Psyops Circus: Orlando / Brexit Updates

06/22/20168 Comments

The summer of psyops is in full swing as Brexit assassination drama threatens to tilt the referendum and the FBI absolutely WILL NOT release the Mateen 911 ISIS propaganda call...until they do. Join The Corbett Report open source investigations on these topics to stay up to date on all the latest developments.

Anna Lindh

History Repeating: Cox's Death Gets Swedes to Remember Lindh and Palme

Sweden rejects euro currency

Brexit Comment thread on Lindh assassination

Remain surge back into the lead in wake of Jo Cox murder

Orlando Open Source Investigation

FBI to Release Partial, Edited, Text-Only Transcript of Orlando 911 Calls

FBI releases full transcript of Orlando nightclub shooting call

Mateen call transcript at

Mateen Was Voting Hillary

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  1. bubromer says:

    Re: Orlando
    Mark Passio, an occult researcher up to date with false flag/psyop attacks, shared this thought on his Facebook account

    “Did anyone else notice the numerology of the mass SlaughterZone shooting in Orlando? June 12, 2016. 6/12, 2016. Same numbers forward and backward. 612, 216. Both equate with 9, the favored number of Satanists and Dark Occultists. In Occult Numerology, 612, 216 and 666 are all equivalents, since they all numerologically equate to 9. The children who still refuse to acknowledge that an ancient psychopathic religious cult runs this world will, of course, dismiss this as random and insignificant. They refuse to see the ritual and pattern their Masters constantly employ, because they are fearful idiots who still believe they can make reality conform to their psychological comfort zones.”

    On why 9 is a significant number in occult circles see my blog post (based at it is on Passio’s research)

  2. VoiceOfArabi says:

    In my opinion.. The killer (Mateen) did not know enough about Terrorist groups to be supporter of any….

    so, that’s like saying I support Dareth Vador and also support Luke Skywalker… that just does not add up, unless you are trying to get as many people as you can to watch the movie… I suppose…. 🙂

  3. nosoapradio says:

    “…Sweden’s Foreign Minister Anna Lindh called upon the European Union to sever ties with Israel in protest against Israeli practices in April 2002…
    A well known supporter of Palestinians’ human and political rights, Lindh was brutally murdered in Stockholm on 11 September 2003…”

    I know nothing of Bollyn but what I was curious about (along with Bollyn’s added angle concerning Lindh’s call to exclude Israel the year before) was the discrepancy with regard to the date of Lindh’s attack. Sputnik speaks about the 13th of September, whereas every other source (after only a quick check) cites September 11th as being the actual date – September 11th being well, rather familiar of course…
    Mark Passio might have something to say about that? Perhaps she was stabbed on the 11th and died on the 13th?

  4. Mohawk Man says:

    Okay, now I have a replacement for the redacted piece.
    “I pledge my allegiance to **Hello Kitty**, praise be upon him” David Rockefeller? You gotta be kidding me.

    I had a Zika in about 1985. Burned oil like hell. Stalled all the time. Then I got on board…with The Eugenie!!!! Looks good and runs over all undesirables automatically (I optioned the automatic was cheaper than a stick.huh?) David? Anyway, it swerves and hits low income Free Shit Army miscreants and probable terrorists who the car may suspect of untoward thoughts. AI you see. Thanks Google and Ray Kurzweil!! The No Walking On The Street list or Poor Credit List and Libertarians.
    OFF! has a new and frightening real meaning. Mosquitoes hardly.

    James, on the insane import (of anyone at our 25%b unemployment rate) of primarily Islamists (not Muslims per se) makes perfect sense. Islamists are perfectly consistent with the beliefs and desires of totalitarianists who are now in charge of the United States. Islam is, by a large, a totalitarian system and is not inconsistent with these madman and their equally insane funders. It creates division-check…tension–check.. and violence. It sure is a lot cheaper than Blue Helmets ($89 a piece plus pension costs) for now .Fits in with eugenics cheerleaders. Hi Bill? How’s Melinda? Stay out of the sun dude. You’re not much older than me and your face looks like an old catchers mitt.

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

  5. Mohawk Man says:

    On Lynch, her speech is way too controlled, overtly feu calmness and practiced and the aura of rage eminates an aura around her very being. This is a very, very dangerous woman. Filled with rage and retribution in her very soul. I can feel her not so hidden rage as she speaks. It speaks to me yet is moot with no basis in fact. Her rage is unfounded in any of her life experiences which is most disturbing. The victim of what lady? Unspeakable wealth and comfort (your entire life..yeah, I know) combined with an ideology of false fairness for all as you literally live like a queen? What of us lady? Those who have truly suffered and can love and forgive for others sins. What gives?

    On a legal and procedural matter she should be arrested for Crimes Against Humanity (join the line, honey). Handcuff her and take her to a Peoples Tribunal where she will be given a chance to speak her piece and promptly executed for Treason. Paul Ryan may give you a ride for he has an appointment with The People. On second thought, get a fleet of buses for there are that many. Rope ain’t cheap and we’re on a budget.

    I read all the time when fools like this are highlighted and “we’re doomed” is screeched. Nah, they’re doomed they just don’t know it yet. Mrs. Lynch (see, I don’t do the Ms. Magazine CIA thing Miscreant Lynch). How about just Lynch……seems appropriate especially at this time.

    You and your comrade Eric Holder, earn untold wealth protecting WHITE..JEWISH ambulance chasers who earn millions/billions protecting the real criminals..BANKSTERS!!!! Thieves!!!!!!!!!!Your pals and compatriots so don’t give me any of your shit about Justice. You’re full of shit and always have been. Lists honey? Thank you. I’m humbled. Check ours. Your on top. My people don’t mess around.

    We know what you’re up to. Ferguson, Baltimore, San Jose et al… Cause revolution and crack down so you can install your totalitarian system. Not gonna happen. Tis over and Mooch hasn’t sung yet. History is cracked sometimes. I hope you have nice stuff. I need some tea cups.

    Learn to forgive bitch. We did. We had to for it was was right (ask My People and my late father). Move on. Get over history. It happened to my people and your people. Get over it. Learn to Love and Forgive. Trampling over others does no justice to the offspring of the offended. It only offends their memory. It’s time for you to ask for forgiveness. We’ll give it. Just ask and we’ll all live in peace and I’ll kiss your cheek and give you my love. Tribunals will be cancelled. Justice will then done on the real criminals.

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

  6. Corbett says:

    Correction received via email: I was wrong about Sweden’s EU accession referendum taking place in 2004. It occurred in 1994. Thus, there is even less support for any suggestion that Lindh’s assassination had any effect on Sweden’s place in the EU.,_1994

    • nosoapradio says:

      What admirable humility!

      But pro-Euro political women are still being horrifically murdered and the ultimate effect is horrifying and does serve to stigmatize “the oppostion” whatever the actual monetary or membership result is.

      Or am I missing something as usual?

  7. NoMeatNoDairyNoProblem says:

    For Orlando, the primary motivations (that I know of) were:
    1. Continued desperate effort to disarm the public.
    2. Continued effort to make the public believe that ISIS is not only real but right at their doorstep.
    3. Distract the public. Get them talking about violence against gays, gun control and ISIS boogeymen, instead of talking about Hillary’s election fraud and indictment. They largely just needed to buy a couple of weeks of time so that the public would accept the idea that Hillary’s primary ‘victory’ is set in stone and any talk of election fraud is ‘sore loser’ behavior from the Bernie camp.

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