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03/24/202125 Comments

via LifeAndLifeOnly: James Corbett of the Corbett Report joins me to discuss a number of topics around the theme of alternative information and how to combat the propaganda, both intentional and in some cases unintentional, that is all around us. We discuss how we came to have non-mainstream worldviews, how a global conspiracy can and provably has happened, our experiences in Asia and how we can all change the world in our own way every day. After all that, we end the talk with a few minutes of talk about a band we're both rather fond of!

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  1. Paul says:

    What’s nice about evaluating conspiracy theories around a topic such as The Beatles is that people are largely unemotional about the topic, itself, so they can more easily evaluate on a far less emotional level the related conspiracy claims.

    • Rei says:

      Good point. I was up late reading blogs as a kid about “Paul is Dead” probably a decade before I ever heard an inkling of any important (for lack of a better word) theories. Whereas, at the same time there were certain things that my brain would reject if there was a chance it would contradict what I imagined was the “smart” or “consensus” opinion. I guess the emotional aspect was that I was afraid of looking stupid to the adults of my world.

      • Paul says:

        Exactamundo. I forgot to mention why this is important: it seeds the idea that there *can* be conspiracies, that before there is a conspiracy fact, there is a conspiracy theory, and before a conspiracy theory, a conspiracy hypothesis, and before a conspiracy hypothesis, a conspiracy question, etc.

  2. Rei says:

    Extremely interesting listening to both of your perspectives. I really enjoyed the conversational style – it’s very palatable and will be easy to share with people who aren’t already specifically interested in your usual content 🙂

    Love hearing about travels, the Beatles, Japan, and Canada. I could listen to this all day. Thank you 🙂

  3. lovetodust says:

    What a lovely interview, James. Thank you. So easy and enjoyable to listen to.

  4. Justin Valentine says:

    Anybody aware that Mark Chapman (Lennon’s assassin) took an extravagant 6 week trip around the world in 1978? He stayed in London, Paris, Rome, Tokyo & other expensive cities. He also made a stop in Beirut, Lebanon. A place he had visited before. He also had an art collection that included original works by Norman Rockwell & Salvador Dali. He never held a job that paid much more than minimum wage. I find it difficult to believe anyone would extend that much credit to a pauper in the late 1970’s with interest rates at historic highs.

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Film, Literature and the New World Order was mentioned at the end of this conversation.

    Mr. Corbett, I would love seeing you and Vinnie Caggiano discuss the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke after giving us Corbett Members a “heads up” so people can watch it.
    Vinnie knows about 1967, so he has a flavor for the era.

    Corbett Report Member “TimmyTaes” brought up the film a few days ago.
    The film is available on ARCHIVE.ORG so it should be accessible to everyone. There are even rough scripts available online.

    Besides being entertaining and sometimes inspiring, in this era, I feel that “Cool Hand Luke” has relevance.
    It is my contention that Luke had an Anarchist Voluntaryist bent, and perhaps, in the end, he got boxed in by the system.

    Around the 158 minute mark (last minutes of the movie)
    Luke talking to The Old Man,
    “…got things fixed so I can’t never win out. Inside, outside, all in, rules and regulations and bosses…where am I supposed to fit in?”

    • Duck says:

      “..It is my contention that Luke had an Anarchist Voluntaryist bent, and perhaps, in the end, he got boxed in by the system…”

      Funny- I watched the film on Bitchute the other day and must disagree- Luke STARTS the movie stealing and destroying public property- meters that at the very least do not belong to him.
      He then went on to create more and more trouble for himself (“boxing himself in’) because he refused to accept that there SHOULD be any authority over him, which coupled with his thievery casts him more as the kind of person you do not want as a neighbor lest they set yur lawn ornaments on fire while drunk or steal your air conditioner. 🙂
      On the other hand I watched the movie for free so maybe I am as bad…

      A drive for personal freedom can only be a good thing in a person with self control and good sense…or maybe I’m getting curmudgeon-ey as I age..
      flnwo was a pretty good series though.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Parking Meters & shopping in the 1950’s

        So you prefer that Authoritarians charge customers to park to go buy stuff at the primary, often ONLY, marketplace for the town?
        This impedes customer traffic for the business and impedes the customer’s right to shop.
        It is taxation extortion…just a bunch of City Council rich boys who make the rules in order to generate some revenue. It sure don’t help the blue collar guy.

        I can just picture an old western where they had parking fees for tying up their horse in town while they shop. Clint Eastwood would have something to say about that.

        • Duck says:


          “..So you prefer that Authoritarians charge customers to park to go buy stuff at the primary, often ONLY, marketplace for the town?..”

          Considering that Fiat Currency is created by Authoritarians I take it you dont mind if I steal your cash?

          Luke was not fighting tax theft because he was “anti-theft” since he was, himself, stealing. Bandits and burglars are NOT freedom fighters… their just the Government before it has any power

          He appears from the movie to have been living the life of a low level psychopath right out of “mask of sanity” – drifting around stealing things with little self control or regard for future consequences or care for his family or those around him…. would YOU like to have him living next door to you?

          As for Clint Eastwood… he might object to paying a horse parking fee… but he also probably wouldn’t have been adverse to killing a bunch of Indians so he could steal THEIR stuff and might have owned slaves if he was rich….

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Duck says:
            “would YOU like to have him (Lucas Jackson) living next door to you? “

            I would absolutely cherish the idea of Luke being a close friend or neighbor!
            We share similar perspectives and characteristics. My life’s history is full of such anecdotes.
            I have never had much respect for “society’s conventional system & values”…It sucks and is shallow.

            COOL HAND LUKE, the movie, should be viewed as a STORY. For me, this story highlights many thoughtful aspects in almost every scene, but it plays to Anarchist Voluntaryist values. The story shows character strengths and weaknesses (and sociopaths).
            One example:
            Luke is a decorated Korean war veteran who ‘deliberately’ did not rise through the ranks. Luke’s anti-authoritarian bent is pervasive throughout the film, yet ironically he ‘becomes’ an admired leader by example.
            A noticeable aspect in the movie is that others followed him, but were weak in their own volitional courageous anti-authoritarian actions. The crowd wanted a leader, but as individuals they often lacked spine or empathy.

            Yes, the Luke Jacksons of the world are my friend.
            No, I certainly may not participate in every endeavor Luke embarks on, but we are Voluntaryists. That is our nature and binds our friendship.

            “I still raise my glass to it all, toasting FLIPPANT INSOUCIANCE”

            • Duck says:

              “…I have never had much respect for “society’s conventional system & values”…It sucks and is shallow…’

              OK, I hate to say this and dont take it personally (since this is an online discussion) but that is the attitude that leads to slavery…

              1st I expect that YOU DO have some judgment on your neighbors and their values- you WILL FREAK if the guy living next door decides to publicly have sex with animals, walk around naked or shoot heroin….especially IF your kids can see

              2nd Disregard for “society’s conventional system & values” is why so many poor people have become government dependent trash people…why do you think the Elites spent so much money creating that attitude?



              If you want to live in a place where people ignore values and conventions I suggest you have not seen the 2nd or 3rd generation of that story… Detroit might be a good example.

              On this talk by E M Jones I checked the story on Porn being transmitted to the occupied lands (it was in Reason magazine) because it sounded outlandish… settlers got them to stop when THEIR OWN kids started watching .

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                I’ll leave it with you to lead the life you want, compliant to the man and the TV mainstream conventional system lifestyle…get your pension and retire. Buy your advertised designer clothes, be sure to fill your tax forms out while dotting every “i”, vote because it is your patriotic duty, and keep your 6 foot distance like every ‘good’ citizen during Covid. Have fun with that life…there are plenty of folks to join you.

            • Duck says:

              “…I’ll leave it with you to lead the life you want,…”
              I feel the same about other people so we can at least agree on that.

              “… compliant to the man and the TV mainstream conventional system lifestyle……”
              Thats a false dichotomy- just the kind of left/right control grid enforced on peoples minds. Also… to be honest being ‘conventional’ these days means being in favor of limitless personal freedom in things like drug use and sexual behavior… whch makes limiting political opinions so much easier… give to get.
              Its not the 1950’s.
              The counter culture WON the culture war and we are living in the world IT MADE.

              “…get your pension and retire…”
              That would be a nice option, shame that it wont happen for most. Generally old people dont enjoy eating catfood.

              “.. Buy your advertised designer clothes, be sure to fill your tax forms out while dotting every “i”, vote because it is your patriotic duty, and keep your 6 foot distance like every ‘good’ citizen during Covid….”

              Absolutely… because there are only those 2 choices right?? Anyone who points out that living a life style that makes you a government dependent and dooms their kids to the same government slavery is totally a square…. 🙂

              Hey.. think we have enough text here that Mr Corbett will weigh in with an actual review? I also miss FLNWO tbh

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Duck says:
                Hey.. think we have enough text here that Mr Corbett will weigh in with an actual review?

                Duck, I don’t know. Corbett charts his own course…which I admire.

                Duck, I’ll tell you what though…you did stir the juices for me. I am re-watching…
                COOL MAN LUKE – The Movie on Odysee

                I am finding more and more tidbits which I had missed on the first watch.
                For example: The parking meters and “why?” are briefly again discussed in the prison bus (15:20 mark), and mention of it also comes at the conversation with his Mother.
                During this second round, I am also picking up many more Authoritarian keywords repeatedly being mentioned (e.g. rules, regulations) along with subtle Authoritarian actions of his prison-mates which Luke resents.

  6. mkey says:

    Who here expects further economical trepidation from the wacky ship getting stuck in the canal?

    Controversial track of the container ship Ever Given that blocked Suez Canal

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I had read an article with images about that “phallic shape” of the navigational course for the Ever Given. Just like some of these aerial flight paths we have seen occasionally. To me, it seems that the navigators are having some fun. It is better than scratching the design on a bathroom wall stall.

      There is some speculation that the ship ‘deliberately’ blocked the Canal in order to sway the markets. And the markets were swayed. That said, as I understand it, there were high winds and poor visibility with the sand blowing.
      Here is one guy talking about a Master Mariner’s take.
      (I do not follow this guy…just accidentally caught it.)

      You have some experience with ships. What is your take?

      • mkey says:

        Homey, the more I think about it, more insane things seem. This happened on 24th of March. 22nd would be the start of the 40 day season of the Sacrifice.

        They are saying dislodging this vessel will take weeks. We’ll see what kind of disruption this is going to cause. Or what kind of a disruption will be scapegoated on this vessel.

        I’ve seen what the wind can do, and that’s near the coast so I really can’t discount that, but in my opinion, this path is not an accident and I would not entertain the notion that the crew was having “fun”. I’d say this was deliberate and in line with what they like to do, lay it out in the open, for everyone to see. Make it really obvious so that the gullible won’t even question it.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Timely video by Mark Passio.
          Making the sacrifices in order to ensure a bountiful harvest.
          Some folks are really gonna benefit from this Suez mess.

  7. scpat says:

    Noam Chomsky to BBC-journalist: “If you believed different you wouldn’t been sitting here.”

  8. Duck says:

    On he subject of propaganda as 4th Generation warfare and worldview warfare anyone who likes this might also want to listen to the aptly named Scaminaci… while he is talking from a very slanted, very left-establishment, and somewhat (IMO deliberately) deceptive POV he does have some good points… the idea of some alt media being weaponized Alternate Reality Games in particular- he is not wrong in suggesting that Alt Media has been used to hasten the deliberate dissolution of social cohesion. The best propaganda is the truth, after all.

    Scaminaci is VERY slanted and sneaky guy so listen with care

  9. zyxzevn says:

    Interesting topics:
    1. The possible preparation of WW3 (with China?)
    2. The 6000 globalist elite who manipulate behind the scenes.
    (3D chess)
    3. Control of the conversation by putting extreme ideas against each other.

    4. Importance of sourcing of information and how that practice is going away.

    Solution to fight against WW3 and the covid-control-grid

    Identify the globalists behind the screens.
    They need to be exposed as criminals (just as the WHO and many other institutes).
    Bill Gates is just one of this group.

    Solution: How to make people less extreme?

    You can listen to Adam Scott (Dilbert) to understand how
    the media and politicians manipulate us.
    Whether or not you like him, he understand manipulation well.
    The media use many techniques of hypnosis, strengthened with fear and anger.

    But how do you get people out of hypnosis?

    (You need to be able to friendly talk with them first)

    What really helps is Humor.. (that the person can understand)
    We need more 9/11 humor videos (I do my memes).
    (I always wear 4 masks and 1 over my eyes)

    We can point out information that is easy to understand.
    Like “two weeks were not even necessary” or “compare all the countries”
    or compare with different years.
    or a look at the all the working medicine at
    Or the comparison with the previous fake “pandemics”, or the
    really bad things that most vaccine companies did (and were not punished for).
    Or the extremely bad PCR tests.

    I think we should regard all people as victims of the hypnotic news.

    We could share information that helped people to get out of the covid-fear.
    And with that they can get out of the covid-insanity.

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