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by James Corbett
June 20, 2016

Those were the good old days, the halcyon days, the days of one week ago when we could discuss the Brexit campaign as if it were a straightforward choice between the tyranny of the EU and...well, the tyranny of the UK, but tyranny on a smaller scale. And as we discussed last week, the momentum seemed to be firmly on the Brexit side.

That was before the grisly murder of Jo Cox, the pro-EU MP and "rising star" of the Labour party, at the hands of Thomas Mair, who (as we were dutifully told several hundred times over the weekend by the MSM) reportedly screamed "Britain first!" at the scene of the crime, and who gave the name "Death To Traitors, Freedom to Britain" in court. But for every story pointing out Mair's history of mental illness and identifying the attack as the work of a clearly deranged mind, there are several thousand attempting to tie this crime to those crazy Brexit-ers and their dangerous nationalist ideology. As UKIP leader Nigel Farage concedes, the events of the last few days have taken the wind out of Brexit's sails.

But don't worry! Your vote almost certainly won't count anyway! As mainstream media from Business Insider all the way to the good ol' Big Brother Corporation are now reporting, the Brexit referendum is not legally binding and the pro-Remain MPs will almost certainly use their sizable majority in the House of Commons (454 to 147) to block any actual moves to leave the EU common market. (The irony here will likely be lost on all but those who realize that "national sovereignty" is no sovereignty at all.)

So what does all of this mean for the would-be Brexiters? Is there any chance at all that the Brexit campaign will actually be able to succeed in seceding from the EU superstate? And if not, is there any chance that the referendum will at least spark the fires of secession and decentralization in other parts of the world (like Texas)?

Let's use this post as an open thread to keep up to date with the Brexit referendum news and to debate the best way forward for Brits who are concerned about freedom.

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  1. Corbett says:

    Let me kick this off with this tweet from Charlie Skelton proving Economist editor Zanny Minton Beddoes’ attendance at Bilderberg 2016 and noting (not coincidentally) The Economist’s pro-Remain lobbying:

  2. Corbett says:

    Also, does anyone have a good article or info with details about this?

    • nosoapradio says:

      Helluva heads up!

      Totally creepy.

      Sorry, no good link but I’ll try to take a look if I have 3 minutes…


    • Jody says:

      The MSM are pushing Jo Cox’s death (both her and her husband have some dubious links in their past, husband worked at 10 Downing Street and Jo had only been MP for just over a year but all politicians spoke highly of her?) as another means of pushing the remain vote. The alternative theory is that she was an innocent person who stepped in to stop a fight (so not intended target) they are also saying Thomas Mair (the guy accused of her murder) shouted ‘Britain First’ before shooting and stabbing her. There’s a lack of credibility in any witness to this being said but it has surged an uprising of Britain First to be made illegal as a terrorist/hate group. (Not so much a bad thing as they are very right wing, although I believe in freedom of speech – especially as they are in the leave camp for EU, so the same treatment as Farage and Boris Johnson are getting, regardless of if they are making relevant points at times) Also I think it’s odd for someone to choose not just shooting but stabbing also (taking both a homemade large shotgun style gun and a long bladed sword?) I think there’s far more to this story than meets the eye. I’ve seen the picture circulating, comparing the two women and timings of referendums. The MSM in uk has become very bias in pushing remain and encouraging the remainers to berate, insult and belittle the leavers as being racist, uneducated and personally being responsible for the downfall of worldwide issues. I too, do not think our votes will count for anything! I also believe that because they are pushing to remain, that is what they will do regardless. Even if the leave get the majority (as many polls are predicting) it is not a legally enforced referendum and Cameron or the House of Lords can overturn it anyway! I personally believe it comes down to Democracy. If we remain, we are controlled by the EU (as a superstate unable to repeal anything) if we leave, our elected (supposedly elected) government has the power, which we can change (2020) and repeal laws and regulations. (Apologies for lengthy response, it’s my first as a new subscriber but been a fan for a long time.)

    • Liv says:

      Ole Dommegård speaks about Anna Lindh at 3:52

  3. spa says:

    Just reading this – Jean-Claude Juncker’s most outrageous political quotations – should give UK voters reason to pause as to whether they want to be part of the European project or NOT!

    On British calls for a referendum over Lisbon Treaty
    “Of course there will be transfers of sovereignty. But would I be intelligent to draw the attention of public opinion to this fact?,”

    On Greece’s economic meltdown in 2011
    “When it becomes serious, you have to lie.

    On EU monetary policy
    “I’m ready to be insulted as being insufficiently democratic, but I want to be serious … I am for secret, dark debates”

    On French referendum over EU constitution
    “If it’s a Yes, we will say ‘on we go’, and if it’s a No we will say ‘we continue’,”

    On the introduction of the euro
    “We decide on something, leave it lying around, and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.”

    On eurozone economic policy and democracy
    “We all know what to do, we just don’t know how to get re-elected after we’ve done it”


    But I’m with you on this James, our votes will make little difference. If it’s close it’s easy to fiddle, if not they’ll find some exception clause.

    Then to quote a favourite Mark Twain line: “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

  4. Critical Thinking says:

    “Norman Reddaway style spook might be in the background”

    “Most people will not know about Norman Reddaway. He was the spook who engineered the media during the (then ) EEC accession process under Heath. By some accounts he was virtually running the media, and engineered the dismissal of a number of anti EEC journalists in both the print and broadcast media.”

    More info on Reddaway is in Dave Barnby’s ‘The EU: A Corporatist Racket’

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for your participation, Jody. I do appreciate it. However, rather than copy/pasting links it would be more helpful if you could provide a brief description of what it is you’re linking to or at least a title or headline so people know what they’re clicking on and why. Thanks.

  5. minnie says:

    I was horrified at Jo Cox’s murder, which I wouldn’t wish on anyone, but I agree that her image is being deified, and used to discredit Leave supporters.

    She was a vocal advocate for bombing Syria, and this article which she co-authored, calling for an invasion, was published in the Observer in November 2015, a few days before the Syria parliamentary debate. I wrote her a polite but angry letter about it at the time.

    The article was a rehash of one she had written for the Yorkshire Post a couple of months earlier:

    People are donating money to the gofundme rememberance fund set up by Cox’s husband in her name without really knowing much about her or the charities receiving money in her name. The White Helmets appears to be a very sinister military propaganda operation, and Hope Not Hate, while laudably campaigning against racism, is a very politically-motivated trade union supported organisation.

    The fund at the time of writing amounts to almost £1 million, twice as high as it was when the Guardian published this article:

    The musician Peter Gabriel, who was a friend of Jo Cox, wrote a eulogy that was being forwarded on social media. It included this very revealing statement:

    “Two years ago when she was thinking of trying to become an MP, she and I were amongst a small group of people invited by Ricken Patel and Avaaz to take part in an intense week’s leadership training led by Robert Gass.”

    Looking at these people and organisations, what they stand for and who funds them, is both revealing and disturbing. These are the forces behind the scenes that manipulate our aspiring politicians and well-known social campaigners – anyone who has power and influence and who is too gullible to realise what’s really going on.

  6. minnie says:

    This article openly praises the EU as a stepping stone to world government. Not surprising that it was published in the Soros-funded openDemocracy UK.

    The author, a lecturer at St Andrew’s University, stereotypes Leave supporters as misty-eyed colonists longing for the return of the British Empire:

    “When Brexiters long for the days when Britain controlled ‘its own destiny’, they are really recalling an era when Britain controlled the destiny of numerous other countries and peoples by means of patently unfair trade undergirded by brute force.”

  7. bubromer says:

    This London commentator suggests Jo Cox killing may have been a psyop and makes a rough and ready case. After all, like the Orlando shooting, cui bono? is the key question In the case of Orlando, all established parties benefited – democrat and republican, trump and clinton (Paul Craig Roberts makes this case).

    I was leaning towards not voting on Thursday – I have moral issues with the institution of voting and have no more faith in UK sovereignty as I do in EU sovereignty- but as I’m increasingly convinced ‘they’ want us to vote remain I may get off my arse and vote ‘leave’, even as a generally left leaning person on state welfare.

    Also note that there is a precedent (according to video) for this kind of political murder in Sweden when population was threatening to leave the EU or some such.

  8. Liv says:

    Ole Dammegård says (3:52) that Anna Lindh was killed just a few days before the EU election to get the public’s vote to join the EU. He goes on to say, same scenario for the 2004 Madrid bombings and the 2005 assassination of dutch politician Pim Fortuyn. Is there a pattern guys??

  9. Mohawk Man says:

    Brief video on Anna Lindh in french (subtitles for non- french speakers-both relatively short) alt news reports and analysis. Interesting parallels to Jo Cox (report following). Both EU issue politicos and of course, mental illness, the subjective and ever present reason is presented (in both cases–see Orlando, San Berdoo et al). 9/11 was strangely the date…again.

    Jo Cox report and comments are strangely closed for a new report. (commenters many be mentally ill or maybe right wing Christians,or anarchists I suppose) News reports on EU issue banned out of “mourning period” period-same in Sweden and Anna Lindh situation.

    This is the statists in their death throws as they, like the crocodile, take their victims/opposition or supporters who can be used as cannon fodder to change public opinion and “death roll” them and take them to the bottom of the river to store. Their paymasters are pleased (for the moment). The Dow Jones Industrial average is on a tare as this was not expected (polling reversal it matters for a non-binding resolution). I will investigate The House of Windsor for reaction as well. I’d like to know how the Germanic, I mean, British Royalty have reacted and their next move. God Save the hemp plant and it’s productive products of twined length and it’s cousin..the dropping forged sharpened iron apparatus.

    Love One Another—–Pray for the statist. Plunder begets tyranny and visa versa and it always comes home to it’s milk nurse to square things. I suggest these statists read history. Useful idiots are always purged once their usefulness is exhausted. Eggs are useful/crucial but the shell disposed once the omelet is complete.


    (some of us may have been birthed on Independence Day, July 4 but I wouldn’t know anything about that)

    The Mohawk

  10. Corbett says:

    Just received this link from a listener via email:

    Send An Open Letter To UK Citizens About Brexit

    It’s an interesting letter, well worth the read.

  11. CapheSuada says:

    And another interesting article on

    The Big Guns Are Out: Soros, Rothschild Warn Of Brexit Doom; Osborne Threatens With “Suspending” Market

    Does the Brexit camp still stand a change or didn’t they have a change in the first place?

  12. rob5280 says:

    The only way that a Brexit vote would have weight in law would be if the government decided to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. That is my understanding at least, from what I have been able to ascertain so far.

    Consider this Article from Business Insider:

  13. rob5280 says:

    Once again, the Politians must be cornered and MADE to follow the Will of the People. Else, all is for naught.

  14. ccuthbert2001 says:

    Wikipedia article about Lindh’s assassin.

  15. ccuthbert2001 says:

    The whole referendum stinks of psyop. See today’s Daily Bell:


  16. Jody says:

    This is an interesting blog about the inconsistency in the MSM narrative of Jo Cox’s death and the unanswered questions still left unanswered.

  17. Jody says:

    A YouTube video explaining why he believes the Jo Cox murder is a PsyOps

  18. Jody says:

    Another YouTube video from same man who believes Thomas Mair wasn’t the man arrested at the scene.

  19. rayvahey says:

    “We need to recognise that people have been pulled up short by Jo Cox’s death and it is now time to make a very positive case for why we want to be in the European Union… to call out the other side for what they have done to stir division and resentment in the UK. That is something we must all do… This is what we think is the closing argument of the campaign, reflecting all the arguments that we have been setting out for many months but also the new context that we’re in. What we want to say is people should vote Remain on Thursday for more jobs, lower prices, workers’ rights, stronger public services and a decent, tolerant United Kingdom.”

    Remain campaign director Will Straw sent the above email to the Stronger In mailing list yesterday. The thinking behind it is revealed in a recording of a conference call, obtained by Guido, which took place yesterday afternoon. Straw told Remain campaigners that voters had been “pulled up short” by the murder of Jo Cox, and that Stronger In should now attack the Leave side for creating “division and resentment”. Straw says they should respond to Cox’s death – “the new context that we’re in” – by claiming only they represent “a decent, tolerant” Britain.

  20. Corbett says:

    Received via email:

    Yet another reason to Brexit: 80% of Laws Are Made By The EU

  21. VoltaicDude says:

    British forces could help achieve an ethical solution in Syria
    By Andrew Mitchell and Jo Cox: A Conservative/Liberal coalition

    Andrew Mitchell is Conservative MP for Sutton Coldfield

    Jo Cox is [was] Labour MP for Batley and Spen

    Cox was the embodiment of the Liberal side of Liberal/Conservative coalitions on two fronts:
    1) Immigration Aid as tied to anti-Assad memes
    2) Pro EU membership

    Strategy: Attack Cox to solidify support within the liberal side of these coalitions (perhaps the “weaker” side – the more difficult side to maintain in this case, at this point).

    (Cox’s killer has all the markers one would expect of a Manchurian Candidate.)

    Plus, continue to confuse meme recognition: the EU project is in origin a right-wing, financial-shadow government project cloaked in pan-European neo-liberal speak – in actuality there is no substantial difference between neo-conservatism and neo-liberalism, they are two expressions of the corporatist (globalist, fascist) agenda, designed to create a controlling dialectic which has but one origin.

    It is a dialectic “play” to begin with. The origin of these agenda’s real goals is always the interests (plans) of central shadow government, which are then expressed as differentiated (but complimentary) political paths – similar to the way white light is split as it passes through a prism.

    The expression of the political process invariably concludes with the synthesis of the differentiated paths, in other words the results are reversed though the actual real world political “democratic” process, and the original goal is expressed – so the rainbow colors are reunified, resulting in a single band of white light (an actually valid analogy from physics).

    Pre-Synthesis = Thesis + Antithesis = Post-Synthesis

    Pre-Synthesis = Post-Synthesis

    Cox unwittingly sealed her fate in pursuing her “pro-immigrant,” pro-EU, Liberal stance, but to be fair, how could she have known per se? How could anyone?

    These are games of opportunism played by those perched on powerful ledges of social access and control. If it hadn’t been this move, it would have been another, more advantageous to their chessboard game.

    Regarding: “How should one vote?” In reality it makes little difference – which of course means it makes some (however little) difference.

    Exiting the E.U. will severe one (of many) direct accesses to the Union by the “City of London.”

    It seems worthwhile to me – a very small step in the right direction.

    • Azra says:

      I resonate with your views VoltaicDude. Jo Cox’s CV reads like the Common Purpose trained and groomed globalist future leader that she was. Here are excerpts from her MP website:

      After university, Jo worked in Parliament for Joan Walley MP, helped to launch Britain in Europe, the pro-European campaign organisation, and then spent two years with Baroness Glenys Kinnock in Brussels.

      Jo then spent a decade working in a variety of roles with aid agency Oxfam, including head of policy, head of humanitarian campaigning based in New York and head of their European office in Brussels. Jo then went on to work closely with Sarah Brown to galvanise international action to stop mums and babies dying needlessly in pregnancy and childbirth.

      Jo was national chair of Labour Women’s Network for four years working with the board to encourage more women to enter public life. She is a patron of Mariella Frostrup’s GREAT Foundation and sat on the board of the Burma Campaign for many years. She has also advised the NSPCC and Save the Children on their UK activities.

      Immediately prior to standing for Parliament Jo was working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The Freedom Fund [backed by Clinton Global Iniative], a charity working to end the scourge of modern slavery. She was also in the process of launching UK Women, a new research institute dedicated to better understanding the views and needs of women in the UK.

      She was nominated in 2009 by the Davos World Economic Forum as a young global leader, and in 2012 received the DEVEX award for her contribution to international development.

      Among Jo’s parliamentary interests are foreign policy, international development, early years education and social isolation. She is also taking a keen interest in the northern economy and regional devolution and is a member of the Communities and Local Government select committee.

      Jo is co-chair of the Friends of Syria All Party Parliamentary Group and is an active member of parliamentary groups working on Palestine, devolution, Pakistan, Kashmir and Yorkshire’s regional economy.

      From the GoFundMe page where the current donations total £1,210,688 of £1.5M, the ‘humanitarian’ charities:

      In celebration and memory of Jo Cox, we are raising funds to support causes closest to her heart, chosen by her family:

      The Royal Voluntary Service, to support volunteers helping combat loneliness in Jo’s constituency, Batley and Spen in West Yorkshire.

      HOPE not hate [Soros NGO], “who seek to challenge and defeat the politics of hate and extremism within local communities across Britain.”

      The White Helmets [Soros created and funded by US, UK et al]: “volunteer search and rescue workers in Syria. Unarmed and neutral, these heroes have saved more than 51,000 lives from under the rubble and bring hope to the region.”

      Here is an excellent synthesis of information about the nefarious White Helmets by Vanessa Beeley:

      “Who are the White Helmets? This is a question that everyone should be asking themselves.

      “A hideous murder of a rising star in UK politics, Jo Cox MP, has just sent shock waves across the world. Within hours of her death, a special fund was established in her name to raise money for 3 causes. One of those causes is the Syrian White Helmets.

      “Are we seeing a cynical and obscene exploitation of Jo Cox’s murder to revive the flagging credibility of a US State Department & UK Foreign Office asset on the ground in Syria, created and sustained as first responders for the US and NATO Al Nusra/Al Qaeda forces?”

      Continue reading here:


      In January 2016 Jo Cox and Lord Paddy Ashdown demanded ‘help’ for Madaya from the UK and UN. “The letter includes a request that the prime minister to ready the RAF to start dropping food, should the need arise.”

      “The Truth About Madaya, Syria: Population Held Hostage by US-NATO Supported Terrorists” by Vanessa Beeley

      Soros’ Agenda? Madaya Town Hype ‘Aimed at Derailing Syrian Peace Process’

      [NOTE: This comment far exceeds the 500 word comment limit. In future, please break such comments into multiple parts if necessary. -JC]

      • Azra says:

        Oh dear, I do apologise for the lengthy post. It was my first time to comment as a member and was not aware of the 500 word limit which I will be most mindful of in future. Thank you for letting me know.

  22. Azra says:

    Having myself lost a family member suddenly, tragically I was rather taken aback by how quickly – within an hour or 2 of Jo’s death being announced – Brendan Cox had released a wonderful tribute and had the GoFundMe account set up. The career paths of Jo and Brendan are remarkable in their parallel trajectories and work with NGOs.

    He Used to Work for Save The Children. Chief strategist Brendan Cox denied the allegations from women of inappropriate behaviour but quit in September 2015.

    Interestingly, his LinkedIn profile still says that he is Director of Policy and Advocacy at Save the Children.

    “Prior to this he ran a global research project and published a series of reports analysing global development campaigns and looking at future trends and opportunities. The reports were based on numerous interviews with heads of state, civil society leaders, campaigners and academics. Between 2008 and 2010, Cox served as Special Advisor for Africa and International Development to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Before that, he was Chief Executive of Crisis Action, a charity that works behind the scenes to address armed conflict and recently won the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship. He started his career in the aftermath of the civil war in the former Yugoslavia working with children affected by the conflict and has a long standing interest in refugee policy. In 2011 he was appointed a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and in 2012 was selected as one of the top forty young leaders in international development by Devex.”

    He was Senior Press Officer for Oxfam [Jo also worked at Oxfam] and was former Press and Parliamentary Officer (DrugScope).

    He attended London School of Economics and Political Science, which Jo also attended.

    Brendan Cox, who was an adviser on international development to Gordon Brown. Jo Cox was advisor to Sarah Brown (the wife of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown), who was spearheading a campaign to prevent deaths in pregnancy and childbirth.

    When working as special advisor to PM Brown, Brendan was specifically tasked with working on the 1-Goal campaign, whose purpose was to ensure education for all children.

    He was the Executive Director of Crisis Action an organization with the purpose of preventing armed conflict around the world.

    “We are a catalyst and convenor of joint action whose work behind the scenes enables coalitions to work quickly and effectively,” the organization’s website reads. “As a coordinating body we seek no public profile or media spotlight; it is the voice of the coalition that matters.”

    “The organization expanded significantly during his time as director, according to Devex.”
    The extent of how the death of Jo Cox has been politicised and exploited is way over the top. Hilary Clinton posted a tribute to Jo Cox within a day and Obama apparently called Brendan to give him his condolescenses. I now understand that there is a going to be a ‘global memorial’ today, Wednesday June 22, 2016:

    Here are few more interesting bits from the wikipedia entry for Jo Cox which keeps changing, being updated:

    [Edited as this post far exceeds the 500 word comment limit. Interested parties can follow the link to go directly to the Wikipedia article -JC]

    In other words it appears that Jo Cox and her husband helped and continue to enable the current proxy war in Syria via their work and support of The White Helmets and other organisations.

    p.s. It’s my first time posting in here and I forgot to include the link to Jo Cox’s ‘about’ page from her MP website in my comment above. Here it is:

  23. Azra says:

    Hmmm …

    “Friends, neighbours and former miners have joined calls to award the George Cross medal to the pensioner who tried to save Jo Cox.

    “Bernard Kenny, 77, was stabbed in the stomach as he went to the aid of the Labour MP, who was fatally stabbed and shot last Thursday.

    “Kenny arrived home on Monday afternoon under a police escort, having spent four nights in Leeds General Infirmary.” Cont’d

    Comment — June 21, 2016

    “There’s one problem with the above report and it calls into question everything we’ve been told about Jo Cox’s murder. Bernard Kenny, the pensioner who allegedly intervened when Cox was attacked died in 2013.

    “Pictured below is a screenshot of his obituary in the Yorkshire Evening Post. His address listed as Oldfield Lane, Lower Wortley, is a few miles from scene of the attack on Jo Cox in Birstall.

    “So there can be little doubt that the Bernard Kenny referred to above is the same Bernard Kenny referred to in the obituary below. Meaning the story of the attack on Jo Cox is either a modern day miracle with Bernard Kenny rising from the dead to intervene? Or, more likely, a contrived fiction intended to swing the upcoming Brexit referendum. Ed.”

    I also find it interesting that it is Jo Cox’s birthday today June 22nd and that Bernard Kenny shares this birthday. What are the chances?

  24. m.lim says:

    I have not voted for a long time but will vote leave for what it’s worth tomorrow. Bit sick to death of the whole Brexit campaign being hijacked by Farage/Johnson/Gove. A bit of light hearted truth for you all to enjoy below.

    • Azra says:

      I’m so with you on being weary with the quite appalling circus acts all involved on all sides have been a party to. Thank you for sharing that video. Cheers!

  25. Azra says:

    Earlier today Jean-Claude Juncker “repeated Brussels’ warning that a Brexit vote will not extract greater concessions from the EU in a bid to keep Britain in the bloc.”

    It’s my understanding that Cameron’s alleged ‘renegotiation deal’ that he petitioned the EU for in February this year was mostly hot air in any event. “Introducing Cameron’s EU red card will have limited impact”

  26. Azra says:

    Whatever the outcome of the referendum the U.K. will still be a ‘member state’ of the EU until Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is activated.

    If the EU leaders “wake up Friday morning with the unprecedented reality of a member state quitting the club, they will have to react quickly to contain markets instability and political uncertainty, as well as to prepare the first steps of the divorce process.”

    Let the cards fall where they may, hopefully against the status quo. Either way it will be a battle but a worthy one in my opinion for we the people, in the end.

    • Azra says:

      Here’s an article from two blokes at the London School of Economics interestingly:

      The seven days of Brexit: how a Leave government could bypass Article 50

      “Most agree that leaving the EU would entail a negotiating period of at least two years, as set out in Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. But, argue Frank Vibert and Gunnar Beck, this is not a certainty. If a Brexit vote – combined with a Commons majority in favour of Leave – were deemed to constitute ‘a fundamental change of circumstances’ under the UN’s Vienna convention on the Law of Treaties, Britain could leave the EU immediately. They set out a timetable that would see Britain leave the EU within a week.”


  27. ccuthbert2001 says:

    Do we think that the gofundme (etc) campaigns are partly fake? It’s common when “passing the hat” for tips to put money in the hat so others are more likely to toss money in, as well. So are tptsb setting up the gofundme campaigns and putting the first several $10ks as payment, enticing the hoi palloi to continue? Or do you think that all the money is from their handlers? Or none of the above?

  28. Ukdavec says:

    Brexit Referendum day – timetable

     Polls will be open from 8am-11pm CEST (7am to 10pm BST) on Thursday, 23 June.
     It is illegal to publish any opinion/exit polls during the day as long as polls are open for people
    to vote. Exit polls are allowed to be published as soon as the polling stations are closed.
     YouGov and Sky News have announced that they will publish ‘on the day’ polls at 11pm CEST. These polls turned out quite accurate for the Scottish independence vote, and depending on the outcome (i.e. polls showing a clear majority to one of the sides) this could trigger a significant market reaction.
     Moreover, Britain’s hedge fund industry is commissioning private exit polls to get an early warning of the result. Electoral Commission rules allow exit polls on the day of a referendum so long as they are not published until polls close at 11pm CEST.
     When polls are closed, local results will be declared as the counts are completed. The bulk of the results should be in somewhere between 3am-5am CEST (2am-4am BST) on Friday morning, depending on how quickly the votes are counted and how close the results are running.
     The BBC estimates that it should be possible to make a projection of the result some time around 5am CEST on Friday, 24 June
     The Electoral Commission, which is in charge of overseeing the referendum, estimates the final result will be announced at ‘breakfast time’ on Friday, 24 June.

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for this. If there are any Brits who want to keep us updated as the voting machines reveal their (pre-programmed) “results” it would be appreciated.

      • neil.a says:

        I’m sure you already know this but for the benefit of any of your readers that don’t; voting in the U.K. is still a case of drawing an x in the appropriate box on a slip of paper and dropping that slip of paper into a locked box. These locked boxes are then taken to central counting halls and counted by hand.
        Most of the suspicious activity here seems to involve the postal votes. This is where, if you do not want to vote “in person” on the day of the election, you can have your ballot paper delivered to your home address in advance and then post in your vote.

  29. Corbett says:

    Speaking of pre-programmed results it looks like the fix is in. This will come as a shock to you all, I’m sure:

    Why The Just Released YouGov Poll May Have Sealed The Outcome Of The UK Referendum

  30. sandy steel says:

    In order to ensure that only their nationalist or globalist corporate parties’ candidates are likely to win The UK’s Elections and Referenda:-

    firstly all of The UK’s national Party Politicians are aided by their Civil Servants’ retinue comprehensively to Cartel ‘Bid Rig’ fraud or to Cartel ‘Market Share’ fraud the UK’s Local Elections in their candidates’ favour:- in other words either they use undeclared party candidates at the local election or they gerrymander super-size the local election both which being entry-gate to elective politics’ frauds and being used comprehensively to defraud the UK’s Local Elections in their cartel candidates’ favor therefore all of The UK’s other elections are also comprehensively defrauded as everyone else via this cartel’s local elections’ frauds are impeded even to start locally.

    So by these gate keeper elections frauds The UK’s Elections are comprehensively defrauded by this nationalist and globalist criminals’ cartel of corporate national party politicians and their civil servants.

    Plus this national corporate criminals’ cartel no doubt can stuff, switch and miscount The UK’s both local ballots and referendum ballots in their cartel’s covert NWO favor, with the postal ballot boxes being the more prone.

    Sandy Steel

    My home no is: [Edit: No posting of personal contact info here please. -JC]

  31. louiscyphre says:

    And this my friends is how the vote will be rigged to get the disred result.

    At the same time as fixing the ballot they get signed confirmation of the identity of the Exit Rebels in the county.

    This ballot is neither secret or secure and it seems that the potential to abuse it is at record levels for the UK.

  32. Corbett says:

    Just received via email:

    “I just returned from voting leave. I took my own pen as the polling station only provides pencils. Oddly vote remain was the top box despite alphabetical order. It really feels like my vote was for nothing but I tried, fingers crossed.”

  33. docgrant says:

    What about the possibility of crowdfunding a real investigation into the Cox assassination? This event screams psyop/Tavistock Institute but it is clear that the “authorities” will not carry out a real investigation. Sibel Edmonds talked about a mystery client who hired an ace German investigator to look into the MH17 crash and he appears to have been successful and this set me off thinking whether it might be possible to crowd source this same investigator or someone of his calibre to look into the Cox assassination. It could serve as a massive wake up call if people were to find out just how public opinion is being so grotesquely manipulated by the hidden power. What do you think James? Anybody?

  34. CQ says:

    Apparently there are two men in West Yorkshire named David Kenny, and both of them have a wife named Doreen. One of them has been dead for three years, a fact that sent some truth-seekers careening down the wrong rabbit hole, until they learned their mistake (per the update to this post):

    A columnist named Jon Scales dares to say the unthinkable about Jo’s family–that they are not mourning–in these two essays: and

    In the second piece, a photo zooms in on a Muslim “woman” in a burka paying respects to Jo’s family.

  35. Corbett says:

    So, it’s not official yet but it looks like Britain voted Brexit. Eager to hear reaction/analysis/insight from any Europeans in the crowd here.

    • paul823 says:

      Yep looks like they did it, 52% to exit with Scotland and Ireland voting to remain so that might turn interesting. The markets are going crazy as the globalist banksters chuck a tanty but will settle down in a few day I suspect. Or it could be just the catalyst they need for the ‘real’ GFC? The pound is down about 10% against the USD, the lowest it’s been since 1985. Well done England, let’s see what happens now. 🙂

    • jaime says:

      Northern Ireland (56%), Scotland (62%) and London (60%) voted in; everyone else voted out (England: 53%). Total: 51.9% out. Notice that England is about 88% of the total population of the UK.
      Nigel Farage said, all excited, that we should make this day a bank holiday and call it “Independence Day”.
      In any case, it is good news indeed, but unsurprisingly, the pound has plunged for starters. We’ll see how things develop from here. Hopefully other countries will follow and the EU gets dismantled.

  36. Jimb says:

    We win, yay…. and camera man Cameron has just announced his resignation using a slightly awkward metaphor of a captain sailing a ship…

  37. Eli says:

    Globalist 750 million…. People… 1.5 (2 if trump beats Clinton) its a great day for the people but have a long way to go. Corbett doesn’t understand Trump is not about Trump.. Trump is a vote against the NWO and that is why he won nomination and is surging. who knows what he will do.. but we know what Hillary will do… and to not back trump at this point is ridiculous and self defeating, at the very least Trump is exposing who the globalist stooges are, Romney/Ryan/Cruz/Bush/Clinton/Rubio/etc… thats some list of enemies… I hope someone has his back…

  38. matti.rouse says:

    The controllers get what they want – Brexit is what they want – interesting…

  39. maximannone says:

    To be honest the whole thing was a catch 22 situation, the EU is anti democratic but Britain can’t really stand alone, with no national industries other than finance and would just end up latching on to the US anyway or just become completely irrelevant. A British ‘Leave’ isn’t about rebelling against the Establishment ala Cuba; we have a right wing Tory government, we’re not about to re kindle national industries and invest in social growth; the Tories are all about big business and slashing welfare. My main concern is that the people behind the Leave campaign were the face of British xenophobia, the far right parties like the BNP and UKIP, and with the help of trashy tabloid coverage like The Sun and The Daily Mail drove fear of immigrants and racism into the minds of the populace. I know because I live here and have been following the news coverage. The ultra elite Zac Goldsmith is my local MP (married to a Rothschild and son of notorious James Goldsmith) and he campaigned for Leave (like his father who had ties to UKIP). So ‘Leave’ has a rather ugly army of campaigners here. True, particularly in places like London, immigration is at an all time high, and this drives down wages and creates pressure on housing, BUT immigrants are the economic motor of the city contributing taxes and consuming locally. Small businesses wouldn’t be able to pay higher wages once the workforce leaves and all the extra taxes and tariffs that would come with Brexit, and therefore would probably close (like the ones that my partner and I work for) and there would be less jobs, and big corporations would become evermore monopolistic. I am not Pro EU or any other massive governmental block, but I am pro freedom of movement (of peoples and things) and voting to close borders goes against this ideology. I am an immigrant, so is my family we always have been, such is the human spirit. Brexit won for all the wrong reasons here, the sort of reasons that Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen & co become powerful. Living in London with an Italian partner, dependent on our jobs at small businesses that trade with Europe, I am sad and concerned about the result. Had it been because most people think like you Corbett, and truly voted because of sound economic, political and philosophical reasons I would think there is hope, and possibly a plan, and that this was a ‘stick it to the man’ anti establishment vote of confidence. But British racism and the far right is on the rise, and that is what won yesterday.

    • louiscyphre says:

      Yep we have been told for so long thayt we can’t stand without support that many believe it.

      Both sides used fear and both had extremist elements.

      Both sides howeever were normal people following their belief and as such should not be tainted by false association to extremist groups.

      Unfortunately the above response is exactly what I have witnessed over the entire campaign.

      The line ‘Brexit won for all the wrong reasons’ is just nonsence. Brexit won becasue thats what people voted for. This whether you like it or not is thew will of the biggest voting turnout for Decades.

      Yep the people of the ‘United Kingdom?’ No longer want to worship at the Temple of the Great God Europe.

      I did not vote. I do not play that game.

      I am an impartial observer.

      I have no vested intrest.

      • maximannone says:

        you raise a fair point about false associations, and I know that there are many people that aren’t part of the BNP or UKIP (which are far right groups) that voted Leave; as there are many people who voted Remain that aren’t globalists or europhiles that worship the Great God Europe. However, the campaign for Leave was mainly run on fear of other people and pushed by the BNP (who frequently visit London street markets to film minorities and hark on about how white England is being overrun) and UKIP. One could think that Trump in the US is a revolutionary “eff you”, but one could also see that what he says points in a certain direction and is tapping into peoples fear of others. Here, there is an ongoing climate of intolerance that is spouted by the media, either towards immigration (particularly of Eastern European descent) or Islamophobia, and it seems to be gaining steam. If Leave was about democracy and empowering the British people by getting rid of an undemocratic ruling government and using the money it costs to maintain it for something actually beneficial for society, then we should hold a referendum on the Royal family and the house of Lords. That would be coherent. I like to think of myself as impartial too, and I thought long and hard about both sides of the argument. I try not to buy into things or take things for granted, as I’m sure many other people (particularly in this forum) do. However, although I would prefer not to ‘play games’, these are things that have a real effect on our daily lives, and as such felt the need to participate in some way. I don’t like Cameron, or any political party for that matter and ideologically would feel more inclined towards Anarchy, as essentially freedom is what everyone wants for their lives. I feel that closing borders to ‘make Britain Great again’ is a step away from this, as would be, for example, building a massive wall on the border in Mexico.

        • Lance says:

          I generally agree that the right vote came for the wrong reasons.

          Although it is not good for my short term financial position either, I voted Leave simply to rid us (hopefully) of one more level of power structure – especially such a totalitarian one as the EU is.

          My thinking is that a once in a life time vote is not about current, personal situations, but about what kind of country/structures my future and children will have to endure.

  40. zgornel says:

    Looking at the reaction on the markets: pound down, euro down, dollar up, I’d have to say the leave vote could benefit the EU as a whole to the detriment on the US (whose dollars are getting more expensive and hence put even more deflationary pressures on the Fed). On the other hand, it will be easier for UK businesses to trade internationally as the pound fell significantly.

    This is no more than another battle in the currency devaluation wars that flame around the globe and while it is paradoxical, UK leaving the EU benefits both EU and UK.

    In the end it still resorts to money, budget balancing and deficit spending. One has to have weak currencies to be competitive and preserve social stability or the status quo.

    So, could this have been the intended goal all along with the far-right being used as a false cover ? Sounds familiar …

    • Ruby says:

      Not to sound alarmist and I apologize if this has already been covered but does this help to start a bigger hot war, i.e “Look, the EU did keep world wars in check – now look what’s happened!!” James did mention a lead to further mechanisms of control following, just wondering about thoughts on the interim big hot war scenario.

  41. vumxmx says:

    Why the UK Said Bye Bye to the EU

    Pepe Escobar
    More on Brexit

    Paul Craig Roberts

    Information continues to come in about the Brexit vote. A member of the British Army said that 90% of the lads in his unit voted to leave. They voted exit because they do not believe they should be involved in Washingtons wars. He said that his unit agreed that the wars are dictated by Washington, via Brussels, and not by the British people. He also said that that the soldiers were “taking their own pen” to the ballot box, because “they only use pencils at the polls and they could be rubbed out and changed.”

    Richie Allen in London, a radio presenter in Manchester, England, said that as an Irishman he remembers how the Irish vote against the EU was overturned when the people rejected the Lisbon Treaty and that already in England “they’ve begun talking about the possibility that the EU will come back with a better offer.” In other words, the exit vote is not being treated as meaningful. See his guest column here:


    Despite the Vote, the Odds Are Against Britain Leaving the EU

    Paul Craig Roberts

    The Brexit vote shows that a majority of the British voters understand that the UK government represents interests other than the interests of the British people. As difficult as the British know it is to hold their own government to account, they understand they have no prospect whatsoever of holding the EU government to account. During their time under the EU, the British have been reminded of historical times when law was the word of the sovereign.

    The propagandists who comprise the Western political and media establishments succeeded in keeping the real issues out of public discussion and presenting the leave vote as racism. However, enough of the British people resisted the brainwashing and controlled debate to grasp the real issues: sovereignty, accountable government, financial independence, freedom from involvement in Washington’s wars and conflict with Russia.

    The British people should not be so naive as to think that their vote settles the matter. The fight has only begun. Expect:

    — The British government to come back to the people and say, look, the EU has given us a better deal. We can now afford to stay in.

    — The Fed, ECB, BOJ, and NY hedge funds to pound the pound and to short British stocks in order to convince the British voters that their vote is sinking the economy.

    — More emphasis on the vote’s weakening of Europe, leaving all to the mercy of “Russian aggression.”

    — Hard to resist bribes (and threats) to prominent members of the leave majority and pressure on such leave leaders as Boris Johnson to be reasonable, concillatory and to maintain good relations with Washington and Europe, and to reach a compromise on remaining in the EU.

    — Expect the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) to attribute the loss of British jobs and investment opportunities to the leave vote.

    Brexit could break up EU, prevent WWIII: Paul Craig Roberts [Press TV Interview]
    Fri Jun 24, 2016

    Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU) could probably prevent the United States from launching World War III to establish control over the entire world, says Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, an American economist and author.

    Dr. Roberts, who was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Friday, a day after British citizens voted in a historic referendum to leave the EU, a bloc that the UK joined more than 40 years ago.

    “Hopefully, a result of the Brexit will be the breakup of the European Union and NATO – the British have shown that a large country, important numbers can lead. So this should encourage smaller countries, who are being ruthlessly exploited, such as Greece and Portugal, Italy and Spain to also vote to leave,” he said.

    [SNIP: I have snipped these excerpts to keep the post within the 500 word comment limit. People who are interested can go to the sources for the full articles. -JC]

  42. minnie says:

    I was elated when I first heard the news that Leave had won. I knew that I would have to temper my glee, as I live in Scotland and most people here love the EU. But the sheer extent of the gloom has started to make me feel miserable. Nearly everyone I know is acting as if the sky is falling in.

    I think there is too much dependency on EU grants (which are paid for with this outrageous flat rate minimum 15% VAT – you pay the same whether you’re homeless or a billionaire). And the campaign’s focus on immigration ignores some of the real problems that many people have been suffering since the recession. The educated classes are simply dismissing many of these issues, and it’s come back and bit them on the bum.

  43. rob5280 says:

    The Good News:

    DOW JONES IND. Down -610.32, settling to 17,400.75 at close.
    GOLD soared to nearly $1360.00 per Oz, and is now at $1315.60.
    All due, to theVote!

    The Not So Good News:

    “Despite the Vote, the Odds Are Against Britain Leaving the EU.
    The British people should not be so naive as to think that their vote settles
    the matter. The fight has only begun.”

    Consider this Article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
    —PhD Economics, University of Oxford

  44. rob5280 says:

    Greetings James,

    In regards to your query dated 06/20/2016 at 8:03 PM,
    “Also, does anyone have a good article or info with details about this?”

    I only just started my Search, but I did find the link below. You have probably already reviewed it, but at the same time I am not surprised to learn that the Mossad is implicated in the article. Still looking for more information .

    The Strange Death of Anna Lindh

  45. rayvahey says:

    Missing tattoos?

    Firstly can I draw your attention to the main photo that the mainstream media has provided us with.

    The one with the red gloves.

    If you do a Google Image Search for “Thomas Mair” you will no doubt come accross a photo of a man doing a nazi salute. To me, the face does look very much like the person above in the guardian article above. This was certainly posted on social media quite a bit but I couldn’t find any media source claiming it to be Thomas Mair, perhaps someone else can.

    Notice the tattoo’s.

    Next, compare this to the video of the suspects cature


    Still photo of his capture

    It seems like the the lack of tattoos is evidence the nazi photo may not be the person captured by the police. The obvious explanation is someone found a photo of someone who looked like Thomas Mair and circulated it as being him. What do you guys think?

    • stevekelly911 says:

      Considering that this ‘evidence’ came directly out of the Southern Poverty Law Center, I would say it is worth, well, at least more than a White House press statement, LOL.

      Did anyone check Hillary Clinton’s emails to see if she ordered the hit? Everything else seems to be in those emails, and I’m sure her succeeding private server is just as easily hackable, so perhaps a hacker can help us out 😛

  46. matti.rouse says:

    The referendum is there to break up the UK which rose under Elizabeth Tudor and will recede with Elizabeth Windsor. Ireland will become one country again and Scotland independent. England and Wales will turn into a kind of Switzerland protecting London. Only the London hub is important.

    Just one scenario…

    Look at Quigley – the people are always being played and this is a classic example. Whatever it is that you hold dear to heart that is what will be played and preyed upon. You can’t fight manipulation when you can’t see it or it’s end goal. In this case what could be more cabal-istic than to use UKIP to break up the UK. Just as that ‘Greatest of all Britons’ Churchill, presided over the fall of the Empire whilst apparently doing all he could to preserve it.

    By the way the ‘Great’ in Great Britain refers to the fact that it is the largest island. That’s all.

  47. matti.rouse says:

    One more thing – with the internet it is no longer necessary to have large power blocks to run the world. The world is already run globally. EU or no EU, it doesn’t matter. UK or no UK – who cares. They are just games for the play pen.

  48. stevekelly911 says:

    EUROBABEL begins to topple … oh, my, I think I celebrated a little too much, now the sides of my mouth feel bruised being located in my ears for over 24 hours 😛

    Nothing will stop the EUrowreck now. Just watch every euroskeptic corner of the continent become so invigorated that they shred these paper-mountain bureaucrats and their paper tigers to shreds. Scotland won’t have an EU left to join by the time it gets around to another referendum. Northern Ireland however will probably be a flashpoint unfortunately, and I pray that my ethnic kin keep cool heads with each other for as long as it takes the EU to disintegrate.

    Looks like the Greek people will have to thank the middle class Brit for doing for them what their spineless ‘leaders’ couldn’t do for them in the birthplace of western self-determination.

    What really made my mouth hit the ground is when, within 24 hours, President Trump came out and said it was awesome, and basically implied that Brussels was a cruel joke on the rest of the indentured Roman satrapies … I was like “Did he just say that?” … and then I switched channel to hear Barry Soetoro back-peddling his remarks from the day before, and acting really coy and confused about what the hell to do next. What a loser.

    IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! If Trump is good for anything, his rhetoric is sure amusing and, in many ways, rather refreshing from the globalist tele-prompter-drivel of the last few decades. He even said that the “Global Elite” (exact words) were being shown the door … now, I’m not stupid enough to take this at face value so soon without seeing real proof, but, heck, what a dream!?!

    Could it be that the “Global Elite” just miscalculated, and got handed their asses on a platter by rural Britons!?! Oh, please, let it be so.

    Wat Tyler has re-entered the building …

    … now if only they could storm the Tower of London and throw the Crown into the Thames, I’ll be assured that Prince Philip and his WWF-UN Agenda 21 (etc…) were also being shown the way to the pit of oblivion.

    Nexit, Frexit, Grexit … and … pooooof, the Beast stumbles and falls. I hope Tsipras is tarred and feathered and made to walk in shame up to the Areopagus to publicly apologize to his ancestors, before being exiled to Brussels to live his life as a shamed, broken, ‘leftist’, failed minion of paper pushing, office dwelling, technocratic fascist scum (did I leave anything out?). Oh, yeah, Varoufakis can follow him also, seeing as he has never repented of his EUroligious beliefs in a Socialist Superstate!

    Where is your spine Greeks!?!
    Maybe they’re waiting for 300 men with testicles?

  49. Moxa4 says:

    I just don’t get it. How can people be so happy about Brexit, when interpreting it as a step towards indepence? Nothing has changed. Well, there is now the opportunity for reforms. But the next steps will be: new treaties with UK, efficiency in burocracy, russia into the boat (Eurasia). Sad story! But the big state, i.e. the new world order is now nearer then before.
    Hope? Yes indeed, I think there is a small opportunity to go on with collectivism, but not so many are ready to go this way…

    • louiscyphre says:

      Shame you cannot see it.

      HGope has dawned again after many years absence from most of the Westernised World.

      Last week most people were abosulutly convienced that they had no power and could do nothing against the march towards Globalism.

      The World has taken notice. The Whole World.

      The Elite seriously underestimate the U.K. They believed that we had been tamed by Fear. Although this is more True of the Younger Generation the use of political fear on the U.K. was far less effective than they believed.

      All arround the People that wish to change the planneed direction are felling empowered by what was achieved Britons.

      Unfortunately many still believe they can do nothing an nothing has change as you comment clear demonstrates. Will further events of this nature help?

      Yes of course the Elite will work hard to set things back to their righteous path. But this is work they had not planned for at the very least it is a major inconvenience, more likely is that it will cause them a casade of head aches. And posibly, just maybe it could derail their train entirely.

      Much work still needs to be done to gain independance, not from Europe, from the Elite.

      This however is a Major Event and should be Heraldeed rather than talked down.

      People do have power. This is now demonstrated. People have noticed.

      • Moxa4 says:

        I wish you were right. But as a Swiss I am not quite sure about the consequences. I understand the happiness and the celebration after this victory, but this victory will in my view not necessarily lead to the abolishment of the EU super state. Anyway it brings a fresh breeze and that could lead indeed to an storm.
        But, on the other hand I have this strange feeling that it was not so unexpected, as you would think.
        (I apologize for my English.)

      • stevekelly911 says:

        Here, here, louiscyphre, I could not have said it better.

        The psychological effect of this decision is devastating to globalism, and if they try any shenanigans to reverse it, the opposition will merely increase. The Rubicon has been crossed by the rural Brit! Fantastic!

        If Trump is elected and keeps to his rhetoric about making the big multinationals start paying, whilst reducing size of government and releasing plebs from higher taxes and Obama’care’, then Anglo-America will look like sunshine again.

        I know to be cautious about Trump, but based on his recent comments in Scotland about the Brexit, if he were to win and to plot a course where the U.S. and U.K. denounce moves towards gloabalism, it could also avert a war with Russia, which is the very REAL fear that the silly young Americans and Brits should actually have about their future.

        I just can’t get over how brainwashed the younger generation of Anglo-America and Europe have become based purely on the fear that they WON’T get to be part of a bigger, unaccountable government beast. It is pure stockholm syndrome, and it can all be explained by a quote from Bertrand Russell’s ‘EDUCATION IN A SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY’; First two paragraphs of Chapter 15:

        “EDUCATION has two purposes: on the one hand to form the mind, on the other hand to train the citizen. The Athenians concentrated on the former, the Spartans on the latter. The Spartans won, but the Athenians were remembered.

        Education in a scientific society may, I think, be best conceived after the analogy of the education provided by the Jesuits. The Jesuits provided one sort of education for the boys who were to become ordinary men of the world, and another for those who were to become members of the Society of Jesus. In like manner, the scientific rulers will provide one kind of education for ordinary men and women, and another for those who are to become holders of scientific power. Ordinary men and women will be expected to be docile, industrious, punctual, thoughtless, and contented. Of these qualities probably contentment will be considered the most important. In order to produce it, all the researches of psycho-analysis, behaviourism, and biochemistry will be brought into play. Children will be educated from their earliest years in the manner which is found least likely to produce complexes.” [‘complexes’, being independent thought, and especially distrust of government]

        … enough said …

        I know how thick the propaganda was when I was in school (I’m a 34yro Aussie),you know, stuff like Warmism, Keynesian ‘economics’, and Socialist utopianist social studies teachers, so I can only imagine what it is like now for the average impressionable mind in the collective pickle jar.

        As Bertrand Russell prescribed, the younger generation have become the “thoughtless, and contented” ‘citizen’; you know, iphone babies, and ‘free uni degrees’ for everyone (100 million liberal arts graduates without a job). May Bertrand Russell burn in the hell he didn’t believe in.

  50. wheels says:

    My Hypothesis about Brexit

    Like those multi level first person shooter games, there are always multiple levels to new world order (NWO) conspiracies.

    • matti.rouse says:

      Thanks for that. I find it astonishing that so many expected the vote to be rigged in favor of remain but when the leave vote won it meant there was no rigging – except the idea that the leave vote was even bigger – and no more questioning. It shows how many alt. sites are just joining in the dialectic and not thinking any further. Most of them.

  51. wheels says:

    Five Levels of Brexit

    Level one, the really basic level, is as provided by the mainstream media. Level one stories never bare up well to scrutiny, but that’s not too surprising because mainstream propaganda is around 80% complete bollocks. This is the default pattern for most news, especially false flag terrorism, and “unexpected” outcome stories.

    In this case the level one story is that the confused and racist population of England has made a horrible mistake by voting against the EU, and that will plunge the world back into the dark ages. And that this “insane” final vote was all a complete surprise.

    Level two is more popular in the mainstream “alternative” media, and says that trade agreements, from the EU to the TPPA are complete con-jobs, designed to make corporations and politicians richer, while screwing the sheeple. So voting against the EU was a real protest vote, fuck the man, we’re not going to take it anymore. There is some truth to this and I like the sentiment, but I suspect that there are still several higher levels.

    Level three stems from the idea that the NWO has an ultimate goal of one world government. Previously they were attempting this through collecting groups of countries into unions and trade zones. But this hasn’t been going entirely to plan, and Plan B is to instead split these groups into smaller weaker sub units.

    Once England pulls out of the EU, many other countries are likely to follow suit. Divide and conquer. No more big European block.

    Meanwhile the United States could also be split up through civil war, triggered by a totally corrupt and incompetent puppet “president” (either $hillary or chump could fill this roll with ease). A confused America would assist with bringing in the ultimate aim of a one world government.

    Another alternative is that $hillary either goes on to have another stroke, or gets taken down through legal action at the last moment, and has to be replaced by Bernie Sanders – who is widely seen as the legitimate , popular, and deserving candidate (who just happens to have Zionist connections). And while appearing to be acting as president, Sanders could continue to undermine America, just as Obama has been doing.

    Level four includes understanding that all this voting is an illusion – the NWO control the outcome of all referendums and elections. The trick is to make the outcomes look like surprises. In this case, the desired outcome was put in place as planned, and was not a surprise to the NWO. They sold their UK assets the week before and will now be able to buy them back a lot cheaper, making a quick extra few trillion, as a handy bonus.

    Level five might include a whole new angle that not only overrides some of what I have just said, but is also over my head at this point… Multi level stories are like that. So is this a sign that the NWO order have just lost a battle or successfully pulled off another spin job? – I don’t know, I hope they have just lost a bit of grip, but the NWO should never be underestimated!

  52. d-One says:

    I posted this in Brexit : What Does it Mean …. but I think it belongs here…. So excuse the double post.

    I am always turning over rocks to see what is on the other side (what is the hidden agenda).
    When I heard the results of the vote, my stomach sank. I felt like this was the feather before the sledgehammer hits.

    There is some interesting analysis in this article:

    Basically that the globalists are going to break down super-states into smaller bite-size chunks and bring them under the UN’s boot.

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