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02/25/202174 Comments

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Story #1: Thousands Reportedly Attempt to Obtain Easily Forged Vaccinated Certificate

One-Third of Deaths Reported to CDC After COVID Vaccines Occurred Within 48 Hours of Vaccination

Synthetic mRNA Covid vaccines: A Risk-Benefit Analysis

The Vaccine (Dis)Information War

They Know What You Are (Now They’re Haggling Over the Price)

Story #2: GameStop Stock Explodes Again Following Board Member's Tweet

Deja Vu All Over Again: Gamestop Soars Over 300% As 'Gamma Squeeze' Returns

Reddit Outages Reported After GameStop Shares Erupted In Epic Short Squeeze

Fed Investigating Massive Outage Of Its Interbank Payment System

The REAL Meaning of GameStop

Story #3: Pranksters Show How Horrifying Boston Dynamics’ Police Robot Dog Is By Strapping Paintball Gun To It

Culture Jamming with Extinction Rebellion – #PropagandaWatch

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  1. josth says:

    It occurred to me when you spoke about how easy the vaccine passport is to forge that the people doing this are not stupid and that this is undoubtedly deliberate. The aim is to make people who have had the vaccine so incensed by ‘criminals’ stealing their data that they will happily consent to what was TPTB’s aim in the first place – a chip or digital tattoo / barcode. This will be much harder to forge and will leave the unvaccinated as the ‘disease-ridden’ shunned minority (an underclass to be kept away from the clean living serfs). In the UK, this group will undoubtedly contain BAME people, religious groups and those of a more rebellious character – all the people they want to get rid of. Job done.

    • Duck says:

      I think that may be an angle but on the other hand its also a pretty good pressure valve… the people on the fence about what to do are waiting to see if enough people push back. Being able to take the easy way out (for now) really reduces resistance.

    • noconsent says:

      At first glance forged Vaccine Passes sound like something worth investing in. They may even work for a while, however they got you on the Fear Factor. By engaging in Fraud in order to travel hassle free without being a test subject, you have become a “Terrorist” criminal who has committed Fraud in order to spread the Virus (you don’t have).
      I compare this with the Impeachment of Slick Willy(President Clinton)whereby he was exposed in the Media for his Sex Acts with Interns at the Capital. Sleazeball as he may be, these kinds of things are not illegal among consenting adults, however Lying to Congress is illegal, and that is what he was Impeached for. Yep, he told Congress “I did not have sexual relations with that women”, and many in Congress at that time thought that was a Lie. It turned out that even after exposing the details of Clinton’s despicable behavior, Slick willy was able to capitalized on his definition of “Sexual Relations”.
      I fear that most good people simply wishing to avoid being Test Subjects and travel, will not be granted to provide their definition of “Terrorist”.
      Best to fight this thing head on. I am not getting the Experimental Injection by way of my God Given Right as a human,and if you knew what I know you would not either.

    • ticop says:

      My thoughts exactly. The solution will be quantum dot tattoo linked to the micro-needle array patches being released shortly. They first require the problem of knowing who is vaccinated, and reaction of forged certificates. Hegelian dialectic.

    • minnie says:

      I was just about to say the same thing. This “forged vaccine passport” hoax is designed to make people beg for a more “secure” microchipped version.

      This will be the real bondage, a high-tech advancement on the concentration camp numbers branded into the arm. Drones will be able to easily pick out people considered harmful to the interests of the State for neutralisation.

  2. r3ality says:

    Looks like the video was removed from YouTube “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.” Not surprising but thought I would note it here.

  3. riemer.2 says:

    This video was just deleted on YouTube…haha

  4. noconsent says:

    I just clicked on the Mediamonary link in the Show Notes above and I got a “404 Page Not Found”. The bottom half of the screen appeared to function and I was able to see PayPal as a means of donating, however I was wondering if it was possible to donate using Ada (which is the Cardando Cryto currency).
    It is being reported that Cardando is 80% Decentralized at this time and it is making it’s way toward 100% Decentralization soon.
    I believe Ada has the potential to be better than Bitcoin and more secure. It is now time to give it some “Velocity” by exchanging it.

  5. noconsent says:

    How to Reach the Normies;
    I very much identify with James Pilato’s frustration in trying to reach the Sheeple, for I too have send well documented information about the “Experimental Injections” being sold as “COVID19 Vaccinations”, only to get back some Main Stream “Fact Checked” propaganda which they appear to believe. Not watching MSM TV and having ditched my Smart Phone, I am no longer subjected to the most toxic of the control mechanisms being used on these people we can not reach.
    The collaborating Technocrats have found the Means of controlling Governments(in much the same way that the World Bankers have), and are making their move to control the World. They had to have control of the critical Masses before they could make their move, and they have done this by adding Aluminum Dust, and High Frequency Radiation, to the already intoxicating Fluoride, and Glyphosate.
    The dumbed down masses were then studied by monitoring every Phone Call, Text message, Email,and Website they visited, not to mention the GPS Location when they used these Electronic forms of Communication. With that kind of information in hand, and the Masses now tied to these Smart Phones, the Tech Giants can control these Sheeple without them even knowing it.
    I think you will find that most of these unreachable Sheeple have a Smart Phone on them at all times, and they will proclaim that they have nothing to hide when you make it know to them that they can be listened to and tracked at any time by way of the Smart Phone.
    I watched an Interview the other day with a Doctor trained in Germany before moving to the States who treats people suffering from illnesses induced by the dumbing toxic methods being used on all of us. These are the Canaries in the Coal Mine which most Doctors can not cure, yet this Doctor has had a great deal of success. Anyway, he says we could fix the problems facing Mankind by focusing on the following four priorities;
    1)Stop adding Fluoride to the Water.
    2)Ban the use of Glyphosate.
    3)Ban the Spraying of Aluminum dust (Geoengineering)
    4)Shut down the Cell Towers and other sources of high frequency Radiation.

    Note that I do my best to filter the Fluoride out of my water and I don’t use Fluoride toothpaste.
    I try to eat Organic food and thus reduce my intake of Glyphosate.
    I try not to breath too hard on cloudy days (Masks may be good for something).
    I got rid of my Smart Phone. I do have a dumb phone, but it stays home most of the time.

    I think about the only way to reach sheeple is to refuse to communicate with anyone that has a Smart Phone. If you want to enter my home, please leave your Smart Phone at home (or at least in the car).
    The Smart Phone is the “Tool” that the Technocrats use (like the Bansters use fiat Money) to control their subjects, and I have a God Given Right not to be monitored by other people’s (sheeple’s) Smart Phones, eh!

    • Not watching MSM TV and having ditched my Smart Phone, I am no longer subjected to the most toxic of the control mechanisms being used on these people we can not reach.”

      Neither am I, but you know it’s a double-edged sword.
      Sometimes it’s important to know the garbage that is being fed to the masses 24/7.

      A filter bubble popped up on the side of a Gootube video I was watching yesterday.

      The title of the video was:
      ‘Vaccination passports’ a near certainty says bio-ethicist | COVID-19 in Canada

      (sorry I know one day we will be banned from posting Ytube videos here) 🙂

      I had to try really hard from puking as I watched the video, but I managed to make it all the way through.

      Nothing worse than an ill-informed bio-ethicist (Kerry Bowman) being interviewed on CTV News reaching millions of viewers and spouting fake news!

      Here’s what he had to say at 1:45 min.:

      “But here’s the other side of the argument. Is it really fair to the Canadians who have been locked down for a year, uh, when they are vaccinated, they’re no longer a risk to other people, is it really fair to continue to limit their freedom?”

      (Cough cough) No longer a risk to other people? I guess he hasn’t read the ‘vaccine’ inserts. 🙁
      Is it really fair to limit their freedom? Huh?

      Video rating:
      574 thumbs up
      4,500 thumbs down

      • Octium says:

        Fortunately there is a way of avoiding having to watch hours of MSM yourself… just ask the nearest Sheeple what their “opinion” is and you’ll have weeks of MSM summed up in a few minutes!

  6. Iris.L says:

    My cousin who sent me a bunch pro vaccine propaganda and tired to shame me into getting the vaccine, got her covid vaccine two weeks ago, first dose, and she’s been so sick from it she has missed almost two weeks of work. She has already said she is refusing to get the second dose. Two of my husbands coworkers got their second doses and have missed a week of work because they are very sick. My husband and I tried to warn people this wasn’t a vaccine but an experimental drug, and they called us “conspiracy theorists”. Jokes on them I guess.

    • cu.h.j says:

      The joke is on them and they are partly responsible for the outcome for choosing to comply with these injections. If one really researches how these drugs work and read the information sheet that is provided it’s quite clear these aren’t traditional vaccines and are indeed experimental.

      Anyone who takes a drug where the clinical trials aren’t even completed yet is taking a huge risk. And even if they don’t have any side effects now, that does not mean there won’t be side effects down the road.

      • Rei says:

        I see a lot of people bragging online, “I just got the vaccine today and I feel great!” as if their one experience of one single day is indicative of anything. I once replied “do you ever wonder about long term effects?” and they said, “What long term effects?”

        ….Exactly. Why do people think they know there are no long term effects when the long term has never happened before in history? They say they have read how it works and it makes sense. Just because something makes sense on paper doesn’t mean we should just assume it works as planned. If that was the case, what would be the point of doing product trials, ever??

  7. vkx says:

    Regarding “Green Label” (direct translation from Hebrew) forgeries – MOH/MOJ declared, that if one is caught – he will charged with criminal offence.
    There are workplaces, where vaccination proof is already required to enter – such as Israeli Water Company prohibiting entry to un-vaccinated contractors. There is ongoing battle between teachers refusing to take the jab and teachers unions/MOH, one case is in labor court right now.
    Israel’s Dan David foundation rewarded our beloved A. Fauci with 1M USD prize…
    Pfizer’s CEO scheduled to visit Israel in early March.
    MSM right now brainwashing population for children vaccination (30% of Israeli population is younger than 16 yo).
    Pregnant women are already vaccinated.
    Now the main targets are 20-30 yo people.
    Most of Orthodox Jews communities meanwhile holding their ground.
    Israeli Arabs are also skeptical with low vaccination rates.
    Fear-mongering and propaganda for the jabs is everywhere…together with very effective health services it’s no wonder, that Israel is taking the lead in that grandiose clinical trial…

  8. Rei says:

    Thanks very much guys,
    I absolutely cannot believe that despite mainstream news reporting that there is no proof that the vaccine prevents transmission, people are still parroting over and over that if you don’t get it, you are a bad person who is endangering everyone else. If it just reduces symptoms, why not let people make their own decisions if they are at risk or not? I am so tired of the self-righteous campaigns to attack friends and neighbours for not wanting to participate in a medical procedure. It takes everything in me to not let this fact consume me with disappointment.

    • flammable says:

      I experienced some mental gymnastics claiming that lack of data on stopping transmission doesn’t mean the vaccine cannot stop transmission. Look at the case numbers and hospitalization dropping.

      I think some people are not getting it. The companies did not even bother to try. It’s not just this injection. There is the entire history of coronaviruses where we have failed to stop transmission with vaccines. Coronaviruses just naturally ran their course. And that is happening now a year later.

      The endangering threat is something that needs to be addressed. PPE and medicine can be used by ONLY ONE person at a time and only tested on ONE person at a time. Therefore it can only protect the person using it. If you need others to take a vaccine or wear a mask for it to work then it doesn’t work period. That is also a violation of product liability and consumer protection laws.

  9. Well, I never thought I’d see the day, but finally, finally, the day has come……James Evan Pilato as Frank Zappa-lookalike! Great work as always, so thanks very much to both of you….always informative, well documented and intelligently presented analysis – top marks!!!

  10. slurry says:

    My close family are all either completely sucked into the narrative or full on Q-tards…. I only have a few close friends who have an open enough mind for me to have these discussions with, but they’re half embedded in the narrative or complete doomers that have already given up. I remember watching that defected KGB agent talking about useful idiots and one of the biggest things that stuck out to me was him talking about how it takes like 25 years to reverse the brainwashing of a society. I personally think we’re way past the point of “convincing” any of our friends or family, regardless of how much credibility our information has. I’ve shown my parents all kinds of things from only credible sources and they completely ignored it, while simultaneously claiming that they’re “free thinkers”. My wife (who is quite naturally based, thank god) doesn’t watch the news or look at the internet has openly stated that her mom (who only believes the news) is also showing the signs of brainwashing. All I know is that when people are brainwashed by cults, you can’t convince them that that’s what’s happening, much like the useful idiots…..
    This is going to sound crazy, but back around Christmas of 2019 my wife got a sort of predictive “download” or “forewarning” from the “universe” or wherever you may subjectively say things like that may come from. Once again, she doesn’t watch the news or go on the internet. One day around that Christmas I came upstairs and she was telling the kids about her “download”. She said “there is a virus coming that will completely change society….. a lot of people are going to die….. the people that are left will be pushed together by extreme changes in the weather”. At that point I had just started seeing people talk about the new Chinese virus in my fringe fb groups. There’s a lot more “psychic” types of things that my wife has done or had happen to her in the past, and I’m personally certain that she’s correct, but given what I’ve seen unfolding through the scamdemic, I think the brainwashing snowball was started down the hill a long long time ago and it’s way too big and moving too fast to stop and at this point all we, who understand what’s happening, can do is try to survive till that snowball hits a wall at the bottom of the hill, make sure we don’t forget what went wrong, and try to start over. I want to believe we can reverse this and become a free humanity, but that just doesn’t seem realistic at this point.

    • slurry says:

      A couple of things to add, that my wife saw:

      1) Young men aged 20-40 who were dying, were pale with black circles under their eyes and lesions on them like someone dying of aids. (My guess is vaccine side effects)

      2) It will be hard to breathe in low lying areas…. we have to get up to higher elevations to breathe properly. ( I’m guess that is as a result of the retarded stuff they’re going to do in the name of fighting climate change)

      3) A war with China/Russia where Chinese soldiers are on North American soil. (This one scared her the most and, I believe, is where she saw the most suffering)

      I’m sure most will scoff at this, and that’s fine, but the people on this Corbett site are all people that I hope are there on the other side of this, so I wanted to warn you guys as we are the ones the eugenicists REALLY want to get rid of and pretty soon friends and family brainwashed into being “good citizens” will be happy to give you up for persecution. I personally, am not speaking about any of this to my family or friends, anymore. I will focus on finding like minded people in my local rural community and getting tight with them.

      • preo says:

        Interesting… thanks for the info 🙂
        I agree that we have to try with all we can to make changes at thia precise moment in order to survive as species. There is no hanging around anymore. Solutions must be seeked and implemented in wathever scale its possible

  11. scpat says:

    Several weeks ago it came up in conversation that one of my close family members planned on getting the vaccine. I said, “you are going to get the vaccine?” “You bet I am!”, they said proudly and defiantly. As I curiously questioned them further, and told them about potential damages that could happen and that the vaccines are experimental and never been licensed for wide scale human use, they said, “oh, I’ve been a pin cushion all my life, what’s another one going to do to me.” They said they believed there was a virus out there and that due to their chronic lung condition, age, and other health factors, they thought the risk was worth it. They said they had never researched the science behind the vaccines.

    I asked them if they realized that the endpoints in Pfizer and Moderna vaccine trials did not include whether or not the vaccine would prevent COVID-19, prevent transmission of Sars-Cov-2, prevent severe illness, hospitalizations, and death. They flatly stated that was not true and that they didn’t believe me. So I emailed them several different sources and went through the articles and spoon-fed them the quotations directly in the email, backing that up. They never replied.

    Some people are beyond help. You just have to let them spin the barrel and have them find out for themselves if one is in the chamber.

    • preo says:

      For some people, the information its just too new. Its not like they wont everchange. We have to do our part of spreading that information and try not to get negativity out of it or towards the person.they might just not be quite ready yet, but maybelater in the way they might.

      Think about when you didnt evenknow anything about how the world works, if someone would have come and told you something that you have never heard and that literally goea against the whole vision of the universe that you have, it would be a big thing to swallow, and maybe even too much to belive. But we all had a first wncounter that sounded crazy, but that somehow later on, got us to getready for the next bit of information that makes that change in us andmakes us question…

  12. Jed says:

    Are the forged vaccine passports printed with lamb’s blood?

  13. taxpayer says:

    799 reported deaths out of, how many, 40 million Americans reportedly dosed? That’s 0.002%, or 20 per million. The normal ordinary pre-2020 death rate for the population dosed would be many times this. So this means nothing and is no way persuasive. Sure, the “vaccine” might be ineffective, and it might have long-term bad effects, but nobody rational is going to decline it based on this data.
    Otoh, maybe the target group aren’t rational people, who already would have doubts about the shots, but rather those who will be persuaded by the gruesome anecdotal reports.

  14. scpat says:

    Sneaking around and trying to forge these vaccine passports is the wrong approach—it is mental submission to this system. Those who attempt this are giving it legitimacy by trying to ‘get by’ in this system. This should be defied on principal. The solution is creating our own system, our own communities, where we don’t even need to think about the threat of a vaccine passport in order to carry out our daily lives.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Agreed. This does give vaccine passports legitimacy. I think we need to withdrawal all of our economic support from this system right away. The problem is that many people don’t even know how to begin and/or are not financially able to do this. They are debt slaves already and have to keep a “normal” job just to eek by.

      This is one reason I have been working more lately to try to generate as much wealth as possible before they try this crap here in the US. I won’t need their system, so can easily refuse to comply. The issue of traveling will come down to economics. If enough people refuse, they will have to accommodate them in order to stay in buisness.

      The problem is that many people will not grow a spine until this tyranny gets up close and personal, like loss of a job or they get sick from these “vaccines” or their loved ones get sick.

      • scpat says:

        Yes, it is difficult to make these life-paradigm shifting decisions. I experience that personally. Thinking about the consequences of these big decisions that may have to be made isn’t fun, such as moving to a new geographic location, withdrawing all funds from the system, not flying again or not visiting another country again, not experiencing social life in the same way (concerts, sporting events, etc.).

        I also find it difficult to know exactly what counts as supporting the system or not, given that we live in such an interconnected world. For example, one could work for a private company because they don’t want to work for the local government, but the private company they go to work for makes a large amount of its revenue from government contracts. It almost seems impossible to escape this system completely, but of course we can try to do as much as possible.

        Committing to these changes is a big step into the unknown, which is why I think it’s tough. But it will definitely make one grow as a person to figure all of this out and make these decisions which involve a lot of effort.

        • cu.h.j says:

          I think that getting out of this system can happen incrementally. A small company could refuse to mandate masks and vaccines but would probably still be using fiat currency. Those other things are a step in the right direction.

          Also, local government officials like sheriffs aren’t all bad. They are the ones that can choose not to enforce mandates. It will require people in government to help do the right thing and the least corrupt are often the people in local government.

  15. MEFF says:


    In this CDC link, first it will appear a small window, click the first opiton link, then you are there and you have to go to the bottom and click ACCEPT. Then you have to click on the top menu REQUEST, there you have to choose all the variables you want to appear in the final report. It´s amazing and unbelievable how many damage due to the vaccines.

    Where did I got this info? From this video


  16. Tina says:

    I’m so excited to be a “member” of the Corbett Report! James, you’re awesome and do such amazing work. AND I was excited to see Whitney Webb on your show the other day!! In case you are interested in checking out what they’re doing to our kids these days (I’m a middle school English teacher in California), look at this madness:

    • scpat says:

      This is very sad to see, especially since these are young and impressionable kids. These “Essential Strategies” will, like the rest of the societal reaction to this crisis, mentally traumatize children for life, creating a new generation of hypochondriacs and anti-social teens and adults. Funny how mental health is hardly considered in this plan.

      Mental health was considered twice in the CDC plan.

      “Schools also help to mitigate health disparities by providing critical services including school meal programs and facilitate access to social, physical, behavioral, and mental health services.”

      […] “Safe in-person schooling can also offset the negative social, emotional, and mental health impacts of prolonged virtual learning.”

      I would argue with both these points, but especially the second point. Virtual learning is not a good solution, but neither is the CDC guidance, since children will be conditioned further by fear and mask compliance daily during in-person teaching.

      • Tina says:

        Distance learning (“virtual learning”) has been an epic fail. Not only has it been horrible for kids’ psychological/emotional well being (suicide, depression, and anxiety have plagued young peoople this past year), but academically, kids are NOT learning. I teach in an economically disadvantaged area and was just told that 50% of the 8th graders in our school district will not promote. Normally it’s a handful of kids at each school, but this year it is HALF of the entire district’s population.

        When I read that masks and antisocial distancing would continue when we return to campus, I was heartbroken. I want things to go back to “normal” (especially for the kids’ sake), but I realize more and more that this is just never going to happen. It’s so strange to watch movies/tv shows from the past where people are acting HUMAN. I’ve gotten so used to this strange dystopian reality. 🙁

  17. Save 10% of Earnings! says:

    Hopefully you are all doing your part to resist the powerful. If you’re looking for things that you personally can do to reduce the influence of the powerful, and at the same time increase your own, go to for a list of them.

  18. studiotwoseven says:

    If you want to see Spot really kill some people, watch the version of “War of the Worlds” on the Epix network. This came out a few years back. Predictive programming?
    …Like all those dudes wearing masks in HBO’s “Watchmen” a year prior to Covid…

  19. studiotwoseven says:

    If you want to see Spot really kill some people, watch the version of “War of the Worlds” on the Epix network. This came out a few years back. Predictive programming?
    …Like all those dudes wearing masks in HBO’s “Watchmen” a year prior to Covid…

  20. Roxanne says:

    Hi James. Will you ever be interviewing Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Tom Cowan, Dr Stefan Lanka or David and Dawn (authors of What Really Makes You Ill?)?
    Or have you tried reaching out to them or have they tried reaching out to you?

  21. Noahsark723 says:

    I wanted to pass this along, It seems to me that this may be an immediate solution to the mask mandates in the United States and later when they try and force the vaccine pass to enter stores and conduct business

    The guy who runs the channel High Impact Flix just did this video on 18 US code 242 – Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law:

    Any store that refuses you service for not wearing a mask will fall under this code:

    So, I propose that you print this off and when stopped from entering a place of business for not wearing a mask or later when they require vaccination proof, ask to talk to the manager or store owner and show them this code, explaining to them that the mask mandate is not a law and is a mandate under the color of law.

    If they refuse to let you in after informing them of this – then you can threaten them with being punished and sued over the violation and deprivation of rights under the color of law.

    Most likely they will fold and let you enter – if not I am sure a lawyer will take the case because it would be a clear win and if you find the right lawyer they might take it on pro-bono because it is an open and shut case, making it easy for those without the funds to hire a lawyer outright.

    Does anyone have any input on this or other ideas?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Noahsark723 says:
      Does anyone have any input on this or other ideas?

      MASK – My Statement Rendition
      I’ve used a shortened variation of this patter once before…

      “I’m exempt from wearing a mask. I can’t get Covid and I can’t give it to anyone else. I have T-Cell and B-Cell immunity. My Ig antibody count is out the roof. My blood sample titers look great! So, I am not threat to anyone. I can’t transmit Covid and I can’t get Covid.”

      At home alone, I sometimes practice saying these lines. I repeat them, trying to memorize them for a live acting audition. I have trouble with tongue-tripping sometimes. So, I want to appear confident and sure.

      I’ll play things by ear if I get challenged further.
      The store clerk who last challenged my maskless face went blank when I said T-Cell immunity. I told him, ”Go ask the Manager. He’ll tell you I am exempt.” That worked, because grocery store managers hide in the office.

      There is a Verbal Introversion Tactic which can be used if one gets into a back-n-forth. I hate using it, because it is just not my character.
      Ask “Why?” questions. Ask questions designed to have the other person look inside their head. ”Why can’t you see this? Why don’t you understand basic facts? Why are you acting this way?” (In reality, this is a question that is hard if not impossible to answer without writing a book…and even then, it may be wrong.)
      The “Why?” questions can be supplemented with evaluations, followed with nuanced, cutting, invalidating remarks disguised as questions. ”You are really uninformed. Don’t you listen to Dr. Fauci and the CDC? Do you ever watch the news? Don’t you know 5th Grade Science?”
      Like I said, I hate utilizing this type of introversion approach. Unfortunately, there are people in society who often interact this way as a routine.
      The “Introversion Verbal Tactic” may not win the argument, but it certainly will haunt the receiver the rest of the day.

      Everywhere I go, all the stores, everyone is wearing a mask except me.
      The Saturday before Valentine’s Day and the day prior to the BIG TEXAS ARCTIC VORTEX, I was in a small grocery store which was packed to the gills at the slow part of the day (9:30am) with over 400 people in the store. It was so busy, I finally left my cart to the side, and would run back-n-forth to different aisles to grab items. The aisles were a traffic jam. I’m the only person without a mask.

      • Noahsark723 says:


        Thanks for taking the time to add to this and sharing your experience.

        There is one store I go to where they aren’t wearing a mask at all, it is the feed store where I get my chicken feed; but that is the exception of course.

        This whole mask thing is a marker for how ignorant many people are and it tells me that the conspirators have the majority of people right where they want them. The psychological atmosphere is being controlled and manipulated by these “elites”

        The one thing this tells me, is that “they” are going to get their new world order and if the research community doesn’t recognize this and start organizing and working together to prepare a place to live outside of it — to take a chance to do so, muster the courage and face the dangers of what all of that entails, then their is no hope past putting ones faith in chance and/or some act of Providence to occur to change the course these manipulators set.

        I posted this thing on the mask as a possible immediate solution to the fact that eventually you will not be able to buy nor sell without the mask, then the vaccine and then the “microchip-mark of the beast” eventually to buy or sell. In some stores in some areas they won’t allow one to buy or sell without the mask – this will eventually set in and become common – we have to start exiting this system and their is no easy answer or path to do that and certainly no technological solution to it – we are going to have to go back to ways our ancestors lived before the first industrial revolution started and we should use this technology while we still can to do so and make the transition.

        Ultimately that is what I see the purpose of this research for – it is diagnosis of the dis-ease and with out it you can not have a proper cure.

        The elite and all of those who are following them are calling destruction down on themselves – we have to get outside of that or at least make an honest try at it.

        • cu.h.j says:

          We have to create an economy outside of the system. It’s the only way. But I think that what they are doing will become so oppressive and miserable that people will stop buying into it.

    • Jed says:

      The masks are brilliant, hats off to the NWO, if the elites get any second thoughts about their current eugenics project they can gaze out upon the masses of nappied faced clowns then rest assured. Trying to go maskless in any store here on Long Island starts a fight, the maskless get bounced and the maskers go further up into their own rear-ends. It’s a rodeo clown distraction and no matter how many facts there are disproving the advertised aim/reason, nobody listens. The maskers end up looking sane, the maskless appear irresponsible, selfish and dumb. So give the NWO a point for their masks. I even like it myself, ashamedly and look like the goddam invisible man — bandana, hat, glasses — when I go into their f*kn’ stores.
      There’s spirit of solutions here at the CR these days, very nice. I am putting together a book of verse. Maybe a rhyme or two will germinate under some concrete skulls and crack them open. I’m gonna busk this summer and sell ‘em on the side, if they throw an extra couple bucks in the guitar case they’ll get a little book. Cheers

  22. HEDGE110 says:

    These 2 aged care home residents in Queensland, Australia got 4 times what they bargained for on their vaccine day –

  23. HEDGE110 says:

    My daughter and I ran our first free lemonade stand the other day in a local park. I was so proud when she suggested we refuse service to anyone wearing a mask. Another chink in the armor.

  24. dadandan says:

    Subscribed on Patreon about a year ago… never really gave it much thought but I guess that Patreon gets some kind of commission or do they take a cut of the subs? If that’s the case I would definitely prefer to find a better way! What’s the easiest way to get you a few bucks every month without paying middlemen? Preferably something I can set and forget… because otherwise I will forget!

  25. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Story #2: GameStop Stock Explodes Again Following Board Member’s Tweet

    Our own Communities
    The System Controls & Dictates the Narrative for…
    …Value, Prices, Stocks & Commodities, Covid, Covid Cases, Vaccine Solutions, News, Values….

    What I like about the Gamestock Reddit scenario is that the average person used “THE RIGGED SYSTEM’S RULES” to take advantage of a predictable, profitable scenario using a “short squeeze”. It was a superb touché against the system by using the system.
    Of course, the average person is not allowed to beat the Big Banks and Hedge Funds…
    NEWS – Feb 26 Friday
    “SEC Suspends Trading In 15 Companies Due To “Questionable Trading And Social Media Activity””

    Anyone that follows the stock and commodity markets knows that it is a rigged game. Facts, fundamentals, and common sense don’t matter, just like they don’t matter when it comes to the Covid narrative.
    The SYSTEM’s narrative shapes the published price in these markets.

    Silver Short Squeeze
    However, here is some recent good news…
    Backstory – For those who don’t know, there was a huge spike in silver demand during this Gamestock Reddit scene around the end of January to Feb 1st.

    The silver demand is still there.
    People, including commercial buyers, are paying substantially more than the “spot price” for physical silver, even though the “paper silver” on the commodity exchanges says the price is lower.
    In other words, the commodity market says silver has a certain price, but people are saying, “No. Your SYSTEM’s published price is wrong…and I have the physical silver to prove it.”

    This is the good news.
    Community is deciding the price, not the stock and commodity market.
    Communities can decide value and values.
    The REAL price discovery is what the community says something is worth, not what the SYSTEM says it is worth.
    Community doesn’t have to align with the system’s dictates of value or values.

    This is very evident in the silver community. An amazing trend is occurring.
    SILVER – David Morgan chuckles as he describes the community’s values vs the system’s values–EoxCc?t=494

    All in all, my point is that we don’t have to buy into the system’s dictates.
    Communities can game the system and/or establish their own values.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      SUB-THREAD for
      “WallStreetBets” & “GameStop Event” & “Silver Short Squeeze” & “What does it mean to short a stock?”

      This should be a long story, but I will give a brief, coffee-shop rendition…
      Starting around Friday January 22nd , a group of Wall Street traders on Reddit with more than two million users (called “WallStreetBets”) completely disrupted the mainstream narrative. In fact, MainStream Media didn’t know what to do, because they lost control of the narrative. Mainstream Media could no longer could ply their trade of influencing markets, and some of the heavy weights of the Wall Street gang (Hedge Funds) were losing control. Not only did some of these Hedge Funds lose control – they got their asses whooped badly….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      February 25, 2021 – Thursday
      US Treasury head Janet Yellen called on the G20 for new allocations of fiat IMF SDR notes in a letter today.

      (NOTE – The article does push precious metals as an alternative currency / store of monetary wealth. While this could be one of an assortment of solutions, I personally don’t advocate it as the ONLY solution.)

      Press Releases
      Letter from Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen to G20 Colleagues


      …An allocation of new Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) at the IMF could enhance liquidity for low-income countries to facilitate their much-needed health and economic recovery efforts. To
      make this tool effective, the G20 must work with a broad coalition of countries on a set of shared parameters for greater transparency and accountability in how SDRs are exchanged and used.
      We would also strongly encourage G20 members to channel excess SDRs in support ofrecovery efforts in low-income countries, alongside continued bilateral financing. We look forward to discussing potential modalities for deploying SDRs.

      The pandemic has moved much of work and life online. We must invest in efforts to help people adapt to this increasingly digital world. The 020 should continue to support work on digital payments at the Financial Stability Board and standard-setting bodies….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Saturday Feb 27th
      GoFundMe Campaign Seeks $15,000 For Silver Short Squeeze Billboards

      Thanks to some on r/WallStreetBets (WSB) and others on social media, the wider public is starting to grasp the corruption and cronyism in the financial markets including in the paper gold and paper silver markets.

      The silver bullion market is one of the most manipulated on earth…

      …Just as Redditors bought billboards in Times Square and across the country, urging people to buy GameStop – it appears someone and a whole lot of donors is raising money to fund “Silver Squeeze” billboards.

      On popular crowdfunding platform “GoFundMe,” someone named Ivan Bayoukhi created a campaign to raise money to fund billboards for the awareness of “Silver Squeeze.”

      So far, 310 donors have raised $12,513 out of the $15,000 goal – and while billboard ad space is cheap because of the crushing virus pandemic denting the ad space – why the hell not…
      …Here’s what the description of the “Silver Squeeze” GoFundMe campaign says:

      Silver movement will be Epic..
      Couple of months or years down the lane and people will look back and say how this whole thing started..some 20000 like-minded guys, got tired of manipulation and started doing something that banks had no defense physical!! We chose to play the game on our turf and theirs.
      Its matter of days or months when this community gets to million+ and imagine the horsepower when all these guys start buying..

      …Average people banning together in a collective manner against Wall Street hedge funds are epic – can almost describe these folks as ‘decentralized hedge funds’ of the people for the people waging war on big bankers….

      Just so folks know…
      Friday, the 26th, silver and most commodities and stock prices in the U.S. and around the world fell hard in the markets.
      Here is what prompted prices to fall…
      The US Treasury 10-year yield hit 1.518 percent; an increase of 12.9 basis points (bps), equivalent to a 0.129% yield rise in a single session. That yield has now increased a strong 44.1 bps since close on February 1.
      Thus, money left a broad stroke of asset classes.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      In late 2010, Max Keiser promoted a silver squeeze…
      Max Keiser: Crash JP Morgan – Buy Silver!
      (Just over one minute video from 2010)

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        James Corbett is no stranger to the topic of precious metal manipulation by the Big Banks. He gives us the low-down from years ago…

        Corbett Report March 7, 2013
        How the Markets Are Manipulated
        (17 minute video)

        The FULL TRANSCRIPT with links is in the show notes.
        Corbett has a spectacular history of interviewing notable researchers. For example: John Williams of, Bob Chapman, and Bill Murphy of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) in 2010.

        This 17 minute episode is extremely relevant to 2021!

        I would love to see a “Revisit” of this March 2013 episode.
        It probably would harmonize with many folks in the precious metals community. And it stresses the importance of decentralized communities as a solution to the manipulated corrupt system.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Silver Token Crypto by/with Community Members
      Dan Dicks of “Press For Truth” interview with silver guru David Morgan & a LODE.ONE representative.

      From July 2018
      “Putting SILVER on a BLOCKCHAIN with Lode”
      (13 minutes)

      Dan Dicks interviews David Morgan and also LODE.ONE | AGX about a tokenized cryptocurrency backed by redeemable physical silver with silver inventory supported by members of the community.

      More information via LODEPay Media YouTube Channel
      Put your idle silver to work with LODE:
      Experience Modern Silver-Money Today with AGX:

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      UPDATE March 17th, 2021

      I’ve been following some of the Silver Reports. It really does look like physical silver stocks worldwide in general are not on par.

      The following video gives the history and backstory with references of the WallStreetBets SILVER SHORT SQUEEZE
      Kitco YouTube
      “WallStreetSilver founder: ‘Waking up billions of people to get silver’ – Ivan Bayoukhi’s motives”
      (18 minutes)(Ivan Bayoukhi is a nice regular guy with empathy)

      Ivan says:
      “Everything is manipulated…we want something that is real.”

  26. Fact Checker says:

    Will say something very superficial:

    I like JEP’s new set-up. I think the standing posture is cool and dynamic, and the downward-angled vantage of the camera is flattering…to his face and facial hair.

    And also I like the facial hair.

    That is all.

  27. TimmyTaes says:

    My sister and her husband flew from Maryland to New Zealand three weeks ago. They had to go through three Covid tests (at $200 each apiece) to get there. Then they spent two weeks in a quarantine hotel in Christchurch. This they had to pay for.
    They flew back to Auckland, NZ, where they had originally landed; so that they could cover the America’s Cup for Sailing magazine.
    Then they hoped to fly to Sydney, Australia to see the birth of their grandchild.
    But now Auckland is in Tier 3 lockdown again.No more indoor dining or free movement. Back to the hotel and take out food. Another Covid test is needed to fly to Australia, if Air New Zealand starts flying again.

    This is NOT civilization. This is NOT freedom. This is shit!

    White man crazy. No solution.

    No way out.

  28. studiotwoseven says:

    A power that we always have…

    …is to not give up.

  29. studiotwoseven says:

    ….had a guy come fix my drier a few days ago. After a few minutes the job was finished and we talked. Slowly, I got the feeling he was as fed up with everything as I was. We talked for half an hour, took down our masks. It was poetic and real. He shared his fears about what we were being told, and I listened.

    There are more people out there with us than we know…

    • Antidoxidant says:

      Happened to me this past weekend, but with a different ending. Waiting on the 3D photographer to arrive to take pics of our house about to be put on the market (to get out of the shithole city we’re living in)and in walks a man over 6 feet tall, a big guy. He has this ridiculous facial suffocation device on his face. He introduces himself, and I immediately say to him, “…you can take that off.” He lifts his arm and before he can position himself in the fist bump mode, I shake his hand. His hand like hesitated for a moment, but then instinctively grabbed mine. He finished his work, and was headed out the door, and he turned to me and said, “…you know, I’m against the mask. I only wear it to make other people comfortable.” You could tell he wanted to stand and talk to this alien(a maskless HUMAN BEING). He went on about the low death rate of COVID and how the flu disappeared, and how that didn’t make any sense. I told him not to bother making people comfortable, that we had to set an example for people to follow and not wear the muzzle. And then it was if the conversation never took place. His last words to me as he walked out the door, “…but I got the vaccine, my wife is over 60. She got the Pfizer, and I got the Moderna.” At that point, I didn’t even know what to say. WTF

  30. colosseum says:

    Hot Off the Press: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Admits Israel Is the ‘World’s Lab.’

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