mind is closed and programmed to run only as invested identity permits.

        I don’t use ‘There is no virus’ as do opinionated dumpers int comment threads in exactly the way flat earthers dumped on globalists 😉

        I also go into the mind that is projecting ITS pattern of intent TO the postulated virus. Fear DOES work contagion in the unwary and through very devious pathways of invested ‘solutions’ in which fear SEEMS to be distanced, locked down or masked over. But is no less active for being denied direct awareness.

        • brianb says:

          Glad to hear others are thinking along these lines. Indeed, I too think Lanka is among the most important people around fighting this battle and I hope he doesn’t fly in any small planes or get suicided. And yes, Cowan is doing great analysis and I would also like to commend Jeff Green who runs the page below:

          As you hint, there is no need to obnoxiously tell people there “is no such thing as a virus.” People like Lanka don’t use such language and are merely pointing out the idiocy of the experimental methods for isolation and sequencing. If people looked at these methods in detail, this whole charade would fall apart (along with the entire vaxx industry… and yes I mean ALL of it).

  9. Ukridge says:

    The weird skies are from the volcanic ash in the atmosphere, look up the 1815 Tambora eruption and the 1916 ‘year without a summer,’ the skies in England were similarly surreal.

  10. Won Fat Fuk says:

    Bill Gates is the most Top-of-the-line, State of the Art, World Class, example of a “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing that I have ever seen in my lifetime.

  11. loggin says:

    The British version of Utopia is on Amazon Prime and is very much worth watching. Like the Simpsons virus episode it’s nor a prediction of the future but a conspiratorial view of the 2010 Swine flu outbreak.

  12. loggin says:

    Simpsons episode where the media, looking for a new global terror to keep everyone locked up at home come up with

    ‘House cat Flu is Coming’

    • Fact Checker says:

      I’ve heard the audio on this before.

      It’s unmistakable that the late-stage Simpsons writers were assigned to produce some high-grade Revelation of the Method.

  13. POSO says:

    James is great on most of the issues. I understand why James recommending approaching any conversations with regular people with filters on. I personally have more than one filter level when I talk to different people. However, to dismiss the inquiry into the origins of the alleged virus and the related implications is not the right course. It is a very important issue that SHOULD NOT be swept under the rug.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Gawd!…Trudeau is a real PR piece, Evil disguised.

      Some of the comments on the Thread were great.

      I had to look up the definition for Vapidity.
      noun. 1. A lack of excitement, liveliness, or interest: asepticism, blandness, colorlessness, drabness, dreariness, dryness, dullness, flatness, flavorlessness, insipidity, insipidness, jejuneness, lifelessness, sterileness, sterility, stodginess, vapidness, weariness.
      Antonym: Ernie Hancock 😉

  14. terence.s says:

    Excellent video James, looking forward to listening to you at the Red Pill.

  15. Sherry says:

    James, watching this video reminded me to ask if you are familiar with a guy called Leo Zagami ?

    I listened to an interview with him recently and found his information very Red Pill. His bio (link above) shows his deep connection to the so-called underworld of organizations that seem to have a lot of power over the psychopaths in charge right now.

    It would be VERY interesting to see the two of you talking to each other in one of your shows. Just a thought…

  16. Denis says:

    Regarding Utopia and ‘writers picking up…’… It’s a possibility. Though… :
    (Utopia spoilers, just in case anyone cares)

    It’s made for younger generation (Practically a teen show).

    First you have many people, actually kids, kids being intentionally infected and murdered with high loads of deadly virus to fake pandemic and enable emergency use authorisation for the ‘vaccine’ that will make couple generation of people sterile.

    Then the issue of overpopulation is acknowledged as a real, huge issue.

    Guy who runs everything is described like a selfless, empathetic version of Bill Gates, who also (LOL) runs a —>>>Finders<<<— like cult. Some of his brainwashed kids are psychopaths, some sacrificed as martyrs, and he genunily feels sorry for them, and sometimes even other people they kill, torture etc. But there's no other way… To save the planet. Because people are dumb, and they will never willingly stop having children. So this is the only, but also quite comfy way. Because so dumb peple can continue eating chips, watching TV and f*g, there'll just be no kids for a while. And 'we' or Earth are saved.

    Near the end of the first season worse villain appears (of course). Some of the hero kids accept Bill Gates character as a savior, because they saw he's ready to sacrifice even him self, and they also had an argument, a debate, and Gates won, because he's smart and he's actually right. At this point pragmatist kids are kinda forced to cooperate.

    Second season is canceled because Covid.

  17. westerncivic says:

    It woukd appear this link has been neutered since I pointed out to the Seattle Mariners that their vaccinated section is a prima facie human rights violation… the link worked yesterday… to the unesco statement on bio ethics and human rights…


  18. Tobiume says:

    James’ comment on so-called “normies” – a reductive denomination whose usage I do not condone – only being able to entertain a discussion over Gates’ questionable manoeuvres from the illicit enrichment point of view was spot on. This is the quintessential weakness in the reasoning of politically left-leaning factions: all types of machinations from key elements of our affluent society, no matter how unfounded or outrageous the implications, are acceptable when framed within the pursuit of furthering financial expansion and domination. If one removes profit drive from the formulation and replaces it with ideology,

    • cu.h.j says:

      I consider myself a “normie” kind of and I’m not offended. For many years, I didn’t want to look at any of this kind of stuff, event though I knew that what I was being told by MSM and the government was a lie.

      I still think I am kinda “normie” because I do like material comforts and things like sci fi movies and going out to bars. That’s pretty normie to me.

      I’m not stupid though and can think for myself. I’m definitely not as smart as some people here, but I can educate myself when I am interested in a particular topic.

      I personally think JC has a very positive view of humanity, much better than my own. I tend to think many people are morons and get what is coming their way because they would rather chose what is easier than what is right. And I work with the general public and they are mostly assholes to be completely honest.

  19. HomeRemedySupply says:

    During “Interview 1645 – James Corbett on The Delingpod”, Bill Gates is mentioned.


    “Let’s leave Bill Gates alone”
    Yahoo Finance – Wednesday June 2, 2021

    Don’t read the article.
    READ some of the 224 COMMENTS (which were NOT censored.)

    Archive did not save the comments. Believe me, Yahoo Finance permanently censors a lot of folks. The Finance section is now again one area of Yahoo where comments are allowed…they reinstated comments about a month or so ago.

    About a week after the Yahoo Finance interview with Bill Gates on July 30, 2020, the comment section was removed. In that July interview, Bill Gates called for heavier, “improved” censorship.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Around the 25 minute mark of that July 2020 interview, the viral video of “America’s Frontline Doctors” comes up between Andy Serwer and Bill Gates.

      Bill Gates says:
      “…In terms of this outrageous, ya know, Hydroxychloroquine anti-mask thing. It spread so fast, that even though eventually the social media people stopped it, it was so famous that now people are still seeking it out.
      And so their ability to stop things before they become widespread – uh, I think that they probably should improve that.
      I don’t think it is easy, because it spread so quickly. I mean, that thing was fairly new and now we have 14 million views and you can’t find it directly on those services, but everybody is sending the link around because it is still out there on the internet.
      And that one – this Hydroxychloroquine thing, this is nutty stuff. I mean, we are supposed to be a developed country that uses science. Oh my god! It’s, uh ah, really hard to believe that that what’s being retweeted….”

      Then the conversation turns to Tony Fauci.

  20. gabyville says:

    If we all got together we certainly could accomplish a lot of changes. First of the power of the consumers that is being ignored. If everyone boycotted Amazon, Walmart and all the big corporations and so on it would not take long to get these out of business. The other thing people will have to realize is they have to ditch their phone. For those who can grow a garden it is another way to get off the rat race. People who are stuck in the cities have very little choices. The only thing is to organize group of like minded people and pool your resources. Eliminate everything in your life that is not absolutely necessary. Save some money and move to the country. The other thing that I am wondering is what will happen if all the people who have been vaccinated start to die off in the next two or three years. A lot of very smart and very skilled people could die leaving our society with a lack of expertise. It could have a lot of consequences. For me the only hope I have is that video I saw Dr Reimer Fullmich interview on the lawsuit they are preparing world wide. The audio and the video are not in synch for a well worth while video to watch.

  21. HomeRemedySupply says:

    X-Files – “Faked’ Alien Invasion & Pandemic Sickness

    Just following Corbett’s very important description about the value of THE STORY, at the 12 minute mark he starts to discuss Predictive Programming and also discusses “The Lone Gunman”.

    I want to mention that something is up with these recent Mainsteam Media stories about Alien spaceships and “Aliens pose a threat”.
    Why? What’s the real agenda?

    The following is just my speculation, just one possible future scenario.

    Within a few years, we will be hearing a different tune from the many millions of virtuous folks who received the Covid vaccine.
    For me, it is a no brainer that many of these folks will suffer from a vast array of body problems.
    However, I just don’t see the Media reporting that this ‘new pandemic of illnesses’ was caused by the Covid vaccines.

    But what if something else, some enemy caused this worldwide scourge of illnesses across the globe?
    Perhaps, the BIG MAINSTREAM STORY will be that Aliens from outerspace brought us a worldwide pandemic of autoimmune type diseases.

    X-Files – Season of 2016
    It should be noted that a World Pandemic / Eugenics scenario, false flag events, conspiracy theorists, globalists takeover of the planet and Alien Technology were the highlights of that season.
    It is interesting that these topics are melded together in 2020-2021.

    You can watch the short video clips of that X-Files Season at this LINK.
    They are extremely interesting (and entertaining), especially in contrast to what has been going on.
    Also, I want to point out that the comment Thread also contains links to VERY recent stories about Aliens and their “threat”.

    • brian.s says:

      What is already going on is already very similar to many accounts of alien abduction. The agenda is inhuman and has both predatory and live experimental aspects within a paralysis set by hypnosis under shock.

      The Nature of Consciousness is such that the demand to be saved from feared truth will see something ‘else’ that confirms and supports the call to fear and attack (truth as) the violator of our masked reality. That fear does this escapes the mind that wants or demands to be something else by preemptive defence.

  22. scpat says:

    The cyber attack narrative is building, this time with an incident crippling beef production. Go figure. When can I sign up for my biometric government-approved cyber hack-proof internet login so I can buy some lab grown meat?!

    (Queued video)

  23. yellowbird says:

    If someone reads the Scriptures, Christ was tempted in the desert with 3 things: power, prestige and wealth. I think the first people seek is wealth, then power, then prestige, basically declaring oneself God. This is where Bill Gates is. His ego is beyond his own imagination. His arrogance is at such a level he is dangerous. I have believed the most dangerous people in the world are not those who think green Martians are hiding under their house, it’s those with an ego that think they are a god.

    *** Hi James, have you ever considered trying to contact Bill Gates and challenge him to a debate? *** You never know he may greet such an opportunity.

  24. bagwort says:

    One thing about the technocrats that’s not talked about much, though Russell Brand mentioned it, is that they think they are going to live forever. Time magazine had an issue on it.

    • Alchemist says:

      Every now and then I’ll go check out Russell Brand’s channel and I just saw the episode I think you’re referring to:

      How Super Rich Elites Plan to Live Forever

      Not sure what to make of the guy, but every now and then he’ll release something like this and surprises me.

      • Alchemist says:

        As we enter the Age of Aquarius, this reminds me of the story of Ganymede, a mortal who was abducted by Zues in order to serve the gods in Olympus. His role was to fill the bowls and cups of Gods with the nectar of immortality. In Greek mythology, he represents Aquarius.

  25. Duck says:

    at 18 min the question of how log conspiracy has been around is asked… Cato, the Censor had to fight the Deep State of public slaves who ran most of the government offices while politicians came and went…. as to who is on ‘our’ side it does not really matter since even good, honest people will almost always grab the tools that make their jobs easier, hence the cops, big tech and intel people who are building a prison for themselves and their children one brick at a time.

  26. Duck says:

    was thinking about TV and must agree with Mr Corbett that seeing people, esp. kids, getting that blank souless look while staring at a TV screen is creepy as hell…. as to Netflix and 95% of entertainment people let into their home its rather like the Australian aborigine or American Indian going to hang out with the white man who would give or sell him the drugs that destroy his family, culture and society.

    Really Netflix and its ilk are just an improved continuation of the Sugar/Tobacco/Opium/alcohol/drug/porn rackets that made the the Elites rich

  27. ben.g says:

    As an unqualified health professional, I recommend Mr Delingpole double drop when taking his pills until his conditioning clears up.

  28. mtflaxman says:

    We ARE what we watch. How can it be otherwise?

  29. rumykynd says:

    Melinda Gates will be promoted as a warm and loving woman who endured the marriage as long as she could and, seeing that she invested so much of her energy and heart into the foundation, will take up the mantle and save us all.
    Much like the breakup of BellSouth and the antitrust lawsuit against Rockefeller, these creatures are only going to become more powerful.
    All imho, of course.

  30. Alchemist says:

    I’ve also been surprised by joy. It’s like the world was diagnosed with a terminal illness and I’m just so grateful for what we have left. Suddenly I’m in awe of everything. Yes, we share the world with lunatics, but the world itself is magical. Simply observing nature is a good reminder of that. Sometimes I’ll sit quietly outside and watch bees pollinating flowers in the garden or dandelion seeds floating in the wind and I am overcome by the feeling of wonder; like a child seeing it all for the first time. As beautiful as it is, we’re part of it. We are living, breathing parts of this divine creation. I think about my breath and my heartbeat. How is my heart beating? How did small bits of DNA turn into me? Life is truly miraculous. I know I sound high. I’m not. I’m just happy. Yes, even during the apocalypse. Maybe I’m crazy after all.

    • cu.h.j says:

      The situation is only terminal if we give up and let the psychopaths get away with their plans.

      I think they think they can do this to us and have it not affect them and their families, but this is false I think. Unless they are suicidal as well, which I don’t know. Dimming the sun will affect them too, the toxins will inevitably affect them too.

      What if the weird trans-humanism tech doesn’t work and they cause mass infertility in the population and they die off as well. Natural selection is brilliant and they think that they can outsmart it, but I don’t think they are capable of it.

      What I think could happen is the extinction of humanity but that life will continue on the planet until our sun burns out. This would be very tragic if we allow this to happen.

      • Fact Checker says:

        “The situation is only terminal if we give up and let the psychopaths get away with their plans.”

        Give up doing what, exactly?

        “I think they think they can do this to us and have it not affect them and their families,”

        Wrong. They are devoted “Accelerationists,” meaning they are purposefully committed to bringing about a cataclysmic transformation of the human species and the planet Earth, and they are conscious agents of the destruction of the old. Not only do they not have delusions of escaping the transformation, but they have embraced the vision of sacrificing their current state of being in exchange for a “seat at the table” after the Great Becoming.

        “Unless they are suicidal as well, which I don’t know. Dimming the sun will affect them too, the toxins will inevitably affect them too.”

        It’s not that they are suicidal–it’s that they are fully committed to play a role in manifesting the Great Becoming, come what may.

        “What if the weird trans-humanism tech doesn’t work and they cause mass infertility in the population and they die off as well.”

        So now you’ve completely changed the subject, so as to surrender the very principle you set out to argue. This is just speculative “sour grapes,” where you’re actually assuming that they will be successful in slaughtering the Herd, but you’re fondling your “secret revenge” that they’ll get their “comeuppance” in the end. Who cares if their fancy toys break after they murder us all? Basically, you are implicitly acknowledging that they will “win” and that there’s nothing you, or “we,” can do about it. What if their toys break? you ask. You won’t know or care because you and everyone in your cohort will be long dead, that’s “what if.”

        “Natural selection is brilliant and they think that they can outsmart it, but I don’t think they are capable of it.”

        Sure, one day the lions will be exterminated by man, but that doesn’t do anything for the benefit of the gazelle being devoured by the pride today.

        “What I think could happen is the extinction of humanity but that life will continue on the planet until our sun burns out. This would be very tragic if we allow this to happen.”

        What countermeasures do you propose?

      • bleak says:

        They are getting away with their plans as they have been doing in the past. The long past. Precedents set? Check. Key actors placed in ALL key positions? Check. Counter-measures launched? Check. Escape plans in place? Check.

        I can tell you what they’ve done for each item on that checklist but I’ll pick the last one since you mention the extinction of humanity.

        DUMBs: Deep Underground Military Bases.
        There are manmade underground shelters and a network of rail tunnels underground across the whole US. That is not a theory, it’s well documented. Under Denver International Airport is one location

        They’ve got real cures for any infectious disease and probably diseases like cancer but those aren’t available for us. Their technology is way ahead of what they want us to think. That is why it’s important to watch their disclosures via holly wood etc. Star Trek the original series came out in 1966. Do we have “communicators” now? Do we have laser weapons now? I’m sure there’s more but I can’t prove it.

        You have to realize these are not stupid people. And they’ve had time on their side for… millennia.

        Apocalypse (n): late 14c., “revelation, disclosure,” from Church Latin apocalypsis “revelation,” from Greek apokalyptein “uncover, disclose, reveal,” from apo “off, away from” (see apo-) + kalyptein “to cover, conceal,” from PIE root *kel- (1) “to cover, conceal, save.”

        The apocalypse has happened. Everything has been revealed. What is still hidden is minutia for the “Old Religionists.” Nothing they can’t handle.

        Armageddon is different.

      • Alchemist says:

        Hi cu.h.j
        I’ve looked at this situation from all angles and there is no way to fight back and win on the physical plane. I went through months of mourning before I was able to accept that. We might be able to prolong our own personal existence if adequately prepared, but we can’t save humanity. This is bigger than man.

        Logic tells me that this is a losing battle, but strangely I have hope. My faith in God has increased during these “end times”. We’ll need a miracle to save us, that’s for sure! I believe in miracles. 🙂

    • bleak says:

      I can appreciate your comment. Not so easy for me but I have moments. Keep going “oh wait, why should I be happy when babies are starving in Yemen. Palestinians are are evicted and slaughtered. Millions queue to get a gene-altering “vaccine.”

      The Golden Rule is all but eradicated. Yet I still try.

      • Alchemist says:

        Don’t get me wrong.. I have my hard days, too, but I can usually fix it with mindful meditation.
        The weight of the world’s problems is HEAVY. Too heavy for a human to carry. Before technology, we wouldn’t have known about problems outside of our own communities. Knowing doesn’t fix the problems. Neither does worrying about it. And unfortunately, no man on Earth can fix the problems we’re currently facing. Looking at this situation from the wide lens can be overwhelming and heart wrenching. When the big picture gets to be too much, it helps to zoom in on the details of whats in front of you—a cool drink of water on a hot summer day, the smell of jasmine, the feeling of wind or sun against your skin—whatever it might be.

  31. anniees says:

    I just wanted to point out that psychopaths don’t mock their cattle for falling for the various propaganda they put out. Quite the contrary, actually, they sincerely believe they deserve to be worshipped and obeyed. Someone who doesn’t do as told is the one who requires mocking in the hope that they will rejoin the flock of sheep and, if that doesn’t work, they send the dogs after the wandering, curious and disobedient one. They are so convinced of how well their propaganda works that, as James repeats often, they publish their evil agendas for everyone to read! I know this is a far cry from political and social journalism, but I suggest to those interested in the matter to read basic psychology that isn’t related to propaganda. It is eye opening to understand how these people’s minds work, even if conquering the world is the furthest thing from their minds.

  32. Denis says:

    Some people might find the following remark depressing, yet I think it could also be helpful to some: Talking about ‘black pilled’ in the context James mentioned it. From my experience people who are in ‘this’ for the result often eventually give up. Btw no I’m not typing this because I’m afraid James will stop doing what he’s doing. What he said just reminded me of something.

    There’s a difference between people who say fight ‘only'(btw not judging) because they want to get something (Freedom, territory, better political system and future for next generation etc) and people who do it because they think it’s right thing to do, because they think the action of fighting in itself is important, or they think/feel it’s the only way or hey maybe even fun.

    The latter give up too sometimes. People change or get tired. It just happens less often while people hold the views/ideas.

  33. HomeRemedySupply says:


    Corbett QUOTE: ”…this is NOT about facts and figures. You’re not going to rationally argue with someone who has not been rationally argued into this position….”

    6/3/2021 Interview 1645 – James Corbett on The Delingpod
    8 minute YouTube about THE STORY –
    At the 10:30 minute mark, Television and THE STORY are discussed. “…more than just being engaged in a story, they seem to be engaged by the screen itself…”
    11:11 mark
    “…Certainly, for all of recorded human history, STORY has been the way to most effectively shape the consciousness of the people. And, of course, we understand this going all the way back to Greek drama.
    The sorts of stories that are being told that are shared and understood together tend to form our understanding of the world, and then to influence the way we act in the world.
    So, that it is sort of a feed-back loop culturally speaking.
    I think that it would be naïve of us to think that the people who are literally paying the bills for these types of programs are not aware of the incredible power that these stories have in shaping our consciousness, and are not actively working to bring about the types of stories that will lead to the most pliant and pliable people for them….”

    Then, the conversation goes into Predictive Programming.

    March 2021 Interview 1629 – Red Pill Moments with James Corbett and Keith Knight
    QUEUED VIDEO 25:20 mark
    James Corbett excerpt (28:20) regarding a (“kind of”) Red Pill moment from 2020
    “…and it’s not even necessarily a new revelation, but just the power of that revelation has really been hammered home that this is NOT about facts and figures. You’re not going to rationally argue with someone who has not been rationally argued into this position.
    And that suggests that the only way out of this is for us to present our own Witch Doctor Ooga Booga ticket to freedom that will somehow in the minds of the general hoi palloi (the masses; the common people) be that: “Oh! Okay, now we have the thing that will save us.” and it’s not going to be rational and it’s not going to make sense, but we need that whatever that is….”

    James Corbett article from 11/23/2020 How to Save the World (in One Easy Step!)
    Spoiler EXCERPT
    “… What is the most powerful weapon ever invented?
    Have you figured it out yet?
    Story is the most powerful weapon. Narrative. Ideas presented in such a way as to provoke certain thoughts or actions….”

  34. Čedomir says:


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