Interview 1433 - Patrick Wood on the Hard Road to World Order

04/03/201944 Comments

Author and researcher Patrick Wood joins us to discuss his latest book, Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order.

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Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order

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  1. generalbottlewasher says:

    Nice work here, I hope you get payed,deservedly so, in fun time later on, a quid pro quo currency exchange kinda thing.

    I can’t help but think of the clash of ideologies between J.P.Morgan and Nicola Tesla . One man wanting to chain humanity to energy and the other wanting to free man from energy . Technocracy certainly falls in the Morgan camp and fails in the Tesla camp.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I agree.
      This interview adds a synopsis clarity into the issue of Technocracy.
      I see it as a good introduction to the topic.

    • brian.s says:

      Just because a lot of people repeat a story doesn’t make it true. System control is indeed the goal of those who gain and defend a controlling interest. Much of nature of the laws or relational forces of electrical circuits is applied to social and economic ‘systems’.
      Tesla was effectively ‘from the future’ and was so focussed in bringing humanity forward in a great stride (that opened dangers for which we have not developed responsibility to encompass or manage) and which also sought to run before we could walk. He also ignored or disregarded agreements with investors.
      The whole thing is much more nuanced, humanly revealing and interesting than the peddled good v evil mythology. Not to suggest Morgan was altruistic – being a money agent for effecting power in the world.

      While I see marketising and weaponising as the two overriding facets of possession and control mentality (in human psychic-emotional expression), I am amazed at how blind and unaware of potentials in Tesla and others discoveries, the establishment was at that time.

      Nikola Tesla had genius and gifted us with the results of discovery and application that are both a blessing and a curse – because what we use or purpose something for is a decision of the mind and a mind that disregards its support and relationships operates unbalanced development that is capable of undermining support for life on Earth and relational integrity of communication and community.

      I am not an ‘engineer’ but have the idea of finding the optimal balance points within all that is active in a situation so as to operate an integrity of being rather than an out of kilter ‘solution’ that requires ever more overlay of ‘controls’ against instability that is effectively designed in BY a blind sense of control – also known as wishful thinking that often rises from some sense of lack or fear that we do not want to own and integrate.

      In terms of what Tesla opened that hasn’t been openly pursued for its cosmological and indeed universal recognition at all scales, is the nature and physics of plasma as self-organising charge-separation and discharge as the structuring or informing resonant patterns of coherent ‘body’ of tangible and visible form.

      These ‘waters’ are not only responsive to thought – but are the response to the thought of Creation.
      The split mind of ‘separation’ in image and concept (there is none in truth) is our framing of self and world in terms of possession and control – at cost to awareness of Soul – which is the feeling knowing of wholeness – that is also the gift of the balance point through which the unique expression of that gift is your presence – as this moment.

      Living the moment from the wellspring of being rather than attempting to grasp onto the forms of life as a private or personal possession, are two mutually exclusive purposes in our mind.

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words. -JC]

  2. Terraset says:

    Solution – Open 2030

    A competing agenda focused on setting and meeting “open everything” targets.

    The globalists have their agenda, so free humanity should have one too.

    There’s so many technologies that could be truly amazing if open source versions were completed to a competitive level. 3d printing, robotics for gardening and farming, meshnetworks. cryptocurrency point of sale devices. Providing solid focus and purpose to developing and implementing them is all people really need to do. Then just show the results. Frame it not in a “guvment bad, freedum good” way but in a simple “this is a practical economic solution and here’s why” way.

    Item ideas could be things like having a meshnet adoption of of 30% of certain large municipalities by, say, 2025. Which would have sub goals which would include focusing development of CJDNS, designing and building idiotproof devices to run it. marketing those devices to things like apartment complexes and local community organizations as a first adoption stage, then broadening out over time.

    Or targets for alternative currency adoption, maybe linked with a local production economy target maybe involving gardening.

    It would help provide structure and focus to people’s efforts who care about free humanity. It would also provide real tangible practical results for the common people who may still regard activists as all talk and no action. I am always reminded of one segment of new world next week where one of the James’ was talking about the difference in the two sides of a protest, the activists all fighting over the megaphone in a disorderly rabble, and the police lined up neat in a row, all geared up, trained, and ready. The takeaway being that “they” had a plan, and the activists didn’t.

    At the end of the day, results are all that matter. I mean people aren’t sticking with google because of morality, they’re sticking with it because it works better than the competition, and it’s free. Until the activists buck up and get a real, solid plan going, they’re doomed to failure. They might as well just cede the world to their globalists enemies this moment. So go on, imagine the what you want the world to look like in 2030, then create a roadmap from here to there, and start walking it.

    And never forget, the shortest path to a person’s mind is through their stomach.

    • brian.s says:

      To impose an agenda on Life is then the freedom to release Life of such an imposition.
      Of course while it seems that OTHER do this to you, you have no freedom but to react in the frame of your definition. As if to oppose a perceived evil, is to become a ‘good’.
      This is not to say that there might not be a movement for Life in the ideas that arise in you – but that if we are not vigilant against deceit, we put the new idea in the old paradigm. This dilutes or adulterates the new ideas – and makes them a masking for through which business and usual can operate – ie the captured opposition – which is often simply the nature of an institutional ego.

      For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – and in this is the lie and the father of it set into division and conflict. But that which is given no real effects in no longer held as cause, while what we appreciate, appreciates.

      Deceits and illusions run in the mind that accepts them as true or as serving what they accept true – and thus seem capable of producing real effects – like unto their cause.

      In the spirit of your call to active willingness FOR the embrace of Life on Earth rather than its destruction or replacement, why act from the false as if it were true?
      Let the deceiver become the means to an education in uncovering howbeit you have been deceived – and YOU have accepted a different purpose THAN deceit.

      When Jesus said ‘resist ye not evil’ – he was warning against giving – or indeed sacrificing your true being to the lure of insidious deceit. But the world of invested identity in the persistence of evil interprets Jesus (and love) as weak, heretically treacherous and advocacy to be a doormat for demonic (hate) violation.
      Such is the belief – but the reverse is true – for such is the cost of persisting in evil as if set over and against it in selected others. That is the way to keep it in front of you.
      What you resist, persists.
      That is a call to see what you are really doing and why.
      The fear of guilt and penalty shuts down the mind.
      To let life and light in is to look at – and PAST the fear.

      There are evils given allegiance and sustenance through devious routes.
      Learning not to feed the troll is not at all name-calling ‘troll!’ and seeking to prove righteousness upon it by throwing the first stone or inciting others to hate where fear points out.

      Minds are not separate – excepting the agenda of separateness is imposed and given allegiance.
      To invoke and share in true sustenance is to remember our true Source and Nature.
      And this can of course be sharing food.
      But not as a way to leverage an agenda – or counter agenda.

  3. human.tiger says:

    Imagine this…the Technocrats were put in the basement of Columbia with the Hollerith Tabulating System geniuses next door…intentionally. So they could more easily collaborate. And kicking out the “fraud” was for show, only after U.S citizens started turning against Technocracy. Soon after, Columbias computing department got folded into IBM and as a “private” company they could keep all their plans hidden from public. Effectively bringing technocracy underground until it could be realized. Maybe?

    • Octium says:

      Yes, It looks like IBM are still at it and technocracy never really went away.

      IBM Smart cities

      Obviously they had a few teething problems with earlier trials…minor things like getting the gas and water lines mixed up…

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        April 3, 2019

        IBM artificial intelligence can predict with 95% accuracy which workers are about to quit their jobs

        IBM artificial intelligence can predict which employees will leave a job with 95 percent accuracy.
        IBM CEO Ginni Rometty says methods used in the traditional human resources model are failing American workers and need assistance from machine learning.
        AI, which has replaced 30 percent of IBM’s HR staff, can help employees identify new skills training, education, job promotions and raises.

        …During Rometty’s seven-year tenure as CEO, IBM IBM has been improving its AI work devoted to the retention of its employees.

        “The best time to get to an employee is before they go,” she said.

        IBM HR has a patent for its “predictive attrition program” which was developed with Watson to predict employee flight risk and prescribe actions for managers to engage employees. Rometty would not explain “the secret sauce” that allowed the AI to work so effectively in identifying workers about to jump (officially, IBM said the predictions are now in the 95 percent accuracy “range”). Rometty would only say that its success comes through analyzing many data points.

        “It took time to convince company management it was accurate,” Rometty said, but the AI has so far saved IBM nearly $300 million in retention costs, she claimed. At present, the retention tool is only offered internally…

        … “I expect AI will change 100 percent of jobs in the next five to 10 years ,” the IBM CEO said…

        …IBM’s bet is that the future of work is one in which a machine understands the individual better than the HR individual can alone…

        …”It is at the individual level. You have to know the individual. Skills are your renewable asset, and you need to treat them like that,” Rometty said.

        (That last paragraph hit my grin-smirk reflexes.)

        • Qno says:

          So they’ve replaced employees with an AI system that can help retain employees?

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Ha!…I hear ya. Go figure on that one.
            The silliness of it all is becoming Biblical.
            Like you said, “The meek shall inherit the Earth Dollar?”

            • Qno says:

              Biblical, yes. The disregard for humanity is colossal. But then, IBM wouldn’t be where they are today without disregard for humanity.

              Meanwhile, over in Japan, a company trialed AI-linked office drones to check on staff, and order employees to go home if they are showing signs of fatigue.

              Since they are forcing staff to work themselves to exhaustion, shut up, comply, and not complain, they now have to employ a robot to tell them they are tired and need to go home before they get so impaired they do some damage!

  4. parzival says:

    I like that, ‘free humans should have their own agenda as well.’ The move toward hive mind seems inexorable. Hopefully such a scenario can be kept at arms length. Thought I’d share this link by submedia, a vid called ‘Quiet Storm: Technology & Social Control.’

    • Terraset says:

      Well if you or anyone else wants to help out I’d really love to actually make this a reality. I don’t want it to be yet another cool idea that would’ve actually worked if only people had actually worked on it.

      I tried doing it myself a good year or maybe 2 ago but I was in no mental or physical condition to put that amount of strain on myself and I’m probably still not. Plus I didn’t have the expertise or time to get the expertise.

      In any case, if anyone’s interested in the concept let’s trade some contact info and get this thing rolling. I figure its best to use something like Tox for IM communication but we can figure all that stuff out as we go.

      • Octium says:

        I think it is a good idea and I’m certainly interested in getting involved.

        I’m probably in a similar boat, I have not had the resources to implement the ideas I have had.

        However when it comes to open source, even publicly publishing a white paper about the idea has value. The white paper becomes prior art and prevents corporations from patenting the idea just to sit on it and block others from using the technology.

        A while back I had an idea for building an end to end encryption device into a standard computer keyboard in a way that even if the host computer contained spyware there would be no way an encrypted messaged could be intercepted.

        Trouble was that I discovered that Microsoft had patented a very similar idea a couple of years before. I am not aware of them ever commercialising the idea despite being in the keyboard business themselves. I suspect they just wanted to block others from implementing it. There are reasons why Windows is so insecure, and they don’t want others to “fix” it.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      Thanks for the video.
      Well worth viewing.

      Angela Orasch (Smart City Researcher) Twitter

  5. thoth52 says:

    “HARD” as a word can mean very different things in different circumstances:
    1. Hard = Difficult (That’s really only your OWN choice to make)
    2. Hard = Impenetrable (Emotionally, that’s your fault too, or partly, and has so many diverse interpretations that I won’t even follow that track).
    3. Hard = Firm and useful (Probably the most encountered form). Think!
    4. Hard = “unconquerable”… Who told YOU that? Probably while YOU are here.
    Much, but not ALL truth here on Corbett Report, but quite enough to ‘point YOU in the RIGHT direction”.
    Isn’t that ENOUGH???

    • Terraset says:

      No, we need actual real world practical solutions, not feel good synonym wordplay. If you or anyone else wants to join in and try to make Open 2030 a real thing, or at the very least make a like minded connection, hit me up on Tox:

      ID: 2AE6BC6B9329811C989D1F13BAEC007F8684F3CCE5425E4B1B0F95C24BA1040DB2AC0375075C

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Bitcoin April 3, 2019
    Recently this week, Bitcoin in U.S. dollars has suddenly spiked (from around $4,200 to $5,200, more or less).

    As I type this…
    In “Dollars” this ratio is about a 25% increase for April 3rd. Up around $1,000 or $1,100.
    However, in many other currencies, the ratio is around 5% or 6%.

    GRAPH (scroll below for comparative currencies)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Is this the reason why Bitcoin’s price spiked?

      The world’s most popular cryptocurrency enjoyed an unexpected spike in value this week, rocketing $1,000 to break through $5,000 – a figure untroubled for several months…

      …Analysts across the globe have been left scratching their heads over the sudden rise and sustained value, but the boss of a London blockchain investment company believes the answer lies in a technical alteration to BTC coming early next summer.

      Bitcoin is being lined up for a ‘halving’ in May 2020 – a phenomenon which will see crypto miners earning fewer Bitcoins per block mined (a facet of the blockchain technology which underpins cryptocurrency).

      After the halving, miners will only recover 900 BTC per day rather than the current 1,800. This means the demand for the daily Bitcoin supply will rise substantially.

      This, believes George McDonaugh, is the driving factor behind Bitcoin’s current elevated path…

      …“First is that the rally has cleared out a considerable resistance of sell orders just above the $4,200 level, which has led to a short squeeze on the bears, compounding the recent rally.

      “Secondly, we are just over 400 days away from the next Bitcoin halving at the end of May 2020, and history has shown that this event is followed by a rally in the price of Bitcoin – it is still some way off, but investors look to be getting into position early in case history repeats itself.”

  7. manbearpig says:

    12:46 and 16:30 pretty much say it all.

    and Earth dollar = evokes Debt for Nature swaps

    Patrick Wood: “Rockefeller had a love affair with China by the way for decades, going all the way back to the 1900s, I will suggest very strongly that in that day they planted the seeds of technocracy way back then…”

    The Yale/China Association:

    “Founded in 1901, the Yale-China Association is a private, nonprofit organization with more than a century of experience contributing to the development of education in and about China and to the furtherance of understanding and knowledge between Chinese and American people. Yale-China’s work is characterized by sustained, long-term relationships designed to build Chinese institutional capacity.

    The Yale-China Association (雅礼协会) inspires people to learn and serve together.

    Founded in 1901

    by graduates of Yale University, we foster long-term relationships that improve education, health, and cultural understanding in China and the United States.

    We envision a U.S.-China relationship of mutual understanding and profound respect nurtured by collaboration among individuals and institutions.

    Mutual Respect: We value direct personal relationships and two-way exchanges characterized by mutual benefit, independence, trust, and understanding.
    Personal Growth and Responsibility: We encourage participants and program alumni to become leading contributors to a more peaceful, just and sustainable world…”

    Patrick Wood: “…because all of the engineers, all of the companies that they sent over there to do the redevelopment work or the infrastructure work to build China up, they were all connected to the Trilateral Commission…”

    …so they morphed into a technocracy…

    • CQ says:

      Mbp, that’s just the kind of research I need at this very moment. A friend of mine who has been trying for years to help the Karen ethnics keep their ancestral land in Burma is worried about the constantly ramped-up, ever-more-aggressive incursions into the ethnics’ resource-rich territory by not only the Burmese government (read: military) but also by the Chinese (and, of course, by international corporations). So I offered to send him some facts about the behind-the-scenes influence the NWO has had on China for years as well as some facts about China’s more recent (well, long-time hidden) embrace of technocracy.

      So, mbp, whatever you can dredge up in your research on these topics — whatever links you find to articles and audios/videos — would be most appreciated. Thank you!

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        CQ: You might find what your looking for at;

        Most despicable of NGOs . Its never what it appears to be on the surface. Inquire into Norman Borlaug. Timber, Coffee ect. And the champion of green Al Gore.

        • CQ says:

          Thanks, gbw. Borlaug rings a bell. Checked out various pages of the Winrock site. While most of us who’ve been reading/listening to Corbett a few years know enough to see through its propaganda, I don’t think my friend would understand what’s going on beneath the slick veneer. I need an expert on Rock/Sino relations, an equivalent of Patrick Wood, to decipher it for my friend. (And for me!)

          Story: When “An Inconvenient Truth” came out in 2006, I stood in line outside a small arts theater with my animal activist friends to watch it. We were all suitably horrified by what we saw–and had full respect for Gore (except that back then he still ate animals, so we pleaded with him to stop!). Talk about naive. Hard to believe I’ve come so far since then, though, sadly, most of my vegan friends have remained mired in the quicksand of AGW.

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            CQ; ask ten friends if they want to venture out and confront the horrors of reality and if your lucky one will have the right stuff to leave the DisneyLand of princes and princesses and dragons and good thoughts and warm feelings. The NGOs are as Sen. Norman Dodd claimed.
            Check out WESTool and its origins and uses. Adding and abetting the enemy of humanity in promoting the tyranny of technocracy.
            It gets ugly fast.

            • CQ says:

              gbw, found it:

              It looks positively wonderful. Aiding and abetting the enemy, you say? But how could that be?

              These days the wolves have had such picture-perfect makeovers that they look IDENTICAL to their sheep prey, don’t they? It’s like they are clones.

              Seems like the high-tech capabilities of the technocrats has become so advanced that pure evil (the mentality of the “elites” underwriting them) has never before been disguised so perfectly to look like pure good.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                CQ: thats funny and accurate, however they don’t try to hide it all that much. That’s why they have a Project Officer instead of a manager. OFFICER ! you know, their ego outs them everytime. This is not a bunch of nice nerds. They are CIA/military tecno-Nazi thugs tied to the decision makers at the top who control all the wealth in reserve resources. This is what Corbett and Woods are telling us about and you have described it beautifully in a much funnier way.

              • CQ says:

                gbw: I’ve run out of “reply” room. Just wanna say that your identifying the meaning of the word “OFFICER” is spot-on. Thank you! I like your description of these not-so-nice nerds, too.

                p.s. The editor in me shrinks in terror at a typo in my previous comment: “Seems like the high-tech capabilities of the technocrats HAVE become . . . .” I mean, what good is the five minutes of editing leeway that James gives us if I don’t use it, huh?

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              I have to borrow from H.J. Hatfield’s book ” Fortunate Son”. It illustrates technocracy’s virtue from what you may read from WinRock / WESTool’s own propaganda.
              ” It is easier to pretend to be what you are not than to hide what you really are; but he that can accomplish both has little to learn in hypocrisy.”
              Charles Caleb Colton, Lacon-1825.

              And from WinRock…
              ” WinRock foresees a wellspring of WESTools- A future where those who know development and those who know technology come together to help others find their way.”

              This is the good shepherding that leads the poor animals to slaughter.

              • CQ says:

                Not familiar with C. C. Colton, gbw, but that sure is one apt aphorism! Are you saying Hatfield quoted Colton in “Fortunate Son”? I found it at under Colton’s name with this end note: (1823). “Remarks on the Talents of Lord Byron and the Tendencies of Don Juan,” p.150.

                Your remark about hypocritical WinRock/WESTool being a “good” shepherd, gbw, brings to mind not only the hireling parable but also this passage (by our mutual friend MBE) about false love: “The so-called affection pursuing its victim is a butcher fattening the lamb to slay it.”

                Elsewhere MBE refers to “a lamb that licked the hand just raised to shed its blood;….” Does that sad imagery not portray the intentions of the Rock & Roth benefactors? Does it not betray them as being, beneath their alluring disguises, devourers?

        • CQ says:

          Come to think of it, gbw, the site doesn’t expose the underbelly, either, does it? I need a Douglas Valentine-type who has already done that slogging through the muck!

      • CQ says:

        Tonight I found what feels like the best answer yet to my own question (above) about how China has been influenced for years behind the scenes by Western powers:

        It’s Patrick Wood’s 4.26.19 Technocracy News and Trends newsletter:

        Wood also has a 26-minute podcast on the same subject:

        These two links are what I’ll send to my friend who has been watching China make incursions on Burma/Myanmar, in particular on the resource-rich land owned for generations by the peoples of that country’s independent ethnic states.

        And, gbw, I’ll also send him the Winrock/WESTool info you gave me, for which I thank you.

    • CQ says:

      Hmmm, I edited and saved my comment before time expired, but for some reason the edits didn’t go into effect. What I added was a point about technocracy in China — that it’s not really recent, it’s just been hidden for a long time, as the Patrick Wood quote you cite makes clear, mbp.

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    April 2, 2019
    Yahoo Finance

    IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde discusses digital Central Bank currencies, Climate Change, and global regulation of FAANG like companies.

    I think part of the previous interview segment is on their YouTube channel.

  9. NES says:

    Great interview, James. (Gott’a say–To me, Woods looks like a grown-up version of the kid from ‘The Christmas Story’–sweet face.)

    I was surprised that Woods confirmed the possibility of something I had thought years ago at a time when I was attempting to understand how Bitcoin, the blockchain and cryptocurrency operated. I intuited then that blockchain technology would be highjacked by the NWO controllers to be used as a centralized world currency–somehow. Exactly how I didn’t know. After doing some digging it appeared to me that the elites were hard at work formulating a sideways move that avoided major opposition in doing just that–usurping the current world currencies. (China discussion was interesting on this note.)

    At the time, I was simply trying to understand it all by feeling my way toward the typical and expected evil conclusion(s) of the elitists’ agendas. Interesting to hear Wood’s concepts on the possibility.

  10. Qno says:

    The meek shall inherit the Earth Dollar?

  11. FIW says:

    I found this little nugget on anctivistpost:

    It seems to tie up everything James has talked about in this sense in a few pages

  12. whaugen says:

    Have come to the conclusion Technocracy is using Uranium as money because of its extremely high energy content. Follow the Uranium might be at least as good as follow the money to see what NWO doing.

  13. ormus says:

    Important new report:

    “Geo-Economics and Geo-Politics Drive Successive Eras of Predatory Globalization and Social Engineering: Historical emergence of climate change, gender equity, and anti-racism as State doctrines.” by Denis Rancourt

    Also, the next two pieces of the investigation into Extinction Rebellion have now been released:

  14. CQ says:

    What a study in contrasts. Both of these appeared yesterday in my inbox — the first (with two links) from Technocracy News, the second from Global Research:

    Podcast by Patrick Wood:

    . . . and accompanying article by Tyler Durden:


    Article by Andre Vltchek:

  15. naturalfreehuman says:

    Is Patrick Wood actually James Evan Pilato in disguise? Watch his eyes!

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