Interview 1716 - James Corbett on Research, Anarchy and the Future

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via Anarchy For Freedom (RECORDED FEBRUARY 3, 2022): "In this interview with the legendary James Corbett, I ask him about his views on Extraterrestrial life, spirituality and consciousness, anarchy vs politics, what he expects to happen in the near future, how he does his research, his best content till date, and much more!"


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  1. VieuxOrdinaire says:

    Too bad this Indian gentlemen is perpetuating the virus/contagion lie.
    I’d love for him to show us the so called pathogenic ‘virus’. In fact; he’d be the 1st on in world history. Would be world news, actually.

    Come on, “ex-molecular biologist”; show us the virus.

  2. justsaying says:

    I agree with VieuxOrdinaire
    It’s about time you address the elephant in the room James, “The Virus”.
    I would understand if, in the beginning, you were a bit skeptical, confused, or just preferring not to go there… but by now, everyone who wants to see, knows there is no such a thing as a pathogenic virus; not only sars cov 2 but HIV, measles…, the lot. The only way, or at least the best way to properly deconstruct this whole pathetic Covid narrative is from square one. Give us a treat and interview one of the following peeps: Amandha Voller, Tom Cowen, Sam Bailey, Kelly Brogan, Andrew Kaufman, Stephen Lanka, Mark Bailey…. Let’s do this revolution properly!!! Expose/Remove the germ theory scam from history!

    • 🕷 says:

      The Corona Investigative Committee wanted to hear about the Terrain Theory but decided it would hinder their legal efforts to take that stand. It would be too radical to use an approach in court that only a few people understand. I don’t bring the subject up other than with my closest friends. I already have a difficult time with credibility and denouncing germ theory would not help. I also don’t bring up ideas concerning time and space because even fewer people have a clue.

      • justsaying says:

        As of now, the number of “few people” who are debunking the old paradigm of what causes disease is growing exponentially. This is surprising, wonderful, and also understandable as more and more scientists are ‘joining the club” and finding ways to explain, expose and prove to the public all the nonsense we were told to believe. Deconstructing political and historic lies goes hand in hand with this. It’s time to question everything we “learned” (kind of were brainwashed) in science, history, medicine, biology, physics, politics, philosophy, etc; from 9/11 to HIV, from war manufacturing to disease manufacturing. Follow the money. See the tentacles and connections and conflict of interests in ALL. Very interesting times to WAKE UP, question EVERYTHING and start a new world for our children from scratch.
        Enjoy this 1.36min rant 🙂 It says a lot.

        • 🕷 says:

          Yes, question everything. Truth is a slippery target. I am inundated with military grade psychological manipulation at multiple levels. I cannot escape its influence, only limit its effects. Humans have been fodder for the elites for 4,000 years. Governments have a continual thread of control for all this time.

          Wake up the masses? Good luck.

          I started a new world for my family 50 years ago. I guess I jumped the gun.

    • Paul says:

      In regards to the overall COVID narrative, the bad guys are not following “virus” theory, thus it can be concluded that an incorrect scientific theory is not the cause of the problems related to the COVID narrative. To put it another way: this isn’t a problem related to science; this is a philosophical problem.

      Spending scarce resources to resolve scientific questions is unlikely to lead to a solution for any philosophical problem.

    • jayeman says:

      Sam Bailey is irrefutable logic. Thanks for your comment 👍

  3. justsaying says:

    Nice documentary on this, fresh out of the oven.

    • Raycrow says:

      Regarding research, at one point I hit a wall. When Marvel was broke and almost bankrupt a second time.
      The United Nations gave them 300 million dollars. A buddy worked for them at one point and I talked to him about it. Now it can’t be found. Like it was scrubbed or Mandela effect.

  4. littlebird says:

    hi! just logging in to say I’m loving the uptick in post frequency. During 2020-early 2021 your content was like an oasis of critical thinking in the midst of a churning sea. As someone who doesn’t have a lot of like-minded friends, I really appreciate the sense of “ok I’m not completely crazy” that one gets from watching your videos.

    Also glad to see your work getting more visibility around the world. Very nice!

  5. Paul says:

    No matter how many monkeys and how many typewriters, they can never produce Moby-Dick. It is not a probability calculation that can be brute-forced; it is an impossibility. Moby-Dick is a creation with meaning that that cannot be randomly created.

    • Duck says:

      the WORDS could be randomly generated… they just would not have meaning,

      Its like that Borges library thing…. holding every true book possible and every false book possible. The words cant have meaning without consciousness

      “…Though the vast majority of the books in this universe are pure gibberish, the library also must contain, somewhere, every coherent book ever written, or that might ever be written, and every possible permutation or slightly erroneous version of every one of those books. The narrator notes that the library must contain all useful information, including predictions of the future, biographies of any person, and translations of every book in all languages. Conversely, for many of the texts, some language could be devised that would make it readable with any of a vast number of different contents.

      Despite—indeed, because of—this glut of information, all books are totally useless to the reader… ..”

      I never read the book, but learnt about the idea in a book on cybernetics

  6. Unmani says:

    James as a “spiritual guru.” Haha! I’m going to laugh at that image when it crosses my mind for days. Thank you! Haha!

    My eyes are crossing from gut laughing at the thought of James at his desk in an orange dhoti with Buddha hair and a corona. Hahahaha!

    Talking about things as he does like international monetary policy….hahaha! In a dhoti….ha!

  7. janetpedro says:

    Excellent. mahalo nui. …. so much info ….. bit by bit the puzzle comes together … James: brilliant, gifted, articulate

  8. MEFF says:

    The mafia is making atraty via WHO to take the control and eliminate the sovereignty of the countries… with an eternal emergency law of pandemic Coincidently Rusia didn’t agree to create that treaty that will be ready on May 2024..

    It’s in english and spanish:

    Entrevista a la Dra. Astrid Struckelberger, ex-empleada de la OMS.

  9. Dalesco says:

    The antisemitism/Zionism question is a thorny and delicate topic.

    I don’t think absolutely all Jewish people have the same life philosophy, or that they all share the same common goals, neither do I suppose their genetics set them apart from the rest of humanity, as some believe.

    I do think a concept of racial superiority is embedded at least within their religious education.
    I also perceive a powerful organized community whose power extend beyond borders, but again it can’t include all Jews of the world and I don’t think it represents the top of the pyramid either, so to speak.

    Ultimately and as it typically is the case, I consider the Jewish people victims of their own elites. The latter were probably delighted by the mass extermination of the 1940’s, which might explain why the Haavara Agreement before WWII didn’t reach a large number of Jews.
    Then, I definitely wouldn’t take at face-value everything we were told, whether testimonies or even numbers, regarding that period of History.

    The Holocaust Industry is a very instructive exposition as it does point the finger at the fulfilled intent and the capacity to hatch a plot of considerable size, and its author Norman Finkelstein indeed paid for his thought-crime.

    You can look into the Sabbateans’ and Frankism movements too, with the idea of “redemption through sin”, if you’re interested in philosophical or mystical aspects.

    But again, it isn’t about putting everyone in the same boat and automatically making assumptions at an individual level.

  10. weilunion says:

    It is now official: The Patria System

    Venezuela: Subsidized Gasoline to be Purchased via Patria System

    March 29, 2022

    As of April 2, the ability to purchased subsidized gasoline in cash will be eliminated, and Venezuelans will only be able to pay through the BiopagoPDV system, in order to optimize the fuel marketing system and streamline service at gas stations.

    “This payment in bolívars, which is currently Bs 0.11 per liter [about 5% of the price of international gasoline], will be made, as of April 2, 2022, in advance, at the time of receiving the allocation of subsidized gasoline,” announced the official outlets of the Patria System, Venezuela’s national identification system. Each owner of a vehicle registered in the Patria system is allocated a monthly quota of 120 liters each month.

  11. Fact Checker says:

    Color Fact Checker mildly surprised that Corbett so candidly answered the GQ (God Question). Typically, he is extremely scrupulous in avoiding that one. I for one figured he was Christian, because there is no other reason he would tolerate those brain-dead Revelations Radio dorks. (I mean, really. They offer zero value.) However, I always appreciated Corbett’s lack of proselytizing, and complete absence of fatuous piety, to the point where he has pretty much avoided mention of such beliefs altogether, in everything I’ve seen. (Contrast this with, say, Dave Cullen, who randomly spouts weird Christian homilies at the end of like every tenth video, to truly cringeworthy effect.)

    Interesting that Corbett states confidently that “the universe is a creation”. I don’t think he has ever said a single other thing that is completely bereft of empirical evidence, but then he says this. It is (disappointingly) typical he gives the GQ a pass, and he falls on the “yes” side, despite lack of evidence, making that the one exception to his otherwise consistent and principled skepticism. Just as a statist gives government a pass on questions of morality, Corbett joins the rest of the YHWH-ites in giving the Jewish god a pass on the questions of not only morality but also empirical proof.

    Too bad. Fact Checker’s questions are: If the universe is a creation, why was it created so shitty? Why create a planet of miserable talking monkeys to suffer so exquisitely at the hands of other monkeys that were created to be mercilessly wicked? Isn’t the “creator” just as likely to be malevolent as it is to be good, based on the manifestly dualistic nature of “creation”? In which case, should the “creator” be worshipped and thanked, or denounced and defied?

    None of it withstands any scrutiny, or lends itself to intellectual rigor. The fact that Corbett nonetheless subscribes to it does, however, account for his unflappable “optimism,” which he cannot defend with any substantive evidence or coherent articulation. Instead, he always resorts to consequentialism: we just gotta believe everything’s gonna be just fine! One suspects his take on the GQ is similarly consequentialist in origin.

    Those two stubborn prejudices tend to go hand-in-hand: One must believe that Good prevails over Evil in order to believe in a Good God, and you must believe in a Good God in order to believe that Good prevails over Evil. It’s necessarily circular, and a self-reinforcing cycle of delusion. Once a body “chooses faith,” he’s inescapably locked in that particular thought-loop. Well, as John and Elton so rousingly said:

    “Whatever gets you through the night—it’s alright. Alright.”

    • Duck says:

      Fact Checker
      “…Too bad. Fact Checker’s questions are: If the universe is a creation, why was it created so shitty? …”

      As CS Lewis said you can not truly Love if you dont have free will to give or withhold Love… Free will means you can make evil choices and do bad things… if the creator thinks having real creatures that can truly love is worth the risk that they choose wrongly then its pretty arrogant and rather silly to think you know better.

      The other choice to a dangerous universe where suffering is possible is a universe of puppet creatures or a dead universe… I know that you think death is preferable to the current world but you are a sick individual who has made the wrong choice IMO .

      • Fact Checker says:

        “Free will” is not only empirically unsound, but more importantly for this discussion, it is incompatible with the existence of omnipotence. Without omnipotence, you’re just changing the definition of “God” as needed, to suit your emotional need for the belief in some hidden “order” to the universe.

        “its pretty arrogant and rather silly to think you know better.”

        It’s not that I “think I know better”. It’s that the God hypothesis is intractably incoherent and unworkable, and there’s no reason to believe it in the first place (except unexamined brainwashing, repetition, and suggestibility). This is especially true in the case of YHWH, which is pretty much a piece of grubby, petty, malign trash even as it is depicted in the “holy Bible” that is supposed to promote it as a deity worth worshipping.

        If such a creature existed that was so powerful as to be able to “create the universe,” yet so insecure as to torture its creations (or stand by while they are tortured), in order to force them to prove that their “love” for it is “real,” then that monster would be itself wicked beyond redemption. It certainly wouldn’t meet any useful definition of “God”. It would be indistinguishable from a cruel demon. Hence, the concept of the Demiurge.

        You say that YHWH finds it “worth the risk” that people might choose poorly. Well, then you’re either abandoning omniscience, or your saying that from YHWH’s perspective, it’s not worth the “risk,” but simply “worth it” since if the skymonster is all-knowing, then it knows the outcome and the path, not just the odds. In other words, it just “gets off on it”. Why should the naked monkeys bear the “risk” of Hell on Earth—especially when the “creator” knows its not just a “risk,” but an inevitability? That’s grotesque, and such a creature, again, wouldn’t be “God” (in any useful sense), but would rather be a despicable demon.

        I think you in particular are just continuing to rationalize your decision to sentence more souls to the Hellscape that is Earth by procreating, with increasingly desperate and unexamined narratives. You continue to refuse to acknowledge that you fucked up, even after the Masters of Earth have made clear, in no uncertain terms, that your descendants will be robotized sex slaves. You still not only believe that a “God” would enable such an outcome, but your continue to “worship” that “God” and transfer responsibility for the outcome onto woolly bogeys like “free will” and “the devil”.

        • Duck says:


          “….“Free will” is not only empirically unsound, but more importantly for this discussion, it is incompatible with the existence of omnipotence…..”

          That makes no sense if, as I said, the aim was to create creatures that can actually choose things,,, obviously allowing choice means that direct control is not always exercised.

          The desire to remove the concept of free will that has been pushed for at least 2 decades (by the new atheists and as a side line for homosex acceptance) that I know of, is a way to absolve the individual of responsibility from their choices AND from the need to act.

          • Fact Checker says:

            The question of material determinism-vs.-free will goes back a lot further than two decades. You seem to have now clumsily conflated it with the thought experiment of: Can God create a rock to heavy for He Himself to move? This is a simple method of demonstrating the intractable incoherence of the hypothesis of an omnipotent being. You seem to have missed the point of that, and then perversely extended it to the free-will problem, absurdly using a strong argument against the existence of an omnipotence as an argument for theodicy.

            And, of course, again you play the extraneous “buttcheek card” with your reference to “homosex”. (Is that a thing now?)

            Professor Duck quacks again. Remind me what geological epoch is currently underway again? (This should be fun.)

            • Duck says:

              “…The question of material determinism-vs.-free will goes back a lot further than two decades….”

              I never said otherwise, just that its been pushed into public consciousness as a social engineering project

              “…You seem to have now clumsily conflated it with the thought experiment of: Can God create a rock to heavy for He Himself to move?….”

              I dont see why you would think that.
              I said that IF an omnipotent being WANTS creatures able to choose then such a being must allow them to make choices and thus limit the exercise of said beings power over the will of the creature.

              “…This is a simple method of demonstrating the intractable incoherence of the hypothesis of an omnipotent being….”

              Sorry but I do not think it does

              “…And, of course, again you play the extraneous “buttcheek card” with your reference to “homosex”…”

              Just trying to distract you….

              “….Remind me what geological epoch is currently underway again? (This should be fun.)…”
              Off top of my head Anthropacene… lets see
              Answer:Hmn… so thats kinda an informal pop sci term and officially we’re in the Holocene…weird I thought anthrpocese was an old term

      • Fact Checker says:

        I think that you, Duck (and to a certain degree, all breeders) have the bitterest pill to swallow in the apocalyptic “revelation”—that is, the already-begun unveiling of all hidden and Awful Truths. The Awful Truth that you will have to accept is that by having children, despite having knowedge of the Cryptocracy that rules Earth before you did that, you made yourself an accompice and abettor of slavery, rape, and torture. What’s worse, is that you didn’t merely aid the slavers, but you sold your very flesh-and-blood, and doomed a fractal shard of your own soul to servitude to the depraved whims of the likes of Schwab, Carstens, Gates, Epstein, Kolomoisky, Soros, and on and on. Even after you die, your soul-shards will function essentially as reincarnations of you, who will suffer for your sin (of procreation). They will suffer exquisite horrors you can’t even imagine, even as your present consciousness rests serenely in oblivion. What’s more, is that they’ll be bred like animals for (possibly) eternity.

        You and I were in the last generation capable of making the choice whether or not to breed. To breed was a vote of confidence in the Future, and a performative acceptance of the terms-of-existence that should have been clear. (My procreative continence, on the other hand, is a vote of no-confidence.) After 9/11, for goodness’s sake, it was obvious that we are at the mercy of absolute psychopaths with unfettered power to rule by terrorism. If you bred regardless, then that is on you. But you should be repenting, and asking your poor kids for forgiveness…rather than desperately rationalizing your folly with Jewish mythical blood-magick stories. Really. Get over it. Wake up. Make good on your crimes.

  12. jrick says:

    Hey I sent this as a Questions For Corbett, but perhaps someone here in the comment section could give me some insight on the matter.

    Basically I wanted to hear more on who funded & is funding currently the Gun Control Lobby in America, and whether the funding is actually simply surrounding the ideology of reducing violence or if there are clear indications that those behind the funding have ulterior motives for pushing to ban assault weapons. I’ve read theories on the matter that, when looking at the preventative impact of guns on crime, there isn’t much argument to rally for gun control, so we should infer their intent is depriving the public of weapons to protect themselves so the State is better suited to implement tyrannical dictates. But I haven’t seen the exact fingerprints, from the exact funders of the gun control lobby, the smoking gun, if you will, that shows their whole agenda & funding from start to finish is actually fueled by trying to disempower the average citizen. I think if there were more videos & articles dedicated to covering that, more people would distrust the gun control movement in America.

  13. brig says:

    Do you recommend withdrawing money and holding it as cash (in a secret place!) rather than trusting it in the hands of the banks?

    • Duck says:


      Just as a general point having cash in your hand is always preferable to having it locked in a bank during an extended “Bank Holiday” or in a time of Capital Control….. Every person should have a months worth of cash at hand at all times just incase some weirdness happens and your card stops working….TBH a bag or two of rice and beans would be a good investment around now

  14. Duck says:

    That was pleasant to listen to.

    I was pretty surprised I hear that Mr Corbett was not a materialist. I thought I heard a C4Q that said the opposite so must have been doing something distracting while listening back then 🙁

  15. vadoum says:

    depending on which sources you use: a little over half of the people living in Mahabarat (“india”) grow up speaking Hindi, ahout 3/4 speak english as a second language, but (in my experience) they’re good at it. The “subcontinent” is a bit like europe. When one crosses a state border the language and many customs/styles can radically change.

  16. Dalesco says:

    Regarding the CO2 credits of our near future, I can’t imagine it will be as simple as not being able to consume anymore if you go over your allowance, until you’re back in the green numbers.

    What will happen wen you produce too much CO2 and go over your CO2 credit limits is you will have the possibility to buy from others who didn’t produce too much CO2.
    Although you will only be allowed to do it through intermediary agencies in the business of trading CO2 credits.

    Then, CO2 credit loans will see the light.
    Eventually, CO2 credit banks will arise.

    In the meantime, because the Earth global temperature will cool down due to her natural cycles, the CO2 measures will be hailed as a great success.

    There will also be debate over what activities generate more CO2, as the charts and studies will be disputed, just to create a fake, diverted political opposition.

    Then, credits for other supposed agents of contamination will be put together under CBDC formats and implemented in society… to save the planet.

  17. mecabunnyzilla says:

    On the issue of the trilateral commission, James is asked about this in the interview.

    Recently, I came across this gem.
    It’s a video of the Barney Miller Show from 1981. An arrest is made when “a fringe dangerous lunatic crazy conspiracy theorist is brought in for questioning and goes on a screed rant tirade about the Trilateral Commission that threatens democracy as we know it. ”

    It’s 2:30 seconds.

    I’m impressed how much information was known in 1981, how comfortable they were with ridiculing it, and how confident they were that no one would believe it.

  18. Gavinm says:

    I also very much look forward to your book James 🙂

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