But What About Deagel? - Questions For Corbett #080

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Today James tackles a question he's received many, many times over the past seven years: Who or what is Deagle.com (or is that Deagel.com)? Where does their amazing population forecast come from? What does it mean? And where did it go, anyway? Your burning questions are answered on this edition of Questions For Corbett!

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Edwin A Deagle


Last available archive of Deagel 2025 forecast (April 17, 2021)

2017 forecast from 2008

Reported data for 2017

Forecast for the UK in 2017

Reported data for the UK for 2017

US 2017 forecast

US 2017 data

2014 disclaimer about forecast ("the forecast is nothing more than a model whether flawed or correct")

2021 disclaimer about forecast ("Take into account that the forecast is nothing more than a game of numbers whether flawed or correct based upon some speculative assumptions.")

Is this leaked info really Trudeau’s crazy COVID plan for 2021? You decide …

Fact check: A leaked message outlining alleged Canadian govt plan to create a totalitarian state through lockdowns and credit strategy is fake

Metabunk thread on Deagel forecast

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  1. mkey says:

    Florida’s New Surgeon General Asks People To Step Away From What You Hear On TV For A Moment…

    I don’t put much stock in what “officials” have to say, but this is bound to cause some cognitive dissonance among the people.

  2. LastHumanist says:

    I bear a dire warning from the future:

    Eating too many bagels will depopulate the planet.

    So says the prophecy of Beagle.

    • GordonDexter says:

      I Missed out on watching my ‘New World Next Week’ episode this week.

      How dare you!

      James and James have both failed to Blah, Blah enough this week.

      Unsubscribed until further notice.

      Greta Thunberg

      • LastHumanist says:

        Greta, you’re the voice of a generation. Over the years, I’ve been angry at you and the movement that has used you as its puppet. But today I know:

        You’re the Jeanne d’Arc who won’t burn at the stake but set others on fire.

        Yours is the finest Autism ever created through Rockefeller medicine.

        You will make the dark future you predicted a reality.

        I salute you, Greta.

  3. mkey says:

    I think this is an important topic for the general public to see and understand the obvious: they need to spend effort into scrutinizing data from a wide variety of sources before reaching a conclusion. The average member of the public in 2021 is, for all intents and purposes, illiterate. Were that not the case, we would not be in this satanic race to a nightmare world of abject insanity.

    • LastHumanist says:

      The public has not yet heard of this new method called “logic”:

      “It is first requisite to say what is the subject, concerning which, and why, the present treatise is undertaken, namely, that it is concerning demonstration, and for the sake of demonstrative science; we must afterwards define, what is a proposition, what a term, and what a syllogism, also what kind of syllogism is perfect, and what imperfect; lastly, what it is for a thing to be, or not to be, in a certain whole, and what we say it is to be predicated of every thing, or of nothing (of a class).

      A proposition then is a sentence which affirms or denies something of something, and this is universal, or particular, or indefinite; I denominate universal, the being present with all or none; particular, the being present with something, or not with something, or not with every thing; but the indefinite the being present or not being present, without the universal or particular (sign); as for example, that there is the same science of contraries, or that pleasure is not good. But a demonstrative proposition differs from a dialectic in this, that the demonstrative is an assumption of one part of the contradiction, for a demonstrator does not interrogate, but assume, but the dialectic is an interrogation of contradiction. As regards however forming a syllogism from either proposition, there will be no difference between one and the other, since he who demonstrates and he who interrogates syllogize, assuming that something is or is not present with something. Wherefore a syllogistic proposition will be simply an affirmation or negation of something concerning something, after the above-mentioned mode: it is however demonstrative if it be true, and assumed through hypotheses from the beginning, and the dialectic proposition is to him who inquires an interrogation of contradiction, but to him who syllogizes, an assumption of what is seen and probable, as we have shown in the Topics. What therefore a proposition is, and wherein the syllogistic demonstrative and dialectic differ, will be shown accurately in the following treatises, but for our present requirements what has now been determined by us may perhaps suffice. Again, I call that a “term,” into which a proposition is resolved, as for instance, the predicate and that of which it is predicated, whether to be or not to be is added or separated. Lastly, a syllogism is a sentence in which certain things being laid down, something else different from the premises necessarily results, in consequence of their existence. I say that, “in consequence of their existence,” something results through them, but though something happens through them, there is no need of any external term in order to the existence of the necessary (consequence). Wherefore I call a perfect syllogism that which requires nothing else, beyond (the premises) assumed, for the necessary (consequence) to appear: but an imperfect syllogism, that which requires besides, one or more things, which are necessary, through the supposed terms, but have not been assumed through propositions.

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  4. Fact Checker says:

    James is obviously correct that the whole Deagel forecast phenomenon is pure disinformation.

    However, that doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. (Although his advice not to forward it to family members is unimpeachably sound!)

    As is commonly noted, intelligence operatives mostly communicate with each other through mainstream media, using a variety of “highlighting” or coding techniques. Part of this, of course, is communicating by way of disinformation. Another part is miscommunication and misdirection by way of disinformation, properly known as “counterintelligence”. Therefore, even if it’s bunk, it might be important bunk if it says something important about what the intelligence community is disseminating “in-house,” so to speak.

    Indeed, Deagel is treated as a “notable source” by that bastion of disinformative madness, Wikipedia!
    For instance, look at the Wikipage for an aircraft picked haphazardly, the Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sikorsky_CH-53_Sea_Stallion
    The “Specifications” section bears the following dubious credit: “Data from Deagel.com,[97] U.S. Navy history,[98] International Directory,[5] US Navy Fact File…
    (You’ll find similar results for many classes of ordnance.)
    This could mean that Deagel is understood to be a reliable repository of accurate specs among military-intelligence types….OR it could mean that Deagel is a positioned outlet of counterintelligence DISINFO intended to mislead rivals about the capabilities of the US Arsenal! Even if it is the latter, there is a significant sense in which it is important for the very reason that it is disinfo because it says something about what the US IntelCom wants rival Intel agencies to believe! OR still! Deagel could be a rival source in the first place (say, Russian or Chinese), positioned to communicate to the US IntelCom what they have uncovered about the US Arsenal! I have no idea which it is, for any given data point, but no inferences or explorations of any of these possibilities is uninteresting or unimportant. In any event, they establish that Deagel is SOME sort of intelligence outlet, for SOME purpose.

    I think the forecasts are important on that level. What’s important is not whether the predictions have a basis or not, but rather what the intent is behind their publication.


  5. Fact Checker says:

    Frankly, I’m again surprised that Mr. Corbett doesn’t see the applicability of one of his pet themes and metaphors:

    The Trial Balloon.

    James does recognize that there appears to be a Revelation of the Method intent behind this strange “forecast,” designed to paralyze the Herd with a sense of fatalism and fait accompli. I agree, and feel that for that reason alone the whole phenomenon is interesting. (I would go so far as to say “provocative”. Certainly worthy of discussion even if not worthy of belief or credit.)

    But James sees its “Method-Revelatory” intent as a reason to dismiss and marginalize it. I’m not sure if that’s because he limits his inquiries to just “the Truth” alone as he suggests, or if his intent is to marginalize the story for tactical reasons: that is, the desire to contain and curtail the demoralizing effect of the Method Revelation. Either reason is perfectly reasonable…but some of us enjoy conspiratainment!

    More importantly, it’s a “forecast” very similar to that of The Georgia Guidestones. Since they are about the future, the “Truth” remains to be determined. Yet they say something important–indeed chilling–about the mindset of the forecasters themselves. Is James equally dismissive of the importance of the Georgia Guidestones? Their provenance is equally mysterious as Deagel’s, and the bases for the predictions (or, plan!) are equally undisclosed. But there they are, literally chiseled in stone! “True”? Maybe not. The Plan? Undoubtedly. (Although I guess one could doubt that the Guidestones convey a plan and are just a pure hoax, but that lacks any ring of truth, in my opinion. Who would such a “hoax” be aimed at? I am open to disagreement.)

    Truth exists on different levels. Sure, there is the “Truth” about how many people there will be by the time the survivors see New Year Day 2026, and even they probably won’t have a good way of knowing that truth!
    But there is also the “Truth” about the occult implications of this inflammatory “forecast.” And I think it’s an important Truth: it’s a trial balloon. Just like the “leaked Canadian PMO plan” he discusses here, and Tucker Carlson’s “Alien Threat” narratives, the IntelCom is floating these provocative narratives specifically to get a reaction. In our de-physicalized world, these reactions are input electronically into the internet. Then, huge amounts of sentiment analysis data can be harvested from both Normieland the Dissent-O-Sphere. Sure, maybe we should “not play their game” by simply not reacting. But really. Who’s capable of such restraint? It’s just too damn conspirataining.

    • LastHumanist says:

      You find Malthusianism and human rights violations entertaining?

      What is wrong with you?

      Why do you outrageously misrepresent what James Corbett said and did here?
      This is not fun. Human suffering is not fun to any sane person.

      • mik says:

        He is a waste of time.
        I can’t prove it, but things are beyond reasonable doubt.
        Check this out

      • Fact Checker says:

        What on Earth did I misrepresent about James’s eminently reasonable and amusing presentation?

        All I did was say I’m not as quick as he is to disregard the topic in question as uninteresting and without any value in discussing, even though I agree with him that it’s bunk.

        Despite being bunk, I find it very interesting bunk, because it is indicative and illustrative of the occult forces at work, when considered in context. Based on the number of queries James gets about it, I gather that the majority of his audience probably agrees! (James may decry “conspiratainment,” but he delivers it by the gigabyte nonetheless!)

        If you can’t find any morbid fascination with the horrors playing out this Earth, I pity you, because the rest of this movie we’re all being forced to watch is pure creature-feature from here on out.

        As mass human sacrifice becomes official global policy, you comfort yourself with bland blather about Aristotle’s Poetics and the potential of the human soul and whatever other pollyanna delusion you desperately employ to deny and distract from the approaching onslaught.

        You’re the guy who covers his eyes in the scary movie when the monster finally appears! Others of us are here to see the monster and wouldn’t miss it for the world, because what else are we in the theater for???

        • LastHumanist says:

          mik is paying attention here.

          Someone must have fallen down the Ziggurat to come up with Mesopotamian Transubstantiation. Or maybe the essay for the infowars audition was posted in the wrong place?

          Say what you will about Aristotle, logical syllogisms have never failed me in life.

        • mkey says:

          As mass human sacrifice becomes official global policy

          Becomes? So, this is something recent, is it? The peoples have been gleefuly murdering each other in droves for a good while now, nothing “becomes” about that.

          We are right where these people want us and it all starts with massive slaughter of animals and infants which are dismissed as “pft, those?!” by your average mindboggling retard.

    • OZ says:

      I was thinking more on the “information false flag” line.

      • Fact Checker says:

        OZ: “information false flag”.

        This is interesting phrasing. Care to elaborate on how it might apply to the Deagel forecast?

        I think the way James frames it in the video could be described as a sort of information-false-flag: state the real plan, but in an easily debunk-able manner, so as to put the public off the scent of that very plan.

        But maybe there’s some more well-known example of information-false-flag that is comparable to the Deagel forecast?

    • Alchemist says:

      You might be right, FC. Alien invasion, war with China, etc. all thrown out to see what the most effective next move might be.

      But when you realize you’re in their game, stop playing. Sure, participating in online discussion is entertaining enough if you’re stuck at home and can’t be in the real word, but we know that our participation feeds the beast, so why play? By playing we allow dark forces to glimpse into our souls. Is it worth it?

      I, for one, take regular breaks from the internet. I’ll admit I’m addicted (just like most of you out there reading this). It’s like a drug. Start by giving up a day, then a few days, then a week, then a few weeks, etc. Detoxing feels good, anyway. Use the time you would have spent online creating something, walking in nature, meeting up with friends, or doing a good deed for your neighbors. Heck, you could start an in-person techohilic / conspiraholics anonymous group 😉 Leave the internet (which I believe is the Ahrimanic 8th sphere, as described by Rudolph Steiner) and immerse yourself in the real world. Don’t feed the beast!

      • wylie1 says:

        Well said.
        Unfortunately it seems to me, that people race to the internet in order to avoid doing what they should but dread; such as forming or participating in a group that actually does something against the weasel powers.

        People tell themselves there is nothing that can be done so they don’t have to spend time lifting their littlest finger doing what can easily be done. I’ve heard relatives complain. I tell them if you want it to change you might actually have to do something. They state, “I don’t believe anything can be done.” To justify themselves doing nothing while they go off to play at their hobby.

        Unfortunately I’ve yet to see James get into any legal tools designed for the individual or group to bring much of the dictatorial nature of the current govt or corporations at whatever level to a halt.

        Things like Jack and Margy Flynn explain or Alphonse Faggiolo describes. These are real solutions to fight back with now, before its too late.

        From experience people don’t want real solutions. They want someone else to spend their time and money to do it for them while they watch videos and vent online.
        — If they do anything, most just feather their nest so they can outlast others, until the weasels come for them eventually anyway.

        So, I no longer monitor replies on here since people mostly want to distract themselves with an online discussion or fight, rather than actually doing something that would help stop the weasels. Likely will stop posting altogether for same reason since I’ve posted the same info above a few times already.

      • LastHumanist says:

        The only reason I ever engaged in “social media” for the first and last time in my life was the necessity to reach people where they were over these past 2 years.

        Being forced onto a platform for your own survival has little to do with addiction. I cannot go into the library and do research there thanks to totalitarian violations of human rights that lock me out.

        The internet is a tool for me to use to achieve certain goals. Nothing more and nothing less. It would be foolish not to use whatever you can to better yourself and the general situation.

  6. I would put more credence in this woman than I would in Deagel any day:


    • cu.h.j says:

      Wow! She sure put 2 + 2 together very quickly! But JC had the episode about Medical Martial Law years and years ago. I never thought something like this would go down, since the swine flu thing never took off.

      • This woman is someone very special.
        Watch and listen to all the details she predicted just months before this all started!
        Before even Event 201.

        Do you know anyone else who offered such precision about a pending pandemic?

    • Fact Checker says:

      Great classic interview with Cabin Talk’s Claudia and Alison McDowell from earlier this year:


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks Fawlty Towers.

      TimeStamp Video – Sep 20, 2019
      “The next pandemic is just around the corner!”

      (7 minutes)
      By “Cabin Talk” – Claudia Stauber
      “…Just now, Trump signed an Executive Order that there is going to be a new task force to make a better flu vaccine and a faster flu vaccine, because in case there is a Pandemic “we are not prepared enough.”…I mean how much more clear can it get: That we have mandatory adult vaccines just around the corner….”

      “Our biggest fear is that they do whatever they want and we’re powerless.
      Their biggest fear is that we stop believing it!”
      — Claudia Stauber
      Cabin Talk – Claudia TWITTER

      –My note: That quote of Claudia’s highlights one of the points which Corbett was making in this QFC video.

  7. TruthSeeker says:

    The Oligarchs hire Trolls and Writers (if you can call them that)to Divert your attention and Divide the People. Indeed, simply by watching TV, you are being Programed, and simply by giving the misinformers your time you are being distracted from doing something productive.
    I have a neighbor that watches too much of this kind of crap and it makes him apathetic. He seems to think that everything that is going on today has been planned by some elite Roman Families a thousand years ago.
    The Truth will set you free, however you will not find it through sites like Deagle or Deagel

    • LastHumanist says:

      Got to do your own research. As always.

      Who was ruling the elite Roman families in the end, anyway?
      The Germans who were running the military or the other Germans who were invading the empire? And where did it go from there?

      Translatio Imperii forever or the world will end!
      Sounds like an idea the Kissinger of that age came up with, really.

      Why didn’t anyone show up in the ancient history seminars when they still existed? Would have learned some important stuff, really. Now academia is dead.

  8. A57 says:

    I wouldn’t doubt the CIA or FBI own that page. The analytics and Miss Kleo forecasts are about their mentality.
    Who ever put it up is good at fear mongering so it could be the State Dept. also… lol

  9. os51 says:

    Hmm…the World Economic Forum is calling for a Great Reset, which Klaus has wanted since 2014. The 4th industrial revolution will require a lot less people. The population is too high, and is unsustainable if you eliminate “fossil” fuels for Agenda 21/ Green New Deal. Now they are rolling out a crazy experimental mRna injection on the entire population. Everything is pointing to a massive population decline. All the warning signals are flashing bright.

    • beaconterraone says:

      I suspect deagel.com’s projections are based on something, second- or third-hand knowledge, from a much more “reliable source,” say, WEF or the Pentagram (Pentagon).

      Was it made by a renegade, a hobbyist who got something not intended for their eyes, or someone/something else? We just don’t know.

      We’ll know in 2025. 🙂

      And if anything even close to deagel.com’s projections come true, no one will care about such mundane things amidst the Hell on Earth that is that year’s reality.

  10. beaconterraone says:

    Only a fool believed the deagel.com projections were “fact.”

    However, I cannot dismiss deagel.com’s projections as “disinformation.” The presentation there was A LOT of work. By whom and why it was created, we do not know. A crank doing a “conspiracy theory” hobby? I don’t know. Why would such catastrophic projections, largely for the countries of “the West,” be made? Solely for sensationalism?

    The Georgia Guidestones, likewise, were an expensive and laborious enterprise. Why? Is that, too, “disinformation,” or actually the physical revelation of someone or something’s design for our future?

    I reviewed deagel.com when I first came across it, and the numbers were not all “made up.” Open source intelligence was clearly accessed to build the database used. Likely largely from the UN and the CIA Fact Book. Most of the (“current”) data was accurate.

    I really don’t care what “fact checkers” think of us. You can speak the whole truth, and “fact checkers” will still call you a “conspiracy theorist” and “misinformation” spreader. An example is calling out the sham “vaccines.” ANY question about their safety or efficacy is, ipso facto, “misinformation.”

    Anyone stupid enough to take a “fact check” at face value is no smarter than someone who thinks deagel.com is gospel of the future. These folks are useless, and therefore, irrelevant.

    It would be unconscionable to dismiss the “predictive programming” that has been given by the System. Examples include The Lone Gunmen pilot which “just happened to, by pure coincidence,” to show a remote-controlled airliner aiming for the Twin Towers. Another is the plot line of the series Utopia, both in British & American versions. Again, “purely coincidental, no possibility whatsoever” that Utopia would portray a conspiracy to deploy a sham vaccine that resulted in sterility…and then we find out these current COVID-19 “vaccines” are highly “effective” at inducing miscarriages and almost assuredly permanently damage both ovaries and testicles.


  11. beaconterraone says:


    The quest for Truth cannot and does not have any hangups. If one categorically dismisses even the most speculative or fantastic sources, one is cutting themselves off from the possibilities. Yes, there is a massive amount of noise, some of it idiots generating it for their own jollies (Q-Anonsense), and some of it system-concocted mis- and dis-information, but yet a small percentage of stuff floating among that noise is stuff that will become relevant later, and possibly “magically” morph from “conspiracy theory” to conspiracy fact in months or years later. I recall the Indian research paper from January 2020, quickly and rabidly denounced – “a preprint!!!” – that suggested the SARS-CoV-2 genome had “HIV-like insertions.” “Absurd misinformation,” of course. It took until the middle of 2021 for those researchers to be vindicated.

    Far from deagel.com (whether it is utter fantasy or something more sinister) leading me to “give up,” it’s a reminder that sinister forces drive this planet (whether its claims are true or absolutely false). If one was already a coward, then, yes, it might be sufficient to give “proof” that resistance is futile and hopeless. If one is, however, like myself, fully-aware of what governments and corporations do, have done, and will assuredly continue doing, it’s a motivator to fight even more. My God, if the projections are even partially-accurate, we’d be looking at a Biblical-level catastrophe, worldwide. Is that so difficult to make that speculative step? After all, we are seeing the Mark of the Beast deployed right now, before our very eyes, never before technologically possible. The “vaccine passports” will be universal, permanent, and mandatory, like St. John’s vision told us. In 2020, those of who “speculated” that such “passports” would become the norm were dismissed as – gasp, the usual – “conspiracy theorists.”

    Our rulers have been open about their designs for us. The Great Reset is still identified as “conspiracy theory” by the liesmedia and its “fact checkers.” It sure would make things A LOT easier to accomplish that revolutionary shift towards Technocratic Feudalism if a lot of “excess carbon” died off. 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

  12. jamsurf says:

    James, Thank you for clarifiying

  13. wellzy says:

    There are many good Jan Terri songs , such as ‘little brother’ , ‘get down goblin’ and ‘losing you tonight’ , however my favourite has always been ‘skyrockets’. Hitler is not a particularly popular surname anymore. Imagine a popular music group such as the beatles, but instead of John Lennon , it was John Hitler. That would be unlikely, even after all these years. What do you suppose all the Hitlers changed their surnames too? Jones? Smith? Goldstein? Has anyone met another person with this Surname?

    • nosoapradio says:

      Fascinating comment…

      Reminds me of this (less fascinating but nevertheless pertinent clip):


      I don’t really understand the reaction to Abbas…

      oh, and that wonderful actress died shortly after the film was made…

    • LastHumanist says:

      They simply reverted to Schicklgruber or went with whatever maiden names available to them, I’d assume. That’s how surnames tend to work.

      Most Nazis never changed their names nor did they ever quit their jobs. Much of what they stand for has never gone out of fashion, either. Wasn’t there a military connection between the Beatles, Rolling Stones and all those other groups, too?

      Popular culture comes into existence for a number of reasons, doesn’t it?

  14. hugo.c says:

    James creating newly words “conspiritainment”!

    You cant disprove Qanon, because Qanon has already disproved itself! etc.

    In other news, flour is useful for making bread.

  15. MagicBullet says:

    The purpose of deagel.com could be to promote the credibility of the fact checkers and/or counter intel. I.e., deagel.com was made by the fack checkers themselves who then debunk it in order to give anyone with reasonable data a bad name (poisoning the well), and give themselves credibility. The site took a long time to make with no gain. They dont sell consultations, data sets, DVDs, speaking engagements nor even have a donation option. There is more likely to be a purpose than to just the musings of a nut-head.

  16. GordonDexter says:

    I Missed out on watching my ‘New World Next Week’ episode this week.

    How dare you!

    James and James have both failed to Blah, Blah enough this week.

    Unsubscribed until further notice.

    Greta Thunberg

  17. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Towards the very end, James Corbett uses this framable phrase:
    “a baseless, source less, unverifiable piece of woo”

    I could really rant like a mad dog, but I’m trying to restrain myself.
    During this Covid era, we have had a tsunami of “alternative media voices” hit the internet.

    However, there’s a problem. A large number of “alternative media voices” often spew “a baseless, source less, unverifiable piece of woo”.
    It is worse than Texas trailer trash.
    And I can’t believe that so many people line up for it.

    Sunstein must be laughing…
    James Corbett has recently discussed this and other aspects with three different presentations:
    ~~~ Sunstein Won: Cognitive Infiltration of the “Alternative” Media
    ~~~ Episode 408 – 9/11 Truth: Lessons Learned?
    ~~~ Interview 1661 – James Corbett Talks 9/11 and Biosecurity on the Global Research News Hour

  18. aminit says:

    The future is never set,
    I Make it a rule that if someone TELL me what will happen in the future then he is an outright liar regardless of it happening or not(msm medias,tarot card readers, baseless prediction…).

    The truth is there are warnings/analysis of things that could or could not happen in the future given the right conditions and environment, We being a big part of those conditions.

    • LastHumanist says:

      Divination is an ancient scam driven by human desire to achieve safety by knowing what will happen. It’s delusional. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that, once enough time has passed, all will be dust eventually.

      That is the pattern observed through history so I’ll bet that it will continue.

      • vadoum says:

        LH “once enough time has passed, all will be dust”

        enough time? 20 years ago they only needed 10 seconds to render 500,000 tons of steel and concrete into a dust cloud. Available pre-dustification time likely depends on who’s finger is on the trigger.

        if history is a relentless cycle of dust bowls perhaps we should switch to herstory. could that be the untold version of she-wolf (medicine woman) who had cursed the marauding angle warlord leader,, yet he did slay her.. and the rest as they say has been “HIStory”; in short, most of the planet is still speaking his tribes name (mother tongue). we all speak anglish (english). no small influence.

        Thats a story line Ive pursued over the years but never been satisfied with the scope of what I’ve found (input here is most welcome); the gist is that something happened, or a decision or gesture was made that indeed empowered the carriers of that language which is the arch representation of a cultural seed. English (anglish) is the dominating language planet-wide.

        What happened so long ago that would make this so?

        • LastHumanist says:

          History is what the Greeks called a type of research and inquiry similar to what they called mathematics which also denotes a type of research and inquiry. Both are aiming to make precise statements about the world.

          I am unimpressed by destruction that happens on ever larger scales due to advances in technology. Industrial murder is still murder and did little to change the underlying nature of man that has made the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must throughout the ages. Even a trans- or posthuman future will not be fundamentally different, I suppose.

          The bones of both the weak and strong have become part of the same foundation that modern life was built upon and the billions that live and ultimately die today will merely add more strata to the global settlement mound.

          When I look at the “Neolithic revolution” that first created social stratification, private property and ,ostensibly, wars, I am reminded that turmoil and vanitas have always been part of the human project.

          Mankind’s run through history is always a run towards eternity and ,in the end, all sins are forgotten. But never forgiven! Our fragility and mortality mean that it is crucial for us to make the effort of creating better times for ourselves and everyone else. History is our story. Just like mathematics are our system of thought which we often apply to better understand nature. Both are flawed and unable to achieve a totality of understanding because we are imperfect creatures. It’s fine to just keep moving and refine the evolving sum of our errors.

  19. Torus says:

    This reminds me of Cyrus Parsa of the AI Organization, a narcissistic self-proclaimed prophet trying to save humanity from global AI control. I saw him in a recent interview and then looked at the website.
    While he may touch on “truth” and documentable conspiracies, (as well as far-out alien technologies) he never sites his sources or provides any evidence to support his claims. Instead, he boasts of connected sources and his own foresight. Effectively, he is the prime example of “deranged conspiracy theorist”. I can’t help but wonder if he is planned opposition, deliberately put out there to distort and distract the truth movement.

  20. J.P. Wheeler says:

    Great episode, it’s about time the Deagel depopulation prediction was dispelled! Or is it Deagle? Or maybe its Deagal!?I must admit, in the past, I fell for it. I had never used the way back machine at the time and just took the site(and the people pushing it) at face value. It’s funny looking back on it, there is nothing on that site proving any of the numbers they pull out of their rear ends. Other than the unsubstantiated claim they derive their predictions through info collected from various intelligence agencies. Hell anyone could come up with that site, anyone! Like you said,“conspiratainment.” That’s a good way to put it. Contacting Deagel at the end was a nice touch, let us know when they get back to you James! 😉

    Have an awesome day!!!

    • LastHumanist says:

      Being mammals, most people have natural instincts of parental care and wish to see their children and the other children of their communities grow up healthy.

      A prediction of mass extinction is therefore unsettling and activates parts of the brain that do not operate on logical thought.

      This is why we can be lured into taking Beagle prophecies seriously at first glance if we are unprepared. Eventually, we will all die. So the question is how it will happen. Ideally, it will be after a fulfilling life.

      However, peace and contentment are not going to be free and easy to achieve now. Not eating the doomer bagels but changing your diet to something real is a step in the right direction.

  21. ruane says:

    “its only a guess”..

    One man’s guess, is another man’s ambitious target

  22. tiuhc says:

    Love the new, to me, word: “conspiritainment.” (Please correct my spelling….)

  23. bladtheimpaler says:

    Perhaps the writer of the disclaimer does not have English as their first language? Some of the Deagel numerical data varies from extremely inaccurate to mildly wrong while other data seems quite close. A shotgun effect of results numerically but what about percentage wise? As with all future forecasts, most of which are delivered from a black box of inputs and outputs, ball park results are the usual. Cliff High’s predictive language forecasts or Celente’s come to mind. Sometimes the prognostications are eerily accurate and have meaning on those occasions. Other times the modeling fails, even dramatically. Unless we have the modus operandi of those doing the research all bets are off as per Neil Fergusson of the London School of Economics and its very heavy Gates Foundation contribution in Fergusson’s research. Science if given an incentive can find almost any result those paying the bill want. Without knowing how Deagel comes up with its figures we are at a loss as to whether or not to expect a good try with some wild failures to close approximations or not. I get the feeling that Deagel is having a fun try at forecasting and the reader needs to take this into consideration along with their own objective analysis as best they can to temper their own decisions on “Deagel Numbers.” We know depopulation is a part and parcel of the UN and WEF’s great reset-4IR-UN SDG- NWO agenda. When and how that depop will take place is a secret the pyramid cap doesn’t want the many to know. The ‘clotshot’ bad medicine seems like one avenue among likely many to those ends and Deagel may have this as an input. Time will tell by 2025 and in the short run. “The world is yours. Have a nice day.”

    For myself I am trending away from the Corbett Report as a lost cause. When agents/assets such as Whitney Webb and Derick Broze become headliners and the real deals such as Alison McDowell are ignored there is not much left to be said. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Evc03Rlz08

    • cu.h.j says:

      I don’t think Derick Broze and Whitney Web are assets. They don’t come off like psychopaths to me. You’d have to be a real psycho to deceive a large community. That would be a big knife in the back.

      I do think state actors would want to cause paranoia to discredit the work of alternative journalists.

      I do like Allison McDowel’s work though. She doesn’t like blockchain technology which is fine. But just because other people might like blockchain technology or think it can be used for good or bad, doesn’t mean they are an asset.

    • Hare says:


      I too have noticed that McDowell seems to be generally ignored. I am not sure why.

      Would you mind explaining why you think Webb and Broze are “agents/assets”?

      Please and thanks.

    • Fact Checker says:

      blad, I definitely share your frustration that Corbett Report in particular has not incorporated McDowell’s superlative, heavily documented revelations about the concrete features and form of the very near transhuman future. It’s baffling in light of James’s excellent work on the transhumanism topic, which seems to dovetail so perfectly with what McDowell does. Sometimes, it feels like Corbett is “eating around” what McDowell has uncovered, when he should be voraciously devouring it.

      But on the Webb/McDowell divide, there is room in the Dissent-O-Sphere for both of them! They’re both superstars! In fact, even after their unfortunate rift, Webb has continued to use wrenchinthegears as a source (giving credit!), and promoting and incorporating McDowell’s findings. (In particular, the unlimited hangout writer “Taoist Professor” cites McDowell heavily in his amazing articles.) Webb has also made many gestures to conciliation with McDowell, and has made very clear that she wishes they could work together. In her video about the source of the rift, Webb was genuinely trying to warn McDowell about this Raul Diego character, who is clearly toxic.

      As for Broze…I think that dude is just too dumb to avoid coming across as an agent. He calls himself “33” in his DJ persona? Really? If that’s not a troll-move, it’s tone-deaf to the point of retardation…

  24. jld says:

    Thank you! Honestly I don’t find many popular leaders in the “truth” space to be credible. Sure, everyone makes mistakes, but consistent failure to provide documentation renders a commentator/researcher/website/etc. a joke. Failure to provide any kind of identity makes the Deagel site worse than a joke. Inability to write coherently is another telltale sign of non-credible information.

    It’s one thing to watch what lies someone like Klaus Schwab spews for “read between the lines” clues about what might be coming, because there are videos of him propagandizing. There is a concerted effort by an identifiable body to get his message out. The Deagel site could be anything from an individual having fun playing with people to some organization’s disinfo site.

    It’s disheartening to run across so many people who question official narratives yet can’t tell the difference between well-researched information and Joe Disillusioned yapping. Not long ago I clicked on a video that opened with a quote from Klaus Schwab, “head of the IMF.” There went that video!

    As you pointed out, fact-checkers love such errors. What’s also bad is that misinfo/disinfo and folks who follow it discredit legitimate inquiry in the eyes of people who might otherwise be open to hearing real info.

    Great show.

    • LastHumanist says:

      A discerning and well-informed public would have made all of what has happened these past years impossible. A public that is either illiterate, bribed or mentally deranged and providing living examples of the worst stereotypes of the “conspiracy theorist” ,however, enables open transgressions by those in power.

      Truth needs no leaders. Truth is the reward derived from a process of rational investigation. Are there higher truths that we cannot rationally comprehend?
      Sure. Should our biases about the unknowable be the foundation of how we interact with other people? Hell no.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      jld says:
      “Thank you! Honestly I don’t find many popular leaders in the “truth” space to be credible. Sure, everyone makes mistakes, but consistent failure to provide documentation renders a commentator/researcher/website/etc. a joke…

      …It’s disheartening to run across so many people who question official narratives yet can’t tell the difference between well-researched information and Joe Disillusioned yapping…

      …What’s also bad is that misinfo/disinfo and folks who follow it discredit legitimate inquiry in the eyes of people who might otherwise be open to hearing real info.

  25. davidbmcbain says:

    But if a broken clock is right twice a day maybe Deagel.com is just a broken clock with a superiority complex.

  26. westerncivic says:

    Great piece. Thank you.

  27. mkey says:

    MP Sara Cunial denounces Covid lies and Italy’s health passport

    Not easy to talk that long with a mask on your face.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I’m out of breath. Those masks must be hell on a speech work-out.

      I love seeing the pushback all around the world.
      It is a common bond.

  28. Nick says:

    Hi James, or anyone else here that can help, without going through the whole video again, I think you mentioned a death toll of 1 million people from Covid? Just wondering if you could provide some reference for this? Certainly don’t necessarily doubt it based on all of the chicanery around tests and death certs, but obviously, things like worldometer suggest close to 5 million which is where Joe normie goes for their stats. I do recall something from Italy saying I believe 12 or 18 percent of deaths from the early first wave actually had a culturable virus and could be the main source of death. Is this where the 1 million figure comes from?
    To the there is no virus crowd in the community that may want to pile in here, please understand I’m just interested in the reference for this million number as it would be useful to me. Not denying any other claims and am in fact quite interested in that specific one around germ theory generally.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Aside from the obvious diagnostic chicanery you evoked

      when Deborah Birx explains that in the US if you die “with” covid you’re recorded as having died “of” covid

      how do you wanna have any idea at all of what the real statistics are?


      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I bookmarked that video.
        “Deborah Birx: If Someone Dies w/ COVID-19, We Are Counting That As a COVID-19 Death”

      • LastHumanist says:

        We cannot know what the real numbers are without conducting the studies ourselves. We can mostly check how consistent the official statistics are and what methodology was used to generate them.

        The official statistics of every country negate the official narrative of a dangerous virus pandemic. No excess mortality.

        That is by itself a relevant thing and creates a significant cognitive dissonance which should have sufficed to wake the public up and collapse the NWO.

        It seems fear put too many people into lizard brain mode. How long can you fear what isn’t there? Looking at the history of religion shows us the answer is “for too long”.

        • weilunion says:

          “People like you are still living in what we call the reality-based community. You believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality. That’s not the way the world really works anymore. We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you are studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors, and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

          Karl Rove

          “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

          — William Casey, CIA director, February 1981

          • LastHumanist says:

            I always found the similar passage in 1984 silly, too.
            It’s just psychopathic megalomania.

            Reality does not change because of some propagandistic “media reality”. All empires that have failed to align themselves with objective reality have consequently experienced a quicker downfall.

            All “media reality” does is tell me that the police will beat me up if I don’t subject myself to white torture at the supermarket. It creates a public consensus of how we are supposed to act within society because of the assumed power of this “reality”.

            However, the masses have the real power and they will naturally fall back to actual reality. The process is already underway.

  29. zyxzevn says:

    After seeing all the crazy conspiracy theories around 9/11,
    (no planes as the worst version)
    I expected a lot of dis-information around the covid crisis.

    We have shills actively planting fake stories.
    We have Qanon actively planting fake stories.
    And then we have people hyping unproven rumors,
    and they get repeated by others.

    Note that the graphene-oxide stories are easily debunkable,
    as well as the artificial organisms in the injections.

    What seems to be happening is a lot of contamination,
    due to almost no quality control.
    And why should they? The companies have legal immunity.

    The risks of the experimental injections are not often explained,
    so I made a small article showing how the experimental jabs can cause damage:

    It will be clear that these risks are much higher than those of a
    standard vaccine where dead or weakened viruses are used.
    Did they make it so bad because of the quick profits,
    or because they wanted to hurt people? I don’t know.

    Feel free to make an account and add more information and links to scientists or scientific articles.

    • LastHumanist says:

      It is wise to be skeptical and avoid becoming a no-planer or going down the “rabbihole” to blame “the Jews” for everything like some people do.

      Stuff like that is insane and easily falsifiable.
      However, what we see from these injections is making even seasoned pathologists surprised: https://pathologie-konferenz.de/

      We should not dismiss that. There is much to be said about the history of “vaccines” in general which makes the whole affair look like a eugenics program and alley for human experimentation:


      We cannot dismiss these claims, as far as I know.
      Just like the “Spanish flu” could not be transmitted like they say a virus should be in the Boston experiments: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2862332/

      I think Rockefeller medicine is lying to us.

      • Duck says:

        Last Humanist

        “… or going down the “rabbihole” to blame “the Jews” for everything like some people do.
        Stuff like that is insane and easily falsifiable….”

        Its quite easy to show from main stream articles and books (OFTEN WRITTEN BY JEWISH PEOPLE) that people of jewish descent are VERY over represented and have huge sway in

        The mass news media
        TV and movie production
        The production and distribution of pornography
        The legalization of mass abortion
        The legalization of gay marriage
        The introduction of modern sex education
        Mass Trangenderism
        The Banking Industry
        The debt industry
        The wars the US fights
        Western, and especially US, politics

        Jews do not control everything, nor do they all even have the same interests and goals, but its pretty clear that a VERY large part of why the world is the way it is is because some jewish people wanted it that way and were able to leverage their power to get things they wanted.

        If the world they helped make is good or bad is a matter of opinion, I guess

        • LastHumanist says:

          Go further down the rabbihole then and find out how Jewish Banksters came to exist in Europe and discover the impact of putting all the blame for every evil on one minority in society. When it’s do or die, people do and die. What other choice is there? The drive behind Israel’s militarisation of the populace is that same history of exterminate or be exterminated. “Masada shall never fall again” and become the “Nazi” if you want to live and ensure the survival of your people. If you cannot see what’s wrong with that, you’re not seeing much.

          If you really care about the who, why and how then you will move past superficial nonsense designed to distract and distort you.

          Jews are just human beings like everyone else. Imperialism, Nazism and all other forms of totalitarianism are neither unique nor limited to Jewish culture. In fact, they are mostly adopted. Jewish culture is full of syncretisms. It’s often a mirror reflecting where Europeans like myself have gone wrong.

          • Duck says:

            Last Humanist
            “…If you really care about the who, why and how then you will move past superficial nonsense designed to distract and distort you…”

            If one ignores the aspect of a small minority holding a HUGE amount of power and using it in ways that are in line with their own cultural preferences and for the benefit of their own ethnic group it is impossible to understand why the world is the way it is.

            The fact attested to BY JEWISH SOURCES (or any knowledge of politics) is that Jews have shaped the modern world into what it is… if you LIKE it then thank them.

            “…Jews are just human beings like everyone else…”

            I never said they had horns or anything did I? Lol.
            All humans tend to look out for their own ethnic and cultural preferences.. its just that Jews have a huge amount MORE power to do so.

            “… It’s often a mirror reflecting where Europeans like myself have gone wrong..”
            Actually I think that most modern Euro’s have adopted Jewish culture and thinking as their own. NOT a suprise, since most people consume movies, TV and pornography created by jewish people.
            Many people DO thank jews for the social changes the created… I personally do not.

            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJifkSyrU24 THIS doc is in no way anti jewish but it states (probably mangling the quote so forgive me) that AMerica BECAME the vision of America that Hollywood jews created. I want to get the book one day but no money right now

            • cu.h.j says:

              Duck you have a point about a small group of people have a lot of power. At the same time, this small number of people sure doesn’t care much about your average Jew, depending on how that’s defined.

              The Israelis, including the Jewish population there are being used as lab rats just like other people across the globe.

              These nasty psychopathic monsters, some of them Jews, have no loyalty to any tribe but their own inner circles.

              It’s also important to keep in mind that there are some very good people who also happen to be Jews. I know you never said otherwise, but I just wanted to point out that fact.

              This is why I really like being a US citizen is because I see it as a people who comes together around liberty and freedom. At least this is my idealized view of America, how it should be. No bigotry, and merit based on ones deeds and talents.

              • LastHumanist says:

                This is not about Judaism. It’s about power and control.
                Satanism, as it is practiced by the psychos, is also devoid of metaphysics and tradition. In fact, it is the rejection of both. The misguided form of Humanism abandons the first principle by which we should act and function and replaces it with a selfish philosophy of becoming the scales by which ethics and morals are judged. We are, by nature, inclined to do better instead and seek not just our own benefit but that of the entire species. Natural law thus provides the first principle by which we must act.

                Ritual child abuse and murder is a show of force by denying all that is humane. You could make the argument that the Jewish tradition has been shaped by such things, as circumcision proves.

                However, all cultures have been shaped by the predator class to some extent. It is a human affliction to descend into psychopathy. Not one limited to Jews.

                What really enables the actual world conspiracy? It would not be possible without global imperialism, technological advances and upper class parasitism.

                None of these are Jewish in essence. None of these were invented by Jews. Most of what many Jews have done over the course of history was to simply blend in and assimilate. Many never left Egypt, many abandoned Judaea and went to Rome and after the fall of the empire, many of them became part of the Germanic successor states.

                Of course Jews did Hollywood after being driven from Europe. Of course they were part of the Intelligentsia after being assimilated by the German empire.

                You are completely missing the point due to a lack of historical understanding.

                Someone points as Larry Fink. What is the relevant story to tell about him? That he’s running BlackRock or that he’s part of “the Jews”? What should your focus be on?

                The perpetuation of medieval “Christ killer” propaganda? The continuation of the Nazi propaganda about “the elders of Zion” and the “Jewish world conspiracy”?

                If you fall for that, you’re aiding the vile masters of humanity that do exist and don’t give a damn about you or the Jew.

              • Duck says:


                “..These nasty psychopathic monsters, some of them Jews, have no loyalty to any tribe but their own inner circles…”

                Jews are just people like anyone else, however, like any group they have an ethnic interest and cultural preferences.

                That is perfectly normal and OK, in a healthy society, but the west has been sick for at least a hundred years.

                We now live in a mostly post christian culture with of things that were once considered EVIL.. abortion, porn, divorce, acceptance (rather then toleration) of homosexuality and communistic politics to name a few.

                That there was a heavy ethnic jewish component in this is not really up for debate- its documented history to anyone who wants to know.

                That does not mean that people should ‘hate jews’, hating people is just a waste of time but people should most certainly SEE where the great social changes of the last hundred years come from

              • LastHumanist says:

                Was Hegel a Jew, then?
                Or Nietzsche?
                Or Feuerbach?

                Or maybe Bismarck?

                I know some go so far down the Rabbihole that they end up claiming Hitler was actually a Jew, too.

                “The Jew” denoted the establishment that was allowed to be attacked at that point in time because the more established part of the establishment also hated it. The papers could write about that one Jewish Banksters and call him a parasite while steering away from the other Banksters and the generally parasitic system.

                If you do not see the bigger picture then you are easy to control. It was popular and fun to hate the Jews and blame them for everything. Do you not see the pattern here?

                It’s always fear and anger projected at something other than what people should actually be angry at to better themselves.

                Christian culture was not that great. It’s not like children weren’t murdered back then. Look up the children’s crusade.

              • Duck says:


                “…I think when Duck says Jewish culture, he means Eastern European Jewish cultures…”

                Thanks for pointing out my oversight, yes that is the group I am talking about
                They do not appear to consider ‘other’ jews as being the same as themselves

                “.. Jewish group who has been very vocal against the crimes the state of Israel has done to the Palestinians…”

                For which they deserve recognition, as does Shrier, author of ‘Irreversible Damage’

                “.. the psychopaths, but I don’t think this is unique to the ENTIRE culture…”

                Its not a point of psycopathy- its a case of cultural values and needs.
                Jews obviously have an interest in living in a welcoming, non monolithic society, they also report higher rates of homosexuality then US whites did (not sure how thats running at current date…) and so secular jews were more prone to support open homosexuality which has bled somewhat into the Trans movement (See ‘The TransIndustrial Complex’ by scott howard) and politically jews have been at the vanguard of the left wing (the NeoCon’s being former left wing Trotskite’s)
                The German Spartacists and the Bolsheviks and the early US socialists were HEAVILY ethnic jewish, so that there is a left wing bent in the culture appears to be the case, even to this day

                “..Regarding homosexuality, and porn. I think these issues are very complex and should boil down to consenting adults making choices….”

                Porn is a weapon, it exists to destroy the fabric of society. Sexual liberation exists for the same reason, and over half of the current generation will die alone, childless and broke- and thats not an accident.

                “.. Forcing people to comply to a very narrow world view will always be met with rebellion…”

                True, I dont care what anyone else does. They can ruin their own lives if they see fit

                “..The way sexuality…to subjugate and oppress is wrong, but sexuality in an of itself is not evil. It’s natural and necessary for the continuation of our species…”

                You should look at Dr EM Jones’s work, I liked “Degenerate Moderns”
                the BOOK is way worth buying but here he is chatting about the subject

                “…He’s not evil. I don’t think any religion should tell..”
                That cultural outlook is your choice, but it is not in line with christian doctrine. We live in a post christian culture, so we shall see how well that goes.

            • LastHumanist says:

              What is the actual difference between Queen Elizabeth and Lord Rothschild? Make a comparison chart or something and find out.

              JewAnon is a low IQ take on the NWO world conspiracy designed to appeal to religious zealots and ethno-nationalists.

              I find myself in neither of these camps.

          • Duck says:


            “..None of these are Jewish in essence..”

            I would argue otherwise at another time.. but it is not important.
            What matters is if it is TRUE or NOT true that

            a)Jewish interests have a huge amount more power then jewish demographic numbers would suggest

            b)Jews were the prime movers behind the changes in society we have seen

            That Jews run the porn industry is not much of a stretch- and this jewish person thinks its due to ethnic dislike of christian culture

            Do you doubt that the majority of the media , olde and new tech, is heavily populated by jewish people?

            Do you doubt that things like Critical Theory are mostly created by jewish thinkers?

            Do you doubt that the Bolshevik party was hugely ethnically jewish and funded by wall street jewish interests? If you could get an english translation of ‘300 years together’ it’d be cool

            Do you think that the NeoCons were not the sons of Trotskite jews?

            Do you think that the banking industry is NOT controlled on the whole by ethnic jews?

            Do you think Epstein was not working for Mossad and giving them huge sway over western politics?

            Have you never looked at the names of the people in TV bringing watchers Trans kid shows?

            Jews are not at the heart of everything, but they DID create the culture we live in today, for good or ill.

            • LastHumanist says:

              As a German, I take credit for many of the ideas that have created the modern era. From Hegelian state worship all the way to Nietzsche’s philosophy.

              I am not afraid of admitting that “my own people” are out to murder me.

              • Duck says:

                “..As a German..”
                Oh, I see why you cant see what I am telling you now.
                No worries
                veil gluck und guten nacht

          • Duck says:


            “…“The Jew” denoted the establishment that was allowed to be attacked at that point in time because the more established part of the establishment also hated it…”

            The Jewish elite only really came to excessive power in the US after the wasp elite started to fade away.

            “.. The papers could write about that one Jewish Banksters and call him a parasite while steering away from the other Banksters…”

            I fail to see your point… are you saying that the banking industry and wall street is not HUGELY jewish compared to the 1 or 2 % of the population their demographics suggest?

            “..If you do not see the bigger picture then you are easy to control…”
            TRUE… if you ignore a large part of the puzzel you do indeed miss out.

            “.. It was popular and fun to hate the Jews and blame them for everything. Do you not see the pattern here?..”

            I am not ‘blaming’ jews for ‘everything’
            You may know someone who does, I am just pointing out that 1% of the population occupies a huge amount of the seats of power in the US… I mean does anyone doubt that the US has put Israels interests far above the US’s own interests?
            Are not the NeoCons mostly jewish?

            Is not most TV and movie’s that people consume produced by jewish people?

            If you LIKE modern culture then thank the people that made it.

            “…It’s always fear and anger projected at something other than what people should actually be angry at to better themselves…”
            True… but its not fear to point out the truth of who has power and who does not

            “…Christian culture was not that great. It’s not like children weren’t murdered back then. Look up the children’s crusade..”
            I hope you like trans kids, porn and swiping left more then the old culture, say thank you to those that made the new one

            • LastHumanist says:

              I have not looked into the ethnicity of NeoCons. What matters to me is that they are warmongers.

              I do not watch TV and movies these days. There was Jud Süß back in 1940 which I find very revolting. Fritz Lang made better stuff.
              If you consider that “Jewish culture” then what makes it Jewish exactly? The ethnicity of the people involved? I don’t think that’s enough.

              Christian Zionists are a thing in the USA. There are people who want to use Jews to bring about the end times, apparently.

              WASP elites have faded away? When did that happen? Last time I checked, the Anglo-American establishment was still around.

              Isn’t Eric Schmidt the new Kissinger?
              I guess you’ll miss that when you always look for the Jewishness in everything.

              Eventually, this leads to seeing everything and nothing as Jewish.

              What even is your definition of it? It seems to be about the visible Jewish ethnicity.

              What I don’t like is pretending things got worse the less Christian they became. It’s a false paradigm. Just like pretending something is worse the more Jewish it gets.

              Children should not be forced to die in a crusade just like they should not be forced to go on HRT. They should not be circumcised, either.

            • LastHumanist says:

              I agree with Max Weber’s writings on protestant ethics and the rise of capitalism. No Jewish Banksters without urban Protestants removing the medieval stigma of money.
              Calvinism in particular was firm in its conviction that the poor are obviously not part of the divine in-group and the rich were chosen by god.

              Is Protestantism Jewish culture, then?

              • Duck says:

                “..Calvinism in particular was firm in its conviction that the poor are obviously not part of the divine in-group and the rich were chosen by god.
                Is Protestantism Jewish culture, then?…”

                You are either distracted or not arguing honestly because it is quite fearful to see the truth.

                Right NOW, today the question is

                Does a small ethnic group control most of the media ?

                Does a small ethnic group create culture via TV and movies?

                Does a small ethnic group punch over their weight in politics?

                Does a small ethnic group decide what you may and may not say about them?

                What happened a hundred or 500 years ago is interesting… but the question is what small ethnic group are YOU frightened of angering?

                Just come out and tell me if you think jewish power is NOT a real thing 😉

              • cu.h.j says:


                Do you know a lot about Jewish Culture? I know it’s a pretty diverse culture depending on what country a person lives in.

                I think when Duck says Jewish culture, he means Eastern European Jewish cultures. Yiddish speaking people from Eastern Europe that tended to concentrate in cities like New York, is the gist I get.

                This is different from Jewish culture from India and Africa and non European countries. I think it’s important to make that distinction.

                Another distinction is Jews against Zionism, like Neturei Karta and orthodox Jewish group who has been very vocal against the crimes the state of Israel has done to the Palestinians.

                Everyone recognizes the psychopaths, but I don’t think this is unique to the ENTIRE culture.

                Regarding homosexuality, and porn. I think these issues are very complex and should boil down to consenting adults making choices. Forcing people to comply to a very narrow world view will always be met with rebellion.

                The way sexuality has been manipulated and used to subjugate and oppress is wrong, but sexuality in an of itself is not evil. It’s natural and necessary for the continuation of our species.

                I think some people are just born gay, just my opinion based on having gay friends. The gay people I know are really cool. One of them is a Christian that was kicked out of high school. He’s one of the most giving people I know. He’s not evil. I don’t think any religion should tell him that he is. Would Jesus hate him? I don’t think so.

        • cu.h.j says:


          I think it is undeniable that persons who identify/identified as Jews have risen to power and indeed had a hand in atrocities and injustice.

          This prophesy is described in the bible:

          Deuteronomy 6:10-12 “When the Lord your God brings you into the land he swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to give you—a land with large, flourishing cities you did not build, 11 houses filled with all kinds of good things you did not provide, wells you did not dig, and vineyards and olive groves you did not plant—then when you eat and are satisfied, 12 be careful that you do not forget the Lord, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.”

          Also Leviticus, 26:7-8 “You will pursue your enemies, and they will fall by the sword before you. 8 Five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand, and your enemies will fall by the sword before you.”

          And Deuteronomy 7:1-2 “When the Lord your God brings you into the land that you are entering to take possession of it, and clears away many nations before you, the Hittites, the Girgashites, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites, seven nations more numerous and mightier than you, 2 and when the Lord your God gives them over to you, and you defeat them, then you must devote them to complete destruction.[a] You shall make no covenant with them and show no mercy to them.”

          These passages are brutal, and revealing. Is this not the biblical justification for the plundering and theft of persons who follow the religion. I do not know much of the Jewish religion, nor the Christian religion or any other religion for that matter. My personal religious beliefs are unique. My own personal identity is that I am a member of the human race, other characteristics, genetic and cultural are secondary.

          • cu.h.j says:

            Let me also qualify “persons” in the above. I mean SOME persons, not all. As you have pointed out in your posts SOME persons, meaning that NOT ALL.

            • Duck says:


              “..These passages are brutal, and revealing. Is this not the biblical justification for the plundering and theft of persons who follow the religion..”

              That kind of thing was rather common back then, everyone was acting like that. It was pretty nasty I guess back them

              • cu.h.j says:

                It sounds very brutal and not like a loving God to me. This is why I don’t take everything in the Bible seriously.

                A loving creator would not want to people to do this to one another.

              • LastHumanist says:

                Who do you think is producing snuff films today and selling them for 10k each to a particular audience?

                There are and have always been people who feel no empathy whatsoever and throw babies against the wall until exitus for the “fun” of it.

                The Assyrians flayed people alive in the town square. There are depictions of the Egyptian Pharaohs clubbing prisoners to death. There’s not a single human society throughout the ages devoid of sadistic predators.

                If anything, those types are more common today than ever before. Mass society is different in that regard to the face-to-face society that used to exist.

                Today, you may not even personally know the sadistic predator who is out to murder you.

                The bible mostly describes the emotional state of people who find themselves confronted with the reality of injustice and psychopathy.

                There are always slaves. People deemed unworthy of life and expendable. The names and labels change but someone always suffers.

                In medieval battles, the conscripted serfs were the general causalities. Not the nobles. In fact, nobles would make sure they treated their own kind better and take hostages rather than kill their own and disrupt the “divine order” of that society. The billionaires that exist today have a similar concept of “equality”.

            • Duck says:


              “..It sounds very brutal and not like a loving God to me. This is why I don’t take everything in the Bible seriously…”

              That is not a logical view… I think plenty of people are disgusting and violent… that they exist is not changed one way or another by what I think of them or their actions 🙂
              How we feel or ‘judge’ a deity is pretty much like an ant trying to judge the ocean

              “…A loving creator would not want to people to do this to one another…”

              Well, acc to the text the people to be exterminated were practicing child sacrifice and were generally so evil that God wanted them gone… the people were told to not take them as wives because they would teach their evil ways to the Israelites.
              That was, however, a specific time and place not a general order to stone people in the modern world… lol

              The idea that God is going to be just fine with people doing anything that they like is a very weird one that has no basis in any religious text.

          • LastHumanist says:

            You don’t know much about the bible, either.
            Who are the writers, what is their agenda and what other accounts of the stories they tell exist?

            When you use a source, you need to use it critically.
            So you’d need to at least know the basics about ancient Levantine culture and its evolution into Hellenic Judaism to understand what the source you’re quoting here is. How it is and is not different from the Zeitgeist. How it is and more often is not based on facts.

            • cu.h.j says:

              Good points. My point was for further analysis and examination and to hear Duck’s perspective.

              These questions should be examined from multiple perspectives, LH. This includes people who have been raised as Jews and to hear what some of them say.

              I cannot provide that perspective because I was not raised in a religion, though my maternal family is Eastern European Jewish. As far as I know they considered themselves citizens of Austria and were expelled.

              I would like to point out that you also have a unique perspective based on your experiences and research. Everyone is subject to bias. One of JC’s podcasts entitled “The Myth of Journalistic objectivity” comes to mind when explaining this phenomenon.

              • LastHumanist says:

                The correct methodology does not leave room for bias, though.
                As far as Jews are concerned, I don’t feel strongly either way. Mostly, it’s annoying to have the same non-arguments thrown around every time.

                For example, when the bible says that Herod murdered all the children and all other sources say that Herod was actually a client king who ruled under Roman authority which the authors of the bible hated, then the conclusion is simple: Herod was not the acceptable type of leader for religious zealots who were stabbing every Roman they could find in Jerusalem. There was reason for the bible to lie about the real course of events.

                How was the temple destroyed? Well, there was an uprising of religious zealots. Read Flavius Josephus and not just the bible that also tells you people walk on water which has never been observed in reality.

                The objectivity lies in gathering all the sources and building a transparent narrative “sine ira et studio”.

                2 + 2 = 4

                Bible + Flavius Josephus = Serious doubt the bible is truthful

                Come to your own conclusions and make a genuine effort to increase your understanding by doubting everything, including yourself, but not the firm methodology.

              • LastHumanist says:

                “For, that it owed its ruin to civil strife, and that it was the Jewish tyrants who drew down upon the holy temple the unwilling hands of the Romans and the conflagration, is attested by Titus Caesar himself, who sacked the city; throughout the war he commiserated the populace who were at the mercy of the revolutionaries, and often of his own accord deferred the capture of the city and by protracting the siege gave the culprits time for repentance.”


              • cu.h.j says:


                When you say “The correct methodology does not leave room for bias, though”

                What is that, the correct methodology? Can you elaborate because I have not heard of this.

                Do you use the “correct methodology” in your analysis and thus your conclusions are objective?

              • cu.h.j says:


                Just re read your post…I like what you say here

                “Come to your own conclusions and make a genuine effort to increase your understanding by doubting everything, including yourself, but not the firm methodology.”

                Thanks for explaining what you mean. For complex issues such as these, I try to get perspectives from different people, different sources and come to my own conclusions.

                As far as identity politics and diaspora Jewish identity, I think my mom’s approach was to distance herself from the tribalism makes a lot of sense. Tribalism is not unique to any culture or religion as far as I know.

    • Nick says:

      Hi zyxzevn, I assume re organisms in the injection you are referring to people like Dr Madej, Dr Botha and the like? Can you walk me through the debunking? I have an issue with the fact there is no real chain of custody so to some degree their findings are worthless. I guess what I find compelling is Dr Botha in particular seems to be who she says and don’t understand why this would all be fabricated to discredit her own career? Not doubting you, but not sure how to go about debunking these vids for sure. Cheers

      • cu.h.j says:


        You mention chain of custody (how was the vial obtained and by whom?)which is extremely important also the set up used was not explained sufficiently. The slides weren’t shown to the viewer or the specifics of the microscope and set up was also not sufficiently described. Once that was done, showing that the slides were clean and the microscope was in functioning order, there was no comparison with other types of vaccine, like a tetanus or flu vaccine for example.

        And on top of that, there were not enough vials examined from different locations and different batches and different types (the J and J, Moderna, Pfizer, etc.) After the contaminant was identified, its composition was not analyzed in the videos I have seen.

        The study was not large enough to form definitive conclusions for me. As far as being falsifiable or debunked, I have not yet read or seen anything yet. I would find that helpful if it exists.

        What we are left with is that Dr Botha is who they say they are and may be reluctant to damage their reputation.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Just as a reference (includes video and the Doctor’s website)
        (It is also noted that it is not uncommon for some Doctors to take images of blood samples in order to monitor patient progress.)

        Dr. Zandré Botha (South Africa) walks a person through blood images, from unhealthy to healthy to post-vaccinated.
        She also walks a person through microscopic images of vaccine vial samples (Pfizer and J&J).

      • zyxzevn says:

        Hi. I certainly want it to be investigated better.
        The serum of the experimental “vaccine” should be investigated and all
        parts should be known.

        My from-the-ground interpretation:
        Vaccines are often made from living mice or other living organisms.
        In this case I also think that they were mass-produced in bad laboratory

        I assume that they used mice for now.
        Living mice always have diseases, and they can become part of the serum.
        Judy Mikovits even thinks that viruses from the mice get into the serum
        and cause aids-like diseases.
        Whether or not that is fully true, it is clear that some of diseases of
        the mice will likely enter the serum.

        What disease can these be: Viruses, bacteria, fungi, cancer, others.

        The same stuff can come from bad laboratory conditions.

        So these vaccines will contain all kinds organic matter that
        may behave like artificial life.

        A lot of chemical ingredients can temporary behave like life as well.
        If a chemical process is going on, it will cause changes.
        Like sugar will dissolve in a water by spreading out slowly, and with the
        right light you can make it seem as if tentacles are spreading out.
        If you put mercury on aluminum plate, you will see tentacles growing out of it.
        If we know more about the chemicals in the serum, we may better figure out what is going on.

        Chemical structures
        If chemicals change temperature or concentration, they can form solid structures.
        They can form crystals or other patterns.
        In one video they showed how the serum turns into a wire-like structure when it was dried under the microscope. This is actually very common, as small crystals
        form when a chemical gets dried.
        In chemistry they can sometimes use these crystals to find out
        what chemical component is present.

        Again, we need to know what chemicals are present.

        • zyxzevn says:

          What should be in the serum:

          The active component: mRNA or DNA
          Small spheres of lipids (pfizer) or small spheres of artificial virus (J&J).
          Inside these are artificial mRNA or DNA.
          The lipids can cause severe allergies.

          The mRNA or DNA programs the cell to make the toxic spike-proteins.
          But they can also add other mRNA-codes or DNA-codes to make something
          that is even more dangerous and long lasting.
          There is no way to fully check what is going on.

          Storage component:
          The liquid contains anti-freeze component for pfizer, so it can be stored at -70 celsius.
          It is a dangerous liquid.

          There are many other ingredients that are also in other vaccines.
          I do not think most of them are necessary, and many are toxic.
          And they are injected directly into the body, sometimes in the blood.
          Like: Thimerosal (organic mercury – causes nerve damage and may look like autism)

          Note that some of the components are kept secret.
          Hypothetically some could contain Ivermectin, so they seem to be working.

          What is NOT in the Covid-“vaccine”..
          1. A dead SARS-Cov2 virus
          2. Freedom

    • mkey says:

      Regarding the no planes thing:

      1. Footage of collisions from that doctored/fabricated – yay or nay?
      2. Pilots going on record stating one can not make stunt moves with such planes the official story claims happened and hope to hit anything but the ground below – is that bunk?
      3. The official story has the second NY plane flying above top cruising speed well below altitude such speed is achievable – how do you reconcile that?

      I understand that none of these points can be used as proof that planes were not used on that day but I’m pretty damn sure the official narrative can not explain the road runner effect besides claiming that the plane was flying really fast. Hence the reason why they pushed as high speed as the narrative could entertain.

      Not to even mention that the whole thing is completely irrelvant as planes haven’t brought down aby buildings on that day. Or ever, probably, if we omit the work of a zillion bombers.

      So, they use planes to crash into buildings they know they can’t bring down with planes, later claim planes were used in ways they could not be used, the footage is produced to allow for road runner effect, plane debrea is somehow removed… what else am I missing?

      • LastHumanist says:

        You’re missing the planes we have all seen with our own eyes on live TV.

        It’s debatable what hit the pentagon. The Twin Towers, however, were hit by planes. That’s not what brought them down, sure, so why trust anything the official narrative says?

        Why would I try to reconcile statements I know to be largely false with the evidence my own eyes have provided?

        • seasons says:

          I think a plane did hit the World Trade Center because witnesses on the ground saw it but the TV footage was not the real footage of the crash. Maybe someone within the US Government thought it was too risky to show the real video because they did not want the evidence explored by the public any further. They predicted people would either be suspicious or want immediate closure to the traumatic event, so it is better to lead them all astray with fake videos.

          • LastHumanist says:

            How do you prove the footage is fake, then?

          • mkey says:

            Early witnesses saw missiles. There were many TV reporters reporting into the studio, conveying that people were seeing missiles. Upon which the TV host in the studio proceeded to correct them, because the truth was in and the truth said nothing about no damn missiles.

            In my view, early witnesses are important because only from them you get something that resembles reality, at least to the extent they have seen it, before the information death squads put their hoofs on the ground and start controlling the narrative. Like that early commenter from ground hoax peddling the pancaking theory, setting the narrative for the mesmerized TV hypnotees as well as queuing in the presstitutes. at least those among them who were somewhat apt in taking a hint.

            Now, in regards to fools who will believe planes penetrate steel encased reinforced concrete structures, I will have to admit defeat. Aluminum vs steel penetration stories are special kind of porn I have no knack for.

            • LastHumanist says:

              Who are those early witnesses?
              What did they see? An object that collided with the towers at high velocity?

              Just because the media has been proven to lie and manufacture stories we should not assume that they never show anything that is real.

              I have seen the planes on TV. The planes were tracked by NORAD and no evidence exists that they were not real. The only thing no-planers have contributed to 9/11 truth is division and evidence free discussions of “coulds” and “woulds”.

              Cui bono?

              The same people who have been planning false flags like operation Northwood for years and years. They want you to talk about no-plane narratives. Why give them the satisfaction?

    • cu.h.j says:

      I agree with your interpretation of “graphene oxide” (although I need to research this further) and “self-aware organism” found in some vials of “vaccine”.

      The weird spider like “organism” could have easily been a contaminated slide or vials of the injection. There was no thorough analysis of what exactly the substance was, what material it was (chemical composition). Also, there were not enough vials analyzed to make conclusions that this substance was in all the vials.

      What this does is stop the analysis process by some people and lead them to possibly false conclusions and if these conclusions are false paint opposition to the agenda as “crazy tinfoil hate conspiracy theorists”

      Also, the magnetic arms was suspicious too. The videos could have been fake, like some kind of glue on the cell phone.

      I’m glad you bring this up. I prefer analysis that is based on the scientific method and logic because I think this appeals to peoples rational mind.

      “No planes” seems to be another possible one of these distractions, though there seems to be a more rational basis for this hypothesis. However, eyewitness testimony should be considered. I do believe people said they saw planes flying into the towers. All I saw was the mainstream news broadcasts and I now know nothing on TV is trustworthy.

      I do know that the people “they” said were flying into the buildings lacked the skill to pull off that maneuver. But are planes controlled by remote capable of such a stunt? And if not, who was flying the planes?

      Do the laws of physics support the hypothesis that planes flew into the twin towers and does the technology exist for remote controlled plan operation? I don’t have the answers.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Regarding graphene oxide contaminated masks. I have had to use masks at work for the last 18 months at work including N95 masks for 8 or more hours a day from 24-40 hours per week and I have had no ill effects from them thus far. I am also in good physical health aside from a mild form of asthma and seasonal allergies. I do switch out masks and use 2 or more N95 masks per day while at work. This has not bee a pleasant experience and I do need to remove the mask during my breaks but so far have not developed any respiratory issues or illness. But this is just my account.

        • LastHumanist says:

          It’s torture and a crime against humanity.
          At least we’ll always remember how insane these mandates are.
          The children growing up with this will have a very difficult time understanding what’s been done to them.


          • cu.h.j says:

            I agree with you, especially for children. That to me is abuse. I justify it a bit since I work in a germ ridden place and earn a good living, but it is not pleasant.

            Also, there are benefits to exposure to other people without a mask. It enhances a working immune system and allows for more oxygen exchange in the lungs. I anticipate getting out of the hospital setting, hopefully in the near future. At this time, I need the money.

            • LastHumanist says:

              How do masks help with germ ridden settings?
              Even Fauci said not to wear a mask because it offers no protection, as I recall.

              The pre-2020 consensus on mask wearing was just that.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Masks may help limit droplets coming from the nose and mouth of someone who is sick and coughing, theoretically protecting bystanders or persons nearby. They may help prevent transmission of TB and other airborne diseases.

                In hospitals N95 masks are used normally for persons with TB and other airborne diseases that can be spread by close quarters.

                This is what they were used for pre Covid. Post Covid, many hospitals required N95 masks for health care providers in ICUs, ERs and general medical floors and required patients to wear surgical masks. This is independent of the Covid “vaccine” (shows how much belief they have in the “vaccine”).

                For me, wearing a mask in the hospital has protected me from foul smelling patients and wounds and prevented unwanted fluids from entering my nose and mouth. I once had a patient cough in my face (accidentally) and their snot went into my mouth. This was before I wore masks at work or pre-Covid. I usually wore a surgical mask for flu season after I stopped getting flu vaccines though.

                Masks in hospitals also limit touching of ones mouth and nose and this may possibly limit disease spread by fomites (objects like tables and such).

              • LastHumanist says:

                Why couldn’t droplets spread the “spanish flu”?


                Not even snot in their faces and coughing from the afflicted got them sick.

            • cu.h.j says:

              I will check out the link. I’m not taking a position either way and am open minded.

              I don’t another persons snot or vomit or bodily fluids in my mouth, nose or face. It triggers my internal disgust response.

              • LastHumanist says:

                Obviously, it’s disgusting.
                However, it does not prove germ theory is correct.
                It does not put Pasteur over Béchamp.

                An anomaly like the one this Boston study shows destroys the current medical paradigm.

                And there are more pieces of evidence that show how the human organism is healthy despite being already “infected” with most of the “sickening” microbes blamed for disease.

                I do not trust the current method of “virus isolation”, either. Microbiology should seriously re-evaluate virology.
                It looks like the Rockefeller equivalent of humouralism.

        • mkey says:

          You work in a hospital, yes? I’d wager using 2+ masks daily in a hospital environment is no comparison for a real life scenario where challenged morons wear FILTHY cloth for DAYS on their claptrap.

          I understand it’s their face and they have every right to do with it as they see fit, but my fist is also my fist and I would very much like to punch them right into the filthy mask. Their faces would just be on the receiving of some collateral damage.

          • LastHumanist says:

            Why do you want to punch random people?
            If you’re angry, be angry at the right things.

            • cu.h.j says:

              People get frustrated and angry about the masks and how they dehumanize us. It makes me kind of sad when I see someone in a dirty filthy mask, just wanting to fit in, to be accepted and not shunned.

              It is gross and I am surprised people don’t automatically know wearing cloth or a dirty mask is unhealthy, but some people don’t.

              People will harm themselves to be accepted. That makes my heart hurt.

      • zyxzevn says:

        The theory of planes on remote control has
        been explained thoroughly by “pilots for truth”.

        They found the following evidence.
        1. Physical: The remains of the planes contained components that are from military planes. Like the engine that flew through the second tower.
        You can see it in one of the videos.
        Due to regulations, all components of a plane must have a unique ID.
        2. Tracking: The transponders on the airplane transmit the position of the planes at each time. These show that the airplanes flew too fast for a
        commercial jet, but at normal speed for a military jet.
        The original planes switched places with military planes, during a time
        when their transponders were temporary switched off. Also were
        they outside radar range at the exact time.
        3. Video recordings. The airplanes did not showed some differences from the
        planes that they should be. Most saw a widened fuselage near the wings.
        This is similar to a military version of the airplane.
        4. There was a AWAC plane flying around. They are like an air-control
        in the sky with a big radar.
        They are very capable of controlling an airplane from a distance.
        5. Some of the commercial “crashed planes” were later re-used in service.
        Their factory-ID was found back in other flghts.
        6. See James Corbett’s 911 wargames about the fake hijackings and such.

        There are also strange things about the passengers and the voice-recordings.

        • LastHumanist says:

          If that’s the case then I’m happy for the people who didn’t die and still very unhappy about all the people who have died in the “war on terror”.

          I suppose the “devout Muslim” hijackers would not have given up on their next strip club visits voluntarily. Finding actual suicide bombers requires first messing up a place until the population is completely hopeless and jaded and has nothing to lose.

          That’s a thing that certainly happened in many places due to 9/11.
          It would be great if we could conclusively prove to the public who really made 9/11 happen instead of talking about planes and other minutiae. Well, if we could do it, the reward would probably be a kill squad. Upsetting the political economy would, of course, require a way to get through to the masses. Since we’re not on Netflix or whatever and most people are illiterate these days, we’ll probably be ignored instead. Murdering every Casolaro type is expensive, after all.

          Dear world conspirators, I know what you’re up to.
          You really crossed the line! Screw you.

          I hope the Rockefellers and Rothschilds receive this message and reconsider their ways. Chances are, they don’t care. I tried, though. I am letting them see my dissent. I’m not scared. The NWO is already the dumbest thing in history. They have all been drinking the fluoride themselves, haven’t they? What a weak oligarchy that cannot even produce a consistent narrative about its right to rule anymore.

  30. tsepati says:

    These unfounded predictions are not just provided on some obscure websites. Have you seen this little clip that circulated in Telegram a couple of months ago? I did not check it (I don’t know anybody with Alexa), but apparently, alexa sources such a site with doom predictions if you ask it about population predictions:
    I did not get the name of the website [alo???sentinel dot com?] and thus could not check that either — still, such fear-mongering on Deagel.com is one thing, Alexa picking such source with such information is certainly another.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Good post tsepati.

      RE Alexa: UK population in 2025? 22.93 million
      Here is something I found via “Fact Check Library” at Logically.ai
      Sept 14, 2021
      The population of the U.K. has been projected to be 22.93 million by 2025.
      The claim is unfounded as COVID-19 vaccines are safe and found to reduce the death rate substantially.
      A video has gone viral in which Alexa predicts U.K.’s population will decrease drastically in 2025.
      The caption says the reason is COVID-19 jab. Such rumors are being spread on various social media by anti-vaxxers to discredit the vaccine in the eyes of the public….

      • LastHumanist says:

        “Alexa, tell me how to depopulate the planet”

        I’m glad I never got any of these devices that tell you how to think while gathering your data.

        As far as omnicide is concerned, it’s still as unlikely as ever. Decades of the cold war have not resulted in nuclear extermination. The “war on terror” was mostly confined to one area of the planet and the new bio-warfare paradigm has not actually led to a real health crisis yet.

        I’m not saying it won’t happen and that you should have normalcy bias. Quite the opposite. Be vigilant.

        However, omnicide is a bluff I’ll call out. Psychos want to seem more powerful than they are. They want to appear as overwhelming lizard demons who can wipe out humanity in an instant. Ultimately, they are also people who will die from omnicide, though. It’s in their interest to maintain and control the population.

        Hence depopulation has been a slow process. I’m pretty sure they’ll “surprise” the masses that took the injection with sterility to combat the solar minimum of the 2030s or something. “Thank you for your service, everyone. Couldn’t have done it without you.” Or whatever spin it takes.

  31. john.bru says:

    The compilation of weapons systems information at that web site is impressive, accurate and precise. I do not think that the authors of those particular population and economic predictions that were removed after attracting attention were illiterate or tilting at windmills. IMHO the authors were following orders and trying to appear to be Russian while openly publishing (limited hangout) what were globalist goals at the time. In particular, if everyone who receives even one mRNA or adenovirus-based “vaccine” dies within 1-4 years as some are saying, those predictions might turn-out to be pretty good estimates.

    I do not know if the contents of the following are true or not:



    BTW you are doing a valuable and great job. It is appreciated! We should be thoughtful and deliberate about what and how we post and re-post.

  32. Arby says:

    The writing for Deagel is not only atrocious, but the writer(s) are fascists promoting fascism (which includes The Great Reset etc). Non existent covid teaches us nothing. Hoaxsters’ behavior does. Hoaxsters are powerful monsters who, if God doesn’t end them, will end humanity.

    • LastHumanist says:

      I am pretty sure any sane person will see that totalitarianism is bad in all shapes and sizes and that Nazis who “lament” the agenda by promoting it have been in bed with Klaus.

      Humanity can take care of itself.

  33. john.bru says:

    The compilation of weapons systems information at that web site is impressive, accurate and precise. I do not think that the authors of those particular population and economic predictions that were removed after attracting attention were illiterate or tilting at windmills. IMHO the authors were following orders and trying to appear to be Russian while openly publishing (limited hangout) what were globalist goals at the time. In particular, if everyone who receives even one mRNA or adenovirus-based “vaccine” dies within 1-4 years as some are saying (references below), those predictions might turn-out to be pretty good estimates.
    I do not know if the contents of the following are true or not:
    BTW you are doing a valuable and great job. It is appreciated! We should be thoughtful and deliberate about what and how we post and re-post.

  34. pill says:

    Controlled opposition?

  35. lance.g says:

    Hi James,

    Thanks for your coverage of this conspiracy trope. Clearly the Deagel population forecast is a “conspiracy theory” misinfo page for amping up fear and confusion and intended to discredit anyone that shares this page with others (aka the “Alex Jones” effect).

    Greatly appreciate your attention to detail, but you skipped the “meat” of their latest explanation for their extreme depopulation predictions:

    From https://archive.is/Nv6Wn Apr 7 2021

    Six years ago the likelihood of a major war was tiny. Since then it has grown steadily and dramatically and today is by far the most likely major event in the 2020s. The ultimate conflict can come from two ways. A conventional conflict involving at least two major powers that escalates into an open nuclear war. A second scenario is possible in the 2025-2030 timeframe. A Russian sneak first strike against the United States and its allies with the new S-500, strategic missile defenses, Yasen-M submarines, INF Zircon and Kalibr missiles and some new space asset playing the key role. The sneak first strike would involve all Russian missile strategic forces branches (bombers and ground-based missiles) at the different stages of such attack that would be strategic translation of what was seen in Syria in November 2015. There was no report that the Russian had such a capability of launching a high precision, multiple, combined arms attack at targets 2,000+ kilometers away. Western intelligence had no clue. The irony is that since the end of the Cold War the United States has been maneuvering through NATO to achieve a position to execute a first strike over Russia and now it seems that the first strike may occur but the country finished would be the United States.

    Deagel predicts nuclear war, which is the basis for their latest extreme depopulation predictions. Not that that means much (though in real life there is new hypersonic threats to contemplate). But overall I agree with your conclusions on Deagel.

    Thanks for your work,


  36. lance.g says:

    Authority surreptitiously invoking the vague symbols of a widespread belief in a population of some inevitable future “fate” or “destiny” to paralyze the population, has a long history of abuse.

    666: the dog whistle authority knowingly invokes to paralyze believers of “end times” into doing nothing


    ‘Six minutes, six days or six weeks’ – Biden vows infrastructure deal
    Oct 1 2021

    H.R.6666 – COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act
    May 1 2020

    Also, see the Dune Series for a veiled analogy: the Bene Gesserit seeding the predictions of the Freeman Messiah thousands of years before Paul’s arrival.

  37. brooks1 says:

    I wouldn’t doubt the mass culling which is occurring in real time…The Medical industrial complex has been killing over 440,000 ( that’s more than 10% of the population) per year BY ACCIDENt. https://blog.petrieflom.law.harvard.edu/2016/10/14/medical-errors-the-third-leading-cause-of-death-in-the-us/

    The top two killer of Americans are heart and Lungs…Both of which are supposedly upkept by the same monsters ACCIDENTLY killing Americans…Yet, everyone races to the doctors…

    I’m 62 years old as of 22. I’ve seen the populations diminish in real time…I have lived in philly since 1960, we were much more crowded “back in the day”
    We are being summarily executed in every class one society. Have your affairs in order; it could happen any moment…Those chemtrails have just been beta testing; one day they’ll contain something like they used back in Nam to make the troops murder machines… The Military trains for a Zombie apocalypse.
    Marines, police prep for mock zombie invasion | Fox Newswww.foxnews.com › marines-police-prep-for-mock-zombie-invasion
    Oct 27, 2012 – But the training is very real, it just happens to be the bad guys we’re having a … “No doubt when a zombie apocalypse occurs, it’s going to be a …

    No prank: On Halloween, US military forces train for zombie …www.csmonitor.com › USA › No-prank-On-Halloween-US-military-for…
    Oct 31, 2012 – Why is the US military preparing for a zombie apocalypse? That’s the latest training exercise that US Marines and Navy special-operations forces will be taking part in on an island off the coast of San Diego – starting on Wednesday, aka Halloween. “This is a very real exercise.

    3 ways Marines say they will deal with a zombie apocalypse …www.wearethemighty.com › humor › 3-ways-marines-say-they-will-d…
    Feb 23, 2018 – Marines train in the art of war. They study it, breathe it, and live it. And yet, for many Marines, it’s not the first option when discussing the …

  38. naim says:

    Most likely this at least mentioned somewhere someone else, but deagel.com has itself connected to yandex.ru so there is a dot to russia at least.
    this you find out very easy if you use an addon for your browser that scans traffic and rediractions and in which you can block those connections.

  39. Moritz® says:

    Thanks for these clarifying words. It’s notworthy though, that numerous organisations, government agencies, parliaments around the globe, even Wikipedia et al actually quote, use and “work” with Deagel-links. Apparently it’s considered a factual information source by many of the exact same people, wo keep blaming independent journalists as “conspiracy theorists” for using invalid sources. That raises the question: why is that and hence why is Deagel up on the internet at all?

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