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Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: L.A. School District Partners with Microsoft to Introduce COVID-19 “Daily Pass” App for Kids

LAUSD to Launch Daily Pass Health Check System. Here's How It Works

Introducing the Daily Pass

China Makes COVID-19 Anal Swabs Mandatory for Foreigners

China Gave US Diplomats Anal COVID Tests "In Error," American Officials Say

Story #2: Mexico to Ban Glyphosate, GM Corn Presidential Decree Comes Despite Intense Pressure from Industry, U.S. Authorities

PDF: Mexico Publishes Decree to Ban Glyphosate and GE Corn

Revealed: Monsanto owner and US officials pressured Mexico to drop glyphosate ban

Ian Brown Steps Down As Headliner of Neighbourhood Weekender 2021

"My Saturday night headline show at NHBD Weekender Festival will now not happen! I refuse to accept vaccination proof as condition of entry.Refunds are available! X"

From 'Jolene' To Vaccine: Dolly Parton Gets COVID-19 Shot She Helped Fund

Story #3: Kings of Leon Will Be the First Band to Release an Album as an NFT

Field Guide to Music’s Potential Crypto Boom

Non-Fungible Token

Patrick Wood on the Hard Road to World Order

Money as Debt III - Evolution Beyond Money

Think you know how to “End The Fed”? Take the #FedChallenge

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  1. MEFF says:

    Hello James,
    Long time ago, Mexico said NO to the GMO´s… Carlos Slim and Bill Gates were in charge of that. Carlos Slim, the biggest cheater, Mexican with Lebanese roots, created an “Institute” with his “good” intentions to preserve the different varieties of corn… That was many years ago. Slim has the Foundation Carlos Slim and basically works the same way as Bill Gates… Besides his many companies, he has shares in Blackrock, Hathaway, PBS Energy, etc. He´s friend of some of the dirtiest and dangerous men, Bill Clinton and Frank Giustra, it´d be great to make a special documentary or podcast on them. Carlos slim donated million(s) dollars to Clinton Foundation and gave to Hillary´s campaign… and for Trump´s too…

    I think now it´s too late to expose the GMO’s and besides that, the Monsanto fertilizers they use for the land…. I live in the countryside of Mexico and it´s so sad how the farmers complain about the enslavement they have having to purchase the fertilizers, as the seeds the grow, can´t grow without those fertilizers…. That makes it more dangerous and ore expensive. They´re looting and killing Mexico. I´ve been trying to put information online and give information to journalists here in Mexico about Carlos Slim, but seems nobody is brave to talk about him and his ties with the big global mafia… There are books and articles, all talking good things about him. The only one i´ve discovered talking about the suspicious activities of Carlos Slim is Steven D Kelley, that made a podcast or show about Carlos Slim where he mentions the ties with the people I already mentioned. Besides that he´s totally enroled with the drugs cartels… But no infom about it. Just very few times his name appear in Wikileaks, however, not very solid ones.

    I´m Mexican, and it´s soooo sad how those corporations and tecnocrats and globalists have been looting the country with the help of the puppets, the politicians… And more sad is that people is totally blind about all of what´s going on in the world, like Covid. The corruption and ignorance here is so huge, I think much more than in other countries.

    I´m so frustrated about my own people and country. They have no courage to fight and to say the truth.

    • fer67 says:

      There is a movement that is working on teaching farmers how to rejuvenate their soils and return to growing food naturally. The Soil Food Web school is just one of many. The thing is that farmers have been hoodwinked with trickery into beleiving that they can only grow with fertilizers. That’s fakery. The fact is that the plants are fed by microorganisms that are killed off by fertilizers and pesticides. This leaves the plants only able to grow hydroponically with the soil useful only as a medium to hold up the plants mechanically. What happens there is like an IV drip for the plants, with water and synthetic nutrients which are NOT the same as naturally produced nutrients. What is needed is for the soil to stop being doused in chemicals and for the natural microbiome to be reintroduced. That’s what the Soil Food Web is doing, teaching farmers all over the world about how to get nature back on track. So there is hope, don’t give up. Learn about the soil microbiome. Elaine Ingham is one of the researchers who was pushed out of academic research because she caught Monsanto in their efforts to create toxic GMO bacteria that would kill all the plants it came in contact with. They want total control, and at this point we have to help farmers remember how to grow without industrial poisons. But using these methods will involve basically pulling the rug out from under the agricultural industry of toxic chemicals and even massive machinery, because it involves using cover crops, compost and other natural methods that kept people alive and farming for millenia without industrial chemicals and massive machinery.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks for mentioning that.
      I remember various past news stories of long ago about the corn in Mexico.

      January 30, 2007 – “On The”
      The Mexican Corn Crisis

      If there is one food that defines Mexico, it is corn. The nation has long been known as a massive producer of diverse varieties of corn. It is at the heart of their culture and cuisine. The Mayans called themselves “Children of the Corn.” So why is Mexico now “in the grip of the worst tortilla crisis in its modern history,” as the Washington Post (January 27) puts it? Let’s just say that “free trade” ain’t everything it is cracked up to be.

      By embracing the NAFTA treaty, Mexico surrendered its corn output to the vagaries of the North American corn market. Now, all of a sudden, Americans want corn, lots of it. As part of a dubious strategy to make “cleaner” gasoline while rewarding Big Agriculture and farm states, the U.S. Government is shoveling huge subsidies to corn-based ethanol production. This new demand has bid up prices in the U.S. and caused acute corn shortages in Mexico, which in turn has tripled and quadrupled the price of tortillas.

      In 2005, Mexico exported 137,000 tons of corn – but last year, it was actually forced to import 800,000 tons of corn from the U.S. and other countries. The “giant sucking sound” that H. Ross Perot predicted during the 1992 presidential campaign – American jobs heading to Mexico – is now the sound of Mexican corn flowing northward….

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        The Demise—and Rise—of Heirloom Corn in Mexico

        …According to Francisco Musi, the cofounder of Tamoa—a three-year-old company that sources corn from local farmers and provides it to restaurants in Mexico, Europe, and the United States—native corn first became endangered during the Green Revolution in Mexico in the 1960s. “Hybrids came to Mexico, with the promise of high yields and higher returns for farmers,” he says.

        The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) added to the problem in the 1990s by flooding Mexico with corn imported from the United States, which, in turn, hindered small local producers from being able to sell their own (more expensive) crops.

        And then there was the broader industrialization of tortillas. “The flour maker demands a very homogenous corn—the whiter the better—so farmers stopped planting the blue and red varieties,” Musi says. “It was good because there was a market for their crops, but on the other hand it promoted standardization over biodiversity.”

        Today, thanks to growing demand, diversity is resurfacing: 13 million tons of heirloom corn are grown annually in Mexico, and while the number of existing varieties changes from year to year, there are currently over 60 kinds represented. Farmers and their communities consume almost half of that production, which is why Tamoa only buys surplus. “We’ve been careful about this since the beginning,” says Sofia Casarin, Musi’s partner in business and life. “What if you create this demand for a product and then the farmers can’t eat it because it’s now a commodity?”…

        …Despite his success, Castañón wishes his product was more accessible to all socioeconomic groups. “Sadly, we’re catering to the middle and upper classes,” he says. “The price of regular Maseca tortillas is around 13 pesos per kilo, so blue-collar people can’t buy from us. I know they need to keep costs low, but they’re getting an entirely different product—and not just the flavor, but the nutritional value and the cultural value.”

        That so many people don’t value or understand the cultural significance of corn is one of the driving forces behind “Organización de Tortilla de Maíz Mexicana”….

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        When I was online yesterday, I noticed this Bayer – “Shaping Agriculture” block ad with a Mexican Farmer couple featured in the ad.
        I clicked it to see the MONSANTO TYPE PROPAGANDA…

        For these Mexican smallholders, farming is about love of their fields and communities.
        The pandemic punctuated livelihoods already shaped by isolation, climate change and unreliable markets.
        Could strategic assistance at a key moment help them change their stories?

        …Zaachila is a remote and beautiful place.
        Nestled in a large valley surrounded by mountains, this village in Oaxaca, Mexico is so small that its markets struggle to support the surrounding farming community.
        And climate change has taken a heavy toll, resulting in persistent drought. Nevertheless, Irene Pérez Coronel and her mother Filomena have farmed there for decades…

        …The Bayer team wanted to help.
        Joining forces with several partners, they coordinated a massive distribution of growing supplies all over the world, delivering “Better Life Farming” care packages to up to 2 million smallholders (Asia, Africa, Latin America)…

        …The packages are highly customized to specific needs in target areas. Some kits contain quality seeds, primarily for staple crops like rice and corn. Some consist of “crop protection products”. And some have both seeds and crop protection. Personal protective equipment is also included in some of the packages…

        (The words “genetically modified” seem to be deliberately not mentioned, but instead “hybrid” is used.)
        “Crop protection” is the collection of tools, products, and best practices farmers use to protect their crops from the negative impact of weeds, pests, and disease.
        Corbett Member Suzt lives in Oaxaca, Mexico.

  2. MEFF says:

    [Please do not post links without titles and/or explanations of why people should be clicking on them. Please repost the link with a title and explanation. -JC]

    • MEFF says:

      Oh, since when you have this new rules? I will not do that as I clearly explained myself, and because most other people NEVER put a title and never polite and never explain themselves well.

      • mkey says:

        No need for childish behavior. You will be hard pressed to find a URL only post on these comment board. How difficult is it to copy a title or a snippet of text from the source you are referring to?

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        This LINK gives a James Corbett Welcome to the Corbett Report 7 minute video where James lays out some guidelines about the website and comments.

        EXCERPT from the linked comment…
        Something which helps us all out, is to have a description of the link.
        Many Corbett Report members will sometimes give a date and source, a summary or excerpts or transcripts or highlights.
        These descriptions and modifiers can sure help on locating a resource from a past Thread.
        Sometimes James will delete a comment because it only has a link.
        James will also delete spam type repeated copy-n-paste posts.
        Each comment has its own separate link. One can link to previously posted comments which contain information.”

        Maria, Just so you know… it is very common to see James post this message:
        [Please do not post links without titles and/or explanations of why people should be clicking on them. Please repost the link with a title and explanation. -JC]
        I have seen the JC quote hundreds of times.

        Occasionally, if I catch the link before James wakes up in Japan, and if I find it personally informative, I will reply to the comment with a DESCRIPTION and/or title of the link.

  3. Fupi says:

    This may not be the right platform to post this. However, having just read the Pfizer and Astra Zeneca inserts in full, I can inform everyone that neither company advocates vaccinating anyone on blood thinners, so if you know anyone who is, you can warn them. No doctor/nurse would volunteer this information.

    • MEFF says:

      James will tell you that you need to put a title and a clear explanation as a rule. He just told me that. So weird.

      • cu.h.j says:

        It’s weird to have rules? Most people and websites and such have boundaries and rules. Why should this site be any different?

        Do you feel that rules and boundaries don’t also apply to you?

      • NES says:

        I have to say this. STOPT IT. STOP IT. STOP IT.

        We are not on this site to advance juvenile behavior by complaining about ‘slights’ by James or James or anyone. Since covid began more of the population is awakening to the false reality Narrative and are attempting to discover the truth of things. You’ve found the Corbett site because James’ expert dissection of the open source information is superior and well known. However, being a Corbett ‘grown-up’ requires that you do not bring your old adversarial attitudes and ways from other sites along with you–complaining, accusing, annoying, blaming, shaming, whatever–but you develop a new POV that advances you and everyone here.

        There was rarely any dysfunction on this forum prior to covid. The vast majority of subscribers practiced cooperative, helpful, encouraging and personally responsible behavior. So stop it. Bottom line: State your thoughts, follow the simple adult rules (there are so very few) and grow the ‘F’ up. Spiritual advancement is, by definition, slow. Everyone gets that but…

        in the meantime, be NICE.

    • Jed says:

      Thanks Fupi. Water’s a blood thinner, so if you drink it avoid the vaccine.

  4. MEFF says:

    Hello, me again, I´m really worried about the note of Mexico.
    They said “Mexico has banned genetically modified corn and plans to phase out GMO corn imports and the use of glyphosate, a broad-spectrum herbicide, by January 2024.” Below the link:

    It says: PHASED OUT GMO IMPORTS BY 2024, 2024 2024!
    It means we still have to import GMO corn, the total ban is until 2024, and they´ll ban glyphosate until 2024. The President will leave in 2022.
    Do you really think they´ll ban this? With 2 Bill Gates here in Mexico? Here they change the law whenever they want.
    Second possibility, it is an strategy made on purpose for the Great Reset, to leave Mexico without imports, without food to create a future starvation…
    Third, by 2024 they´ll have a new chemical more dangerous than glyphosate, that is marketing….



    I´m kind of worried as, as you James Corbett said in some podcasts, WE NEED TO KNOW THE HISTORY AND TO SEE ALWAYS THE FULL CONTEXT. This is not a victory for Mexico, this is an elections strategy, a Great Reset issue and a Carlos slim & Bill Gates more business.

    We´re already eating fertilizers (with or without glyphosate, the point is that the fertilizers have many chemicals as dangerous as glyphosate), even they can call it with other name as the corruption here is so huge that they can even change the names to pass the import/export, pass the bills and make it legal. And here Bayer-Monsato can do whatever they want trust me.

    Besides that, I know that Mexico imports corn since years ago from different countries, including USA so if it comes from USA trust me, it has glyphosate,, see this links:

    The biggest corn flour in Mexico is Maseca
    and with this flour are produced most of tortillas in Mexico. See Maseca and believe me, it´s not natural, tastes different and the original corn the use, maybe comes from other countries.


    I´m Mexican, I know my country. And what´s going on here is so sad in terms of looting the country. In terms tha nobody cares, nobody complains, people here is blind.

    • fer67 says:

      Thank you for doing a deeper dive on this issue. Of course it’s marketing, these corporations still rule the world. It’s not a coincidence that the big Monsanto trial was set for March 2020 and of course it was buried by the plandemic. It’s unbelievable that so many farmers have allowed themselves to be completely fooled by corporate salesmen and academics into the chemical farming model. Joel Salatin and many others are good role models working against that. But I can’t even get my own family to understand the harms of pesticided foods. At root of it all is most likely subconscious programming. Shows like Star Trek Picard used it when they showed his vineyards being sprayed by drones. Reinforces chemical farming as high technology when in reality it’s just poisoning, which then becomes the basis of claim for a pandemic because everyone is ill. That’s the model Jon Rappoport exposes on his No More Fake News website.

      Sorry to hear that Global Research is slacking off in their exposure of corruption. Do you have an investigative journalism site?

    • Victor says:

      Your input so valuable and I agree that we must not be influenced by the acts of people who are so easily accessible by the vile and corrupting global Oligarchs. In the US, many think that the FDA labels “Organic” means that fruit and vegetables are untainted by GMO and toxic chemicals… The term Organic is a legal/political term that has mandated “limits” on its classification. Hell, “seedless” grapes and watermelon can be classified as “Organic!” That’s blatant GMO products “legally” called, Organic!!!
      Revolutionary-minded people must educate themselves and those who are listening to them.

  5. MEFF says:

    With due respect, how Evan Pilato dare to ask for a “donation” if he doesn´t do his work well. He must analyse, not just read and copy paste news….. Same as the author if Global Research Canada, Timothy A. Wise, that in his article NEVER MENTIONED THE 2024 DATE.

    I´m so so disappointed…..

  6. MEFF says:

    This is like the Rockefellers, the GMO and Glyphosate have so bad reputation and there are so many lawsuits against Roundup that they´ll change the strategy. They´ll ban it, then it will come a new chemical….
    This is not a victory for Mexico, it´s called politics and PR and propaganda. I´m surprise you didn´t catch it. To give an opinion and a note, you must know the context and who´s behind the $$$ and the plans. It´s evident that your friend Evan Pilato does not know anything, he´s just using your media to get fame and donations…. Remeber, Carlos Slim and Bill Gates.

    • fer67 says:

      James, it’s been a while since you interviewed Jon Rappoport, might be time for another interview, and let him really show the agricultural industry angles, because Bayersanto is intimately tied in with fake pandemics. They are poisoning the food supply, the water supply and then offering ‘treatments’ that are just more poisoning. And to top that all off is the fake health care system that Canada has, really a big pharma funding system where drs at walk in clinics see people for 5 minutes or less and hand out prescriptions or testing or surgery referrals, all of which are allopathic and all of which profit big pharma. Eating naturally grown food is never addressed because it does not profit big pharma. And in fact there is now a panel of speakers going around Canada talking at universities about the Misinformation Age, and Tim Caulfield, one of the speakers, actually said that ‘the only immune system booster is a vaccine’ and told people that talk of eating healthy was ‘dangerous’. There are now fake grassroots campaigns going on in the US to demand universal health care of just this type. This is why I am going off screens totally, because everyone I see is pretty much astroturf for one of these campaigns. It is encouraging that more people are aware of the issues, but on the other hand, everything I see on screen every day is more and more astroturf and Gates Lies, and less and less of the investigative journalism that points all of this out.

  7. Save 10% of Earnings! says:

    Another great show guys. I’m happy to support you both. And for those who do not know: If you’re looking for things that you personally can do to reduce the influence of the powerful, and at the same time increase your own, go to for a list of them. 🙂

  8. mkey says:

    James, I think you should do a podcast/documentary on the issue of self issued credit. It’s a very important topic and I’d venture to say that your work has more visibility than your recommendations.

  9. TimmyTaes says:

    “Dollyrots” T-shirt is cracking me up. Does this have something to do with Dolly Parton getting injected? LOL!
    That QR code Microsoft Daily Pass propaganda cartoon also made me laugh. The QR Code Pass says “Los Feliz Elementary” on it. My good friend and writing partner of fifty plus years lives in Los Feliz. That is also Congressman Schiff’s district. My poor friend. Haha.

  10. lizzie says:

    Nice moustache and great show. Thanks.

  11. lizzie says:

    I was born and blessed near Manchester, The Stone Roses on in the car turned to the max.
    Even though I don’t know him, Ian Brown’s songs have made me feel that he’s an extension of my family where he loves you deeply but will be the first to say when your acting the maggot. Like when he said ….each to their own but will someone fucking pop them stupid balls, this I heard him say at one of his gigs when we the crowd were all bouncing up these giant inflatable balloons, I was thinking, I’m here to see the band not lookout for flying balls, he just went right ahead and said it.
    If he ever does come on the show will you ask him to sing a tune?
    Big Seed Perhaps?? And / or 10 Story Love Song?

    I really need to vent about this. I’m not on Twitter but I check what Ian has said sometimes and I’m sorry for subjecting you to Twitter stuff.
    So Ian said this

    I will NEVER sing to a crowd who must be vaccinated as a condition of attendance. NEVER EVER!

    Then Dom Jolly ( the guy with the big phone) said

    Ian Brown is both the coolest and nicest man I’ve been lucky enough to work with. It saddens me to see his views on Covid-19 & vaccines. It’s crazy how divided people have got over something that really should be fact-based. He’s a lovely man and hope he can reassess his views.

    I wanted to set up an account just to add my two pence worth. But then I though better of it.
    He is a BBC golden boy but that statement defines how hard we have got to work as being the voices of reason.

  12. wave.watcher says:

    I love you guys so much! You make my week. James Evan Pilato, you’re rocking that new look! I live in Mexico and heard about President Obrador and the GMO & Glyphosate ban here first 🙂 – Yay AMLO! My heart leaped when you said ‘food sovereignty’, yes! That’s the drum I’ve been banging for decades.

    Those poor kids who’s parents are betraying them by forcing them to go through this child abuse… quite honestly I can connect back to my 13-17 year old self and if I were a high school student being subjected to that I would kill myself. We are watching the Milgram experiment being carried out in real life on a global scale.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      wave.watcher says:
      …I can connect back to my 13-17 year old self and if I were a high school student being subjected to that I would kill myself….

      Man! No kidding. I can not imagine being a teenager in this era. It would be a sudden, shocking, continuous nightmare in real life on Elm Street.
      Bill Gates is really Freddy Krueger in disguise.

  13. LenZoo says:

    Finally a full interview with Dr. Wodarg in English.

    Check out this eye opening interview with Wolfgang Wodarg is one of the best in the series. He was a doctor, a public health official, member of the German parliament and later the Council of Europe. He fought against the 2009 Swine Flu situation and is an honorable and honest man we should all listen to.—Full-Interview-Inside—Planet-Lockdown:a

  14. shelley11 says:

    Even if this content were not excellent I would still tune in to see what look new look James was sporting.

    Was or Were???
    Did I miss a comma


  15. Hey James guys, I’ve been watching/reading you two for many years now.
    Have you ever, just for sh-ts and giggles switched roles during a
    NWNW episode?

    I mean James Corbett starts out as ‘setup guy’ outlining what’s to come and introduces
    each story in a fun, punchy, fast moving style (with lots of broad grins and sarcasm) and then James Evan Pilato follows the introduction of each story with his astute take on their deep/hidden meaning?

    That would be cool to see. 🙂

  16. frankwd says:

    This is so far beyond anything I could have imagined possible. I believe the human race is fundamentally a flawed creature headed for extinction. Maybe we are simply a temporary place holder as “awareness” emerges from an animal “being” to a more ethereal entity?

  17. dobsy says:

    Brando has what plants crave. Electrolytes

  18. HEDGE110 says:

    Meanwhile in New South Wales, Australia we have just lifted an 18 year moratorium on GMO farming –

    Apparently the argument is that GMO is good for the economy?

  19. HEDGE110 says:

    Just wanted to share a personal win. My Department’s Executive Director visited our team meeting this week. He said we could ask him anything. I took the gap and stated that not all staff are keen to roll up their sleeves to stay employed. He thanked me for my contribution and told me he would raise my comment with senior leadership group. What surprised me was the silence from all except one team member who messaged me privately. Makes me sad that I’m in the 1% when it comes to logic.

    • Simon says:

      Well done for having the courage to speak up when given other opportunity. I suspect some others although silent were very glad you mentioned it.

      • HEDGE110 says:

        Thanks Simon. I have another encounter from today. I coughed at the supermarket and the cashier told me that I should be using my elbow.
        I replied, “Are you really frightened about catching something?”.
        He replied “We should all be frightened”
        I replied “You do realise this is the biggest propaganda event of all time. I am not afraid at all”
        I noticing that speaking out can potentially break some kind of spell that has captured the masses.

  20. alviniz says:

    Hi James

    Mi name is Carlos Alvarado, I’m a tv news producer here in a public university TV station in Jalisco. Please let me know if I can help in anyway, I just want to be a “present element” in this world… too difficult but I just begin as a good father and partner of my woman, I just try to go on and go out on difficult subjects here but as a member of public television is impossible… So here I am, as a disposable person who wants to participate.

    Please note; participant as difference as recruit.


    JC (or alviniz, as you wish)

    Here you can see some of our work:

  21. That covid school safety video is literally built like a parody.

    I’m on the verge of concluding that someone is deliberately producing ineffective, random & over-the-top propaganda, perhaps with the goal of leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths and repelling them away from particular concepts.
    Maybe there’s a whole other layer to all of this that we’re not yet seeing.

    • Why illustrate, edit & voice this covid school safety video like a creepy parody?

    • Why film Klaus Schwab in a bond villain manner?

    • Why, in the middle of your scamdemic, would you come hard & fast with things like book burning, ‘defund the police’, kill-whitey racism and transgender children?

    These are the sorts of things that will make most of the population take two steps back & ask themselves WTF is actually going on here?

  22. generalbottlewasher says:

    Observations from below the water line. I think back now to David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech.” Hows the water?”
    Some things appear on my radar because after 3 attempts at two separate sites when I type ” Shows the water” * Google AI response is ” Shows the water” Please try it. Im going out on a speculative limb here and propose his death came too early but on the heels of concept inoculation. He reveals to a large crowd that they may not know of ‘the water’, the matrix so to speak. Yes its all circumstantial but in the hands of a seasoned propagandist culture creator, even circumstantial is an unacceptable piece of evidence. Reminds me of more timely deaths, familiar to Corbett followers, Cary Mulless. Convenient aye. I do apologize for not being 100% accurate in spelling but look at it this way. Spelling English is the matrix. Rules rules rules, don’t except it if it isn’t spelled exactly perfect and any concept is to be regarded as invalid if the format doesn’t follow the prescribed rules.
    But that’s what I like about the community here. Drop the pretense. If you don’t know your in a fight for your country, family and the survival of your culture you are doomed. Don’t expect them to give you K-Y jelly. I will feed you, clothe you for awhile but you got to get off your ass. Bill Cooper said it best. ” the hour of the time is near.”

    Now please miss the meaning and attack the accuracy. See what I mean?
    Love you all. Thanks to my friends that inspire me daily.
    * Hows the water. Was typed.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I missed ya fella.
      You got some Oklahoma wisdom with those words thar.
      –GBW says: Spelling English is the matrix. Rules rules rules, don’t except it if it isn’t spelled exactly perfect and any concept is to be regarded as invalid if the format doesn’t follow the prescribed rules.
      Your so rite in what you rite.

      Evidently, part of the Congressional 1.9 trillion Stimulus Package is a case of K-Y jelly to every household.
      I can tell that we aren’t too far behind China in our technical achievements.

      I bet northeastern Oklahoma got pretty nippy in mid February. South of the Red River, we all went bonkers and were praying for manmade global warming.

  23. Wakethezombies says:

    I think this is another great tool that can be used to wake people up and I hope to be able to share this info with X friends and X family members. One thing people need to be aware of is getting groups of people together and having town hall meetings, because others have tried this approach and were targeted and set up and are now in a federal prison being label a domestic terrorist. So I would just stick to waking up the Minority until the minority becomes a majority.

  24. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Simon Black of “” often has an interesting weekly post.
    “Are you ready for this week’s absurdity?
    Here’s our Friday roll-up of the most ridiculous stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty, risks to your prosperity… and on occasion, inspiring poetic justice.”

    Here are his headlines/stories for this week…
    White People Shouldn’t Translate Black Poetry

    California Demands Solitary Confinement for Kids Exposed to Covid

    School Superintendent Fired for Refusing to Perform Wakanda Salute
    (One superintendent— a “Black/Afro Latina Hispanic woman”— thought the salute introduced unnecessary racial division, and refused to perform it.)

    Gay Dad Not Diverse Enough for San Francisco Parent Advisory Committee
    (which is currently all women)

    Canada Post Suspends Mail Delivery to Mask-less Residents

    Seattle Shelter Offers Tax-Funded Heroin Pipes

    New Hampshire Bill Would Empower Mask Nazis

  25. chefjs says:

    Hi James.
    Firstly, thank you so much for all that you do! I’ve been following you for years now and it’s great to have a place to go meet with like-minded individuals.

    So glad to hear of Mexico’s ban on glyphosate! I really hope it lasts. Reading others comments reflecting the skepticism I felt when I first learned of it.
    Being an open pollinated crop, a total ban on GM corn is the only thing that will work to bring the heirloom varieties back successfully without being contaminated by airborne pollen from nearby GM crops. Important to ban the “Roundup Ready” aka glyphosate tolerant GMOs as well as the BT varieties.

    I have followed the shenanigans of Monsanto since I first learned that a “certain” chemical company had purchased my favorite organic seed company, (and was snapping up all the independent organic seed companies they could get their hands on) in the early 2000s. WTH???! Call me crazy, but my tendency to extrapolate the potential “what could go wrong?” scenarios, had my blood run cold when I first heard the news. It got worse the deeper I dug into their history from 1901 to present. I became obsessed and spent countless hours researching that horror show. Who knew that anything I would have imagined back then paled in comparison to the revulsion of the actual reality that we have been watching unfold over the last two decades!

    And, speaking of creepy covid commercials out there. This one literally gave me chills when I first saw it. Whew.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Oregon Public Health Division
      Thank you, Oregonians, for keeping social visits outside. Despite the inconvenience.

      That is sick! Mentally sick. 30 seconds of mental sickness.

      • spider says:

        This is a distribution post I sent out recently. The hot links will probably not appear. Ask and I will provide them.
        On the Oregon Health Authority website, they make it clear that in all public places it is mandatory to wear face masks if social distancing is not possible. There are no exemptions, not even medical exemptions. If wearing a mask will affect your physical health then your death can be marked up as another Covid death.

        They claim that there are converging studies that show that wearing a mask can help protect both us and the people around us from spreading and catching COVID-19. They give three links. The first one, their best “proof”, goes to an observational study financed by the WHO. This same study then admits that they do not have a randomized controlled trial, AKA scientific study, that shows that masks are effective. This is a bit misleading as they omit that there are over a dozen independent randomized controlled trials concerning face masks and respiratory viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, that conclude that there is no evidence masks are effective in stopping the spread of viruses.

        • flammable says:

          Why are they not asking an industrial hygienist for advice? They specialize in creating systems and strategies for protecting people from harmful particles in the working environment including bio-defense labs. Here is an interview with a certified industrial hygienist named Stephen Petty. Skip to 11 min.

          Petty not only explains how useless the masks are but that wearable protective equipment is the last resort and not the best option as people cannot help but adjust the equipment. Systems for containment, dilution, and even destruction are way better. It completely removes the threat of viral spread and doesn’t depend on human action which so far has endless cases of failure to use protective equipment and isolate themselves correctly.

      • Duck says:

        Its not random sickness… its a psychological weapon.
        Its their way of letting the viewer know “You are sooo helpless” that their abuser can make fun of them to their face so that the viewer BECOMES helpless and hopeless and depressed.

    • Duck says:

      I thought the commercial was a parody….Ick.
      i guess we can see how much disgust those in power really have for normal humans.

    • mkey says:

      I’ll backup our resident amigo Tejano, this is indeed a display of mental illness, a depiction of a situation coming from deepest recesses of Kubrik’s tormented fantasy, one that would make sudden death a welcome change of pace.

  26. chefjs says:

    Yeah, they’re selling it as “humorous”. Portland has been synonymous with the bizarre for forever. Right. I have as warped a sense of humor as one could imagine living in this “laugh or cry” world we find ourselves in. But no. Just NO.
    On a hopeful note akin to James wife’s experience in the PO today. I went to an auto repair shop today to drop my car off for a couple of weeks sans mask, and no one in the building had a mask on either!!! Mind you, this is not a fly by night establishment. I’m still smiling.

  27. Dan Titus says:

    The video is not a prank, but the QR code in the video is as it spoofs people to being “rickrolled”.

    Hold your phone camera over the QR code and you will directed to the music video: Rick Astley – “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

  28. StellaQ says:

    Phew! Back in my Corbett/Pilato safe space &, oh my, it feels… ‘safe’.
    Thanks both James’, or is that, Jamesii? ✌️🇦🇺👍😆

  29. StellaQ says:

    …and it absolutely pisses me off that Australia drags the chain on banning crap off the market like Roundup – which is still available & used freely here. How the hell we have any wildlife left is beyond me.
    Learn how to grow food & join a Freedom Cell – a local group / microcommunity. Go to & check out who is near you & if there’s nothing close, start a group. All the best everyone 👍

  30. Mielia says:

    Re Ian Brown

    Nena (anybody knows Nena? 99 balloons?)
    has said something similar:

    auf meinen Konzerten wird es auch weiterhin keine Zweiklassengesellschaft geben. Ihr seid immer alle willkommen! Ob du dich impfen lässt oder nicht, ist ganz allein DEINE Entscheidung und muss von jedem respektiert werden.

    There will continue to be no two-tier society at my concerts. You are always all welcome! Whether you get vaccinated or not is entirely YOUR decision and must be respected by everyone.

    I won’t link her instagram post but I found it with the search machine after two dozen articles about the same thing

    Re tokenization
    the iceagefarmer continues to deliver updates on tokenization/tracking everything in databases, e.g. in his recent episode on chicken killings in the UK (and then some general statements on the attack on (small scale, private, including his own) animal agriculture)

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